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#‘if anything they should be yelling at gandalf’
omgkatsudonplease · a month ago
[ficlet, bagginshield] oceans away (bridgerton au)
“Well, someone has shattered the Mirrormere,” remarks Balin drily as Thorin arrives in the kitchen for breakfast the morning after the Bywater Ball. When Thorin raises an eyebrow at him, Balin merely responds by showing him the latest scandal-sheet from Lord Stormcrow. “It says here that the Golden Hare has finally made his match, and somehow, unbelievably, it isn’t to you.”
“Unbelievably,” echoes Thorin. Dwalin has not woken up yet — something about a late night at the Green Dragon — which means Thorin has to make breakfast this morning. He crosses over to the stove, turning it on with some fiddling and grimacing. Bilbo had made it all look so desperately easy... 
No. He should not be thinking about Bilbo. He has more or less lost the right to think about Bilbo, after all of those sour words that passed between them. 
(How does he tell Bilbo that the reason he’s pushing him away is because he cares?)
“Yes; I was under the impression you intended to inform Mr Baggins of your feelings towards him,” says Balin, brows furrowing thoughtfully, “and yet it says right here that Mr Baggins is to be wed to Miss Lobelia Bracegirdle of Hardbottle.”
The egg that Thorin had been trying to crack into the skillet falls to the ground instead. 
“He picked her?” he wonders. Balin raises an eyebrow at the smashed egg, but thankfully says nothing about it as he flips the page of the pamphlet.
“Yes, the wedding is set for Lithe. Apparently there’s plans to make it a very big and lavish affair.” 
Almost from the moment he agreed to the union, Bilbo has been caught within a hurricane of wedding preparations. Both the Baggins and the Bracegirdles were ecstatic about the upcoming nuptials, for vastly differing reasons. 
“Oh, I knew from the start that whole thing with the Dwarf-king was just a silly little distraction!” exclaims Auntie Camellia Sackville as she and Cousin Otho pile into Bilbo’s parlour for elevensies. “I mean, can you imagine? Being a Dwarf-king’s consort?” 
Bilbo grits his teeth, smiling at his aunt from over his teacup. The flowers that had so proudly adorned all of Bag End for the past several weeks are now being disposed of, while Lobelia’s voice can be distantly heard in some other room chewing out an assistant over napkin and silverware selections. Bilbo had decided the instant planning began that he was to have no opinion on anything to do with the ceremony or the reception, since it was clearly an affair for Lobelia’s benefit alone. 
“I thought for the longest time that, well, if the Golden Hare was going to be so picky, then Lobelia would be perfect for my Otho instead,” continues Auntie Camellia, while Cousin Otho sends Bilbo a mildly annoyed look through a mouthful of scone. “But I’m glad you’ve come to your senses. The Bracegirdles are the respectable choice, by a long shot.”
“Thorin is a King,” Bilbo points out acidly.
“And a Dwarf!” Auntie Camellia retorts. “Can you imagine that on our family tree? Dwarves and Hobbits do not mix, let me tell you that.”
“There’d be no mixing,” scoffs Bilbo. “Do you even hear yourself, Aunt Cam?”
Otho mouths ‘No, she doesn’t’ over his teacup. Bilbo resists the urge to roll his eyes. 
At that moment, Lobelia comes storming back into the parlour, her hair in a disarray and her expression nothing short of thunderous. “Is nobody going to help me plan this wedding?” she demands, with a pointed glare at Bilbo, who merely grimaces at her in response. “I am surrounded by incompetents!” 
“You clearly have a vision for the event, and I would just be getting underfoot,” replies Bilbo with a feigned smile.
Lobelia huffs. “Husband-to-be, at least show some excitement in front of our guests.”
“They’re my family,” says Bilbo. “Soon to be your aunt and cousin-in-law. Why don’t you spare me some face and not yell at your assistants for a couple of hours?”
Lobelia bristles like a brooding hen. “If I am to be mistress of Bag End, I expect the help around here to not question my decisions!”
“Sometimes those good folk you call ‘the help’ know much more about the subject than you or I,” replies Bilbo. “I’d listen to them, if I were you.”
Lobelia makes a half-choked-down scream, before smiling sweetly at both Auntie Camellia and Cousin Otho. She then sweeps away in high dudgeon, evidently on the warpath to torment some other hobbits. Bilbo sighs, finishes his tea, and pulls out Holman’s whiskey flask from the side table he stashes it in. Across the table, Auntie Camellia gasps in shock.
Bilbo unscrews the cap of the flask and pours a shot into his next cup of tea. “Anyway, Aunt Cam, you were saying?”
“We should leave,” says Thorin, after he finally manages to cook some eggs and ham for breakfast and is now eating it straight out of the skillet. “Show up to Tumunzahar a little earlier than expected. I do not mind if we must stay in an inn prior to the halls the Ur family have prepared. Just get me out of the Shire and its stuffy protocols and dances.”
Balin harrumphs. “Interesting pivot. I thought you enjoyed being in the Shire.”
Thorin snorts. “Whatever gave you that misconception?” he wonders. 
Balin’s gaze slips down to the egg that Thorin is currently stabbing. “I recall the years you spent rebuilding Erebor after the attack by the firedrake,” he says. “You were so determined to restore the Kingdom Under the Mountain you nearly killed yourself from overwork. Not even your grandfather or father had the same devotion you had to the whole effort — not that I would fault them, of course, since your grandfather believed the attack was all his fault, and your father was devoted to caring for him until the bitter end. But that did put the burden of the kingdom on your shoulders far sooner than you deserved.”
Thorin sets down his fork. “I do not understand what you intend to say with this,” he states.
“I’m saying that the Thorin I knew would not run away from something worth fighting for,” replies Balin.
“What makes you think this madness is worth fighting for?” mutters Thorin, though the words are mostly swallowed by the tight, painful knot in his stomach. “He is engaged. It is over.”
“Does he love her?” wonders Balin.
Thorin remembers that the entire point of their charade had been to avoid Miss Bracegirdle in the first place. He shakes his head.
Balin chuckles drily at that. “With all due respect, Your Majesty, I have never seen a pair of stone-headed dolts like you and Mr Baggins in all my life. Actively trying to sabotage yourselves into doing the dutiful, respectable thing when it was clear you two were better off with one another!”
“Did I not tell you it was all a charade?” wonders Thorin, now very much not thinking about the last words passed between him and Bilbo. “That everything you saw at those dances, those promenades... was a lie?”
None of this is part of the charade, if you must know. I was genuinely concerned about you, because, for some Giver-forsaken reason, I’ve come to genuinely care about you.
Have you considered that maybe there are people out there who would think you even braver if you’d step back and let them worry about you for a bit?
“Was it?” wonders Balin. “Was it truly? I know some incredible actors from troupes in Gabigathol and I highly doubt any of them could feign such happiness. Not to mention you, Your Majesty, are no theatre actor. I seem to recall Dís and Dáin kicking you out of the family plays because of that.”
Thorin chuckles ruefully. “I admit, after a while his company was not the ordeal I had feared it would be. I enjoyed being with him far too much to stay away.”
“And you’re going to give that up?”
Thorin sighs. “But he is betrothed already, Balin.”
Balin snorts. “I seem to recall a conversation between the two of you at the Brandywine River Promenade where he mentioned that Hobbits can elope to avoid unwanted matches.”
Just after Auntie Camellia and Cousin Otho leave, Lobelia sweeps off to the dressmaker in Hobbiton to go check on (and possibly berate) the folks working on her trousseau. Bilbo groans, already a little lightheaded from the whiskey, as he and Holman clear up the elevensies spread to get ready for luncheon. 
“I owe you another bottle,” he says to Holman, wiggling the near-empty flask. Holman chuckles at that.
“I shouldn’t have decided to hide it there, sir,” he says. “My apologies.”
“It came in handy in a tight pinch,” replies Bilbo. “Quite lucky, if you ask me.”
There’s another knock at the door at that moment, and Bilbo groans. “Should I tell them you’re not home?” wonders Holman. 
“I can hear you two through the window, you know,” says Gandalf’s voice not a moment later. Bilbo sighs, shaking his head at Holman. 
“Let’s see what Gandalf wants,” he suggests. 
Apparently what Gandalf wants is some leftover scones and a thorough dressing-down of Bilbo’s decision to marry Lobelia Bracegirdle. “Clearly I have not been coming around the Shire as often as I need to,” he declares through a mouthful of clotted cream and jam. Bilbo sends a long-suffering look at Holman as his valet fills Gandalf’s teacup for him. “Lobelia Bracegirdle, after all this time of avoiding her?”
“I am tired, Gandalf,” replies Bilbo. “The Golden Hare is tired of running.”
“And it really took Thorin Oakenshield for you to give up your ideas about true love?” wonders Gandalf. “Whatever could have transpired between the two of you? I thought the two of you were getting along splendidly.”
“We were,” agrees Bilbo, even as his chest tightens at the memory of Thorin’s words to him under the Party Tree, his face shadowed even under lanterns and moonlight.
Even though I hold you in the highest regard, I still do not intend to marry.
“We were,” he repeats, loosening his hands against the armrest of his chair. “But he made it clear he will not marry, not even now. Not even after what we have been through together.”
Gandalf’s bushy brows furrow. “So what was the point of your courtship?”
“We were just fooling the Shire for a little while,” replies Bilbo. “Feign a courtship so Erebor-Shire relations don’t get strained by his abysmal manners, and so I can throw off any insincere suitors. Not sure how much that worked out for me, though.”
Gandalf harrumphs. “And yet in spite of that you fell for him anyway.”
Bilbo hates it when Gandalf manages to suss out his inner thoughts with only a couple well-placed questions. “You know that’s ridiculous,” he says. “I am a Baggins of Bag End. I cannot just fall in love with a Dwarf-king.” No matter how big and strong, no matter how kind and gentle. 
Gandalf scoffs. “And since when did Bilbo Baggins care to put limits on who he loves? I used to recall a young hobbit who’d go running off into the forests to find himself ‘a Lúthien Tinúviel’ — a hobbit raised on stories of adventures and true love conquering all, who’d like nothing more than to see beyond the borders of the Shire and marry for love like his parents!”
Bilbo sighs. “Those are just stories, Gandalf.”
“And true love is not just in stories,” retorts Gandalf. “It is out there, waiting for you to find it in whatever shape it comes in.”
A silence falls between them then, as Bilbo contemplates the shades of grey on Gandalf’s coat, as well as his mother’s painting hanging on the wall just behind the Wizard’s head. Bilbo had finally taken it back from the Mathom-house, and now the memories of Thorin’s hands and lips come flooding back all at once. 
“You should be chewing out Thorin, not me,” he says after a moment. “I wasn’t the one who pushed us apart.”
Gandalf harrumphs. “I am sure Thorin is already hearing no end of it from his advisor Balin,” he replies. “I can worry about your current situation instead. Do you truly intend to go through with this marriage to Miss Bracegirdle?”
Bilbo grimaces. “Do I have a choice?”
“This is madness,” says Thorin. “He will not take me back.”
“It is worth trying,” replies Balin. “At least he will know the true extent of your feelings, rather than whatever you said to drive him away last time.”
“Surely there will be people in Erebor opposed to the notion of me with a Hobbit,” protests Thorin. “We have not even known one another for that long.”
“And with all due respect, thinking too much about the potential negatives will only make things worse.” Balin’s eyes twinkle. “Just go find him at the Elostirion ball, Thorin, and apologise.”
“And if he is not there?”
Balin hums. “He will be.”
“I believe a certain time-honoured tradition could be your way out of this predicament,” says Gandalf, causing Bilbo to snap back to attention. “Find Thorin at the Elostirion ball, and remind him of it.”
Bilbo scoffs. “He’s not going to show up to that,” he says.
Gandalf’s eyes twinkle in reply, and he calmly yet knowingly sips his tea.
Bilbo sighs. “Fine. I’ll go. To apologise for my last words to him. He deserves that much, at least.”
Gandalf chuckles. “That’s the spirit.”
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game-ofthe-company · 2 months ago
Claustrophobic (Gimli x human! Reader + fellowship)
Requested by: anon
Request: request where a human falls in love with Gimli during their journey. The human knows rocks pretty well and loves mines and caves but is claustrophobic. The human has a very large white scar which begins at the base of the neck and ends at the level of the ribs and which is therefore invisible only when the human puts on a scarf.
Warnings: claustrophobic, near death experience
A/n: you know no one really requests Gimli enough
Tumblr media
“We should make for the gap of Rohan.” Boromir suggested as everyone suffered from the cold of the misty mountains.
“It would take us to close to Isengard.” Aragorn stated to him and the rest of you.
“Let us go under the mountain! Through the mines of Moria.” Gimli told all of you.
You would look at any of them, only the path in front of you.
“Let the ringbearer decided.” Gandalf replied stopping to look at Frodo.
Your heart sunk, everyone was freezing in the snow and Frodo could see that and your fear was going to happen. He was going to choose the mountain.
“We will go through the mines.” Frodo answered.
Gandalf nodded and started back walking.
“(Y/n) you are quiet. I thought you would be more excited to see Moria.” Gimli spoke to you.
As the journey had started you and Gimli had become close though you were human. As You had a big interest in rocks, mines, and even caves. Things Gimli had learned over the travel and even shared with you some of his knowledge on.
You had told him you had wanted to visit the blue mountains or even Erebor to see the architecture of the dwarves mountains, but you left out one major thing... you were claustrophobic.
So Gimli had suggested going through Moria for you. To let you see what it was like in one of the dwarven cities under the mountain.
“I am Gimli.” You replied trying to smile his way. “I’m just worried of how much longer in this cold we will be.” You mentioned trying to give some reason for your quietness.
After you had fallen for the dwarf and the fact he had partly suggested the mountain because of you made you a little happy, but your fear took more control.
When you all reached what was supposed to be the entrance you noticed no way in and you let out a sigh of relief. That was until the moon shined onto the wall revealing a glowing arch.
“It reads, "The door of Durin, Lord of Moria. Speak, friend, and enter." Gandalf said loud enough for everyone to hear but not loud enough to draw attention if anyone or things was near.
None new what to say and Gandalf tried something of his own only to fail.
You thought over Gandalf’s words, it was simple speak friend and enter... it was Mellon the elvish word for friend, but you wouldn’t say anything.
“It’s a riddle.” Frodo spoke.
No, Frodo was figuring it out.
“What’s elvish for friend?” He asked Gandalf.
“Mellon.” Gandalf answered and the rock face silently divides in the middle and two great Doors swing outwards.
Everyone begins to enter with no thought and you are left at the entrance.
You can hear Gimli laughing telling Legolas of what joy is to come. Then Gimli notices you are not beside him but still at the entrance.
“(Y/n)! What are you doing still waiting outside?” Gimli questioned making his way back to you.
“Oh you know just- just wanting to take it at in at once.” You replied nervously though him being so concerned and noticing your absence makes your heart skip.
“Well come on in!” He exclaimed with a laugh.
You looked around at the darkness before you and at the doorway. “I really am fine right here.” You stated looking back at him.
“We have to go through to get to the other side of the mountains, you can’t just stay here.” Merry reminded you.
“There’s something wrong. Is it being in the company of dwarves? You said you wanted to see Erebor and the Blue mountains, Moria while not as good are still in likeness.” Gimli said feeling betrayed by your words.
“No it’s not like that! I do want to see them and I’m sure the hospitality of dwarves is great, but I can’t go in.” You tried to explain.
You didn’t want to lose your friendship with Gimli not when you already hoped for something more.
“Why not?” Merry asked before Gimli could and before you knew it all eyes were on you.
“I’m claustrophobic, Okay?!” You yelled upset and embarrassed.
“Why didn’t you say anything before?” Gimli asked as light hearted as he could.
“Because it’s embarrassing. You know how horrible it is to want to go to places like Erebor or even wanting to study a cave but can’t because I’m afraid of being shut in and that the walls might close in closer.” You answered looking away. “That’s why I can’t go in.” You whispered not looking to Gimli.
You could tell he knew why you wouldn’t go into Moria, but now he was curious as to how the fear came about.
You start to remove your scarf that you wore around you all the time. Taking it off revealed a white scar that started right before the base of your neck.
Gimli and the others could all see it clearly.
“I wasn’t always claustrophobic. I would go into any mine or cave to study or just walk through.” You told them. “One day I went into a cave the locals had said it to have crystals that they used for many things. While I was in the cave something happened and the cave entrance collapsed.” You continued on.
They all were listening now as your story was one they all were curious about.
“I was stuck in there for days. When the locals finally made a way for me to escape and I was making my way out I was cut by the rocks.” You confessed lowering your shirt just a bit to show the scar running over your collar bone. “It continues on to my ribs.” You stated before starting to wrap your scarf back around your neck. “I’ve never gone back in a cave or mine or anything of the sort since.” You said finally looking their way.
“We will be with you (y/n), you won’t be alone this time.” Merry said with a smile.
“And Dwarf mines are the safest built!” Gimli exclaimed. “But I’ll stay right along side you.”
“Me too!” Pippin told you moving to your side.
You took a deep breath before nodding. Aragorn and Gandalf saw that as an all clear and everyone started fully into the mine.
You were still nervous as you walked into the darkness and instantly gabbed ahold of Gimli’s hand.
He didn’t object or move it away but held on tighter letting you know everything would be okay.
Yay another request down!
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emily500 · 3 months ago
Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare (Hardcover Edition)
Tumblr media
“He’d been hiding in the tunnels near the Hunt had taken him. He’d been hiding in the tunnels near the Seelie Court when they’d come walking toward him, and his heart had ached and broken to see them. Shadowhunters, striding through the dangers of Faerie, heads held high. They were not lost; they were not running. They were not afraid” (34).
“‘I thought I would be happy,’ Emma said. ‘For all these years, all I’ve wanted was revenge. Revenge against whoever killed my parents. Now I know what happened to them, and I’ve killed Malcolm. But what I feel is... empty’” (58).
“‘When someone’s been part of your life for that long, cutting them out is like cutting the roots out from under a plant’” (88). 
“Faeries did not associate truth with weakness and vulnerability, as humans did” (105).
“‘When a decision like that is made by a government, it emboldens whose who are already prejudiced to speak their deepest thoughts of hate. They assume they are simply brave enough to say what everyone really thinks’” (105).
“‘Fiction is truth, even if it is not fact. If you believe only in facts and forget stories, your brain will live, but your heart will die’” (117).
“‘It’s strange, the things that blind us,’ said Cristina” (133). 
“But you couldn’t speak to fear, couldn’t tell it the truth: Fear live in your bones” (141).
“‘We fear things because we value them. We fear losing people because we love them. We fear dying because we value being alive. Don’t wish you didn’t fear anything. All that would mean is that you didn’t feel anything’” (142).
“‘I’m going to use every bad word I know, and look up some other ones,’ said Livy” (158).
“‘We don’t see the things that are closet to us,’ said Diana. ‘It’s the nature of people’” (196).
“‘You drank faerie wine? Christina! That’s how you black out and wake up the next day under a bridge with a tattoo that says I LOVE HELICOPTERS’” (200).
“‘Just let me get close to him,’ she whispered. ‘I’ll show him what use girls are’” (203).
“Julian was swearing, a low steady stream of curses. Mark guessed he didn’t get to swear all that much back at the institute” (249).
“‘The curse of the parabatai. I know how to break it’” (280).
“‘Use your hands!’ he yelled. ‘Christina! It’s not a roller coaster!’ ‘Nephilim are insane!’ shouted Kieran” (294).
“‘The personal, the political, and the romantic were often oddly entwined’” (315).
“‘They say a ghost saved the London Institute during the Dark War. Was that her?’ Kit listened and repeated. ‘She says she did. She looks smug about it.’ Jessamine glared” (327).
“‘There’s nobody else I’d rather be like than you,’ she said. ‘I want you to be proud of me’” (333).
“‘I get caffeine the way right-thinking people get it.’ Emma threw her hands up and stalked into the office. ‘From chocolate!’” (376)
“‘There’s something about a place you’ve been with someone you love. It takes on a meaning in your mind. It becomes more than a place. It becomes a distillation of what you felt for each other. The moments you spend in a place with someone... they become part of its brick and mortar. Part of its soul’” (378).
“Surreptitiously, [Magnus] gave Kit a thumbs-up” (399).
“Julian guessed even murderers needed regular mattresses and didn’t actually sleep on platforms made of skulls” (416).
“‘The Herondales have always been famous for their good looks,’ said Bridget, ‘but if you ask me, the Lightwoods are the more sexually charismatic of the bunch’” (426).
“‘That is the problem with revenge-you wind up destroying the innocent as well as the guilty.’” (426).
“Looking at the cheerful faces around the table, for a moment Kit hated his own father, for destroying his ability to ever believe someone might be willing to give something for nothing” (428).
“There was no reason to sail down Sexy Thoughts River to the Sea of Perversion when it wasn’t going to go anywhere. ‘You hungry?’” (436)
“It wasn’t so much that she hated looking after Tavy. She didn’t. It was more that she felt she deserved some credit when she made an effort. Not to mention, she’d put up with Great-Aunt Marjorie calling her fat for two months over the summer, and she hadn’t murdered her, which in Dru’s opinion was an epic sign of maturity and self-restraint” (438).
“‘I’m saying the choices we make in captivity are not always the choices we make in freedom’” (453).
“Dru had long ago learned not to eat much in front of people she didn’t know, or seem as if she was hungry, or put too much food on her plate. She hated the way they looked at her if she did, as if to say, oh, that’s why she’s not thin” (462).
“‘...In all our lives there has only been on thing we have sought and not found.’ ‘A sense of humor?’” (527)
“‘break my heart,’ he said. ‘Break it in pieces. I give you permission’” (541).
“‘We all have wounds that are sometimes better cared for by someone else’” (563).
“‘They told me I should live as myself at home, but in public, be David. Be the boy I knew I wasn’t’” (565).
“‘It was the first time I heard the word ‘transgender’. I broke into tears. I had never realized before how much you can take from someone by not allowing them the words they need to describe themselves. How can you know there are other people like you, when you’ve never had a name to call yourself?’” (566).
“‘My body is my body-the body I have grown into as a woman, as all women grow into their bodies’” (568).
“‘I regret only that such a fearless soul was ever hurt by the ignorance and fear of others’” (569).
“‘Few of us are lucky enough ever to know the whole truth of anything’” (588).
“He couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to live so intensely, to feel things so much, to have the world away into and out of too-bright colors and too-bright noises. When every sound and feeling was jacked up to eleven, it only made sense to calm yourself by concentrating all your energy on something small that you could master-a mass of pipe cleaners to unravel, the pebbled surface of a glass between your fingers” (603).
“‘I changed my mind... Because the Scholomance appears to be full of assholes’” (604).
“‘I never thought Jace and Clary would be topped by anyone else in terms of insane, self-destructive decisions, but you all are giving them a run for their money’” (628).
“‘He’s getting more and more like Gandalf,’ said Emma, watching him go. ‘I mean, a hot, younger-looking Gandalf, but I keep expecting him to start stroking his long white beard and muttering darkly’” (628).
“‘That is how the Cold Peace has made them. Afraid of what is new and different, and filled with hatred like ice... Hate like that can tear down the world’” (680).
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elvish-sky · 3 months ago
The Temptation of Regality: A Sense of Belonging {Thorin x Reader}
A.N: So first of all, this is not the big falling out/angsty part of the story, that’s in a few chapters. The troll scene is one of my favorites in both book and movie, and I actually wrote a full separate thing using all the dialogue and stuff from the book and movie but figured that if you guys wanted that you could just read/watch them. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it! Please consider voting/commenting, it really makes my day! 
Word Count: 1,786
Pairing: Eventual Thorin x Reader
Warnings: Angst, fluff, Thorin is a jerk
Part 1 Part 3 Part 4
Part 2: A Sense of Belonging
“Uh oh.” You paused mid-swing as the sounds of fighting died down around you and looked up to see two of the trolls holding Bilbo. You backed up to stand with your dwarf companions, waiting to see what would happen. As you stepped back, your foot caught on a root and you tripped backward to sprawl on the ground, weapons dropping around you as you did so. You saw a pair of feet next to your head, and you looked up to see the angry face of Thorin attached. “Get up!” he hissed, and you scrambled to your feet, trying and failing to look nonchalant as the trolls reached out and grabbed Dori and Dwalin, tying them onto a spit over the fire. You gulped, praying that they wouldn’t try to fit all of you on it at once. 
“Ouch!” you exclaimed as you hit the ground in a sack. A hand quickly clamped over your mouth as you spoke, and, angry you turned your head to see the king-to-be tied in a sack next to you, shushing you. You shook your head and dislodged his hand. “What d’ya think you’re doing?” “If you talk, they might eat us sooner.” “Thorin, they already caught us, I think they’ll eat us whenever they want. Besides, Bilbo’s talking right now!” You listened as he said something about skinning dwarves, causing the pile of them in sacks around you to wiggle and yell.
 Then the realization hit, “Wait. You meant the trolls would eat us faster if specifically, I spoke. You really think I’m that awful that something would eat me just to shut me up.” He wouldn’t meet your eyes. “Well!” you huffed, “apparently you do have a sense of humor, it just decides to show itself at the wrong moments,” and shifted yourself so that you were facing away from him, lying in between him and Balin. 
You wiggled in your sack, trying to reach your boot to grab the knife you knew was tucked in next to your sock. As you did this, you bent at an awkward angle and glimpsed a flash of grey between the trees surrounding the clearing. You noticed Bilbo’s eyes flash with recognition as he saw it as well, and silently encouraged him to keep stalling. Then the pile of dwarves around you erupted with cries of “I don’t have parasites!” and “you have parasites!” Figuring it was a tactic of Bilbo’s you kicked Kili to make him shut up. It seemed like Thorin had had the same idea as well, for Kili glared at both of you before it hit him. “Mine are the biggest parasites!” he quickly corrected himself, catching on. You and Thorin glanced at each other before quickly looking away, embarrassed. 
You went back to fiddling for your knife, until, with a whispered cry of satisfaction, you caught it between your fingers. You brought it up to your chest and began to saw on the rope tying you in the sack, wishing you had a larger, more efficient blade like one of your daggers. Just as you finally cut through the rope, cries came from the trolls, and your eyes lifted to see them quickly turning to stone, Gandalf standing triumphant on a rock behind them. With a sigh of relief, you shrugged the sack off and stood up, stretching. You turned to Balin and began to cut him free, finishing and then making your way through the rest of the dwarves.
“Y/N, how did you get free so quickly?” Kili asked as you sawed on the rope trapping him. “I mean, the second the trolls were stone you were up with a flash!” “I spent most of the time in the sack trying to reach the knife, it was sheer coincidence that I cut the rope at the same time the trolls froze.” “Ahh,” he nodded in understanding. “Well, it’s good to know that had Bilbo and Gandalf not defeated the trolls so cleverly, we would have eventually been freed by you...” His voice faded at the end of his sentence, and his eyes were gazing at something just beyond you with a look of fear in them. 
You stood and turned to see the leader of the company glaring up at you. “What is this about you having the means to free us and not using it?” “I was going to use it, I was just trying to get to it. Also, it’s rather small, it would have taken a while to cut everyone free.” You held up the knife to show it’s size.
