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#''what do the time-keepers do
stellophia · 2 days ago
can we talk about the fact that if there really was such a thing as a "sacred timeline" with a proper, predetermined flow of time nobody could deviate from as the TVA claims, the TVA wouldn't exist to constantly prune any variants in the first place? The very fact that the TVA exists is proof in itself that all choices Loki and other individuals make are their own, because if it really was all predetermined, the TVA wouldn't have to constantly police everyone and everything to make sure it all goes according to the Time-Keepers' plans. Mobius's telling Loki that he was born to cause pain and suffering and death, that that's how it is and how it always will be is neither Loki's fate nor a moral failing on his part, it's the result of a conscious, deliberate choice by the TVA to ensure Loki is allowed no other path to take.
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littlehollyleaf · 3 days ago
ok shhh so listen
...I LIKE the Loki series so far...
and I might want to babble and/or meta about it
but it could still all go horribly wrong for me so shhhhh let's just not talk about it yet so I don't jinx it
(especially since w.t.f. The Avengers timeline destruction fuckery was 'MEANT TO HAPPEN' ?? 'MEANT TO HAPPEN' ?!
literally changing multiple characters' previously established pasts, including but not limited to Peggy Carter's, Gamora and Nebula's, and fucking Thanos', was all 'MEANT TO HAPPEN' - but oh, Loki picking up a box that he didn't even cause to be dropped, THAT'S the thing that fucked everything up? THAT'S the nexus? HE'S the 'variant' and not, idk, the version of Peggy who diverged from her original timeline, ie. the magical/mythical single timeline the TVA video tells of surely(?), to dance with and/or marry a future version of Steve who shouldn't even be able to exist anymore? or the past version of Gamora who has diverged from her original timeline, ie. similarly The Prime timeline(?), to exist in a future that can't have happened with Thanos and Nebula dead??
I just - I'm currently holding to the belief that the whole 'the Time Keepers maintain the 'correct' flow of time' thing is actually at least somewhat bullshit and there will be a reveal later on that they are kinda shady and some of their choices about what 'should' and 'shouldn't' happen are either arbitrary or blatant favouritism or both because HONESTLY - I was with Loki in that court room scene - if anyone is to blame for the current timeline catastrophe it is 1000% THE AVENGERS, and not this unfortunate past version of Loki who got accidentally caught up in their shenanigans while simply trying his hardest to be a power hungry villain and rule the world(s) so he doesn't have to confront his own pain... you know?? :p
...or is the idea that everything The Avengers did post-Loki-tesseract-escape... was ACTUALLY 'WRONG' cos they were 'meant' to get the tesseract? so Loki taking it started a catastrophic chain reaction from that point? meaning him doing that is, like, the catalyst, the root cause, the first domino that CAUSED the death of past Nebula and Thanos and all the rest of the stuff that Doesn't Work? So... stopping Loki's escape will/would/should ...change the plot of Endgame to how it/things WERE 'meant to happen'?
...hmmmm ...aside from the fact that would, I repeat, really not be the fault of Poor Unfortunate Albeit Villainous Past Loki ...THAT ...could work?
...esp if the endgame of all this is to therefore UNDO, well, Endgame ...from that scene on at least ...though god knows how that would work with other current plots in the mcu, so it prob won't be that... in fact obviously it can't be given the Dr Strange film is clearly gonna be a 'multiple timelines battling for dominance' situation, so we are more likely gonna end up either with an mcu that just HAS multiple timelines existing alongside each other or a NEW single timeline that has magically merged histories and characters from various films/stories/franchises via... well, magic, one assumes...
...also what are those lantern-like contraptions that agents leave behind at these so called Nexus Points exactly? The things that apparently 'reset' or 'purge'. What are they actually doing?? They left one in the desert at the point of Loki's escape... now... if it was supposed to 'reset' the timeline back to the version with Loki going to Asgard jail and Freya being killed and Ragnarok etc etc then clearly that didn't happen? Sooooo...? Could these things... be a handy handwavy technobabble answer to how the rest of the timeline fuckery is able to currently be happening? Is that one in the desert keeping all the current paradox, multiple versions of other characters etc stuff stable somehow?? ...cos I MIGHT, I MIGHT be able to suspend disbelief enough to accept that...
But listen
I'm not talking about this
I'm not gonna let myself hope for a satisfying light at the end of this Terrible Time Travel Travesty...
That would be foolish...)
