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sidecharactersdomatter · 12 hours ago
Or even better Fire Force’s 1st opening
Tumblr media
Imagining both Soul Eater openings with Loonatics Unleashed characters
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Anything but Ordinary
I notice how he looks at me, still I pretend that I don’t see
It’s easier if I let the tension subside
I’ve seen it in the books I read, a wonder that they all can’t see
With no limitations they wear it with pride
But the characters I read don’t always act or look like me
I can’t depend on them to lead me on the right path
And what’s the point of falling, since I know I end up stalling
When I have to return home~
Where I’m just one in the race, Always put in my place
Trying hard to go with the grain, Keeping the quirks in my brain
I’m on the brink of discovery, I think?
But what if I’m dreaming? That’s what it seems like~
‘Cause this guy, Always sees me run by
And this new territory’s scary
If I turn the handle, am I gonna get a scandal?
Or should I try to stay ordinary?
*Proceeds to muffle his scream into the nearest pillow*
I know I come across as odd, the only bean inside the pod
It’s not some expression, I’m guessing, oh well
Yeah that’s exactly what I mean, I know I’m awkward as I seem
Plus, he makes me nervous I hope he can’t tell...
What is it he sees in this cluster clump of me?
Or, could it maybe be I’m going loony*? 
Well hey, who am I kidding, this won’t be some sweet beginning
It’s a detour to the end~
Then back to the band, Never taking a stand
Trying hard to go with the grain, keeping those quirks in my brain
I’m on the brink, of discovery I think?
But what if I’m dreaming~?
Should I Rewind, induce Amnesia?
Pretend I didn’t see him?
Succumb to stupid fear?
...Or just believe in my heart?
Why play some part!
Why follow some herd? Why not trust my own words?
We’ll never go with the grain, Boring’s what we won’t remain!
I’m on the brink of rediscovery I think!
So what if we’re dreaming, let’s enjoy the scene that we’re in!
And this guy! Understands eye to eye!
The thought of staying bland is much more scary!
I’ll be brave and I’ll be kind 
I’ll make a choice and change my mind!
We might mess up all of the time!
They’ll say it’s weird, but we’ll be fine!
Let’s be anything but Ordinary!
Though you guys heard the last of me? :3
Annapantsu: covers *Allie Grace’s Ordinary*
Literally my brain that’s hooked on how she sung it: Do it. Do it. DO IT.
* = (See what I did there~)
Also did you know that a flock of roadrunners is called a race/marathon?  Also a group of coyotes is called a band? I sure didn’t, but they were really great alternatives to the word ‘herd’
I should totally draw and/or animate this biz!
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For those of you that are interested with my Non canon DT 17 OC one shot collection,
I’ve got great news!
It will officially be title as ‘Karass’ and the sequel which will take place in the Darkwing Duck reboot will be titled, ‘Helluva Bird’
Also here’s the 2nd chapter:
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A brief Announcement
I had to take down my ‘Lost Princess Asseylum’ fic because someone on ao3 sent me a really rude and nonetheless impatient comment, so I’m going to reupload that with the new chapter in the winter of 2021.  Also if you are that person who sent me the rude comment, please don’t send me another comment like that, I won’t hesitate to report any messages and comments from you!
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I can never take Wally Wackford seriously whenever he starts off his sentences with, “I say, I say” cause I literally start thinking of Foghorn Leghorn.
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Fandoms that give me borderline Inspiration (Redux)
Fruits Basket
Boku no Hero Academia
K project
Tea Dragon Society
Ouran Highschool Host Club
Princess Tutu
Over the Garden Wall
Professor Layton
Castle Swimmer
Restaurant to Another World
The Royal Tutor
The Heroic Legend of Arslan
Ethan M. Aldrige’s Estranged
Mar Mai’s The Dragon Tutor
Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja
Suitor Armor
Phineas and Ferb/Milo Murphy’s Law
Avatar: the Last Airbender
Thundercats 2011
Blue’s Clues
Curious George
Jeff Smith’s Bone
Ben Hatke’s Zita
Kazu Kibuishi’s Amulet
Evan Dahm’s Island series
Kids Next door
Craig of the Creek
Rise of the TMNT
Land of the Lustrous
2017 Ducktales
Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss
Netflix’s Hilda
Infinity Train
The Owl House 
Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts
Mao Mao heroes of Pure Heart
Marvel Cinematic Universe
The Looney Tunes Show
Loonatics Unleashed
The Dragon Prince
X-ray and Vav
Glitch Techs
Young Justice
Netflix Green Eggs and Ham
Long Gone Gulch
And there’s still a whole lot more!
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Immediately after 2017 Ducktales concluded, my whole reaction was, “Moving on to the Owl House and Amphibia Fandoms to where actual sh*t makes sense”
I wasn’t lying when I said a needed therapy after the end of that whole series.
(And by Therapy I mean starting my 34 chapter Non Canon One shot collection that focuses on my OCs and their personal adventures, also letting Canon itself decay into ash)
(I am almost done w/ my 2nd chapter)
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Mister Perfect
Straight mind, Straight As, Straight forward
Straight path, I don’t cut corners
I make a point to be on time
As the go to Inventor
I don’t black out at parties
I jam to Owl City
If you ask me how I’m doing
I’ll say “Well...”
