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#((I bet they're soft and clean.))
bryn-nae-nae · 2 months ago
((Ruki definitely has nice hands.))
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mitsuri-tokito · 5 days ago
Doing the aot characters hair Idk I just feel like brushing someone's hair 😂
fair enough ty B*✧・゚♡ ᐢ•⚇•ᐢ (HOLD WAIT THERE ARE KAOMOJI PIGS-)
Anyways, brushing aot characters hair lmao
Eren: I bet his hairs dusty-, like not actually gross or un-clean but dusty from being outside and in dusty libraries and stuff tbh. When it's long he seems to keep it nice so it would be kind of fun tbh.
Armin: HIS HAIR LOOKS SO SOFT OMG- When he has it long I think its more thin and silky (Kind of like a kid's tbh like when it gets really warm on top of their head) and when he cuts it a little more fluffy but he likes getting his hair brushed.
Levi: Not to ruin anything but tbh I don't think he'd be too down for it. He doesn't seem like someone who'd want someone else's brush and hands in his hair but at the same time, I could be wrong. It might depend on his mood or something
Erwin: (SPOILER: Erwin's arm..) Okay, this might be a little sad'ish for my Erwin simps so just a lil' heads up Random thing I was thinking about you taking care of him when he lost his arm, that you'd like, brush his hair, clean his face, sit with him while he eats and stuff and he'd love you touching his hair because he missed you when you left and stuff (ミዎ ﻌ ዎミ) forgive me-
Hange: They love it tbh, their long hair is a little ratty because they forget to brush it a lot when they're working and stuff but it's healthy otherwise. I just imagine they love these kinds of little things, hair brushing, nail painting, etc
Jean: oKAY BET HE GREW HIS HAIR AS AN ADULT JUST FOR THIS IT WOULD SO BE SOMETHING HE'D DO, he'd brush your hair more likely, I think he prefers doing things for you.
Marco: YES- He literally loves it I know god imagine if he had longer hair
Connie: well-
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c-grace · 15 days ago
This is chapter 2 of my fanfic of FF7R, hopefully, there are no triggers here but if you spot any lmk.
Chapter 2
"You are the most cutest baby I've ever seen in my entire life, oh look how soft your cheeks are!" The woman squealed.
'Yes, yes, I know I'm cute- wait! Baby?! What?!'
I squirmed about in her hands, the words that came out of her mouth were not sitting well with me.
'This has to be a dream right? There's no way I could've actually reverted to a baby, right?!'
I was beyond confused, the thought of me becoming a baby, in a dream at that was not only strange but just entirely out of this world.
"Oh my, Aurora are you scared? Don't worry mommy is right here, there's nothing to be afraid of." Although the woman's voice was soothing, I couldn't calm down.
'Okay this has to be a dream, but why would I dream about being a baby.'
"Well it looks like she's calmed down a bit, I'll just let her sleep." The woman laid me down, I'm assuming she's 'my mother' and without a moment of hesitation, I tried calling out to her.
"M-mah" I tried calling her but being in a baby's body had its disadvantages, I couldn't even say 'mama' right. "Oh my! Are trying to say, mama? C'mon, you can do it, say 'ma-ma'." She persisted.
'Woman don't push me, I'm trying here, have you ever been an adult stuck in a baby's body? No? I didn't think so!'
Nevertheless, this all could be just a dream, I tried calling out to her again, "Mah- Mah" it did somewhat sound like I called her, "Honey! She said her first words! She called me 'mama'!!" My 'mother' delightedly called her husband, "She did?!" My 'father' definitely seemed quite happy.
"But how can that be? She's merely only a year old." Dad questioned, me being me, I gave the man a look and proceeded to pout.
'Heh, at least be proud of me old man, I bet you could never do something like this.'
"Well, maybe Aurora's a genius? You never know she is our daughter, after all, she has the most powerful mage like her mother and the most remarkable SOLDIER as her father, I would be surprised if our child was anything less than a genius." Mom had pride in her and every word she spoke proved it.
'Man this baby is lucky to have parents like them, 'My name' is Aurora huh? That's nice.'
"Well you are right about that, I'm proud of our little angel." Dad sighed and smiled at me, his hands lightly patting my head.
'You know what? You're a nice guy! Maybe I'll try calling you dad now.'
And in my attempt, I tried calling out and reaching my hands towards the father, "Dah-Dah." Oh, the joy in his face was in a way heartwarming.
"Did ya hear that hun?! She called me Dad!! Oh, my precious little angel, you're gonna be the most famous little gal right here in Nibelheim!" He was ecstatic, he scooped me from the cradle and lifted me sky high.
"Hey, be careful she's only a baby, she might throw up." Mom retorted.
'Nibelheim?! This couldn't be?...No..but how?'
No matter how excited I was for the game, there's no way I'm dreaming that I'm in Nibelheim and how is this dream so specific?
'Is there a possibility that....all real?'
Dreams for me normally end up being very vague and they're never too specific but this whole situation feels too real to be a dream.
'Okay, think, how could you, a fully grown adult, be transported to the world of a game? Was the game some sort of alternative dimension?'
I couldn't process much, the whole thing is building up stress and being a baby and stressing out isn't the best thing in the world.
'No, I feel like I might throw up!'
I could feel something in my throat that I needed to get out and I did, the thing is, now poor ol' daddy'O is now covered in baby puke, which isn't exactly a pretty sight to see or smell.
"Gosh Arthur! I told you to be careful when you handle a baby now look at what you did? Go clean up!" Mom scolded Dad and took me away from him.
'Well sorry my guy, today's not your lucky day.'
I slowly waved goodbye to my father as I saw him sulking and walking away, I do feel bad for him, it wasn't his fault I threw up on him, I was thinking and it kinda overwhelmed me.
"Well, I guess I have to clean you up." She sighed and lifted me and began to take my clothing off.
'Hey now! I never asked to be stripped! Stop!"
If only I could've cried out for help but being a baby that is just a year old means I can't even move much of my limbs and I'm not strong enough either.
'Never have I ever been stripped let alone be a baby while being unclothed, ugh I feel every ounce of my embarrassment build up inside.'
"There! Good as new!" She heaved a sigh, "Time for me to cook up supper." She laid me down on the wooden cradle that had a flat mattress on it, not exactly luxury but it's fitting for my current size.
Mom left the room and slightly left the door of the room a bit ajar, this gave me time to look around at my surroundings.
The room was small and I couldn't really see what was around me entirely but judging by the wooden ceiling and the abominable creaking made by the floor panels I'm guessing we're not that well off but we manage to get by.
'I need to obtain more info on my 'parents' before I can think of a timeline of which part of the game I'm in.'
I took a deep breath and let out a sigh, out of all the babies in the world I feel like I'm the only one that has a lot on my head if I don't figure out who I am and where I stand I don't think I'll be able to survive long.
'I hope this world treats me well.'
I hope you enjoyed the chapter~
If you want more lmk or I'll just keep uploading here lol.
Tumblr media
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Older brothers Papyrus and Sans x reader
Tumblr media
• Making bets with Sans while Papyrus joins in on the wholesome fun but worries endlessly if he thinks something is potentially dangerous.
• The skelebros are e x t r e m e l y protective of you. Papyrus saw you get a papercut once and immediately threw out every book he ever owned. Pap sees you scrape your knee on a table and he yells at the table to apologise and huffs after the 'stern talking to' and then 'tends to your wounds' even if you didn't attain any cut he still puts colourful bandaids on them. Sans sees how many monsters you seem to be fighting and it's strange how the kitchen is always stock full of high hp foods now, and how you never get a single bad encounter with anyone because Sans actually gets out of bed to walk with you places. After all, "If you're getting in trouble I get to watch."
• Helping Papyrus take care of Sans' pet rock. You get him another rock and he gives you the biggest hug he can because "I've been meaning to get Rocky a friend!!"
• Papyrus doesn't know if he's any good at hugging so he has spent countless nights searching for a hugging instructor. He tried Undyne since she has been his instructor for basically everything else, but she didn't seem to be fondest. Toriel eventually teaches him that any hug he gives will be good, but it can't just be good, it needs to be the best!! He wants to be the best. He wants to give you the best hug like you deserve. He lands on wearing every jacket and sweater he can find so he's nice and soft and full so there is more mass for you to hug and he's wearing so many layers he struggles walking but this just leads to him being a cushion in a cuddle pile. Mission success.
• Pranks. Papyrus has got the spirit for it but he isn't quite sure what a prank is, he thinks it's just surprising someone:
"Human! Let's clean Toriel's whole house! she'll be so surprised and pranked!"
"Human!! let's invite everyone over for a party but tell every monster it's a different themed party!" That one was actually good, Asgore was wearing soccer-mom get up, Grillby was in a princess dress, Toriel was in a toga with a leaf crown and Frisk was in a little butler outfit that they 'borrowed' from Grillby.
Pap probably tries to upload a "G3T PR4NKD" compilation to be cooool.
Sans is too lazy to do proper pranks that require effort. However. He is not beyond floating all of your clothes with his anti-gravity to be constantly just out of reach after you make fun of him for being short or using his portals to mess with your stuff.
• Papyrus wants to bond with you so he remembers how he bonded with Undyne, through cooking, so you can bet you're doing cooking lessons together. Maybe with your help, you can even make something edible. Sans will eat whatever you make. You have tested him on this before. You gave him ashy charred whatever and he downed it. He said it was delicious. (When his coat is open, the food just goes through his jaw and you see it in his rib cage or just fall on the floor. but when he closes his coat that doesn't happen? He apparently digests it? Science calls it impossible, Sans calls it a party trick) The man doesn't have a tongue or a stomach but he was nauseous after that.
• Sleep schedules. Papyrus vs Sans. Insomnia vs coma. Sometimes they're awake at the same time for jobs on occasion but good luck seeing them awake together at the same time if nothings going on.
Sans forces you to sleep and take care of yourself and rest. Papyrus makes sure you keep in contact with the people you like and that you eat enough. It's a balance that isn't always struck but you bet that these two will ruthlessly fight their sides, often just playing tug-of-war with you as the rope into either napping on the nest of clothes and rubbish that is the couch or Sans' bed or going shopping with Pap, Frisk and Toriel for new ingredients. Many disputes in this household are settled by coin flips but both the brothers use their gravity-control to flip the coin if they're really insistent, one time they both used it at the same time, that coin is still flipping to this day.
• Living together, you never know what to expect. One morning the whole roof was painted pink because Papyrus got bored, sometimes Sans makes little transdimensional rifts so you just see his hand popping out of thin air to open the fridge and grab a hotdog. It. It was a frozen. hot-dog. he just. he straight up just ate a completely frozen stiff hotdog. you could hear its crunch from his room. followed by a whisper of "worth it". It was in fact not worth it.
• You help Papyrus try out his puzzles, he loves every change you make and adores working on them with you because it's like sharing a part of himself with you that gets better the more you're around! Your question as to where Papyrus got the flamethrower, drill, arrows, maces and weapons for that bridge trap. You may ask but you never get the same answer. He forgot. No one knows. Papyrus has the entire armoury and weapons. (You make theories with Sans but you lowkey believe Sans somehow got it for him)
• If you get hurt or sick, Papyrus is making you all the spaghetti and whatever your comfort food is. And Sans is mercifully disposing of it and giving you actual food from Grillby's or from town. Even smuggling soup from Toriel. Pap reads you the stories Sans tells him since the stories always help him feel better
• The pun wars. Papyrus is guilty of an odd pun here and there but sans will ruthlessly shoot out pun after pun. If you are against them, you will not win. You will fail and you will fall victim to emitting at least one awful pun a day. But if you fight alongside them? you are unstoppable, the Underground quivers before your power, you can not be stopped and all shall fall to your unrelenting wake. The cringes, hidden smiles and sighs of those who can't help but listen to your pun followed by Sans' followed by Pap's is glorious and makes it all worth it.
• Papyrus knows all too well what it like to go without compliments so always makes sure to say whatever good thing he's thinking about you! be it just a thank you for existing and making the Underground a better place to be in, thanking you for staying with him even if he isn't that popular and for helping him improve his cooking! Papyrus also loves to give presents, there is always some thought behind them, like your own pet rock because he knows you'll take good care of it, he plants an echo-flower in a pot in your room and whispers compliments to it whenever he can so even if he's not there you can hear him talking to you as a reminder of how great you are!
• Sans isn't used to feeling this protective around anyone else other than Papyrus so he worries he isn't showing that he cares about you enough because honestly, he doesn't know how to show it 'right'. He's not great at actual emotional words or gift-giving, so he shows he loves the best he can with just, being around, trapping you under him and sleeping on you, him getting trapped by you sleeping on him, even if you don't talk together much, just having someone around is nice, he never wants you to feel lonely or like he isn't there for you.
• They'll do everything they can so you know just how great you are and that you aren't alone. And also as a supply of endless BAD jokes and somehow burnt spaghetti.
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schrodingersauthorii · 29 days ago
In honor of Salvage Ch. 18, I have prepared the first chapter of my Phoenix Salvage AU. @muffinlance , there’s one scene that’s 100% an improvement in my overall writing structure I pulled from you, and I bet NOBODY can tell which one it is.
The young soldier must have somehow heard the blade coming. He didn’t have time to cry out, but the panic stains his face. Not quite the easy death Hakoda wanted, but unavoidable, and still far kinder than leaving him to the sea.
Two years of fighting had left many too-young Fire Nation soldiers dead on this deck, but this was different than a battle. Different even than a mercy kill, back when they thought maybe Fire Nation prisoners would simply accept a fate other than death.
The soldier wouldn’t have left them any choice in the end. But he hadn’t forced their hands. Not yet.
One of the men murmured a prayer, a simple benediction for the journey to the next life. This wasn’t the clean up after a battle, and there might not Fire elders speaking rites for the kid somewhere across the sea. The soldier might only have what they give him, and they're pragmatic people- not cruel.
The Fire Nation burns their dead. That would be kindest, but if they could safely build a pyre, then they could have safely kept a firebending prisoner. The young soldier have a sea burial.
The corpse vetoed this. Violently.
Akake and Tuluk yelped, dropping the suddenly burning body onto the wooden deck.
Fire shouldn’t be green and purple, Hakoda barely had to think, and the fire disappeared. He blinked the sparks out of his eyes, and the deck was as clear. No fire, purple-green or otherwise. Just a vaguely soldier shaped mound of ash.
Hakoda reached down to touch it: barely warm, and not so much as a soot mark beneath it.
Something stirred. Something tiny. Hakoda grabbed it without giving himself time to think about it. Whatever it was squirmed frantically in his hand.
Hakoda looked down, expecting- something. A still beating heart, perhaps. A reptile or worm, at the very least. Something repulsive and macabre. But a tiny, down-feathered bird trembled in his hand. He brushed ash off of soft, orange wings. Even filthy, the fledgling glowed like sunrise.
“It’s a bird,” Hakoda said, dumbfounded.
“A bird,” Tuluk repeated.
The bird cheeped in distress. Hakoda started to pet it, but it nearly fell to the deck in its effort to escape his hand. He quickly cupped it with both hands instead. The bird pecked at his fingers.
The entire deck stared in stunned silence. What were they supposed to do with a bird?
Tolko presented a box hastily stuffed with hay from the albatross-pidgeon coop. Hakoda carefully dropped the chick inside. It burrowed down into the loose “nest,” still cheeping incessantly.
“He’s so cute,” Tolko gasped. “What are we going to do with him?”
Tolko stared at the bird with love already in his eyes. The bird stared back with… suspicion. At the very least.
Hakoda’s temples begun a warning throb.
“Ask Kustaa if he can… find anything,” he finally said.
Tolko cooed at the bird as he walked away.
Hakoda felt a dreadful portent hum in his bones: this would not end well, and there was absolutely nothing he could do to stop it.
“What is that?” Kustaa asked.
“A bird,” Tolko said. And held the chick up to Kustaa’s face, as if not seeing the puffball was the problem.
“Which might also be a Fire Nation soldier. The Chief wants to know if you can find anything.”
“A soldier.”
“Yeah. He was drifting past, we fished him out, but he was. You know. A Fire Nation soldier. And he said he was a firebender. So.”
“So what?”
“He kind of...died. And spontaneously combusted. The bird was in the ashes. See?”
