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#[:: V  ━━━☆ Breath of the Moon: K N Y ☆━━━
o--yasumi · 4 days ago
@upperthird​ Cont.
Tumblr media
--- Her smile warms a bit more once he faced her, despite the initial fang bared response. What’s more is that he hadn’t shooed her away either, leaving the assumption she was welcome to her curiousities.        “Ne, Akaza-san. May i see your hand for a moment?” Amai asked as she offered her own, palm up and welcoming
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o--yasumi · a month ago
👻 …someone my muse considers a best friend.
Tumblr media
“Well. .  Kirumi of course.” She chuckles, scritching the feathered head of her puffed up companion-- he looks proud-- “ But i suppose Sanemi-san and Hekima have become my closest friends since i became a slayer..”
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o--yasumi · 2 months ago
i’ve been in a barrel for an hour. i fell asleep in there!
Tumblr media
Using a finger she lightly tilts the entirety of the barrel.      “Are. . you stuck?”
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shipmistress9 · a month ago
D E F G H I J K L M N O P, Q R S T U V, W X Y and Z 😇😉. I sung the alphabet while writing this as well 😂. You don’t have to answer all of them though, just pick which ones you want 😊.
D - A pairing you wish you liked but just can’t.
My fandom life would be easier if I liked Heathstrid at least a little bit... But I can’t and I don’t really want to, either...
E - Have you added anything cracky/hilarious to your fandom? If so, what?
The oneshots Spin The Bottle and Pick Me Up.
F - What’s the longest you’ve ever been in a fandom?
Given that I only learned about the existence of fandom as a concept in late 2016, the longest I’ve ever been in a fandom is roughly 4,5 years.
G - Have you ever had an OTP? If so, do you remember your first one? Who was in it?
Many! Currently it’s Hiccstrid and Hicretstrid. And maybe a little Zelink. But thinking back, I think my very first OTP was when I was around five years old. From the Captain Tsubasa anime series, Tsubasa and... I don’t even know her name... 🤣 There was this girl who always cheered him on and was his no.1 fan. ANd in hindsight, I think I also shipped Tsubasa... with nearly all other players, mainly, Taro Misaki, Jun Misugi, and Kojiro Hyuga. 🤣
H - What is your favorite source text for fandom stuff (e.g., TV shows, movies, books, anime, Western animation, etc.)?
TV-shows, mostly. I prefer the visuals over books and I prefer the slower development over those in movies.
I - Has Tumblr caused you to stop liking any fandoms, if so, which and why?
Not caused me to stop liking them. But in some cases (ATLA and TDP, to name two) it raised my expectations so high that, when I finally got to dip into them, I was rather underwhelmed. It also didn’t help that I already knew the ending and some major plot points. If there’s one sure way to dampen my excitement it’s spoilers.
J - Name a fandom you didn’t think about until you saw it all over Tumblr. (You don’t have to care about it or follow it; it just has to be something that Tumblr made you aware of.)
Supernatural. Pretty much all other fandoms I dip into occasionally, I knew at least a little before. But literally everything I know about Supernatural is from seeing posts here. 🤣
K - What character has your favorite development arc/the best development arc?
I can’t think of an individual character right now, but in general an arc I like is someone (re-)learning to trust.
L - Say something genuinely nice about a character who isn’t one of your faves. (Characters you’re neutral about are fair game, as are characters you merely dislike. Characters that you absolutely loathe with the fire of ten thousand suns are exempt, as there is no point in giving yourself an aneurysm over a character that you hate.)
Snotlout has a great relationship with his dragon. Valka, too. Gobber and the twins are always fun, in their own ways.
M - Name a character that you’d like to have for a friend.
Already answered before.
Hmm... First, I wanted to say Astrid. And I'd enjoy having her as a friend, as someone to challenges me to be more active, to work on my skills and someone to talk.
But I think, I'd enjoy being friends with Hiccup, too. I'd like to brainstorm ideas, ponder over inventions and exchange ideas. Geek out about dragons!
N - Name three things you wish you saw more or in your main fandom (or a fandom of choice).
Acceptance, respect, and some common sense. But that’s not just fandom...
O - Choose a song at random. Which ship or character does it remind you of?
My very long list of favoured songs randomly gave me 9 Crimes by Damien Rice. There once was an absolutly stunning AMV with this song about the TV-show The Legend Of The Seeker, The Sword Of Truth (based on the books by Terry Goodkind). I was deeply in love with Richard’s and Kahlan’s relationship, and with Cara on a general level. That AMV featured them all, and I loved it!
P - Invent a random AU for any fandom (we always need more ideas).
Oh, oh, oh, oh! I just thought about this modern meet-cute AU for Hiccstrid a few days back, might as well write it down here. (And will also copy it over into an individual post, I think...)
Hiccup is a single father of a three-years-old daughter. One day, he meets Astrid in a supermarket; she’s in front of him at the check-out and when he hears her voice, he’s stunned. Because he knows her voice, hears it every day. Because she lend her voice to one of these talking toys for toddlers.His daughter’s favourite toy.
Hiccup always liked that toy best, too, because it didn’t sound as annoying as most others. Pleasant even. When he sees and hears Astrid, he recognises her voice in an instant. He jokingly thanks her for making his days more bearable. She’s confused, who is this weirdo? So he tries to explain. “The toy. My daughter’s toy. It’s your voice. A pleasant voice. I listen to it every day.” He keeps getting weirder, stammers, turns red like a tomato, until he eventually just flees, wishing a hole would open up to swallow him, that was so embarrassing.
Meanwhile, Astrid is touched. Knowing that there is at least one little girl who likes the toy she helped create. And her father, apparently. Who had been cute. In how shy he’d been. And how excited. She’s sorry he left before she was able to talk to him and thank him.
Over the next days, Hiccup would think of her a lot. Every time he hears her voice again, he’d think of her. Her face. Her smile. Until they, eventually, meet again... ^^
Q - A fandom you’ve abandoned and why.
Answered before
None, really. There are several fandoms I grew out of, like Sailor Moon or Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne. But I wouldn't say I abandoned them. I still enjoy seeing content about them.
R - Which friendship/platonic relationship is your favorite in fandom?
Those of the rider with their dragons. Hiccup&Toothless. Astrid&Stormfly.
S - Show us an example of your personal headcanon (prompts optional but encouraged)
Pretty much all of my headcanons are about Hiccstrid in one way or combination. One of my personal favourites is that Astrid has a tiny birthmark on the back of her neck. She doesn’t even know it’s there, she can’t see it and it’s almost always covered by her hair anyway. But Hiccup knows it’s there. And he loves to place a kiss on it. It tickles and would always make her giggle. And she smells so nice.
T - Do you have any hard and fast headcanons that you will die defending?
*snorts* No. If there are people who don’t share my headcanons, then... they don’t have to? I can live and be friends with people regardless of whether we share the same headcanons or not. And if people keep attacking me for mine, I’ll just block them and walk away. Arguing about something like that is not worth my time.
U - Three favorite characters from three different fandoms, and why they’re your favorites.
Astrid. HTTYD.
I really have difficulties thinking of favourites from any other fandoms here! xD
Princess Zelda from Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Kaladin Stormblessed from the Stormlight Archives.
I might have a type here. Brave, strong, not always easy to deal with. Fiercely loyal. Stubborn. Proud. Honourable. that’s all three of them. ^^
V - Which character do you relate to most?
Same answer as the above, mostly. I think I already wrote a long answer to a similar question once. 🤔 I relate to Astrid in many ways. Loyal and reliable, not always easy to approach, often prefers to deal with her problems on her own instead of asking for help.
W - A trope which you are virtually certain to hate in any fandom.
Anything jealously, especially it being portrayed as a sign of love or dedication. But also love triangles. Unnecessary.
Another thing I don’t like is when there’s a misunderstanding and they argue about it and get angry and yell and have a huge falling-out... when it all just boils down to them not listening.
X - A trope which you are almost certain to love in any fandom.
Answered before.
Forbidden Romance. In any form. I just love the angsty tension it brings without the characters fighting or arguing about misunderstandings.
Y - What are your secondhand fandoms (i.e., fandoms you aren’t in personally but are tangentially familiar with because your friends/people on your dash are in them)?
Supernatural, ATLA, TDP, MCU.
Z - Just ramble about something fan-related, go go go! (Prompts optional but encouraged.)
With all the critical thinking that’s encouraged in fandom culture, I wish more people would remember Ratatouille and this quote by Anton Ego.
“In many ways, the work of a critic is easy. We risk very little, yet enjoy a position over those who offer up their work and their selves to our judgment. We thrive on negative criticism, which is fun to write and to read. But the bitter truth we critics must face, is that in the grand scheme of things, the average piece of junk is probably more meaningful than our criticism designating it so.”
-- Anton Ego (Ratatouille)
Or at least respect it. It’s called entertainment and not lecture about every little detail that is wrong with other people’s opinions. I get why it’s important to look deeper and question meanings and intentions, I really do. But sometimes, I’d prefer to at least occasionally just enjoy something without getting lectured by others for it.
Thank you! 😘💜
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unkahii · 2 months ago
kintsukuroi ; three
⌲ a Kageyama Tobio x f! Reader Soulmate! au | multi-chapter series
«««   a red thread, which can only be seen when one closes their eyes, joins you to your soulmate   »»»
word count: 3.1 k  | warning: language   repost [edited]
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
⌗  chapter two | mlist | chapter 4
Tumblr media
⌲ You’re nothing but a tired college student, with a bit of a knack for painting. Thanks to Hitoka Yachi’s insistence, you end up at a div. 1 v-league match one fine day and due to fate’s strange workings, discover your pro-volleyball player, emotionally toddler of a soulmate. Although, you might always end up coming second to volleyball for Tobio Kageyama, Schweiden Adlers, number 20, fortunately or unfortunately, you cannot tell, you’re stuck with him forever.
And he is stuck with you forever too
Tumblr media
There’s the familiar faint creaking noise followed by the door closing shut behind him. Next, Akaashi meets your gaze and nods imperceptibly (a soundless ‘all the best’).  You can only gulp—an attempt to swallow the jitters that are creeping up your throat from your chest. Your heart has already started fluttering too fast; god knows what will happen to it when finally you encounter him. Akaashi chooses not to force you into speaking and lets you have the space just like the wise old guy he is. So, silently, you climb down the stairs of the building, Akaashi leading and you trailing behind in his wake.
Your heart seemed to stop beating for one split second upon hearing the words that had just arrived from the other side. The static once more stretched out through the silence. Inside your head, all thoughts had been replaced by a blank fog; suddenly, you simply had zero clues about what to say and how to respond.
Speak, Akaashi mouthed urgently. You shot him a panic-stricken, what-the-hell-should-i-do kind of look, but he just glowered at you sharply, urging you to open up your mouth at least. Taking in a deep breath, you spoke—
Once again the silence filled with the static. No reply arrived from the other side. You could almost hear Kageyama’s loudly beating heart across the phone; the lack of an immediate response pronounced the fact that he was no less at a loss of words than you, maybe more.
“Uh, you see, L/n-san, I guess there’s something...that I kind of need to...tell you,” he said, “this must be too sudden...ugh, this is weird, I hope I don’t creep you out.” Very obviously, this guy was nervous as hell. Hearing his stuttering, you gained a sudden spurt of confidence and surety. The blank inside your head cleared, even if a little.
“Speak up, Kageyama-san. I am sure I know what you want to say.”
“Y-You know? What’s that supposed to mean?” he blurted confusedly.
“It’s supposed to mean, what it’s supposed to mean,” you added, albeit coolly. “Now go on.”
Heavens knew if you were being too cold. But the moment you ended up doubting your approach to this conversation, the thoughts of your tortured emotions made a return. How you had hoped he would come to you sooner, seeing that he knew (and now it was being confirmed too...Akaashi could eat his words, you hadn’t misread a single fucking thing) you were his soulmate. He had seen the string, but chosen not to make a single move, ignore you and maintain an ugly radio silence for the last two days. What did that even mean?! People danced with joy, threw parties and phoned every acquaintance in existence once they discovered their soulmate, but this guy didn’t acknowledge your entire existence till now. Was it because his busy pro-volleyball schedule prevented him from gathering the time to even contact you for once?
 Was it because he simply didn’t care?
Your heart dropped at this thought again. On the other side, Kageyama said, “look, I don’t know where you are getting at exactly, but this is something important I guess...”
‘important’? The word struck across your heart. Then, did I seriously overthink this thing...there was nothing to be upset over? He has a life too.