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hyperiius · 20 days ago
thoughts on james/craig roommate au where no one dies
OKAY YES reading this my first thought was some kind of professional quidditch player au where they’re both playing for puddlemere and for some reason they have to room together?? idk why, maybe there’s some kind of team communal dorms or apartments are too expensive for a rookie salary so james pairs up with some random new teammate of his to split the rent, but they do and now they’re roommates, and james, who managed to keep his bisexuality tightly under wraps at hogwarts, is Suffering because oh my god he can’t deal with how fucking hot craig—seriously he’s pining for a guy with a name like craig—is with his perfect hair and stupidly fit body and that determined glint in his eyes when he stops james from scoring every damn time during practice and okay wow maybe james has a Thing for keepers now
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linddzz · a month ago
Zoos/Aquariums: we need to have another discussion on the lack of diversity in the field. Why on earth do we only get upper middle class privileged white people?
Zoos/Aquariums: 4 year degree requirements common
Zoos/Aquariums: unpaid internships with no housing provided
Zoos/Aquariums: also hold high standard for applications for unpaid no housing internships
Zoos/Aquariums: we won't say a few years of intern and volunteer work is required for a job but good fucking luck getting one without it
Zoos/Aquariums: anyway we really need to do something about this diversity problem
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darkwood-sleddog · a month ago
While I am glad the dogs are being put to work and have drive to do so I do feel a certain ~way~ about confo breeders sending their dogs off to mushers to get titled in work instead of doing the work themselves because as a breeder this teaches YOU nothing about why a working title is important. It is just throwing the responsibility that is yours as a breeder onto somebody else so your dog can get another title to add to its name. It teaches you NOTHING.
Preserving the working drive in this dog is not just about setting your dog up for success with an experienced musher and their trained dogs. You must ALSO be able to understand what varying working drives act like in puppyhood and be able to pick that out prior to the 8 week mark in addition to the puppy’s potential size and conformation. You must understand YOURSELF what physical attributes like size, leg length, hock and pastern type, coat type & length, flews, ear leather thickness, foot shape & size have to do with the dog’s ability to work in harness AND their longevity in harness. That is not something you can just be told to look for, it is something you need to experience for yourself out on the trail, preferably over longer expedition style runs because 1.) this is what this dog is bred for and 2.) the shape of all those attributes both as separate parts and as a whole in the dog have a huge effect over repeated long distance freight hauling they may not have over relatively short training & title runs.
It is not second hand knowledge you can check off like a checklist like “oh my dog has a guard hair that is X inches long so therefore it is a good working coat” literally no. that’s not how it works. If you’re not out there yourself it is neigh impossible to understand the nuance of how the individual dog’s coat affects them in arctic temperatures, or how their feet are affected etc. You need to understand and feel the differences within your dogs yourself. There are people running recreational teams of non-sled breeds that probably have a much better sense of what works and what doesn’t for joring/pull sports than the breeder of a sled breed that has a working title but has little involvement in the sport/achievement of that title themselves. Get off your butts and get on the runners goddammit. 
#dogblr#alaskan malamute#dog breeding#like this type of breeder to me is the highest form of lazy#you're willing to take your dog into the ring but you're not willing to put in the work for a breed specific title#instead you send them away to somebody else and get that title to brag about the working drive in your lines#but have ZERO understanding of how or why and how much of the drive is important at all#anyways this is why you always go for the breeder that works the dog THEMSELVES.#i do not trust a breeder that sends their dogs away to be work titled to choose a puppy with working drive or to recognize working drive#the way a person that actually works their dogs themselves does#idk is that snobby of me? guess what even if it is i don't care#anyways even though the iditarod malamutes were trained by another musher nancy russel was deeply involved in the dog's development#she talks A LOT about choosing keeper puppies for the confo ring by watching HOW they pull into harness#not about what they looked liked stacked on the table#like the dogs can be perfectly good but idk it def comes across as working title is afterthought when it is treated like this#and not to be slightly kennel blind or whatever but nobody in the north american sector of malamutes to me compares to my breeder#in the aspect of correctly choosing AND understanding drive in malamutes#people ask me why i dont' breed all the time#and its because i hold myself AND the breeders i consider purchasing from to a very high standard#like either you go all in or don't breed??#anyways like i would want to have been consistenly producing working titles every season#like the advanced and excellent versions#like the 'work' my dogs do is not work quality enough to give me the experience needed to breed them and understand that nuance for work
