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galacticlamps · 8 hours ago
there’s a post on here somewhere that says something like true love is being deeply stupid together, right? well unrelatedly, I wrote another two/jamie thing, but warning: there are very few brain cells featured in this fic
“Jamie, am I to understand that, from your perspective, you and I are engaged in some kind of a romantic relationship that I’ve been unaware of?” “What do you mean, ‘unaware of?’”
The Doctor has been given the job of cataloguing the tech salvaged from a crashed ship on an alien world, but he just might get distracted trying to take stock of his own relationship with his companion instead. He and Jamie are usually on the same wavelength, after all, but unfortunately, sometimes that means they both pick the same days to be fools together.
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beelas-bees · 12 hours ago
actually, i think i might need to scan the po3 books since i dont remember alot of the plot points, sadly i lost all my warriors books in hurricane harvey :WaynerSob:
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hissesssss · 20 hours ago
this is a rly great place to just let everything out w/o having to worry abt ppl replying cause i know i wouldn't so u know what i might as well...
i think i might have some type of depression. ive always known ive had some anxiety disorder and recently thought of myself as someone w/ adhd but thats besides the point
the point is everything is happening in my life all of a sudden and none of it is good and honestly i dont wanna get carried away by terrible thoughts but at this point its become a lot harder to do that ya know?
and im not trying to do anything permanent bc im a bit of a coward but i just need somewhere to just let it out. im sad...and frustrated...and very close to giving up on everything and fucking off into ocean and turning into a mermaid or smth cause that sounds so much more enjoyable
idk my head is n o t here but i rly just.....i d k im very blegh rn and everything keeps happening and im not rly happy abt it :/
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tolerateit · 22 hours ago
I’ll give you the sun by jandy nelson !
DNF | added to TBR | ☆☆☆☆☆ | never reading anything like that again | didn't enjoy it | meh | 10/10 would recommend
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nyxqueenofshadows · 22 hours ago
week 3! this one is for the unusual coming out prompt!
@thefebruaryfriday i know this isn't quite what you came to me with, but it's firmly set in that universe!
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hopehufflepuff · 23 hours ago
I should have known that after finding out that Jesper is mixed the same way I am (Zemeni aka Black mother and Kaelish aka Irish father) that anything about his backstory would hit me very hard.
Did not think I’d cry over it though. Yet here I am.
#six of crows#crooked kingdom#jesper fahey#insert that Rosa gif of 'if anything happened to him i'd kill everyone in this room and then myself'#i already felt that way after watching the show but reading the books...#ahhh my heart someone help i didn't think i'd cry but i kinda felt it coming on so i took a break for a second#put some stuff away then picked up the book again and cried a little anyway#ahhhhh#also and maybe i'll go more into this when i make another 5000+ word review of this series like i did shadow and bone#as a mixed person i know we have a lot of privilege in film and tv so reading the books and seeing that Jesper is described as dark#i was like 'i love Kit but maybe this role should have gone to a black person who isn't mixed or at least not as light skinned'#Kit's not light skinned he's medium skinned but he's not dark like jesper was initially described in the books#(we see this all the time when mixed people are cast as fully black characters like Amandla in Rue in the Hunger Games)#(were they a perfect Rue? yes. were they half picked because of colorism and they're not dark? also yes.)#then i found out his father is Kaelish and i was like OOOOHHH he was cast as a mixed actor on PURPOSE! YESSSSSSSSSS#so i'm glad him being mixed is an actual part of his character and not just another example of colorism in hollywood#and that also means i can fiercely identify with Jesper and cry over his mom and dad's beautiful relationship#and on that note if something bad happens to jesper i am now going to riot. i am already spoiled about something horrible#(and a stupid youtube comment even told me the chapter it happens in so thanks for that) but i've heard no spoilers of jesper#I just realized I misgendered Amandla in my earlier tags. they use they/them#I’ll edit those tags once I get home since on my phone it will be too hard
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frogsarebxtches · a day ago
Every time someone tags my Nicky drawings with a variation of “MA! THERE’S A WEIRD FUCKIN CAT OUTSIDE” I loooooose it laughing just know that that is exactly the image I’m trying to convey
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bitchboyjackson · a day ago
What're you reading now?
rn I’m reading white tears/brown scars by ruby hamad and also Malibu rising by Taylor Reid
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bioerin · a day ago
Was tagged by @oddishblossom thank youuu 💖
Rules: post the last picture/GIF of a celebrity/character you have saved and that’s your isolation buddy.
Tumblr media
It is George O'Malley from greys. Yeah I would be totally down to have him as my isolation buddy. Anyway I downloaded his pic just bc my sister was not okay with my sad playlist's image being an onion, so this was the second best option.
Tagging: @frost0wl @readenheim @coldjellyfishsoul
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