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sigridfreyrsdottr · 21 hours ago
@starselfships just sent me this gif of Loki flipping his helmet in the air
Tumblr media
I love it when he shows up on screen with the helmet on. Always iconic. 🐍💚
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sigridfreyrsdottr · a day ago
Tumblr media
So @starselfships and I were having a conversation about Loki, and she said that even if he was married to Sigrid or not (yet), he'd insist she'd have the title of "Princess of Asgard" because he's one of the two princes of Asgard! But also because he has a flare for titles and we all know that. Sigrid wouldn't think she'd deserve it at first because she wasn't born a goddess, but she's a goddess in Loki's eyes! 🐍💚👑
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sigridfreyrsdottr · 2 days ago
"When mortals and gods meet" | A Marvel mini fic with OCs
Tumblr media
This is an alternate time where Loki isn't a threat to Midgard anymore, and everyone survived Endgame.
Thank you @starselfships for lending me your oc Eid for the story!
"Just make sure to say hi. You don't have to start a conversation with any politicians." Tony Stark reminded his adoptive daughter, Eden, who was tweaking with a piece of machinery in her personal lab.
The teen sighed in annoyance as she looked away from her work. "Can't we just stay here?" Eden groaned as she pointed to her classmate and boyfriend, Peter Parker.
"You can come back after an hour or so into the party. Besides, Thor and Loki are coming too, and they're bringing someone along with them. Now be careful and don't spill oil over your dress." Tony insisted as he finally walked away after being notified that the first guests arrived.
Peter laughed and stood up. "At least Thor's coming!" He cheered. The blonde god was like an uncle to them, always telling them stories about his battles.
Loud chatter and laughter filled the living room. It smelled of fine wine and the band Tony hired didn't fail to entertain everyone.
Everyone seemed to have a great time except Eden.
"What's wrong, Eid?" Peter asked with concern as they sat down by the bar.
"It's always the same loop ever since we entered high school. Parties and being offered scholarships or internships just because I'm Tony Stark's daughter." The girl sighed "I'm sick of it. I just want my own lab to mess around like he does."
Despite the top floor being flooded by people, the world seemed to fade away, leaving the two teenagers alone.
"Well, I'd say you're doing a pretty good job so far. Never allow anyone to ruin your day." Peter smiled as he slid a bubbly coke towards Eden.
She laughed. "Heh. Thanks."
Just then, distant thunder rumbled into the night sky. Eden and Peter smiled wide because they knew the god of thunder had arrived. They ran outside towards the helipad Tony used as a landing base for his suit and greeted the newcomers.
"Thor!" Eden cried.
"Welcome back!" Peter chimed in.
The blonde, muscular man smiled down at them as he placed down Stormbreaker. "It's great to visit Midgard again."
Behind him appeared an equally tall, but slim figure. The god of mischief himself, Loki!
He grinned. "I see you two are united as ever."
"I don't remember midgardians being this...small." A female voice pointed out.
Everyone turned their heads towards a sharp featured woman with brown hair and eyes as silver as a razor's edge.
"They're younglings, Sigrid. Not adults yet." Loki chuckled, walking towards her.
"Actually, we're what us humans call teenagers." Peter corrected with a squeaky voice.
"Come on, let's go inside. I'm sure Tony would be happy to chat with you boys." Eden guided everyone inside, drink clinking at hand.
The party quieted down to a sweet jazz and chatter turned to murmurs.
"So, Sigrid, how do you know the Odinson brothers?" Eden tried to make small talk with the outsider.
The tall woman smiled awkwardly and parted her lips. "Well, we all know the famous story of how Loki stabbed Thor after turning into a snake, right? I witnessed the whole thing. It was pretty hilarious."
The pair listened attentively, snorting at the last sentence.
"I mean no disrespect, but..." Peter stuttered "From what we were taught so far about norse mythology...we never heard of you."
Sigrid was a little taken aback by the comment, but brushed it off quickly. "Oh, that's because I'm not a god in the first place. I was born a Light Elf, and when I finally discovered my true birth identity, it was too late. I was already an adult. Freyr, the god of harvest and my adoptive father, confessed I was abandoned at birth but he and his wife took me right in."
"Then how are you immortal?" Eden asked, pushing her bar stool closer.
"Easy. I was fed a golden apple as a child so that if the sacred oak tree of the light elves was cut, I wouldn't die with it." The diety choked on her words as the memories came back in.
Eden gasped. "Oh my..., we're so sorry! We didn't mean to intrude in your personal life!" She apologized.
"No no, it's okay. At least I got him now." Sigrid chuckled as she brushed off a stray tear from her left eye.
"Him? Who's him?" Peter questioned as he looked around the room.
The woman didn't answer. She just stared straight ahead and did a shy smile as she looked towards none other than Loki. He was having a rather lively conversation with Tony Stark.
"Oh, I see what's going on here. You like Loki!" Eden teased with a smirk.