Am I overreacting then?
Am I being too petty?
Too dramatic?
“L/n-san, I think...there’s a chance we might be soulmates.”
Am I taking the right way about it?
 Outside the window of the train the buildings speed on, the stars hanging in the inky sky shift one by one, as if they wave at you, wishing you good luck. Something about this makes you smile shakily at your own reflection on the window. Your head has again gone into overdrive, one thought after the other rushing in like tidal waves at full moon. Thoughts, worries, questions and doubts. What you should do, what you should not. What would ensure the best outcome?
Your heart does race faster, almost matching the pace of the train. It’s due to excitement, you can tell. You’re finally going to stand face to face with your soulmate. The prospect of so many good things happening makes you grin giddily in the most school-girlish fashion.
But as there is possibility of things going fine, there is also the possibility of things getting severely messed up.
Like they are now.
The more you think, greater is the pace picked up by this oscillation of emotions. Your heart drops at the thought of how your last two days have gone. How deliberately, he decided to ignore you in the volleyball arena, despite coming to learn of your being his soulmate. His apparent lack of external emotions in the matter scares you and depresses you at the same time. So much can go wrong, in so many ways. Why he stayed silent, you still don’t know. Over the phone, you didn’t raise the topic. However, your mannerisms made the matter quite clear that you are not very happy with whatever the situation has come to be.
(Although at the back of your mind you worry if it was too much, if you should have held back and whether it can lead to the relationship that has not even established itself properly being stained with bitterness right at the start. He already doesn’t seem to care, anyways)
But then you think how ignoring your own feelings might lead to even worse results in the long run. Like a torturous cycle this thought pattern doesn’t stop from recurring inside your mind, over and over and over, till you feel exhausted. By the time, the train comes to a halt at your destination station, you feel too tired to even think anymore. Let whatever happens, happen, you say to yourself, as you step out into the night air of Tokyo. The breeze from the sea whips across your face the moment you emerge outside and you shiver a little, both from the slight chill and anticipation.
It’s time.
But you wish for time to move slower, while it really doesn’t and seems to have sped up instead. The walk to your assigned meeting spot takes only a few minutes at most. It's incredibly quiet for night time Tokyo's standards. A prettily tiled space, with aesthetic lighting waits for you up ahead; the shopping complex to which it forms the entrance, is in preparation of closing down for the day. So the hum and hustle is low in the air. Carefully, you scan the few benches that dot the scenery, while inside your chest, your heart gallops too fast. 
And then you spot him. 
For a second you feel as if your lungs have forgotten how to breathe. Your insides seem to freeze up as perhaps does the time. Every single muscle in your body refuses to move—you just stand there, and stare. The centre parted black hair, the volleyball athlete's build, the terse expression and most importantly, the blue eyes that surprisingly shine out even from this distance (as it had done that day). A few split seconds pass, and then you finally find back the will of your muscles. Even with your heart beating in a frantic tattoo inside your chest, you clear your throat somewhat loudly. 
His gaze as a result shoots towards you from the empty air up ahead. 
 The same thing that you experienced just a moment ago, happens to him now. At the end, this is the same old soulmate shit. It has been described countless times in fiction and for this once, fantasy and reality do not occupy separate zones demarcated by boundaries. His eyes widen, his frame freezes up, seemingly devoid of any kind of movement. Not even a tiny twitch of any muscle. Your heart still races, but you are hyper aware of your breathing— strained and heavy as hell. The first one to break the silence happens to be you. 
He jerks awake at the sound, and looks around at you, startled like a deer in headlights. Awkwardly, he stands up from his seat on the bench and breathes out restlessly, 
"Kageyama Tobio" 
The awkwardness in the air is the elephant in the room here, it pans out in the space that separates you from him like a sticky something. You stare at him, then gulp. He looks at you, eyes wide and mouth slightly agape, and continues his own silence. No one speaks. Your heart sprints so fast that you fear it might jump out of your throat. Thoughts don't make sense, words don't form on your tongue. Oh god, what on earth should I even say? What does one say to their soulmate when meeting them for the first time. 
Soulmate, right. 
Yours seems to be on the more awkward side of the social skills spectrum.
"So, Kageyama-san, this is L/n Y/n, your prospective soulmate," you say finally. "Er, nice to meet you." 
"I-" he begins, only to shut his mouth clumsily, apparently clueless about how to continue the conversation. And next, he scowls faintly. You watch curiously, with your lips pursed to prevent either judgment or laughter from coming out, as he shifts his weight from one foot to the other and shoves his hands deep into his jacket's pockets. His eyes stay turned away from you and face the tiled floor instead. 
This guy is hopeless. 
"Umm...L/n-san, it's about that soulmate thing. Ugh, I said that over the phone, right? We need some sort of confirmation-" 
"You decide to tell me that two days after you saw the string and chose to keep me hanging on the fence like that all this time," you fire at him impetuously, although your voice remains icy cold. "Care to explain why?" 
His scowl deepens and his face now shoots up, the first hints of annoyance playing across his visage. "What? Is that why you're mad? Because I didn't talk to you immediately?" Disbelief. As if ignoring your soulmate upon finding them is the most normal thing to do. 
"I needed time," he announces bluntly, with no remorse or guilt whatsoever in his voice. "Besides, I have a busy schedule, you must understand that." 
"You knew that I knew this too then?" 
"I saw you looking at me during the match. And uh…. your expression was funny. A lot of people look, but there was something...weird- is that the right word- about the way you stared," he elaborates. "And then there was the...uh, string. So, it sort of added up." 
"Then why did you not contact me earlier." 
"I was busy. And things like these need time to process." 
He states them just like facts, and suddenly you feel really stupid about yourself, wondering if it really was too dramatic of you to react like this. After all, everyone has different ways of dealing with situations, sometimes drastically different from each other. 
But then again…
It will be a lie if you say that you are not pissed off at all. Shutting up right now will only imply invalidating your own feelings, which you don't want to, no matter how prickly the other route may be. It's better than living with the itch of not being able to be yourself freely. 
(For you do know where it will lead you. A rotten seed never blossoms, let alone germinate to a healthy tree) 
"Didn't you think about my feelings in all this?" you say. "What I felt like? I thought you simply do not care about whether I am your soulmate or not! Maybe you don't too...I don't really know. I get you're busy and all with your pro-volleyball career and that you needed time to process things...but just reaching out for once and letting me know that you actually might give a fuck about this entire that too troublesome? How much time does saying 'i think we're soulmates' take?! This is not just about you, don't forget that." 
I am stuck with you for the rest of my life. 
The frown on his face melts away, and surprise and shock instead crawl up and settle down. The wind from the sea cards through your tresses and ruffles up his dark black hairs. Manifestly, years of volleyball has conditioned his body to look like a Greek god— he's tall, well built, and if you take away the frown the mars his expression almost perpetually, he is handsome too. But in the baffled stare with which he fixes you, there's an unmistakable cluelessness, as if he had never imagined that your feelings might be hurt at the end. Although it still does irk you, you feel sort of bad for the guy too. He looks like the type that has zero ideas about how to navigate through the complicated waters of social relationships. 
"You are mad because I didn't...well, because I didn't talk to you after the match?" You maintain your silence, he seems visibly shaken. "Or are you hurt because i... didn't reach out earlier?" 
More silence. 
"I'm not really the best person when it comes to social things, especially not these things...soulmates and all. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings obviously." 
Your bearing softens. He genuinely seems at a loss of words. 
Lights dance in the blue of his eyes. Questions and doubts do quiver there. Images of your own pathetically hopeless self, reels into your mind one after the other: the tightness in your chest as you lied to Yachi, telling her you were fine, your own puffy red eyes that stared out of your bathroom's mirror into your face, the endless flurry of worries and anxious thoughts that kept crawling back into your mind in between classes, and Tobio Kageyama's gaze meeting yours, awareness of the truth evident there, before looking away and never looking back, no matter how strongly you wished he did. The question is not about whether one finds the time or not, is ready to confront the issue head on or's the question of acknowledgement: whether they acknowledge you of being their soulmate, the one connected with them with a red string, their so-called true love, the one with whom they’re stuck for their entire life. 
Can you even reject your soulmate? 
"Kageyama-san, not to be rude or anything," you begin, "but after you didn't respond that day, I wondered if you do care about having a soulmate or not. I know, the system teaches you to never take this bond lightly, but still…" 
You raise your eyes and they lock with his. All emotions that were stewing inside you painfully, pour out. You don't hold back either. This time, let's be honest from the start. 
"You do care about this soulmate thing right? Or do you think it'll get in the way of your volleyball career so it's better to not get involved? Please be honest, I'll try to understand your reasons with the best of my ability.
"If you don't want to be involved, I won't force you." 
Turmoil rears its hideous head. The war inside his heart shows up on his face ever so prominently. As a result, he ends up scowling fiercely. Saying these out loud definitely did you better, you feel lighter. But the ominous clouds gathering over your head fill your heart with fresh worries. 
What if this destroys everything even before they get a chance to start? There's a good chance it might. 
But still…
"It's not so easy like that!" he replies angrily. "It's not so easy like you're making it sound. Volleyball is my everything; I can't choose anything else over it no matter who that is. 
"But this entire soulmate thing...I am not going to say that I don't care. I do...maybe. I have no idea about how to go about this. I don't know what I am supposed to do. Yes, volleyball comes first, isn't that natural? But it's not like I don't care. I am just bad at it, at all this." 
A sigh leaves your chest, and a smile melts the tension away from your face and marks the same disappearing away from your mind too. After what seems ages, your heart lightens. You nod at him, and murmur a bittersweet, "it's okay." For now, this really is okay. Not a perfect start, for sure. No sparks fly, undoubtedly. 
"We can work on it." 
"I didn't mean to hurt you, L/n-san. Maybe I should have spoken to you that day." 
But the truth would stay the same; he didn't approach you at the end. Kageyama did what he thought he should. That's his normal reaction. Honestly, this isn't like what you had in mind. An apparently emotionally stunted soulmate wasn't what you expected or wanted. It would no doubt bring aboard more issues in the future. But for now….
It is okay. 
"Anyways Kageyama-san, what's happened has happened. We can't reverse it." You ssy "But for now we must confirm it." Your heartbeats again accelerate, and your words threaten to catch at your throat.  "Er…er...whether we are...really...soulmates or not. I mean of course we both saw it, but still-" 
"No, I get your point. So then let's just close our eyes-"
"Can we do it together?" 
Even in the faint light you can see the blush pink that blossoms across his face, and the dazed look he offers you. Unable to hold your gaze, embarrassed, he looks away. "On the count of three then." 
Your chest tightens. 
In the quietness of the night, you can only hear the sound of your loudly beating heart. 
Butterflies flutter not only in your stomach, but also inside your nerves and veins. 
Your eyelids come down. 
In the darkness, the thin yet vividly red thread is still there. It looks living—the essence of life flowing out of your little finger to outside. The rippling red runs through the darkness in a taut line, and ends at the tip of his little finger. Kageyama Tobio’s silhouette in that darkness is clearer than the last time, you can almost make out the patterns in his jacket. Whether you like it or not, this is it. There's no way you can run. 
Your eyes snap open to find him breathlessly staring at you, his face flushed. As if he has just ran a mile. The cars still honk and speed by on the road close by. Rain clouds are gathering in the sky — it must shower heavily tonight. No sparks fly, the background doesn't turn pink. Yet his lips inch upwards a little by little. A grin erupts on your countenance too. 
For the first time you see him smile. 
Tumblr media
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diaphragmjellyfish · 3 months ago
Eli “Hawk” Moskowitz NSFW Alphabet
Not my gif
Tumblr media
A: Aftercare (What they’re like after sex)
Hawk is pretty quiet after sex. He likes to lay there with you draped over his chest and a smirk on his face while you both catch your breath. If it was a particularly rough night he will get a wet cloth and clean you off before getting snacks and turning on some rock music or an action movie. He’s almost always the big spoon when cuddling.
B: Body part (Their favorite body part of theirs and also yours)
His favorite body part of yours is your face. He thinks you look so innocent and pure like a literal ray of sunshine. A complimentary opposite to his look. He especially likes how sweet you look while doing certain *ahem* activities. His favorite body part of his are his abs. He worked hard for them and they give him confidence. He loves when you run your hands down them while y’all are making out.
C: Cum (anything to do with cum basically… I’m a disgusting person)
Hawk likes to cum on your face or inside you. You guys are young and not at all ready for kids so you always wrap it up, which is why he usually cums on your face. He could honestly finish just thinking about how you look covered in him like that. When it’s a super passionate or romantic night he prefers to finish inside you with or without the condom. He just likes to look deep in your eyes.
