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ghostlyanon · a month ago
"Alright, humie, listen up! If you're gonna be on MY ship, there are rules. One, I'm captain. Not Quill. Don't listen to 'im. Two, don't touch anything! I mean it. If it looks like it's made outta metal and you don't know what it is, don't - touch - it. Three! Uh. . . I ain't thought of a third rule, but I will!" ( Rocket )
Space-ships she had seen plenty in recent times, although they hadn't been unknown to her way back when she spent all of her time wandering amongst space. She'd observed them as they passed by whilst Annie herself remained unbeckoned to them. They were an oddity to witness amongst the stardust and barren satellites, and the ethereal woman had grown curious more than once, daring to trespass the walls that led within their vessels. It was interesting to see all the different kinds of ships, accompanied by different kinds of people from across the galaxies— however, she would remain a stowaway in all those cases and she'd often leave before giving the passengers any chance to discover her presence.
This time was different. Whilst she couldn't guess the reasons behind Rocket allowing her to hang around HIS ship, nor in what kind of way she would be useful, she had pretty much given permission to do so in exchange for a few rules. She really tried to not look as giddy, yet she turned around at all sides to observe every artifact and machinery built in the ship. She needn't hide this time and for that, she was grateful to the captain — not that she would openly show it to him, though! What would Rocket say... Would he laugh at her excitement?
She nodded and agreed to ALL his rules, even if half of her attention had now shifted to the control dashboard ahead, with its flickering lights and alluring buttons to press.
Tumblr media
“Who’s Quill?” Without waiting for an answer, she then pointed to one of the bigger, flashier, buttons that shone atop the dashboard. “What’s this for? May I press it? Just once?”
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motherfingtitan · 28 days ago
Hi! Big fan of your fics. I have a suggestion for one: the basic idea is that the Lower Decks characters (mainly the Warp Core Four) get involved with the ep. "Trials and Tribble-ations" Meet both DS9 and TOS crew in a subtle/not-so-subtle way (PARADOX!). Bonus: They are drawn and animated in TAS Filmation style, with some of them slightly aware. Maybe a bit of Mariner x Boimler? Hope you have fun with the idea.
Time Tribbles
The Warp Core Four decides to go back in time to the Enterprise to do some not-so-scientific research on Tribbles. They come across not one, but two famous Starfleet Crews
Tendi dragged herself to her bunk. She was absolutely exhausted from pulling double shifts in Medbay to make up for the influx of patients. Earlier today, some of the food replicators were producing food at extreme temperatures. They were also uncontrollably spewing food out, and in the case of ten forward, literally spraying boiling nacho cheese. Crew members had been in and out all day with burns. Just as she sat on her bed, she saw Mariner down the hallway. Both of them waved to each other.
"Yo, Tendi, what's up?" Mariner said as she walked up to her.
"Nothing much; I’m just exhausted from all the activity in Medbay. I did see somebody with a nacho cheese burn in the shape of an Orion continent!" She smiled.
"I have something that will cheer you up!" Mariner held up her finger and ran off, going to get her special piece of contraband.
After a few minutes, she returned with a Tribble in hand. It had brown fur and little white patches. She handed the Tribble to Tendi and sat down next to her. The cooing of the ball of fur filled the room.
"Personally, I would prefer getting drunk, but I thought this might be more up your alley" Beckett smiled as Tendi ran her hand through the fur, her eyes lit up.
"This is the cutest thing ever," Tendi squealed. She then spoke in baby talk to the Tribble, "Yes you are, you are the cutest little Tribble on this ship.”
She continued to pet the Tribble for a couple of minutes before finally speaking, "You know, I've always wanted to see a Tribble reproduce. I know that the ones they sell at the pet stores are neutered."
Beckett thought for a second before finally speaking. "Ok, so I got this really cool piece of contraband from the planet we did second contact with a couple of weeks back. I've been testing it, and I think it opens up portals to different times. We could go back in time to see Tribbles reproduce."
"But isn't that against the rules?”
"Yes, but it's for science, so it's probably ok. Come on, let get Rutherford and Boimler."
A few hours later, the four Ensigns were in an empty part of the docking bay. All of them were wearing 2260s uniforms. Tendi messed with her holographic disguise, trying to find the right hairstyle. She felt odd with blonde hair and peachy skin, but there was no way she could go back in time looking like an Orion. Enterprise crew members would ask too many questions.
"Bangs or no Bangs?" She adjusted her holographic remote, letting it flip through different hairstyles.
"Definitely the Bangs," Rutherford gave a thumbs up before continuing his excitement-filled lecture about Constitution-class ships. “Did you know that turbolifts were not completely voice-controlled back then? You had to hold down a bar for them to work.”
"Mariner, are you sure we should be doing this. Time travel is against 253.7-" Boimler began before being cut off Mariner.
"Rules, Schmules. Come on, Boims, this could be your one chance to see Kirk in flesh and blood."
"Fine, but I'm keeping you in check," he spoke.
Beckett then pulled out the small blue stone from her trouser pocket. It glowed softly in her hand. She set it down and stated where she wanted to go "Stardate 4523.3, USS Enterprise 1701."
The store glowed brighter until it flashed, opening up a small portal to the other ship. Its corridors were empty, meaning the Ensigns could slip in undetected.
"Ready to do science stuff?" Mariner asked Tendi.
She bounced in excitement, nodding rapidly. Mariner was the first to step into the portal. She felt slight tingles all over her body as she popped out on the other side. The Enterprise looked much different than the ships of her time. The lights had colored tints, and more equipment was exposed. Rutherford came out of the portal next, slightly dizzy but extremely excited to see such an old ship. Tendi and Boimler followed. Once through the portal, it returned to its original gem form.
Boimler slowly stood up, trying to shake off how dizzy he felt. "I feel so stiff and kinda cheap too,"
"You look different," Rutherford pointed out
"Oh god! Am I phasy again?!?"
"No, but your eyes look smaller," Tendi looked at all of them. "We all look kinda different."
"Probably some stupid time travel stuff, come on, let's got find some Tribbles!" Mariner shoved the gem in her pocket and started down the hallway, followed by the other four.
Soon, they came to the main corridor that was bustling with people. The women styled their hair in extravagant bumps and wore earrings. Most wore minidresses, a popular style in the 2260s, but a couple wore the tunic style uniform, just as Mariner was. The sound of boots tapping filled the hallway, and the gold rank bands on the officer sleeve sparkled among the sea of yellow, red, and blue. Perhaps the most striking thing, however, was the lack of aliens. The vast majority of the officers were human, a stark contrast from how diverse the Cerritos was.
Suddenly, Mariner stopped and motioned to the other three to get against the wall. From just around the corner, two very famous Starfleet officers could be heard.
"Is that Kirk?" Boimler asked
Mariner nodded, feeling just as excited as the rest of them but doing an excellent job of hiding it. Kirk and Spock were speaking with someone through the communication unit.
"Bridge to Captain Kirk." A young man with a Russian accent spoke.
"Kirk here." The captain responded
“Mister Baris is waiting on channel E to speak to you, sir."
Mariners’ heart was beating fast. She may have acted like she didn't care, but she did grow up as a Starfleet brat, and though she may have seen Captain Kirk in a holodeck simulation, it wasn't the same as being a couple of feet away from him.
"Mister Baris is coming on." The young man spoke again.
"Yes, Mister Baris. What can I do for you?" Kirk’s voice was pleasant
"Kirk, this station is swarming with Klingons." A man by the name of Baris replied.
"I was not aware, Mister Baris, that twelve Klingons constitutes a swarm."
"Captain Kirk, I consider your security measures a disgrace. In my opinion, you have taken this entire..."
At this point, Boimler had lost focus on that conversation as his eyes drifted to the other side of the hallway. There, a man with a deeper voice and a tall woman spoke. Both looked as if they were doing routine maintenance. The woman kept glancing back at the captain and the first officer.
"I had no idea." The woman began
"What?" The man replied, fiddling with some machinery.
“He's so much more handsome in person. And those eyes."
"Kirk had quite the reputation as a ladies' man."
"Not him. Spock."
Boimler noticed that, just like him, they looked out of place. He continued to listen.
"I can't believe you don't at least want to meet Captain Kirk."
"That's the last thing on my mind."
"Oh, come on, Benjamin. Are you telling me you're not the tiniest bit interested in meeting one of the most famous men in Starfleet history?"
Benjamin? He thought as he slowly went through all the people he knew named Benjamin in his head.
Benjamin Anderson
Benjamin Taylor
Benjamin Sisko
It was Captain Sisko! And the woman next to him must be one of his crew members. Jadzia Dax, maybe? His face twisted in confusion. What was he doing in this time?
"Guys, look!" Boimler whispered and motioned his head to the other side of the hallway.
"Is that... Sisko?" Rutherford asked. "He looks different," he added, still getting used to how everything looked in this period.
"Two famous Starfleet Captains in one day?!?" Tendi bounced on her heels.
"Why is he here?" Boimler looked at Mariner.
"I don't know, something to do with a Tribble and a bomb,"
"A bomb?!"
She shrugged. "Relax, it's on the space station. We will stay on the ship,"
"How do you even know all this?"
"I have my ways,"
The Ensigns decided that it was time to get moving. They didn't want to create too much suspicion by huddling up against the wall. The halls were so crowded, Constitution-class ships were certainly packed, even without the hallway bedrooms of the Cerritos. The colored lights enthralled Tendi. She was so used to sterile fluorescent lights that the soft blues, purples, and yellows were dazzling. She had read about these types of ships, but reading about it and seeing it were two different things.
"Gosh, I love Constitution-class ships," Tendi said.
But there was no response. She twisted her head back and forth, slightly panicking that she had lost her other three friends. She wanted to yell out their names, but that would raise too many questions. She would have to silently slither through the confusing corridors of the ship to find them, all while looking natural. Looking back and forth one more time, she decided to continue forward. Turning down a hallway, she noticed that there was a turbolift at the end. Inside were two men. One was a bulkier man in a red shirt, while the other man with slicked-back hair wore blue with a single strip of gold on the bottom of his sleeve.
"Deck twenty-one. Deck twenty-one. I said, Deck twenty-one." The man in the red shirt said. He's getting more frustrated every time he spoke.
"Maybe if you said please." The other man replied
Tendi remembered from Rutherford’s conversation earlier that turbolifts were not entirely voice commanded at this time. She continued to walk towards the lift.
"Maybe it's jammed. Help me get this wall panel off." The redshirt was starting to open a panel when the disguised Orion walked in. She put one hand on the wall handle and crossed her fingers, on the other hand, hoping that this would work.
"Deck fifteen." She spoke, and the lift started to move. She breathed a secret sigh of relief.
"I won't tell anyone if you don't." The medical man, with a British accent, spoke.
"My lips are sealed."
"Guys, where's Tendi?" Rutherford asks, trying to find one of his best friends.
"Aw Sh*t, we must have lost her" Mariner looked some more. "Tend-"
Boimler clamped his hand against her mouth. "Are you insane? You wanna mess up history?"
"Ok, then how do you want to find her?"
"Constitution-class ships only held about 300 people, so it shouldn't be too hard to find her, especially compared to a Galaxy-class ship," Rutherford suggested.
All three realize that the only way to find their friend was to just walk through the halls and hope they stumble across her. They started down the aisle, maneuvering their way through the mass amounts of people. At one point, Beckett hit somebody with her elbow.
"Oh, sorry." She said
The woman smiled and replied. She was wearing an operations red dress, and her hair was teased on top of her head. Her sleeves bore lieutenant stripes. "It's ok," she said as she walked away. She was making baby noises at something in her hand.
Mariner craned her neck just enough to see that in the lieutenants’ arms was a small Tribble. "It can't be long now."
Tendi saw the first baby Tribble in one of the turbolifts she was taking back down. She was alerted when she heard soft sweet cooing on the other side of the lift, and she couldn't resist. She picked it up, so happy to see an unneutered baby Tribble. At first, she only saw one every once in a while. Maybe one would be stuck to a wall. Another was in an older doctor's hands, and he was scanning it with a tricorder. However, the amount started to multiply, and before she knew it, Tribbles were lining every single hallway. They came and all shapes and sizes. Some were white with gray spots, and some were a beautiful shiny Brown. They stuck to the walls and the ceiling, and cooing filled the hallway, along with the occasional screech when someone stepped on one.
She tried to resist the temptation and only grab one, but every time she turned around, she found herself face-to-face with another ball of fur, and soon she had an entire armful of Tribbles. Curiously, as she wandered about trying to find her three friends, she saw Sisko and that other female officer scanning Tribbles. Both looked frazzled. She realized that they were scanning for a bomb of sorts and remembered that Mariner said it was on the space station, not on the Enterprise.
Speaking of Mariner, she finally found her friends walking towards her in a hallway. The pep in her step grew as she walked towards them.
"They are so cute!" Tendi showed off her arm full of at least ten Tribbles.
"Let's get to a private room, watch how a Tribble gives birth, and then get back to our own time," Boimler continued. "I don't want any time travel shenanigans on my file. It's not very Captain-like."
"Oh please," Mariner replied, "you realize how much stuff was on Kirk's record?"
The four came across an empty meeting room. They all walked in, Rutherford closed the door, and Tendi set one of her many Tribbles on the table. With her pad on hand, she was ready to take notes.
Tribbles reproduce fast, so it was only a matter of time before the one on the table, which Tendi lovingly named Warpy, gave birth. The ball of fur soon went from cooing to screeching as it tensed up half its body. Soon from underneath the adult Tribble, baby Tribbles emerged. Tendi was so excited, but the other three just watched with confused and uncomfortable faces. After she finished taking notes, Boimler suggested they leave.
"I'm going to miss the blonde hair, but I can't wait to have my old body back," Tendi spoke as Mariner pulled out her blue gem.
"Tell me about it; my eyes are the same color as my skin. That can't be healthy," she replied
"Maybe people look like this because of issues with the older technology," Rutherford suggested.
Mariner spoke to the gem the time she wanted to go back to. The portal opened underneath them.
"No one's got any Tribbles, right?" Mariner asked.
All of them nodded, and Mariner was the first to jump through the portal. Rutherford followed, and then Boimler. Tendi turned around one last time to her Tribbles.
"Bye, Warpy," she spoke as she jumped through the portal.
"Much fu*king better" Mariner cracked her back in the Cerritos’ shuttle bay. Tendi glanced over her notes and deactivated her disguise. Beckett came over to her and wrapped an arm around her.
"You had fun?"
"So much, thanks" Tendi smiled.
"How about we change and get some tacos?" Beckett spoke as she walked towards the doors.
"Okie Dokie" Rutherford and the other two ensigns followed.
As they walked to the mess hall, Mariner spoke to Boimler, “Glad you could join us. Ya know, you actually look confident in that old uniform! And kinda charming.”
“Thank you, I feel confident” He did a cheesy smirk.
“Annnnd now it’s gone.” She said, trying to hide the slightest blush.
They continued to their bunks to change. Unknown to Boimler, however, was a small ball of fur stuck to his vintage uniform boots.
Three days later
Ransom woke up for his morning shift at the sound of his alarm. When he reached over to turn it off, he felt a ball of fur right on his alarm clock. Upon opening his eyes, he saw that Tribbles filled his entire room, all cooing.
"Who brought an unneutered Tribble on board!?"
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fanworksmostunusual · a month ago
Not Written in the Stars Chapter 2
The next morning Roy finally feels capable of getting up. He slips from the bed where Riza is still deep asleep and he starts a shower. For a few minutes he just stands in the spray of water and enjoys the feeling of clean warm water on his skin. It’s much preferred to the blood he’d been lying in just a few days ago. Riza must have slipped in and wiped it all off of him while he was comatose. Maes and everyone else would have cleaned the wound and left it at that, but Roy hasn’t found any dried blood or other disturbing grime on himself.
Roy doesn’t think, he lets autopilot take over and just goes through his usual morning routine. He has too many worries and ideas in his head to try to pin down just one and honestly he’s too scared to put logic to his decisions just yet. Mostly he fears he may feel like he’s making a mistake if he lets his scientific reasoning loose on his current emotional state. Roy’s never felt this conflicted before and while he’s not going to change his mind now he still has that nagging sense of doubt and insecurity in the back of his mind.
Roy pulls out his last good long coat, making a note he will be needing a new one, and dresses in trousers and a button down. After his boots and gun belt he puts the dark navy coat with the right shoulder and collar in bright turquoise. This is the color of the Phantom Flame, and everyone who knows of the ship recognizes the color on any member of it’s crew. Roy pulls out his eyeliner and mascara and applies it the same way he always does. A broad line on his upper eyelids and a thin one for the lower and a couple swipes on his lashes to make them longer and thicker. Roy’s worn make-up since he was a child, and Vanessa started doing it for him. To him it’s just a part of his daily routine, something he does because he likes how his eyes look with it on. Finally dressed he decides to see if Riza is awake.
Riza is sitting up in his bed looking like she just lost her favorite blaster when he comes out dressed for the day. “Please tell me yesterday wasn’t a dream,” she says in lieu of a greeting.
“It most definitely was not,” Roy assures. He can’t help but love how absolutely adorable she is. The way she lights up at the sure confidence of Roy’s tone sends a little flutter through him. It makes him want to have a proper union with her despite the laws banning it. Roy immediately pauses, he’s never thought himself the marrying type. But then he never considered he would one day be pregnant with Riza’s child. How funny life can be.
Riza can’t help but give him a tender kiss as she passes him on her way out. She’s never felt so blissful and she knows that soon reality will kick her in the teeth. But at the moment she wants to savor the giddy sensation of knowing Roy is carrying her child.
Finding a safe place will be hard, it’s why they have been so keen on pretending they don’t want any of this. Better to never have and not know what it’s like, than to have something and lose it. The Alliance will label them traitors and have them put on an Eraser list. If they find out about the relationship or the pregnancy. Somehow, someway they have to keep it all a secret.
Riza doesn’t see any of the other inhabitants of the Phantom Flame and she wonders. Her quarters are dark and she realizes, maybe no longer necessary. She’ll have to discuss a permanent move with Roy later. She’s always kept a staunch rule of having her own space, mostly because she needed somewhere to go and release the energy she couldn’t give to Roy. But now it doesn’t matter.
Riza doesn’t need to waste time on a shower so she just changes into fresh clothes, a pair of dark cargo pants, a white blouse and her olive drab vest; the one with the Phantom Flame’s color on the left shoulder. The last thing is her belt and blaster. Even if the ship seems like it’s safe, she won’t make the mistake of letting her guard down again. Not when it could lead to even more devastating consequences.
The galley is full. Everyone is seated at the table, which is a bit unusual as normally their ragtag band doesn’t all show up unless they’re expecting an announcement. And yeah, they are. The little shits are all seated at the big table trying to be sneaky in side-eyeing their captain. Hughes is doing a horrible job of looking aloof next to his wife and daughter. Havoc is pretending to glance around the whole room every few seconds but the only thing his crystal blue eyes stop on is Roy. Fuery and Falman are whisper-arguing about something but their eyes keep going to poor Roy who’s eye brow is twitching in warning. Rebecca is outright staring at Roy. Breda is watching everyone trying to guess who might speak first. Elicia is the first one to notice Riza’s arrival.
“Auntie Wiza!” The three year old shouts in excitement. Everyone turns to look at their First Mate ready to pounce with questions. But the only person she acknowledges is Roy who looks so relieved to see her. She ruffles Elicia’s hair as she passes the child and then takes her seat by Roy’s side and sets into the food Roy obviously replicated for her.
“I gotta say, I didn’t think you were going to pull through Captain,” Jean finally breaks the silence.
All eyes go to Roy and now there’s no avoiding the subject. Roy leans back and appraises them with a bored look. He shovels a huge bite of eggs into his mouth and pointedly chews. A few disappointed sighs escape the more vocal crew members.
“You’re no fun Captain,” Rebecca grumbles. Hughes sniggers a bit and then it’s over because everyone turns on the man in an instant. Roy smirks from where he’s still eating his breakfast painfully slowly.
“You know what happened don’t you?” Breda asks narrowing his eyes.
“Of course, he does, he’s the only one of us who can read the medical scanner,” Fuery retorts in exasperation.
Maes doesn’t say anything. He knows full well that Roy will make an example of him if only for the hell of it. Havoc on the other hand seems to be catching up on what’s going on and the minute his eyes widen in realization Roy slams a hand on the table startling everyone in the room including Riza.
Once all eyes are back on him he straightens up and clears his throat. “You all seem very curious, perhaps I should put you all on detailing the ship to cure you of it?”
No one makes a move, Fuery swallows at the unpleasant notion of detailing the small cruiser. Becky rolls her eyes at their captain’s antics.
“Come on Captain,” Maes begs knowing full well Roy isn’t going to be that cruel. He might be a pirate by trade but he certainly isn’t the asshole his reputation claims he is. “You’ll only make it worse.”
“Can-it Hughes, or you can scrape Greer slime off the cargo floor with your bare hands,” Roy growls.
“The Captain is stalling,” Riza says finally joining the conversation. Her eyes sparkle with mischief. If you won’t tell them, I will. her broad toothy smile says. Roy’s cheeks tinge pink and he snorts. He runs a hand through his hair and the Pirate Captain Façade slips away to reveal a very anxious man in his place.
“Yes I was dying, yes I agreed to let Riza heal me by transferring her energy to me,” Roy begins folding his hands and resting his chin on them. He’s silent for a moment as they all process what that means.
Rebecca makes an excited little hand gesture as she waits for more info.
“So did anything come of it?” Havoc asks impatiently.
“You don’t think?” Falman asks in shock.
“No way. I don’t believe it!” Breda practically shouts.
“Yes, something did come of it,” Roy says rubbing his temples, stars I have the most idiotic crew in the galaxy.
The room goes dead quiet and everyone but the Hughes family stares dumbstruck.
“It’s a joke,” Havoc says weakly.
“Nope,” Fuery says quietly. “There’s no way they’d joke about something this big.”
“Oh my gods!” Becky squeals.
“You’re all idiots,” Roy sighs standing up and looking at them seriously. “The answer to the question is yes.” He holds up a hand to preempt the next wave of ridiculousness from them. “We’re going to keep it,” he plows ahead. If he stops he might chicken out and that won’t do them any good. “If any of you have any discrepancies with this decision I won’t hold it against you if you choose to leave my service. I understand that certain circumstances can cause discomfort. Especially in this case, so please feel free to take your leave if you can not abide the orders of a pregnant man.”
Roy half expects at least one person to make some kind of noise but they all just sit there in their seats.
“Galok’s Nebula!,” Havoc says after a long silence.
“Congratulations,” Fuery says.
“Oh yes, congratulations Captain, First Mate,” Falman says sharply.
“You guys, I am so excited for you,” Becky says with a grin.
“We’re very happy for you,” Gracia says smiling softly. She’s been watching the show holding her daughter. When Maes told her the news she was surprised but also looking forward to helping the two. Roy’s going to need someone with experience to assuage his fears when his body starts scaring him. And Gracia knows it will, she’s a woman, childbirth is part of her biology and still she found some of the changes a little nerve-racking.
“Thank you,” Roy says graciously. He’s very impressed with his crew. “Now, we still have one more job on our roster before we head to the Outer Belt Colonies to sell our goods and take some time to rest and repair the ship properly.”
Everyone nods eagerly.
“Back to your stations, I want a status report on the ship. Our heading is Balcruft.”
The galley clears except for himself, Gracia, and Elicia. Riza brushes her fingers along his hand as she passes on her way to ensure the crew gets to work.
“Please don’t hesitate to ask me any questions, I’d be glad to help you navigate the ups and downs of pregnancy,” Gracia says with a smile.
“Thank you,” Roy says deflating a little. He’s got no clue what’s in store for him, especially since this isn’t a run-of-the-mill human pregnancy. “I’ll admit I have no idea what to expect,” he says.
“I can send you my guides on pregnancy if you’d like to get an idea?” She offers.
“Please,” Roy says rubbing the back of his neck.
“Don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of it.” She smiles.
“I guess I should have been a little better prepared, but honestly I never planned on being pregnant,” Roy sighs. He has a lot ahead of him and he knows it.
“Unca Roy?” Elicia asks looking up at him.
“Yes Elicia?” He kneels down so he’s closer to eye level with her.
“What’s pregat?” she asks mispronouncing the word as only a toddler can. Gracia hides her smile as she watches, she’s going to let him handle this. Honestly he needs the practice with how poorly he butchered the announcement to the crew.
Roy chuckles, “It’s when someone is going to have a baby,” he replies.
“A baby?” Elicia asks suddenly excited “Where?” She looks around trying to find one.
“Well,” Roy blushes and sits so he’s more comfortable. He puts a hand on his abdomen and takes a deep breath. “it’s in here,” he explains patting his belly. “I’m going to have a baby, but not for quite a while.”
Elicia frowns trying to understand what he’s telling her. “No baby in there,” she says with finality.
Gracia laughs at her daughter’s confidence. Roy smiles and thinks of how best to explain this.
“There is,” Roy says earnestly. “It’s just really small still. You see, babies need to grow somewhere safe and warm. And it has to be one of the parents because only a parent can take care of them right.”
Elicia looks at him in thought. “Only mommies have babies,” she says.
Roy sighs, because this is where it gets tricky. “Well human mommies have babies, but Aunt Riza isn’t human right?” He asks.
“Auntie Wiza is Nes-Nez-Nesweit,” She says nodding.
“That’s right,” Roy stalls. How does he explain to a three year old that his girlfriend knocked him up? “Nezreit mommies can’t have babies, see the daddies do instead.”
“Unca Roy you silly, you human,” Elicia giggles thinking it’s a game.
“I know,” Roy replies. “But you see sometimes, sometimes even human daddies can have babies,” he manages after a moment. It’s not wrong, trans males can still carry pregnancies.
Gracia nods in approval. “That’s right,” she adds.
Elicia looks at them for a long moment. “Unca Roy has baby in his tummy?” She asks finally.
“Yes,” Roy says.
Elicia scoots closer and puts a hand on his middle next to his own. She frowns after a long moment. “I don’t feel it,” she says in disappointment.
Roy chuckles. “I promise when the baby starts growing you can feel it then,” he says starting to stand up.
Elicia holds up her arms as Roy smooths his shirt. “Hold pwease,” she asks.
“Oh Elicia,” Gracia begins but Roy waves her off. He picks her up easily and holds her close to his chest. Better practice now while he still can. Oh boy does he have a lot to learn in the next few months.
“You pwomise you have a baby?” She asks seriously.
“Cross my heart,” Roy replies.
“Yay!” Elicia gives him a hug.
“You handled that better than telling the crew,” Gracia says snagging her daughter from him.
“She’s too young to have an opinion on the subject,” Roy replies. “Honestly I’m still shocked no one’s given me the ‘how-dare-you-put-your-crew-in-danger’ spiel.”
“Honestly, I think most of us are surprised it took you two this long,” Gracia admits before heading out. Roy stands there staring after the two. Leave it to a Hughes to tell him that everyone but himself and Riza were half-expecting it.
Balcruft is a beautiful planet with two flourishing cities so big they are visible from space. Roy sits in his seat on the bridge as they hail their client. The Phantom Flame is a crew of pirates who take on jobs. Because honestly, calling themselves mercenaries leaves a bad taste in Roy’s mouth. Besides, his rule is no killing and mercenaries are more often hired to kill their targets.
Pirates however are known for plundering other ships. And while they primarily try to take on missions that help others, they still attack whatever Armada ships they come across. Roy’s got a whole cargo bay full of stolen goods and bartered items. They happen to be the best pirates out there because of technology no one else has.
Technology Roy himself designed thanks to some engineering breakthroughs he learned from Berthold Hawkeye. The ability to fully cloak the ship.
As they approach the planet perfectly invisible to any scanners Fuery sends out the comm beacon.
A minute later they have a response. The screen shows them an aging Hydran male, the green scales on his head beginning to turn white. He nods at Roy. “Captain Mustang, I am pleased to make your acquaintance.” He inclines his head as his purple eyes stay locked on the human.
“Ambassador Xildarks, the pleasure is mine,” Roy replies returning the gesture.
“I understand you are willing to take in hybrids?” Xildarks asks.
“I am, I’ll make sure to get them somewhere safe,” Roy replies. The reptilian man on the screen nods and smiles in relief. He seems to carry a burden of an emotional state that weighs the Hydran down.
“Thank you, here is the landing dock they will be at. As promised they have your payment with them,” he says before sending through coordinates and then ending the stream.
Roy frowns at the sudden cut off. He knows some clients prefer to make as little contact as possible, but this was even shorter than he’s used to. “Havoc take us in,” Roy gives the order and they approach the planet still cloaked.
