over 18 please. SOLO LOUIE. I follow from @ssfoc.
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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.
I like Louis but some comments are right. We know he looks better that this pic, because we saw the livestream, but that picture isn't the best. If he was looking up and not holding a cig he'd look better because that position isn't the best for his features and the lightning. I'm not going to go and publish this on Twitter or the DM but sometimes as a public person you have to think about that
Sometimes being a rock musician isn’t about how “pretty” you can be.
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Here’s the chord Louis was playing in the picture!
Credits to louvaleries on Twitter!
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Hello Sea, Louis is still in Mexico?
I think the photos at the airport today were of Louis leaving from Mexico City.
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what did jesobel do now?
I’m like 70% sure she’s hanging out with Rusty. Also I made the mistake of following her on IG and every time she posts random shit while LTHQ sits untouched I get really annoyed.
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Tumblr media
please PLEASE announce something.......
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I think louis accepted that he can never have a success in pop cause there is already the great star from oned he wont never have the support the money so he maybe in his second album is doing what he really love no care anymore to reach the success cause he cant. For success in mean awards, big awards, big radios that play him. So maybe we will listen rock or indie or pop rock who knows but im glad he realized that.
First, Louis realized that he can’t have success in pop because when success was within reach (in 2017)— it was deliberately cut off.
Everything else— awards, award acceptance, festivals, radio play, branding— is a consequence of NOT BEING ALLOWED TO SUCCEED, not being allowed to overshadow the manufactured success of Harry Styles.
It really is that straightforward.
The genre of music that Louis wants to move toward is a genre he has always loved. Unlike Harry, Louis has been consistent in the type of music he has liked since the beginning of 1D. The band shirts he has worn has been consistent with his taste. Unlike Harry, Louis isn’t liking these bands for their aesthetic or their popularity. He hasn’t sucked up to them hoping for a mutual promo or for some cringe-ass purple prose to show up in Rolling Stone.
Second, the music will be different, and Louis did worry about the fanbase accepting the change. But he scrapped an entire pop album and arrived at Walls. Whether that was by choice or by force, here we are. If he’s not allowed branding by promo, might as well write and perform whatever he loves. Agree with that.
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sea i’m the loam fendlison anon why y’all can’t accept the truth again it’s not my fault Louis listen to his album everyday night and being the biggest fan of him Nah😭 w
hy y’all so mad at me I’m just a poor human being here and please note that just today I've finally got the right amount of serotonin in the blood i haven't separate him 120 days please be more tender like sam fender who btw good gets along with louis
Loam Fendlinson I am going to 🔪🔪🔪 - after 🙄that other ship🙄 none of us are ever gonna deep dive into his business again.
Yes Louis deserves sweet love but Sam is a bit “I’m too pretty,” and you know what?? We are done with the guys who think they’re too pretty! Done with their indie haughtiness! Done with their square jaws! Done with competing eyelashes! Done with the misnaming of Louies! Lemme quote Kendrick Lamar real quick, bitch be
(P.S. Sam’s a good guy, no argument there, but take your Fendlinson and head straight toward the exit please.)
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
“good things to come”
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Tumblr media
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2M likes in 3 hours so sexy
hmmm we need new content - Louis please -
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Perrie liked Louis Tomlinson’s Instagram post!
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guitar calling fender😳
louis and sam dating so true loam fendlinson is real
come off anon so i can block you 😘
loam??? NO
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Sergio calling him his bro is so cute bc as an argentinian i can tell you an argentine does NOT go around calling british people stuff like that lmao. I assume they are on talking terms??? they seem friendly
Yeah I don’t think it’s their first interaction haha
Tumblr media
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How is Louis Tomlinson so edgy & sexy, yet so pretty & soft at the same time? How.
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2 MILLION likes on instagram 🥵
Three hours.
(Truly we were held in suspense long enough.)
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Not too impressed that he's glamorizing smoking again.
Haha how many of these are you going to send.
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