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#( so I stole many of them and hid them in a nest inside my room )
ghostlyanon · a month ago
🥚a gift from buki. cherish it.
🥚 giv eggs 🥚 | @darkwaved
Tumblr media
“I-is it for me?”  
Whatever reason this small child had to give her an egg at random was unknown to her. Annie simply assumed that, like many other kids, she was excited to share a discovery or an item she found interesting. Of course, she wouldn’t refuse this gift, no matter how simple it would be. 
She crouched down to Ibuki’s eyes level and receive the egg from her, taking it within her hand in a secure hold as to not have it slip from her fingers and break. 
“Thank you very much. I promise I’ll take care of it.” And she meant to keep that promise! For as long as the egg would go.
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ohmsjedi · 2 months ago
𝘌𝘢𝘴𝘵𝘦𝘳 𝘌𝘨𝘨 𝘏𝘶𝘯𝘵𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘸𝘪𝘵𝘩 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘊𝘭𝘰𝘯𝘦 𝘉𝘰𝘺𝘴
Tumblr media
𝘔𝘰𝘥𝘦𝘳𝘯 𝘈𝘜
a/n: i thought of this like at 3 am, and i myself, did Easter egg hunting and pushed a few kids in the process and got 9 bucks!
Characters: Rex, Wolffe, Cody, Fives, Echo
Tumblr media
you have rex wrapped around your finger, so ofc he said yes to your proposal to take part in easter egg hunting 
wouldn’t be too embarrassed to egg hunt with you, your cousins, distant relatives, sibling(s), (if you have any) etc.
would have the heart to pick up eggs and give it back to the rightful owner if they were to have dropped it or it fell out of their basket
would be asked by the little ones to fetch some eggs they saw in the tree, bush, etc.
even if he’s older than everyone else, he still manages to have fun
you and him ended up sharing a basket instead of having your own individual ones cause you were nice enough to not hog up the eggs
“Rex can you reach the purple egg up there” you pointed up in the tall tree where a plastic purple egg was wedged between the tree branches. Rex nodded and stepped on the big oak trees roots and stepped on his tippy toes. He struggled a little bit with getting the egg unstuck, but successfully managed to get a hold of it. Once he stepped down from the tree root he placed the egg in the basket you were holding filled with other plastic eggs. “Thank you my love” you kissed his cheek and walked off to an untouched section of the park that the kids hadn’t got to yet. Rex felt his cheeks heat up and he followed after you like a lost puppy.
he was unfazed and not surprised that you forced him to join you...
he was kind enough to help you find and pick up eggs
both of your baskets were pink since you decided you’d join the easter egg hunt last minute
you also managed to snag a pair of pink bunny ears at the store and had Wolffe wear them the whole time you were there 
he died a bit inside, but continued to wear them cause it made you happy
the kids were terrified of him, which meant that the kids wouldn’t go anywhere near where the two of you were
the perks were that you got more eggs than expected
he felt really really bad though, he really did
so you both agreed to give some of the eggs away (that were only filled with candy)
but after this kind gesture, the kids warmed up to him and swarmed him the rest of the day
“They’re staring” Wolffes shoulders slumped a little as he held the pink basket in his left hand. You looked behind him and noticed your little cousins keeping some distance from you both. Your eyes softened seeing how uncomfortable he looked. This was the first time bringing Wolffe around to a full event family reunion, which meant meeting more relatives. When the younger ones noticed Wolffe, they became hesitant seeing him for the first time. You walked up to Wolffe and grabbed his right hand, bringing it up to your lips, you kissed his knuckles and looked at him. “After we’re done, we can give the eggs away to the kids” he nodded and laced your fingers together “and when I mean we give the eggs away, I mean the ones filled with candy not the money”
denied doing egg hunting with you
after some convincing, he joined you
he didn’t interact nor help you pick up the eggs tho
he observed as you gave one of your cousins the death stare as they took the egg that was almost in arms reach
you wanted to throw some hands, but you couldn’t cause you had to be mature and a decent peer for them to look up to one day...maybe.
he got asked a couple of times by the little ones to help get an egg that was not accessible to them and he kindly complied 
after thinking to yourself, you shoved the easter basket towards cody and walked away, only coming back to him if your hands were full of eggs
Cody mused as you stormed off into a direction of where bright colorful eggs were apparent. You glared at him when you came back after snatching a few eggs away from your cousins before their grimy hands could get ahold of them. “Are you sure you’re not 12?” You placed the few eggs you had in the basket that he held for you “yes I’m sure, but just so you know, i refuse to share both the candy and the money with you” you gave him a pointed look. Cody hummed, and hid his free hand behind his back. “You wouldn’t at least share a single piece of candy’ with your boyfriend?” he pouted and you hissed “okay okay fine, only a couple of candies and that’s it” Cody raised both his eyebrows “hmm what a shame” Cody quickly brought his free hand over your head and cracked a confetti egg over your head. You gasped and started to jab at his arm “you bitch-”
he asked YOU to go easter egg hunting with him
in this case, with how he acted childish in a got him a batman themed easter basket and he was hyped af
you were eternally grateful and ashamed that he got along with the little ones
he oddly fit in with them so well...
while your relatives prepared to hide the eggs, he made sure to get the kids excited to go egg hunting while waiting inside the house
“Alright ground rules! No pushing or shoving, stealing eggs from one another is fine, but no stealing from each other’s baskets”
this easter was a chaotic mess🧍
You watched as the kids and Fives ran into the backyard and started grabbing as much eggs as they could. You observed as Fives went against the ground rules he set and stole eggs from the more mature cousins that wouldn’t get butt hurt and start crying. Fives reached up into a tree that had a golden egg placed in an empty bird nest. You walked up behind him, making sure to keep a distance so he could have enough room to climb down. “Fives are you serious right now?” You crossed your arms in front of you and gave him an unamused look; once he managed to retrieve the golden egg, he turned towards you and gave you a big smile. “I got this one just for you” he placed the golden egg in your nearly empty basket and kissed your forehead “now back to my mission” he scurried off before you could tell him off, but alas, it fell onto deaf ears and he was halfway across the backyard.