Just before they reach the docks they uncloak and land. Riza sits in her own seat looking nervous as she watches the computers for signs of danger, but there is only the two hooded figures on the dock and neither of them are armed. Funny, usually the people they pick up have some kind of weaponry on them. However the scanners indicate the presence of mixed physiology and some biotech. “Riza, go welcome our passengers,” Roy says.
Riza nods, “I’ll make sure they’re settled in the guest room.” She leaves the bridge and heads to the entrance.
Breda is already at the big bay door and he opens it when Riza gives him the signal. Without a word he opens the hatch and they are greeted by a pair of blonde teens with pointed ears looking rather sheepish. “Edward, Alhonse!” Riza says in surprise. She walks towards them instantly going from cautious professional to welcoming.
“Hawkeye!” They greet in unison with smiles as they hurry up the ramp. Breda watches silently. He nods when they wave at him before he closes the hatch quickly.
“All set for takeoff,” Breda says into his comm watch and the ship immediately groans as it pushes away from the ground. As soon as they are off the dock the cloaking system is initialized and they vanish as quickly as they appeared.
Riza hugs them both warmly. It’s been a year since they last vanished. They chuckle at her greeting and then look at her as they rub the back of their necks.
“Bet the Captain’s pretty pissed at us?” Ed asks. The last time they were aboard the Phantom Flame they caused quite the trouble, almost got them all caught by a Terran Senator, hassled Roy for some credits, and then just up and vanished.
“He wants to know why you left so suddenly. You boys didn’t even contact him once,” she replies. There is an accusatory edge to her tone because she knows Roy wants nothing more than to help these boys stay out of trouble, and yet they repeatedly snub the man. Roy would have gladly kept them safe this whole time if they would have let him. She leads them towards the bridge. She could tell Roy via comm watch, but seeing his face at their return will be much more interesting.
“We uh, we kind of got ourselves in some trouble,” Ed says.
“And the Ambassador got you out?” Riza asks in surprise.
“He helped us yes, but only because he wanted us to help his son,” Al answers.
“With what?” Riza queries. Maes would probably know why Xildarks would seek the help of two brilliant young bionic engineers like the Elrics. But Riza’s first job is protecting the wanted man they call their Captain. And after the events two weeks ago that has become a much more pressing matter for her. There is another life they both have to protect.
“Apparently his son lost a leg in some Skirmish with the Armada. It was just a run-of-the-mill bionic replacement,” Ed shrugs.
“So you took the job to help him out?” Riza asks.
“We took the job in exchange for information,” Ed says. “About a human doctor who did extensive research on hybrid pregnancies. Apparently he went AWOL and is hiding somewhere in the Outer Belt.”
Riza almost trips as she turns to look at them. Both boys watch in curiosity as a few emotions flit through her very expressive eyes. The one that has them both sharing a concerned look is the hope that sparkles through the fear, concern, and disbelief. “And they haven’t been apprehended by the Armada?” Riza finally asks.
“From what we have no, we’re still going through some old research work he did for the Armada regarding hybrids, but it’s all encoded and every chapter has a different encryption key,” Alphonse responds with a tired shake of his head.
They reach the bridge and Riza opens the door. “Captain, I have some troublemakers for you to meet.” She steps in as Roy turns.
“Troublemakers? I thought they-“ his words die as he looks at two very familiar faces. “You two,” he growls standing from his seat. “Where the hell have you been?” Before anyone can say anything he’s pulling them both into a hug. “I’ve been very worried about you,” he adds in a whisper.
Ed and Al are startled by the man’s warm embrace and affectionate words. They’ve always had an unusual relationship with the pirate captain. Seeing as they were very young when Roy found them all alone after their human mother died, he’s always behaved more like a concerned uncle or if everyone’s being honest, like a father. He brought them aboard after they nearly killed themselves in a freak engineering accident. They were eleven and ten at the time. Both suffered some injuries that required bionic prosthetics their childhood friend helped create for them. They had been trying to create a fully synthetic body one could have their soul and consciousness moved into. A way to cheat death. It had backfired on them and resulted in Al almost being transferred permanently and Ed having to scramble to get Al back in his own body.
Unfortunately the damage was permanent. Ed lost two limbs, Al ended up having to have the synthetic body matrix grafted to his brain. Because of this Al suffers nerve damage, chronic insomnia, temporary losses of his senses, and on rare occasions blackouts.
“Still haven’t found that deadbeat bastard?” Roy asks ruffling both their heads tenderly. He really doesn’t care how unprofessional he’s being. This is his ship, this is his crew, and as far as Roy is concerned these boys are his. He’s the only one who has even tried to properly help them. Gave them a place on his ship, gave them connections to find answers, gave them advice when they had no idea what they were doing.
It’s been four years since then and they haven’t found answers yet.
“No,” Ed says far more quietly then he intended. But then Roy’s looking at them like they’re his own two sons come home for a visit and dam it’s hard not to relish in such a feeling.
“We’re sorry we left without a word, but we didn’t want to put you all in anymore danger,” Al says softly. They really never intend to hurt people, but sometimes their independence backfires on them even worse and they hurt a lot of people unintentionally.
“The only thing that matters is that you’re home,” Roy says straightening up. He catches Havoc and Breda watching. If they so much as open their mouths they’ll find out just how hard it is to scrub the cargo hold without fancy cleaning technology.
“Thanks,” Ed says sincerely. He really is glad to be back amongst familiar faces they know they can trust. Al nods in agreement but both of them look so tired.
“Your room is still as you left it. I suggest you boys get some rest before you tell me what you’ve been up to.” They nod and vanish from the bridge.
Roy looks at the few crew members present. “I don’t think I have to remind you all that my current state of affairs are not discussion points?” Everyone shakes their head. They wouldn’t dream of telling the Elrics about Roy’s condition. Not if they don’t want to be doing unpleasant chores for a few days. Roy will tell them when he is good and ready to.
“We’re heading for the Outer Belts Captain?” Havoc asks.
“Full speed toward our destination,” Roy affirms.
Once the ship is set on it’s course now they just have to wait a while, the problem is that Balcruft is a very central planet in an area that is crawling with Armada ships. They have at least a month of hard traveling if they don’t encounter any problems. But seeing as this is Roy Mustang’s ship and crew, they are bound to hit a minimum of two.
Riza looks at Roy and leans in close to whisper to him. His eyes widen and his left hand absently takes up position on his belly. “No lie?” Roy asks in a soft incredulous voice. Riza nods her head sharply. This surprise reunion with the Elric brothers might just be the best thing that could happen at a time like this. “That’s a fortuitous development,” Roy says before controlling his face. They still have a long journey ahead of them and he won’t pester the boys until he’s let them rest.
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shinygoku · a month ago
Top 10 CSatM Episodes (2/2)
See part 1 here
As a few paragraphs and pictures for 10 episodes in a row makes a rather long, unruly beast of a post!
The second half of my personal preferred picks for a Top 10, though the order they’re being listed in doesn’t correspond to my favour, but the order how I watch them on my DVDs. I still suggest you read the first half of the list before this one, all the same~
Spoilers below the cut, be warned! ✂
Crater 101
Tumblr media
So this ep is pretty much a sequel to Lunarville 7, and is followed up with Dangerous Rendezvous. Neither of those made the cut of my list though, and even isolated from those it makes a solid story. The most Space-y of all the episodes and a visual treat, cause while we mostly stuck to the stark accommodations of Lunarville 7 in that episode, here we see the grey grimy gloom of the outside of the Moon, and the sharp, delightful contrast of the Mysteron’s fantastic plastic Complex. Here, vivid marbled colours and flashing lights join inorganic shapes that suggest something of the Mysteron’s nature, but as always, nothing conclusive.
Moving away from the lovely Aesthetics, this is also a strong one for characterisation. We get some sweet interactions with The Lads and for this episode only, the Best Female Character in the whole show. Linda Nolan is the controller of Lunarville 6, a smart, capable woman who had her own cool space mission referenced and in fact critical to the plot. She is also relatable in that she catches feelings for Scarlet, so while she’s barking up the wrong tree I still have nothing but respect for her, hehee.
Eerie, tense, interesting and still somewhat funny, this is another episode that eeks into an even higher ranking list than 10, I could comfortably put it in 5 and mmmaybe 3. Though I’m not gonna be able to say definitively as the best episodes all bring something different to the table, and this may just be the strongest in the uniqueness regard.
Fire at Rig 15
Tumblr media
I get the feeling this may be an unorthodox choice, somehow? But yeah, I just really enjoy it. It’s not a funny episode, but it is rather exciting, and contains some lovely new music and a sweet scene at the end. The Mysteron’s plot is pretty simple, but should it succeed, devastating as it would be crippling Spectrum’s operations by removing the unique type of fuel all the craft uses.
In a way, it’s kind of like a dark mirror to a typical Thunderbirds setup; whereas in that show the initial fire would be more likely to be accidental or just maybe some ne’er do well like the Hood, this time it’s as simple as the Mysterons reopening the master valve. When traditional firefighters would eventually retreat to make room for International Rescue, here Spectrum themselves have a rather passive role as a professional rolls in. And of course, said man finds himself very, very dead due to further Mysteron interference (see picture), with Black seemingly hypnotising the poor bloke into standing too close to the explosion.
From there his duplicate half buries his original corpse and later receives direct instructions from Black to suicide bomb the nearby refinery, and it’s en route to this is where the thrilling car chase takes place! Scarlet saves the refinery but the whole SPV he was driving is completely ablaze at the end of it. Like my thoughts on Point 783, I really appreciate the human touch to the last scene, with soft music as arrangements are made for Scarlet to recover from the horrible state we’re spared of seeing. Seeing how his ability to recover from death is one of the cornerstones of the whole premise, I love it when we’re allowed a bit more insight into what the other Spectrum personnel do in the situations, in this case White specifically instructing Dr Fawn to make sure Scarlet is comfortable as the process takes place.
Treble Cross
Tumblr media
A notable and unique spin of an episode, where a rather routine Mysteron threat takes quite the turn when their assassinated target is brought back to life! It seems by the 2060′s we’ll have cool machinery to do CPR for a couple of hours as well as doctors ready to play god when they happen to drive by the car crash scene, heheh
Seriously though, this is a really fresh premise, that the villains who have been using doppelgangers for their devious schemes get the tables turned. This time the duplicate gets perma-killed while the original Major Gravener willingly participates in an undercover mission to help draw Captain Black into a trap at last... However, an easily overlooked factor in the driver who was also killed had been duplicated offscreen, so even with this amazing chance Spectrum can’t catch Black. But the World Capital, Futura City, is saved and Spectrum find the Mysterons themselves can’t tell their own copies from the original person, so it’s all in all a net gain!
Also this episode contains the World’s Happiest Clock, so that’s a neat plus.
Flight 104
Tumblr media
We start this story on the incredible note of Captain Blue singing in the shower of the Hotel room he shares with Captain Scarlet. Scarlet then orders them both room service for some lunch. And if that sounds like the start of a fanfic plot, it may well be, but it’s also literally right there in the episode, baybee!
Charmingly domestic opening aside, I love this whole shebang. Again it’s the usual Mysterons threatening of an individual who Spectrum are bodyguarding, but the way both our heroes and villains go about this is different from the norm. Scarlet and Blue are trying to avoid drawing attention, so they spend the whole episode in normal clothes (Blue spending 1/3 of this in that comfy bathrobe!), and don’t have their comms. What’s more, they get a pair of reporters suspicious, and the two trail them looking for a Big Scoop.
When I was first watching this, I was expecting the journalists to get killed by Black to be the Mysteron Pawns, but no! They’re both fine from the start to the end! Then we find Black doing ....something.... to the Flight Crew of the titular Flight 104, but they aren’t killed either, just drugged. Instead, the Mysterons remotely pilot the plane on a slow collision course with the Alps, but are undone when an Electrical Plant interferes with their control.
As breaking into the pilot cabin had the side effect of jamming the landing gear, the plane has to crash land at the airport, but almost everyone being unharmed makes this one of the most gentle episodes of the lot... of course, Scarlet himself is still heavily implied to have been killed from the crash, but even his injuries seem pretty minor this time. And yet, it’s not lacking in excitement, as the tension of Spectrum trying to communicate with the two without their Comms and the inability to override the Mysteron’s control until that pre-established Electrical weakness kicks in holds for a while.
Tumblr media
Those who know of me from Thunderbirds are Go (the 2015 TV series) discussion are likely to know how much I love the episode from Season 1, Tunnels of Time. It heavily features my favourite ship in that show as they explore an ancient South American Temple which is full of peril. The temple is destroyed by the end of the episode.
So anyway, Inferno features my favourite ship in this show as they explore an ancient South American Temple which is full of peril, and tragically the temple is destroyed by the end of the episode! Heheeheheee~
Ok seriously though, eerie parallels aside this is another utterly beautiful instalment, with set design and lighting that really blows other episodes out of the proverbial water. And the pyrotechnic team clearly had fun with the seemingly unending explosions at the end of the adventure. An all-around visual feast!
Main plot is relatively simple, like in White as Snow, the Mysterons kill a Satellite and its crew and steer the reconstructed version towards their target of the week. Unlike WaS, they succeed in the end, a reminder that they’re still not to be underestimated. No human lives are lost, but the important complex and more tragically, the 800 year old temple that’s otherwise intact, get bombed to smithereens. Something something additional cost of warfare on Culture and History.
But while this is the end of my personal Top 10 list, it’s not all bad, because the Scarlet and Blue antics in the temple are utterly lovely and [chef finger kiss] splendid cinema~!
Tumblr media
That about wraps up this Two-part post of mine! Picking 10 out of 32 is easier than 10 out of 100, but it’s still tricky as most of the episodes are very good, with only a few I’d promptly write off as a candidate for the list. And in some ways I wonder if I went about this the right way, some eps I only saw once and might feel strong enough to pip one’a the ones I did choose.
I have been rewatching each of the eps covered, and a few that didn’t make it, but my initial choice was made looking at the full list and letting my gut grab a few, having to think over more as the slots filled. Some fan favourites like Lunarville 7 came close, but I hope I’ve been able to clearly convey what it is about this selection that gave them the edge ;3
I will write further posts on Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons in the future, but after this mammoth and also the Notable Episodes list I’d quite like to enjoy it for a while without thinking about points to talk about, haha
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meadmeinthemiddle · a month ago
Hi, my angst level was born earlier than me, so I stare at the angst list on your blog and sniffing excitedly. Can I try my luck and ask you to write someday a situation where Corvo can say "I'm hollow?" 👀
YES! Oh god, the more I thought about this, the more I got invested in the idea. Between that and the fact that I've been listening to the Santiano cover of "Wellerman" on a loop, this has turned into like... a whole ass AU fic.
Post game AU wherein Corvo failed to save Emily from Havelock at Kingsparrow Lighthouse and leaves Dunwall behind. I've borrowed some of the Whalers from 'What Lies Between Sorrow and Longing', so the characters may seem familiar!
This has turned into a monster, so I will put it on AO3 soon as well.
CW for injury/vaguely discussed medical treatment, Also CW for the whaling trade and everything it entails. I don't describe the whales' suffering directly, but it's talked about.
Whaling was hard work. It was vicious weather and the angry sea, faces smudged with engine oil and hands torn ragged from rigging. It was the adrenaline rush of seeing flukes to the starboard side, the cry of "whale!" from aloft, the breathless elation of a harpoon striking true. It was long nights below deck, tossed by the waves and haunted by the tormented moans of the beasts trussed overhead.
Whaling was cruel, bloody work, but Thomas was used to that.
It had been nearly two years since Daud had vanished, spared by the grace of Corvo Attano. Mere days later, Thomas had heard the vile news of the little Empress's tragic demise - a long fall from the summit of Kingsparrow Lighthouse in the arms of Admiral Farley Havelock, her self-proclaimed greatest supporter. It was only a matter of weeks before Dunwall fell into complete anarchy, its Empress dead once more and its corrupted, reptilian Regent long since executed at the hands of the rogue Lord Protector.
Insulated in their watery keep, the Whalers had struggled to hold themselves together, tossing the corpses of ill-fated Overseers to the rats and watching with slow, helpless agony as their powers began to fade with Daud's absence. Their relative immunity to the Plague began to fade alongside their supernatural gifts, and so their ranks dwindled. Some were lost to sickness, while others finally cast aside their long-rotten loyalty and fled, either to the bloody bosoms of Dunwall's other gangs or off the wretched rock entirely. The latter group Thomas could hardly fault. For some of them he even gave his blessing to go - Misha, Galia and her Overseer, Montgomery and Javier with a contingent of novices.
A few remained after several long months, when the city was wheezing with death rattles despite the best efforts of the new High Overseer, Yul Khulan, and the scant remains of Jessamine's parliament. Jenkins refused to abandon Thomas or Rudshore, the big soft-hearted fool that he was, and the twins remained with him. Jordan refused to leave Killian's side, always clinging and skittish; he had been different, since the Surge, since they had lost so many and Daud abandoned them to their fates. He had been so different that even Kieron was treating him gently, having apparently forgiven Jordan for stealing the attentions of his twin brother despite their many foolish years of mutual distrust.
And there was Rinaldo. Kind, beautiful Rinaldo, with his smooth dark skin and eyes that sparkled with mischievous mirth, though the bounds of his good humor had shrunken in recent months. He had been the one to support Thomas as he struggled to hold the Whalers together; crooked sutures around the gaping wound of Daud's abandonment. He had kept Thomas close, watched his back, and it was inevitable that they had fallen into bed together, taking desperate comfort in the hot press of each other in the dark, abysmal night. It was sweet, in a sad, sickening sort of way. But it was real. Realer than any promise that Thomas had trusted Daud to keep, realer than the sharp-toothed maw of sorrow that waited to swallow him whole.
Rinaldo had been the one to convince Thomas to let the memory of the Whalers die. He had managed to pry the hope for Daud's return from Thomas's fingers like keepsakes stolen from a corpse, and it had nearly broken them both to finally let go and accept the reality of their abandonment.
So they had gathered the few that remained - Jenkins, Kieron, Killian, Jordan - and left Dunwall to the rogues and rats. Jenkins still had connections from back when he had been a deck hand on a whaling ship, and he had convinced an old friend, a former first-mate-turned-captain-by-mutiny, to secret them all away to Morley. The crew had been wary, treating them like unwanted cargo to be dumped at the nearest port, but Rinaldo had taken to whaling like a fish to water, and Thomas could not refuse him when the offer to stay on finally arose. And so they had parted with Jenkins and Jordan and the twins in Wynnedown with a promise to find them again upon next shore leave.
Whaling was difficult work, at first. Thomas's hands ached from fresh calluses for weeks, the strength needed for casting line and climbing rigging so very different from the precise power required for taking lives. Whaling was a different type of murder, condoned by society and demanding less finesse, but it was murder nonetheless. Thomas hated the screaming of the whales overhead, hated the rumbling replies that echoed into the hull of the ship from the ocean beyond. But Rinaldo was happy, and Thomas was content with his closeness, taking what little joy there was to be had in the stolen moments spent in the dark below decks and in the long, slow passions explored in dingy hotel rooms each time they made port. It was enough. It was a novelty grown slowly into routine, and it was enough.
They had made port in Alexin on the southwestern coast of Tyvia to deliver a vicious bull whale to his gruesome death - a death not deserved, but well earned after dragging six men and a harpoon boat to the depths - and to gather replacements for the men lost. Thomas had been on deck splicing a new aft dock line when the first mate, a stout burly Morleyan man called Slade, came trudging up the gang plank with four fresh faces in tow. Four was less then they needed, less than they'd lost, but it was a start. Their next port of call was Caulkenny before setting a heading southeast through the Strait of Morgengaard and out to sea, and there were plenty of halfbrained young studs prowling those docks in search of a chance to prove their mettle.
Though scarcely beyond being green himself, Thomas studied the newcomers carefully. He had earned his scars and sea legs by now, had fought for each sailor's tattoo that marked his arms and chest; it was well within his right to assess the fresh meat and make wagers with the other men as to which would last beyond their next docking or their next whale, and which would not.
There was an older, grizzled man with faded Imperial Navy tattoos peeking above the collar of his shirt who was clearly an old hand at sea. There was little blond left in the grey of his hair, and he bore a scar over one eye that reminded Thomas painfully of Daud, but this man had not been so lucky as his former master, as the eye was milky-blind and his upper lip warped into a permanent snarl from bad sutures. Another was a young man with a long, severe face and hands too big for his skinny arms. He was clearly Tyvian, his expression bearing a passive sort of disgust for everyone and everything; he would be diligent but distant, Thomas posited, and the crew would harangue him endlessly until he either loosened up or deserted. 
The third was short and slight and curly-headed, clearly a girl playing at being a man for one reason or another; though Thomas wasn’t sure if she was hiding from something, simply keen on dressing as such, or was like Yuri, a novice with the Whalers who had decided that they were neither quite a boy nor a girl, or were perhaps a little of both. If she were the latter it was no great matter to Thomas, as he had long since grown accustomed to referring to Yuri as “them” and not “him”, and would happily do the same if this newcomer preferred it. He would keep a mindful eye on the rest of the crew, however, as he could see some of them already watching her with vitriol on their tongues. She was chattering happily to Slade, who looked like he was trying to pretend he wasn't enjoying the liveliness, his brow arched in a way that suggested he believed she would do just fine among their hardened lot, and likely outwork them all. At least Thomas would not be the only one looking out for her, it seemed.
The fourth of the newcomers was lagging cautiously behind, and upon seeing him Thomas dropped the knife he'd been using to mend the line in his lap. The knife thudded blade-first into the deck between his boots, wobbling. Startled, heart throbbing anxiously in his chest, Thomas abandoned his work and rushed below deck, skidding down the stairs and jumping the handrails, knocking into his crewmates until he found Rinaldo in the engine room. Rinaldo smiled sweetly at him as he approached, a slick smear of grease glittering on his forehead in the low light.
"Hi, love," Rinaldo chirped, free with his affection since they were alone. At the dark panic on Thomas's face, Rinaldo frowned. "What's happened?"
"He's here."
"Who's here?"
For a moment there was tempered hope in Rinaldo's eyes, as if he expected Thomas to confide that he had seen Daud strolling the wharf, but the banked glimmer of excitement was quick to perish in the face of Thomas's panic. Thomas glanced around suspiciously, shoving Rinaldo into the scant space behind the boiler and dropping his voice to a frantic whisper.
"Attano. He's here."
"Are you sure?" Rinaldo's voice was hard-edged and urgent, like it had always been when things went sideways during a contract for the Whalers.
"It's him, I know it," Thomas swore, breathless. "He's cut his hair short and wears a beard now, but his left hand is wrapped. It's him. I'd know those lifeless eyes anywhere."
Nodding, Rinaldo pulled him close, and Thomas sank into the easy comfort of his arms, grateful.
"We'll be fine. We always wore our masks, so there's no way for him to recognize us," Rinaldo reasoned, rubbing his knuckles up and down Thomas's back. "Besides, when he was in Rudshore he was half-dead from Tyvian poison and delirious. He wouldn't remember either way."
Void, Thomas hoped he was right. Rinaldo had witnessed time and again how Thomas shook when he awoke from nightmares, dreams tortured with memories of Attano's mask in the dark, wheezing breaths echoing with sad regret at the memory of Attano's blankly devastated face as the Tower guards dragged him away from the Empress's body in chains.
Corvo Attano had every right to run them through on a blade or toss them into the sea. Thomas only hoped that should he discover them -- who they were, who they had worked for -- that he show the same twisted mercy he had shown Daud. And if not, at least be merciful enough to grant them an easy death.
Thomas made sure to keep a wary distance from Attano for the rest of the day, scurrying to attend to his duties as the last of the ship's provisions were loaded and they unmoored, heading back out to sea. Just before supper, the captain -- a hulking, grizzled, but generous man from Whitecliff called Hugh -- called the crew to the deck to introduce their new mates. Attano was dead-eyed and sullen as he introduced himself as Domenic Ortiz, hardly raising his voice above a coarse whisper. Though Thomas noticed Attano staring at both he and Rinaldo, there was no obvious recognition in his gaze, and Thomas felt his hackles lower marginally.
The necessity of his duties kept Thomas from dwelling overmuch on Attano in the following days until the trawler docked in Caulkenny, but he watched him carefully whenever there was a moment’s rest. Attano looked dreadful, hardly any better than he had during his time as a fugitive of the Regent, his cheeks still hollow and hazel eyes distant, his gaze too eager to slide away from his mates’ faces. There was a new scar carved from his cheekbone along his temple and into his hairline, his greying dark curls marred by a shock of white along the scar’s edges. Despite being thin to the point of appearing sickly, Attano’s towering height and broad chest still bore such frightening strength as he hauled lines alongside Rinaldo.
Rinaldo, the fool, had taken to Attano almost immediately, using the excuse that he was feeling him out for recognition when Thomas accused him of being reckless. After two months at sea, tacking east towards Pandyssia and then north with no whales to be seen, Thomas could nearly admit that Rinaldo and Attano had become friends during the long, dull hours on deck. Attano had never made any indication that he recognized either of them, and so Thomas had finally begun to instigate brief conversations with the former Lord Protector a Rinaldo’s insistence. It was rare that Attano spoke more than a few whispered words at a time, and Thomas still struggled to remember to call him Domenic or Ortiz, but Rinaldo was happy enough with his efforts.
Five months in, after having set course back to the south with the looming threat of Pandyssia kept far to the port side, Thomas had taken the final evening watch aloft. Far below, Rinaldo had finished supper in the main cabin with the other harpooneers and had returned to the deck to set out a game of Nancy with Attano and a couple of the foremast hands. They were chattering loudly and Rinaldo was trying to goad the others into joining him in some bawdy song or another, and Thomas smiled at his antics. Most shocking, perhaps, was the timid smile twisting the corners of Attano’s lips like some foreign, weak-legged thing.
He was handsome like this, smirking in the soft glow of sunset and listing gamely to the side when Rinaldo jostled him with his shoulder, laughing at something one of their crewmates had said. Thomas was enamored with the pair of them, and a warm, longing sensation puddled in his chest.
So content with watching them, Thomas nearly didn’t see the smooth breach of a whale nearly a mile off the starboard side, a nearly invisible shadow breaking the ocean’s surface in the dark. Only the misting blow of the beast caught his attention. Yet, somehow, Attano’s head had whipped around, gaze focusing with remarkable precision on the whale’s position despite his lower vantage on the deck, and in the same instant, both he and Thomas shouted: “There she blows!”
"Whale! Mile to starboard, west-south-west!” Thomas bellowed, tracking the leviathan through his spyglass.
Slade called up for precise confirmation of the whale as the boatheaders and harpooneers scrambled on the deck, packing spare lanterns and whale iron into their boats as the ship adjusted course in pursuit. A grim, feral smirk had carved itself across Rinaldo’s face as he piled into his assigned whaleboat alongside his boatheader, the salty third-mate called Donovan, two rowers named Flynn and Ross, and Attano. Thomas watched, heart in his throat, as the trawler approached the whale and the boats were lowered to the churning sea.
“Gaffers at the ready!” Donovan shouted from below, eager and already triumphant. “We’re bringing this one in, boys!”
A rallying cry sounded from the deck, and the whaleboats shoved off. The heaves of the rowers echoed above the salty spray of the water, soon fading in the distance as the ship cut her engines, trying not to gally the whale. Still aloft, Thomas watched as the battle against the beast began, Rinaldo’s harpoon releasing fast and true. The leviathan pitched and groaned, its great fluke nearly capsizing the whaleboat as it struggled to dive, but the crew righted themselves from the impact as the line ran out hot. The ship’s engines roared back to life to follow as the whale towed the whaleboat behind it as it fled, though when it eventually breached the surface again, it was struck once more by the harpooneer under Slade’s command. 
Nearly two hours of battle in the dark of and the whaleboats held fast to the beast were long lost to inky blackness of the night. Thomas clung to his post aloft, scanning the horizon fruitlessly for any sign, his heart thundering in his chest. He hated the long silence between the loosed harpoon and the final flurry of the whale, fear crawling up his throat with the anxious panic that Rinaldo had been taken by the beast, lost to the Void forever. As the crew waited with bated breath, they collected the two whaleboats that had not struck line to the beast, until eventually two flares rose high into the blackness, summoning.
Giddy with relief and excitement, Thomas called down to the crew, and the ship turned slowly to the north to retrieve the final boats and their defeated quarry. The gaffers trussed the groaning whale up into the prow as the victorious crewmen climbed back aboard, weary and salty with sea spray and sweat. Rinaldo bore a bloody gash across his thigh that pushed Thomas’s heart into his throat, but Rinaldo waved away his grim worry as Attano helped him stagger below deck, Thomas hot on their heels.