D: Dirty Secret (Pretty self explanatory)
He’s always wanted to try anal. His tattoo buddy Rico told him it was awesome, and he’s wanted to do it ever since. He’s nervous to ask you though because he would never want you to be in pain. When you eventually tell him you want to give it a go, he’s beyond excited but also super gentle.
E: Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?)
Hawk is somewhat experienced, but his confidence makes up for anything he might not be sure about. He was with Moon for a few months and learned all the basics, but it’s with you that he really starts to experiment. He’s also a super quick learner.
F: Favorite Position (This goes without saying)
The boy loves to try new things. You guys are making your way through the Kama-sutra. He still thinks you can never go wrong with the classics though- missionary and cowgirl. As long as he can touch you he’s a happy guy.
G: Goofy (are they more serious in the moment, or are they more humorous, etc.)
He almost always is wearing a smirk when y’all are going at it. He’s more serious than goofy at first just because he feels like he has something to prove but once you guys get comfortable and he knows he can be himself around you, he lets loose a little and will crack a joke or two during.
H: Hair (How well groomed are they, does the carpet match the drapes)
God I wish I could say the carpet matched the drapes lmaooo imagine a little mini mohawk. But fr he’s probably trimmed. Nothing too fancy but he keeps it clean.
I: Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect)
He’s a romantic at heart, but only for you. He’d never tell anyone but on Valentine’s day he goes all out. Rose petals, candles, a massage. And he loves to buy you lingerie to wear for him.
J: Jack off )Masturbation hc)
He does it a lot when he’s by himself because he can’t believe he got such a sexy mf as his girl. He always thinks of you. If he’s ever too frustrated from training or a tournament he’ll rub one out by himself so he doesn’t take out his anger on you. He’d never want to hurt you. But if you’re there, he obviously prefers you over his hand.
K: Kink (one or more of their kinks)
Anal, Hair pulling, choking, he loves when you bite his shoulder when it feels good, or scratch his back so when he takes off his shirt at practice everyone knows he did a good job. He also loves to leave hickeys all over your neck and thighs. He’s a confident boi but he has an insecure past so he wants everyone to know you’re taken and taken well ;)
L: Location (Favorite places to do the do)
He’ll take you anywhere and everywhere. Bed, the dojo, the canyon, on his motorcycle in an alley somewhere, he literally does. Not. care. You guys even did it in his mom’s Sentra while it was in the middle of the car wash
M: Motivation (What turns them on, what gets them going)
Any time you bend over, or ask him to help you with something like opening a jar, he likes to feel needed and wanted. You could honestly look at this boy funny and he’d pop a hard one.
N: NO (Something they wouldn’t do)
Anything that causes you pain. He would never slap you or make you gag on him or anything like that. Also threesomes are out, whether that’s with another guy or another girl, he wants it to be just you and him always.
O: Oral (preference in giving or receiving)
The first time you went down on him he thought he was gonna explode. He couldn’t believe it was happening. But the first time he went down on you? He’d never heard such beautiful noises and he knew from then that he wanted to hear those little moans every day for the rest of his life. He’s got the basics down when you first get together, but after you show him what you really like and y’all start experimenting? God tier head.
P: Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual?)
Honestly depends on the day. When you guys first meet he just wants to impress you so he’s super fast and rough, but once you tell him that slow and steady wins the race, he starts to take his time. You still enjoy a good pounding every once in a while though
Q: Quickie (Their opinions on quickies)
He’s the king of quickies (not too quick tho if ya know what I mean). He’s a young guy, he’s horny all the time and doesn’t care if anyone sees. He’s doing what he wants when he wants as long as you’re ok with it.
R: Risk (Are they game to experiment)
YES. It’s his favorite thing. You both love to get freaky and try new things. He’d do anything you ask him to do, and do it well.
S: Stamina (How many rounds can they go for)
Ngl, when y’all first got together, this kid would bust in under 10 minutes. He’s a young guy, you were his second girlfriend ever, and he spent most of his childhood thinking he would never even talk to a girl like you. He bounced back fast though and could go for multiple rounds. And he’s built up stamina over time so no issues here.
T: Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them?)
He loves to use toys on you. In the beginning, you were having trouble reaching the summit *wink wink* no matter what he did. He was amazing, but for whatever reason you couldn’t quite finish. You told him it was fine but he said he couldn’t enjoy it if he knew you weren’t enjoying it. So one day he bought a tiny pink vibrator and held it between your legs while he fucked you and you LOST IT. Now he has several different toys that he uses on you all the time.
U: Unfair (How much they like to tease)
He’s not much of a tease. He likes to let you both have what you want. But he loves when you tease him. The anticipation of you hovering over him, not knowing when or if you would finally sink down, gets him that much more excited.
V: Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make)
Kind of quiet, but lots of swearing and groaning. Literally the “ugh fuck” right in your ear as he sinks into you. He doesn’t like to be too loud (his old shy self is still there) and would rather hear you scream for him.
W: Wild Card (Random hc)
He is very much into foreplay. He likes to make sure you’re on the brink of orgasm before he even gets in you. Your only sexual experiences before you met him were guys just shoving themselves into you completely dry and when you told him that, he promised you he would never do that to you. He’s been a foreplay prodigy ever since. It’s his thing.
X: X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants)
Probably about 5 or 6 inches, average girth. Honestly size really is overrated. The G spot is only 3 inches in I’m tired of everyone acting like bigger is better. You Don’t Need Much if they’re using it right and he definitely does.
Y: Yearning (How high is their sex drive)
On a scale of 1 to 10, Hawk is an 11. He could fuck you all day every day for the rest of his life. Morning, noon, and night. Rich or poor, in sickness and in health (I got carried away lmao)
Z: ZZZ (How quickly they fall asleep after)
Hawk likes to cuddle, eat snacks, and watch a movie after. Maybe it’s because he always felt insecure sleeping around other people as Eli but he always lets you fall asleep first. He loves to feel like he’s watching over and protecting you while you sleep on his chest. Literally when you’re in such a vulnerable state around him he feels so honored and would die before he let anyone lay a finger on you.
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honestlyfrance · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
[ tumblr tag #sbbingo1 | main masterlist (soon) ]
→  A compiled list of the 25 pieces of sambucky content I made this 2020. All fics, graphics, aesthetics, and social media fics I did.
→ I deleted my last masterlist dasfghjdk forgive me :( 
→  ( 💻 = social media fic ) ( 🔪 = horror/thrill/mystery ) ( 💀 = MCD ) ( ✨ = fan fave )
Tumblr media
[ tumblr post | 💻 /  ✨ | square: coffee shop AU ]
[ tumblr post | square: enemies to friends to lovers ]
[ tumblr post | ✨ | square: FBI partners ]
Tumblr media
[ tumblr post | square: ballet AU ]
[ tumblr post | square: emergency room AU ]
[ tumblr post | square: bank robbers AU ]
[ tumblr post | 💻  / 🔪 / ✨ | square: murder mystery ]
Tumblr media
[ tumblr post | square: free space ]
New Year’s Eve party and Sam stumbles upon Bucky alone.
[ AO3 | tumblr post | square: training ]
There were more instances like these when their body proximity was bordering on questioning and head-butting, legs flying and swinging, face scrutinized, with a light sheen of sweat decorating their bare skin, clothes soaked in bodily fluids, and Wilson swore his lip throbbed at a sudden numbness but damn Barnes looked damn good looking at him like that and it’s getting hard to breathe when they’ve been doing this for— What? Two hours?
Sam and Bucky give each other what they need.
[ AO3 | tumblr post | square: assassins AU ]
Bucky Barnes had a target: Sam Wilson, and just because the man was pretty good looking doesn’t mean he’s not gonna pull the trigger.
Two idiots get shot for a measly half a million dollars.
[ wattpad | square: antique shop AU ]
Bucky comes and goes from that one Antique Shop in Washington, DC for that sense of familiarity; definitely not because Sam comes by every Thursday without fail, no, it wasn’t that...
[ AO3 | tumblr post / 1ST / 2ND | square: band/singer AU & bouncer/bartender ]
Singing for his band has become a chore, so Sam Wilson has decided something he’d like to do instead: like talking to this Bucky guy.
[ tumblr post | square: crush ]
Imagine lying next to your love, basked in the moonlight as he traces his gentle fingers on your skin as you read a poem he made for you. Sam lazily reads the text, humming in content as Bucky presses hesitant kisses on the man's shoulder. The poem just spoke too much words Bucky couldn't say at first, and Sam adores it, overwhelmed at the emotion it gave him.
[ AO3 | tumblr post | square: domestic avengers ]
“Where are you, Sam?” Bucky whispered, dragging his hand on Sam’s back, rubbing careful circles to ease the tension in his man’s muscles.
Sam shuddered at the touch, murmuring, “I don’t know,”
Bucky tries to keep Sam grounded for the night.
[ AO3 | tumblr post / graphic | 🔪 / 💀? | square: apocalypse ]
"Is this it," Bucky had whispered, his head craned upwards as he tried to search for the moon. He knew it was futile — the moon had disappeared this morning, he was the first to call it out; why must he search for something dead? "Will I die never marrying you?"
The world is ending, so hold your lover close.
[ AO3 | tumblr post / graphic | square: alternate universe ]
“What does this mean…” Sam whispered, setting his forehead on Bucky’s shoulder.
“We could…” Bucky trailed off, then he became silent, “What do you want?”
Sam, an amateur artist, and Bucky, an international nude model, blur the lines of work, ending up being unprofessional to the point that they'd need to end it.
[ AO3 | tumblr post / graphic / graphic | 💀 / ✨ | square: bad date ]
"I love you, baby," Sam had spoken, three words so sweetly spoken, an angel could've said it, and Bucky wouldn't mind if that meant that he had crossed to the other side and reached heaven, because it was Sam Wilson.
Bucky had twirled Sam once, the two of them sharing a laugh before he pulled the man closer by the waist. "I love you too, honey," he replied, making sure to put in much eye contact, to let his own eyes send the message his heart failed to say.
A sneak peek in the life of Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson to know the real reason why they think April 10 was a bad date.
[ tumblr post | square: fake dating/married ]
Bucky thinks Sam’s kisses were the greatest, even if they were only fake, even if they were forbidden.
[ tumblr masterlist | 💻 | square: soulmates AU ]  
Bucky doesn't believe in soulmates but he always moans about how he just wants him right beside him, and Sam's had quite enough of it.
[ tumblr post 1ST / 2ND part | square: accidental marriage ]
Sam didn’t want this, didn’t want a beauty so soft his heart aches at the mere sight of it, but the bands, oh — they only amplify his want.
The wedding commences and vows are exchanged, down on that street, Sam and Bucky's hearts agreed — they do want this.
[ AO3 | tumblr post / graphic / graphic |  ✨ | square: detectives AU ]
In the late ending 19th century, Sergeant James Buchanan Barnes resigned from his duties as a military officer to follow Detective Samuel Wilson to the ends of the world, even going as far as accompanying the strange and wistful man in his cases. The letters collected by many biographers and museums are only the few correspondents between the two rumored lovers, running between the scrutinized years of 1889 towards the start of 1900, the timeline: The Sergeant running away from a German Spy group after the Detective uncovered a massive Russian Spy Ring decades earlier, calling fair game. Historians still can’t tell the full story that changed Europe, and neither do the letters.
[ AO3 | tumblr post / graphic | square: dystopian AU ]
Bucky looked over to Sam for a moment before speaking, "Las Vegas may have currency but it doesn't have you."
Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes stumble upon each other once more at the aftermath of war.
[ AO3 | tumblr post | 💀 | square: disability ]
"I love art," Sam had signed in ASL, his hands moving enthusiastically as Bucky held onto every word, and it's a tragedy really, when the brown in Sam's eyes had a glint of yellow in them when the sunset settled in them beautifully. "I'm a tour guide actually. Studied it all my life."
Bucky had nodded, his grin almost contagious as he watched the light from the plane window outline Sam's features as if a mosaic. "Do you make art yourself?" He spoke carefully, and his ASL was wonky at best, but Sam appreciated every move of his fingers and lips.
Sam smiled, mouthing, "I wish."
Sam Wilson is in love with art and a sergeant named Bucky Barnes.
[ tumblr post | square: noir ]
Bucky turns to an old friend for help. Sam wants nothing to do with him.
