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#[NPC] Silver
True Intentions
So, the latest Pokemon Masters event gave me Feelings, and therefore I had to write something for it.
Needless to say, this contains Pokemon Masters event spoilers, verbal/mental abuse, and one reference to physical child abuse.
And in case the “read more” breaks, this is also tagged as a long post.
N stepped into the cave, his heart thudding. He could see the oh-so familiar cloaked figure in the distance, and he swallowed hard. He was not alone, for which he was very grateful, but companionship was not doing much to assist his nerves. 
‘You’re sure about this?’ his companion dubiously asked. In Nate’s opinion, N was making a huge mistake, and it was not yet too late to turn back.
‘Yes. This is the answer I’ve come to. I’m sure,’ N insisted, and Nate held back a sigh. Damn it. ‘...Thank you for coming with me, though.’
‘It’s fine,’ Nate replied. ‘I wouldn’t want you to go and see him alone.’
‘Mmmm,’ N murmured. He knew only too well that Nate had a point. ‘We need to be careful when dealing with a man like… him.’
N had tripped over his words. He was uncertain how to refer to the man they were meeting. “Ghetsis”? “Father”? As much as he wanted to call the man “Father”... it was too soon. Much too soon for that.
‘I’m still a little worried,’ N confessed, after a pregnant pause.
‘Yeah, well no matter what happens, I’m on your side,’ Nate promised.
‘Thank you…’
Any further conversation was cut off,  by a sudden interruption. 
‘N! You’ve come to see me!’ a voice called out. For a moment, N froze; when they entered, Ghetsis had his back to them. His and Nate’s conversation had been in whispers, and he had assumed Ghetsis had not seen them yet. 
He shook himself out of his reverie, his face calm, stoic, as he turned to lock eyes once again with the man he called Father, his abuser.
At least in appearance, Ghetsis had not changed. N sincerely hoped that was the only thing that remained static. Incredibly tall, Ghetsis towered over those he met, and his own son was no exception. He still used a cane. N’s gaze lowered to the gloved hand that held onto it, as his mind helplessly wandered to thoughts of what was hidden beneath the cloak. Was Ghetsis’ health the same? Had it improved? Or perhaps worsened?
That was the most likely scenario; Ghetsis always had a great love of expensive wines, scotches and other such alcoholic drinks, and it had taken its toll on him. Combined with one arm, the nerves permanently damaged by his Hydreigon, Ghetsis was an incredibly unhealthy man. 
N lifted his head, staring his father in the eyes. One was still covered, and the other just as vividly scarlet as he remembered. It was difficult for him to maintain eye contact, but he forced himself to push through it. 
‘I’ve come to let you know my answer,’ N declared. He had taken a quiet, deep breath in before speaking, to ensure his voice would not wobble, nor crack.
His head had been spinning, ever since Ghetsis initially approached him. Wanting to be a father to him again…
Though in order for him to be a father “again”, he had to have been one before. N knew that, deep down. But it was a thought he tried to keep pushed to the back of his mind. 
‘Let’s send out our Pokemon,’ N added, when Ghetsis remained silent, just observing him. 
Zekrom and Kyurem were both released from their Pokeballs, two thirds of the Tao Trio coming eye to eye with one another again for the first time in years. 
‘Well? What’s your answer?’ Ghetsis demanded. Still so impatient. 
‘...I don’t think it’s possible for us to become a true father and son so easily…’ N cautiously replied. His nerves were threatening to spill over, and he grabbed the brim of his cap. Something to focus on, while under his father’s scarlet gaze. ‘But… if you’ve really had a change of heart, and are seriously prepared to face people and Pokemon, then… maybe one day, it will be. That’s why I need you to show me that you have love in your heart -’
Ghetsis, the lower half of his face hidden by his incredibly high collar, clenched his jaw together tightly. How the fuck was he going to do that?
‘- through battle!’
Oh. The former Plasma leader relaxed. That was alright, then.
‘Father!’ The word escaped N’s lips, as he called out to the man before him. Ghetsis’ eyes slid shut.
‘I am grateful you’ve given me this opportunity…’ he started, his voice soft. N’s demeanour changed a little - Ghetsis was accepting what he said? Then maybe, just maybe, he had been telling the truth, after all! If Ghetsis could work on his issues, and treat those around him like human beings, and N himself like one, instead of an extension of Ghetsis, then -
‘Thank you for this chance.’ Ghetsis’ voice pulled N out of his thoughts again. The Plasma leader’s face twisted into a wicked grin, as he leant forward on his cane, a malicious glint in his eye. ‘To capture Zekrom for myself!’
