Hi, I'm Robyn! Formerly ssurvey, just plural now. 23 and still taking too many of these. *None of the surveys filled out are mine; full credit goes to the original makers of the surveys I answer.
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ssurveys · 2 days ago
survey by carolynnnnonia
1. When was the last time you went to the mall? Last Saturday. I really didn’t want to go, but I needed to fulfill a shipment that I had to do for one of our clients. I had to pass through the mall’s grocery to get to the courier branch, and it was so creepily packed :( I was visibly dodging people left and right but I couldn’t care less at the time.
2. Are you a light sleeper? Only whenever I fall asleep at places I’m not very familiar or uncomfortable with, like in a moving car or someone else’s house; the lightest noise or movement would definitely wake me up. Otherwise, I sleep like a log. I’ve missed out on so many earthquakes that apparently took place while I was asleep.
3. Do you have shoes on right now? No, I’m always barefoot whenever I’m home.
4. What's the weather like? It’s a liiiiiiittle bit decent for now, but it’s only 9:30. It will start to get warmer from here on out so I’m expecting to start feeling sweaty and sticky again in a couple of hours.
5. Would you rather wear sweats or jeans? I don’t really collect sweatpants, so I’d go with jeans even though I don’t find them the most comfortable either.
6. When did you last go ice skating? Around 13 years ago. If I’m correct, my last time on an ice skating rink had been in 4th grade, when I was 10.
7. Do you ever shop at Hot Topic? We don’t even have that here, so no.
8. What car do you own/hope to own? A Mini Countryman.
9. Have you ever spent more than 5 hours on the phone? Many times with my ex, especially at the start of our relationship.  
10. Where is your cell phone? I literally just put it down haha after picking some music to play. It’s now on my lap.
11. How loud do you play your music? Like I said on a previous survey, it depends on what I’m doing. Right now it’s on pretty loud since I’m just taking a survey, but if I’m working I just have it on as background noise.
12. Do you like playing in the snow? I’ve never done it before, but I imagine I would love snow.
13. What beach does your family typically visit? We make it different every time, and I don’t think we’ve ever visited the same beach more than once. The best ones I’ve been to are the ones in Palawan and Boracay.
14. Do you like your name or one of your siblings' names better? They did a great job with all our names actually, and I’m a fan of all of them. I like that I’m named Isabelle since I’ve always loved that name; Nina has Beatrice which is a bit old-fashioned but in a nice and endearing way; and my brother is a Joaquin which has always been one of my favorite masculine names. I can’t say I’ve ever compared our names.
15. How did you discover your Myspace song?
16. What was the last restaurant you visited? La Creperie. But the last restaurant I ordered from in general was McDonald’s, last Friday.
17. Have you ever played Rock Band? Yes, I always preferred it over Guitar Hero too.
18. Do you ever make Youtube videos? I’ve never tried doing it.
19. What brand purse do you carry? I don’t use purses. My main handbag is a Nine West one I just borrowed from my mom.
20. How many times a day do you brush your teeth? Once or twice.
21. Have you ever had braces? Yup, but I’ll be needing to have them on again.
22. Do you own an iPod? I guess it’s fairer to say I don’t anymore, but mine is definitely still lying around at home.
23. Who do you like? I have the stupidest crush on BTS’ V, if that counts. 
24. Where do you like to get coffee from? Just my everyday 3-in-1 coffee mix sachets would do, since I don’t know how to make coffee from scratch and figure out the ratios that would work for me. If I feel like buying coffee I’d go to Starbucks.
25. What level do you play on Guitar Hero? My finger coordination is terrible so when I play with the guitar prop I usually fail the songs even if I play at the easiest possible level haha. I’m much better with a controller.
26. Are there any words you always spell wrong? I used to struggle with ‘rhythm,’ but I’ve misspelled it too many times in the past I ended up learning it, if that makes sense lol. I don’t usually struggle with spelling anymore these days.
27. Do you ever mow your lawn? There’s a staff member in our village who’s tasked to mow everyone’s lawns. We just tip him when he does so.
28. When was the last time you were at a hotel? Around...last Christmas season, I think? We were visiting family that day and we briefly stopped by Marco Polo to pick up a cake so that we wouldn’t arrive empty-handed.
29. Who did you kiss last time you played spin the bottle? I don’t think I’ve ever played spin the bottle.
30. Is there a TV in your room? No. There used to be a TV along with the PS3, but after my brother started forming a habit coming into my room to play video games, we just ended up handing over both devices to him.
31. What is the most money you've spent in a day? I don’t know exactly, but my best bet would be anywhere between ₱3000 to ₱4000 and it most likely happened while I was drunk.
32. Anything interesting happen on your last birthday? My BTS bias released a snippet of his new solo song :( :( :( He’s been a lot quieter on social media lately so the fact that he posted something huge, and on my birthday no less, made my day all the more meaningful. 
33. What winter holidays do you celebrate? None.
34. Have you ever been to NYC? No. I have several relatives who live there, both in the city and state, though.
35. Do you get carsick? Only when I read or watch a show/movie.
36. When was the last time you went swimming? July 2019.
37. Has anyone of the oppisite sex seen you in your underwear? I don’t think so.
38. Who did you last talk to on the phone? The delivery man who brought my order to the house today.
39. Are your parents still together? Yups.
40. Do you like scary movies? They’re okay, but I tend to avoid the ones that go for cheap scares and go for something with more lowkey or psychological elements instead.
41. Do any of your friends have a last name that's a color? No.
42. What's your favorite ride at amusement parks? Not a big fan of rides. I would usually head to the food stalls and see what kind of crazy food is being served that I can try out haha.
43. Who do you want to win the presidential election? Someone who has the interests of the Filipino people at heart. Of course, knowing how poor voter’s literacy is here, I’m not feeling too optimistic for next year’s election.
44. How often do you watch TV? Around 45 minutes to an hour every evening since we have the TV on during dinner.
45. Do you use proper capitalization? For the most part, yeah. The only time I let the rules go is when I’m on chat.
46. Have you ever been to a fortune teller? Ew, no.
47. Are you a health nut? No.
48. Do you tan or burn? Tan.
49. What type of deoderant do you use? Some local brand.
50. Do you dress up for Halloween? Some years I would, especially if there’s a Halloween party happening.
51. Have you ever kissed in the rain? I might have, but I don’t really remember for sure.
52. If you had the chance to be famous, would you take it? If it was for a reason I could get behind, then sure.
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ssurveys · 2 days ago
survey by chasingghosts
What do you like about the house you live in? I relishhhhhhhhh the fact that we have a rooftop with a nice and calming view. I’m the only one in the family who makes good use out of it, so it’s a nice place to escape to whenever I need or want to be alone.
What furniture do you own? The only Adulting-related thing I’ve ever bought so far was my bedside lamp haha. I'm not comfortable investing in bigger things yet, and I’m still at the point where I’m rather carefree when it comes to my purchases i.e. expanding my BTS merch lol. I don’t put a lot of pressure on myself, and I appreciate that my parents don’t either.
What's the most cliche song you can think of right now? I feel like most of the Top 40 genre have generic and cliché concepts, but that won’t stop me from listening to them from time to time.
Name three of your favourite crepe toppings. I never liked crepes. I never understood why they have to be so thin hahaha. Do you watch How I Met Your Mother? What did you think of the ending? No, it never interested me.
Have you ever played paintball? Did you get hit? I never have.
Right now, are you too hot, too cold or just right? Too hot. It’s remained quite chilly in the evenings until tonight, which is an unwelcome but expected change considering we’re in May and the drastic change in temperature was bound to come any time soon. Still, the inside of the house is at least several Celsius degrees higher so I’m fine with staying here even though I’m already mildly sweating.
What was your favourite fairy tale when you were a kid? I never was into fairytales and I think I may have skipped out on them entirely as a kid.
Do you depend on others for happiness? I wouldn’t say I’m dependent. My conversations with my friends simply complement the happiness I can already provide myself with.
How do you feel today? Tell me about it. Physically, mostly uncomfortable because of the heat. Otherwise, I had a great time just spending time in bed all day, catching up on rest, and watching In The Soop and the new Run BTS episode.
What's the weather like today? Terrible. I never do well in the heat.
Do you ever use a laptop in bed? Yep but I put it on my lap or wedge it between my tummy and thighs while sitting up. I never directly place it on my bed since it heats up that way.
What were you doing in 2014? Crushing on and eventually asking out some girl. I was also starting to open up that year and was gaining more friends in school. Overall, a more than decent year; I don’t have any negative memories from that time.
Are you wearing socks right now? What colour are they? Nopes, I’m all barefoot.
What time are you taking this survey? 10:20 PM.
Have you ever eaten Caribbean food? I don’t think so, but as with all kinds of food I’m always open to trying it out should the chance come up.
Do you need to make any purchases soon, big or small? Just the remaining balance from all the merch I bought in the last two weeks. One thing I’ve picked up so far from collecting merch is that K-Pop merch is expensive as FUCK, so considering BTS’ core audience is on the younger side, most shops are super flexible and let people pay a downpayment first. Anyway, that said, I have several purchases I’ll have to fully settle by the end of the month.
What was the first movie you saw at the cinema? How old were you? Stuart Little 2; I was 4.
Do you feel hopeful for the future? Sure, but I don’t really dwell on it for too long because it would also just make me anxious. I like living in the now.
Where did you last fly to on a plane? Bicol.
If you were going on a daytime date tomorrow, what would you wear? Oversized tee + mom jeans + bucket hat, assuming the date is on the casual side.
Are your parents still together? If not, do you know why? Yes.
What is the COVID-19 vaccine roll-out like in your country? I’m from a third-world country, so you take a guess...light kidding aside, I hear of more and more people getting vaccinated everyday and that makes me glad, but the whole process has still been very slow. On my end, I don’t think I’m getting vaccinated until July or August, or potentially even later than that.
Have you ever been evicted? Why? My friends and I were once asked to leave a McDonald’s because they were being loud and rowdy playing a card game inside. We had it coming tbh; I just hated that I was dragged into it.
Would you say you're an organised person? When it comes to work, yeah. Not always with my room.
Have you ever worked as a manager or supervisor? I haven’t.
Do you eat at a table or on the couch? I usually eat at the dining table. But when I’m at work, since I can’t really ever leave my laptop, I have to contend with eating at my work desk even if it’s a little convenient.
Tell me something good about the last week of your life. Butter teasers!!!
When was the last time you heard a siren? What kind? A month ago maybe? when I heard the faint siren of an ambulance from somewhere far away.
Do you like jogging? No.
What brand is your TV? I don’t have my own TV in my room, but the ones we have everywhere else in the house are Samsung.
What was the last thing you voted for? Michelle had put up a poll on Twitter asking if people liked the apple chunks in apple pies crunchy or soft, and I’m guessing it’s because she’s planning to make her own recipe soon. I don’t entirely hate apple pies, so I still voted hahaha. I went for crunchy.
Do you remember much from high school? Sure. My memory’s not exceptionally crystal clear, but I’ve still been able to keep more than a handful of memories with me.
What's the longest you've ever stayed awake? Why did you do it? I’m not sure exactly but it has to be a little over 24 hours, and I probably did it just because I felt like staying up.
What's the most amazing animal you've ever seen in captivity? This is such a downer of a question...but idk. I find all animals fascinating, which is why I never like visiting zoos or animal parks.
Do you live in the state/province/territory you were born in? No, my family left Manila a few months after I was born, I believe.
What do you want to eat right now? Sushi sounds fucking fantastic, but alas it’s 2:36 AM and my best bet right now would be some cheap California maki from a convenience store.
Have you ever been wrongfully accused of something? Sure.
What are the five apps on your phone that you use most often? If I had to guess, probably Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Messenger, and Safari.
What's one of the most useless things you've ever purchased? I haaaaate the idea of buying things I know in the first place would be useless. But related to this, the last purchase I kind of regret is my current phone charger cord. It cost nearly P500 but was already detective from the get-go :(
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ssurveys · 3 days ago
Have you ever shared a shower or bath with someone as an adult? I did it a couple of times with a past girlfriend, but I’m honestly not a fan of it unless I’m somewhere with a serious lack of bathrooms and it’s the only choice available. I like my space when I get myself all cleaned up lol.
What kind of pizza toppings do you like?  Different kinds of cheeses do it for me, really. If I absolutely have to pick toppings, I do like bacon, bell peppers, barbecue chicken, or onions on my pizza.
When did you first take a shot of alcohol?  I have no idea, actually. Maybe 20? 21? I never noted the year down. I don’t even know the first shot I ever took...if I had to guess, it was probably tequila.
Did you babysit for money when you were in middle school? No. I babysat because I was the eldest daughter and granddaughter in an Asian household, haha.
Who is your favorite band? How long have they been?  Paramore; 17 years, have loved them for 14.
Has the last person you kissed ever been to your house? Many times. She used to be a welcome guest.
Have you ever been to a spa?  I don’t think I’ve ever entered one, no. There’s been no reason to in the past.
When talking on the phone, do you place it against your left or right ear? Right. I don’t remember ever placing it on my left, come to think of it.
What’s your favourite Lunchables meal?  Idk, I’ve never had them. American thing, I’m guessing.
Do you like Bob Marley?  I don’t hold an opinion on him; I’ve never tried listening to his music.
Have you ever eaten at Golden Corral? Nope, I don’t know what that is, either.
Do you sit and eat dinner at the same table with your family?  Yes, we have dinner together every night. We’ve been doing it since the start of the pandemic; and, with that, since my dad has had to stay at home since he can’t report to work anyway considering the situation. I imagine we’d be back to eating separately once he can report back to his job.
Are you listening to any music right now? If so, what are you listening to?  Yeah, I’m listening to Map of the Soul: 7 and UGH! just started playing. This is such a good FUCKING album it’s absolutely insane how good it is. Whatever spirit possessed BTS throughout 2019 to produce an album this unbelievable wasn’t playing.
Who was the last person to make you genuinely smile?  Hobi, since I rewatched the Run BTS segment where he called Conan O’Brien ‘Curtain.’
Is there something you want to say to someone but can’t/won’t? No.
Do you like men who have a sensitive side?  I think it’s nice when anyone has a sensitive side and isn’t ashamed to be in touch and expressive with their emotions. Doesn’t have to apply to just guys.
Have you ever tried to get someone into a certain band/artist?  I don’t do that with any of my interests because I don’t want to potentially irritate or bore someone, or to potentially face the disappointment I’d feel when they don’t end up being enthusiastic about what I’m into. I’m totally okay with my interests just being My Thing, no need to drag other people into them.
Have you ever carved you and someone else’s initials into a tree?  Nopes.
Do you like Dairy Queen?  Just some items, like their Oreo Frappe or whatever it’s called. I’m not a big fan of ice cream cakes and I’ve never really explored their Blizzards.
Is there anyone you know with an amazing personal success story?  Andi.
Is there a song in a different language that you can sing? Well Filipino is my first language rather than English, so yes.
How do you feel about bands that use pyrotechnics in live concerts?  I’ve never experienced this other than One Direction using fireworks at the end of their concert here (and they weren’t launched from the stage either, but somewhere backstage), so I don’t really know what to feel about this other than they should just make sure they’re following safety protocols and standards to avoid mishaps.
Ever fallen down a hole?  I don’t think so.
Do you like bananas?  Not so much, but I don’t passionately hate it as much as I do other fruits. I do like some dishes that incorporate banana, like banana bread and banoffee pie. Recently I discovered Korean banana milk and it ended up tasting pretty good!
How long do you normally spend in the shower? Not even 10 minutes, usually. I've never understood how people can take such long showers. < Yeah, pretty much on the same page. The only times I take a while is if I feel like shaving, but otherwise I shower quickly. Maybe around 4–7 minutes at most.
Have you ever been a featured member on any website?  I don’t think that ever happened, at least when having featured members was still a thing.
Have you ever had any weird pets?  Nope.
Are you currently talking to/texting/instant messaging anyone?  I am not. Though I know I have unread messages from Andi...I just don’t feel like checking them right now.
Have you ever experienced insomnia?  Only when I was a teenager. It’s been a while since I’ve faced any trouble in trying to fall asleep.
Do you like egg nog? I’ve never had a chance to try it but it sounds delicious, and I would definitely take a sip the first opportunity I get.
Would you ever wear Converse with a prom/formal dress?  I don’t see why I would have to but if it’s just for funsies, it sounds pretty harmless so yeah, I would.
Do you prefer hot chocolate with or without marshmallows?  Withoooooooooout. I’ve never understood marshmallows.
How many different people of the opposite sex have you cried over?  In a romantic sense, none. But I’ve cried for other reasons, like when I mourned over my grandpa and Nacho.
Would you rather be a surgeon or mortician?  Surgeon, since there’s a tiny part in me that had always wanted to take up med school.
Would rather be a musician or a painter? Painter, if anything. I’m not creative by any means, but I feel like I’d enjoy a lot more freedom with painting.
Would you rather write your own book or make your own movie? [continued from last night] Write my own book I suppose, but I could only work with non-fiction. I’d embarass myself if I had to write something not based off of real life.
At home, do you have a trampoline? No. But this reminds me of when we’d go to Rita’s place to have meetings whenever we couldn’t hold them in school. She’s the richest one out of all of us, lives in a very old money village, big-ass house, big-ass kitchen, big-ass receiving areas (plural)...and they also have a nice trampoline in their big-ass yard. We always used to horse around in there as soon as we were done with our meetings.
