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#((If that's what you were asking
bearsizedantan hour ago
Unpopular opinion about your fandom?
wayy too many people support the bs 'grey morality' the writers and devs try to push. it's worse on da twitter but I still see a lot of tumblr folks posting things like 'the templars are necessary' and 'the mages go too far' and 'both sides have their faults <3' and to me that is completely untrue
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littlemissleapyear14 hours ago
Anonymous asked: How well does Layla handle kids? Does she hate them or is she fine with them?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
{Layla has no issues with kids. After all she still looked after the younger kids of the orphanage till she was forced to work with Crocodile/ Baroque Works. Being so far away from her hometown she did her best to send them what money and water she could ask (beg) for.聽
She鈥檚 a very sensible women ( even if she鈥檚 selfish). There鈥檚 just a lot of disconnect though. Layla dosen鈥檛 know what kids like and sometimes if it鈥檚 not survival staples her gifts are ...odd or out of touch. She had a hard time even bonding with Miss. GoldenWeek, yes she was a teen but the age gap did it鈥檚 damages.聽
As for if she would have her own. That would be a heavy topic for her and her partner. I鈥檝e tossed the idea of her and Crocodile having a daughter around for a while for my main verse/ ship. She鈥檇 hide it and keep the girl on Amazon Lily for sure and then when a meeting is finally had i鈥檓 sure that the Amazons would be outraged beyond all get out. Scared that the girl would be taken like Layla was by her own father.聽
All in all i鈥檇 figure that they鈥檇 come to an agreement that it鈥檚 a safe place for her due to Baroque is unsafe and the people / pirate/ government would want to take the child as leverage for sure. I don鈥檛 have much else with it sense it鈥檚 but an idea.聽
As for any other partners....i guess it comes down to chemistry and intention. She鈥檚 really scared of motherhood though being she鈥檚 a horrible person to be a mother lol
Other then that Layla is really ok with them over all....... }
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natsuoxoxo16 hours ago
My hands on your hips guide you to take in every inch until your pelvis is flush against my own. I stroke your lower back, hoping to calm your nerves and explore more of your body, "Fuckin' take it鈥攄amn your pussy's still so tight鈥擮h I'm gonna ruin your pussy and your clothes. Let everyone see my pretty girl," My breath fans hot against your ear as I try to subtly rut into your warmth. Even then, I have you bouncing on my lap with each thrust, "Everyone must be so jealous of me. Got this sweet li'l thing on my lap begging to be bred鈥 let them look all they want, but you're only ever gonna be mine, princess."
AHHH AHSHHDHDJDJD i woke up with the strongest urge to send in an ask immediately then i saw your post abt me and i 馃槶馃槶 KITHES U FOREVER 馃挆馃挅馃挐馃挄馃挒馃拰馃挄馃挀馃挊馃挅馃挐馃挒馃挄馃挄馃拰 SOPHIE MY TROPHY WIFE <3
also.... i dont wanna make this singular ask super long so im just gonna send all my thoughts abt the scenarios in a separate ask 馃じ
Tumblr media
I try to keep my moans and whimpers quiet and soft as you bounce me in your lap, my head dipping to press my lips to your neck as you speak. Your words have my face flushed down to my neck, heat in my core burning hotter with each thrust of your cock. I don鈥檛 care if you ruin my clothes, and my pussy is already yours, so I just whine happily as you fuck me.
Just yours, daddy.
I slur as I nod slightly, purposely squeezing my pussy to feel more of your cock and peppering kisses along your pulse point. I start to bring my hips down to meet each of your shallow thrusts, greedy and eager to be bred by you.
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lopez-richter-fangirl17 hours ago
This talk of coming out reminded me of that time my 6000 photos of Lauren ended up on my mom鈥檚 phone bc iCloud messed up and long story short that鈥檚 how she figured out I鈥檓 gay 馃槀
Classic 馃槀 See that鈥檚 the thing as well I think my mum SUSPECTS I鈥檓 gay because um my love of Lauren is no secret, but then she only ever makes jokes about me being in love with Joey lmao
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psycho-mocha19 hours ago
please dont hate me i love you
i love you too
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tabellae-rex-in-sui21 hours ago
I read an article in the WSJ which said that some people were trying to rehabilitate Sade鈥檚 reputation (for context, this was mentioned in the same breath as Robespierre, Henry VIII, and some others being less vilified, and then mocked this supposed trend towards seeing hated historical figures more positively) - is this . . . True? Working? & to what extent?? Maybe I just live in a conservative town but no one seems to like him or is even willing to talk about him
I'm assuming you mean this article, which I'll link in case anyone wants to read it... Although it's less of an article and more of a stand-up comedy routine?