No. No, please, God, no -
‘What?’ N gasped. The words left him winded, as though Ghetsis had struck him with his cane.
And it was a feeling he remembered all too well.
‘Now! Restrain Zekrom!’ Ghetsis commanded, his voice thunderous, as N tried to wrap his head around what was going on.
How could you be so stupid? Of COURSE Ghetsis was going to betray you, it’s what he DOES! the former king mentally chastised. How could he have been taken in so well? How, even now, with years free from Ghetsis’ influence, could he still be so easily manipulated? 
As Ghetsis slammed his cane down on the rocky ground, several unfamiliar figures in black and white masks suddenly leapt out, having been waiting for Ghetsis’ signal. More Pokeballs were flung into the air, as more Pokemon were sent out, between N and Ghetsis. 
Crackles of electricity zapped around Zekrom, the giant legendary held in place. N had frozen up again, feeling helpless, lost for what to do. 
‘Zekrom!’ he cried. 
‘It can’t move,’ Ghetsis said, a sinister chuckle coming forth. ‘I took special measures to use Pokemon that can hold it in place.’
N’s hands clenched into tight fists, shaking. How could I be so stupid? The entire thing had been a scam. Not only had Ghetsis prepared his Hydreigon to counter his team, not only had he made sure the Shadow Triad had Pokemon that could take down Zekrom, he had now done the same thing again on Pasio, to ensure he got what he wanted!
And like a fool, I fell for it, N’s mind traitorously whispered. 
‘What d’you think you’re doing?!’ Nate angrily snapped. He looked as though, if the Pokemon were not there, he would run at Ghetsis and try to physically attack him. 
‘I can’t believe you’d actually do such a thing…’ N’s voice was flat, hollow, belying the deep sense of betrayal that was rooting him on the spot. 
‘Of course I would!’ Ghetsis taunted, cackling. In typical Ghetsis style, he seemed to be relishing rubbing salt into the wound. When he spoke again, his voice was a disdainful sneer, not making the slightest effort to mask his contempt for his own child. ‘I only put on that ridiculous act so that I could get my hands on Zekrom! That is all you’re worth to me! As if we could be a true family! Me? With a freak like you?!’
N’s jaw was clamped tightly shut, only barely managing to contain an outburst of pain at Ghetsis’ words. He had heard that insult too many times.
“He’s nothing more than a freak without a human heart!”
He had lost count of just how many times that word had been wielded like a weapon against him throughout his entire life. Every time he had attempted to talk to his father, particularly about his ability to talk to Pokemon, it had always gone the same way.
And that was no doubt the reason why, as an adult, he was still being called a freak. Because Ghetsis had always refused to believe his claims. 
The fight had left N, and he did not bother to counter his father’s harsh words. But Nate was livid. 
‘How dare you play with N’s feelings like that?!’ he yelled, launching his Pokeball into the air, Braviary bursting from it. ‘I’m going to help N protect Zekrom!’
With an instruction to attack, and N still paralysed, Nate began to battle the Team Break grunts that had gathered under Ghetsis’ command, and easily took them down. As the last opposing Pokemon fell, Ghetsis’ expression twitched, ever so slightly. 
‘...Not bad,’ he conceded. ‘I can feel your anger!’ And it fuelled him.
‘Next is the pair holding down Zekrom!’ Nate declared. The Team Break trainer in question looked concerned as Nate attacked again. 
‘That’s enough.’
A new, commanding voice interjected, as yet another Pokemon appeared. The sleek, yet threatening form of Mewtwo landed between Ghetsis and Team Break, and N and Nate, pushing the latter two back. Mewtwo extended one arm, launching a hard blast of psychic power, taking Braviary down. Trying not to panic, Nate recalled his Pokemon before it could hit the ground, as N gawped at the newcomer.
‘Is… is that…?’ His voice trailed off, his eyes wide in horror when he recognised his father’s ally. 
‘Stay out of my way,’ Giovanni warned, his voice a low snarl. He looked almost exactly as N remembered. He had not seen anything of Team Rocket himself, not even on the news; Ghetsis had done too good a job when Team Rocket were around, of keeping N secluded and ignorant of the outside world. But the boy had heard things from his sisters, and done his own research since escaping Team Plasma. 
This Giovanni did not look too dissimilar to the man he had seen in photos. Perhaps a little older, his face slightly more lined. A few flecks of grey in an otherwise jet black head of hair. But the biggest difference, was the symbol emblazoned on the breast of his jacket. Not a red R, but multicoloured. Reds, yellows, greens and blues, one colour transforming into the other. 