When you are about to go to bed, do you put on some sort of noise?  I used to put on a YouTube video that would entertain me enough to feel relaxed and eventually sleepy, but I haven’t done that in the last few weeks. These days I usually look for a fanfic to get absorbed in, then I read until my eyes start feeling heavy.
What is your favorite Christmas movie?  Love Actually or It’s A Wonderful Life.
And what about your favorite Christmas song?  It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas makes me feel festive and fuzzy.
What is your ultimate favorite stocking stuffer?  My family doesn’t really keep up with this tradition. I remember how our grandparents would fix up stockings for us when we were much younger, but they were usually filled with candy. 
After Halloween, do you sort out all of your candy into little piles?  I never collected candy for Halloween.
When you listen to music with headphones, do you keep the volume low enough to hear surrounding noise faintly, or do you blast it?  Depends. The rare times I’m working and do feel like putting headphones on, the volume has to be just decent enough so I can still focus. If I’m not doing anything else or at least doing something that doesn’t involve too much ~brain activity~, I like my music very loud.
What did you have for breakfast this morning?  It doesn’t really count as breakfast but I’m currently finishing off the remaining two pieces of McNuggets I got last night. 10 pieces is apparently too many for my appetite, haha.
What’s the largest animal you’ve ever had as a pet?  Cooper has probably been the biggest and heaviest so far.
Do you own any kind of helmet?  We have a bike helmet here at home, but it’s not exclusively mine.
Out of everything currently in your refrigerator, what food or drink is your favorite?  I don’t memorize the fridge so I can’t tell you my favorite food that’s currently in it; as for drink, I just stick to cold water.
What’s the worst injury you’ve ever had?  Sprained ankle after I tripped at one of the parking lots in school.
Do you like the taste of cough syrup?  I’ve never had it.
What is something you like to have conversations about?  People with experiences vastly different from mine, because it lets me explore different perspectives. It’s why I always look forward to family reunions with one of my uncles - who’s a foreigner, from a very different country - since he’s able to share a lot of fun and reflective stories about his life and stuff he did in his youth, stuff I never got to experience and live through.
What all is in the trunk of your car?  The trunk used to be my trash can lmao, back when I was still driving everyday. My mom has since cleared it out since the beginning of the pandemic; I believe only a laptop bag is sitting there now.
Do you ever put fruit on your cereal? No. I don’t even eat either.
Is your heat or air conditioning currently on?  My electric fan is. I don’t turn on the aircon until the evening.
Have you ever fallen off of a horse?  Nopes.
Which do you value more, your appearance or your intelligence?  Both are important to me.
When was the last time you drove something other than a car or truck?  I don’t remember. I’ve only ever driven cars.
Were your grandparents present when you were born?  Neither set wasn’t in any of the photos from my birth, so I don’t think so...? My maternal grandparents definitely wouldn’t have been present, since my parents had been living in Manila then.
If you drink/smoke, how often do you do these things?  I vape...pretty much all day. I’m doing it while taking this survey. As for drink, I would say 1-2 times a month. Usually after a particularly grueling shift.
What do you think of fast food?  I love it. Unabashedly. I just don’t have them a lot because I don’t find it filling and the quality is obviously lower; but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like the way fast food tastes.
What website do you spend the most time on and why?  Google Suite, if it counts. I work 5 days a week; it’s pretty much an extension of me at this point.
What’s the most amount of time you’ve spent online? Is this usual for you?  All day. I’m always using the internet to do things. I used to be embarrassed of it, but these days I feel like having a connection is virtually an essential.
When it comes to travel, what kinds of places intrigue you most? Museums, historical sites, cultural sites, and spots where they show you how they do practices native to the place. I’ve always been about immersing myself in the cultures of the places I visit.
What is the farthest you’ve walked in one day and what made you do it?  I remember having to walk for a very very very VERY long time when we were in Bali - my family wanted to explore more of the city - and the weather wasn’t cooperative at all, so I ended up feeling super cranky. I remember also walking around a lot in Shanghai, but that was a slightly better experience since the city was incredibly lively and there were a lot of things to see and stop at; not to mention the weather was also kinda pleasant. The cold was biting but I would always rather be too cold than walk around with sweat-soaked clothes.
What is something important that’s often on your mind lately?  Our financial situation what with Covid affecting both my parents’ jobs. We get by enough for me not to worry too much, but I also hope my dad can get called back to his ship soon just so I can finally exhale with relief.
What about something unimportant, but you can’t stop thinking about it?  My workplace recently introduced this workout challenge thingy for the month of May that we’re invited to join to encourage us to get fit and healthy. I get notifications whenever someone’s able to exercise for the day and it makes me feel super pressured hahahaha. Since I don’t wanna be known as a killjoy co-worker I know I’ll have to take part in it, which I will start on later.
Do you like oatmeal? If so, what kinds of things do you like in it?  No. Back in elementary my grandma made me eat oatmeal every day for breakfast before heading to school, so I don’t ever want to have another bowl of it.
What was going on the last time you felt nostalgic?  My family and I were having a conversation during dinner last night and for some reason it eventually veered towards mine and my sister’s experiences from our first school and how we managed to get up at 5 AM everyday, have classes from 7 AM–4 PM, then get home from anywhere between 5–6 PM for 14 years straight. How tf did we do that and never complain???
How much attention do you pay to the movements of the stars and planets, and do you believe they influence anything?  None.
What is the most difficult or involved video game you’ve ever played?  While I love watching playthroughs, I am not skilled at video games at all and in most video games I’ve played I never made it past the first mission, unless I was playing a Nintendo game that’s already marketed for kids in the first place lol.
Which accent do you find most sexy, alluring or appealing?  There’s a certain British accent I find very pleasant to listen to, but since I know there are a lot of variations I’m just not sure which one it is. I guess an accurate point of reference would be Hugh Grant’s or Florence Pugh’s accent.
Which accent do you find most annoying, disturbing, or bothersome?  None of them.
Can you cry on cue? Is it any kind of useful?  Nope.
Does it take you a while to actually get jokes?  Sometimes.
Can you wear socks to bed or does it annoy you?  I don’t really like the feeling of socks, so no. I find them a bit itchy, and too tight.
Have you ever bleached your hair?  Never done it before.
Do you like jelly beans?  Erm, it would depend on the flavor, I guess. But they aren’t so much my snack of choice. The texture is a bit weird.
Do you have trouble sleeping when it’s storming?  Not at all, I feel a lot cozier when it’s raining hard.
Who was the last person you know that graduated? (high school or college)  Sofie posted her graduation photo not too long ago, so probably her.
Were you happy or sad when you found out your babysitter was coming?  I never had a babysitter because I was the babysitter.
Did you have a boyfriend in kindergarten?  No. I went to an all-girls school, so I didn’t even get to interact with a lot of boys until the middle of high school.
Did you ever read the Magic Treehouse series?  Nope.
Who was your best friend in elementary school?  Angela. I was also friends for a long time with a girl named Jaynie, with whom I actually started to reconnect ever since she found out I was now into BTS. I find it so cool; I don’t think I’ve talked to her since the 2nd grade, 15 years ago.
Did you ever watch The Land Before Time movies?  I didn’t.
Did you collect anything when you were a kid? Stickers. I'd put them on my dresser everywhere to the point it was absolutely covered. < Literally this entire answer; I don’t have any clue how my overly neat mom managed to never spank me for destroying her closet. I also liked collecting Pokemon cards and pogs even though I never knew how to use them. It just felt nice having large stacks of them lol.
Did you get an allowance?  Not until high school. My grandma (and eventually househelp, when we moved) fixed up packed lunches for me and my siblings. When my mom decided to stop having house helpers at home, that’s when she started giving us an allowance to buy recess and lunch ourselves.
Were you into American Girl dolls?  I was never into dolls in general. Since my sister and I were the only girls at home, we were surrounded by toys marketed for boys and that’s what I enjoyed playing with more.
Were you friends with your childhood neighbors?  We played with the neighborhood kids every afternoon but I wouldn’t call them friends. I was a very shy kid and I found them too rowdy for my liking, especially the boys.
What was your biggest fear when you were a kid?  Flying cockroaches. It’s still one of them.
Did you ever play the "Reader Rabbit" computer games?  I don’t think so.
Did your parents let you drink soda growing up? I’m pretty sure they would’ve allowed me to, but I just never liked the feeling of fizzy drinks so I never drank soda anyway.
What was your favorite kind of cake as a kid?  I think I liked mocha sponge cakes growing up, but that has changed now.
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ssurveys · 6 days ago
When you see someone smile, does it make you smile as well? If their reaction was that heartwarming then yeah, I would. But I don’t always smile along with people literally all the time; I imagine that would be a little creepy...?
What was the last thing you regret buying? I felt the slightest bit of letdown with the fanmade BTS Polaroid print-outs I got from this shop because they turned out to be a little smaller than the standard Polaroid-sized photo, so to anyone familiar with how Polaroid film looks like it would clearly look unofficial. BUT it was from a small business and they did write my name in big pretty calligraphy on a thank-you card they included with my order and they included some adorable freebies, so I’m not completely disappointed and I’m just happy to have been able to support them.
What's a band that you said you would never like but ended up listening to? lol see K-Pop category. Serving clown realness hahahaha
What is something unique about you? I have a very crooked left pinky finger, which isn’t common at least among people I’ve met so far. It’s always a funny thing to raise when hanging out with friends too.
What do you think the most overrated Halloween costume is? A vampire or witch. < These are good. Pirates too, I feel like.
What was the last creepy thing to happen to you? Nothing creepy has happened around me recently, fortunately. I don’t handle creepy situations (especially men) well and I usually end up breaking down in tears once I’m able to process them, so I’m glad nothing has happened so far.
What are you looking forward to doing this summer? I feel like I would have been able to take several out-of-town trips by now out of my own if not for the pandemic. But considering where we still are today, I don’t really know how to answer these kinds of questions anymore.
What’s something you know you do differently than most people? How I eat fried chicken, haha. I always tear out all the batter/skin and put them aside on my plate because I like having it last.
After taking a shower, do you change in the bathroom or in your bedroom? I bring my change of clothes with me to the bathroom and dress up there.
What game consoles do you own? The ones we currently use are the PS4 and Switch, but we also still keep the PS3 in the living room just in case someone wants to use it.
What is a belief you have that most people would disagree with? My opinion about fruits. :((
Has a book ever made you cry? Maybe not cry, but some books have made me stare out blankly in shock for a few minutes after I finished them.
What was the last thing you bought that was on sale? A meal I ordered online that was under a promo during the time I purchased it.
What books would you love to be made into a film? I’ll always be waiting for the Septimus Heap series to be turned into a film series of its own, even though I never got to finish all 7 books.
Do you look your age? I look slightly younger. I get asked for my ID all the time.
Have you ever liked someone while you were in a relationship? Never.
Can you dry swallow pills? No, I would find it extremely uncomfortable
[squeezing in a second survey in here because that one was way too short]
Who is someone that everyone seems to love, but you don't? Much as I’ve tried, I can never get into Lana del Rey’s music.
Are you different in real life than on the Internet? Not so much. I like wearing my heart on my sleeve, and what you read on here is pretty much how I would express myself in real life.
What's been a 'once in a lifetime' experience for you? Seeing One Direction because they’re most definitely not reuniting at this point.
What is something you're really good at doing, but really hate doing it? Weaving through traffic. It still makes me anxious.
Are you still with the person you lost your virginity to? Nope.
If you had one extra hour of free time a day, how would you use it? These days, probably to have an extra hour for reading fanfics hehe.
Would you rather have a big or small dog? I like medium-sized dogs best, which is why Kimi and Cooper are perfect for me.
Name a band that you wish never split up. Paramore.
List 5 things you find extremely attractive. Thighs, big eyes that don’t look creepy, hands, toned but not muscular arms, and...Kim Taehyung? Hehehehehe
Do you tend to over pack when you travel or under pack? Oooooooooverpack. I will bring clothes enough for 5 days for a weekend trip.
Has a movie ever ruined a book for you? I don’t think that’s happened before.
Who's the most famous person you've met? I’ve always turned down the chance to meet celebrities because I don’t have enough faith in myself to be able to handle the situation well lol. That said, the closest encounter I’ve had is having Joe Sugg directly wave at me during a YouTuber fanmeet 6 years ago.
What is something you lack, personality wise. Creativity.
Name a song from your favorite band that isn't a single or well known. Turn It Off by Paramore.
Could you have a child at the age you are now? I personally find 23 a bit too early, but I know a lot of people who’ve become moms or who were already moms by this age.
How old were you when you got your ears pierced? Idk, weeks or months old if I had to guess.
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What was the last thing to make you sad? Hearing one of my uncles passed away just two weeks after my grand-aunt and uncle died; he was only 39, and he even greeted me on my birthday just a few days ago (we never interacted before that; he moved to the US years before I was born, and I guess he wanted to start connecting). April was such a sucky year for my family.
Do you kill spiders when you see them? Idk why but I never kill spiders. I guess it’s because they’re bigger and I’d feel ickier if I squish them? But yeah, I usually just shoo them away.
Are you allergic to any animals? Which ones? Probably not allergic, but I do start sneezing once my dogs start to smell funny.
How did you get your last bruise? I have no clue how I got most of my bruises, so the last one was most likely caused by a bump I don’t remember happening.
Does it bother you when people play with your hair? It’s okay as long as the person and I are close enough. I’d feel a bit awkward if we weren’t.
Have you started Christmas shopping yet? ...We’re in the middle of 2021.
Make your own festival line up. Who's on it? BTS BTS BTS BTS BTS
What's the last stupid thing you did? Went over my budget and broke my promise to not buy anything until Friday, and bought two new Taehyung photocards today...and a fanmade BTS Lotte Duty Free concert kit...I’m just gonna hang my head in shame now...
XBox 360 or PS3? We were never an Xbox family haha.
What is your favorite movie series? Toy Story.
What was the last thing you received in the mail? A set of fanmade BTS Polaroids that I will probably never have to use buttheywerecutesoIboughtthemlastweekend.
What was the last scary movie you saw? It’s not a horror film per se, but I’m Thinking of Ending Things gave me the heebie jeebies as Kaufman films usually do.
What do you think is the worst emotional feeling? Losing loved ones. < Yeah, I’m feeling this right now. Grief is something I never want to go through.
Did your parents get married before or after you were born? Before.
True/False; You've had an odd dream this week. They usually are odd, so yes.
Who was the last person to let you down? This girl I went to high school with (though she’s a couple of years older) that I’m mutuals with on Twitter. Based on her tweets over the last few months, she got cheated on and she still grieves over it every now and then, so I’ve always felt bad for her even though we never talk. But then yesterday Blanch saw we were following each other so she approached me asking how I know her; and she told me she wasn’t a very nice person. I asked her why, and apparently she herself cheated while in a previous relationship lmfaooooooooooo. My eyes were openedTM and I couldn’t stop laughing at the abrsurdity of it all. I don’t feel sorry for her anymore; she had it coming to begin with.
What's your favorite thing about Christmas? All the foooooooood and the giant servings and the leftovers that could last a whole week.
How about your least favorite? When it’s all over and you’re kind of back in reality for a few days while waiting for New Year’s.
What was the last thing you watched on YouTube? A Bangtan Bomb video, though I can’t remember which one I stopped on. I think it’s the one of Jimin and Taehyung playing pool?
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ssurveys · 7 days ago
survey by xflirtykaosx
Alphabetti Spaghetti (3/3)
Please believe. - P
How many pages did the last book you read have? I don’t even remember the last time I opened it; but if I have to guess, it’s probably anywhere between 600–800 pages.
What do you like on your pancakes? Soaked in butter, with peanut butter and maple syrup on the side. My dad will also sometimes mix bacon into the batter, and it always turns out delicious.
Do you like small parties or large parties more? I love going to any kind of party, but I like large ones just a little bit more just because it’s easier to blend in and go unnoticed for the most part. I usually feel pressured at smaller parties.
What was the last exam you passed in? I have no idea. Maybe a history exam? I remember taking a Rizal exam right before the pandemic started and I never got the results for that since classes were canceled shortly after. I’ll never know if I actually passed that test haha.
Do you think paw prints are cute? Yesssssss.
How much would you pay a neighbour to do your lawn? We have someone in the village who does that, and my mom usually gives him a tip of I would guess around ₱100.
Ordinary pens, scented pens, gel pens or felt tip pens? Ordinary. The other ones write horribly.
Are you a people person? I’ve grown to be one over the years. I do like my alone time, but I have the most fun with a person or two or ten around me.
Do you put pepper on your scrambled eggs? No. I never use pepper myself, actually.
Who, except yourself, has the nicest pet? Angela’s, at least one of her dogs are. Hailey is super nice and she doesn’t really care what you do with her hahahaha.
What's your favourite piece of clothing? Right now, probably my IVP sneakers since they’re my newest purchase. Other than that, my mom jeans are always super reliable.
What place have you gone to that you never would again? Police stations that I had to visit to cover stories for my journalism classes. Maybe it’s other people’s passion – and I thought it was mine at one point, too – but once I found myself in places like that I slowly realized that I didn’t have the fire for journalism I once thought I had.
What do others seem to have plenty of and you have little or none? Nice photos of themselves. I’m very camera shy.
Is pink a nice colour, an okay colour or icky? I personally love pink, so.
Give me a description of a great film plotline? ...I don’t feel like it :(( I also haven’t watched/rewatched any films in a while, so my memory is a bit rusty.
What do you have in your pockets? Nothing I’m wearing right now has pockets.