“Still, if you had that all along, why did you not cut us all free?” Thorin gestured to your knife as he spoke. “Because I. Could. Not. Reach it!!!! I spent the entire time I was in that sack trying to get to it, and once I did the trolls were stone! There was literally nothing I could have done to help free us, and if there had been I would have done it! In case you didn’t notice, my king, I was also about to be eaten!” 
You stomped off towards the ponies, only to realize that, in fact, the ponies were gone. “So I guess we’re traveling on foot now?” Kili asked. Thorin shot him a glare, and his nephew clammed up and hurried to start walking. As the group set off, you lingered close to the back so that you could hear what Thorin and Dwalin were muttering about. “Don’t blame the lass, Thorin,” you heard Dwalin speaking in low tones to his friend. “She couldn’t have freed us any quicker than Bilbo had.” “Still,” the king replied, “she shouldn’t have just focused on freeing herself. If she’s not going to be able to help the group in situations like that then she is utterly useless.” 
You felt your cheeks growing hot with anger as tears started to fill your eyes. You had always cried when angry, ever since you were little, but it had never presented itself at a more inopportune time. You were about to turn and confront the two dwarves but paused as you heard Dwalin speak again. “Thorin, you couldn’t have done anything else to free us either. Neither could I. It was sheer luck that Bilbo was smart enough to stall for Gandalf. We should not blame Y/N for not being able to do something that none of the rest of us could do either.” With that Dwalin increased his pace and left a bemused and slightly remorseful Thorin behind.
You collapsed onto the ground in the campsite that Nori and Bofur had picked out for the night, spreading your bedroll to claim a spot slightly separate from where you knew the dwarves would soon be squished together. Sure, sleeping farther from the fire did mean you were colder, but it was worth it to be slightly farther from the snoring. 
With a sigh, you slowly drifted off into unconsciousness. You weren’t awake when Thorin, seeing you shivering on the ground and feeling slightly remorseful for his words earlier, picked his way through the campsite of sleeping dwarves to stand over you. He studied you for a moment, hearing the faint chatter of your teeth with cold, and shrugged off his fur coat, draping it over you and tucking it in around your neck, hand lingering on your cheek as he brushed the hair off your face. He smiled as you unconsciously leaned into his touch and snuggled down with his coat covering you.
“Uncle?” Thorin whirled around to see Fili, standing at the edge of the campsite with arms full of firewood. “What are you doing?” “Nothing! I just noticed that the human was cold and figured it would be bad if she froze, that’s all.” “Ok,” Fili clearly did not believe Thorin but was willing to let it go. “If that’s all…” he tossed the wood onto the fire as he said this, making the flames die down and then shoot up fueled by the addition. Thorin bounded across the campsite to grab his nephew by the shoulder. “Listen to me,” he drew Fili close so that he could see his eyes. “If you tell anyone, and I mean anyone, even Kili, of what you just saw, I’ll kick you off this quest so fast, it’ll make your head spin.” “Ok, Uncle.” Fili walked away and settled into his bedroll with a smirk. He eagerly anticipated what you would do when you woke with the king’s coat draped over you the next morning. 
You awoke the next day to the sounds of birds chirping and the sun shining on your face. You sat up and stretched your arms above your head, gazing at the canopy of leaves through which the early morning light filtered through. As you did so you felt something heavy slide down from around your shoulders. It was a fur coat. Figuring it was Fili’s as you’d seen him wearing furs before, you walked over to where the golden-haired dwarf was packing his belongings. “Thank you for this,” you held out the coat for him to take. He smirked as he saw what it was. “That’s not mine, Y/N.” “It’s not?” “No. In fact, I believe it belongs to my uncle over there.” He pointed at Thorin, who was sitting on a log across the clearing sharpening his newly found sword. Shocked at this revelation, you questioned Fili. “He hates me. Why would he give me his coat?” “Maybe you should just go ask him, Y/N.” 
So you walked over to Thorin and held out the coat. “Um, thank you for the coat. Why did you give it to me.” You were surprised to notice a faint blush on his cheeks as he rose. Shrugging the coat on, he spoke, “I noticed you get rather cold at night. I gave you my coat to prevent that, it wouldn’t do for one of my company to be unable to sleep because of something so easily remedied.” You shifted back and forth with a little embarrassment that he would notice. “Well, I appreciated the extra warmth, I certainly slept better than I have been.” 
You turned and walked back to your bedroll to pack it up, trying to hide your sudden happiness. After his words yesterday, you had feared that he hated you, and would never accept you as part of the group. Now, though, you felt a real sense of belonging and acceptance, although you thought you might have felt a little more than that from Thorin. It was probably just your imagination, though. A dwarf would never feel for a human in that way.
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Of Warriors
We huddled in the cave, wishing for a fire. Fili and Kili were sitting next to each other, like they normally were, but this time Kili had a protective hand clutched on his brother's hand. I don't blame him, seeing as Fili was just about squished against the cliff face. I glanced at Thorin. He said some pretty mean things to the hobbit when he nearly fell over the cliff, and it wasn't Bilbo's fault. I glanced at our hobbit, he was talking quietly with Gandalf as they set up their bed rolls in the corners. I glared one more time at Thorin and curled into the blanket.
I woke up to yelling. Then I heard Fili and Kili, that's what sprang me into action. I jumped to my feet, only to be tackled by a small gangly creature, a goblin. My hands were pulled behind me, but I yanked them back. I rolled forward and landed on another goblin, not a very cushiony landing. I drew my sword and slashed at a few. A larger goblin tackled me and bound my hands with chains. A bright light flashed as we were taken through a gap in the cave wall that wasn't there before. It shut back up, leaving us in total darkness. I stomped on goblin toes, maybe even a hobbit's toes, I wasn't exactly sure. I yelled out all the curses I knew at the goblins, and I wasn't the only one. By the sound of everyone yelling, everyone but Gandalf and Bilbo were captured. Farther ahead was a bright orange light and that's when I saw fourteen little fuzzy heads bobbing along a passage, bald goblins were on each side, pulling at the company until all that was on us were our clothes and footwear. Well, I still had four of my knives, but I doubt I would still have them in a few minuets. We came to the end of the passage, and what I saw took my breath away, in a disgusted sort of way. It was a deep cavern, filled with hundreds upon thousands of goblins. Little boardwalks made up the limited pathways around the cavern, and they creaked as we stomped along. A loud horn bellowed through the cavern, Bifur yelled as it hit his ears. At the end of the board walk was a large throne made out of bones and dirt, maybe something a little worse then dirt somewhere in the mix. Sitting on the throne, however, was the most disgusting thing I ever saw. It was a large goblin, with a large belly, thick legs, even thicker arms, and a beard made out of his double chin that was covered in grease. He, I'm saying he because he was only wearing a loincloth and a crown, coughed and sprayed the side of his throne with junk from his mouth. He raised his fat and greasy head and lifted his feet. Goblins scrambled under his feet to be his foot rest, he stepped on them as he readjusted in his throne. 
"I think I feel a song coming on," He shouted. We were shuffled closer to the disgusting creature as the music started to get louder. 
"Snap, clap, the black crack," The goblin's shouted, making my ears pound. "Grip grab pinch and nab! And down down to goblin town! You go my lad! Clash crash! Crush and smash! Hammer and tongs, knocker and gongs! Pound pound far under ground! Ho Ho my lad! Swish smack, whip crack! Batter and beat, yammer and bleat! Work WORK nor dare to shirk! While goblins laugh and goblins laugh, round and round, far under ground, BELOW MY LAD!" The large goblin ended his song by spinning slowly around on his toes, nearly sending us all off the boardwalk with his large stick with a what looked like a cow skull on it. As we all rose to our feet again, the goblin looked at us with a humorous look in his eye as he backed into his throne. 
"Catchy tune, isn't it," He asked, thumping his staff on the ground next to the throne. "It's one of my own compositions!" 
"That's not a song," Balin shouted. "It's an abomination!" We all yelled our agreements with Balin, but the goblin didn't seem offended. 
"Abominations, mutations, deviations," The goblin bellowed. He spread his arms wide and almost smiled. "That's all your gonna find down here!" The goblins shouted with glee and shoved us together into a tighter pack. Then the goblins brought our arms and threw them onto the ground. That enraged the greater goblin. 
"Who would be so bold as to enter my kingdom armed," He shouted at us. "Spies, thieves, ASSASINS?!" A little goblin walked forward from the weapon heap and looked up at the Great Goblin, I think that's what I would call him. 
"Dwarves, your malevolence," It said meekly. He sniffed as he threw his head back at us. "Found 'em on the front porch with this feisty one!" Another goblin grabbed my arms and lifted them, shoving me forward. As I was brought forward, the Great Goblin howled again. 
"Well don't just stand there, search them! Every crack, every crevice!" I looked back towards the company as they were searched, fighting against the goblin that was unsuccessfully dragging me towards the Great Goblin. Oin's ear trumpet was taken from him and squashed, and all the hidden weapons and stolen goods Nori had were taken from him. Not much joined the pile of weapons after Nori was searched again. They dumped his sack over and poured out the candelabras, cutlery and shakers all stolen from Rivendell. Nori looked a little bashful to say the least. The little goblin picked up a candelabra and looked it over. 
"It is my belief, your great betruverence, that they are in league with elves," He shouted, handing the Great Goblin the candle holder. He looked at it's base and squinted his eyes. 
"Made... In....R-Rivendell," He muttered. Then he scoffed as he threw the holder into the pit below him. "Second age, couldn't give it away!" Everyone looked at Nori. 
"Just a couple of keep sakes," He muttered, shrugging his shoulders. I started to move towards the throne again, so I braced myself up against a board that was sticking out a little. That stopped me dead in my tracks, but the goblin behind me kept shoving, stupid hairbrain! 
"What are you doing in these parts," The Great Goblin asked, leaning over the weapons pile and scanning the company. Thorin looked towards the goblin and almost made his way forward to tell him a lie. I shoved Oin, who got the gist, and grabbed Thorin's shoulder. 
"Don't worry lads," He said, shoving by Thorin. "I'll handle this!" The Great Goblin backed into his throne again, a murderous gaze on us. 
"No tricks now, I want the truth," He shouted at Oin. "Warts and all!" Oin frowned at the creature. 
"You are going to have to speak up," He shouted back. "Your boys flattened my trumpet," He added, holding up his flattened ear trumpet. The Great Goblin became enraged again. 
"I'll flatten more then your trumpet," He shouted, breaking a torch holder made of glass, stomping towards the company. As they backed up, Bofur stepped in front of Oin, pointing at himself. Don't make a riddle, I silently pleaded to him. I doubt he could hear inside my head though.... 
"If it's more information you want, then I'm the one you should speak to," He shouted. The Goblin's rampage ended, and he lowered his raised fist with a nod to continue. Bofur went silent as he thought up a lie. DON'T MESS THIS UP BOFUR! 
"We were on the road," He began. Oh crap.... "Well, it's not so much a road, a path... Actually, it's not even that come to think of it. It's more like a track." Bofur was rocking back and forth, and it appeared that the Great Goblin was buying the story. "Anyways, the point is we were on this road like a path like a track, and then we weren't!" Correction, the Goblin was getting irritated, shaking his head ever so slightly and thumping his cow staff. "Which is a problem-" The Great Goblin clutched his staff's head and growled at Bofur. 
"Shut up," He said, almost silently, but Bofur didn't hear him. 
"-Because we were supposed to be in Duneland, last Tuesday," Bofur added quickly, casting a glance back at Dori. Dori walked forward and grabbed Bofur's arm, using it to hold himself up as he leaned forward. 
"Visiting distant relations," Dori added. Everyone mumbled their approval. Bofur looked back at the Great Goblin and started to talk again, but he wouldn't have any of it. 
"SHUT UP," He bellowed. All the goblins ducked as it echoed through the massive tunnel, Bofur, who had his mouth opened, shut it and lowered his head to look at him through the fibers of his hat. "If they will not talk, we'll make them squawk! Bring up the langler, bring up the bone breaker!" The goblins started to cheer as he turned around to face us again. "Start with the youngest," The goblin added, pointing to who appeared to be the youngest, Ori. That's when the goblin that had been shoving on me, discovered my little secret, and well, Mordor kind of broke loose. I fell forwards, getting the attention of just about everyone in the cavern, Thorin shouted for them to wait in bringing up the... what ever they were, taking a step forward. The Great Goblin looked at me and Thorin, then smirked. 
"Well if it isn' the great Thorin Oakenshield, son of Thrain, son of Thror, King under the mountain," He mocked. He bowed low, then snapped his head back up. "Oh but wait, you don't have a mountain, so what does that make you? Nobody, I would suppose..." The great Goblin turned towards me and shoved away the goblins that were pulling me to my feet. He picked me up and set me on my feet. "And his little friend, Myrin Flamebird. You aren't anything, so I won't bother with you." He backed up and looked at us both, an evil smirk on his face. "I know someone who will pay a great deal for your heads, just a head, no body attached!" He cackled and sat down in his throne again. "You might know him. He rides upon a white Warg." Everyone stiffened. 
"You lie, Azog is long dead," I shouted. The Great Goblin turned to me and smiled cruelly. 
"You think The Pale Orc's defiling days are over, do you?" He chuckled again as he turned to a little goblin handing on a zipline. "Send a message to Azog the Defiler, tell him that I have his prizes!" The little goblin pulled on a cord and the zipline went away. The goblins started to screech again, shoving and pulling at us again. "Until the devices are brought up, I'll treat you to another song!" The goblin's cheered again, one pulled me backwards by my chains. I landed on my back, jumped back to my feet and glared at the Great Goblin. 
"No more songs," I yelled at him. "No more chanting, and no more shoving!" 
"You don't give the orders," A goblin shouted at me, swinging his hand towards the back of my head. I ducked and rammed into his ribs. I sent him over the edge of the boardwalk, and the goblins went silent. 
"Bring her here," The Great Goblin yelled through the silence. More goblin hands grabbed my arms and dragged me to his nasty feet. He leaned down until he was inches from my face. "If you think you can sing better then me, prove it! She can't sing properly when she's bound, so get those shackles off!" 
"But, your great-" 
"Are you questioing my judgement," He snarled at the goblin. "Think about it, will you?! She's unarmed, surrounded by hundreds of us, and we could use her friends as leverage! Un bind her so she may sing!" He turned back to me. I glared defiantly up at him as the shackles were taken from my wrists and ankles. He gestured for me to start, but I stayed silent. "If you won't sing willingly, then one of your comrades will be sent over the edge!" He waved his hand at the company and they brought Kili forth, holding his arms and shoulders so he couldn't use them. Kili and the goblins that were holding him shuffled towards the edge of the boardwalk. I held out my hand for them to stop, staring back up at the Great Goblin. 
"Stop, I'll sing," I shouted at him. "Only if you let him go," I added. 
"She's got a beautiful voice," Bilbo added, adding a nice smile towards me for effect. "Do you remember when you sang to that troll a few months ago, and he was so startled that he forgot to eat us?" Seeing where the hobbit was going, I nodded, sending back a sheepish smile back. 
"It wasn't that good," I lied. 
"What are you talking about, it was the greatest singing I've ever heard," Fili yelled, holding Dwalin's shoulder and lifting himself up just slightly to see over everything to see Kili. 
"Anyways sir, you would be foolish not to listen to her," Bilbo said. That sparked the Great Goblin's interest, so he nodded towards Kili's captors and he was released. They shoved Kili back toward the company, he stumbled into Bofur. I turned back to the Great Goblin. 
"What style would you like to hear," I asked. In my head, all I could hear was, I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die etc. 
"Funeral march, seeing as you all will be dead in a short while," The Great Goblin said with chuckle. 
"I don't sing funeral marches," I told him. "What about a comedy? I really love to sing those." He grumbled, but waved his hand to show he approved. I took a deep breath and prepared to die. 
"There once was a cat, his name was Jim," I began. I had no idea where I was going with this, but really hoped it went well. "This cat named Jim, he climbed the trees. That is until he found a nest of bees-" 
"Oh great," The Great Goblin bellowed. "Not this one again! I just had a bunch of elves try to sing their way out, and this was all they would sing! Four hours of that echoing through my halls, it can drive you insane! Pick something else!” It was then that the contraptions were begining to arrive. “Finally! Now we can get to business!” Just then, a goblin shrieked and dropped Orcrist, sheath and all. All the goblins scrambled away from the sword, the Great Goblin pressed himself into the back of his throne. 
“I know that sword, it is The Goblin Cleaver,” He howled with fright. Goblins started to pile on us, trying to harm us anyway possible. “It’s the blade that’s sliced a thousand necks! Slash them, beat them, kill them, KILL THEM ALL!” Goblins were being flung everywhere as they jumped at the company, but threw them off. Goblins piled high on Thorin, pulling at him and out numbering him. That’s where I made my mistake, keeping both eyes out for my comrades, I wasn’t paying attention to my own hide. Goblins grabbed my arms and shoved me down to the boardwalk, pulling so hard that I thought my arms would pop off. One of the goblins shoved something in my left shoulder, making my arm pulse with pain. It was all happening so fast, that I barely could make out everything. Searing pain, bright light- wait, DID THEY HAVE A DRAGON?! The contraptions were ruined as the light touched them, then it pulsed back to where it started, dazing every single goblin. All the light dimmed, and Gandalf stepped out of nowhere, staff in one hand, sword in the other, both glowing a blue light. As the company came too, Gandalf looked us over. 
“Take up arms,” He said firmly. “Fight, FIGHT!” I shoved off the goblin that landed on me and rolled to my feet. The rest of the company was doing like wise, shoving goblins and getting weapons from the heap. The great Goblin came too also, and crept farther into his throne, squealing like a frightened animal. 
“He wields the Foe Hammer, The Beater, bright as daylight,” He whimpered. Bombur crouched next to the weapons heap and threw weapons into the air, various members would catch them and start to slay the goblins. Bilbo drew his sword, which was hidden in his trousers, I noticed it as it looked like he was pulling off his own leg. The great Goblin stood up and stumbled towards Thorin, his staff raised to knock him off the boardwalk. 
“Thorin,” I shouted. Thorin turned around, and blocked his blow with such force, it knocked the Great Goblin and who ever was behind him off the boardwalk. 
“Follow me,” Gandalf said quickly and quietly to the company. “Quick, come on!” We raced down a path of boardwalk and into the tunnels. “RUN!” I made the mistake of looking behind, what I saw chilled me to the bone. Hoards upon hoards of goblins were on our tail, sometimes crawling to head us, and even jumping onto the boardwalk, weapons drawn and a fierce look in their eyes. They were quickly cut down, or knocked off the boardwalk. Dwalin and those behind him cut a wooden railing off the boardwalk and used that to beat goblins off the walk way. 
“CUT THE ROPES,” Thorin shouted as a bunch of goblins started to swing over from the other side. I cut the rope closest to me and the bridge fell towards the goblins coming across. They wound around the bridge, then both fell into the chasm, shrieks billowing up as they fell. We continued to run, Kili was nearly speared by a few arrows that he deflected with his sword, then he grabbed a ladder, locked some goblin heads into it and shoved them into a broken part of the path. Dwalin set his foot on the other side and we ran past, Dwalin kicked the ladder off, yanking Ori towards him as he did so. We ran for a while longer, Gandalf blasted a boulder down and we used that to make a path through a bunch of goblins. Ahead of us, I noticed that there was a boardwalk that crossed the chasm, and by the looks of it, we would have to cross it. Bilbo and I were at the back of the company with Kili, fighting off the goblins trying to pull our feet out from under us. Gandalf started to lead us across, then the Great Goblin came out form under the boardwalk, showering Gandalf with a bunch of splinters. 
“You thought you could escape me,” He snarled at the aged wizard. He brought his staff down at Gandalf, who dodged then backed up as he swung it again. “What are you going to do now, wizard,” The Great Goblin snarled again. Gandalf rose up again, poked at his eye and brought Glamdring across his stomach. The Great Goblin’s howls silenced all other sounds. The creature looked up at Gandalf and nodded. 
“That’ll do it,” He mumbled. Gandalf slit his throat and the goblin slumped forwards, and that’s when the boardwalk broke. We plunged down, the supports of the boardwalk slowly breaking away as they met the rough stone. The ride was rough on the way down and one particular bump sent me off the back end. Bilbo noticed me falling and tried to grab my foot. He grabbed it alright, but he fell off with me. Into the dark black pit we fell, and eventually, Bilbo let go of my foot. I passed out when I landed in what I thought was a mushroom. 
I woke up with a splitting headache, and my shoulder was on fire. I reached over and pulled out the knife from my shoulder and stood up. It was a dark tunnel, that much I could tell. Behind me there was black nothing, in front of me the tunnel was endless. I stumbled forwards, one hand on the wall, the other gripping my drawn sword. That's when I heard Warg howls. I kicked myself into a sprint, taking my hand off the wall. The howling got louder, but I wasn't sure if it was the echoing, or them actually getting closer. I didn't want to find out. I ran for what seemed like endless hours, until I noticed a blueish glow from one of the other passages. I slowed down and waited, pressing myself against the wall. Then I made the mistake of taking a deep breath, preparing to possibly fight. 
"Who's there," Bilbo asked. I let out my breath and showed myself. Bilbo looked a little ruffled, but other then that he looked okay. 
"Hey Hobbit," I said, sheathing my sword. Bilbo sighed and lowered his. "Elvish made, huh," I asked, pointing to his sword. Bilbo looked at it and nodded, twisting it around. 
"I think so," He mumbled. "That's what Gandalf said..... Have you seen everyone else?" I shook my head. 
"All I've seen is black, and all I've heard is-" The Wargs started to howl again, and Bilbo tensed. "That... Have you come across any other tunnels?" 
"No, this is the first intersection I've come to. But I do know we're getting deeper, all of these are getting deeper." More, louder howling stopped all conversation. I pulled Bilbo closer and got close to his ear. 
"You take this path, I'll take this other one," I breathed. "Don't look back, no matter what you hear." I let go of the hobbit, who nodded with a gulp. I drew my sword again and took the path to my left. Bilbo took the one behind me and eventually, his footsteps faded into the distance. The Wargs got closer and closer, then they stopped, by the sound of it. Then teeth grabbed my leg and pulled me to the ground. I swung my sword down towards the snout of the Warg and it released my leg. I got back to my feet and drew my other sword. Another Warg jumped at me, I swung my blade at it. One pounced on my back and I fell forwards. It stuck it's snarling muzzle next to my ear.  I shoved my sword backwards, hopefully into the monster's neck. It yelped and backed up, then something picked me up by my shoulders, my feet swung uselessly beneath me. 
"Master wants to see you," It hissed in my ear, in Orcish. I thrashed about, trying to hit part of the Orc with my sword, but something else yanked them from my hands. Another something bound my hands with thick rope, my feet, when they were held so I couldn't kick their teeth out, bound with even thicker rope. Then I was thrown over the back of a Warg, then they rode through the tunnels, back to where we started, The Great Goblin's Throne. Someone was sitting on it, but I couldn't tell who it was. An Orc grabbed my injured leg and threw me over their shoulder, and onto the boardwalk, belly up. The thing on the throne got up and stalked over, I say stalked because it's boots were loud and it sounded like he walked with purpose. The only thing that I could see right now, because of walking in the dark for so long and being thrown about, were shiny things. I could see the big fire in the middle, the little torches higher up, and the armour on the Orcs. As my vision came back, it was blurry at first. What I barely saw though, let's just say that terror was an understatement. A tall white Orc with his left arm missing, replaced by a spindle with four points. Then the rest of my vision came in, Azog the Pale Orc was standing to my right, the scariest, most horrifying smile on his face. 
"Here's one, where is the other," He snarled, making all the hairs on my neck raise, not a fun experience. Another Orc came forward and bowed in front of Azog. 
"He escaped the tunnels, with the others and a tall one," He said, obviously terrified. Azog looked at the Orc and pulled his jaw in. 
"Throw this one in with the Wargs, send them out to track Oakenshield." Azog looked back at me and crouched down. "He's abandoned you," He said quietly, his face very close to mine. "You don't think he's forgotten about you, left you for dead?" I snarled and spat into his face. Azog growled, stood up and kicked my side, drawing the breath out of me. An Orc picked me up and took me somewhere, everything was a little hazy after that. I was thrown into a cell like thing, it smelled awful, and the Orc left cackling. A sat there for what seemed like days, for all I know it could of been days. Then, when I had enough energy, I sat up and pulled a knife from my boot. Those idiots didn't take my daggers, and that would be their downfall. I cut the ropes and got to my feet. My shoulder felt numb, not a good sign, so did my legs. Maybe that was because I was laying down for a while. Using my scabbard to support myself, I walked out of the Warg pen. Surprisingly, it wasn't guarded. I walked around, until I came to the armory, or I thought it was the armory because of all the weapons stashed there. I walked in and grabbed my swords, then walked back out. 
"Stop right there," An Orc shouted, startling me so much, I stopped and looked at the foul creature. He looked at me and snarled. "You are to be taken to Master..."
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💛 Multichapter works 💛
Heart of Gold: Origins (Legolas x Oc)
🍃 Imagines 🍃
• Imagine Legolas only yelling at you in Sindarin when angry
• Imagine teaching the Fellowship to drive a car (head-canons)
• Imagine the Fellowship comforting you, as you reveal your Aro/Ace identity to them
• Imagine Mairon and Melkor dangling you over lava, to extract information from you
• Imagine you, a bard, writing the song ‘Soldier, Poet, King’ about Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli
• Imagine Aragorn and Legolas helping hide your mermaid identity from the others during the Fellowship quest
• Imagine you, a journalist, forcing your way into the Fellowship of the Ring
• Imagine being best friends with Mairon, before he joins Melkor
• Imagine Gandalf taking the Fellowship to you after they’ve all been turned into animals
• Imagine Thranduil helping you deal with your skin insecurities
• Imagine being a Maia, and getting frustrated when Eru doesn’t answer your prayers during the Fellowship journey
• Imagine having a playful songwriter rivalry with Maglor
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• She’s the Man (Fellowship x Disguised as Boy! Reader)
• The Road Less Traveled (Fellowship x Pregnant! Reader)
• Elf Got Your Tongue? (Legolas x Reader)
• Thanks, I owe you guys one (Fellowship x Reader)
• Wrong End of the Ithilien Stick (Legolas x Reader)
• A Leap of Faith (Legolas x Reader)
• And Then There Were Two (Legolas x Reader)
• Not a Hero (Fellowship x Soldier! Reader)
• Why You Should Never Meet Your Heroes (Legolas x Reader)
• Silver is the New Sexy (Kili x Reader)
• The Softest Shout (Fili x Reader)
• Next Best Thing (Thranduil and young! Legolas)
• Watch Me (Mairon x Ar-Pharazôn)
• Shopping For Clothes Fixes Everything (Legolas x Frodo)
• The Wrong Kind of Stardust (Legolas x Reader)
Feel free to send in an ask—I usually always take requests. I can do The Silmarillion, The Hobbit or The Lord of the Rings.
Also, feel free to message me about anything you wish! Tolkien-related or otherwise.
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soyeahitsmiddleearth · 4 months ago
hello! i was wondering if you could write the following request; you are a member of the Brotherhood, the most dangerous assassins league of Middle Earth. To say that the Company of Thorin Oakenshield is both impressed and intimidated is an understatement.