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briegasms · 5 months ago
Everly Morgan NSFW list
Tumblr media
Cate Blanchett characters masterlist A = Aftercare (what they’re like after sex) She likes to roll on her side to move strands of hair out of your face. Watching you panting, trying to catch your breath? It makes her feel good. She’ll ask if you’re ok, and if you need anything. If you just want to cuddle, Everly is more than happy to hold you close to her while she lays soft kisses on your cheek.
B = Body part (their favorite body part of theirs and also their partner’s) Her mouth. The things she can do and say with those lips of hers are enough to drive you wild with love, lust, passion, and anything in between. She’s skilled with her mouth, and she knows it. She likes your eyes. They tell her everything she needs to know about what is going on and if it’s going well. She likes how your pupils dilate whenever she’s talking to you, how your eyes roll back when you’re orgasming, or how they soften whenever she’s being loving. 
C = Cum (anything to do with cum, basically) She’ll eat yours, hold it in her mouth, then slowly drip into your mouth as she kisses you. There are times when she feels like a complete bold babe that she’ll let your cum dry on her fingers, then go to class with your scent on her. She’ll lay a subtle sniff every so often just so she can remain aroused enough until she sees you.
D = Dirty secret (pretty self explanatory, a dirty secret of theirs) You two have a professor/student relationship. That’s a secret. Although, she does have a secret fantasy of her wearing a skirt, having you hide under her desk during one of her lectures, then fingering her while she sits at the desk.
E = Experience (how experienced are they? do they know what they’re doing?) Somewhat but not so much. She’s learning more and more with you. She had been with a man for years before you came along. Sure she had Helena to practice on, but so much time had passed since her time with Helena, that she became rusty.
F = Favorite position (this goes without saying) Facing one another, she likes the intimacy of being able to see your face contort with pleasure. She also likes to kiss you while you two play with one another. If that gets boring, she likes to ride your face.
G = Goofy (are they more serious in the moment? are they humorous? etc.) In a cute way she is. She’ll baby talk whenever she wants to beg to get her way. It makes you giggle, but also give in to her demands.
H = Hair (how well groomed are they? does the carpet match the drapes? etc.) She’s either bare, or has a trimmed triangle. She asks what you like, but you tell her that it’s her body and however she wants to have her hair, it’s fine with you.
I = Intimacy (how are they during the moment? the romantic aspect) Very. She likes to look into your eyes as you two move your body together. Feeling her inside of you while she looks deep into your eyes? It’s intense, vulnerable, loving. She likes to constantly tell you how much she loves you, and how you make her happy. She loves when you tell her sweet words as well.
J = Jack off (masturbation headcanon) Since you live with her, she finds no need for it.
K = Kink (one or more of their kinks) She likes to be dominated. She comes off as a top, but really she likes for someone to control her (respectfully). It really gets her going when you tell her what to do and how to do it. She has a choke fetish as well, she likes to be choked or do the choking.
L = Location (favorite places to do the do) While you two were on the down low? Always at home. Once you two were outed? You’d still keep it mostly at home, but once in a blue moon you’d take the car to go somewhere to mess around in.
M = Motivation (what turns them on, gets them going) When you’re studying out loud. She helps you with your work, so hearing you read out what you’re trying to learn? It gets her going. Intelligence is an aphrodisiac for her.
N = No (something they wouldn’t do, turn offs) Bring someone in to the mix.  Voyeurism. Masochism. Sure she likes being dominated, but not humiliated, and definitely no pain.
O = Oral (preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc.) Both. She prefers when you go down first, then her. She’s skilled, but still learning how to master it. Quick learner though.
P = Pace (are they fast and rough? slow and sensual? etc.) She likes to take her time. You two have no other responsibilities to tend to besides work and school, so you take your time when you have sex. Everly is loving, so she likes to be as sensual, passionate, and gentle as possible. Everly likes to make love, yo.
Q = Quickie (their opinions on quickies, how often, etc.) Not a fan of them, but they do happen whenever she’s horny as hell but time is limited. She likes to take her time to feel and explore you...which can’t be done with quickies.
R = Risk (are they game to experiment? do they take risks? etc.) No. She risked so much when she was outed, that she dare not push her limits. She’s open to experiment, but only in the privacy of your home.
S = Stamina (how many rounds can they go for? how long do they last?) 3 rounds most of the time. Sometimes 1 if she’s too tired, sometimes all night if there is more than enough time.
T = Toys (do they own toys? do they use them? on a partner or themselves?) A vibrator, and strapless strapon. Neither of you is a fan of anal, so nothing for the backdoor. You two use the vibrator and strapon on one another. The strapless is perfect since both ends go deep inside of yourselves. You two can feel each thrust with this toy.
U = Unfair (how much they like to tease) Not much. Not because she can’t, but because she doesn’t like the anticipation. She knows how to tease, but she also has zero control with you.
V = Volume (how loud they are, what sounds they make, etc.) Loud as hell. She likes to mewl into your mouth. Her moans are long and stretched out. Her voice is deep and husky, so you can just imagine her grunts, pants, and the words leaving her mouth when she’s aroused and focused.
W = Wild card (a random headcanon for the character) She cums really hard when she rides your thigh. You two don’t know why, but your thigh gives her intense orgasms.
X = X-ray (let’s see what’s going on under those clothes) Pale skin with freckles here and there. Toned back, toned flat stomach, toned legs. Perky bottom. Her breasts are tear drop shaped. Her nips are a soft pale pink.
Y = Yearning (how high is their sex drive?) High, but not overwhelmingly so. She went so long in a sexless marriage, so now that she’s able to do it as she likes? She likes to get in as much as possible. 
Z = Zzz (how quickly they fall asleep afterwards) Quickly. Orgasms send Everly to sleep land quickly. It’s cute watching her try to stay awake, her droopy lids closing on those ocean blues, her smile faltering as her body relaxes into sleep.
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papillonsgf · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
𝐌𝐀𝐒𝐓𝐄𝐑𝐋𝐈𝐒𝐓 | chapter i | chapter ii | chapter iii | chapter iv | chapter v | chapter vi | chapter vii | chapter viii |
❝ series pairing: jungkook x f!reader, some seokjin x reader ❞
❝ chapter warnings + rating: ANGST PT2. major character death!!!! start of a single parent au. r rating for potentially triggering content. REPOSTED BC TUMBLR HATES ME ❞
❝ series summary: as you discovered love for the first time, your heart decided to make your best friend, jungkook, its victim. unfortunately, the new addition to your friend group had stolen his heart instead, leaving you heartbroken, but in hopes of starting on a clean slate. flashforward nine years, and you’re doing what you love, starting a job at a children’s summer camp. meeting a young girl with the same name as you was the least of what you expected, save for finding out her father was the man you once considered your other half. ❞
❝ series genre + warnings dump: f2l (frenemies to lovers), first loves, college setting, fluff, tomboy!y/n, karma really hits jk for being sucH an A$$, love triangle(?), ANGST (at this point it’s my brand), recurrence of severe insecurities, changing appearances, 9 year timeskip [where part two starts], major character death, single parent au, slight infidelity, eventual smut, BUT as the title implies, happy ending dw dw. ❞
❝ a/n: ahhhh this is a shorter chapter and i really hope you enjoy it. i realize when i first posted this i should’ve wrote the a/n out better. kuch kuch hota hai (the movie i based this fic on) is a movie a lot of people i know don’t like? it has its flaws and depending on your background, what you’ve been exposed to, you may or may not catch them. with the flaws that my friends, family, and the media points out, i tried my best to work around and work through such caveats. the pro of writing this as a fanfiction is that i can dig deep into character’s minds and manipulate them, as well as the story, which is what i’ve done to try and alleviate some of the evident problems in the movie. having so much love and appreciation for this fic really really has me astonished. i was expecting the hate and the call-outs, and it makes me so grateful that i haven’t received any (alhumdulillah). however, we are at the crucial turning point, so pls bare with me as i try to make ends meet with this plot. ❞
❝ word count: 1.8k ❞
❝ taglist open!: @yeojaa, @gucieguciekook, @jiminskth, @imluckybitches, @apurpledheart, @d-noona, @rjsmochii, @imcchuxx, @somewhereinthestarss, @moon-2seok, @aretha170, @jeontaes-world, @tae-ilshighnote,@mwitsmejk,  @youwannabelostandnotbefound, @crookedstarlitnight, @awsome-small-k, @betysotelo18, @kimchii7, @kookunot, @veeparkersstuff, @yoooonie, @laabellaavitaa21, @jinsalpaca, @neverthefirstchoice​, @jiminable​, @thisetaernallove, @moonlitmyg​,​ @liriaus​, @pimpnameyannie​, @coepiteamare​, let me know if you want to be added! ❞
Tumblr media
I know we’ve called our relationship quits, and we can’t turn back time. I could spend my entire life trying to convince Father to let us be together, but you and I both know that the move will bring us to a dead end. It hurts you and it hurts me to reiterate this, but sadly, we weren’t written in the stars. 
However, I have a favor for you. 
You know my time here won’t be long, this will be the last thing you’ll ever get from me. I’ve always wanted to make a difference before I leave this world, and knowing that I will make a departure earlier than I would’ve liked, it was always something I thought about much more often than usual. 
I’ve found it now. Well, them. 
I didn’t know what I was getting into when I made the move to Busan, but now I’ve realized what I’ve done. I made a mistake, a horrible, substantial one. Maybe I’m overthinking it, but the more I dawdle on my actions day by day, I simply can’t live with myself. 
People can murder, slander, and destroy, and never be forgiven. On the other hand, I’ve taken a love that should never have been mine, and I don’t think I deserve forgiveness for that. I’ve come in between a romance that was blooming wonderfully, become a fertilizer to one and pesticide to another. 
Seokjin, she’s gone home. All because of me, she transferred schools, packed up everything and left behind everything she’s built over the past few years with him. 
I love him, I really do, and for him to live the happy life he deserves to live, he needs her. We talk about marriage and a future and as much as I hate to give him this false hope, there is a small bud that blooms in my heart, telling me that I can make a difference in someone’s life when I have so little time left. 
I must return to her what I’ve taken. While I’ve so foolishly fallen in love with who should’ve been hers, I cannot leave and tear him apart when he resides in cloud nine besides me. Little does he know that with her, he will be in a world that transcends all heavens. Eventually, God will do His part and take me away when He’s ready, and He will have Jungkook’s next chapter already written for him. 
I need you to be a part of hers.
Find her, love, that is all I ask. Find her and keep her close, until Jungkook can. Leave the rest to me, I just need you to find Y/N. 
We know that first loves aren’t to be forgotten, honey. It is why I send you letters. Though we may not be as intimate, there is still love. And while the star-crossed lovers I write to you about are apart, there is still love, too. 
Whether it be platonic or romantic, they need to find each other again. 
With love, 
“The doctor is going to come back in a few to check if you’re...dil….dilute….diluted?” 
Jihyo offered nothing short of a blank gaze for a few moments, in an attempt to process everything going on around her. There was something about the confusion etched across Jungkook’s complexion that brought a smile to her own lips, a quiet chuckle escaping her as she shook her head, “Dilated, honey.” 
“Right, dilated. How much do you need to᠆᠆?”
“10 centimeters,” The opposite of a stereotypical labor situation unfolded between Jungkook and Jihyo. You had the mother only mere hours away from delivering her child, calm, yet somber, to say the least, while the father was sweating bullets. 
Why somber? Well, Jihyo’s hourglass only contained a few grains of sand left. With every passing moment, she would kiss the memory and hold it forever. Frankly, it was frightening, knowing when and where your deathbed would be. And while her husband was trying to process everything at once, there was the highlight reel of Jihyo’s life playing out in front of her. 
Her parents. Her childhood in London. Seokjin. Her move to Busan. Meeting Jungkook. 
Most importantly, you. 
The memory most vivid to Jeon Jihyo was your departure. She could envision every detail as if you were leaving her once again. Beads of tears in your eyes, how you trudged in the direction of your train, your forlorn gaze, your hurried words, your desire to stay. 
She never admitted it to Jungkook, but a day never passed by where she wasn’t thinking of you. 
On her last day, she knew she needed to make an impact, much more than she already had. 
Everything she’d taken away from you...Jihyo wouldn’t die a happy woman unless she could light the first ember, until she could find a start to getting you back everything you deserved.
The expectant mother lowered her gaze to her swollen bump, carrying a restless daughter who couldn’t wait to see the world. She’d live every day to her fullest, with such a wonderful father by her side᠆᠆
᠆᠆but no mother, at least, for a time being. 