Do you listen to podcasts? Not really. I’m part of the minority that finds podcasts a little boring.
Have you ever played Poker? I’d guess I’ve tried playing it one or two times, but I’ve never understood the rules and I probably just did some random moves when I did try it.
Do you have a pond in your garden? No.
How about a swimming pool? We don’t.
Do you like Poptarts? I loooooove Pop Tarts and I wish we had more flavors here :( and that they weren’t so expensive.
Do you write notes on post-it notes? Sometimes; but lately I’ve mostly just been making to-do lists on my laptop. Writing takes too much time considering how hectic my job is.
Quiet darling, shh. - Q
Do you ever use the word quaint? Very rarely. I never really get into situations where that word would be most fitting to use.
Do you know what quantum physics is? I know of the term from watching The Big Bang Theory, but I don’t know what it refers to.
Are you a quiet or loud person? Depends on the people I’m with, my general mood, and my level of comfort.
Do you usually ask a lot of questions? I never do. I feel like that’s a weakness of mine, too. My mind never wanders too far, and I’m only able to recognize good questions when someone else raises them.
What's your favourite quote from a film? “Rome. By all means, Rome.”
Favourite quote from a song? “Now I’m told this is life, and pain is just a simple compromise so we can get what we want out of it.”
Are you quick witted? In what aspect? Not always; but yeah, I guess it comes out sometimes. I’m pretty good at witty or funny comebacks, especially with people I’m comfortable with.
Do you find the word queer offensive? Er, no?
Roses are Red and Romance is dead. - R
Do you listen to the radio often? I used to, since I once drove to school everyday and I liked having the radio on - especially in the morning, since there was a morning program I was hooked to. But now that I’m at home 24/7, I don’t really tune in anymore; I don’t even have the slightest clue what songs are trending rn.
Do you prefer rain or snow? We only get rain, so.
Have you ever ran into someone and injured you or them due to it? Fortunately no, for both circumstances.
Do you listen to rap music? K-Pop groups always have their own rap sub-unit, so yeah I’ve definitely been more exposed to rap these days.
Do you find pet rats gross or nice? Why? I guess it’s cute when they’re pets, since I’m sure they’re harmless. Not so much when they’re big black filthy rats that are house pests and probably carrying a lot of diseases.
Have you ever been to a rave? No. I’d love to experience it once.
Are you somewhat of a rebel? Nah.
How about reckless? Now this hits the spot more, especially when it comes to money lol
Do you prefer red, black or purple dresses? Black, then red, then purple. I don’t wear a lot of the latter to begin with.
Do you know how to reload a gun? I don’t; I’ve never even held a real gun before.
Do you remember your first best friends Mum's name? I don’t think I ever met her mom. Our friendship was super short-lived and didn’t go beyond preschool.
Do you have a good or a bad reputation? Idk, you’d have to ask other people for this I think.
What song do you request most often on the radio? I’ve never requested a song to radio stations.
Do you prefer rice or tofu? I need rice for literally every meal, otherwise it won’t feel filling. I like tofu too, but I only have it occasionally when it comes with some dishes.
Have you ever held a rifle? Nope.
Do you know a Robert? What's he like? I have an uncle-in-law named Robert. He’s very nice, and super intelligent; he’s from New Zealand but currently lives with my aunt and their family in Vietnam. Since he’s from a different country, he has lots of fun stories and different perspectives to share at family reunions, which makes me always want to sit at whichever table he’s at so that I can be part of interesting conversations.
Do you like rollercoasters? No.
Been to Rome, Italy? Nope.
Are Roses your favourite flower? They’re one of them.
So sweetheart, lets fan. - S
Do you feel safe in your neighbourhood? Yeah, I mean that’s kind of the whole point in living in a gated village. I’d be pretty alarmed if I ever hear of a crime happening here.
Whose the Patron Saint of your Country? St. Lorenzo Ruiz. I actually didn’t know that for a fact, so thanks for the Google search and impromptu lesson!
Do you put salt on your fries? Yessssssss, I need my fries to be very salty. Unless it was already seasoned with something else, I’d find it boring if it wasn’t salty enough.
Do you think we are all born the same? In some ways, yes; in some ways, no. I know everyone is born as humans worthy of love and respect, but when it comes to factors like privilege then that’s when circumstances start to get all different.
When did you stop believing in Santa? I never bought it. I used to always get frustrated that I was never allowed to meet Santa (none of my relatives ever played as him), and that he apparently just likes to leave gifts at midnight. Not seeing a Santa made me doubt and eventually I just kinda stopped buying it by the time I was like 5.
Do you think the name Sarah is pretty? Erm, it’s fine but I find it a little common.
Is Saturday your favourite day of the week? Fridays are, but Saturdays are a very close second.
Have you ever watched Saved By The Bell? Opinions? Nope.
What about the Saw films? Opinion? I haven’t, but I know they’re my eldest cousin’s favorite so it must be a good series.
Are you easily scared? In certain ways. I hate jumpscares for one, and I easily get offended by them.
What's your secondary language, if any? English.
Name all the things you can see from where you're sitting? The entirety of my bedroom.
What's the last sentence you spoke out loud? “JAY KAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY”
Have you changed your default settings on your computer? Some of them just to change some aspects of the appearance, but I didn’t do a complete overhaul.
What year did you turn seven in? 2005.
How important is sex in a relationship how important is sex from 1-10? For me, probably like a 3 or 4.
What is your favourite shade of blue? Sky or royal.
Shade of Purple? BTS purple, I guess? Hahaha.
Favourite shape? I don’t have one.
Do you know a girl called Sharon? Nope.
How about Shari? Nope.
Do you shave your arms, legs, pubic hair and/or somewhere else? I shave, but not all of these areas.
When was the last time you were sick? May 2020 was the last time I felt like death.
What's the worst side effects you've had due to a medication? I’ve never gone through side effects from a medication.
What does your signature look like? A very lazy scribble of the first and last letters of my whole name.
Do you like silk? What do you own that is silk? It’s okay, but I never actively search for it. I have one set of silk pajamas but that’s it.
Do you sip or drink hot drinks fast? As much as possible I don’t like getting in contact with hot beverages. I wait for them to cool down considerably before I take my first sip.
How about with alcohol? Sure, I like to take them fast so that I don’t feel the nasty burn on my tongue.
Do you have sisters? How many, what ages and what're they called? Nina is turning 21 this year.
Is your grandmother older than sixty five? Both of them are, yeah.
Do you slam doors often? Nope.
Have you ever slapped someone in the face? For what reason? Yes. Because he had slapped me first. I was in so much shock that my first and only instinct was to hit back.
Do you snack a lot or just eat big meals? I like letting myself go hungry then reward myself with a very generous serving to eat in one go.
Do you smile more often, or frown? Smile.
Are you wearing socks? No, I haven’t worn any in a while.
Do you say sorry too often? Yes.
What's a sound that always soothes you? This. I always play it before turning in, or when I need to calm down.
Do you carry a lot of spare change? How much is on you now? Not so much anymore, since I’ve been increasingly going cashless.
Do you own a swimsuit of the Speedo brand? I don’t think so.
Do you like sunflowers? They have a personal meaning to me, so yes. It’s not my ultra favorite, though.
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survey by xflirtykaosx
Alphabetti Spaghetti (2/3)
F o r e v e r - y o u r s - F
Do you fancy any celebrities? If so, who? KIM TAEHYUUUUUUNGGGGGGGGG
Do you watch any FBI shows? Which ones? No.
Have you ever been to a festival? Which one? I don’t think so.
Do you have a fireplace in your house? Hell no. Just the idea of having a fireplace considering where I live and the general climate we have all year makes me nauseous haha.
Do you have a hot flask? I’m not so sure what you mean but if you’re referring to tumblers like Hydro Flask that keep drinks hot/cold for a really long time then yeah, I have one.
What decade were you four in? 2000s.
Do you like the TV show Friends? I love it. I haven’t watched an episode in a while, but it’s always a go-to for me whenever I feel really really really down.
Do you like the feeling of cat fur? Sure, it’s pleasant. Same with dog fur.
Go girl, go; G
Do you have a back garden? Not really a garden but we do have a sort of backyard; basically some space behind the house. 
Do you have a gentle touch? Idk...depends on what I’m holding or touching, I guess? Like I would obviously hold an infant as gently and gingerly as possible, but I wouldn’t pay as much attention if I’m holding something ordinary like my phone.
Do you like girly programmes like Gossip Girl? LOL at girly. Who says Gossip Girl and literally any other show out there has to be for a certain audience?
Do you ever use gloves? Only when I order from Frankie’s since they provide gloves with their meals.
Do you prefer gold or silver? Silver.
Are you a greedy person? What makes you greedy? A little bit, when it comes to food hahaha. I don’t like sharing and I get angry if someone eats a portion I already called dibs on.
Have you ever seen a gypsy? No.
Hold on honey, I'm here. - H
Do you have any bad habits? What? I pick at my nails - either set - when I get tense. I also tend to get a liiiiitle bit reckless with my money, if I do choose to spend. I’m pretty self-disciplined for the most part, but I let that go as soon as I give myself the green light lol. Exhibit A would be me spending a total of nearly P7,000 just this week alone on BTS merch...
Do you know anyone called Helen? I don’t think so. My dad has a cousin named Helena, though.
Have you ever watched a documentary about Hitler? Not directly related to him, but I remember watching Night Will Fall in high school.
Do you put hm in a lot of your survey answers? Not a lot. Occasionally, though.
When was the last time you went to hospital? What was it for? May last year. Blood and urine tests.
Do you like HP (Harry Potter)? Who's your favourite character? I didn’t grow up with it, but it’s not as if I’m a passionate anti. It’s just not my cup of tea, even after trying to read the books.
Do you spell it honey or hunny? I never spell it as hunny unless I’m saying it sarcastically or playfully with friends.
Are you afraid of this Swine Flu Hype? That’s gone now, right? We’re dealing with something else entirely.
In the end we all die broken. - I
Have you ever been to Ibiza? Nopes.
Do you take ice in your soda/fizzy drinks? I don’t really have a preference as I don’t regularly consume fizzy drinks anyway, as long as it’s not lukewarm.
Who do you think is a complete idiot? Anyone supporting the government at this point is a good runner-up.
Do you often wonder what if? Sometimes. But I also find it a waste of time, so I don’t dwell on them.
Have you ever seen an Igloo? I haven’t.
Do you get ill often? No, almost never.
Do you ever imagine you were not human? What did you imagine you were? No, this has never come to mind.
Do you like sexual innuendos? If it’s not too trashy, sure.
What is your IQ? Idk, I’ve never had it checked.
Do people often call you irrational? I’ve never been called this before, at least not to my face.
Do you think the name Isis is pretty? ...Welp, not anymore.
Do you get itchy eyeballs? That never happens. Is that even possible?
Do you know what ix stands for in roman numerals? 9.
Just breathe baby, breathe. - J
Have you ever been in jail? I have a very vague memory of visiting a prison with my parents before, but I no longer remember why I was there.
Do you like JD (Jack Daniels)? Nahhhhhh. Had a tiny sip of it once, found it absolutely nasty.
Do you get jealous easily? Not anymore.
Do you tell a lot of jokes? Yeah. I like making people laugh, so I drop jokes whenever I can whether I’m in a formal or informal setting.
Do you finish school/college in June? When I was in college, my school year ended every May. Before that, the academic calendar ended every March.  
Kiss me, kill me, thrill me. - K
Do you know a girl called Karla? Yeah, one of the managers at work is a Karla but I don’t work with her. I also went to grade/high school with a girl named Karla; she was my friend for a while as well, but we grew apart over the years.
Did you watch Kenan and Kel? Nope.
Do you prefer kisses or hugs? Depends on the person, I guess. But in the context of being in a relationship, I do love being kissed.
Do you like Korn? I don’t listen to them.
Do you like watching films with Kung Fu in them? Not in particular.
Lessons learnt the hard way are the best I've ever had. - L
Do you like Lady Gaga? She’s okay. I’m not super crazy about her but I tend to like all the stuff she puts out.
When was the last time you had lemonade? Wow, it’s definitely been a while. Maybe a year or so ago? I don’t get to have it a lot; usually only when it’s offered at hotels or resorts when I go on vacation.
Do you ever lie to save your own skin? Sometimes, but I never let the lie be too big just in case it bites me back in the ass one day.
Do you think llamas are cute? Sure.
Do you use Lol a lot? Yes.
Do you think you are lucky or unlucky? Neither.
Melody in my heartstrings. - M
Do you like Mac and Cheese? Loooooove mac and cheese, especially truffle mac and cheese.
Do you ever eat at McDonald’s? What's your usual? Not very often tbh, but I do like McDonald’s. I don’t eat it frequently enough to have a usual order; I get whatever I feel like having at a given moment. And since we’re here, I’m gonna be plugging the BTS Meal, in stores 5/26! HAHAHA
Do you like Medieval games like 7elda? You mean The Legend of Zelda? I do love that franchise, but I don’t like the medieval genre as a whole; I just happened to grow up with the Zelda series and Nintendo as a whole, so I’ve taken a liking to it. 
What's on your mind right now? That it’s Monday again tomorrow. I feel like I’m starting to get burnout :/ I’ve definitely noticed I haven’t been being 100% at work lately...but it could also be because the weather is crappy hot again, which makes it a lot harder to work and keep focused.
Is money in your opinion, the root of all evil? It’s part of it.
Do you like Mr and Mrs the show? I’m not familiar with it.
Do you read murder mystery books? Which ones? No.
Do you find Mystical stuff fascinating? Not really.
Nobody loves me, what a change. - N
Do you know the name of your local shopkeeper? We don’t have those here.
Have you ever been called nerdy? I’m sure I’ve been.
Are you you truly a nice person? I hope that’s what people see and think.
Do you overuse nouns in your sentences? I like using adjectives, for one; but I don’t exactly know how you can overuse nouns hahaha.
Do you know anyone personally who is a nurse? Yes, I have several relatives who are in nursing.
Only you - it always has been. - O
Do you obey authority or deliberately disobey it? Obey for the most part.
Is there anything in your room that is an Octagon? What is it? I don’t think so.
What odor can you smell in the room you're in now? The neutral scent my aircon is blowing out.
Do you get offended easily? I think sensitive would be a more fitting word.
Have you ever been to Ohio? No.
Do you ever say Oi? Sure, but not frequently.
Do you spell it OK or okay? I use both; I don’t have a preference. What I avoid is ‘K,’ though.
Are you older than the number day you were born on? Yes.
Have you ever watched the film the Omen? I haven’t.
Name one thing you always have taken for granted? The basic things, I guess, like breathing.
Have you ever had an operation? On what? Never.
Do you like things in a set order or doesn't it matter? As much as possible I do want things to be organized, yeah. I get restless if I see a very messy spreadsheet or Powerpoint, for instance.
Do you have a habit of overreacting? I was a lot more...theatrical in my reactions before haha. Not so much these days; I’ve toned down a lot.
Do you think Owls are nice? Sure.
Do you know what an Oxymoron is? Yup.
Have you ever tried Oyster? Yessssssss I love them and now you’re making me crave them :(
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ssurveys · 9 days ago
survey by xflirtykaosx
Alphabetti Spaghetti (1/3)
And we will fall in love with shooting stars. - A
Have you ever seen an Aardvark? I don’t think so.
Were you ever abandoned in a public place as a child? Where? Abandoned is a pretty harsh word lol. My parents did like playing pranks on me and hide whenever I’d get distracted at the grocery or department store. They’d let me get nervous or even tear up for a bit until showing up again.
What accent do you have? I guess just your standard Filipino English accent that’s common among people who were able to take up English studies. I don’t really know how to describe it.
Is there someone in your family addicted to something? What is it? I don’t think so.
Have you ever been under general anaesthetic? What were you having done? I think so? When I had a tooth extraction done on me two years ago I was told I was going to be injected with anaesthesia, but I didn’t feel as if anything changed throughout the procedure. Either my dentist told me fake news lol or he’s just really good at his job for me to not notice anything.
How do you show the ones you love affection? It depends on the person. Around my friends, I know I’ve had taken a liking to them once I start getting especially talkative with them. For people I have even deeper relationships with, I like...buying them gifts, I guess. Getting them things that remind me of them. I would also bend over backwards to do nice deeds for them, like driving them to their destination even if I find it far.
Are you more passive or aggressive? I tend to be very passive aggressive in the way I deal with things.
Do you like the band Aha!? Not in particular.
Do you know anyone called Aidan? What are they like? Nope.
Ever heard of the band Ajax? No but I know that’s a brand of like cleaner or something. That’s close enough to ‘band’ haha.
Do you know anyone called Akash? I don’t either.
Do the sound of fire alarms scare you? They would obviously be scary if it rang for a real reason. Who wouldn’t freak out over a fire?
Do you live in America? If so, which state? If visited, where'd you go? No, and I’ve never visited either. I’d love to take a trip to cities like New York, New Orleans, Portland, and Chicago one of these days.
Have you ever had an ant infestation in your house? Only when there’s food left out accidentally.
Aora - did I spell that correctly? I don’t even know what you’re referring to, so I can’t tell you if you’ve spelled whatever it is right.
Do you have a preference in Apple? What type do you prefer? I don’t quite get this question - like a preference within Apple products? I mean, a phone and a laptop are essentials for me, and generally I do prefer having an iPhone and Macbook over other brands; but I can live without an iPad, an Apple Watch, iMac, Apple Pen, etc...if this is what you mean.
