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strwbrrybucky · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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strwbrrybucky · 13 hours ago
summary: Bucky’s cat alpine passed away, and you knew just the thing to help cheer him up.
word count: 1382
warning: brief talk ab pet death, but nothing else after that <3
Tumblr media
Bucky was having a very difficult time, his beloved cat Alpine, had passed away a few months ago. You hated how upset Bucky was about it, but you understood his pain. Alpine had been his best friend, and you were blessed to have known him the last few years of his precious life.
You had done your best taking care of Bucky, making sure that he didn’t get too caught up in his thoughts because you knew he was prone to do that. You two were currently sitting on your shared couch in your apartment, watching the tv but not really paying attention.
Bucky had his head in your lap, your fingers lazily combed through his brown locks, humming softly as he had his eyes on the tv. He sighed heavily, making you look down and meet his gaze. You knew something was up.
“What’s up, my love?” You combed his hair, scratching his scalp softly, earning another gasp from him. He looked up at you and crossed his fingers across his chest.
“Just miss Alpine,” He shrugged his shoulders, looking back over to the tv that was on a commercial. You continued to play with his hair, twisting the locks through your fingers and feeling the silk texture of his curls run through your fingers.
“I know, honey.” You frowned as he closed his eyes taking another deep breath, before sitting up, resting his forehead on your shoulder. You felt your sleeve feel wet to the touch before you noticed Bucky was crying. You held his face with your hand, rubbing his cheek with your thumb, humming softly in attempts to smooth him. He sniffled, sitting up and looking down.
“I- I’m sorry, doll. I didn’t meant to get your shirt wet.” He chuckled sadly, wiping his tears with the back of his hand. You shrugged, sitting towards him and grabbing his face with your hands. You didn’t care about your shirt, you cared more about the man you loved in front of you, hurting.
“It’s okay, silly. I have plenty of shirts. I care about you, more.” You rubbed his cheek again, catching a stray tear that fell down his face. You brought his face into yours and settled on a kiss, earning a low hum from him.
You pulled back and brought his hands into yours, the rough texture of his fingers grazing over your soft skin, thinking of all the mission he went on and how he earned those callouses. Thinking about what you could do for Bucky, a thought popped into your mind.
“Hey, I don’t know what your thoughts are on tattoos, but I have an artist who could do a tribute tattoo for Alpine, so he’s always with you.” He looked up at you, a sad smile showing. Your body was covered in different tattoos, and you knew Bucky loved each and every one of them, as he often found himself tracing the outlines of them just like he was doing right now to the heart one on your wrist.
He shrugged, and you could feel he was hesitant. Getting up, you went to the kitchen and opened a drawer, rummaging through the papers looking for something specific until you found it and pulled it out, showing Bucky.
“You could get this, right on your wrist. Like he’s always holding your hand with his paw.” You and Bucky had gotten a thing where you could press your cats paw against a piece of paper, and it inked the shape onto a piece of paper. It was Alpine’s paw, you had gotten it done a few months after you met him. His eyes lit up at the idea, getting up from the couch and nodding his head eagerly. He had never gotten a tattoo, admittedly afraid of needles even though he has a whole ass metal arm.
“Go get dressed, love. I’ll call my artist right now.” You walked over and pressed a kiss to his cheek, the stubble scratching your soft lips as he smiled and you felt his cheeks move. He walked into the bedroom to change while you called up your artist.
You both arrived to the shop about an hour later, having to coax Bucky’s nerves the entire way. He told you he had never gotten a tattoo nor had ever even thought of one, as the needles scared him too much. You reassured him that it would be a bit painful, but it would sting and would go away in a few hours.
As you guys entered the shop, your artist said hello to you, ushering you back to his spot, and having Bucky sit on the chair. You pulled out the paper with Alpine’s paw on it, handing it over to your artist.
“First time for a tattoo?” Your artist asked as they made a copy for an outline and Bucky nervously nodded. They smiled and put a hand on his shoulder, reassuringly. They were covered in tattoos just like you, same piercings and everything.
“It’ll be okay, I’ll start off a little, ask how you’re feeling and we can go from there. Don’t hesitate to let me know if it’s too much, alright?” They pressed the stencil to Bucky’s right wrist, peeling the paper off and showing him.
“That look good?” He nodded as he looked at Alpine’s paw print on his wrist, smiling. You sat down next to him, hand resting on his thigh and squeezing lightly. He looked over and met your gaze, excitement but nervousness swimming through his baby blues. He held onto your hand with his metal hand, squeezing as he heard the tattoo gun start up.
“Here we go, let me know if you need a break, okay?” He nodded his head and your artist got to work. Bucky flinched at first as soon as the tattoo gun made contact with his skin, but as soon as it kept going, he got used to the pain. It wasn’t as bad as he was hyping it up in his head, but it did still sting.
He flexed his hand in yours, squeezing when the tattoo gun went over one of his bigger veins, breathing in through his nose, out his mouth just like you told him too. You looked up at him as he had his eyes closed, and back down at the tattoo that was nearly done.
“You’re doing so well, Buck.” He loved hearing you praise him, and the assurance helped him breath steady as the tattoo gun went over another vein.
A few minutes had passed and the tattoo gun clicked off, Bucky opening his eyes and looking down at the tattoo. It was perfect, he hadn’t seen so much detail go into a tattoo before, and he loved that it matched the original to a T. They wiped off the extra ink, and looked up at him.
“What do we think?” They chewed their lip as Bucky just stared at his tattoo, smiling softly.
“It looks so good, I love it.” They clapped their hands, happy that their client loved their first tattoo. They grabbed some wrap, and purple gauze and wrapped his wrist so it would be protected. They went over aftercare, but knew you’d help him take care of it.
You paid for the tattoo, thanking your artist and made a future appointment for yourself and grabbed Bucky’s hand, walking out and heading home.
“You did so well, it looks so good. You love it?” He looked over at you as you two were hand in hand deciding to walk home, nodding his head. He stopped and pulled you close, hands wrapped around your waist as your arms wrapped around his neck lazily. He kissed you softly, smiling against your mouth.
“It’s perfect. Thank you for taking me, doll.” You smiled as you pulled him in for another kiss, pleased with yourself that he loved his first ever tattoo.
“Now he will be with you, forever.” You kissed his nose as he chuckled, lifting you up and twirling you around before setting you back down on your feet. Bucky was so happy with his tattoo, and his heart felt a little lighter knowing he had Alpine’s paw on him forever, having a piece of him wherever he went.
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strwbrrybucky · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
MAKE ME CHOOSE —Anonymous asked: Sebastian as Mickey Henry or Frank?
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strwbrrybucky · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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strwbrrybucky · a day ago
summary: Bucky still struggles with nightmares, and after opening up to you for the first time in forever, he wants to make sure you’re his forever.
word count: 1753
warning: mention of PTSD, fluff at the end
a post!tfatws bucky x y/n <3
Tumblr media
It had been a few months since the Flag Smashers were caught, and Sam became the new Captain America. Things has been quiet, for a while and it was starting to drive you crazy but you didn’t question it. You and Bucky hadn’t gotten any down time since the whole thing, and you were grateful for the time you could spend with your boyfriend.
You both had decided that you wanted to take a vacation, specifically to Hawaii. You both had never gone, and with getting Bucky more comfortable going out, you thought it would be fun to wave jump with him, and snuggle up in a cabana at night. It sounded perfect for the two of you.
Bucky was, nervous to put it lightly. He hadn’t really gone out after the whole incident with Zemo and the Flag Smasher. He felt too vulnerable, and the thought of people thanking him after he helped him out of the truck that was due to explode, he couldn’t shake the guilt he felt for every awful thing he had done. It ended up eating away at him at night to where he’d wake up in a cold sweat, and you had to calm him down.
Even though they were on vacation, the nightmares made no exception.
Bucky had sat up right, chest heaving up and down and a layer of sweat across his forehead. He had another nightmare, about Hydra. He thought he had processed it enough that it would go away, it would stop. But the PTSD never stopped chasing him, and he wasn’t sure what to do anymore.
Looking over at your sleeping figure, he quietly sneaked out of bed and pressed his feet to the hardwood cold floor. The back door was left open, a huge breeze from the ocean making its way into the bedroom, and lulling you to sleep instantly with the sound of the waves crashing. Bucky smiled at the thought of you curling up to him and passing out the second your head hit the pillow. He wished it was that easy for him.
He stood up, grabbing his t-shirt and pulling it over his head and walked out the back door that met the sand that led to the ocean. The sand between his toes made his sign out in content, finally understanding why you loved the ocean to much. It seemed to calm his thoughts down, his breathing got right on track and he got lost in the waves.