Rainbow Rocket Giovanni rolled up a sleeve. In doing so, he revealed not just the fact that his arm was so heavily tattooed that his skin colour could not be seen, but more importantly, the Mega Bracelet enclosed around his wrist. 
‘Giovanni?’ N questioned, as the man in question approached, coming to a stop beside Mewtwo. ‘W-What are you doing here?’
The realisation that an already bad situation had just gotten worse caused N’s voice to crack. Which in turn made Ghetsis smirk. N was afraid. Good.
‘I just so happened to meet Ghetsis, while recruiting Team Break members,’ Giovanni explained. The apparently leaderless team had been like a gift for him. Already organised, already with their own Pokemon, all they needed was someone to take them under their wing. Someone to guide them.
And who better than Giovanni?
‘He told me all about his plans. And if he’s able to get his hands on your Zekrom, then that works out perfectly for me.’
In just getting him this far, this Ghetsis had already proven himself to be much more useful than the one he had already met and recruited into Rainbow Rocket. But, Giovanni was a smart man. He knew that the Rainbow Rocket Ghetsis had already tried to manipulate him, and was absolutely prepared for the current Ghetsis to try and do the same. Ghetsis no doubt had his own hidden agenda, but he was certainly not the only one. 
‘Yes, so I should thank you for gathering these pawns, and sharing your information with me,’ Ghetsis smirked. ‘I’ll be sure to return the favour. Now, our preparations are complete! I will soon possess a legendary that combines two powers!’
‘No…!’ Nate gasped. 
‘The fusion of Kyurem and Zekrom…’ N murmured, the memories of the exact same thing happening before flying through his mind. 
‘Watch this moment closely!’ Ghetsis cried out, as he approached the trapped Zekrom, Giovanni keeping close behind him. 
‘Zekrom!’ N called.
‘Ghetsis, don’t do it!’ Nate added. He knew too well that there was no way Ghetsis would listen, but without his Pokemon and badly outnumbered, there was not much else he could do. 
‘Kyurem! Absorb Zekrom, use Absofusion!’ Ghetsis ordered, an unhinged, determined grin set upon his face. 
‘Now’s my chance,’ Giovanni quietly said, watching the scene intently. He snapped his fingers. ‘Do it.’
Mewtwo reappeared, floating in the gap between the two other legendaries, facing Kyurem down. 
‘What the -?’ Nate spluttered. N looked similarly taken aback.
‘They stopped them from fusing?’ he questioned, not entirely certain whether he believed what he was seeing. 
‘What do you think you’re doing?’ Ghetsis spat, glowering at Giovanni. He slammed his cane on the ground again. ‘Giovanni!’
‘Well, you see… I too have a plan,’ Giovanni replied. ‘I know how you operate, Ghetsis. Perhaps a little too well, and the way I see it, once you have both of these legendaries under your command, your next move will be to secure more pawns to make use of. And as these Team Break members answer to me, I know that it’d be me you target next.’
Ghetsis remained silent, teeth bared. As Giovanni observed him, he could see that he had been completely right. Granted, it would not have been out of character for Ghetsis to lie, and claim he had nothing of the sort planned, but he surmised Ghetsis would only have done that if he were calmer. And the ex Plasma leader, as he was currently, looked apoplectic with rage. 
Ghetsis’ raging, hateful silence was the only answer Giovanni required.
‘So, I intend to take Kyurem and Zekrom before that can happen!’
‘How cunning,’ Ghetsis hissed. ‘But it’s too little, too late.’
More masked members of Team Break appeared, again, on Ghetsis’ cue, standing beside him, as Giovanni’s eyes widened, just for a second. 
‘You are not the only one who has a talent for convincing people to join you,’ Ghetsis gloated. ‘I am more than capable of that, too! A faction of Team Break is already under my command!’
Oh, shit. This was not what Giovanni had in mind. He knew exactly what Ghetsis was planning, yet the son of a bitch still out-witted him!
Despite his inner panic, the Rainbow Rocket leader’s expression continued to be a smug grin, as though it was all a game they were playing. He would be damned if he was going to let Ghetsis know that he was rattled.
‘I guess I underestimated you after all,’ he admitted. ‘In that case… Mewtwo, get them!’
‘Rise! We must defeat Giovanni!’ Ghetsis roared. 
‘...So they’ve broken their alliance,’ N mused, as more Pokemon were sent out. With the attention mostly taken off Zekrom, N felt he could breathe a little more easily. ‘...I suppose they were never actually allies in the first place… 
‘I want to help Zekrom, but there are way too many Pokemon over there…’ Nate fretted. 
‘Go, Volcarona!’ 