But about Sade, yes, definitely. In the 20th century, there were even people who considered him a progressive visionary; especially those in the surrealist movement, who considered Sade a pioneer of the style. A lot of famous surrealists loved him: Salvador Dal铆 used him as the inspiration for 25 works, there are quite a bit 'imaginary portraits' of Sade including one by Man Ray, Guillaume Appolinaire famously called Sade "the freest spirit that has ever existed" and wrote a book praising him, the final scene of Dal铆 and Luis Bu帽el's film L'Age D'or is a very obvious allusion to 120 Days of Sodom, and... who could forget Marquis (1989) [warning, that one's... disturbing. It's the one with the dick puppet. It used to be on YouTube in it's entirety with Eng subtitles, but it seems to have been removed. It's there with Spanish subtitles tho, so if you can understand French and/or read Spanish and want to be scarred for life, there you go]. Anyway, the surrealists are the ones who dubbed him the "Divine Marquis".
There are also other intellectuals who called for a rehabilitation of Sade's image. George Bataille's "The Use Value of D.A.F. de Sade", Angela Carter's "The Sadeian Woman" (which is a feminist reading of Sade), Simone Beauvoir's "Must We Burn Sade?" There are a lot others, but I'll stop there for brevity, cuz I can tell this is going to be a long answer.
Something else that helped the public image of Sade in the 20th century were his descendants, namely, one descendant, Comte Xavier de Sade, Donatien's great-great-grandson (who I posted about here). Xavier had discovered thousands of Donatien's letters and documents in a walled up family library. In 1947, he and poet Gilbert L茅ly begun the process of sorting through them. They were eventually published. Though Xavier himself is Catholic, found himself unable to read Donatien's books, and stayed out of the moral debates about him, his discovery led to more intimate biographies, keeping fascination in Donatien alive into this century (not to mention people now knew domestic details, which is always humanizing). While we're talking about descendants, and this is just a fun fact, Marie-Laure Noailles who was close personal friends of the surrealists including Ray, Bu帽el, and Dal铆 (and funded L'Age D'or), was a direct descendant of Sade. His great-great-great-granddaughter. She was interviewed by Francine du Plessix-Gray, she's quite the character.
Today, the wild praise for Sade has somewhat died down. I don't see much of it anymore, at least in academic spaces. I do think there are still echos of it though. Some modern bios I find a bit too sympathetic towards him (Du Plessix-Gray's bio and Lever's bio have their moments). His fictional portrayals are also generally kind, making him more of a Joker type character, but not the antagonist (Assassin's Creed is an obvious example, Quills (2000) too). Basically, any work where his inflammatory writing is mentioned, but not his actual crimes like, y'know, rape. He's often used as a martyr for anti-censorship/freedom of speech. Which is odd, cuz, you can morally defend his writing, whatever, it's fiction... but he's also a very real rapist. So, not sure how great a symbol he is on that front. Maybe use someone who isn't the human embodiment of the "slippery slope" argument conservatives love using. And then there's Assassin's Creed... I mean, you don't even have to play the game to see what they were doing. Just look at Sade's character design. The choice to make him younger and thinner says a lot about what audience reaction they were going for. And in gameplay, he's an ally. I think his role in Assassin's Creed is just a great indicator of public perception of him. Especially when compared to Robespierre's portrayal in game... Also a great indicator of public perception. So yeah, the pro-Sade sentiments of the 20th century have not entirely worn off.
I'll leave you with this 2015 review on a Mus茅e d鈥橭rsay exhibition on Sade where the reviewer calls Sade a "badass" in the first paragraph. I think it does a good job of showing how a lot of people view Sade as this anti-establishment, sly, smart, raunchy, rebel.
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the-emo-asgardian21 hours ago
Show me that WIPs bby 馃槀
Oh, many many results for this one. But have from this random one shot because I鈥檓 evil
Laying you down on your bed, he told you to rest for a minute, lips placing a ghost of a kiss on your forehead.
