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sippy-thestorytellera day ago
Okay I need some tips.
Someone please enlighten me on how to make a fictional language for your fantasy world.
Honestly any tip would be a help.
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sippy-thestoryteller14 days ago
I鈥檓 lost in the time lapse, planing to delete a currency and fighting Satan to get my appendix back.
The only thing I recall after I woke up from a deep sleep.
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sippy-thestoryteller15 days ago
Tumblr media
Just a character board for my favourite vampire OC
Name: Valdimir
Supernatural specie: Vampire
Age: 800 years
Stuff about her:
- been a vegan vampire for almost 300 years
-loves coconut water
-loves all supernatural and mortal animals
-a professional thief
-believes in the importance of being dramatic
-throws the most rad parties in all the realms
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sippy-thestoryteller21 days ago
Some people just don't know, that you should never steal someone's cats.
Especially if it belongs to a vampire
Havoc rises in Castidoil-Mir, as someone kidnapped Valdimir's cat. The 800 years old vampire goes on the hunt to find her cat, whom she had reluctantly fallen in love with.
From ragging parties and cult meetings, the clues left her standing on the door to the underworld.
Valdimir prepares for a trip to the underworld, paired up with an immortal pet owner, whom she has a dislike for, but is somehow essential for this mess.
But things are not always what they seem, and often on trips like these, you get to know more than what you bargained for. Secrets unravel, about the past, about the people around her and the cat she had been keeping in her caslte.
From Sex, Thirst and Vampires
Using this place to just bulk post and make myself feel better.
Does anyone want to swap their wattpad book for reviewing?
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sippy-thestoryteller22 days ago
"I don't drink blood anymore. I've gone vampire vegan." Valdimir assured him, a hand raised to her head for dramatic emphasis.
An excerpt from Sex, Thirst and Vampire
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sippy-thestoryteller23 days ago
Since I鈥檓 stuck in something like 鈥榳riter鈥檚-block quick-sand鈥
So I鈥檓 just going to post excerpt of projects I鈥檓 working on.
Hopefully this will kickstart me. Lol
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sippy-thestoryteller23 days ago
Drowning in that gut-wrenching feeling, when I want to sit and write but I鈥檝e been staring at the blank word document for hours, with nothing coming in my brain.
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sippy-thestoryteller3 months ago
Me- sees a prompt, wants to write a small concise breathtaking short story
Also me- makes alternate universe, fuckton of characters, a sequel and a spin-off.
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sippy-thestoryteller4 months ago
World building is such a rollercoaster ride
Because I would know the specific terms certain people use during funerals
The types of wines they enjoy
The dances they perform during harvest
But would I know the political stance it has?
The type of government that runs it?
The schooling system??
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sippy-thestoryteller5 months ago
Will I ever be able to prepare on time for an exam.
How is that I always end up fucking it up.
Fuck, may the Gods be with me, to pass this shitty exam.
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sippy-thestoryteller5 months ago
You know the feeling when in one day you figure out something crucial to the story and it feels so beautiful in how it makes sense and fills you with the urge to write it already?
Now if it just kept making sense even during the writing itself...
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sippy-thestoryteller5 months ago
鈥渂eauty and the beast鈥 where beauty鈥檚 dad comes home with the rose and is like oh shit oh shit this terrible monster says i have to come live with him forever because i picked his favorite flower and beauty just goes fuck that聽and puts on her pants and marches down to the beast鈥檚 castle herself
and she鈥檚 expecting this horrifying dark fortress but it鈥檚 actually sort of just a normal castle with big rose bushes and furniture that鈥檚 sometimes alive
and she thinks, i can work with this
and the beast comes out and he鈥檚 like聽don鈥檛 look at me i am a hideous monster聽and beauty鈥檚 like dude you鈥檙e like a talking tiger in a cape are you kidding you鈥檙e AWESOME can i pet you can i stroke your paws can you give me a ride
and he鈥檚 like what and she goes around the castle like okay we鈥檒l put curtains here and expand the kitchen and this could be a really cute breakfast nook
and the beast is confused because isn鈥檛 she supposed to be terrified and hate him and he had all these intimidating speeches planned and he鈥檚 like uh aren鈥檛 you going to try to run away
and beauty鈥檚 all are you kidding this is a聽magic castle聽i鈥檓 going to聽live here forever
so they just sort of settle in together and one day beauty goes home for the weekend to visit her family and they鈥檙e all amazed that she鈥檚 alive and her sisters go WHY DIDN鈥橳 THE HUGE MONSTER EAT YOU TO DEATH and she鈥檚 like nahhh he鈥檚 basically just a big cat he鈥檚 kind of cute actually sometimes he plays with yarn when he thinks i鈥檓 not looking
and she explains how聽it鈥檚 really not that bad, all the dishes wash themselves and i get all these gorgeous dresses for free because the castle doesn鈥檛 know what else to do with them and yeah there are flowers everywhere but hey that鈥檚 his hobby y鈥檏now i鈥檓 not gonna discourage that man
and then one day while beauty鈥檚 re-alphabetizing her magic library and trying to decide where to put that enchanted mirror the beast comes up and he鈥檚 like hey so this is awkward but are you like鈥︹︹︹︹︹︹︹︹︹︹︹ love with me鈥︹?????????