Another new voice entered the fray, as a familiar Volcarona appeared over N’s head, striking the Team Break Pokemon. As they were knocked out, N and Nate spun around on their heels to see the former champion, Alder Castillo, striding forward. He was staring directly at Ghetsis, his expression set into a look of grim determination, with a young redhead behind him. 
‘Alder! Silver!’ Nate greeted, a wave of relief washing through him to have some backup. 
‘I had an unpleasant feeling that something bad would happen,’ Alder stated. The sensation of foreboding had been with him ever since he learnt Ghetsis was back. He knew that N had been ambivalent about forgiving him, and having a proper father and son relationship with the man again. And Alder did not want to completely squash his hopes of that happening. He had been direct with stating that he did not trust Ghetsis, but seeing the look of utter defeat in the young boy’s eyes, Alder had to wonder just what he had missed. That maybe he had not been severe enough. Perhaps he should have explicitly told N not to trust his despicable excuse for a “father”, even for the faintest fraction of a second. ‘I’m glad we made it in time. We took care of the Team Break members at the entrance, but reinforcements are on their way right now! We need to get out of here!’
Silver, the young redhead, was not paying any attention to Alder. Nor was he even paying any attention to Ghetsis. No, his gaze was firmly on Giovanni, and his expression was one of hatred. 
‘Oh?’ Giovanni questioned, glancing over. He was uncertain how to react, so he kept the same usual smug demeanour. This boy was not his Silver, but was a Silver. And clearly things had gone the same way between him and his Giovanni, as they had in the Rainbow Rocket leader’s timeline. 
‘I have more important things to worry about right now, than him,’ Silver declared, without giving one single fuck about the fact that his voice was loud enough for Giovanni to hear. Not that Giovanni seemed bothered. He was used to it from his own Silver. ‘Come on, hurry up!’
Now freed, N turned back to the rest of the group to see Zekrom land before him.
‘I’m so glad you’re okay…’ he murmured, relief sparkling in his eyes.
‘Let’s get out of here,’ Nate urged. 
Sensing that the situation was no longer in their favour, the Team Break grunts who had followed Ghetsis began to retreat, much to his annoyance.
‘Tch… Worthless fools,’ he growled. 
‘Now that a former champion has arrived, I suppose I have no choice but to give up on Zekrom,’ Giovanni decided. For now. ‘Kyurem, on the other hand, will be mine.’
‘I warned you before…’ Ghetsis started, his voice dripping with rage, before suddenly ramping up to a scream, ‘NOT TO UNDERESTIMATE ME!’
The cane struck the ground, as Kyurem roared. Alder winced at the noise, but Giovanni seemed unbothered. A snap of his fingers later, and he was gone, along with Mewtwo. Alder glanced back, seeing N approach, and noticed how the boy looked mentally exhausted. It was no surprise, Alder guessed that N must felt like he had been put through the wringer.
Because he had been. He was about to speak up, to try and reach out to N, when Nate interrupted with another insistence that they should leave. He was right, the less time they spent in the cave, the better. Giovanni might have been gone, but there was still Ghetsis to contend with. 
N stopped before he reached Alder and Nate. And, without breathing a word, he turned his back, and strode over to his father. 
‘...What?’ Ghetsis questioned, a look of annoyed confusion on his face. N refused to clarify, but stayed by his side. 
‘What are you doing? Just leave him!’ Silver irritably told N.
‘Yes, what are you doing?’ Ghetsis agreed, clearly as baffled as his son’s friends. 
‘...I want to save Kyurem, regardless of whose Pokemon it is. Even if that means I have to help you...’ N finally answered, without looking at any of them. Part of him had to wonder what the hell he was doing, siding up with Ghetsis, after how Ghetsis had betrayed him, insulted him, and openly laughed about it. He told himself that he was not doing this for Ghetsis’ sake, or even his own.
This was for Kyurem.
‘...I won’t call you my father, Ghetsis.’ That was fine with the Plasma leader. His skin always crawled when that word left N’s mouth. Disgusting. N turned and looked at him. ‘But if you co-operate, I’ll help you get out of this!’
‘I see. Very well. That’s convenient for me,’ Ghetsis replied. No “thank you”, but of course not. N had never gotten a “please” or a “thank you” from Ghetsis in his life, and he definitely did not expect that to change now. ‘Let’s take him down, N!’
‘N and Ghetsis, standing side by side…’ Nate muttered. The idea left him unsettled. It was wrong. He brought the Pokeball with his unconscious Braviary in it up to his mouth, whispering to it, as he used a revive. ‘Just a little longer, we need to help N…’
‘Hey!’ Silver called out, as Nate and Braviary took off. 