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just bc kon liked "different" kinds of... people that doesnt mean he cant be bi. stop with the "well this character can be in love with everyone so they must be pan instead of bi" idc if ur bi, ur being biphobic rn
i... never said anything like that???? what i said is that i saw him being attracted by people of more genders so he might be pan or bi??? (my opinion on bi precisely is based on vibes鈩 and the fact that i am bi and i tend to vibe more with the way he lives love if that makes sense, but him being pan makes perfectly sense the same way and it's totally valid!) plus i don't really understand what you mean with different??? my point with cherub was that he was shown to be attracted to her and it was revealed that it was tana's and bart's dna, a female and a male (instead of like tana and a random girl or just tana), if that's what you mean???
like anon i'm really sorry if i offended u in any way!! but you totally misunderstood whatever you read, it might be that i wrote something the wrong way but that wasn't absolutely what i meant
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lesbeanadiamcnlla day ago
as requested by @suburbanenigma here are my top ten tracks from the last 4 weeks according to Spotify stats:
1.- This is me trying by Taylor swift
2.- Traitor by Olivia rodrigo
3.- All grown up from Bare: a pop opera
4.- Jealousy, jealousy by Olivia rodrigo
5.- Role of a Lifetime from Bare: a pop opera
6.- Photograph by Def leppard
7.- Role of a Lifetime from Bare: a pop opera
8.- False God by Taylor Swift
9.- Wish you were sober by Conan gray
10.- Good 4 u by Olivia rodrigo
you may begin the bullying
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firstelevensa day ago
sam and bucky & the spiderman kids "building"
The only reason why Peter doesn't immediately backtrack out of the building is that MJ and Ned are directly behind him on the narrow staircase and if he makes them go one step further than they absolutely need to with their overfull canvas bags, they're definitely going to turn on him.
He's so busy trying to figure out how to react to Sam Wilson leaning against the inventory table and chatting amiably with May that he doesn't fully register who's just walked up to Ned and MJ until he hears MJ say, "Hi, big fan, wrote an essay about you for APUSH last year, can you take these before we fall over?"
Peter's glance over his shoulder to see his girlfriend handing their collected donations off to a vaguely stunned Bucky Barnes is interrupted when Captain America himself calls out, "You must be Peter; your aunt says you're the man to talk to about running a canned food drive."
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bitofthisandthata day ago
鈥淥ooh la la鈥 from Holli to Pickles because OBV
Send me 鈥淥ooh la la鈥 if your Muse saw mine and immediately went: 鈥淚 want that.鈥
Tumblr media
I mean, cool, yeaaaah awesome.鈥 A dramatic sniff.聽鈥淚 had a particular...ah, hunch about yer ill-gotten 鈥榠ntentions鈥 wit鈥 me all along. But ya know...hadda play it cool, and, uh...ALOOF,聽鈥榗ause only pissy little dildo boys who need their mamas to wipe their asses and make 鈥榚m their little cups o鈥 noodles get all crazy over a hot chick goin鈥 for聽鈥榚m. It鈥檚 just classy.鈥
Tumblr media
鈥淎s you can see, I am not a pissy little dildo, so yeah. Hence why we鈥檙e here where we鈥檙e at. Blissfully happy like mature adults.鈥 He takes a thoughtful drag from his cigarette and then tosses it down.聽鈥淲anna go fill water balloons with old bong water from th鈥 party last night? An鈥 then throw聽鈥榚m down at Murderface and Skwisgaar from the castle cornices? They have got to be SO hungover.鈥
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acosmis-ta day ago
ok how do you think the marauders as dads would react to having to pick you up at a party (that they knew you went to) at like 2 am
maybe something went down and the party's over or some shit like that
i love this one.
james: he'd freak out, i'm not gonna lie. you'd call him, and the minute he hears hesitance or panic in your voice, he's out the door in nothing but his sweatpants. he would be alright with letting you go to the party, and he knew sirius would be waiting up for you, but hearing you upset would drive him mad. he'd get to the location fairly quickly, and his first question would be are you alright? he's very focused on how you are and what's going on. he'd stop at your favorite 24-hour fast food place and sit with you on the couch to let you relax. he'd make sure you were calm and not let you go to sleep without some amount of soothing.
sirius: he's very good at this, i think. he spent a lot of time partying in high school, so he knows what it's like when things go south. his first question would be over your location, nothing more. he does worry a lot, because he got into shit when he was younger, so while he supports you going out at night, he always has to meet at least one friend you're going with, and he stays up until you come home. he'd probably speed there and his focus would be on getting you in and out. after that, i think he'd drive around with you. he's not that emotional with you, but he'd drive in circles until you were calm, because he knew you'd panic over getting in trouble with james and remus. he wouldn't ask you questions beyond the basic ones, wanting to know what went wrong and if you were okay, but that comfortable silence is enough to help you regain composure.
