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#( 馃憖 angst
honeyxmonkeya day ago
Another wip for a completely unrelated fic to the last wip I posted
The assembly jumped as the doors to the throne room slammed open and Callum stormed out, being followed closely by the stranger.
"Wait if you'd just listen!" He grabbed the prince's arm only for Callum to spin around and slam his hand into the man's chest, sending him flying back with a burst of magic.
"No!" Callum glared at him with such seething anger and hatred. His friends and family all looked on in shock. "You don't get to come in here after sixteen years and act like you care!"
The man stared at him, eyes wide. "Callum-"
"I don't want to hear it! I don't care!" Callum clenched his fists, shaking with anger. "You had your chance. You left. I don't want anything to do with you."
Rayla and Ezran exchanged worried glances as Callum turned and walked away, leaving the man laying on the floor, shirt smoking from the blast of magic.
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y鈥檃ll an anon asked about my c!tubbo head canons and i really just let the floodgates open the post is SO LONGGG
anyways prepare yourselves it鈥檚. it鈥檚 fuckin angsty
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libdemdisaster2 days ago
sometimes you just look at a character and go聽鈥渂oy, you need therapy鈥
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honeyxmonkey3 days ago
Ever since that day with the dragon... ever since he used dark magic, he hasn't been the same. Rayla knew he wouldn't admit it, but the temptation was still there, eating at him, consuming him from the inside. He did a good job of hiding it, but the night terrors were evidence enough.
Every night he would lay there, twitching, writhing almost, in his sleep. Most nights, it was a quiet nightmare, ones he would do his best to stifle when he woke in a cold sweat. Other nights... Rayla would be awoken too when Callum sprung out of bed with a scream in his throat.
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yourdeepestfathoms4 days ago
Imagine Bela being unhealthily codependent towards her mother, to the point where it blooms into full-on separation anxiety.
This then leads to Mother Miranda stepping in. She creates this 鈥済ame鈥 of sorts, a way to 鈥渉elp鈥 Bela into being more independent.
鈥淔ive weeks of isolation,鈥 the priestess says, much to Bela鈥檚 dismay. 鈥淓ach week, Bela will spend time away from you, Alcina. First in Moreau鈥檚 reservoir, second in Heisenberg鈥檚 factory, third in Donna鈥檚 home, fourth on her own completely, and fifth in her own castle again, where she will not be allowed to interact with you. She can call and ask for you all she wants throughout this experiment, but you will not go to her, either. Nobody will get you for her. This is the only way to make her more independent.鈥
Mother Miranda then tilts her head and smiles wickedly.
鈥淎t least you will be able to spend time with your other two creations, will you not?鈥
They have no other choice but to agree.
Bela thought she would be able to do it, thinking about how proud Alcina would be if she did, but by the end of the first week she鈥檚 terribly anxious, so much so that she鈥檚 eating less and can barely sleep, and she desperately wants her mother.
She can鈥檛 do this.
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cynnyc4 days ago
OMG u like bsd??? Who's ur fave? Also why don't you have any bsd fan fics? :'(
I dooo, been watching it since it came out, my favorites are ranpo and akutagawa 馃挄 (fyodor too 馃槱)
well the main reason I haven't reblogged any bsd fics is bcs I haven't really found any good ones and then there's the fact that most bsd authors are m*nors, so..... yeah
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catcze5 days ago
don't be shy, share your thoughts on diluc and kaeya having a younger zombie sibling like qiqi.
I'm sO bad at recognizing speech pattern online, but I swear if you're the same anon that told me to share my Gorou horny thoughts you're an eNABLER
akjadksj just remember I don't have it in me to write angst without a happy ending, so we're still getting fluffy thoughts to end this
Tumblr media
鉅If we continue with the narrative that the zombie sibling dies because of an injury caused by Diluc and/or Kaeya and that they function and act somewhat similar to Qiqi now, then I can see both of them being incredibly guilty about the whole thing. If you thought they were doting on a still-alive, fully human sibling, that鈥檚 nothing compared to when their sibling resurrects as a zombie.聽
鉅When you were first resurrected, they were probably both in denial. They didn鈥檛 mean to actively avoid you, but can you blame them? The first few weeks after the caused your death, they couldn鈥檛 look at you without remembering your broken body, burned and covered in frostbite, devoid of movement. It took them each some time to think things over on their own before they came to terms with the fact that you weren鈥檛 dead exactly, and they eventually even began to see it as a second chance for them.
鉅Tbh i think that most of the time, the zombie sibling would stay with Diluc, since I鈥檓 under the assumption that DIluc鈥檚 schedule is not as all-over-the-place as Kaeya鈥檚 might be. Diluc tries to place you at a distance from his vision when you鈥檙e around him though, partly because he doesn鈥檛 want the heat to affect you as a zombie, and partly because he would hate accidentally hurting you (again.)
