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#<3 uwu <3
tu-sonrisa-torcida · an hour ago
cómo que I'm horny no significa estoy horneando 😳
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spacepunksupreme · 2 hours ago
There’s nothing better than when a loved when brings you some sliced fruit to share, the other day my dad came into my room with a plate and I thought it was gonna be some apple but it was actually just a handful of loose cheetos and he was like “only take a few, this is my snack”
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tobios-housewife · 6 hours ago
do we need to establish mommy protection squad 🤨 because i’m sure hundreds of us are gonna come running. What you said about their words don’t mean shit bc it’s on anon is true 🤨 don’t by shy, get off anon and it’s a fair fight <3
I said this bc i wanna see you spit fire at em
You guys it’s really ok 😂 Generally I keep that kinda stuff just auto blocked and deleted but it fucking made me laugh as hard as the anon who told me to “get a job you shouldn’t be writing smut” Like holy shit y’all obviously don’t touch enough grass 😂 anon looses all your steam bc your too chicken to say it
Guess what guys I’m gonna be Mrs. Kageyama next Febuary and y’all are invited so mark the 31st on your calendars I’m livestreaming my anime husband’s wedding uwu <3
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regina-tenebris · 8 hours ago
{ ⟡ } — The Matron's vision was blurry, as she tried to remain awake for a little bit longer. Why is there so much paperwork and documents in front of her? Also, why is she so sleepy? Those were just a couple of nights with some mirrored reflections doing their thing.... How many hours had she stubbornly be awake by now?
Before she notices it, her arms crossed over the desk and tiredly rested her head in them. Humming and mumbling softly, almost impossible to understand:
"Noxus can wait just 5 minutes..."
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tu-sonrisa-torcida · 16 hours ago
Si eres de los que camina lento en el centro, vete a la brga
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tu-sonrisa-torcida · 18 hours ago
Mañana estaría celebrando con mi hijo, pero una pastilla de $100 se lo chingo.😔
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tu-sonrisa-torcida · 18 hours ago
Ayuda amigos, no sé ligar, ¿qué sigue después de coger?
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tu-sonrisa-torcida · 18 hours ago
Qué ganas de estar acostado con una de esas cosas que te prometen que van a cambiar
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silhouetteofadancer · 19 hours ago
Hi everyone! I just notice that Kota's birthday is gonna be in 10 days and I've planned to make some gifs of different thematics (when he was in DDT, being champion, etc ...) because of his birthday month, so you probably gonna see me being a little bit active during these days 😊
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tiltedsun · 20 hours ago
@snowdrcps             /            “say my name.” sunny @ damian uwu               /                   prompt.
a whine escapes damian’s lips , but it takes little to no time for them to gasp out his name as he rocks his hips against them , clenching almost immediately at the feeling. ‘ sunwoo , i- ‘ their brows draw together in focus , holding onto his shoulders before snaking their hands up to bury them into his hair , a noticeably loud moan leaving them when sunny’s rocks his hips just the right way. ‘ hard- harder , please , baby- ‘ they wrap their legs around his waist , pulling him closer , already so sensitive; but it’s never unusual for them when they’re with him like this. ‘ i- i want you to fuck me , sunwoo ..... i just want to feel you , want nothin’ but you. ‘
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ricochamoy · 22 hours ago
A Alemania:
Adondetanguapogüerito? 7v7
Alemania: Wer ist güerito? (¿qué es güerito?)
Tumblr media
❐Perdón no había visto estoooo
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el1an · 23 hours ago
welcome back to day two of me complaining about trans (ftm) fics,, today my thoughts are;
don't label your fucking fic as "x ftm reader" if you're describing the reader excessively feminine. It shows that you still view them as their agab and it kinda gives me transphobic vibes ngl.
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scrawnycatra · a day ago
i dont watch mcyt atm (your blog is steadily convincing me to start though) but anyw my sister found out i think george is cute n she keeps fucking showing me pictures of him out of nowhere and im just like oKAY THANKS and anyway yeah i think im gonna start watching his channel lol so i guess thank you because i first saw george on your channel lmao
god does ur sister watch mcyt? anyway im glad u’ve been poisoned :) welcome to the club pretty men r a drug i love 2 smoke n the absolute irony of georgenotfound becoming a minecraft youtuber n achieving most of his success WITHOUT his face is hilarious to me. the whole “all george does is sit there and look pretty” insult is hilarious because he is a computer science university graduate who coded minecraft videos with dream which gave them their initial clout. only a small handful of his videos include face cam 
anyway here’s a video link guide to getting started to george’s channel :) (aka what videos i think u should see first LMAO) 
minecraft, but i’m not colorblind anymore
very endearing video where george tries on colorblind glasses for the first time to.... see colors in minecraft. dream is in this video to help w the color stuff. he also tears up a little because he was really happy to help george see colors properly. really eye opening too re what protan color blindness is like n also their friendship is just very good :) 
minecraft, but my friend is a dog 
minecraft, but my friend is a parrot 
minecraft, but my friend is a horse
a very important series where george has to beat the game while protecting dream, who they have coded to be a [insert minecraft pet/animal]. george is allowed to respawn multiple times, but if dream dies, they lose. it’s fun and almost ironic because expert world record speedrunner dream just has so much fun being a littol animal while george has to be the one sweating it out which is a fun inverse of their usual dynamic i guess?