kindly accepted your offer right away
was a bit embarrassed, but seeing how enthusiastic you were about easter egg hunting, he relaxed
he was kind and patient and allowed the younger ones to have their fun while you both held hands and salvaged whatever you could
he was a bit eager at first with how many eggs were already stored in other baskets, but seeing as you were enjoying and reminiscing your childhood he calmed down
what amazed you was how polite some of your younger relatives were to Echo, they would offer up some eggs to him.
an innocent  gesture to show how they appreciated echos kindness or his presence
You watched as one of your younger cousins approached you both and held a blue egg up in front of Echo. Echo smiled down at the child and squatted down to their height “thank you, but it’s yours’ to keep” your cousin smiled and shook their head “you can hav et”. Echo gave a kind smile and carefully took the egg into his hand, your cousin scurried away to get more eggs somewhere else. He stood up and looked over to you, you shrugged your shoulders and brought the basket up towards him, in which he placed the blue egg in. You grabbed his hand and continued to pick up after what the kids had managed to leave behind, or even miss. But, Echo had an amazing time celebrating easter with you and your family.
Tumblr media
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caracalfeather · 9 months ago
WARNING- Cats and Birds is a mob AU fanfiction of the Arcana game, and is not meant for young audiences and is not meant to offend anyone. Some writing choices were made so characters are out of their canon way of acting and thinking. Please do not be offended by character choices made by the authors and content creators, this story was made for fun and in the way we wanted it to be. The story was not hijacked by any of the authors to make any ships or characters overshadow any other. All content contained in this story has been agreed upon and accepted by all parties in it’s creation.
TW- Cats and Birds contains scenes that may not be suitable with some readers, including themes of violence, smoking/drug use, sex, cursing and various other strong themes. Special warnings for scenes will be posted with chapters. Proceed with caution and Reader’s discretion is advised.
12 part 1
The streets seemed to be crawling with mobsters that hot day, some blended well with random crowds while others were obviously searching for something. Three families were in the raven’s territory, all armed and ready for a fight.
Portia got word first, Julian was out for the entire day. She ran to Bèa and ordered a full scale lockdown of The Nest. 
“Lock everything! I don’t care! No one gets in or out!” She barked. 
Everyone followed orders. No one questioned Portia. She opened the door to her brother’s room. 
The one thing he held dear jumped up startled by the sudden blaring of alarms. 
“Wh-what’s going on?” She asked, Madeve standing up with her. 
“We’re on lockdown, some goons are trying to overrun The Nest. Just stay here, turn off the lights and stay hidden.” Portia said, pulling out her keys, Lyra nodded. 
“Madeve come! You’ll guard outside.” Portia waved to the dog and he followed, giving Lyra a short woof of encouragement. 
As soon as she heard the key turn the lock Lyra followed instructions and hid  in the actual bedroom of the large room. 
Outside, trucks and cars had surrounded the nest, many armed men with gold ram symbols stood around, yelling and throwing bricks at the windows, one fired his gun at the door, sparking rage in the men as they surged forward.
“HOLD THEM BACK!” Bèa shouted. Not noticing the group that was starting to make their way around back. The siege was all a distraction. 
Portia called her brother to tell him the situation. “Ilya! We’re getting raided! You better get your ass down here fast otherwise we’re all gonna die!” 
The front windows shattered as the door was rammed, more firing sounding outside. Some men had started to aim for the higher levels while one revved a truck.
Lyra tried to keep calm, rubbing the sapphire on her collar. 
“Stay calm….” she breathed
“Stay calm.” 
Portia retreated some of the forces inside, deciding they had to pick them off one by one. Portia cocked her pistol and hid behind a wall. Waiting for the trespassers to enter. 
The door was busted down and a surge of men entered, carrying heavy artillery and revolvers. Antonio had made sure they were well stocked with vests and guns. Some immediately surged upstairs as the others opened fire.
“CAN WE COME TO A COMPROMISE?!?!” Portia shouted over the gunfire. “You obviously want something from my brother and he’s not here right now! But why don’t you tell us what you want!” 
Madeve paced  like a lion between the two other guards who stood at the ready. 
The men didn't care about portia or the others. They simply were told to kill and grab the target from her nest. Upstairs a group began to shoot the guards and yell for lyra.
Madeve barked and charged avoiding bullets best he could. The other guards dodged a few but were no match. Portia hasn’t expected them to get that far. 
Lyra heard the muffled gunshots outside, she covered her mouth and gasped into it.
Curling up on the bed in fear. She hoped Julian would arrive soon.
 It wasn’t looking too good for the Raven’s nest. 
Outside, Antonio watched from his seat on a car hood, chuckling to himself “That's it my boys.” Next to him two slender white hounds emerged and ran inside, his hunting dogs were going to fetch a new fur coat for him. He knew they could do it. He smirked “Fetch my babies. While I wait for the main show to come home.”
She could hear the handle. The game was up.
Lyra stood up and ran down the list of all the other places to hide. This was the safest room, the locks were complex but not invincible. If they were here to see Julian he would’ve shown up already. What were they here for? She knew it couldn’t have been her. The Nest was sworn to secrecy. 
Portia called a fast retreat into the basement of The  Nest. Hoping that the locks wouldn’t fail her on any of the doors. She called her brother again, practically screaming into the phone. 
The hounds howled as they got to Madeve and outside, Antonio lounged, loading his gun and mumbling “Any day now raven. Come home to your nest.”
The massive dog growled as the two other hounds met him in the hall. Madeve barked but waited to charge. Blood dropped from his maw as he growled. 
The dogs launched and circled him, snapping at him with sharp fangs and growling as they tried to corner him.
Madeve stood his ground, this wasn’t going to be an easy fight. But it was his job to protect his master, and his master’s mistress.  He barked at the two, trying to see which was weaker. 
Portia sealed the door to the basement. Everyone who was alive, was safe. They just had to hope that Antonio came in for what he was after and left. 
After what seemed like hours, everyone was gone. One of the men had knocked out madeve, while the others had napped the precious jewel of the nest. Lyra’s room was empty, and the cars had disappeared towards Antonio’s base in the deep rich part of the city.