Tumblr media
The Company/Reader: Killer Good Looks pt.1
Trigger Warnings: Referenced assault and child abuse, murder
To say you're an excellent fighter would be a gross understatement.
You're the very definition of a rogue; you like shiny things, you're stealthy, cunning, persuasive, what are we missing...? Oh! And you're also an infamous deadly assassin for hire, and you get hired alright.
You're wanted (in more ways than one), for people are always looking for someone to fulfill their dirty deeds for them.
Almost everything is on the table with you; you'll steal things for people (and yourself), kill if the price is right, infiltrate and lie, and many other things, however, there are some things off limits.
For example, you won't kill kids. You never have and you never will, you flat out refuse; you also don't sell yourself to others for pleasure or other things of inappropriate nature; and, most importantly of all, you don't kill those whom you have a relationship with (meaning you don't kill friends, though those are few and far between).
When you were but a child your parents sold you off to put bread on their table, and you knew nothing but torment from that moment on.
For months the lady's husband would sneak into your rooms at night, and she would always pretend not to notice; she took to releasing her frustrations out on you under the false pretense that you were an issue, beating you, berating you, yelling, abusing; they were horrible people taking advantage of a 10 year old child in every way imaginable.
You felt no remorse when you finally gathered the courage to slit their throats one night, and to this day you still don't.
The news of your deeds spread quickly, for they proved to be quite shocking and a wonderful topic for conversation.
A mere child servant manages to kill their masters unseen and unheard, escaping into the night never to be seen again? That would catch anyones attention. And it certainly caught the attention of The Brotherhood.
They found you, took you in, and honed your sloppy skills to make you into the perfect, lethal weapon.
You've killed more people than you can count, stolen more than even the richest man has, and lied to everyone you've ever met at least once.
It's safe to say that you're not exactly a stand up citizen.
Your name, as well as the name of the organization who taught you all you know, is well known throughout Middle Earth which is why you were, ultimately, employed to assist and protect the line of Durin in their journey to reclaim Erebor...
Except, unbeknownst to them, you have ulterior orders from The Brotherhood regarding the operation.
Once the dragon is either confirmed dead or slain and the mountain is reclaimed, you are to kill the Durin's (and anyone else who stands in your way) and claim the mountain for The Brotherhood.
When you were first given this assignment you had no qualms with it.
Yes, dwarfs are strong, brave, and resilient, but you are fast, intelligent, and one of the best fighters in the organization because of your early start and ability to disconnect yourself from almost every situation. Also, you don't know them, any of them, and you've never had trouble killing royal, powerful people before.
It was supposed to be easy.
You joined the group in a cute little place called The Shire in a hobbit hole belonging to one Bilbo Baggins, and when you met everyone you figured that killing them would be easy, but as time went on you began to forget about your mission.
Everything started out simple. You didn't talk much and they stayed away from you for the most part; partially out of intimidation, but also from reservations on disturbing you.
You're a private person, and they'd hate to make you dislike them by being nosy or prying.
Gandalf is the only one who knows of your past, but even knowing who you truly are, he never for a second suspected what your true purpose was.
It's around the time you all leave Rivendell and return to the road when things start to change.
Thorin wanted to keep a schedule and reach the Misty Mountains before the end of the 4th week, and halfway into the 4th, you're already there are the entrance to the mountain pass.
Because the group makes such excellent time Thorin chooses to reward the group with a day and night full of rest to spend restocking supplies, regrouping, and relaxing, which is something that benefits you all greatly.
By this point, you've worked up enough 'trust' to actually sleep in short bursts around them, and you take full advantage of this day of rest to regain your strength.
At some point during the night you manage to fall asleep, and hen you wake you find that you managed to pass out for a good 4 hours.
The very first thing you notice is Dwalin sitting not far from you, and the blanket draped over your resting form.
To say you're taken off guard would be an understatement, for you never expected to be treated with such tenderness (or at least, tenderness by your definition considering the life you've lead).
"Dwalin...?" You call after a time of looking ahead, wanting to find out his motivations.
His gaze snaps over to you and a small, greeting smile falls upon his lips, "Good evening. It is mid-night, I'm sure you'd like to know."
You glance briefly up at the sky and observe the position of the moon and stars and find that he's correct, then your gaze returns to his face. "I see. What are you doing over here, though?"
The balding dwarf looks a tad more sheepish when you ask your question, and his voice contains slight embarrassment, "Well, we know you don't much like sleeping around us, or in general, so I thought that keeping watch here may help you feel even a bit safer."
Those words shock you to your very core.
"You'll always be safe with us, you should know. You protect us in waking, so the least we can do is return the favor in sleeping."
Any and all responses that come to your mind in this moment seem inadequate in comparison to his declaration, so you're left sitting there looking at him with a blank, yet dumbfounded stare.
"You needn't say anything in response. I just thought you should know." Another smile graces upon his lips, and then his attention turns back out towards the darkened tree line surrounding the mini camp in a half circle. "Sleep more if the desire is to suddenly strike you."
And, for some odd reason, you do.
For the first time in what has to be years, you sleep through the night and do not wake again until the sun beckons you to do so.
When the first light shines through the trees and makes the forest sparkle with morning magic, you arise and find that a new dwarf, Ori, has taken the place of Dwalin.
A feeling, one that you can't identify, rises within you, and you find yourself unable to handle it.
"Ori." You greet curtly, "I am going to depart for a time. Expect me back in 20 minutes."
The young dwarf looks up at you and nods shallowly, not even entertaining the thought that you would need an escort. "Alright. Get back safely."
His words linger with you after you leave, for the act of being cared for is alien to you.
When was the last time someone genuinely cared for your well-being and not just what they would lose if you were to perish? When was the last time someone thought of you as a person who could be harmed instead of a weapon that maybe tarnished every-so-often?
These thoughts plague your mind as you go to search the game traps you lay around the camp the morning before, and you find that the prize is well worth the early journey.
3 rabbits, 2 squirrels, and a wild hog around 2 feet long and a foot wide. The hog you caught along the way, actually. It had been sniffing around one of the game traps you sent (the trap wouldn't have been strong enough to hold it anyways), and you wasted no time in throwing a dagger straight into its' head.
You string up the rabbits into a line of rope and carry the hog over your shoulders (it's really heavy, so you made sure to evenly distribute the weight), and then you head straight for the group with your prizes in hand.
When you enter the clearing you're noticed immediately, for the game hanging from your body draw a lot of attention.
"Odin's beard!" Gloin exclaims, jumping up from his spot once his eyes fall upon you, "Look at all of that!"
All eyes are on you as soon as the red-haired dwarf alerts them to your presence, but you maintain a mask of nothing even despite your discomfort with being the center of attention.
"Where did you get all that?" Fili calls, getting up and approaching you to help carry the load.
You shrug off the line of rabbits and squirrels to him when he begins to tug on it and bring the hog to the middle of the camp, dropping it down heavily.
Bombur looks up at you with a grand smile and praises you in his low, baritone voice, "Well will you look at that! Now that's a hog."
You dip your head in acknowledgement of his compliments and offer right after, "Do you want me to skin them?"
"Oh, no, no! You have done more enough for us, we can manage that at the very least." The older dwarf assures you, patting the fat belly of the swine, "Thank you, lass. We haven't had a commendable meal in months, so this will be a real treat."
You received so many compliments and acclimations that you almost began to blush, but that's an unconscious ability that had left you a long time ago.
Everyone traveled with full bellies that afternoon, and there was plenty of leftovers to last everyone well into the next day as well.
Things like this are seldom the topic of talk or praise in the organization you work for, and you can never rely on anyone. You're all thieves, after all. Liars, tricksters, murderers... how could you trust someone like that to have your back? But... somehow, they trust you to protect them and their precious royal friends.
You: the liar, trickster, and murderer.
They sleep in your presence as if you hadn't stolen millions in treasure, product, and money; as if you hadn't killed a quarter of the people you've met in your lifetime. They trust you, the real you (or at least the realest version of you that there is), and it's a truly foreign feeling.
Of course, even though these good feelings long since lost to you have returned for a time, you keep yourself in check with the thoughts of what they would do to you if they found about your true intentions.
The images of their betrayed, angry faces, the disgust that would shine in their eyes when they realize what you're truly capable of... you're always sure to not lose sight of your end goal; the Mountain of Erebor and its' lost treasure. If you're to fail, you're certain that you'll be killed (either by the dwarfs or The Brotherhood), so you don't even entertain the thought of abandoning your mission.
Later in the day, during the trek up those horrible, treacherous mountains, you're approached by Bofur, the hat wearing dwarf with a smile more contagious than any sickness.
"Hello." You greet curtly when he falls into step beside you, eyeing him in your peripherals. "Is there something I can help you with?"
"Oh, no." He shakes his head no and reaches up to straighten his fur hat, "You just looked a little lonely, is all."
Lonely, huh?
You don't reply right away and look ahead with your usual blank expression and dull eyes, though you do feel an uncomfortable, appreciative feeling swell inside of you. "I am not lonely." You inform him matter-of-factly, though when you glance down at his face you see that your words have slightly hurt his feelings.
Your heart twists slightly painfully when you see his saddened countenance, and before you can even think about it you're blurting out, "But I welcome the company regardless."
His frown is immediately replaced with a brilliant smile and his eyes positively shine with enthusiasm; you never thought your acceptance would garner such a reaction from him (much less anyone for that matter).
The dwarf practically talks your ear off while the 15 of you travel up the Misty Mountains, telling you everything he possibly can about his homeland, family, and feelings regarding the journey (as well as other things), and while all this incessant blathering would normally irk you, you actually find that you quite like it.
Bofur's excited speech does eventually die down when it starts to rain, though, for he and yourself both think it safer to concentrate on the hike as its level of danger grows.
It isn't long before night falls, and once it does the rain becomes a much more dangerous obstacle.
There is lower visibility and the rocks become horribly slippery, though neither of these things could ever hope to top the giant stone beasts that begin to battle right in front of you all.
The stone giants don't seem notice any of you, and if they do then they simply don't care, and you all barely escape with your lives. They throw huge boulders bigger than any building you've ever seen, and their hand-to-hand combat leaves you all shaking against the mountainside, fearful of falling to your deaths as you sway every which way.
To your, and everyone else's luck and great joy, a little cave in the mountainside appears before you all (after a horrible death scare with half of the company), and it becomes your resting spot for the night.
You, like usual, choose a spot closest to the cave entrance with rock that covers both your back and left side and fall asleep effortlessly. You plan on only resting for four or so hours, hopefully until the rain passes, and then you can resume watch so the others may regain their strength (they're heavier and bigger than you, so they need more rest and food).
Those 4 hours (and an extra half!) pass by without issue and your internal clock eventually wakes you up.
One of the first things you see when your eyes flutter open is the stone ceiling of the cave hovering above you, and the next is Bofur who sits in the little watch spot right across from your sleeping area.
You sit up as soon as your sleep addled mind clears and your blurry eyes gain focus and call softly, "Bofur, go ahead and take a rest. I can resume your watch."
The dwarf jumps slightly when your soft voice breaks through the silence and reaches out to him, but he doesn't move to get up. Instead, a small smile upturns the corners of his lips and he whispers back, "No, you do a watch of your own every night and refuse to wake anyone else up often enough. Please, go back to sleep."
He noticed that?
You can't even keep the surprise from your face, for your eyes widen almost imperceptibly and your lips part slightly. "I..." You've been shocked speechless, something that you thought impossible.
"We have all noticed, in case you're wondering. Now, go ahead and resume sleep. I've still got another 30 minutes of watch."
And, for some reason, you don't protest.
Sleep calls to you and tugs at your eyelids, making them heavy and causing your eyes to burn. What spell have they put you under to make you tired again under a simple command, you wonder?
You fall back asleep despite yourself, but it doesn't last long, for within 20 minutes after Bilbo tries to leave and the storm begins to quiet, the floor opens beneath you all and swallows everyone whole.
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my-marvel-musings · 4 months ago
Timeless Warrior
Tumblr media
Chapter 2: Khaleesi
Summary: Phoenix tries to find her way home, but encounters someone in need of help.
Notes: In case you missed Chapter 1.
It had been two days since I had arrived in Middle Earth. During that time I found it was going to be damn near impossible to talk to anyone to find these blue wizards. Between not being able to hide Meraxes well enough to convince people to not be afraid of me, not understanding anything that wasn’t English, and people who would talk to me not understanding my modern vernacular that I tried desperately not to use, I couldn’t gather anything helpful beyond ‘Go To Rivendell. The elves will help you.’ Fucking hell.
Add on the fact I had zero money for this world, and my options were running thin. Meraxes had been built with fireproof compartments on her back in the spine where I kept supplies such as a first aid kit, spare gloves, a bag containing a couple of sets of clean clothes, and food rations. But they were MRE’s so they desperately lacked flavor. And all I could hunt was hares as I had zero idea which plants were poisonous in this world.
I was trying desperately to avoid retracing my steps to Rivendell. Clearly, Gandalf had a scheme up his sleeve to have pulled me from my world. But why? And how?! This world is supposed to be completely fake! Created by a man almost a hundred years ago. Things were not adding up, but I had a couple of theories.
One: Coma. Clear and simple. Not sure why Middle Earth as I was the Game of Thrones nut while it was Rosa who loved this world. But maybe it was my way of connecting with her before dying. Like the white light, but better.
Two (and this was extremely far fetched): Tolkien had discovered Middle Earth by accident. Similar to the protagonist in Dorothy Must Die who finds out OZ - and subsequently Dorothy - are very real. And upon discovering Middle Earth, Tolkein must have gone back to our world and wrote the books. But that wouldn’t make sense as to why I was suddenly in the story that should have been completed already. And why everyone looked like the actors that portrayed them.
It was enough to fry my brain.
The nights were fairly easy to survive. I would find a spot out in the open and have Meraxes make a semi-circle around the campfire I made to cook whatever I would eat that night. Then I would set her on sentry mode and lay next to her body, a wing folding around until it covered me completely.
On the morning of the third day, I realized that I would have to either go back to Rivendell and demand answers from Gandalf or try to find Lothlorien to get guidance from Galadriel. But seeing as I didn’t have a map, the second one didn’t seem very likely.
As I was cleaning up my camp, I tried to determine which direction I should try my luck in when the thundering of horse hooves could be heard.
“What the hell?” I quickly climbed onto Meraxes’ back to get a better view. Fifty yards from where I stood, a rider on a white horse was being chased by nine black horses carrying riders covered head to toe in black robes.
Which meant the rider on the white horse was Arwen carrying Frodo. I quickly made sure everything was in Meraxes before pulling my helmet on. A few minutes later, I was pulling into the sky and into the cloud to overtake the riders. Once I was past them, I flipped and twisted Meraxes in the sky so we were facing the way we had come.
I flipped a switch on my helmet to make Meraxes eyes my own before plummeting down to the earth. Soaring over the white horse and its rider, I focused on the nine ringwraiths riding up behind them.
Meraxes produced a giant stream of fire, causing the wraiths to break apart. I banked quickly, doing a one-eighty sideways in the air, and blew more fire to send them running even more. Hitting another switch, I spoke to Arwen as she rode the white horse.
“Give me Frodo! I can get him to Rivendell faster!” The words poured out of speakers on the sides of Meraxes’ head.
I easily overtook the horse and landed right in their path. Meraxes dipped to the side and her wing spread out to make a ramp.
Ripping off my helmet, I yelled at Arwen. “Quickly! Before they return.”
Her jaw dropped for a moment before leaping off her horse with the hobbit in tow. I climbed down onto the wing to help pull Frodo up. My tether was quickly placed on his leg before I hopped on behind him.
Arwen was back on her horse in a blink of an eye. “Fly with the wind! I will meet you there.”
As I placed my helmet back on, the ringwraiths appeared again. Meraxes swung her tail in their directions before taking off down the field and into the air. In mere seconds I saw the field I had crash-landed in three days earlier and beyond that the mountains that had to be hiding Rivendell. I soared over the mountain range and dipped into the valley, holding Frodo with my left arm and steering as best with my right.
Rivendell appeared on my left and I scanned for a landing spot, but I couldn’t see any that wasn’t a grassy spot at the base of the valley across from the city. The walk would take too long with a hobbit in my arms.
“Fuck it,” I growled, and pulled Meraxes up so I could circle back to look again from a different angle. Hopefully, I won’t have to land on a building to get him help.
A horn blared as I flew past some of the buildings and elves began to rush out onto the pathways. I noticed Galdalf’s hat and who must have been Elrond running alongside him. There was a slanted mountain wall near a platform where some of the elves were gathering.
“Good enough,” I sighed. “Hang on, Frodo. This is gonna get tricky.”
I pulled on the horn I was holding and Meraxes turned in the air to angle her body.  We circled above the city once more and one of her wings hit a waterfall pouring from the mountains. We were hit with the icy water as I landed against the wall and Frodo’s breathing became more erratic. Meraxes crawled along the wall to get closer to the platform before her back feet dug into the mountain as well as the claw on her left wing. The right one spread out to form a ramp to get to the platform. I ripped off my helmet and it slipped from my wet hand and toppled to the ground dozens of feet below.
Sighing, I removed the tether from Frodo’s leg and pulled him off Meraxes. I raced down the wing and straight into the elves who were pointing spears at me.
“Really?! Can’t you see I have an injured hobbit in my arms?! Take him to the healers and I’ll move my car, you morons!”
“She is our guest!” Gandalf shouted from the back. “I have invited her here and she has clearly saved Mr. Frodo’s life.”
Elrond moved to the front of the group and took Frodo from my arms. “Well, Khaleesi, you certainly know how to make an entrance.”
“Let me guess, on top of being the lord of Rivendell you’re also the lord of sass?” I climbed back onto Meraxes. “Ringwraiths were chasing him and no doubt were the ones who stabbed him. Arwen should be here soon to fill in the gaps.”
Elrond’s soldiers rushed Frodo to the healing room as Elrond watched me move Meraxes around so I could climb her along the wall. “It seems very fortunate that you have come to our world.”
I smirked, “you and Gandolf keep using that word. I don’t think it means what you think it means. Let me park the Beamer and I’ll be up to check on the hobbit.”
I could feel Elrond’s eyes as I had Meraxes crawl along the wall until I was far enough away from any buildings so I could push her off. She flapped her wings a couple of times before we glided down to the bottom of the valley. I had her run across the valley floor to the base of a mountain wall on the other side of the valley and then curl into a ball. Once she was settled, I turned around on her back and began to open the spinal compartments. I pulled out my bag and tossed it onto the ground before closing the spot back up.
The sun began to set and I was feeling a chill from my wet clothes. I pulled off my bullet-proof vest, my gauntlets, my gloves, and then my flight jacket, tossing each in turn onto the ground as I worked over Meraxes making sure any and every extra computer senses on her were turned off to save battery life. Jumping down, I crouched by her head and finished by shoving my wet clothes into a side pocket of my bag and my vest over one of my arms.
“Why me? Wasn’t being in the middle of a civil war and losing damn near everything enough? If hell truly does exist, I better get a get-out-of-jail-free card for this bullshit.”
“Gandalf was right: you do have an interesting way of speaking.” I looked up to see Lord Elrond walking up in a dark blue robe, silver tiara, and two guards.
“How’s Frodo?”
“He will live, thanks to yours and my daughter’s hard work.” His eyes went over Meraxes’ massive frame. “Gandalf tried to tell me of her size, but I’m afraid he didn’t do her any justice.”
I smirked. “And she’s not even the biggest dragon to be in Middle Earth. Though she is the fakest.”
“How did you build such a creature?”
Frowning, I stood up and slung my bag over my shoulder. “I can try to explain, but I have a feeling much will be lost in translation.”
He chuckled, “I suppose so. Here. My men retrieved this from where you had originally landed.”
Elrond’s eyes would not look at me fully and no doubt it was due to my clothes. My guess was not many elves ran around in tank tops. Or had tattoos. Welp, that’s all I had with me and I really didn’t want to wear my jacket the entire time I was here.
I took my helmet from his hands and turned to hook it to Meraxes’ body. “Thank you. I was afraid I was in for the most annoying treasure hunt.”
“You are welcome, Khaleesi. Come, let us get you set up in a room so you can have supper and rest. We can speak with Gandalf in my study tomorrow morning.”
“Thank you, Lord Elrond. But please, call me Phoenix. The title Khaleesi holds no weight here and brings up some bad memories.”
“Forgive me. It was the name Gandalf gave.”
“There is nothing to forgive. But that wizard and I need to talk about boundaries.”
Elrond laughed again and actually looked at me fully before he and his guards led me to Rivendell.
Chapter 3
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elvish-sky · 4 months ago
A Love Forged by Knives
A.N: Ok, so this is kinda my first ever fanfiction and I'm really excited about it! I had so much fun writing and hopefully, I'll be able to write more soon.
Pairing: Legolas X Reader
Word Count: 1660
Summary: Y/N gets hurt in an orc attack and Legolas has to take care of her.
Warnings: Some fluff, blood/wounds/battle, a little angst.
A Love Forged by Knives
When you had joined the fellowship, you hadn't expected there to be quite this much running. Sure, at first it had been just walking, admittedly lots of it, but walking was fine. Now, though, with the eagerness to get to the mountains, Gandalf was setting a hard pace. Aragorn and Legolas were easily matching Gandalf, even foraging ahead for a while, and Boromir would have done the same had he not been looking after the hobbits, all four of whom were struggling but still keeping up. However, you were not having quite as easy a time.  Thankfully, you weren't the only one having trouble with the faster pace.
Poor Gimli was huffing and puffing, weighed down by all his armor and unable to match even your slow pace because of his size. There had been a lot of checking on him to make sure he was keeping up over the past few days, and on the rare occasion he passed you, he returned the favor. While you were looking back at Gimli to make sure he was ok, you heard a shout that sounded like an orc. You spun around to see the rest of the fellowship under attack. Gandalf was whacking one with his staff while slicing another with his sword. Aragorn and Boromir had quickly drawn their swords and were dispatching orcs with apparent ease, while the hobbit stabbed with their small weapons, taking orcs by surprise. Legolas was interchangeably using his bow or daggers to fight and looked like a small, contained hurricane of death. While you were taking this in, Gimli had caught up, and the two of you jumped into the fight, him with his axe and you with your two hunting knives.
As you whirled around, stabbing and slicing and blocking with your two knives, you heard a cry. You spun around and saw Legolas on the ground, with an orc looming above him. You watched as the orc brought his axe up, ready to bring it down and end your friend's life, but at the last second Legolas whipped out a small dagger from his boot, sprung up, and sliced the orc's throat. You sighed in relief, and as you did you felt a sharp pain in your leg. An orc had snuck up behind you and slashed at you while you were distracted. You managed to stab and kill him, but then your leg gave out and you collapsed. "Y/N!" A shout came from Aragorn as he saw you collapse, and he made his way over to you, having just killed the last orc. Everyone else's attention was drawn by his shout, and Legolas rushed over, pushing Aragorn aside to get a closer look at your wound. It was deep and long, running half the length of your thigh, and you were bleeding profusely.
Legolas examined it, and after he had poked and prodded until you had to bite your tongue to keep from crying out, he said, "Y/N, this needs to be taken care of but we can't do anything until we camp for the night. It looks pretty bad. Do you want me or Aragorn to carry you until we can find a spot to camp?" "No," you said, "I can walk." You tried to stand up to prove your point but the second you put weight on the leg you hissed with pain. You stubbornly kept trying to walk, managing to make it about four feet until your leg crumpled beneath you. Aragorn caught you and wrapped a piece of cloth around your leg to stop the blood, while saying, "I think it's best if someone carries you. We'll camp soon."
Aragorn swept you up into his arms but was quickly accosted by Legolas, who whispered something you couldn't hear. With a smirk, he handed you off to Legolas, who held you gently as if he didn't want to cause you any more pain. You placed your head on his chest and drifted into unconsciousness. As you fell asleep, you didn't hear him whisper "Sleep well, melleth nîn(my love)."
Later, you awoke as even Aragorn was growing weary looking for a good spot to camp, Gandalf called back to Legolas to hurry up, and you wondered why you were so far behind the rest of the group. Unbeknownst to you, Legolas had been so worried about you that he had slowed his pace to make sure he could walk with the utmost care, so as not to disturb you.
Finally, Aragorn called out "I've found a camping spot!" Everyone went over to him as he parted the branches to reveal a small glade, perfect for the night. Sam quickly got a fire going and began making stew while the others gathered around and Aragorn and Boromir set up all the sleeping rolls. Legolas gently placed you on yours and began unwrapping the cloth over your wound. You both gasped as it was uncovered, as somehow it looked worse than it had earlier. he quickly made a dressing and placed it on the gash, while also doing something that you thought looked suspicious with a needle. "I'm terribly sorry Y/N, but this wound is too severe to leave open. I'm going to have to give you stitches." "What?" you exclaimed. "Legolas, no. I'm fine. I don't need you to sew me up like a doll." He ignored you and asked Merry and Pippin to come over to hold your hands, and possibly restrain you from moving while he stitched. As he sewed, he told stories of other adventures he'd had over his long life, and you, Merry, and Pippin listed raptly. The tales he told were so amazing that they made you forget about the pain, and you drifted off to sleep once he had finished the stitches and placed another poultice on.
You opened your eyes to see a pitch-black forest surrounding the small glade, and a shape silhouetted by the fire. You could tell it was the elf by the shape of his ears. You made to rise and walk over to him, but you hissed as pain shot through your leg. Legolas was up in a flash, striding towards you with an expression of worry on his face.  "Y/N? Is everything ok?" "It's fine," you replied, "I'm just cold, and my leg hurts." "I'm sorry," said the elf. "Sip this." "What is it?" you replied. "It's an elvish sleeping drought. It should take away the pain and help you rest." "Thank you," you said, and you took a sip and felt the pain begin to leave your body. You began to fall asleep, but through the haze of drowsiness you felt Legolas kiss your forehead and heard him say "Sleep well, melleth nîn." This time, however, you heard him say it.
You sat up, your sleepiness gone. "What did you say?" you asked the elf, who was blushing like mad. "Uhmm... nothing. Why?" he replied. "Oh no, don't you weasel your way out. You called me 'my love'." You could see his face wince with the words, and then harden into resolve. "Ok, Y/N. I have been putting this off because I was never quite sure how you were going to react, but you've caught me so I guess I must tell you. I'm in love with you." You gasped, heat rushing to your face as he continued. "I've loved you ever since you sent that knife whizzing between Aragorn and Boromir's heads that one night."
Your mind flashed back to a night just after they had left Rivendell when they were all gathered around a fire. Aragorn and Boromir had been boasting about their skill with throwing knives and had challenged each member of the fellowship to a contest. Legolas had, of course, beat them both. Gimli had tied with Boromir and lost to Aragorn, and Gandalf declined to participate. Merry and Pippin both failed miserably, Frodo had been ok, and Sam had shockingly done pretty well. It was only after everyone else had gone that Aragorn and Boromir had begun to tease you. After a while, fed up with it, you decided to show them your skills. You had them stand side by side against a tree, and proceeded to gather the knives of everyone in the fellowship. Then, in about sixty seconds, you made a row of knives in between them, with the last on landing in between their heads. They both looked shocked, and the rest of the fellowship had broken out into applause.
