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prose-for-hirean hour ago
Honestly after I make my shadowhunters vine video i think I'm making a jenna marbles buffy one because I'm just finding more quotes. "Ladies can you tell me where the men are" Openly bisexual skaterboi Xander - 馃彍
This sounds good !!!
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prose-for-hirean hour ago
How was your day?-馃憗
My day was okay! I鈥檓 at a bit of a loose end at the moment lol I mostly cuddled up to some cats plus it was sunny which always puts me in a better mood
Hope yours improved love 馃挅馃挅
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prose-for-hire2 hours ago
I love that i had two breakdowns before school and my mom still made me go :/. Ugh im sorry for telling you this i just have no one to talk to. Lemme know if you want me to stop doing this and i will! -馃憗
Aw babe I鈥檓 so sorry to hear that, try and look after yourself the best that you can 馃挏
If you wanna send it in, I want to hear it. I hope you鈥檙e okay maybe watch something you enjoy to try and relax (I presume schools done now???)
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prose-for-hire2 hours ago
Is it bad that I would've loved to have seen Oz, Willow, and Tara as happy poly trio? You know, when Oz returns with more control. Instead of the whole dramatic moment of Willow trying to figure out who to choose.
I think that a poly trio is something that should definitely replace the who will they choose love triangle thing in a whole bunch of cases lol
However, I personally think in this case it was a turning point for Willow and her sexuality, as in she was choosing Tara and thus choosing to date women! But that鈥檚 the beauty of fanfic/discussion like this we can explore these possibilities!
It鈥檚 totally up to individual interpretation and they would be the cutest trio of all time honestly !! 馃挏
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prose-for-hire3 hours ago
Group of rock/metal fans: Ew, woman! You aren't a real fan get back to the kitchen >:)
The people they listen to: Yeah I mean I just really love my wife.
- 馃彍
True !! 馃挏
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prose-for-hire3 hours ago
This is long and unnecessary: Tbh in Grease, I think Kenickie is the chillest character. I get it's for the story, but Sandy is hella awful to Tom lmao (even if she is still pretty nice). Danny is obvious, Rizzo is obvious (I'll never understand why people praise her so much for bullying Sandy), Doodie and Putzie aren't as bad as Sonny and I still like them, but they continuously bully Eugene and Jan and Marty are still shown to follow along Rizzo's lead more than anyone. Frenchie I kind of put with Kenickie in a way, the only time she's mean to anyone is at the sleepover when she feels peer pressure from the others. During the re-meet at the pep rally, Kenickie just stares at Danny, Danny digs that hole for himself. Same at one of the diner scenes. He laughs about it but I would even say the other T-birds take jabs at Sandy more. He also recognizes that Danny portrayed himself differently around Sandy than them, because he jokes about silver bullets = werewolves having split identities (idk goes to phrase it but you get it). The only other actually shitty things I can think that he did other than watching others do them is knocking that kids books down at the very beginning (sucks but minor inconvenience) and the Patty Simcox skirt thing (I don't feel bad for her she's obviously just as shitty). When he's in the background of the second diner scene you can see him laughing and with a variety of people outside the t-birds. Also duh the baby thing which was super kind and brave. He didn't even push Rizzo to sleep with him after they found out the condom was bust (which again he was also prepared and brought even if it didn't work out), she initiated it back up. I just really like Kenickie and I needed someone to tell; feel free to not post this because I don't want to annoy everyone else - 馃彍
I like Rizzo lol !! I don鈥檛 personally go in for splitting characters into good or bad camps but it can be fun to do so, I鈥檓 sure !!
I don鈥檛 have any strong feelings either way about them but I always found Sandy a little boring (doesn鈥檛 mean I dislike her though)
This was really interesting though to see your perspective! I just watch it at face value and bop to the songs !! 馃枻馃挅
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prose-for-hire4 hours ago
I perfer the characters when you write them because there is less misogyny. Its the core of the charaters without j/w's biases which is more enjoyable. One of my favorites fics (because the concept was hilarious) was Buffy sans slut shaming. I dont remember the name and, sadly, cant find it again. It was literally just the show with the slut shaming removed which was a more accessible escape for me. Sometimes I perfer fics to the show because the fans will sometines have an air of kindness when they write it whereas the shows writers often had an air of "I hate teenage girls". You're fics allow me to appreciate the show a bit more because it higlights the good points without making me relive the bad.