He didn’t know how much time had passed when he left your hand gently touch his shoulder. Looking up, he saw your sleepy face looking at him in confusion, his sweater hung on your body like a dress. You looked absolutely adorable and he hated he woke you up.
“Hey pretty girl, what are you doing up?” He grabbed your hand and pulled you into his lap, your head meeting his chest. You listened to his heartbeat thump softly under your ear. You rubbed your eyes and played with his dog tags. There wasn’t a day he went without wearing them.
“I missed you. I woke up to an empty bed. Why are you out here so late?” You looked up through your lashes and met his soft eyes, adoration swimming in his blue eyes. He loved you, inside and out everything about you and he didn’t want to lie to you. He knew you asked constantly about his nightmares and he felt he was ready to tell you. He kissed the top of your head, breathing into your hair as he smelled salt from the ocean and your fruity shampoo and conditioner. You smelt like home to him.
“I couldn’t sleep. I had another nightmare.” He sighed, looking down at you watching you rub your thumb over his name on his dog tags. You got out of his lap and sat neck to him, knocking your knees into his, holding his hand.
“Wanna talk about it? I’ve been told I’m a good listener.” You leaned into him smiling as you pressed a soft kiss to his clothed shoulder. You were shocked when he opened his mouth and actually opened up.
“It was about when I was captured by Hydra. I thought the PTSD nightmares had subdued, but obviously not. It’s the same nightmare every time when it comes to Hydra. It goes in flashes, one minute I remember I’m strapped to the chair, being told my memory will be wiped again, and the next I’m towering over someone innocent killing them with no feelings running through my mind at all.” You rubbed his hands with your thumb, gripping tightly to reassure him you were there and listening to him. He continued.
“It leaves me feeling, guilty. I see those I’ve killed innocently and I reach out to save them but, it goes dark. I remember every person I killed that didn’t deserve it.” Tears fell from his face as you reached up to brush them away. You hated seeing him in pain, hating knowing there wasn’t anything you could do except be there for him when he’s feeling vulnerable.
“I know that’s not you anymore, Buck. You’ve grown, you’ve changed. You’re not him anymore.” You refrained from saying the Winter Soldier, it was something you both agreed on not bringing up unless he talked about his past. This was the first time in a long time he had been able to speak about it without getting frustrated and walking out of the room.
“I know, I just think back to when I was in Wakanda and got this new arm,” He moved his vibranium arm and shook his head. “I know it took them everything they could do to help me get the Winter Soldier out of me. But when we were back there trying to catch Karli, they disabled it.” You looked up at him, confused. He didn’t tell you that part, and you didn’t know his arm could even come off.
“What do you mean? They turned it off?” He shook his head and looked out to the waves before him, watching them crash against each other.
“No, they had a way of taking my arm off completely in case I became the Winter Soldier again. I didn’t know it could do that, and some part of me felt guilty that they didn’t even trust me. But I can understand their precautions.” He trailed off as he cried again, tears falling down onto the sand below him. You stretched your legs out and brought his head into your lap, rubbing his forehead and wiping his tears.
You knew he felt guilty, but you didn’t realize how hard he had thought about this everyday. You’d do anything to take the pain away from him, but you knew it wasn’t that easy.
“I’m sorry, baby. I can’t begin to imagine how that must have felt.” You ran your fingers through his hair, watching him close your eyes and breath out to your soothing touch. This is where he felt most at home, in your arms, you skin against his and calming him down. He wasn’t sure how he got so lucky to land you, but he didn’t want anything else.
You rubbed your arm across his shoulder, under his neck and cupping his cheek with your hand. He leaned into your touch, kissing your palm over and over again. The love you felt from him was tremendous.
“I know you’d never do anything to hurt me or anyone else.” He looked up at you and kissed your palm a few times, another year escaping from his eye. It rolled down onto your exposed thigh, as he rolled over and pressed a kiss right where his tear fell.
“I love you, my pretty girl. I don’t know what I’d do without you.” You smiled as he looked back up at you.
“I love you, Buck. You’re my world and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else except with you.” He sat up and brought you in for a quick kiss before standing up, holding out a finger and telling you to wait before he disappeared back into the small hut you two were staying at.
You looked back out to the ocean, listening to the waves and wondering what in the world your boyfriend could be doing. You were glad he had calmed down, and you were hoping he’d be able to keep opening up to you like that. It made you feel important, like you could protect him like he protected you.
You heard footsteps approach you from behind, a soft voice in your ear. “Close your eyes, pretty girl.” You did as you were told and closed your eyes, feeling a him sit in front of you, knees against yours.
“I know this is a weird time to do this, right after I bawled my eyes out about my PTSD but, I was going to do this on the trip. Open your eyes, doll.” You opened them to see him sitting there with a small black velvet box in his hand, holding it out to you. He opened it to reveal a small ring in the shape of a heart, diamonds along the side and a rose quarts in the center.
“You are all my moon, my stars, and all the planets in my world. You make me want to be better everyday and I can trust you with every part of me. I feel at home when I’m with you. You are everything and more that I could ever dream of having in s girl. I wouldn’t trade you for the world. Will you do me the honor of being mine forever?” You smiled widely as he bit his lip nervously, and tears fell down your face as you shook your head yes.
“Of course Buck. Nothing would make me happier.” He smiled with you, pulling the ring out of the box and holding your delicate fingers, slipping it onto the correct one. He set the box down and grabbed your face with his hands, pulling you in for a deep, passionate kiss.
You felt all the love from his lips meeting yours, your salty tears coming in between as you both kissed, never feeling happier. It was a feeling you would never forget. He pulled away and set his forehead against yours, rubbing his thumbs against your cheekbones.
“I love you, pretty girl.” Breathlessly said as he pulled you in for another kiss.
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strwbrrybucky · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
SEBASTIAN STAN as Charles Blackwood — We Have Always Lived in the Castle (2018)
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strwbrrybucky · 2 days ago
just letting my followers know, my requests are always open!! ill write pretty much anything except bucky dying pls no. but no request is stupid or a dumb idea!! id love to write more things yall wanna read <3
hi , i will be working on any requests later tonight so look out for that <3 if u have any requests for a one shot/blurb, just let me know!
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strwbrrybucky · 2 days ago
band member
request from @sebbybuckystanbarnesstyles​ i hope you enjoy!!
summary: youre in a band and no one else knows except nat, and once bucky sees you on stage, he has to tell you how he feels.
word count: 1597
warning: smut indication, brattiness 
Tumblr media
“Nat, where did you ever hear of this band?” Steve had to ask loudly, over the crowd of people they were trying to weave in and out of. Somehow, Nat had convinced the whole team to go to this girls show, no one on the team liked the music that was about to play. She was excited to see all their reactions on their faces when the girl came out,
“I heard them on the radio, but there’s this member that can drum, play bass and sing all the same time. It’s wild!” She held onto Steve’s hand who had held of Bucky’s and Sam’s hand, like a rope so they wouldn’t loose each other.. 
“They better be good, I hate loud music.” Sam grumbled next to Bucky. he was looking everywhere but the empty stage that had the musical equipment already set up, waiting for the band to hit the stage. Steve held onto Nat, making sure she didn’t get trampled over by the other guests in the crowd. It had been a long time since Bucky had been to a concert, so he was hoping that he would enjoy himself as long as Sam didn’t complain to much.
“We just got here, bird brain. Chill out.” Bucky smacked Sam on the arm slightly, and Sam being dramatic, held his arm and said a soft ‘ow’, earning an eyeroll from Bucky and a chuckle from Steve.
The crowd was getting amped as soon as the lights went down, earning a scowl from Sam who was already sitting down, not wanting to pay any attention further. Nat would not be quiet about this band, and somehow Bucky had caught on that something else was up about it, but he didn’t pry like he should’ve.
First came the drummer, who started some random beat for the guitarist who came out next and then a bassist. They started to tune their instruments for a few seconds before the lights went off and the crowd went wild. It must’ve been a good minute until a spot light was on the mic, no one there.
It wasn’t until this girl started singing and rising up from the floor was when Bucky knew who it was instantly. He looked over at Nat who was cheering and smiling, meeting Bucky’s eyes for a second and shrugging. Steve looked between Nat and the girl on stage and then Bucky, mouth wide and then the girl again.
“Wait a minute!” the girl came all the way and leveled out before pausing, eyes meeting Bucky’s for a split second, a smile spread across her face.
“Is that y/n?!” Sam shot out of his seat and grabbed Bucky’s shoulders looking at you on the stage before you started singing, louder this time into the microphone. Bucky should’ve known, after hearing you sing all the time in the showers in the gym back at the tower, he should’ve known you were a singer but you never led on for a second you were in a band.