“By the Void, what have you done to yourself?” Thomas fussed as Attano settled Rinaldo onto the edge of his cot in the steerage.
“Whale thrashed before it finally went fin up,” Rinaldo grit out as Attano pulled the meager curtain around the bunk for privacy. “Harpoon was nearly knocked out of my hand and the barb caught me.”
“I can stitch it,” Attano assured in his grating whisper, seeming more at ease in the frantic urgency of the moment than Thomas had ever seen him.
He was quick and efficient, muttering to Rinaldo in soft Serkonan as he pulled the wound shut with slightly lopsided stitches, and Thomas could not express his gratitude. Once Attano was finished and his bloody hands rinsed in a basin of fresh water, he quickly excused himself to get some air above deck, and Thomas had a brief moment of peace.
His fingers were still trembling as he wiped the sweat from Rinaldo’s brow. Eventually he had fallen asleep, though his features were still twisted with discomfort, but Thomas could ignore Rinaldo’s pain if it continued to promise that he was here, whole. Attano had helped without question, as if it were a given that he would help piece Rinaldo back together, and Thomas couldn’t help but think back on the mercy that Attano had shown Daud those years ago. It was plain that Attano’s cruelly burdened heart still bore kindness, despite the universe’s every attempt to turn him cold and brutal and heartless.
Determined to express his thanks, Thomas pressed a soft kiss to Rinaldo’s cheek, dimmed the lantern, and made his way to the deck.
The excitement of the chase had long faded, the ship gone silent save for the hissing splash of the ocean against the hull and the soft murmurs of conversation drifting from the night watchmen abaft. He found Attano leaning against the rail near the bow of the ship, head lowered and clasping something throbbing and leathery in his hand. The thing glowed minutely, a soft, pulsing red, but Attano returned it to his coat pocket before Thomas could get a better look. Whatever the thing was, it sent a Void-touched tingle up his spine, despite him having long since lost his connection to the Void with Daud’s departure. Swallowing thickly, Thomas approached Attano just as the other man turned to face him.
“Thank you, Dominic,” he managed haltingly. “For helping Rinaldo. He’ll be insufferable while he’s bedridden, but I don’t know what I’d do if... if I lost him.”
Nodding slowly, Attano leaned his back against the railing, studying Thomas with those dull, lifeless eyes of his.
“He’s a friend. He’s been kind to me,” Attano said slowly, his low voice rough with disuse but more assertive than Thomas had ever heard it. “And he is more than a friend to you, I gather.”
“I... yes. Much more. We’ve been together for years, and have known each other for more than a decade.”
“Is that how long you were Daud’s men?” Attano asked casually.
Thomas’s heart seemed to stutter for a moment, his throat going tight with rising panic. How long had Attano known? What would he do?
“Lord Attano,” Thomas stammered. “How did you know?”
“I could smell the Void on you both. Stale and faded, but it was there. You smelled like him. Like Daud.”
Lowering his gaze and clenching his trembling fists at his sides, Thomas drew a shaking breath. “I... we know what we were, and what we did to you. And we know that we deserve whatever vengeance you wish to dole out. Just....”
Squeezing his eyes shut tight, Thomas swallowed the fretful emotion making his throat thick and sticky, fighting the colossal loss that already was tightening in his chest.
“Before you send me to the Void, Lord Attano, let me say goodbye to Rinaldo. Let me tell him I love him one more time, I beg you. Please.”
“I was not given the same courtesy,” Attano growled.
“No, you were not,” Thomas admitted as he dropped to his knees, bowing his head and awaiting the knife at his neck, or the icy press of a gun barrel to the back of his skull. He offered himself up to his punishment, readily.
But Attano made no move, a frigid bastion of silence between the whipping wind and the stinging ocean spray. The droplets stung like needles against the exposed skin of Thomas’s nape, little cruelties struck against him, so meager in their severity in the face of his own sins. Far above, trussed in the prow, the whale moaned a pleading lament, a condemning song of death, of loss, of violence imparted upon the innocent. Thomas had not been innocent in a long, long time.
“There is no vengeance left in me,” Attano murmured at last. “There is no life, no future. There is nothing of the past to comfort me now. I’m hollow.”
Thomas jerked his head up to look at him, hopeful and wide-eyed. Attano was staring out over the ocean, heartbreakingly forlorn as the wind tousled his dark curls against his brow, and Thomas felt as if Attano’s sorrow was his own, overwhelming and wretched. There were tears on both of their cheeks, salty and smudged by the breeze. When Attano turned his lifeless gaze back on him, Thomas felt his stomach clench with the intensity of Attano’s grief, painted so plain in the downturn of his lips and the creases at the corners of his eyes and in the moonlight glow of each silver stand of hair.
Attano was a broken man, but Thomas could not spare the foolish hope that perhaps he could help. Perhaps he could save Corvo Attano, if only Attano would let him.
“Lord Attano,” Thomas whispered, shuffling closer on his knees. “Corvo.”
Attano blinked, startled, as if he had forgotten his own name, as if he had forgotten that there had once been a man named Corvo Attano.
“I know I have no right to make requests of you, Corvo,” Thomas began carefully. “But please, don’t abandon yourself yet.”
“There is kindness in you, despite everything,” Thomas insisted. “I see it in everything you do. That kindness, that goodness in the face of so much loss... your merciful heart... don’t waste it. You don’t have to be Corvo Attano. You don’t have to be the Lord Protector, or the Masked Felon, or even Domenic Ortiz. You don’t have to be anything, but don’t decide to be nothing just yet.”
Thomas offered Attano his hand, and Attano gazed down at him, astounded and blinking fresh tears from his eyes. There was a crack in him, slowly spreading, and Thomas wondered if perhaps the real Corvo Attano was still inside, frightened and hurt and grieving. He wouldn’t let Corvo Attano be smothered out, not by his own hand or the hands of others. After all, such goodness was a cruel thing to waste.
“Okay,” Attano murmured, voice breaking.
Still kneeling at Attano’s feet, Thomas smiled when strong fingers wrapped around his own, clinging and desperate.
It was a start.
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elylandon · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Part 2 - Chapter 9: Luxury
Pairing: The Mandalorian/Din Djarin x Female Reader
Word Count: 7,858
Rating/Warnings: M for mature content. Some swearing and smut.
[Part 1]
Chapter 8 | Chapter 10 (Coming Soon)
Note: (Slight AU) The spice has returned! I adore this chapter. It’s been nesting in my brain since Episode 4 aired, and I’m so happy that I finally get to share it. It’s also the longest chapter to date for the whole series! That said, I hope you all enjoy, and thanks for reading! 💜🤍
Ahsoka Tano. That was the name of the Jedi Bo-Katan supplied in thanks for Din’s assistance on her mission. Putting aside the fact that she had given you said information, you realized at the end of the whole deal that you didn’t much care for the female Mandalorian. Din had explained everything upon his return, seeing as how you hadn’t been able to listen over the comlinks. While he seemed to have quickly forgiven Bo-Katan for changing the terms of their deal mid-mission, you were getting awfully sick of others taking advantage of Din’s desire to take care of this kid. 
Still, you couldn’t deny that Bo-Katan had basically given you a golden ticket to the Jedi. A name, and a location. You would find this Ahsoka Tano on Corvus… if you could ever make it there. 
The Razor Crest was still in bad shape. The Mon Calamari on Trask had at least been able to fuse the ship so that it was no longer exposed to the vacuum of space, but that was about it. Everything else was roughly strapped together by netting in typical Mon Calamari fashion, and any mechanical fixes were ones that you and Din had already made on the ice planet. 
The Crest was safe to travel in for the moment, but not to anywhere far off, like Corvus. 
After exhausting several ideas, including one where Din tried and failed to instruct the child in a wiring job that was clearly meant for a droid while you stood by suppressing giggles, he finally admitted defeat. He was going to need some serious help repairing the Crest. Even more than Peli and her pit droids could manage. 
That said, you now found yourself eagerly waiting at the back ramp as Din landed on a familiar volcanic planet. Your last memories of Nevarro were not very fond, but there were friends here that you were excited to see. Cara Dune, of course, and even Greef Karga. 
As the Crest touched down, you lifted your arm and punched a button on the vambrace Din had crafted for you. The ramp groaned as it dropped, then gave a creaking sound of resistance, stopping halfway to the ground. You gave a very Din-like sigh and walked to the edge of the ramp before hopping down to the rocky surface below. 
Cara and Greef were there, waiting for you and Din at the edge of town. Without even waiting for Din and the child to follow after you, you rushed over to greet them. 
“Well, if it isn’t my favorite Earthling,” Greef said, his face split in a dazzling grin. You raised an eyebrow at him. 
“You know other Earthlings?”
“No, of course not. But even if I did, you’d still be my favorite.”
You shook your head before clasping his hand, then Cara’s. 
“Looks like someone could use some repairs,” Greef called out, and you turned to see Din hopping off the back ramp just as you had, the child sitting happily in his arms. He came up behind you and clasped Greef’s hand too. 
“How’s my credit around here?” he asked. 
“I think something could be arranged. Isn’t that right, Marshal?” Greef said, turning to address Cara. She reached out to stroke the child’s tiny hand.
“I’m sure we can work something out.”
“I’ll get my best people on it,” Greef noted, then called over to a couple of mechanics in the shipyard. “Hey fellas! Let’s fix this man’s ship. I want it as good as new.”
As the mechanics moved towards the ship, Greef’s eyes fell upon the child. 
“And you! Come here, little one!” he chuckled, reaching for the child. “Has Mando been taking good care of you, huh?”
The child cooed happily and Greef continued to chatter at him as he turned, leading you all into town. As you walked the streets, you couldn’t help noticing how much livelier it seemed compared to your last visit. The difference was almost night and day. Before, there was such a heavy Imperial presence that most people had hidden away within their homes to avoid trouble. Now, the streets were full, lined with varying colors, goods, foods, and people. It almost felt as if your last day here had never happened. As if Gideon had never been here; hadn’t nearly killed Din and taken the child.
However, as you reached the center of town, you saw something that proved it had all been very real. Greef, Cara, and Din kept walking, talking about the changes in town, but you stopped and stared upwards, eyes travelling over a new monument that had been erected since your last visit. It was IG-11. Some kind of replica of the nurse droid, memorializing what it had done for this town. This planet. 
All you could think was of what IG-11 had done for Din and the child. Protecting them, when you couldn’t. Saving them… when you couldn’t. A sad, but grateful smile touched your lips, and you held your hand to your heart, bowing your head, thanking the droid for its service to this planet, and to your family. 
“Y/N,” Din called. You gave the statue one last smile, then jogged to catch up. You quickly noticed the building Greef was leading you to and gave a start. Din recognized it too. 
“I’m surprised to see this place is still standing.”
It was the bar that had been decimated by Gideon and his stormtroopers. The bar you’d all been holed up in as the Empire tried to burn you out. Where Din had nearly died, and you had spent all of your energy trying to save him. 
“Wait till you see inside,” Cara remarked, a smug grin taking hold of her features, as if she too remembered all the gory details of this building, but was proud of what it had become since then. You shared a look with Din, then followed in after her. 
Inside the bar, the structure was familiar, but the walls were brighter, and instead of tables and booths, the room was filled with desks, each occupied by young children. At the front, a protocol droid was instructing them, almost as if they were in-
“A school?” Din asked. Cara nodded. 
“Things have changed a lot around here.”
You observed the class for another moment, feeling odd and out of place. You hadn’t stepped foot inside a school since you were sixteen. You wondered if Din felt the same, or if Mandalorians had some kind of formal schooling along with their training. 
“We’ll leave the little one here so we can talk business,” Greef said, interrupting your thoughts and stepping forward. Din reacted reflexively. 
“Wait. Wherever I go, he goes.”
“Mando, please,” Greef implored. “Where we’re going, you don’t want to take a child. Trust me.”
Din watched anxiously as Greef walked down the first row of desks and placed the child in one that wasn’t already filled. 
“He’ll be fine here. You have my word,” Cara promised beside him. 
As Greef returned to lead you out, you gave the room another cursory lookover, then stared sullenly at your little frog’s large ears poking out from the other side of his small chair. If Cara could assure his safety here, you supposed that was the best you could hope for. She hadn’t given you a reason not to trust her judgement up until this point, at least.
Greef took you and Din farther down the street. You sighed a little in relief when it didn’t seem too far off from the school, just in case. Following Din inside, you heard a voice within stop as soon as he breached the doorway. You peeked around him to see what had caused the sudden quiet. 
Sitting at a table to the left was a Mythrol that seemed to recognize Din on sight. The moment he took in the beskar armor, the Mythrol’s skin released a sudden, panic-fueled mist of frost. 
“I believe you two have met,” Greef said. Din nodded. 
“I’m surprised to see you here.”
“Right back at ya,” the Mythrol said hesitantly. 
“Mythrol here has taken care of my books since he was a pollywog. But then he disappeared one day after a bit of ‘creative accounting,’” Greef explained. 
Ah. So he’d been a bounty. One Din had tracked down, evidently. 
“Magistrate Karga was generous enough to let me work off my debt,” the Mythrol said with less than sincere gratefulness. “Thank you, by the way.”
“Three hundred and fifty years, but who’s counting?”
“Well,” Din started. “If he runs off on you again, let me know.” 
You pressed your lips together, resisting an amused grin as you witnessed this interaction.
“Let me assure you, I do not want to spend any more time in carbonite. Still can’t see out of my left eye,” the Mythrol mumbled.
“Can we talk business?” Cara interjected then. She guided you further into the room, and as you turned to follow, you nudged Din’s arm with your elbow. 
“You put the poor guy in the carbonite chamber?” you whispered. 
“He was trying to be smart. I didn’t want to deal with that the whole way back here.” Even Din's tone had a hint of amusement, and you shook your head, chuckling under your breath. 
“We’re only here for repairs,” Din said, louder now to address Greef and Cara, who clearly wanted to recruit him for something. 
“Which’ll take a while,” Greef quickly countered. “Which means you’ll have free time on your hands, right? And we could really use your help.”
“Help how?” Din asked. At that cue, Cara activated a hologram map of the planet. 
“This is Nevarro. We’re here.” She pointed to your current location. “This entire area’s a green zone. Completely safe.” She then moved her finger to a red point on the map. “But over on this side is the problem.”
“It’s an old Imperial base,” Greef supplied. 
“It’s where all those troops came from when we defeated Moff Gideon,” Cara continued. “This base has been here since the Imperial expansion. It’s got a skeleton crew, but for some reason, it hasn’t been abandoned.”
“There’s a lot of heavy weaponry in that place the black market would love to dismantle and get their hands on,” Greef said. 
“And you want to mop up the last of the Imperial force before they do," Din guessed.
“Mando, I just want them off my planet. If we could take out that one last base, Nevarro would be completely safe. We could be a trade anchor for the entire sector.”
“And the planet would finally be free,” Cara added. 
Din was quiet for a moment, but there was no doubt in your mind of his decision. He glanced between Greef and Cara, then nodded. 
“What are we looking at?”       
You sat in while the three of them made plans, thankful that they wouldn’t be taking place until the following day. After, Greef and Cara escorted you back to the school to pick up the child, then further down the main street with the intention of finding you all a place to stay for the night while the Crest was undergoing repairs. Your party came up to what appeared to be an inn. Only one story, but the building was still relatively large, promising lots of rooms for travelers and bounty hunters. That is, if they had the credits. 
You could tell Din was considering just that as he eyed the building. It wasn’t anything extravagant, but it was definitely nice. It looked spendy enough. And while you weren’t really strapped for credits, both you and Din were rather frugal, saving credits where you could, just in case. There was still that communal fund that the two of you had started when you’d looted Thasar’s ships and sold anything that had value. But even still, neither of you were exactly eager to spend that money just yet. 
Seeming to sense Din’s hesitation, Cara tossed him a knowing smile. 
“You’re doing us a favor. Your stay here is on the house.”
“The Crest is already being repaired in exchange,” Din noted. She merely shook her head. 
“It’s a pretty big favor. Just accept it, alright? You both look like you’ve been dragged through hell, and Y/N looks like she hasn’t had a solid night’s sleep in weeks.”
“Hey!” you scoffed. She gave you a meaningful look and you sighed, conceding that she was correct. 
“My point is that you should rest. You deserve to. For one night, just relax. You’ll both be back in the thick of it tomorrow.”
Neither of you argued as Greef checked out two rooms. They were connected by a joining door, in case either of you wanted that extra privacy. However, the deadass smirk on Cara’s face told you how much she knew about your relationship with Din. She didn’t believe for one second that you’d be using separate rooms. 
Greef and Cara left you at the rooms with the promise to come pick you up in the late morning. Even as you had hesitated to accept their gift, you eagerly bounced through the door when they were out of sight. The first room was simple and spacious. The furniture included a large bed, a desk, a small, two-person couch, a dresser with a hologram projector sitting on top of it, and a skinny wardrobe. The wall opposite the door housed a bathroom, while the wall opposite the bed had a door connecting the joining room. Peeking into the second room, you saw that it mirrored the first one. 
You skipped over to the bathroom and hummed happily when you saw that it had a shower. It never bothered you that the Razor Crest didn’t exactly have a properly functioning shower. The three of you always managed to keep up on your hygiene well enough. However, it was a luxury, along with the actual, real bed, that you planned on taking full advantage of. 
You returned to the first room to see Din inspecting the space, the child twisted around in his arm to take in the new environment himself. 
“It’s nice,” Din said, almost hesitantly. 
“Nice?" you questioned, brows rising. "This is perfect! Kind of feels like we’re on vacation again.” 
You beamed when the child cooed approvingly and sidled up to Din in order to snatch him. You carried him through to the next room to let him have a look in there too. 
“See? You get your very own room!” 
“Patu,” the child said, pointing his three-fingered hand at the bed. 
You giggled, then, with a few bounds, you threw yourself onto the bed, twisting so that you landed with a bounce on your back while the child was tucked against your chest. He squealed and laughed, then wiggled out of your grasp so that he could explore the large expanse of the mattress he’d have all to himself. 
“Muew!” he chirped, pointing at the pillow. You carefully tapped a finger against his nose.
“Don’t worry. If it’s too much and you get scared, you can come sleep in our room.”
You weren’t going to lie, though. You hoped, just for the night, that the child would be fine in his own space. Time alone with Din was long overdue, not just for the obvious reasons, but also because there was a lot the two of you had to talk about. After all, so much had happened in the last few weeks without even a moment to breathe in between. It would be best to focus on such matters when it was just the two of you. 
As you quietly made plans in your head, you propped yourself up onto your elbows and found Din leaning against the joining doorway, watching the two of you play. You cocked your head to the side at his strange mood. 
“What’s wrong?”
He hesitated in his answer, as if he wasn’t too sure how to articulate what he was feeling. 
“I’m surprised that this place doesn’t seem… underwhelming to you.”
You pursed your lips and stood, moving in his direction. 
“Does it seem underwhelming to you?”
“No,” he murmured. “Quite the opposite, actually.”
You nodded. He wasn’t used to staying in places like this. In his line of work, he usually took what he could get. Nine times out of ten, he just slept on his ship. It was free, and it was home. But for you? He’d seen Thasar. He’d seen his ships, and the places he'd visited, like the extravagant city around Leon’s club. It was safe to assume that you were well off at the time, frequenting establishments far nicer than this one. 
And he’d be right. But you never cared. You never enjoyed such places because no matter where you went, or how nice those places were, they were all just a cage. A small, dark room, where you remained imprisoned and isolated from everything and everyone. Your absolute worst nightmare. 
Instead of saying all that, you stepped up to him, and he straightened at your proximity. Slowly, you wrapped your arms around his broad shoulders and quietly said, “If it makes you feel better, I rather spend the night tangled up in our nest of blankets on the Crest, or in a tent out in the middle of nowhere. But for now?” You pushed up onto your toes and lightly brushed your lips against the edge of his helmet. “I suppose we’ll just have to make do with this hovel. At least until far more accommodating quarters are available.”
Din’s shoulders relaxed and he huffed a quiet laugh, then nodded, agreeing wholeheartedly as he made to slip his arms around your waist.
The child babbled loudly then, and you smiled despite the interruption. 
“He’s trying to show you his new bed,” you whispered. Din carefully pressed his forehead to yours, then moved into the second room, giving the child his full attention. 
Before nightfall, you all made a trip back to the Crest for some supplies, then ordered in from your rooms. After dinner, the child was eager to play in the new terrain, so he suggested what had quickly become his favorite game on the ship. Hide-and-seek. Din wouldn’t play this time around, but you suspected that he gave the child small hints whenever it was his turn to seek, once again conspiring against you. When that had thoroughly tuckered him out, it was time for a bath-- in which you filled an empty bin from the Crest with water for him-- and then bed time. 
Though he was excited about his own bed, he didn’t spend much time enjoying it. He was out as soon as you tucked him in. 
You took a shower next. You’d teased Din about having him join you, but the notion wasn’t heartfelt. Managing anything in a shower with either one or the both of you blind seemed like a recipe for disaster. Besides, you had other plans, and the nice plush bed would do just fine. 
Additionally, it felt really nice to take that small amount of time to yourself. You were able to put more effort into your hair without standing over a sink to do so, and the constant stream of hot water did wonders to relax a tension that had been in your shoulders for weeks. When you climbed out and spotted yourself in the mirror over the sink, you smiled at the reminder of just how much you had changed since you’d obtained your freedom. 
Your cheeks weren’t as sunken, nor your skin as dull. You’d filled out a little, too, gaining a healthy amount of weight, some of it even showing definition in your arms, shoulder blades, and thighs. Eating enough and constantly training with a Mandalorian would do that to a person. As you kept looking, you saw that the scars on your back were still the same; a nasty mess of ruined flesh. However, they weren’t quite as hard to look at now, and you weren’t bothered by the ones that had joined the collection in the last few months, like the long gash down your right arm, and the small cut from your split lip. 
Overall, you saw someone in the mirror that looked so different from the girl you used to be, but still you. The light in your eyes was still yours. Stubborn, determined, maybe even a little bit ruthless. But there was a softness to them now, as well. As if the man waiting for you just beyond the door and the child in the other room had taken a buffer, and smoothed out some of the rough edges. Because of this, you could now see joy, serenity, and life. 
Before you could look too deep and see the darkness you also knew to be there, carefully hiding beneath the surface, you reached for the blow-dryer the inn provided and roughly brushed through and dried your hair. When you finished, it was just as wild as ever. Free and untamed. Just the way you liked it. After that you reached for a towel. You planned to walk out in nothing more than said cloth, but then something hanging on the back of the door caught your eye. 
It was a thin, cottony white robe. Which actually played into your plans even better than the towel. You quickly slipped it on, tightening the sash around your waist, then stepped out of the bathroom. You didn’t have to look far to find Din. He was carefully arranging his armor on top of the dresser, having removed it all, save for his helmet, while you were in the shower. 
“All yours,” you said, moving aside and gesturing to the bathroom door. You felt his eyes slip down your figure, then back up. Without the armor, you could actually see his chest contract through his shirt as he cleared his throat, even if the sound was too quiet to make it past his modulator. He nodded a thanks, then moved past you, closing the door on your cheeky grin. 
You quickly scuttled across the room and ripped all the bedding off of the mattress as you heard the water sputter to life behind the bathroom door. With the things you were planning to do in this bed, you didn’t want to think about others having similar ideas before you, no matter how well the staff washed the linens. You stripped the bed bare, then replaced it with your own sheets, blankets and pillows, which you and Din had grabbed from the Crest earlier. You haphazardly made the bed, fluffing the pile of pillows and leaving the covers drawn back, hoping that would make it more inviting to get underneath them… eventually. 
When that was done, you jumped onto the bed, or at least the side closest to the bathroom door and then… stopped, thinking. Should you just… perch on the edge? Maybe lean back on one hand and cross one leg over the other, and try for a more casual look? Or maybe lie diagonally across the bed on your stomach, your feet swinging lazily up in the air, hands folded on the bedspread in front of you? 
Oh gods, why is this suddenly so difficult?
Maybe just start by loosening the sash?
You nodded, untying the sash and loosening the front of the robe a little. Nothing too revealing. Just enough for a tease of skin. 
Try laying on your side, hand draped over your hip.
Perfect! You settled yourself into that position, and the rest happened more naturally. You lay your other arm against your pillows, intending to use your elbow to prop yourself up a little when Din came out. 
Pull your top knee up a little. 
Oh, right! You did so, and tried to survey yourself from the unhelpful position of, well, your own point of view. Overall, you concluded that you looked enticing enough. A lot of your moments with Din were very unplanned, so planning it so deliberately felt odd. It wasn’t like Din was going to walk out, see you like this and say no. But maybe he’d take one look at you like this and think that you were trying too hard?
You shook that thought away and relaxed into the bed a little as Din continued with his shower. For the first time since climbing onto it, you noticed how nice it felt to be on an actual bed again. Not your foldable cot. Not the metal floor of the Razor Crest, nor the rocky surface beneath tent fabric. Just a soft, cushy mattress that felt warm and comforting under your own bedding. For a brief moment, you closed your eyes and buried your face into the pillows, breathing in your own scent and Din’s, mingling together. You sighed, content, your chest swelling with anticipation, eager to share this moment, this comfort, with the man you loved.
Din stared down at you, lips twitching at the corners in amusement. Clearly you’d had something in mind for when he’d finished his own shower, but it seemed that weeks of exhaustion had finally won out. 
You lay half on your side, one arm draped across your middle, the other up by your face. Your wild hair lay in a halo over the pillows, and your lashes, long and soft, dusted against your cheeks, unmoving. 
He hadn’t thought he’d been in the bathroom for very long, but here you were, fast asleep. 
Din tried to resist, but a quiet chuckle bubbled up and escaped as he surveyed you. He laughed, not just because of your failed plans, but for the cosmic irony of his own plan. 
As present as he’d tried to be over the last couple days, he still couldn’t seem to find his way out of his own head, lost in a revolving door of thoughts. All because of what he’d learned about other Mandalorians. Over and over he thought, I want it to be her. 
It’s forbidden by Creed.
An outdated Creed. There are other Mandalorians out there that show their face. 
That’s not the Way you were taught.
It seems that this isn’t even part of the Way that matters anymore. 
You can’t.
I can. And I want it to be her. I want her to be the first to see me. 
He was still determined to maintain his Creed, even knowing it was outdated. He wasn’t about to start taking his helmet off in public as Bo-Katan and the others had just because the Way of the Mandalore had changed. But he’d do it for you, and someday, the child as well. His family. His clan. No matter how many circles he ran these thoughts through, when it came to the two of you, he’d set his Creed aside in a heartbeat. 
And so, he used the time in the shower to mentally prepare himself, and planned to emerge from the bathroom in nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist. Completely bare in all the ways that mattered. If you saw him, then that would be it. If not, well… maybe next time. 
When he opened the door, he expected you to be lounging on the bed, waiting for him. He stepped into the lit room, heart pounding so wildly that he was nearing cardiac arrest, and… there you were, completely passed out. 
Din reached down to push a wayward strand of hair from your face, knuckles gliding down your soft cheeks, the line of your jaw, and the column of your neck. He continued the trail until the tips of his fingers were brushing the inner side of your breast, the inviting skin peeking out from behind your loosened robe…
But he stopped there, laughing softly again and shaking his head. He pulled the robe closed a little tighter, then went about towel drying his hair while finding something to throw on. Even if sex wasn’t really on the table at the moment, he still wanting to feel you against him, without all the layers that always seemed to separate the two of you. He settled for some briefs, then turned out the lights and climbed into bed on your opposite side. 
He carefully covered you with the blankets and slid into a comfortable spot behind you before sliding his arm over your middle, underneath your own, and pulling you back against him. You sighed in your sleep, and without even stirring, you easily moved so that he could curl against you. And then, burying his face against your hair, he closed his eyes, and drifted off to sleep. 
Din had become well-versed in reading your tells as you slept, especially when they suggested that you were about to wake from a nightmare. He could hear it in your whispered mumbles, feel it in your limbs as they reacted to the dream. He pulled himself from sleep and slid his hands down the length of your arms, rubbing the goosebumps rising along your skin. 
You had turned into him over the last few hours, curled against his chest. But when you startled awake, gasping, you scrambled back, limbs flailing, a ragged whimper tearing through your lips. Din quickly latched onto your wrists and pulled you back to him, murmuring quiet reassurances as he brought your hands up to his face. 
“It’s me,” he whispered into the dark. 
The second your fingertips brushed against his skin, your whole body fell limp, panting breaths coming out in relief.
