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#❝。tomi's rambles
tomicito · a day ago
if anyone's reading this rn, i apologize for the unannounced mini hiatus!!! work has been a lil hectic since another employee left the workplace, but a new one's been hired in his place so i think i'll be able to have a little more time to finish the requests in my inbox.
again, im so sorry for taking so long ;-; i'll be sure to finish your requests as soon as i can! 💗
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tomicito · 10 days ago
can't believe my day off was cancelled bcs the laziest guy in the department called in sick,,, pls let me finish the one ask in my inbox i am Begging To My Boss as i write this
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tomicito · 14 days ago
☕ for citron ? literally just any n all thoughts u have abt him vsusgugs
asking a citron liker for citron thought?? oh boy am i gonna have fun with this one lmao
where do i even start with this man,,,
first of all i absolutely do not understand the lack of appreciation for this man. like i rlly don't get it. he's everything u can ever want for in a man?? he's good-looking, naturally charming, smart and wise, has a good sense of humor, he's got money, he's just so xjsnkxjs DO U UNDERSTAND ME
like this man is the epitome of an ideal man. im an absolutely sucker for long haired pretty boys and citron has me weak in the knees just simply by existing. there is not one day where i am not entranced by him.
also have u seen his cards??? he's got one of the best fashion sense in mankai why isn't he as popular as banri /j??? his bright spring card with the high ponytail and the white coat to contrast his skin tone and sunglasses??? that exact card is probably 90% why im bonkers over this dude.
ok but have u listened to his character song?? im not gonna type out the title bcs it's embarrassingly long but holy shit do i love it. every time i listen to it i find out something new abt the song. the lyrics...
he just gets everything wrong ok but if you look past that, the song actually reveals this rlly wholesome story abt him just wanting to create a better place to live in for the people he loves. on the topic of getting everything wrong, if you listen closely, a buzzer will sound every time he gets something wrong. and at the end when he finally gets something right, a buzzer sounds for that as well. i just think it's a vv pog detail that still gets me laughing to this day. Citron No Tadashii Nihonggo Kouza is peak comedy and i am not taking no for an answer.
on the topic of songs, citron's voice holds so much of his personality in it. my fav song he's a part of is his duet with guy (yoi no mikazuki) and it's just,,, by far the most aesthetically pleasing a3 song to exist if you were to imagine a scenery with this song playing. listen to it rn and tell me u don't see urself in a japanese shrine surrounded by cherry blossoms while listening to this song.
ok another thing abt him is that he's so horrible at hiding his wisdom even when he fucks up his words on purpose. like sometimes he even recites proverbs in fluent japanese in a caliber that some of the adults can't even comprehend. LIKE??? HELP IM IN LOVE??? and the thing is!!! he mostly only ever purposely messes up his speech when he's with the younger mankai boys 🥺🥺🥺 and he does it to make them laugh 🥺🥺🥺 at first i used to be so mad bcs liber kept portraying him as the dummy in spring troupe but now i realize he does it by his own volition because he's so attached to the role of being moodmaker that he can't let it go even if he makes a fool out of himself.
citron is so loved and adored by everyone no matter how old or young and he is able to captivate anyone just by radiating his warmth, and i think that shows how powerful he is as a prince and as a person in general. he's very humble of his achievements as well and canonically supports workers' rights. he's selfless and always puts others before himself and apologizes if he even just THINKS about making a selfish request. citron is a beautiful man inside and out and definitely deserves all the love he gets in-game and most definitely deserves more amongst the fandom.
i really do have more to say bcs i love this man so much, but i think i've said enough for now lmao tysm for this ask!!! i had a blast writing this with just feral thoughts flooding my mind <33
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tomicito · 15 days ago
spring troupe seiyuus were so wild in their live stream?? like yeah sure whatever here have this picture of chikage's seiyuu (wataru hatano) without context
Tumblr media
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tomicito · 15 days ago
friendly reminder that my asks are open for requests! my inbox is looking a lil dry and so is my brain lol
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tomicito · 16 days ago
i love how harugumi is the pinnacle of familial love.
like it's such a good trope that a group of people who struggled all their life one way or another come together for one goal and do their best to reach it despite being broken individually, not knowing that they're slowly fixing each other in the process of reaching that goal. that's exactly what harugumi is to me.