Oh my god this is like the ultimate compliment !! That fic sounds good lol !!
I hate how often young women get shit so much of the time and so I鈥檓 more than glad I鈥檓 not adding to that !! 馃挅馃挅馃挅
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prose-for-hire8 hours ago
If I like her in your fics but not the show, it means you've made her her best possible self while still sticking true to her character. - 馃彍
This is a nice way of putting it thank you !! 馃挏
I was just sharing some of my doubts that creep in there sometimes! It鈥檚 natural to have doubts I still like how I write her or I wouldn鈥檛 do it that way I guess !!
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prose-for-hire8 hours ago
to be fair rather than being out of character it might just be seeing a character in a romantic context that makes someone like them more in fanfiction than in canon
This is true! I can romanticise p much anyone I can get my hands on 馃挅
I鈥檝e even convinced myself I like certain characters I didn鈥檛 have an opinion on before I started to write them lol
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prose-for-hire8 hours ago
What is the plot of Grease, really? You could say "It's obviously about the car" but literally everytime I watch it, the race seems more unimportant and forgettable. It's really everyone just kind of doing stuff, no real plot other than "Yeah, we all lowkey suck except for 2/3 people" - 馃彍
Whole plot is unimportant, the main thing I take from it is music and fun 鉁
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prose-for-hire9 hours ago
The Write Stuff Meme
Thanks for the tag @idabbleincrazy !! 馃挅
Bold/colour the writing habits that you relate to!
I write: daily | most days | a few times a week | a few times a month | random
I write most often: when I first get up | later in the morning | afternoon | evening | the wee hours of the night | whenever
In one sitting, I tend to write: a few sentences at a time | a few hundred words | a few thousand words | a complete chapter/section no matter how long | An outline | whatever comes
I tend to write scenes: in chronological order with no skipping | mostly in order but with some filler/skipping | whatever scene I feel like | who knows what鈥檚 gonna come out????
The things that comes easiest to me are: dialogue | description of senses | description of action | description of characters | exposition | other [please specify: ] conveying emotion
I tend to write: on a phone | on a laptop | in a notebook | on whatever paper I can find | with speech to text | in the blood of my enemies | it doesn鈥檛 really matter to me | on paper first and then typed up | old school typewriter | on a computer
When I take a break from writing, it usually lasts: a few days | a few weeks | a few months | it鈥檚 kind of random
My favourite thing to do when I鈥檓 on a writing break is: recharge with other creative hobbies | read/consume other media | do something physical | catch up with old friends | work on my WIP in other ways like with playlists or art | other [please specify]:
In general, I think my writing habits are: pretty much what I need them to be | okay, but I鈥檓 working on making them better | non-existent | not great :/ | i鈥檓 excited to develop them further | totally random | perfect for me :D
Tagging: @killian-spey @jakkisukaru @alltheangstmygifttoyou @spuffyfan394 & anyone that wants to have a go 馃挅
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prose-for-hire9 hours ago
If you recall me saying your work makes me like every character equally, that even includes Faith, a character that makes me so uncomfy. I'm this 馃憣 close to going through her entire masterpost, good job - 馃彍
babe !!!! This is so kind of you this truly means a lot 馃挅馃挅
(but really u don鈥檛 have to read her stuff if a character makes you uncomfy !!)
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prose-for-hire9 hours ago
Death Would be Kinder [ch.1]
Words: 2626
Fic Concept: Jenny Calendar鈥檚 sister spends some 鈥渜uality time鈥 with the Season 2 Vampire Squad. [Ch.1 takes place in BtVS S2 Ep14]
TW/CW: Kidnapping, Violence, Nightmares.
AN: Check out the [Prologue] first if you haven鈥檛 already! :D
Tags: @prose-for-hire , (Comment below or send an ask to be added!)
Tumblr media
You had run through the sewers for hours before you pulled yourself out of a manhole halfway across town. Escaping from the factory had worn you out completely, and you made your way home, hoping that Angel and Buffy had done the same.
When you got home, Jenny was asleep on the couch. It looked as though she'd been waiting up all night for you. You tucked a blanket over her and took her empty tea mug to the kitchen before going upstairs, where you flopped into bed and immediately found sleep.