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eldienne · a month ago
tag drop
#VIS.     /     THE     BIRTH     OF     A     TERRIBLE     &     MONSTROUS     THING.#ARMIN.     /     A     GOLDEN     &     GLIMMERING     WANDERING     LIGHT.#DYN:     EREN     &     ARMIN.     /     THE     GOD     OF     DEATH     &     HIS     FAITHFUL     KEEPER.#MIKASA.     /     THE     ONE     WHO     KILLED     DEATH     HIMSELF.#DYN:     EREN     &     MIKASA.     /     IT’S     TIME     TO     COME     HOME.#DYN:     SHIGANSHINA     TRIO.     /     HOME     IS     NEVER     MORE     THAN     A     STEP     BEHIND.#REINER.     /     A     SOLDIER     &     A     WARRIOR     CURSED     &     SPLIT.#DYN:     EREN     &     REINER.     /     WE     WERE     JUST     BORN     LIKE     THIS.#BERTHOLDT.     /     THE     ROOT     OF     THE     SUFFERING     IS     THAT     YOU     HAVE     SUFFERED     TOO.#DYN:     EREN     &     BERTHOLDT.     /     GODS     &     DEVILS     AMONG     MEN.#HISTORIA.     /     THE     GIRL     QUEEN     &     SAVIOUR.#DYN:     EREN     &     HISTORIA.     /     WE     ARE     THE     BEST     &     WORST     OF     THIS     WORLD.#MUSINGS.     /     BOTH     THE     CAGED     BEAST     &     THE     HUNTER     ALL     THE     SAME.#AES.     /     FOR     I     AM     BECOME     THE     KING     OF     DEATH     &     DECAY.#ANSWERED.     /     SPEAK     THE     TRUTH     TO     THE     DEAF     &     BLIND.#HEADCANON.     /     TO     KNOW     OF     DEATH     IS     TO     KNOW     OF     LIFE.#STUDY.     /     EVEN     LUCIFER     WAS     AN     ANGEL     ONCE.#ARC     01.     /     THE     DESTRUCTION     OF     ALL     YOU     ONCE     KNEW.#ARC     02.     /     IF     YOU     ARE     WEAK     YOU     CANNOT     HOPE     TO     SURVIVE.#ARC     03.     /     WHAT     EXACTLY     DO     YOU     SEEK     ??#OOC.     /     MOTHERFUCKER     UNLIMITED.
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pandora15 · 2 months ago
First Lines Meme
First Lines Meme
Rules: List the first lines of your last 20 stories (if you have less than 20, just list them all!). See if there are any patterns. Choose your favorite opening line. Then tag 10 authors!
Thanks for tagging me @katierosefun! This seems like a really interesting challenge, so I’m curious to see if there are any patterns in my first lines.  I’ll be looking at the 20 most recent fics I have posted on my AO3 page, as of today (note that this includes oneshots, multi-chapter fics, and collabs).
1. CC-2224 arrives on Tatooine in the middle of the day. (from Good Soldiers Follow Orders)
2. The Temple was quiet. (from Shattered)
3. Anakin woke up to see the sunlight streaming through his curtains. (from Through Dusk and Dawn)
4. When Anakin arrived at the Council Chambers to see the Council, he didn’t think much of Obi-Wan’s absence. (from Keeper of the Force)
5. It all began after the mission to Geonosis—the second time. (from Midnight Discoveries)
6. Smoke filled the sky, hanging low over the forest in a thick, roiling mass of ash and soot that permeated the air as the battle raged in its midst. (from Three Times Obi-Wan Tried to Be There for His Grandpadawan, and the One Time She Was There for Him)
7. Today was one of Obi’s bad days. (from Call of the Force)
8. “Stop.” (from Immolation)
9. As he walked out into the courtyard with the Father, Anakin felt dread pooling deep in his gut, cold and terrible. (from The Choice)
10. In hindsight, Obi-Wan really should have seen it coming. (from Sabotage)
11. “That’s it?” (from Recovery)
12. “What happened?” Ahsoka exclaimed as she ran into Anakin’s room in the Halls, eyes wide. (from Mutual Support)
13. The halls of the Negotiator were quiet. (from Grounded in Reality)
14. Anakin rang the buzzer, sighing irritably at the closed door. (from Rest Now)
15. Obi-Wan is about half-way to Tatooine when he realizes. (from একা নও | Not Alone)
16. As soon as Obi-Wan ran into the cell and saw Anakin hanging limply from his bonds, he felt as though something had squeezed itself around his lungs, as though he couldn’t breathe. (from Always Too Slow)
17. The first few days went by rather quickly. (from Hope Reignited)
18. “Help!” (from A Loose Stitch)
19. “Master!” (from Together Again)
20. Sighing, Ahsoka rang the buzzer, waiting for a response. (from Light)
Oooh, this is really interesting.  For the most part, a lot of my first sentences are very short (much like my writing style in general), or even just one or two word dialogue exclamations!  I love that for me xD
Also wow was this a good trip back down memory lane.  Still can’t believe I wrote so much in the past year?  I guess lockdown does that to you, huh.