Are you an Aquarian? Is anyone in your family/your partner/best friend? ...You mean Aquarius? No. I don’t believe in astrology nor pay attention to zodiac signs either, so I wouldn’t be able to name Aquariuses that I know right off the bat.
Have you ever worn any type of armor? Which type? I don’t think I’ve ever had to, no.
Do you use the word ass a lot? Kinda, but it’s usually part of a longer word, i.e. asshole, asshat, deadass, etc.
Have you or your family had an attorney? What for? Not to my knowledge.
Is your car/family’s car an automatic gear or manual? Automatic.
Are you interested in aviation, piloting and aircrafts? Just the slightest bit. I would love to learn how to fly a plane, and I would be willing to pay for lessons. It’s just the type of activity that’s super hard to squeeze into an already-hectic schedule of mine.
What was the last award you recieved for? A academic distinction in college.
Axl Rose - like or dislike? Like, but I’m nowhere near a passionate fan. I just don’t have any reasons to actively dislike him.
Do you like air being spelt ayre or ayer in rap or hiphop or is it nasty? I don’t care.
Is the sky outside Azure? If not, what shade is it? No, it’s pitch black.
Belle amour (we've been here before). - B
Do you call anyone baby? Is it sweet or an overrated name for affection? Just my dogs. I find it sweet; it’s my preferred term of endearment if in a relationship.
Bby - does this shortened version bug you? No; my friends and I use this with each other.
Do you know what BC in terms of time stands for? Before Christ, but I prefer using BCE.
BDf - For or against? I don’t know what this is referring to.
Do you prefer beach breaks, city breaks or winter breaks? Why? Beach breaks. Winter break is an immediate cross-out since we don’t even have winter; and I already live and work in an urban area as it is. Beaches are my way to go if I want to escape life for a bit and completely unwind.
Do you spell out boyfriend properly or put bf in texts/online? I can use either depending on what I feel like typing out. It’s not that serious haha.
Do you know what bg is short for? Upon reading this question I immediately thought ‘background,’ but if this question had another meaning in mind I wouldn’t be aware of it.
Do you know anyone with the last name Bhays? No.
Have you ever been bird watching? What did you see? No, doesn’t sound like my kind of hobby.
Do you like Bjork? Not in particular, but just like the Axl Rose question I don’t have anything against her either.
What does this read: bk 2moz miss u lyk fk. Doesn't this text speak annoy? No one types like this anymore at least among people I know, but I imagine it would lowkey bother me a bit.
Do you like BMWs? They’re whatever. I don’t pay attention to cars much.
What is the nearest book to you called? How many times have you read it? There aren’t any books here up on the rooftop.
BnQ - gone there? What did you buy? Idk what that is.
Are you more brainy or brave? I wanna say brainy, if anything? I’m pretty jumpy lol.
Did you like the BSBs (Backstreet Boys) as a kid? How about now? No, I’m a little too young for that generation of artists and groups.
Burgers, Hot Dogs or Salads at a Barbecue? We don’t really practice ~barbecues~ here. But at Filipino parties I would usually flock to lumpia and fried chicken, hehe.
Do you have a Byro? No, because I also don’t know what that is.
Cold eyes and filthy lies all leave me petrified. - C
Do you have a Cactus (Cacti)? No, I don’t like plans.
Do you know what a CCTV is? Yes...?
How many CDs are in the room you are currently in? None where I am right now but I have all of Beyoncé’s albums save for Lemonade in my bedroom. I also have Paramore’s self-titled album and Hayley Williams’ Petals For Armor. My CD collection is about to experience a revival because of BTS, though. My plan to get all versions of all their albums is rock solid, lmao.
What's your favourite cereal brand? Cookie Crisps.
Do you like children's TV shows still? Which one(s)? I’ll revisit an episode or two of shows I watched as a kid at a given time for old times’ sake, but I don’t regularly watch children’s TV shows anymore. I haven’t for a very long time.
Cinnamon - Yum or Yuck? I’m actually kind of in the middle about it. I feel like too many desserts have been banking on cinnamon, so the taste of it can be a little tiring. It’s delicious if I haven’t had it for a while, though.
Do you know anyone with the initials and or name CJ? Quite the opposite; I know PLENTY of JCs, even my sister is one. I know one or two CJs but that’s it.
Have you ever met a self professed clairvoyant? What did they do/say? No.
Do you watch CNN News? What's your prefered news channel/show? I don’t tune into the channel but every once in a while I will encounter a CNN link on social media that I’d actually click on and read through. As for preferred news sources, I don’t have one as there are matters to criticize about 99% of them lol; but I am most likely to trust articles I from AP or Reuters. Just things you pick up as a journalism student. 
How many cousins do you have? I have 9 first cousins. I lose count by the time I try to go beyond that since I don’t even know all of my dad’s cousins, which makes it hard to track who my second cousins are.
Do you still draw with crayons? When was the last time you did? Drew what? I don’t remember anymore.
Do you know what a CSS feed is? What is it? I’m familiar with the term but never bothered to learn about what it is.
Do you like cycling/biking? What type of bike do you have? ...I don’t even know how to ride a bike.
Do you really like it, is it is it wicked. - D
What is the most dangerous animal you've petted/held? I can’t decide between snake or crocodile.
Do you like Death Metal? If so, which band(s)? I wouldn’t say I do.
Did you ever keep a diary/journal? I did a million attempts to keep a diary when I was younger, but I was never able to keep up with any of them and I ended up having 4598358395 notebooks with one or two entries each at most. Having a Tumblr page for surveys has so far been my most successful streak at keeping some type of journal.
Do you prefer small, medium, large or no dogs? I prefer all dogs.
Do you know what DP stands for in porn? Yes.
Have you ever dressed up as a celebrity for a party/Halloween? I went as my favorite female wrestler once. I wouldn’t strictly call her a celebrity, but she’s a very well-known personality in the wrestling industry so she’s popular in that right.
DS or Wii? Why? Wii. I was able to make more memories with it.
Does dust make you sneeze or cough? Sneeze, usually.
How many DVDs do you have all together? Idk, I don’t buy DVDs anymore.
Do you dye your hair regularly, sometimes or never? I’ve never done it.
Every love lies sometimes . . . - E
What's something you refuse to eat? Most fruits.
Don't you think the word ebb is so pretty? I’m neutral about it. I don’t use it a lot.
Do you like Chocolate Eclairs? I love eclairs in general haha. Chocolate eclairs in particular sound delicious.
Ever tried edible paper? Yeah, with the White Rabbit candy.
Eevee - pretty name or too Pokemon-y? Definitely very Pokemon-y. 
Do you sometimes mix up the spellings/meanings of affection and defection? Erm, no? They have completely different spellings and meanings, so I personally have never switched them up.
Do you have a big ego, low self esteem or somewhere in between? I think I’m somewhere in between. I’m insecure about some things about myself, but I don’t really put myself down 24/7. I feel like that would put such a strain on my mental health, which I certainly would never need.
What Element does your starsign fall under? I think earth? My co-workers were just discussing this last Friday, but I couldn’t really butt in since I can’t bring myself to care about astrology. I know they mentioned Taurus being an earth sign though.
Do you show your emotions easily and freely or hide them? Depends...I can do either depending on the situation.
What is your favourite form of entertainment? Korean reality shows are quickly becoming a favorite of mine at the moment. I also like compilation videos on YouTube.
What will they write on your epitaph? I’ve honestly hadn’t put much thought into this yet, and I don’t plan to anytime soon. It just seems like a super grave thing to think about lol.
Estimate/guess what number we are on now? Maybe 60s or 70s?
Do you know basic social etiquette? I mean etiquette will always differ per country or culture, so what is basic in other countries might not be here, and vice versa. I think it’s hard to measure.
Does your country use the Euro, Great British Pound, Dollar or other? Other.
Do you still get excited on Christmas Eve? Yes. Mostly for the free food and the opportunity to see relatives I really only ever see every December 24.
What animal/creature that is extinct do you wish wasn't? Those that went extinct from human activity.
What colour eyes do your parents have? Black/dark brown.
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ssurveys · 9 days ago
What was the last thing you bought at a store? When did you buy this? I went to a Korean mart last week to get a BTS Chilsung Cider and a BTS Hot Brew lmao. Just one of each since I had blown out my budget on other merch + my birthday dinner. I’ll complete my collection for both some other time.
What noises in the room you’re in, do you hear at the moment? I’m at the rooftop and I can hear an airplane flying above me at the moment. I also have music playing.
What color is the kitchen in the house you’re in, painted? The walls are mostly white but it also has some peach-ish tiles by the sink and water dispenser.
Do you live in a town where basically everyone knows everyone else? Nah. That would obviously be the case for residential subdivisions, but not in the town/city I live in. Way too big/populated.
When was the last time you or someone else in your family bought a vehicle? I think it was in 2017 when we got the Vitara? We sold it last year though.
Are your grandparents the kind who are very protective of you? Not so much. They know I can handle myself and that I tend to be independent, so they don’t really coddle me. They will always make sure I eat plenty whenever I come over, though.
Have you ever, or do you live on a farm at this moment in time? I’ve never lived on a farm.
When was the last time you had any kind of chips? What kind were they? Piattoooooos. They were my favorite as a kid and I ate them almost daily, to the point that I got sick of them and didn’t eat them for years. But earlier this week one of my aunts got us a pack and I found myself kind of missing them, so I got a few chips. The one I had was the cheese-flavored one.
Are you one of those people who can’t help but download everything they find? Lately I’ve been doing that only for whatever photo of Kim Taehyung I see floating on the internet that I don’t have saved yet.
How many things in the past have you bought off eBay? What things? I’ve never bought from eBay, but I also don’t know if we have that here. My last purchase from an online shopping app was a pack of fan-made BTS Polaroids.
Are you or the people you live with pack rats? This is she, lol. I have hoarding tendencies, but they’re not too destructive. At this point I am also increasingly noticing that I’ve taken this survey LOL, but I’m too whatever to care.
Were you always one of those kids who got in trouble with everyone around? Nah, I was quite well-behaved as a kid. Too behaved, actually; I preferred being a wallflower and only started opening up by the end of high school.
When was the last time you took a nap? Did it relax you any? Last weekend. I took naps to escape the summer heat, so it wasn’t comfortable in any way. I woke up cranky and in a pool of my own sweat both times.
Honestly, do you see yourself as a slut? No.
Can you text quickly?: I can type fast, if that’s what you mean. But when it comes to replying, I only do it when I feel like it. I don’t pressure myself to respond immediately.
Do you like fast food or does it disgust you?: I unashamedly love fast food.
Have you got a hairdresser that you can trust?: Nah, I rarely go to the salon to have my hair done anyway. I mostly do so for my yearly trims, and I always go to different ones every time.
Do you wear a lot of make up?: I never wear makeup.
Do you get nervous before exams? If it was a class I knew I was struggling in, then yeah the nerves would usually kick in.
What’s your favorite alcoholic drink?: Cocktails.
Do you watch Big Brother?: Not a fan.
Do you like the smell of BBQs?: Loooooove it.
Do you crash on people’s sofas often?: Not really. I’m usually shy about visiting other people’s homes.
Do wasps scare you?: Yup, and that goes for all kinds of bugs as well.
Have you ever had to spend the night at a hospital? Just once. Fortunately I haven’t really run into a lot of health issues.
Have you ever bought clothing online? Not so much, since I like seeing the item first before buying it. I did make my first clothing purchase online recently though! – I got a pair of IVP shoes and I’m glad they ended up fitting me perfectly. I finally got to use them today when I had to go out this morning for a work errand.
Have you ever worn flipflops in the snow? I’ve never encountered snow.
In December, were you single or taken? Single.
Were you happy when you woke up today? I think I was more disoriented than anything. I kept thinking it was Friday and that I had to start waking up properly for work; it took a while for me to realize it was Saturday and I could sleep in if I wanted to.
What mood are you in right now? Exhilarated. BTS comeback teaser just happened, and I might just have done another stupid impulsive purchase. K-Pop is such a dangerous black hole to fall into ;________;
Who was the last person you rode in a car with that was under 21? I think it may have been my siblings.
What are you currently hearing right now? RM rapping into my headphones.
How much clothes do you have in your closet? Do people actually keep track of how many articles of clothing they have, down to socks and all? Lmao I wouldn’t be able to give you an exact number, but I can tell you I don’t have anything close to a gigantic wardrobe.
Who is the last person you talked to on the phone? I called up LBC to ask for assistance about a shipment I needed to handle for work. They weren’t too helpful so I ended up having to go to a nearby physical branch this morning.
Do you regret anything from your past? Little things here and there, but nothing that haunts me day in and out.
Did you speak to your father today? Yes.
Have you ever hugged a complete stranger? I don’t think so.
Who was the last person to compliment you? I had my regularization evaluation with Bea sometime last week – I guess the general feedback she gave counts as a compliment? They were all very positive and I’m glad that was the case. I’ve always been conscious about my performance, so I’m just happy it was all validated and recognized.
Do you often use the term “slut”? Only as a joke to call myself when I’m feeling frisky.
Do you regret anything you’ve done in the past 24 hours? LOL I bought something again 5 minutes ago even when I told myself my purchase before that (which I bought THIS MORNING) was going to be the last...someone needs to lock my goddamn bank account
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ssurveys · 10 days ago
survey by painted-skylines
Best movie soundtrack ever: I’ve always vouched for The Twilight Saga’s soundtracks because their OSTs genuinely did pop the fuck off; but out of the five movies, my favorite would probably be New Moon’s.
What was your favorite Disney movie as a kid? It’s always been Toy Story, and it’s never changed even after watching my fair share of Disney movies through the years.
Have you seen it since? Many times. I try to do at least one rewatch every year.
If I looked through your phone right now, what would I find? A ridiculous amount of photos of V on my camera roll, my different work chats, and conversations between myself and Angela that would probably be tagged as NSFW because we’re comfortable around each other like that, lol.
Do you brush your teeth in the bathroom, or do you get bored & roam around? I just stay by the sink.
Reggae or Ska? Ska, if anything. I used to listen to ska punk.
What time did you wake up today? Like 6:15. I’ve started automatically waking up at 6 AM a week ago for no reason, regardless of how late I sleep the night before. Which is fine, I guess, since I’ve developed a knack of starting work by around 8 anyway; the 2-hour gap is the perfect time to have time for myself before another shift.
Why's the summer going by so fast? It’s not summer yet, but I will agree that time seems to be flying by in general. I’m well aware it’s because I do nothing but work all week, but I actually find the monotony quite relaxing for now so I’m not complaining.
What'll you be doing this 4th of July? That issssss a Sunday, so idk. Probably relaxing at home – or if quarantine protocols have loosened by then I will probably back in a coffee shop.
Are you allowed to wear shorts or tanktops at your school? We're not. In my university, yeah. I always wore tank tops then.
When's the last time you brushed your teeth? Around a half hour ago right after I showered.
Are you a picky-eater? Not at all. I will only be picky around fruits or viands I already dislike, like adobo or sinigang.
How many songs are there in your iTunes? I don’t have an iTunes anymore, and Spotify doesn’t work that way.
How many bands? -
Are you a candle-fanatic? I’m getting there, but I’ve had to park that interest in favor of my new BTS addiction HAHAHAHAHA. My online shopping cart went from Bath & Body Works candles to BTS albums stupidly fast.
How do you feel about incense? Not a fan.
I didn't spell that right, did I? You didn’t, but I corrected it because it was bothering me lol. Now anyone else who might take this survey will never know.
Do you know anyone that kind of looks like an animal? Aren’t we all animals though?
Are you ruthless? That wouldn’t be a word I’d use on myself.
What's your couch look like at home? It’s L-shaped and grey, and quite comfy.
When's the last time you were at a playground? 7 months ago when I went to an abandoned playground during one of my depressive episodes – it was to get some air out of the house after a million job rejections and a crumbling relationship. I don’t think I’ll be going to that playground any time soon.
Does your city/town have a little festival/carnival every year? We probably do but I just can’t care less for it.
Do you attend? Nope.
Have you ever been to an apple-orchard? I don’t know what that is.
Were there any cartoons your parents didn't let you watch as a kid? My mom was heavily critical of Mr. Bean (both versions) which I guess is kinda understandable, but we always watched it whenever she wasn’t home.
Do you need to clean your room? I think I need to go beyond cleaning and rearrange it altogether. It’s starting to look dreary to me, and I’ve been meaning to spruce it up with some floating shelves and a bigger work desk.
What's your favorite color? Pastel pink.
No one ever really changes. They just get better at hiding their flaws. True or false? No? People can change.
Have you ever been to New York City? No.
Do you still have a bicycle? Do you ever still ride it? We have a family-owned bicycle. I don’t know how to ride bikes though, so really only my parents use it.
Have you ever carved your name, or anything into a tree or a bench? I don’t think so. The few times I vandalized, the last thing I did was make it obvious I was the culprit.
What's your favorite ice-cream flavour? Cookies and cream, coffee, or chocolate chip cookie dough.
Have you ever had pecan divinity? Literally have never heard of that before.
Cotton candy or nachos? Nachos.
Is your MySpace page private? I don’t have one.
Do you drink milk? I drink it if I encounter milk, which happens rarely.
Would you rather see Death At A Funeral or Get Him To The Greek? Idk, neither sound interesting and I don’t even know what these are.
Have you ever had to clean a college kid's dorm room? Nah. I’ve never been inside a dorm room, actually. The most I’ve reached is the lobby of Laurice and Jo’s dorm building whenever I’d pick them up, since that’s the only place visitors were let in.