it's just so so so heartwarming that five people who izumi gathered on a whim now get along so well that masumi and itaru both understand that they can't understand each other (wild ik) but are still able to respect each other and provide support when needed. so fucking familial to the point that even itaru accepts the role of Troupe Dad and even commits to it, most especially being masumi's acting-dad despite his real dad being alive and kicking because he's unable to be a part of any important events in masumi's life.
and then we have chikage who joined for,,, different motives,,, tbh i still don't fully like chikage considering him using izumi to bait hisoka but it's understandable given that the organization has given him inaccurate information. but that doesn't mean i disregard his efforts turning over to a new leaf and letting himself bask in the love he's never gotten to experience, even going so far as to say that izumi's the only woman he respects.
however as a writer, for such a troupe like this to be so tight-knit, for a group to be so loving like this, it's a pleasure to just nitpick the little things to note about each character, about why they chose to be here, about why they stay, about what they're running away from, and that leaves so much room for potential angst to write— one so pain-striking that all you can think of is "no, they don't deserve this."
they really don't, but it's a guilty pleasure to expand on characters even if involves hurting both them and yourself.
that being said, their bond is so familial to the point that their problems outside of the acting troupe also involves family one way or another. sakuya not being able to find a permanent family, masumi not getting attention from his dad, tsuzuru having to deal with so many siblings, citron thinking about his position as next in line for the throne, itaru being badmouthed by a friend, and chikage's only family being killed without his knowledge. there's so much potential to dig deeper into their individual stories, to just break them and think of until what point they can hold the pain.
this is just my personal thoughts, but i genuinely think harugumi has the most angst potential among all the troupes in mankai. trust me lmao, harugumi angst just hits the hardest.
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tomicito · 17 days ago
u alr know im making a summer troupe version of my most recent post ✨
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tomicito · 20 days ago
believe me when i say im never turning off repeat for double solitare. like???
muku rapping??? immaculate. juza's baritone rapping??? godly.
there is literally no bad song whenever any one or more member of the hyodosaka family are singing in it. all we need now is muku, juza, and kumon in one song and we'll all be done for. not even the depths of hell can stop us from rioting over this family and i stand by that fact.
just look the sheer power they hold and imagine how that would multiply tenfold if we get a song with all three of them. good lord don't even get me started with their character songs.
itsuka oujisama ni?? adorable. loner?? emotional masterpiece. seiten no sinker?? God's greatest gift no cap.
then there's their mixed troupe/play songs. q to juu?? iconic. the prince in full bloom?? angelic. double solitare?? intoxicating as fuck.
now project all that power into a hyodosaka fam song iN THIS ESSAY I WILL
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tomicito · 20 days ago
double solitare,,,, rapper muku,,,, baritone rapper juza,,,, 😳😳😳😳😳
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tomicito · 21 days ago
what is a3's best song and why is it q to juu?
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tomicito · 21 days ago
when are we getting citoita lead play 😔😔😔 give us the citoita lead play 😔😔😔
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ticklysquid · 25 days ago
Hi! I'm Squid! Welcome to my tickle blog! As expected of a tickle blog, this is where I'm gonna be rambling! I'll post headcanons and oneshots from time to time. I'm willing to write tickle content for the following series:
Lobo/tomy Corpo/ration and Lib/rary of Rui/na
Iden/tity V
Most nint/endo series unless I'm unfamiliar with it
Star/dew Val/ley
However, due to comfort, I'll only write F/F or M/F, very rarely will I write F/M or M/M tickle content. As for DNIs.. the standard stuff. Terfs, pro-shippers/anti-antis, and that stuff, stay away.
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pbjamas · a month ago
Please, thinking about how much neglect Hawks went through makes me so sad :( like not only does mans probably not know how to read or write but he was probably so far behind with EVERYTHING.
I am sure 100% his parents didn't teach him anything and the only resource he had of the world outside of his little shack was the TV (which his mum was practically glued to and it clearly didn't work well) so he wasn't going to learn much from that.
Like he probably couldn't even count past like 12, didn't know what most things were, didn't understand phrases (like in mean girls the "omg shut up" "I didn't say anything?" type of deal) and I know this child didn't know how to use chopsticks, like imagine when he gets taken in by the commission and he has to sit there for like an hour every meal cos he can't pick up his food without dropping it :( like I really think being so behind as a child is why he's so fast as an adult, he had to go really fast and cram to get to the normal level of a 7 year old and when he got there he just continued that speed, you know ?