Legolas' cough drew you back to the present, and you listened as he continued. "I don't think I've ever felt as scared as I did today when you fell. I'm going to do everything I can to help you heal, but if you don't want me here then I'll leave at dawn. I'll do anything for you." "Oh Legolas," you whispered, "I don't need anything. I only need you. I love you, too." He looked back down at you and slowly sat next to you. "Are you sure?" "Of course."
He made as if to get up and go to his bedroll, but you grabbed his hand and pulled him back. "Will you stay with me?" "Yes." He lay down next to you and wrapped an arm around your waist, careful not to move your leg. As you both got drowsy, you whispered "Sleep well melleth nîn." He whispered back "Gi mellin (i love you)," and you both drifted to sleep.
When you woke in the morning, the sun was out, the birds were chirping, and Legolas' soft breathing filled your ears. You sat up to see the rest of the fellowship looking and you and Legolas and silently each handing a few coins to Gandalf and Aragorn. Legolas awoke, and, seeing the same scene as you, proceeded to yell out "Did every one of you bet against me except Gandalf and Aragorn?!"
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game-ofthe-company · 4 months ago
The Misty Mountains (Thorin x reader)
Requested by: Anon
Request: Can I request prompts 14 & 21 with Thorin?
Warnings: thunderstorm (??)
A/n: It’s got a lot of the company in it but still
Tumblr media
You had been with Thorin and his company since before Bilbo had joined. You had known Thorin for awhile as his people had moved near your town. 
You were more than willing to join his company when they first talked about reclaiming the mountain, he was hesitant to let you join. Not because he didn’t think you could handle the journey, but because of what could happen.
Still you convinced him you would be great to have along whether as an extra hand for fighting or just to have around to help with things.
The journey after the Shire seemed pretty normal, as normal as a journey to reclaim a home can be.
The company without the aid of Gandalf were heading into the Misty Mountains. Though Thorin ignored your advice to stay in Rivendell for a couple more days you understood he wanted to get a move on and leave the elves behind.
None of you expected however the thunder battle that came to be.
You all walked along the path of the mountains the rain was heavy making it to dangerous to continue even though you did. Bilbo took one step however and nearly fell off the edge had it not been for you and four of the dwarves who reached for him.
“We must find shelter!” Thorin yelled to everyone.
“Look out!” Dwalin shouted as you all looked to see a giant rock flying towards the company.
The rock hit the edge of the mountain above where you all stood and watched it shatter and fell down into the valley below.
“What kind of thunderstorm is this?” You questioned confused as to how a rock just threw itself into the mountain.
“Hold on!” Bifur yelled as lighting lit up the sky.
“This is no thunderstorm! It’s a thunder-battle! Look!” Balin exclaimed as you all looked to what he was. 
There you all saw a stone giant breaking another stone giant and other stone giants throw giant rocks at each other just as the rock you all saw moments ago.
“Well bless me. The legends are true! Giants! Stone giants!” Bofur said surprised.
“Yea and they’re tossing rocks this way!” You exclaimed as panic set in.
“Take cover, you fool!” Thorin told everyone and you all started to look for anything you could use as cover.
That’s when the mountain you were on began to shake.
“Hold on!” Nori yelled causing everyone to stop.
As the stone giants are fighting each other the mountain you are on begins to break and suddenly it comes to life and starts fighting with the other stone giant. 
Everyone is panicking trying to figure out what is happening and were to go.
“(Y/n)!” Thorin calls from next to you, “Stay near me!” He told you and you nodded hoping that you all can get through.
Before any of you can get to far the stone giant you all are on has separated half of you from the other. By your panicked guess you are on the kneecaps of it.
Thorin kept you close by him as you all waited to try and find a time to get onto more solid ground.
As the giant moves back against the mountain you, Thorin, Gloin, Oin, Balin, Bifur, Oin, and Kili made your way onto the mountain ledge leaving the rest of the company on the other knee.
You watched as the two giants fought, the one that carried the rest of your friends was knocked down and in that it’s knee moved to slam into the path in front of the rest of you.
“Get ready to jump!” You heard one of them yell to the rest ready to land on the ledge in front of you.
“Fili!” Kill yelled from behind you.
The knee collided with the mountain causing rocks to be thrown everywhere. Without thinking you ran past Thorin who was following your movements.
You were all relieved to see everyone counted for and unharmed. Making sure everyone was okay you all moved towards a cave for safety. 
Once inside everyone laid out their bed roll and dinner was made.
You sat in the corner near the opening of the cave looking out as the storm and battle from the giants calmed down. You hadn’t heard of such legends as the dwarves had. That’s when you felt someone towering over you. You looked to see Thorin with a bowl of food and then back outside.
“Night will be calm as they return to rest.” Thorin spoke looking out the cave to the stone giants. 
“It’s almost hard to believe it, even with my own eyes.” You replied looking at him as he moved the bowl closer to you. “I’m not hungry.” You stated shaking your head.
“Eat, you need your strength.” He said as you nodded and took the bowl from him. “We still have the rest of the mountain to travel and there is no telling what we will face tomorrow.” he stated.
“Besides stone giants?” You questioned with a smile on your face. “I think we are prepared to face anything.” You stated.
“I should hope so.” He replied, “but we can never be to sure with a journey like this.” He said.
“But we’ll see when it come to tomorrow. For now we all need to eat and rest.” You told him and he nodded. “And later on we can tell the story of the Misty Mountains.”
That was the last peaceful time between you and Thorin before days of running from goblins in the Misty Mountains.
Hope y’all like it I am trying to get it so I can open Imagines back up by Christmas
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geekns · 4 months ago
last night’s breakdown or...spectrum confessions
So i just wanted to saying something about the meltdown that some of you might have noticed last night (i know a couple of you did, though i think i managed to keep most of it under wraps).
I have a medical condition. It causes me to feel anxious and depressed. Constantly. To varying degrees. I take medication for it. I’ve tried to learn how to manage it. I try to hide it because the general public does not understand this condition. Furthermore, i don’t want to share the underlying trauma with anyone and everyone. I want to come across as a functioning adult as much as possible.
So even while I have spent fifteen years learning how to forgive the people who hurt me. And something like six months in therapy. And around two years being medicated...I still have occasional breakdowns.
Sometimes i still have a night where everything that i’m trying to keep copacetic, and acknowledged but not given free reign, takes over. It refuses to be medicated or meditated or prayed into compliance. It takes over me and pours out of me whether i want it or not. Suddenly i am not functioning, i am sobbing uncontrollably, and terrified, and feel guilty, and unloved, and imprisoned. And in those moments i want nothing more than to die. A part of me does not even trust myself not to harm myself. I want to be held (but am always alone). I want to protected (but never am). I am normally the person who takes care of others, no one ever takes care of me.
And i feel physically sick. Nausea, a headache, and body aches. Full body grief. Last night i was seeing flashing lights behind my eyelids as if i was having a seizure or on a bad trip. And the panic: the panic is in control, I cannot think straight. Even if i tell myself positive things, or try to use strategies for calming down, try to quiet my raging thoughts, the panic has free reign. It is in full control. And the only thing i can do is curl up in bed hugging my stuffed animal, clutching my blanket, waiting for it to end. And it won’t end until after I’ve slept it off. And I can’t sleep because I’m in fight or flight mode.
Maybe I should do some kickboxing when I get like this.
I’m going to confess, it was probably the worst it’s been in years last night. I was even trying to go to my safe place, and was kind of getting there (i usually can’t do my best safe place visualizing anymore, i think it’s the meds), but the person who normally talks me down from these things was not feeling safe last night. (His likeness was part of the reason i was freaking out tbh.) But even though i didn’t really want him there he didn’t go away, he stayed with me until i fell asleep.
I have imaginary friends sort of. Apparently they’re called tulpa? Though i don’t create or really control them, they just show up fully formed. Mostly when i’m panicking or worried. Whenever i need to talk things through that i have no one to talk to. The thing is, they always wear the likeness of real people, usually celebrities that play characters i strongly identify with. I used to get advice from Picard and Gandalf and Archer for instance. All of us sitting around a campfire on a beach. They’re always men, i don’t know why. (Hmm maybe that goes to daimons?) 
For example: one time i was on a train in Japan, underground, and a drunk man started yelling at two women halfway down the car. And i had a panic attack. And suddenly i was visualizing Twelve/PC talking me down from it, telling me to breathe, that i was safe, etc. Distracting me from the danger. (Two things: i read a story about him talking another fan down from a panic attack outside a convention later. And another male passenger escorted the drunk off the train at the next stop, but i was still panicking for a while. I still had to change trains and it would take me another hour to get home for the night.)
So part of the thing is that the thoughts i usually keep under control, don’t allow myself to dwell on, acknowledge but keep muted with optimism, become deafening and take over when this happens. I think way back when it would be 1-2 times a month, then 1-2 times a quarter, and now it’s 1-2 times a year, but it still happens. I used to just let all of the darkness come pouring out, usually through writing. I’m always alone. And i suppose it’s cathartic, but it’s horrific while it’s happening. I don’t recognize myself, the girl who never gives up and is always glass is 100% full. I don’t want to let others see it even as i’m desperate to be loved and held and accepted as i am.
It’s hard to explain.
When i wake up the next morning the darkness is gone. It’s quiet again, and i feel “normal” (normal for me). It’s hold is gone. Now i always live with a baseline amount of anxiety and depression, even while medicated. If i take too much medication i can’t sleep (i’m already an insomniac, i don’t need drugs making it worse) and so i can’t feel any sexual arousal at really bothers me. It’s hard enough for me to become properly aroused without suppressing it entirely. I generally have to fantasize about something very specific (which let me tell you, the majority of you wouldn’t find to be sexy at all).
When i first went on the meds i spent months where i didn’t feel anything (other than that i was suddenly very chatty and animated in a completely uncharacteristic way) and i hated it. My mom doesn’t understand, doesn’t see repressed sexuality as a downside when i’m not married.
Re: asexuality. My grandma was on the spectrum (we always joke she had sex at least four times...resulting in four kids) and my mother probably is, too. I have had two short-lived dating relationships in which my only sexual desire was to satisfy my partner really. I don’t enjoy kissing. I do have a libido that’s greater than either my mother or grandma’s...but like i said, it’s fucked up and not initiated by any of the conventional methods. Kissing doesn’t make me feel like getting down, for instance. At least in my (so far limited) experience. I keep hoping that i’m actually demi and just need to meet the right person to make this a little bit easier for me. But it will probably just be something i have to work through for the rest of my life. 
Perhaps i should stipulate that I want to want to have sex. And when i do want to have sex i am always alone. And when i am with someone else the things that attract me are just odd. Being read aloud to, or talked to about nerdy things, got me farther than anything else. But it’s not the content so much as the mind that’s behind what’s being expressed.
I am certainly no expert on this subject. My therapist had never heard of demisexuality and had no input on asexuality. In other words, they were absolutely no help when it came to working through these issues, which is where I wanted to go (partially because i feel it may be tied in with my PTSD and is being repressed by fear).
Five types of attraction:
Romantic attraction: desiring a romantic relationship with someone
Aesthetic attraction: being attracted to someone based on how they look
Sensual or physical attraction: wanting to touch, hold, or cuddle someone
Platonic attraction: wanting to be friends with someone
Emotional attraction: wanting an emotional connection with someone
Most of my attraction is towards fictional characters (and to a varying extent the actors who play them). Both of my RL partners would only be physically expressive in private. They wouldn’t touch me in public. Or even in private spaces with others present. There was one i didn’t really know all that well and another who had hidden a lot from me up to that point even though he claimed he didn’t believe in hiding things from the person you’re dating. And we would be physical in private to varying degrees but i was left feeling largely unfulfilled. I kind of struggle with these definitions. Both of the guys I dated i had zero aesthetic attraction to but did have physical attraction to whereas they only wanted to express themselves sexually.
I strongly desire having a romantic relationship with someone but have for a very long time only had romantic attraction for fictional characters. I fairly recently had a physical and romantic attraction to someone for the first time, at first based on sapiosexual attraction that later became aesthetic attraction (why is there no listed attraction for this? I am usually attracted to people’s minds first).
I have very strong aesthetic attraction to certain actors...and this is a large part of the reason that i know i’m bi. But it isn’t only aesthetic for really strong attraction because i am sapiosexual and also strongly attracted to damaged, often misunderstood, people/characters. Case in point: Loki and Missy. In these cases i have strong physical attraction but not sexual attraction. I cannot fathom having sex with most characters or actors or people I meet in RL. I sometimes wonder what casual sex would be like but know that i could never...
I can only remember kissing someone (also a character) in a dream once and immediately put a stop to it, not because i wasn’t attracted to that person, but because they were unavailable in my mind. They were part of an OTP that i was not in. So there’s a strong romantic component for me.
Sensual or physical attraction is actually something I fantasize about a lot but have never experienced...outside of one platonic relationship. I had a friend when I lived in Japan who I wasn’t even particularly close to. But right away she would ask me if she could lean on me, lay against my lap, later link arms with. I can’t remember if we ever held hands. She was Chinese, and for an Asian girl this is very normal to do with platonic friends. Koreans call this “skin sisters.”
It was really weird for me because my own sisters don’t even want to do those sorts of things with me. I sometimes want to lean against my mother but most of my sisters would punch me rather than let me touch them affectionately. My youngest sister, once I came back from Japan, had reached a point where she was bolder and will goose, grope, grab, poke, pinch, try to pop my’s very disconcerting. She does things to me in front of others that i consider to be more sexual than platonic. Possibly because my only frame of reference is my father doing the same to my mother. She’s the only sister who will sometimes lean against me. But that was only after this friendship in Japan that was more physical than any of my “romantic” but-definitely-not-romantic partners. No kissing, but the sort of physical expression that i most long for.
Platonic attraction is rare for me. Extremely rare. Any platonic relationship i have pursued has always inevitably ended with spectacular heartbreak. In high school i was always on the outside. One platonic friendship ended dramatically (she had been hiding things from me, which is fine, but it ended badly and she moved away suddenly). Another platonic relationship fizzled because she was my best friend but i was just another friend for her. And whenever this happens to me, i am the friend that all plans will be cancelled with because the other friends have preference. And there was no big break there, i was old enough to not be heartbroken by it as i had by earlier examples of this. We still converse on FB and i am the person she came to first when she accidentally got pregnant in college. Have i mentioned that i’m the should people come to when they need emotional support? I’m a good listener and not judgmental and know when to give advice and when to stay mum.
Which brings me to spiritual attraction. We aren’t merely physical or mental beings. There is something else there. And my empathy, my spiritual center...there are times that i know things that i have no logical business knowing. I don’t always understand it, sometimes it’s a feeling, but my intuition is something that i’ve learned not to ignore. 
My last boss, i could tell he had anger issues. I only caught a glimpse of them once. He really liked me so i was fortunate. But every conversation we had after our initial meeting i could tell (spiritually) that he was potentially very dangerous to me emotionally. The more we interacted the more nervous it made me. Familiarity could lead to a loss of professional discretion.
Latter friend: i knew when she IMed me out of the blue after a six month drought that something big was up. She demurred that she couldn’t talk about it. I knew that the only reason that she had come to me was because she needed to tell me. Again, i had a feeling, and it turned out to be correct. She was pregnant. BF wanted her to abort. She didn’t believe in abortion. One conversation gave her the strength to stand up for herself and give her baby up for adoption.
Grandma: I was unable to go home for thanksgiving. Sister (roommate situation) went to her in-laws. I stayed home alone and worked. I was having panic attacks. I had the most heinous period of my entire life. A couple days later my dad calls me up and says: “Has anyone told you that Grandma is in the hospital? She had a heart attack.” No one had told me anything, I somehow knew something was wrong anyway. My brain just couldn’t make sense of it.
Kate Mulgrew: I somehow knew that she was looking for her daughter. Then-me interpreted this as Janeway having a missing daughter, expecting her to show up on the show and join the crew. What i didn’t realize that this was a real longing and need. I have carried this knowledge with me for over twenty years. I found out sometime within the past year that she had become pregnant early in her acting career, while on Ryan’s Hope, given her daughter up for closed adoption, regret it, and it was while she was on Voyager and coming into my awareness she was desperately searching for her, trying to find her, and did in fact find her. I had no rational way knowing any of that deeply personal information. I felt it anyway; deeply. In fact, it changed my life.
Which comes to emotional attraction. I really wanted to be an actor or an author. I don’t think I can memorize or anymore, my aphasia makes it extremely difficult to ad lib/improvise because there are road blocks where i cannot spontaneously retrieve the words i’m looking for. I don’t know if i’ll ever finish a novel, i’m hoping just to finish a lengthy fanfic at this point and then see what comes. A year ago i was doing much better, now it just feels like i’m under attack on all sides. But i feel a strong emotional attraction to artistic people in general.
This sometimes manifests as a sexual attraction for a short time. Sometimes. I can fantasize about a physical attraction...usually in the form of me comforting or being comforted. Sharing burdens. If i know that someone i’m attracted to or love is hurting then it hurts me, often with actual physical sensations (again with the spiritual connections). This tends to cause me to feel as if i “know people” or am kindred spirits with actors, authors, singers, etc. Again, i will sometimes know things that there’s no reason for me to know and is often pointless since it doesn’t enable me to comfort them when they don’t even know i exist.
I am generally okay with this, though it’s sometimes overwhelming. Sometime it feels like an inside joke or shared experience (rare for me outside family members) and gives me ecstatic joy. It’s really weird being an empath.
But again back to being demi: characters (or even the actors who play them) will sometimes feel like friends or family. Sometimes it translates to romantic or sexual attraction: this is very rare. It’s happened a handful of times, but it leaves me feeling completely broken. Why can’t i just be a normal person with normal relationships? Generally it is a positive thing because getting to share their experiences (through reading or watching) gives me a fair amount of feeling accepted, having someone to care for, and hope.
I am a very isolated person. I don’t currently have any RL friends. Most of my support network tends to be online but i don’t really have that going on for me since my last breakup (mutual friends seemed to stick with him, though one friend that was my friend first has since decided that he’s completely nuts and conveniently forgotten that she was the one to introduce us and encourage the pairing). And i know i’m weird but i actually don’t mind that. Having friends that live around the world? That have similar interests? But that i don’t have to get dressed and go outside my comfort zone to hang out with? Awesome.
A year ago i was living somewhere very isolated but i was in a good place because i was supporting myself, had been working full time and making career progress for the better part of a year, was okayish with being single, I had my new kitten, I was mostly happy. It would have been the ideal time for me to start a relationship. And i was actually feeling attracted to a coworker! Like that hadn’t happened for me in nearly twenty years!
But he didn’t want to be more. He wanted me to be the friend he went to to unload his emotional issues on. He didn’t want others to know. He didn’t want to be more than “professional” (it wasn’t professional what was going on, not really). And then COVID hit and everything started falling apart. Things had been wrong with that job that i was trying to stay separate from. Drama, potentially criminal actions, emotional outbursts. I got singed a few times. I knew that another coworker hated me. 
The second time they laid me off i packed everything up and moved back home. Upper management had been getting scary. I could tell that Grandma was reaching the end of her life and wanted to be near family. Which led to my last job, which i loved at first but couldn’t keep up with physically and that started to degrade my mental/emotional state. And then grandma died and i fell apart.
I’ve been trying to pull things back together. I really enjoy my current job but i don’t know if it will work out in the long term. The way the economy is going’s scary. When Obama became president his policies were really punishing for the area. I had just graduated from college and couldn’t find full time work. I worked 2-3 part time jobs and lived with my parents because that was all i could afford. 
I went out on a couple of very large limbs trying to better my situation (teaching in Japan, CLD school) and neither has really. They were amazing opportunities but i get homesick. But then when i am here that’s bad for me emotionally. I need to find some sort of balance, and it’s looking like that balance is for me to live somewhere removed from family and only visit a couple times of years. Which i hate to do but i think i need those boundaries for my emotional well being. But i don’t know how i have a hope in hell of affording any of that. I have a couple of months left to figure it out before my lease is up on my apartment, i need to figure things out by then.
So all of this...i’m not trying to complain here. I know that i tend to come off that way because i’m just honest and matter of fact about things. This is the way things are in my experience. I’ve tried various ways to improve them. The reason i’m recording them is not to illicit pity. It’s so people who don’t have to deal with these issues can catch a glimpse of what it’s like and for others who deal with anxiety and depression can see that they’re not alone. That’s a huge deal. Wherever you are in your journey, you’re not alone, it may be a fight unique to your situation, but you’re not alone. Other people are suffering, too, and it’s not a competition. It’s okay.
I know that being single has its benefits. Living alone with a cat is not something i hate as a rule, let me tell you. What i do hate is not having two or more incomes coming into a household. It is extremely difficult in this day and age to make it alone. I don’t want to worry about anything but money is probably that biggest temptation. It leads to feeling like i’m trapped.
That’s probably why many relationships develop (a need for security) but i’m...i say it is like being broken. Maybe i am because of the PTSD. Maybe it’s just my normal for someone on the spectrum (and let me tell you that even claiming this as part of my identity triggers my imposter syndrome...all of this does really. I didn’t have to deal with the same level of physical abuse that many do so why can’t i just get over it, right?). But i dealt with enough that i cannot form relationships on convenience. I have to feel safe. I want to find someone who i could trust to raise kids with, to go the distance with.
Have i said yet that i tend to overthink things? 
I know that there’s not many of you who will have read this far. Thank you. Writing is part of my process in getting things reorganized in my shit show of a brain/heart/etc. The bottom line of this...i am improving grief wise, last night not withstanding. But i still want more. It’s my birthday and Christmas and it’s the hardest time for me in a way. Because it feels like i’m out of time. Another year has been lost forever. Have i made any progress at all? And it feels as if it’s already too late. My main goal in life was to become a mother and i can’t even have casual sex to manage it. I just can’t.
But there are spiritual things i’m trying to work through. That i don’t feel comfortable sharing here, really. Just i wonder about soul mates and twin flames and dreams/visions. I don’t know what the right choice is. Not for sure. And that is killing me because i want to know God’s will and do it. And i’m an impatient person who’s been waiting a particularly long time and i can’t say that i’ve gotten any better at it.
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ladylouoflothlorien · 4 months ago
One of the boys
Tumblr media
summary: Hobbits are terribly sexist and have incredibly traditional views on gender roles. Bilba Baggins is a female Hobbit – who by normal standards should have married 10 years ago – and she’s just about done with The Shire and everyone in it. Gandalf gives her an out, and it’s an out she was never going to refuse, no matter how dangerous it may prove to be. Alternatively: my excuse to make Bilbo and Thorin lesbians. 
pairing: fem!bilbo x fem!thorin
warnings: I just want to give a little warning for themes like sexism, misogyny etc. I also just want to say that there is unintentional misgendering on the part of the female dwarves. I want to clarify that in this fic, the gender-swapped dwarves are all cisgender, and the dwarves perpetuate the idea that they’re all male when they’re in the company of outsiders (but I still thought it worth mentioning just in case this could trigger someone ❤️)
word count: 3135
Bilba Baggins shifted uncomfortably on her pony. She still wasn’t used to riding Myrtle, and she certainly wasn’t used to life on the road. The Company had only been travelling for a week and a half, but the female Hobbit already found herself missing her bed and her armchair and her bookshelf and her pantry. Despite her sore behind and empty stomach, Bilba was glad to be with Thorin and his company of dwarves, and the Hobbit was proud to join them on their quest to reclaim their homeland.
When Bilba looked ahead to the horizon she noticed with some surprise that the sky was getting dark. Well, that explained the relative quiet – the dwarves were always less rowdy when they were hungry and ready to rest for the night, though she highly doubted that any of them ever felt as bone-shatteringly exhausted at the end of the day as she did. Her gaze shifted from the skyline to the two dwarves riding in front of her, and Bilba smiled to herself as she thought back to when the dwarves had first tumbled into her Smial.
Bilba collapsed against the inside of her front door as soon as she’d shut it. A sigh escaped her as she dropped the heavy basket she’d been carrying on the floor. The only thing that had given her enough strength to stay at the market long enough to complete all her shopping had been Gandalf’s promise of strange guests to her Smial that night. Gandalf. She’d hardly recognised him at first, but she knew he’d been her mother’s close friend, and it was nice to see him again after such a long time. Even if her memories of him were a little faded.
A  groan left her lips as she pushed herself off the door and bent down to pick up her basket once again, and despite her best efforts to keep her mind blank she began to replay the interactions she’d had at the market that day.
“My dearest Bilba-”
“I’ve already asked you not to call me that.”
They continued, unperturbed.
“My dearest Bilba, you haven’t invited me to dinner yet, and I-”
“Please, call me Mistress Baggins.”
“- I would be most disappointed if you didn’t.”
There was a short silence, and Bilba, desperate to be left alone with her shopping, had decided to swallow her pride for the sake of peace.
“Y-yes, well… I’m sorry, I’ve been busy.”
He seemed – regrettably – highly encouraged by her lack of scathing denial, and seemed to think her reply somehow invited further conversation.
“Ah, my dear, I understand. You must have so much to do without a man about Bag End, but never you fear! I am sure the situation will be sorted soon.”
Bilba blinked owlishly at him. He apparently thought he was being charming. She clutched her basket tighter, knuckles whitening, and could not help but feel repulsed.
“Right… well, forgive me, but I must be getting on. My pantry is rather bare.”
“Of course! It is admirable that you take your womanly duties so seriously. Good day, Bilba!”
An invitation to a private meal; the first stage in Hobbit courting where the one being courted reciprocated the attentions they were being shown. Apparently, a long time ago, the courting hadn’t been gender-specific, but now the cooking of the private meal was entirely the domain of female hobbits.
“Disgraceful, is what it is.” Bilba muttered to herself as she shuffled to her pantry to put away her purchases.
Bilba had been approached by no less than three male Hobbits at the market asking when they would be invited over to Bag End of an evening. A fourth had approached in an attempt to present her with a frankly gaudy bouquet of flowers that she’d artfully dodged. As if that hadn’t been enough, she’d also received near countless comments from older, married Hobbits – both male and female alike – telling her how lucky she was at her time of life to have so many suitors, but that she’d better not wait too long to finally accept one. The biological clock was ticking, and all that.
Those were the comments that really got under her skin. Bilba was no fool. She knew that most eligible female Hobbits were married by the time they reached forty. Bilba had already reached fifty. Still, she didn’t think that gave anyone the right to comment on the apparent lack of use she was making of her womb. Just because having children was the done thing didn’t mean that she had any intention of doing it. Still, it was safer to let them think what they would, and say what they wanted with no corrections. The longer they all believed she actually wanted to mother children, the longer they’d believe she actually had any interest in marrying – which she did not. In fact, Bilba Baggins had no interest in men at all.
Bilba reached the pantry, and she scowled as she set the food out on the correct shelves. There was another reason, she knew, as to why at 50 she still had so many eager suitors – other than the love they all professed to feel. Bilba was a Baggins. The Baggins of Bag End, and that came with reputation, social status, and wealth, which no doubt all of her suitors couldn’t wait to get their grubby little hands on.
Yes, Bilba thought, hands on hips, I think I should like an adventure very much. Anything to get away from The Shire for a time.