Tolko brushed the bird’s head and held up a sooty finger. The chick couldn’t really floof in anger- it was already at maximum floof- but it gave its best impression of outrage anyway. Tolko hastily placed it on the table before it could tumble out of his hand.
“This is a bird,” Kustaa said. “I’m a healer, not an ornithologist. Or a shaman. All I’m qualified to say whether or not YOU have brain rot.”
“Umm…” Tolko mumbled.
“Any headaches? Blurred vision? Acute pain in your arms or legs? Motor difficulties?” Kustaa asked as he prodded Tolko’s arms.
“Then we’ll work with the assumption that Spirits were involved, not Swamp Fever. Hopefully, a minor Spirit.”
Kustaa leaned down in front of the bird.
“Can you understand us: peck two times, then three.”
Low and behold, the bird did… then stared at them and pecked a deliberate pattern of some sort.
“I don’t understand that,” Kustaa said.
A storm of outraged peeping.
“I’m sorry, but there’s nothing I can do about it. Are you a Spirit, one peck for yes, two pecks for no.”
Two pecks, and more outraged peeping.
“...Are you a bird?”
In hindsight, it was incredibly bold of them to assume Zuko knew more than they did about anything.
Tuluk entered Hakoda’s office after a single knock, and Hakoda’s temples immediately resumed pounding.
“Apparently, the bird insists he is the soldier, and NOT a Spirit,” Tuluk said.
Hakoda pinched the bridge of his nose. And resolved to make an offering soon. There were stories about shapeshifting Spirits who forgot they weren’t human.
“Keep an eye on him,” Hakoda said. “We’ll head to the nearest port and find an Earth Sage. This is exactly the kind of trouble we don’t need.”
Tuluk nodded grimly.
A thought struck Hakoda. “How did…?”
Tuluk sighed. “Lots of questions. Lots of patience. Kustaa is positively charmed with the little menace.”
“He’s a bird.”
“A mean one,” Tuluk agreed. “But he’s warmed to Kustaa and Tolko, for stars knows why.”
Hakoda didn’t like the idea of a Spirit getting… attached to his crew, but he liked the idea of an upset Spirit on his ship even less.
“Keep an eye on them, please,” Hakoda said.
Tuluk nodded, understanding in his eyes.
“I’ll do my best, but that’s a conversation you need to have with Kustaa and Tolko. Probably the rest of the crew, too.”
Hakoda’s headache sharpened with knife-like intensity. Tuluk eyed him with concern.
“Chief. Nobody will blame you if you need a drink before that. Kustaa’s almost ordered a shipwide medicinal order.”
Hakoda sighed.
“After,” he promised. And didn’t clarify after what.
Their youngest crewman tucked the surly creature into his parka, from where it eyed everyone and everything with deep suspicion. Tolko kept up a mostly one-sided commentary, which the soldier-bird seemed surprisingly engaged with.
“Do you know his name?” Punuk asked as Tolko showed the bird their snack break offerings.
“No,” Tolko said through a mouthful of salted fish. “It’s the character for ‘righteous rule,’ but we couldn’t figure out the pronunciation. So Birdie it is.”
“Birdie” cheeped aggressively enough to attract the other crewmen’s attention for the first time in hours. There was still work to be done, and his constant noise quickly faded into the background.
“That’s terrible. How about… Sparky? Ember?”
“You can’t call him red, he’s pink.”
“He’s definitely more orange than pink.”
“Orange still isn’t red.”
Ragnalok tossed an empty water skin at the pair.
“Stop torturing the poor guy. He already died once today.”
The trio went quiet.
“Way too soon, man,” Panuk said.
Birdie was… worryingly quiet for several hours after that.
Tolko roused in the middle of the night, awakened by a faint stirring of downy feathers and soft cooing. Birdy was awake. Tolko couldn’t see it, but dawn must be on the horizon.
Birds liked dawn. So did firebenders, presumably. It was early, but Tolko wasn’t tired-tired, so…
Tolko scooped Birdy up in one hand and slid out of his hammock. “We’ll go top deck,” he whispered as he tucked Birdy into his collar.
Birdy cheeped in a maybe grumpy, maybe affirmative way. But it was soft, so Tolko didn’t think he was upset. Birdy was very, very good at communicating when he was upset, bird or not.
It still seemed uncharacteristic. And Birdy was slumping on Tolko’s shoulder in a way he hadn’t yesterday.
Tolko scooped Birdy back into his hand, and Birdy just… cheeped quietly. Cheeped once and fell silent.
Okay. It was early: Birdy might just be tired. It was a Thing, that birds got sleepy when it was dark- even if it wasn’t actually night. They’d go topdeck and watch the sunrise, and if Birdie still seemed off he’d come back and wake Kustaa.
Tolko climbed the last stair just as the sun broke free of the horizon. Birdie chirped softly again, and Tolko held him out into the light.
“It’s beautiful,” Tolko said.
And Birdie once again caught fire on the Spirits damned deck.
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maverique-n00b-witch · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I made these cookies from this recipe! They're like a nice light shortbread. I might try to get my hands on some oat flour to make a gluten free version.
Changes I made:
1. I used almond flour from Aldi for the grated almonds. It's pretty coarse so it works.
2. I used 1/2 cup of butter because 1/4 cup wasn't enough.
3. I put in maybe a tablespoon of honey, a dash of vanilla extract, and a few shakes each of cinnamon and nutmeg.
I mixed all the ingredients together with my (clean) hands because a spoon wasn't working and I didn't feel like getting out my mixer. I used a 2-ish inch moon cookie cutter and got 25 cookies including the last little bit of dough which was just enough to shape into a moon shape and bake with the rest of them. I'll probably start making these on full moons 😊😊😊
Tips if you make this:
1. If you leave out the almonds/almond flour, you might just need 1/4 cup of butter like the recipe calls for. But if you do add the almond stuff, you'll definitely need the excess butter or the dough won't come together.
2. If you want the almond taste without the extra bulk of grated almonds, throw in some almond extract!
3. Put flour on your work surface and on your rolling pin before you roll the dough out to prevent sticking.
4. You don't have to add the cinnamon, nutmeg, honey, or vanilla. You can add the things listed in the recipe image, or other stuff. I bet they would be good with pumpkin pie spice, or with key lime zest. Maybe even something like rum flavoring. The possibilities are endless!
5. If you're an inexperienced baker, make sure you leave the butter out for a while so it will come to room temperature and get soft. To get the egg yolk, just crack the egg into a separate bowl and you can literally just lift the yolk out of the white with your (clean) fingers if you're careful. Just get your fingers under the yolk and pick it up, letting the white slip through your fingers.
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7deadlysinsfics · a month ago
Dimple | Part Two
Tumblr media
pairing: jimin x reader
rating: 18+
genre/tags: two-part oneshot, smut & fluff, idol!jimin, gf!reader, established relationship, explicit sexual content, oral sex (f. receiving), fingering, light nipple play, they're so in love 
word count: 1.3k
summary: this oneshot takes place after map of the soul on:e concert.
Tumblr media
part one | part two
Tumblr media
"Did you watch it?" Jimin asks as he walks slowly over to you.
You bite your lip, the corners of your mouth turning up into a smirk, "You know I did. Did you think about my pretty little mouth around your cock like I asked?"
He smirks at you, still walking slowly as you walk backwards, the wall stopping you, "I couldn't fucking stop thinking about it while performing."
"Baby, that red suit," you lick your lips, "it looked so delicious on you."
"Yeah? Show me how it made you feel," he finally reaches you, placing his hand at the back of your neck, he brings your lips to his. You don't waste time and kiss him deeply.
The way he moved on stage tonight had you wanting him so bad. You couldn't get it out of your mind, the way his hand slid down his perfect body until it stopped at his crotch. The way he moved his hips while his eyes pierced into the camera. The way he flicked his head back and then bit his lip. Just the thought of him thinking about you while doing those things on stage turned you on so much.
He was dying to get back home to you. Aside from his members, no one else knew better than you what it's been like for him these past couple of months not being able to perform how he wanted to. You were his rock. His everything. You kept him grounded when he felt like he couldn't do it anymore. You admired how much he loved what he did and that he took it so seriously. And the fact that you understood that, it made him fall harder for you each day.
Right now he needed to feel you.
He needed to love you.
Jimin's smooth fingers slide under the thin straps of your satin babydoll, making the soft material slide down your body. He bites down on his lip when he sees you were bare underneath it.
"Fuck baby, you're so perfect," you notice his breathing increase as he admires your body. He's always had a way of making you feel so beautiful. Desired.
He cups your breast, his thumb caressing your pebbled skin as his lips kiss your neck. You unbuckle his pants and then remove his shirt. He begins to kiss down your chest until he cups both of your breasts and starts sucking and flicking at your nipples with his tongue, not taking his beautiful eyes away from yours. He enjoys your breathy moans. The way your hands glide into his hair as he continues to play with your nipples.
It's insane the way you love this man. You never thought you could love someone so much. Feel this way with anyone. It's intense, but it's pure and loving. Jimin feels exactly the same about you. Loving you has been the easiest thing in his life.
He kisses you again, tongues exploring each other like it's the very first time as his hand makes it's way to your wet pussy.
"Damn, I'll never get used to how wet you get for me. It's fucking amazing," the way his voice gets deeper when he's aroused is such a turn on for you.
"Let me feel those pretty fingers inside me, please Jimin," you moan.
"Say it again baby, my name. Say it again," he asks as his finger rubs circles on your throbbing clit.
"Jimin," you say in a long drawn out moan. He sinks in two fingers and you gasp at the feeling of his cold metal rings and of being stretched. So damn good. You hook your leg around his hip, opening yourself up to him more. He notices you're close as his fingers keep tapping that spot and then he slides them out, sucking your wetness from his fingers.
"Mm, I need to taste more," he groans and then kneels in front of you, taking one leg and then the other over his shoulders as you hold yourself against the wall. He licks up your pussy and you shout out his name when he sucks at your clit, his tongue swirling around it. You grind yourself on his mouth, your hand grabbing tightly onto his hair.
"Shit, I'm so close I—"
"Let go, baby. Come on my tongue," your body tenses and you stop breathing for a couple of seconds as a wave of pleasure takes over your entire body. You feel a gush and you moan when Jimin licks it all up, the sensation of his tongue overwhelming you. "You taste so good."
"I love you," you say to him.
He kisses you softly, "I love you so much, beautiful. Jump," you do as he says and wrap your legs around his waist. He teases your entrance with his hard cock until it catches and then he sinks into you, fucking you slow at first against the living room wall. You pull him closer to your body, needing to feel him everywhere.
"Fuck, you always feel so good inside me. More, I want more, please baby," you beg him. That's his weakness. When you beg him this way. He always gives in. Without pulling out of you, he places one hand on your back and carries you to the bedroom.
He slowly lays you both on the bed and then begins to thrust into you again, "I can kiss you forever," he says as his cock taps on your soft spot and his lips reclaim yours.
The feel of his body on yours brings goosebumps to your skin. His hand travels down your leg slowly and then hooks it over his hip. He can't help it, looking at how his cock stretches you out. How every time he slides it out, a string of your wetness follows it.
Jimin increases his pace as your moans get louder. He loves your little noises, especially when you get loud. "I'm gonna come soon, ah fuck! Come with me baby," he pants. You stare into his eyes as you feel another orgasm explode. He comes inside you, filling you up with his warm seed.
"Jimin, that was so fucking good," you cry out making him chuckle against your neck.
"It was," he agrees before he kisses your cheek and then slides out of you, staring at the way his cum seeps out of your cunt. He fucking loves the sight of it; knowing that you're full of him. "Fucking intoxicating is what that was." He gets up from the bed and brings over a damp cloth to clean you up and then lays down after he's done.
You both stare at each other, happy and content and so satisfied. You run your hand through his hair and then caress his beautiful face. "It broke my heart seeing you cry tonight," you say softly.
He gives you a sad smile, "I'm sorry about that. It's the last thing I wanted to do."
"No baby, don't ever apologize for being human and having feelings. I adore that about you and so does your fans. The fact that you let them in, let them see how difficult it has been, is so brave of you. They've probably been through difficult times as well and I bet your words comforted them in some way. You're amazing Jimin. Never change that part of yourself. Cry when you need to and laugh every chance you get," you say as you reach for his hand to kiss.
"You always know the right things to say, how do you do that?" he asks.
"I learned from you," you make him smile and his cute dimple appears. You take advantage and start peppering kisses all over it making him laugh. "I love hearing you laugh."
"Keep kissing me like that and you'll hear it for a long time," he grins. "I love you, beautiful."
"I love you too, with everything I have."
Tumblr media
all rights reserved ©️ 7deadlysinsfics
do not copy, repost, translate or modify any of my works.
Tumblr media
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rinrinniesstuff · 2 months ago
Haikyuu and what kind of dogs they would have (I think)
I wrote this half asleep and I didnt proof read it.
Tumblr media
I feel like out of everyone, Bokuto would have a husky.
OHHHH PLEASE Bokuto would spoil his baby. Bokuto probably bought a whole store's worth of toys and treats.
Tries to get his dog talk like one of those popular yt vids
We all know how Bokuto forgot to pay his taxes and became a tax evader? Yeah same with his dog. He would forget vet appointments.
They're equally dramatic and adventurous. It's like having two bokutos and his house would be so chaotic.
I'm sure Akaashi had to doggy-sit every once in a while and would joke that it felt like bokuto never left.
The only reason his dog is fit and not obesed is because the amount of treats and food he would give would be the same amount of time he would play and go out with his dog.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Shiba Inu
Shiba Inu are pretty much cats inside a dog's body. They can take care of themself so out of everyone, Kageyama or Kenma would have this one.
Don't get me wrong, he didn't want one because 1.) Animals hate him 2.) He's always busy, but one of the karasuno members gave him one as a gift
(was actually for a bet about kageyama not knowing how to take care of animals. They thought kageyama would give the dog back but surprisingly he kept the dog)
As for Kenma, the team had a bet that Kenma wouldn't be able to know what to do if he has a pet so they had their old coach to give him a shiba knowing kenma wouldn't be able to say no.
Is very responsible with his doggo.
Visits the vet regularly and gives appropriate amount of food and treats.
Tried to train his doggo(he was so happy when his dog learned how to do the "paw" trick)
Buys another shiba cause he thought his dog was lonely when he goes to work.
Look at me and tell me that Kenma wouldn't spoil the absolute shit out of his dog.
He loves his babies so much and he would even talk to them from time to time.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Dobermans are cute, intelligent and low maintenance. They're pretty clean too so I just know that Ushijima would have this as his companion.
Ushijima would even train his dog personally and would be absolutely HAPPY everytime his dogs get tp learn one
Bet he lets his dog try some of his veggies from his little backyard garden (that'll be so adorable hnnggg).
Although he's busy being a volley player, he takes care wonderfully of his dog.
Have this small little smiles when talking to his dog.
Imagine him just lounging on the couch, stare at his dog and then, "bang!"
His dober would then play dead and he'd also play along and it's not awkward. It's just this wholesome adorable moment jxjsisisksksk
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Labrador Retriever
Akaashi, Kita or Aone would have this dog as their companion.
This dog is smart, loyal, even tempered and is outgoing.
The type of dog that loves indoor but also equally loves to go out.
Akaashi would vent out on his dog, talking to it or have his dog go on playdates with Bokuto's doggo. His doggy is prolly trained as a therapy dog.
Kita would bring his dog to the rice fields and have early morning walks or have it guard his granny.
Aone is a big and scary looking individual. It often makes him sad when ppl get scared of him. He feels very happy everytime his dog would happilly greet him by the door or when his dog cuddles with him.
They're very responsible with their dogs.
Had them vaccinated and go see a doctor regularly.
Please they're soft
Tumblr media
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princeymust-bottom · 2 months ago
Request? How about some DLAMP where Patton and Roman making lewd videos of themselves for their boyfriends (grinding on eachother, playing with toys, etc.) Since they're both away for vacation, family or work reasons. The others reacting to it through skype so Patton and Roman could see their faces. You know, just two bottoms having the time of their life.
Minors Do Not Read/Interact
Ship: Logan (top/p) x Janus (top/p) x Roman (bottom/p) x Patton (bottom/p) x Virgil (p)
Part 1: Virgil
With a heavy sigh, Virgil flopped down onto his bed after a long day of helping a good friend move into his new home a few states away from where he had been living. He’d gotten up bright and early that morning to get here, worked the entire day, then planned to stay overnight in the spare room and catch a plane to go home the next day.