You opened your eyes in the dark and two stormy grey eyes were staring into yours. You sat up confused as your eyes adjusted to the dark. A moment passed, then a new pair blinked into existence; they were blue, cold and unmoving. Their faces grew recognizable and a pit of anxiety grew in your stomach. Spike was leaning against your window sill. Drusilla was laying on your bed, reaching for you with one hand. You stumbled backwards with a yelp, falling onto your floor. Yellow eyes flashed once in your peripheral and then everyone was gone, just as quickly as they'd all appeared.
As you stood up, you found yourself in the factory. It was brighter here, but cold and empty. You spun, looking for an exit. Flashes of images knocked you off balance like punches. A red dress, flowing ribbon, blonde hair, black hair, crooked smiles, pointed teeth. Bells rang in your head, you saw a wheelchair, then painted red nails, then a ridged face. Your head was spinning. You were spinning. Faster and faster until you felt nauseous.
It stopped suddenly. A single thought pierced your adrenaline-rushing head. Soon-
You opened your eyes with a gasp, staring at the ceiling of your bedroom. It was morning and your alarm was going off. You stayed there a few minutes, snoozing the alarm so you could let your heart catch up with reality -or rather slow down to reality- before you got ready for the day and hopped in the car with your sister. Seems Buffy wasn鈥檛 the only one having bad dreams about vampires that should've been dead. Lucky you...
As it turns out, Buffy and Angel didn鈥檛 check in after last night鈥檚 screw up at the factory; thankfully Buffy came into school a couple minutes later to confirm she was still alive. The same couldn鈥檛 be said for Angel though, so tensions were high among the Scoobies while researching the Judge.
You were asked to use your artistic skills to draw the Judge to the best of your memory while the others looked into tomes with written references. The world tended to pass you by when you were drawing, so you almost didn鈥檛 notice when your sister left the library. She had been summoned by your Uncle, but for what you didn鈥檛 know. Not long after, the lights went out.
You stalked out of the library, seeing Xander, Willow, and Angel in the lobby of the school just down the hall. Willow was making her way towards Angel when-
鈥淲illow, get away from him.鈥 Jenny came from the left, holding up a cross as she stepped towards Angel. Oh. Oh no. You pulled a stake from your belt and called out to Willow as calmly as you could muster.
鈥淲illow, walk back towards me.鈥
鈥淲hat are you two talking about? It鈥檚 just A-鈥
Angel lunged forward and grabbed Willow by the neck. Familiar yellow eyes peered out of the darkness of the hallway as Willow yelped, struggling against the choke hold.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e not Angel anymore, are you?鈥 Jenny walked closer to Angel.
鈥淲rong. I am Angel, at last.鈥 He pulled Willow back away from Jenny, 鈥淚鈥檝e got a message for Buffy.鈥
鈥淲hy don鈥檛 you give it to me yourself?鈥
The two of them exchanged words and fought, allowing Willow the opportunity to escape Angel鈥檚 clutches and join your huddled group on the outskirts of the fight. Buffy got shoved into the water fountain, dumbfounded as Angel walked out the door laughing. The fight was over as quickly as it started, and a blanket of stunned silence covered the whole group. After what felt like an eternity of numb, unmoving shock, you and Jenny gave each other a knowing look. You鈥檇 failed. Angel was gone.
You don鈥檛 remember how long you鈥檇 been sitting in the library, vaguely listening to the group tell Giles about the confrontation with Angelus. Jenny was trying to keep Giles from panicking, and you sat numbly with your guilt. You only looked up when Buffy fled the room, Giles calling after her. You wanted so badly to apologize, but if Buffy ever found out what you鈥檇 known, she might kill you herself. You excused yourself from the library, mumbling to Jenny that you鈥檇 be in the studio back home.
The garage door creaked as you lifted it. Jenny had given you one of the car bays to use as an art studio while you lived in Sunnydale. Your studio was one of the only places you knew where you could truly be alone with yourself. Jenny had never judged you or your art. Ever since your parents died, she鈥檇 stepped up and been supportive of you. You brushed your hand along the top of your canvas stash, picking a large, almost square canvas and setting it on your easel.
Painting had been a way for you to cope with strong emotions for as long as you could remember, but with the events of today you felt lost. You sat on your stool in front of that blank white canvas for what must have been hours. You eventually decided that nothing could convey what you were feeling in the moment, so you decided to paint something the opposite.