“S-sorry,” you breathed. “T-the bed sort of… threw me off.”
Din tried not to think about how many times you’d woken in the dark with a stranger in your bed. 
“We can move to the floor, if you want,” he suggested. 
“Oh no, I like the bed. It was just the nightmare-”
Suddenly, you gasped again, and shot straight up. Din tensed and watched your silhouette as your head snapped around, taking in your dark surroundings. Then, you groaned, the sound almost comical, as you flopped back onto your pillow beside him. 
“What’s the matter?” he asked hesitantly. 
“I fell asleep,” you whined. 
Din pressed his mouth into a thin line, suppressing the quirk in his lips. He reached for you, finding your hip and carefully pulling you close again, ready to back off if you needed that after the nightmare. When you didn’t pull back, he ran a slow stroke of his thumb over your side, the cotton of the robe tickling his fingers. 
“I’m pretty sure that’s the point of staying here. Getting more than an hour or two of sleep when we can manage it.”
“No, but I had a plan and everything,” you said. Was that… pouting, in your tone? Din couldn’t resist the smile now, recalling your expression whenever you pouted, and imagining the slight pucker in your frowning lips, the crease in between your brows. He leaned into you, navigating your skin by skimming his nose along your jaw, before finding the spot he wanted and laying a soft kiss near the corner of your mouth. 
“What was this plan of yours?” he asked. 
“I was going to seduce you,” you said, straightforward and absolute. Din snorted, and dropped his forehead against your shoulder, his own shaking in silent laughter. Gods, you were something else, just saying it outright like that.
“Shut up,” you mumbled, the pout still in your voice. “It was totally going to work.”
“I don’t doubt that,” Din chuckled. There was never really a question when it came to the two of you being together. Usually, you initiated, and he followed. It was something you both wanted, so neither of you ever had to work that hard to get to that point. If the circumstances were right, that was all you ever needed. 
However, it had been a while. A few weeks, in fact. And so much had happened, he wouldn’t be surprised if all that had made things feel… off. You’d both gone from a four-month long sabbatical to danger-on-a-daily-basis once again. Of course it messed with the natural flow the two of you had acquired before. 
“Out of curiosity,” Din wondered, planting a kiss on your shoulder. “What were these seduction methods of yours?”
As straightforward as you had been a moment ago, this question seemed to make you feel shy all of a sudden. You were slow to answer. 
“Nothing too complicated. I was just going to be laying here, you know, suggestively, so that you’d see me when you came out of the restroom and would want to jump me.” 
Again, Din shook with silent laughter, leaning over you even more in order to brush his lips along your collarbone. “I’d see you in the dark?”
“Well, no. I wasn’t going to turn the lights off.”
Din slowly glided over the column of your neck, planting small kisses as he moved his way up. You finally seemed to register his actions, and he heard your breath catch. 
“How would that have worked?” he asked, negating the fact that he had planned to come out here helmetless, and had every intention of you seeing him that way.
“I was going to keep my gaze away. And-” you paused, momentarily losing your trail of thought as Din kissed the underside of your chin. “-and I was going to suggest some kind of blindfold. Like the sash from the robe.”
Din considered that for a moment, mouth hovering over yours. 
“Clever,” he finally whispered. 
“I th-thought so,” you breathed.
Din kissed you then, and you positively melted, a small sound escaping from you as you sank back into your pillows. His hand at your side slid up until he was cupping your cheek, tilting your chin up to kiss you deeply, slowly. Unlike the last time you’d kissed him, you didn’t hold back. Your fingers were in his hair, dancing through the thick curls, then migrating down, gliding across the smooth expanse of his chest. 
You loved him best like this. No armor. No layers. Just him, his skin scorching under your touch, a glaring contrast to the cold, beskar warrior. You wanted to feel all of him, skin against skin. So as he moved over you more fully, fitting himself between your legs, the flimsy fabric of his briefs barely brushing against your inner thighs, you tugged at the collar of your robe, intending to pull it open. 
Din, however, had other ideas. Without breaking away from your lips, he snatched up your hands, pulling them away from your robe, then up over your head. Your heart stuttered, the very minor sting of your still tender shoulder suffocated by butterflies bursting forth and fluttering through your chest. With one of his larger hands, he secured both of yours there, then ran the other back down your side, fingers testing the sash loosely hanging around your waist. 
“This sash?” he asked, his voice deliciously low.
“Yes,” you said, barely above a whisper. Din kissed you again, a feathery brush of his lips as he tugged on the sash. You lifted your hips, feeling the cloth slide entirely around your waist as he removed it. 
“What if I said I had another use for it?”
Oh gods, it felt as if your heart was attempting to barrel out of your chest. 
“What do you have in mind?”
It didn’t seem possible for someone to do something with both conviction and hesitation, but somehow, Din managed it. He moved painstakingly slow, as if observing your reaction down to the second, waiting for any kind of negative response. You were just impatient, so intently wanting to see what he’d do with the thin strip of cloth, but remained still, not wanting to spook him. 
Din released your hands that he still had pinned, only to wrap the sash around them, then pull them back and… tie them securely to the headboard.
Din slowly settled back over you, and you could feel his eyes assessing, still waiting for a negative reaction. 
“Okay?” he asked. 
You nodded, trying to tame your erratic breathing. When you realized that that wasn’t a sufficient enough answer in the dark, you shakily said, “Y-yes.”
“Y/N,” Din said, almost sternly. If he was being completely honest, he had absolutely no idea what he was doing. He’d wanted to tease you a little, after you’d admitted your seduction tactics, and he’d done this on a whim. But now he worried that tying you up might push you in a direction you didn’t want to go. He didn’t ever want to make you feel like you had to do something against your will. 
“Yes,” you said, more assuredly. “I want to say this is kind of exciting… but I thought that would sound weird.”
Din paused for another moment, just to be sure, then huffed a laugh. 
“You’ve always been weird.”
You lifted your left knee and lightly whacked his hip, giggling along with him. When the two of you sobered, the intensity returning, Din said, “It’ll catch if you pull against it, but it’s not a tight knot. If you want out of it at any time, just pull hard enough and it’ll come loose, alright?”
“Alright,” you agreed quietly. Then, using the same leg you had swatted him with, you wrapped it around his waist and pulled, making his elbows bend so that he lost the framework of his arms that were propping him over you. You met him halfway in his stumble, and caught his lips, kissing him just as firmly as before, making your heart rate skyrocket once again, your breath catching. 
He started where you’d left off. As the tip of his tongue tested and teased against your lower lip, his hands slid down, taking hold of the collar of your robe and slowly pulling the front open. Cool air touched your breasts, tickling over your nipples before they were enveloped by warmth as his chest lay flush against yours. You sighed, your own tongue peeking out to dance with his as he pulled the rest of the robe away, leaving it draped against the bed as the last bit of it hung from your shoulders, your bound hands making it impossible to remove it all the way. 
For the hundredth time in moments like this, Din wished he could see you. But he could settle for feeling you, every last inch. He had to pull back for breath, and when he did, he could hear you trying to stifle your panting, your chest rising against his, your heart tripping just as fast as his own. He lowered his lips to your neck, quickly finding his favorite spot between it and your shoulder before giving it a light nip. You sucked in a breath. 
Din skimmed even lower still, following the path he had set earlier, when he’d first found you sleeping, leaving a wet trail of kisses and nips over your collarbone and within the valley of your breasts. And then… and then his stubble was tickling against sensitive flesh, and you held your breath, feeling your nipples harden, your skin erupting in goosebumps. 
His warm, wet tongue gently flicked against one of those tight nipples, and you gasped, arching into the inviting promise of his mouth over one of your breasts. As he closed his lips over your nipple, suckling lightly, his hand found its twin, fingers teasing, giving it just as much attention. Was it possible for your lungs to stop working for no apparent medical reason? It definitely seemed so in this moment. 
Din traded breasts, his teeth gently grazing against the taut bud, palming the opposite breast softly, but firmly, thumb caressing, massaging, teasing…
A quiet moan escaped your lips, and you balled your tied hands into fists as you felt a smile curve Din’s mouth against your skin. You nearly pouted when he moved on, but refrained from wiggling with anticipation as he moved lower, lips, tongue, and teeth traveling down the length of your stomach, moving with deliberate slowness when he knew just how impatient you could be. Just when you thought he was about to reach his destination, he veered off, hand caressing over the outside of your thigh while he peppered kisses along the inside, moving closer and closer, until…
He laid a few slow, gentle kisses over your mound, and then there was a soft glide of his tongue, the touch almost indiscernible, testing against your lips, making your hips arch, eager for more. One of Din’s hands was still against the outside of your thigh, holding your knee up to rest against the side of his face, while his other hand lay flat against your stomach, holding you still. His tongue delved between your folds and you panted, waiting, waiting, waiting. 
When the tip of his tongue brushed against your clit, your reaction was almost involuntary. You released a breathy sound and your arms tightened, tugging against their bonds. The sash became taut, and you knew that if you pulled any harder, you’d break free. And it was so hard not to, as his lips closed around you, tongue rolling against you over and over again. Warmth pooled from within as your stomach started to coil itself in knots, your chest heaving as you struggled to breath between gasps and moans. 
This was something Din had introduced you to, finally an actual first you’d been able to experience with him, and him alone. And it wasn’t an act he’d been well-versed in either, so it was something that the two of you had learned together. It happened on a night as rare as this one, a few weeks into your vacation together. He’d asked, and you’d been a little shy, which seemed silly. You were both adults, neither of you strangers to sex, but this was new, and it was different. It was providing pleasure for the sake of providing pleasure, and that seemed to make it all the more daunting. 
But he’d taken his time, exploring what worked and what didn’t, you guiding him all the while, until it was nothing but bliss and yes, pleasure. Pure, insurmountable pleasure.  
Like that first time, Din took what he’d learned and continued to tease you for what seemed like an eternity, the sash barely hanging onto you for dear life while the rest of you began to tremble. And if you thought this alone was enough to send you over the edge, you were quickly proven wrong as Din moved lower, and dipped his tongue inside you. 
Holy fucking stars!
Din’s hand on your stomach kept you from bucking against him. But waiting there, unable to touch him, unable to do much of anything except wiggle and squirm and moan as his tongue moved against you in rhythmic, even strokes, was both intensely satisfying and absolutely maddening. Just as you were about to rip the sash to pieces, and possibly splinter the headboard along with it, Din stopped, making you whimper. 
“Please,” you breathed, that plea floating into the dark. Din said nothing, but the next thing you felt were his fingers slipping between your folds. You were absolutely drenched, so he didn’t bother with a single digit, slipping two fingers inside you with relative ease. You bit your shoulder to keep from crying out, your taut arms testing the last strength of the sash. He moved steadily, tongue returning to your clit, fingers pumping at a torturously slow cadence. 
You almost whined at the pace. He wasn’t going fast enough, and you knew that if you asked him to go faster, begged him, he’d only smile against you and do no such thing. Because he had also learned that first time, just how much he enjoyed torturing you, keeping what you wanted just out of reach, prolonging the stimulation until you couldn’t take it anymore. 
And damn him; because he’d actually learned that from you. 
Oh, to hell with this!
You yanked hard and the sash released its hold on you. Before Din could react, you lunged for him, and he caught you with a slight grunt as you tackled him to the floor. That didn’t seem to bother him, though, confirming your theory that he had been biding his time, urging you to lose control. And when you did, it didn’t slow either of you down. His hands maneuvered his briefs down his thighs before taking hold of your hips as you straddled him. With his guidance, you wriggled into the perfect position for him to slide into you, a shuddering groan escaping from the both of you at the sensation of him filling you so completely.  
You fell forward, catching his lips as you started to move against him, rolling your hips, the coiling starting up again in your core. You kissed him hard, tasting yourself, and then tasting a little blood after nipping his lower lip a little too hard. Din only encouraged it, his fingers digging into the thick skin of your thighs, sending small pulses of pleasure pain zinging throughout your nerves. 
Soon, it all started to feel like not enough, and yet too much all at once. As you sat up, Din followed, his arms wrapping around you so tightly, and you didn’t care that his hands were caressing your back, gliding over your scars. You held him just as securely, arms wrapping around his neck, kissing him with a deep hunger that left you both gasping. 
He was everywhere, consuming your senses, hot skin beginning to glisten with sweat as the two of you moved together, in sync, and then not in sync at all. Thrusts becoming erratic, desperate, the cadence lost. Breath mingling, nails digging, hearts hammering, lips kissing, anywhere, everywhere. 
And as you always did, when it was too much, you said his name. Gasped it, screamed it, pleaded with it, and he came undone, burying his face against your neck, a harsh groan hissing through his teeth, his thighs shuddering hard beneath you… and so you followed. You fell over the edge so willingly, riding it out as long as you could... And when it ended, it was Din’s fingers in your hair, and his soft, lazy kisses that brought you back. 
Somehow, you’d wound up sprawled out on the floor on top of him. You weren’t sure when or how you’d gotten there, and to be honest, you didn’t really care. Still, the fact made you giggle in between panting breaths. 
“What is it?” Din asked on a whisper, lips skimming the line of your jaw. 
“We finally had a nice bed, and we still wound up on the floor.”
Din glanced around, as if realizing that yes, you were both indeed tangled up together on the floor. 
“Guess we didn’t really need to make do with the hovel after all.”
You laughed and pulled him in for a sweet, long, gentle kiss, all the luxuries around you be damned. Really, he was the only luxury you would ever need.
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deantvlove2018 · a month ago
Hi and welcome to the nineteenth of Tv love 5, looking forward to the fifth anniversary of Dean Tv love. I (Dean) is very excited about it. A side project that I’ve created way back in 2016 in my twenties, now in my thirties. So far so good the year 2021 is going well for the fifth season of the Dean Tv love series, with 0 interruptions. Seems like this season is great, I will make it look good. Season 3 and 4 were good but there were many interference. Because a friend of mine kept telling me to stop posting online. In 2019 when I was doing season 3, I was not happy about that. She also did it again in 2020 when I was doing season 4 last year, still wasn’t surprised about what she did. But she did not do it in 2021 when I am doing season 5, the season that I am doing now. She did not interfere this season,cos she moved on to do her own stuff with other people so I can continue the series. So I can make Dean Tv love series look great again, like what I am doing now in 2021. It is the gold standard by the way. Even though it was not my fault that the series got interrupted by my friend and it is not her fault either. I also did not know why she was telling me to stop posting, she never explained why. But I would really like to know one day. It was no one’s fault, it’s just a force of habit when it comes to making a series with amazing characters who have been around for over a decade. And then sometimes interruptions start to come in and changes everything. I never like being interrupted whenever I do things on this series, the only thing I do is to avoid being interrupted by curtain people who always try to convince me to change the story or change the character’s names but I am not doing that. It’s my creation. So anyway let’s start this episode as it takes place on the seventh of May, one week before the concert of the Dean Tv love. Dean and half of the Dean Tv posse are at the studio room inside the mansion, hearing the soundtrack including the music family’s hit track. They played it sixteen times. “This tune is so catchy” said Dean. “You said that on Monday” said Murphy. “Yeah but it is cool” said Dean. “I like the other one” said Aaron. “What one?” asked Jason. “The one with the gears” said Aaron. “Oh that one” said Dean. Dean also likes that tune too. That tune has two languages like english and Japanese. The song has been written by Hiro and Tony. Tony wrote the english part of the song, Hiro wrote the Japanese part. Dean left the studio, he went to his bedroom to read a new issue of Dean Tv love. Another one, he also read the other issue. The one with the Dean Tv red ranger. But this one is the prequel to Tv love, takes place on the twelfth of May 2016. Dean finished making music in his room at his family’s house. He started to skip and dance in his room, he is in a happy mood. Cos of the second Ep launch event. This was before he met Louise. Dean went to the first Ep launch in 2015, he distance himself away from the people who were at the first one to have some space. Like going upstairs drinking his drink. Dean still remembers that time when he saw a person telling him to come down the stairs but Dean did not want to. Then Dean left the house to go back to the boat to join his friends. The posse that is. Brandon,Jason,Aaron and Murphy. With additional members like sandwich. LXXV and doctor/DJ. They were also excited about the second Ep launch. “Yeah might find someone to make friends” said Dean. “You already have friends” said Brandon. “Yes I know but a friend which is a lady” said Dean. “Oh that” said Sandwich. “What happened to that other friend?” asked sandwich. “I don’t know,she is never around” said Dean. “She was called boing” said Jason. “Yeah but I don’t where she lives” said Dean. “You used to give her the boing” said Brandon. Everyone laughed, Dean too. “I like that” said Dean. Until the alarm went off. “Uh oh the pirates” said Dean. The team went in the boat to go stop the pirates from going after their ship. “Laser cannons ready?” said Dean. The cannons are out by the crew, the pirates did the same too. Some of the pirates were on speed boats. All the boats fired their lasers at each other. One of the speed boats blew up, Dean tells them to keep firing as one of the pirates fell off the boat. Into the water. The pirates retreated from the battle and sailed away. “Yeah we did it” said Sandwich. “Yes we did” said Dean. Then Dean played his music he made on his computer. The crew celebrate through the night. Then the next day they went to the second Ep launch. Dean said the end. “Wow what a story,based on the prequel of Dean Tv love part 1” said Dean. Also the series too. You know this series needs to have a prequel, the series started back in 2017 but if there was a prequel it would be titled Dean Tv love 0. Or Dean Tv love: in the beginning. Good idea, it might happen one day. Dean joins his friends as they are watching a movie,they were laughing at a monkey playing piano. The puppy laughed at the monkey. “What kind of movie is this?” asked Dean. “I don’t know but the monkey is talented” said the hedgehog.
End of episode 19
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pellicano-sanguino · a month ago
A while ago I wrote that I was reading through an anthology of lesbian vampire stories to find a good one to read to White Rabbit, and that I was disappointment in the lack of lesbians and the amount of het sex and rape forced into the stories. I was especially disappointed because the authors of the anthology were women and they should know better. 
Well, I have now finished the anthology and the rest of the stories....   kept disappointing in one way or the other.
One story told of a woman who gets lost in the Amazon rainforest and is hunted and seduced by a vampire that lives there. The concept is good, a fascinating and a rather unusual setting for a vampire story. But the writing is very confusing and kinda pretentious and the sort of realism that thinks in order to captivate the true reality one must focus on all the disgusting things and describe them in great detail. Like, I feel every other sentence is TMI fest of going into the condition of the blisters in the main character’s feet or of all the bugs scampering over her when she stumbles and falls. And when we finally do get into the vampire bit, it’s just vaguely described and kinda weird and surreal and...   I don’t know, like from a completely different story. I suppose the change in writing style is supposed to symbolize the main character being under the vampire’s hypnosis or something? 
The odd writing style makes this a very tedious read for someone whose native language isn’t English, because most of the I sure am reading words but fuck if they make any sense. For example, the author talks about a person as if she’s there and it took me a long time to realize this person is NOT there, but is...   a ghost? A memory? A flashback into past or future? The main character’s imaginary friend/named sense of purity or some other symbolic shit? The author clearly intended this to be a story that you need to read several times to understand what happens and piece together the cryptic text. Hahaha nope. I am done with this pretentious fuckery.
Next story is...   sigh...   taking place in a gay club that is also into heavy BDSM. Because of fucking course that is how the hets see lesbians, to them homosexuality is a just a kink. Not only do we get descriptions of very brutal, bloody non-con sadism, we also have to read about men doing it (with women, of course. What, were you expecting gay men in this gay club? Or lesbians in your lesbian vampire anthology?). I know not all lesbians are actively grossed out by dicks but rather just completely disinterested in them, but still...   why would you write a story about a lesbian vampire and force the reader to read three - three! - detailed descriptions of a mens’ erections.
Boy, are the writers of this anthology pissed that they did not write their lesbian masterpieces in our modern times when identity havers are vigorously attempting to redefine lesbianism as “non-men being attracted to non-men.” Today, the authors could write all the dick sucking, male orgasm centered het sex they want and still call it lesbian sex as long as the penis-bearer doesn’t identify as a man. They no longer need to try to sneak in the het sex and then write some half-assed plot about them disgusting gay women.
Though, to be fair, I don’t think it’s just the het sex these writers want to force in their lesbian stories. They specificly want to write about rape, questionable consent and painful sex. And I have a theory on why.
When analyzing why some people are hell bent on putting certain elements in their vampire story, one needs to figure out why they were originally drawn into writing a vampire story in the first place. What is it about the vampire as a creature that fascinates them? What sets the vampire apart from other supernatural creatures is their parasitic nature. You take away the blood drinking and you could replace the vampire character with something else and not have it affect the plot in any way. However, surprisingly many people who write vampire stories aren’t that interested in the blood drinking (much to my disappointment) and more into the power imbalance this diet creates between vampires and humans.
Relationships between a vampire and a human have a massive power imbalance, even when the vampire isn’t the kind that has super human strength and other special powers. If a vampire does not drink blood, they will perish. This simple fact forces them to be at best harmless parasites, at worst dangerous predators. Even with civilized vampires who get their blood from butchers, blood banks or who use synthetic blood substitutes, the special diet of a vampire cannot be ignored when they interact with humans. Imagine a civilized vampire like this stranded on an island with some humans - no one can blame them for stealing blood from the humans for survival in such a scenario. No matter how kind, how sworn to be friendly to humankind, the very nature of vampirism makes it so that humans and vampires can’t coexist together as if there is not a power imbalance in place.
Some writers are very into this power imbalance. The act of drinking someone’s blood, even from a willing donor, is an act of parasitism. The human is harmed, their skin is pierced, their blood is drawn and their body will suffer consequences for it, even if for some donors those are mild. The only one walking away from the act having benefited from it is the vampire. You can romanticize the act, you can give the vampire powers to make their bite painless, you can make the human the one who asks for it, but the act remains the same. A human is wounded and will suffer from minor blood loss, the vampire takes from them and gives nothing in return.
I admit, the blood drinking is what draws me to vampire stories. I am fascinated by the concept of a creature that is by its nature forced to become parasitic. But unlike creatures that eat actual human flesh, the vampire has the option to choose between becoming a predator or becoming a parasite. The ability to be civilized, or pretend to be civilized, with humankind creates interesting emotional bonds between a vampire and their victim/host/donor. 
However, I am not interested in making blood drinking a metaphor for sex. It just does not work. 
A vampire’s very survival is depending on them securing a bloody meal regularly. No one’s survival is depending on them getting laid regularly, no matter what rape culture advocating men crying about sex being a basic need and a human right want you to believe. No one has ever dropped dead because they didn’t have sex. And that’s why the blood drinking as metaphor for sex is flawed. 
So, because the nature of vampirism demands that there must be blood drinking, that there must be harming of another living creature and stealing away a part of their body (blood is a liquid organ, consisting of living cells, drinking blood is an act of consuming living tissue), naturally people who are turned on by the idea of harming others or of being harmed and who are into non-con, would find the vampire as a concept fascinating. To them, a vampire attacking a human is equally arousing as fantasizing about rape, the idea of being bitten so deep that your blood is spilled as exciting as their other sadomasochistic kinks.
Bottom line: I get why people want to put so much sexual violence in their vampire stories. I hate it and wish they didn’t, but at least I see what motivates them to do so. 
Ahem. Back to the anthology.
The only good thing about the gross BDSM story is that there is an actual lesbian sex scene in it and that it makes blood into a plot point. Too many vampire stories just ignore the blood drinking and do it off screen, or have it be completely meaningless to the characters and story. Admittedly, the way blood is used in this story isn’t anything new or super interesting but at least they remembered to put some actual real blood drinking lesbian vampires in their lesbian vampire story. * sarcastically side-eyes the other stories*
After this we get what I consider the strongest story in the anthology. It’s still not particularly good, but the bar is set low, so yeah. This is a rather long short story, a scifi one, about a vampire and a single human sharing a space ship for a long journey, during which they start having casual sex and the human eventually learns about the vampire’s real nature. The characters aren’t that interesting, but the concept of a vampire in space is a fascinating one. I was disappointed that the writer didn’t make the endless darkness of space a place for the vampire to be free from the fear of the sun and instead still makes her react badly to some kind of day to night cycle (it’s space! There is no sun in immediate vicinity! Why would you react badly to “oh well, back in Earth it’s sun time by now”?). Another fascinating part is that this vampire doesn’t steal blood from the human in the traditional method, but instead, um...   performs certain sex act to her when she’s on her period. And this is the reason why she always insists on a female crew member.
Unfortunately not even this story is free from rape. The vampire tells her backstory, about how the man who turned her also raped her. Fortunately she does not describe it in detail but....   why must there be a rape in every single lesbian vampire story? Also, the sex scenes were a bit underwhelming, the vampire being very strictly stone butching the whole thing and not letting the human touch or pleasure her in any manner. Sigh. I know there are lesbians like this, but I can’t help but be reminded of the hets asking “so which one of you is the man?” Also, I wish I could read more lesbian romance, more flirting, more seducing and less of this no-emotional-bonds meaningless-fucking casual sex.
The last story is another pretentious one, this one even worse that the Amazon rainforest story. I...  think it’s about a vampire...   chatting with her parrot that has human-like intellect? I have no fucking idea what is going on. The writing is filled with snooty people talk and fancy words that no one uses in real life and it pisses me off.
“The parrot stuck its head on one side, began its swaying little dance shuffle, and gave a convincing rendition of “Viens poupoule.” It had nothing against lesbians and had been an admirer of Natalie Barney’s ever since a migrating cuckoo told it of the time Natalie, dressed only in a white nightgown, had herself delivered on Renée in a coffin full of enormous lilies. In its decadent period, when it has insisted on dyeing its feathers black and wearing World War Two dog tags round its neck, the parrot had even fancied itself Natalie’s ornithological opposite number, but John’s new slide rule, whom it was courting at the time, refused to attempt a Renée Vivien impersonation. That sour, unimaginative instrument had declared it had nothing whatever in common with the young, blond-haired poet, that anyone who could discern any points of comparison between any mathematical instrument and a blond-haired poet was certainly a surrealist, if not worse. The parrot had got a lot of satisfaction the day John came home from the university and declared, “With the mass production of the pocket calculator, the slide rule is dead.”
I’m gonna make a guess and say that the chances of an audience that enjoys this kind of pretentious fuckness aren’t going to be the target audience to look for their fancy-ass prose in a lesbian vampire story anthology. Just a guess.
I did find this bit funny, though:
“- - - Renée died in 1909, Natalie in 1972, but you have recently received messages from each. How is this possible?”
“Post took a long time,” suggested the parrot, ignored as usual.
You know, I could get behind the idea of a story where a lesbian vampire confides her adventures to a smartass parrot with a human intelligence. You know, if it was an actual story with actual plot and not this fake deep stream of consciousness word diarrhea “ask me what it means, ask me what it all means” garbage.
Well, if nothing else, reading the anthology through reminded me why I had forgotten most of these stories. 
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smilesandexits · a month ago
i am very curious about ur proof of data being an enby..... i am very excited by the prospect and would like to know how u came about it!
OKAY people who know me on discord have seen this all already because i've known this for Years now
Step 1 Prove Soong-type androids have gender at all (one cannot be nonbinary if ones race has no binary). One could go with “they’re based on humans so there” but this is not “Data’s nonbinary because he’s an android”, this is “Data’s a nonbinary android”
for this we use Lal and Juliana
Juliana is easier to disregard in this - she was human, so maybe her having gender is not actually a Soong-type android thing, but it still proves the point that they can have gender. It is possible within their hardware & software. Yes hers is a bit more complex and more 'human' but it's the same principle.
But Lal! With Lal, she herself is only part of the proof. Lal shows clear signs that she on some level knows what she looks like even before she chooses her appearance. She first decides to take the appearance of Deanna. If you look at Deanna and her final choice for appearance, they have a lot of similarities. If I didn’t know Star Trek and somebody showed me a picture of Lal and a picture of the main Enterprise crew and asked me who she was the daughter of, I’d almost definitely pick out Troi. This consistency in her sense of self also shows that most likely, gender is innate to Soong-type androids.
But this is where it gets interesting
Data had his child choose their own gender and appearance. Why? Yes, we know that Data has feelings but he’s also very efficient. He spends hours compiling possible appearances, of various genders, and spends hours going through them with Lal. The process takes time, energy, and that's got to use a lot of memory on the ship's computers (clearly their computers have a lot of storage space but still). It literally made the building of Lal more difficult because he had to create a body that could take another form rather than just building A Body like Soong did. Emotional or not, he wouldn’t do that if it wasn’t important to him, which clearly shows that Data has a sense of self as well, and gender is included in that.