鉅Kaeya mainly takes their sibling out at night, when the air is chilly and there aren鈥檛 many people around to question anything.
鉅Im ngl these two probably still feel guilty as FUCK because of what happened, and they try to always make it up to you. When they learned of another zombie in Liyue, they both immediately went to Bubu pharmacy to a. trade notes w/ Baizhu about caring for zombies, ad b. so that you can meet Qiqi, who they figure you could get along with since you both share a few traits, and you both understand the struggles of being undead. If Hu Tao hears there鈥檚 a second zombie in town though鈥撯 well, you鈥檙e lucky that Kaeya and Diluc are rather protective of you.
鉅Undoubtedly, even though things have changed and you鈥檙e no longer... well, alive, these two still love you and cherish you very much. Though they know things are no longer the same, they see this as both a chance to do better this time around, and also as a reminder to be more careful about their actions and the consequences it may bring.聽
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catcze5 days ago
Hello, I'm here to add on to the sibling asks. Ehe. Imagine Diluc and Kaeya accidentally injuring / killing Younger Sibling! Reader during their quarrel. I can't decide if it would be worse if the reader was resurrected as a zombie (like Qiqi), or if they just. Died.
aksjd. I鈥撯撯撯
yOU are the only person I accept angst from and you aBUSE THIS PRIVELAGEEE 馃槶
TO everyone looking for more sibling content: This. This is Sam, but be warned bc this ask right here ^^ is just the tip of the iceberg 馃槶
But on a serious note my god fuck that whole experience would fuck them up even more man鈥撯 the guilt and the shame that would come with killing / injuring one of the last few people who genuinely loved both of them? And if the reader became a zombie (and had the zombie-esque attitude Qiqi has) they'd be reminded of how they fucked up so often 馃槶
I can't i need to lie down
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Hnnnbhhnb angst
Oh you want angst? Okayyy
How about if dean never came back to Sam's apartment after the hunt? Sam would have to watch jess die and then he would burn up with her. Dean would never find out, he would continue hunting thinking that sam is a successful lawyer. Orrr what if the demon didn't let dean bring sam back to life in s2? He would stay in that broken down house, sitting in the same chair all day and all night, just watching his brother. Watching him decompose, watching worms and bugs make a home in his corpse. But he never moves. He dies watching his little brothers corpse. Orrrr after the hellhounds kill dean, Sam is so full with grief and sorrow he finds the first crossroads demon he can and makes the stupidest deal with it, just so he can get to hell and be with his brother. He deserves to anyway. Dean is in hell because of him, and since sam couldn't save him, he can at least join him. Orrrr sam dies in the panic room. Cold turkey kills him. Dean and bobby find out a half hour later because they don't hear screams anymore. Dean has to live with the fact that he killed his own brother. His last moments were spent in terrible pain and he wasn't even there to comfort him. But at least he died human, right? Orrr what if dean jumped into hell with sam? He couldn't bare to watch his baby brother jump down that dark hole that he had just recently crawled out of, he can't let him go through this alone. Orrrr what if dean shoving Sam's soul back in him was just too much and it killed him? Would dean be able to keep going knowing that his brother is dead because of his selfish needs and his wants for his real brother? Orrr what if sam kills himself because of the hallucinations? He just can't stand to look at Lucifer anymore, it's too much. The hand thing doesn't work anymore, deans comfort doesn't do anything. He can't take it anymore. Dean would go after cass since it's his fault that his wall got broken, it's the angels fault his baby brother is dead. Orrr what if dean got to the church too late? He bursts in to the sight of a dead brother and a human Crowley. Suddenly nothing in life has anymore meaning. Orrr what if the BMoL tried to conduct experiments on sam? They know all about his past and his addictions, and they want to see just how much demon blood sam can consume. Dean would come to rescue a blood addicted sam, and that would be the first time Sam's seeing his mother. Her 6 month old baby has dried up blood around his mouth. Orrr what if Lucifer didn't bring sam back to life in that cave? Dean would definitely go back for his body, but he would have no intentions of making it back to camp. He would die just like his brother did. It's what he deserves anyway, since he couldn't manage to save his brother. All he can see is the blood pouring out of his neck as he dies, just like Sam's. He dies with a smile on his face knowing that he will see sam soon. Orrr what if dean really did throw himself to the bottom of the ocean? Leaving sam behind with a human jack, Lucifers vessel, and hundreds of apocalypse world survivors. But it's not like sam cares about them anyway, well, not anymore. He doesn't seem to care about anything since the day dean went splash. Orrr what if deans spirit stayed in the barn? He would beg and beg for sam to leave him, burn the barn down, but he just can't. He spends all his days and nights in there, just with deans spirit. He does finally burn the barn down, but he's still in it as the flames go up.