Portia took a headcount and surveyed the damage just as her older brother was pulling up in the driveway. 
“Damn.” He looked around at all the blood and corpses. “Well, Monty was desperate.” 
Portia came outside to greet him. 
“Do you know what he took yet?”  Julian asked his sister. She shook her head.
“We’re still looking. But Madeve was knocked out.”  She sighed. 
Julian frowned and went inside, seeing his beloved dog limp on the floor. With a sharp grunt he lifted the dog. Madeve whined, arousing from his sleep. 
“C’mon let's go see Lyra.” He sighed Madeve scrambling in his arms as his body came around. 
He set down the mutt and he took off barking.
That….wasn’t good. 
Julian’s eyes grew wide and he ran after the dog. He saw what he feared, the door to his room was ajar. He threw open the doors.
“LYRA! Lyr! Are you here!?” He called out in the empty space, he searched his room frantically searching for her. 
“Dearest! If you're hurt please say something!” 
He opened the door to the bedroom, and there sitting on the bed was the symbol of Antonio’s mob. 
Julian shouted in rage and ran down stairs to his men. He held up the ram’s head to his best Men. 
“I know what Antonio stole.” He growled, “he took what is MINE.” 
Lyra was blind folded and tied up. A goon set her on a metal chair. They were in Antonio’s condo, it was bovious from the smell of sex, champenge and the sound of beethoven from the other room. Antonio laughed at the sight of her “This is the raven’s pretty little jewel? Im almost applaud that he was the one who stole the blue blood’s prized possession.” 
She didn’t say anything. If there is anything Julian had taught her than it was to stay silent. The less she talked the more he would stay safe, no matter what happened to her. 
Antonio slapped her with a hiss “Im talking to you little songbird.” he leaned down and ran a hand under her jaw with a smirk “I have some questions for you.”
She had rehearsed this line so many times in her head. “I am The Raven’s plaything. He uses me for pleasure. I have no information to give you.” It was a bold faced lie, but it got her out of some previous situations. 
Antonio smirked and took off her blindfold “We both know that's bullshit.” He held up the photos a goon had taken. Pictures of her and ilya together, one even a little scandalous from a club only taken last week.
Her eyes flashed, they were so careful. “You think he tells me what happens in his work? As I said, I am his possession, that’s what all women are to you. I’m used as pleasure for him.” She nodded at one of the photos. “Clearly.” 
“And that's why he gave you this?” he yanked the sapphire from her neck, examining it “And why you've been at the hospital so much before? Little song bird was trying to have a family with the raven?” He laughed
Lyra narrowed her eyes, “you’re a dead man walking.” She spat at his feet, “you’ll be dead by the end of the night once he knows what you’ve taken.” 
“Oh doll i'm aware of what's going to happen.” he tossed the jewel away and smirked “So for now, you and i are going to have a little chat.” He snapped and a goon brought in a cart of sharp objects and hot metal “And if you don't talk? Well i guess i have a new toy.”
Torture. Lyra’s mind started to race, she wouldn’t survive. She had to compromise, to her there was no option. “You’re trying to get under his skin? Hurting me will anger him.” She swallowed hard, “but if you want him furious….you already have what’s his…” 
“Maybe. But I could take more…” He squeezed her thigh and circled behind her, tracing her skin way too close to some areas “Now… you gonna tell me anything i need to know? Or shall I use you until he gets here?”
Her heart started to pound. Her wrists flinching against the binds. “I. won’t. Talk.” She stammered, she was trying to sound fearless, but on the inside she was trembling. 
Julian had gathered  his men. “Alright listen up. Antonio is expecting us to show up tonight. He has what’s mine and that won’t stand.” He growled. “ we need to get in and get out. We’ll wait until tomorrow, we’ll catch him off guard and his defenses will be low.” 
Portia nodded, “it will give us some time to gather resources.” 
The men were dispersed quickly and Julian sat back in his chair, all he felt was rage. If that bastard laid one finger on her, Julian would Seaver his head off himself. 
Antonio spent the night torturing lyra with minor things like tasers, groping and slapping. He was furious by sunrise, soaking her with ice cold water before going to give his men orders for the day.
Lyra hardly said anything. She refused to talk, she knew Julian would come for her and all would be fine. She couldn’t fail him now, there was no way. Her collar was a reminder of the love she had, and who she wanted to be with. If Lyra had to die tonight  then so be it, Julian was worth dying for and the engraving in the back of her collar was proof of that. Even though now after years of wearing it, Julian’s name was duller and looked a little cheap. 
Julian made sure security was tight before returning and sitting at eye level with Lyra, quiet for a moment before smirking “Bold choice by the way. To try and have kids in this life.” he was trying to mess with her.
“He has to pass down his line to someone.” She averted his gaze,“not that it matters anyway. As you already know, there aren't any children.” 
Everything was ready, it was just a waiting game as Julian sat a few blocks from Antonio’s turf. He was watching the guard looking for inconsistencies. Scouting the easiest way for a rescue. 
“I wonder who’s fault that is.” Antonio smirked and stood “ I mean the raven is a fine specimen. I wonder… did he choose a lame mate?” He laughed “Cant even produce a sire.”
Antonio wasn’t fighting physically, now he was fighting with words. That was something Lyra hadn’t had the crash course in. She tried to shove down the guilt. “I’m loved...despite my ability to have children. We haven’t given up, just you wait.” 
Outside, the guard shift changed. Antonio smiled and grabbed lyra’s chin “But just imagine all the heartbreak and disappointment that you caused. I wonder why he kept you around?” He dropped his grip and sighed “Must just be a useful cocksleeve.”
“I am more than that. We both grieved that day.” She muttered, her eyes threatened tears but she couldn’t let him see that he was winning. “He loves me. Otherwise I wouldn’t be wearing his name with pride everyday.” 
“Right.” Antonio grabbed a sharp cutter and walked behind her “Maybe it’s time we took his name off, Hm? That way you no longer bear his name. Just like your inability to bear his sire.” He was just being cruel now, but he yanked the collar.
She flinched, “You wouldn’t dare.” 