He took his phone from where it had been charging on the nightstand and started scrolling through his notifications. A text from one of his boyfriends, Roman, caught his eye. It simply said “For you❤️” with a video attached. Curious and also missing Roman dearly, Virgil opened the message and started playing the video.
A soft smile spread across his face as he saw Roman and Patton sitting on the edge of Roman’s bed. He missed Patton too. He missed all of them.
Roman and Patton looked at each other and leaned in, their lips meeting in the middle. Patton’s hand went up to Roman’s cheek and he moved to be sitting on his knees. Virgil felt his face heat up a bit, but he definitely didn’t look away. Patton’s hands went to Roman’s waist, then slipped under his shirt, slowly crawling up his chest.
Virgil quickly grabbed his earbuds and plugged them in when Roman let out a whine as Patton’s fingers ghosted over his nipples. Virgil’s hand, meanwhile, was inching toward his crotch as he continued to watch.
Patton lifted Roman’s shirt and leaned down, flicking his tongue over Roman’s nipple and making the sensitive man shudder. Patton continued to do this and Roman took his shirt all the way off. What stuck out to Virgil was Roman’s skin, clear of any marks, unclaimed. He growled. He knew what the first thing he was gonna do when he got home tomorrow was.
By now, he was palming himself through his jeans, his dick hardening as the video went on. He watched as Patton pulled away from Roman, making him whine desperately. Virgil grinned. Roman was always such a needy little whore. He jumped onto Patton, pinning him back against the bed and grinding against him. Both of them let out soft gasps and moaned.
“Virgil..” Patton whimpered, soon echoed by Roman. Virgil but his lip and unzipped his pants, pulling out his dick. He just wished he was with Roman and Patton to give it to them.
Roman sat back up, pulling Patton up with him. They’re intense kissing continued while Roman reached between them and grabbed both of their dicks. He started moving his hand up and down, briefly paused to grab some lube and put it in his hand, then continued.
Patton’s head fell back as he moaned. Roman took his opportunity to kiss his neck. When he pulled back again, Virgil could see a faint mark he’d left behind. It was nothing compared to what he and the others usually left on them.
Roman’s hand sped up and so did Virgil’s. Roman and Patton panted and murmured Virgil’s name over and over as they got closer and closer to cumming.
Patton was the first to break, his cum spurting onto Roman’s chest and partly his own. Roman followed a few moments later, covering Patton’s chest more than his own as well. At the same time, Virgil was reaching his climax. He bit his lip to keep himself silent as he came while Roman and Patton were starting to clean themselves off.
He lay there for a while after the video ended, breathing heavily. He texted Roman back. ‘I can’t wait to get my hands on you two tomorrow.’
Part 2: Janus & Logan
Janus brought out his phone from his pocket as he swiped his hotel room key card and opened the door, letting his boyfriend and partner in first before going in himself. Logan loosened his tie and got a drink of water from the sink. Janus took off his hat and tossed it onto the counter, then sat on the edge of bed and kicked off his shoes. By then he had noticed the text he’d received from Roman and opened it up. It was a video with him and Patton and a message that read, “We miss you so much ❤️”
He smiled softly, lying back. He missed his princess and puppy as well. He especially missed their warmth. He felt cold lying on this hotel bed. He just wanted all of his loves with him. He felt really lucky to at least have Logan.
He opened the video and pressed play. Roman and Patton were sitting on their knees on the floor in skirts. Roman’s was red and Patton’s was light blue. They also wore white and gray tops respectively. They smiled at the camera and gave a little wave before they started to bounce, revealing the dildos attached to the floor.
Janus’s eyes widened and he blushed, quickly pausing the video, but only so he could enjoy this with Logan.
“Baby, come here. Come look what our princess sent us,” he said, beckoning Logan over to the bed.
“Hm?” Logan hummed, walked over. He took off his shoes before getting onto the bed next to Janus, who had restarted the video. He pressed play and watched Logan have the exact same reaction he’d had. “Oh fuck.”
“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Janus asked, his hand nearing his hardening dick.
“Fuck yes,” Logan said, starting to undo his belt. Janus grinned and did the same. They both completely took their pants and underwear off. Then Janus played the video again.
They watched entranced as Roman and Patton bounced on their dildos, both panting softly. Patton’s tongue hung out slightly past his lower lip. (That habit was what started the nickname puppy).With each bounce they watched, they stroked their dicks, wishing it was them that Roman and Patton were bouncing on.
After a while, Roman and Patton stopped, getting off their dildos completely and getting them off the floor. Janus and Logan were only disappointed for a moment before the two laid back, spread their legs, and started fucking themselves with the dildos again. While Roman showed his ass off proudly to the camera, Patton was a bit more shy, his legs often coming together to hide himself, which he’d realize then pull apart, only to have them slowly come together again.
“They’re so cute,” Logan said, stroking himself faster. “Oh god I wish they were here.”
“Mm, I’d have Patton suck my cock until his lips were sore,” Janus fantasized.
“And I’d let Roman ride me until he was too tired to move, then I’d turn him over and fuck him until he passed out,” Logan replied. “I can’t wait to see them again.”
“Well, we should get home to them tomorrow evening,” Janus reminded him. “But until then...” Janus climbed on top of Logan and smashed their lips together, grinding down on him. Their dicks rubbed again each other, making them both moan. It wasn’t very long before they both came all over each other.
Part 3: Together
All three of their dicks were hard as Logan, Janus, and Virgil waited for Roman to pick then up from the airport. Their flights came in around the same time, so they met up after they’d met up after they landed. Finally, they saw their red minivan pull up. Janus opened the drivers side door.
“You’re sitting in the back. I’m driving,” he said. Roman blinked a few times.
“Well hello to you too,” he said, frowning and unbuckling his seatbelt. As soon as he was free, Janus pulled him out of the car, then dipped and kissed him lovingly. Roman immediately melted and let himself be passed off to Logan, who quickly picked him up and kissed him as well.
“Hey Princess,” he said. “God I missed you.”
“Aw, I missed you too,” Roman giggled.
“Alright, the suitcases are in the trunk. Let’s get home,” Virgil said before climbing into the very back seat. Logan did the same while Janus got into the driver’s seat. Roman furrowed his brows.
“Why are you both sitting in the ba...” he trailed off when he sat down in the seat between them and was immediately cuddled from both sides.
“I missed you so much,” Virgil said, kissing his cheek. Roman giggled, first from how adorable they were being and then from Virgil’s lips tickling his neck. He made sure to suck a nice dark mark on Roman’s clear skin.
“There. That’s better,” he said.
“We loved your video, sweetheart,” Janus said from the front seat. Roman blushed.
“So did I,” Virgil added. “You two were so beautiful moaning my name like that.” Roman smirked.
“Yeah, and I bet you wanna fuck us real bad, don’t you?” Roman guessed. “As soon as we get home, right?”
“You fucking bet,” Logan said. “And I’m calling dibs right now on you.” Roman giggled.
“Good, because Patton and I got ourselves all ready for you before I left to come pick you up,” Roman said.
“Aww, you two couldn’t wait to get fucked either, could you?” Virgil teased. Roman nodded unashamedly.
“Don’t start having sex back there without me,” Janus warned playfully.
When they pulled into the driveway, Patton was standing on the porch waiting for them. The three that were away all rushed out of the car to greet him, making Roman feel a little jealous until Logan came back over to him and gave him an especially long and sweet kiss then reminded Roman how much he had missed him.
Their luggage was forgotten in the trunk as they were all too excited to see each other to care about it. Janus scooped up Patton while Logan carried Roman into their room, them dropped them next to each other on the bed. Their pants and underwear underwear were torn off and discarded. Their heads were close together but their bodies angled away from each other, both of their legs spread. They turned their heads to the side to look at each other and smiled. Patton grabbed Roman’s hand and intertwined their fingers. Roman gasped and shut his eyes when he felt Logan suddenly push into him. When he opened them again, Virgil’s dick was above him and Patton. Patton then moaned as Janus entered him.
“Ready?” Virgil asked, stroking himself above them. They nodded. Virgil glanced at Logan and Janus, who didn’t hesitate to start moving.
“Ahh!” Roman cried, squeezing Patton’s hand. Patton moaned and squeezed back. He opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue, letting Virgil rub the head of his dick on it. Roman then did the same.
“Who do you pretty little dolls belong to?” Virgil groaned, stroking himself faster.
“Y-you,” Roman answered.
“Yeah, the three of you,” Patton agreed.
“Good boys,” Janus said, thrusting harder.
“Ah! I’m gonna—I’m gonna cum!” Patton announced.
“Already?” Janus said. “Cum then, sweetheart.” Patton came with a moan that sounded like mix of all of their names. Janus pounded into him a few more times before cumming too.
“Can I cum now?” Roman asked. Logan nodded.
“Go ahead, princess,” he said. As he came, Logan did as well, finally followed by Virgil, who’s cum landed on Roman and Patton’s faces.
“You did so good my darlings,” Janus said, helping them stand up. They let Roman and Patton shower first, since they were the dirtiest and always showered together. Meanwhile Logan got some clean sheets and Virgil and Janus finally took care of the luggage.
Despite being the ones who hadn’t been traveling all day and the ones who did the least amount of work, Roman and Patton seemed to be the sleepiest, so Logan happily helped them get snuggled into bed, promising he and the other two would join them soon.
And when they finally did, it felt like heaven for all of them. They’d missed this so much.
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yiiiikesizzy · 2 months ago
Hi, Morgan
Tumblr media
Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4   Part 5   Part 6   Part 7   Part 8   Part 9   Part 10  Part 11   Part 12   Part 13   Part 14   Part 15   Part 16   Part 17   Part 18   Part 19   Part 20   Part 21   Part 22
Daryl Dixon x fem!Reader
Summary: Daryl Dixon always thought he wasn’t good enough for love. But one woman comes into his life and changes that.
Warnings: complete fluff, slight angst, implied nsfw
AN: finally more Daryl content!
I woke up with a scream as nightmares plagued my head.
"Y/N, Y/N!" It was Daryl who shook me awake. Connor was sniffling with tears in his eyes as he watched his mother suffer. It broke my heart.
"I'm okay. I'm okay." I repeated and rubbed my eyes.
That's how it was for a few days, but I wouldn't let it affect my day-to-day. I refused to let this incident define who I am. I'm not some broken girl. I'm a fighter, a survivor, a mother. Daryl took me into the woods to burn the clothes that stole. I cried that day.
"Let's get you ready." ~~~ "So, Conman, what do you want to do today?" I asked Connor, rubbing his hair as I laid in bed with Daryl and my son.
"Can I meet the man that Daryl brought in?" I was hesitant with my answer, turning to Daryl quickly, who eventually nodded. We got up and dressed in regular clothes before walking out of the house.
We asked around for the stick-wielding man, stopping by Rick's house for the final answer. Before we made it there, we saw him. He was cleaning the stick on Rick's steps.
"Hi, Morgan," Connor said shyly, clutching my hand tight. Morgan looked up at us and smiled.
"Hi there."
"I'm Y/N. This is Connor, my son." I introduced ourselves. I reached out to shake his hand with a smile. He quickly reached up and shook it with a nod and a smile.
"It's lovely to meet you all." He nodded towards Daryl, who was standing awkwardly behind me. I reached out and grabbed his hand, sending him a squeeze on the hand and a smile.
"Whoa! Your stick is cool! Can you show me?" Connor asked excitedly. I chuckled as the man stood, leaning the stick towards Connor.
"What do you do with it?" He asked in wonder, staring up at the dark-skinned man.
"How about I show you? With your mom's permission, of course." Morgan winked, looking up at me.
"Only if we can join." I laughed, nudging Connor along as we walked with the man behind Rick's house.
"A friend taught me. Taught me many things." Morgan started. Connor sat in the grass as Daryl, and I stood behind him. Morgan began his routine, slashing the air with his staff. ~~~ "Hey, Morgan, can I talk to you real quick?" I ran up to Morgan quickly, stopping before him as he stopped.
"You don't have to. But it would be nice if you maybe, taught Connor what you know? I know he's young, but this work... you know how it is."
"Yeah, I do. And I will. He's a good boy. My way doesn't kill people. Doesn't..." he trailed off, furrowing his brows as he tried to grasp the words.
"Yeah. I really appreciate it." Morgan nodded, reaching up and squeezing my shoulder. I tended, my mind flashing back to that day before I brushed it away and smiled. Morgan was frowning, probably catching my expression.
"I start tomorrow. I was gonna practice some anyways."
"Thank you." I smiled and hugged him before walking back to my house. Connor was playing with Carl and Judith outside of Rick's house, playing in the yard.
"Hey." I walked into the house to find Daryl messing with his crossbow.
"Hey. Morgan agreed to teach Connor." I informed him. He nodded as I sat next to him.
"It feels like I haven't been alone with you in forever. In peace, I mean." I spoke, leaning my head on his shoulder. Daryl put his crossbow down and turned to me. He grunted in reply and shrugged.
"Seems like we don't have time no more." He told me. I sighed and smiled at him.
"Well, what would you like to do? We have time to ourselves." I asked, standing and grabbing his hand. He gave me an incredulous look and stood with me. I laughed and pulled him out of the house, getting an idea.
"Let's go hunting!" ~~~ The hunt was successful so far, Daryl found three rabbits, and we were tracking a deer.
"How have you been?" I asked softly, stopping in my tracks. He looked back at me and sighed.
"I'm fine."
"I- I'm just tired. Tired of many things."
"Do you miss the old world?"
"Why are you asking so many questions?" He deflected. I sent him a pointed look which made him sigh.
"No. My old world was shit. This world is shit too, but it's better."
"Better how?"
"I have a family here. I have... you." I blushed softly at his response and grabbed his hand again. I saw his cheeks tint red, which made me smile.
Do it, do it, do it.
"I'm glad I have you too," I whispered, getting closer to him. I saw his eyes widen, pushing me aside. My heart dropped before I heard an arrow fly.
"Shh! Let's go!" He whisper-yelled. Daryl grabbed my hand, and we began to run. I looked behind me to find a large group of walkers trailing behind us.
"Shit." I was so caught up in what I was doing the I didn't even hear them.
"There's a house down the road!" He took the lead as we ran, our path being blocked off by more walkers. I grunted as I was being dragged, grabbing my knife and stabbing a. Walker that got too close. When we made it to the house, it was in the middle of the woods, surrounded by foliage and trees. Daryl opened the door quickly, shutting it and locking it while pushing the couch in front of it. I moved with him, flipping onto the sofa when we were finished. We were panting, exhausted from the run. After a perimeter check, Daryl sat down next to me, sighing and listening to the walkers bang on the door.
"Looks like we're trapped here." I huffed, crossing my arms after sheathing my weapon.
"Ain't that right." He chuckled. I smiled at him and shoved him softly.
"Let's get a look at this place. See what we can find." I told him, standing and going to the kitchen. He followed me, his crossbow limp in his hand.
"This place looks like it hasn't been touched. I bet we'll get good shit here." Daryl chuckled at my words, walking up to the cabinet next to me as I looked at the bottom one. We did that for a few hours, looting the house into our bags.
"It's getting dark. You should sleep." Daryl spoke up. We were sitting on the couch again in silence as I rested my head against his shoulder. He no longer flinched at my affections, which felt like a little victory every time I did.
"You need sleep too. I know you don't get much." Daryl woke up way before Connor and I did. Sometimes it was as though he didn't sleep at all that night.
"Nah, someone's gotta keep watch." He told me. I sighed and shook my head.
"This house will hold. C’mon. Come on." I chuckled as he got limp in my arms before standing up with me.
"Fine." I laughed and brought him upstairs. We found the master bedroom, and I yawned.
"Get some sleep."
"You too! C’mon." I pulled him in bed with me after we took our shoes off. He fell on me, making me laugh harder, and place my hands on his shoulders as his were next to my head. My laughter died down slowly as I realized how close we were. I watched as Daryl lowered himself, capturing my lips into a kiss.
The kiss lasted for what felt like minutes, our lips moving in sync with each other. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him closer to me. When we broke away, we were panting from the intensity of the kiss. Daryl rested his forehead onto mine, our eyes closed as we basked in each other's presence.
"I- wow." It was all I could manage to say. I had dreamed of this for so long, so many times.