What's your favorite kind of candy-bar? Eh, I prefer a certain brand of peanut butter cups.
When's the last time you hugged a family member? Fuck if I know. Can Cooper be counted as family? I literally just took a break from this survey to cuddle him for a bit.
Or are you more of a ''don't touch me'' kind of person? It’s not that I’m not physically affectionate; I’m just not particularly so with my family.
Could you handle motherhood? At this point, no. I want other things first.
Well what about if your child's EXACTLY like you, could you handle that? They’d be a pain in the ass during their puberty years, but I think I would be able to handle the rest of me.
Have you ever been wakeboarding? Not yet. Angela and I have been planning it this year but there hasn’t been any opportunity yet.
What's the sky look like? It’s black and a little cloudy. No stars tonight.
Are you multi-tasking right now? Kinda, considering my focus levels hahaha. I’m trying to take this survey but I’m also listening to music, and so far I’ve stopped typing to dance in my seat 45793847375359 times.
How many pairs of flipflops do you own? None of my own, but we have a couple ones by the front door for anyone’s use, just in case anyone needs to go out to briefly take out the trash or whatever.
Are you any good at basketball? Not at all. I don’t even know the mechanices beyond making the ball go inside the hoop.
Are you any good at sports in general? I can play table tennis. I suppose I’m just a notch below playing competitively; I can do a decent rally and I’m usually able to smash properly when I feel like it.
Would you rather have a bulldog puppy or a husky puppy? Any kind of puppy is fine with me.
Do you have any stuffed animals? If you do, what are they? No.
Is any of this Go Green stuff really gonna make a significant difference? Of course.
Are you good at making up excuses or lies on the spot? If the need be, yes. But I try to avoid lying as much as possible.
Is Mr. Hudson attractive? Idk who you’re referring to.
The last time you snuck out, what were you going to do? I told my mom I’ll just be withdrawing from the bank when I was really meeting up with Angela so she could return my mom’s absolute favorite abaca mat that I secretly lent her for her grad shoot.
Were you into the whole Harry Potter thing when it was popular? Not really. I read the books after all the movies had already come out, but I didn’t finish the whole set.
Do you think Rupert Grint's cute? Not personally.
Have you ever rode a horse? Yeah.
What's something cute to wear with leggings? For me, I’d pair it with an oversized shirt.
Tye-dye or floral? Floral. I never was a fan of tie-dye.
What's the weirdest thing you've ever ate? A couple of weeks ago my mom said she was gonna make cordon bleu, but the final result was anything but hahaha. I still have no idea what it is she made, but at least it was edible.
What's your desktop wallpaper? It’s just a photo of some mountains that already comes as one of the provided backgrounds on my laptop.
What's your wallpaper on your cell? Lock screen is of Kim Taehyung, home screen is a BTS group photo.
17th contact; Jeuel, a guy I went to college with.
Do you know anyone in the military? I don’t think so.
Are you ashamed to admit that you like Ke$ha? ...Is there a reason I should be?
Is there anything you wanna say to someone right now? Not really.
Pancakes, or waffles? (: Waffles.
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ssurveys · 13 days ago
The last time you washed your hair, did you use conditioner? Yeah, I’m pretty paranoid and always feel the need to use conditioner because of a bad rebonding job from like a decade ago that stiffened up my hair as soon as it would get wet. It lasted for around a year, so I formed the habit of always using conditioner every time I shower. I don’t think I’ve ever used just shampoo since then.
Do you prefer light or dark jeans?  Dark, but I suppose it would be nice to start experimenting with lighter shades as well.
When you listen to music, do you generally sing along, or just listen?  It depends if I know the lyrics or I’m feeling the song at the moment. Obviously with my new obsession with BTS I can’t really sing along to entire songs, but I do sing the few English lyrics they have per song, hahaha.
Do you have any of your exes as friends on Facebook?  Yeah but she’s been muted for like half a year already, as is the rest of her family. I do have plans to unfriend her entirely; I’m just not sure when I would push through with it, and I already gave Angela permission to log onto my account one of these days to be the one to do the unfriending.
Who was your first love? Do you ever miss that person?  Gabie. I miss the friendship sometimes; I don’t think I’ll have a friendship as deep and connected as the one we had, so I will always feel sorry about how that went to waste. But I don’t really think about our relationship anymore as I’m pretty good at blocking off certain memories, so I don’t miss her in that sense.
How many cars are parked at your house right now?  Two.
Do you have any Italian ancestry?  I highly doubt so. If anything there’s probably a tiny drop Spanish blood in there but that’s the most European I’ll ever get.
Do you prefer water to be ice cold or at room temperature?  Like, drinking water? Ice cold, always. I hate warm water.
Has anyone ever told you you’re a control freak?  Not to my face, but I know I’m one so I’m sure other people have said that about me at least behind my back.
Do you know anyone who has gone missing? If so, were they ever found?  Yes, my friend Mik and one of my aunts. They were both found eventually.
What was the spiciest thing you’ve ever eaten?  Eating ghost pepper instant noodles was a pain I would never want to go through again...I threw that shit out after my first forkful, lmao.
Do you need to talk to someone?  No, not in particular. In a more general sense I do wanna start gaining more friends though, so I’ve been meaning to expand my circle by creating a new Twitter account just for my BTS dump. In other words, I am a 23 year old with a stan Twitter HAHAHAHA
Is something confusing you at the moment?  No, I’m good.
When was the last time you had a real deep chat?  Maybe my conversation with Andi a couple of nights back. We were talking about a tricky situation with their ex-friend who turned out to be a real dick when they came out to him a year ago, and they just wanted to get my perspective on how I would handle it.
Who did you last see on webcam?  The PR manager for one of our clients, who we all despise because he doesn’t know how to do his job. Thankfully he’s resigning soon so we’re all just waiting for him to leave and finally meet a much more competent replacement.
What’s your best friend’s pet’s name(s)?  Angela has two dogs, Hailey and Kennedy. Andi had Apollo, who I wanted to meet so badly but sadly he passed away a week ago at 15.
Have you ever taken a picture while laying in the grass?  There are photos of me sitting on grass, but not lying in it. I would imagine that would feel very prickly and uncomfortable.
Who’s your favorite Disney character? Baymax or Flynn Rider.
Have you ever deliberately tried to get someone drunk?  I’ve made my friends chug drinks or down shots and it’s happened vice versa, but it was always in good fun and we never made each other harassed from it. It’s just your typical college rambunctiousness, and if anyone felt uncomfortable or iffy then we didn’t hesitate to move on.
When was the last time you used a pay phone and who were you calling?  I’ve only ever seen those in my first school, when I was in kindergarten. I never got to use it and they also took them out not long after.
Do you like being kissed on the neck?  Yessssssssss
Have you ever had sex with someone you weren’t dating (but had feelings for) in the hopes that they would ask you out later?  Nope. I don’t think I would have sex with anyone I wasn’t dating.
What’s the most you would be willing to spend on a good bra?  Probably a couple thousand bucks if I thought I looked good in it.
Do you have any of your teachers’ personal cell phone numbers saved in your contacts list?  I don’t think so. I never tried getting close with any of them, and I always tried to stay hidden as much as possible. I was just in class to get good grades and pass.
Do you ever stalk peoples’ personal blogs, even if you don’t know them very well?  I never really scroll through people’s Tumblrs anymore. That was more of a thing I did in like 2013, but these days going through my dashboard is enough.
What’s one thing about today’s generation that you just can’t stand?  Some social media trends done for clout make me revolted, especially when it has anything to do with wasting food. I also hate when they do extreme pranks that I know I wouldn’t find funny if I were ever the victim, like tossing someone’s phone into the ocean.
Be honest: how do you feel about abortion?  Pro-choice. 
Is there anyone you currently want to reach out to?  I would love to catch up with Katreen at some point, but I know we’re at different points in our lives now and it would probably never happen.
What is your favorite piece of art you own?  I commissioned my sister to make an artwork of the 2D1N cast, and she did a great job making it! I haven’t gotten to use it or promote it yet, but I will soon. It’s really well-done.
What’s the one thing you apologized for this month?  Replying late.
My favorite color is ______?  Pastel pink.
I wish I had _____?  Longer weekends.
What did you buy today? Nothing – I’d call that a success lmao, I’ve been spending money as if I had a million fucking bucks over the last week. I did have some packages arrive today though: my own copy of 2 Cool 4 Skool (my first physical BTS album!!!!!!); the official poster from their album BE; the Ivy Park sneakers I ordered earlier this month, and an Ivy Park bucket hat Bea had apparently gotten for me as a birthday present.
What has challenged your morals?  Vices.
What made you pick up the last book you started reading?  I had to read it in preparation for a one-on-one session with my employer’s CEO.
What about your life concerns you the most? Whether a stable future is in the cards for me.
What do you find particularly offensive? Would you say you’re easy or difficult to offend?  Probably Filipino-American comedians or influencers who use stereotyping of Filipino accents and habits as a punchline; they do more harm to the culture than good. I can tell you not one Filipino who lives in the Philippines actually finds those funny, and Bretman Rock is probably the only personality who’s able to flaunt the culture in an entertaining and hilarious yet classy way.
When it comes to being offended, I guess it depends on the context. My humor can get pretty dark and low-blowy, but I would have a problem with someone who I know has genuinely problematic views.
What was the last series you finished watching? Do you have any plans to begin another?  I think it may had still been Start-Up from last December. I’m not too big on Korean dramas since I find one episode waaaaaaayyyyyyy too long. I don’t think I’ll be starting on anything soon, Korean or otherwise.
What is one way in which you are different from a year ago? What is one way in which you are still the same?  I’m single now, for the first time in technically six years. I also think I’m doing better and happier, breakup notwithstanding. OH and I love wasabi now, hahah. As for what’s unchanged, I still like taking surveys and I’m still stuck at home, though the latter’s not really in my control anymore.
If you could learn about anything without the stress of grades or cost, what kind of classes would you take?  I’d just go back to UP for the free tuition. We also have the widest range of programs out of any university in the country, so it’s a damn good deal.
Name a song you’ve listened to today?  Fly To My Room - BTS
When you were younger, did you have a swing set or a playhouse in your backyard?  We didn’t; but one of our relatives that we’d regularly visit did have a playground that I’d use all the time. It’s still there, just very unmaintained since no one uses it anymore.
Is your mall nice?  Which one? We have five different malls nearby lol. Mall culture here is on another level.
Do you have a Sonic near you? If so, what’s your favorite drink from there?  No. I’m not so sure what they serve there, either. I’m guessing milkshakes?
Will you be voting in the presidential elections next time around?  I’ll always exercise my right to vote.
How do you feel about chocolate-covered strawberries?  I hate strawberries and I hate fruits, so even if you coat that shit in Nutella and cookie butter and chocolate syrup I still wouldn’t touch it.
Did you ever stop having feelings for someone and then started having those feelings again for them? No.
Do you hate the last guy you had a thing with?  I’ve never had a thing with guys.
To whom did you last give the finger?  I haven’t had to do that in a while.
What was the last musical instrument played in your presence?  My sister’s keyboard.
Do you like sprinkles on your ice cream?  Not particularly. They make things look cute, but they never taste like anything tbh so I never saw the point in paying extra just to have them on my desserts.
Honestly, have you ever crashed a party before?  Nah. I cringe thinking about that.
Do you know how to do the moon walk?  I don’t.
Has anybody ever told you that you have a good singing voice?  Never gotten that specific compliment before because I know I don’t have one.
Onion rings or french fries?  Onion rings.
Has anybody ever described you as a heart breaker? No.
Has anybody ever told you that you talk too fast?  I don’t think so, but I know I have the tendency to do so occasionally, especially while I’m presenting a deck. Once I notice it I make an effort to pace myself.
Who is the best cook that you know?  My dad and both my grandmas all deserve that title.
Which meal throughout the day do you skip the most?  I literally never have lunch ever.
What’s the largest amount that you can juggle at one time?  I can’t juggle.
What was your favorite thing to go on at the playground as a kid?  Sandboxes, since I liked the texture; the sandboxes in school were also often empty, which worked well for my introvert self. I find that it’s carried over to today, since I still enjoy touching things like slime and kinetic sand.
Do you know how much you weighed at birth? How much?  I think 5 or 6 lbs, I’m not exactly sure but it’s definitely somewhere in that small range.
Which aspect of your daily routine takes the most time? What do you do?  Work, for sure. I work a normal 9–6 so that’s already 8 hours out of my day, but I also OT a lot after hours, and I work throughout my lunch break as well so that technically makes it 9 hours. I also like getting up earlier and starting some work before my shift so that I would have less tasks on my plate for the day.
Do you enjoy buying gifts for others, or could you do without this?  I LOVE getting people gifts. Food is especially my love language, and I always get food delivery for my friends, family, and my team at work.
What is one thing you are expected to do, if anything?  I mean, I have work deadlines tomorrow so there’s that.
How do you tend to view driving? Monotonous or entertaining?  I love driving. I don’t think I ever complained about having to do it. It’s calming and relaxing when I’m doing it alone or with a partner; and it can be entertaining with the right set of people.
Do you enjoy talking about music with others? Not always. If I don’t listen to the artist then I can find the conversation quite boring, like if my friends would get into a full-blown discussion about Taylor Swift.
Is acting something you enjoy?  No. It wouldn’t even be something I’d be interested in doing.
When do you feel most accomplished?  Finishing a work day with no tasks left behind.
Do you think Manwich is amazing or completely gross?  Idk what that is.
How many best friends do you have?  Two.
Are you a smoker, drinker, pothead or none of the above?  I drink sometimes. I also kinda smoke, I guess.
If you have your ears pierced, when did you get them pierced?  My mom had them pierced when I was a month old.
Do you own any exercise machines?  My mom has this rowing equipment thingy. I don’t have any of my own, though.
On Facebook, do you have people listed as your siblings who aren’t really your siblings?  No.
Have you ever drawn or painted a self-portrait?  I remember having to draw one as a school assignment, but I’m pretty sure I half-assed that because I couldn’t care less for art class back then.
Who was your last voicemail from?  We don’t have voicemails.
Have you ever been falsely accused of something serious?  I don’t think so. That’s the sort of situation that would stick out in my memory if ever.
Did you ever set up a lemonade stand when you were a kid?  No, not a thing here.
When was the last time you spoke to someone in a different language?  Around an hour ago when I went downstairs and chatted with my sister briefly.
Have you ever received an anonymous gift?  Nope.
Have you ever camped out somewhere for an event the next day?  Nope but I definitely still wouldn’t be opposed to doing that haha.
When were you the saddest in your life? 2016 was fucking miserable. < I’d have to agree. 2017 was also awful.
Do you know anyone, personally, who is in an abusive relationship? Are you?  I used to know one but she got out of it. In a sense, I suppose I also was in one.
If you have siblings, have they moved out or do they still live with you?  Well they’re younger, so they definitely still live here, with our parents. I’m the first one expected to move out, but I’m taking my time.
Have you ever gotten searched by the cops?  No.
Do you like fried rice?  Of course. I like any kind of rice.
What was the last thing you drank?  Water.
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ssurveys · 16 days ago
survey by emptyspaces
Have you ever had to do your laundry at a laundromat? Nope.
Are you the oldest person who lives in your household? No. I’m in the middle when it comes to my age as I live with both of my parents, as well as my two younger siblings.
Do you make friends easily? Not very. I can be sociable, but ultimately I like keeping my circle small.
Do you make enemies easily? Or do you not have any enemies at all? I don’t have any.
Do you think it’s likely that humans will go extinct in the next 1000 years? I think humans have a lot more than a thousand years to go.
If you have tattoos, how long have you had them? I don’t have one yet.
Do you and your dad have similar personalities? In some aspects. We’re both non-confrontational and super slow to anger.
How old are your next-door neighbors? I have no idea how old any of them are. I just know the residence two houses away has a bunch of kids living there so if I had to guess, the parents must be in their early to mid-30s..
What do you usually order when you go out to brunch? I never get brunch.
Why do people get involved in crime? Is there any excuse for criminal behavior? Poverty is one.
Is your life stressful? My work life is just because there is never a dull day in it; but my personal life isn’t.
What were the last three things you had to drink? I got the BTS Chilsung Cider and Vanilla Latte today at the local Korean mart - just one of each this time, because I just dropped three grand on a new BTS photobook set this week HAHA - when I brought Cooper to the vet. I had a sip of the coffee and I’m currently drinking the cider; other than that, I had water.
What did your family usually do for Easter when you were a kid? Easter egg hunts. We don’t super observe Easter though, so it didn’t happen every year.
Do you live near any large rivers or lakes? No. I know there’s a stream that runs in my village, but it’s nothing remarkable.
What were you doing at this time yesterday? I was taking a nap to escape the heat.
When you have houseguests over, where do they sleep? Depends on who’s hosting them, really. If it’s my grandparents, they sleep in the master’s bedroom. My sister’s friends sleep over at her room, and my friends sleep over at mine.
Are you emotionally stable? I’m definitely doing a lot better these days, that much I can say.
What was going on in your life back in 2011? I was depressed and a loner in school since my two closest friends had moved out of the country by then. It was wrestling that made me excited about life again, since 2011 was the year of the whole CM Punk pipebomb thing.
Do you still talk to the very first person you had sex with? Nah, not since December. We’re pretty much out of each other’s lives and the only thing left to do is to unfriend her on social media.
Are you an atheist? Yes.