Step 2 prove Data isn’t male
When people call Data a man he corrects them. I'm not sure this ever happened more than once, but this is from Angel One
BEATA: Our library is far too sophisticated for a man to comprehend. DATA: I am an android, Mistress, although anatomically I am a male.
This is literally Data saying he isn’t a man, but he was assigned male.
So if Soong-type androids have gender and Data isn't male (but, as established, gender is clearly important to him) and there are no signs of Data being a trans woman (which there aren't, Data shows no desire to be a woman at any point), the obvious conclusion is that Data's nonbinary.
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messiahqkvf929 · a month ago
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One individual show on tennis over the roaring twenties or precisely what is called the "Golden Age" of tennis is an interesting show for background lovers. The overall show will take more than an entire home which contains everyday living sizing statues, paintings, and an abundant degree of tennis memorabilia including tennis rackets, photographs, apparel, and trophies. The walls of your exhibit stick with the tennis topic as They are really environmentally friendly and white in shade. The many paintings and pictures about the walls illustrate what daily life and tennis was like during the twenties. With the fashion of garments towards the rackets utilized, tennis in the roaring twenties was a very various scene.
The period of time soon after Earth War I introduced a duration of Significantly welcomed leisure and Subsequently, tennis boomed in recognition. Significant class citizens were being most likely to become the those who performed tennis and congregated in Newport, RI due to the fact this was an unbelievable spot to Engage in. The images hanging over the partitions display this flawlessly since the clothes Males and ladies wore indicating the those who performed were from the high class. The garments had been really elegant ranging from sweaters and/or satisfies for guys and unfastened fitting attire that slide under the knees and headbands worn with the women. The kind of dress exemplifies how folks during the twenties performed sporting activities. Although it was important to be correct at this facility, Males and women were anticipated to don white. In addition to the correct sporting activities don, it was a Activity that was becoming performed and players wore some loose fitting and cozy components. From the room is usually a everyday living dimension figurine of Suzanne Lenglen that is modeling the popular crimson headband that was both of those wise for tennis as well as a vogue item.
Over the twenties, professional players became celebs and ended up admired for his or her athleticism and grace. This is certainly noticed from the figurine of Suzanne Lenglen as she's swinging a racket. This motion of swinging a racket includes plenty of expertise, on the other hand her magnificence and the best way she moved and stroked the ball need to not be masked by her athleticism. This was typical of players during the twenties as they seemed to dance to the court. A painting of Don Budge that hangs about the wall reveals a lot of things about that time period. He is within the volley placement together with his arms stretched out and on a single foot which demonstrates his grace and aptitude. The painting helps you to show The everyday male participant who experienced shorter hair; wearing white shirts tucked into white pants, as well as white sneakers. Wood rackets also are on Show about the walls of your room which ended up the conventional variety of racket. Don't just does the show display outfits for tennis, but informal outfits are on Show as well. Suzanne Lenglen's white costume, crimson blazer, and white tennis footwear are attribute of the twenties in addition to a Adult men's white sweater resting on the shelf within the wall.
The show on tennis while in the roaring twenties does a fantastic occupation of recapturing the everyday living and ambiance of your twenties. It is vivacious and fascinating to see not only for tennis followers, but for everyone. The space displays the Tale of tennis by way of important objects pertaining to this theme. This area unquestionably recreates the ambience of what it was wish to Are living and Participate in from the twenties.
The paintings of gamers plus the priceless memorabilia aid to verify why the twenties was known as the Golden Age of tennis. With all of the leisure time persons had pursuing Globe War I, it absolutely was popular for people today to play tennis. Tennis exploded with recognition and promptly created a strong next of admirers. These were a few of the very best several years for tennis since Global Participate in enhanced as shown in a few of the pictures from the players in Newport. Extreme rivalries emerged which helped the game of tennis for many causes. While in the show, there are lots of pictures and information of rivals enjoying one another. There may be also a section in the place the place a video is proven called the Great Gamers movie[one]. The online video involves extraordinary and momentous matches along with historical segments to showcase tennis during the Golden Age.
Something the exhibit ought to have involved was more in depth details with regards to the merchandise on Screen. Regardless that most objects contained some critical details about them, they ended up incredibly temporary. This didn't support carry a lot of the objects to daily life and feel as in case you were in the twenties. Then again, in a few regions there were audio/online video clips actively playing which was an amazing solution to experience the Golden Age of tennis. In addition, the figurine of Suzanne Lenglen did make up for this. It was interesting to begin to see the garments in the gamers in the twenties that helped convey to the story of tennis players from the twenties. You can visualize utilizing the Wooden rackets to Perform tennis and how imaginative 1 had to be when taking part in when compared to present day rackets. The clothing within the glass scenarios adorned through the gamers during the twenties served to visualise what gamers appeared like in man or woman And just how challenging It will be to play in such a extended costume or simply in significant sweaters and pants.
Over-all, the show within the Golden Age of tennis over the roaring twenties was intriguing and enlightening. The photographs really assisted to check what daily life and tennis was like from the twenties. Because the Newport Casino had a long heritage before the twenties, it had been much more amazing to examine And just how it experienced influenced this period. The story explained to through the collectible figurines and images was an Fantastic one that brought to lifestyle the atmosphere in the twenties. Finally, the museum by itself is a wonderful historic shrine to tennis that is stuffed with enthralling tales and memories that everybody ought to stop by.
[1] Worldwide Tennis Corridor of Fame, (2005). Tennis' Golden Era - The Roaring Twenties. Retrieved November 13, 2005,
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airi-p4 · a month ago
Pirate Luka AU
I wrote this fic for my amazing friend @katydoodles​ Birthday. This story is based on Katy’s Pirate Luka AU (check her art if you haven’t yet because it’s amazing!), and it’s Luka/Harem (with Kagami, Chloe, Marinette and Adrien).
Beware this story may differ from Katy’s original story.
TW: mentioned violence (cut tongues / severed body parts) idk how I should tag this
Happy Birthday Katy! 💙💙💙
Luka admired his newly acquired prize in his ship chamber- the captain’s room. His boots were on the table, legs crossed and his back laid back, while he observed, satisfied, the jar that contained XY’s freshly cut tongue in it. His lips curled in a pleased smirk. He had been considering throwing it to feed the sharks, but the gratification the reward gave him made him glad to have dismissed the idea.
XY deserved to be silenced.
And he was now.
Once more, Luka reached where ‘justice failed’ with his law of silence.
Luka stood up to place the jar back to its place on the shelf. He took one step backwards and walked slowly around the wooden room contemplating his collection. Dozens- hundreds- of jars filled with tongues decorated the room, as if they were the displays of a museum. Each jar was completed by the owner’s name, the date, and their crime properly tagged.
All jars full- except for one.
The pirate ship’s captain teeth clenched and his black nails sank in his skin as he remembered that man- the man who betrayed his father’s tongue, the man who ruined his family. The man he swore revenge to. The man that turned him into a pirate, and the one he couldn’t wait to kill. His blood boiled at the memory of that face- that ugly face he had many ideas of how to destroy, such as-
A knock at the door distracted him from his thoughts.
“Come in” Luka ordered, releasing his anger; and his first officer obeyed, entering the room and closing the door behind her.
“Captain. Everything’s ready”
“Very well. Thank you, Kagami” he smiled, fixing one of the tags that were blurried by dust with his finger.
“Were you watching your collection again, Captain? It certainly is impressive. As expected of my Captain.”
Luka smiled proudly at his first officer. Who would have thought a noble Lady like her would fit so perfectly in his crew? He clearly remembered how grossed out she was the first time she entered his chamber. Now she was grossed out by the people those tongues belonged to: rapists, murderers, dishonorable and corrupted powerful people (such as judges or city rulers), slavers, pedophiles (the real kind, not those who draw harmless art like some people overreacting may say) and art reposters (those had all their tongues in the same jar, nameless but still punished). All of them were silenced now in Luka’s jars on the shelves.
His crewmates were mostly people saved from the hands of those men. He had let them choose if they wanted to join him or leave freely, but most of them wanted to stay to serve their savior. Nino had been one of the slaves Luka rescued. Alix was abused by her step-father, a corrupted ruler of one of the cities they stopped at. Kim was forced to hard work for stealing from a noble for the poor, and he was about to be hanged just before Luka stepped in to help. Ivan and the rest of his crewmates had similar stories to share.
Captain Luka was more than respected by all his crewmates, and he considered them friends. He trusted them blindly with his life, and it was the same for them.
“Let’s go, Kagami”
“Yes, Captain!”
Luka stepped out of his chamber followed by his first officer, who closed the door behind them. They walked upstairs to the deck.
“Land in sight!” Kim yelled from up the crow’s nest when he noticed Luka.
Luka approached the bowsprit, put one of his feet on it, and gestured to Kagami for a telescope. She immediately lent him one, and he observed the new landscape in front of him: a cliff, a lighthouse, a harbor, and a town. And more importantly: a castle up a hill.
“Ivan, turn 20 degrees to your right, we’re stopping behind those rocks”
“Yes, Captain!” Ivan obeyed.
“Nino, Alix, stay on your positions and take care of the sails”
“Yes Captain!” They answered in unison.
A smile formed on Luka’s lips. That’s the piracy he liked- steal treasures from the rich and punish the bad guys. That island appeared to have both. Luka licked his lips in excitement as he returned the telescope to Kagami.
“Hey!” Out of nowhere, a female voice from below yelled. “Help me up!”
Kagami’s eyes narrowed as she recognized the voice owner. She was about to draw her sword when Luka stopped her.
“It’s fine, Kagami, I’ll take care of her”
Kagami followed his instructions, but she didn’t even try to hide her disagreement. “We should sell her and she would leave us alone…” she mumbled, and Luka chuckled at her reaction. Jealous Kagami was always adorable and a delight. He couldn’t help but feel fortunate and moved for having her full attention- not that he didn’t have some worship for her too.
Luka walked towards a fishnet that rested at the side of the ship. He looked down, amused at the difficulties the person below was having to climb up. “You again, huh?” Luka asked. “Why do you keep coming back? Aren’t you scared of pirates? We could sell you, Lady Siren.”
“My name is Chloe!” her yellowish eyes glowed from below. “Hurry up and help me up! I have something to show you”
“Hmm… Those magical jewels from under the sea again, maybe? Weren’t they guarded by your other siren friend? Did you steal them?”
“Yes! I snatched a few! Now help me and let you show you!”
Luka sighed, but he couldn’t hide his curiosity as he helped her up. What he thought made him almost fall on his butt to the floor.
The siren had LEGS. Legs that still couldn’t control enough to carry her own weight, apparently, but still legs. Human legs. Luka’s breath was taken away by the sight, and even Kagami couldn’t hide her astonishment.
What was going on?
“What? Surprised?” Chloe attempted to stand up holding onto the rail, smiling triumphantly. “I told you those jewels were magical! I’m a human now! So hurry up and propose to me. Your ridiculous excuse is not valid anymore!”
Luka’s eyes started glowing in yellow, bright as the former siren’s one, but before he could open his mouth, Kagami stepped between them. “Show respect to our Captain! He would never marry someone unworthy like you!” She pointed her sword to Chloe’s throat and noticed Luka’s eyes return to his original sky blue color, freeing him from Chloe’s spell. “Try something funny and I’ll cut you,” she warned.
“How did you do that?” Luka asked, gesturing Kagami to lower her sword. “What happened to your legs? Is it the jewel’s power? What other powers do they have?”
Chloe directed a victorious smirk to Kagami from behind Luka’s shoulder. The first mate was boiling in anger, but her respect for Luka was more important to her own feelings. Loyalty was what Luka valued the most about her, her Captain had confessed to her before. She couldn’t betray his trust- not even for her jealousy.
“I told you they were amazing, didn’t I?” Chloe raised her chin proudly as she laughed hysterically. “I have this one for you too - the snake one. It has the power you just need to get your revenge. I can give it to you if you accept to marry me!”
“I’m not interested in marriage, but I’m interested in those jewels. What are their powers?” Luka asked, fascinated to see how she had indeed real feet and toes. He examined them with his hands and she giggled at the tickles.
“All of them have the ability to give legs to sirens. The Bee one, the one I have, can paralyze opponents with just one gaze. The snake one is special: can control both time and space. You can know where and when you can find whatever you’re looking for, and even predict your opponent's moves beforehand. For example... “ Chloe continued, and with a finger snap he made Kim teleport down to the deck.
“What the-!?” he yelled. “What happened? I was up the crow’s nest!”
Luka looked mesmerized at the magic he had just seen. “Kim, go back up. Sorry about that”. Kim scratched his head in confusion and started climbing up again. “How much for that jewel?”
“My Captain! You can’t accept that! That would be cheating!” Kagami shouted. “You’re better than that!”
“No, listen, Kagami. I don’t pretend to use this to take advantage of my enemies. I just want to find that man- the man who ruined my family. The man I swore revenge on. I’ll find him thanks to this jewel and I’ll finally be free from this hate that haunts me. The chase will be over”
“What about us, then, Captain!? What about this ship, our adventures!?” Kagami seemed heartbroken at the thought of her piracy story ending. And also scared to be separated from her dearest Captain. “I left everything for you and this crew! You can’t just betray us like that!”
“Oh, no, my dear Kagami. Finding that man will not change much. I want to keep sailing together with all of you, forever. You’re my family too” Kagami blushed at Luka’s unusually tender smile. “But I need to keep my promise. You know I never leave business unfinished”
“I understand, captain” Kagami used her sleeve to dry her tears. “But I still think it’s not worth it losing your freedom and marrying that- that fish for that purpose. We’ll find that man, we don’t need magic for that!”
Luka stared at Kagami, moved by her trust in him. She was really cute, wasn’t she? He almost couldn’t hold his smile back. “I know we will.  And I don’t plan to marry. I just don’t want someone else to kill him before we find him” He reassured his first officer, and she smiled fondly. That was his captain.
“Oh, no, pirate! No marriage, no deal!” Chloe rumbled under Kagami’s judging stare. “You have no idea how hard it was to get this! Not even all the gold from your world would be enough to buy it!”
“Then we just have to kill you and steal it, right?” Kagami glared, getting her sword ready causing Chloe to shriek.
“Wait, Kagami. We don’t know how to use it. We can’t kill her” That wasn’t exactly the only reason he wanted her alive. Luka couldn’t deny he felt himself… attracted to the siren’s looks. She was beautiful, even if she was somewhat noisy. And her singing voice was hypnotizing… He didn’t want her or her song to die.
“Make your decision fast, because if you don’t, I’m destroying it!” Chloe warned.
“No, no, wait!!
“Captain, no!”
“I’m going to destroy it! I’ll give you 10 seconds…! 10… 9…”
“No- wait!”
“8… 7…”
“Captain, you can’t do it!”
“6… 5… 4…”
“I know but-!”
“3… 2…1….”
"Chloe wait, I-"
“STOP WHERE YOU ARE, CHLOE!” A new voice shouted, and a new siren jumped from the sea to the deck. Her hair was long and black, and her tail was beautiful in pink.
“Argh! Not now, Marinette Dupain-Cheng!” Chloe groaned in disgust. “He was about to accept my proposal!”
Luka stared as the new siren called for some magical words and shifted his tail to legs. ‘Another magical jewel’ he realized, and was fascinated by her beauty (the fact that she was naked didn’t help either). She looked as if she had come straight out from a painting, and his heart beat fast in an unknown feeling. The most beautiful song he had ever heard: clear as a music note, sincere as a melody. He wished for that melody to last forever in his ears.
“Chloe! Give the Miraculous back!” The siren shouted in anger. “You know how dangerous they are yet you stole them!”
“Hey!” Luka snapped out at Chloe’s cry and hurried to grab a tablecloth from nearby and offer it to the naked siren, while looking the minimum as possible. “Use this”
Marinette turned to look at him confused, wondering what was supposed to do with that. She noticed how Chloe was wearing something similar to cover herself, and the blush on that unknown man made her remember being naked was a big deal in the human world. She exploded in embarrassment. “Thank you…” she hurried to snatch the clothes.
She found herself staring at his relieved smile. And her heart started beating faster. Breath-taken by his handsomeness and calm. Their eyes met and time stopped, and Marinette finally understood why Chloe would wish to steal those jewels for selfish reasons. She would consider it too if she wasn’t the guardian.
“Hey! He’s mine, don’t you dare take him away from me!” Chloe hissed. She clumsily ran to Luka’s side and fell into his arms when her legs couldn’t support her any longer.
“Captain!” Kagami soon cried in worry, and approached to try to separate them.
“Chloe!” A new emotion formed in Marinette’s chest. Jealousy. “Give it back!” she jumped to pull her away from Luka.
And Luka- well, he couldn’t move. Surrounded by beautiful ladies… He had always been a heartbreaker, never a ladies man- what was wrong with him? He was enjoying that situation too much for his own sanity.
Suddenly, another siren jumped to the deck- a blond man with the most beautiful emerald colored eyes Luka had ever seen. Even Kagami seemed impressed by them, and that was new in Luka’s first officer.
“Adrien!” The mermaid called Marinette called him. “Help me!”
“Immediately, M’lady!” even his voice was cute, Luka thought. That couldn’t be healthy for his heart.
Adrien shifted to a human after calling for some magical words and Marinette tossed him a part of tablecloth she tore from hers. He looked confused at first, but imitated Marinette’s use for it.
Adrien tackled Chloe from the side, resulting in all of them falling down to the floor. Taking advantage of being on top after falling down, Luka managed to steal the snake Miraculous from Chloe. He raised up his hand… “Kagami! I’ve got it! Take it!” but… an eagle descended and took it from him in its talons and flew away from them towards the island in sight. “Ah-”
All of them observed in denial and powerless how the bird carried the powerful jewel away. Their faces turned blue out of the shock, and Marinette entered in panic.
“No no no! That can’t be happening! What are we going to do now!?” she bawled. “Chloe! This is your fault! You better help us recover it!”
“No, this is Luka’s fault! If he had agreed to marry me and didn’t try to play dirty this wouldn’t have happened!”
“Don’t you dare badmouth My Captain!”
Everyone’s eyes were on Luka, who, confused, was trying to process what had just happened. “Give me a minute”. He closed his eyes, took a deep breath and waited for one minute. He came to his conclusion.
“I can’t deny this is partly my fault… So I’ll take responsibility. I’ll help you find the jewel, but with one condition: you’ll let me use it once when we find it”
“We can’t allow that!” Marinette and Adrien complained.
“Oh, and I’ll need you tell me more about these jewels in order to help you”
“Deal” Chloe quickly agreed, to Marinette and Adrien’s shock.
“Hey! You can’t decide that alone!” Marinette protested.
“You’ve seen the bird- it went into the lands. The rest of lost jewels could be on land too. What’s better than humans to help us? It would be ridiculous not to accept when all they ask in return is to use one of them just once!” Chloe exposed.
Marinette’s eyebrows frowned as she looked at Adrien, who seemed convinced with Chloe’s explanation. She couldn’t deny anything to those green eyes of him who desired to discover more from land and the human world, so she gave in, still unconvinced. “Fine”
“Great. Welcome abroad. I promise we’ll recover that jewel” Luka stood up and helped the rest of them up too, one after the other. “My name is Luka. I’m the Captain of this pirate ship. And this lovely lady is my first mate, Kagami.” She bowed despite her glare shown killing instincts towards all of them. Luka noticed and patted her back, causing her to calm down immediately. When he blinked at her with a sneaky smile she knew well, she realized his true intentions: he was going to get the jewel without having to marry the annoying mermaid. ‘As expected of my captain’, she smiled fondly.
“I’m Marinette and he is Adrien. I’m the guardian of the Miraculous and he’s my partner for this job. Nice to meet you, Captain”
Luka’s piracy adventures seemed to have just started now that 3 new unusual members joined his crew. Misunderstandings and fun seemed ensured.
What fantastic adventures lie before them? They couldn’t wait to find out.
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iamannettecresselion · 2 months ago
I‘m one of many people who like to write fanfiction, so here’s a sneak peek of my version of a human AU of WALL-E. (I’ve been revisiting it lately since it was a big part of my early childhood.)
It’s not out on my Wattpad page yet, but it will be soon.
Out there somewhere, far away from here, there is rumored to be a world full of all that shines and sparkles, with everything a person could ever need in life. If you just close your eyes and try, maybe you'll see it in a vision or in a dream. Wherever that place may be, if it even is real, it isn’t the Earth.
Centuries from now, no thanks to human negligence and the disadvantages of consumerism, the earth had been wasted away to nothing but badlands, with abandoned buildings and towers of garbage as far as the eye can see. The air quality was terrible, as dust and dirt blew everywhere. The oceans were polluted with plastic and foam, but not the kind of foam that they stirred themselves up into. If you walked around anywhere in this wasteland, chances are there’d be a piece of trash, big or small, just waiting to greet you with a metaphorical unwelcoming grin. There were so many of these little bits of litter that every last organism on Earth, the great and the small, had to be evacuated into space on executive starliners sponsored by everyone’s favorite shopping corporation (or so it would seem), Buy n’ Large. The company, aiming to restore the world to its former green glory, sent down both people and their waste-allocating robots to clean up the mess, which resulted in disaster. People choked to death, developed cancer, and all of the robots were battered and broken.
For Wallace Eaton, life in a dump like this was not as cool as those young adult novels made it sound. He’d just turned twenty years old and hadn’t received any kind of special assignment or task. There was no dystopian society or superiors that he’d overthrow to free everyone trapped within them. All the dust kept getting in his hair, and he was getting pretty tired of having to wash it out every night. It was just him, the trash, that little cockroach and his family.
He’d been sent down here at just the age of seven, which his parents thought was ridiculous. From then on, every day was repetitive. He’d take the compressor outside, watch it crush up the refuse into these cubes and then stack them on top of each other. He and his siblings were practically experts at the routine now. It was cool to him when he had been taught how to use the machine, but since he’d spent a lifetime with it at this point, the last of the excitement of using it had trickled out of him. Good thing he’d been given that recording music player, or he would have lost his reasons for staying alive any longer. Many of the files saved on that thing were recordings of songs from his favorite musical movie.
“Put on your Sunday clothes, there’s lots of world out there…” Wally, as he called himself, murmur-sang along. He was almost done now, so he thought he’d mix up the process a bit by pressing together his last three cubes before adding them to the stack. The cockroach, which his brother Clifford had named Hal, was hiding out in a metal soup can, watching and listening. Hal scurried his way to a spot of the tower at Wally’s level, doing so by crawling up his left leg. Wally had stopped singing along to his music, and he was holding something circular in his hands that wasn’t exactly one of those discus things he’d heard about, but made him think of one.
“Didn’t see you there, Hal,” Wally said upon seeing him. “Tell me, what do you think of this round thing? Does it interest you as much as it does me?”
The little bug responded with some clicking. It wasn’t very often that he did make a sound, but when Wally heard it, it meant that he was agreeing with him or responding positively. He also could have been laughing at how funny Wally looked in his oxygen mask.
“What’s that, you say? Take it home with us? Very well, then. Let’s get going.”
He turned a little so that Hal could hop onto the tank strapped to his back. He put the disc inside of a portable cooler he often carried around with him, and they descended down the tower of trash together.
The way back home was almost equivalent to a minefield of money scattered everywhere and newspapers that no one ever cared to read as far as he thought. He was pretty sure that the only thing they did with them was use them as bathroom pads for their dogs. He’d have to walk through all of it after passing by the long Buy n’ Large supermarket while dragging the compressor behind him, so once he passed by that and the abandoned gas station, he made sure to prepare himself. If he could think of something, then chances were Buy n’ Large had a business for it. They owned a bank, a sports network, transportation systems, athletic clothing and lots of food products, like sodas and burgers. Their famous jingle rang faintly through the air. “Buy n’ Large is your superstore; we’ve got all you need and so much more…”
“Yeah, yeah, we know. You’ve got so much for us that you ruined the world. At the same time, you don’t have enough to satisfy me,” Wally thought. He was also getting kind of tired of hearing that jingle almost every day.
He passed underneath the escalators to the monorail system, a hand raised above his head in the event of anything that would fall. Next to the escalators were billboards advertising shopping announcements and the robots that they sent down with the people. In the past, he’d pulled the compressor very bumpily up the escalator, but it was the end of that when he’d gotten home and a wheel fell off. On the plus side, he didn’t have to let the words “HAVE A HEART, FILL YOUR CART” or “WORKING TO DIG YOU OUT!” worm their way into his mind anymore, unlike lots of other things he wished he didn’t have to see so much.
He went beneath a few railways and walked through a robot graveyard on the other side. There were also a bunch of human skeletons here, their clothes still on but slowly rotting away into nothingness. It was here that Wally noticed his feet were killing him, and the sole on one of his boots was about to detach from it. He sat down to take a five-minute breather, and he noticed the skeleton he was sitting next to shockingly had a great pair of boots on. They looked just like his, only in (just below) mint condition. It was truly a rare finding for Wally, so either he’d put them on or leave them with shoddy footwear. “Life is sure full of tough choices. How much oxygen do I have left?” he thought. “I know they told me not to do this, but…”
With the dead guy’s boots on and a teeny hole in his glove where a spider living inside had bit it, he moved on past a bunch of factory machines too big for him to see the entirety of, all the way to the base of the downtown terminal. He’d pay all of the dollars that’d get stuck on his shoe to have the messages played on the holographic screens without warning wiped from his mind. The one today was that little rhyme that he’d unwillingly memorized now.
“Too much garbage in your face? There’s plenty of space out in space!”
He mouthed along boredly. “BNL starliners leaving each day. We’ll clean up the mess while you’re away!”
Hal was clicking along to the rhythm of the speaker, which was unbelievable to Wally. Even he knew exactly how it went, and he hadn’t even been here as long as Wally had. The sight of the group of robots on the fourth screen made his brain feel like it was sinking. Convenience, like newly made boots, was also a hard thing to find.
A loud voice boomed through a busted speaker as he took the compressor and Hal through a gate that a giant screen overlooked. Here came his personal favorite.
“The jewel of the BNL fleet, the Axiom! Spend your five-year cruise in style, waited on twenty-four hours a day by our always-active crew…”
A female voice that Wally recognized then joined in. “...while your captain and autopilot chart a course for nonstop entertainment, fine dining, and with our all-access hover chairs, even Grandma can join the fun. There’s no need to walk! The Axiom, putting the “star” in executive starliner. Because at BNL, space is the final fun-tier!”
Her voice increased in volume as she went on, and she screamed the final line to the world. This was why Wally called his sister “Yell,” even if her name was actually Yaneli. She even imitated the sounds of the ship going up, and she dashed up to him as she did so.
“And hello to you too, Yell,” Wally greeted her as she began searching his cooler. She examined the disc closely, holding it like she was holding a steering wheel to her face. After looking at it for a few seconds, she told him what it reminded her of.
“You know, I saw a picture of this guy throwing something like this to a dog.” They had learned what a dog was through learning the alphabet as little kids. There were lots of different ABCs songs they’d heard. “I heard that dogs will bring it back to you if you throw it. You think Hal will do that?”
“Not likely. He’s too small,” Wally replied, clearly focused on another thing he wanted to ask her. “Is Clifford already home?”
“Yep. He and I both finished up. Did you?”
“I did. Last stack of the day was where I found that thing. Don’t throw it.”
“Now I really want to…”
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captastra · 2 months ago
Into the Multiverse: Lore and Rhea
Here’s another tale of two Captains of the Unreliable crossing path’s out in the multiverse including @strangefable‘s captain Lore!
Rhea was thrown from her bed as the Unreliable shook violently. Pain erupted from her shoulder from where she had landed awkwardly on the floor.
Letting out a grunt of pain, Rhea held her arm gingerly as she called out, “Ada!”
A slight static came from the microphone. “Yes captain.”
“Dammit Ada, what the hell was that?” Rhea never minded that her ship was a sentient being, even if Ada always denied it, but sometimes Ada really took her care-free attitude too far.
There was a brief pause before Ada spoke up. “The ship being violently shaken? I do not know Captain. Nothing is reading on my sensors yet to lay claim to what happened.”
“Of course it hasn’t,” Rhea muttered under her breath. Getting up slowly, Rhea propped herself on her desk and looked at her window. At first glance nothing seemed out of the ordinary. The darkness of space surrounded them save for the pink, red, gold plasma cloud that stood out from no matter where she was in Halcyon.  “Is the rest of the crew ok?”
As if on cue, Rhea heard her door open and saw Felix running towards her.
“Rhea, you ok.” He didn’t wait for a response as he started checking her out for any injuries. His hands were gentle and careful as he ran his hands softly over her. Rhea always appreciated his attentiveness, but now wasn’t the time.