"Yeah." His voice was gruff as always, but this time was different. His pupils were blown wide as I stared into his eyes. I reached up and pulled him to kiss me again. ~~~ I woke up feeling a ran running up and down my arm, Daryl sighing in content. I looked up at him, which made him look down at me.
"Hi." I suddenly felt shy, my naked body pressed against his. I ducked my head into his neck and laughed. I was in euphoria, and I could feel he was too. He chuckled and grabbed my hand, kissing my knuckles and moving my hair from my neck. I lifted my head and looked into his eyes once more, a soft smile on my lips. I reached down and kissed him again.
"We should get dressed. I don't hear the walkers downstairs." I told him, getting up and sitting on the edge of the large bed. I stretched and yawned, rubbing my eyes as I stared out the window for a second.
"You okay?" Daryl asked in a soft voice. I turned to him and smiled.
"I'm better than okay," I told him, brushing the hair out of his eyes. He blushed again and shook his head.
"Was I-"
"Yes." I chuckled, crawling back onto the bed and kissing him again. He placed his hand on my back, pulling me impossibly closer to him. I chuckled and pulled away.
"Come on, they're probably worried about us." I realized I didn't have a nightmare, nor did I feel as bad as I usually did. I was just... happy. Happy to be in his arms and to finally be his. I felt like a teenager in love.
Love. What a funny thought. I thought I'd never love anyone after Schyler. But look at me now.
Daryl was getting dressed as I watched him, a small smiled playing on my lips.
"Oh, hush." He grumbled.
"I didn't say anything!" I laughed. I threw a pillow at him, which made him laugh as well. I finally started to get dressed and walked up to him.
"What does... what does this mean?" I asked shyly. Daryl placed his hands into my cheeks, kissing my lips and leaning his head onto my forehead.
"It means you're mine, and I'm yours... if you'll have me." I smiled softly at his own shyness. He wasn't one for words, and it was okay because I loved him.
I love him. I love Daryl Dixon. I'm in love with him.
The realization hit me harder than the first time. I was in love again.
"You okay?" He asked, looking into my eyes with concern at my silence.
"I'm perfect."
"Let's get going then." He smiled, grabbing his crossbow from the door and looking out the window. It was clear, no walker in sight. We moved the couch from the door and began our trek back home.
I felt all giddy inside, happy with today's events.
"They're back." We heard from the tower Glenn coming down and greeting us at the gate.
"What happened? You guys were gone for a long time. Connor has been worried." He informed us.
"Shit." I sighed, looking back at Daryl. Glenn's grim face turned into a smirk when we turned around to him.
"What?" Daryl asked.
"You uh, you guys have something right here." He pointed to our necks with a laugh. I furrowed my brows and looked at Daryl's neck, finding hickies there. I blushed heavily and punched Glenn in the shoulder as I saw how uncomfortable Daryl was.
"Shut up, man." I chuckled, grabbing Daryl's hand and walking away.
"Oh, come on, Y/N, just playing! But I'm glad you guys finally did it!" He shouted. I flipped him off and started to run with a laugh, Daryl doing the same.
"Mom!" Connor yelled, running up to Daryl and me.
"Hi bubs!"
"You were gone for two days. You said only a few hours. I got scared something happened to you guys." He said, sniffling softly.
"Hey, it's okay. We're back, and nothing bad happened." Connor smiled at us.
"There you guys are. We were worried." Rick said, coming out with Judith on his hip. The group walked out of the house and greeted us.
"Oh, it wasn't that serious." I waved them off with a shake of my head.
"Okay, sure." They all gave us looks, getting the idea of what happened. Maggie looked at me and gave me the look of 'we're definitely talking about this later.' I smiled at everyone and guided Daryl and Connor back to our house.
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jjksecrets · 2 months ago
Who u you think in jjk's characters among Gojo, Geto, Nanami, Sukuna, Yuuta, and Toji that would be 'hard' yanderes and 'soft' yanderes? And what is the most dangerous traits about them?
And who will u choose among them? For the sake of urlife if he goes yandere for you? Who will be the save bet?
I love ur yanderes ask, and I'm wondered about ur taste in them ⊙﹏⊙
Warnings: yandere, teacher student relationship, age gap, possessive language/behavior, amputation, stockholm syndrome
Notes: I love these asks! They're very interesting and I like voicing my opinions hehe thank you anon for letting me <3
Hard yandere
Sukuna, Touji
Soft yandere
Gojou, Getou, Nanami, Yuuta
Most dangerous traits about Sukuna
This goes without saying—Sukuna might be the most extreme amongst them. He will stop at nothing to get you, to make and claim you as his property. He's also a very violent curse, he won't hesitate to break your ankles or hurt you beyond what normal human healing could save, he'll only use reverse cursed technique to heal you when he thinks you've learned your lesson.
He's also a sadist, loves giving his naive little one false hope then crush them like fragile glass later. Being his darling would suffer a lot of humiliation and there's nothing you could do to stop that. Rebel against him? You'll have him slapping his cock on your face before pounding roughly into you and calling you attention seeking. Start being obedient? Calls you a slut, you're only being good because you want him to fuck you, right? Giving in so early already? No fun. He's going to get bored of you real soon. Look at you, crying and begging for him to not leave you, that you'll do whatever he wants and listens to his every word.
See? A slut.
Most dangerous traits about Touji
I think we all know, his entire being screams danger and almost not a tint of vulnerability or softness could be seen. He is rough, very rough, he is almost like Sukuna, only his pleasures and displeasures exists. He will cum inside of you and leave it like that, pays no mind to help you reach your release all because he wants to see you play with yourself. He'd tell you to finger yourself with his cum inside, playing with the sticky substance and making it ooze out, it made him hard all over again— how can a kid like yourself be so utterly dirty?
Another thing is about him that's so dangerous is, he doesn't care. It is enough to make you go insane and lose your mind. He's the only one for you now, he's the only one there and— and even he doesn't care about you? What are you supposed to do now? You want affection, attention, touch and love. He won't give that to you, because you are truly only a plaything for him that he particularly likes so much to hoard you as his own and his own only. But people are greedy, they won't settle for just one. There are times where he would bring random women back, he was definitely making everything sound louder to let you hear it.
He like seeing you crawl to him.
Most dangerous traits about Gojou
His power, his influence, his authority. There's no way you'd get away, you can't, and you won't. Why? He's so sickeningly sweet to you, disguised as the usual lovable, childish, cheerful teacher you have, it makes it really hard to want to leave him, really. Not when he's the only one there for you, the only one who would love someone like you, your only one. He'd make sure to drill that into your mind, he's the only one for you. You think someone else would give you the same amount of love he does? Would be able to provide for you like he does? You're definitely still a kid, alright, so naive.
He's scary, you'll never know what's on his mind, he could very well be seething all while holding up that cute grin of his. Especially with those blindfold, you feel lost and even with him wearing it, it feels like he could still see through you, everything. It'll make you come clean of whatever sin you've committed, begging for forgiveness.
Most dangerous traits about Getou
He, is a wolf in disguise. With that charming smile of his it's really hard to tell your teacher has an unhealthy obsession with you. He's so gentle compared to most teachers/mentors, with Gojou acting like an overexcited child, Nanami being hard to approach, Shouko seemingly doesn't pay a mind to anything and Kusakabe looks like he just want you gone, Getou really is the only one there for you.
With his reassuring smile and comfort pats, he knows when to have fun, make jokes and when to lend an ear to listen, a shoulder to cry on. He's a considerate man, knowing when to approach you himself in case you're a shy soul, it isn't exactly your fault for falling and feeling more than just platonic feelings towards this amazing teacher.
Worst thing is, you won't even know you've fallen into the spider's web. Brushing off his strange actions as him just being protective, all lovers are like that. Him restricting your movements and doesn't let you go out with friends, that's just him wanting attention and love from you. You were sure clingier than he's being right now, it's nothing serious.
Most dangerous traits about Nanami
He might seem like a cold-hearted bastard when people first met him, but he is, in reality, so, so soft with you. It guilt trips you whenever you said some harsh words about him being a psychopath and locking you up in here. He has been treating you with nothing but love and care, it blurs the line between what's healthy affection and what's not, your mind will be filled by nothing other than you being an ungrateful person. What a horrible person you are.
He has given up so much for you, tossed away so many for you. Willing to crush the morals that he had kept held up until now and accept criticisms from society just to have you, why won't you understand?
Another dangerous trait about him is that, he is willing to do anything for you. And he is a cruel, cruel man. For you, he would not hesitate to murder the innocent, the oblivious. Nanami is a man that keeps true to his words, if he said he's going to do something, you can be sure that will happen, even if it means tossing away humanity.
Most dangerous traits about Yuuta
Another one to guilt trip you, and it isn't even intentional. A simple discrimination from you is enough to make his eyes well up in tears, hands trembling and desires comfort from you. Don't leave him, don't leave him don't leave him don't leave him. Stay. Love him.
He has Rika, and she probably loves him more than anyone ever would. He isn't fond of using Rika since she goes overboard all the time but if you really test him, he will release her on you but, with his supervision, of course. He can't have his precious darling hurt beyond curable.
You know what hurts most? This guy really, really loves you. Truly. Just the way he expresses his love is wrong and it's enough to make your heart crack, especially if you used to be in love with him as well. Obsession got the better of him and now everything is crumbling down.
That's also why it's dangerous, sometimes you'd get soft and let the previous, happy memories take over, creating a false impression of Yuuta, of him still being— him. And you'd forget about how much of a horrible person he is and finally start giving in.
You weren't clear if this was his plan all along.
My pick
I know you asked who I'd choose to be the safe bet, as in which yandere among these would be the "less scarier and extreme", but I don't think any of these would be a "safe bet", each has their own creepiness 💀
And I honestly don't care, just want the unconditional love from yanderes really 😔 so I'll go with Gojou! Since he's my current favorite <3
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bunbun-writings · 4 months ago
hello~ can i request another taehoon and johan with a smol s/o? a smut one where it's their first time and she being super shy and flustered cus they're a lot bigger and stronger than her? thank u and sorry if it's too much <3
One fluffy smutsel coming up <3 This got waaaay longer thanI thought, but hope you enjoy ~
imma just go to horny jail now
Explicit smut under the cut!
Seong Taehoon
Tonight was the night. The two of you had been going out for a while now, and the talk had finally happened. You had pushed him away during a very heavy make out session, and he immediately thought that he had overstepped. You sat up as Taehoon moved his body away from you, his body tense. “I-I don’t hate this. Just... not tonight... Maybe we can do that, this weekend? I want my first time to be a bit special.” You couldn’t look into his eyes, your face as red as a tomato. You felt him kiss your cheekbone as he hummed. “Okay. I guess I’ll have to prepare some things too. I’ll take good care of you.”
The weekend came around quickly, and you had packed everything you thought you might need for this weekend. You had even grabbed your cutest underwear. As you rung the bell, Taehoon opened the door and stepping aside to let you in. Some soft music was playing and you could smell something delicious. “Hey, just dump your stuff in my room, I’ll finish up dinner in a bit.” He placed a kiss on your forehead as you two were walking towards the kitching. His hair was still slightly damp and he smelled of his shampoo, filling you nose with a smell that only Taehoon has.
He had really went all out, alsmost uncharacteristically so. The table had been set as if it was a restaurant, there was a candle in the middle of the table and there was a small vase with some flowers. Hobin company was here 
The two of you ate dinner together in relative silence and once you finished up Taehoon offered to clean. “You go take a shower first. Just grab a sweater from the closet.” You could only nod, your entire body filled with a jittery excitement. You grabbed your favourite sweater from Taehoon’s closet and went to take a shower. He had already laid out the towels and such, making sure to grab the fluffiest ones. You washed yourself with your favourite body wash and scrubbed your skin, making you feel extra soft. You turned off the shower and dried your hair, and finally pulling the sweater over your head. It was big enough that it ended around the middle of your thighs, and the hood would’ve covered your entire face if you pulled it up. You unlocked the door and went to Taehoon’s room, not expecting the room to be all made up. He had dimmed the light, some smooth beats playing in the background and he was laying on the bed in just his sweats. He looked up at the sound of the door opening and smilled at you. As he opened his arms for you, he told you “Come here.” You nearly jumped in his arms, hugging him tightly and making him snicker. “Look at you, so eager. I promised you didn’t I? I’ll take care of you. Not going anywhere.” 
You felt fingers under your chin, lifting your head up to meet his eyes. His pupils were already dilated, telling you he wanted you badly. There was a hunger in them that you had seen before, just never with you knowing he’ll really devour you tonight. You were really glad you made sure to bring something cute to wear tonight. He kissed you softly, and pushed you down lightly. He went to sit in between your legs, pinning you against the mattress. 
He loved his clothes on you. He just knew you didn’t know what it did to him when he saw you wearing it. It was obvious he dwarved you, but with you in his sweater it became even clearer. He was all hard lines and tough muscle, while you were always so soft and small, a sharp contract to his own body. 
His tongue explored your mouth as his hands went from your thighs to your ribs, pulling the sweater up and over your chest. He felt your heart pounding hard and fast beneath his palm. He nearly laughed out loud with how red you were. The blush even went down towards your chest. His eyes only registered what you were wearing a moment later, and he couldn’t hold back the way his eyes hardened like a predator waiting to pounce on a sweet little rabbit. “My, my, looking all pretty tonight hmm? Is this all for me? You looking so pretty for me baby?” He licked his lips at the sight and grinded against you lightly, searching your face for any hesitation. When he found none he leaned down again to place a kiss on you nose. “It’s rude to not answer, bunny.” He saw your lip tremble a bit, and he couldn’t contain the excited gasp from his mouth. “I just wanted to look pretty for you, Taehoon. Don’t be so cruel...” The smile on his face was giddy and he immediatly went to kiss your neck, making you gasp. “You have no idea what you do to me. You feel that? That’s cause of you.” Taehoon grinded hard against you now, the pressure sending small sparks of pleasure down your body.
You felt his hand cupping your breast, his thumb pressing against your hardened nipple through the fabric. His other hand was going through your hair, his nails scratching your scalp lightly. “...You nervous? I need to know, cause I’m gonna be touching you lots now.” You nodded, wrapping your arms around Taehoon. “I’m a bit nervous... You’re just so much bigger. I’m really happy that I get to do this with you tho. I want you to touch me lots.” You mumbled the last part a bit, but the message was clear. You had gave him the okay to continue, and he didn’t want to waste a second of it.
He kissed you on the lips one last time, before he moved down towards your chest. He placed a kiss on top of your breast before he pulled your bra off you. He licked you nipple with a long stroke of his tongue, before sucking on it softly. He kept moving his tongue over and around your nipple, until he heard you moan softly. His  hand went down to touch your slit through your panties. There was a very obvious wet patch there, and he bet you even stained his sweats with how wet you were. He sucked on the unblemished skin of your chest, leaving a dark mark there, before sitting up. He moved your hips up with ease, causing you to squeek. He pulled down you panties, a string of slick going from your lips and panties following the piece of fabric. He looked down at you and licked his lips at the sight. He spread your legs obscenely wide, taking in the way your eyes widened. Still, you made no move to stop him, and seemed just as eager as he was. Two of his fingers rubbed up and down your slit, spreading your slick over your lips. They were already puffy form arousal, glistening slightly. Your hole clenched at nothing when you felt him rubbing you. 
You felt something enter, small enough to not cause any discomfort. He moved his finger in and out of you slowly, enjoying the way your eyes fluttered lightly and the way your mouth opened lightly. With how wet you were, he could easily fit another finger in you. The stretch made you gasp and you now closed your eyes. The was his fingers moved was still slow, but he started to wriggle them around, slowly stretching you out. You could feel Taehoon looking at your facek his face lightly red. “Taehoon, I wanna touch you too.” He tried to move but were swiftly pushed down again. “Later. You can touch me all you want another time, but tonight I’m gonna be touching you.” He suddenly shoves his fingers in you deeper while had crooked them against a spot inside that made you see stars and and scream. “Found it.” He drawled lowly. He kept moving his fingers against this spot as his thumb started circling your clit. He added another finger once your slick started to leak down towards your butt, stretching you out even more. You were moaning and mewling for Taehoon, wriggling your body to coax him deeper inside of you. You nearly felt yourself tipping over the edge, your breathing coming out in high whines and your stomach clencing, when he pulled out his fingers abrubtly. You nearly cried as you let out a whine.”Taehoon! Don’t tease me like this!” 