Julian sighed and saw what he was looking for, a pitfall in the system. With a satisfied chuckle, he drove out of his hiding place and returned back home. 
Antonio did dare. He was going to prove a point. That same day, an unmarked package arrived at the nest. Inside was Lyra's torn and cut collar and it’s broken sapphire. This was Antonio’s push at the raven.
Julian punched a nearby wall looking out the window, dusk was starting to arrive.
“THAT'S IT!” He shouted. “IT'S CLOSE ENOUGH, PASHA! Rally up the men!!! We’re GOING.” 
Portia tried to talk some sense into Julian but his mind was made up, he wanted his precious star safe. He wanted her NOW. 
At Antonio’s condo it was already a heated zone. The Pride had shown up to confront Antonio on his stupidity. All he wanted to do was show off his bait.
Julian arrived as darkness was starting to fall, everyone was hiding in the streets waiting for the right moment. Portia had a bad feeling about all of this, but she trusted her brother enough to let him do this. Even if it was reckless love blinding him in the moment. 
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spicychestnut · 10 months ago
I’ve been tagged in a prompt game by @intangiblyyourswrites, so here’s my take on #Thirsty-And-In-Denial-Zelda. You can view other submissions to the prompt here, and if I tag you at the end, you can view the rules here.
It’s a bit more “In denial” than “thirsty”, and I... probably went overboard with it--it’s waaaay more than drabble length; but the idea had a mind of its own so here we are. Enjoy!
“Nothing More”
It is cosmically unfair, she thinks, that this should come to pass. She has gone her entire life without suffering the swooning silliness of the other young ladies at court, who fawn over this handsome noble or that dashing young servant boy. She’s never been taken in by “tall, dark and handsome”, or “roguish daredevil” or “fair-featured charmer”. She has a kingdom to save, a divine power to (somehow) unleash, and a stack of research notes from Purah to review. Gentleman of the court have never held her attention and, so she believed until recently, never would.
Until him, that was.
When first she met him, she foolishly thought it was mere curiosity which drove to her to such attentive assessment of his person. Once word spread of the sword’s appearance in the hands of the very same prodigious young boy who was known for besting veteran soldiers in combat and whose prowess with a blade was heretofore unseen, he had been brought to the castle to meet herself and the King and learn the particulars of his destiny as the chosen of the Sword that Seals the Darkness. She remembers how her eyes roved over his face, noting his soft features and the crystalline blue of his eyes, set beneath brows furrowed with a seriousness which seemed at odds with his age. Perhaps there was something in his carriage or affect that might hint at what she was doing so wrong to achieve her own destiny. That was surely why her eyes lingered on his, on the fall of his messy blond hair into his face and the firm grip of his hands on the sword. He never smiled at her, but there was something in his gaze that warmed her nonetheless.
After, he returned to his training, and she did not see him again for many years.
By their next meeting she was older, on the cusp of sixteen, and he was being inducted into the Royal Guard. Despite herself she was eager to see him again—and was irritated at herself for feeling so. For as the years had passed the narrative within the court had shifted. Where once sympathetic eyes were cast upon her—for what young maid should suffer such a tragedy as the loss of their mother to the Yiga’s madness?—now, disdainful glares were cast upon her instead. Why was it that the Hero had managed to claim his destiny so young and so easily, when their own Crown Princess could not? They would whisper such questions under their breath and behind their hands as they shot judgmental glances in her direction. With little other outlet for her frustration beside herself, she had pinned him as the source of her ills. Perhaps if he had never pulled the sword, the courtiers would not whisper so of her failure, as there would be nothing to compare her to.
She remembered his face from her childhood, remembered the way his eyes made her feel a stirring in her breast. She prepared herself for these things; but she had not been prepared for the way in which time would mature the boyish features she’d found so enrapturing into those of a man’s.
He stood amongst the other guardsmen, the youngest by a good ten years and shorter by at least a head. Despite the size of the group her eyes immediately fell to him as if drawn like a magnet. His blue eyes shimmered in the evening light, bright and sparkling like the water of lake Hylia on a summers day. The roundness of his cheeks were gone, replaced instead by an angular jaw. Despite being shorter than many of his fellows, he had grown significantly since last they met; and despite her distance she could see areas beneath his uniform where the material stretched against muscle no doubt built over years of focused training. His hair was still a mess, tied in a ponytail behind his head and sticking out beneath his cap. But he was, quite clearly, no longer a boy. She felt her heart flutter.
She was staring, and she knew she was staring; but she couldn’t seem to look away. How was it right, or fair, that no only should he eclipse her in destiny but should grow to be so handsome too? Surely, between the two of them, he was not the sole recipient of the Goddess’ favor?
She almost missed her Father’s summons. As the Crown Princess it was her duty to thank the new guardsmen, and bless their service in the name of the Goddess. She fumbled through her words, struggling to keep her eyes on anything but him. She only just managed to hold herself together, her father giving her a stern reprimanding glare as the guardsmen departed. As she returned to her room after the ceremony, her hands fisted at her sides. He was a nuisance, a pest, a distraction to be resented—nothing more. She shoved the warm feelings seeing him again had stirred into a box and tightly shut the lid.
She did not see him again for several weeks. Apparently, she later learned, he had been undergoing routine training, shadowing another more experienced guard as he learned the guard rotations and the sprawling castle layout. She had managed (blessedly) to forget about him for those few weeks, and thus it came as a shock to find him stationed outside her chambers on the bridge between her study.
She halted mid-stride when she noticed him, clad in armor as all the exterior guards were, standing resolutely beside Fendrick, one of her usual morning guards.
“What are you doing here?” she demanded, irritation disguising her distressed surprise.
He shifted slightly, as though made uncomfortable by her clear displeasure. Fendrick answered before he could respond.
“Daelan has gone on paternity leave, your Highness. Link was assigned his replacement for the next several weeks.”
She felt a stone drop in her stomach. Several weeks…! Her gaze jumped quickly from Fendrick to Link—to his blue eyes visible beneath the visor of his helmet as he stared at her. She felt her heart flutter.
“I see,” was her clipped response.