“Felix, I’m ok.” Rhea placed a hand over his and waited for him to look at her. “I banged my shoulder is all. One hit from the inhaler and I’ll be fine.
He looked at her with concern. “No I’m not going to let you brush it off. The last time you did that, you had actually broken something and was out for a long time.”
Rhea ignored his concern and the pain as she walked over to dig through her discarded items scattered about the floor. Finding the inhaler, Rhea took a hit and immediately felt the pain start to fade away.
From out in the hallway, Rhea heard Parvati yell out, “Hey Felix, is Rhea ok?”
“I’m fine Parvati,” Rhea hollered back as she slowly moved her arm about to test for any serious injuries. After determining she would be good, Rhea looked at Felix. He was standing there with his arms crossed as he glared at her. She gave him a small wave with her hand. “See perfectly fine.”
Felix was about to respond when a sudden flash of light filled her cabin. Rhea had to cover her eyes to protect them from the blinding light. After a second, the light dimmed down into a dull pulsating sliver that seemed to cut into the darkness of space.
Both Rhea and Felix approached her window hesitantly, absentmindedly reaching to each other for support until they were both standing in each other’s arms staring at the strange light in front of them. Rhea couldn’t make heads nor tails of what it was.
“Ada what is that? And don’t tell me you don’t know.”
Another bout of silence answered her, setting Rhea’s nerves on edge. Ada always had an answer and this was the second time she didn’t.
The arms around her squeezed her tighter and Rhea glanced at Felix. His face was a scene of uncertainty but determination. 
“I...don’t know what to make of it Captain,” Ada began, the uncertainty in her voice evident even through the speakers, “But I believe we are facing an anomaly. Do you wish to go through it?”
Before Rhea could answer, the rest of the crew stumbled into her room. Another flash of light came into the room and Felix moved his body on instinct to shield her from it.
After a few seconds the light dimmed down back to the pulsing cut in space. The crew gathered around Rhea, standing transfixed by the light. When another few moments passed and nothing happened, Rhea took in the rest of the crew. All of them were in various states of dress.
“Are you sure Ada?” Rhea was trying to ignore her own curiosity of wanting to jump headfirst into the anomaly with making sure her crew were safe. 
“Boss we gotta go through!” They had dropped their arms quickly when the crew came in but Felix was still standing close to her. The excitement was evident on his face. “We’ll be like those adventurers in the serials exploring the unknown!”
“I wouldn’t be too sure about that,” Nyoka drawled, still half asleep and slightly drunk.
“Yeah Felix,” Parvati shivered as she spoke, “What if it’s dangerous?”
“Agreed.” Max looked out at the anomaly before turning to Rhea. “Captain, I recommend we proceed with caution. No one else will study this, thing, and we may have to do just that.”
“Ha, I’m surprised Vic.” Ellie stood in the back of the group, her arms crossed as she looked on with boredom. “Does the grand Plan not tell you anything about random space anomalies?”
Before the two could start bickering, Rhea spoke up. “Stop it you two. We don’t need to argue right now. We have a choice to make, do we go in or fly away.?”
The crew looked around at each other uneasily, but Rhea saw the determination set in all of their faces. They all turned to her and nodded.
“Right behind you captain!”
“I’ll follow you anywhere boss.”
“Why not?”
“Beats drinking.”
“We are all behind you Captain.”
Rhea smiled at all of them. “Ok go get dressed. We’ll meet down stairs.”
They all made their way out of her room, talking amongst themselves as they tried to figure out the anomaly and what is going to happen next. Only Felix lingered for a moment more before walking out as well.
Turning back to the anomaly, Rhea tried to make heads or tails before accepting she should get ready too.
A few minutes later, all of them stood on the bridge. Rhea steeled herself as she called out to Ada. “Ok Ada, bring us through.”
“Yes, Captain.” The ship moved smoothly as it made its way towards the anomaly. “I’d recommend holding onto something. You never know what might happen to your bodies should it not be a smooth ride.”
Rhea glared at Ada’s face on the screen. “So comforting Ada.”
“I’m here for you boss.” Felix reached over and grabbed her hand. Rhea couldn’t help but squeeze it tight as the others settled about the cockpit, unsure of what to expect. 
She glanced around one last time at each of her friends' faces. All of them had a sense of unease (or boredom on Ellie’s part) but each was set with determination. Rhea took comfort in knowing that no matter what happened, they always had her back.
“Ok Ada, take us through.”
Ada didn’t respond but slowly moved the ship towards the anomaly. It wasn’t long before they were right on the edge.
And then they passed through. 
The light surrounded the ship and then them. There was slight turbulence but Rhea had no clue could have possibly caused it. A few items could be heard crashing from around the ship, which was followed by a few muttered “shit”’s from the crew. Even as the alarms blared, Rhea couldn’t help but giggle. This seemed to last for a few seconds and right as Rhea was about to ask Ada what was happening, they appeared back in….space?
Looking out the pilots window, Rhea saw the same space she had seen from the other side of anomaly.
The other’s seemed to notice that too.
“If I’m correct, it seems we are looking at the same space we left.” Max had stepped up to stand on the other side of Rhea. 
Dropping Felix’s hand as she stepped forward, Rhea asked Ada, “what are we looking at?”
“While everything does seem to reflect our universe, I believe, Captain, that we are not in fact in our own universe.”
Stunned silence met Ada’s words.
“Is that even possible?” Felix looked around confused. “This sorta stuff only happens in the serials?”
“We are very much not in a serial Felix.” Max’s annoyed expression was easily ignored by the fear in his voice.
“No.” Ada’s voice rang out. “We are in a parallel of our universe.”
“What’re we gonna do Rhea?” Parvati’s voice was small and scared. Rhea couldn’t blame her. She was scared too but that little bit of her that had always dreamed of an adventure started to seep through the cracks, urging her forward.
Rhea started chewing her bottom lip as the others began to talk amongst themselves. If this was a parallel universe, then surely there must be another captain. Another everything. But what could be different? What if this was an evil version of their universe. What if…? Rhea shook her head. Those thoughts wouldn’t help her in this moment.
“Ada, can you find the other Unreliable?” It was a guess there would be one but Rhea was beating she was right.
“Another Unreliable?” Nyoka spoke up from the back. “Wouldn’t that be something.”
“If you are right and there is another, couldn’t that be dangerous?” Parvati stepped forward to look at the others. “What if they mean to harm us?”
“I say we check it out.” Felix’s fear had been replaced with excitement. “I wonder what their Felix would be like. I’m the better one, right boss?”
“That’s beside the point.”  Max turned to face Rhea. “Parvati makes a valid point Captain but I would suggest that we take this chance. This anomaly, the world it has led us to, could be a perfect opportunity to study the Plan.”
The group let out an audible groan. It had still been the middle of the night for the ship so even through this excitement they were tired. But Rhea couldn’t help but want to follow through whatever this was too.
“Can you find the ship,” Rhea asked Ada, stifling a smile as Felix let out a soft “yes.”
“I had already located them the instant we were through the anomaly.”
Of course she had. “Take us there then. Please.”
Without another word, Ada flew the ship towards what Rhea assumed was the direction of this universe’s Unreliable. 
Apprehension began to build inside her. There were endless possibilities in this moment. If there was a parallel universe, could this mean there were even more universes. Multiple universes with multiple possibilities and peoples. And captain’s. It hit Rhea then that she possibly was not the captain in this universe. Before she could go down that thought rabbit hole, Ada called out.
“We have arrived.”
Everyone strained to look out the window at what appeared to be the exact same ship as theirs. The Unreliable floated in front of them, soft lights glowing through the windows on the ship. Another parallel Rhea noticed was the group of people standing on their own bridge, staring out. 
“Guess there is no point in hiding now. Ada can you send a message explaining who I am and why we are here?”
“Yes captain.” Ada went silent for a moment and Rhea watched the other group move slightly. Guess they had received Ada’s message, Rhea thought.
“The captain of that ship's Unreliable calls herself Lore Jameson. She wishes to know if this is a joke or if you mean them harm.”
Rhea smiled to herself. “Please let Captain Jameson know that we mean her no harm. We only wish to talk. Nothing more.”
“You sure boss.” Felix’s voice came from close behind her. “What if they are evil versions of us. Some kind of cosmic monster that can use their powers to murder us once we get close.”
“Uh Felix, even I know that can’t be real. Right, captain?” Parvati had a good head about her but Rhea guessed even this could throw anyone off and make them wonder about what other possibilities were out there.
“We should be fine.” Rhea waved a hand at their concerns. “I’m guessing the universe didn’t bring us here only to murder us. Let’s go see what it has to offer.”
With that, Rhea directed Ada to bring the ship up next to this universe’s Unreliable. There was a slight shudder through the ship as the outer hull latched onto the other before the ship settled. 
Rhea made her way to the door, Felix and Max close behind her.
“I’m coming with you.” Rhea knew he would argue but she wasn’t willing to risk him or the others.
“Let me go through first. I won’t risk any of you getting injured.”
Felix was about to argue but Max placed a hand on his shoulder to hold him back.
“Be safe captain.” The others murmured in agreement and Rhea gave them a big smile.
“When am I not?”
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labyrinthof-fan-fiction · 2 months ago
Two Ships Passing in the Night {6}
Part 6
Series Masterlist
Spock x fem!Reader then Bones x fem!Reader
Summary: Aftermath of Spock’s Letter, the boys’ conversation, and Jim Kirk meddling.
A/N: No, I did not project my avoidance issues in this chapter, why would you say that? I’ve been struggling with this part, I have parts that are very far in the future written out, but it’s taken me a while to get this part to a place where I’m happy with it. Not sure when the next update will be, but hope you enjoy this!
Warnings: Alcohol, Pregnancy Mentions, Angst(?), Leonard McCoy is cranky, Meddling Jim Kirk.
Word Count: 1,819
You stared at the notification on the PADD, mind racing. You had just learned the gender of the baby, you were excited, it was a boy. You had never really seen yourself becoming a mother, your sights had been set on being a captain, maybe even an admiral. And now here you were, a captain who was going to be a mother. No doubt Starfleet would use you as promotional material. Look ladies, you can have it all, or some similar slogan. But nonetheless you found yourself excited. And now Spock had sent a message, the timing was unsettling, which was why you left it unread for the week. Perhaps it was immature, maybe as captain you could have at least read it. But he had taken his sweet time saying anything to you. For all you knew it was just updates on the planets that you would be encountering.
Today you decided, you were reading that damn message. So you sat on your bed and opened the message. Your hand rested on your stomach as you read through Spock’s words. You knew he had been struggling with the loss of his mother, but you hadn’t realized how much, or how much he struggled with his own identity. You finished reading the message and felt a tear run down your face. “Dumb hormones.” You muttered into your empty quarters.
In your entire life you had not thought much about children, about becoming a mother. Your desire had always been to be among the stars, but here you were, among the stars and pregnant. That’s not to say that you had never thought about it. At one point you had thought about it, the whole thing, marriage, white picket fence, two kids, and a golden retriever. That was not the path that you had followed. Thinking back on the ideas you had at that time made you chuckle when you imagined Spock as the father with the two house garage, complete with the ‘Kiss the Cook’ apron for grilling.
Spock was far from the most emotive person you had ever met, but every now and then another side of him came out, and that’s why a part of you had fallen in love with him. There was nothing perfect about the relationship you had with Spock, but for a moment you had felt that there was something there. His message cemented that there was nothing there between the two of you, well, aside from a child. You worried, a child benefited from having a father, and it wasn’t like you had any prospects for that. Families had raised children in unconventional situations and ways, but space ships provided an interesting set of challenges. Your realistic and optimistic sides were at odds. Maybe somehow you and Spock would be able to work things out in a way that would provide your child with a meaningful relationship with both parents. You struggled as you continued thinking about his words. He had been born of two worlds, your child even less than he. You hadn’t spent much time thinking about the toll that would have taken on him being raised on Vulcan, but what kind of life would it be for a child on Earth, or at least surrounded by children of Earth?
Days and nights passed, and you still found yourself unable to respond to Spock. You stared into space from the bridge of the ship, it was quiet, except for the beeping of monitors and machinery. Your mind wandered to the final lines of Spock’s message, he loves you more than I ever could. In theory, there would be two men aboard the Enterprise that this sentence could be referring to, but you knew that the reality was that there was only one of that duo that it could be. Vulcan logic would dictate that one would contact the one you believed to have feelings for you. Or perhaps you would respond to the person who insinuated feelings were present. Unfortunately, you were not Vulcan, their logic did not apply to you. So, you began typing on your PADD to Jim.
Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy was known by the crew of the Enterprise for being grouchy. A good doctor, but grouchy, the past two weeks had been no exception. Leonard was what most would describe as brooding, Nurse Chapel had even been so brave to say he was pouting, to his face. It did not go over well. After that incident, Jim decided it was time to intervene, while his friend was entitled to feelings and self expression, the crew was entitled to at the very least, a half decent bedside manner.
Jim wandered the halls to the medbay, wondering how he was going to approach his friend, especially after the message he had received from you. It was no secret that Leonard had been carrying a torch for you from the moment that he laid eyes on you, honestly Jim wondered how it had taken you so long to figure it out. He knew about the arrangement that you had with Spock long before Leonard, and that had put him in an awkward spot. And here he was again, in an awkward spot. Although, he would be lying if he said he wasn’t enjoying this, just a little bit. Leonard had been rather distant recently, spending nights in his office, even taking his meals there. Jim didn’t think he had seen him for at least a week. Jim also noticed that Spock was refusing to even contact the doctor via comms. Uhura was the main contact for the bridge to medical, which was the second item to address on Jim’s list for today. Jim wandered down to the medical wing, Chapel was sitting next to a bed, working on vitals.
“He’s in his office, and he is in another mood.” She said, her eyebrows raised, tone filled with snark.
“Thanks for the warning.” Jim responded, winking at her. She rolled her eyes and went back to work. Jim sighed, Leonard had been surly from the moment he met him, he could handle surly. He pushed open the door and found Leonard surrounded by PADDs, a full glass of water next to him, and dark circles under his eyes. Now tired Leonard who was hydrating with water and not alcohol, he was not so sure he could handle that.
“Captain, what do I owe the pleasure?” He asked, his tone sharp.
“Can’t I just come down and visit an old friend? He seems to be refusing to come to dinner with me, figured the least I could do was come to him.” Jim replied as he sat in the chair across from the doctor.
“Jim, as you can see, I’m surrounded by backed up paperwork. So just tell me what the hell you need.” The doctor said, sighing and sitting back in his chair to look at his younger friend sitting across from him. Leonard would never voice it, but he was always impressed at how Jim carried himself as captain, even at his age. But there was just enough asshole in the kid to keep him from being too amazed.
“Bones, I’ve had some complaints about your behavior.” Jim answered, giving his friend a moment to process this. “As Captain, I have to address it.”
“No shit, Sherlock. Got anything actually important for me or that’s all?” Leonard asked, scoffing. “You had me thinking it was something serious.”
“Bones this is serious, if you don’t turn this around, I’m going to have to give you a temporary relief of duty.” Jim snapped, turning off his friendly side and moving to captain mode.
Leonard’s eyebrows rose subtly, “I’ll work on it.” He grumbled.
“Bones, what is going on with you?” Jim asked, still confused as to why he was still being belligerent.
“Why don’t you ask the great green wonder man?” Leonard snapped back, instantly regretting it when Jim leaned forward.
“You two talked about her didn’t you?” Jim said, “That’s why you’ve been so off. I’m amazed I still have a Medical Officer and Second.”
Leonard pinched the bridge of his nose, there was no way he was getting his paperwork done today. “Yes, we had a conversation.”
“And….?” Jim asked, far to eager to get the play by play of the conversation.
“He knew, knows. And she didn’t tell me.” Leonard muttered, sadness in his eyes, “And he didn’t do anything, he just waltzed out of the hospital room like nothing happened. He has a child that is going to be born in this goddamn universe and he doesn’t care!” Leonard’s fist landed heavily on his desk, causing Jim to shift in his chair. “She’s out there and he doesn’t care. And she’s all alone on a whole other ship, it takes days to get a message back and forth. Sometimes even a week for updates. She could die in childbirth, Jim. And he’ll be halfway across the galaxy.”
Jim glanced up at his friend’s eyes. “He’ll be halfway across the galaxy, that’s true, are we going to talk about you? You’ll also be halfway across the galaxy.”
Air slipped out Leonard’s lips. “If something happens to her, I don’t know what I’ll do. She’s the only thing that has gotten me through these days.”
“What about the kid?” Jim asked, knowing he was pouring salt onto his friend’s already open wounds.
“Even though the kid is just half her, I care about it because he’s another piece of her.”
“Maybe you should tell her that.” Jim answered, a bit of a twinkle in his eyes.
“I don’t think ‘I love you, and I know you’re having another man’s child, but I’ll love the kid too’ is something you send over PADDs.” Leonard said wryly, taking a swig of water, which made Jim start to question if it was really water.
“Luckily, we happen to be meeting with the Defiance in a month. So you can say it to her face.” Jim said standing, “Now start being nice to my crew members and stop being such a lovesick asshole.”
One month, he was going to see you in one month. Leonard’s heart started beating fast in his chest. “How exactly did you manage this?”
“Well, both crews really needed some time off, some shore leave. I sent her details to a planet that is part of the Federation and perfect for some down time.” Jim answered with a wink. “Saving the Federation’s ass has some perks.”
Jim made his way out of the medbay, a bit of a skip in his step. Perhaps as a captain, he shouldn’t meddle in other people’s affairs, but if he didn’t, that would make for a dull workday. Jim made his way back to his quarters and opened his PADD and typed a message back to you.
You should talk to them, soon.
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pavys-originals · 2 months ago
The Stranger At The Festival
Title by the wonderful @ellieisdreaming ! 
Alaana Rohikshuul x Coruscanti!Reader
Genre: Fluff mostly, very brief mention of angst/aggression. 
Warnings:  Very brief aggressive behaviour against the reader. (It is non-violent but still aggressive.) 
Summary:The reader has come to experience the festival of the new year on Tmryn for themselves, because despite the world being at the very edge of the outer rim, the festivals are supposedly worth the trip out there. 
Words: 4.1K
Notes: - I know that people don’t usually read ocs x reader, but I just want to say I worked really hard on this, so any and all notes are really appreciated!  - Improper/Grammatically incoherent English/Basic may be used when certain characters are speaking. This is not a mistake. Not all characters are native English/Basic speakers, and so have learnt it as a second language. It is not making fun of anyone, nor is it a mistake. It is just there to add depth and realism to the characters who speak in that manner. It was not written to offend anyone, and I apologise if it does. 
Tumblr media
Not my gif
To say that you had been anxious to make such a long and supposedly grueling trip to the edges of the Outer Rim would have been a little bit of an understatement. The trip was longer than most, further than Tatooine by quite some length- both in time and distance. This was merely one of the things that gave you concern. You had never flown too far into the Outer Rim, you quite liked the feeling of being so close to your home. Being separated from a place where you had such fond memories made you feel a tad uneasy. You had been assured and reassured by many of your friends and close companions that the journey would be more than worth it- Obi-Wan and Anakin had said that the sights of Tmrynish festivals were a true scene to behold- “It was like a vision from some sort of deity”, Anakin had recalled- and Padme had not stopped talking of how beautiful the views of the holds and city dwellings from the mountain ledges could be in the twilight. 
So, here you were now, sitting eagerly on the edge of the plush seat of the ship- that classic shine of Nubian metal reflecting the brilliant glow of the Tmrynish sun from it’s position in the dark void of empty space off in the distance. Out of the window, the view of the terrain below astounded you- brilliant hues of greens and earthy browns of the enormous and fabled forests, marvelous rich blues and teals from the rivers and seas that held numerous forms of life, and even the dotted white of snow-capped mountains,which helped to shield the holds at their feet from most directions, from either attack, invasion, or natural evils that plagued all worlds.
You eventually settled back into your seat when you started to land- though the crew seemed a little nervous. The captain had promised you they had made the trip many times, but that didn’t hide the glint of fear in the crew’s eyes. But fear of what? Landing incorrectly? No, that couldn’t be it. 
You were so wrapped up in your thoughts and theories that you hardly felt the craft land on the hard stone of the landing pad. You- and your few fellow passengers- began to rise out of your seats, hastily grabbing your belongings one by one. You had been advised not to take too many devices that would need regular recharging, as only those with enough money or status could afford the technology like that in their homes. Workplaces had them, sure, but it was highly unlikely that they would let outsiders use their equipment. Keeping this advice in your mind, you had firmly settled on travelling lightly- a few garments to last you the week, the odd bit of necessary technology that didn't need to recharge over short bursts of time.  
So, when you first set foot on the dampened earth of Tmryn, you allowed yourself a minute to take in the scenery that surrounded you. 
The almost makeshift landing pad was surrounded by trees- tall, towering life forms that overshadowed all besides the mountain off in the distance. They towered so high that you could hardly see their tops in the warm sunlight that just managed to reach the ground. They had thick trunks, and needle-like leaves that rattled quietly in the gently breeze that washed through them. A few of the needles fell and bounced about your feet, but they were soon lost in the green moss-like grass beneath your boots. It was as if they no longer mattered in the greater scheme of the planet, they were no longer a part of it's plan. 
The visions that had been painted in your mind's eye by others who had visited the Tmryn system did the place a great disservice, nothing they had described could ever truly compare to the terrain that threatened to overwhelm you. You didn't allow it to, however, taking in each piece carefully as your eye glided over it's surface.
Snapping out of your nature-induced trance, you came to realise that the other passengers of the spacecraft had started to leave you behind. You briskly gathered your things, you didn’t want to lose the few semi-familiar faces you had.  
There were no conversations shared between the passengers of the ship during the walk to the largest hold of Tmryn, where the majority of the celebrations took place. The other holds and settlements of course had much smaller celebrations of their own, but the large hold of Doverah- named after the wiseman of the Old Triumvirate and the hold’s founder-stroke-patron- was the one that drew in all the tourists, and even other inhabitants of the system. It was full of life of all kinds, varying species and dialects, and even slight variations in tradition, depending on households and other influences. 
It seemed peaceful and harmonious, a settlement that clearly all those who took up resident within adored. Children played happily in the streets, dodging quickly in and out of their parent’s legs, nimbly evading capture from their friends. Clearly the excitement of what was to come that evening had already set in, making the various children more hyper than they normally would have been. Their parents chittered and chattered with one another, keeping an eye on their young but letting them play as they pleased, not yet wishing to rob them of the magic childhood had over their lives.  At least, this is how they acted from a distance. 
It seemed that the stares- innocent and appreciative as they may have been- from yourself and fellow first-time passengers made the Tmrynish residents a little uneasy. Whether it was the fact there was constantly at least one set of eyes watching them as the group passed, or whether it was the fact that the group were largely unaware and unfamiliar with the etiquette of Tmrynish cities and holds and thus completely alien to them, it was hard to  say. But as the group kept moving, occasionally getting close to some residents, they pulled children close if they had any near and about to run into the path of the tourist group. If they did not have any children near, they would just back up a step or two, averting their gaze and folding  their arms over their chest. A few of the more burly looking citizens gave the tourists a harsh glare, however none of the pack seemed to notice or acknowledge this. 
Eventually the group had to trek up the side of a mountain that was the back drop no matter where you stood in Doverah. It towered over everything, and was in fact the tallest mountain on all of Tmryn. It was no wonder that this place, so high and close to the heavens above, had become  the main hub of religious sects in the system. It was custom that any and all offworlders pay respects at the temple of Doverah, to show they bore no ill will to the residents. It was with this custom in mind that the group moved, and thankfully there were no harsh winds to hinder them on their journey when exposed at such high altitudes.  The stone steps were uneven and steep, and a little nerve-wracking given the fact there was nothing protecting those from the sheer and rocky drop next to them. No one seemed to want to focus on that fact though, instead starting to notice the rather ornate carvings starting to appear in the side of the rocky path. 
The frieze ran up alongside the stairs, curving upwards slowly with the slope.They depicted an army of figures, all in rows, armoured and armed, locked in some sort of battle. Some held  spears, others were atop feline steeds, and as they reached the top of the winding stairs there were arching firing their bows at whatever enemies were at the start of the frieze- none of you could remember in your slightly enamoured state, and at the very very end there were a collection of nine figures, each distinct in their attire and stance. The entirety of the group slowed to admire this little segment of the sculpture, clearly depicting the divine beings that the Tmrynish paid respect to and worshiped. 
You were all distracted, however, when an old woman came forth from the temple, a huge smile on her face. She seemed to be the very height of friendliness when compared to the other residents of Tmryn. “Drema-Lok, offworlders!” She greeted cheerily, and though her voice did croak with the wisdom of her years, it still sounded very welcoming. She did a quick head count, and nodded in satisfaction. “I am very pleased that you all managed to find your way without any trouble..” She chuckled lightly. She leant heavily on an oaken looking staff- it was thick, and ornately carved, with similar symbols that had been scattered along the frieze. “Oftentimes a few will get mixed in unfavourable scenarios...” She seemed to be rather amused by it, still smiling softly as she slowly turned on her heel, gesturing for your group to follow along behind her. They slowly did, your fellow tourists sharing odd looks between themselves. 
There were a few more steps up into the large, gilded archway that led into the temple, and the old woman seemed to conquer them with relative ease, she probably climbed these, and the other stairs on the mountain, regularly. It was slightly odd to see though, a woman clearly so on in her years moving quickly as if she weren’t a day over thirty. Though she hobbled, and walked with the aid of her staff, she was just as fast as any of your companions.
The detailed frieze and golden archway seemed to only be the beginning of  the pure extravagance that had been poured into and over the interior of the temple. The floor was mosaic, and a flurry of golds, blues, silvers and whites. It was painful trying to think how long it must have taken to place each one of those squares. There was no particular image per se, from what you could see- instead it was a sea of different swirls, all amassing in the centre, and the mixture of colours seemed to depict the image of the skies above in the depth of night.It was truly beautiful. The others seemed to notice the beauty of the piece too, and as they were about to snap photos, a reptilian looking deacon or priest addressed the crowd; “Please, refrain from capturing the Divines and their images... Not here, good friends. Tell tales of what you see, yes yes, but let others come and see for themselves what the inspiration of higher powers can achieve... It is only just.” He spoke, each instance of sibilance drawn out a little longer than how most would speak- though the cause of that seemed to be the elongated and razor sharp teeth settled neatly in the reptilian's gums.   
With his words, those who had taken out camera devices put them away once more, as requested. The old woman, still at the head of the group, nodded softly at him. “Kogaan, Naxxus.” She smiled at him gratefully, before gesturing to the veiled Naxxus, who returned the gesture. “Naxxus is our highest ranking seer in Doverah... If he gives you advice, you would be wise to heed it...” She told your group, and there were gentle murmurs of acknowledgement from around you. Naxxus nodded again in farewell to you and your group, before moving off to speak with other smaller groups scattered around the large hall you were all stood in, the tough claws from his feet clacking quietly on the tiled floor. 
“Now, off-worlders, come this way!” The old woman gestured for the group to follow her again. “Whilst I would be glad to let you roam this great hall and pay homage to our Divine providers, we believe it that you should wear the proper attire first and foremost.” She informed, leading you all down a hallway, lit by bright and golden sconces spaced out evenly along the walls. “Not that the majority of your clothing is not practical nor respectful... It is merely not what we wear during times of religious festivities.” She explained, it seemed reasonable enough. She lead you into a sort of common room, just out of sight to where an average citizen would go when visiting the temple- unless they had requested to look at a scroll from the holy archives. 
The common room wasn’t empty, there were a few priests and priestesses, all helping one another with their regalia. They all looked magnificent. Robes were gilded at the hems, silver and gold threads intertwining to frame sapphire blue material that seemed to have a texture somewhere between velvet and silk. Whatever it was felt extremely soft to the touch, and incredibly expensive. How could you tell this? Because you were handed similar looking robes by the kindly old woman.  The group all changed fairly quickly, with only slight struggle with wrapping the sash round the waist and over the shoulders. 
There was a soft grunt and mutter from behind you. You turned slightly, still holding the robes against your body as you tried to place faith that your wrappings wouldn’t fall. Standing behind you was a tall, brawny looking feline male. His body was covered head to paw in short, grey fur, which lightened to a gentle snow white around his palms and muzzle. His muscular arms were crossed over his equally toned chest- you could tell he was well built even through his fuzz. His ears- both long and placed either side of his head, had arched downward slightly as he snarled, bearing his sharp, lengthy canines at you. “Off-worlders should not be allowed to wear garments of such fine cloth,” He hissed, starting to attract more attention. “It is blasphemous... And you..” He pointed a large finger towards you in particular. “You disgrace the clothes of the Divine providers most of all. You cannot even trust it not to be wound too loose!” He exclaimed, and at this outburst, one of the priestesses came to investigate. 