remus: he's the last person you'd call. not because you didn't trust him, but because you didn't ever want to disappoint him like this. but it's 2 am and you're half-drunk, half-high, stranded on the side of the road鈥攜our safety was most important, and remus was the one to teach you that. his voice would be steady, and he'd keep you on the phone as he drove there. he didn't want you panicked or not aware of what's happening around you, so he makes sure you're grounded. the ride back would be him holding your hand, just for the part of him that was freaking out as well, and he's very good at physical comfort. he helps you explain what happened, if you're in any trouble, how much you had to drink. and when you got home, he'd just give you a really long hug. he wouldn't drain you of any more emotional energy, and he'd just hug you in the middle of the dark kitchen. he'd tell you to go shower, and in that time he'd set out warm clothes for you and make something small for the sake of your stomach. and then you'd just sit there, not turning any lights on, helping you regather yourself.
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dahlia-coccineaa day ago
Are the second generation really meant to mirror the first? I'm helping my sister revise for her end of unit test on it and it's mentioned quiet a bit in her notes but from what I've read (though tbf though- I'm reading certain parts for revision) I'm not really getting the vibe of that tbh. Can you help me understand why people may think this. Thank you.
Disclaimer: I'm certainly not an expert on the book and the criticisms about it - I read about it purely for my own enjoyment and there are many interpretations I鈥檓 probably not aware of.聽
First, I would say they aren鈥檛 exact replicas or mirrors but are more like echos or perhaps extensions of the first generation. Certainly all the baggage of the previous generation is placed on them. Catherine Linton and Hareton Earnshaw are much easier to connect to the first generation then Linton is, in my opinion, but some critics have tried to do so - mostly in asserting that there is a love triangle between them similar to Heathcliff/Catherine/Edgar.聽There are a number of connections that critics make between Hareton/Cathy and Heathcliff/Catherine and some have been told a million times but I鈥檒l try to cover the ones I remember. Let me see if I can keep this organized and not get too off topic.聽
The similarity of their characters:聽At first glance you have the repetition of names - 鈥淐鈥 and 鈥淗鈥 appear repeatedly. Most apparent is that Catherine Linton is named for her mother. Hareton, although obviously an old family name since its been carved above the threshold of the Heights, it does feel intentional in furthering the connection between 鈥淐鈥 and 鈥淗.鈥 I鈥檝e always found it interesting we have this scene from Cathy II and Linton in Chapter 14, that seems to directly call out the C & H connection:
鈥淲e found two in a cupboard, among a heap of old toys, tops, and hoops, and battledores and shuttlecocks. One was marked C., and the other H.; I wished to have the C., because that stood for Catherine, and the H. might be for Heathcliff, his name; but the bran came out of H., and Linton didn鈥檛 like it.鈥
Funnily I don鈥檛 think the H is for Heathcliff, I think its more likely meant for Hindley, but of course Heathcliff has been semi-assimilated into the Earnshaw family by being given the name Heathcliff, which was the name of a deceased child. To me at least, none of these feel unintentional, it feels fated since we have these repetitions noted by the characters themselves.
Cathy doesn鈥檛 only share a name with her mother, she lives in her shadow. We know from Nelly that, 鈥淥n the anniversary of her birth we never manifested any signs of rejoicing, because it was also the anniversary of my late mistress鈥檚 death.鈥 Edgar seems to cherish her in part because she is a remnant of her mother, even displaying many similar characteristics, although Nelly is quick to note Cathy is softer and more genteel - which makes sense considering she grows up with a loving father in a calm environment that lets her do as she pleases. She doesn't grow up with the harshness of the Earnshaw family, and Joseph's ranting, and it also seems that Nelly may have softened and become more maternal as years have gone by. I鈥檇 say she does become more and more like her mother after living at Wuthering Heights though.聽
Some really great parallels between the two Catherine鈥檚 dialog have been made by Ann Dobyns - I鈥檝e posted a few excerpts from her essay聽here聽if anyone is interested, it鈥檚 a bit more in-depth than this needs to be though.