You used cream-white, gold and rust to block out a background; it was light, idyllic, and serene. It would be a white-stone conservatory, full of hanging candles and lanterns with a mezzanine balcony covered in ivy. Over that you dropped bright, vibrant tones of yellows and reds and greens. You blocked them into the spaces you would put dancers in flowing gowns and painted blues where you would place their partners. It would be full of life. You stood back a moment, studying. The scene was missing something; joy and innocence, maybe. You place a few, short splotches of pinks and light yellows for younger girls. They were running in a small stampede, weaving through the forest of colorful silks on the dance floor- chasing after fairies or some magic that existed only in their imaginations. There it was. You had vague shapes and a vision, and you were intent on chasing it.
You painted all through the night, and well into the morning. Jenny had left for the school hours ago, but hadn鈥檛 said anything. The painting was finally done. You sat in your stool and wiped your hands on your jeans. It was done, you had worked for hours, you had cried for Angel, you had smiled for the imaginary children, and for a moment you were satisfied... Then you noticed it.
In the center of your painting was a lone dancer. She wore a red gown with dark lace over the bodice and had equally dark hair. Your painting was somewhat post-impressionist, preferring interesting shapes over pinpoint detail, but it was unmistakable. In a ballroom of strangers, you鈥檇 painted her. Drusilla. You didn鈥檛 know what to think about that.
You stared at Drusilla in the painting, stuck in an introspective daze until a creaking sound pulled you back to reality. Your uncle had opened the garage door and stepped into the studio bay with two cups of coffee. You pulled up a stool for him and he handed you one, sitting beside you in front of the painting.
鈥淛anna called,鈥 he began cautiously. 鈥淪he is on her way home with your friend, Buffy. I don鈥檛 know how, but she knows.鈥
鈥淪he鈥檚 going to hate me for this,鈥 You scanned the sweeping lines of a yellow skirt somewhere else on your painting, trying not to let the tears prickle at the corners of your eyes.
The door to the garage opened behind you both and you looked down into your mug, anxiously tapping your nail against the ceramic. You couldn鈥檛 bear to look Buffy in the eyes, your guilt returning in full force.
Your uncle lit a pipe and stood up as he spoke,
鈥淪he told me you would be coming. I suppose you want answers,鈥
鈥淣ot really.鈥 The voice wasn鈥檛 Buffy鈥檚.
You snapped your head towards the door to find Angelus leaning against the door frame, blocking your exit. You scrambled, picking up a fistful of wooden paint brushes off your work table in a desperate search for weapons. You spun back towards Angelus just in time to watch him snap your uncle鈥檚 neck. An arm smacked against your leg as he dropped onto the concrete floor- a sensation you would no doubt remember the rest of your life. You snapped a large paintbrush in half to give it a pointier edge, but Angelus grabbed your wrist before you could even make a move on him. This was the sickening moment you realized just exactly how tall Angelus was. Exactly how far above he loomed over you.
鈥淎h, ah.鈥 He tutted at you with a smirk. 鈥淲ouldn鈥檛 want to go angering the guy who holds your life in his hands, now would you?鈥 He twisted your wrist until you let go of the brush, then wrapped his other hand around your throat and pushed you onto the worktable.
鈥淵ou know, it really is embarrassing that you鈥檙e so darn fragile!鈥
He was laughing, but he was right. In comparison you were a mouse fighting a lion, you had no chance against him. You clawed fruitlessly at his hand, but he just squeezed harder. Your vision was already fuzzing out, and it was getting difficult to even see Angelus鈥 face clearly as he taunted you.
鈥淥h, stop squirming, you鈥檒l be unconscious in a minute, kid. Lucky for you, I need some bait. So you get to live for a while, isn鈥檛 that exciting?!鈥 His voice was giving you something tangible to focus on, but it was no use. Another moment and you were unconscious.
Your head pounded like a drum when you woke up. You opened your eyes, but it took a while for them to adjust to the dim light. You tried to rub your eyes, but your hands were tied down to the armrests of the chair you were sat in. Your eyes darted around for any sign of Angelus, but found none. Everything was empty. Silent. Against your better judgement, you called out into the empty factory.
You waited. No one responded, but you felt you were being watched.