Also, when we see him saving the people in the car crash he's got a little shopping bag, I like to imagine him paying for that if he couldn't read or count like the shopkeeper says its 300 yen and he thinks 1 note = 1 yen and he doesn't know how much 300 yen is but its clearly a Big Number and he definitely only has 4 yen so he starts freaking out like how is he going to get his mother money if things cost this much? But it turns out he actually DOES have enough money and now he's so confused because he now has 0 clue how money works so everytime after that he just prays that he has enough money for what he's picked up.
I also have a head canon that the reason why his boots are Like That is cos the first time he ever wore shoes was when he was on the streets with his mum and after 7 years of bare feet, walking in proper shoes was terrible so he preferred boots with hardly any sole that were so big they could barley fit his feet cos that felt most similar to walking bare foot and although he could walk fine in any shoe as an adult the boots were just never changed.
I also have this sad thought that like what if no one actually knows Hawks' real birthday ? Like I genuinely don't think Tomie was in a state of mind that allowed her to know or remember exact dates, not even the date that her son was born so when the commission asks when he was born she's just like "around Christmas? Maybe after?" So they just give him a birthday that matches that vague description :'(
THIS WAS SO LONG IM SO SORRY I just have many Thoughts about child Hawks :(
This one gets a readmore bc I rambled <3
aaaaaa ;_; that is so sad ;_;
yeah i remember talking with a friend and we about like.....what if baby keigo wrote in a diary! and since this was abt the ghost fic i was writing the ua kids were going to find his old diary and read it and probably cry. But then we realized......he wasn’t allowed to leave the house. Definitely did not go to school. Very much doubt that either tomie or his father taught him to read or write. If he knew any words at all, he would have learned them when his parents left him alone in the house and he could switch the TV to kids shows where they try to be educational.
Agreed that he probably couldn’t count that high either :/ slfkjsdkj what if....he made up words for the higher numbers so he could count higher ;_; AGAIN me thinking of the ghost fic (i poured my heart and soul into it okay!?) I had lil keigo just find a bunch of coins on the ground and hand it to the lady at the store and just hope it was enough bc he couldn’t count high :/
DO NOT give the boots a tragic backstory, I’ll start feeling bad about hating them!!!!
Aaaa that would be really sad if they didn’t even know his birthday ;_; my personal headcanon is that when he was younger his mom was more....there. It’s hard to take care of a baby, you have to be extremely careful because they can get hurt so easily. I like to think that until he could walk well, tomie actually did a pretty good job! she held him and fed him and maybe even sang to him. They were pals, he was her only friend. And then as soon as he could survive without her constant attention.....she just kind of.......withered, without that urgency. so tldr i think she would have remembered his birthday, and maybe even remembers newborn keigo with some fondness. and then let herself slip back into helplessness as soon as she could ;_;
The hpsc planned to immediately start hero training, but instead, they have to teach him how to count, how to read basic characters, how to hold a pencil, how to tie his shoes (UGH you have me considering the tragic boots backstory how dare you.....) .maybe bc he couldn’t tie his shoes he just preferred zipper to save himself the embarrassment (I STILL HATE THE BOOTS, TO BE CLEAR).
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smelted-applejuice · 2 months ago
ayup! uhm if it's not too much of a bother could i get a sbi x reader thing where the reader's basically family bc they're dating wilbur and they have a ton of stress cause of exams and basically the sbi helps them with their anxiety thank you sm <3
Paring(s); SBI x reader (PLATONIC), Wilbur Soot x Reader Pronouns; they/them Desc; [YourName] realizes how loved she is by their boyfriend’s family. 
Tumblr media
ahh! reminded me I have exams in a few weeks :o !! I hope this is well enough for you & if you’re struggling w exams and anxiety, I’m always here to chitchat!! (Requests are open!!) -
It would be a few months after Wilbur and [YourName] had gotten together that Wilbur’s family found out. Of course, they didn’t find out through Wilbur telling anyone, it was through Tommy digging through his items and finding letters that [YourName] and Wilbur would pass during class while mister KSI taught. It was an absolute violation of privacy but no one seemed to care. 