She continued toward her study, and despite the enthusiasm she’d had departing her chambers, was utterly unable to focus on her work. Blue eyes kept floating into her vision—and the image of him standing so resolute in his Royal Guard uniform at the induction ceremony, the way the fabric pulled subtly at his biceps as he held his arms behind his back, the firm set of his jaw… She got nothing done that day, though she did break a beaker in her frustration.
It proved a tortuous few weeks, passing him every day on her way to her study. She ignored him as best she could, and he seemed content to fade into the shadows. But still his presence disrupted her work and pervaded her mind. Despite herself she couldn’t help sneaking the occasional peek at him, and this made her only more angry. It wasn’t enough, it seemed, that he surpassed her in Destiny and grow to be so handsome—he had the audacity to steal her thoughts, too.
After a time, he began to invade her dreams, too. At first it was innocuous enough; she dreamed of the induction ceremony—only no one else was there save for them. He never spoke, but she asked him questions.
“What do you think of me? Do you like me? Do you think I’m pretty?”
But the more often she passed him on the way to her study in the morning, the more glances at him she stole out her study window, the more the dreams grew; changed.
One in particular left her with strange yearnings and a fluttering heart the following morning. She dreamed he, and only he, stood guard outside her chambers, and she invited him inside for tea. He entered without question, and she remembers leading him down her stairs with a strange anticipation to her dining table. She remembers the feel of his hair against her fingers as she took off his helmet, the smoldering fixation of those too-blue eyes on her own. It always ended there, and she couldn’t help feeling as though she were awoken too soon.
As the third week came and went, the warm feelings in the box shook and beat fiercely against their confines. She pressed down on the lid harder, anger fueling her denial. She found a near-constant need to remind herself: she did not like him. She resented his easy ascension, the praise showered on him by the court and his readiness to meet the call of destiny—that was all. It was an easy cover to give herself as it was true in its own way; but it was not the source of the strong feelings which arose in his presence, and this truth was one she hid even from herself.
As the fourth week came and went and Daelan returned, she breathed a sigh of relief. It had been a horrifically unproductive month; she had resorted to doing her research on the desk in her bedroom, ill-suited to the task though it was. She was eager to return to her nest of guardian parts and hastily scribbled field notes; and what was more, Daelan returned just in time for the Guardian experiment she had been planning with the Sheikah researchers. She would need her full focus if it were to be a success.
The morning of the experiment she awoke with enthusiasm, heading down to the courtyard to meet with Purah, Robbie, and a handful of other researchers to begin their trials. But, to her dismay, a host of Royal Guards stood by at the ready—and one of them was Link.
Zelda did her best to ignore him as she began setting up, but despite herself his presence prickled at her skin like the electric tingle of lightning which strikes too close. It did not help that his eyes remained fixed on her as she moved through the courtyard, issuing commands and prodding at her Sheikah slate. Perhaps it was this distraction which led to her near-fatal error; but as they booted up the program and the Guardian whirred to life, the runes beveled on its casing began to shift from a pale blue glow to a sickly maroon; and it’s eye began to glow, brighter and brighter, a ticking sound echoing throughout the courtyard.
“What is it doing—what is it doing?!?” Purah cried as Robbie ran madly about tapping frantically at equipment.
It’s eye swiveled madly, deciding to settle on Zelda where she stood gaping with her Sheikah slate held tight with anxiety against her chest. She glanced down, noting in her peripheral vision a red bullseye on her chest. Before she could process what it was—what was happening, the guardian’s eye erupted in a blaze of light and Zelda could only stare in horror as a sizzling laser cut through the air heading straight toward her.
But then a blur of blue and red darted in front of her and she heard a tremendous crash, and the beam of light was heading up into the sky, and her legs were wobbling unsteadily beneath her and strong arms wrapping around her as Robbie’s relieved shouts of “I did it—it’s off!” echoed around the courtyard. She only just had the awareness amid the rapid drumming of her heart to glance up and see messy blond hair pulled back in a ponytail, and bright blue eyes gazing worriedly at her. Link. Link had saved her.
Of course he had.
As soon as her Father caught wind of the incident, he assigned Link to be her personal guard. She shouldn’t have been surprised by the move given her father’s consistent fussing over her work with the guardians, but it drew her ire anyway.
“I do not need an escort!” she objected fiercely in the privacy of his study. He, however, was not interested in opposition.
“You were careless, Zelda—the Kingdom cannot afford to lose you. He will be your escort whether you like it or not, and I will hear no further objection.”
Her father’s decision, of course, made it only more difficult to ignore the rapidly growing box of feelings she’d shoved in a dark corner in her heart.
The first day of his appointment he arrived at her bedroom door, dressed crisply in his royal guard uniform with a neatly wrapped gift outstretched in his gloved hands. She gaped at him, trying not to stare at his handsome features or the firm set of his stance or the way his uniform drew attention to the broadness of his chest. Her heart fluttered and her cheeks warmed and she stubbornly forced her attention to the box in his hands.
“What… what is this?” she asked instead. He gestured for her to take it and she did, fingers brushing his gloved hands, unable to resist wondering what the touch of his skin would feel like.
“What… for?”
Wasn’t she just a master of eloquence this morning.
He pulled his hands back to his sides and she could see the way he fidgeted beneath her gaze.
“A token of good will,” he said quietly, his voice a low timber; and she realized with a start she’d never heard him speak. “We are the Goddess’ chosen and I hope that we can be… friendly. I saw you had one in your study and I thought… perhaps you favored it.”
His gaze was sincere and his voice was… well. She would do well not to dwell on his voice.
She stared back at the package in her hands and unceremoniously began to unwrap it. When she opened the lid, she couldn’t help but gape at what lay cushioned inside. It was a wooden carving of a silent princess; perhaps not a perfect likeness, but extraordinary in its own right and clearly crafted with care. She lifted it out, gazing at it with astonishment before her eyes rose to his.
“Did you make this?” she whispered reverently. He nodded, the hint of a smile lifting his lips.
For the briefest moment she saw him, then, in a very different light; as just a boy—a handsome, sweet, alluring boy with gentle blue eyes that made her heart beat, and a broad, muscled chest hidden beneath his uniform that made her wonder about scandalous things that served only to make her heart beat harder.