“Parthas,” Her voice seemed to be the embodiment of calm, the direct juxtaposition of Parthas’ tone. She moved how she spoke too, smoothly and calmly. Her presence seemed to soothe the entire room, even the roaring fire seemed to settle somewhat. “Friend, what is the matter? The offworlders are doing nothing out of the ordinary..” She gestured to your group, and you caught a glimpse of her face. 
The first thing that caught your attention was her eyes. They were a deep brown- a brown like the earth that was beneath your feet when you stepped outside, the provider for all of life on the planet you were visiting. Despite their dark pigmentation, they were full of life. Vibrant, sparkling life. On top of those eyes were mounted  sleek, arched eyebrows. They were not arched in a way that made her threatening to look at, but rather it was a gentle, inviting, soft arch. To frame her tanned, heart shaped face there were long, flowing locks of deep, almost raven black hair. Almost. The fire from beside you revealed it to be a very deep brown. Her posture, straight and confident,  and exuded the same calm her voice did. Clearly, she was a professional in whatever occupation she found herself in. 
She wore similar robes to everyone else in the room, however there were a few more bits of embroidery along the sash, and her antler headdress was much more extravagant- covered with little jewels and small feathers. Clearly her more expensive and lush clothes were a sign of her position and the amount of respect that she had earned both inside and outside of the temple. The headdress seemed rather weighty, but she seemed to be very used to it, she was perfectly balanced. 
A huff from Parthas drew you from your trance-like state.”They know nothing of what the cloth signifies, they are desecrating-”  “Do you know what it means?” The woman quickly retorted. “What?” Parthas’ snout crinkled to his show his confusion at her question.  “Do you know the significance of the cloth?” She repeated, slower, and the feline man started to stumble over half-formed words. It was very clear that he did not. He shuffled his paw-like feet, still unable to find any words to answer her, and unable to turn his face away from her piercing green eyes.  “Precisely, friend. Do not criticise those who suffer from a similar ailment to you. It is hypocrisy, is it not?” She chuckled quietly. 
“Uh, yes, lady priestess... My deepest apologies...” He gave a gentle bow, and the woman gestured to you.  “I think this here off-worlder is more in need of your apologies than I am, friend.” She placed a hand softly on your shoulder as she spoke. Parthas looked at you, almost grudgingly. “My... Apologies, off-worlder.” He reluctantly spoke, almost grimacing at his own words. The priestess nodded in a cue to leave, and he quickly did as you turned to face the woman, who was offering you a kind smile. “My apologies for the behaviour of some of our guards... Some of them have been brought in from other holds and settlements- rules and regulations differ ever so slightly. They’ll come around eventually, we believe. Anyway,” She paused with a chuckle, “He didn’t say anything too rash to you, did he?” She asked, seeming genuinely concerned whether you had been offended or not- and to reply you shook your head. “No, I suppose he didn’t...” You trailed off for a moment, your brows furrowing slightly in thought. “I’m sorry- and I don’t mean for this to be rude in any way- but why do you care so much about a tourist? I’ve not experienced something like that on any other planetary system... And, may I ask, why did he listen to you?” 
“Ah, many questions, you off-worlders can be most curious,” She chuckled gently. She didn’t seem to phased by your questions though. “I suppose to begin with your first question, I stepped in because I feel that all people should be given a base level of respect, until they prove themselves to deserve more or less than that amount respect. Parthas... Was not giving that respect, I feel. As for his argument of you desecrating the sacred robes, I think he is slightly misguided on his line of thought, as you are not wearing the robe in a way to mock our culture- you are actively participating in our festivities at our invitation. There are certain restrictions of course, since you were not born here, but if you cannot take part, you most certainly can watch and support.” She nodded gently as she spoke, and you started to nod with her, she seemed to make sense.  “And as for him listening to me, I am an honorary high  priestess of the temple.” She told you with a smile, and you mirror her smile.  “Honorary?” You echoed, “Why only honorary?”  “Because I have a primary occupation- but my family is respected enough for the temple to still grant me an honorary position here, since I cannot permanently fill the position I was meant to take because of my current place in the galaxy.” She told you. For a moment, you can’t think of what to say. It was a rather long-winded explanation, and  you can only just about wrap your head around it.  “Oh?” Is all you can think to reply with.  She chuckled gently at you. “I am a Jedi,” She explains, “Therefore, only an honourary Priestess.” This, more simple explanation, helps you understand a little more. You nod, falling silent for a minute.
After a few more minutes, she broke the almost awkward silence between the two of you. “I think that it’s time we get on the move,” She said to you, gesturing to the other members of the group you had journeyed here with. You nodded in agreement, moving back to the wide hallway, hanging towards the back of the group, so as to keep speaking with your new guide. “So, would it be alright if I asked your name?” You ask politely. 
“Of course.” She replied, just as politely. “My name is Alaana Rohiikshuul.” She told you. “And may I ask you yours?” She looked at you with a slight til of her head. “ (Y/N). (Y/N) (L/N).” You respond, with a slight nod of your head, trying to think of what to say next. You clear your throat before speaking, “I don’t mean to seem rude, or ignorant, but what festival are we attending? We weren’t told all that much before coming here, besides it being the new year?” You asked, prompting her slightly.
“Ah, yes. It seems that people in the Inner Rim have stopped trying to explain what our festivals and rites are like or are for.” She mused gently. “Like the Inner Rim with their parties, fireworks and the like, we too celebrate the coming of the new year- albeit in a way some may deem more ‘primitive’. The festival not only celebrates another year passing, but honours the Divine that the Tmrynish believe watches over the very concept of time itself; Don-Zeh. We call it the Donzic Rites.” She fills you in quite gladly on everything. “There’s a lot going on throughout the night, so don’t be afraid of missing something. Besides, not even the Tmrynish always take part in everything.” She chuckled softly, and you smile along with her. Her company was calming, and soothed your anxieties of being in such a different setting to what you were used to. 
You were about to ask another question about what precisely the evening would entail, but you were quickly distracted by the distant sound of music fast approaching as you made your way down the mountain with the tourist group and your newfound friend. Almost as soon as you all reached the streets, you were split up from one another, whisked away into the dusk with singing and dancing, feasting and drinking. Whilst on paper, the generic ideas of the activities would have ordinarily taken place on Coruscant too- but the Tmrynish seemed to put their own little cultural twist on everything, it was colourful, and indescribable. You realised now why Anakin had some difficulty trying to convey everything to you.There was simply too much to try and get through. The lights, the colours, the sounds, the food- everything. It all amassed in this beautiful, divine and it was just an atmosphere you couldn’t replicate anywhere else, even if you poured your heart and soul into it all. 
At some point during the evening, you found yourself sitting upon a felled log just outside the city walls, where the celebrations had spilled out to as the night had continued. You were staring up at the ink black space above, identifying a few of the planets here and there- though they were much smaller than you were used to. Whilst distracted, you didn’t notice a figure sit beside you, taking off their headdress. “Had enough for the evening?” She asked, and when you turned your head you realised it was Alaana, her voice immediately making you smile. You chuckled softly;  “I am a little worn out...” You admit, and she nodded gently in understanding, she seemed to be in the same state at the moment.  “Was it the dancing?” She asked, an amused tone to her voice. You sheepishly nod. “Not to worry, (Y/N), even the Tmrynish get worn out from their own dances... It means you’ve danced well.” She told you. It seemed reasonable enough. 
Barely even noticing your own movements in your drowsy state, you rest yourself slightly against Alaana’s side. She doesn’t move in protest, just smiles up at the sky, the stars and planets reflecting in those deep, chocolate brown orbs. “Thank you, for earlier today...” Your soft, and almost sleep-filled voice fills the silence between you both.  “You don’t need to thank me.” She replied, quite bluntly- she really felt that you didn’t need to thank her for what she had done, she was just doing what she believed was right. You nod softly against her shoulder as your eyes grow heavy. Unable to stop yourself, you drift off into a deep, and restful sleep, Alaana letting you rest against her for the rest of the night. 
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hypnofur1 · 2 months ago
My Life as a Hypno Fur Queen - Chapter 2
That incident with the construction workers was an indicator of where my general mindset was at. With each passing day, I was less interested in “Cindy” stuff. Less interested in dealing with PTA things, less interested in dealing with drama from the neighborhood women. I was interested in hypnotic erotic domination, and there was little room for anything else. I knew this was a dangerous road, but I couldn’t stop myself from going down it.
With the kids at school, Nick at work, and the construction workers in the house working on the closet, I spent a lot of time in my bedroom. Most of it was either researching hypnosis stuff online or shopping online. One afternoon, as the closet was almost finished, I found what I thought would be the perfect centerpiece.
The room had originally been a fairly good size office, so as a closet, it was enormous. There was a large open space in the middle. I found a red velvet couch for the middle of the floor. I figured it would be great to hypnotize and fuck on. I sent it to Nick and told him to order it.
Tumblr media
“Cindy, I think we need to chill on the purchases for a while. I know we have the inheritance stuff, but this couch is like $2k” he texted back to me.
I’ll be honest, I don’t know if I was pleased or annoyed that he wrote that. Part of me just wanted him to do what I wanted, but the other part of me liked the challenge.
Tumblr media
The construction crew was just down to one finish guy, a portly guy name Jorge. Jorge was in his late 40’s. He was very nice, as they all were. He was a little bit intimated by me, which I liked. I’m sure my interaction with the crew the other day exacerbated his level of intimidation. I noticed Jorge get all sweaty and nervous when I was around. I also noticed him sneaking glances as me. At this point though, he was wrapping up for the day. As soon as he left, I went into the closet. It still smelled new in there. I took a selfie and sent it to Nick.
Then I texted him:
Me: Am I beautiful Nick?
Nick: yes
Me: Look past me. What do you see?
Nick: Your furs
Me: Who am I?
Nick: Cynthia
Me: Who is in control? Who do you serve?
Nick: You
Me: Order the couch. Get rush shipping. I don’t care how much it costs
Nick: Yes Cynthia
The power I had over him was intoxicating. I immediately felt the middle of my yoga pants getting wet. All alone in the house, I went back to my bedroom and opened the drawer next to my bed. Nick and I both had little bedside tables. The bottom drawer of mine had glamour magazines right at the top, but underneath those were my little toys. Looking through the drawer, I briefly considered the fingertip vibrator... quick, to the point, very effective. But instead I drew out my other vibrator... anatomically correct, except for the fact that it was purple silicone. I closed my eyes for a moment, holding the toy in my hand, realizing with a smile that it was about the same size as my husband. I reclined on the bed, my thick purple friend turned on low speed, and slowly teased the tip over my clit as I thought about the power I had over Nick My breathing sped up right away. I was so wet already, so turned on, that I slipped the tip of the toy down to the entrance of my pussy almost immediately, moaning a little bit as it pressed inward. Just the tip. Just that tease. Just those little teasing thrusts, the slow rumbling vibrations adding to the sensation as I briefly slipped the tip back up over her clit. The vibrations, those extra sensations, helped to compensate for not having Nick’s hypnotized, obedient, warm body pressing me into the bed. For not having a tongue invading my mouth with mindless kisses, pushing into me with his hard cock. "Oh," I whispered with the toy halfway in. "Oh, shit, feels so good." I said to no one. But I The thrusts were all the way in now. I thought of how silky I made my voice when I was hypnotizing Nick. I thought of how he was so powerless to resist my commands. Further encouraged by this, I reached down to turn up the speed on the vibrator, lifting my hips off the bed and gasping as I pushed against the toy. She reached behind her with one hand, gripping the headboard... Yes, almost there, just a bit more, oh, God... "I’m your hypnotic fur queen!" I burst out as at full volume as I climaxed, reveling in the feeling of bearing down on the realistic toy, riding the waves of muscle contractions magnified by the facsimile inside me. The last gasps of my orgasm took a while to dissipate, the vibrations keeping it going, and I bit my lip again as I rode the toy through the aftershocks. With a satisfied sigh, I finally turned off the vibrator and put it to the side. I laid there for a moment and basked in the post orgasmic glow. I felt relaxed and happy… but I still felt a little bit wicked. I was thinking about Jorge the last carpenter. He probably thought I was so hot. Hispanic guys love blondes, I learned that in Cancun. They are crazy for blondes. I probably seemed so rich to him, so untouchable. If he only knew that I had been masturbating just a few minutes after he had left.
I was thinking about this as I cleaned off the purple vibrator. As I was about to place it back in the drawer, I stopped. The wicked feeling I have prompted me to place the purple, penis shaped vibrator in the closet. I put it on a shelf, next to the furs, and next to a couple books on hypnosis, and a gold pocket watch that I had bought. I knew Jorge would find it the next day. I felt so sexy, so wicked.
But then the kids came home. I was thrust back into a world that was becoming less and less interesting to me. Cindy’s world. Mom Cindy, School Committee member Cindy, and at the particular time that Nick came home that night – sister Cindy.
Tumblr media
“Well, why did you give him the keys?” I said with a snarl to my older sister, Denise. She lived in Rhode Island, and her life was always in a constant state of calamity and sadness. Nick could probably tell who I was on the phone with the moment that he walked in the door, he was not a big fan of hers of course. She was telling me some sob story about how her latest boyfriend had taken her car out after a night of drinking and smashed it up. It was always some pathetic adventure or another with her.
Nick gave me a smile and then headed upstairs to get out of his work clothes. Exchanging his shirt and tie for a t-shirt and basketball shorts. That’s what he did every night. Of course, over the last few weeks, he would also check the daily progress the construction crew was making with the closet.
Frankly, I had been so caught up in what was happening with the boys’ school stuff, dinner, and now Denise’s crap, that I had forgotten about the little surprise that I left for Jorge to find tomorrow.
Tumblr media
However, I was certainly reminded when Nick and back downstairs and yelled to me in a panic, “Cindy, you left a dildo in the closet!”.
I could barely put my hand over the receiver fast enough so that Denise couldn’t hear. “SHHHHHH!” I admonished. Jeez, not only did I not want Denise to hear that, I didn’t want the boys to hear him too. God, he is such a spaz sometimes.
His face was red and he was totally shocked. His intense reaction was a reminder for me that my actions of late were really out of character. I knew I was spiraling a bit, but I didn’t care. It was sexy and fun, and exciting. So fucking hot. I loved the idea of Jorge seeing the dildo and not being able to stop thinking about me using it. I even loved that it shocked Nick, and that he wasn’t into it.
Denise was blabbering on and on. I just put her on mute, so she couldn’t hear what I said. I looked Nick deep in the eyes. I changed my body language and my tone. Hell, I felt like I changed my whole persona.
Tumblr media
“Nick, look at me, look into my eyes” I said to him. “What did you see in the closet Nick?”
“Your purple… you know” he said. I noticed he didn’t break eye contact.
“What else did you see in the closet Nick?”
“A hypnosis book” he answered
“Have you ever been hypnotized Nick?” I asked, calmly and steadily
“Yes” he whispered now. His eyes locked into mine.
“What else is in the closet Nick?” I asked.
“Furs” he said, his breathing now ragged.
“Who hypnotized you Nick?” I asked
“You did”
“Whose furs are those Nick?”
“Yours” he said. I didn’t want to break eye contact, but I had a hunch that if I glanced down, I’d see an erection forming beneath the basketball shorts.
“You are hypnotized now, aren’t you Nick?” I said to him. It was phrased as a question, but it really wasn’t
“Yes” he whispered. I immediately felt my pussy moisten. I took the phone off mute and just blurted out to Denise that I would call her back. I could listen to her whine about her car problems later. I mean, I didn’t love my mini van, but you didn’t see me calling people complaining about it.
That did give me an idea though…. a wicked idea.
“Who controls you Nick? Who do you serve?’ I asked him as my arousal grew.
Tumblr media
“you do. I serve you” he answered
“Good Nick. Go deeper now. Looking deep into my eyes, hearing only the sound of my voice. Deeper and deeper into my hypnotic control. Deeper and deeper.” I said, in my hypnotist voice. This was the first time I had ever brought him under without actually having fur present in the room with us. I wanted to capitalize on this opportunity.
“Looking so deep into my eyes. Completely and utterly focused on me. I am your whole world. So engrossed in me. So captivated by me. I am your hypnotic fur queen, and you are mine. Mine to control, mine to hypnotize. Deeper and Deeper. Going deeper and deeper under my hypnotic control. It feels so good to be completely immersed in my hypnotic spell. You love being hypnotized by me. You love to serve me, to please me. Pleasing me and serving me is the most important thing to you.” I said, my own breathing now ragged from arousal.
“You’ll do anything I say. Anything to please me. You can refuse me nothing. I am the most beautiful woman in the world. I am perfection. You find me so sexy. The more aroused you are, the more you obey me. Even if it is something you don’t want to do, your desire to serve me and please me will take precedence. Do you understand?” I told him. I felt a bead of sweat roll down my temple. I was feeling almost frenzied.
“Yes Cynthia” Nick responded immediately.
“Nick, I want you to go upstairs, and go into the closet. When you are in there, I want you to get on your phone and make a reservation for the nicest hotel in Providence for tomorrow night. We are going to drive my mini van down to Denise, and we are going to give it to her. You are then going to buy me a new Mercedes. Do you understand?” I said. I was actually touching myself at this point. Thank god for Fortenight, I knew it would keep the boys so occupied down in the basement that they wouldn’t come upstairs and overhear this.
“I-I” Nick stuttered, I could see he was struggling.
“You serve me Nick. It is so sexy to serve your fur queen. Tell me you will obey Nick”
“I will obey” he said weakly. I fucking loved it.
“Go upstairs and do that. Then, I want you to jerk off looking at the purple vibrator, thinking of me using it, do you understand?”
“Yes Cynthia”
“When you are done. Make dinner”
“Yes Cynthia”
“Go!” I said, almost evilly. I was so turned on that I stuck my hand down my pants. Maybe I should have gone up with him to use the vibrator…
Jorge didn’t have much to finish on the job, less than an hour of work left. He was just replacing two drawer handles that had come in wrong and picking up the final check. However, I knew that he would see my purple vibrator on the shelf, on top of the hypnosis book. I knew that would shock and likely arouse him. I knew that, and I loved it.
I was in the kitchen, listening for him to start making his way downstairs. I looked really good, I had on a tight satin blouse, a short little mini skirt, and some strappy heels. It was a sexy version of a professional outfit. As I heard him start to come down the stairs, I hopped on to the kitchen counter and picked up the phone.
“Yes Mr. Mayor, you hear only the sound of my voice. You are deep, deep in my hypnotic power. You will obey my commands completely…” I said as he rounded the corner. I saw him nervously approach me. I had the final check, so I knew he would have to deal with me.
Tumblr media
I looked deep into Jorge’s eyes with a sultry look. “Mr. Mayor. Sink deep into hypnosis. Sleep deep until you hear my voice again.” I said into the phone before hitting the mute button theatrically.
“Are you all done?” I asked Jorge.
“Y-Yes Ma’am” he said nervously.
“Before I give you this check, I want you to look deep into my eyes…” I said to him with a wicked smile.
Jorge’s eyes almost popped out of his head before he immediately diverted them. He said something in Spanish that I didn’t understand, and ran out of the house. I laughed and laughed. I might have even cackled. It was definitely an evil laugh none the less. Now, full disclosure, I stuck the check in the mail right away. I wasn’t trying to get out of paying the construction company, nor was I looking for a law suit. I was just looking for a little fun…
It was easy to get my mom to come watch the boys. After all, I was giving Denise my car. My mom was always so overly protective of Denise, which by the way, is a large part of why she is who she is – but that is not the point of this story.
So anyway, my Mom came to watch the boys the next afternoon, which was a Friday so it worked out well. I was dressed very nicely, make up done, etc. Nick shuddered a little bit when he first saw me as he got home from work. I told him to shower and put on something nice as well. He of course obliged.
I didn’t wear the fur out of the house. I didn’t really want to wear it in front of my mom or the boys. I had Nick put a couple of them into garment bags and place them in the mini van. It was all smiles and hugs and “Cindy” when we were leaving the house. I knew the boys would be in good hands with my mom, despite the fact that she would spoil them rotten, and let them eat way more sugar than I would. Oh well, I didn’t really care about that at that moment.
As soon as we were both in the car, it was 100% Cynthia time. I had Nick pull over the second that we were out of view of our house, and get one of the furs out of the garment bag. I wasn’t going to wear it in the car, but I just wanted it out for the psychological effects it would have.
We live about an hour and a half north of Providence. This was a Friday night, so the traffic was thick. I called and got reservations at a restaurant called the Capitol Grille. It was known to be one of the nicest in the city. There was no place to park nearby the restaurant. I told Nick to pull up to the front and drop me off at the door. When we were at the front, I told him to get my fur and put it on me. He did so, opening my car door, taking my hand as I got out, treating me like a queen as he helped me slip into the fur.
I could feel his warm breath on my neck as he helped me into the fur. Part of me wanted to have him take me to the hotel right then and there and ride him like a cowgirl. But, I wanted to enjoy the evening first. I turned to him as I reached down and grabbed his crotch. As I suspected, his cock was rock hard. Perfect! That is just how I wanted it. I figured there was a possibility that the restaurant hostess even saw me grab him, but I didn’t care. I was in full Cynthia mode at this point.
I entered the restaurant with a confidence that I could have only dreamed about in my twenties. I immediately notice a lot of eyes on me. That wasn’t unusual, but in this fur, with this confidence, I felt it was magnified significantly. As I scanned the room, taking a mental inventory of all who noticed me. There were a number of men checking me out. There were a number of women givng me the stink eye. I loved it all.
Then I noticed this one guy at the bar. He was older, like 50’s, and he was well dressed. Expensive clothes. He had a look in his eye that I have seen before. It was the same look that Nick had the first time he saw me in a fur. All the color had drained from the guy’s face. He tried to avert his eyes, likely realizing that he was staring, but he just couldn’t. As a little test, I lightly ran my finger tips down the shawl collar of my fox fur coat as I stared at him. I could see from the guy’s reaction that I had just taken his breath away.
This dude 100% had a fur fetish! I laughed wickedly to no one. It was the same kind of laugh I laughed when I was teasing Jorge. Who the hell was I becoming?
Tumblr media
Nick entered the restaurant, I felt him come up behind me. The hostess smiled at us politely and showed us to our seat. I kept glancing over to my starstruck friend at the bar, his eyes never left me. I looked at him and laughed knowingly.
Dinner was fantastic, as were the cosmopolitans. I knew I was getting a bit tipsy, but I didn’t care. At the end of my second cosmopolitan, and idea formed. It was crazy, and bad, and stupid. But… I wanted to be crazy and band and stupid. I knew I needed Nick’s cooperation. I looked deep into his eyes with my hypnotist gaze.
“Nick, I want you to do something.” I said.
“Anything” Nick responded. He was so far gone tonight.
“There is a man at the bar in a blue tie. I want you to go to the bar and get me another Cosmo. Strike up a conversation with him. Make sure you somehow work in that your wife is a hypnotist. Do you understand?” I said.
“Yes, I understand”
“Good. Go now.” I said. Commanding him like this was getting me a little bit aroused. I did my best to not glance over at them while Nick was talking to the guy. He was probably up at the bar for a good 15-20 minutes, which was a good sign that he was likely successful in striking up a conversation.
When he finally came back, I asked him if he was successful in his task. He confirmed that he was. That part of my hastily put together plan was complete, now I just needed to wait for Mr. Blue Tie to get up to go to the bathroom. He had been sitting at the bar for like an hour, I knew it wouldn’t take long.
Sure enough, I only had to wait about ten minutes. I saw Mr. Blue Tie get up and turn towards the restroom. Of course, he snuck a few more glances at me. I knew this was my chance. I had to occupy Nick though. I told him to let his attention wander, to start noticing other things in the restaurant, etc. I told him he wouldn’t notice that I had left the table, and would keep just dazing off until I spoke to him again. It worked perfectly, I saw him start looking around as soon as I had said that.
With part two of the plan in play, I grabbed my fur coat from the back of my chair and slipped it on as I headed to the restroom. Mr. Blue Tie of course noticed this, as his eyes hadn’t really left me all night. Now, I will admit, I really felt the Cosmopolitans when I stood up. Wow, I was definitely a little drunk.
I was able to not stumble over to him though, which was impressive in the heels I was in. I caught him before the bathroom.
"Hi, I see you like this white fox coat I’m wearing”, I said to him as I got close, looking deep into his now… well, petrified eyes.
He tried to say something, probably to make an excuse. As soon as I saw him go to speak, I put my finger on his lips. “Shhhhh. It’s ok I know that you like it. It’s ok.”
I slowly removed my finger from his lips and then held my hand in front of his eyes for a moment. Slowly and seductively, I moved my fingers to the thick fox shawl collar. As I expected, his eyes never left my finger tips.  “That’s right. You are finding that you can’t look away from my gentle, soft caressing of the fur. You are finding that your eyes are locked on finger tips and you can`t look away. It may be that you just find the sight of my feminine hand caressing the thick, soft fur is so pleasant to look at. I`m very glad you find my fingers stroking the fur pleasing enough for you to want to watch me do it just like you`re doing right now. I’m ok with it, I’m letting you just stare, like you’ve wanted to. Just SSssoo natural to just want to reelllaax and watch me caress the fur. SSssoo natural... ssssoo natural to want to stare at me touching the fur and listen to my voice. Nothing unusual. Nothing but just reellaaxxing and staring like you`re doing, and listening to my voice. SSssoo easy....ssssoo natural....ssssoo rreeellaaxing..... reeellaaaxing.....” I could see his jaw was hanging open and his eyes looked glazed. I slowly moved my fingertips up to my face. His eyes followed and met mine. Now our eyes were locked, fixed. I then moved closer to him and placed my thumb on his forehead and my fingers on his head. Speaking to him in a soft, sexy tone of voice, I began to slowly rotate his head. “....reeellaaxing more and more as you look deep into my eyes. Deeper and Deeeeper into my eyes now. You find it impossible to look away from my eyes. You find it impossible to look away. My eyes pull you deeeeper and deeeeeper into them. Feel it...feel them pull you in deeeeper and deeeeeper. Down deeeep...down deeeep into my eyes and you love this feeling of just letting go and sinking...sinking...down deeeep....down deeeep into my eyes. Just let go now and sink all the way down...deep.....deeeeep....deeeeeep into reeellaaxing sleep... sleeeep....sleeeeeeeeeeep....” With that, he collapsed on to me. Slumped right on to my shoulder. I started to freak out, wondering if anyone at the restaurant was noticing what was going on, but it quickly faded away as I realized I needed to keep this moving quickly.
“Hearing only the sound of my voice. You will do exactly as I tell you to do. It feels so good to follow and obey. Now, stand up, open your eyes, but remain deep in hypnotic trance.” I told him.
He did so. Good. That was going to get awkward fast with him draped all over me. Plus, he was heavy.
“Now, I want you to answer me completely honestly, do you understand?”
“Yes” he responded quietly
“Good, that makes me very happy, and you want to make me happy, don’t you?”
“Yes” he responded earnestly.
“Goooood”, I cooed. “You are doing soo well. Now, what is your name?”
“Doug Stumbly”
“Good Doug. I’m pleased that you told me that. Do you like to please me Doug?”
“Good. So good. Are you sexually attracted to women in furs Doug?”
“Yes, women in white furs” he said
White furs. Ok. Geez, these guys and their fetishes are like, sooo specific. Being a guy must be so weird. Whatever. “Good Doug, very good. I am the most beautiful woman you have ever seen wearing a white fur live and in person, aren’t I?” I said/suggested.
“Yes” he responded. I knew it.
“Good, you are doing so well, you are making me happy and that makes you feel even more happy, and relaxed, and it allows you to sink even deeper into hypnosis for me. Now, tell me, are you rich?” I asked, now pretty damn bold.
“How?” I asked. Like, inheritance, hedge fund? I was curious.
“I own Stumbly Motor Group” he said.
Well well well. That could come in handy. Wait, I was getting ahead of myself. “Are you married?”
“Were you ever?”
“Yes. Divorced”
“Do you live in Providence?”
Frankly, I had more questions. I was pushing my luck here outside the bathroom though. I had to keep this show on the road. “Doug, in a moment, I am going to snap my fingers. You will awaken and take my phone. You will put your number in it. You will then go to the bathroom. When you are finished you will find the manager and pay for mine and my husband’s meal. When you get a text from Cynthia, your Fur Queen, you will obey the instructions completely, do you understand?”