So after being sat down and talked to by Philza, Wilbur agreed to see if his partner wanted to finally meet his family. [YourName] was hesitant but nonetheless agreed to meet their boyfriend’s family. Tommy was loud, Techno seemed unapproachable, and Philza was doing his best to keep everything sane. At the end of the day [YourName] and Wilbur’s family were close.
So when it came time to move out, you weren’t prepped, but your parents sure were! [YourName] had panic called Wilbur up and explained their situation and without a second thought, Wilbur was helping [YourName] move in. “Are you sure this is alright?” [YourName] asked placing one final box in the room, “Even if it isn’t they’re gonna have to deal with it.” Wilbur huffed, gently placing his hands on top of [YourName]’s shoulders. 
“Well, I start school in a few months, so I can put my work in for now.” [YourName] offered, Wilbur smiled brightly “Phil is going to love that, sweetheart” he whispered, kissing their cheek. [YourName] smiled making a content cooing noise as he did so, they would unpack while Wilbur would break the news to his family. All Wilbur had to do was explain that [YourName] was kicked out and couldn’t support themselves for the moment and offered to do work around the house and Philza was down to take [YourName] in. After Philza found out, Tommy would overhear and bust into Wilbur’s room. “YOU’RE LIVING WITH US?!” Tommy asked, gaining Wilbur’s attention all the way downstairs so he would rush upstairs to try and shut his brother up. [YourName] jumped and nodded slowly, “Yeah? I think so- yo, yo, why so close?” [YourName] asked backing up when Tommy got closer “Just inspecting the new person of the house.” Tommy huffed walking out snickering at Wilbur’s panicked face. Wilbur would apologize as they all unpacked [YourName]’s items. [YourName] explained that it was just Tommy and they’d have to get used to him fully, Wilbur was just happy that his partner could go with the flow so well. That night, after dinner, he and [YourName] would lay in bed and just relax. They held each other close, while Wilbur played with [YourName]’s hair, he heard them slowly doze off to sleep. He was happy to be able to hear their soft snores every night, one of many perks Wilbur found out about. A few months later, [YourName] entered veterinarian school and had to shift focus onto schooling than the house. Philza and Wilbur understood, Techno wasn’t home much as he lived in a dorm at his college, and Tommy was… Tommy. He was still young, didn’t understand the schooling [YourName] had entered was different than regular schooling and more stressful. He had assumed despite [YourName]’s new schooling, things would be normal. Tommy decided he didn’t have his chores and [YourName] would pick them up, which they did. They only did this because they were in fear of being kicked out even though they had a full understanding that Philza would never do that. He was once in [YourName]’s shoes, stressed over college n such, so he wouldn’t dare throw his son’s partner out on the street for that reason. No one really picked up the fact [YourName] was still doing dishes around the house, assuming someone else was doing them. So when [YourName] was found by Wilbur sitting in the corner of the bed sobbing with their science textbook next to them, he was worried beyond belief. “Wha-what’s wrong!?” He asked rushing over, crawling on the bed as fast as he could to gently move the overpriced textbook aside. [YourName] immediately leaned into his touch and cried more. They would take a moment to collect themselves before speaking, “I-I’m str... stressed.” [YourName] explained between a hiccup. Wilbur shushed them softly, quietly humming to them to try and ease their nerves. [YourName] would calm down, hiccuping now and then and still shaking as reminisce of their panic attack. “What’s causing you stress, dear?” Wilbur asked tracing [YourName]’s hand carefully with his index finger, and that’s when [YourName] spilled all their guts out to their boyfriend. “I’ve been prepping for exams for months, but I’ve managed to fail the prep tests, I just want to help animals, Wilbur!” [YourName] explained tearing up again, “It doesn’t help that I’m still doing chores so I can’t exactly place all my focus into studies-” they rambled. Wilbur would cut [YourName] off, “You’re doing chores still? I thought Philza told you about stopping.” he said in concern. [YourName] shrugged shyly “I just don’t want to get kicked out, ya know?” they explained leaning more into Wilbur’s shoulder. Wilbur softly sighed, “Phil wouldn’t do that, he’s trying his best to relax you so you can study, Darling.” he explained kissing [YourName]’s head “I’ll speak to the others about this.” he hummed. Wilbur would ease [YourName] to sleep before getting up. Wilbur called a meeting with Tommy and Phil and asked about chores. “Oh, I thought they were still their chores.” Tommy explained biting the inside of his lip, Wilbur would get angry but Phil stepped in before blood could get drawn, “He didn’t know, Wilbur, not his fault.” their father simply explained. Wilbur huffed, “Well you owe them an apology, and how about we prep a little study area for them?” Wilbur proposed and without hesitation, Tommy and Philza agreed. [YourName] would