But as her eyes drifted down to his lips, then lower to the tabard at his chest, her eyes fixed on the Hyrule insignia and her jaw set. No. Absolutely not. No.
She put the carving back in the box resolutely and shut the lid, handing it back.
“That is very kind of you, but I’m afraid I cannot accept. As the Princess, it would not do well for me to accept tokens lest it be viewed as favoritism.”
It was a flimsy excuse at best, but he did not argue. She watched with grim satisfaction as he slowly reached for the box and placed the lid back on, ducking his head.
“My apologies, Princess,” he said quietly.
The contrite image he presented made holding onto her anger difficult, but she buckled down and held tightly to it nonetheless. He was both a reminder of her failures and the reason for them—he stole all the Goddess’ favor leaving her bereft and with nothing. She chanted this like a mantra in her head, letting it fuel her anger.
The box of feelings in the dark corner of her heart was rattling violently with the determined effort to break free; and so she took her anger and made a chain, wrapping it securely about the box until It fell silent and still.
She rejected the box in its entirety: she did not feel warm when his gaze fell on her, she was not moved by his kindness, nor did his handsome features and strong arms ever incite wild thoughts and daydreams in her head. No—absolutely not. He was to be resented and despised as the usurper of her destiny, and nothing more.
Nothing more.
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The Beginning - Chapter 2 
Scully found herself in a crowded bar at 2 o’clock in the afternoon waiting on her partner.  What so many patrons were doing there at that hour she hadn’t a clue, but the thought of possibly being hit on by a drunk made her very uncomfortable. Not to mention, it was so loud she couldn’t even hear herself think.  It was week two of working with Agent Mulder and she still wasn’t quite sure what to make of him.  The first week with him was quite an exciting one, but surely the cases would become mundane as time went on. She was suspicious of meeting at a bar.  He had already asked her to go out for a run with him in the middle of the night, called her at nearly 11:30 PM when they got back, and now this.  She began to think he might be hitting on her.  Maybe she should let him know she had a boyfriend.  She really wasn’t into divulging her personal life so easily, but this might be borderline harassment. On top of all that he was late. Impatiently, she glanced at her watch.
Mulder entered the bar and saw the studious Miss Agent Scully reviewing paperwork.  He liked the name Scully, it reminded him of the famed announcer Vin Scully, although, thankfully, she looked nothing like him. Today she was smartly dressed in her pinstripes and her hair was poofier than last time they met.  He was drawn to her lips that were highlighted by a killer red lipstick.  Maybe knowing what she looked like under that suit wasn’t the best for their working relationship.  I’m not attracted to her, he repeated to himself.  Besides, they had more important things to delve into.
He snuck up behind her and it took her by surprise.  It was meant to.  He was so close at first she thought he might kiss her.  A pleasant musky sandalwood cologne filled her nose removing the bar stench that was there previously. He was standing so close he dissolved whatever personal space she had.  Missy was right.  He was hot.  The heat emanating from his body was soothing causing her to go into an almost hypnotic state.  Her body gravitating towards him on a subconscious level.  Their eyes locked and the room went quiet.  His eyes seemingly changing color from an olive green to a gray steel as it happened.  She took off her glasses to get a better look.  He offered to buy her a drink and now she was sure he might be hitting on her.  Keep it professional Dana, she said to herself, knowing there was someone at home.
Scully let out a sigh as he left her to go to the bathroom.  There was something deeply intoxicating and intriguing about him.  At the same time she knew they were headed for trouble with this latest excursion to Idaho.  Still, he put her under his spell with his paranormal bouquet.  She smirked as she could only anticipate what he had in store.
At 9:13PM outside Ellen’s Air Base Scully was awoken by the crashing of the back glass of the car. Mulder grabbed her hand leading her up the hill to bear witness to the unexplained.  As they made their way to the top she grasped his hand tighter.  Why did her hand feel so comfortable in his?  Electric charges coursing through his hand into her own.  Why did it always feel like she already knew him?  A familiarity not like an ex-lover or a family member, more like the way you know your own limbs, like the way you sense your lungs take in air or feel your heart coursing blood through your veins.  She looked out at the night’s sky, lights darting everywhere not following any set pattern that she could discern. She heard the blast of a plane engine and the breeze from the exhaust. Oh. My. God.  It was close to a religious experience.
Running from the military helicopter they hid behind a tree with two kids they had discovered in the field high on more than just life. His hand scorched electricity into her back as he held it there until it found its way to her shoulder. They attempted to slow their breathing, hearts pounding with excitement.
The sun was up as they dropped off their new found young crusaders busy misspending their youth.  As they performed some more back and forth inside the car, attempting to learn more about the other, Scully’s casual comment of “If I was that stoned”  caused Mulder to believe that maybe she did loosen up and gazed at her incredulously.   
Eventually, he revealed his belief that the planes at Ellen’s Air Force Base were built using UFO technology.  She thought that he may actually be as crazy as previously alluded and her lack of a filter relayed the information to him.  He laughed as if she was just ignorant to the facts. They were speaking of UFOs, but she felt her body flirting with his as she tucked strands of hair behind her ear, eyes sparkling as she returned cracked smiles and pouty lips. The chemistry between them was strong.  An electricity so thick you could almost see it.  But she wouldn’t describe it as sexual. This was something she had not come across.  Her mind yearning for additional proof.   Another observation she made, at times, even given the substantial difference in their heights, her hips would naturally sway in time with his as they walked.  As if their hips were keeping time with a metronome only they could hear leading them through uncharted supernatural enchantment.  If he was one step ahead of her, it was only due to his inability to keep her in the loop.  She was beginning to think his private agenda was interfering.  Why couldn’t he understand that the government had a right to protect its secrets and the questions they had, they may have no business asking?