The cheers of the crowd and them singing along to your song made you smile, but seeing the team and Bucky in particular made you smile even more. You were so happy Nat was able to pull the team away from the tower for your performance, you and your band mates had worked so hard getting this venue and creating songs together that you promised Nat you would put on a show for them.
You kept your eye contact on Bucky most of the time, as he swayed to the music and admired you as the light shown down on you, illuminating your features and the angelic voice being carried to his ears. Steve, Sam and him were shell shocked, not even considering you could be in a band.
A couple hours later, the show ended and you had met your team backstage. Nat ran up to you and hugged you tightly, talking on and on about how that was an amazing performance, that you did so well. She put an arm around your shoulders and laughed.
“The boys were shocked, Sam didn’t even want to come but shot out of his seat as soon as he saw you.” Sam apologized profusely but you shrugged it off, saying that it was okay.
“Yeah, y/n, that was an amazing performance. I’m proud of you!” Steve brought you into hug, ruffling your hair as he pulled away. You beamed at your friends and their support, feeling like you could perform forever.
Bucky looked over at you and smiled, “That was really good, really shocked me.” he nervously chuckled and rubbed the back of his neck with his hand, looking down. You chuckled and went to hug him, his body stiffening before relaxing and hugging you back tightly.
You let go, seeing something in Bucky’s eyes looking at him before pulling him away and telling your friends they can help themselves to any refreshments. You pulled him into your small dressing room, locking the door behind you so no one could barge in uncalled for.
“Okay Bucky, what’s going on?” He looked away and shrugged, not knowing how he could tell you that he fell more in love with you seeing you up on the stage. You two had this unspoken feeling between the two of you, but always being out on missions and your band practice, you were never able to talk about it. You know he feels it too, and you were going to get it out of him one way or anything. He leaned back on the couch, his arms looking so good against the tight black short sleeved shirt he was wearing. Working out really payed off for him.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” He looked anywhere but you, scared that if you looked into his eyes, you would know all his secrets. You shook your head, not liking the answer he gave you. 
“Okay, Barnes. I know there is something going on with you, with us. Are you going to deny it and I have to say it?” He shrugged and looked at you, watching you stand there with your hands on your hips, walking closer to Bucky. His breathing hitched when you got toe to toe with him, your small height barely reaching his collarbones. You rested your hands on his biceps, squeezing them softly.
He looked down at you, your beautiful eyes looking up at you, your plump lip gloss covered lips calling for his lips, but he refused. You trailed a finger down his chest, tracing patterns along his abdomen. He felt himself going slightly hard at your delicate touch, something about you drove him wild. All those secret touches under the table, faint hand touching, cheek kisses, those damned skirts you chose to wear around him all the time before you went out for band practice. It drove him absolutely mad, but he refused to make a move until he knew where you stood.
“I know you feel it, Barnes.” He said softly under her breath, looking back up at him through your eyelashes, hands finding their way around his neck, his hands hovering over your hips. He breathed out, holding back from taking you right there on the couch, friends right outside in the hallway. The thought was sinful, turning him on even more.
“I don’t feel a thing, doll.” You smiled at the nickname, knowing you were close to cracking him. You decided to tease him a bit, pulling away and walking back over to the table, jumping onto it and sitting down, crossing your ankles and sitting back, Your thighs were exposed due to the skirt you were wearing, and you were only in a sports bra to cool down from the heat from the lights on stage.
“You’re going to make me say it, huh?” he cocked his head to the side, crossing his arms. He knew you were a brat, but he wasn’t sure how far you’d go. You shrugged and opened a water bottle, taking a sip.
“Maybe I am, maybe I’m not. Depends on how bad you want me, and how bad you wanna say it, Barnes.” You kept using his last name, hopeful to make him give in, and say it,
“Goddamn it, y/n.” He sighed as he watched you pull your skirt up higher, showing more and more skin on your thigh. He pushed himself off the couch and started to make his way towards you before you held up a hand.
“Nuh uh, no touching. I suggest you say it or I will strip and not let you touch me.” He let out an exasperated sigh, running his hands through his hair. You shirked as you watched him frustrated. At this point he couldn’t hide the bulge in his jeans and you could easily see it.
He walked back and forth before he turned to you and opened his lips letting the words come out.
“I love you, y/n. I have for so damn long I can’t even remember when these feelings started,” he rubbed his clamy hands down on his jeans, nervous that maybe this wasn’t what you meant. “You’re so beautiful, I look at you and see a goddess roaming this earth and I just want to take you and make you the happiest person on the planet.” He walked closer to you and shrugged his shoulders, annoyed.
“Happy?” You smiled and nodded, a sigh escaping his lips as all the nerves left his body.
“Come here, Barnes.” 
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strwbrrybucky · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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strwbrrybucky · 2 days ago
its a match
summary: bucky doesnt do dating apps, he hasn’t been on a proper date in well over 70 years. after being teased by Steve to just try it out, he matched with you and he just didn’t know what to do with himself
word count: 1997
warning: fluff!!
Tumblr media
“Cmon Bucky, just try it once. I’m sure you’ll find someone on there!” Bucky was sitting at his dining room table pushing his Chinese takeout food around with a chopstick. He invited Steve over for dinner just to catch on time since he’s been pardoned, but he didn’t know he’d be getting himself a lecture on dating from the one and only Steve Rogers.
“I dunno man..” picking up a piece of shrimp and chewing on it slowly, he sat back before swallowing.
“What do you have to loose? It’s been what, 70 years since your last date?” Steve chuckled and sipped on his drink, looking over at Bucky who shrugged. Steve was right, what did he have to loose? Nodding his head, he spoke up.
“Alright, alright I’ll try it. But if i don’t like it, don’t pester me to keep doing it.” Steve put his hands up in defense and chuckled, agreeing. He was just happy his best friend was going to live a little, finally.
Tossing the idea around back in forth in Bucky’s mind was what he had been doing for the past week. He already had the dating app downloaded, profile made and everything with the help of his friend Sam, but he just hadn’t swiped right on anyone yet. He was nervous he’d never match with anyone.
Opening the app, the first one who loaded was a girl in her late 30’s. Blonde hair, average height and a really boring bio. Rolling his eyes he swiped left, and continued to do so for a good five more profiles until he landed on you.
5 miles away
Just here to find someone to have a good time with & listen to me talk nerdy about Renaissance art
Bucky scrolled through your profile, seeing pictures of you at art galleries, holding wine, a gorgeous smile in each picture he saw. He also noticed you loved animals, and even volunteered at a local shelter. There’s no way you were real. He swiped right anyways, not really thinking he would ever be able to talk to you, and exited out of the app.
You felt your phone buzz in your pocket as you were on a lunch date with some guy you met on the dating app. He was attractive, but really boring. He spoke about his business for the last 30 minutes, not really letting you get a word in. You didn’t mind, though as you were getting a free meal out of it.
You pulled your phone out of your pocket as the guy went to use the restroom and saw a notification for the dating app.
One new match! Open to find out who it could be!
You swiped the notification open and the most attractive man you have ever laid eyes on. And you meant, ever.
5 miles away
New to this whole dating scene, thought I’d give it a try. Can show you my cool bionic arm.
You chuckled at the last sentence, and put your phone back in your pocket, making a mental note to send him a message as soon as you were able to leave this awful date.
You got home tiredly, tossed your purse on the sofa and sat down next to it, pulling your phone out of your pocket and going straight to the dating app. Your thumbs hovered over the keyboard while thinking of what you could say that didn't sound stupid and scare him away.
To: James
Hey! How are you tonight? What's this bionic arm you mentioned? :)
You hoped that it didn't sound lame, you wanted to impress him, and maybe go on a date with him if he was up to it. You felt your phone buzz and saw it was a text from Bucky. You smiled and opened it up, reading his text.
From: James
Doing good! How about you? Here's that bionic arm.
Attachment: 1 image.
You bit your lip and opened the picture, being met with a dashing man taking a mirror selfie. He was turned so that you could see him flex his metal arm, looking at the black and gold that was on his arm. His face held a smirk, stubble on his cheeks and chin, wearing a tight black short sleeved shirt, hugging his biceps.
He was hot, to put it lightly.
You reacted to the picture he sent you before you responded.
To: James
Wow, handsome much? Love the colors on the arm though.
Bucky had blushed at you heart reacting his picture and the compliment you gave him. He was nervous to even send the picture, but he was happy to due to the response you gave him.