wake up and tiredly make their way downstairs, there stood Tomy in the kitchen washing dishes with gloves and an apron on. “Tommy?” [YourName] asked tilting their head to the side, Tommy looked up and gave an awkward smile “[YourName].” he greeted. He took the gloves off and turned the water off before turning toward them, “I’m sorry about leaving chores for you to do. I didn’t know you were prepping for Exams..” Tommy said nervously. He had never really said sorry and meant it unless it was to Tubbo. [YourName] smiled warmly and sighed out, a big relief off their shoulders, “Thank you for apologizing, it means a lot.” [YourName] chuckled making Tommy react the same way. “Wilbur and Philza have something for you in the other room, the old storage room.” Tommy said placing the gloves back onto his hands and returning focus to his chore. [YourName] was confused, but went into the storage room and jumped slightly. The room had been cleaned out and a desk that was once dusty and never touched was perfectly cleaned with pens, pencils, highlighters, and more to assist with studying. Phil and Wilbur looked up from what they were doing, “[YourName]!” Wilbur said rushing over and bringing them in for a hug. [YourName] chuckled and returned it, brightening more when Wilbur kissed their cheek, “Surprise! Phil and I cleaned out the storage room for you, though you could use it for studying!” Wilbur explained with a smile. [YourName] teared up and nodded, “Thank you guys,” she said signaling for Philza to join in their hug. After their soft moment between the three, Wilbur and [YourName] had a conversation about taking care of themselves even though they’re preparing for exams. Wilbur was worried [YourName] would let everything pile once more and then would have a breakdown again. [YourName] promised not to do that, going as far to pinky promise it, placing their forehead against Wilbur’s and softly kissing his lips. [YourName] knew, they were loved, and not just by their boyfriend.
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kidhawks · 3 months ago
Hi again ;v;
Sorry this is coming out of nowhere, but I read the chapter today and Keigo's mom's letter just makes me sad? Like "I'm proud of you" is fine but this could be the last time she sees her son and she can't even write "I love you"? =(
I wonder how much they even saw eachother as he grew up.
And oof I got to be disappointed by his dad all over again. It's not just the design either, guess I just let myself believe he'd be a badass theif and become an interesting character, even if he'd be a total asshole. But no, all those hope's came crashing down =/
Can't be mad at Hori though, it is his story and that's not what he wanted for Hawks or his dad it seems. I hope we never see him again but I have to wonder if we will, with the prison brakes.
Though I don't know what good would come from Hawks meeting him again, he was a paranoid abusive guy before getting caught and I can't imagine he changed for the better in prison.
Also wow killing someone over pocket change, that surprised me.
But ah I'm sorry for rambling on your page!
Your posts are always awesome and make me think, and I'm still trying to get over what the takami theif 'could have been' but lucklie there's great fanart & works for that ;w;
Sorry this is so long!
sorry to answer this a bit late, it’s just that certain........ other asks distracted me lmao. i have a lot of asks from last week and even more from the past few months, but i promise i’ll get to as many as i can!!
yup the letter isn’t even bittersweet to me, it’s just pure pain. a last reminder of tomie’s continuous failures to be there for her kid... i interpret it as her feeling like she doesn’t have a right to say “i love you” because in a way it would be lying—she ended her connections with hawks when he was only a small child. it would be like a punch in the face to tell him “i love you” when she never made the effort to show it.
i’m curious if there was any contact as he grew up too! i’ll have to do a reread of the chapter but it’s presented in such a way that their relationship really did seem to end abruptly when hawks was taken in. that doesn’t necessarily mean there was zero contact, but if there was it probably wasn’t very meaningful or loving. letters maybe... stiffly written as if between two strangers, until eventually they stopped entirely and nothing much was lost when they did.
takami thief turning out to be an average nobody is in some ways hilarious and in others tragic for the fandom lmfao. but yeah, i don’t mind it much anymore. hawks coming from absolutely nothing—not even a great villain—is something that can also be interesting imo!
i wonder about how takami thief could possibly return.... i speculated that he could come after hawks as a revenge thing but that’s probably a little fanfiction-y lmao. hawks is definitely getting his spotlight now but he’s still a side character so the return of his father would have to be significant to the main story somehow imo (or maybe hori will spoil us with hawks plot that has nothing to do with everything else....... i can dream)
ty for the food for thought!! :D
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tozhan · 3 months ago
Chapter 299: Like those tragic tales.