With her small smile slowly growing wider, Jihyo remained oblivious to the moisture pooling down her cheeks. One strand, then two. She had remained calm as her water broke, and while her contractions came and went, but the woman had finally broken her silence with tears.
“, what’s wrong?” Jungkook was quick to notice the advancement of his wife’s emotions. He was also aware of how quiet she was on the ride to the hospital, and found it so strange that she was finally crying. Surprisingly, for descriptions of labor that nearly terrified the man, the last thing he expected was the process to be so smooth, “Uh, uh, the contractions right? They must be kicking in for you, and definitely must be more painful than the others. Come on, we’ll practice the breathing again, just grab my hands.”
As husband and wife exchanged a heartfelt gaze in such precious times, Jihyo couldn't help but let her mind wander in between deep breaths. There was love and warmth between Jungkook and her, but the woman could only think about the gaze exchanged between you and Jungkook. A pile of novels couldn’t even begin to describe what Jungkook saw in you. She practically missed bearing witness to a love so beautiful, so pure, and on the verge of fruition if it weren’t for her. 
Maybe she’d be able to watch from above when the stars would finally fall in place, with a beaming smile as she rested in peace. 
“J-Jungkook,” she stammered, full name laid out so he knew she was talking business. She was adamant, completely positive on one of the last decisions she’d make in her life. 
“Yeah, honey? Have those contractions settled down for you? I wonder where the doctor is…”
She offered a solemn nod, a slightly-crooked smile adorning her lips, “Finally. I finally know what to name her,” 
His eyes widened in joy. While the two of them sorted out all the proper planning for the child they were expecting, they were missing the most important thing, until now of course. Months and months were devoted to planning a baby shower, painting the nursery, buying all the necessary items, but not one perfect name slipped through the lips of mother or father. Jungkook’s gaze beckoned for her to continue. 
Jihyo was gauging her husband’s every reaction, the quick flutter of his eyelashes, the part, and slight quiver of his lips, the way his eyes slowly widened, filling his mind with previous memories. 
Memories of the person with the very same name. Jihyo had uttered your name exactly how you preferred, enunciating each syllable while also being quiet and lowkey about her assertion. With each syllable, Jungkook was reminded of you, every part of you that he seemingly knew like the back of his hand. 
She knew he couldn’t offer a quick reply. It was something she said on purpose, knowing that it wasn’t going to be a simple yes or no from her husband. An epiphany, a reminder, like “she’s the one for you” was written across her forehead. 
“I want to name her Y/N,” she restated, offering no further justification as to how or why. Jihyo desperately hoped she didn’t need to explain herself further. If Jungkook didn’t understand now, that was okay. 
He would come to terms...He would come full circle with you one day. 
A day where Jihyo wouldn’t live to see it. 
“When Y/N᠆᠆” she was intent on emphasizing your name over and over again when talking about their daughter, “᠆᠆is eight years old, please, give her the letters I wrote. All of them. Let her read them on her own, jagi. Only help her if she really needs them.” 
Jihyo had picked perfect timing. The dad to be was interrupted by the entrance of his wife’s doctor, and he couldn’t press on the matter any further while she was evaluating Jihyo’s dilation. 
Ready to push, and ready to say goodbye. 
There was no declining Jihyo when there was no one but Jungkook and his healthy baby girl in the room. There was no declining the man’s deceased wife when doctors had informed him about her preexisting cardiovascular disease, when even though Jihyo’s weak heart would have to work past its limits to supply for a baby, she still decided to conceive with Jungkook. When the woman who he thought was the key he was looking for had uttered to him her dying wish, there was no declining her. 
On a bed with a lifeless Jeon Jihyo, Jungkook situated himself down on the hospital bed with space he could muster, especially with his wife so close to him. Despite the quiet ambiance, he could feel so much in this room...The loss of one life, but the gain of another, giving him internal aftershocks he couldn’t begin to describe. 
To mourn or to celebrate? 
The new father took a long sigh, his gaze at an indiscriminate spot on the wall lowering to focus on the bundle in his arms. She’d fallen asleep quickly, and in this position, Jungkook could truly appreciate mother and daughter so close to one another. Full cheeks like her father, but much of her mother’s dainty features. When a small smile stretched across his lips, he could taste his own salty tears, too. 
With courage to speak, he allowed his senses to center themselves on his daughter. Nothing more, nothing less. In a faint voice, one that could barely be heard, he whispered, “I love you, Y/N.”
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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ynainna · 5 months ago
✯ m a s t e r l i s t ✯
Tumblr media
K e y: 
fluff (☁)  angst (❅)  
one-shot (✧)   series ( ❦ )   
drabble (✿)   head canons (✉)
author’s personal faves (♚)  
incomplete (✑)  complete (ღ)
  ➳ Canary in a Cage (❦) ☁ ❅ ✑
synopsis: It’s a painful thing, to love something. Its another to live so broken and lost without them.
Tumblr media
➣ A m b e r
  ➳ n/a
➣ A e t h e r/ L u m i n e
  ➳ n/a
➣ B e i d o u
  ➳ n/a
➣ C h o n g y u n
  ➳ n/a
➣ D i l u c
➳ Always been on you  ☁ ✧ ✑
synopsis: Maybe once Diluc would’ve been someone you’ve always thought was distant but to the people of Monstadt, his eyes had only and always been on you.
➣ F i s c h l
  ➳ n/a
➣ J e a n
  ➳ n/a
➣ K a e y a
  ➳  For Now  ☁ ❅ ✧ ✑
synopsis: Sitting by the campfire as the sun settles and dusk sets in with her is enough. The future is dark and uncertain, he knows this, but just this once, he wants to enjoy life. Just once.
➣ K e q i n g
  ➳ n/a
➣ L i s a
  ➳ n/a
➣ M o n a
  ➳ n/a
➣ N i n g g u a n g
  ➳ n/a
➣ N o e l l e
  ➳ n/a
➣ S c a r a m o u c h e
 ➳ n/a
➣ T a r t a g l i a (Childe)
  ➳  In Another Life  ❅ ❦ ✑
synopsis: Maybe in another universe where there were no gods, no wars, no archons and no duties they might’ve been lovers. But it doesn’t matter now, this is the universe they live in and Childe knows there’s nothing that could change the fact that they can never be.
 [  pt. 1, pt. 2 ]
➳  Sun and Moon  ❅ ✧ ✑
synopsis: The sun loved the moon so much that they died every night to let the moon breathe. 
➣ V e n t i
➳ The Grave of Cecilias  ❅ ✧ ღ
synopsis: Despite it having been several hundred years since the end of the Archon War, Venti’s heart is still heavy with the grief of those he’s lost.
➣ X i a n g l i n g
   ➳ n/a
➣ X i a o
   ➳  Kiss Me ❅ ✿ ✑
synopsis: Ruling the mafia is a lonesome business. To rule with another, to trust another is a weakness. But no matter how much it hurts, there’s nothing in this world that can make him regret loving you. Ever.
➣ X i n g q i u
  ➳ n/a
➣ Z h o n g l i
  ➳ n/a
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Twenty-six things about me now (2020)
A- Age: Twenty-nine
B- Biggest fear: I am afraid to be eaten alive. Ironic.
C- Current favorite band: Red hot, modest mouse
D- Drink you last had: Blueberry redbull
E- Every day starts with: Hungry cats
F- Favorite song: Right now I really like Light by Han Solo but ultimately: Dosed, Oceans Breathes Salty, and 3rd Planet
G- Ghosts, are they real: Of course
H- Hometown: Wayne, PA
I- In love with: My boys, Yuki and Kyo
J- Jealous of: Cats, yeah
K- Killed someone? Not yet
L- Last time you cried: It's been a while wow.
M- Middle name: My mom says I don't have one.
N- Number of siblings: I would have had an older brother and little sister.
O- one wish: to exceed in my practice and just be
P- Person you last called: I couldn't tell you
Q- Question you're always asked: how are you?
R- Reason to smile: Overcast skies
S- Song last sang: Something Twiddle
T- Time you woke up: A little after eight am
U- Underwear color: wow super lame.. Blue with white feathers.
V- Vacation destination: A few. Japan, Columbia, Ireland, Scotland, ptown
W- Worst habit: Trusting when my gut tells me "no. fuck no. Stop."
Y- Your favorite food: Redbull, soup
X- X-Rays you've had: Lung, ankle, neck, back
Z- Zodiac sign: Virgo in sun, Libra in moon, (maybe I do not know what time i was born but my ex girlfriend says she totally sees it) Leo rising.
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papillonsgf · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
𝐌𝐀𝐒𝐓𝐄𝐑𝐋𝐈𝐒𝐓 | chapter i | chapter ii | chapter iii | chapter iv | chapter v | chapter vi | chapter vii |
❝ series pairing: jungkook x f!reader, some seokjin x reader ❞
❝ chapter warnings + rating: ANGST. literally just angst and maybe some cursing here and there. sfw, pg13 chapter. ❞
❝ series summary: as you discovered love for the first time, your heart decided to make your best friend, jungkook, its victim. unfortunately, the new addition to your friend group had stolen his heart instead, leaving you heartbroken, but in hopes of starting on a clean slate. flashforward nine years, and you’re doing what you love, starting a job at a children’s summer camp. meeting a young girl with the same name as you was the least of what you expected, save for finding out her father was the man you once considered your other half. ❞
❝ series genre + warnings dump: f2l (frenemies to lovers), first loves, college setting, fluff, tomboy!y/n, karma really hits jk for being sucH an A$$, love triangle(?), ANGST (at this point it’s my brand), recurrence of severe insecurities, changing appearances, 9 year timeskip [where part two starts], major character death, single parent au, slight infidelity, eventual smut, BUT as the title implies, happy ending dw dw. ❞
❝ a/n: THIS CONCLUDES PART ONE! BIG THANKS TO @feistychim-main​ and @iniquitouspoppy​ for reading this chapter over and giving feedback ilysm <3 this much longer than i would’ve liked...but i love them so much, the movie, the romance, the pairing, the feelings, i’m so happy we’re halfway there BUT ALSO CRYING OK in tujhe yaad na meri aaye... ❞
❝ word count: 3.3k ❞
❝ taglist open!: @yeojaa, @gucieguciekook, @jiminskth, @petalsnow, @imluckybitches, @apurpledheart, @d-noona, @rjsmochii, @imcchuxx , @somewhereinthestarss, @moon-2seok, @aretha170, @jeontaes-world, @tae-ilshighnote,@mwitsmejk,  @youwannabelostandnotbefound, @crookedstarlitnight, @awsome-small-k, @betysotelo18, @kimchii7, @kookunot, @veeparkersstuff, @yoooonie, @laabellaavitaa21, @jinsalpaca, @neverthefirstchoice​, @jiminable​, @thisetaernallove​ let me know if you want to be added! ❞
Tumblr media
There was hesitation and reluctance, sure, but there could be no denial. Hours after the day with Jihyo and Jungkook stemmed into days, then weeks, you found your fretting heart blooming and blossoming into one with love dripping on each of its petals. Because plants had to be taken care of, you couldn’t wait too long or everything would wilt and you’d have nothing left. 
However, you were certain that your feelings for Jungkook might not go anywhere, but it was important that you acted on it in some way, shape, or form. 
Simultaneously, Jungkook could empathize, but not reciprocate. Reciprocation was something you were hoping for, but you couldn’t read his mind, couldn’t try and figure out his thought process.
The thought process that directed him towards confessing to Jihyo, to make the move that would hopefully be the missing piece in his life. 
Had you known he was bringing himself to such a conclusion, you’d ask him “why her and not me?”. And if this was a real conversation between you two, he’d simply answer: “When I look at her, I know everything I want and need. When I look at you, I know nothing.” 
But what was wrong with nothing?
Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate, as Mother Nature would spew her rage in the form of heavy winds, cold days and nights, and fierce thunderstorms. This did not help your planning in any way, save for the fact you had more days to dig your head into romance novels. Still, these harsher days were getting you further from Jungkook than you would’ve liked, and you knew you had to bring yourself closer, not move in the opposite direction. 
On a day where she was a bit merciful with you, you decided to make your move. Well, Jungkook beat you to it. It was a cloudy day with a chance of rain, but as long as the sky looked somewhat pleasant, with a neutral gray splashed along its canvas, you’d take that over anything. 
[ meet me at the courtyard in 20, i need your advice ASAP ] 
You had to be brief and straight to the point. Your novels gave you too many examples of beating around the bush when it came to confessions. However, knowing you and Jungkook, being blunt came rather easy when you didn’t think about it too much. 