As the fog began to lift from his mind, he was unable to process what had occurred on the base.  It was taken from him, wiped like a hard drive.  Not like when something is on the tip of your tongue.  It was just gone.  He looked over at his partner.  She was driving them to the airport.  He knew everything he had put her through in the past two weeks had been a lot.  To tell someone of her background the things he had told her.  He understood it was hard for her to believe.  What he failed to understand was how she was still by his side.  He had lied to her, left her, broke the law, and put her career in danger.  Yet she stole a car and threatened a high powered man’s life in exchange for his own.  She didn’t leave without him and she was tough.  Qualified in her position. He was sure that the powers that be had no clue what they had done.  They saw her as a quiet capable obedient young lady, conservative in her thoughts as well as her dress.  Someone able to take him and his department down with her stringent rules and the mighty words of her field report.  What they failed to realize in their cursory assessment was what he knew as an expert profiler, a connoisseur of people.  What she showed the world was a shell she created, encased in a sculpture of choices.  Underneath the rigid layers was an ocean of unpredictability and surprises.
“How are you feeling?” She asked as she glanced over.
“Better than before, but I’ll never get parts of my memory back” He could see her frowning out of the corner of his eye.  “What made you stay?”
“I don’t understand your question.”
“I thought for sure you would have left and headed back to D.C., but you stayed.  You didn’t leave me.”
“I’m not going to leave you Mulder.  You’re my partner.  You don’t leave your partner.”
“There are some that would”
“Well, I’d like to think I have more character and integrity than that.”
“Point taken……thank you. It didn’t go unappreciated.”
“Don’t thank me yet Mulder, I’m sure this isn’t the last time I’m going to have to save your ass.”  A smile started to form at the corner of her mouth.  She glanced at him sideways keeping her head facing front as they drove off into the darkness back to D.C.
“Dana honestly, ever since you’ve taken this assignment you haven’t been the same person.”
“Ethan, what are you trying to say?”
“I’m saying that you’ve become distant.”
“You know I am not at liberty to discuss my work with anyone.” This was the third discussion they were having about this.  The conversation was nothing but irritating.
“It’s not just your work Dana.  I think it has something to do with that partner of yours.  Something you haven’t been telling me.”
The mention of her partner caused her blood pressure to rise. “We are partners and I am a professional.  I’m also loyal.  How dare you make any insinuations otherwise.”
Ethan took a visible step back and ran his hand through his dirty blond hair. “Look Dana.  I’ve been offered another job opportunity.  This time in L.A.” He reached out and grabbed both her hands staring her straight in the eye. “Dana, I’d like you to come with me.  You could transfer to the L.A. field office.  We can work on us. Right now it’s too hard on us. You’re gone for weeks at a time, working weekends, this isn’t what we had in our plans.”
Scully released her hands and turned away from him busying herself folding laundry. “Ethan, now is not the time to talk about this.  It’s late and I want to go to bed.  It looks like we both have a lot to consider.  I’m going to need some time.”
“Well, I have to fly out to LA for a meeting next week.  You’ll have some time to think about it then.  Hopefully we will have come to a decision by then.”
One week later…
Mulder stared at Tooms in deep contemplation of the implications of such a mutant on society. He felt Scully’s hand on his arm, stroking his bicep.  Instead of stiffening uncomfortably, his body turned into hers as if part of a dance, folding into her momentum.  She pulled him out of his depravity with a simple touch and they strolled down the hallway together.
As they left the prison with Tooms quietly building a nest inside his cell, Mulder asked Scully if she wanted to stop for a bite to eat.
“I really have to get home.”  She was thinking of Ethan and how he might be upset if he knew she was having dinner with another man.  Although she did have lunch with Tom Colton, but that was only during lunch break.  The truth was she still wasn’t sure whether or not Mulder was hitting on her.  When he grabbed her necklace at work what she found unsettling was that she didn’t even flinch.  They were strangers and her body responded to him like an old friend.  What if he did try something?  What if he kissed her?  Would she pull away?  Would she try to stop him?  She wanted to think that she would turn down his advances, but would she?
“If I promise not to take you out for liver and onions will you come?”
She smiled. It was probably harmless. “Okay, but I really can’t stay out late.”
“Neither can I.  It’s a full moon. I might turn into a werewolf.” He leaned into her and let out a howl.  He grinned and his eyes sparkled.
As they entered the restaurant, Mulder opened the door for her and casually placed his hand on her lower back leading her inside.  He had done the same as he led her through the dark staring at Tooms’ trophy collection.  Once again, she did not like when men made moves like that.  She found it patronizing and possessive.  Yet, when he did it, it felt like they were lego blocks clicking together.  He picked a small booth in the corner so they could talk.  She could tell he was very much into private conversations.  His eyes locked onto hers with an intensity that shot through her core.  In his eyes she saw a day where they wouldn’t need to talk.  She would look into those eyes and know.  That was if she didn’t get lost in them first.  Her tongue flicked out to lick her top lip.
“So what looks good to you?”
“Excuse me?”  His question bringing her back. For a second, she thought he was reading her mind.
“For dinner, what looks good on the menu?”
“Oh, I’m thinking about the steak.”
“Be still my heart, a woman that doesn’t just order a salad.”
“Don’t discount me yet, I had one for lunch.  Normally, I try to eat healthy.  Then sometimes, I don’t.  After what we’ve just been through, I deserve the steak.”
“Well, good for you. I believe I will join you.”
As the waitress set down their plates, Scully took a bite and swallowed.  “I told off Colton.”
“Did you now.” He looked up at her with a grin and placed a fork full of steak into his mouth.
She nodded. “I told him I can’t wait to see him fall down the corporate ladder and land on his ass.”  This drew a laugh from Mulder. She continued passionately. “I still think we should file a complaint against him for calling off that stakeout.  He put my life in jeopardy. Thank you for saving my life by the way.”
“You saved your own life. You were kicking ass. You didn’t need me.” Mulder reached over and fixed her collar. Once again she let him without even a flinch.
That was the in she needed to address his actions. “Mulder, is it an issue that I’m a woman?”
His look was one of surprise.  It was apparent she had startled him with the question. “Why would you ask that? Anyway, you’re not a woman to me.  You’re Scully.”
Okay, so that kind of answers the question.  Whatever that means.
“Is it an issue that I’m Spooky?” His eyebrows forming a pyramid on his forehead.