Four hours later, her first guest arrived. A dwarf? Gandalf hadn’t mentioned anything about dwarves. Still, she welcomed this ‘Dwalin’ as politely as she could. He was eyeing her up, like he wasn’t sure what to make of her, but when she led him through to the dining room – where the table was laden with a spread fit for a Hobbit feast – his standoffish aura had completely melted away.
Eleven more showed up in quick succession, and when Gandalf greeted her she’d jokingly told him he was lucky his companions were arriving under the cover of darkness.
“I’m not sure I’d be quite able to explain away the scandal if my neighbours caught sight of twelve male dwarves turning up on my doorstep.”
Some of the dwarves exchanged looks at that, which she caught but didn’t understand. Perhaps dwarven culture was so different that they didn’t understand why there would possibly be a scandal.
Bilba hung back a little as the dwarves in her home ate, drank, and talked rather boisterously. She didn’t begrudge them their merriment, in fact she enjoyed watching so many people so happy all together, but it was a little too much for her to take when she’d essentially been living in self-imposed isolation since her parents had passed.
Rather lost in her thoughts, Bilba didn’t immediately register that there had been yet another knock on her door. The sudden, startling silence of her present company dragged her back to reality, and when Gandalf helpfully – albeit rather dramatically – announced ‘he is here’ she was able to infer that there was someone at the door and she went to open it.
The door swung open and oh, but if that wasn’t the most glorious mane of dark and silver hair she’d ever set eyes upon. Bilba could hardly be surprised by the more than slightly disappointed twist in her stomach when one of the younger-looking dwarves yelled ‘uncle’ from behind her.
So this is also a male dwarf. She was disappointed, but made sure to keep her expression clear. It wouldn’t do to accidentally offend her guest just because she’d hoped he might actually be a female dwarf.
As Bilba stepped aside to allow her newest guest to enter, she remembered what she’d been told about female dwarves - that for other races they were sometimes considered indistinguishable from men, as both men and women grew facial hair. It occurred to the Hobbit that she should not have assumed all her guests were male, but then again none of them had corrected her, and she had also overheard them all calling each other ‘he’ and ‘brother’. It seemed she’d been spared the embarrassment of mistaking their gender, for which she silently sent a prayer of thanks to her Lady Yavanna.  
This new dwarf ignored the call of what must be his nephew and passed through the doorway into Bag End, addressing Gandalf first before anyone – which Bilba found rather rude, as she was the host, and therefore was owed an introduction.
“Gandalf. I thought you said this place would be easy to find. I lost my way, twice. Wouldn’t’ve found it at all had it not been for that mark on the door.”
Bilba was struck by his words, and instantly rose to the defence of her home as any self-respecting Hobbit would.
“Ma- There’s no mark on that door. It was painted a week ago!”
“There is a mark, I put it there myself.”
She turned to look at Gandalf, mouth hanging open for a moment. In her stunned silence, Gandalf snatched the opportunity to introduce her to her guest, the sneak, for he knew she would not risk being impolite to a stranger. Still, she would definitely be having words with Gandalf when she got the chance, very strong words in fact, about why you should never deface the door of a Hobbit Hole… or any door for that matter! A wizard should certainly know better!
“Bilba Baggins. Allow me to introduce the leader of our company, Thorin Oakenshield.”
“So, this is the Hobbit.”
Dear lord, Bilba thanked the stars this dwarf was male, for she would surely otherwise have swooned under the intensity of that gaze… and he called her ‘Hobbit’! She was used to hearing tell of outsiders only knowing to use the word ‘Halfling’, unaware of quite how rude they were being. She was rather glad she wouldn’t have to correct him.
Then, unfortunately, the dwarf had to go and ruin her first impression by thoroughly intimidating and interrogating her, even going as far as walking around her in a slow circle – the nerve – and then he and his company completely ignored her! They were in her home. She had prepared a feast for them, the least she deserved was the typical respect shown to a hostess. Honestly, if she wasn’t so desperate to leave The Shire, and if they didn’t come with Gandalf’s personal recommendation, she would’ve been seriously reconsidering accompanying them on whatever little adventure they were going on.
Bilba avoided them for a little while, allowing their apparent leader to settle in and eat his fill. She finally re-joined them when they started talking about their quest, although she stayed hovering behind Gandalf and not actually sitting down with them at the table. Not that there were any free seats left for her, had she decided she wanted to.
It was all very dramatic, especially when Gandalf somehow pulled an old key from who knows where. She knew she should’ve been paying more attention to what exactly was being said, but it was a little difficult when she felt so thoroughly excluded from the conversation. Still, one sentence stuck out to her more than most, and she found herself answering it without thinking.
“That’s why we need a burglar.”
“Hmm. A good one, too. An expert, I’d imagine.”
“And are you?”
Bilba physically turned to look behind her at that, because this dwarf couldn’t possibly be implying that she, Bilba Baggins, was a burglar.
“Am I what?” She asked, giving this ungrateful guest a chance to explain himself, for she was nothing but civil and she was determined to remain so.
Unfortunately, another dwarf who – bless him – had an ear trumpet and therefore could not be blamed for his confusion, cried out in gladness.
“She said she’s an expert!”
Bilba had to set things straight.
“Me? N-no, no no no no, I’m not a burglar. I’ve never stolen a thing in my life!”
Unless you counted the conkers she’d taken from someone else’s garden at age 18 and never been blamed for, or the last cookie from her mother’s plate when she was 20 – which her father had been blamed for, at least initially – or the poor flowers that Lobelia had planted in her front garden in entirely the wrong place. The sweet things were never going to survive like that, Bilba was merely rescuing them…. well, perhaps she had stolen a few things, but never anything substantial, and she certainly wanted these strangers to know it. What fantastical lies had Gandalf been feeding them about her?
Balin – she remembered his name because he had been one of the more polite members of the party -  seemed disappointed.
“I’m afraid I have to agree with Miss Baggins, she’s hardly burglar material.”
Well now, that should have been a compliment… so why did it sound like the reverse?
Another dwarf, Dwalin, spoke next. She remembered his name only because he had been the first to show up at her door.
“Ay, the wild is no place for gentle folk who can neither fight nor fend for themselves.”
Bilba felt suddenly cold. Was her place on their adventure only secure if she was to be their burglar? Would they leave her behind now they knew she wasn’t? The dwarves around the table started bickering amongst themselves, and Bilba could not catch a word any of them were saying. She had no idea what to do, but it seemed that Gandalf did. The room darkened suddenly and Gandalf – already so much taller than everyone present – seemed to grow taller still.
“Enough! If I say Bilba Baggins is a Burglar, then a Burglar she is!”
Whatever strange power he had called upon melted away once he had everyone’s attention, but still he continued, and Bilba had to admit his reasoning did make sense as to why a Hobbit would be a good choice, which meant his reasoning for choosing her was also sensible, as she very much doubted that Gandalf would easily find another Hobbit who would even consider going on an adventure.
“Hobbits are remarkably light on their feet. In fact, they can pass unseen by most, if they choose. And while the Dragon is accustomed to the smell of dwarf, the scent of Hobbit is all but unknown to him, which gives us a distinct advantage. You asked me to find the fourteenth member of this company, and I have chosen Miss Baggins. There is a lot more to her than appearances suggest.”
Once again that evening what should have been a compliment felt like an insult, and Bilba was rather beginning to dislike the manners of her present company, Gandalf included. She was still seething about the mark on her freshly painted door.
“And she’s got a great deal more to offer than any of you know!”
Well, that was more like a true compliment. Perhaps Bilba could endeavour to forgive the wizard. In time.
“Including herself.”
No, he had once again disgraced himself. How dare he? He had no idea the strength she had to possess to get through even a single day in The Shire whilst trying to be true to who she was. Bilba Baggins knew her own worth, thank you very much.
“You must trust me on this.”
Bilba looked from Gandalf to Thorin, who seemed to be weighing the wizard’s words carefully. After a pause, he leant back in his chair and shook his head once.
“No Gandalf. I will not be responsible for Miss Baggins in the wild. She has no experience, no skill with a blade or with burglary. I do not want her death on my hands, for die she surely will. She will be of no use to us, we must find some other burglar for our quest.”
Bilba’s mouth hung open, and she stared at the back of Thorin’s head in stunned silence for just long enough that he had settled his position in his chair again and seemed to be preparing to move on to another topic when she finally found her voice.
“How dare you?”
Her first words were barely louder than a whisper, but the outrage they bore carried across the room. Every dwarf turned to look at her.
“Did you not hear everything Gandalf has said? You need a Hobbit, and you won’t find another willing to go with you, that I can guarantee.”
Bilba’s eyes glanced to Gandalf, who was looking at her with an amused twinkle in his eyes, which only served to irritate her further. He shouldn’t find amusement in her distress, the nerve of it.
“I could be of great use to you, not that you’ve bothered to find out anything about me other than that I have a well-stocked pantry!”
Some of the dwarves already looked vaguely chastised as she stared them down, hands moving to her hips, but she was by no means done. Bilba finally had an outlet for all of the aggravation she’d built up over the course of the day, and by golly she was going to let them have it all.
“I have taught myself many things here with my father’s books! I can speak and read Sindarin, I can heal many different ailments, I am a very learned Hobbit! But perhaps this will make you want to take me even less! I have heard it all, had all the old quotes used against me by family members who expected me to have mothered at least 4 young Hobbits by now; ‘when a woman has scholarly inclinations there is usually something wrong with her sexual organs.’ I’ve caught aunts trying to smuggle away some of my father’s books to prevent my learning!”
(side note, that’s a quote from Friedrich Nietzsche. I’m serious.)
She paused to catch her breath, which had quickened both from her anger and from her rapidity of speech.
“I refuse to stay in The Shire to suffer more and more unwanted offers of marriage from Hobbit men I have no intention of accepting. I refuse to limit my experiences as I am expected simply because I am in possession of a womb. If you will not accept me as one of you, I shall be coming along anyway, for I’m sure Gandalf will be accompanying you, and I shall be accompanying Gandalf!”
Her eye’s met Thorin’s, and her anger threatened to crumble and give way to embarrassment at her own outburst, but she held her ground. After a moment of silence, Thorin seemed to smile very slightly, which confused her somewhat.
“Give her a contract.” Forever Tags: @sweeticedtea @cd1242 @strongandfreedc @pixierox101 @jotink78​ @luna-xial​ @underthemoon-n​ Thorin Tags: @dark-angel-is-back​
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Tremble For My Beloved [2]
Pairing: Thorin x Fem!Reader Summary: AU in which the daughter of a nobleman was running for her life after an orc attack, and after being welcomed under Gandalf’s wings, joins the quest to reconquer Erebor. Sort of. Warnings: Mentions of violence. Word Count: 3.006 words.
[Chapter 1] [Ao3]
Tumblr media
Chapter Two.
Dark wood and stains covered the place, certainly making an… impression. You didn’t open your mouth to say a word about the place, you were in no position to demand anything and she didn’t quite trust the man yet. Or not man, whatever. He said he was a wizard, so that explains the clothing and interesting choice of accessories. 
You did go back to your family’s state, but they got in through the servers door, wishing to avoid the scenery. Your heart broke to pisces knowing you would have to leave them there, not being able to give them a proper goodbye, ceremony and burial. They didn’t deserve to be found like this, and only Mahal knows how long it would take for someone to eventually notice something was amiss and search for answers. But you did what you had to do, walking too slowly to Gandalf’s liking, telling you to fasten your pace in case anyone came back looking for you, which you knew was very likely. But inside, you felt like saying goodbye at least to the walls and foundations you were raised in, it wasn’t likely that you were to ever see this place again. 
A few paintings were hanging around your room, all done by your own hand, some doodles from your childhood who looked rather scary under the candlelights when it was dark, and several flowers painted separately as you tried to learn how to paint throughout the years. You never did get much better at it, but it didn’t matter much, it was something you enjoyed and proud yourself on. It looked much better than your needle work, anyways. Opening the wardrobe doors, you saw one of your first tries of embroidering a skirt, which earned a scolding from your father -that’s how ugly it was, yes. 
The memories weren’t stuck to a place, but it pained you deeply having to leave all of it behind. Grabbing a fabric travelling bag, which Gandalf advised would be much well fitted for your travel, you separated essentials. Mostly. Some fitting and soft trousers and whatever was better for traveling on foot and on horseback. You did get some dresses, but they were not a priority anymore. Some bags of coins, soaps, basic necessity items and a diary. For the calendar, of course. You needed to keep track of time, not to reminisce at the pictures and drawings that remained there since childhood. And before the wizard could bolt in there and drag you from your room and on your feet for a few hours, you changed clothes. Boots, trousers and a lighter tunic, shoving another one fit for winter on the bag after remembering you didn’t know how long you would be travelling for. You didn’t have time to shower, but you did clean yourself the best you could. 
With one last look, you blew out the candles and left with a heavy heart, hearing Gandalf mumbling to himself, probably complaining about how long you took. He didn’t say anything when you joined him again, just gave you a quick glance and started walking in long strides, making it difficult to keep up with him and his spidery legs. Thankfully he had a horse, a beautiful white one. You may have asked what its name was, only to receive no answer at all besides him telling you to climb behind him. Asshat.
And you obviously couldn’t tell how much time had passed, you only knew: you were moving to Mahal knows where and you should have got something to eat before leaving. The stars were moving at a good pace, but you were uncomfortable. Uncomfortable on top of that horse, uncomfortable behind that man and following him. Hopefully he wasn’t going to hurt you, at least not more than you already were anyway. He didn’t make any conversation and you didn’t feel like starting one, tiredness finally crawling it’s way onto your bones and making your eyes heavy. And even when your emotions were all over the place and feeling like you still had to keep your eyes open, you didn’t think Gandalf was bad. He helped you after all, it was just… things were complicated right now, your bottled emotions wanted to spill, in the form of tears, yells, spit, heavy and painful breaths. But knowing he was taking you far away from danger was enough. 
With a sigh, you tightened your arms around the wizard and dropped your head softly on his back and allowed your tired eyes to close. Just to rest a little, trying to keep the gruesome images of the day away and burrowed your face deeper against his worn but comforting clothes. The beads on your braids clinked against each other, the only other sound besides the horse’s hooves hitting the ground and nocturnal animals. As if you were one with the night, your vision got darker and your thoughts silent. But before you could sleep you heard the wizard’s comforting words:
“Don’t worry dear, the inevitable doom of today is going to be over soon.” He spoke over your shoulder while patting your hands and letting you fall asleep, embracing the very welcomed darkness. 
And it felt like you just slept for 20 minutes only. When you arrived it was still dark out, so you had no idea of how much time passed. It was a different town, something probably made for there were many passertroughts in the region maybe. What other reason could there be for an inn, if from where you stood everything seemed so small? The stars still shone brightly through the holes poked on the dark sheets of the sky. Your body felt heavy but you allowed Gandalf to help you down, much more gently than when he practically threw you on top of the horse before. Stumbling a little on your feet, you managed to throw a dirty look his way before stepping aside so a stable boy could take the horse to the safety of a roof over it’s head and lots of carrots and apples, hopefully. And by the gods, was this boy tall! Taller than you, anyway. Although there were people much different than you in the city close to where you lived, you never got to close. And maybe you shouldn’t be too close anyway, looking up too much would make your neck hurt.
But you were rather different anyway, somewhat. You didn’t have the facial hair other female dwarves seemed to have, which you dad said you should be thankful for, for mean wouldn’t be as likely to treat you as harshly as them. And even if you never met many others from your race, you felt like an outsider. Whenever you would be out on the city, other dwarflings would point at you and call you a half-breed and when returning home and trying as best as you could to persuade your father to talk about your mother, he would never indulge you, marching away heatedly. This happened way too many times for your liking but you could never let it go. Why didn’t your home have paintings of her? Why was your knowledge of her so limited, only through what others were willing to tell you, but you couldn’t go through her things, take a peek of her dresses and shoes and gloves? Of course, plenty of theories you had but tried not to jump to conclusions. You didn’t really know what to think of it.
Your shortness sometimes would be met with raised eyebrows by some, but mostly that was the end of that. Children were always more brutal and didn’t have a filter on their mouths, often being shushed by their parents. What would they say if your status was different? Maybe now you would get to know. But at home you were always treated kindly by those who were of the race of men. Such as Askell. He didn’t deserve the end he met.
Shaking your head you followed Gandalf’s steps inside the in, and everything was… big and brown and smelt of beer. In the entry was what could be called a reception desk, too tall for you to try to take a look at what was hidden under that and you would die before asking the wizard to pick you up. Mahal, maybe you were supposed to be born a hobbit, who knows. To the side a bar and tables with chairs on top of it were empty, which explained why your body wanted to shut down on the spot. The two of them exchanged a few words, the man behind the counter looking bored as ever, even going so far to yawn on the wizard’s face, who seemed unfazed. 
You haven’t noticed they were done talking before Gandalf beckoned you to go with him, the man’s eyes trained on you. You quickly averted your eyes and hurriedly fell into step with Pointy Hat. How could you not lose yourself in thought when he barely talked with you and didn’t even bother to respond at times? Just because he helped you he really thought he could be so… rude? 
He stopped in front of a door and handed you a key before opening it, walking towards the door besides yours. Peeking you could see a bed, a fire place and a chair. A tiny window that allowed the moonshine inside, but too tall for you to reach, even if you stood on the bed. 
“You need sleep, dear. I’ll send for you at the ‘morrow and we’ll talk.” He said unlocking his own bedroom door. “I give you my word, if that counts for something” He said with a hint of humor in his voice, which prompted you to send a small smile his way. Oh, he was definitely aware of your lack of trust in him.
“G’night.” You wished and hurriedly closed the door behind you, not wanting to wait for his answer, although you could hear a chuckle from where you stood, planted behind the door. When you heard the door close, you finally allowed a relieved breath to leave your body. Locking the door and throwing the bag on the chair and falling face first on the mattress. You couldn’t wait for the next day. Well, you didn’t really want to know what was gonna happen tomorrow, but didn’t have much choice. Your body needed rest anyway, so you allowed yourself to close your eyes and let your body go numb before you fell into unconsciousness. 
Maybe whoever designed that place should be fired, for waking up with the blazing rays of sunshine directly onto your eyes should be considered a major offense. You had a restless sleep, waking up in the few hours you had and turning around a considerable amount of times to try and make yourself comfortable on the thin mattress. Despite waking up a little disoriented as to where you were, you quickly grasped what happened last night. Screams, blood and guts, running, a wizard and a shady place you never heard of. It should’ve stayed that away, for the sake of your back. Would’ve been more comfortable sleeping on the grass. Ugh.
Sitting up, you ran your hands on top of your hair to access the damage- definitely felt like a rat’s nest, if you wondered how matted it was. Maybe running your hands thought it would be a bad idea, fingers might get stuck. Quickly scrambling for your bag, you fished for a brush to rey to make it as presentable as possible, knowing it would still look rather… odd. Would Gandalf be awake this early? You were dying to eat anything at all, really. Hopefully he would pay for you and answer your questions.
With nothing to do besides staring at the ceiling, you righted yourself to your best efforts and left the room, taking your belongings with you. You could hear chatter coming from the direction you came from last night. Well, the territory could be… hostile. So yes, of course you had reason to feel anxious and rather worried. Clearly a place made for the race of men, and you could tell. Their strides were long but not as long as the elves would have. They didn’t have the same height, they were similar, sure, but you still had to bend your neck towards the sky sometimes to talk to them. And if the woman who just passed you in the corridor you were standing for a few moments having your monolog was any indication, they either were very confused with your presence or thought you were a lost child. If anything, you were sure you were a very pretty and slightly dirtied child sneaking from the room you were sharing with your parents. 
Inhaling deeply you made your way to the dining area, seeing a few people on the tables, including the wizard, smoking a pipe. Looking to the sides, no one was paying attention to you, too enthralled in their own conversations to pay attention to anything else. Making your way towards the table he’s chosen, he had his eyes on you. Diverting your eyes, you sat in front of him.
“Good morning” he said while the smoke dissipated from around him “I take you slept well? You seemed eager to go to bed.” He crossed his hands on the table in front of him, smiling slightly. Was he… making a joke?
“Uh, yeah… I did.” You cleared your throat awkwardly “Thanks for, y’know… That.” You tried again. Did he catch your meaning? “All of it.” You said with a nod. He seemed amused but just sent a nod back your way, before falling into a relative silence, if you ignore the chatter and clattering of cluttering. Servants were collecting things from tables and delivering fresh goods, now that made you realize how hungry you were before noticing a plate being deposited in front of you. Turning quickly to Gandalf, he simply inclined his head and arched an eyebrow -that made you delve right in, as gracefully as you could, but you were starving. 
After a few minutes of silence, he began “So... I’m sure you have some questions and I would gladly answer them all.” He adjusted himself in the chair, sitting straighter. “As you might already know, my dear, I’m Gandalf.” You nodded with a mouthful of food “Also known as the Gandalf The Grey, the wizard.” He finished and you smirked, with a nod of understanding you pointed to your clothes. He chuckled “Well?”
With a sigh, you put everything aside, mimicking his posture, inclined on the table as best as you could. “I have several questions, actually.” He gestured for you to continue “Well, first I would like to know how you knew my father.”
“That’s a rather easy question to answer, my dear.” He said with a smile “Sindel, your father, helped me in a moment of need in exchange of my word.” You gave him as someone whose patience was thin. “And that means that for his help, I would give him my help in return, a promise, if you will.” Okay, that made sense. Dad did help several people, that’s who he was after all. “A promise to keep you safe, when the time comes.”
“So that’s how you knew where I lived?” He agreed with a small of course. “Okay, but that’s weird, what you said. You said ‘when the time comes’. And when you found me, I was hiding from death. How did you even know about that? Also how did you find me and how did you know when to come for me?” You spilled the many reasons why you were suspicious of him. Well, there’s his chance of proving himself trustworthy. Even though he already saved your life.
“You know what’s interesting?” He said moving to the side, taking a folded paper and setting it in the middle of the table. “Every dwarf has a prophecy. Sindel, your father had one. Your grandfather Serill had one and so did his One and so did their parents and their parent’s parents. See, when you come of age, you are given your prophecy and have an elder versed in Moon-letters to translate it for you in a private ceremony. But, considering everything that happened and the amount of… loss dwarves had that fateful day, several prophecies were lost, along with the ones who could read Moon-letters.” You reached for the paper curiously. “Your father had his letter and had it translated, so he knew of his fate, shared it with me. He knew of his end but always dreamt with a family. That’s why he asked of me to promise to protect his offspring, when his prophecy was to be fulfilled.” He finished leaning back on the chair, staff on his hand.
Unfolding your prophecy you found… nothing. Absolutely nothing. “Are you playing a trick on me?” You mumbled angrily, trying to manage the most menacing look you could muster. 
“Moon-letters can only be revealed by the moon at a certain time”
“Okay… but what does my prophecy have anything to do with you? I get it, my father gave it to you because of his prophecy but…” How am I going to say this without sounding like I don’t have manners? “I feel like there’s something you’re not telling me that is related to it. Maybe something you want to know about it?”
“There is only something I want to be sure of.” He replied after taking a pause to think on what to say. Shaking his head, he continued “Regarding your prophecy, yes. But for that to happen, we have to go somewhere else that is not here.”
“Well, where are we supposed to go then?” You asked, folding the paper back and hiding it inside your sleeve, apprehensively imagining that you would have to go somewhere else, again. Further away from where you were born and raised, again.
“Our destination is Rivendell.”
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Day Three: Aiden
Photography or Love
“Aiden goes hiking with his dad and discovers a new hobby.”
A/N: Yeah, so, this story was kind of rushed in one night because I legitimately couldn’t think of what to do for Aiden + I was worried about various real life things, but I do like how it came out, so... I guess this is what I’ve got to offer? I hope you guys enjoy reading this, despite my minimal knowledge of photography ;)
“Aiden,” says his dad, from behind his door. “Come on.”
Aiden pulls his blanket over his head. It’s too thin. He misses the one he used to have before -- it was heavy and soft and it was his last gift from his grandma before she died. But Mom had given that one away, because 11 was too old to have security blankets, and other kids needed it more than him.
His dad knocks on the door, louder. “Unlock your door, please.”
“No,” mumbles Aiden, pressing his face into his pillow. It smells like him. 
Dad’s voice is stern, louder. “I’m not going to talk with you from behind a door, Aiden.”
“I don’t want to talk with you at all!” Aiden says, suddenly angry, but as soon as the outburst leaves him he regrets it. There’s been one fight tonight. He doesn’t need to add the count. He should just be quiet. It’s just hard to be quiet when he wants to cry.
There’s a long pause. Aiden buries his head under his pillow and swallows, hard.
His dad's voice is softer now. He can’t tell if it’s because of the pillow or because he made his dad feel sad or if it’s because Dad is tired because it’s 9:45 pm on Thursday night and he already does so much and Aiden is just making it worse.
But he can still make out the words.
“Okay, Aiden.” And then, “I’m sorry.”
His footsteps creak across the floorboards as he walks down the hallway, away from Aiden’s room. 
The next day is normal, as if the argument last night had never happened. Mom makes him lunch and tells him to have fun and not curse any of the other students. 
Aiden doesn’t need to be told that. He learned not to when he was 8 and cursed Priya-at-school to do what he said for a whole day and his dad got mad and grounded him, and when Mom tried to talk they started yelling. After the fight, Mom came to his door, and he pretended to sleep, and she stayed there and cried for what seemed like forever. Aiden doesn’t want to make her cry again, even if his classmates call his best friend weird or dangerous and hide her school supplies.
But the comment still sticks around. In a way, Aiden likes it. It reminds him that there was a time before his parents argued and his mother cried, no matter how much it seems like it’s been going on forever.
“Thanks,” says Aiden, grabbing the lunch box, “I won’t. Bye.” He goes to school. In math class, Bee lets him look at her answers because he didn’t have time to do homework last night, and Aiden returns the favor with magic studies. At lunch, Bee trades a whole bowl of lasagna with him for his cucumber salad, and it’s just as good as always. So it’s a pretty good day, overall. 
At dinner, Dad says, “Since I’ve got my two weeks vacation lined up for autumn, I was thinking we could spend more time together… as a family.”
“How?” asks Aiden, poking at his macaroni. “I mean… what are we doing?”
His dad shrugs. “You choose?”
Aiden frowns. No sledding, since there isn’t any snow. No biking, since he has outgrown his bike and he doesn’t like shopping for new things. No magic or training, since Dad is just a human and Aiden is tired of school anyway. And he doesn’t have any hobbies. He shrugs.
Mom smiles at them. “Love, why don’t you take Aiden hiking for the weekend? The weather’s apparently going to be very warm these next few days, we should savor it while we can.”
Dad nods. “Yeah, how about that, Aiden?”
“Okay,” he says. He doesn’t really care, but he doesn’t want to cause any trouble. “But Mom, aren’t you coming?”
Her face twists up. He said the wrong thing. “I wish I could,” Mom says, “but I have things to attend to with your aunties and uncles. Don’t concern yourself, it’s nothing to do with you. Maybe next time I’ll come.” 
“Don’t worry, Malini,” says Dad. His voice has a warm tone which Aiden hasn’t heard him use in days. “I’ll take care of it.” 