You didn鈥檛 know how much time had passed before you heard a small, soft melody coming from behind you. Humming. Your heartbeat kicked up a notch as you scanned the room.
鈥淚 can hear you going pitter-patter from here,鈥 Drusilla had spoken from a place you couldn鈥檛 see. You heard each of her footsteps click closer and closer behind you until you could feel her standing just inches away. You let out a shaky breath and she shushed you quietly.
She ran her hands through your hair, dragging long red fingernails across your scalp. She began detangling your hair with her fingers, idly humming once again. You let your head tip back as she picked lightly at a particularly bad snag, dismantling it and continuing her exploration of your hair. By now you鈥檇 noticed you were crying, silently terrified and unnerved by the ministrations of the vampire behind you. She yanked a new snag in your hair and you couldn鈥檛 help the small yelp that escaped you.
鈥淚s the doll hurting?鈥 She pulled her hands away when she realized you weren鈥檛 going to answer her. She walked agonizingly slowly around your chair, stopping directly in front of you. 鈥淚t鈥檚 rude to ignore people.鈥 You stared at the floor, avoiding her gaze. You did notice, however horrified, that she was wearing a new, yet familiar, red dress with black lace.
You could feel her staring down at you, almost willing you to look at her. When you didn鈥檛, she dropped to her knees to meet your eye line, resting her cheek on your knee. You studied her face as she ghosted her hand up and down your left thigh, occasionally picking at the smatterings of paint that were still all over your jeans.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e an artist. I like artists,鈥 She picked up her head and you chuckled nervously as she looked at you. In a morbid way, you were glad she liked you, whatever that meant. It might mean I live a little longer.
You looked up at the ceiling uncomfortably, then scanned the room for an escape, for something, anything you could do. She dragged her finger from your thigh up to your neck as she looked up at you. For a moment, you were scared she鈥檇 slice your throat, but she wrapped her hand around your jaw and pulled your face down gently to look at her.
鈥淵ou鈥檒l be my little pet Artist. We鈥檒l have lots of fun together,鈥 She stared into your eyes with a dangerous smile. She rubbed her thumb against your jawline -her hand still holding your face as she stood up- until she burst into a fit of giggles. She dropped your face and pulled her hands together, close to her chest, as she walked backwards a few paces.
As if she鈥檇 sensed him coming, Spike rolled into the room and stopped his chair just next to you. Drusilla gracefully perched herself on Spike鈥檚 lap and after a few minutes of flirting, Angelus came down the spiral staircase with the Judge, who voiced that he was ready to leave.
鈥淎bout time.鈥 Spike gave Drusilla a kiss and told her to have fun.
鈥淭oo bad you can鈥檛 come with, huh?鈥 Angelus was taunting Spike and -despite your fear- you were studying the interactions for a better understanding of the relationships at play. Spike was staying behind under the pretense of watching you, but it was a thinly veiled jab at his current handicap. You watched silently as Angelus practically stole Drusilla off Spike鈥檚 lap before they left the factory. Spike stared at the doorway they'd left from for a while before he glanced back at you, staring at him. You dropped your eyes immediately, but it was too late.
鈥淲hat are you lookin鈥 at?鈥 He wheeled himself to the other side of the table.
鈥淚 won鈥檛 be in this chair forever. I鈥檒l get back at him.鈥
鈥淥f course you will.鈥
He squinted at you, probably just as surprised as you that鈥檇 you鈥檇 actually spoken back at him. He turned his chair and got up close to you again, murder glinting behind his eyes.
鈥淎re you being funny? 鈥楥ause I could kill you in half a second, you know.鈥
鈥淣o, no jokes,鈥 You shook your head at him, weakly lifting your hands within your restraints in surrender. The last thing you wanted was for him to prove just how tough he still is.
鈥淕ood, cause I would,鈥 he pointed his finger at you as he continued on, 鈥...kill you, I mean.鈥
鈥淩ight.鈥 You squinted, processing.
鈥淵ou鈥檇 do well to remember that.鈥
You pressed your lips together and nodded awkwardly. He stared at you about 7 seconds longer than he needed to before huffing and rolling off to another room. As soon as you were alone, you sighed in relief and stared up at the ceiling; only one thought in your mind.
Oh. My. God.