It had been about a month since you and James matched, and you haven't gone a day without speaking. It had evolved to sending good morning/night texts, frequent pictures being sent to each other and flirty messages. You frequently fell asleep on calls with James, hearing his voice lull you to sleep. You both had agreed you wanted to go out on a date, but Bucky had refused to let you choose where. You had quickly learned that he was a romantic, sending flowers weekly to your office with a cute note that always said, "Have a great week, doll. - JBB"
People at the front desk constantly talked and asked questions about the man who kept sending you flowers every week, but you kept a tight lip not wanting to jinx anything. You hadn't felt this way about someone before. You were texting James, putting together a time to meet him at a place he had put together for your first date. You weren't sure what was up his sleeve, but you were excited.
From: James
Dress comfy, we are going to be outside, and the weather will be a little warm. Don't worry about bringing anything except your beautiful self.
You blushed at the compliment and got up, responding with a short message and got ready. You left your hair in the low bun it has bee in for the day, put on light makeup and slipped on a cute rose gold satin tank crop top, and some black shorts. You paired it with some black sandals and grabbed a small purse, texting James you were on your way.
He stood at the end of the pier, standing in a white tank, a short sleeve cream colored dress shirt unbuttoned, and a pair of khaki pants. He had a bouquet of yellow roses, one hand in his pocket, looking dashing as ever against the sunset that was due to happen soon. His hair was perfectly styled, and your eyes landed on the metal arm. It looked more intimidating in real life. You sucked in a breath and walked closer, his eyes meeting your. He smiled widely as you walked up to him.
"Hey, doll. You look gorgeous." He wrapped his metal arm around your waist and pulled him in, kissing your forehead. He pulled away and he handed you the flowers.
"I remember you told me you liked yellow roses, so I found these for you." You heart swelled at the thought of him remembering your favorite flowers.
"These are so pretty, thank you. At this point I could open my own flower shop with the amount of flowers I have from you." He blushed as you giggled, taking his metal arm he held out for you.
"Too much?" He looked down at you and back towards the sidewalk, leading you to the beach. You shook your head and laughed.
"Absolutely not. I loved every single one of them." He nodded and smiled, guiding you to a small picnic blanket that was sprawled out on the sand. There was a picnic basket half opened, a wine bottle resting in the center and two glasses. He had some pillows along with a blanket just in case you got cold.
"I hope this isn't cheesy." He rubbed the back of his neck, slipping off his shoes as you sat the flowers down and sat across from him. You were speechless, no man had ever put something like this together for you. It was absolutely beautiful. The waves softly crashed against the shore, the soft salty breeze against your skin.
"No, it's not James. Its so pretty. I love it, no one has done anything like this for me." He handed you a bottle of wine, shocked that no one had treated you like the way you deserved. He hoped that this would be one of many dates he'd be able to take you out on. You took the glass from him and you both clinked the glasses together.
For the next two hours, you both were talking endlessly, talking about everything and anything. He had fed you grapes, brought you a sandwich, and some crackers and cheeses. He asked you about your family, your life, what you wanted to do in life. He seemed pretty closed off but you were able to gather a little bit of information about him that he would let you. You didn't ask about his metal arm, but you did compliment the colors, you liked how the gold laced through the entire arm.
You were both laying down on the blanket, you forgetting about the pillow and just decided to lay on his chest. He had his metal arm wrapped around your waist, other hand holding yours that was draped across his chest. You both were laying in silence, listening to the waves crash against the shore, legs tangled together and watched the sun set slowly. The sky was full of pinks, purples, oranges, yellows, and faded out over the horizon of the ocean.
"I hope you enjoy yourself, doll." He spoke softly, not wanting to disturb the quiet peace you two had created together. You smiled and traced shapes on his chest, looking down at the sunset.
"I did, I loved it. I enjoyed it with you by my side." You felt him let out a breath he was holding and tightened his grip on your waist softly. He was happy you were happy, and the fact that you didn't ditch on him. He finally felt like he had a chance at something good here, and he didn't want to miss this opportunity.
He sat up, bringing you with him. He looked at your features, your messy bun with stray pieces sticking out and framing your face. He pushed a piece back behind your ear, causing you to blush as he held your hands in his.
"I wanted to ask you something," He paused, pressing his lips together before licking them quickly and speaking again. Oh, how you wanted to meet his lips with yours. It had on your list of what you had wanted to do.
"I was wondering if you'd do me the pleasure of being mine?" He blushed, looking down and chuckling as you smiled. You smiled, rubbing his hands with your thumbs before you spoke.
"Of course, James. I'd love to." He looked up and smiled, before grabbing your face with hands and pulling you in for a kiss. HIs soft lips against yours felt like heaven, the stubble from his chin rubbing against yours, not hurting you in the slightest. You held onto his biceps, as he rubbed his thumbs on your cheekbones.
You felt like you were in heaven, never imagining that you would be on a date with someone as handsome and gentlemanly as James. it made you so happy, and you wanted to make him the happiest you could. he pulled away, soft lips now red and slightly swollen from the intense make out you two just shared. He brought his right hand to your chin and pulled you close to his lips, but not pressing his against yours.
"You can call me Bucky, doll." He whispered softly before pulling you back to his lips.
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day off
a request from @chubsluda , altho i know you didnt specifally ask for smut, i hope dis okay LOL
summary: you and Bucky had your first day off together since sam had became captain america, and you knew exactly how you wanted to spend it.
word count: 1662
warning: smut!!!! first time writing it in a long time, so i am so sorry if it isnt as good.
Tumblr media
“I think that’s the last of it, Buck.” You huffed, setting down the last moving box into your apartment, looking over at Bucky who was ripping tape off of one of his moving boxes. He searched in it, looking for something in particular before grunting in frustration and closing the box.
“What are you even looking for?” You plopped down on the couch, fanning your face with your hand due to the summer heat outside. You had ac, but it worked so horribly, it felt like you didn’t even have the ac running.
“Just some paperwork for my therapist.” he sighed and sat down next to you, grabbing your leg and tossing it over his. He rested his hand on your thigh, rubbing it gently. He shook his head and threw it back on the couch, closing his eyes.
It was the first day you two had off after the events of Karli, and Sam becoming the new Captain America. It was a handful, you had to admit, but you were proud of your friend for taking on the shield like he was supposed to before Steve passed. Bucky, on the other hand, was stressed out. Sure, you knew he was proud of Sam as well, but you knew there was something else bothering him now that Same had the shield, but you knew he was working on it through therapy.
Your relationship with Bucky had escalated into him moving in with you, it had been a little over a year of you two dating, and you hated seeing Bucky sleeping on the floor any longer in his apartment. You somehow convinced him to move in with you, and here you are.
“I’m sure we will find it, love.” You patted his hand reassuringly and he looked over at you, sweat glistening on his skin, the sun peaking through the sheer peach curtains you had hanging up in your apartment. The sun caught his eyes the right way, the color piercing through yours.
“You’re so handsome, Buck.” You smiled at him, blush creeping up on his face as he looked away, shaking his head. He didn’t know how to take compliments, especially from you. He knew you meant every word that came out of your pretty mouth, but he will always have a hard time taking compliments.
“But I’m all sweaty, doll.” He chuckled looking back over at you, and you were still admiring him, even if he is all sweaty. He had his shirt off, showing his toned abdomen, sweat just sitting there in little beads. He wasn’t soaked in sweat, but you knew the hot air was getting to him as much as it was to you. You moved closer to him, both legs over his lap, cupping his cheek with your small hand and rubbing your thumb slowly over his bottom lip.
“Want to take a cold shower with me?” He gripped your thigh, trialing up your leg and resting it on your hip. He couldn’t say no to you, and it would be a waste of a day off if he wasn’t trying to get you unraveled underneath him in a cold shower. He tugged you fully on his lap, making you straddle him as he caught your lips with his, taking your wrists in his left hand and holding them behind your back as he brought his other hand up to hold your chin firmly, deepening the kiss. You felt the heat radiate off his skin at the kiss, his tongue swiping your lower lip, and you refused to try and see how far he would go just to taste your tongue.
“Bratty today, huh?” Moving his right hand to the nape of your neck and grabbing a fistful of hair, he pulled it hard, making you gasp at the touch, lips parting and his tongue meeting yours the second you gasped. He grunted in satisfaction, letting your hair and wrists go, and picked you up in one fluid motion, hands holding the bottoms of your thighs, your ankles wrapping around his waist as he walked you to the bathroom, lips still locked together.
He opened the door with his foot, not leaving your lips once. Setting you on the cool counter, you gasped at how cold it felt against your skin, his hands leaving your thighs and finding their way to your shorts. You took your sports bra off in one take, watching as he slowly pulled your shorts off, admiring how your body looked under the natural light from the skylight window in the bathroom.
“You’re so gorgeous.” Blushing, he walked to the shower and turned it on to a cool temperature, sliding his shorts and boxers off to reveal his already hardened state to you, as you slipped your panties off. He stepped in, hand out to you and you took it as he helped you into the shower, the cold water rolling off both of your shoulders, cooling you down instantly.