I got accepted in my late teens
My whole upbringing was hectic
Sometimes I’d ask myself
“What does it mean, if my projects are eclectic?”
Then one nice bird runs in my workspace
My heart gives a flutter but I don’t dare utter a word
‘Cause that would be absurd behavior for Mister Perfect
Na (x9) No! You can’t risk falling off your throne
La (x9) Love is something you don’t even know
Straight mind, Straight As, Straightforward
Straight Man
Mister Perfect That’s me~
One night, my friend stayed over
We laughed and fixed and ordered
Something about him drew me in
What? It’s totally platonic!
That night was so exciting
His quips were so enticing
Hours went by like seconds then,
What happens is iconic~
He’s not so meek, I bite my beak
He tells a joke, I almost choked
He combs my hair I sit there
Blacking out for the first time~
Next thing I know, I lose control
I finally kiss him but Oh No!
I see a face in my window
Then my brain starts to go
Na (x9) No! You can’t risk falling off your throne!
La (x9) Love is something you don’t even know
Na (x9) No you can’t risk falling off your throne
La (x9) Love... you don’t even know
Rewind, Induce Amnesia
Deny the truth it’s easier
You’re just confused believe him
When he says “There’s nothing there”
It’s never worth it
When you’re Mister...Perfect~
I am almost done with the 2nd chapter in my TechRev fic, but in the mean time enjoy this while thing I typed out!
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Ok, I’m working really hard on my latest chapters, (and I’ve got 3 weeks left on the quarter) so here’s a song that’s gonna take place in the 2nd half of my Non canon fic related to my DT OCs
Ru: Right here, Right now.  I’ll put the offer out.  I’m not gonna chase you down, but I hope you’ll see it.  You run with me, and I’ll help cut you free, out of the misery and walls you keep in.  So trade out typical for somethin’ colorful, and if it’s crazy live a little crazy.  You can play it sensible, Queen of conventional or you can risk it all and see~
Don’t you wanna get away
From the same old part you gotta play
‘Cause I got what you need to come with me and take the ride
It’ll take you to the other side
So you can do like you do, or you can do like me
Stay in the cage, or just risk it and take the key
Oh damn suddenly you’re free to fly
It’ll take you to the other side
Kyo: Ok, my friend you’re trying to cut me in.  Well I hate to tell you that it just won’t happen.  So thanks, but no.  You see I’m good to go, ‘cause I do enjoy the life you say I’m trapped in.  Now I admire you, and all those heists you do.  You’re on to something, really it’s something, but I work among the swells and we don’t clean up broken shells. I’ll have to leave that up to you~
Don’t you know that I’m okay
with this High class part I get to play
Cause I got what I need and I don’t need to take the ride
I don’t need to see the other side
So you can do like you do, I’m good to do like me
Not in a cage so I don’t need to snatch the key
Oh damn can’t you see I’m doing fine
I don’t need to see the other side
Ru:  Now is this really how you’re gonna spend your days?
With Loose ends, Treachery, and scheming away
Kyo: If I were mixed up with you,
I’d be the talk of the town.
Disgraced and kicked out, another one of the clowns.
Ru: But you would finally live a little.
Finally laugh a little.
Just let me give you the freedom to dream,
and it’ll wake you up, and cure your aching,
take those walls and get to breaking
Now that’s an offer that seems worth takin’
Well I guess I’ll leave that up to you~
Kyo: Well it’s enticing, but to go would cost me greatly
So what percentage of the team would I be taking?
Ru: Heh fair enough you want a piece of all the action, I’ll give you seven, it’s a win-win we’ll make it happen
Kyo: I wasn’t born this morning eighteen would be just fine~
Ru: Why not just go ahead and ask for pennies on the dime!
Kyo: 15!
Ru: I’d do 8!
Kyo: 12!
Ru: How ‘bout 9!
Kyo: 10.
Both: Don’t you wanna get away to a whole new part you wanna play
‘Cause I got what we need to come with me and take the ride
To the other side~
Ru: So if you do like I do
Kyo: So if you do like me
Both: Forget the cage, ‘cause we already stole the key~
Oh damn suddenly we’re free to fly
We’re going to the other side!
Kyo: So if you do like I do
Ru: To the other side!
Kyo: So if you do like me
Ru: We’re going to the other side!
Both: ‘Cause if you do we’re going to the other side~
We’re going to the other side!