You heard the rustling of fabric, and the crackling of plastic. You looked up at your lover and saw he had taken off his sweats and was fumbling with the foil of a condom. He was huge. There was no way that was gonna fit inside of you. Would he taste good? No, wait, not the moment. Will he fit? Taehoon saw you staring at his dick with an open mouth.  “Oh? Where’s all the shyness gone too now?” He chuckled as you stumbled over an answer, as he grabbed the bottle of lube. “Don’t worry, you’re stretched out and the lube will help too.” He pushed you down again, as he uncapped the bottle, pouring a generous amount on himself and his fingers, warming up the lube a bit. He rubbed the lube over your lips and stroked himself as well, coating everything with the liquid. “Wanna feel you cumming on my dick.” He lined himself up at your entrance before stopping himself. He looked in your eyes, waiting for your sign. You nodded at him, laying your body back down and relaxing. You felt the push of his against you, and you tensed up unconsiously. Taehoon leaned down to kiss you, sucking on your tongue as an attempt to distract you from the nerves. 
You hissed as his head finally entered you, a light stinging feeling in your lower body. Taehoon halted his hips until you relaxed again and slowly pushed in further. He was sweating with exertion from holding back, biting his lips to help him hold back. He felt his dick pop inside of you at some point, and it now became easier to push further. You were letting out gasps and soft moans, but let out a high pitched moan once he bottomed out inside of you. 
He sat back, looking at the place you were connected. You were really ridiculously small. He even doubted for a moment that he could get himself to fit, and it was obvious that you were stretched to the max to accomodate him. He pushed on your stomach softly, seeing if he could feel himself inside of you. He heard a sob then, and panic set in immediately. He was terrified he had hurt you too badly, and tried to pull out softly, but you wrapped your legs around him quickly. “Taehoon, please.” Oh, he got it. “Please what? Use your words y/n. ” You let out another sob, your eyes glassy and pupils blows wide. “Teahoon please move! Don’t be so mean!” 
Who was he to deny such a genuine request. He pulled out nearly all the way and slammed himself back again, making you scream. Only three thrusts in and he felt you clench on him rapidly. He had made you cum without even touching you. He kept pounding into you harshly through your climax, and manhandling you into his lap. He grabbed your ass and moved you up and down on him. “Don’t look so happy getting my dick y/n, you’ll be getting me a lot more from now on! You look so fucked out already. Come on, look me in the eye, wanna see you cum properly now.”
He was hammering into you well into the night, moving and pulling you whichever way he wanted to have you. You both lost count on how many times either one of you climaxed, and at some point you must have passed out from exhaustion.
The next time you woke up Taehoon was holding you on his chest. Guess pillowtalk had to wait for a bit more. This was good too tho. 
Johan Seong
Johan was rather unpredictable. One day he would be very affectionate and loving towards you, while other days he kept his distance and was a bit cold. He had been colder towards you for a few days now, and it was starting to worry you. He had a tendency to overthink and internalize his worries, and this would then blow up in your face. The only weird thing was that Johan would constantly stare at you, while he’d normally avoid you entirely. 
Tonight was the same. You were sitting on the couch, back straightened uncomfortably, feeling Johan’s eyes burning holes into you. He wasn’t even sitting near you, just observing you. Your patience was also running thin. You’d normally give him space when he got into one of these moods, but this was just starting to get unnerving. Your face was getting a bit red from embarrassment
“Johan, is there something you want? You can keep staring at me all you want, but it’s not as if I can smell what’s wrong.”  “...” Still not saying anything you heard footsteps nearing you, and Johan went to sit next to you, still looking at your face intently. He was obviously searching for an answer, and while he got a lot better at talking to you and trusting you, he could be a bit too direct sometimes. Johan finally averted his eyes from yours, and he suddenly got a bit shy. “A... friend, said that dating isn’t serious until you do it... And I want to be serious, but, well” Johan trailed off and he looked at into your eyes again. 
It was easy to forget that Johan was innocent in a lot of ways, while at the same time he was as strong as he was and how vicious he was in battle. This was actually the first time Johan had asked about your relationship. Your face heated up and you started stammering. “y/n, do can I do that with you?” “Do you even know what it is, Johan?” He smirked at your question, and leaned in, forcing you to lay back on the couch. “I don’t know. Why don’t I show you?
Johan kissed you deeply, his hand on the back your neck, thumb rubbing the skin there. His tongue asked for entrance and you opened your mouth slightly. You felt his long lashes tickling you cheeks and your cheeks became red with desire. The warmth of Johan’s body was comforting and his smell was intoxicating. He filled up all of your senses with just this kiss. He pulled away and rested his forehead against yours, the both of you panting lightly. “So can I, y/n?” You whispered out a soft yes, and you felt Johan pull you up with him. He lifted you into the air with ease and held your small body close to him. You wrapped your arms around his neck and buried your nose into his chest, while he carried you towards your shared bedroom. You felt his heart pounding through his shirt, nearly matching the beat of your own. It was a comforting fact to know that Johan was as nervous and excited as you were.
The door got kicked open, and Johan dumped you onto the bed and he immediately ripped of his shirt. He strut towards you with hunger in his stride, his eyes looking you up and down. Out of instinct you crawled further onto the bed, only to get pulled back down by your ankles. “No you don’t. Stay nice and close.” Johan started to pull at your clothes eagerly, trying to get you out of them as fast he could. The difference between size and strength was insane, he carried you up all the way and he wasn’t even panting. You squeeked as he ripped your shirt off of you and started working on your sweats. Once you were left in only your panties he sat back to enjoy the view. You were starting to getting a bit dizzy from the excitement, and you couldn’t hear what he was saying due to the sound of the blood rushing in your ears. You were snapped out of it lightly when Johan started caressing your sides softly, a worried look on his face. “I’m okay, Johan, I’m just a bit nervous. You’re just so big, while I’m not...” This visibly calmed the boy down, and he started caressing you a bit firmer, his hands squeezing the soft flesh of your body. 
He placed his hands over your ribs, his thumbs nearly touching when he spread out his fingers. You weren’t kidding: he was a giant compared to you, the difference only fueling Johan’s desire to feel you. He moved his hands up to your breasts, massaging them gently while rubbing your nipples until they were hardened. You mewled when Johan pinched your nipples, subconsiously grinding against him. Hands wandering down your body, leaving a trail of goosebumps in their wake, started pulling at your panties. You were breathing faster now, your hands covering your face. Your fingers were trembling a bit, but they were soon pulled away gently by Johan rough hands. He went to lay next to you, now rubbing your hip. He smiled at you gently, taking your hand and guiding it to his crotch. “Touch me too?” The hand rubbing your hip went to your core, his fingers caressing the soft skin of your inner thighs. 
You felt his dick through is boxers. He was hard and hot, and you probably won’t be able to wrap your fingers around it entirely. You were sure he could feel how your hands were trembling and shaking, and you looked at him shyly. Johan just smiled at you and pulled you against him. He was now laying on his side pressed against you, while you were on you back. His hand was still caressing your thighs, while you were lightly stroking him. Your faces moved in closer, until your lips were pressed together. Johan swallowed the gasp that came from you when he pressed a finger inside of you. He felt your eyelashed flutter against his face, while you felt him shiver when you stroked him firmer. 
The room was filled with the sound of lips kissing and tasting eachother, the wet slick of his fingers stretching you out and the groans of two people caught up in passion. Johan decided that he played with you enough, bored with the sounds you made. He pressed his thumb against your clit, rubbing it with a rapid circular motion. He kept your lips connected when your whining reached a higher pitch. “This feel good? You make me feel good too. Your clenching super hard, y/n. You gonna cum for me?” You couldn’t answer as your back arched of the bed, pulling your face away from Johan as you let out a silent scream. Your toes curled even harder when Johan never let up his movements, seemingly intent to bring you over the edge again. You tried to pry his hand away from your core, but his free hand simply snatched your wrists away and pinned them above your head. You kept moaning and you felt tears streaming down your face, as you whimpered out for him to stop. “Johan, please, please stop! It’s too much!” The muscles in your thighs started spasming from the pleasure you felt. It was white hot and you could even taste it on your teeth, all the way down to the tips of your toes. You let out a long groan as your eyes rolled back into your head, another orgasm forced out of you.
Johan kissed your lips softly, crawling on top of you. You felt his head pushing against your entrance, your hole clenching and unclenching at the thought of finally having him inside of you. He slid in without a lot of resistance. The slick made it mostly pleasurable, only a very light sting from the first intrusion. Johan let out a throaty groan, his eyebrows furrowed together as his lips parted. He had a light blush on his face. He let his upperbody lean on you, caging you in between his arms and pinned down by his weight on top of you. He kissed your cheeks, little sweet nothings being whispered between you, as your body was trembling and writhing under him. He pulled out slightly, testing out your reactions to this. When you keened and he felt you clench hard, he nearly lost control. He pushed in softly again, bottoming out inside you. 
The pace he set was soft and slow. He would pull out only a bit and push in slowly again. Your insides were tight around him and your body shivering. He kept on kissing and caressing you, wanting to feel everything you could give him. He didn’t expect his sweet little girlfriend to yank his hair tho. He also didn’t expect to feel something in his mind snap when you begged him to move more. He gripped both of your hands with his, interwining your fingers and pressing them down besides your head. He licked your neck as he pulled out nearly all the way and rammed back into your heat. Your back shot up again, and you moaned wantonly. The bed was pounding against the wall with his movement, but neither of you cared for the damage being done. You heard your name being repeated as a mantra, Johan breath hot against your ear. 
He came into you hard, his heat filling you up entirely. You felt shivers run up and down you back at the feeling, trying to get Johan even deeper inside of you. He released your hands but didn’t pull out yet. Instead, as he sat back on his heels, he pulled you up with him in his lap. His hands rubber at your back, pressing you against him as he started kissing you again with passion. You moved against him lightly, panting against his lips. Your eyes widened at his eyes on you. He was not at all tired or done. As a matter of fact, he almost seemed even more energetic. You felt his dick grow inside of you again, getting hard and filling you up once again. Johan grabbed your hips and pushed you down on him hard.
“You didn’t think I was done already right? I didn’t get to feel you cum on me, and it’s not real if I don’t.” He explained it as if it was obvious. He thrusted up into you, making you double over against Johan. Your combined juices started leaking out of you, making everything sticky and slick, and making a wet noise as you two moved together again. One of his hands moved up into your hair, lightly pulling it to make you face upwards. He kissed and bit at your throat, marking you. His other hand moved down towards where you were connected, lightly flicking against your clit. You felt your thighs clench again, and it didn’t take long before you came again. You felt drool dribble down your chin as your mouth made noises you didn’t recognize. Johan paused his movements, feeling your insides grasp at him desperately, trying to push him out and keep him in at the same time.
“Hmmm, that feels good. Let’s keep going a bit more, ‘kay?” He kissed the side of your face as he resumed moving again. You felt like a ragdoll now, Johan moving you as he wanted.
The next day you were sore and still tired. Luckily, Johan wasn’t hard to convince to stay in bed with you. He had changed the sheets while you took a bath, hoping to relieve your muscles from the ache that built up last night. He even brought some light snacks to your bed, so you could eat something while still cuddling. He had no problem massaging you either, since you pointed out that it was mostly his strength that caused you to be so sore and stiff.
You did have to smack his hands away a few times. He was very eager to try lots of things from now on. He was very gentle with you afterwards tho.
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tundrainafrica · 4 months ago
a song recommedation: for me the biggest levihan song is Skulls by Bastille. i don't know if you've ever heard it (or maybe it's a basic song for every levihan fan out there and everyone collectively knows about it) sounds like they're having a conversation the entire time. especially these lines: "when all of our friends are dead and just a memory, we're side by side, it's always been just you and me" "i don't want to rest in peace, i'd rather be a ghost that annoys you"
Title: Milestones
“And just like with every loss he had ever felt, Levi would count down the hours, the days, the months and the seasons following the death, labelling them each as a milestone to trudge past. In that aspect, Hange’s death was no different.”
Levi has this habit of counting milestones following the loss of a close comrade.
Link to cross-postings: AO3
Notes:  Thank you for the song rec anon! I made it a little homework for myself to listen to this song today while I did some grocery shopping and this really screamed Levihan, so loud I got a little inspired and I came up with this small ficlet.
The grieving process had always been respected.  
Soldiers could easily request time off to mourn the death of comrades and loved ones. In the survey corps, one or two days after a mission were usually given as a little gift for those who had given their lives and for those left to pick up the pieces.
It was a generous gift at face value but for many who had experienced too many deaths to count, it had started to twist into something a little short of cruel. 
Soldiers who had experienced more than enough deaths after all, eventually realized that the losses only completely sink in when they finally go back to their routines. The largest and strongest waves of grief come when the soldiers are left to navigate their routines, changing around their daily routines to fix what the dead had left behind. 
For some cruel reason, losses were rarely felt in the losses and the memorials that celebrated them. They were felt in routines that followed.
Levi had survived one of the longest in the survey corps and had experienced more losses than he could count. Having to quickly go back to routines after dealing with losses and having had to navigate these same routines peppered with continuous losses of squad members and teammates, Levi had developed a little habit, something to occupy himself between expeditions and missions. 
As Levi quickly noticed, that habit had gotten a little out of control that time around. 
Of course it would, there was nothing else to do. Levi had made the decision to retire. There were no expeditions to prepare for. The government was more than eager to grant humanity’s strongest pension already. He was also certain he couldn’t fight like before anymore either. 
And that extra time and mind space had given his grieving brain a little more wriggle room and consequently, a little more power. Levi found himself scrambling for a routine. With that free mental space, that habit decided to take control again. 
Levi had nothing much else to do but let it take over. When he was at his most vulnerable, when he was at his most alone, that habit had ended up becoming his best friend. 
He allowed that best friend to guide him once again as he went about the daily routine of a retired soldier. As it did with every loss, that best friend would religiously remind him that time continued to pass. 
And just like with every loss he had ever felt, Levi would count down the hours, the days, the months and the seasons following the death, labelling them each as a milestone to trudge past. In that aspect, Hange’s death was no different. 
At the same time, Hange’s death was special. Possibly because they had been working together for five years. Possibly because compared to the other times when he had wanted to grieve, he was in no pressure that time to recover quickly or go back to a routine. 
There were no distractions that time to fall back on. Levi was left with memories, milestones and himself. 
First sunset without Hange. 
The sunset and the gradual flashes of colors from yellow to orange to red. Levi had always found sunsets beautiful. Objectively, nothing had changed about that sunset. Somehow, Levi couldn't help but notice that he was seeing less colors than before. 
First Monday without Hange. 
Levi hated the typical Mondays in the office. The paperwork always made it unbearable. He had always preferred expeditions and combat. He was retired though and Levi was sure the paperwork would be nothing more than a memory moving forward. But reflecting on that monday in particular, he was certain he would have given up the world for it. 
First Friday without Hange. 
Depending on who won the argument or bet of the week, Fridays could be either drinking or heart-to heart-in-the-office-over-tea days. That particular Friday, Levi made sure to do both. He wasn’t sure what she would have wanted and it’s not like he could have asked her. 
First full moon without Hange
He didn’t even know he had built that habit of staring at the full moon until he looked out the window and felt time stop for a few seconds. In those few seconds, he was brought back to a time long ago, when Hange had been next to him, staring in complete awe at the full moon in front of them. He was too distracted by her then to have looked at the moon. 
Time started to move and Levi was reminded that he did not have much to distract himself anymore from the full moon in the sky. 
First spring without Hange 
Levi, when this war ends and I retire as commander, I really wanna explore the flora and fauna outside the walls. Let’s study them together!
He had tried to appreciate nature. He had tried to sit on the grass and just stare and touch the prettier or the uglier weeds that stuck out of the common grass. They were all weeds dotted with some flowers.  
Hange would have found them beautiful either way. He just found it mocking. 
First summer without Hange.
Hange loved ice cream. Ever since the first ice cream shop in Paradis opened. They made sure to get one as a treat after a hard day of work. Levi hadn’t gone back to the shop since he had last been there with Hange last summer. He wasn’t thinking of going back there either. 
First autumn without Hange. 
First autumn without Hange. 
Autumns were always special. The cool nights that only got colder and the days that only got shorter could have been depressing for most. Levi saw beauty in it because they built up to something else. 