Just some ramblings from me. I feel like everything has already been said xD
Tumblr media
What an interesting opening line for the chapter.
We know that bnha’s society is one saturated by heroes. They are everywhere. Every kid dreams to be a hero or idolizes them. Yet, here little Keigo is, not able to grasp that heroes are real. To him, they seem like fictional tales. Not part of the world he lives in.
Tumblr media
And then, we see this: an old, rundown shed at the outskirts of the city. Keigo doesn’t even live in society. No school. No outside contact. No human interaction aside from his abusive parents. Big, big ouch :/
Tumblr media
And it looks as bad from the inside as it did from the outside :/
There is something to be said about Keigo here - probably not familiar with the city, let alone with meeting other (real) people. And yet, when his feathers tingle, he goes to check if something was wrong. I guess he always had a little hero heart in him even long before believing that heroes are real.
Tumblr media
Smol Keigo.
Hm. “Don’t leave, okay?” is a line that is repeated in this chapter. His mom seems heavily dependent on his dad (and he on her too to find him jobs, apparently, but her emotional dependence comes through more strongly). Otherwise, she seems very detached - she doesn’t even react to how Keigo’s being yelled at and beaten.
Tumblr media
Is he repairing the holes in the walls? D:
And yikes. That’s... some story there, huh. I wonder if Tomie had known the guy before he had committed that crime? Were they together before that? And that’s why she hid him to begin with? But the constant, “Why were you bornt?!” sentiment thrown at Keigo in this chapter from both parents... That poor child.
Tumblr media
My heart D:
I don’t know what to say. It’s just - he doesn’t even believe that heroes are real! He has no reference for positive role models here! Just stuff he has seen on the TV that he thinks is face and a doll his mom bought him once and he clings to. And yet, long before anyone stepped in to save him, Keigo was determined not to turn out like his parents (not to mention the whole ‘looking what was wrong’ part). That came from him - from within himself. All that resolve, that determination: it’s all him.
He’s just??? So good???
Tumblr media
Look. At. This. Baby.
And in this moment, he realized that heroes were real.
The interesting part here is that Endeavor doesn’t actually directly save him but indirectly: by arresting his father. And yet, that was enough for Keigo - he considered this being saved. Endeavor didn’t even intentionally do anything for him but that doesn’t matter: his criminal and abusive father was gone because a hero took him down.
Now, that doll he has been clinging to all this time gets an even deeper meaning. And look how it seems like the doll’s running in this panel - coming alive! Such good imagery.
Tumblr media
:( His falling expression... the feathers falling down... :( How he tried to make her go to the police for help... how she was making him use his wings to steal and stuff...
Just the fact that he used to be homeless for a period in his life. I wonder if that is one of the reasons why he felt sympathetic toward Twice? It really boggles my mind how Hawks can understand basically every pov in the story? Villain, hero, civilian, victim (about to fall through the cracks?)...
Tumblr media
And here they come. So, this is how Tomie sold off her son.
I must admit, I really have conflicting feelings for this woman. I get that she was in a terrible place herself and mentally probably not stable. And yet, the way she treated her kid... It just hurts. I feel so bad for Keigo. In bnha, everyone had at least one parent that was good to them, that genuinely loved and cared for them unconditionally. But not Keigo. He never had a support system - just a cage before he was being traded off to another cage, always trying to be useful to the people around him.
On that note, if we want to consider that the HC stepping in here saved Keigo from a worse fate - which it probably did... The fact that it were his own actions that led up to this. We can talk about quirks and how their worth is based on usefullness/power, luck and whatnot - but Keigo made the conscious decision to save people. Despite everything, despite how hard his childhood was, he never really lost that hopefullness in him and the desire to help. And that’s what led to him being taken out of the misery he had been living in with his mom.
Sure, it didn’t turn out like it should have, in the end. But I find it interesting that it wasn’t anyone else’s interference or anything like this but Keigo’s own actions that changed his life.
Tumblr media
Well. He really had BJ dead for this... Not sure whether to be amused or not. Dabi wasn’t dumb, he just got outsmarted, lmao.