and beauty鈥檚 like oh uh wow haha um sorry no you鈥檙e鈥ort of a tiger
and the beast is like聽thank goodness聽because if you were i鈥檇 have to turn back into a human and i鈥檝e聽kind of gotten used to聽being a big lion thing with horns and the ability to speak english for some reason like聽why would i want to go back to being a spindly little man聽and then beauty laughs and she鈥檚 like okay well can you go catch us a wild boar for dinner, dear
and they end up getting married in the end just because it鈥檚 easier to explain that way, you know, a single lady ~~living alone with a man~~ even if he鈥檚 not actually a man, and that鈥檚 fine with them because beauty was never really into the whole boys and sex thing and the beast (whose name is jeff) is honestly more interested in his flowers
and whenever any of the other ladies in the village give her any shit beauty is just like, oh, you don鈥檛 like my crepes? well you know my husband, who is聽literally a tiger,聽loves them聽and then everyone leaves her alone, which is really all she ever wanted
and she goes back to her magic castle and sits down with a book in front of the fire and rests her feet on her cat husband and nobody bothers her ever again
can that happen
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sippy-thestoryteller5 months ago
Trying to explain your autism/adhd problems to non-neurodivergent people is kinda frustrating
I tell someone Im at home, so I can't do anything because my brain won't allow me to be productive because being at home is not being at college, and college is the productive place, not home.
But that doesn't make sense to them
They tell me to try to study online
Like no, even if I want to, I'm online, at home
"But it'll keep you busy"
Thats not the problem
"Maybe pick up a new hobby?"
I'm trying to do my hobby already. Its my brain that won't let me
"Then challenge your brain"
Its not a game mode my dude
Like, I appreciate the help, but its not helpful to tell a person who can't walk to challenge themselves by trying to walk
Its hard to understand these issues when you can't physically see or relate to them, but thats what makes it so difficult for us.
We can't even properly explain to ya'll what the problem is, let alone have yall understand enough to help
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sippy-thestoryteller5 months ago
Are you ever clouded by the desire to make something so vulnerable, raw and powerful, that people get deeply touched by it.
Even if someone doesn鈥檛 like it, they still can鈥檛 forget the words crafted by you and ponder over them in the dark of a rainy night.
How someone would sit in absolute awe, feeling as if their soul was bared open, naked under the starry night.
And the ache that settles in when you realise, that maybe you鈥檇 never write something like this just because you鈥檙e scared to bare your soul for others to read.
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sippy-thestoryteller5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Medicine, law, business, engineering, those are noble persuits. And necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love. These are what we stay alive for.
Dead Poets Society (1989) dir.聽Peter Weir
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sippy-thestoryteller5 months ago
Me: has sudden motivation to write something aside from my main WIP
Me: *aggresivly writing for hours straight, feeling it all come together beautifully*
Me the next day as I read it: what the fuck? How was this suppose to end? What in the name of ruined ink is going on here??
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sippy-thestoryteller5 months ago
Within the darkness, if she comes and offers you her hand
And promised to whisk you away from everything that exists
To take you away in a land far beyond reality
Would you take it?
If she tells you that the melodies she sings would melt away everything
That when your steps match hers, as you dance on the gold dusted ground
The world would fade away in mist taking its misery with it
Would you dance with her?
When she tells you that once you start dancing there would be no going back
The world you exist in will cease forever and you would never return
But you would live in the breaths of your own desires
Would you let her spin you?
Dance Amoung the stars - a short story where a gift from the stars feels like a curse
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sippy-thestoryteller5 months ago
How I had an energy burst and worked on this only to abandone it when I began focusing on my main wip.
鈥淎re these your real fangs?鈥 The human asked in wonder
鈥淵es鈥 The vampire hissed
鈥淎re they detachable? They look very real.鈥 The human reached the vampires face and tilted it slightly
鈥淎re your molars detachable? No, right, neither are these鈥 The vampire pulled back, agitated by the humans advances.
An excerpt from a book I鈥檒l write someday- Sex, Thirst and Vampires
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sippy-thestoryteller5 months ago
I don鈥檛 know if someone鈥檚 gonna reply or not
But I need someone to seriously tell me, how do I continue writing a part which I have no energy to write it, but it鈥檚 important that I write that part.
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sippy-thestoryteller5 months ago
I have conclude, that making memes, mood boards and aesthetics while writing is totally valid and counts as productivity.
Anyone saying anything else is wrong and you are allowed to punch them.
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