A typical walk to the courtyard was longer than usual, because at times like that, you took your time, collecting your thoughts and formulating your day with every step. Though, this time, it was just the opposite, a bomb ticking to explosion and you knew that the longer you waited the more things would just backfire in front of you. 
When a familiar silhouette decorated your vision, you instantly picked up your pace into a sprint, intent on meeting Jungkook as soon as you could. Such a decision, these next few minutes in front of you were going to be life-changing. Years and years of friendship were the foundation that made this newly-established love stronger, as you alluded to his previous words. 
However, though the two of you were quite famous for the near-infinite amount of stamina you possessed, both of you were panting when you finally approached the others. In the moments where you were regaining your breath, you couldn’t help but let your eyes dance along Jungkook’s expression. There was slight fatigue, sure, but joy. You knew him so well, you were able to read those emotions easily as if they were words from a children’s book. 
“I...I…” you were starting now. This was the moment. The moment. After this, both of your lives would change, and hopefully for the better. 
There couldn’t possibly be a way he could deny his love for you, because when Jeon Jungkook said “love is friendship”, he was talking about you, and that was a fact᠆᠆
᠆᠆though, it might take him longer to come full circle with his own admission. 
“I love you,” Stars, moonlight, and sunshine glimmered in his eyes at the same time. When the three sacred words escaped his lips, he was exuberant, though trying to hide it through small chuckles to keep his composure. At the same time, he was falling apart. No, Jungkook. You only have one chance. 
“Shit…” Instead of focusing on your reaction, which was a deer in headlights, but a deer who was looking forward to heaven, his gaze was drifting, shy, flustered smiles painting his expression, “God, to think I’d never say these words to anyone in my life before…”
But he said them to you, more than reflective of his emotions. His reciprocated emotions. To think that you were able to confess to Jungkook right then and there, but he’d done it before you instead. 
“Goddammit, I love you so much...I’m really bad at stating my emotions sometimes, don’t you think?” 
While Jungkook was attempting, you were ecstatic, joyous, ready to jump out of your shoes and squeal as you wrapped your arms around his neck. Would you lean in to kiss his lips? Fulfill not one, but so many desires in just the span of the rest of the day?
Not when he decided to continue. Not anymore. 
“I was thinking about telling her so many times, but I don’t think I’ve been getting it right. When I think I can get it right, I try to go to her and tell her, yet in her presence I lose all the momentum and I can’t.”
When Jungkook’s with you, suddenly the momentum isn’t even there for him, which is why sometimes he has such an easy time telling you what he thinks or says.
Yet, vice versa wasn’t true. In Jungkook’s presence, you were a professional eccedentesiast. 
He didn’t know that he crushed everything right in front of you, that he just admitted to the girl that had a crush on him he was in love with someone else, that you can’t even bear to look at him anymore, nor wipe your smile off at the same time for his sake. 
“Tell who..?” was all you could utter, in a voice so soft you thought he could just miss it entirely because he now resided in the cloud nine of romance, your previous habitat. 
“Jihyo. Who else?” The way his eyes even smiled when he said her name, watching every ounce of him swooning brought a sick feeling to your stomach. Were you happy that he found the woman to unlock him? Had he mentioned any other name, you’d be reprimanding him right now, certain that she wouldn’t be the right one for him. Were you disappointed because you found out it wasn’t you? 
Yet, he chose Jihyo. 
“Okay, okay, this is what I need advice for. A reenactment, okay? I’m Jungkook, you’re Jihyo.” 
Little by little, you felt like you were losing consciousness, as well as control over your senses. At any moment, you might collapse, shut off, or do whatever. However, it didn’t matter, because as long as you were out of the living nightmare, it would be better than being inside it right now. 
He rested his hands on his knees, taking a deep sigh to compose himself once more before round two began. Yet, looking into your glassy eyes, somehow the words came easier this time than it did the first, “I....I love you.”
Seconds away from tears, you didn’t know when God decided to grant you so much strength. The strength to confess your feelings right now, which was probably the worst time in the world. 
“I love you too,” You wished you were the first one to make a move, sounding much more confident and sure of your feelings than ever. This time, all you could really get out was a small squeak compared to the admission you’d been working so hard for. 
“Won’t she say that?” You said just what he wanted to hear, after all, but he was so, so oblivious to how incorrect he was, to even the slight uneasiness in his heart. 
The more he spoke, the more you felt like you were losing everything, invisible hands wrapped around your throat, heart, and lungs restricting you to do anything more. Heartbreak was taking over now. All you could offer was a mere nod, and speak of the devil himself. 
“Come here!” His signature grin painted his expression, pulling you into his arms. Maybe this was the last time you two would ever be so close again…
The last time his scent would fill your nostrils. The last time he’d ever be so joyful in your presence only. The last time you’d feel his strong arms around you, pulling you closer and closer to the point where you could hear his heart beating᠆᠆
᠆᠆most likely for Jihyo, and not for the fact that he was able to share this special occasion with you. 
A rumble of thunder immediately broke your embrace, feeling yourself cower immediately with such a booming noise rippling through your ears. You didn’t know if the prospect of raining made you want to cry more or not, or maybe it was a good enough excuse to let those tears flow. 
If the water would come down at the right time, your tears of heartbreak would be concealed in Jungkook’s eyes, and he’d never know…
“I’m going to find shelter,” Jungkook flashed you a grin when you parted, offering a wink, “At her room where I’m going to tell her. You get back to your dorm quickly, okay? I better be hearing no coughs or sneezes on Monday.”
Again, you offered nothing short of a mere nod.
Simultaneously, when Jungkook’s back turned on you, the rain finally made its grand entrance, granting you the contradictory cloak you needed for your feelings. Of course, this wasn’t the place to make a scene with such risky weather, but at least you could let the tears flow freely. 
He didn’t remember me… Did he even... Did I even cross his mind? 
Tumblr media
Maybe you did, or didn’t. Perhaps it was something you’d find out longer, had you made the decision to stay. Jungkook. Jihyo. Two names you associated together, but not in the sense that you were ever anticipating ever. Dating. An item. A couple. 
The longer you stayed, the more you realized you couldn’t handle this outcome. For your own sake, you knew you had better things for you. A better place, in fact.
A home that wasn’t Jungkook. 
Tumblr media
“Mom, the train will leave in 2 hours, I have enough time!” you hollered to the woman over the phone. It seemed as if no matter how many times you had to iterate the same information, or how loud you had to say it, most of your message still wouldn’t go through and you found your mother offering the same solution: leave early, “Let me quickly finish my lunch, okay? Everything is packed, I’ll just need to wash my hands, grab my bag, and go to the station. It’s only ten minutes away, please don’t worry.”
You knew it was your mother’s instinct to be this concerned, but when you yourself brandished a mixed pot of feelings, you didn’t know what to make of it at the moment. When you were painfully close to leaving your previous life behind, you couldn’t help but think about the tragic afternoon that started it all. The 15 minutes you spent beside Jungkook leading you to transfer yourself to a school in your hometown, figure out how you were going to pay off your train ticket, and most importantly, tell your family that you were coming home.
Of course, you’d always planned the visit, and now, an excuse, a heartbreaking excuse, was laid out in front of you. 
Were you running away from the suffering? With the tragedy of your first love ending horribly, what else could you do? Become a walking, talking miserable wreck? No, there’d be no way you could spend much time at your school beside Jungkook anymore, not without him or Jihyo eventually finding out what was putting you in this slump. And when they’d find out you were put into a bad mood because of their romance? You’d lose everything with them. 
Maybe they’d forget, so caught up in their romance that you would drift from their minds and they would only know the other person. It was possible. For that, maybe it was best for you to leave their lives as soon as possible, for not only your sake but for theirs, too.
Yet, you couldn’t decide if you wanted the day to end or the day to continue for as long as it could. 
The former was starting to become truer and truer, with a ride to the train station that ended quicker than you thought. It wasn’t long before you were a few miles away from the central hub of campus, in town where many of your fellow (but now former) classmates frequented when given free time. A highlight of this town was the churro parlor adjacent to the train station, a place that gave you an entire reel of memories when you passed by it. 
Of course, in the current time, nothing would make the moment more complete than the star of the show itself present at a place so close to your heart. 
Even though you were near certain, almost positive that you were nothing short of a memory to Jungkook now that him and Jihyo were official, the last thing you expected was hearing your name slip off his lips so effortlessly. 
“Y/N loves the traditional churro, I guess she likes to be basic. Said something about this having the least amount of calories. But, I really like the Oreo ones, so you can pick which one you like best,” Jungkook rambled on, brandishing your favorite place to eat to Jihyo like a child with his new toy. There was a ring to the way he uttered your name, a few syllables slipping from his slips sounding much more mellifluous to the ears than anything else. 
“Hm, I don’t know if I’m craving anything super duper sweet right now…” You refamiliarized yourself with the tone of Jihyo’s voice. While you had been packing, you were simultaneously attempting to take out the couple from your mind, for your piece of mind above all, “Let’s get the regular churros, we can always come back anyway.” 
While Jungkook filed through a stack of bills from his wallet to retrieve the most accurate amount, Jihyo idly waited, before her gaze was dancing around the vicinity—
—before finally landing on you. 
“Speak of the devil herself!” She chirped, causing not only you but Jungkook to jump a little by the way her voice lifted at the sight of you. That wasn’t a good time to be caught staring at your crush with his girlfriend, with your departure less than an hour away. Not so good of a time at all. Intentionally, her voice was louder than usual, because she wanted you to hear. 
She had suspected. She had anticipated. She had known it all. 
Most importantly, Jihyo had planned. Though, the steps she was projecting to take would come to fruition in an unknown time. But, a plan was inevitable. 
You watched while still as a statue, able to tell what was going on: Jungkook wanting to get the churros first before heading over to you but Jihyo being more than eager to rush your way first. The female dominated, because all it took was a single tug of his wrist in the right direction for the lovesick boy to direct course. His dash your way was surprisingly quiet, with eyes glued to yours, dripping, no, practically gushing with a waterfall of thoughts he needed to transfer into legible form. 
Had Jihyo and him been running to anyone else, he’d have whined his entire way. Yet, he was silent as ever, a silence that could only be brought on with the angst that accompanied real, true love. 
“Y/N! What are you doing here?” Judging by the time and place, her voice implied that a simple answer wouldn’t do. No, not at all. If you had come for churros, you would’ve entered through the front door of the restaurant and not through the train station. If you wanted to accompany Jungkook and Jihyo, you would’ve just asked.
If you wanted to stay, you would’ve never packed up your bags—
“I-I’m leaving.” 
Your senses couldn’t pick a point to pay attention to, choosing different directions all at the wrong times like a chameleon’s eyes. Even while Jihyo’s expression contorted in discontent, you were still focused, hooked on Jungkook. But, before anyone else, could ever remark further, you chimed in to solidify your decision, “I know this is last minute and all, but, my family really needs me,” A knot in your throat tightened and tightened, making the tone of your voice miserably falter, “This was so all of a sudden, but, when my family is on the right foot, I’ll be back, okay?” 
Your smile was forged enough for Jihyo to believe it. Only Jihyo, though. 
While Jihyo could chew on your excuse, it was while gouging Jungkook’s reaction that she realized what was happening beneath the surface. 
Yet, did Jungkook even offer a reaction? Did Jihyo even know him enough to know what was going on through his mind? His arms were crossed, jaw set and pointed while his complexion was probably the closest to painting his emotions. Wider eyes, the slight tinge of a quivering lip, the little flares of his nostrils, minuscule things that you knew the definition of and not Jihyo. 
This wasn’t the time. Not in front of his girlfriend could he realize his mistake. Yes, he was told his feelings were paramount, but this would be the most horrible time of all to break Jihyo’s heart—when it was already cracking little by little realizing that you were moving. 
He coughed, trying to regain his voice without giving it away, “Your dad?” 
You nodded, swallowing thickly. 
“Do you need any help?”
You shook your head. 
Before you could speak up, before Jihyo could even intervene, the station’s loudspeaker boomed throughout the vicinity, giving you the chilling reminder that this was it. Thinking you’d leave without a trace, you were now going to depart with nothing but your forlorn first love on your mind. 
“I wish I could tell you more...but as you can tell—“ Finally, something genuine coming out of your lips. In all honesty, you wished you could. You wanted to talk to Jihyo, to be the girl that Jungkook always said you weren’t and gush about that very same boy. To ask her for help, to look pretty, to feel confident, to find love. 