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prose-for-hire20 hours ago
Right on time
Pairing: Spike x reader; Faith x reader [reader dates men & women]
Request: Not requested. I鈥檓 trying to write whatever鈥檚 coming into my head even if it isn鈥檛 my best so that I can be inspired to write something potentially better for a fic someone鈥檚 requested lolll. Requests will still be written but they may be a little slower than normal sorry 馃挅
Desc: Reader was in a relationship with Faith but since she was in a coma the reader turned to Spike for comfort and feelings begin to grow.
Warning: Sex references; set in hospital; mention or discussion of a kind of loss. swearing.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The walls appeared to be closing in again. The noise around you lulled every so often with a sombre silence. The hollowed eyes of loss surrounded you but had no reason to look your way. They were all stuck in their own minds. A funeral march in the making.
The occasional laughter bubbled up, from those that clutched hope so desperately their knuckles were perpetually white. It didn鈥檛 feel right in this place though, it was a surreal room that held both the impending horror and delight depending on what the doctor said next. You could nearly taste it in the air it was that strong. The mixture of such strong emotions blanketed the room in a thick tension. A kind of purgatory.
You were sitting in the adjoined caf茅 to the hospital coaxing your mug to give you some answers when you didn鈥檛 even know what questions to ask. You stared into your mug, wishing it could offer you come kind of comfort. The human touch you craved just couldn鈥檛 be replicated. Her touch. It had been so long now that you had almost given up.
Faith was in a coma. The only woman you had ever fallen in love with couldn鈥檛 open her eyes. Could barely breathe on her own. She shouldn鈥檛 be lying there. She didn鈥檛 deserve that, no matter the choices she made. She didn鈥檛 deserve to end her days this way. Or any way, in your opinion.
When you had been together, just the two of you it had been so good. You redefined the meaning of love together. You were unapologetically each other鈥檚. You promised forever and she had been taken away from you.
She had confided in you in a way that she couldn鈥檛 with anyone else. You shared hushed whispers, swapping your pasts beneath the sheets together. You had loved her when she lived out of a motel and you had loved her just the same when she lived in her apartment that the Mayor had bought for her.
She could be so soft when she wanted to be. Holding you into her and not letting the cruel world touch either of you. You were completely embraced by her adoration and you just hope that she felt the same.
That she knew that you would rather be in her place. That you loved her just as much now as you did the first day you whispered those words to her. Your skin on hers, wrapped in a sheet as the afternoon stretched out before you. It had been such bliss.
You still visited every Friday. Held her hand and told her that you love her. Spoke to her, told her everything about your life. Everything except鈥
Spike. He appeared before you just as your mind turned to him. As it often did, recently. You squinted, thinking he must have followed you.
This was unlike him anymore. He would usually wait around the crypt or in the alley around the back of the Bronze for you to decide the inevitable. That you would spend the night with him. Losing yourself in his touch. Fucking him until you could almost forget her. But you never did, of course.
You both knew the arrangement, don鈥檛 get attached. Don鈥檛 stay for breakfast (or dinner, should it be that way around). It suited you both. It was for comfort, you had both found yourselves increasingly isolated. On the peripheries of the Scoobies whilst still being hauled back in to help when they remembered you both existed. Still, there was no warmth from them. None of them trusted either of you.
You turned to each other, shielding from the cold. The loneliness that seeped in no matter how you tried to protect yourselves. The reality was that you needed each other. These nights were necessary. The sex was good, you both knew you couldn鈥檛 get better anywhere else.
Admittedly though, more recently you became more and more present in those moments. Where you wouldn鈥檛 leave as soon as you finished. You had been shuffling away without a word passing between you. Not so much as a thank you, come again.
No, you now didn鈥檛 even put up the pretence of going to the Bronze first. You found your way to him as soon as you could. You found yourself increasingly enjoying his presence. Which was something you hadn鈥檛 consciously found yourself feeling since Faith got hurt. Enjoyment. Maybe even happiness. In a strange way, Spike made you feel more than you could remember feeling.
One evening, you stayed up the entire night. Talking. His mind spoke to you. A connection that was fast becoming unbreakable since. Neither of you even suggested more and you hadn鈥檛 realised this until the morning came and you woke up with his arms draped around you. It was a soft intimacy that you hadn鈥檛 found yourself expecting but now it was happening you only wanted more of it.
More of him.