‘It’s too late to stop them. Let’s just make sure that they have a safe escape route,’ Alder told the redhead. 
‘The plan is to hold off Mewtwo until he can’t come after you any more, alright?’ N told his father.
‘Yes,’ Ghetsis crisply agreed.
‘Well, why don’t we put it to the test?’ Giovanni questioned, as he was joined by his own Team Break grunts again, now they had recovered from the previous fight. ‘Let’s see what your little father-son team up can do!’
Nate’s Braviary, and the two other legendaries opposing Giovanni started the battle, fighting ferociously against the Rainbow Rocket leader and his underlings. It was not long until it was just the legendaries against each other, and with Mewtwo outnumbered, it was Giovanni’s team that fell. 
‘...Hmph, I suppose that does surpass my expectations,’ he reluctantly confessed. 
‘After him!’ Ghetsis then commanded. 
‘No! You remember what I said earlier, don’t you?! We’re getting out of here!’ N countered. 
‘What?’ Ghetsis hissed, angry that N spoke back to him. But he could see that this time, N was not going to be moved. ‘Fine.’
‘Too bad,’ Giovanni said to himself, as the others left. ‘This would have been so much easier had you stayed here...’ He glanced to the cave exit. ‘Go after them.’
Giovanni had assumed that it was just him, Mewtwo, and his underlings left. That the others had all left with Ghetsis and N. So he was surprised when he saw himself suddenly face to face with his son.
‘That’s enough. Your plan failed,’ Silver glared. ‘Let them go, or else!’ 
To Giovanni’s surprise, the Pokemon that Silver released was none other than Ho-Oh. 
When did Silver obtain a legendary of his own? Giovanni thought, as Ho-Oh flapped its wings and released a loud cry. 
‘...Change of plans,’ Giovanni decided, recalling Mewtwo. ‘We’re leaving.’
His decision confused his underlings, who had been readying themselves for another fight. 
‘B-But sir…?’ one hesitantly questioned.
‘The more people you command, the harder it is to control them. I think learning that much is enough for today,’ Giovanni replied. He tilted his head, glancing to the side at Silver. ‘Besides… I’m very pleased by what I’ve seen today.’
Silver pulled a face, and blinked. Was Giovanni complimenting him? For standing up to him? Obtaining Ho-Oh? But once the shock quickly wore off, his expression turned back to angry. He was not going to be taken in, be swayed by Giovanni’s words! This man had no idea who Silver was, if he thought a few pretty words could appease him.
It was probably a lie, anyway.
Silver headed outside the cave again, where the rest of the group - unfortunately, still including Ghetsis - were waiting for him.
‘I think they’ve stopped coming after us now,’ Silver declared, without offering any explanation as to why he had stayed behind. None of them needed to know about him challenging Giovanni. Or what Giovanni had said to him. 
‘I see. In that case…’ Alder pointedly looked back at Ghetsis.
‘You want to come after me, now? I can’t allow that to happen,’ he warned. ‘Perhaps we can come to a truce for today. What do you think, N?’
‘...I know that you haven’t changed, at all,’ N said, and Alder was relieved. He had been concerned that siding with Ghetsis to protect him might have caused N to start reconsidering, again. He wanted nothing more than for N to have a father he could be happy with, but as long as his father was Ghetsis, that was just not possible. ‘If you do anything to harm the people or Pokemon here, I will be the first in line to stop you!’
‘I’ll keep that in mind,’ Ghetsis replied, tone thick with sarcasm. Clearly he did not believe N to be a big enough threat to him. ‘Then, farewell.’
‘Wait, Ghetsis!’ Nate then called. Ghetsis paused, not turning back around to face them, but instead peered over his shoulder, to see what Nate wanted. ‘I hate you. I’ll never forget what you did in Unova! But you’re still N’s father! You raised him, and spent all those years together!’
Ghetsis had no idea where Nate was going with his tangent, and neither did N. N’s childhood had been spent cooped up inside one room. A very spacious room, admittedly, but still locked away from the rest of the world, and fed only whatever information Ghetsis deemed worthy of him knowing. As much as N longed for change, he was no longer blind to the horrendous circumstances that stole his childhood. 
So why was Nate bringing it up?
‘Are you really going to say you felt nothing when the two of you were fighting side by side?!’ Nate demanded. ‘It’s not too late to change your ways! Please, at least think about it!’
Oh. N braced himself. He was certain that Ghetsis was going to scoff, laugh hysterically at such a ridiculous notion, and he knew it was going to hurt. 
‘Nate…’ N began. 