Hareton has many parallels to Heathcliff as well - this is intentionally done by Heathcliff who, upon Hindley鈥檚 death, speaking of his plotting says, 鈥淎nd we鈥檒l see if one tree won鈥檛 grow as crooked as another, with the same wind to twist it!鈥 Heathcliff and Hareton have such an odd fated destiny, from the moment Heathcliff saves his life by catching him as his father dropped him over the bannister of second floor. Hareton from the start fears his natural father,聽鈥渟qualling and kicking in his father鈥檚 arms,鈥 Nelly even fears Hindley will 鈥渇righten the child into fits.鈥 Worlds different the description of a scene of very typical father/son affection described by Nelly during Hindley鈥檚 funeral when she says little Hareton, 鈥減layed with Heathcliff鈥檚 whiskers, and stroked his cheek.鈥澛燨r earlier when she had asked Hareton if he liked Heathcliff and he says:
鈥淎y!鈥 he answered again. Desiring to have his reasons for liking him, I could only gather the sentences鈥斺淚 known鈥檛: he pays dad back what he gies to me鈥攈e curses daddy for cursing me.
In Hareton鈥檚 mind Heathcliff is more a protector than his father, and I suppose in many ways he is better than Hindley鈥檚 random obscene violence. As wrong as it is that Heathcliff denies Hareton his inheritance and an education, I think it does say something (not entirely sure what) that he is never physically abusive to Hareton in the way Hindley was with him. Hareton doesn鈥檛 ever show any real fear of Heathcliff.聽
Heathcliff has his own complex feelings towards Hareton, definitely preferring him to his own son - he tells Nelly,聽鈥淒o you know that, twenty times a day, I covet Hareton, with all his degradation? I鈥檇 have loved the lad had he been some one else.鈥澛燬o it seems we have the daughter of Catherine and the wished for son of Heathcliff.聽Lockwood even mistakes Hareton to be Heathcliff鈥檚 son momentarily in Chapter 2.
Some other parallels - Heathcliff notes the similarities between them later on in a discussion with Nelly:
鈥淗e鈥檒l not venture a single syllable all the time! Nelly, you recollect me at his age鈥攏ay, some years younger. Did I ever look so stupid: so 鈥榞aumless,鈥 as Joseph calls it?鈥
鈥淲orse,鈥 I replied, 鈥渂ecause more sullen with it.鈥
On other occasions Nelly talks about how Heathcliff liked to induce horror from those around him and 鈥渉e contrived to convey an impression of inward and outward repulsiveness.鈥澛燞areton behaves similarly - in one scene after being taunted by Linton and Cathy, he throws Linton from the room to the disgust and fear of Cathy in Chapter 23:
...Earnshaw burst the door open: having gathered venom with reflection. He advanced direct to us, seized Linton by the arm, and swung him off the seat.
鈥溾楪et to thy own room!鈥 he said, in a voice almost inarticulate with passion; and his face looked swelled and furious. 鈥楾ake her there if she comes to see thee: thou shalln鈥檛 keep me out of this. Begone wi鈥 ye both!鈥
鈥淗e swore at us, and left Linton no time to answer, nearly throwing him into the kitchen; and he clenched his fist as I followed, seemingly longing to knock me down. I was afraid for a moment, and I let one volume fall; he kicked it after me, and shut us out.鈥
Similarly, when sitting next to him, Lockwood says, 鈥淢y neighbour struck me as bordering on repulsive.鈥 Even Nelly, who I鈥檇 say is typically biased towards Hareton, upon seeing him says he 鈥渟eemed as awkward and rough as ever.鈥澛 Lockwood also describes him as being 鈥渁lmost haughty,鈥 similar to Nelly鈥檚 repeated references to Heathcliff鈥檚 ego and 鈥減roud heart.鈥澛
Heathcliff further casts light on their parallels when he says he sees Hareton as the聽鈥減ersonification of my youth,鈥 adding that,聽鈥淗areton's aspect was the ghost of my immortal love, of my wild endeavours to hold my right, my degradation, my pride, my happiness, and my anguish.鈥澛
The love triangle:聽 I know some critics have said the dynamic between the Linton/Catherine/Hareton is similar to Edgar/Catherine/Heathcliff - I don't particularly see this. Cathy II is forced into marriage with Linton and at that point doesn't have notable feelings towards Hareton, compared to her mother who knows she loves Heathcliff more and still does have a choice to make even if it isn鈥檛 an easy one.聽