But, time had passed, and there was no turning back. There was no putting Jungkook’s words back in his mouth on that rainy day. There was no returning the small kisses exchanged between him and Jihyo. There was no money back for your train ticket. 
There was no hope for you and Jungkook. 
The goodbyes and boarding were hurried, mumbling most-likely incoherent words into Jihyo’s shoulder. You avoided a hug with Jungkook because of his girlfriend, though the somber gaze between you two was the most reassuring and painful thing that occurred in your entire life, simultaneously. 
Jihyo held back and watched like she’d done before. As if she could read your mind, even better than Jungkook could, she decided to task herself with a concoction of the best, and the worst thing she could ever do. 
To have Jungkook fulfill the dying wish she had just deduced.
To find you again. 
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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papillonsgf · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
𝐌𝐀𝐒𝐓𝐄𝐑𝐋𝐈𝐒𝐓 | chapter i | chapter ii | chapter iii | chapter iv | chapter v |
❝ series pairing: jungkook x f!reader, some seokjin x reader ❞
❝ chapter warnings: light cursing(?) ❞
❝ series summary: as you discovered love for the first time, your heart decided to make your best friend, jungkook, its victim. unfortunately, the new addition to your friend group had stolen his heart instead, leaving you heartbroken, but in hopes of starting on a clean slate. flashforward nine years, and you’re doing what you love, starting a job at a children’s summer camp. meeting a young girl with the same name as you was the least of what you expected, save for finding out her father was the man you once considered your other half. ❞
❝ a/n: ahhh this came out later than i would’ve liked but school is seriously kicking my butt >:c i have 2 essays due soon yikes writing has def not been easy! however, i’m taking my time and trying to make adequate spots for me to write as i please, since i really love this plot and i want to share it with you all. psst psst, there will also be 2 more chapters to part 1! ❞
❝ word count: 2k ❞
❝ taglist open!: @yeojaa, @gucieguciekook, @jiminskth, @imluckybitches, @apurpledheart, @d-noona, @rjsmochii, @imcchuxx, @somewhereinthestarss, @moon-2seok, @aretha170, @jeontaes-world, @tae-ilshighnote,@mwitsmejk,  @youwannabelostandnotbefound, @crookedstarlitnight, @awsome-small-k, @betysotelo18​, @kimchii7​, @kookunot​, @veeparkersstuff​, let me know if you want to be added! ❞
Tumblr media
You left the auditorium feeling your hands painted with Jungkook’s touch. If he’d dipped his hands in paint and held yours while teaching you songs on guitar, you knew not a single spot on your knuckles would be left without paint. One song? Or was it three? However long you spent beside him while everyone was wrapping up at the talent fair, you knew for a fact that it went by all too quickly. Now that you recollect your experience with him on your walk home, you started to connect the night to a sugar rush: being on cloud nine having the most fun in the world before you of course, crashed᠆᠆
᠆᠆in Venus, of all places. 
Shot by Cupid’s arrow? Realizing that your ribcage was now a breeding ground for butterflies, all you could dawdle on was the prospect of crushing on Jungkook. 
He said it himself, that love to him was friendship. What better example did he have in mind save for you and him? There was friendship, and there most certainly had to be love. You didn’t know where your mind was taking you in the moment, but because you felt like you were levitating in a headspace you never imagined, you didn’t push it away either. 
It was a change, the exact change you needed in life. 
Despite having class tomorrow, the butterflies in your stomach refused to let you rest. You were wasting a good night’s sleep, but at least you didn’t have your head stuck in books this time. In this case, however, you had different books and resources in mind, a completely different topic to research altogether. 
Did you need something as simple as a diagnosis? A checklist in which you could properly evaluate your feelings and declare that indeed, you had a crush on your best friend. Or what about a how-to? Some sort of instructions to fully execute this newfound crush, to capture love and hold it ever so dear in your heart. 
Even though you and Jungkook needed to be up early tomorrow, both of you made the intentions to stay up to an ungodly hour in the name of love. 
With the addition of Jihyo, it was safe to assume the three of you jumped on the bandwagon of making no intention to sleep. 
Tumblr media
After getting ready for bed, Jihyo was sifting through her bookshelf in search of a reading before bed. Something light, but something her mind could indulge in to help her fall asleep. Yet, she felt so jittery, so awake because of the past few hours, filling her up with a giddy sensation she knew and didn’t want to recognize at the same time. Sleeping was going to be a challenge, and she hoped reading would make the task easier. 
However, instead of comfortably situating herself in her sheets to open her book, she jolted in place before she could slip into bed, obnoxious knocking on her window being what pushed her out of her train of thought. Her head snapped in the direction of the noise, eyebrows furrowing at the familiar figure situated up on the tree’s branch adjacent to her window. 
As Jihyo’s expression mirrored astonishment, Jungkook’s, on the other hand, portrayed excitement. He waved through her window with a wide, bunny-toothed grin before rubbing his arms up and down to show he was cold. Despite the temptation to leave the boy outside on the tree to poke fun at him, seeing Jungkook tugged on Jihyo’s heartstrings, drawing her towards opening her window for him. 
“Do you know how long I was waiting there?” he retorted, a huff escaping his lips as he feigned a whiny demeanor, but his warm eyes held nothing but adoration for the girl who currently was the apple of his eye. 
“Well, you should’ve knocked on the moment you got up there, then. I would’ve opened it earlier,” Realizing what his words were alluding to, she gasped and turned in his direction, complexion contorting in discontent, “Were you stalking me, Jeon Jungkook?” 
He raised his hands up shoulder-level to plead innocence, shaking his head so she wouldn’t jump to conclusions, “No, no, I knocked the moment I got up there! I wasn’t stalking, just testing out my tree-climbing skills and boom, I managed to get right here.”
Her eyes narrowed further in his direction, “Testing your tree-climbing skills? It’s 11 at night, Jungkook,” Jihyo scoffed, “How do you know I’m here, anyway?” 
Jungkook offered a shrug despite knowing the answer, “Well, everyone knows where your dad is, and it seems to be that you’re nearby too. I thought you were at the girls dorm where Y/N is, but I frequent that place too much and didn’t notice you.” 
“Of course you do,” she sighed under her breath. 
“But look, I’m here! We can have a sleepover together, right? Don’t worry about school tomorrow,” He’s out of his mind, Jihyo thought to herself, shaking her head hoping that it offered enough of an answer. 
“You’re crazy, there’s no place for you to sleep,” She turned to the direction of her bookshelf to put her book back, figuring that she wasn’t going to get a lot of sleep tonight with Jungkook’s presence. 
“Are you sure?” Jihyo’s reactions were only fueling Jungkook further. When she looked at him for further acknowledgement, his head gestured in the direction of her bed. He couldn’t help but laugh at her expression of disgust, “That’s it, I’m kicking you out! Cold or not.” 
His smirk quickly wiped away, painting a pout across his lips, “Now, that’s no way to treat a guest. I was just kidding, sweetcheeks! Don’t be so serious, you’re gorgeous when you’re not so tense but rather relaxed.”
Confusion painted across her face this time. Was he flirting? Or did he genuinely mean the praise? She couldn’t pick, nor was it something she could directly inquire from Jungkook. 
“And what if I’m even prettier when I’m serious and tense?” Jihyo played his game, “Do you think your praises will have me at your feet? You’re cute, Jungkook,” she laughed, finding herself to enjoy the playful banter between them.
“I know I am,” his tone was just as cheeky as hers, crossing his arms as his eyes only widened in enjoyment. 
He’d never gotten this far with any other girl, and all Jungkook could tell himself was that he didn’t want to blow it. 
The male caught sight of the book Jihyo was putting back, his eyebrows furrowing as he inquired upon her decision, “Romeo and Juliet? That doesn’t look like the copy distributed to the it your own?” 
On the other hand, she found it rather surprising he was remarking upon such a subject, “It’s my own copy, I was just going to do some reading before bed before you oh so kindly barged in here.” 
Jungkook’s smile could only grow wider, “You’d rather have me entertain you than fall asleep. Tomorrow, you won’t regret the fact that you should’ve been sleeping,” Before Jihyo could respond further, he changed the subject, “Want me to let you in on a secret?”
Her curiosity piqued, “What?” 
“I’ve read Romeo and Juliet before,” he replied in a hushed tone, wondering what kind of reaction he would gauge out of Jihyo. Instead, the answer brought herself into a deeper introspection than she thought. If Jungkook had read the text, he would be aware of the plot, or at least some of it. Because of that, wouldn’t he have answered Ms. Choi with the sacrificial love portrayed in the play rather than ‘love is friendship’? Had she been in his place, she would’ve answered with something pertaining to the plot. Even if one never read the text itself, she was certain that they’d have some sort of idea of what the entirety of the work was about. 
Or maybe his answer was the discreet profession of his love to you?
His answer was odd, nonetheless, especially when he’d read the book before. Odd, but not necessarily out of place. However, her thoughts led her to her next question.
“Did you really read it?” she couldn’t help but inquire. Knowing Jungkook, his definition of ‘read’ could seriously mean anything. 
“Yes, I really read it. I had a project back in junior high, good ‘ol days when I was a gifted kid, of course. I picked up the first thing I saw, but I executed that assignment and got an A. Ask Y/N if you think I’m lying, she says this is the only thing I don’t lie about.” 
“When was the last time you got an A on something?” Jihyo tried her best to stifle a giggle while retaining the newfound information from Jungkook. 
“We don’t talk about that.” 
Tumblr media
You stepped out of the shower earlier than you would’ve liked after hearing your familiar ringtone play throughout your room. Recognizing the caller as your mother, you questioned internally why she would be calling at such an hour, but didn’t hesitate to reply. 
“Hello?” you spoke first. 
“Y/N! You’re awake? I was going to call you on Saturday figuring that you weren’t going to reply this late but᠆᠆”
“What’s up?” You barely wasted a second to cut her off because of how well you knew her. If it wasn’t too big of a problem, she would’ve waited for more of an adequate time to call you. Knowing her, something serious had to have taken place if she considered calling you right now. 
“Well it’s᠆᠆today᠆᠆” Her stammering made you nervous, sending you back into reality away from the euphoric sugar rush you were previously in. Your heart raced, unable to properly deduce what she was trying to get to, “Your father was admitted into the hospital not too long ago, he had a stroke.” 
Feeling your senses become limp, you had to set the phone down and leave it on speaker. With free hands, you swing your legs on your bed, pulling your knees up to your chest whilst contemplating what this could mean, “I-Is he okay? He’s going to make it, right?” 
Thankfully, your mother’s words could soothe the anxiety rapidly bubbling in within you, “He’s expected to survive, thank god. But, I want to look out for him when he recovers, you and I both know he takes on a lot more than he should.”
“I know,” you plainly offered, exhaling a deep sigh of relief when the burden of your father’s health somewhat alleviated off your shoulders. 
“I was thinking...oh I don’t know if I’m even thinking the right things right now but, someone has to keep up with the store. You and Jungkook were so excited when you both got accepted to your school, and you’re both so happy there... You don’t have to answer me now, but would you want to come home back to us, to help us out?”
You definitely weren’t answering right now, needing time to process everything. At the moment, you could figure out one thing: you needed to visit home sometime soon. It might not be the permanent move your mother was hinting towards, but you had a duty to your parents, especially when one of them was in a fragile state. When it came to staying there and whether or not you’d leave this school behind, only the future could tell. 
“I’ll think about it,” you offered some sort of response so you weren’t leaving your mother hanging, “I’m calling tomorrow too, or just more often in general. Please check me in on his condition, Mom. I feel horrible that I’m so far away so I’m going to try the best I can for both of you, okay?” 
Despite the two of you speaking over phone, you could already imagine the heartwarming smile painting across her lips at your words, “I love you, Y/N. I know you’ll do what’s in your best interest. Don’t stay up too late, and tell Jungkook I said hello,”
“I will,” At the mention of Jungkook, you felt the familiar flutter in your heart, looking in the direction of your closet to gaze upon the ‘beautiful’ outfit you picked out for tomorrow.  
Tumblr media
what did you think of the chapter? my asks and dms are always open for feedback and your general thoughts/comments! please reblog and support fellow content creators whether they be gifmakers, writers, etc., it means so much to us <3
Tumblr media
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jenomark · 8 months ago
A-Z Smut Analysis of Xiaojun
Tumblr media
💚 Smut
💚 18+
💚 This is only fantasy
A ⇥ Aftercare
  After sex, Xiaojun becomes incredibly lazy, but very chatty. His body feels weak and kind of like he’s floating on air. Chances are, he might turn into a giggling mess. When he’s more physically energized, he’s cleaning up and making sure everything is back to the way it was before you fucked. It will be like the sex never happened, but the glow on his skin will remain.