"Oh shush. Of course I don't." Sigrid tried to deny the teen's statement, but her bright blush gave everything away.
"You don't what, my dear?" A deep voice creeped down her spine, making Sigrid shiver. Loki had managed to sneak up behind her and snake his arms around her waist.
Sigrid turned around and stood up, crossing her arms.
"May I have this dance before we leave?" The god of mischief asked as he bowed down, extending a pale hand.
"Of course you can, Loki." She smiled joyfully as she took his hand, following him to the dance floor.
The teenagers watched them leave before Peter had an idea.
"May I...May I dance with you?" Peter stuttered as he pulled at his suit's collar.
"Yes you may." Eden giggled as she playfully pulled from his red necktie onto the dance floor.
"Hey, hey!!! You two, keep it below PG-13 please!" Tony warned, then returned to talking with Rhodey. Most likely something about Tony throwing too many parties just for fun.
I hope you guys enjoyed my story! Likes, shares and reblogs are always appreciated! 🐍💚
Sigrid Freyrsdottr - OC reference sheet
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sigridfreyrsdottr · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
Decided to do my oc Sigrid with this picrew. I can imagine Loki gently resting his chin behind her shoulder as they look at her portait at an art museum.
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sigridfreyrsdottr · 10 days ago
Do you ever hear someone say something incorrect about your F/O or someone says they don't like your F/O and you're just like
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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sigridfreyrsdottr · 11 days ago
This is so cute! But then there's teen Groot 🤣
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Parenting a baby Groot vs……
Tumblr media
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sigridfreyrsdottr · 17 days ago
Its his smile that gets me every time 💚
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
no jokes today, just loki smiling & being wholesome 💞
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sigridfreyrsdottr · 27 days ago
I'm still in that phase with this handsome god. 😌💚
Tumblr media
I love that one period of the f/o infatuation when you see them do literally anything and you're like "🥺💖💘🥺💘💖🥺💖💘💖🥺🥺💘💖 LOOK AT THEM!!!!😭💖💘😭🥺😭💘😭💖🥺😭💖 THEY'RE FUCKING SITTING THERE I LOVE THAT!!! 😭😭💖😭💘😭💖💘😭😭💘💖"
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sigridfreyrsdottr · 29 days ago
Loki! First impressions of my boyfriend, Barley, GO!
Tumblr media
What's with the face, did Thor give him Asgardian ale? Anyway, the kid seems to be an enthusiast with a...particular taste of clothing. Could use more gold.
Tumblr media
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sigridfreyrsdottr · 29 days ago
Sigrid, have you ever held the Tesseract before?
Back at Thor's ceremony, I healed any wounded guards that got hurt while protecting it during the infiltration. I got a peek of it while Odin was talking with Loki and Thor. Then in the first attack in 2012, I partnered up with the god of mischief. That's when I actually got the chance to hold the gem in a gold staff. It's not my proudest moment, but back then I already knew I was adopted. Taking over Midgard was the only thing we both thought about at the time.
Tumblr media
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sigridfreyrsdottr · 29 days ago
Hey Loki! What are your favorite things to do with Sigrid?
Talking and drinking tea at one of Asgard's palace's hidden gardens is always a calming activity. It gives me a chance to talk about my personal issues with Sigrid without feeling criticized. But when she's the one feeling under the weather, we teleport to Vanaheim and go for a ride in the woods.
Tumblr media
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sigridfreyrsdottr · a month ago
Let the requests for more Sigrid x Loki content begin 💚
Tumblr media
different ways to say ‘i love you’. 
‘i’ll make you something, yeah? your favorite dish, just for you.’
‘let’s get you back to bed.’
‘shh, it was just a nightmare.’
‘you like this, don’t you? i remember you saying that.’
‘i drew up a bath for you.’
‘you need rest.’
‘you ought to be asleep.’
‘i bought two.’
‘here. you can have the rest.’
‘i thought of you when i saw this.’
‘i like your smile.’
‘you have a cute laugh.’
‘stay there. i’m coming there to get you.’
‘it’s okay, i’m here, we’re okay.’
‘be careful.’
‘look both ways.’
‘you mean so much to me.’
‘i can’t lose you.’
‘i thought i might have lost you.’
‘how to you feel about the nickname, (insert nickname)?’
‘it looks good on you.’
‘i’ll make you soup.’
‘ah-ah-ah. you’re sick. you need to stay in bed.’
‘are you okay in there?’
‘that’s it, that’s it. get it all out. shh.’
‘it’s a remedy i knew. helps with your throat.’
‘it’s a lullaby. would you like me to sing it to you? would that help you fall asleep?’
‘i’m worried about you.’
‘what do you want to watch?’
‘where would you like to go for dinner?’
‘close your eyes and hold out your hands.’
‘we’ll figure it out.’
‘oh, it’s not big deal. you’re fine.’
‘i brought you some medicine for your cold.’
‘you’re important to me.’
‘this is your favorite song, right?’
‘you’re like a son/daughter to me.’
‘good luck!’