They built up to her special day. That one special day Hange kept as a little treat for herself. She always decided what to do and she always made sure to rattle off her plans to him during down times between meetings and deliverables. 
Every year, she always had something she wanted to do and somewhere she wanted to go and every year, she always made sure Levi tagged along.
And as Levi thought back to their last conversations, he quickly figured out she had suggested one place she would have wanted to go with him. 
That passing thought she had shared during one of their conversations, that one night in the forest at least gave him direction. With her gone, Levi was the one who made the final decision to go there himself.
I came here for sanctuary
Away from the winds and the sounds of the city
I came here to get some peace
Way down deep where the shadows are heavy
In the first autumn after Hange’s death, In the forest glade where Hange had nursed him back to health, Levi had a small cabin built. Many could have concluded it as a capricious decision, even Levi himself. As he walked out and lay on the soft grass beneath him, he couldn’t help but think if he just closed his eyes and  focused on the familiar surroundings, he could imagine Hange next to him saying those words once again 
“Maybe we should just live here together.” 
I can't help but think of you
In these four walls my thoughts seem to wander
To some distant century
When everyone we know is six feet under
When Levi entered the newly built cabin and inspected it of any dust, he realized, maybe that was the first thing he had done for himself. He was already a retired soldier with nothing much to think about but himself. Levi was never one to constantly think of himself though, so he thought of everyone else.
When all of our friends are dead and just a memory
And we're side by side it's always been just you and me
For all to see
When our lives are over and all that remains
Are our skulls and bones let's take it to the grave
The cabin was cozy and there had been nothing much to clean. It kept the cool air of early autumn out and if he had been feeling a hint of self preservation, he probably would have stayed inside. His body was not as strong as it was before and even the night air of early autumn had him shivering. 
Self preservation had always been low on Levi’s priority list. Because of the lack of responsibilities that came with being retired, it managed to bump up to at least third. It was still the last thing on Levi’s mind though. 
The cold air and the rustle of the trees brought back countless memories at once. It brought back the faint pounding of the hammer, the swish of the bandages and her hitched breaths as she worked tirelessly as he slept. 
It evoked memories from times before that. 
Every year, when the wind was starting to get a little colder and the leaves a little redder, there was always one special day where Hange would take him out. 
To a place of her choice. It was that one day after all the commander would always spend for herself. The destination was always a different spot outside the walls. Sometimes it was a glade in the middle of the forest, sometimes it was a cave, sometimes it was a swamp. The places varied but the cool winds that came as the sun started to set were constant stimuli. The orange hues that stuck out of the green trees around him were also a constant view.
That night, Levi held his arms close to his chest, conserving warmth as the cool winds of autumn continued to barrel through his already battered body. He looked up at the trees around him, observing closely as some of the leaves started to stand out under the moonlight. The leaves were starting to take on a different shade and others were starting to fall off.
All those signs culminated into a scene and an experience Levi was all too familiar with. They were all heralding the coming of autumn
Hange’s special day always signaled the start of autumn.
Happy Birthday, Hange. That was the first birthday he’d be spending without her.
And his little habit made it so that he would never forget to spend it in the years to come. Even if he was painfully aware, he'd be spending every single one without her.
And hold me in your arms, hold me in your arms
I'll be buried here with you
And I'll hold in these hands all that remains
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cassirino · 4 months ago
Prompt : s/o is the ultimate! Singer, however they don't sing often as they're self conscious about how they sound, but their partner hears them sing.
(I'm new to writing hc/ficlets for dr so I'm so sorry if they're ooc at all 🥺)
Kokichi :
• deadass requests you sing careless whisper to him sooo many times as a joke but when you go "ight bet-" he's kinda shook.
• after connecting to the bluetooth you two share in your bedroom, you sing that one verse where it's like, "tonight the music seems so loud-" and he falls for you all over again.
• he's genuinely stunned at how gorgeous your singing voice is, and when you finish your verse he doesn't even realise he's grinning at you.
• "Oma? You there?" You giggle nervously as you gently tap his cheek, and kokichi just laughs.
• the trickster immediately feels bad for laughing when you pout and ask if you were really that bad.
• "noooo! darling you sounded so fucking good oh my lord! not good at singing my ass." he giggles and gives you a smooch. "and i'm not lying this time!" he smiles brightly and you cheer up, hugging him with a thank you.
Rantaro :
• he doesn't want to pressure you to sing, but assured you that, without even hearing your voice, you sounded absolutely wonderful.
• "darling, trust me when I say you are wonderful in every way-" "rantaro-" "and I love you so much-" "RANTARO-"
• will smother you with praise and smooches bc he's a supportive bf
• eventually, you sing for your shared anniversary with your boyfriend as you're getting ready to go on a dinner date with him and his family.
• you almost scream when you feel rantaro hug you tightly; not knowing he was there.
• "see! you can sing - i told you so!" he laughs, kissing your neck and cheek so many times.
• "I really cant, my voice is raspy and-" "HUSH! the only reason is that you didn't prepare your voice, however you still sounded so fucking delicious, I could-" "okay, that's enough of that."
• he holds it above your head the whole night, but you still love him.
Nagito :
• he was half asleep on your couch when you started singing idly whilst working on your homework.
• he honestly feels like he doesn't deserve to hear your voice but is so entranced by your talent.
• "my love, you sound beautiful!" he beams as soon as you go quiet to focus properly.
• jolting with surprise, you turn to him. "i'm sorry, i didn't mean to wake you with all that, you probably don't wanna hear it." you frown.
• nagito shifts into overprotective mode instantly, insisting you are the best singer he's ever heard and assuring you that if you were comfortable with it he'd love to hear you sing more!
• "are you sure?" you pout. "absolutely! your talent is so incredible! i'm surprised trash like me is able to date you, let alone hear you-"
• you shut him up with a kiss and he smiles softly.
Kazuichi :
• he's deadass so shocked to hear you singing from the other room he drops his spanner on his foot.
• running through to where you were cleaning, he (accidentally) scares the life out of you when he yells. "YO YOU SOUND SO FUCKING COOL!"
• you're stunned into silence before he starts praising you and your face burns red.
• "it wasn't that good-" "babe I love you, but, shut the fuck up that was the most impressive note I've ever heard in my life oh my god-"
• this goes on for hours.
• when you're more comfortable with singing in front of him, kazuichi gets a serotonin spike every time you do.
• he'll even duet with you!
Gundham :
• You're singing his animals to sleep, and when the ultimate breeder hears you for himself, he's convinced you're a siren out for his heart despite you already having it.
• "my queen, you sound impeccable." he smiles, giving you a kiss on the cheek and your cheeks flush as you deny it.
• "my love, if I wasn't already madly in love with you, I would fall for you all over again."
• this comment silents you as you continue to tend to one of his Dark Divas, a soft smile on your face.
• he gives you another kiss before getting up and continuing with his daily chores.
Chiaki :
• chiaki is so stressed with a certain boss she has to defeat, so instead of getting too angry, she pauses the game and storms off to find you.
• you were sat on the couch, a random cartoon on in the background as you scrolled through your phone.
• chiaki huffed as she plopped down onto you, holding onto you tightly.
• "oh! hello there, softie. what's wrong?" you smile, putting your phone down to hug her back.
• "that boss is ass to fight." she pouted, and you assure her that you believed chiaki could do beat them.
• as your smol gf ranted about the game, you combed your fingers through her hair softly before handing chiaki her switch off the docking station, suggesting she played something else for a while.
• obliging, she opened animal crossing and listened to your heartbeat, slowly winding down.
• "is there anything else i can do to help, sweetheart?" you ask softly, "could you sing?"
• when chiaki looked up at you, you couldn't say no to her puppy dog eyes.
• so, you sang the chorus of her favourite song (which totally isn't no mercy by tlt) , kissing her forehead when she leans into you.
• "you sound so fucking goooood!" she giggles
• once calm, you make two mugs of hot chocolate as she wraps up in a blanket and happily avoids her taxes in animal crossing.
Junko :
• despite already knowing what your voice sounds like, she pretended she didn't.
• she still gives you so many compliments!!!
• she loves you so much that anyone that insults you will be executed 🥰
• she catches you singing to yourself and grins, tiptoeing behind you only to grab your shoulders and yell "boo!"
• you yelp, jumping out of her grip before relaxing as you see your girlfriend's mischievous face.
• you whine about how she scared you, but give her a hug.
• "babyyyy, you sound so fucking beautifullll!"
• like kaz, her praise goes on for so long.
• she likes to pester you, but loves it when you get flustered.
Fuyuhiko :
• you were alone as fuyu was away with work, so whilst cleaning up around the house.
• he had been away for three weeks, but that's just how his work goes.
• sure you're sad and worried, but you trust him and have faith that he's safe.
• idly singing to yourself whilst alone was a habit you had, so, whilst singing the chorus of your favourite song you kept working.
• "fucking hell babe, you should sing for me more often."
• you jump in surprise, but when you turn around to see fuyu leaning against the doorframe grinning at you.
• all embarrassment is lost as you quickly engulf him in a tight hug, giving his cheek plenty of kisses.
• "I missed you so much." "I can tell, fucking hell-"
• you help him with any bruises and scrapes he has, and keep smothering him in love.
• "alright, fucking hell, calm down. I've been away for longer than this calm down!"
• you're just happy your smol bf is home, despite him catching you singing to yourself.
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masterwords · 5 months ago
Well hello, I too ship HotchxRossi. They're my absolute favorites and I love them.
I was thinking something very hurt/comfort with sad hotch and loving rossi ya know, I dont care about specifics just sad/soft hotch and loving rossi 😊
It was my pleasure to write this!  I hope you enjoy it (and that it wasn’t too long)!  I don’t need much (or any) convincing to put more HotchxRossi into the world.  I wrote this while listening to “A Pain That I’m Used To” by Depeche Mode on repeat.  😊    (Posted to AO3 masterwords as well.)
Pairing:  Aaron Hotchner/David Rossi
Genre: Grief & Angst & Fluff & all the happysad
Harder to Console
June 1st.  Jason Gideon's birthday.  The first birthday since he'd been murdered. Aaron couldn't remember how old he'd be anymore, and it didn't really matter because he wasn't here to see it.  He couldn't remember a time that Gideon's birthday had made much difference to him when the man was alive, but with him gone, the day felt like a wound ripped wide as soon as he opened his eyes.  The first day of June, when most people celebrated the coming of summer, and here he was lying in bed lost in the murky depths of profound loss.  
He heard his blackberry buzzing somewhere on his nightstand and he considered ignoring it. Days off didn't mean much in his line of work, but today he didn't plan to do anything but just pay sad tribute to the first man who had acted the way a father should in his life, to the first person at the Bureau who didn't just look at him like he was an over ambitious suit and tie.  The phone buzzed again and again, unrelenting.  Finally he reached out and grabbed it, peering at it suspiciously.  Dave, and mercifully, it was not work related.  He'd called three times, left a voicemail, and finally a short text.
<i>I know you're screening your calls.  You've got 15 minutes.  Make coffee.  Pack an overnight bag.  I'm on my way.</i>
Aaron sighed, tossing his phone to his side on the bed a little too hard.  He heard it hit the floor with a thud after springing back up off of the bed and he was a little hopeful that it had broken, but he had carpet so it wasn't likely.  After a minute of hesitation, he got out of bed and did as Dave had told him, because what else could he do?  Dave had a key to his house, he knew Jack was spending the weekend with friends, there was no way to hide – and did he really want to?  If he was going to be with anyone today, Dave Rossi should be the one.  He threw some pajamas and toiletries into his bag and quickly put on jeans and a polo, slipping into some ragged tennis shoes and started brewing a cup of coffee for the road.  Almost to the minute, Dave was opening the front door looking far more put together than Aaron did – his dark button down was crisp and Aaron was sure it cost more than most of his clothes put together.  Italian leather loafers and starched jeans finished the look, he was a sight for sore eyes and Aaron stood taking it in for a moment, feeling acutely how under dressed he was. Dave smiled at him, that warm, gentle smile and waggled his eyebrows just a little which made Aaron chuckle, a genuine chuckle, something he hadn't been sure he could even do today.  
“Good morning,” Dave greeted him, wrapping his partner in a warm hug.  Aaron let himself melt into the embrace, welcoming the spiced aftershave and cologne happily.  He rarely ever bothered with cologne, and his aftershave was unscented for sensitive skin – not that he necessarily had sensitive skin, he just didn't particularly like to smell like anything. Clean, he just liked to smell clean.  Where Dave used the top of the line hair care products (shampoo, conditioner, oils, pomades, etc etc), Aaron often just used the body wash or a bar of soap that he and Jack shared.  Haley had always bought him all the things he needed, but after she was gone, he often forgot to buy certain things.  There had been a number of days in a row where dish soap had sufficed, but those were dark days, and he hadn't been there in years now.  
“Where are we going?” Aaron asked, popping the tops on the two coffee cups and handing one to Dave.  
“Wouldn't you like to know?”
“That's why I asked...”
“Be patient.”
Patient.  Not one of Aaron's specialties, but he could fake it with the best of them.  Dave had brought his Packard, so it wasn't going to be a terribly long drive, and not a hard one – that car was his baby, he only brought her out on special occasions and only on gentle roads.  Aaron breathed a sigh of relief for that small mercy.  They locked up the house, slid into the car, and roared off down the road – destination unknown to Aaron.  
“Dave,” Aaron stammered as they stepped out of the car, into the bright sunlight.  Before them was a structure Aaron hadn't seen in almost a year, and his last memories here were not happy ones.  
Gideon's cabin.  
“His family was going to put it on the market, so I gave them double their asking price...just to have it.”
“You...” Aaron couldn't believe what he was seeing and hearing, yet somehow it made perfect sense.  Gideon and Dave had been so close for so long, and even when years went by without their speaking, the love was always there. This was how Dave processed grief, he collected keepsakes and mementos, memories he could hold in his hands.  Aaron didn't process grief, he just locked it up tight and hoped it wouldn't explode like a soda shaken up.   He felt his breath hitch in his throat, burning in the middle of his chest – it was about to explode.  
“I'm willing to bet you remembered that today was his birthday.  He would have been 60.  A year older than me, but not for long huh?  He'll always be 59.  It's hard to believe.”
Aaron choked on his breath when he tried to speak, tears burning hot behind his eyes.  He blinked a few times, letting the tears track down his freshly shaven cheeks.  Every time he tried to come up with something to say, nothing came out, no sound, just silence.  Dave looked over at him and smiled softly before leading them up the walk and entering the cabin.  It was clean and neat, nothing was out of place or dusty he noticed – Dave was having it cleaned regularly, he could see it. Keeping the memories fresh.  
“Do you come here often?”
“No, I haven't been since I bought it...but I had wanted to come and enjoy some wine up here for his birthday, and I thought maybe you'd like to join me.  I apologize for blindsiding you, but I knew you'd decline if I had told you.”
Everything was exactly like Aaron remembered it.  He'd only been here a few times prior to Jason's death, the man was intensely private and this was his safe place.  Dave had removed all of the security cameras, he didn't fall prey to the paranoia that plagued Jason and Aaron, but everything else was as Jason had it.  Almost a living shrine.  Aaron's heart felt like it was shattering in his chest.  
“What's going through that head of yours?” Dave asked, grabbing both of their bags and taking them back to the bedroom, Aaron following closely behind him, not wanting to be alone with his thoughts in this place.  This sacred place.  
“Not sure,” he replied quietly, eyeing the bed – it was different.  It was new.  Thank goodness for that, he hadn't wanted to sleep on Jason's bed.  Dave noticed Aaron's sharp exhale and laughed.  
“I didn't keep everything as it was...I'm not a mad man.”  
As they turned and left the room, Dave put his hand gently on the small of Aaron's back, guiding him toward the couch.  “It's alright to feel things, Aaron.”
“I know.”
“You sure about that?”
Aaron sank into the couch, his body melting into every dip and curve.  The cabin smelled clean, not like Jason, but parts of the couch still held onto the faint smell of his cologne.  Aaron breathed it in deeply as Dave wandered back over, two very large glasses of wine in hand.  