The fact that BJ went through with such a risky plan though... that’s quite the trust he had in Hawks. Am I loving their dynamic? You bet I am.
Tumblr media
Hmm. Guess the population is pretty divided on heroes - as expected.
Tumblr media
Lmao, I’m sorry, I am really loving their interactions. Wtf, BJ xDDD
Tumblr media
Huh. So, I wonder - because this sure sounds like he hasn’t been living with his mom at all. I assume the HC provided a house for Tomie and gave her financial aid. 
But wow. Hawks really keeps hitting me where it hurts, huh? Like, how can anyone be this good? He isn’t even blaming her for selling him out but blaming himself for not ‘saving’ her back then! :/ I won’t dispute that Tomie probably needed saving, but abused children feeling like they owe their abusive parents... Then again, Hawks isn’t seeing himself as her son here but the hero who wanted to help everyone.
Hawks’ goodness just - punches me in the gut every single time anew. Someone teach this bird how to care for himself too! Teach him some self-worth! :(
Tumblr media
The symbolic significance of Hawks taking off the mask while declaring that he is free of his shackles. I love it.
Tumblr media
Look how small Keigo is <3 The fact she bought that only to make him shut up though...
Also, the fact that that Endeavor plush was probably the only toy he ever had and the only comfort he found in his childhood. Remember that at this point, he didn’t even believe that heroes were a real thing. He wasn’t an Endeavor fan before Endeavor arrested his father. But he was already attached to his Endeavor doll! (Btw, the AM doll being too expensive... when AM was supposed to be a hero for everyone... Which isn’t me blaming AM but their society and how it profits off heroes like this :/)
Tumblr media
Hm. The wording here - in the leaks, it gave you off the feeling that Hawks was actively inspired by Twice. But that’s not quite it: he was able to empathize with Twice and Twice’s desire to be useful to others. That’s what has been driving Hawks his whole life, it’s what his parents had instilled in him at a young age: What are your wings good for? And it’s what he had recognized in Twice. - I’m not sure whether to take this positively, tbh. It reads a little wistful. Like, he might not see any worth in himself if he can’t be helpful to others :/
Of course, there’s also a positive spin to it, though. While his mom said those things to make him steal for her - he found use in his wings to help and save people:
Tumblr media
And it’s what he truly wants. Always has wanted. And now, with the shackles of the HC gone, he can finally start to be the hero he has always wanted to be - on his own terms. With his freedom regained, Hawks can prove his true nature to the world.
Aww, he’s the cutest kid, omg T_T
Tumblr media
Some things to note here:
The fact that Hawks has been watching Shouto and noticed that Shouto’s and Endeavor’s relationship isn’t that terrible. Even if what Dabi says is the truth, Hawks has first-hand seen Endeavor change and he has seen Shouto worry for his father. He isn’t dismissing the past abuse - simply acknowledging that Endeavor’s changing and that Endeavor’s family is watching him change and mayhaps healing. One has to wonder if there is also a part of him that wishes his own parents, his mom would have changed for him too - instead of never changing or straight up abandoning him again when he needed her the most. In that sense, it totally makes sense why he might not condemn Endeavor.
Besides, Hawks has always believed in second chances.
There’s also significance in showing us Hawks’ back here - and the outlines of what might be stumps. Regrowing wings? It’s such a hopeful panel re-enforcing Hawks’ resolve to move forward and be the hero he wants to be.
I can’t wait to see what his next steps will be. And I truly hope we see Hawks bond with the other pros from now on!