He pushed you up the tile wall, the making you gasp at the roughness as he grabbed your face and kissed you roughly.
"Jump, doll." His lips near your ear, biting on your earlobe as you jumped and he caught you within a blink of an eye. Hs hands found their way right back underneath your thighs, chest flush with yours, your hands tangled in his hair pulling at it as he kissed down your neck, nipping and licking as he made his way down to the center of your breasts.
You gasped as he brought his metal hand up to find your clit, rubbing in circles slowly, wanting to hear the moans come from your mouth that was only for his ears. He kept going at a slow pace, watching your face as it shifted back and forth from biting your lip at the touch to moaning softly.
"Such a pretty sight, from my pretty girl." He stopped abruptly, making you whine as he traced your jaw with his finger.
"I want you to come undone on my cock, love, not with my fingers." You blushed as you felt his length move from pressed on the inside of your thigh, to your entrance, playing with you a little bit, the cold water and your arousal mixing with his pre-cum.
"Buck, please.." Gasping as he played with you for a little while, grunting in satisfaction every time he teased you.
"Beg for it, babydoll." You slumped your shoulders knowing that this was payback for being a brat earlier, and he knew he'd make you chase your high for it.
"Buck, please, I need you.." You whined as he chuckled, thrusting into you without warning. He bottomed out in you, bringing your forehead to rest on his shoulder as he moved slowly, but bringing your head back up, hand wrapping around your throat chocking you enough to make the blood rush to your head, turning you on even more. You loved when he played dirty.
"Look at me while I fuck you senseless, I want to see you cum all over my cock, doll." He growled and moaned right after as he thrusted into you. You'd never be able to have sex with anyone else, Bucky is the only one to make you feel as good as you do while giving you multiple orgasms in the same round.
He got harder as he saw your lips curl into a smirk as he choked you, realizing how kinky you can actually be and so proud he finally got it out of you. He pulled out, hearing you whine as he set you to your feet and turned you around and your chest was up against the tile, ass sticking out towards him.
"Poor baby, can't even go one second without me dicking you down, huh?" Teasing you as he thrusted back into you, his left hand holding onto your shoulder as he pounded into you, right hand landing firm smacks against your ass emitting moans from you, music to his ears.
His hand slid down your back, leaving goosebumps raising on your skin, and finding your hips, grabbing roughly. The sound of both your moans filling up the bathroom, noticing the skylight window was opened and turning you on even more. The sound of skin on skin was sinful, the moans coming from Bucky as he kept fucking you hard. He grabbed a fistful of your hand and pulled you to his chest, your back arching, and another hand of his grabbing your breast, playing with your nipple.
He felt you tighten around him, latching onto your neck, he bite down and heard you moan. His hips thrusting into yours, watching your ass bounce after each thrust made his growl, pulling your hair even harder.
"Come on, doll. Cum for me like the needy slut you are." He bit on your neck, leaving marks and licking up your neck, as he felt you flutter around him, the tightened feeling bubbling up in your stomach, chasing your orgasm.
"I- I'm close, Buck.." He let go of your hand and wrapped his metal hand around your neck, choking you lightly but enough so you could breath. His praised and degrading words made you chase your high, releasing all over his cock deep inside you. You moaned in satisfaction as he came right after you.
"Good girl," he let go of your neck and pulled out, turning you around and bringing your lips to his, kissing you deep, sighing against your lips.
"God I love you, doll." You giggled as he kissed you up and down your neck, all over your face and pulled you to him as close as he could, wrapping his arms around your waist.
"I love you, Buck." You kissed his chest and leaned into him, still under the cold water, feeling it cascade around you and feeling cooled off in this bubble.
You didn't waste a second of your day off together.
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strwbrrybucky · 4 days ago
hello all! I took a little break today from writing, but you can bet I’ll be back tomorrow! I have one request i would love to work on so be on the lookout for that <3
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artists have their ways (2)
part one
word count: 3028
warning: angst, small fluff in the flashbacks
Tumblr media
It had been five days since you saw Bucky, hovering over you with a gun pointed right in front of you. It has been keeping you up at night, waking up in a sheet of sweat all across your body. Alpine had been sleeping next to you every single night purring as soon as you opened your eyes to another nightmare.
Steve hadn’t let you go see him, fearing that he would switch, killing you. And that thought terrified you. You knew he was awake, you asked Steve regularly how he was and it was more or less the same answer, “He’s okay. Vitals are normal, we are going to continue to monitor him.” You started to go mad at the same answer, day in and day out. You wanted to see him, but you couldn’t, knowing he was under the same roof as you and you couldn’t even see him, crushed you.
You wanted to paint again, seeing if the motivation would find you again now that he was in the same building as you, but you didn’t hope for a good outcome. You went to the rec room, your canvases piling up in the corner, all empty. You felt bad that you were taking up space in the rec room full of empty canvases, but Tony had promised you time and time again that it was okay.
You grabbed your acrylic paints, some paint brushes and a canvas, heading outside to the porch so you didn’t make a mess inside. Setting the canvas on a nearby table, you sat down and opened a bottle of paint, mindlessly squirting some of the paint onto the canvas, not really having an idea in mind. You carried the brush through the canvas back and forth mixing colors until they made a muddy brown. Frustration bubbled up in your throat and you sighed loudly, pushing the table away and putting your head in your hands
This was going to be difficult.
A few more days passed, and you still hadn’t seen Bucky and you were going crazy. You bothered Steve every single time you saw him until he sighed and pulled you into a conference room one afternoon.
“I don’t think it’s a good idea for you to see him, y/n..” he fumbled over his words, nervous and looking up at you. Steve knew something that you didn’t and you noticed, going to pry the secret out of him.
“You know something, don’t you Steve?” You pressed, hands landing on the table in front of you, not breaking the eye contact with Steve. He tried to look away but the guilt was eating away at him until he spoke.
“He doesn’t remember anything. Not me, not his life before HYDRA, not you..” He whispered the last part and you thought you didn’t hear him, but the feeling in your chest told you that you heard him clear. You sat down in the chair, tears pricking your eyes, looking at the ground.
“He doesn’t remember me?” You hesitated, not wanting the sentence to leave your mouth but you needed confirmation. Steve sighed and came to sit next to you, a hand on your shoulder, and you looked over at him to meet his sad eyes with yours.
“I’m sorry, y/n. We can’t figure out why, he won’t speak up, but he keeps asking who you are. Maybe deep down he still remembers but we don’t know how to get that out of him.” He pulled away and leaned back, and watched your slow movements.
It had felt like the world had fallen apart that day, and you weren’t sure if you were able to get back up or not. Bucky, your one and only, had forgotten every single memory of you two together. Every I love you, every stolen kiss, every laugh you shared. It crushed you.
You were determined to get Bucky’s memory back, and at the very least, try and help him create new ones with you. You looked up at Steve, and spoke.
“Can I please see him? Just once.” You pleaded, Steve sighing and standing up, arm outstretched for you to take and lead you to the infirmary where he was staying. Your fingers dug into Steve’s sweater tightly, messing with a piece of loose string on his shirt. You didn’t know what to expect, what he would look like or if he would even say anything. You both rounded the corner and stood outside the door that Bucky was just past, a few feet away.
“I will be right out here if you need anything, okay?” You nodded and planted a soft kiss on Steve’s cheek before reaching for the door handle and opening it slowly. In front of you, there he was laying in the bed, IV’s hooked into his arm, scraped and bruises that looked like they were healing, all over his face and arms. Your eyes trailed over to the metal arm on his left, the grey color blending in with the boring sheets. You walked closer and saw a red star on his arm, a few wires sticking out under the plating. Bucky’s eyes were closed, long brown hair splayed on the pillow and framing his face. He had a cut lip, a bruise on his cheekbone but still looked breathtaking just laying there. Your breathing hitched as he stirred, opening his eyes and looked over at you, eyes confused.
“Who, who are you?” Fear flashed in his eyes and you almost broke out in tears at the thought of Bucky being afraid of you. You stepped closer, watching his facial expressions until you spoke.
“I’m, I’m a friend. Y/N.” You stated and you noticed how he calmed a bit, nodding his head and rubbing his forehead, and looked back over to you. Oh, how you wanted to tell him you loved him, but you knew you couldn’t.
“I’m glad to see you doing good, lo- James.” You caught yourself before you called him love, and turned around leaving quickly before he spoke behind you again.
“I know you from somewhere, don’t I?” You looked over your shoulder and made eye contact with him, tears pricking your eyes as you didn’t answer, leaving quickly and passing by Steve without a word.