He leans over and kisses her, and Aiden wrinkles his nose in disgust. “Gross!”
His parents laugh. It’s… a nice sound to hear.
There’s a big mountain with a good view at the top that they start climbing up in the late morning. Dad says he used to hike up it with his own dad. Aiden’s never met Grandpa but he sounds like a nice person from what Dad says.
Halfway through the hike Aiden’s legs start aching, and then they start burning. The mountain is really steep, and it feels like for every step forward, he slides down two. His dad slows down for him when he notices how far Aiden’s behind.
“I’m hot,” says Aiden breathlessly when he catches up to his dad, and it sounds more like a whine than he wants it to. “And I’m all sweaty and gross.” 
His dad glances at the hoodie Aiden is wearing, but seems to decide against saying anything. Instead, he points at a nearby tree. “Tell you what, kiddo. Focus on walking to that tree. Not on getting to the top of the mountain. Just focus on that.”
Aiden is too tired to comment, so he fixes his gaze on the tree. One step after another, he drags himself over to it. Finally he reaches it, and grabs a branch to make sure he doesn’t fall over. “Now what?” he mumbles.
His dad points at a rock. “Can you make it there?”
It’s pretty close. “Yeah.” 
Once Aiden makes it, the new destination is a flowering bush. Then a fallen tree trunk. Then another tree. Then a plant. He doesn’t look past them. He just goes forward and forward until he gets to his spot, and then his dad redirects his gaze to the next spot. And in that way, slowly, tediously, Aiden makes it to the top of the mountain. He’s sweaty and has to take a moment to catch his breath, but his dad is smiling proudly at him and he’s made it all the way up the mountain and it seems like the sky could extend forever around them. He wonders if Urvashi Auntie liked dancing in these rich blue skies.
Once Aiden’s heart stops threatening to burst out of his chest, he wanders over to where his dad is standing, and then his heart starts up again with just as much vigor. Before him falls what seems like the entire world. Miniature houses and bug-sized cars, and little specks that -- Aiden realized -- must be people. Standing on the mountain, his whole perspective of the entire Earth had shifted. Humans were small. So very, very small, and they were a part of something so much bigger. It was incredible.
“Aiden,” says his dad, in his Serious Voice. 
For a second Aiden’s worried he’s in trouble, but then he sees the smile in his dad’s eyes. “Yeah?” he ventures.
“I have a present for you.”
His dad nods. He takes off his backpack, and pulls out… a camera? No. Not just any camera. It’s black as night and clunky and worn down -- it’s Dad’s camera. The one he never got rid of, even though it was, like, centuries old.
“I know things haven’t exactly been going smoothly with our family,” Dad says. “I’m sorry about that. We’re doing our best to make it work out, Aiden, it’s just…”
“Complicated?” He doesn’t mean to sound bitter.
Dad sighs. “Yeah. But Aiden, I want you to have this. It’s a Hasselblad -- I bought it all the way back in 1998, when I wanted to be a photographer. When your mother and I first met, she even brought in to a mechanic in your Otherworld who modified the internal mechanism of the SLR and converted it into modern, digital SLR as well as adding an entire Bluetooth clip, so the photos don’t have to be developed but can instantly load on whatever device you want.”
“I don’t know what any of that means,” Aiden replies blankly.
“Just that it’s very special. Take care of it, Aiden, will you? I hope you’ll enjoy it; photography is a fun hobby. In my experience, just a single change in perspective -- just finding a way to look at things from a different point of view -- can be really helpful. When you see a problem, imagine it like you’re taking a picture. You can show the bad side, or the good, or even a whole new angle.”
Aiden thinks he might understand. “Thank you,” he says, and takes the camera. He fidgets with it for a moment as he tries to figure out how to get it to work, and then he raises it in the air. He hesitates for a moment, moving it up and down and sideways, the landscape blurring and reshaping. “How should I…”
“Take a photo that will show it the way you see this, Aiden,” says his father.
Aiden raises the camera. The humans flatten into ant-size shadows on the toy city with the lessened depth. They look so, so very small, just like how Aiden had seen them in his first glance over the scenery. The camera makes an audible click.
He looks over the picture. Then he smiles. He has a feeling he’ll enjoy doing this.
At the end of the day, when they’re in their tent, Dad says, “Hey, Aiden, want to continue the story?”
He’s talking about the book he’s been reading to Aiden. It’s called “The Return of the King” and it’s the last book in a super famous series of books “The Lord of the Rings”. Aiden had seen a DVD of the first movie adaptation a while back and before Dad would buy it for him, Dad forced him to read the originals, because ‘the books are always the best.’ They are almost halfway through the “The Return of the King” and to be honest it isn’t bad at all, even if Dad only reads one or two chapters a day so it takes forever.
“Sure,” Aiden says.
Dad thumbs through the book. It has a peeling cover and stiff pages because it’s older than even his dad, one of the first editions ever printed. “Where did we leave off?” he mutters.
 “Chapter Four,” offers Aiden.
“Right!” says Dad, and he starts reading. “All about the hills the hosts of Mordor raged. The Captains of the West were foundering in a gathering sea. The sun gleamed red…”
Aiden flops over on his cot, and as his father begins reading in his extremely bad Gandalf voice with its affected British accent, he falls asleep.
On Sunday, they begin the trek down the mountain. Aiden fiddles with the camera, switching from setting to setting. He loves shifting the lens between blurry and clear and watching the images sharpen into high def, and looking through the camera from different angles. It’s amazing how that could change the image so much.
Beside him, his dad tramps beside him, mostly quiet. Whenever Aiden trips over a root, he catches him and sets him straight. The only sounds are the chirps and songs of birds. Squirrels bound through the trees.
It’s peaceful.
Aiden snaps a picture of a spotted umbrella mushroom on a rock. 
When they get home, Mom isn’t there yet, so Dad gets Aiden a glass of lemonade. He can’t drink it fast enough. 
In a few minutes, Mom arrives home. Her long hair is pulled back in a messy bun, and her face is creased with wrinkles. Dad gives her a slight nod of acknowledgement and continues reading his newspaper. Mom sits down next to Aiden as he fidgets with his camera, cradled in his lap.
“Your father’s camera!” Mom says.
“He gave it to me,” Aiden says absently, twisting the band around his finger. “So now I get to take pictures with it and everything.” 
“Does it have a name?” Mom asks in her teasing voice.
“Shadowfax,” Aiden replies without thinking. Then his face heats up. Why did he say that? What a stupid name.
Then his dad laughs. “Shadowfax. That’s perfect, kiddo.”
Dad and Mom exchange a look over the newspaper, and Dad reaches forward to ruffle his hair. “Absolutely.”
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A messy situation - Kili x reader - Day 10
A messy situation
Pairing: The Company x reader, Kili x reader x Fili, kinda Lindir x reader
Warnings/triggers:  a bit of swearing
Genre: fluff
Word: Spell Book – Day 10
Word count: 2607
A/N: I wanted to write this idea for a while, and this was perfect opportunity! It came out longer than expected, but I hope you will enjoy anyways. I took some inspo from when I spended a day with my cousin, who is adorable little bean, so yeah. Also, reader and Kili are courting, by the way.
Tags: @dumbassunderthemountain​ @moony-artnstuff​ @artsywaterlily​ @trxblemaker​ @claraofthepen​ @red-riding​
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Tumblr media
Gandalf should’ve known this will be a bad idea.
You and the dwarves ended up in Rivendell , and after the dinner, Fili and Kili decided to find a book, that Gandalf had at the dinner.
When they sneaked in Elrond’s office, they found it on the table, right away. They quickly took it and when they were far enough, they opened it. Their eyes widened.
„It’s a spell book, Fee!“ Kili said, excited. They started to look through it, giggling and excited.
Soon, they were discovered by Gandalf. He didn’t looked too amused, and when the Durin’s brothers noticed him, they both paled and gulped.
„What are you two-oh, so this is what you were doing! Looking through a book with spells. Alright, if you want to act like children, then you will!“ He rose his staff.
„Oh, finally, that’s where you’ve been hiding-“ You stepped in, behind Fili and Kili. It was all quick – they jumped down, you walked in, and let out a surprised yelp.
Gandalf looked down and his eyes widened.
„Oh, Y/N-“ A four-year-old child was looking up on him, confused, in too big and baggy clothes. You giggled and Fili and Kili looked up, their eyes wide.
„It will take a few hours, before the spell should wear-off. I will try to find a spell, if it wouldn’t worn off, as she is a human, not a dwarf, so meanwhile, you two will take care of Y/N,“ The brothers looked at each other, Fili being the older brother, but Kili never had a younger sibling.
„Understood?“ Gandalf looked down at them strictly, though there was a twinkle and worry in his eyes. The brothers stood up and nodded.
„Yeah, of course, Y/N-oh no, she’s away!“ Fili looked behind him.
„Kili, c’mon,“ He said and soon, they were trying to find you, surprised by the fact that you were quick even in that baggy clothes.
„Let me brush your hair, pleaseee-!“ A loud cry and yell was heard from opposite side of the hall. They’ve noticed Lindir walking, confused, and you, trying to catch him, while falling down on your knees all the time. You let out a cry and looked up at Lindir, with puppy eyes even better than Kili’s (and that meant something), and he didn’t knew what to do with that child that looked like you, but wasn’t there a few minutes before.
„Hey, Y/N!“ Fili called. You looked at him and a smile appeared on your face. He knelt down and patted your head, trying to catch his breath.
„You’re okay, that’s great. Now, we will go find you something more fitting,“ He said. Kili frowned.
„But Fili, she’s a-“
„Of course Kili, I know she’s an adult, but now she actually is a four-years-old. So the lass is a bit shorted,“ He explained to Kili, as if he couldn’t see it.
„What are we gonna do?“ Kili started pacing around (Lindir quickly walked away to find Lord Elrond and ask him about it). You giggled.
„Alright lass, let’s go,“ Fili said and took you to his arms like a baby. You giggled. Kili furrowed his brows, but didn’t said anything.
They couldn’t find any room with a child’s clothes, or at least small enough for you. It was around twenty minutes, and they still couldn’t find anything. You were getting impatient and moody. Until you found a fun activity to do, while you were bored.
„Don’t do that, lass, that hurts!“ Fili told you and tried to put your hands off of his moustache. Kili quietly giggled and winked at you, to continue. Fili snorted.
„Oh yeah, support her.“ He said sarcastically, while you were pulling his mustache, again. Kili shrugged his shoulders.
„Just sayin‘ that if you’ll ever be an uncle, you should maybe get used to it.“ Fili rolled his eyes and yelped both in surprise and pain.
„Oh lass, just stop! I know you’re bored, this annoying little shit over here was too, when he was a dwarfling, but-“ You stopped pulling his moustache and mumbled something a few times. The brothers exchanged a look, when you suddenly yelled out:
„Shit!“ And pointed to Kili. Fili shook his head.
„No, that’s Kili. Kee. That is K-i-l-i.“ You shook your head and pouted.
„No.“ Fili couldn’t help, but laughed, and Kili snorted.
„If you’ll ever have a children, they will call you like this. Oh, brother. And look at her pout! Oh Mahal, I want to see you both together as a children,“ He chuckled, dramatically pointing to you. You shook your head.
„Mahal,“ You mumbled and looked questioningly at Fili. Him and Kili stared at you for a second, and Fili started to laugh again.
„Hey, Fili, that’s not fair!“ Kili frowned. You giggled.
„Oh, the teasing is awesome, Y/N. You’re as good as when you were an adult. I can’t believe that you and Fili paired up against me, but I’ll tease you much more, just wait-“ Fili grinned at his brother’s dramatics.
„What if you’d carry Y/N now, Kee? What do you think of it, Y/N? Wanna go to Kili?“ He asked you. You looked to Kili’s brown eyes, blushed and hid your face in Fili’s sleeve. Fili smirked.
„She likes you even as a child.“ He handed you to Kili and he looked down at you, with your huge and innocent e/c  eyes, staring up at him. His lips stretched to smile and he was about to tear up.
Oh Mahal, she’s so cute as a child...if we would have a daughter that would just like her...
His stupid smile was lasting a while, before Fili patted his shoulder.
„You okay, Kee?“ He looked up on him and Fili chuckled.
„Let’s hope the spell wears off, so you can give me nieces and nephews.“ Kili frowned at him and then smiled at you, slowly falling asleep.
„Let’s hope it will be mini Y/N.“
But a while after, he almost regretted his statement about wanting to have a children. Almost.
„Why’s she crying, Fee?“ Kili hopelessly asked his brother.
„She’s hungry,“ He looked at your upset expression. You seemed to be totally done with them, so you were giving them a silent treatment.
„How can you tell?“ Fili shrugged his shoulders, looking into one another room.
„I have a younger brother, if you don’t remember.“ Kili opened his mouth to say something, but Fili was quicker.
„Here we go!“ He waved a small tunic and trousers, that were done for an elfling, so they were still long for you,  but not that much, at least. Kili looked around, then nudged you to wake up (you were constantly falling asleep and waking up). You opened your eyes and your annoyed expression was worth thousand words.
„Can you change to that clothes by yourself, Y/N?“ He asked. You nodded and he placed you down, surprisingly carefully. You took the clothes Fili handed you, and after he told you to change and come out, he let you to close the door to have some privacy.
„I just hope she won’t be calling me shit even after the spell will wear off,“ Kili mumbled. Fili laughed.
„She did called you a little shit before too, don’t you remember?“ Kili blushed.
„Oh, that was when she thought it was me who placed that spider to her bedroll,“ Fili rolled his eyes.
„Oh yeah, but it was fun to see you trying to convince her that it really wasn’t your idea.“ Kili’s jaw fell down.
„Wait, so it was you-?“ A child’s voice was suddenly behind the door, and you quickly opened them, not slow enough for them to realize they need to step away. You runned through the hall and soon, you were away. Both Fili and Kili were hissing at the pain. The door must’ve been from much harder type of wood than any other.
„Shit,“ Fili commented.
„We lost her.“ Both of them paled. But, luckily for them, you runned to them from the back, finding this huge place as a playground. She’s like a four-year-old with an ADHD!, Kili thought and huffed.
„OH SHIT Y/N-“ They yelled out when you jumped on Fili’s back and both of them fell down to the ground. You quickly got up, and Fili and Kili realized why.
„Whose child is this? She poured a tomato sauce on my head!“ An elf yelled out, flustrated. The exact same elf was giggling next to him.
„Mahal, shit, we better run,“ You whispered. Fili quickly took you to his arms and both of them sprinted away.
They stopped in the garden. You jumped out of Fili’s arms and started haunting a butterfly. Fili and Kili were breathing deeply, their faces flushed. Kili pushed some wet strands of his hair away from his face, and looked after you.
„I understand now how it is like, to be babysitting a children or siblings,“ Kili said and Fili just nodded.
„Aye, the lass is quite wilde one.“ You runned back towards them with a huge smile on your face and twinkle in your eyes.
„Let’s play tag!“ You giggled, and before any of them could answer, you touched Kili’s index finger.
„You’re it!“ And runned away, back to the castle. Both brothers looked at each other, exhausted.
„If this is how your children will be like, then I don’t know-“ Kili patted his shoulder.
„Well, now-YOU’RE IT!“ Kili yelled out and runned after you. Fili stood there, stunned, with opened mouth for a second, but quickly made his legs to move.
„Hey, that was not fair!“ Kili giggled and noticed h/c  hair, turning around the corner. He runned after you and noticed you were going to hide in a library. He chuckled. How typical for you.
Meanwhile, Fili had to stop. He furrowed his brows, trying to figure out where did you and Kili runned. It could be anywhere in this castle!
„Fili,“ Thorin noticed his nephew. Fili turned around.
„Oh, uhm, Uncle.“ Thorin frowned and folded his arms over his chest.
„Gandalf told me what happened. Where is Kili and Y/N?“ Fili didn’t wanted to make Thorin angry even more than he knew he already was. He gulped.
„Uhm, well, Y/N and Kili, they...well, it’s been Y/N’s idea to play, play tag and they runned...well...“ Fili tried to figure out what to say to not actually say that he lost you and Kili in this huge palace.
Meantime, you and Kili were in the library, behind one sofa. He placed his index finger on his lips, to show you that you have to be quiet, and you did it too. He smiled and whispered,
„Now, Fili won’t find us that easily,“ You scrunched your face. He quietly groaned and looked carefully up over the edge.
„We’re good, Y/N.“ When he scrunched back down, you had still furrowed brows.
„That other one, that one with moustache,“ He imitated pulling the moustache braids. You smiled and nodded.
„Mahal!“ Kili groaned.
„No, he’s Fili. Fee. Say F-I-L-I, Y/N, Fi-li-“ You shook your head and runned to find a new hiding place. Kili jumped up.
„Oh no, Y/N, come back!“ He runned after you.
You runned through the halls, but after a while, you bumped into someone. You looked up and met Gandalf’s eyes. His eyebrows furrowed when he noticed Kili, running after you.
„Oh, here you are, miss Y/N.“ You smiled and looked over your shoulder at Kili. He looked up on Gandalf and pointed to you.
„We are really babysitting Y/N, but we decided to play tag, so, uhm,“ He looked down at you.
„Where you have Fili then, Kili?“ Kili looked around, uncomfortable.
„I, uh, well, I thought he was right behind-“
„KILI!“ Thorin’s voice was much stronger in those huge halls. Fili was right behind him.
„Gandalf told me what you two did, and I thought you were mature enough to know. I didn’t expected this reckless behaviour from you,“ He said, looking at his nephews. Both Kili and Fili looked down on the floor, ashamed. You forrowed your brows.
„You should’ve know,“ You mourmed. Thorin’s eyes widened.
„Y/N? Why is she still a child?“ He looked at Gandalf and you scrunched your face.
„I’m not a child! I’m four years old and...Mahal, shit,“ You whispered, wanting to have some support. Thorin looked at you, surprised. He could hear what did you just said.
„What did you learned her?“ He looked at his nephews. Fili pointed to you.
„We didn’t learned her, she, uhm, overheard it and then, well...that’s how she calls us,“ He explained and Thorin rose his brow.
„And how did she overheard it?“ Kili and Fili exchanged a look.
„Well, it was an accident,“ Kili started. You yawned deeply and rubbed your eyes.
„I’m tired,“ You said and tried to keep your eyes open.
„Well, the lass is tired, we will take her to her room, Uncle Thorin,“ Both brothers said and Kili picked you up.
„Where’s your room, lass?“ Kili asked and you opened your eyes and pointed to a door.
„A few doors away from here,“ You murmed and closed your eyes again. They stepped in and Kili placed you carefully to your bed.
„Sweet dreams,“ He whispered and he ruffled your hair. You scrunched your face.
„Don‘ mess wit‘ ma hair,“ You murmed. He chuckled and sat down next to your bed.
„She’s so adorable when she sleeps,“ Kili said and Fili rolled his eyes.
„Oh, don’t start, please.“ They both chuckled. Their fun didn’t lasted too long, before Thorin motioned for them to come out of your chamber. He wasn’t done with them yet.
They stood up and stepped out. Thorin took them a bit away, so he wouldn’t wake you up.
He was in the middle of giving a piece of his mind to Fili and Kili, when they heard a sound of tearing fabric and yelling. Both brothers runned into your room, prepared to protect you, but both of them were red when they realized you were covering yourself with your blanket.
„G-Gandalf, I think it worked!“ Fili said and quickly walked out. Kili smirked and you huffed.
„I’ve had a strange dream,“ You said and lifted up a piece of fabric.
„But it seems like it was not a dream,“ You stared at him, angrily. He chuckled.
„You were enjoying it, my dear.“ You scoffed and then groaned.
„My head is hurting and my stomach also isn’t feeling the best,“ You said.
„Also, I called Fili Mahal and I called you a shit.“ He rolled his eyes.
„As if you’d never called me a shit before,“ He commented. You scoffed again and folded your arms over the blanket on your chest.
„Oh yes, actually you deserved it. I should’ve called Fili a shit too,“ You muttered. Kili came to you and kissed your cheek.
„If we will ever have a children, it will be Fili’s nightmare,“ He murmed. You giggled.
„Nah, I bet he will be over the moon.“ He pecked your lips and turned to find Gandalf and Fili, but he didn’t had to.
„Looks like you needed to get some sleep, miss Y/N,“ He said, not really looking at you, but on the floor. You nodded.
„Oh yeah, I suppose.“ He nodded and left, Fili and Thorin too, closing the door. Kili was about to go, too, but you catched his hand. He turned to you, surprised, finding you with a smirk on your face and mischievous twinkle in your eyes.
„Would you like to stay for a while, Kili?“ His own lips stretched into a grin.
„Of course, love.“
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Heroes from another dimension Pt.2
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Disclaimer: Kinda of Legolas X reader and Loki X reader. and VERY jealous loki.
Y/n POV:
The Fellowship and The Avengers are in the mountains full of snow, all of them are trembling because of the coldness in the other hand Legolas and Loki aren’t.Of course elves aren’t affected by coldness and Loki is a Frost Giant the coldness isn’t nothing to them.Frodo falls backwards you try to catch him, but missed luckily Aragon caught him, Frodo searches for the ring in his neck, Boromir get the ring and looks at it like he is being mind controlled.Aragon looks at him you notice he has his hand on his sword and says.
‘‘Boromir” in a warning tone
“It is a strange thing we should suffer in our in a doubt. So much more for this thing.” Boromir says in a whisper tone, Boromir looks at it about to touch it.
“Boromir, give the ring to Frodo” Aragon says getting Boromir’s attention 
“As you wish” Boromir says giving the ring to Frodo, Frodo snatches the ring with a scared look on his face, Boromir smiles and places his shield in the back of him and Aragon lets go of his sword, you look at him with a awe face, cause he would do anything to protect Frodo and it melts your heart. Aragon looks back at you and smiles you smile back, knowing that you can count on him.You guys got a break and you got bored so why not start a snowball fight you got a pile of snow and made two you threw one to Boromir and one to Tony. Tony gasped in shock while Boromir looked around to see who threw him a snowball.
“Who threw a snowball at me!?” Tony said with a hint of anger in his voice
“And who threw it at me!?” Boromir said and glared at Tony
You threw one at Gimli right in his face
“HEY LASS THAT’S NOT NICE!”Gimli yelled in annoyance 
“Deal with it” you said in a sassy tone and threw one at Steve and Aragon which they were talking and not paying attention, it hit and they made a shocked face and looked around to see you laughing at them, then a snowball hit you in the face you stopped laughing to see Clint and Peter making fun of you.You got a pile of snow stating to make it Clint and Peter stopped laughing and ran, when I mean that they ran they RAN for their lives.You were like Natasha, but even WORSE.The Fellowship and the Avengers had a snowball fight, Gandalf just watched what he calls ‘His Children’ have fun in the snow.
You tried to hit Legolas, but hit Loki instead he looked at you and threw a snowball at you, there before you knew it you were running for your life.Legolas was looking for an opponent, Ah why not the sweet Y/n and hit you, yeah Leggy your going down you two had a snowball fight.Stephen was cheating and creating portals to hit people, you use your telekinesis to ground him in snow. All of you had fun fighting each other.
-After Break-
You can barely walk in the snow, and shivering at the same time almost every one had a partner to keep them warm well, and you were a lonely, but you didn’t mind until, Loki said to keep you warm you said no that you were fine, but he protested and you had a god wrapping around you.Legolas walked around you guys.
“There’s a fellow voice in the air” Legolas said
“It’s Saruman!!” Gandalf yelled
Rocks fell from the mountain and you scramble to protect your self and Loki.
‘‘He is trying to bring down the mountain, Gandalf we must go back!!!” Aragon yelled
“NO!!!” Gandalf yelled back and was trying to cast this spell, then a lighting bolt hit the mountain which made snow fall down and cover you guys.
Boromir, Aragon and Gimli were debating over were to go.
“If we can’t go on the mountain a]then let’s go under it let us go to the Mines of Moria” Gimli said Gandalf gave him a look 
“Let the ring baron decide”Gandalf said
“We cannot stay here this will be the death of the hobbits!” Boromir said
“And me” Bruce whispered, Tony rolled his eyes since he has already experienced this kinda stuff thanks to what happened.
‘‘Frodo” Gandalf said 
“We will go to the mines” Frodo said
“So be it” Gandalf said
Finally arrived to the door where Moria is 
“It reads the doors of Durin, Lord of Moria speak friend and enter” Gandalf said
“What do you suppose that means?” Merry said
“It’s quite simple if you want a friend speak the password and the doors will open” Gandalf said 
“Seems easy” Thor said
Gandalf tried and tried, but nothing worked
Tony, Stephen, and Bruce were falling asleep, Legolas, Clint, Aragon, Boromir and Natasha were keeping an eye out, Thor, Sam, Gimli, Loki ,and Frodo were waiting, Merry and Pippin were throwing rocks, Peter was asleep on you like he was your baby and you the mother taking care of him.You watched as Aragon stopped Pippin from throwing a rock as they stared at the water.
“It’s a riddle speak friend and enter, what the elvish word for friend?” Frodo says
“Mellon“ You say Gandalf gives you a look of confusion since you guys don’t have elves in Earth just then the door opens and you feel proud of yourself for remembering this scene.You wake up Peter and enter the mine, Gimli is talking about how this mine is special to them, it’s to dark to see so you take out a small flashlight you had just in case.
“What’s that? is it a weapon” Sam asked
“No it’s something what we call a Flashlight it produces light to see in the dark” you turn it on to show the hobbits just to see Gandalf has already lit his staff up.
“It’s home to my cousin and they call it a mine a MINE!!” Gimli says 
“This is no mine it’s a tunnel” Boromir says
All of you look around to see skeletons around the tunnel, Gimli cries in pain of the loss of hi people
“Goblins” Legolas says 
The Avengers and the Fellowship get in fighting position, Frodo is taken away by a tentacle you see it and chop it in half, then more tentacles appear
“Shit” you say
“Language” says Steve
“Not right now Steve” You yell at him 
Legolas shoot the monster Boromir and Aragon and the Avengers are fighting the monster. 
“Move out of the away I can kill him” you say
They ignored you and kept fighting, alright then you thought and you used your powers like this to kill the monster.
Tumblr media
The Fellowship very impressed that you killed the monster with a whip of your hands, The Avengers were used to it so they didn’t seem to mind.
Now all of you walking in Moria, with out making any sound you keep an eye out you don’t fully trust this ‘Mine’ place.Gimli runs in this room you and the other enter to see a coffin with Gimli crying in pain Thor comes next to him an comfort him, there really good friends Loki just watches comfort the dwarf, Loki knows that the reason that his friend with him is that Thor had friend that looked like him and acted like him ‘Volstagg’.After finding all of the Dwarves of Moria have been slain Gandalf starts reading.
“Here lies Balin son of Hundil” Gandalf said 
Gandalf looks around and sees a book he gives Pippin his hat and staff, You not feeling so safe get closer to Legolas, He doesn’t mind that your close to him he grabs you even more closer so you can be safe, you smile at his actions.Loki sees this and is feeling kinda jealous that the elf get’s to protect you, but not him. Legolas says something in elvish Aragon.Gandalf reads the book then Pippin touches a skeleton and it falls down the well.Nothing happens you sigh in relief.