minecraft, but if you laugh you lose
minecraft, but if you laugh you lose rematch
a new series w dream, sapnap, and karl. george has to beat minecraft before his friends make him laugh 3 times. if he laughs 3 times, he loses the challenge. the second one includes coded plug-ins that dream did himself that take the challenge to new incredibly immature n silly heights. i want to note that quackity is not in these videos n i think its because george knows the video would end in 5 minutes if quackity was trying to make him laugh. its the same way how quackity isn’t in manhunt because dream fears him 
minecraft, but i put a t-shirt on every minute
minecraft, but we can’t touch the floor
these videos r conceptually really different, but i’m explaining them in the same paragraph because both r dream team videos :) dream team is dream, george, n sapnap! the t-shirt video is self explanatory. george has to beat the game. every time a minute passes, he has to put a t-shirt on. the touch the floor video is a coded challenge where they can only step on blocks they place down themselves or they get killed instantly. ok yeah that’s it those are the videos i’d watch first on george’s channel to get started :) 
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yuugxn · a day ago
Tumblr media
@diverse-hearts​ asked: Look into my eyes - Venti and Amos /o/~
Look Into My Eyes // Accepting!
Tumblr media
I see:
Absolute Conviction  |  Aggression  |  Ambition  |  Anger  |  Anxiety  |  Apathy  |  Arrogance  |  Bloodthirst  |  Bravery  |  Compassion  |  Confidence  |  Conflict  | Courage  |  Darkness  |  Defeat |  Denial  |  Desire  |  Despair  |  Determination  |  Devotion  |  Disappointment  |  Distrust  |  Dominance  |  Emptiness  |  an Enemy  |  Enlightenment  |  Envy  |  Excitement  |  Exhaustion  |  Elitism  |  Experience  |  Fear  |  a Friend  |  a Future  |  Gentleness  |  Greed  |  Grief  |  Guilt  |  Honesty  |  Honor  |  Hope  |  Hostility  |  Ignorance  |  an Illness  |  Insecurity  |  Integrity  |  Intoxication  |  Kindness  |  Lies  |  Loneliness  |  Longing  |  Loss  |  a Lover  |  Loyalty  |  Malicious Intent  |  Mania  |  Melancholy  |  Misery  |  Negativity  |  Overcompensation  |  Pain  |  Paranoia  |  Passion  |  Perseverance  |  Pettiness  |  Pity  |  Positivity  |  Pressure  |  Pride  |  a Purpose  |  Racism  |  Regret  |  Resentment  |  Resignation  |  Resolve  |  Sadness  |  Self-Hatred  |  Sexism  |  Shattered Remains  |  a Shining Light  |  Something Familiar  |  Spite  |  Stress  |  Stupidity  |  Submission  |  Tranquility  |  Trauma  |  Trust  |  Vengeance  |  Warmth  |  Wisdom  |  Wrath  |  a Cry for Help  |  Something Eating Your Mind  |  the Years have Changed You
Animalistic  |  Approachable  |  Broken  |  Closed-Off  |  Cold  |  Crafty  |  Crazy  |  Defensive  |  Devious  |  Difficult  |  Disheartened  |  Emotionally Detached  |  Frightened  |  Frightening  |  Genuine  |  Guarded  |  Headstrong  |  Heartless  |  Human  |  Immature  |  Impatient  |  Inhuman  |  Insane  |  Intuitive  |  Lost  |  Mature  |  Noble  |  Patient  |  Pitiful  |  Primitive  |  Pure  |  Reliable  |  Remorseless  |  Reserved  |  Resourceful  |  Short-Tempered  |  Simplistic  |  Sly  |  Soft-Hearted  |  Struggling  |  a Threat  |  Trapped  |  a Troublemaker  |  Trusting  |  Understanding  |  Unique |   Unpredictable  |  Unwavering  |  a Victim  |  Wicked  |  Feeling Vindictive  |  Guilty of Something  |  Hiding Something  |  Lost in Thought  |  Planning Something  |  Scared of Me  |  Scaring Me  |  Someone I can Trust  |  Someone I Can’t Recognize Anymore  |  Someone to Fear  |  Someone Worthy of Respect  |  Weak to Manipulation  |  Weighed by Something
Aren’t Being Yourself  |  Belittle Yourself  |  Don’t Want to Hurt Me  |  Don’t Want to Leave Me  |  Drown Yourself in Something  |  Feel Alone  |  Feel Empowered  |  Have a Plan that Involves Me  |  Have No One Else to Turn to  |  Have Nowhere Else to Go  |  Have Seen Some Things  |  Haven’t Been Sleeping  |  Lie to Yourself  |  Lost Faith/Trust in Me  |  Lost Something/Someone Important  |  Need Me/my Help  |  No Longer Believe Me  |  See Me as a Thing  |  See Me as Someone Else  |  Seek to Hurt/Harm  |  Seek to Manipulate  |  Think Highly of Yourself  |  Think I’m Hiding Something  |  Think Little of Yourself  |  Think You Know Best  |  Want to Hurt Me  |  Want to Protect Me  |  Want to Sleep with Me  |  Want to Use Me
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thespacehound · a day ago
Hsvsnsvsvs it?? Really annoys me when some usamericans on The Internet seem to think they have The Best And Only Takes on international politics and talk over the voices of people who have actually lived in these places their whole lives???? Politics isn’t just like,,,,, the One Bad Leader you read about online or a list of polices, politics are intrinsically linked with culture and history and I would never think I knew more about a country’s politics if I didn’t live there??? Especially if I hadn’t properly educated myself on what was going on by using multiple in depth sources from people who live there??? Like?? The audacity???
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