“Tell me about your relationship with him,” Dave said, his voice smooth and soft, but almost demanding.  Aaron felt his muscles seize.  His mind raced through images of the way back, when everything moved so quickly for him – he'd met Jason, and the man had taken him under his wing, had fathered him like his own father never did, had helped him become the man he was now...for better or for worse.  How could he put into words what Jason was to him?  How could he explain the absurdity of his boss being more like a father than his own was?  He sat in silence, afraid to speak, to lose whatever composure he was barely clinging to – he was drowning in profound loss, something he had pushed through in order to solve Jason's murder and spent the next few months ignoring.  His body and mind felt detached, like he was an empty shell of a man as his mind desperately tried to escape putting words to what he was feeling.  Dave watched him work through all of this curiously and set his hand on Aaron's leg, feeling the soft, worn denim beneath his fingertips.  He squeezed gently, just a small gesture to make sure Aaron knew he was still there.  
And Aaron lost it.  Every thread holding him together snapped at the same time, and he was overcome not only with the grief of losing Jason Gideon, but love for the man beside him – something that caught him so entirely off guard that he couldn't keep it together anymore.  Dave leaned forward and set his wine down on the table, and then he did the best and worst thing he could have done for Aaron in that moment – he wrapped his arms around the man and pulled him close, so close that Aaron felt like he was going to suffocate but he never wanted to move.  His body shook, wracked with the sobs of grief that had been boiling there under the surface for years – not just since Jason's death, but since he'd left the team so many years before.  Grief and despair at how desperately unfair it was to have this man care for him, guide him, teach him and then leave him to the wolves.  Anger at being abandoned, guilt for feeling angry.  Resentment, because he'd had to be so strong to care for Spencer's aching heart and ignore his own.  And yet, in his wake, this man beside him came – from the ashes was born something better than a father, but a lover, someone who knew every inch of his body and every glimmer of his soul.  
“I know,” Dave whispered into Aaron's hair, kissing him softly, over and over.  He stroked the back of Aaron's neck with gentle fingers, helping him release it all, and Aaron was paralyzed.  “It's okay to feel things.”  
It felt like forever before Aaron could catch his breath, but when he finally did, he just stayed where he was, in Dave's arms.  It was the only place he ever wanted to be, the only place he existed where he didn't have to be Aaron Hotchner Mister In Charge of Everything and Everyone.  He could just be Aaron, simply Aaron.  He wiped at his face with the palms of his hands, warm tears sticky against his skin, Dave's expensive shirt soaked through.  
“Sorry about your shirt,” he muttered, his thick fingers tracing the tear stains gently, and Dave shook his head.  
“My dry cleaner loves a challenge,” Dave replied with a smirk.  Aaron choked on a laugh, reaching for his wine glass and handing Dave his.  He held the wine up to the light, peering into the deep purple liquid, and smiled – it was easier now to smile.  His sadness was still there, still just right there, but it wasn't threatening anymore, he could live with it right there.  He'd like it to stay there, to keep Jason close to him, but he wasn't going to break open again.  
“Happy Birthday, Gideon,” Aaron said softly, his voice rattled and rough from crying, and Dave raised his glass, clinking them gently together.  
“Buon compleanno amico mio,” Dave said softly, his eyes trailing to a small photo on the mantle that hadn't been there before.  A photo of he and Gideon, fresh faced and full of youth.  Aaron glanced up at the photo and felt his chest swell, but this time instead of feeling anguish, he felt peace – two men who meant the world to him in very different ways, without whom his life would have been only darkness.  
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littleferal · 6 months ago
I've spent a lot of time wondering who in the Pedro group will grab your hand when you walk together/who throws an arm over your shoulder and who will slide their hand into your jean's back pocket because they think they're funny. I would guess Frankie holds your hand at any opportunity, Javi keeps you tucked close to his side, and Whiskey/Max cop a feel to be annoying. I feel like Din might just keep his hand at your lower back, too unsure to do anything else?
i did headcanons on pda waay back at the start of this blog. they need cleaning up but they’re there~
you’re right, din is not one for really much of any pda. he’s still processing his emotions, cos this is a whole new thing for him. and then add into the mix the dangers you’re both in a lot of the time? he’d rather have his hand near his blaster because then you’re safe. but at the same time, can we say most touch starved? so yes, every now and again he’ll just suddenly find his hand is hoovering off your lower back - he might not even be touching you, and he wasn’t thinking about it, it’s just that proximity he needs. the small promise of heat that tells him you’re right there.
if ezra wants to touch you the only thing that could possible stop him is you, is if you don’t want the contact right now. that and nothing else. and ezra is a man of two halves and a man fully aware of his two halves. he’ll play games, he’ll try and get a reaction because that’s fun and it amuses him but he can also be so incredibly affectionate and tender. he’ll grab your ass in the morning and be kissing your fingers and the palm of your hand later in the day, quiet adoration in his eyes. so out and about? he’ll touch you at any opportunity, whether it be a hand on your back to guide you or as he passes or if it’s him pulling you into his side at a bar on the space station. ezra is very tactile.
frankie is all about the hand holding. he’s a very physical guy because he finds it so calming, particularly when words just aren’t working for him. so he’ll take any physical contact he can get but hand holding is definitely his favourite. and we’re talking interlocked fingers and sometimes just holding onto you so tight because it grounds him. he particularly likes it when you initiate because it means you love him and god does that make his heart go.
javier’s love language is touch. full stop. what he can’t express with words (which can be a lot) he’ll express with touch. but he’s not really one for massive pda and not obvious pda either. when it’s needed? he’ll do it in a second because he truly cares a lot. but he doesn’t do well with having his emotions so openly on display all the time, that’s exhausting. he probably wants you pressed close into him a lot - and he will definitely take advantage of any situation that allows for it - but it’s not likely to be a casual daily occurrence out and about. it’s more likely that there’s always at least a couple of inches between you; as he leans over from behind to look at whatever is in the file you’re showing him; when he slings his arm over the back of your chair; standing closer to you before an op than he does anyone else. he’s not touching but he wants to and you can feel that in the energy he’s giving off.
max phillips is a bastard that just wants to get a reaction out of you. he’ll do anything to get it - swat at you ass, suddenly pull you into his arms or invade your personal space at the worst time possible. it’s mostly because he’s still that frat boy that didn’t learn to do feelings properly. it comes from a deep seated need to be touched that is only compounded by the new need to feel warmth.
marcus is an old romantic. he straight up yearns for physical contact but he is nothing if not a gentleman in public. he’ll hold your hand and in quiet moments he’ll bring up to kiss it, holding it in both of his. he’ll guide you with a hand just on your lower back - too low would be inappropriate but i bet you could encourage it. and he would utterly adore it to have you push his limits on how he holds you against his side when you’re out and about. just straight up make it a hug and he falls a little bit more in love
tovar does not do pda until he does. he’s a grump and it’s just effort to deal with the nuisance that is his friend william and how he goes on about it. so no he will not do pda, you’re an adult you can deal with this. but as soon as he realises he’s upsetting you by not doing it? and he sees you pulling away from him? oof. he’s made a mistake and he’s backtracking. im not saying he’s about to do massive public displays of affection but he’ll let you do what you want, whether it’s holding his hand or onto his arm or tucking into his side during the evenings. if you’re holding his hand you’ll let a little squeeze every now and again to let you know he does care. and if you’re holding onto his arm? well the first time you did it truly shocked him because he’s not that kind of man? he’s not a lord in fancy clothes. but your affections make him feel better about himself so he’ll just occasionally go to hold your hand where it rests on his arm. and boy has he really worked on that scowl and the sharpness of his tongue. yeah if anyone gives shit he’s giving it back ten fold.
agent whiskey is another one to do something for a reaction. he prefers heat and keeping things moving because then he’s not examining his emotions (and boy is that a whole mess). so he’s a schoolboy trying to get a reaction, pressing buttons until something happens he can bounce off. give him nothing and he will fucking flail even if it’s only internally. but jack daniels? he’s soft and affectionate and just so tender once he’s opened up. and as much as he loves holding your hand he much prefers to have as much physical contact with you as possible. it tells him you’re here with him right now and you’re safe.
talk to me ✨ + belated fluffy friday
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sugawara-sweetheart · 6 months ago
𝔟𝔯𝔞𝔱 𝔡𝔬𝔪 𝔣𝔲𝔱𝔞𝔨𝔲𝔠𝔥𝔦 𝔥𝔢𝔞𝔡𝔠𝔞𝔫𝔬𝔫𝔰 (𝔪)
Tumblr media
❣︎anon: 😤BratDom!😤Futakuchi!😤
All smirks and attitude. Public edging, maybe with a remote bullet vibe? Pre-established dom/sub relationship where y/n knows she's not allowed to cum until they're home, but Kenji loves forcing her to break the rules (upping the intensity/stimulation) so he can punish her later, and then teasing and degrading her the whole time she's taking the punishment. Its his favorite thing in the world. -Yuli
(Brat sub = breaking the rules on purpose to get a punishment
Brat dom = making your sub break the rules so they can get a punishment)
i really tried to make this a fic like fr i wrote 1k and then deleted it bc i was like this isnt working :(( so i made it into hcs instead and y/n isn’t as bratty as i hoped :(( but i hope you enjoy anyway! <33
futakuchi kenji x fem!reader
warnings: mature, vibrator use, overstim, dom/sub dynamics, ball gag, humiliation, degradation, edging, spanking
stuffing a bullet vibrator down your panties and setting it to a low hum against your clit when you and futakuchi go out for dinner isn’t uncommon- he can be a sadistic dom who loves to push you to the edge, getting a thrill out of it
he likes seeing how you grow more and more flustered, squirming at the intervals when he heightens the intensity of the vibrator, knowing you’re soaking your panties and trying not to cum in front of everyone
“you’re such a dirty whore. i bet you’d love to cum in front of everyone.” futakuchi teases towards the end of dinner as you await the bill. you’re gripping the armrests, clawing at the wood as you bite down on your swollen, crimson lips
the vibrator is at its highest intensity, buzzing against your clit and filling you with warm tingles of pleasure- you’re so sensitive from being stimulated all throughout dinner you don’t think you’ll manage to last
“but remember,” futakuchi smirks as he takes out his wallet from his jacket. “you don’t get to cum until we’re home. or else you know what happens to bad girls.” there’s such a smugness to him that it ignites a little thrill inside you to you let yourself relax, focusing on the pressure building in your stomach as your eyes flutter shut
your orgasm is heavy as it crashes through you in waves, legs trembling under the dinner table and your skin moistening with sweat as you bite your lip so hard to conceal those moans that threaten to escape as your pussy clenches and wetness drools from it
you don’t know if futakuchi notices your shaky legs, your heavy pants or the little winces you feel from the stinging of the intense vibrations against your swollen, sensitive clit but he doesn’t say anything as you leave the restaurant
that’s until you reach the car and he presses you up against it in the dark, hand reaching underneath your dress as you jerk when the soft pads of his fingers press against your drenched panties
“fuck, you’re soaked.” he growls as you whimper. “did you fucking cum?”
“kenji, it hurts- too much-” he grips you by your throat, cutting you off with a harsh squeeze at the sides as he leans close, lips ghosting yours
“you fucking came like a dumb slut, didn’t you?” you whine as his dark eyes pierce yours, the buzzing making you squirm as it stings. “you know what happens to bad kittens.” he taps your cheek condescendingly as he tells you to get into the car, ignoring your soft cries of “it hurts!” and “it’s your fault!” 
the whole car ride home your mind is growing dizzy with the stimulation being provided to your sore, abused clit. the vibrations are constant, the car filled with your weak cries and moans as wetness gushes out of you
by the time you arrive home you’re panting and almost sobbing from the sensitivity, drool spilling from your mouth but futakuchi’s face is stoic as he leads you to the bedroom. when the vibrator finally switches off you’re sighing with relief
“oh no, baby.” he coos with a tut of faux sympathy. “your punishment is far from over.”
he makes you strip naked, watching you from the end of the bed as you peel off your clothes but he holds out his hand for them. they’re completed soaked as you hand it to him, making him scoff as he strokes the lacy fabric
“you’ve drenched these, stupid little whore. should i just fuck my own fist instead of your sloppy cunt tonight, leave you all needy? you’ve cum enough, right?”
“no!” you cry, kneeling before him and clinging to his thighs. “you made me cum! i want your cock please, want to cum on your cock so bad-”
you’re cut off with a harsh slap to your cheek, futakuchi gritting his teeth as he rubs the stinging skin as you whimper. “but you’ve been a bad girl. you need to be punished first, right?” it’s a tender moment when he cradles the back of your head. “li need to punish you for cumming when i told you not to like a dumb whore, and then maybe you can have my dick.”
you nod obediently, watching him with wide eyes and your wet cunt throbbing with need as he gets up, reaching into the closet to get something. a wide smile stretches across his face as you see he’s holding the ball gag
“come here.” your cheeks burn with humiliation as you crawl to him, moaning as he fits the ball gag around your face. the rubber ball holds open your mouth, saliva pooling as futakuchi grabs you by your hair and lays you across his lap
“dumb little whore.” he hisses as he strikes his palm down onto your bare ass. your gasp is muffled around the ball gag, drool dripping lewdly from your mouth as your face scunches with the pain. “cumming because you want to. in front of everyone, like a dirty, little slut.” each word is punctuated with sharp, stinging spanks that has you crying out but your pussy clenches, getting even wetter the warmer your ass cheek glows
“can you say it?” futakuchi taunts as he rubs your glowing ass cheek before he slaps his palm down hard on it again. the sheer force of it has you jerking across his lap. “say it- what are you?”
you try to force the words out but saliva just pools out instead, your words garbled and making him grimace as he sits you up, the hand massaging your sore, burning ass gentle in comparison to the harsh grip on your hair
“so messy.” he tuts at the way you slobber all over the gag, the humiliation making your cunt throb. “you’re a messy little bitch, aren’t you? just like this sloppy cunt.” he strokes his fingers along your cunny, slick gathering along his fingertips as he shakes his head. “did you really get wetter from your punishment? you’re not supposed to enjoy it.”
any words you try to force out are muffled by the gag, making futakuchi sneer as he drags you onto the bed. he pulls down his pants, revealing his long, veiny cock, the tip an angry red and leaking precum
he rubs the slit, groaning before he slides his length along your wet folds, making you jerk with the sensitivity as you groan into the gag, tears welling in your eyes from desperation. “you’re such a greedy cockslut. this is what you wanted, right? you wanted to get fucked like the sloppy hole you are?”
you moan at his lewd words as he nudges his cock into your cunt, your wetness offering no resistance and the stretch feels deliciously satisfying, eyes rolling to the back of your head
but futakuchi fucks you with rough, punishing thrusts, sinful words dripping through his moans as he tells you what a greedy cockslut you are as he watches his cock drive into your tight little cunt, veiny length coated in his slick as you drip all over his balls
your mind is clouded with the satisfying pleasure, drool spilling from the corners of your mouth around the gag as tears leak from your ears, your walls clamping down on his cock as you easily near an orgasm
“go on, cum for me. cream all over my cock like the cockhungry slut you are with your messy little pussy.” futakuchi hisses, his hand locked around your throat. he groans when your walls convulse around him, his thrusts growing sloppier as wetness gushes from you
he pulls out of your sopping hole as he groans, head falling back as he pumps his cock rapidly, swears and moans falling from his lips as he cums all over your chest, hot white ropes of cum painting over your chest
after he’s cleaned you up, he’s soft and clingy, holding you close as he runs his fingers through your hair and presses chaste kisses to your face. “you did good for me, baby.”
“kenji, if you don’t want me to be such a brat why do you always push me to break the rules?” you giggle sleepily into his chest. he grins
“that’s the fun of it, y/n.”
Tumblr media
taglist: @bunnykawa @karasu-hoes @ceo-of-daichi @mrs-kuroojinguji @keishinc @iwaigroomi @izagraceee @starofmiran @lexysclubhouse @im-donejustendme  @trippiekay @aizawaslovebot @redflannel @anejuuuuoy @kurooswaifu @nicka-nell @nonexistent-social-life @kac-chowsballs @animebabe19 @sunflowerirl @softistics @bonnuit-tournesol @tanakaslastbraincell @k-illxua @uneffervescent @sxftsugar
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milkthebunny · 6 months ago
Aizawa Headcanons created by me and @feral-boii
You know how he drinks nutrition pouches? Sometimes, we like to think he drinks the fruit flavored ones. So we have concluded that he enjoys fruit based desserts like tarts.