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sidecharactersdomatter · 13 days ago
It’s our Love Story
We were both young when I first met you
I close my eyes and it all comes back 
we’re standing there
On that veranda midsummer’s air
There were lights, there was music and dancing
And as we made our ways through the crowd
you said “Hello”  Little did I know,
That you Romeo you were not that subtle
Still my parents said, “Stay away from ‘Julien’
That made me breakdown in my bedroom
Begging you not to go, then I said
Romeo take me somewhere we can be alone 
I’ll be waiting, all there’s left to do is run
Let’s go far away, and we’ll make it out of this mess
It’s our love story, baby please say ‘Yes’
Then I snuck out to the garden to meet you
We stay silent ‘cause we’re doomed if they knew
So close your eyes
Escape the palace for a little while, (Oh, Woah)
‘Cause we were meant to be if not everyone agreed
Still I don’t care about that because you’re all I need
 I know you’re everything to me, and I don’t want to let you go~
And I said,
I’m coming Julien I won’t leave you all alone
Just keep waiting, all that’s left to do is run
I know I’m not your prince and at least you’re not my princess
It’s our love story, baby please say ‘Yes’
Romeo save me, they’re trying to tell me how to feel
I know it’s difficult, but it is real
Don’t be afraid, we’ll make it out of mess
It’s our love story, baby please say, ‘Yes’
I was getting desperate, wondering if you were even coming at all
I almost became hopeless, then I met you near the old castle walls
And I said,
Romeo take me somewhere we can be alone,
I’ll be waiting all there’s left to do is run
Is this just a dream, I don’t know what to think, 
Then you knelt to the ground and you showed me a ring and said,
Marry me Julien, you’ll never have to be alone
I love you ‘cause that’s all I really know
I spoke with your folks and we’ve got time for planning
It’s our love story baby just say ‘Yeah’
‘Cause we were both young when I first met you
(please tag your ship)
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sidecharactersdomatter · 13 days ago
Here’s hoping that Ashley Tisdale guest stars in an episode of Amphibia next season, similar to Brenda Song guest voicing in a Phineas and Ferb episode.
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sidecharactersdomatter · 13 days ago
I actually know the greatest Adversary known to Viren and Kasef: 
A 6-hour lecture on Ethics
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sidecharactersdomatter · 16 days ago
Probably Ruby Rose: Alright!  Let’s put these peepers to work!
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sidecharactersdomatter · 17 days ago
Ok here are my questions regarding your fic.
1- from oldest to youngest what are there ages.
2- I know you ship tech x rev but do you also ship Danger ( daffy) x ace ( bugs)?
3- is Mastermind the villian
4- who is gonna be sourpuss Grimsby.
Thanks hope this isn't alot. If it is just break it up I won't mind
1. That will be answered in the end notes of Chapter 2~! (Also the other chapters after it) ;)
2. I'm pretty Neutral when it comes to Ace X Danger/Bugs x Daffy, the main reason being that I'm a die hard Tina x Daffy fan since I really like their dynamic on The Looney Tunes Show
3. I've been watching clips of LU on youtube and I get how a lot of people on tumblr are ticked off about the villain designs of the series, and yeah I think they should've also been anthros or lesser known Tune characters so no. I also haven't planned on who's gonna be the Ursula or main conflict for the fic.
4. Apparently nobody's gonna share traits with Grim, since this AU is gonna be super different from the OG HCA (Hans Christian Andersen) story and the Disney version. (I do have plans to include characters such as Beaky Buzzard aside from my own cool OCs)
I'm really hard at work with Chapter 2, and I hope that will give you the right information for my AU.
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sidecharactersdomatter · 18 days ago
Ok guys Which is more gay?
A) Being gay
B) or whatever the heck those 2 gophers had in The Looney Tunes Show
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sidecharactersdomatter · 19 days ago
Wip Wednesday
Pearl black eyelids started to blink revealing bright blue eyes looking up at the sea stone ceiling.  Daffy’s vision started to adjust to the morning light softly glowing from the window into his shared room with the Runner brothers.
“Ugh, that dream again…”  he thought in reluctance and carefully stretched his upper body.  After getting all the kinks out of his limbs and muscles Daffy quickly laid back in his bed, now resting on his side.
“It’s been 10 years since the Runners took me in.  At the end of the day I’m still lucky I didn’t end up as shark chum or any chum given how lean I am.” Daffy proudly thought of his slim figure.
As he was about to start napping, the merduck felt his kelp blanket being swiped right off of him/  That whole unexpected maneuver made Daffy try to snatch back the heat preserving covers in vain.  As he sat up in his anemone bed, Daffy saw that it was none other than his older foster brother Rev who quickly held the seaweed blanket out of his reach, giving a triumphant pose and playfully flicking out his tongue.
“Rise-and-shine!-Wakey-Wakey-sea-salt-flakey!-Time-to-get-up-and-at-’em-Daffy!” the older merbird greeted his adoptive brother, eagerness blooming in his spirit.
“Five.  More.  Minutes.” groused Daffy not yet ready to admit defeat.
Chapter 4 Spoilers (aka Daffy Duck Runner Once Said):
“If it involves swimming up to where he lives and splashing around to get his attention. Count me out.”
“Don’t expect a whole fancy dancey Musical number from me to keep you in check.”
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sidecharactersdomatter · 20 days ago
Relationship ended with Sword Art Online now
Glitch Techs is my new best friend
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sidecharactersdomatter · 22 days ago
The Mandalorian but with 0% context
Din: I can take care of a baby. I used to be a baby! I think, I don’t really have any memories before the age of 15.
(Sees Grogu)
Din: So what’s up man? Not much of a talker? What’re you into?
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