Describe your current state of mind. All I’m thinking about is how uncomfortable I find fizzy drinks to be, but because I love BTS I’m drinking up this damn bottle of cider HAHAHAH
What's the largest bug you've ever found in your house? Maybe an adult cockroach. Thankfully it doesn’t happen a lot.
Would it annoy you if a stranger called you 'Sweetie?' If they use it condescendingly then yeah.
Are you into fashion design? Not super, but I’d still look at pieces if I came across them.
What's the worst thing you've gone through in the past year? Take a guess, especially if you’ve been following me and these surveys for a while hahaha. I don’t think I need to go over it again.
Have you ever completely lost touch with reality? How/why did this happen? Yeah, I suppose this applies to the time I kept denying how quickly my relationship was actually deteriorating and just focused on the little that was left of the happy side of it. I ignored reality because I hated the idea of change, and because I didn’t like being wrong.
Has someone disappointed you recently? No, not really.
Have you ever used Airbnb? No, but I have the app and have some places bookmarked.
Will you sleep in past 8:00 AM tomorrow morning? Just a little past 8. I don’t have to do the whole 7:55 calltime anymore, so now I can go back to report at work by 9 :)
Which of your friends is closest in age to you? Luisa is only a week or so older than me.
How did you get your last bruise? No idea. I did spot one on my left knee just today, but I literally don’t know where it could have come from.
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ssurveys · 16 days ago
survey by joybucket
Do you have a favorite park in your hometown? I do imagine being able to have a favorite one, if we only had parks. But we don’t since we’re limited to malls and urban spots, like streets lined up with restaurants and bars.
Are you living your dream? Pretty much! There are things I wish were different, but for the most part I’m quite satisfied with how life is going right now. Happiness was definitely just a dream for me five months ago.
Who is one person you regret letting go? I feel bad about growing apart from Sofie, but I wouldn’t say I have completely let her go. We still get along very well when we do; I recently congratulated her for graduating and sharing her grad photo on Facebook.
What was the name of one of your childhood imaginary friends? I had one that lasted for all of 5 minutes that I named Katrina.
What colors do you look the best in? Olive green, maroon, mustard yellow, and black are some of my favorite colors to wear.
Do you have traumatic memories from your past? Yes.
What are three things you aren't good at? Playing the piano, using Photoshop, and changing a wheel.
What are three things you ARE good at and have been complimented on? Writing, playing table tennis, and listening to people.
Have you ever had someone dump a handful of glitter on your head? No, and I don’t think that would be a nice thing to do in general unless that person and I were already being playful to begin with.
Can you do the splits? Nope. I always tried to practice it but I don’t think it was meant for me lol.
What color hair did your first crush have? Black.
What is the best compliment you've ever received? Being told that I’m strong or recognized for being able to come out of my problems or issues is always nice.
Do you like making surveys? I never make my own.
In what year did you join facebook? Around 2012, if I’m not mistaken. I hadn’t even been allowed to open an account then so I had to make my profile in secret because I needed a Facebook for one of my classes in high school.
Who do you know who is colorblind? No one.
When was the last time you prayed to God? (if you want to answer) Like 5 or 6 years ago, when I briefly had my Catholic phase hahaha cringe
Do you have to wear a dust mask when you clean? No.
What size are your feet/what size shoe do you wear? Anywhere between a 6 or 7.
What is one thing that's gone missing that you still can't find? My old earphones.
Do you know how to write in calligraphy? Nope.
What is your favorite pizza parlor? We don’t have lots of those here as we mostly have pizza brands with multiple branches. I honestly can’t tell you an independent pizza place that we would have.
What states/countries have you lived in? One country, two cities.
What is your heritage? Filipino.
List five different ways to say "hi." Hello, holla, howdy, halluuuu, and hey.
What is your Chinese zodiac sign? Tiger.
Which cartoon characters do you think look the most like you? Diane Nguyen probably bears the most resemblance, for obvious reasons. I’m glad the character was made, too.
Have you ever met Miss America? No.
What was the name of the first dorm you lived in? I’ve never lived in a dorm.
Does your phone make a high-pitched ringing noise when it charges? No. I didn’t know some phones do that.
Have you ever had a lamp that made a high-pitched ringing sound when on? Also no.
List five jobs you would love to have. Historian, lawyer, pilot, veterinarian, doctor.
What would your name be if you had born the opposite gender? My parents never planned it out.
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ssurveys · 16 days ago
survey by joybucket
Have you _____ during this pandemic?
Worn a mask? I mean, of course. I put one on even when I’m only picking up deliveries from my doorstep.
got tested for coronavirus? Never. I also hope I’ll never have to go through this, I don’t want a stick up my nose and throat D:
known someone who died from the virus? Personally? Too many people at this point. 
gotten the COVID vaccine? Not yet, but I have many relatives who’ve already gotten theirs, my mom and grandmother included, so at least. I know my employer has a plan in place over the next few weeks or months, so I’m just currently waiting for updates on their end.
started a new hobby? Yeah, I started on embroidery late last year. I haven’t been able to keep it up, but I’m still very much interested and want to go back to it soon. I also plan on getting one or two new Klaypel kits so I can finally replace and throw out the ones Gabie gave to me as gifts.
hated being stuck at home? Yeah, especially during the start when there seemed to be no end in sight. When they heightened quarantine protocols again earlier this month, that also made me feel aggravated about being stuck at home indefinitely since I had already started going out on weekends for self-dates.
worn a mask someone made for you? No one has made a mask for me, but one of my uncles got me a supply of a certain kind of face mask that I didn’t initially use.
sewn your own mask? No.
purchased masks at the store? Not me personally, but my dad regularly buys a supply for the family to use.
purchased a KN95 or N95 mask? Again, not me. But we regularly have a stock at home, along with the blue surgical face masks.
complimented someone on their mask? I don’t think so. I barely pay attention especially towards mask designs.
protested mask-wearing? ????? My name’s not Karen.
complained on Facebook? Nothing mask-related, but I have definitely complained about the government’s negligence and lack of proactivity about this entire situation.
read a book? I started on Midnight Sun which my parents got for me, but I never finished it. I got busy immediately the week after since I got accepted into my internship, and it was also because I was dealing with my breakup and could not focus enough to read for more than 5 minutes.
had an event canceled you had been looking forward to? My college graduation, which I’ll forever stay bitter about.
stocked up on toilet paper? I don’t think so. My parents didn’t believe in panic-buying.
been to the store when it was crowded? I do remember the mall being packed when I went last-minute Christmas shopping. Not to a crazy extent, but there was still quite a number of people.
been to the store when the toilet paper aisle was empty? N/A. We don’t have toilet paper aisles, but all stores have hand sanitizers and temperature checks by their entrance.
lost your job? I didn’t have a job before the pandemic because I had still been a student when everything started.
worked from home? Yup, and still on an WFH arrangement until now.
still had to go to work? I’ve had to go two times, but that was because it was absolutely necessary to go to the office to get the work done. My employer is pretty strict about this anyway and if something could be done at home, they’d decline the request.
went to a protest at your state's capital building? Well we don’t have states so this isn’t really relevant to me. Should a credible org plan a protest against the government though, I’d be interested in going.
watched the news for updates on the virus? We keep the TV on during dinner, at which time the news is always on. Whether I want to or not, I always get updates on the Covid situation in the country.
wondered if you had covid? Yeah, when I got extremely sick in May last year.
not left the house for a week? Way more than a week.
watched YouTube videos? YouTube is pretty much a part of my daily routine, with or without the virus.
spent a whole day watching movies? I’ve only watched one movie since the beginning of the pandemic.
cleaned your house from top to bottom? Not me, but my mom.
ordered something online? Too much crap.
ordered a pizza? I’ve gotten pizza a few times for my family, yeah. I remember ordering from Pizza Hut, Motorino, and most recently, Yellow Cab.
prayed to God?
completely forgotten a holiday that you normally celebrate? Nah, I usually remember when holidays are because that means I get a day off hahaha.
voted in an election? There haven’t been any elections that have taken place since the start of the pandemic.
gotten to know your neighbors? Somewhat. I only say hi to them and greet them a good morning/afternoon when I walk the dogs, but I don’t initiate conversations.
sanitized everything in your home? We always do this, especially when a package arrives for someone in the family.
wrote someone a letter? Started one but never finished because I soon realized it wouldn’t be worth it.
wished this pandemic were over? Don’t we all?
been surprised this pandemic has lasted so long? Yeah, I definitely thought things would be normal by now.
worried about catching the virus? I think the worry exists for everyone. I just wouldn’t say I’ve ever gotten super anxious and panicky about it. I feel pretty resigned at this point and just want everything to be over, so I can finally have the life I was meant to have back.
stayed home because you didn't want to catch the virus? That, and because I was required to stay home to begin with.
been to church? We watch a service on YouTube every Sunday morning.
watched an online church service? ^ Yeah, that’s what I meant haha oops.
been stopped by a police officer? No, but there was one time I was cleaning up Cooper’s tray and there happened to be a village guard cycling by our street, and he just kindly reminded me to put on a mask or shield since I had forgotten to do it.
seen a lot of police cars patrolling the area? No. I would definitely be pissed off if this happened - especially in a residential subdivision - and share a pic on social media to alert everyone about the unnecessary mess that is the police.
had someone cough on you out in public? No. But again, this would also piss me off and I wouldn’t hesitate to confront the asshole who would do something like that.
has someone stand less than six feet away from you while waiting in line? Always. Some people here can still be unbelievably stubborn.
had to use an inhaler? Never needed one.
been to the doctor? Yeah, to have my blood and urine tests examined.
had increased asthma and/or allergy symptoms? I have neither.
felt like you were fighting a virus? Like I said, I got a bad fever sometime last year. Even though I didn’t show any of the common Covid symptoms (e.g. I had wet cough instead of a dry cough), I felt as if I was rotting away lmao. I could barely stand up and I felt like fainting the second I would raise my head.
been diagnosed with the coronavirus? No.
felt lonely? It’s natural.
went somewhere with a friend? Just a couple of times. I went to UPTC with Andi at the start of the year, then back in Feb I went to Perfy’s with several friends, well aware of our ignorance but badly craving for a sense of normalcy for even just a night.
attended an online event? BANG BANG COOOOOOOOOON. Best 8 hours of my life during the pandemic thus far.
had a business in your area close down? Like the people I know who’ve died from the virus, too many.
received a stimulus check? Hasn’t happened.
received food stamps? No, and I don’t think we have that system in place here. The government just lets the hungry go hungrier.
applied for disability? No, not applicable.
applied for food assistance? No, thankfully we haven’t reached this point.
visited a food pantry? ^
had a fever? Just back in May. Hasn’t happened again since.
believed a conspiracy theory about the virus? Cringe, no.
had to take online classes? When the whole world was still at a loss on how to handle a global pandemic, aka early March, I briefly took Zoom sessions for some of my classes. But it proved to be difficult what with many students struggling with internet connections or being stuck somewhere without their school supplies, so my university canceled the sem altogether not long after and gave everyone general passing grades.
ate at a restaurant? I did a few times. I frequented coffee shops rather than restaurants, though.
walked through a drive-thru? I’ve...driven through a drive-thru, but not walk.
had your mask fog up your glasses? Every damn time I get out of the car, hahaha.
had to go to the hospital because of covid? Nope, not for myself or for someone else.
had to go to the hospital for a different reason? For my fever.
used hand sanitizer? At least once a day.
felt encouraged, joyful, or blessed? Now, especially. Things are starting to look up, at least for my own life.
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ssurveys · 17 days ago
survey by chasingghosts
Describe the last (or current) object you sat on. It’s my black work chair. It was initially a quick, last-minute purchase from when I started an internship with my now-employer just so that I had somewhere decent to sit on when I reported to work, so it’s quite cheap and not the most comfortable to sit on for 8–12 hours; I definitely need a much nicer chair that would help with my posture.
What was your favourite toy when you were a kid? I liked any toy that was interactive or had a lot of features that I could explore, so that said I liked toys like cash registers that had a lot of buttons or super detailed dollhouses.
What weird thing do you eat that most people dislike? Balut. Which isn’t weird in my culture, but I’ve seen enough people gag over it.
Would you change your name if you got married? Depends; I don’t seem to have a firm opinion about it. I was set on hyphenating my name with my ex, but my mind could always change should I ever get another partner in the future.
Were you in any clubs in high school? Which ones? Yeah, but this is also because it was required. I joined the table tennis and yearbook clubs.
What time do you generally wake up? 6:30 AM on the dot, no alarms. Sometimes I’ll roll back to sleep, other times I’ll already start trying to wake up properly just so I don’t feel like a zombie once I start my 9 AM shift.
Do you share a bathroom with anyone? Yeah, everyone in my family uses the upstairs bathroom.
Are there any songs you know every single lyric to? Paramore’s entire discography and most of Beyoncé’s songs. A few punk rock songs here and there.
How many amusement parks have you visited? Not a lot. I can think of four unique ones I’ve been to.
Who is your favourite character from the show Friends? Chandler, followed very closely by Monica. Then Rachel, then Ross, then Joey, then Phoebe.
Do you have any leftovers in your fridge right now? So many. I ultimately bought too much food for my birthday dinner, considering we’re only 5 in the household – two trays of takoyaki, two party-sized pizzas, two trays of tteokbokki, two orders of gimbap, one family-sized tray of paella; and then we also have three large cakes (one of them I bought, one that my manager got, and one from my parents). But given this was my 2nd pandemic birthday, my 1st birthday employed, and my 1st birthday without Gabie, I wanted to have a big and memorable celebration for it.
What was the last job interview you attended? The one I had for what is my job now. It happened via video call, though.
Have you ever had a panic attack? A few, but fortunately the last one had been more than a couple of years ago.
Where do you keep most of your clothes? In my closet.
What's your favourite kind of frosting? Any kind of chocolate frosting is good with me.
Who is the most annoying celebrity in your opinion? I’m not feeling that way towards any celebrity in particular at the moment.
Do you prefer watching movies or TV shows? When it comes down to it, movies. I’d rather be able to digest an entire story within two hours than wait for a week for a new episode, and a year or two for a new season.
What decorations do you have in your bedroom? I have some photos of V up on my corkboard, and wall decors of Audrey Hepburn on my wall. I’m planning to spruce up my room soon though, and I’m thinking of already putting up floating wooden shelves or something of the sort up on my walls to make my K-pop ~shrine~ look extra pretty. I already ordered a shit-ton of merch that’s supposed to arrive from Korea by May or June, and I want them to have a home by then.
What was the last notification you got on your phone? It was an update to a buy-and-sell chat group I’m part of on Messenger.
What career or study were you really interested in but didn't pursue? Political science/law.
Where do you buy most of your groceries? My parents split up the groceries depending on where they can get a particular item for much cheaper, since the prices differ per store. I know they alternate among SM, Robinsons, and a local grocery we have near our village.
Have you ever taken a painting class? I don’t think so, but that would sound lovely to take.
Is there a store or restaurant where you're considered a regular? The folks at Omakase probably already know me since I usually get my tuna salad and sushi from them on Friday nights.
How far do you have to travel from home to get to school or work? On the two times I was able to drive to work, it only took around 20-30 minutes. When I was still in school, the duration definitely depended on how heavy the traffic was that day; it ranged between 20 minutes to 2.5 hours.
Did you use Vine back when it still existed? Regularly. I’m still they shut down :( TikTok is great too, but it’ll never be the same.
Are you more creative or analytical? Analytical.
How do you like your eggs? I just want the yolk to be runny. I wouldn’t touch a crisp egg with a solid yolk. As for omelettes, I prefer mine with cheese, bell peppers, and bits of ham.
How old were you when you started wearing a bra, if ever? Around 10 or 11.
What was the last video game you played? I think it may have been The Sims 4, a couple of years ago.
Are there any recipes you really want to try? I’d love to try baking my own macarons, but I know I should probably start with something a lot simpler.
Has anyone asked how you feel today? Kinda. Andi and I had a conversation at around 2 AM today and we took a few minutes to ask each other how we’ve been doing.
Well, how do you feel today? Cranky because of the weather; but otherwise, I’ve been feeling pretty content.
On that note, how have you been feeling lately? Happy, light, pure.
Have you ever received a speeding fine? No. I don’t think we get fined for that here. We do have speed limits especially on expressways, but people break that allllllllllll the time and I have never seen someone get stopped.
Would you rather be incredibly smart or incredibly beautiful? Smart.
What's your favourite cookie? Chocolate chip cookie.
Do you have a doorbell at your house? Yups.
What percentage charge is your phone on right now? 1%, which is why I haven’t been touching it hahaha.
What was the last app you had open on your phone? I believe it was Facebook.
Do you use captions when you watch TV and movies? If they’re available, yes. It would also be a big relief, since I’m usually terrible at picking up accents, and what is being said, in general.
What's your skincare routine? I just douse my face with water every morning before work.
Have you ever visited someone in a psychiatric home or ward? No.
Do you spell it colour, or color? Color.
How tall are you? 5′1″.
What was the last movie you watched? I don’t even remember anymore.
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ssurveys · 17 days ago
What’s the last vegetable you ate, and when did you eat it?  My dinner had broccoli and bell peppers in it.
What was your last Facebook notification for?  It was Aliyah replying to our comment thread on one of my posts. There wasn’t anything in her comment that was worth replying to anymore, so I just reverted with a Haha react.
What bands have you seen live? Paramore, Coldplay (not super legally), and One Direction.
Tell me an interesting fact about your mother:  She almost became a flight attendant, but she failed the final screening because of her height. I think the idea of her nearly having a completely different career is very interesting.