B ⇥ Body Part
  His favorite body part on himself is his whole head. He likes his face, but he’s not the type to admit it seriously. He can be very humble about his handsome looks. He accepts his body for the way it is, but there isn’t anything that sticks out to him. On you, his favorite body part is your legs. There is something about big thighs on either side of his thin body that comforts him.
C ⇥ Cum
  Finds the act of cumming a little disgusting when he’s by himself. Doesn’t understand how men can produce such a large load. Feels worried that his might not be enough for you. Is incredibly turned-on when you swallow him, even though he’s overthinking the situation the entire time. Making you cum is his greatest achievement and makes him feel god-like.
D ⇥ Dirty Secret
  He likes being told what to do, how to look, what to wear, both inside and outside of the bedroom. It’s less about being submissive and more about being cared for. He has a tiny bit of resistance, which he also likes. Pleasing people makes him horny. It’s only considered dirty to him, but intelligence is such a turn-on. Being corrected by someone-no matter the gender- is something he finds hot.
  E ⇥ Experience
   Isn’t sexually experienced at all, but he has a lot of feelings brewing inside. He regularly gets crushes he feels are out of his league. He feels a little bit like he’s being left out of experiences, or being left behind.
F ⇥ Favorite position
  Doggy-style where he can see himself fucking you and can make eye contact with you. He likes intensity. He wants to please you, and getting to watch your body and the way you enjoy sex, from above, is everything to him.
G⇥  Goofy
  Sex with him is always goofy. There are times he can be a little timid. He struggles to start, so having an open mind and a good attitude makes him feel comfortable. He really just needs to do a good job for you. Also, he’s a little weirdo. 
H ⇥ Hair
  He doesn’t care about body hair, on himself or on you. If natural is what you want, it’s what you get. He actually kind of prefers it.
I ⇥ Intimacy
  He can be really sweet mid-stroke. He’s so full of emotions that he needs to slow down and kiss your body and appreciate it for what it is. He puts his whole body into fucking and making love. You’re getting every last bit of him. If the sex is truly good, he might cry.
J ⇥ Jack Off
  He jerks off several times a week, but he enjoys hands-free masturbation the most. He’ll use pillows, toys, and basically anything that can turn into a hole. He also really likes going without, so that you can be the one to enhance his orgasm. 
K ⇥ Kink
  Likes being submissive. Likes being tied up. Likes being dressed up and told what to do. Would not be surprised if he liked to be pissed on.
L ⇥ Location
  His favorite place to fuck is the shower because of minimal clean-up. There is also something vulnerable about being completely stripped in front of you. Moments like that make him feel whole.
M ⇥ Motivation
  Positive emotions turn him on. Wanting to suck his dick out of the blue. He’s turned on if you become bossy and bold. Making out is also something that immediately gets him in the mood.
N ⇥ No
  He has an open mind, so he won’t turn down much. He’ll try anything once, if he’s in the right mood. He does like to complain, though. 
O ⇥ Oral
  He doesn’t love deep throat. He doesn’t want to make you uncomfortable. He likes his cock sucked slow and sloppy. He also has to be in a sitting or laying position. When he’s going down on you, he loves throwing your legs over his shoulders because he likes to feel he can support you. Begs you to make eye contact with him, because it turns him on.
P ⇥ Pace
His pace is slow. He doesn’t want to miss anything. If he does, he’ll start over, until he gets it right.
Q ⇥ Quickie
Only if he doesn’t have to exert himself too much.
R ⇥ Risk
  He likes the idea of taking risks in public. He’s not that shy about his sexuality, but he’s always overthinking everything. He doesn’t want to be caught by the wrong people. 
S ⇥ Stamina
  As long as he doesn’t cum, he can last awhile. After he cums, he turns into a puddled mess. 
T ⇥ Toy
  For Xiaojun, toys are fun. They are a new experience he’d like to try. Since he likes to make fun of himself, the goofier and more humiliating the toy, the better. 
U ⇥ Unfair
He prefers if you tease him minimally. He can be very impatient. 
V ⇥ Volume
  He moans a lot. He complains a lot. He breathes very heavily.  His face is also very expressive.
W ⇥ Wild Card
You’ll make eye contact with him, and the intensity will kick up. Hands will grip your love handles, moving slightly to squeeze your ass. His heavy brows are knitted together, his eyes focused on your face. You can feel him pounding you from behind, your body moving upwards as your fingers grip the sheets. He would fuck you to the moon, if he tried hard enough. If you look away for a moment, his mouth will be loud and demanding. “Look at me,” he’ll say. “Don’t look away.” Xiaojun will want you to know that his cock is for you, and that he’s fucking you the way you like it. A hand will be felt on the back of your head the more into it he gets. Sometimes he feels like the more dominant one, until you start moving back against him to fuck yourself on his body. He’ll still, as he watches your ass swallow his cock, and he begins to understand just who is in charge.“Don’t you look away, Xiaojun,” you’ll say. “Keep your eyes on all of the places I want them.”
X ⇥ X-Ray
  He has a lot of pubic hair. He’s a little on the smaller side, but he can fuck really well. Also, he has the best hygiene! 
Y ⇥ Yearning
  His sex drive is average. He can go without sex if he needs to, but the stress relief is enough to make him want it again and again. Also, pleasing you is his main purpose, even if he tells you it isn’t.
  After being very talkative, he does fall asleep easily. After cumming, his body is so relaxed that it seems the natural thing to do.
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Tumblr media
❝ last updated: feb 21, 2021 ❞
❝ series pairing: jungkook x f!reader, some seokjin x reader ❞
❝ based on the 1998 movie ‘kuch kuch hota hai’ dir. karan johar ❞
❝ genre + warnings dump: two part series! (each part will have a few chapters to it) f2l (frenemies to lovers), first loves, college setting, fluff, tomboy!y/n, karma really hits jk for being sucH an A$$, love triangle(?), ANGST (at this point it’s my brand), recurrence of severe insecurities, changing appearances, 9 year timeskip [where part two starts], major character death, single parent au, slight infidelity, eventual smut, BUT as the title implies, happy ending dw dw. ❞
❝ summary: as you discovered love for the first time, your heart decided to make your best friend, jungkook, its victim. unfortunately, the new addition to your friend group had stolen his heart instead, leaving you heartbroken, but in hopes of starting on a clean slate. flashforward nine years, and you’re doing what you love, starting a job at a children’s summer camp. meeting a young girl with the same name as you was the least of what you expected, save for finding out her father was the man you once considered your other half. ❞
❝ a/n: surprise!! i’m releasing this fic to celebrate a recent milestone, i hope you all enjoy it ♡♡. as a disclaimer, the portrayal of jungkook in this fic is no where affiliated with the real jeon jungkook. this does not represent him in any way as this is fiction. ❞
❝ current word count: 23.1k ❞ 
❝ taglist open!: @yeojaa, @gucieguciekook, @jiminskth, @imluckybitches, @apurpledheart, @d-noona, @rjsmochii, @somewhereinthestarss, @moon-2seok, @aretha170, @jeontaes-world, @tae-ilshighnote, @mwitsmejk​, @youwannabelostandnotbefound, @crookedstarlitnight, @awsome-small-k, @betysotelo18, @kimchii7, @kookunot, @veeparkersstuff, @yoooonie, @sugaslittlekookies, @jinsalpaca, @neverthefirstchoice, @jiminable, @thisetaernallove, @moonlitmyg, @liriaus, @pimpnameyannie, @coepiteamare, @dazedjjk, @lovelyseomin, @delicate-snow-flake, @jimilogy​, @fan-ati--c​, @moonchild1​, @jeonwiixard​, let me know if you want to be added! ❞
Tumblr media
𝐏𝐀𝐑𝐓 𝐎𝐍𝐄: 𝐰𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐬𝐡𝐨𝐮𝐥𝐝 𝐢 𝐝𝐨?
chapter i: i don’t like jokes
chapter ii: love is friendship
chapter iii: i’ve found someone
chapter iv: love slept over
oneshot i: make a wish
chapter v: poor eyesight
chapter vi: you didn’t remember me
yeah these chapters are ICONIC dialogues from the movie xoxo
𝐏𝐀𝐑𝐓 𝐓𝐖𝐎: 𝐬𝐨𝐦𝐞𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐩𝐞𝐧𝐬.
chapter vii: the letters (liaison, in-between chapter)
chapter viii: he’s home 
Tumblr media
It was safe to say that nothing short of nostalgia swam in between you and Jungkook while situated on the bench. While a comfortable silence stretched, you couldn’t help but remark upon the tranquility that was also present. Back in college, the two of you were practically unable to sit still, unable to keep your mouths shut. Right now, basking in the sanctuary of moonlight brought an ineffable period of peace to your rekindled relationship. 
Knowing you had to break the ice eventually, you suck in a deep breath before asking a question, “Did you get married again?” Internally, you cursed at yourself for asking something so intimate, yet you couldn’t take it back at this point because you really wanted to know. 
“I didn’t. You would’ve been able to tell if I did. I couldn’t find you, anyway,” Jungkook answered, a small chuckle escaping his throat as his gaze fleeted away from you to look up at the stars, “Or else I probably would’ve been marrying you.” 
The reply took the words out of your mouth. You’d never dawdled on the possibilities of you and Jungkook, not until you’d been shot with cupid’s arrow all those years ago. However, as to not make things awkward, you laughed, playing it off like the words were one of his many, many flirtatious remarks from the previous years.
Jungkook laughed with you, in unison. 
“Did you get married?” Thankfully, his question came at the right time, restricting you from being able to remark towards his previous words. 
“I couldn’t find you,” the words slipped from your lips effortlessly, as if the deity above the clouds had your conversation with Jungkook written in the stars. 
The engagement ring you left at your room said otherwise. 
Before you could further remark upon the topic, he added on: “Y/N, we live once, die once, get married once, and love—“
Once again, your reply was set in stone, engraved in your heart, “—Only once.”
Tumblr media
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lxncelot · 8 months ago
Tuck Everlasting - A Miles and Mae Tuck Story
tuck everlasting month 2020, day 18
Summary: He had forever to forget - forever to repent and wish things had been some other way. But to be without his son already was more than he could bear. How could he go through this life, forgetting details about the family he once had, until they were completely lost to time?
Tumblr media
The silence of the early morning was deafening. It was part of why Miles left.
In that farmhouse Miles had once called his own, a little boy named Thomas used to rise with the sun and pad through the house in search of a new book to read, his footsteps and breathing making the house feel alive and full. Miles would be pulled from his slumber by the sounds his little boy had made, and when he opened his eyes, a pregnant Rose would be sleeping next to her, her expression peaceful and calm. Miles would kiss her on the forehead and go down the stairs, catching Thomas as he shuffled through the living room, his eyes sleepy but crinkling in the corners with a smile.
He would call out to Miles, then, his voice like...
His voice...
The silence that surrounded Miles Tuck made his heart ache and his eyes sting.
Thomas. A little boy. Six years old and short of his age. He had a mop of messy, black curls. He had wide, wonder-struck eyes. He smiled and it was like the world stilled around him. He would scowl as the looked at a grandfather clock and Miles would smooth the wrinkles in between his eyebrows with his thumb.
He had been his little boy - his whole world, his mother Miles’ sun and moon and stars above.
His voice...
Miles couldn’t remember his voice.
What had he sounded like, laughing when climbing trees with his Uncle? What words did he stutter at, unable to form all the syllables in his young mouth? If Thomas saw him on the street and called out to his father, would he be able to recognize his voice? Would he know his boy, if he were right there, reaching out with a voice Miles could not remember?
Hot, salty tears fell on his cheeks and slid down his jaw. The whites of his eyes were turning an angry red from being pushed to their limit. His sobs came out harsh and uneven, his throat rubbed raw and bleeding.
How could he have allowed himself to forget something so precious and full of life? To forget so soon... He had forever to forget - forever to repent and wish things had been some other way. But to be without his son already was more than he could bear. How could he go through this life, forgetting details about the family he once had, until they were completely lost to time?
His Rose... His Thomas... His Anna...
Their voices...
He cried to fill the silence.
Mae found him and put her arms around him, rubbing his back in calming circles, brushing the tears from his face with her thumb, whispering to fill the silence that taunted him. She couldn’t understand his words while they were broken and incomplete, but she understood his sobs the way any mother would.
“I’m here, Miles. It’ll be okay.”
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