“Fool of a took” Gandalf says closing the book angrily
“Throw yourself next time in the riddles of your stupidity” Gandalf says 
“it’s blue” Frodo says 
“Orc’s” Legolas says while holding you close
“Get back go to Gandalf” Aragon says to the hobbits you and the Avengers aren’t scared, you’ve done this before but with alien, robots and other stuff.
“They have a Cave Troll“ Boromir says, you and the avengers try to close the door with stuff and help Boromir, Aragon, and Legolas. You had like 10 daggers on you a sword and powers.
The Avengers and Fellowship start to fight the orc’s, the Cave Troll appeared.It tried to kill Sam Aragon and Boromir pull the troll backwards, then the troll threw Boromir to the wall, Legolas got on top of the troll and shot it.Sam hit the orc’s head with a pan, a PAN
“I think I’m getting the hang of this” Sam said
“Yeah, Rapunzel but make it A✨G✨G✨R✨E✨S✨S✨I✨V✨E”  you and Peter say, which Sam gave you a confused
The troll tried to kill Frodo but you got on top of it and with two of your daggers you stab it’s eye’s and aggressively slit it’s head like nothing.
-2 Min later-
You guys were running away from this fire monster called Balrog,  Gandalf confronts the Balrog on the bridge of Khazad-dûm.
“ I am a servant of the Secret Fire, wielder of the flame of Anor. You cannot pass! The dark fire will not avail you, flame of Udûn.“ Gandalf says 
knowing what’s going to happen you try to run to help him, but Aragon pulls you closer to him, Gandalf turns around but it drags him down into the darkness.
“Gandalf” Frodo shouts, Boromir holds him
“Fly you fools” Gandalf says then falls down
“NOOOO” Frodo screams 
You break free from Aragon and run down to try to see Gandalf, Loki grabs you and holds you while you cry on his chest, this man was your friend, someone that taught you magic from Middle-Earth.Stephen gave you a awe look and try to comfort you, but Loki protested and comfort you.You guys got out of Moria and you saw every one cry.
“Legolas, get them up!“ Aragon says
“Give them a moment for pity's sake!“ Boromir says in anger
“Aragon” You say in a warning tone 
Aragon sighs knowing he can’t win an argument with you 
“When every one is done with their break, we leave by nightfall these hills will be swarming with orcs!... We must reach the woods of Lothlórien.” Aragon says
Aragon’s POV:
Y/n walk to Merry and Pippin
“Hey, hey it’s okay Gandalf would want you to move on, then we can have third breakfast” Y/n said to them and smiled they looked at she with a thank you look, she remove their bangs and kiss their head.
“Gandalf protect you know it’s my turn, come lets go” she say as they follow her.
“Come, Boromir. Legolas, Gimli, get them up, On your feet, Sam. ” I say say
“AVENGERS” Steve says “ASSEMBLE” with that the Avengers came and moved with their leader which was Steve. We need something that gets the Fellowship to assemble like them,I thought to my self.
“Frodo?” I say “Frodo!” I say again, Frodo turns around with a awe look.
No ones POV:
The devastated Fellowship and Avengers reaches Lothlórien, ruled by the Elf-queen Galadriel and her husband Celeborn. Galadriel privately informs Frodo that only he can complete the quest and that one of his friends in the Fellowship will try to take the Ring.
“What do you think of Lothlórien Lady Y/n” Thor says
“I’m speechless it’s beautiful“ Y/n says 
“Come on Avengers let’s go to sleep and that also goes for the Fellowship” Y/n says 
The hobbits whine.
“We don’t want to” Merry says “Yeah, we don’t want to” Pippin agrees with him.
Y/n sighs “How about if a sing a song so you guys can fall asleep” she says
The four hobbits nod in agreement, she lays down has a hobbit on her left side of the body, one on her right side and two on her chest.
“I’ll sing this song that I enjoy in my dimension” She say then in an angelic voice she starts sing both the Fellowship and Avengers enjoy this Angelic voice like a guardian angel sings to protect them.
Lyrics for the song Riptide
I was scared of dentists and the dark
I was scared of pretty girls and starting conversations
Oh, all my friends are turning green
You're the magician's assistant in their dreams Oh
Oh and they come unstuckLady, running down to the riptide
Taken away to the dark side
I wanna be your left hand man
I love you when you're singing that song and
I got a lump in my throat 'cause
You're gonna sing the words wrongIs this movie that I think you'll like
This guy decides to quit his job and heads to New York City
This cowboy's running from himself
And she's been living on the highest shelf Oh
Oh and they come unstuckLady, running down to the riptide
Taken away to the dark side
I wanna be your left hand man
I love you when you're singing that song and
I got a lump in my throat 'cause
You're gonna sing the words wrongI just wanna, I just wanna know
If you're gonna, if you're gonna stay
I just gotta, I just gotta know
I can't have it, I can't have it any other way
I swear she's destined for the screen
Closest thing to Michelle Pfeiffer that you've ever seen, ohLady, running down to the riptide
Taken away to the dark side
I wanna be your left hand man
I love you when you're singing that song and
I got a lump in my throat 'cause
You're gonna sing the words wrong Oh lady, running down to the riptide
Taken away to the dark side
I wanna be your left hand man
I love you when you're singing that song and
I got a lump in my throat 'cause
You're gonna sing the words wrong Oh lady, running down to the riptide
Taken away to the dark side
I wanna be your left hand man
I love you when you're singing that song and
I got a lump in my throat 'cause
You're gonna sing the words wrong
I got a lump in my throat because you're gonna sing the words wrong 
Gimli, Pippin, Merry, Sam, and Frodo are asleep by the song in the Avengers side Natasha, Bruce, Tony, Stephen, Loki, Thor, Peter, are asleep by the song the others were talking and then you also fall asleep, you’re ready for what comes tomorrows adventure.
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ailynstark51 · 6 months ago
Heroes from another dimension (LORT X MCU )
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Disclaimer: After End-game and Tony lived!! Also not fat Thor cause Loki also lived. Kinda of Legolas X reader and Loki X reader.
“Y/n are you insane!?’’ Stephen yelled.You just wanted to go to another dimension cause the avengers were bored and Stephen being the only one that can open portals to other dimension made you want to go. Of course you were a witch you had powers like Wanda and Stephen, but he didn’t trust you with the Sling Ring because of this.
“Please were BORED we don’t have ANY missions’’ she pleaded with puppy eyes.
Stephen sighed ‘‘Fine, but I’ll come with you guys’’
‘‘YES THANK YOU MR.STRANGE YOUR THE BEST” Peter yelled in excitement
‘ What dimension are we going in???” Loki said  
‘‘Lord of the rings” you said with a hint of excitement 
‘‘Is it the one were the old wizard refuses the monster to pass?” Thor said
‘‘Yes that one Thor” Nat said
‘‘Legolas better watch out, nobody can be as good as me” Clint said in annoyance, you scoffed at least Legolas has better hair you thought to your self. Maybe it won’t be so bad you thought, I mean you were going to meet Elves, Hobbits, Wizards, And orc’s.
- In Middle Earth-
Legolas POV:
There was this spinning circle thing of fire where me and the Fellowship were I took out my bow ready to shoot it with an arrow, Boromir and Aragon got out their swords, Gimli with his axe and the Hobbits behind us Gandalf in front of us with his staff ready to protect us from this thing. Before he could do anything people walked out of it there were 10 of them with shocked faces then they looked at us.
‘‘ Who are you guys!?” Boromir shouted
‘‘Where the Avengers man” a cute young boy responded 
‘ Peter they don’t know who the Avengers are, We are the Avengers protectors or Heroes of Earth we came to visit your world, don’t worry we won’t stay here very long” a man with blue ropes and a red cape said
‘ Do you have names?” Frodo asked
‘‘Of course we do, The cute young boy name is Peter.”
“Hi nice to meet you” Peter said shyly
‘‘The man with blue ropes and red cape is Stephen and the red cape that Stephen is wearing is the cape of levitation or Levi for short.”
He waved while the cape also waved.
‘‘The tall blonde with a shield is Steve”
‘‘Pleasure to meet you” he smiled 
‘‘The guy with short black hair is Bruce and the Lady with ginger hair is Natasha”
‘‘Hi-hi” Bruce stuttered the lady smiled 
‘‘The man with brown hair and-”
“Tony Stark, a.k.a a genius playboy billionaire philanthropist” the man said in a tone of sass, god I already know I’m not going to like him.
‘‘The man with blonde short hair that has a bow and arrow that is pointing at you guys is Clint”
He lowered his bow and arrow “Hello” he said, I thought to my self, well I have some that is a little bit like me.
“The blonde long hair man is Thor Odin son and the black long hair man is Loki Laufey son”
‘‘WAIT WHAT” Frodo said in shock 
Thor laughed “ Of course we do exist”, Loki stayed quite, but aware of his surroundings 
‘‘I’m Y/n or also known as the Wicked Witch, I must say it’s a pleasure to meet the Fellowship” She smiled which gave me made gave me butterflies
‘‘Pretty isn’t she” Aragon whisper in a teasing tone with a smirk in his face I gave him a glare to he can be quiet.
No ones POV:
‘‘Well nice to meet you all, I’m assuming you know our names since you guys know the ‘Fellowship’ any ways what brings the Avengers here?” Gandalf said 
“To help you destroy the ring” Peter said, the Avengers nodded while Loki and Y/n were looking around the place being aware of their surroundings. After the Fellowship agreed to let the Avengers join then that’s were the adventure started. Sure the Fellowship still didn’t trust the Avengers so they were aware of them watching what they do to make sure they don’t want to take the ring.For the Avengers, were more aware of the place they know Middle-Earth is dangerous full of monsters, but they also try to gain the Fellowships trust which Peter is the only one that has their trust, I mean come on you can’t just be mean to him his cinnamon roll.
‘‘Soooo is your dimension similar to our dimension?” Merry asked
Y/n giggled ‘‘No it’s very different from here’’ “Really?’’ Pippin asked
“Yep very different, I mean we have technology, something you guys don’t have, we have many things you don’t have it’s same for you guys there thing here on Middle-Earth that we don’t have in Earth” she said
‘‘ Earth?Well name somethings you guys don’t have that Middle-Earth” Sam said with a curious tone.
‘‘Well we don’t have Elves,Hobbits,Orcs” Peter said
“Wait no elves in Earth?” Legolas said in a awe tone
“Yeah we don’t, but I think Agard has some” Natasha said 
Thor stud there in a I hate you guys so much, not wanting to think what had happened with him and Jane when they went Asgard. Loki was there with a smirk just thinking of how he had fooled his brother with his ‘Fake Death’.
‘‘Exactly what is Technology is it a weapon or something?” Aragon said
“Well Technology can be most broadly defined as the entities, both material and immaterial, created by the application of mental and physical effort in order to achieve some value. In this usage, technology refers to tools and machines that may be used to solve real-world problems.And yes it can be a weapon” Tony said which left the Fellowship even more confused.
“Oooh, I don’t get it” Pippin said 
‘‘Well it’s something that was made my men and it helps us and yes it can  be used as a weapon, but we need to use it carefully, I hope this explanation helps more than Tony’s one” Bruce said, the Fellowship kinda go it not that much cause they really don’t know.
‘‘You guys really don’t have Orc’s, must be lucky” Boromir said
“Not so lucky I would say, we have also have monsters wandering around our planet, for example a Chitauri” Steve said
“The Chitauri are a race of extraterrestrial shapeshifter” Tony said 
“Well we told you about technology and how careful we have to be, well it’s because it can turn it’s back on you like Ultron did” Y/n said while glaring at Tony
“How’s Ultron he sounds dangerous” Gimli said looking around for this ‘Ultron guy’
“He was destroyed in battle, he wasn't given the opportunity to be more complex. The way Ultron sees it, Once you take away all the extraterrestrial threats, Humans are the ones causing all the ruckus. ... This causes him to take up an issue against Humanity.I wasn’t there when it happened, but he did destroyed a whole city soo yeah” Peter said 
‘‘Well good to know he is destroyed” Frodo said 
“Yeah....” The six avengers and you said remembering what happened to Pietro in battle  
‘‘Well let’s get going to this Adventure” Loki said cause he saw how you guys were sad of the memory of it and decided to cheer you guys up.Loki walked with you making sure your okay and cheer you up his really great friend, but you could see that Legolas had a jealous look on his face.
-Next Day-
“There’s more than four wizards and witches in your world” Gandalf said in a surprised tone and face
‘‘Yes, sir there is more of us just that we keep our selves hidden from people that want to cause harm to us we hide in a place called Kamar Taj, and I’m the Sorcerer Supreme, like Saruman the white just that not evil. Y/n is a witch that helps me out with stuff yet she is stronger than me in magic I think that she should the Sorcerer Supreme.” Stephen said
“Well with that being said I respect you both and call me Gandalf” he said with a smile on his face 
“Yes Mister Gandalf, also can I put on your hat??” Peter said which made Gandalf laugh and Peter had the hat for a day then gave it back
The Fellowship and the Avengers gain each others trust. Legolas and Clint always tried to see who was better, Steve was watching them have an archery contest, Natasha and Boromir were teaching the Merry and Pippin how to fight, Gimli and Thor talked, Tony and Bruce where with Aragon somewhere, Peter was with Sam and Frodo talking and making food, Y/n, Stephen, and Loki were listen to Gandalf talk about his magic since they three were the only one’s with magic powers.
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guardianofrivendell · 6 months ago
I’ve Got You
Fíli x fem!reader  
Requested: Yes, by me 😂, based on this post 
Warnings: Jealous and worried Fili, cheeky Kíli, awkward Thorin and angst if you squint 
A/N: It’s finally here! A whopping 7k (when I made the outline of the story I thought about 1.5k, 2k tops but then I added a subplot and I kept going and going...) I wrote this as a treat for myself because selflove is very important and I have no shame.  Special thanks to @katethewriter​ for her advice, grammar check and helping me calm down when I thought this was rubbish!
A/N2: Another reminder that English isn’t my native language, so I’m sorry if it’s not as poetic as it should be. That’s the fault of my lack of decent English vocabulary.
Tumblr media
Every quest comes with the possibility of danger, injury or even death. It was drilled into you by your parents, but that didn’t stop you from joining your two friends Fíli and Kíli on their quest to reclaim their home. It wasn’t like you had anything else to do and besides, you never went on an adventure before. How could you say no to such an opportunity? Not even the prospect of traveling with 13 male dwarves could stop you. You liked them, they liked you. This would be like one giant sleepover! There was some small protest from your future companions, mainly Thorin and Dwalin, who didn’t want to take you with them. A tiny woman like yourself on this dangerous quest? You would only slow them down. That’s what they said to you, but the main reason was they only wanted to protect you; keep you safe from all the dangers of the quest. After you asked them again and again - maybe even begged, but you’d never admit it to anyone - and you promised them you could take care of yourself and they needed your skills, and after both Fíli and Kíli had promised to keep an eye on you and keep you safe, Thorin reluctantly agreed. 
The journey had only been going on for a few weeks, when the two brothers broke their promise. It was the umpteenth day of constant hiking, climbing and trudging through mud, water and dirt. Gandalf had left the company, and it had affected everyone’s mood for the worst. You kept yourself at the back of the group the entire day, feet and legs sore from the constant walking, but unwilling to say something about it. You had promised you wouldn’t be a burden, so you weren’t going to be one. 
In the late afternoon you reached a gully with a rickety looking bridge. On the other side, about 100 yards from the edge was a thickly wooded forest that seemed to go on forever. You didn’t know why but it gave you the creeps. A shiver ran across your spine, making you shake your shoulders and Kíli raised an eyebrow at you. He and Fíli took turns walking next to you to keep you company, and today it was his turn. You gestured to him it was nothing, but he kept an eye on you just in case. It wasn’t like you to be this quiet and he was starting to get worried. Maybe this quest was too much for you after all. “We will cross the bridge, and take our rest for the night at the edge of the forest,” Thorin ordered. It wasn’t even near supper time yet, but the dwarven King had noticed his company was getting tired. An extra few hours of rest would do them good, and hopefully lift up their spirits. The otherwise rambunctious and loud group of dwarves were too quiet for his liking.
“You’ve been awfully quiet today, Y/N,” Fíli asked you with a worried look, noticing you had been walking slower than before. He had been trying to talk to you before, but Thorin took his constant attention. Now that they were rearranging the weight in their packs in preparation to cross the bridge - that didn’t seem like they could hold their weight, Fíli thought - he had a few minutes to himself. You smirked at him. “I could say the same thing about you, Fee.” He gave you a wide smile. When you were done repacking your bag under the watchful eye of the two brothers, you waited for further instructions from Thorin. 
Dwalin had to go first, and Bombur second. If they could make it to the other side, the bridge would be safe for all of you. The bridge was in ruin, but seemed solid enough. It creaked and groaned when Dwalin slowly crossed it, and everyone thought it would break under Bombur’s weight but it surprisingly held on.
Fíli had to go next, and he looked back at you. “See you on the other side, mimûna,” he teased. (little one) You rolled your eyes at the nickname, but couldn’t stop the blood rising in your cheeks. Even though you were 4 inches taller than him, he still called you little. For a human you were on the small side, true, but what you lacked in height you’d like to think you made up for in fierceness. You hated and loved the nickname. You were the only one fortunate enough to get one - aside from his brother of course - and it made you feel important. Like you mattered. 
The others of the company slowly made their way over the bridge, one by one. It took some time because they couldn’t rush, carefully taking every step, testing the remaining strength of the next log. It seemed to you the ropes of the bridge were making more noise, and most of the logs were creaking so loud you expected them to break at any moment. Every crack made you flinch. Kíli noticed your discomfort. He was about to make the crossing, but decided he would stay with you. Ori shook his head before he took Kíli’s place. 
When everyone else had crossed the gully, only you and Kíli were left. “You go ahead, Kee, I’ll be right behind you,” you said to him. He watched you for a few seconds, before turning his head to the forest, where Fíli was. His brother would kick him into next week if he would let anything happen to you. “You sure?” “Yes! Go on, I’ll be fine,” you assured him. 
You took a few deep breaths when Kíli was halfway down the bridge, knowing it was almost your turn. The others didn’t wait for you, all of them eager to reach the forest so they could rest their feet and have a nice hot meal. When Kíli finally reached the end, one of the logs broke off and he could barely hold himself up on the tattered rope. He jumped over the hole and landed on the edge with a thump. He immediately threw his pack aside and turned around, gesturing at you to start walking. 
“Just go slow,” he yelled. I’d rather just start running and get it over with, you thought but decided against it. You carefully put one foot over the other, hands clamped over the ropes. The logs started groaning heavily under your weight and you didn’t know whether to be terrified or insulted. You decided to freeze instead. “Y/N?” Kíli asked. “It’s okay to be scared! Just look at me alright?” “I’m not scared,” you yelled back. “I just don’t trust this bridge!” Against your better judgment, you looked down. The gully seemed a lot deeper from up here! “No, look at me! Keep your eyes locked in mine, I know you want to!” Kíli laughed, his joking nature never too far gone. You did as he asked, and he guided you over the bridge one step at a time. 
Kíli was relieved he had been able to calm you down. He didn’t like how the bridge moved and protested against your movements, his goal was to get you off as quickly as possible. He kept gesturing at you to keep moving, speaking encouraging words now and then. But the closer you got to the missing log, the heavier the creaks got. The wood had endured too much with a full company of dwarves with heavy loaded packs running over it moments before. He noticed your face twisting in fear. 
“Hey, Y/N, don’t worry. It’s going to be okay!” It was not going to be okay, and he knew. He looked behind him, but the other members of the company were too far off except for Nori and Dori. “Throw me your bag, you’re close enough,” he said, trying to think of ways to make it safer. But he shouldn’t have asked you that. The minute you threw your pack, you placed your foot on another log for support. The log broke off under the sudden weight, and your foot fell through, sending the broken log pieces into the river below. In an attempt to keep your balance, you took a step forward with your other foot on the next log only for it to break as well. 
“Y/N!” Kíli cried, his eyes wide in horror. You frantically clawed at the remaining parts of the bridge, but it all started to crumble down, taking you with it. “No!” he yelled, rushing towards the edge. His yelling alerted the rest of the company, most of them turning around to see what the fuss was about. ”What’s wrong, Kee?” Fíli yelled all the way from the front. They had reached the edge of the forest and were already busy setting up camp. 
“Kíli!” Thorin yelled when he didn’t answer. 
Fíli watched his brother drop to his knees, looking over the edge of the gully. Nori and Dori soon joined him, gesturing wildly to each other. 
“What in Durin’s name are they doing?” Thorin asked him. “Did someone fall down?”
Fíli did a quick headcount, and to his horror he realized there was one person missing. They saw Kíli slowly lowering himself over the edge, confirming their suspicions. His first reaction was to look for you, and when he couldn’t find you, his heart sunk. “It’s Y/N...” Fíli realised in shock, “Y/N!!” He threw his pack to the side and ran back to the bridge as fast as his legs could take him, ignoring his uncle’s cries. The only thing that mattered to him at that moment was you.  
In the meantime Kíli had lowered himself to the small ledge you were lucky enough to fall on. It was only a few yards and the undergrowth that was covering the side provided enough material to climb down without a rope. “Hold on, Y/N! I’m almost there,” he assured you. To his relief he saw you were still moving, and nothing seemed wrong at first sight. “I’m okay, it’s just my leg that’s stuck. These things are heavier than they seem.” Most of the broken logs had fallen into the river, but some of them fell down on the ledge with you, crushing your leg. You probably had some cuts and bruises too, but those were the least of your worries. You groaned when you tried to pull your foot from under the bridge pieces, ignoring Nori and Dori’s cries to keep still. The thing that was hurt the most though, was your pride. You had promised them you wouldn’t be a burden, that you could take care of yourself. And the first to be injured on the quest was you. You would laugh at the irony of it all if you weren’t so scared of the consequences. Thorin would probably leave you in the first town you would come across. 
Kíli hopped down on the ledge and started removing the logs that crushed your leg. “How is she?” you heard someone yell. When you looked up, you saw several heads sticking out over the edge. “I’m fine!” you yelled back, irritation clear in your voice. You hated to be the center of attention. Luckily both Fíli and Kíli knew this, and Fíli took it upon himself to send everyone back to camp except for Oin. Kíli lifted the last one, and you pulled your foot towards you. He let the log drop with a thud. 
“What’s the damage?” he asked with a big grin, but his eyes looked worried. You clutched your foot, it was completely numb because the log had cut off the blood flow. There was also this dull pain that started to spread in your ankle towards your foot, but you shrugged it off.  “Nothing, I’m fine,” you reassured him, but Kíli didn’t buy it. “I’ll carry you, it’s a long way up,” he offered, pointing to the edge. Fíli let a rope down, so he and Oin could pull the both of you up. “I can do it myself.” “Y/N, until Oin can look at your foot I’m going to carry you whether you like it or not. I’m not taking any risks,” he said, throwing Fíli a knowing look. 
He wrapped the rope around his wrist and grabbed it, giving it a small tug. He opened his other arm for you and lifted his eyebrow. “Are you coming?” You got up carefully, trying to avoid that one ankle so as to not give you away. The pain was getting worse with each passing second. Kíli wrapped his arm around your waist and told you to wrap your arm around his shoulder for support. “Oh, Fíli is going to love this,” he murmured to himself when you snuggled into his side. “What?” you asked him, not catching what he was saying. “Hold on to me as tight as you can!”
Fíli and Oin pulled the both of you up in no time. When you reached the top of the gully, Fíli took you out of his brother’s arms, wrapping an arm around your waist and under your knees. “Easy, mimûna, I’ve got you,” he cooed, planning to carry you bridal style to the makeshift campsite. Oin was already probing at your ankle but you weren’t having any of it. “I can walk, you know. Seriously, I’m fine,” you swapped Oin away. “You don’t have to baby me!” Fíli put you back on the ground, raised his hands in surrender and chuckled. “Fine, go on then.” You raised your chin and huffed. This would hurt, but you were tough. It was only about a 100 yards to the camp. You placed your injured foot first, and the minute you put your weight on it, a shooting pain shot through your ankle and leg and your knee buckled. Two strong arms caught you in time, and a low voice whispered in your ear. “You were saying?” Fíli swooped you back into his arms and carried you to camp, a grinning Kíli in his wake. 
Back in camp you tried to minimize your injury, terrified Thorin wouldn’t want you in his company anymore. You reassured everyone that you were fine over and over again. Oin proved you wrong when he took off your boot and a high-pitch scream escaped your mouth. Did he have to be so brutal? A little tenderness never killed anyone, you groaned internally. Three pairs of eyes followed Oin’s every move. Every time you flinched when he hit a particular painful or sensitive spot Fíli held his breath. 
Kíli patted his shoulder. “She’ll be fine.” “I know,” he smiled gratefully at his little brother, but flinched when he heard you whimper. “Careful, Fee, someone might notice,” Kíli sang teasingly when he went to sit with the others, leaving him with you and Oin. He couldn’t resist wiggling his eyebrows when he sat down on the ground next to Thorin and Balin. 
Oin was in the middle of bandaging your ankle when Thorin stood up. Everyone went quiet and kept their eyes trained on him while he made his way towards you. “Her ankle is severely sprained, but not broken,” Oin began explaining, “I’ve put a bandage around it for support, but she won’t be able to walk on it for a few days I’m afraid.” This was it, you thought. For you, the quest would end here. You couldn’t walk, and if someone had to support you the entire time, you’d become the burden you were trying so hard not to be. “How far is it to the nearest village?” Thorin’s voice rang over the campsite, asking no one in particular. You closed your eyes in defeat. “You mean to leave her behind?” Bilbo asked, eyes wide. There was some protest going around in the camp, mostly from the two princes. Fíli jumped up. “We are not leaving anyone behind!” “Fíli, don’t be foolish,” Thorin snapped. Just like Kíli, he hadn’t missed the looks his nephew gave their female companion. Fíli let his heart take over to reason, a dangerous thing to do. He will understand eventually, Thorin thought. “I will carry her if I must!” “You can not carry her all the way to the Lonely Mountain,” Thorin argued. “Watch me,” Fíli threw back.
Before things could escalate, Bofur spoke up, “I’ll help.” “So will I. We’ll take turns,” Kíli quickly followed his example. “Aye!” To everyone’s surprise Dwalin rose to his full height. You’ve never really interacted much with Dwalin, since he was against you joining the company and you didn’t want to annoy him too much. So him standing up for you now, took you by surprise. 
You had watched the interaction between the dwarves with a small heart. Fíli going against his Uncle, no, his King’s wishes in front of the company was unheard of, and you didn’t want to be the reason behind their falling out. “You really don’t have to do this, I-” “Nonsense,” Fíli interrupted you. “Let’s face it, Y/N, you’re one of us. And we don’t leave one of our own behind. Ever.” He looked at Thorin when he said his last word, challenging him to disagree. But to his surprise his uncle agreed with him, a tiny glint of mirth in his eyes. “So it shall be, everyone will take their turn in carrying Y/N until her ankle is cured.”