What do you think is the most important thing to happen to you before the age of 13?  In my case, probably getting my period. I got my first one when I was barely 10.
What were you super against as a young child but aren’t anymore?  Chicken curry. I also hateeeeeeeed Dora the Explorer with a passion, but now I find the show hilarious haha.
What are your plans later today? My work sched this week had been so fucking PACKED, that I want to do nothing but catch up on sleep all weekend. But seeing as I’m a proponent of revenge bedtime procrastination, I also highly doubt I’d let myself fall into a nap (Exhibit A: Me currently taking this survey at 2 AM...) If anything, I’ll probably just continue watching BTS In The Soop and finally start on Season 2 of Bon Voyage.
Are you doing anything exciting this weekend?  Well, it’s the weekend already, so...that ^ I will also have to take Cooper to the vet this Sunday.
Who do you talk to the most? Other than my team at work, Angela. I’ve been extra talkative these days because of our now-mutual excessive love for BTS, that I sometimes feel bad that I keep bombarding her with messages.
What are some things you do regularly that make you feel old?  Talk to my friends who are still in college, especially when they update me about the current happenings in UP that I have absolutely no clue about anymore.
Who is your best guy friend(s)?  I don’t have any best guy friends.
Do you wish your skin was lighter or darker?  Neither; I’m fine with my tannish skin tone.
If you had a tiny scar on your face, would you get it removed or just keep it?  Keep it; I already do.
Have you had an x-ray in the past year? Nah. My last one had been nearly 5 years ago, when I needed to get my back checked for scoliosis.
Do you think your first love still loves you?  No. And that’s okay. :)
What is something that is “going right” in your life?  EVERYTHINGGGGGGGGGGG I am so so happy with my life right now weeeee. I have the job of my dreams – I’m even working with THE ACTUAL K-POP GROUP SLASH PHENOMENON SLASH ICONS BTS for one of the clients I handle FHKDHGKHGFDKGHDKGH, I have the best and most supportive friends in the world, and I am now starting to grow my collection of BTS merch with my hard-earned money. Everything is going abso-fucking-lutely perfectly, and to think I didn’t think I would make it past 2020.
When did you feel ready to start dating?  Middle of high school.
When was the last time your pet bit you? If you don’t have a pet, have you ever been bitten by someone else’s?  I was play fighting with Cooper earlier tonight, and he got a little bit excited and ended up biting my upper lip quite harder than usual. It stung for a while, but it’s okay now.
Where were you the last time you made out?  I think it was my bedroom.
When was the last time you cried tears of joy? Yesterday.
How do you type your sad smileys?  Just this :(
Do you have “decorative hand-towels” that cannot be used in your house?  Nope.
What was the last soda you drank?  Probably the Coke I drank at an org event last year, pre-pandemic, out of sheer thirst. There wasn’t any water being served so I just gulped down the soda and tried to ignore the annoying fizziness. I don’t drink soda.
What was the last thing someone made fun of you for?  I was having a video call session with my workmates this afternoon as a way to end the week on a good note, and I recounted my experience of being locked out of the office while I was in the middle of a presentation for a client, and how I managed to get myself back in.
Have you ever had any type of surgery?  Nope.
Should kids be allowed to get tattoos/piercings without parental consent?  No.
Who was the last person to hit on you?  No one has in a while.
What was the last thing you decided not to do, that you were supposed to?  A deliverable a client asked me to do. It can wait til Monday.
What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever had to tell someone?  Maybe straight up admitting to my mom that she can be hurtful sometimes. It’s hard because she never actually processes things like that and they do nothing but vanish into thin air, even though it takes everything in me to be that honest.
What do you put on hot dogs?  Mayonnaise.
Ever fallen in the shower?  Like once, when I was 10 or 11.
What’s the worst thing you’ve ever called someone you care about?  Continued from last night. It was probably ‘bitch.’ Based on what I’ve learned from my mom, I put extra effort in particuarly watching what comes out of my mouth, because I know how words stick.
Do you think that things will get better?  I did, and now it has.
Have you ever legitimately saved a person’s life?  I think I may have. The story is a little triggering though, so I wouldn’t share it.
What’s your favourite book genre?  Doesn’t really count as a genre but I like auto/biographies.
Have you ever walked out of a movie at the theatre?  I’ve felt like it, but I’ve never done it.
Do dogs like you?  Yes, at least for 99.5% of my experiences.
Would you say that you project an air of authority?  In certain circles. But there are some groups where I trust others to lead rather than me.
Have you ever jumped off a high dive into a pool?  Nah, because I’ve never seen one. But even if I did, I think I would be too scared to do it hahaha.
Do you use one towel when you shower or two? (one for hair, one for body)  One. I use it to wash my entire body already.
Have you ever been to one of the great lakes?  No.
Who do you know that had a baby recently?  The son of one of my old college instructors. I believe she had been born in March because that prof recently posted family photos on Facebook that celebrated the baby’s first monthsary.
Do you like Usher’s songs?  Not in particular.
When was the last time you went to a waterpark?  Not a big fan of these as I find them unhygienic haha. The last time must have been...like anywhere between 12-15 years ago.
Have you ever ridden a train? Just once, and I had to go with Jum because I didn’t want to go alone.
What do you eat your French fries with?  Mayonnaise. If there isn’t any available, I’d want the fries to at least be generously sprinkled with salt; otherwise I’d find it too bland.
Do you have family problems?  Nothing blatant, but I know we are more dysfunctional than how we make it out to be.
What’s the last food you ate that was stale?  Pizza. I got two extra large boxes for my birthday last Wednesday and until now we still have some of it around :((( I ate some slices at around 3 AM earlier and they were tough as fuck to chew, hahaha. Still good, though.
How do you like your grilled cheese?  I don’t have grilled cheese sandwiches often. Surprise me.
What is the most challenging meal you have ever cooked?  I don’t cook.
What was your favorite thing to do as a little kid?  I liked watching my cousin play video games; playing outside; and answering my friends’ autograph books (aka my pre-survey days, lol).
Have you ever been close to drowning? Yup but just once. I was swimming and was just about to come up for air when one of my cousins, coming from the bottom of the pool, suddenly started to playfully pull me down. I was nearly out of breath by then and he had a much stronger grip on me, so I struggled for a while and ended up panicking and thrashing around a bit before I was able to wriggle myself free.
Have you ever had a panic attack?  It’s rare that it happens, but when it does it’s really bad and there’s no telling when it would subside.
Do you like doing housework?  Some, and only if I’m in the mood to. If I feel like I have to do it, then I get lazy.
Would you ever get implants?  I considered it before as a teen, back when small-chested girls were still bullied or made fun of on an everyday basis. How fucked up is that? I’m so relieved at how much social media has progressed.
Do you own a robe?  No.
Do you have a little sister? What’s her name? I have a younger sister but she’s barely a baby; she’s literally turning 21 this year. Nina.
Do you like crust on pizza or do you cut it off?  I like crust as long as it’s normal crust or stuffed crust. I can’t stand thin crust.
What was the last song you listened to?  Euphoria - credited to BTS, but it’s a Jungkook solo.
Have any of your family members been to jail?  Not blood relatives, but I know of super extended unrelated family members who’ve been to prison. Is there anyone that you feel you still need some closure with?  I don’t think so. Sometimes no closure is closure.
Can you remember when you first learned how to read?  I can’t, actually. All I remember is that I suddenly wanted to read everything by the time I was 5 and asked for nothing but storybooks every Christmas.
What event in your life has transformed your personality the most?  College. Gabie also had a very big influence on me during our relationship.
Have you ever had any teeth pulled?  Yes, but it was because it was already decayed.
Do you still want to be what you wanted to be in elementary school?  No, but I do elements of it in my work so that works out well for me. I wanted to be an author when I was in grade school, and today I regularly write various materials in my job.
What’re some TV shows that you would like to get into?  I just wanna get reconnected with The Crown again. I was already into it but I had to stop watching for a LONG time, because the show had some personal connections to my ex and so it seemed hard to get into the new season without breaking down lol. Now that I’m doing fine, I feel like it’s a good time to revisit the show.
How would you feel if you were drafted for the military?  Won’t happen here, but it’s the kind of situation where I wouldn’t really have a choice and would have to follow.
What is your favorite Queen song?  I don’t have any.
Do you know how to use any foreign currency? What do you mean, use...? Don’t you just use money to pay?? Hahaha or if you mean convert, then yeah I know how to do that with several currencies – US dollar, Korean won, Euro, Japanese yen, and whatever official name the pound has.
Been kissed by someone who you knew was “bad” for you?  Nope.
Ever taken an at-home pregnancy test?  I have not.
When was the last time you were at a loss of what to do?  I usually don’t have plans laid out on weekends these days anymore, so lately it’s all been a matter of winging it and just wanting to make sure that by the end of the day I get to say I made the most out of my free time.
What did you do on your favorite date with a guy/girl?  The time we did museum hopping + Italian dinner, or the one where we had French dinner + jazz bar.
What’s a movie you have seen in the theater more than once?  I never do rewatches for movies still in cinemas.
What is the reason you’re still alive?  I was stubborn and wanted to see if life would get better; I didn’t want to leave my dogs behind; I didn’t want to miss out on how potentially great and exciting my life could end up being; I didn’t want to cause and leave an even bigger emotional rift on my family.
I’m so happy I stayed.
Have you ever had sex in someone else’s bed/bedroom?  Yeah. Not the best decision, and I wouldn’t do it again lol.
Do you ever brush your hair before you go to bed?  Sometimes, so that it doesn’t look like a bird’s nest when I wake up the next day.
Have you ever had a dream about sleeping with a celebrity? (You don’t have to give details.)  I don’t think so. I have definitely imagined it in...other ways, though.
Has anyone ever told you that they needed you? Do you think they meant it?  Both in the superficial and loaded senses, yeah. 
How did you feel when you woke up today? What was the first thing you thought about?  I felt kind of like shit, just because I slept for only 1.5 hours – my body automatically wakes me up by a certain time, no matter what time I fell asleep. And also because my back and shoulder muscles were killing me with how sore they felt.
Do you still tell your parents that you love them?  I show it, but I don’t say it. I’m pretty stingy when it comes to that phrase.
Have you ever said “I love you” to someone you weren’t going out with?  Yes? It shouldn’t be limited to people you’re dating? I express it to Anj and Andi all the time.
Have you ever been threatened before?  Sure.
Would you date someone with a physical disability?  Yes.
Think of the last person you had sex with. Do you think they’ve slept with anyone else since they last slept with you?  Purely guessing, it’s likely. I’m not updated about her life anymore, though; life has been going on as if she never existed.
The last time you dyed your hair, what color did you dye it?  I’ve never had it dyed.
Think of the last time you went out to eat. Who paid?  I went out by myself, so I paid.
Do you save at least 15 percent of your income?  Yeah. I had a very good saving streak in which I was able to save anywhere around 50-60% every month...and thennnn I became a fan of BTS early this month LOOOOOL so now I’m back to like square three when it comes to my savings haha. Like I still know my limits and when to fucking stop taking out money from my bank account, but I’ve been spending dramatically more than I have been in the last few months.
Do you ever go on Reddit? If so, what are some of your favorite subreddits?  I used to go much more regularly, to the point where it was a part of my daily routine. Now I go at least once a month. I usually check out the Ask Reddit (for anecdotes), Today I Learned (for trivia), and GMM subreddits. Sometimes I’ll get on the Squared Circle subreddit as well to be updated on wrestling.
Were you ever a flower girl or ring bearer in anyone’s wedding when you were little?  Many times as a flower girl, yeah.
Are your parents in good health?  Fortunately, yes.
Have you ever been a caregiver to a sick/disabled relative?  Nope.
Is there any type of medicine you can’t take? For what reason?  Not that I know of.
Do you have a favorite pair of pajamas? What do they look like?  I don’t have pajama sets since I find them too warm.
Do you have any interesting pillow cases?  Eh, I don’t think so.
If something on your body hurts, which part is it most likely to be?  Shoulder muscles or my lower back.
Are you more afraid of spiders or bees?  Bees.
Have you ever worn fake nails? If so, what did the last pair you wore look like?  No.
Is Russian or Native American history more interesting to you?  Native American.
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ssurveys · 17 days ago
survey by painted-skylines
How often do you use lotion? Eh, almost never. I don’t use a lot of products to begin with.
Do you know anyone in college? What are they studying? I have a lot of friends who are in college since I met them precisely while I was still studying. Most of them are also journalism students; Angela’s taking up architecture.
Do you have a laptop for school? Yeah - I mean, at least I did.
Have you ever in your life had a bunkbed? No. I only ever saw those whenever I had overnight sessions with friends.
Have you ever been to any form of summer camp? Nope, and that wouldn’t have been something my mom would’ve allowed me to attend as a kid. Too unsafe.
Did you hook up with anyone? Like, recently? No. Ever? Also no.
Have you ever hooked up with anyone? Nope.
Do braces make people ugly? No???
Aren't these questions pretty mundane? The last three ones were, but I’m not super annoyed yet.
Are you better at showing love, or professing it? I want to say both. When I love someone, I make sure I remind them through words and actions.
Waffles or pancakes? Waffles. Even though they taste the same, a part of me has always thought they go much better with bacon or fried chicken.
Were you in Girl Scouts when you were a little girl? No, we don’t have that here.
Have you ever been to a church concert? Kinda, I guess. When I was still in Catholic school we’d occasionally have events where we had to sing these worship songs and dance to them and whatever it is they made us do.
Do you have anything signed by a celebrity? I have a signed AJ Lee poster rolled up somewhere in my room.
Name something of yours that holds sentimental value. My CM Punk shirt that I am neeeeeeever going to throw out no matter what happens.
Have you ever been in a cave? Yes, I’ve been to a few. The most memorable one would be the one in Palawan.
What can you see out your bedroom window? I’m not in my bedroom right now, but the view I get if I look out are just the houses behind us, along with a few trees as well as a pathway that separates our house from those on the other side.
Have you ever climbed a rock-wall? No. I would love to.
Wall-E or Eva? I’ve never seen the movie.
Have you ever chased after someone that really wasn't worth it? Yes.
What makes someone worth it, anyway? I dunno; I suppose the meaning changes per person. What’s important to me may not be someone else’s priority.
Would you ever wanna go caving? Sure.
Do you use an eyelash curler? No, I am terrified of those and the idea of accidentally hitting my eyeball D:
You walk in on your bestfriend making out with your ex. What now? Make fun of her for it in the years to come. And also demand why she’s cheating.
Have you ever had a macaron? OMG hahahaha I’m literally eating a whole plate of them right now! I got a cake topped with 12 macarons for my birthday last Wednesday, but I saved all the macarons for tonight so I can have a nice Friday evening. Here’s what my cake looked like, heehee:
Tumblr media
Have you ever been on stumbleupon.com? I’ve heard of the site, and I heard a lot of it from like the late 2000s but I never visited.
What about angryalien.com? Never heard of it.
Have you ever actually met anyone named ''Bob''? I don’t think so.
First & middle name together; Robyn Isabelle.
If you had a $50 giftcard for Hallmark, what would you buy there? I’m not too sure what they sell there, so I’ll probably just give it to my mom who’s more likely to find things that she’d want to get.
When you get a box of chocolates, how long does it last? I wanna I guess. I’m not too big on chocolate.
Would you ever visit a nude beach? Once, just to tick it off my life experiences.
Do you remember Veggie Tails? You mean VeggieTales? Sure, but I never watched it.
How many cheap elastic bracelets do you own? Zero.
Do you ever make hemp jewelry? No, I don’t.
Have you ever had feelings for someone, and wished you didn't? Sure, I’ve been through this a few times.
Have you ever witnessed a real fight? Yessss, the one time I saw these two drunk dudes go at each other at BGC last year immediately comes to mind. It went on for like an hour and even the police eventually got involved, but I was just happy to be there watching hahahaha
Do you have any beanbags? What do they look like? Not anymore, but we did use to have a beanbag chair at home.It was a very long time ago so I no longer remember what color it was.
Maybe a LoveSac? What’s that?
What's your favorite kind of cake? Cheesecake.
Have you ever tried any form of tofu? Yes. It’s delicious, especially fried tofu.
Do you like Bloc Party? I don’t know what that is.
Have you ever watched 24? Never did.
Have you heard A Fine Frenzy's new album yet? It's pretty good. I’ve never heard of them.
Have you ever broken up with someone to regret it later? Nope.
What are you eating for dinner tonight? My dad got a little creative and made his own dish that was composed of beef tapa, squidballs, broccoli, and bell pepper. I don’t like tapa though so I only got portions of the last three.
Are you gonna go see fireworks on the 4th? I don’t care for that.
Are you more excited or nervous for school in August? I’m no longer in school.
Do you even go back in August? I did, back in college.
Name every single color you're wearing; (: Red, white, scarlet.
Katt Williams, Russell Brand, David Spade, Adam Sandler, or Dane Cook? None. This survey is so dull...
If you watched American Idol this year; Are you glad Lee won? No, because the runner-up, Crystal, deserved it more. This was also about the time AI started picking guitar-playing white men to win every single season, which was why the show steadily got increasingly boring.
Wasn't Krystal kind of way better? THERE WE GO.
Do you miss Jason Castro, like me? He was nice but nothing exciting.
Well, what are you gonna go do now? Pick a more exciting survey to take.
Wait - Do you like Teddy Geiger? (: No.