You hadn鈥檛 realised but Spike had been falling even before that night. He had a taste of you. Your body and mind. He saw the ugliest parts of you, the guilt and the sadness that you tried to conceal and loved you wholly.
He wanted to comfort you. Wanted to protect you from your sadness. From the guilt you held for even having a single moment of happiness when Faith no longer could.
He couldn鈥檛 help loving you, the way you spoke even in your sadness was appealing to him. You were a strong person although it was a task for him trying to get you to reveal how you truly felt.
It started to upset him, when you were upset. He found his mood lifted and fell depending on how you felt. On how you spoke about yourself. He was in love with you. All in. He was a fool for love. Or, more, a fool for you.
He so wanted you to see what he did. How he adored you so. That you were truly a gift to the world. That you were the reason he got up in the evening. On the promise of being close to you.
You kept things bottled up, held tightly to your chest. You didn鈥檛 tell him but you felt guilty, what with Faith still breathing and being involved with Spike. The doctors had told you multiple times that it would take a miracle for her to recover. That you should move on. But it was too hard letting go.
That was how you ended up here, psyching yourself up to go and join her by her bedside. Visiting hours started in less than an hour and you were still trying to convince yourself that there was still hope.
Her face, it looked almost peaceful lying in that bed but it brought you anything but peace. You knew she would rather be where the action was. Fighting and fucking in that way that only she could marry together perfectly. You could hold her hand in yours but it was often cold to match the room. You could bend it to curl around you but it never stayed.
You just wanted her to reach for you again, clasp her hand to yours and tell you that it would be okay. That she would make it out. That she could make it out of anything. Her confidence, you had loved it. She was so sure of herself and she had the same confidence in you. she was devoted to you in every way. Had near fought the Mayor over some of the comments he had made about you.
Spike spotted you immediately where you were sat hunched over your seat in the caf茅. He stalked straight towards you, not moving out of anyone鈥檚 way. He sat down in front of you, characteristically throwing himself down and smirking as if this had all been planned. He took the mug from you and downed the remainder of the lukewarm liquid, grimacing at your choice of beverage. He slammed the mug back down, almost cracking it before sniffing and looking back at you expectantly.
鈥淒id you follow me? You know you really shouldn鈥檛 do that to people-鈥 You warned. You had this conversation more than once and he had mostly learned from what you had said. Or so you hoped anyway.
鈥淚 know. I wasn鈥檛, I swear it鈥 He said and when you raised an eyebrow he continued, 鈥淪tocking up wasn鈥檛 I?鈥
He pulled one half of his duster as if trying to sell you something but it revealed several concealed pockets that held blood bags. Human blood. He had come to get lunch.
This type of thing was what you had come to expect of Spike and so you just nodded and accepted it. In fact, you had begun to warm up his blood for him in the mornings when you both woke up together. He liked that you didn鈥檛 look at him in disgust for surviving. That rather you understood. He smiled at you before patting himself down again.
He took a cigarette from his pack and started to light up, forgetting where he was. You reached and took the object from him, dropping it in your cup. The dregs put the lit end out with a disappointing sizzle.
When you had leaned in, his eyes had widened. Your proximity was something he wanted more of. Those soft, familiar gestures of comfort. They meant a lot to him. Although, it wouldn鈥檛 stop him testing just how familiar he could be back to you.
鈥淨uestion is, why are you? Doc said she鈥檚 gone, pet. No point making it harder on yourself鈥 he said slowly, knowing not to push too hard. Last time he had started to press you to talk about it more you hadn鈥檛 spoken to him for a week.聽
You knew what the doctor had said. But you couldn鈥檛 stop coming. You couldn鈥檛 let her go. You couldn鈥檛 leave her behind.
鈥淚 love her鈥 You said sadly. The words stung Spike and he lowered his gaze to the table between you. His jaw tensed and he tried to blink the water from his eyes before you saw it. Your love meant too much to him. Sometimes, you wished it wasn鈥檛 true. You wish you could move on and just forget. But she had meant everything to you, even after she had joined up with the Mayor you stuck by her. You had fallen so deeply.
The way she always held you close. Kissed you until you were breathless as soon as she saw you. That smile that could light up a room. She would have died rather than see you hurt in any way. Faith loved you, you had never doubted it.
