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nopressursworld · 3 days ago
Memories Of Porch
Tumblr media
We build "US" with our own two hands,
I carved your name in one and you carved my name on the other.
I held you with my own two hands,
Felt your heart beat from your chest, you felt it from mine.
Leaves will fall, time will pass, rain will dry,
We will grow old, when, left nothing to live for.
We will remember those; days more,
Where we hold on.
When the day shall come, when we could not walk no more,
We will sit on porch, tea cups.
For that moment to come, young girl rock with me,
Walk with me.
When the day shall come, when we will talk no more,
We will left with those, memories of porch.
Where our families will be together,
In way we will stay together.
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nopressursworld · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Artists with melancholy tune,
Strings and words,
We listen and dissolve.
We listen to some stranger's life experiences which they experience,
Try to feel what that stranger feels, listening to the music and words,
Which are not even ours to begin with.
Instead of questions, we look for answers not even ours,
We relate, we start to live,
If you think, no one can walk in your shoes
In a way, I do, we do.
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nopressursworld · 17 days ago
Change yourself
Tumblr media
Instead of appreciating what you have,
You are here staring in the abyss.
You are tied by the strings of habit,
Do you want to break yourself out of it?
Or you like it how it makes you feel helpless?
And you have others to blame for the mistakes that you have done.
Sometimes it's hard to recognise the person you have become,
Because you change yourself according to your needs.
How can I reason with you,
When you dismiss every thought which say otherwise.
Act like you are helpless,
But you are not.
Why let other define yourself,
Even the person you look up to said,
"If you want answers
Find them in yourself".
Note : when that certain somone going to read this, I am going to have too much on my plate.
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nopressursworld · 18 days ago
"In" is the only way "out"
Tumblr media
After I came back form dark deep,
I looked for you in every corner of world.
Forgot to look you, in me.
I saw the light in me.
The world we see is not in front of us,
But it's just a reflection.
Every part I see, every part of world that I feel,
Every part that reflect in front of me, is in me.
So you are in me,
I found you.
Instead of looking up, I, now believe in me.
Note : does it even make sense? sometimes I think I am not cut out for writing stuff.
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nopressursworld · 24 days ago
Ordinary being
Tumblr media
I am just a ordinary human with problems,
Which I am trying to solve,
But getting dissolve,
Inside my own thoughts.
I am just a ordinary human who think a lot,
Even the small things,
Which in my mind seems,
Fight between me and gods.
I am just a ordinary human who write about what he feels,
In moments they feel like words of wisdom,
But next moment they become words,
Written by some random sad being.
I am not some special being,
I am just a random person who think "maybe my life have some meaning."
But the life is breaking me down,
Telling me "you are not needed."
Ocean calling, at the end, there is new me.
Should I move towards it?
Accept the hardships?
Or take the easy way, remain inside bubble of blaming?
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nopressursworld · 25 days ago
Call me back
Tumblr media
I was in pain, you called me asked me,
"Are you going through your motions again".
I said, "I am working on my pain, I just need some space".
Everyday I called you and everytime it ended, without you taking it.
Everyday I thought, maybe this is day,
You'll call back.
Than I heard you already had me replaced.
While I was still waiting for you to call me back.
Every night questions like, "Was I just a mistake ? someone to be replaced ?
Was I nothing but disgrace ?" Keep me awake.
Now all I want you to say it to my face,
Because I am still waiting for you to call me back.
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nopressursworld · 26 days ago
What if
What if things I am looking for?
Tumblr media
Are here.
What if path I am cutting?
Was always clear.
What if who always wanted to change?
Is me.
What if who I hope to be?
Is me.
What if freedom I am looking for?
Is in me.
What if all the things I have done to gain love?
Is free.
What if hole inside my heart?
Is still a big deal.
What if love I hope to feel?
Is real.
What if where I try to go?
Is here.
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nopressursworld · a month ago
Bird in a cage
Tumblr media
I can see a bird,
Locked up in a cage.
Filled with potential,
Can produce hurricanes.
What is her name?
It doesn't matter,
What truly matters,
Her making a way out of that cage.
To a sky filled with god's grease.
But she stuck in the webs of society,
Doing what she told, frustration,
Dealing we anxiety.
Sometimes I feel like I should make a way,
Tell her that everything will be okay.
But giving fouls hope,
Is worse than no hope.
But I hope she realizes someday,
Making a way is her job.
-no pressure
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nopressursworld · a month ago
Tumblr media
I don't got Gucci,
I don't got audi,
I don't got manson or farrier.
I don't got money,
I don't got girls with some honey.
I got emotions,
I got worries,
I got hope but that thing is blurry.
I got my head up, inside the hole,
In hope, I don't get buried.
I got some some looks,
Never get lucky.
I got some words,
Never come out,
From my mouth.
Note - wrote this just for fun
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nopressursworld · a month ago
Tumblr media
Kid said to me, he look up to me,
"You helped me, be a better man".
You better be.
How can I hold this bottle in my hand,
How can I disappoint another soul.
Get out from this rabbit hole !
I cannot let myself down, I want him to look up,
Put down the bottle, and get up,
Walk away, move towards the door but end up in cold storm.
It's cold, can not see anything,
Only thing which is helping me, my footsteps on snow,
Letting me know, I am moving forward.
I cannot move no more, it's way to cold, collapsed on snow,
My lungs feel like crystal,
Anytime it will break.
With every minute, every second,
My body feels like it's cracking.
Life flashing, was any of it worth anything?
Or was I just lost.
I feel snow covering me whole
Going back inside mother earth,
Inside core, where, there is no snow.
Life is unfair, but that doesn't make it hard,
Having no aim in this world,
What makes it hard.
Last world of traveler ;
"My whole life I ran away from responsibilities,
My whole life I tried to avoid what was in front of me,
My whole life I begged for love, what I finally get it, I still felt empty,
"You helped me", no kid, you helped me,
Atleast I am not closing my eyes because of my addiction,
At last I able to do one thing,
Atleast I am not going back in vain,
I will tell lord, I did something instead of nothing.
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nopressursworld · a month ago
Tumblr media
With every breath he take and exhale,
The breathing tank is getting emptier,
As the breathing stop, body start to float.
He look fine from outside.
Salt water, swollen organs.
No longer, he can think,
No longer, he can speak.
No longer he can remember,
The reason he is in bottom of the ocean,
Everything is numb.
No more anxiety, no more depression,
No more feelings,
No more nothing,
No longer need to care about responsibilities.
Nothing of him,
Only salt water in him.
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nopressursworld · a month ago
Why even create beings as messed up as we are?
Is it a test or are we just inside someone else's arch?
Doing side roles, livin' the boring life, boring than dwarf,
Atleast they were known for their skills, swords they forged.
We are known as fools, who divide in the name of unity.
Push each other down in hell, in name of purity.
Cut each others wings, in the name of sky.
I am just a pessimistic guy,
Write in glass half empty style.
Livin' inside a well, claiming that I have seen the ocean tides,
I try, I try not to see this world with devilish eyes.
Let there be light, light I see,
The power of words even god can not unsee.
Power of words made you and me,
Power of love, what we need.
I am just a pessimistic being,
Don't mind me, I know the reality,
Where I live in,
I don't know the reality where you are.
Make that reality shine, so I can see hope,
I am selfish being in hole,
That I have created in hope.
That someone will see me and hold me,
Show me sympathy,
Writing attention seeking symphony.
Take these words of me,
"This not the world you want to live in.
Don't run away from responsibilities,
They will make you into good human beings."
Tumblr media
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