Oh, and have you ever flirted with a gay guy you didn't know was gay? :o No.
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ssurveys · 20 days ago
survey by loveme-forever
If someone tells you a really juicy gossip right now, would you pass it on? Probably Angela, if it didn’t already come from her lol.
What's one song you can't stop listening to right now? Singularity by V. I literally made a Spotify playlist that just lists down that song 10 times.
Do you have index cards in your room right now? Yes. They’re hooked up to my corkboard at the moment so that I can easily grab one if I need it.
Do you have an attic? Nope, not a very common house feature here.
What was the last song you sang out loud to? I think it was Anpanman? BTS again. It’s my newest ultimate feel-good song.
Have you ever lived in the country before? No. Apart from a very brief time in Manila when I was an infant, I’ve lived in residential villages all my life.
Do you drink coffee everyday? Nearly everyday, but not 7 days a week. I take an entire day to finish a cup of coffee so most of the time it interferes with my ability to fall asleep.
Have you ever had mice in your house? I’ve seen a rat scurry once or twice in the middle of the night, but thankfully it never grew to be a big issue in the house.
Have you ever stayed in a suite? Yeah, a few times. But most of the time we just get one of the standard rooms since we never book hotel rooms to just stay in them all day.
Do you take good pictures? Hahahaha no. I rely on my sister for help on what angles are best to use.
Do you remember names or faces better? Faces. I’m quite good at recognizing people even though I’ve only encountered them once before, but I won’t always remember names.
Do you enjoy working with animals? I don’t really get the opportunity to ‘work’ with animals...but I think overall it depends on the animal. I obviously wouldn’t wanna be left unattended with like a lion or venomous snake lol.
Have you ever been in a tornado or hurricane? We get hurricanes a lot where I live - in fact we have one in the country rn - so yeah. I can’t say the same for tornadoes.
Do you have any bookmarks in your internet browser? If so, how many? Yes. I have 9 for work, then I have one folder for all my bookmarked survey makers just in case I can’t find any interesting ones on Tumblr, and another folder I recently started for all my favorite fanfics hahahahaahahahahahahaha
Have you ever seen any movie version of Romeo and Juliet? I know I’ve definitely seen the one with Leonardo DiCaprio. My brain is telling me I’ve also seen the 1968 one but my memory is just not too sure.
In your opinion, which decade has the best hairstyle? 60s was nice.
If you're in a competition, are you in it to win it or just for the fun? In it to win it. I can never shake off the competitiveness in me.
Do you have winter, spring, summer, and fall where you live? No.
Is the computer you're using a desktop or laptop? It’s a laptop. We don’t even have a desktop at home anymore.
Do you know anyone in the military right now? Not personally.
What's your favorite show on Comedy Central? I don’t watch anything from there.
How old is the oldest person you know? I think I have some friends who still have living great-grandparents who are now over 100 years old; I just can’t place which ones they are at the moment.
Have you ever had braces? Yes, back in middle/high school.
Is there a TV show right now that you just can't miss an episode of? 2 Days 1 Night. Also, not really a TV show but my 8 PM on Tuesdays are reserved for Run BTS heehee.
Which love story would you want your life to turn out like? I dunno. I don’t really want to pattern my relationships to someone else’s.
Do you usually go to sleep before or after the people you're living with? Waaaaaaaay after.
Are you into ripped jeans? Not anymore.
Have you ever been to any Disney parks? Hmm, I don’t think so. I’ve only ever been to Universal Studios.
Do you watch the Discovery Channel? I used to watch it with my grandpa as a kid, along with National Geographic.
Have you ever wanted to live in the Playboy mansion? No.
Would you ever name your child after someone famous? I would, but only as a middle name. I’ve long thought of naming my kid Audrey or Greta after the actresses. On that note, my favorite name is Olivia but I wouldn’t necessarily consider it a tribute to Olivia de Havilland; I’ve always just liked that name.
Have you ever participated in a car wash for charity? Hmm, sure, I guess. Sounds wholesome enough.
Which band has the best name, in your opinion? You just know I’ll be biased and say Paramore hahaha. I think Autotelic is a pretty neat name as well.
Do kids often knock on your door on Halloween? No. I live in a pretty secluded part of the village, so not a lot of people pass by here.
Which one of your exes do you feel like you have the most chemistry with? I’ve only had one.
Do you like where your house is located? Yeah, it’s peaceful and quiet, which is nice; but like I’ve said before I’m also quite sick of living in residential subdivisions at this point. It would be nice to move to a big city sometime in the near future.
What's the best hotel you've been to? Shang Boracay. The hotel we stayed at in Cavite a couple of years ago was also surprisingly nice and well-equipped, even though it wasn’t a well-known hotel and the city isn’t exactly a destination spot. I believe it’s called Bayleaf.
Are you into designer clothes? Some, not all.
Have you ever watched the show How I Met Your Mother? No.
Do you share the same political views as your parents? Ew no.
How often do you eat chocolate? I would say at least once a month. It’s not a regular thing.
Have you ever done any internship? Yeah. I had two internships, both in PR.
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ssurveys · 21 days ago
survey by pandaphant
Who's your favorite comedian? Sindhu Vee, probably. But that’s only counting the fact that I’ve only seen two of her skits. Out of all the acts I’ve seen, she’s the one who’s made me laugh the loudest so far, though.
Aren't you sick of all the *Are We Alike?* surveys? I’m not sick of them. I just think they’re too easy and fast to take so I like elaborating my answers so that I can still get a little ~reflective~ while taking that kind of survey.
Do you think there's anything you did better, when you were younger? Physical activities. I had a better stamina for jump roping and running when I was younger, and I was also a lot more flexible; I used to be able to bend all the way backwards and also have my toes reach my head while on my stomach.
Would you take the advice you give others? I usually don’t. I find that I’m better at giving advice than actually following through with them.
What did you have for lunch yesterday? I just had my leftover sushi. I didn’t want to eat all 24 that I ordered from the other night in one go, so I saved a little more than half of it for yesterday.
What's one thing that you would change about yourself physically? I’d go for the obvious and have my front teeth straightened, so I can finally stop feeling conscious about it.
What song has made you cry? Life Goes On by BTS.
How would you define success? Accomplishment of something for which I could be proud of myself.
Who was the craziest teacher you've ever had? Ironically, it was my Christianity teacher in grade school. Crazy old man who flipped out and humiliated students who didn’t bring their own box of crayons to school, and he also made me feel sexually violated when I encountered him shortly after my high school graduation. 
Do you think the Earth will face an apocalypse one day? I don’t think so.
What's the last thing you got paid to do? Work.
What's the one thing you could eat everyday? Sushi.
What do you hate about yourself? How frugal I can be, especially towards myself. Buy yourself nice things sometimes, @robyn hahahaha
What's your favorite alcoholic drink? Long Island Iced Tea. Or tequila.
Are you hyper today? No, but I was yesterday for Bang Bang Con haha. It was my first BTS event as a new fan and I had so much fun :(
Does Bzoink need an upgrade? I don’t mind what it looks like now. I don’t think they ever changed it ever since I first started visiting the site in 2009 anyway, and I’ve already gotten used to the layout. It’s easy enough to navigate.
Do you have a Millsberry account? No. I’m not sure I even know what that is.
Do you have a Neopets account? I didn’t, but I had an offline Neopets game on one of my old phones that I liked to play as a kid.
What's your life philosophy? I don’t really follow a specific one and let it serve as a guide all my actions. I just do whatever I think is right and what would help both me and the people around me.
What was the last thing you talked to your friends about? Angela and I were just talking about BTS lol. She was the one who reeled me in :((
If you are interested in going out with someone, what do you do? I simply like staying physically close to them and doing nice things for them. I’m not very expressive when it comes to this; I just let my actions speak for themselves.
Do you ever go to the beach? Yeah, of course. I love the beach. I’ve been aching for a trip for well over a year.
Would you rather have a cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate? Coffee.
How's your hair looking right now? I washed it last night, so it looks okay.
What's something your mother always says? Well these days, she always reminds us to spray alcohol and disinfectant spray every time a delivery for someone in the family arrives. Which is an understandable thing to nag us about.
What's something your dad always says? He doesn’t really have a catchphrase, though these days he does like sharing about the funny or educational videos he’s been seeing on TikTok.
What's your favorite thing to wear? Tank tops or airy oversized shirts.
Have you ever had a near-death experience? Nope.
What do you order at Starbucks? Grande iced caramel macchiato + whatever pastry they have that I happen to be in the mood for.
What kind of exercise do you enjoy? Taking a walk with my dogs.
What's the worst injury you've ever had, and what was it from? The infection/wound I got from when I went snorkeling without flippers and ended up grazing my left foot against coral reefs one too many times.
Do you still have any of your childhood toys? If so, what? Nope, my mom threw them all out as I grew up and when we moved in to our current house.
Did you have a Precious Moments colouring book? No, I’m also not sure what that is.
Don't you miss being 13? No, puberty wasn’t exactly a fun time as there was a lot of emotional turmoil happening.
How'd you react to receiving your very first pimple? I didn’t keep a journal entry or anything from that day but I would imagine I was surprised and horrified.
Are you spoiled? Only when it’s deserved. My parents have stopped buying things for me since I now earn for myself, but back when I was younger I will say I was the most pampered out of us siblings. That said, I still made sure I worked hard for whatever it is I was asking from them, like promising them straight As for a quarter or semester in class.
What's your favorite day of the week? Friday.
What room of your house do you spend the most time in? My own. I’m back to working there again since I’ve started to find the dining room noisy.
Do you believe in the death penalty? Only for extreme offenses.
Do you have MSN, Yahoo, or Skype? I don’t have accounts on any of these.
What is your biggest turn-on? Continued from...sometime last weekend? I think? Thighs or fingers.
If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be? I’d rather be in a not-stuck-in-a-pandemic world altogether, to be honest.
Do you ever have any problems just *moving on*? At first, because I hate change and try to resist it as much as I can. Assessing myself in the last few months though, it looks like I’m much better at moving on with my life as I thought.
Do you collect anything? I collect BTS merch now...my collection is gradually getting bigger hahaha. I currently have all 7 of their Cold Brew Lattes, then I recently placed an order for their most recent album. Once I finish all the coffee I’ll move on to the Hot Brew ones, then I plan to buy 1-2 albums per month until I complete my collection, then move on to the DVDs, magazines, and other novelty merch. ZERO REGRETS
If you saw a shooting star, what would you wish on it? Sustained happiness.
Do you like rollercoasters? I’ve never ridden one and I don’t plan to.
What's the most romantic thing you've ever done for someone else? Get them a customized locket/necklace. Either that or make a video compiling greetings and photos with friends when I had no clue how to edit videos and had to learn from scratch.
How do you celebrate Halloween? I don’t strictly observe it, but when I do it’s usually because someone else organizes a party for it. Last year my company had a Halloween party, then the year before that Rita’s sister invited us to their college party, etc.
Who is your favorite villain? Gus Fring from Breaking Bad.
Do you have a favorite coloring book artist? I have a couple of Steve McDonald coloring books; I like his works because they’re gigantic and yet super detailed. Keeps me occupied (if I ever do color) :)
How many pairs of shoes do you own? Idk, I think around 10 would be a safe guess.
Have you ever wanted to model? I did, back in middle school. That was when VSFS was still a thing and I had wanted to be like those girls lol.
When you want to unwind, how do you relax? Light up a scented candle, take surveys, and, lately, watch whatever BTS content I feel like consuming hehe.
How do you react when someone you know's having a freak out? Try to calm them down as best as I can and make sure they aren’t hurting themselves.
Have you ever seen someone have a seizure? No.
Do you have a phobia? Cockroaches and any sharp points.
Who is your hero? I don’t have one.
If you were to commit a crime, what would it be? No thanks.
Have you ever used drugs? Nothing beyond caffeine, nicotine, pills I take for headaches.
How would you define what you want out of life? Self-satisfaction, I guess.
What's your favorite car? A Mini Countryman.
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ssurveys · 23 days ago
survey by ohsh1t2wksl8
What Rhymes With “AB”?
1. Do you have nice abs? Do you know anyone who has nice abs? Andi works out and they like sharing with me their progress every month. They’re turning out to have great abs. 2. Do you blab other peoples’ secrets? Do you like to gossip? I’d still join in if it were about something juicy, tbh. But those years are also far behind me for the most part; I like taking part in wholesome gossip these days, like if someone from high school gave birth or found a better relationship to be in. 3. Have you ever ridden in a taxi cab before? Where to? Yes, we’ve had to take taxis to the airport a few times. I never understood why; for the next few trips after that we used our car to get to the airport anyway, so those couple of rides were weird. I can tell you it’s not very convenient being squished in a sedan with 5 people, with all our bags to boot. :( I’ve also had to take cabs in Singapore, China, and Korea when we went.   4. Do you know anyone who’s caught crabs? Probably. I just wouldn’t be aware of it. 5. Have you or someone you know ever had a hermit crab as a pet? One of my colleagues from college, Hannah, owns a couple of hermit crabs.
6. Do you know how to dab? I guess. I’ve just never willingly done it. 7. Do you have any clothing that looks drab? I don’t think so. If not black, most of my clothes are in muted, calm shades, but not dull or depressing ones. 8. Do you use abbreviations in place of longer words? Do you ever refer to something as “fab”? Not abbreviations, but shortcuts. I always call delivery fee ‘deli fee’ instead. And some people my age would usually call Starbucks ‘Starbs.’ 9. Does you body have any excess flab? Where? Yeah, my upper arms will jiggle a bit if I shake them. 10. Who do you know that likes to gab a lot? What do they go on and on about? My mom is insanely talkative and will go through 5 backstories before proceeding to her actual story. 11. When’s the last time someone jabbed you with a needle? No one’s ever done it to me on purpose (and that’s very crappy??) but I’ve stabbed myself in the palm a few times while I’ve been embroidering. I haven’t gotten back to it for several months now, though. 12. Did you have a science lab class during school? Yeah, we had separate lab classes in high school. I liked them, since it was fun to be more hands-on instead of just spending 45 minutes listening to lectures and staring at the blackboard. I especially enjoyed when we were allowed to mix chemicals, heheheh. 13. Have you ever nabbed something from a store before? What was it? We accidentally stole a box of crayons from a bookstore once. No one noticed my mom still had it in her hand until we walked out of the store haha. We immediately went back inside and either paid for it or put it back on its shelf, I don’t remember which. 14. Do you know anyone who’s been to rehab? What were they in for? I don’t think so. But this is also keeping in mind that the Philippines is a shitty country with no decent rehab centers because most people believe that those with addiction problems don’t deserve a second chance at life. 15. How many backstabbers have you cut from your life? Just one. I’ve been careful ever since that person. 16. Do you pick at your scabs? Sometimes.  17. What’s the last slab of meat you’ve eaten? I had a few pieces of pork in the jjajangmyeon I ordered last Thursday. I don’t think I had meat at all yesterday. 18. Is anything in your house looking shabby? No, my mom is very particular about cleanliness and she’ll immediately fix up a area she thinks is starting to look shabby. 19. When’s the last time you felt crabby? Why? I’m usually crabby every morning at the start of my shifts, just because I always feel tense about the flood of deliverables that would inevitably come to me; though I do start loosening up once I’m able to figure out my schedule and time management for the day. 20.  Who’s the last person you wanted to stab? What did they do in order to make you feel that way? One of the clients I handle. He was onboarded just this January but we quickly learned that he’s very hard to work with; and my team actually received news super recently that he’s gonna be let go of/is willingly resigning because of the challenges in ways of working. I’m soooo relieved. It was a tornado as soon as he came in. 21. How many tabs are open on your internet browser right now? Continued 8 hours later. On this current window, 10 tabs. I have other windows open though. 22. Has anyone ever tried to get grabby with you when you didn’t want them to? I don’t know what this means...but based on what I saw on Google, does this also mean possessive? If that’s correct, then yeah, it’s happened before. My ex was super suspicious of guys and didn’t like my guy friends for no reason at all, which I found disturbing. 23. What would you put on a Krabby Patty? Oh god, I would just go for the recipe they already show on Spongebob. I would honestly go for the King-Size Ultra Krabby Supreme double batter-fried on a stick though; that looked craaaaazy good on TV. 24. Do you know anyone named Abby? That’s my mom’s name. 25. Do you have one of those grabber claws that helps you grasp things that are out of reach? Not anymore, but we had a toy like that when we were kids. 26. Do you like to play Scrabble? Are you any good at it? I do like playing Scrabble. I think I do pretty well in word games in general, but I think I got even better at Scrabble since I took an actual class on it, so I learned a lot of rules and tricks to be able to win. 27. Is it cute when babies babble? What do you think they’re trying to say? It’s cute but it’s not at the top of my list. I’m guessing they’re just excited about everything since it’s all new to them. 28. What’s the last thing you dabbled in/with? Livetweeting after SO FUCKING LONG. I don’t think I’ve done it in like 6 or 7 years...doing it all over again was such a thrill, and it was as exciting as it had been from when I was a teenager. 29. Do you have any dividers or folders with any tabs on them? Just on my laptop haha, nothing physical. 30. Did your parents keep close tabs on you when you were a teenager? Initially, but they gradually let go the older I got. 31. How high has your bar tab been? Idk, maybe a little over ₱3000? I remember how my friends and I ended up buying a crap load of pitchers and bar food from our usual bar once since we ended up really enjoying our time there. 32. Have you ever made jewelry out of the silver tabs on soda cans? Nope. [a-zebra-is-a-striped-horse]
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