‘you’re like a mom/dad to me.’
‘don’t say that about yourself.’
‘want to come with?’
“wow! you look really nice.’
‘goodnight, (insert term of affection).’
‘it’s okay. i couldn’t sleep anyway.’
‘you can have half.’
‘come here. let me fix it.’
‘your tie is crooked.’
‘c’mere. shh, it’s okay.’
‘i’m not going to hurt you.’
‘can i touch you?’
‘can i kiss you?’
‘can i hug you?’
‘would i ever lie to you?’
‘i think you’re very beautiful/handsome.’
‘hey, good-looking.’
‘of course i care. you’re my family.’
‘one more chapter.’
‘i love you.’
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sigridfreyrsdottr · a month ago
Tumblr media
Loki Odinson
How they met: We all remember the day where Loki turned himself into a snake and then transformed back only to stab his brother Thor at the age of 8, right? Well, while they were at it, a little girl just their age was watching from behind a pillar, but got caught when tiny giggles escaped her lips. When the boys looked up from their spectacle, Loki stared for a little too long, his pale cheeks turning bright pink. The little girl then ran back to her father, God Freyr, who was talking about that year's harvest with Odin. From then on, Frigga (Odin's wife) and Gerd (Freyr's wife) would set up "play dates" for the three children to hang out together. The trio would mainly hang out at Asgard's palace, Loki being the one to pull pranks and tricks on Thor and Sigrid all the time. But oh, how the cunning boy teased Sigrid was pure "little boy likes little girl" cliche. As they grew, their friendship turned awkward because their feelings for each other became obvious. They would read together at the library, Sigrid would listen to Loki's rants about Thor's glory, and they would ride sleipnirs around the kingdom causing havoc. It didn't help at all when Thor found out about this soon after they first met, because he wouldn't stop nagging his brother about it ever since.
I'd love to say more but it would ruin the romance. I'd rather write a full fic instead! 💚
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sigridfreyrsdottr · a month ago
Tumblr media
Name: Sigrid.
Surname: Freyrsdottr.
Age: Unknown / Immortal.
Titles / Nicknames:
Sigrid Freyrsdottr, daughter of Freyr, Peaceful god of farming, fertility, peace, wealth and sexual virility.
Loki calls Sigrid "Sidra", like the alcoholic Midgardian drink as a joke. No matter how many times Sigrid tells him its annoying, he insists it sounds cute.
Healing powers. Let's say someone gets wounded. No matter how bad a wound is, all Sigrid has to do is place one of her hands over the area and a white-golden glow of light seals the skin, saving the injured. The only downside to this is that if the wound is too big, her energy drowns out fast. And if its her who gets hurt, the process of healing takes longer.
When her trust issues began, she turned into a silver-tongued person just like Loki. Yes, it may sound bad. But from her perspective, it was a way to cope with the pain.
Adoptive father: Freyr - Peaceful god of farming, fertility, peace, wealth and sexual virility.
Adoptive mother: Gerd, daughter of the giant Gymir.
Backstory: Unwanted baby from an affair, Sigrid's mother abandoned her in a river in the Alfheimr realm. To the baby's luck, Gerd was picking wild flowers nearby and lifted the baby in a wooden basket after hearing her cry. Back at home, the norse god Freyr felt sorrow for the child and took her as his own. In her childhood, Sigrid grew up to love nature and have a close relationship with animals, her favorite being the Sleipnir. Also, since Sigrid is a Light Elf for being born in that realm, she could die if the sacred oak tree of the elves was cut. So she was fed a golden apple to assure her immortality.
Magical creatures.
Sword fighting ever since she could walk, because somehow Freyr allowed her to use sharp objects since a very young age. Sparring sessions with her big step-brother Fjölnir are also common.
Tapestry! Sigrid adores sewing scenes with her step-mother!
All throughout her life, people would pick on Sigrid for her ears and eye color. Why? Everyone but herself knew her true birth identity. All Light Elves have blue eyes, pointy ears and white hair. She was born with silver eyes, brown hair and non-pointy ears. So besides being unwanted from birth, Sigrid was seen as a runt. Different from the rest. This made her extremely self-councious about her appearance. Little did all those who underestimated her knew, Sigrid would grow to become one of the top female sword-fighters of all the nine realms.
When she did find out her true birth identity, Sigrid developed mild trust issues. Sure, she lived with a loving family who accepted her from the start. But the fact that her parents never told her, and forbade others from telling her, felt like a stab to the back.
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sigridfreyrsdottr · a month ago
Tumblr media
Greetings! Call me Sigrid Freyrsdottr, god Freyr's adoptive daughter whom loves to ride around Vanaheim's forests on sleipnir and look over Midgard for fun.
Nosy much? You got such a loving father that teaches you how to harvest crops, and yet you like to bend the rules.
Don't say that like you don't do it too, Loki!
Whatever you say, your majesty.
Sigrid Freyrsdottr - Marvel OC
Loki Odinson - Marvel F/O
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