Bucky wasn’t sure who you were, but looking at your face he felt like he knew you, he just didn’t know how. It gave him a headache thinking about it, but he was hoping he would be able to see you again.
A few days have passed and you scrambled to get ideas together. You knew Bucky didn’t remember you, but you wanted to help him. You thought of painting for him, painting memories you two shared together to hopefully jog his memory. After all, he was your muse.
You grabbed a canvas and a pencil, gears moving in your mind as you thought of the first memory you had in the beginning of your relationship with Bucky.
“Hey doll, you look amazing.” Bucky had wanted to take you out on a proper first date. He didn’t like the idea that the only date you two went on was to a coffee shop in the middle of Brooklyn. He wanted to treat his girl right and do something that he knew that you’d like. And he thought of a night to an art exhibition, a few blocks down. You turned from the dresser as you were putting your earrings on and looked over at your date.
“I could say the same about you, Sergeant.” You winked, and took his sight in. Black on black suit and tie, hair slicked back, beard freshly trimmed, and you could smell his cologne from here. He looked ravishing. Bucky chuckled and walked closer to you, until the space between you two was closed. He wrapped an arm around your waist, feeling your skin under his touch as you were wearing a long, open back black silk dress. He pulled you in for a kiss, not wanting to leave until he pulled away and brought your hand up to his lips.
“Let’s leave before I bend you over right here, and forget about our date.” You blushed as he kissed your knuckles, and you let him lead you out of the apartment and down to your ride that was waiting for you.
You pulled up to the art exhibit, Bucky pulling you along inside and grabbing two glasses of champagne, pulling you close to him. You sipped on your glass and looked around, frames upon frames adoring the walls of all types of art. Oil, charcoal, acrylic, marble sculptures even. The artist in you was in love with the site before you, but was even more in love with the man who brought you here because he knew you would love it.
“Bucky, this place is beautiful.” You walked around a marble sculpture of a woman bust, a veil draped over her face. It looked like it could be real to the touch but you knew that it wasn’t and that is what took your breath away. Bucky came up besides you and looked at the piece with you, and arm around your waist.
“What’s this one called?” you loved that he was just as interested in the pieces as you were.
“The Veiled Virgin, sculpted by Giovanni Strazza. The year of it is unknown, but most speculate that it was finished in the 1850’s.” He nodded his head as he looked closer. You were able to see every feature of the woman under the veil, and that’s what you loved most about marble sculpting. Every emotion an artist had was put into their work, and you had to admit that marble sculpting was your favorite form of art.
“It’s stunning,” He said as he stood back up and looked over at you. Bucky didn’t know much about art, everything he knew came from you. But he loved watching you speak about pieces and educating him on all things arts. It’s one of the things he loved about you. He leaned over, his lips barely touching the shell of your ear as he whispered.
“I have something to show you, follow me.” He pulled your hand behind him, guiding you through a sea of people and up a flight of stairs.
“Where are we going?” You giggled as he looked back and smiled, stopping at the top of the stairs and ushered you outside on a covered balcony. String lights were weaved carefully along the awning, plants and flowers lining the railing. In front of you was a table for two, a glass of wine in a bucket of ice, and a candle in the middle.
“Oh Buck,” You looked over at him as he walked ahead of you and pulled out a chair for you to sit. You sat as he leaned down and kissed you, before taking a seat across from you, popping open the wine bottle and pouring you some, before him.
“I wanted to treat my pretty girl to a proper night out. I’m sorry it took so long.” He smiled as he raised his glass to meet yours, looking you in the eyes and made a toast.
“To us, to you, my sweet girl.”
A few hours had passed and you sat back in your chair, listening to the rain that fell just before you out on the patio of the tower. You looked down and gazed at the painting. It was the two of you, at the table, faces both unrecognizable as you didn’t want to stress Bucky out or make him uncomfortable putting him in a position of looking at himself with a woman he didn’t remember. You kept the faces simple, but for the rest you put as much detail as you could, hoping he would remember that night he treated you to.
You got up and walked back into the tower, being stopped by Steve.
“Hey, y/n. Bucky wants to see you.” You held the canvas in your hands, showing Steve. His mouth slightly opened and he took the canvas from you, admiring the work you put into it.
“Did you make this for Bucky?” You nodded, as his fingers traced the lines on the canvas.
“I was hoping I would be able to help him remember by painting. I tried to keep the faces as vague as possible. Maybe tell him the story but not include him. I don’t want to freak him out.” Steve nodded and handed the canvas back to you, placing a hand on your shoulder. You both chatted other ways and memories you thought would help as you entered the elevator and up to the infirmary to see Bucky. You knew this would take a little while, but you were willing to do what you could.
“Remember, I’ll be right outside.” Steve said as you nodded and clutched the canvas, entering the room. Bucky was awake this time, watching the news on the tv. He stopped and looked over at you, a faint smile across his lips.
“Hey, y/n.” You smiled gently and walked over to him, keeping the canvas covered until you were ready or until he asked what it was. You sat down, canvas down and looked over at him. He was eyeing you, looking back down at the canvas before he spoke.
“What do you have there?” You exhaled a shaky breath and showed it to him, handing it over as he reached out to see it. You were nervous showing him your art, when you shouldn’t be. Bucky was always asking to see your art as soon as you were finished, but this time it felt different because it wasn’t your Bucky.
“Did you make this?” He looked over at you and you nodded, a smile playing across his lips as he looked between the two people.
“Who are these two? Do they have a story?” You nodded and sat back, watching Bucky do the same thing Steve did earlier with his fingertips.
“That’s me, and my date. He had taken me to an art exhibit and had dinner there for me and everything,” You said slowly, making sure not to say who it was as you watched Bucky’s face.
“He was, kind, handsome, a gentleman. Anything a woman could ask for in someone.” You said, looking down at your fingers, not wanting to make eye contact with Bucky.
“What happened to him?” He looked at you with a questioning voice, not caring you wouldn’t look at him. It gave him more time to admire you.
“He uh, he left. I don’t really know where he went.” You said honestly, because it was true. You don’t know what happened to the Bucky that was on the canvas. You had a new version of Bucky right in front of you but it wasn’t the one you knew. Bucky frowned and looked back at the painting. He was sad for you that this man had up and left you. You were beautiful, and talented. And he wasn’t sure why someone would leave you like that.
“I’m sorry, y/n.” Was all he said when he tried to give the canvas back to you. You shook your head, putting a hand up.
“I want you to keep it. Make this place a little lovely if you're going to be in here.” You chuckled and he nodded, placing the canvas back down in his lap. You walked towards the door, and turned around, seeing that he was watching your every move.
“See you later, James.”
“Please don’t go, Bucky. I don’t think it’s a good idea.” You tugged on his coat sleeve as he was walking towards the door. He was due to a mission with Steve, to track down HYDRA and every nerve and bone in your body was telling you that he shouldn’t go.
“Doll, I’ll be back soon. It’s in and out, only a few days.” He brought your hand up to his lips and kissed your knuckles softly. It was a gesture you weren’t used to, but the butterflies it brought to your tummy told you to never let him stop.
“I just feel like something is going to happen. I can’t lose you.” A tear rolled down your cheek and his hand was quick to wipe it away, cupping your face. You saw the sad in his eyes, you knew he didn’t want to leave but he already agreed to help Steve, and he couldn’t say no to his best friend.
“It’ll be okay, my sweet girl. I’ll be back in no time, I promise.” He kissed you softly, and parted, picking his bags up and saying a ‘see you later’ before closing the door behind him and leaving you to cry on the hardwood floor.
Bucky sat up right abruptly, sweat across his forehead resulting in his hair sticking to his face. He wasn’t sure why he had dreamt of you, but he wasn’t complaining. He was just confused why you were pleading him not to leave.
He held his face in his hands, the cool metal from his hand touching his hot skin, cooling him down. He looked over at his metal arm and saw more wires sticking out. Tony was trying to see if there was any way that he could safely take the arm off without ripping it off, that was the last resort but Bucky didn’t care if that is what they had to do. As long as they got this arm off him.
He looked over at the painting he asked Steve to hang up, studying the guy who was across from you at the table. There weren’t many details to the faces and he wasn't sure if you just didn’t know how to paint faces or if it was an artistic choice. Either way, he felt drawn to the painted man, not knowing why. Maybe it was connected to him, but that couldn’t be because he has never met you, gone on any dates with you.
And if he had, he wouldn’t have left you willingly.
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strwbrrybucky · 5 days ago
request from @chubsluda , thank u! i hope you enjoy <3 if any of you have any requests, dont be afraid to inbox me!
summary: it had been about six months since you and bucky had started seeing each other seriously, and for that entire time, you weren't aware he was hiding something big from you.
word count: 1637
warning: angst but also fluff at the end
Tumblr media
When you started dating Bucky Barnes, you had no idea what the Avengers were. You basically hid under a rock, so engrossed in your studies to become a nurse, that you weren't really caught up with anyone or anything going on outside in the real world.