Anyways, no-pressure tags: @texasdreamer01, @hawkeykirsah, @writing-is-thorapy, @ninastarkov, @vanilla-chip-101, @lazarusii, and anyone else who wants to join in! :)
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astralis-shipping · 4 months ago
... mayhaps wanna hold g'raha's hand ...
Tumblr media
#joie's brainrots !! ✩#raha !! ✩#i know i have his tag as raha but . since u only call miqo'te seekers of the sun w/o the first letter when you're super close or smth ...#i uhm. i cant yet. thats too. yeah.#!!! srsly tho ... whether its arr or shb g'raha tia ... idk his hands look so holdable ... <333#im a miqo'te seeker of the sun too !! havent fixed my s/i lore yet but since m n jodi r obvs still gonna be twins we were thinking#we'd be half seeker n half keeper ?? hmm ... dk if thats even possible but aye aye aye !!!!! <333#I ALSO HAVE A COUPLE OF FFXIV OCS !! I WLD LOVE TO SHARE !! esp ... thanatos n ares ... hehehe ... ~#ares and yda are the cutest bUT i love giving pain to than omg its haurchefant to emet-selch to estinien his best friend <//3#there's also astria !! my baby !! i love her so much w/ alisaie !! n then esse w/ no one since she's so cool n amazing !!#cassus too ... sniffs ... i give all my ocs so much pain ngl <//3 cas n urianger r adorable ?!?!?#OH OH dont forget polaris toooo !!! dumbass scholar w/ y'shtola hehehe ~#GAHHHHH i still have so much stressing hw to do FUCK filipino n the monologue along w/ the english play script n the social studies podcast#but ... i still cannot get g'raha tia out of my mind ... <3 im so sorry im so sorry i havent progressed thru the crystal tower storyline#after meeting him the 1st time since im just. scared. damnit. he's just ... v cute ... n im super yeah fr whats coming ...#GAHHHHHH gah gah gah omg i took a pic w/ him n my wol holding hands ( OHO SO EMBARRASINGGGG ) but since that was w/ my old armor#the drg one ?? fr the azure drg ?? but since i have smth prettier now ... yeah ... gonna take another while everyone else in the server is#hopefully asleep n hope no one sees me or jodi will laugh too ... sniffs i think his hands wld be so comfy to hold its unbelievable#HEYYY not sure if yall will be able to see but if anyone wants to know im joie astralis on twintania on eu light !! <333#im sure its possible to search me up on the lonestone ? i cant log in since im free trial but ~#AHHH its 11 am here alrdy so i shld prolly start working ... rlly dont wanna ... ugh ... ( hmm poee n poes r my goals today )#SOOOO GAHHHHHH ARGHHHHHHHHH g'raha tia takes over my mind n gosh i want to make my warrior of light lore ALREADY#idk yet much but she's def studied at the stadium like alisaie n alphi !! ( w/ her 1st love CALLISTO since i always make my s/is vv#self-indulgent n include my 1st irl crush haha whoopieee ) omg yeah but she's a drg ? n i wanna also make her a astrologian / red mage ?#omw to heavensward so hehe astrologian soon but i cant get red mage since dont have sb <//3 AHAHAH STILLLLL IM SO EXCITED#wol lore wol lore wol lore i love joie astralis i love myself sniffs omg i love g'raha tia ...#now gbye <3 gonna think more on h*lding g'r*ha tia's h*nds ... <33 n work n hw ... </333#i ramble so much in tags dont i. yeah. ik. pls dont mind this is just me spilling out a lil fraction of my overfilled brain.
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illyruu · 4 months ago
elwin: sophie, remember, keefe just got back from the lost cities, so let’s not overwhelm him too much, ok?
sophie, holding a stale bagel: ill hit him in the face with this
elwin: sophie...
sophie: quietly! *waves stale bagel* ill do it quietly
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ahatintimepieces · 5 months ago
It's interesting to hear your thoughts! (I personally like the concept of whichever two didn't win being a bullet h**l like Snatcher, and the winner helping you) but here's some more food for thought: if we kept the beta characters, would we even have Dadtcher? Or, would we like, mainly have Moondad content? Heck, would MJ be the fan favorite instead? So intresting to me to think about - EclipsesEnd
Ahh thank you so much!!! Annnnnnd idk that gets a bit too into the hypothetical for me/I have no idea how to guess what others will or wouldn’t like. But just for me, I guess it depends? Snatcher in the beta is interesting because he seems more mischievous than “ima eat your soul” scary? I get more peter pan/lost boy vibes since he’s a shadow left behind by a time traveler. And I sort of imagine he might like to stick around Hat more since she’s a time traveler and he was once one so maybe it’s switched where he’s the one constantly following her and pulling pranks/coming up with reasons to get her to stay. (Maybe more of a sibling relationship or just BFFs than paternal!)