“Yes” he said, then I snapped and handed him my phone. His eyes opened and he took my phone and entered his information. A smile came to my lips as I watched him.
I was definitely drunk, and I stumbled as I walked back to our table as Dougy-boy took a pee. I told Nick that he would follow me passively for the rest of the night, without thinking or questioning anything. Just so happy to be near me that nothing else mattered, nothing seems out of place. I said that as long as he is with me, everything is just fine. He was so deeply in my thrall at that point that he just went with whatever I said.
I looked over and saw him talking to the manager. The waiter came over and told us a gentleman had taken care of the bill for us. I smiled brightly and thanked him. I told Nick it was time to go, and that we were off to the hotel. Admittedly, in his zoned out state, I had to handle a few more of the arrangements than I would have liked. I was pretty drunk, so I knew I shouldn’t drive. I decided to leave the car in the garage it was already in and call an Uber to get us to the hotel. On the way there, I managed to check in via an app and got the room key sent to my phone. It was a pretty slick interactive feature, but it was hard as hell to do when hammered. I pulled it off though.
I texted Doug. Doug, this is Cynthia, your Fur Queen. Come to the Biltmore, room 427 at 10:00. Even in my drunken state, I couldn’t believe I was inviting… or should I say ordering… another man to our hotel room. This was pretty far out, even for the new me.
By the time we got into the room, it was already almost 10. I told Nick to sit on the bed and stare into space. I went into the bathroom and freshened up my make up and brushed my teeth. I also took off my clothes, leaving only my sexy underwear. Then I put back on the fur. I reapplied some perfume and there was a knock at the door.
I opened the hotel door wearing only the white fur coat and my sexy Victoria’s secret satin bra and panties. My coat was open as one of my arms rested on the door jam. I could see from Doug’s face that he was speechless. Frankly, a heart attack on this older guy was like a real concern at that moment.
“come in” I told him, walking away from the door. “close it” I commanded as he entered. He probably would have closed it anyway, but I was just throwing out another command because it felt good.
“Look, I really appreciate meeting you, but I – “ Doug started.
“Shhhhhh” I said as I turned to him, my fingers once again on his lips. This time, I applied pressure with my finger, pushing him. Pushing him down. Down to his knees. My eyes were locked on his. I felt the power coursing through me.
“Nick, get on your knees next to him. DO it now” I said. Nick passively slumped off the bed and hit his knees next to Doug.
“Both of you, stare at me!” I commanded as I backed up and stood in front of them. I grabbed a chair from little desk set up in the room and sat in front of them.
I was still drunk. Not only on alcohol, but on hypnotic, sexual power. “I want you to look at me. See only me.” I said to the awestruck men. ”In fact, I want you to think of me in this fur ... nothing else ...just concentrate on me ... use the beautiful fur coat as a focus to direct your mind so you can concentrate only on me ...... only of me .... nothing else .... not the sounds of the hotel around you ... not the others checked in here ... nothing matters to you, but me .... concentrate only on me..... concentrate on me ....."
I could tell they were both concentrating on me as instructed. It was such an odd situation, both for my husband, and this random dude I basically kidnapped. The wicked part of me laughed inside as I guessed that some part of both of them knew that something was wrong, that he shouldn’t let this happen. But I was going after them hard… and I knew guys like them were weak because of their fetishes.
"Think of me ... only of me ..... concentrate on the sound of my voice and my presence .... You are slipping into a deep . intoxicating hypnotic trance that I have crafted and you find you cannot stop your descent . With every second that passes you feel your will to resist me slipping away and your desire to obey me growing. You want to obey me. You NEED to obey me.... You desire to be my fur slave .. and each second your desire to serve me grows. Every second you look at me and listen to my voice brings you closer to total surrender. Feel your will power dissolve, with every word I speak to you. Feel your desire to be my fur slave grow. "
I could see that both of them were now sporting huge erections. That turned me on even more.
“nothing else else matters but your Fur Queen ..... my voice will lead you and you will follow ... follow me ..... OBEY me ...... you KNOW you want to follow me don't you ... you KNOW you want to obey me .... you want to obey my every command .... you want to be ENSLAVED by me don't you ... think about it and when you know it to be true repeat the words, My fur slaves ..... you WANT to obey me .... you WANT to be my fur slaves ....... say it .... what do you want....."
“to be your fur slave!” each man croaked out.
"Your MIND belongs to me,"  I said, as I started to stroke my own pussy. My speaking voice was now ragged as my breath quickened. “You are hypnotized., my pet. Hypnotized and enslaved by your Fur Queen"
Doug's mouth struggled to form words but he croaked out, " hyp ... no ... tized ....". Nick was just so far gone, he just stared with completely entranced eyes.
"And what do you want to do now, my Fur slaves?" I panted.
"I want to do any thing you command , " Doug said. Nick muttered “obey you Cynthia”. I felt myself on the edge of cumming.
"Then take out your cock and jerk off!” I yelled as I came. Both men obeyed without question. It was crazy. They both came almost instantly and almost in unison. Milky white fluids shooting up in the air. Each of their cum hitting both my leg (either the right or the left) and the floor below. It felt both cold and warm at the same time on my shin.
It was also so taboo, so crazy, so dominant. I was lost in some sort of control mongering haze. I looked at the two weak slaves in front of me. Each with so much power in their regular lives, but now my hypnotized obedient playthings. I laughed my wicked laugh again. I was so absolutely shit faced on power. “Lick it up!” I commanded. Each man immediately took one of my legs and gently started licking his own cum off of me.
Who. The. Fuck. Was I becoming?
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West African Hybrids
“Hey… Hey! Wake up, we’re almost there.”
Ru’Yi felt a slight nudge at her side and opened her eyes. Her uniform was slightly rumpled. She managed to tie up her hair so it wouldn’t be too frizzy on landing. “Really?” She whimpered in a sleepy disappointment. “That was so fast…”
“Well, the executive department doesn’t like to waste time. So the gear department modifies planes for maximum speed.” Rodney gave her a shy smile, revealing a single dimple on his right cheek. “Are you okay? Can I get you anything?”
She shook her head. “I’m alright.”
It was still too dark to see much but, as people began to turn on their overhead lights, she noticed that his eyes were hazel, brown with flecks of green and gold mixed in, hidden behind his dark brown bangs. Everything from his hair cut, to his quiet voice, and hesitant demeanor spoke to his shyness, but now that she got a good look at him, she could tell that he was at least as strong as Brian. He had those same broad shoulders and muscles along his arms. He was also relatively tall, stretching his legs under the seat in front of him.
Around her all the students were always wide awake, shifting and speaking to their seatmates.
Ru’Yi only remembered flying once before. Back when she was fourteen when they were on the island, she had been so excited to take her first flight and she packed all her things early. She even watched videos of 757, 747 and 777 airliners to see how things would be. These massive jets with smiling Flight attendants, a friendly captain speaking over an intercom, and movies built into the seats.
But instead of a large bustling airport, her father and mother took a boat to another island where a sandy flat ribbon of land served as a runway. There were no customs, no shopping, nothing like that. Just a long silver luxury private jet in the middle of nowhere.  
“Why can’t we just be normal?” She had lamented.
Her father answered her question in his usual succinct manner. The nearest airport was nearly a day’s travel away and she would never be able to use it anyway because she didn’t have a passport. He looked at her with a head slightly tilted, like a curious bird wondering what was wrong. The juxtaposition of his serious-eyed stare, his questioning gesture and his shirt with the bright yellow hibiscus flowers would have been funny but she wasn’t laughing.
This was better anyway, her mother had chimed in. They had the whole plane to themselves. There was an onboard chef ready to fix anything they possibly would want to eat, music, movies, games, and a good pilot that her father knew. She also was dressed in a yellow sundress to match her husband’s and together, they looked like the happy globetrotting couple.
 Ru’Yi had relented, but didn’t smile. Deep down, he knew all the kids at school would envy her. They would question how some tour guide could afford a private flight to the United States.
She should be grateful.
Now sitting in the Beluga Aircraft, she realized that this was as close to normal as she could get. At least now, she was surrounded by other people who also didn’t seem to use passports, use airports or pass through customs. They were flying a jet with a jet tucked inside it like a Russian nesting doll and still managed to go faster than the planes she’d looked at as a child. She started to wonder if normalcy was as much as a fantasy to her as dragons were to ordinary people.
Aircraft Carrier, Aido-Hwedo, West Africa Branch.
The calm Atlantic waters broke beneath the unstoppable gun-metal bow of the moving wall of metal that towered a thousand feet high. It was topped with what appeared to be a flat road surface, as though a piece of highway had broken off a steel cliffside and set sail. On the side of this cliff was a name in large white block text a dozen feet high: Aido-Hwedo.
The original name of the vessel was the USS-Enterprise. This aircraft carrier was the one near enough to Pearl Harbor to participate in the famous World War II battle. It had scrambled several of its jets to help, but in the confusion of the sudden attack, many of them were shot down by their own countrymen. Later it saw intense battles of the South Pacific and then other missions during peacetime. But, for all its storied history, it still ended up at the shipyard to be turned into scrap at the end of its life.
According to history, it was scrap. Supposedly, all that was left of the ship was its bell, an anchor and the name plaque. Indeed, the name plaque was removed, but the ship itself moved about on the seas like a ghost of decades past, fighting battles under its new name.
The Aido-Hwedo was the great rainbow serpent that both created the world and sustained Earth’s form from falling to chaos -- A great beast that ate iron and, lacking iron, would instead eat its own tail.
Ordinarily, this floating runway would have been decorated with fighter jets, but for this occasion the landing surface was cleared to accommodate its incoming oversized cargo.
Within the control tower a tall man with skin the color of black coffee watched through his binoculars while a woman sat watching the radar screen. He was dressed in a black naval uniform, decorated with gold tassels. He was still, silent, and tense as he prepared to watch the plane land.
Landing on a flight deck is one of the most difficult things a pilot will ever do. The flight deck only had about 500 feet of runway space for landing planes, which wasn’t nearly enough for the heavy, high-speed jets like the modified Beluga coming in. To land on the flight deck, it would need a tailhook, which was exactly what it sounded like — an extended hook attached to the plane’s tail. The pilot’s goal would be to snag the tailhook on one of four arresting wires, sturdy cables woven from high-tensile steel wire. It would be precision flying at low speed and a high angle of attack. It was the definitive skill that tested Navy carrier pilots. The principle on landing would be to fly the plane aboard the ship at the slowest speed at which it can be done safely, to deliberately stall and drop into the landing.
Despite his confidence in the pilot, Foli Abalo looked through his binoculars with anticipation of a close call. The wire system was checked, rechecked and placed under guard. A back up emergency wire system was installed in case it failed anyway.
“Approach speed 450. Tail hook lowered.” The woman murmured. 
The lights of the plane were suddenly visible as it made its approaching turn. It moved incredibly slowly, stalking the ship like a massive fat shark.
“Speed reduced 350…”
It was the moment of truth. By now, the plane was so low and flying so slow, it had two options, land perfectly on the aircraft carrier or land on the ocean. There would be no recovering from this descent.
“On final approach. Flaps full. Speed 300.”
The roar of the engines was now audible in the tower. It rattled the glass. This plane would take up every inch of the runway and its wings would span the full width of the ship. Compared to the plane, this aircraft carrier seemed more like a sheet of notebook paper.
“Landing in five… four, three, two…”
The plane suddenly dwarfed the runway. The weight of it rocked the carrier. A pair of reverse thrusters built into the engines ignited in front of it. The brake lines caught the tailhooks and screamed under the strain. The plane passed the tower, rumbled further and further to the edge and then stopped completely, its nose peeking over the water.
A smattering of applause echoed throughout the tower. “We did it! We did it! That was the hard part wasn’t it? Get the crew down, have medics on board just in case the force of the stop caused any injuries.”
While the crew scattered, Foli smiled, his teeth a brilliant white, his black eyes twinkling. “Grant… it’s been far too long. How have you been doing my friend? Will you still recognize me? I wonder.” He chuckled.
Foli was one of a set of quadruplets. His mother had two eggs fertilized that day and by luck, both of them divided into two sets of twins. They were all born on the same day and seemed to have the same spirit in them so it was impossible to tell them apart as babies even for the most experienced spiritualist. Normally, the children would be named after the day of the week until they were given their permanent names. As it turned out, they were given the names of their birth order and that was that.
The name Foli meant first son, Atsu meant the younger of twins, Do was the first child after twins, and Dofi the second child after twins. His three brothers were also on this ship, scattered throughout the crew. Those onboard had no trouble telling them apart thanks to the uniform system of the West Africa branch. The gold crown on his hat meant he was the First Officer. But without his hat, it was very difficult to tell for those who didn’t know them well, and it wasn’t uncommon for his brothers to disguise themselves as pranks. He wouldn’t meet his friend today. His youngest brother, Dofi, would meet him instead.
He walked out of the tower where his brother was waiting and passed his his hat. Looking at them was like looking at a reflection. The same curled hair, cut short in the same buzzed syle, the same smile, and broad nose.
It was Dofi’s idea to play the prank. He was always the jokester and the one who initiated play on the ship. Atsu, the Chief Engineer was up to his ears after making the modifications to the ship for this mission. And Do had to stay on watch, keeping a careful eye on the stirring atmosphere just a few hundred miles distant. Although they were all the same age, Foli was expected to be the responsible representative and more was required of him as the oldest brother, even if he was only the oldest by a few minutes. So he wasn’t allowed to be seen playing, drinking or smoking.
Dofi screwed the hat on his head. “I’ll say I stole it.” He said, turning on his heel with a wink and then, pulling his face into a stoic frown, marched straight towards the bridge. When the other crew saw him they quickly pulled up in a sharp salute, thinking he was the captain.
The West Africa Branch had managed to remain under the radar for much of history. Africa had few mountains to guarantee a sufficient amount of steady rains. So great buildings and permanent settlements were mostly confined to the coasts and river valleys. The rest of Africa was forced to follow the shifting weather. The most valuable items one had had to be portable. So the hybrids of Africa were always mobile and moving. They kept their secrets with them in oral traditions, and carried their alchemical knowledge in the form of clothing, necklaces and even scars and tattoos. When the tidal wave of destructive colonization smashed to ruins the cultures of millions and the cutting knife of modern country borders separated allies and grouped them with enemies, and the explosion of civil war blew countries into eternal cycles of poverty, the hybrid life of West Africa was like a serpent, sliding under it all, with a secret network of transportation, communication and trade.
Anjou landed on the shores searching for such treasures. They were aware of him immediately and shied away. After all, those Europeans were nothing but looters and could not be trusted. They offered him fakes in hopes of luring him off their land. He saw through their counterfeits, but showed a surprising amount of restraint and tolerance for their hesitance. After a few years of negotiations, they finally trusted him enough to grant him a single piece of exquisite art that contained the alchemical formula for a special kind of dragonslaying metal. In return, he agreed to keep them secret for seven years. 
Those seven years passed and the promise was kept and the relationship grew a bit more open. They began to send their young men and women to the college. Foli attended along with Grant. Sadly, the death of Anjou was an uncertain time for the College. They didn’t know this “Lu Mingfei” or this “Von Frings”. But Foli knew Grant Baldwin and he couldn’t refuse a request for help from a friend. Grant said he needed people who could keep secrets and no one kept secrets like the West African Hybrids.
The crew that would welcome them rolled the tall stairway up to the plane’s door and arranged themselves in a long row spanning its length, hands folded behind their backs, looking like a row of sharply dressed dominoes.
The door finally opened and Grant exited first. He looked out over them and stepped easily down towards the ‘Captain’ who gazed at him with a serious air. For a moment, the two stared at each other not saying anything.
From his perch in the tower, Foli could hear what was being said through the wire Dofi wore. He grinned as he heard his brother say, “Welcome to my ship, Director.”
Grant’s voice, at its most deadpan and dry tone said, “Since when did Foli grow a mole on his cheek? Where is he? Which brother are you?”
Within the tower, Foli tilted his head back and howled with laughter, his joy at his brother’s prank failing was intensified by the fact that his friend still remembered him after all his time. “Which brother are you? Hahaha…” He leaned forward and clicked the PA system and his voice boomed over the speakers attached to the tower. “Good morning, Mr. Baldwin! Long time no see! Hahaha!”
“Was this a test?”
“Yes! And you half passed. For the second half, you will have to find out for yourself which brother is he!”
The rest of the line of crew also grinned but kept their laughter in check as Dofi gave a bow with an elegant leg. “We’ll show your students a good time. They need rest while we prepare the mission.”
The students piled off the plane in a rush, eagerly waving and looking around. Foli watched carefully, making a checklist in his mind of each face. He’d gotten the roster from Baldwin of those approved for the mission, so when he saw a woman get off he straightened with surprise.
He didn’t remember any women being on the roster. She seemed young, her skin was only the color of a latte, but her hair was long, coiled and beautiful. She carefully stepped down to the ground and took her place in line to wait for her luggage.
He turned off the PA. It seemed that Grant had his own surprises. “Ensign… who is the girl?”
The woman at the radar shook her head. She’s not on the roster. There’s no female name on the manifest.
He rubbed his chin. He knew he should trust Mr. Baldwin, but he also knew that he only had so much authority. The School Board would easily overrule him. 
“Find out what you can about her.” He turned. “I will make my way down to the deck.”
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caeruleis · 3 months ago
Birthdays are meant to be special, and how Yggdrasil heard of Gran's wasn't surprising. She holds out her hands once she finds him, silently asking him to come along. When he does, she leads him to his -- room? Opening the door, flowers decorate almost every inch of wood. Not overly abundant, for the greenery is mostly vines, but there are some flowers that she's cultivated especially for him. Her hands sign 'Happy Birthday!', to which is met with a large smile. //from Yggy!
Unprompted Ask - Always accepting (feel free to turn into threads)!
                                                            ★ ☆ ✮ ✯ ― ☽ ― ★ ☆ ✮ ✯
    Sure, when he had been a kid his Birthday had been a fairly exciting event - even if it had been rather bland compared to what he imagined a more beloved child might have experienced. His father was gone before he could remember much else, and he was raised, largely, by the other villagers who resided in his small hometown. Still, all of them remembered when his Birthday came around, and would chip in what little coin they had to spare in order to to celebrate it. Sweets and a handful of small gifts, most of them handmade - all of which he still had, some on the ship with him, and others back home for safekeeping. There were times in the act had made him bitter - years, even, when he would lock the doors of his home and ignore the worried cries from his neighbors as they tried desperately to reach out to him and remind him that was still loved. As he grew older, that bitterness never really faded, but he had learned to accept their kindness. They did, after all, love him as if he were their own son. He never would be, of course, they had their own children and own lives to tend to, but they loved him as best they could. Many of them had shed tears on the day he had left. After forming the crew, his Birthday had become something of a distant memory. There was always so much to do that he simply forgot about it. There were members of the crew who always remembered it, and would shove gifts into his hands, but, for the most part, he never made a big deal out of it - primarily because he always forgot about it whenever the day rolled around because he was so caught up in everything else that needed to get done.  
     So, it doesn’t really occur to him what Yggdrasil might want when she finds him hiking through the halls of the ship on his way to the storage closest to rummage through the mounds of extra weapons and supplies they’ve hoarded that have been collecting dust for months now. His head tilting ever so slightly to the side as she holds her hands out to him. He understands the gesture easily enough - they communicate in much the same way now that she’s started to learn, and he’s given her a few lessons regarding sign language here and there. Though he finds it odd, he also doesn’t hesitate to follow after her - he trusts her well enough, not to mention the fact that he hadn’t been looking forward to clearing out the supply closest so any excuse he has to yank himself away from cleaning duty is one he’ll take at any hour of the day. Gladly. So, he offers her a nod, and a smile as he gleefully turns his back to said closest - the soles of his shoes scrapping softly against the polished, wooden floors of the ship. At least something around here was clean - no thanks to him with all of the oil and crime and muck he always tracked in, alongside all of the drink and food stains he somehow managed to get all over the poor ship. 
      When they reach his room, though, he squints at the door just to make sure he’s reading the nameplate correctly, and confusion slips into his expression as he turns to her with a raised brow. He knows his room isn’t the neatest, but is she really trying to imply that it’s worse than the supply closest? But before he can lift his hands to ask her if something is wrong, she pulls back the door to his room and he’s greeted by a sight he hadn’t been expecting. He’s greeted not by the bland sight of his cabin - messy stack of paper, plain sheets, and all, but rather a much more vibrant version of said space. There are beautiful, colorful flowers decorating much of his room now - all clinging happily to vines that are twisted neatly about his dresser, bed, desk, and anything else they can find to wrap about. And his nose wiggles at the pleasant scent of each one of those blossoms that great him - a collection of pastel petals fluttering down from the ceiling where even more vines find their home, and landing upon his messy, auburn locks. 
Tumblr media
      He’s reluctant to tear his gaze away from it to ask her what this is all about, but he’s grateful when he does - catching sight of her once more just in time to read the words she signs. His eyes widen for a moment - he’d forgotten, again, it seems. But he shakes his head and smacks his palms against his cheeks before offering her a bright grin and moving his own hands. ‘Thank you, Yggy, believe it or not I actually forget today was my Birthday. So, thank you - for doing this for me, and for being the first to wish me Happy Birthday.’ Should he be using a nickname for a Primal Beast? Maybe not, but what he should do and what he actually does are often two very different things - like right now; he should be cleaning the closest, instead he’s standing just over the threshold of his room admiring the flowers it had been adorned with.   
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essektheylyss · 3 months ago
How about a "wearing their lover’s clothes" one, though going out of intent here: mayhaps Essek wearing something of Caleb's because Essek's wardrobe is a little oh-so-conspicious? 👀
this turned into a bit of Fjord friendship but I could not imagine you would mind lol.
This bedroom of the building Fjord has rented for them all to lay low for a while is smaller even than the one he had occupied at the outpost, and a far cry from the cool, dim room of his own now-empty home, but the ocean breeze that meanders lazily through the open balcony doors makes the summer’s heat almost bearable, and the linen curtains that it catches on shade the room from the harshest of the morning sun.
“You should change,” comes the whisper at his back, as he peers through the curtain into the narrow side street below, as bare arms snake around his waist, and he leans back into Caleb’s chest, humming softly and letting his eyes close for a moment.
“Into what? I have nothing here besides what I had with me in Aeor, and none of it is suited for the Menagerie Coast.” He has already shed his fur-lined cloak and mantle, and Caleb fumbles with the clasp of his outer robe, leaving him only in his base layer, and he is reminded again of how different the Coast is from where he has just left, where even one layer of wool is too warm.
“Jester is already planning a shopping trip, but you cannot wear this.” He tugs at the thick sweater that Essek still has not shed. He has abandoned a lot today, and he is not excited to lay himself wholly bare here, a final rejection of everything he has just left.
While he retains the clothing he wore before their hasty and unannounced teleport out of the outpost, he can pretend like maybe if he cast a spell, he could return, that things would be the way they were, even though he knows it’s not true.
Caleb’s arms wrap tighter around him, and he shivers as lips press into his hair. He has to wonder how a part of him can even consider that the way things were was preferable to this.
He pulls the sweater over his head and drops it with the other lined, heavy clothes he has shed. “And what do you propose I wear instead?” he asks, crossing his arms over his now bare chest and turning to face Caleb, who raises an eyebrow.
“Well, I thought you may want to borrow something of mine.”
Essek slouches just a bit to stare up at him, emphasizing the sizable height difference between them. “I don’t think your clothes will fit.”
“My shirts will be a bit large, but they’ll be fine.”
“I can’t exactly forgo trousers.”
“No, I suppose not.” Caleb grins wickedly, and Essek momentarily considers kissing him to wipe the smirk off his face. “I bet I know someone who could alter a pair of pants, though.” He pulls a copper wire from his pocket and speaks into it. “Fjord, we could use some assistance, if you have sewing supplies somewhere in your tool kit easily accessible.”
Essek blinks. “Fjord?”
“Of course.” Caleb lets go of him and turns to the bed to rummage through his things, unceremoniously dumped there an hour earlier by Fjord himself as he had distributed the contents of their recently-retrieved bag of holding. “He says he’ll be right up.” He holds up some well-worn brown trousers, and offers them to Essek. “How about these?”
“Anything is fine.”
Caleb grins again at his resigned voice as a knock echoes on the door, and Fjord pokes his head inside. He raises an eyebrow as his eyes find Essek, taking a seat on a chest at the end of the bed, and Caleb, still sorting through clothing, both shirtless. “Can I help you? Tell me you have a favor to ask that will get me out of this shopping trip.”
Essek barks a laugh. “It is quite optimistic of you to think your girlfriend will allow that.”
“Essek has nothing to wear, so I thought I’d lend him something of mine, but he is of course, ah—“
“Short,” Essek offers, deadpan, and Fjord laughs this time.
“Well, you’ll have to put the pants on for me to fit them, but yes, I can make that happen.”
He sits on the edge of the bed and unfolds a small leather-wrapped sewing kit, setting pins on the nightstand as Essek awkwardly shuffles to Caleb, where he is at least somewhat out of Fjord’s view as he changes. The pants that Caleb offered are at least six inches too long, and a bit large in the waist, but admittedly less ill-fitted than he’d expected.
Fjord beckons him over and pins the hem, and Essek stands perfectly still for several minutes in silence. He is familiar with getting fitted for clothing, but he is not particularly comfortable when it’s a friend doing the fitting.
“This is the quick and dirty method, and you are, somehow, not nearly as disproportionately skinny as your boyfriend, so I’m not going to bother much with the waist,” he says. Essek flushes further at that, and Caleb coughs behind him. “It will be a bit of a shit job, but it’ll work well enough for an afternoon. If you are attached to this pair of pants for whatever reason, I can do it properly tomorrow, but Jester threatened to start baking if she does not get out of this building within an hour, and then the entire day will be lost.”
“Is there anything here to bake with?”
“Yeza and Veth already returned with their groceries, so I imagine she will go knocking for some flour soon enough.” Fjord pulls back. “Okay, you can take them off now.”
Glad of the warmth, Essek flushes and strips the pinned trousers carefully to avoid getting stabbed. He puts his own pants back on in the meantime, even with as hot as they are, and Fjord gets to work.
“Where did you learn to sew?” he asks, taking a seat on the bed and helping Caleb organize the pile there, keeping an eye on Fjord’s deft stitching.
“Fjord was a sailor,” Caleb pipes up, but Fjord shakes his head, barely glancing up.
“It was certainly a useful skill on a ship, kept me in the good graces of whatever crew I happened to be a part of, but I learned to sew at the orphanage. Otherwise I wasn’t going to have much in the way of clothes, as fast as I grew as a child.”
“Orphanage?” Essek blinks. “I don’t think I knew that.”
“No, I don’t believe you did.”
“I’m sorry.”
“It’s not something I speak of often. It’s not far from here, actually.” He speaks around a few pins in his mouth easily. “Caleb, these are very worn out. They’re going to need a patch on the knee soon enough.”
“Ah, yes, they are… they’re the first pair I stole after I escaped.”
Fjord raises an eye at the pair of them, landing on Essek, who fidgets again.
Caleb changes the subject by tossing a thin linen shirt to Essek. It buttons halfway down, without much in the way of a collar, and he pulls it over his head. Already it’s an improvement over the wool he has abandoned on the floor, and he stands to collect it and fold it and tuck it away in the chest, where he wonders if he will need it again. Already it feels like a shoddy disguise, a costume he put on trying to be someone.
Wearing Caleb’s clothes, it doesn’t feel like he has quite settled into someone else, but it’s a step closer to someone he wants to be, without all the constraints of the life he has shed.
What little he carries by way of possessions put away in the small closet, which Essek imagines they will later magick to accommodate a bit more space, Caleb settles beside him on the bed and fixes one button that has not been pulled all the way through.
“You look good in my clothes,” he comments softly, and Fjord makes a derisive retching sound in his throat without looking up.
“If you want my assistance, please wait until I have finished and left, thank you. I’ve third wheeled Beau and Yasha too many damn times—“
“Alright,” Caleb says, laughing. The heat of this city in midsummer is stupefying, and the shift in weather—in life, really—has been quite a lot for just one day. Essek rests his head in Caleb’s lap, fingers threading through his hair, and exhales.
“How long do you think that’ll take?” he asks, his voice already thick with sleep, and Fjord glances at him.
“Maybe another half an hour,” he says, and if he wants to make another teasing comment, he hides it well.
“Okay,” he yawns. He weaves his hands around Caleb’s shin, and lets his eyes close. They have time, of course. He can rest for a few minutes while Fjord completes this sewing, while Caleb combs through his hair, while the breeze from outside pulls the fear from him with every new breath. “Wake me then.”
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