Oh, this poor man. “If they’re going to call you spooky, they’re going to have to do it behind my back because I won’t put up with it.  I like working with you Mulder, the cases are definitely different.  We look out for each other...”
“And what about you?  What about Mrs. Spooky?” As he said it he lifted her chin with his index finger so she looked him in the eye.
“I’ll wear the title proudly.  I told you, we’re partners now. Mulder, I’m proud to be your partner.”
“If you left I wouldn’t have anyone to run lab tests to prove my theories.” He said it matter-of-factly like that should end any debate.
Scully was able to counter. “Hey, you believed in me when they all said I was wrong.”
“How’s your steak?” He asked completely changing the subject.  He was obviously done with the conversation.
“Very good.  Thank you.”
“Were you able to get your door repaired today?”
“Yes.  Thankfully.  I was able to get the door and window done.”
When the check came he pulled out his wallet, “I’ve got this one.  You get the next.”  
Finally, she had confirmation.  She let out a sigh and relaxed.  He wasn’t making advances. It was just who he was.
It was Friday night and Ellen had convinced Scully to go out with the gang.  She hadn’t been out with her friends since she started her new job, so she graciously accepted.   The bar was crowded with a dance floor to match, top 40 music pumping from the DJ’s sound system.
Ellen and Scully were propped on the bar stools watching their friends dance the night away.
“Ethan wants me to go with him to L.A.” Scully’s voice elevated to be heard over the music.
“Is that really what the problem is Dana?  Moving?” Ellen raised an eyebrow at her.
“I don’t know.  It seems like lately we’re so distant.  I blame myself.  It’s probably me.  I think I’m the one pulling away.  He says I’m working too much with my new assignment and when I’m home I’m not paying him any attention.”
“Do you love him?” The question struck her like a hammer in the chest.  She wasn’t expecting that question.
Ellen sensed her anxiety and rephrased the question.  “Do you think you could love him?”
“I don’t know.”  Scully sunk her head into her hands.  “Something’s off.  Maybe I’m not ready for another serious relationship.  Or maybe it’s him.”
Ellen straightened her posture and ordered another drink. “Or it could be your childhood fantasies of Prince Charming.  That guy doesn’t exist Dana.  No guy can be everything.”
“It’s not that he’s not romantic. He’d be a good husband.  Have you ever had that feeling inside, like there’s somebody out there that you’ve been waiting for. Somebody calling out to you in the night, and when you meet, you’ll just know he’s the one.”
Scully’s phone rang and they both jumped. “Scully”
“Hey Scully, it’s me.  Mulder.”
“Oh hey, hi Mulder, what’s up?” Scully mouthed the name Mulder to Ellen and she gave her a look that made Scully scowl.
“It sounds kinda loud on your end, did I catch you at a bad time?”
“It’s fine Mulder, what do you want?”
“I was wondering if the second set of lab results came back yet.  I’m filling out the report and I want to include it.”
“They’re in my briefcase. Can this wait until Monday Mulder?”
“Would it be possible to drop it by my apartment on the way home if you’re in the neighborhood?”
Scully let out a sigh. “Sure Mulder, no problem.”  And with that she hung up the phone.  Scully looked up at Ellen.
Ellen had a shit eating grin on her face. “You were saying about somebody calling you?”
Scully rolled her eyes and smiled finishing off her drink.  “That’s not what I meant.”
“So how is your new partner?”
“He’s good.  I think it will work out if he lets me have a day off.”
“Missy said you think he’s cute.”
Scully blushed. Leave it to Melissa to shout it to the world. “Yes, he’s cute, but I’m taken.”
“Maybe not for long.” Ellen said raising an eyebrow.
It was a little after midnight when Scully flicked the lights on in her apartment. Ethan was there on the couch.
“Ethan, why are you sitting in the dark?”
“I don’t know, just thinking.”
“About?” Scully put down her briefcase and sat down on the loveseat. She was not looking forward to this conversation, especially not after the long day she had.   
“It’s been an entire week since I asked you what I asked you and I haven’t heard the slightest response.”
Crap.  With all that had went on this week Scully had completely forgotten about Ethan’s proposal to move with him to L.A. “Ethan, I’m sorry, I just need time to digest all this, to think…”
Ethan rested his elbows on his knees as he leaned forward.  His voice slightly above a whisper. “Dana, I came home and I heard from the landlord that you made the newspaper.  A man broke into our apartment and attacked you and you didn’t even pick up the phone to tell me.”
“It’s ok.  I’m fine.  I didn’t want to worry you.  My partner came in and …”
“Your partner.  I’m tired of hearing about your partner.  And that’s another thing Dana.  I called Ellen and she said you were with him at his apartment.”
“I was dropping off some paperwork.”
“At this hour?”
“Ethan, I’m not going to be interrogated like this.”
Ethan got up off the couch and held out his hand as an olive branch. “Look, it’s been a long day.  We can talk about this in the morning.”
Scully stood next to him ignoring his hand.  A feeling of impending doom boiling up inside her. “I can’t. I need to head into the office in the morning.  I have to meet…”
“Your partner, right.” He ran his hand through his hair visibly agitated and pacing, pointing his finger at her.  “You know what Dana, you don’t have to worry about it.  I’ve accepted the job in L.A. I’ll be out of your hair tomorrow and you and your new partner can go ride off into the sunset.”
“Ethan you’re being dramatic.” She reached out to grab his arm, but he brushed her hand away.
“Am I?  In the month that you’ve known this guy your entire personality has changed.  You might not see it Dana, but I have.  You don’t even know him, but you’re ready to risk your friends, your career, your time, and us.  I don’t know what hold he has on you, but you need to look in the mirror.”
“I’ve heard enough Ethan. It’s not as simple as you’re making it. It’s not about him, it’s about the work.”
“That’s fine Dana.  I’ll make it simple.  Come with me.  Live in L.A.,”  He said pleading at her. She could see he was holding back tears.
Her head dropped along with her voice. “I can’t do that Ethan, not right now.”
Ethan took a deep breath and let it out slowly.  He spoke carefully with an even tone. “Well then, when you come home tomorrow.  I’ll be gone. I really hope he’s worth it Dana.”
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