Still, there are similarities in their relationship in that both men (Heathcliff and Hareton) end up feeling the need to better themselves because for their respective Catherine. Nelly says of Hareton, 鈥淗e had been content with daily labour and rough animal enjoyments, till Catherine crossed his path. Shame at her scorn, and hope of her approval were his first prompters to higher pursuits.鈥 I think this is similar to Heathcliff deciding to run away after years of abuse and to risk everything, including his life, after hearing Catherine says it would聽鈥渄egrade鈥 her to marry him. Hareton does seem to show some jealously over Cathy鈥檚 attention and regard of Linton, and again with the presence of Lockwood so I suppose it is sort of love triangle-y?聽
I also think Hareton shows signs of a growing devotion, similar to what Heathcliff felt towards Catherine. He certainly seems to be enamored by Cathy from the very first time they meet - Nelly says he, 鈥渟tared at her with considerable curiosity and astonishment鈥 and was, 鈥渢oo awkward to speak; though he looked as if he did not relish my intrusion.鈥
Something I鈥檝e mentioned before is that Lockwood says about Hareton and Cathy,聽鈥淭ogether, they would brave Satan and all his legions,鈥 which feels like a direct parallel to聽Heathcliff鈥檚 assertion to Catherine that, 鈥渕isery and degradation, and death, and nothing that God or Satan could inflict would have parted us.鈥澛
Also Heathcliff seemingly attempts to play the role Hindley played in his youth when he tells Cathy, 鈥淵our love will make him an outcast and a beggar.鈥 It seems both Catherine and Heathcliff knew their love would result in the same situation as Catherine relays this to Nelly when she says, 鈥渄id it never strike you that if Heathcliff and I married, we should be beggars?鈥澛
There is also, of course, the similarity of social stature - when Cathy first meets Hareton, he has nothing to his name and lives almost as a servant at Wuthering Heights, similar to Heathcliff鈥檚 position while Hindley was master. Cathy, similar to her mother, is better educated and has more opportunities - there is no socially accepted reason that she would choose Hareton, seeing as he can鈥檛 give her money, status, or respectability.聽
The circle of events and聽鈥淭he Butterfly:鈥澛營t does feel, in my opinion at least, that it is no accident that our happy ending is the union of Hareton and Cathy. It couldn鈥檛 happen with just any couple or in any other way. It does feel that they are made into the semi-proteges of Heathcliff and Catherine, and the elements of the Linton鈥檚 allows for there to be peace between the two families. There is a kind of resolution and unification of their energies.聽
This is probably the most common narrative of the connection between Hareton/Cathy and Heathcliff/Catherine, and that is rather than just a parallel, critics have noted that the story of Catherine comes full circle with their marriage. The first Catherine wrote out her possible futures on her window sill in the names: Catherine Earnshaw, Catherine Heathcliff and Catherine Linton. Her daughter ends up reversing these different identities being born a Linton, marrying a Heathcliff, and finally an Earnshaw. That can鈥檛 be merely a coincidence.
Critic Dorothy Van Ghent deemed Catherine and Heathcliff the聽鈥渙riginal two鈥 and she said that with the civilizing of Cathy and Hareton, "the great magic, the wild power, of the original two has been lost.鈥 Others say that while poetically it makes sense within the repetition, Catherine and Hareton鈥檚 relationship is 鈥渋mprobable鈥 but I disagree. I really liked聽Carol Ramsden鈥檚 take on this that incorporates Emily鈥檚 essay 鈥淭he Butterfly,鈥 and makes the parallel between the 1st and 2nd generation - I have posted this before but to save myself the time of rephrasing it I鈥檒l just post the quote:
In Wuthering Heights, we encounter a destructive principle at work in the love between Catherine and Heathcliff. The principle is manifested fully in Catherine鈥檚 mental collapse and Heathcliff鈥檚 vindictiveness. However, the love between Cathy and Hareton is allowed to flower and they are both, in their own ways, products of the first lovers. The principle of destruction, as in 鈥淭he Butterfly鈥, is transformed into a creative energy. Ultimately, Catherine and Heathcliff are also not deprived of this creative energy. Instead of representing a pessimistic view of life, their love, too, comes to suggest that all things work together towards good.
I think that鈥檚 an interesting take, besides just a happy ending for Hareton and Cathy it almost feels like a happy ending for Catherine and Heathcliff? In some ways they burned up only to transform into something better. Not saying that is how it is meant to be read, but I do like it (probably because I like a happy ending).聽
I feel like there are other points that I鈥檝e forgotten? But these are what I remember at least.聽
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