‘Ghetsis!’ Nate repeated, when he got no reply. And N’s heart sunk to his stomach, when sure enough, Ghetsis began to chuckle. At last, he turned back properly to face them, and erupted with laughter.
‘You naive fool! Our relationship is nothing more than that between a master and his tools! What happened here changes nothing!’ he barked, before turning his evil scarlet gaze onto N. ‘As long as I can keep using you, I don’t care what you call our relationship! I do whatever I please! I am not your ally, not your friend, and I am certainly not your father!’
In unison, N and Nate both tugged on the brims of their headwear. Nate in embarrassment, and upset for N, and N to try and cover his face. He was attempting to be as expressionless as he could, but the hurt shone in his eyes.
‘How dare you -!’ Silver began, readying to go into a full force rant. 
‘Despicable,’ Alder quickly interjected, unwilling to let the youngster draw too much of Ghetsis’ attention. ‘You’re the one without a heart!’
‘If that’s all,’ Ghetsis sneered, their anger and words bouncing off him. With another - but more sardonic - farewell, Ghetsis was whisked away by Kyurem, leaving them free of him at last.
‘I had a bad feeling this might happen,’ Alder sighed. ‘N, my apologies. I think I should have stopped you before you went to help him.’
‘Don’t apologise,’ N said, to Alder and Nate. ‘It was my decision. Please, don’t be sad on my behalf.’
‘...Nate, are you crying again?’ Silver questioned. He looked embarrassed.
‘You truly have a kind heart,’ N gently told Nate, ‘one that resonates with others. You got angry for the people of Unova, you yelled at Ghetsis for me… and now, you’re even crying for me...’
‘I can’t help it! It’s just all so messed up!’ Nate wept. ‘You’re not asking for anything special! You just want a normal relationship with the man you call your father! It’s not asking for much! Why can’t you have that too?!’
‘Nate… It’s okay.’ It was a lie, but a lie told for N’s own sake as well as Nate’s. Right now, he felt like being strong for his friend distracted him from his own pain. ‘I may not have a father, but I have good friends like you.’
‘N…’ Nate sniffled.
‘Yeah, you can survive without a father,’ Silver chimed in, and N nodded in agreement.
I’m blessed to be surrounded by such kind people and Pokemon. That’s enough for me. I suppose… a father figure was just never meant to be.
...But it was nice to hope for it.
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Tumblr media
//Mama bear being fancy
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Nav'eyha: ‘You’re not better than me’ was my yearbook quote.
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Rinn: Imagine if someone handed you a box full of all the items you have lost throughout your life.
Aethani'el: It would be nice to get my sense of purpose back.
Tolben: Oh wow, my childhood innocence! Thank you for finding this.
Thistle: My will to live! I haven’t seen this in 15 years!
Ander: I knew I lost that potential somewhere!
Nav'eyha: Mental stability, my old friend!
Rinn: Guys, could you lighten up a little?
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A shrill cry of fear pierced the once calm air. The voice was small, young like a child’s, yet it carried far in the cool breeze.
“Someone! Please!” It cried out again. Yet this child, who is clearly afraid of something, was nowhere to be seen. The only indications of their existence are their voice and the rustle of leaves where they were surely running.
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basealeios · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Made some art for a friend of mine, He’s a silver dragon polymorphed as an elf. 
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Sally blinked a few times as she overheard conversation from fellow aquatic crew mates. Her captain? Being a woman? Well, how ridiculous. What a curious subject.
And a very entertaining one to listen in on. The lanky shark took a seat in the galley, a mug of freshly brewed black coffee held gently in both webbed hands as she listened in.
A wide, toothy grin pulled at the corners of her wrinkled jaws. She could hear clear as the night sky’s the chatter between Marx and Mariana.
“Now what makes yae dink she’s picky about a mate?” Came the rather large, bulky angler’s poor attempt at a whisper. To put it simply, her voice was much too deep to ever be quiet. It traveled far and reached many ears no matter how quiet Mariana tried to be. “C’mon! Yae see how big she is. Dere’s gotta be alota men out dere who want her. Bet she attracts all de guys, eh?”
Marx let out an amused chuckle, shook his head and gently pat his friend’s upper arm with his free hand. “Oh, women can be pretty picky in other species. And I know! Women fer us want ta shiniest, brightest and strongest. And so do I.”
“But yaere practically blind. De cap’n’s perfectly capable o’ sight!” Mariana’s voice rose slightly, which was enough to get the attention of the rest of Silver’s crew.