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ghosstkid7 days ago
16k of Hanahaki?!?! Oh I cannot wait to see this when you finish!! I love Hanahaki verses a lot especially when it's explored in different ways!!!
!!!!! Its probably going to be well over 16,000 at this point lol
I鈥檓 excited too! I really wanted to try a trope I had never written before and as far as I am aware based on the ao3 tag, has never done for JCR! I definitely want it to be angsty and gorey like other fics that use the trope but it is more of a slower burn and is almost like the 鈥渃herry on top鈥 in terms of everything else that JCR deals with post-Antarctica.
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catcze8 days ago
Buckle up, BC now, I will be talking about the previous Dendro Archon! Reader x Morax! Zhongli. Again, this is based off my own personal head canons and was also inspired after completing his story quest today. So, the previous Dendro Archon perished during the fall of Khaenriah, but my personal head canon is that they were killed because they sympathised / was working together with the Khaenrians.
Maybe Zhongli knows that Celestia is displeased with the situation. Maybe he tries to warn them. Maybe the Reader won't listen. Much too kind, much too selfless, even with their own life at risk, Zhongli thinks. Zhongli says that if they insist on continuing, he won't be able to protect them any more. There's an argument, and the Reader leaves, without looking back. They don't tell him how they've been considering giving up their Gnosis, so that they can live in Liyue with Zhongli, not as an Archon, but as his lover.
The next time the Reader sees Zhongli, it is amidst the ruins of Khaenriah, after they've managed to whisk a wailing Kaeya away and into the arms of one of the guards, with instructions to flee, and to never come back. The country is lost. All traces of gentleness are gone from Zhongli's expression, and he looks for the first time, like the God of War.
But before they can so much as call out his name, he's driven his polearm through their chest. It's a quick, merciful death, and the Reader can only stare mutely at Zhongli as the life leaves their eyes. Worse still, there's only acceptance in their eyes. They know that he's chosen to honour his contract with Celestia, and try as they might, they can't hate him for that. Zhongli spends the rest of the battle holding the Reader's dead body, uncaring of the carnage and war raging on around him. (He later finds out that the forests of Sumeru have all withered away upon the Reader's death, and nothing will ever be the same again.)
Which brings me to the present - if the previous Dendro Archon was often in Khaenriah, Dain might know of them. Maybe he tells the Traveller that Morax was the one who slayed the previous Dendro Archon, and maybe the Traveller asks him about it. Zhongli doesn't say anything, but the dark, tragic expression crossing his face is answer enough.
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sheeplessthings9 days ago
Gotta love that Dave's and William's whole relationship is just William supporting Dave like noone has before and Dave realizing William hasn't coped shit.
Very interesting dynamic I gotta say, let's what brain does with it today.
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cupsofdream10 days ago
Food for thought: TVA could be actually perfect for "time-traveling Steve sluts around" Like we all knew Steve could and should enjoy himself but now we have actually canon background to work with.
So, Steve gets busted by TVA-a, and when they assessed his umm skills, they decided that: "Okay, you can go back to enjoy your life, but you have to do this 100 missions for us."
Steve can be a) actual tactical leader b) brave and good person who will help one last time c) a honeypot because I don't have to really explain myself here
P.S- You're a lovely safe haven for Steve stans, thank you for your service.
Tumblr media
Lmao I love how we鈥檙e all on the same page :鈥)
(No, I鈥檓 kidding, we absolutely are. We鈥檙e just having fun making assumptions or predictions involving Steve without being trolls)
But yeah, in my head, the one way Steve would accept to work for them would be if they could work out a deal. Like, I think at the end of endgame he鈥檚 really done fighting, so what would be a reason big enough for him to agree to work for a shady time agency?聽
To me, it would have to be something huge -maybe the chance to save Natasha. I don鈥檛 know, maybe the TVA is willing to make an exception, maybe Steve is the one pitching the idea, I don鈥檛 know,聽what matters is that Steve would be willing to slut across the timeline for her, definitely.
(and Lol, he鈥檚 gonna be A and B and C all together anon 馃槀馃槀)
Also could be interesting to have Steve slowly discover more and more about the TVA and their聽鈥榙isintegrate first, ask questions never鈥 MO and their cultish ways, and deciding to take it all down like SHIELD.聽
Front-desk-guy-who-doesn鈥檛-know-what-fish-is is the new Cameron Klein (the guy who stayed loyal to Steve in catws)
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