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#🎶plot holes🎶
meetmeatthecoda · a day ago
At this point I don't care if Red's N-13 or Arzamas-16. If he stole the Fulcrum 2.0 (or whatever the name of this archive is) or the Fulcrum stole him. If Katarina's a spy, a myth or the Holy Spirit of this show.
I don't care about any answers and honestly? I don't think I ever did.
The only thing that matters to me in regards to those answers is that Red has no blood relation to Liz, so Lizzington and Agnesgate can be canon (I don't say real because they already are in our imagination and lots of wonderful fics).
And I don't think I'm the only one who holds such an opinion regarding those scary AnSwErS, yet TPTB don't seem to notice...
LMAO 😂 Honestly, anon, this ask is such a mood 😭 Listen, I'm with you. I'm a 🎶 basic bitch 🎶 & I 👏 ain't 👏 here 👏 for 👏 no 👏 plot 👏 That ship (so to speak lolz) sailed a loooooong time ago. I don't really care about all the mythology & shit, which is super sad bc I feel like I would care more if what we've been spoon-fed up to now was just more consistent. If it wasn't all so convoluted & contradictory & plot-hole-filled & retconned, I would probably give more of a shit. But, anticipating Wednesday's ep?? I'm just going in expecting the worst, expecting nothing to make sense in light of the very few "answers" we gotten before. I mean, there's so many little plotlines they've seemingly dropped like hot potatoes (i.e. Red's Christmas eve story, bubble girl, ballerina girl, etc.) I mean, who knows, they could pull it out of the hat & surprise the fuck outta us & tie it all together with a nice little bow which would be super weird considering they have at least another season left?? Am I the only one who feels all the "answers" promo & drama leading up to these last 2 eps is weird for a... NOT series finale?? Just me?? ... They could. We'll see. But again. What am I watching for? ANYTHING they decide to "reveal" that could sink Lizzington (or ruin Agnesgate), meaning any sort of ridiculous blood relation that could ruin our already-pretty-much-AU experience of shipping Lizzington. Bc I agree - Lizzington & Agnesgate already live in our hearts & imaginations & fics - but it would be a horrible feeling to find that they decided to retcon & officially sink the ship beyond salvaging in canon & make the show not worth watching anymore to us. So, fingers crossed that they, you know... don't do that 🥺🥺🥺 So, rest assured, you're definitely not alone, anon, whether TPTB notice or not!! 😓 Anyway, thank you for sending this along, I feel very validated!! 🥰 Much love to you, of course!! ❤️
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