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#( reminds me of when I was smol and I thought chicks could hatch from kitchen eggs )
ghostlyanon · a month ago
🥚a gift from buki. cherish it.
🥚 giv eggs 🥚 | @darkwaved
Tumblr media
“I-is it for me?”  
Whatever reason this small child had to give her an egg at random was unknown to her. Annie simply assumed that, like many other kids, she was excited to share a discovery or an item she found interesting. Of course, she wouldn’t refuse this gift, no matter how simple it would be. 
She crouched down to Ibuki’s eyes level and receive the egg from her, taking it within her hand in a secure hold as to not have it slip from her fingers and break. 
“Thank you very much. I promise I’ll take care of it.” And she meant to keep that promise! For as long as the egg would go.
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