Oh no. Now everyone who’s awake is listening in on this intently. Lazarus and the silent hawk-folk both silently snickered. They, and Sally, understood fully who the two fish were talking about. And it was hilarious. Oh, they’re so lucky that Silver’s on the other end of the ship, enjoying the stars. They’d be in a lot of trouble otherwise.
“She be real big, yeah,” Marx shrugged. “We can at least agree that, from her gut, she’s definitely a real good choice. But we ain’t never seen her accept anyone!” The blue and red Betta placed both elbows on the tiny table, hands flared out in mimic of the ever frustrated fish he had seen before flirting with their captain. “Obviously picky! No way she’s gonna take a buncha tiny mates who can’t defend themselves, er, no offense, Mariana.”
“None taken. We like big families and don’t go by looks,” Mariana shrugged “, and ye like strong pretty men. Well, yaer women do. Yae’re a weird little man.” The Angler nudged her tiny friend with her rough knuckles. Gentle, of course, but her brute strength always managed to make a nudge look like a hard shove.
Poor Marx, being the smallest of the crew hired by John Silver, had to grab onto his large friend’s bumpy forearm with both hands in order to keep from falling. He let out a chuckle and attempted to shove her back. He barely managed to move her arm.
“How much ya willin’ ta bet our dear ol’ captain’s got her eyes on someone off in ta stars?”
Mariana’s large, clouded eyes widened as she gave a toothy smile at the potential bet. “Dree shillings on if it’s some poor scrawny lad. One shilling on it bein’ a lass.”
“Hah! I’m willin’ ta bet double — no, triple it ain’t nobody and she’s just too damn picky.” The tiny fish-man slammed a fist on the table, smile even wider than before in a playful manner.
“Oh, yae’re on, shrimp.”
Oh, this was going to be very fun to keep track of. Sally and the rest were already very eager to see how this will all turn out.
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So, Silver looks like a lady to you, Marx?
Aaaand there goes Marx. He’s looking quite puzzled by this ask from the random messenger. “Is Ms. Silver not a woman?”
Meanwhile, down in the galley, John Silver gets the sudden feeling that someone’s talking about him. It was enough to give the cyborg a pause before he returned to what he was doing.
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🗡 With one or multiple stab wounds [ I'll let you decide the unlucky bastard :3 ]
//Two unlucky bastards, since they both get into these sorts of situations
{ John Silver }
For once the cyborg wasn’t in any of his usual locations. Instead, he was sitting in the hammock that he has put up some time ago for those nights when he slept. Mariana was with him, her hideous head level with his as she sat on the floor behind him. The brute of an angler carefully removed his coat and shirt, both of which stained a deep crimson from fresh wounds.
John Silver has slipped up. Still playing a part in his own scheme, he had been fighting off brutes, when no one was looking, to protect the ship. And from the look of it, they managed to get some pretty good hits on him. He’s lucky to have naturally thick skin, otherwise he would have been a goner. None the less, it still hurt like a bitch! The cyborg flinched and winced as Marian began to tend to the wounds which littered his chest, back, and his good arm.
“Careful!” He growled through clenched teeth, not at all noticing the captain who stood in the door. He was a little too focused on trying to not scream every time the brute touched an open wound. He really should have asked Lazarus or even Marx. At least those two could see.
{ Nicholas }
Nicholas, on pure instinct, had dragged his bloodied self all the way to Taryn’s house and harshly knocked on the door. That was the last thing he did before collapsing to the ground with a loud THUD!
In his current state, thanks to the season, he would be too big to fit through the door anyway. The shapeshifter was nothing more than a very large mass of white fur, with dots of the bony structure that made up his horns and back spikes. There is a fresh wound right in the middle of the burn scar on his back. It looked pretty bad, but appeared to be the only open wound.
And it wasn’t healing as fast as it should.
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silverderp098 · 6 months ago
Grian: I think he should go to a psychiatrist nut I think that psychiatrist should go to a psychiatrist you know?
Tumblr media
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||Small talk with NPC||
Tumblr media
“You...want me to do what now?”
“Are you deaf or something? I said add me to your roster! You’ve added the other demons that lingers in that human mind of yours so why not me!? I’m just as interesting as they are!!”
Tumblr media
“Well, rude. I’m not deaf Megan and I did hear you. However, adding you will just make things a little weird....You’re trying to do insane things and as I heard kill others so what makes you think I’m going to-”
“Add me or else I’ll start thinking of doing things to you instead!”
Tumblr media
“Oh come on! You can’t hurt me because I run the blog. So, why don’t you calm down and-Wait, what are you doing with that?”