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kidhawks · 3 months ago
BOOOOO i’m so sorry i have to ramble for a minute!!! i saw that ask about Hawks’ parents alienating him for his quirk and i JUST!!! AHHH i’ve been writing a fic and my thing is that Hawks’ wings are paternal—telekinesis on his mother’s side so he’s the product of an (accidental) quirk marriage like Shoto—and Thief Takami just so happens to be the first Takami born quirkless in a *long* time. OR maybe he lost his wings and they couldn’t regenerate as fast or as strong as the rest of his family, i haven’t decided! (quirk genetics have been explained so this might not be the case, but if Shigaraki and Eri have quirks that mutated beyond genetics, it *may* be possible for Hawks to have a dad w/o wings and still get wings himself—however low the odds may be lmao!! )
BUT as a further parallel to Endeavor, who literally bred children to surpass All Might, Thief Takami is furious because he comes from a family with magnificent wings and incredible abilities and raptor-like senses and he’s the odd one out now raising a kid that’s better than him?? and that, coupled with him and Tomie and Keigo living in poverty and a feeling of jealousy he can’t fully shake, Thief Takami (who had been a petty criminal prior) fully turns to a life of crime and maybe it gets worse after his son saves people using those wings of his and some man in a stupidly clean suit claiming to be from the Hero Public Safety Commission shows up on their doorstep saying he would like to talk to his son about potential Hero Training?? IDK I’M RAMBLING AND I MIGHT HAVE GOTTEN THE TIMELINE WRONG???ALSO I’M SORRY THIS ASK IS MILES LONG AHHH
!!!! now this i like 👀
takami thief seems to harbour a lot of resentment towards his son and i would adore seeing that explored through the lens of him feeling insecure about his own quirk..... in the fan translations he calls keigo “that mutt” which i imagine is just a word choice of the translator. BUT!!! it made me imagine that takami thief expresses his frustrations about not having a powerful raptor quirk through demeaning keigo, using mutant derogatory language etc. like “i’m upset i don’t have wings or raptor eyesight so i’m going to convince myself i hate those traits and never wanted them at all by calling my mutant son a dumb animal”, ya feel?
god takami thief is a piece of shit -_- i’m adopting keigo. my bird son now.
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goldenpogue · 3 months ago
(I’m bored so I’m doing an introduction. I don’t really know what I want to post on here but this is a start I guess.) 
My name is Tomi. I’m 17 years old and the most interesting thing about me is...well I don’t really know. I like watching horror and true crime movies/shows. If I’m not watching horror movies then I’m probably playing a horror game. And if I’m not doing that then I’m watching FoundFlix or Deadmeat on youtube. You get my point: I’m a horror fanatic. Anyway, sometimes I watch shows like Outerbanks, On my block, Euphoria, Stranger Things, Vampire diaries and some K-dramas. Extra-curricular is my fav at the moment- even though I didn’t like the ending, I’m watching it again. 
Random fact: I’ve watched Outerbanks like 6...maybe 7 times lol. Mainly for JJ, Pope, and Rafe. I mean- I don’t like Rafe but Drew is top tier, sorry not sorry.  
I feel like I’m rambling so I’ll just end it here. 
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yellow-denki · 3 months ago
aight time for me to ramble a bit about hawks’ mom
Tumblr media
im p sure this woman is hawks’ mom, since shes shown with him multiple times this chapter, which makes a lot of sense. they actually resemble each other quite a bit, although its not exactly too obvious at first glance. Her hair resembles Hawks’ wings, as well as the fluffy bit at the back of his hair.
looking at her though, he doesnt seem to have inherited much else from her. his hair is lighter than hers, and she doesnt seem to have the wing quirk hawks has, which means its probably quite likely that he got his father’s looks and quirk (you go takami theif stans!!)
uh quick detour here but while i was writing this atsushi tweeted something else:
Tumblr media
excuse me what-
i was going to talk about this in passing before but now i have so much more to say
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
hawks clearly doesnt have a good home situation. we dont see his dad at ALL, so it might be safe to say he isnt in the picture anymore, and Tomie has deep eyebags, probably from the fact that now she likely is a single parent, and its stressing her out. theres trash all over the floor, wine bottes and cardboard boxes. and hawks clearly doesnt get many toys, because when he gets the Endeavor plushie, hes overjoyed
Tumblr media
and again, atsushi tweeted while writing this
Tumblr media
so she didnt tell dabi out of malice. when i first saw the tweet, that was my first thought, and why might she have done that, but here we’re finding out she was threatened into it
sadly this also means that its probs likely that touya didnt know hawks as a kid :(
BUT it also raises the question, how did dabi know something was up with Hawks’ dad?? how did he know that, but none of the other characters?? the commision has obviously covered it up if hes had to go to his mother to find this out, so how does he know? did he just have an inkling?? or did he have a run in with him when he was younger? (remember: theres a whole 10 year gap between touyas death and dabi joining the league, thats a long enough time for something to have happened)
anyway uh ramble over, i’ll probably remake this when the chapter summary comes out and make it a bit more coherent, i just wanted to get some of my thoughts down quickly before i forgot them lol
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