No idea about Moonjumper but in the beta I personally am desperate to get the Moonjumper spirit separated from the prince. The Moonjumper spirit seems a separate entity from the prince. In the stuff I’ve seen, the prince’s spirit/soul is constantly trying to escape Moonjumper’s influence. Moonjumper seems to be a vengeful and manipulative puppet master corrupted by a timeless existence in Time’s End and intended to snuff out the prince. While it could be incredible to see that Moonjumper heal I guess I see this spirit as more of a thematic representation of how even in Time’s End where there is no time and thus no endings (that’s a take away from the Moleman lore). But! The Moonjumper Spirit becomes corrupted because it’s cold and lonely at Time’s End because no time means no nothing. While there’s no sorrowful goodbyes, there’s no one to love. There’s no life or hope. Only no endings.
And so the Moonjumper Spirit represents the inability to let go/to let things end and I suspect the whole point of at least this kind of story is you gotta. You gotta let go and enjoy the precious time you share with others but eventually you gotta let go. So, I feel Moonjumper would need to... leave............... for the characters involved in such a story to heal. Okay point is, in the Beta I assume the intended story would have been (at least specifically in subcon) that Hat would help the prince, Vanessa, and Snatcher by defeating the Moonjumper spirit. By defeating the Moonjumper spirit, who tries to have its cake and eat it too by refusing to let go but refusing to remain in Time’s End where the nonexistence of good-byes ALSO means the nonexistence of life and love, Hat helps the lonely denizens of Subcon to find hope despite the loneliness of living and the acute loneliness that comes with impending partings. In this essay I will.... that’s it that’s the end of the sentence.
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nortnaibz · 7 months ago
also ok i love the hc that all the different skins have different personalities bc it allows for the complete role reversal of typical nortnaib where naib is a dumb oblivious idiot who thinks norton is cocky and an asshole and norton who is sad and doesn't realize naib is the perfect balance 2 him so he picks fights with him all the time like. any norton skin and chesh and that would be completely flipped
#ghost boy talks#ALSO magic item keeper and chesh being super fucking good at blackjack and everyone else is like what is wrong w you people.#they play against each other and are always either the first out or the last left because they're idiots and target each other#magic item keeper specifically bc he has the cards on his hat and he gives me gamblet vibes#and chesh because he Loves a good game and is very smart despite being generally a shithead#and of course like the other universe skins...hound/wanderer is the best ship in the entire game no one can convince me otherwise.#norton who finds a dying bounty hunter in the middle of a fight and goes here let me save you#and then is like ok i didn't Mean to fall for the pureblood but he's so fucking pretty?#(i remember smth about naib being pureblood in that universe but it might have been non-canon i'm not sure)#and the other vamps r like why do you get him.#nort: because he likes me!#naib: since when do i like you you show up in my house at random intervals and you steal my poptarts#nort: well now everyone knows the infamous bounty hunter eats poptarts. so who's the real winner#why poptarts. i have no idea it's canon now#nort's like look i can't live off blood all the time you'd die if i did that and naib is like i see no downside.#and nort gets all pouty until naib is like are such a baby. i love you. stop stealing my pop tarts#demi is the only other vampire naib talks to bc shes chill and vegan and she just thinks they're funny#demi: nort you know i can get you drinks so you don't have to bleed your pup dry right#naib: if you ever call me that again i'll set this place on fire#demi: no you wouldn't dear.#naib: bet#nort: well you see demi my pup here my pup? my hound the absolute love of my life-#naib: *glaring at him in the most violent manner possible*#nort: -is just irresistible. and that vegan shit you make is gross. no offense#demi: well i think your pup would taste gross—#nort: HOW DARE YOU.#naib: iiiiiiii am leaving.#i haven't written for hound/wanderer now i have to oh no. 4 hrs until g2 and i'm not asleep yet.#but i love that skin line so much it allows for so much fuckery#oh hound barely has any lore i guess that pureblood thing was hc. i still like it
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