“I guess I’ll find a way to have you add me. No matter what Peahen mom.” *glaring at her*
Tumblr media
“Force me? How in the world can you.....Wait, what are you doing? N..Now now, Megan lets not be rash here. I’m sure we can talk this o-
Tumblr media
~Connection Error: Please stand by~
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darkestaken · 7 months ago
( HOVER ) hovering their lips over mine’s.
SEDUCTION. // @baracaffe​
Tumblr media
“ Ah ... ”
Well, that was ... That was quite something, wasn’t it ? This was quite ... Intimate. Powerful, even. Intense.
It made her feel something, she ... She wasn’t sure what. But what she knew, is that it wasn’t ... This wasn’t bothering her at all.
So instead, she places her hand on is, the one holding her face, and she closes her eyes. 
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Tumblr media
“I may be blind, but I can still tell when I’m bein’ stared at.”
Tumblr media
“Aeveryone, meet my right hand gal, Sally. Don’ ask me why she got all those plants ‘n’ things. Ask her ‘bout them.”
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💘 - A Love Interest [ John Silver ] 🍀 - Someone Lucky [ Nicholas ] 🐶 - A Pet [ Benedict Uno ]
{ Love Interest - John Silver }
How long had it been since John Silver left his old life to go on and live his dream as a space pirate? Quite a long time, actually. Even now as he wandered down a crowded street in search fo a store where he can stock up on some ingredients, he never expected to see any familiar faces. It really should not be possible to meet anyone he knew in the past. He is, after all, a pirate. Never sticking to one place. Always looking for more unsuspecting captains and their crew to join their ranks and later steal all of their treasure. Always on the run. Erasing his tracts so the authorities can never catch him. A life filled with nothing but adventure at every corner. The dream life! So you can imagine the shock Silver felt when he saw a certain individual.
Tumblr media
Slack jawed and wide eyed, the cyborg practically ducked into the nearest alley upon seeing his ex. A tall individual with a strong build and dark features. It was impossible for anyone to tell if they were a man or a woman, but he knew exactly who they are. The pain from when he last saw his love, although decades old, was still fresh in his mind like it had happened only a few days ago. A man after his own heart. 
Fear at the thought that his ex could possibly make an attempt to win him back plagued his features and he immediately hid. Not again. He wasn’t going to let the fellow adventurer break his heart again. Even if he did so desperately want to get back together, the cyborg was not going to take that risk.
{ Someone Lucky - Nicholas }
Tumblr media
Nicholas’ ears perked up, one swiveled forward while the other pressed against the side of his skull. The sound of footsteps shuffling through freshly fallen pines and newly growing grass could be heard before those heavy boots landed on cracked tile. The shapeshifter took a small sniff at the air then removed himself from the counter he was currently working at. A single hand rested upon the cold metal surface as he craned his neck to look up at his guest. A white haired man with tired brown eyes. He looked much too old for his youthful age in the early twenties. He looked much like the red-head who sometimes came by to get her wounds patched up after every job.
“Ah, Mr. Goldburg. It is a pleasure te see ye again. ‘Ave ye come te ‘ave yer arm checked up on, or did ye break it again?” 
The limb in question was completely mechanical and surely causing the shoulder its connected to to ache in this cold air. The shining silver had seen better days, surely, yet was clearly well taken care for. In perfect proportion to the seven feet tall tall man, it could have easily passed for a real arm with some prosthetic skin, except for one detail. The digits were designed to look more like a cat’s complete with leather padding on the palms and retractable claws. It could easily switch between human and feline structure, but was instead kept in a wonderful mixed state between the two. 
“Just a check up, sir. And an excuse to get away from my family.” The man shrugged, speaking in a well practiced Californian accent to hide where he and his family are really from. 
“Rebecca or yer brother?”
“Brother... Talkin’ to his birds again.”
The answer got an amused smile from the shapeshifter as he took the mechanical hand and began to examine it. “Clicking and shrieking like an owl, huh? Fer a human he has quite the vocals. But ye are the lucky one. Y do not seem te get hurt as much as yer siblings do. Then again, I do not know wot ye do these days. Must be nice.”
The white haired man shrugged, a wide knowing grin upon his lips. “Oh hell yeah. Gettin’ with all the men and women I could ever want. Too bad they can’t last longer than a night.” And right on cue, Nicholas turned the hand over to reveal fresh blood stuck underneath razor-sharp claws. So it would seem he gets really close to his targets for each job. 
“Bloody hell.” That was all Nicholas could say as he finally connected the dots between the man’s words and the signs of a recent kill. 
{ A Pet - Benedict Uno/Father }
Tumblr media
“Har har har. Very funny. You thought I ever had a pet? Nah, never had one. Good try though.”
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