But as soon as you thought this your mind moved to Spike. In the same way, he clung to you protectively. Gave you all of his time. Would rather give up anything so that you could have even a second of happiness.
鈥淏ut鈥 I think鈥 I think I feel the same about you鈥 Your sentence exploded from your mouth before you could brace yourself. You hadn鈥檛 even thought them properly before you expressed these words. But, you knew that you meant it. That you adored every part of him.
You were scared though, that he may suffer the same fate as the only other person you loved. You didn鈥檛 need to explain this though, he understood.
He had gasped. Audibly. Spike was looking at you as if you had hung the stars in the sky. He reached for you from across the table, his features crudely carved out of the fluorescent lighting. Yet he still managed to keep this soft expression on his face. The one that was only yours.
鈥淚 have loved you since the first I saw you. Couldn鈥檛 even begin to deny these feelings inside. I need you, near crave you at times. Nothing compares to you, pet. Nothing even comes close鈥
He took your hand in his from over the table as he began to offer his feelings to you. This love that he had harboured in secret for too long. This soft adoration that he could now allow to flow freely. He assured you that he was yours, in any way you wanted him.
His hand caressed yours in such a way that you could no longer imagine him letting go. This intimacy meant more than you could even begin to describe. He slowly rubbed his thumb against the back of your hand as he spoke so earnestly.
You could have cried. Could have thrown the table aside and urgently pressed your lips against his. Instead, you clasped your hand tighter, wove your fingers firmly between his. You needed this. You needed him.
He squeezed your hand tighter as you spoke, trying to shuffle your thoughts into some type of cohesion. You wanted to explain. Wanted to match the beautiful way he expressed his own emotions to you. But something had stopped you. Or, someone. It felt as if someone had a hand wrapped around your neck, squeezing your throat until no words could form.
Your eyesight began to blur. The corners of your vision turning to static. But there was something, a flicker that caught your attention.
Her. Standing there in someone else鈥檚 clothes. Paler than you remembered but still completely her.
鈥淔aith you鈥檙e鈥︹
鈥淩ight on time鈥 She nodded, smiling at you. Although her eye was almost twitching as she looked at the way you were both intimately sprawled across the table. Leaning in towards each other closer as the other spoke.
You couldn鈥檛 help but get up, dropping Spike鈥檚 hand in your shock. Your vision completely enraptured by her. You were so excited you didn鈥檛 hear a British accent muttering 鈥楤loody brilliant鈥 as he contemplated that his relationship with you had just completely changed. Again.
To have everything he had ever wanted from you now potentially ripped away in almost the same breath hurt. Deeply. And so he blamed Faith for it.聽
You launched yourself at her, wrapping your arms around her so enthusiastically. She hissed a little and you moved but you were unable to part from her. You pressed a chaste kiss against her lips before laughing at how amazing it was to have her standing before you after all of this time.
They scowled at each other while your back was turned, hugging Faith more gently again. They knew exactly how the other felt about you. Because they themselves felt it.
You opened your mouth to say something but then it dawned on you. You remembered what you had just said to Spike. Suddenly this reunion was bittersweet. You loved her completely and couldn鈥檛 leave her side now. But life had moved on and you had found yourself a spirit that spoke to yours. You also loved him.
You looked between them both and time stopped. There was no choice here. You knew who your heart belonged to. It was split in two, in equal parts. Your heart - it was theirs.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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1. The antique store isn't hiring and the other place I wanted to work at I need to be 18 2. Apparently my dad's side of the family has enough native American blood that he remembers it so now im even more curious to get a DNA test - 馃彍
That鈥檚 a shame good luck though I鈥檓 sure something will turn up eventually 馃挅
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My dad鈥檚 thoughts on Buffy the Vampire Slayer: 鈥渢his show is a train wreck to me and yet I can鈥檛 stop watching it.鈥濔煃
People love to criticise but end up getting wrapped up in it anyways lol
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I'm trying to make a simple gif with text and have found all the gif makers either don't have what I need or have the stupidest interface ever - 馃彍
K nope I'm done to much work- 馃彍
That鈥檚 a shame !! 馃挏
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Were you the type of kid who heard the term "black market" and thought it was a physical place where people sold their illicit goods over fold up tables until a cop came and everyone ran in different directions leaving organs and drugs and fold up tables scattered in a parking lot?
Yes lol !!! I absolutely was
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