The only reason you were dating Bucky Barnes was because you were introduced to him by a friend who was sick and tired of you just being in love with your studies. You didn't hate the idea of dating, no. You just didn't have time for it in the past.
But since your exams had come and gone and you passed, you were able to commit much more time to your boyfriend.
Bucky was something else, he was a gentlemen through and through, super loving and caring, but not too physically affectionate. You weren't sure if that was just who he was, or if it had something to do with you but it was something that had bothered you for quiet some time. Sure, he opened doors for you in public, ordered your food for you , but he didn't kiss you, hold your hand, or even hug you in public.
It did hurt your feelings, but you weren't sure how to bring it up to him. It seemed like he had something else going on with him and it made you so paranoid to think that there was someone else.
You had planned a nice evening in with Bucky, hoping to watch something with him while it rained outside, and maybe get him to open up and express your concerns. You set the Chinese food you had ordered out on your kitchen counter when you heard the door open and boots being dropped on the floor, footsteps following.
"Y/N?" Bucky called out softly from the front hallway.
"In here!" You called back and heard him getting closer to the kitchen. Turning around you saw him standing there leaning against the door way, his leather jacket on, gloves on his hands. His hair was dewy from the rain, and you only assumed he rode his motorcycle here. He looked handsome, you wouldn't deny.
"What is all this?" He smiled and walked closer to you, patting your shoulder softly and looked around the counter to the food laid out. You brushed your hands on your shirt, and looked over at him.
"I thought we could spend some time in, since it's raining. Watch some movies or something." You trailed off and looked over at him who was just smiling at you. You noticed how his hands were fidgeting a little bit with the gloves on his hands but you didn't comment on it.
Instead, you got two plates out and handed one to Bucky, as he watched you intently. Something seemed off, something was on your mind but he wasn't sure what it could be and if it was his fault you were like this.
"Thank you, doll." You stopped what you were doing and smiled at the nickname. He hadn't called you that, at all. It was usually 'babe' and not that you minded babe, it was just too generic for you.
You both were finished with your food about an hour later, sitting next to each other, a hand of his resting on your thigh, your head resting on his shoulder and you both had your feet propped up on the ottoman. He shuffled a little bit and looked down at you, your eyes meeting his for a second before he looked away.
"I need to tell you something." he started, hesitant in his words but still spoke. You sat up and turned to him, bringing your feet close to you. Your heart beat fast, nervous about what was going to come out of his mouth next.
"Well, more I need to show you something, I know I have been a little distant, not really touching you intimately and I'm sorry." He took his jacket off, a long sleeved black shirt underneath and still played with is gloves on his fingers. He looked nervous, and you hated when he looked like that.
"Buck, it's okay. You can tell me anything." You rested a hand on top of his, wishing you could hold his hand without the gloves in the way. He nodded his head, taking the gloves off slowly to reveal a metal hand, black with laces of gold. He sighed softly and in one take took his shirt off, showing his entire left arm, metal.
You brought your hand up to your chest, looking over his facial features that looked sad, until trailing your gaze to where his skin met the metal features of his arm, scarring around the edges that showed signs of struggle, like he was trying to rip the thing off.
"I, um. I know you don't know anything about the Avengers," he paused looking over to you quickly, seeing worrying etched across your face before looking away again, down at his hands. He was right, you didn't know much about the Avengers, though you did some research a few months ago, learning about Captain America, Iron Man, The Winter Soldier.
"But, I needed to tell you that I did a lot of bad things before I met you, before I became an Avenger and I still struggle with it every night. It's a reason I haven't spent the night with you, I've been scared." He looked over at you, watching your movements as they got closer to him, grabbing his hands into yours. It's crazy how he was still able to feel touch with his vibranium arm, feeling your finger tips trace the edges on his arm.
"Buck, I would never hold anything against you that you did in the past. That was you, you're someone new now. A different version of Bucky." You said softly, not wanting to upset him. He shook his head and smiled softly, a tear escaping his beautiful blues.
"I was the Winter Soldier. For years. I was controlled by HYDRA, I couldn't control my own body, I killed for them. I killed innocents for them and their agenda while they wiped my memory every single time so I could be their weapon. I was a shell of who I was in the 40's." Another tear ran down his face and you raised your hand to cup his cheek, wiping the tears away, as he leaned into your touch.
"I know I haven't told you anything about my past, mostly because I can't remember who I was before HYDRA, before I lost my arm. I was so scared to show you, because you would put things together and know me as the Winter Soldier and not as Bucky Barnes. I don't know what I would do if you decided to leave me.." He trailed off, as he started crying, his hands trembling at the thought of his past ruining everything for him with you.
You shook your head, getting on his lap and straddling him, both your hands on each side of his face wiping away the tears that fell from his eyes. He placed his hands on your hips, gripping softly as he shook.
"No, Buck. No no, don't be so silly. I would never leave you for the things you've done in the past. I, I love you," the words left your mouth before you could even think, as he looked up to you and smile creeped on his face.
"I love you, y/n." he said softly as you brought your hands to where his flesh met his arm. You traced the scars softly with your fingertips, listening as the plates on his arms settled into place. He shuddered under your touch, a sigh escaping his lips. You brought your lips down to his skin, kissing each scar softly, his chest breathing heavily up and down as each kiss touched his skin.
No one had ever treated him with this much care and love, he was always scared they would look at him like some freak for having a metal arm, scars littering his body, especially where his skin met his metal arm. He felt you trail your lips over every single scar he knew of, the soft skin making him gasp every time, as if he forgot the sensation right when you stopped kissing his skin. He was hooked, and kicked himself mentally that he hadn't felt the way your lips feel before this.
"Doll," he started as you looked up to him, your hands resting on his chest, his hands travelling up your body until he cupped your head in his face. "Thank you." He brought your lips to meet his, the spark igniting the second your felt his on yours. It was electric, the feeling leaving your hazy in the mind, knowing you wouldn't be able to think straight the second he parted from you.
He pulled you closer, his arms sneaking up under your shirt the contrast of hot skin on yours to the cool touch of his vibranium arm trailing across your skin leaving goosebumps everywhere his fingers trailed. It was soft and sensual, intimate and full of passion and love, and you had no idea what Bucky was capable of if this is how you felt merely kissing him.
"I love you so much, baby." He breathed as he pulled away leaning his forehead against yours, his thumbs rubbing your soft skin right under your breasts. It was intimate enough to turn sexual, but you knew you just wanted to bask in the sensual feeling, being close to him skin to skin as you have been yearning to for months on end. And you knew you wouldn't be able to ever let this man go.
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strwbrrybucky · 6 days ago
ok i know i literally just made a request but something came in my mind and HEAR ME OUT reader and bucky being in the fresh early phase of their relationship and reader seeing bucky’s metal arm for the first time, since he tends to keep it covered 😭😭😭😭
THIS IS SO CUTE!!! I’m gonna work on it tonight!! ❤️ I’ll tag you once it’s finished & published ☺️
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strwbrrybucky · 6 days ago
hi , i will be working on any requests later tonight so look out for that <3 if u have any requests for a one shot/blurb, just let me know!
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pretty boy
summary: you hadn't wanted to admit the feelings you had for the infamous winter soldier. he came off as standoffish and he was a player, so you knew for a fact there wasn't any chance for you. or so you thought.
word count: 2308
warning: angst, fluff!
Tumblr media
It was another long night, glass of red wine in one hand and the remote for the tv scrolling through Netflix in the other. The tower was extra quiet tonight, mostly because half the Avengers were out on a mission and the other half were either asleep in their own beds, or had company. You leaned back farther into the couch, settling on a nature documentary and brought the glass up to your lips, taking a sip.
You hadn't had a quiet night like this in a really long time, and while you wanted alone time, you didn't want to hide in your room any longer because of a certain someone. You looked out the window of the tower and sighed softly, rubbing the side of your face with your hand.
It had been a few agonizing months of dodging Bucky, feeling stares in the back of your head, missed hands brushing past each other, no more stolen glances, and no more secret kisses at one am in the kitchen. You had developed feelings for him, and you knew it was a mistake from the moment his lips first landed on yours.
But you couldn't be with him, he broke your heart over and over again each time he cycled out the next girl from his room. You stopped bumping into him in the middle of the night and started running into the girls he was hooking up with. It became a sad cycle that you wanted to end, but you knew it wouldn't. As long as he was unaware of how he made you feel, you'd keep running into these women.