Not really a headcanon since it's kinda true but it still stands! Aizawa has very expressive eyes. You can tell how he feels depending by just looking at his eyes and seeing how they move.
He👏has👏body👏hair👏. Since he doesn't have like a tight suit like some other heros, he can grow out his hair without worrying about if he'll struggle escaping his clothes. Also hairy Aizawa is 😳😳😚😚
If he ever sees anyone wearing these socks, he gains serotonin. He'll state its one of the weirdest purchases he's seen to date and asks if they're practical, but you bet that if he knows the person personally, he's touching the beans! They're just squishy okay?
Tumblr media
I like to think that despite how tired this poor man is, he takes good care of himself hygiene wise. He probably smells clean, not like vanilla or anything just straight up clean, and his hair is soft and fluffy. Let us headcanon this man as clean please!
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saktetsu · 6 months ago
'LUST' Oikawa Tōru x Reader
Nekomimi, Metamorphoses, Adopted Sibling, !ncest, Mentions of Rape, Yandere Themes, Drugged
Tumblr media
Today was the day that Oikawa Tōru comes back to Japan. He won't be staying for long, but at least [F/N] will be able to see her Older Brother once again.
"You look excited to see Tōru again" Her Mother exclaimed, chuckling softly.
"Well of course I am! I get to see Tōru nii again.." [F/N] had a smiled plastered on her face, as she waited for the Front Door to open.
After a few more minutes of waiting, Oikawa finally emerged from the door. He looked more mature now than he was back then. Without Hesitation, [F/N] jumped off the couch and ran straight into his open arms. It caused the setter to laugh from her sudden outburst of affection.
"Woah there [F/N]-Chan, did you miss me that much?" He teased, pinching her cheek slightly. Though she didn't care at all, all she wanted was to hug her dearest Brother that she missed so much.
"Alright, alright. [F/N] enough, let your Brother rest for a bit. I bet he's tired from the Flight" Their Mother chimed in with her hands on either side of her hips.
She pouted and eventually let go of Tōru with a soft 'hmph..' "Don't worry [F/N]~Chan! We'll be able to catch up after I settle in, mkay?" Tōru suggested with a head tilt, causing the younger girl to brighten up.
It may have been rude of him to stare at how her Booty Shorts would raise a little too high. Or how her shirt would squeeze tightly around her upper body. It's like she's tempting him to ruin her, to claim her. Even the thought of finally making his precious Little Sister his, had his tail straighten up from behind him.
Had she always looked this tempting? Had her ass always looked so plump and juicy? Whatever the case, he still couldn't fight back the urge to somewhat claim her as his own.
A few days passed by with Oikawa continuously bothering and hanging out with [F/N]. His personality didn't change much, but she could tell that he was a lot more serious.
Currently, she was in Class. Sitting along side her Best Friend Rinsuke and Sosuke. It was normal for them to Hang out before School ended. "Yo [F/N], I heard your Brother Finally came back from Argentina. How's that going for you?"
"Honestly, it's been great! I was able to catch up with him during the span of like- 4 days"
"4 days and you've already talked about everything? Sheesh, I'm not even surprised" Sosuke butted in, slurping his Milk quietly.
"Ya can't blame her for that though. They're pretty inseparable at this point." His twin added with a sly smirk spreading across his face. "Yer sure ya ain't got anything yer hiding from us Cupcake?"
"What.. Do you mean?" [F/N] asked with a curious tone.
"Ya know how he's one of those Nekomimi people?" She nodded. "Well for starters, ain't those kitties sniff shit that they own or somethin' like that?"
"And I'm also pretty sure that their kind not only possess the appearance of a cat, but their nature, and DNA too. Meaning they could sometimes act out by instincts alone." Sosuke finished Rinsuke's sentence, causing the other Twin to grumble by the sudden interruption.
"I was gonna say that Rin! Ya don't hafta butt in atta nowhere" Rinsuke continued to pout as his arms crosses over his chest.
"Whatever. But seriously [F/N], you've gotta watch out when you're with that Brother of yours."
"Pshh, what's he gonna do? Think I'm his mate? Sosuke, Rinsuke. He's my Brother, I doubt he'd even try to do anything but sniff me"
"Yer Adopted Brother" Rinsuke corrected, causing Sosuke to nod.
"Oh come on! Tōru nii isn't like that, I promise you" They both looked at each other and sighed.
"If you say so."
And just like that, School came to an end with a single bell. The Three walked out of their class together, waving goodbye to each and everyone of their Friends.
A few loud screams were heard from afar as they got closer to the exit if the School. They exchanged curious looks with each other before following the source of the noise.
"Oh my God! Oikawa-kun's here?! In Japan?!" One of the girls screamed out of excitement as she ran passed Rinsuke, Sosuke, and [F/N].
It startled [F/N], Oikawa had never picked her up from School before. (Due to his crazy schedule that was always packed with Volleyball.)
"[F/N]-Chan! There you are, I was worried that you might have gotten lo-" And there it was, the brief pause of his sentence as soon as he realized that she wasn't standing alone. Slowly, he pushed through his fans with a somewhat apologetic smile. His eyes narrowed, ear twitching from annoyance.
"Who are you?" The Question may seem innocent, but the tone of his voice was filled with venom.
"I- Uh- Rinsuke, sir.. And this is my Bro" Rin patted Sosuke's shoulder, causing him to flinch.
"Well, nice to meet you both but I must get going! And.." Oikawa walked a little closer to his relative, pulling her into his arms. "I'll be taking [F/N]-Chan with me"
Without another word, Tōru turned to walk away with [F/N] in his arms. She peeked behind her Brother, giving Rinsuke and Sosuke a small wave before they completely disappeared from view.
The walk home was quiet, yet Oikawa's arms were still wrapped around her smaller Figure. "Is something wrong Tōru nii..?"
"No, nothing's wrong. Don't worry [F/N]-Chan." She tried her best to struck up the conversation a bit more, but he gave either one word answers or stayed quiet. It felt unsettling, but [F/N] shrugged it off as soon as they reached the Front Door of their House.
"You better take a Shower right now" Was the first thing he mentioned as soon as they walked in, causing her to get startled a bit.
"Oh- uh- alright" [F/N] rushed upstairs and into her room, taking her clothes off slowly before popping herself into the shower.
Oikawa stayed downstairs, watching his previous games against other Teams. No matter how hard he tried to focus on the TV, he just couldn't. With the sound if the shower turned on, and [F/N] humming softly with the music in the background that she usually plays while cleaning herself up; it was hard to focus on anything but that.
Thoughts of her being exposed and freely displayed infront of him rushed through his brain. He knew it was wrong to think of her this way, but who was he kidding? He's fucking addicted.
The sound of the shower turning off caught his attention, meaning she was already done. Did time really fly by fast from all those thoughts? Either way, he couldn't care less.
She emerged from the stairs, descending slowly with her usual Home Outfit. The booty shorts he so feared that might break his last strand of self control, and her tank top that just fits perfectly against her body. It caused his ears to twitch ever so excitedly as soon as she plopped herself beside him without a word.
"Happy?" [F/N] let out as she took off the tow that wrapped around her hair.
Oikawa leaned forward, resting his face in the crook of her neck. He inhaled her scent, and eventually his tail descended from its straightened up posture. "Mm" He hummed.
"Why'd you want me to take a bath anyways? It's not like I was dirty or anything"
"You smelled like them." Tōru simply answered, his nose twitching from her sweet lavender scent.
"Hmmmm" [F/N] shifted slightly, putting a bit space between her and Oikawa. "Where's Mom by the way?"
"Oh right, I forgot to mention that she's over at a Friends house right now. Something about a Girls night out"
"Oh- pfft, typical, I can't blame her though. I would have also missed going out with my friends if I was always busy" He didn't reply, nor did he give some sort of answer. His eyes were still glued onto her face, taking in her beauty that he missed back in Argentina.
After a while of silence, he finally spoke up. "You should head to bed, you have Volleyball Practice tomorrow right?"
"Oh, yeah I do"
"Which Position did you obtain?"
"I got setter!"
Oh? So she did end up becoming the Setter of her Volleyball Team after all. "Why did you wanna become the Setter so badly? I mean, you're a great receiver. You should have chosen to become a Libero instead"
"I know, but.. I really wanna be just like you Tōru nii" [F/N] fidgeted in her spot, her eyes sparkled in the sight of her Older Brother. She looked so.. Vulnerable..
He took a sharp inhale, before breathing out. He wasn't gonna lie, it caught him off guard. But the goofy smile spreading across his face showed how ecstatic he was knowing that his Little Sister wanted to be just like him. "Really? [F/N]-Chan! I feel so honored"
She laughed softly, before turning her gaze back to the Game played out for them. "Well, you're the Best Setter I know so.. Is it alright if you'd teach me some things Tōru nii?"
Oikawa nodded, his ego going through the roof as he tilted his chin up. "Now how about this, if you wake up early tomorrow then we could practice together before you head to Schoo-"
"REALLY?! ALRIGHT- I'll go to Sleep now!" [F/N] shot up from her position of the couch, raising her arms in the air like a child. He was startled at first, but eventually smiled softly.
"Here, drink your Milk first. that way you'll go to sleep faster" Tōru picked up the glass of milk on the coffee table, handing it to her with the genuine smile that never fails to make her grin. She uttered a small 'Thank you' before drinking the Milk.
Meanwhile, Oikawa was sitting there, watching intently. Would it be wrong to tell her someday in the near future that he drugged her Milk before giving it to her?
"Phoowee, wow.. -I do feel sleepy.." [F/N] settled the cup back down, facing her older brother with lazy eyes. "Can you carry me up the stairs please? Pretty pleaseee? I'm too lazy"
Tōru pretend to be annoyed, even letting out a small grunt before picking her off the ground. "Alright"
They both ascended up the stairs, with [F/N] comfortably in his arms. It was as if she was molded to fit perfectly wrapped around his fingers.
By the time that they arrived at the front of her bedroom, she was out cold. Her breathing was more even, yet her hands still gripped onto his shirt. "Silly [F/N]-Chan, you really should pay more attention to things you drink. I wonder if your trust for me would shatter if you found out.." He seemed to be lost in thought as he lowered her sleeping figure
Oikawa was shifting, not being able to contain his excitement as he eagerly took off his own sweater. 'Fuck, she looked so defenceless'
He lowered himself a bit. Settling his right hand on top of her stomach, where it slowly dipped further down until he was able to cup her cunt. "Fuck.. Already soaked Princess?" He cooed softly, before pulling her Shorts off. Oikawa took a moment to admire her current state, his fingers gently sliding her cottoned panties off. 'Wouldn't want her to wake up early now'
Tōru licked two of his fingers a bit, before slowly inserting them inside of her pussy. It caused [F/N] to squirm a bit in her spot, her lips quivering slightly. "H-Hrgm..~"
"Shhh... It's alright Baby Girl, Tōru nii's gonna take good care of you okay.." In all honesty, he was still shocked from the fact that his sweet little sister was still a Virgin. It excited him even more to the point where he pistoned his fingers in and out of her dripping cunt. The tightness of his pants slightly bothered him, causing the setter to quickly push the waist band lower.
It continued on for a bit, until he became restless. The pad of his thumb harshly pressed against her clit, making her jolt. "A-AHHH.. -" The lewd moan startled him, but he kept going at his pace. [F/N] continued to tremble under his touch, growing restless as she began to twist and turn in her spot.
He noticed how tighter it got, and more difficult it was to move his fingers. "Fuck.. You're squeezing my fingers like a Vice [F/N]-Chan.. Are you about to cum Princess? Come on, cum for Onii-Chan.." Oikawa continued to whisper sweet nothings in her ear. And eventually, just like he said; she came with a loud moan.
Without hesitation, he pulled her sleeping body up slightly, his back resting against the headboard. Oikawa settled her on his lap, where her cunt rested right on top of his Cock. He shivered a bit, feeling her cum dripping onto his hardened member. He let her lean into him as she continued to sleep peacefully.
As much as he wanted to keep her innocence, the desire to ruin her and completely claim her body as his own grew.
Tōru slowly lifted her up, wrapping his tail around her waist before spreading her cunt with his fingers. "I'm about to take something so valuable from you.." And with that, he dropped her onto his cock, causing it to quickly sink balls deep. [F/N] let out a loud shriek as her eyes flew open. Oikawa stilled his movements and let out a shaky sigh. It felt too good.. Way too good.
"Fuck.. [F/N] you're.. - s-so tight damn" He began to lift her hips up and down repeatedly, setting a steady pace. "I expected you to be tight but.. Wow- fuck it feels good Baby Girl"
It didn't take long for her to register what was going on, her Big Brother's dick sinking inside her pussy, his tail wrapping around her waist, it made her feel light headed to say the least. "T-Tō.. Tōru nii..? W-What are.. What are you doing? Please stop, it hurts.." She spoke in a soft tone, pushing her hands against his broad shoulders in an attempt to move away. But he was much more stronger than she was, and faster too.
"Ah, ah, ah.. Don't fight now [F/N]-Chan! If you struggle, it'll make me even more excited.." He said, licking his lips seductively. A shiver ran down her spine as her hips continued to move with his help.
"This is wrong- please stop- I-I won't tell anyone this ever h-happened.. I swear.. Just please sto- ooo-o.. AHHHHHHHH..!" Oikawa had enough of her babbling about how she didn't want any of this. So instead of taking it easy on her like how he planned. He began to buck his hips, causing a loud whimper to fall from her lips as she tried to continue her sentence. "P-Please Tōru nii stop..!"
"Fuck, I just told you that if you struggle it'll excite me more.. Are you doing this on purpose? You fucking slut.." His pace got even faster, and his thrust was more rough. "You know, seeing you with those Bastards really hurt me [F/N]-Chan! I thought I was the only Male in your Life"
The tone of his voice sounded as if he was genuinely hurt, she would have felt bad, she would have if it wasn't for the fact that he was literally pistoning his dick in and out of her pussy. "T-Tōru..~!" [F/N] moaned out his name. Somehow, it flicked a switch deep inside Oikawa.
Causing him to act by instincts. Instead of his usual thought out actions, he pushed her off, pinning both of her wrists above her head with one hand. His ears began to twitch, and the tail that he affectionately wrapped around her waist was now tightening its grip. "Tō-Tōru..!"
There it was again, it sounded like music to his ears. He needed to hear more of it right away. So without further interruptions, he began to spread her legs. [F/N] let out a small shriek as soon as she felt the tip of his member push against her folds.
Her toes curled, and her back arched. Tōru didn't care whether or not it hurt for her, his pace was rough and frantic. As if his Animalistic tropes were overpowering his usual humane self. He wanted to breed her so badly, spill his sperm deep inside her womb until she was a quivering mess. "T-TŌRU, TŌRU!" His name continuously spilled out of her mouth.
And no doubt, it made him even more rough with her. "Fuck! You're such a fucking slut for hanging out with those Bastards. should've known you'd do this from the start" There it was, his tip hitting that spot that made her see stars. She flinched, her moans getting even more uncontrollably louder. "Yeah? You like that? You like it here?" Tōru moved his free hand below her ass, lifting her up slightly where he could easily thrust up to her G-Spot.
"H-Hrm..! T-Tōru.. 'M Cumming, I'm Cumming Tōru!"
"Then cum, Princess" And just like that, [F/N] came around his cock. Her eyes closing slightly as she rode out her orgasm. But Oikawa didn't stop there, he was chasing his own high after all. With a few more seconds of him thrusting harshly into her abused cunt, he finally came undone. Spilling his cum deep in her womb with a shaky sigh. "F.. Fuck.. Yeah.."
His cock softened, but he didn't pull away nor did he move an inch. Oikawa rested on top of her, his breathing becoming even. "Onii Chan loves you.. You do know that right..?" [F/N] nodded, her lips quivering from the over stimulation being present.
"Use your words pretty girl, I wanna hear you say it" He caressed her hair, stroking some of his finger through.
"Yes, I know.."
"What do you know?"
"I.. T-That... Tōru nii loves me.."
"Good Girl. You do know that no one else loves you right? I love you more than anyone in the whole wide world" She nodded slowly, fidgeting slightly.
"You love me, right?"
"I love you" Despite being mortified earlier, she eventually snuggled closer to her Older Brother. Giving into his twisted fantasies. He felt satisfied with himself, pulling her even closer. She couldn't deny him, she couldn't fight. After all, big brothers know best.
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