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kazuhasfootrest Β· 8 minutes ago
The reason why Xiao wears baggy pants is because he's hiding his big fat juicy meaty horse schlong. Send ask.
u are very smart bestie . wows . he is just hiding his meat behind that dw guys !!!!! the more u know
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icanttakethemonmyown Β· 13 minutes ago
I can't explain to you why, but I feel like Sam's parents are like the embodiment of the '70s. I don't want to say Hippie, but maybe they have what some people could consider Hippieish ideas.
Like when Andrew first meets them, they have pictures of them in front of an old van that they used to travel. They compost. Her mother wears the most far-out there outfits while her dad shows off his battle scars from protest he's attended.
"That one? They wanted to tear down a beautiful piece of land just to build another strip mall. So I chained myself to a tree, but it was a pretty rusty chain. Ended up having to go to the hospital and that's where I met this cute, young nurse who stitched me right up. 'Course it was her first day on the job and she did terrible work."
"And he still doesn't let me forget it."
"Well, I was too distracted trying to come up with a way to ask for your number to realized you didn't, even thread it through right the first time."
All of this is to say that Sam's middle name would be Snowdrop or something.
And Andrew would only figure it out because they called her that when he first went over for dinner.
*hides thing* "No."
What am I doing? I should be a sleep right now...
anon, i swear you have a direct line to my brain because i was thinkING THE EXACT SAME THINGGGG like hippie parents to the max and Sam's kinda embarrassed about them, but also she loves them to bits
they definitely met at a protest and like travelled the country in a combi before deciding that they want to have a child and should probably settle down and they never get tired of telling Sam what a gift she is and how much she has enriched their lives and its just a very loving and wholesome enviroment like almost to an overwhelming degree
and Sam has to give Andrew an entire brief before they attend dinner because "under no circumstances" is he allowed to feign interest in her dad's photo albums because he will spend the entire night telling the stories behind them and i just imagine Sam's mum thinking Andrew is the most charming person ever and being completely giggly whenever he visits
asdfghjkl all this to say - yeah, Sam's middle name would probably be like "Springtime" or "Riversong" or something lmao
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kirisukishima Β· 14 minutes ago
So... after this chapter... can someone please make a bondage TianShan fanfic?πŸ˜ƒ
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ricciardos3 Β· 17 minutes ago
What's happening with Yuki and Pierre??
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emberoops Β· 26 minutes ago
Yiddish course on duolingo??
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dumplingcatho Β· 28 minutes ago
hmhmhmmm party tattoos by dodie is def a raine and becky song (specially for the way the reminisce about being party girls ahah)
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villainsactivist Β· 38 minutes ago
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ramzawrites Β· 38 minutes ago
Good day guys :)
Got my gay little haircut and feeling good :] Hope you guys are doing well!
I am writing, snacking and drinking coffee :D Today is a good day
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nikki-sixx-suxx-dixx Β· 38 minutes ago
Fucking actually Tommy? πŸ™…πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ Fucking Sebastian Stan or MGK as Tommy πŸ™‹πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ
honestly? i kinda see your point now
Tumblr media
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hanflix Β· 44 minutes ago
the way that masterlist has sat in my drafts for too long that i decided to redraft an old fic for juyeon just to post it. sunwoo, baby, can wait till i find my motivation to get back to writing!
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clanwarrior-tumbly Β· an hour ago
Ohh we get theme now ? :o The only theme i can think for myself can be twinkle twinkle little star or some random circus song -moon jester anon
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depraved-empress Β· an hour ago
Noaya The Mister MISOGYNIST πŸ˜’
He always said something sexist and womens are weak.(I hate the sentence really but that no the point here)
So Reader comes and kidnapped him, you tied him up. You fuck him hard,punished, dragged;treated him like a shit. He didn't understand why he felt good, pleasure by the pain that make Reader.
Then, Reader found that he is a masochist. Every time he says something sexist, you slapped him and Naoya start to get turn on, and moan.
And, maybe when Reader's out, Naoya is tied up with chains and has a vibrator dildo? (idk :/) in his ass and try to fuck himself but that nothing compare to your dick and your cum when that fill him up
That's how he become a cumslut✨✌️
Two in one I fucking love it
Naoya stupid motherfucking Zenin is a hidden masochist
He just needed a good beating to for him to find out
By the time you get back he's fucking sobbing and babbling that he needs your cock and cum in him
Naoya doesn't know what the hell he's saying, his mind is blank and filter turned off so he's letting out all his hidden desires
You may just do this again if this is the result
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taemaknae Β· an hour ago
do you have an icon page where i can choose from your icons? or header page too?
hello!!! i have a general tag for all my headers and icons and you can find them here 😁 happy scrolling! i hope you'll be able to find an icon or header for your blog πŸ₯°
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lxndonorris Β· an hour ago
I gotta say. Max has a nice ass in that redbull suit πŸ‘€
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dincrypt Β· an hour ago
I had the utterly salacious thought of E&M Din rolling up the sleeves of the button-up he’s wearing and I am struggling πŸ˜‚ If one were to draw this, what’s the best way of giving you the chance to see it, if you’re interested?οΏΌ
IF I’m interested?
Tumblr media
Hoe I’ve never been so interested in my LIFE uhh for me to see it you could post it and tag me, or send it in an ask or message, whatever you wanna do bby πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€
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siremrys Β· an hour ago
really liking the music in the scene where Mordred draws his sword on Arthur and the knights πŸ‘€
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