You thought back to a conversation you had with Nat, needing someone to talk to about theses developing feelings. You couldn't talk to Steve, it seemed wrong to tell Bucky's best friend that you two were stealing kisses in the middle of the night. It didn't seem right to you after everything Steve had done for you.
"Nat, I don't know what to do. It's been, three months since I came to terms of the feelings I have for him, and each day it gets harder with these women he sees. Every single night." You let out an exasperated sigh and held your face in your hands.
"Have you thought about telling him?" You shook your head and looked over to her.
"I can't. He told me one night that I was only a friend to him. I didn't mean anything more." Nat looked shocked and shook her head. She knew how you felt when he told you that, you came to her room right after and she had to hold you and wipe your tears because it broke you so badly.
"What are you going to do?" She asked, looking towards you, as you looked over and met her eyes, shrugging.
"Act like it doesn't bother me, I guess. What else am I supposed to do?"
And it was true, what else were you supposed to do now? You snapped out of your thoughts as you head heels clacking down the hallway, signaling another woman going home in the shade of the night.
"Get home safe, doll." Bucky's voice ran through your ears and down your spine making you shiver. That nickname you had only thought he would call you at your late night talks. Something that you thought you'd never hear again.
He wasn't sure if you were awake or not, given the time, this was usually when he would find you in the lounge with a glass of wine and something on tv. He watched at the woman disappeared into the tower elevator and stepped out of his room, shutting the door behind you. He walked into the lounge, and saw you sitting there in your shorts and tank top, a glass of wine and something on the tv.
"I didn't know you were awake, y/n." His voice traveled to your eyes and you froze, as you heard him messing around in the kitchen.
"Couldn't sleep." You mumbled, sipping on your wine once more. You were hoping that he would just take whatever he was making to eat back to his room, but of course that wasn't what he did.
Instead, he joined you on the couch, a water bottle on the coffee table and a sandwich in his hand, right across from you on the L shaped couch.
You resisted the urge to look at him, you knew what it would do to you and you didn't want to break the streak you had going on. You prayed he didn't make any small talk with you, or for what came out of his mouth next.
"Why have you been avoiding me?" He set his sandwich down on the coffee table, not hungry anymore. He wasn't sure why you had been avoiding him for months and quiet frankly he couldn't take it anymore. He missed you, he missed everything about you.
You shrugged and stood up, walking over to the kitchen to put your empty wine glass in the sink. You put your hands on the counter and sighed as you heard his footsteps coming your way. He stopped on the other side of the counter and you turned around.
"Y/N? Did I do something?" Your face contorted into irritation, folding your arms over your chest. You stared at him as he stood there, his black t-shirt tight against his chest, post-sex glow on his face, hair up in a really messy but hot bun. You hated how attractive he was, and you hated how you couldn't just grab him by his dog tags and pull him in for a kiss over the counter,
"Why would you like to know? Haven't you been busy enough fucking someone new every night?" You scoffed, not sure where the anger came from but Bucky was taken aback. He matched your energy.
"Is someone jealous?" He smirked and walked towards you, as you put your hand up signaling to stop and he did. You shook your head and let out a dry laugh.
"Save it, I don't want to hear any of that." You turned around and started to walk away until you felt his cool metal arm grasp your elbow, stopping you.
"Seriously, what did I do?" You turned around and yanked your arm from his grasp, seething.
"I'm in love with you, James." You spat out quickly and walked away from him, walking back to your room without another word to Bucky, or hearing anything from him.
James. He had never heard you call him his first name, and when the sound of your voice breaking from tears threatening to spill over as you told him you loved him, he knew that he had fucked up.
You started to stay in your room since that night, you didn't want to see anyone unless you had to for missions or briefings. You asked Tony if you could be assigned to assignments that didn't have Bucky as a partner after you explained why when he wouldn't stop asking.
Since that night you confessed your feelings for Bucky, he wouldn't leave you alone. He kept trying to get to talk to you when you were alone, he tried to come to your room at the dead of night, even had Sam ask if you could meet him in the gym.
You declined every single time. This was the reason you had avoided him. The only change was that you stopped seeing women leave the tower every night. You weren't sure if it was because you confessed your feelings or if Bucky had found someone. Either way, you didn't want to know the answer.
It had been a rough day after your mission with Nat and Steve. You knew Bucky had gone out on his own mission, but you didn't know anything about it. All you knew was hurt and asking to see you.
"Are you going to, you don't have to y/n.." Steve had looked at you worriedly as you paced back and forth in the lounge, not sure if you should go see Bucky or not. Seventy percent of you wanted to because you loved him and wanted to know how bad the wounds were. The rest of you didn't know if he truly wanted to see you or was just drugged up on something to stop the pain.
"I don't know, should I?" You looked at Steve and his eyes softened.
"He hasn't been able to shut up about you since you told him how you really felt. He's been asking how you've been constantly until I told him even I didn't know. I think he knows he messed up." Steve was always honest with you, and you couldn't deny that you knew deep down that he was right.
Sighing, you nodded and hugged Steve, and headed up to the ward.
You weren't sure the shape Bucky was in, but when you saw him, you knew he was hurting. Even the Winter Soldier could still feel pain. You walked up to his bed and saw some IV's sticking into his arm, his upper half propped up and his eyes closed. You touched his flesh hand and could feel the heat radiating off his skin, as if he was trying to break a fever.
As soon as he felt your skin touch his, he grabbed your hand and turned to look at you, finally. You had messy bedhead, some scrapes and bruises all on your perfect skin, and bandage on your cheekbone that blood had soaked through a little bit.
"Y/N," his voice was hoarse and you pulled a seat up next to him. He looked very sleepy and you weren't sure what he was on.
"Hey, Bucky. What did they give you?" He looked straight ahead and blinked before looking back over to you.
"Bruce had given me some healing serum for the cuts and wounds. Steve takes it too. Should take a few hours to heal everything up. But it makes me feel tired." He smiled weakly before bringing his hand up to your bandaged cheek, grazing it with his thumb. He hated that you wouldn't let him go on missions with you anymore, but he knew that was his own fault.
"Are you okay, doll?" You looked back up to his face and saw worry etched on his face, nodding your head. You brought his hand back down and held his hand with both of yours. You were wondering why he was worried about you when he had a whole bandage around his abdomen.
"I wanted to apologize to you," he started off weakly but you stopped him, not wanting to hear it.
"It's okay, Bucky. It doesn't matter. I shouldn't have told you how I felt that night." He shook his head and tightened his grip on your hands.
"No, it's not okay. You were hurt, you were vulnerable and I just fucked that up," You started to speak before he cut you off again.
"Babygirl, I don't want to be the cause of your sadness anymore. I don't want anyone else but you. Those women I hooked up with meant nothing. They were nothing compared to you." You sucked in a breath as he spoke. You weren't sure where any of this was coming from. It seemed like in the short months, he completely changed.
"What are you saying?" You knew exactly what he was saying, but you wanted to hear it from him just to be sure that you weren't dreaming. He sat up straighter, turned his legs over the side of the bed and pulled you up, so you were standing in the middle of his legs.
"Bucky, wait I-" He pulled you down so your lips were meeting his, hands on either side of your face, your hands resting on his clothed biceps. You could feel the need and want through the passionate kiss, and it only deepened when he asked for permission with the swipe of his tongue on your bottom lip.
You hesitated, only for him to bite your lip softly making you gasp and he slipped his tongue in, greeting yours. You didn't pull away, in fact you were so close that your chest was flush with his, until he pulled away from you, and leaned his forehead against yours.
"I've been working on myself, I started going to therapy. I talked about you, she helped me realize I love you." You pulled away and your eyes met his, a soft smile on his face. You brushed his long strand of dirty brown hair out of his face, cupping the side of his head and he leaned into your hand. His arms found their way around your waist, pulling you closer and not paying any attention to how his abdomen felt. He couldn't feel the pain as long as your skin was touching his.
"Pretty boy.." Your thumb grazed over his bottom lip as a red grew on his cheeks from the nickname.
"Even if my heart stops beating, you're the only thing I need with me. I realized that I only need you. Since I met you when you started working for Stark, the way the eyes caught the light, how everything you wear hugs you in all the right places. The way my name falls off your lips like you've been saying my name for decades. It makes me fall more and more in love with you." You captured his lips with yours once more, smiling against his lips, his hands roaming your back and your arms latching around his neck.
That was all you wanted to hear from him, and you felt like a weight had lifted off your chest now that you finally heard his admit it.
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if any of you guys have any requests or prompts you’d like to see, lemme know!! I’m so open to writing anything you guys suggest & it will open my writing skills even more! you can send me something in my inbox or even reply here <3
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happiness looks so good on him
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
SEBASTIAN STAN Behind the scenes of ‘The Falcon and The Winter Soldier’
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