You didn’t sleep that night. At all. If it wasn’t the throbbing pain in your ankle that kept you awake, it were your neverending worries about the quest. Whoever was unlucky enough to be on “Y/N-duty”, was going to be a living target. With no free hands, they didn’t have any chance to defend themselves if they were under attack. You couldn’t live with yourself if something were to happen to anyone in the company. Fíli or Kíli in particular. 
You sighed, and your eyes automatically wandered to the two sleeping princes. There was no denying that you liked them both, though each in a different way. Kíli turned into your best friend almost immediately after you met him. He liked to joke around, didn’t take everything that seriously but had your back nonetheless. You’d feel sorry for anyone who would try to harm you, almost certain that Kíli would annihilate them without a second thought.  His brother Fíli was something else entirely. You joked around as well, often together with Kíli, and you knew he would go to the end of Arda for you if he had to and would also gladly destroy anyone who would even consider hurting you. But there was something else. Something you didn’t have with Kíli. Because Kíli didn’t make your cheeks flush when he changed shirts or flexed his muscles. When he rolled up his tunic sleeves and you could see the veins on his forearms your breath didn’t hitch. Your stomach didn’t flip every time he sat next to you or gave you a lopsided smile. But with Fíli, it did... Kíli stirred in his sleep, which pulled you out of your thoughts. The last thing you wanted was someone catching you staring at them. Come on, Y/N, you thought, there’s no time for self discovery. Sleep!
When the dwarves and Bilbo woke up the next morning, you were still sitting half upright against your rock, eyes wide open. Fíli rubbed his face with both hands, trying to get rid of the sleep. His eyes traveled to your figure and he frowned. It didn’t look like you had the best night. He watched you take a plate with breakfast from Ori, smiling politely but wincing when you adjusted your position. He hated to see you in pain. When Thorin announced you would take your leave, he and Kíli made their way towards you. “Ready to go?” he asked. “Well, I wanted to do my morning run before we left but I guess that’ll have to wait now,” you sighed and broke out into a broad smile when you saw his stunned face. “How do you want to do this? Do I still carry that myself?” You pointed to your pack. But Fíli didn’t want to waste any more time, seeing most of the company had already left. He scooped you into his arms like you weighed nothing, and Kíli took your pack. “Already taken care of, mimûna, do not worry,” he smiled. 
Not worrying was easier said than done. Being in his arms meant that you couldn’t possibly be closer to him than you were. You had a really hard time trying to control your heartbeat, convinced Fíli could hear how it practically hammered out of your chest. If he did, he didn’t say anything about it. It was a bit awkward at first too, you didn’t know where to look. Your position allowed you to watch his face the entire time, and as much as you would want to do just that - admiring the depth of his blue eyes, the crinkles around those eyes when he laughed, his jawline and those lips, easy Y/N, get it together! - you couldn’t do that. So you kept your eyes fixed on the ground or on Kíli’s back who was walking right in front of you. 
Fíli didn’t talk much, always looking ahead. Which you thought was odd because before your injury, when you walked with him he barely kept his mouth shut. Did he regret his decision?
“If- If you want to take a break, I could try and see if I can walk for a while?” you tried. He blinked rapidly with his eyes, like you just pulled him out of a daydream, and looked at you questioningly. “You don’t want me to carry you anymore?” “No, I mean… I do! But you know, I might get too heavy after a while, or… I don’t know,” you murmured the last part silently. Fíli scoffed and lifted you above his head before he snuggled you against his chest again. “I can do this all day, mimûna. You worry too much.” You felt the blush rise again. How was it possible that the nickname still had this effect on you after all this time? It took you ages and a lot of threatening before Kíli finally told you what it meant, since you didn’t know any Khuzdûl. Luckily the colouring of your cheeks went unnoticed. 
After a while, the lack of sleep was starting to get to you. Fíli’s warmth combined with the gentle rocking of his footsteps made it very difficult for you to keep your eyes open. You jawned multiple times before you felt yourself slipping away. It didn’t take long before Fíli felt the weight of your head on his chest, eyes closed and your hands still in your lap. He adjusted his hold on you and shifted your body a little, so your neck would be in a better angle. Kíli looked behind him and smirked. “Were you that boring?” He didn’t react, letting his brother have his fun. If he had to admit, he found it oddly comforting to hold you this close, knowing he was the one who was protecting you. The words of his Uncle suddenly came to mind, and his mood changed. For some reason he didn’t look forward to you being in someone else’s arms. 
When the sun was just about set, Thorin made the company halt for the night. He didn’t let them take a break during the day, not even for lunch, so to say everyone was relieved was an understatement. Everyone, except Fíli. If he was honest, he liked to have you in his arms and was rather reluctant to let you go. 
You had only just woken up a few moments before and were still a bit groggy. While you rubbed the sleep out of your eyes, Fíli lowered you gently to the ground and let himself fall down next to you. “Thank you,” you muttered with a small smile and he chuckled. You were too adorable when you were sleepy. “Anytime, mimûna.” “How many times do I have to tell you! I’m taller than you…” you laughed, shoving his arm playfully. “You need to think of a new nickname!” The both of you looked up when Kíli dropped your pack at your feet. “Your luggage, my lady,” he greeted you, doing an exaggerated curtsy. You rolled your eyes. “I’m not calling you a lord, Kee. Forget it.” “Of course not,” he smirked, opening his arms and puffing his chest. “Because I’m a prince!” “Prince or not, you can go and wet this cloth for Y/N’s ankle,” Oin appeared behind him, handing him a large piece of fabric before he turned his attention to you. “Let’s take a look at that ankle of yours, okay lass?”
When he took the bandage of your ankle, you heard Fíli suck in a breath. Your ankle was twice the normal size, a dark almost black bruise going from your foot to halfway up your leg. “Y/N…” Fíli breathed, eyes full of worry. “When Kíli gets back, we can take care of the swelling,” Oin tried to comfort you, although you had the impression he was saying it more for Fíli’s sake than yours. 
By the time Kíli came back with the cloth, you were eating dinner and everyone had come to check on you at least twice. Fíli hadn’t left your side. Their kindness didn’t surprise you - after all they had been nothing but kind to you in the past. But it still warmed your heart. “Took you long enough,” Oin said, taking over the wet cloth. “It took me a while to find a river and I-”, he said, his voice caught in his throat when he saw your ankle. Just like his brother, he looked at you with worried eyes. “And I uhm, I had to find something to carry water back here. When the cloth turns warm, you can cool it down again.” “Good thinking, lad,” Oin complimented him. “You went through all of that trouble for me?” Kíli looked at you, and winked. “Anything for you, Y/N.” He didn’t miss the hard look his brother threw him. 
Oin placed the cold, wet cloth on your ankle and you sighed contentedly. “Feels good?” Fíli asked. You hummed, eyes closed. “Leave it until it turns warm. I’ll come back later to check on you,” Oin instructed, and he went back to the other side of camp to finish his dinner. Kíli sat down next to his brother, and elbowed his side. “Heard that? I made her feel good,” he whispered. The others all looked up when Fíli smacked the back of his brother’s head, chuckling at their antics. “The future pride of Erebor,” Dwalin grumbled, shaking his head. 
The next day it was Kíli’s turn to carry you, much to the barely hidden annoyance of his brother. In his opinion, Kíli was getting a little too comfortable with you in his arms... Fíli was walking at the front of the group again, right behind Dwalin and Thorin. He would much rather have walked at the back with you, but his uncle had insisted he’d stay at his side.  But even from up there he could hear the laughter and the giggles all too clearly. It stung, hearing how you were enjoying yourself at the expense of his brother. He hadn’t been able to spend as much time with you as he would have wanted yesterday, since you were asleep most of the time. It did however give him plenty of time to think about how he felt about you… There was no denying he felt something. He just hadn’t decided what it was exactly. At one moment when he looked behind him to check on you, he saw Kíli tossing you up a bit which made you squeal. “Kíli!” he yelled before he could stop himself. All eyes turned to him, including yours. Fíli scratched the back of his neck. “Just… be careful, alright?” “Don’t worry brother, she’s safe with me,” he said, hugging you closer. “I won’t let her fall.” He only grunted in response, before he turned around and stomped past Thorin and Dwalin, taking the lead. “What?” Kíli grinned when you smacked his chest. “Be nice to your brother.” “Oh trust me, I’m doing him a great favor…”
The following day after Oin rebandaged your ankle - which was getting a little better with the swelling almost gone, the bruise already turning purple at the edges - Fíli walked towards you with the full intention of spending the entire day with you. He grabbed your pack and threw it on his back alongside his own. He’d probably regret that by the end of the day, but he wanted to prove something. “Fee, that’s too much! You can’t carry me and my pack!” you gasped. “That is why Bofur will take over today,” Thorin announced. Bofur was standing next to him, beaming at you. “Uncle, that will not be necessary, I’ve got it,” Fíli insisted. “It’s not open for discussion.” You looked at Fíli apologetically. If you were honest, you preferred to be carried by him - for no particular reason at all - but spending the day with Bofur wouldn’t be that bad either. Fíli didn’t handle it that well though, he went to the others, but not before he made Bofur promise him to be careful with you.
“Alright, lass?” Bofur smiled at you, before he took you in his arms. He wasn’t as bulky as Fíli or Kíli, but he scooped you up with as little effort as they did. He entertained you with stories and songs, teaching you a few of the songs he knew but considering the odd lyrics you suspected he just made them up as he went. Not that you minded, it was very entertaining. You kept an eye on Fíli, but to your disappointment he never checked on you. He kept his gaze straight ahead, talking to Thorin once in a while but unlike yesterday with Kíli, he didn’t turn around every few minutes. Fíli’s odd behavior certainly didn’t improve the following days when you were carried by Dwalin, Gloin and Thorin. Yes… Thorin. Dwalin you could handle… a little. It was a very quiet day but not in an awkward way, he just didn’t talk much and you kept your mouth shut. Unlike the others he didn’t carry you bridal style, but on one arm, which you certainly didn’t mind.  How quiet your day with Dwalin was, the louder it was with Gloin. You hadn’t had a chance to really talk to him before so he took the opportunity with both hands to talk all about his lovely wife and son, Gimli. You didn’t mind really, it took your attention away from Fíli who was still acting weird. 
But then Thorin himself announced he would also take his turn. You almost said you could try and stumble or hop on one leg or something to avoid what surely would be a very, very awkward day, but decided to keep your mouth shut. The thing was, while you were in Thorin’s arms - who seemed almost as uncomfortable as you were - you were also close to Fíli, since he walked next to him. You tried to talk to him a few times, but the only responses you got were grunts, hums or a simple nod. ‘Your’ kind and cheerful Fíli was gone. Instead there was a moody, grumpy person who apparently had decided to avoid or ignore you at best. At one point you looked at Thorin in a silent question, who just shrugged his shoulders. The movement made your feet bump against each other, and you hissed. This seemed to break Fíli’s walls, because worry fell over his face instantly and he asked if you were alright, to which you assured him you were. Thorin apologized, and everything went quiet again. You couldn’t wait for the day to be over. 
You decided to talk to Kíli about it. If anyone would know what was bothering him, it would be his little brother. When you were sitting around the fire, moments before everyone would start getting ready to sleep, you hobbled towards Kíli. Your ankle wasn’t cured yet, but you could lean on your toes a bit without hurting too much. It wasn’t good enough to walk on your own - certainly not for an entire day and at the pace the company held - but it made you a little less dependent on others. Fíli saw you trying to take a few steps. His joy of seeing you up was short-lived when he saw you were making your way towards Kíli. Kíli on the other hand was happy to see you and patted the space next to him. He held your hands for support when you lowered yourself to the ground. “Tell me, to what do I owe your visit?” “Your brother,” you sighed. Kíli quirked an eyebrow. He had expected this moment to come, but not so soon. “Go on,” he urged you. “Do you know what’s bothering him? He’s acting weird…” Kíli gave you a look. “Okay, weirder,” you laughed. “He’s ignoring me and that’s not like him.” He noticed Fíli was watching the both of you like a hawk from the other side of camp, his expression unreadable but he knew better. He decided to have a little fun... Kíli threw his arm around you and pulled you closer, kissing the top of your head. That’s when Fíli lost it. He shot up and murmured something about going for a walk, leaving the campsite. “See? That’s what I mean,” you told him. Kíli just smiled, this was going perfectly! “Don’t worry, Y/N. He gets like that sometimes. Heir stuff, you know.” He rubbed your back soothingly. “He’ll come around.” “I hope you’re right…”
Fíli was pacing through the forest, up and down the same path over and over again in an attempt to keep himself from bursting out. He had been watching you interact with his brother, a strange feeling burning in his chest. This wasn’t just friendship anymore. How he couldn’t see you in another dwarf’s arms, the protectiveness he felt over you, the way you made him feel just by meeting his eyes… There was no use in denying it any longer. He was absolutely smitten by you. You were his One. That feeling he had been fighting against for the past couple of days finally had a name. Jealousy. And right now, he was jealous of his own brother. Kíli had met his burning gaze and he had tried to silently warn his younger brother. But instead of taking some distance from you like Fíli wanted him to, that cheeky little bastard threw his arm around you and pulled you against his side. He even had the nerve to kiss your hair! That was when he couldn’t take it anymore and left the camp. He needed to cool down before he would do or say something he’ll regret later. He slumped against a tree, closing his eyes in defeat. Because the worst thing of all was that you didn’t seem to mind the attention. When he thought about it, you always seemed to gravitate more towards Kíli. His brother could make you laugh like no other, and although he absolutely loved how your laugh traveled over the fields or mountains like the tune of a songbird, he wished he was the one to make you laugh like that. 
He wasn’t going to be the one to stand in the way of your happiness. If you wanted his brother, then he would accept that. Your happiness was his top priority. Even if that meant he was going to be miserable for the rest of his life…
When Fíli returned to the camp, everyone was asleep in their bedrolls. His eyes automatically searched for your sleeping figure. To his surprise you were still up, struggling with the bandage of your ankle. “You need some help?” You were startled by his voice breaking the silence. You’d seen him entering the campsite, but you didn’t expect him to come and talk to you. “I’m just trying to wrap it back up for the night, I didn’t want to bother Oin,” you explained, followed by a frustrated sigh. “But this is a lot harder than I thought.” He sat on the ground in front of you, legs crossed. 
“Allow me,” he smiled. He lifted your foot and placed it in his lap. Without a word he took the bandage out of your hand and started wrapping up your ankle. His calloused hands worked quickly, never hurting you once. His touch was so light you could hardly feel it. And yet every time his fingers touched you, it felt like he burned your skin. Just like that day you were in his arms, you had a hard time keeping yourself together. By the time he was finished, you were a complete mess. 
“Are you alright, mimûna? I didn’t hurt you too much, did I?” Oh no, you did the exact opposite, you thought. You just shook your head, not trusting your voice. The light of the campfire lit up his face, the flames reflecting in his eyes, and you had to remind yourself to keep breathing. In and out, Y/N… in and out. “Look, I need to apologize for my behavior. I wasn’t being fair to you,” Fíli began. He carefully placed your foot back and took both of your hands in his. You swallowed heavily. Was this the moment you had been waiting for? Were you getting the love declaration you so desperately wanted to hear? 
“I let my own feelings take the upper hand,” he said and your heart stopped. This was it… Fíli continued, “I was being selfish. But no more…” You felt yourself getting lighter with each word he spoke, slowly leaning in with your eyes closed for what surely would be the happiest moment of your life. Well… so far of course. “Your happiness is what matters most to me. And if it leads you to my brother, I will not stand in your way.” Wait… what? You opened your eyes again, shocked at his words. “W-what do you mean?” you asked, eyes wide. This was not going like you expected. At all. “I now know who your heart belongs to, Y/N,” he spoke softly, and you could see the hurt in his eyes. “And even though I wish with everything I’ve got that it wasn’t so, I am happy for my brother.”
You looked at him, mouth agape, absolutely stunned. Your laugh boomed over the campsite, waking up some of the company but neither of you noticed, too engrossed in your own conversation. “Now why in Durin’s name would you say that?” Fíli soon matched your stunned expression. One because you had used a Dwarven expression like it was your own, and second because... what? “Because you like my brother…?” “No silly,” you laughed. “I like you!” “You’re not in love with Kíli?” You threw your hands up in exasperation. “No! Where did you even get that idea?”
Someone cleared his throat, and the both of you looked behind you. Kíli stood there with the biggest grin on his face, hands in his pockets. “I might have something to do with that… I may or may not have tried to make you jealous on purpose.” He was obviously very pleased with himself; his little plan had worked so well. Fíli shot up from his place and Kíli took a few steps back. “Hey, hey, don’t look at me like that. You needed a nudge!”
But then Fíli seemed to remember what you said moments before. He turned so fast, his mustache beads smacked against his cheek. “Wait… you like me?” You nodded. A big smile appeared on his face. “Not Kíli? Me?” “Yes! Now will you please come back here so I can kiss you? I’m kind of stuck here,” you smiled, pointing at your ankle. 
Now it was Fíli’s turn to get all red. He hurried back to your side, and lifted you in his arms like he had done a few days before. Only now he wasn’t planning on letting you go ever again. You wrapped your arms around his neck and pressed your forehead against his. “Now how about that kiss,” you whispered. His lips ghosted yours for a second before you lost your patience and tugged at his hair.  It was a sweet and gentle kiss, and he drew away way too soon for your liking. “Always the gentleman,” you sighed, cupping his face and sneaking another short kiss because you couldn’t help yourself. “We have plenty of time, kurduwê,” he laughed. “Kurduwê? That’s new. What happened to mimûna?” “You wanted a new nickname, didn’t you?”
You turned to Kili, who was watching the both of you with a smile. “What does it mean?” “Kurduwê means ‘my heart’,” Fíli answered. “I wasn’t asking you,” you laughed. “But I do like this one better.” You gave him another kiss. Kíli groaned. “Guys, please don’t make me regret this…” The three of you laughed at that, and you promised him you would try to behave yourself. 
The others finally started cheering, letting you know they had heard the whole thing. Congratulations were given and Oin complimented Fíli on his excellent bandaging skills, after he checked your ankle. The company did give Fíli a hard time about his jealousy, and Kíli couldn’t help but contribute. “Oh, and Fíli?” Kíli said to his brother, smacking his shoulder a few times in a brotherly way. “Hmm?” “It’s still my turn to carry Y/N tomorrow.” Permanent taglist: @roosliefje​
A/N: There you go! Please let me know what you think of it with a reblog or a comment, heck, send me an ask or a dm and we’ll talk about this fic! Why don’t we talk about all the possible endings I wrote for this one, before I threw them all out and wrote what you just read?
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guardianofrivendell · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Legolas x OC
Requested: Nope
Summary:  Mira. A short and unusual name for a short and unusual Elf. After an audience with Galadriel goes sideways, she leaves her birthplace Lóthlorien and the Elves for good.  That is until a certain Gandalf asks for a favor. Come along on her journey, as she reluctantly agrees to accompany Gandalf on the quest to destroy the One Ring.  She befriends every Fellowship member, except one. Legolas and Mira are water and fire from the very first moment they laid eyes on each other. Will this be an obstacle during the quest or is it going to make everything just a little more interesting?
Warnings: None, other than this is more of a filler chapter so nothing exciting is happening. Sorry! And the usual bickering :)
After about 6 days they reached Eregion. A decision had to be made on the best way to cross the Misty Mountains, so they took a longer break than usual.
Gandalf and Aragorn were sitting on the rocks smoking their pipe, Sam made a fire and was surely planning to cook something soon and Legolas kept watch. Again.
Merry and Boromir were standing in the middle of the clearance. Boromir had promised the Hobbit a few days ago to teach him how to wield a sword - well, dagger in his case. Mira snorted, the image of Merry trying to wield a human sized sword now in her head. Gandalf gave her a questioning look, but she shook her head. The grey wizard was happy to see her smile more often, and was more than relieved that Mira seemed to have found her place within the fellowship.
“Are you ready?” Boromir asked Merry, swords in their hand. He swallowed heavily, but gave a small nod. “Come on, Merry!” Mira cheered him on.
Merry was the first one to make a move, and Boromir easily parred him. She noticed he didn’t use his full force, going easy on the Hobbit. Boromir had surprised her in the last couple of days, he was kinder than she had given him credit for. He may have doubted her in the beginning of the journey, but it seemed that he finally warmed up to the idea of a woman in the fellowship. They had talked a couple of times while crossing the fields, mostly about his brother. He caught her every time she slipped or tripped over her own feet - which was more often than she would have liked - and he was never disrespectful about it. That’s not what she could say about Legolas, hearing him snort or sigh every time Boromir had to grab her waist or arm to prevent her from smacking to the ground.
Merry did his best, but was no match to the experienced warrior. He ducked when Boromir swung his sword at him, and tried to hit him with his dagger. The only thing he cut was a hole in the air.
Aragorn laughed. “Move your feet, Merry!” It was a welcome distraction, after days and days of endless hiking, crossing the plain fields. But they did have something important to discuss.
“If anyone was to ask for my opinion, which they’re not,” Gimli started, “I’d say we are taking the long way around. We should pass through the Mines of Moria, Gandalf. My cousin Balin will give us a royal welcome!”
“No Gimli, I will not take the road through Moria unless there was no other choice,” Gandalf answered him. Mira released her breath in relief. She hated being underground. Elves get restless when they can’t see the sky, and she was no exception. 
She continued to watch Merry and Boromir, and noticed that the warrior of Gondor wasn’t holding back anymore. Mira suspected it was no longer a training session to him, but more some kind of way to show off his skills.
“Hold on,” she interrupted the fight. Boromir watched her walk to Merry. “What’s wrong, my lady?” he asked. She waved at him. “Nothing, don’t worry. I just want to give Merry some pointers.”
Mira crouched down to Merry’s level and lowered her voice to a whisper so no one else could hear them. Well, Legolas probably could but he was still busy staring at their surroundings. He never let his guard down and although she thought he was taking this far too seriously, she also admired his dedication. Wait a minute… Did she just think something nice about him? “My lady?” Merry asked, interrupting her thoughts. “Right! Sorry,” she laughed. “Merry, he’s not fighting fair anymore. So you won’t do that either. Here’s what you are going to do.” She whispered a few things in his ear, and his eyes went wide at first but a wicked grin followed quickly. She gestured at Pippin to come over and did the same with him.
When she sat back next to Aragorn, he eyed her curiously. “What did you say to them?” Mira shrugged. “Nothing much, just a little something to make the fight fairer.”
Merry got back in position with regained confidence, and gave Mira a wink. She raised her thumb at him.
Everyone was watching the so-called ‘training session’, their discussion about the route they should take completely forgotten. Boromir was a bit hesitant at first, curious about the ‘pointers’ the hooded lady had given his opponent. The fight that followed was nothing like the first few rounds. Merry went full force on Boromir and tried to hit him as many times as he could. Boromir blocked them all with his shield, before he finally raised to his full height and swung his sword at Merry. The Hobbit wasn’t quick enough and the blade hit his arm. Merry cried out in pain and Boromir instantly dropped his shield and sword, making his way over to the Hobbit.
“I’m so sorry,” he gasped, but when he reached Merry, he saw his expression change from a grimace to a full grin.  Before he could do anything, he heard Mira yell: “Now!” and he was thrown to the ground by the two Hobbits.
“For the Shire!” they cried, desperately trying to keep Boromir on the ground. Mira was a bit anxious about the warrior’s reaction, but he took it rather well. More than well, since his laughter could be heard all over the ruïns of Eregion. Most of the fellowship followed his example.
“Aragorn! Help me!” Aragorn put out his pipe and tried to help him to his feet, but soon suffered the same fate. Mira smiled smugly, satisfied that she had succeeded. The confidence of Merry and Pippin got the boost they needed, Boromir had learned his lesson and everyone’s spirits were lifted. “I know what you did,” Gandalf said to her. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Gandalf said something else, but Mira didn’t hear. A sudden uneasy feeling overcame her, and she looked around in an attempt to find the cause.
“What’s that?” Frodo asked, and he went to stand next to Legolas.
Merry and Pippin let go of Boromir and Aragorn, and they all looked at the sky ahead. “It’s just a whiff of cloud,” Gimli grumbles, still angry that Gandalf wouldn’t listen to him.
That is definitely not a cloud, Mira thought. If she wasn’t mistaken, that was Saruman’s Crebain. She couldn’t say anything, and could only hope Legolas would. What good was it that he was the one constantly on watch when he couldn’t see danger when it was right in front of him?
Boromir stood next to her, his eyes on the black ‘cloud’. “It’s moving against the wind,” he noticed. Very clever, Mira thought. Why is it taking them so long?
“Crebain from Dunland!” Legolas yelled, finally realizing what it was.
“Hide!” Mira cried, and grabbed Merry and Pippin by their hand and quickly shoved them under the first protruding rock she saw. It was too small for her, but big enough to hide the two Hobbits. With her vow to protect the Halflings in mind, she looked around for Sam and Frodo but couldn’t spot them anywhere. Hoping they’d found a good hiding spot, she dived between a few skinny bushes. The others could take care of themselves.
Before the Crebain reached them, someone wrapped their arm around her waist and pulled her into a shallow gap in the ground. It was hidden from plain sight because of the overhanging bushes. She yelped in surprise, and a hand covered her mouth.
“Hush! Or do you want them to know we are here?” She rolled her eyes. Of course it was Legolas. She pulled his hand from her mouth and reached for her hood, pulling it even further over her head. To hide her identity, but mostly because she didn’t have to look at him that way.
The crow-like birds flew over them, their horrible squawking noise painful to her ears. Her hands flew over the fabric of her cloak to cover her ears in an attempt to shut out the noise.
She felt her eyes tremble. Not now, she groaned but her vision shifted despite her attempts to suppress it.
The images were clear but changing very fast like they usually did, Mira had to concentrate to keep up with them.
She saw the Crebain in some kind of fiery mine workplace, Saruman, snow, darkness, hundreds of riders on horses, battles and a boat toppling over the edge of a waterfall.
When her vision slowly returned, she felt Legolas’ hands on her shoulder and waist, slightly shaking her.
“Is everything alright?” she heard another voice.
Great, she thought to herself. How am I going to explain this?
She pushed Legolas’ hands off of her and clambered out of the gap, wiping the dust of her legs and arms.
“What happened?” Aragorn asked her. He, Gimli and Boromir stood at the edge of the gap.
“Nothing,” she answered.
“She was not responding to me, her eyes were glazed over,” Legolas said, his cold stare directed at her. It was obvious he didn’t trust her at all.
“Clearly your eyes are failing you, blondie,” she snapped, pointing at her eyes. They had returned to their normal warm brown colour.
“I know what I saw!” he yelled at her.
“This is not the time nor the place to discuss this matter,” Gandalf intervened, coming to her aid.
“What was that, Gandalf?” Sam asked.
“Spies of Saruman! The South Pass is being watched. We must take the Pass of Caradhras,” Gandalf decided.
Everyone gathered their things and started packing for the mountain hike. When Legolas passed Mira, he bumped her shoulder which made her falter. She squinted her eyes at him. “You know,” Gandalf spoke to her. “Kindness does wonders.”
“That goes both ways, Gandalf,” she said, jaw still clenched. “Do I have to tell them about my visions?”
“In due time, my dear. In due time.”
He walked to the others and urged them to follow him. Mira looked towards the snowy mountains and sighed. She hated snow...
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