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neptunesquaresun · a month ago
so, me and my sister were talking about who we’d wanna marry from LOTR.
My sister (Aries Sun, Cancer Moon, Aries Venus, Taurus Mars, Capricorn Dsc):
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Me (Libra Sun and Moon, Scorpio Venus, Leo Mars, Aquarius Dsc):
Tumblr media
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neptunesquaresun · a month ago
why do i find it so difficult to say no?
i’m considering to ditch a project i’m working on - i work 3 different jobs, up until the middle of the night, care for my own apartment and i have a puppy -, because it doesn’t give me as much as i am putting into it. yet, i feel lazy, even though the main reason i want to leave it is not because i have zero free time, not because i can barely sleep, not because i have no time to wash my hair, nor because i had several mental and emotional breakdowns the past weeks, but because i don’t want to miss out on my dog’s first, very formative months. i want to leave this project, because i want to show up to my dog.
(not only that, but i’d have time to input more into another project that potentially pays me more)
why do i feel so ashamed, then? why do i feel like i have to wear myself down? why do i feel compelled to give my all and more, why can’t i say no?
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neptunesquaresun · 2 months ago
@corn-rows​ thank you very much, it meant a lot!  💖 Hope you’re having a nice day!
honestly, i'm scared.
and upset.
they imposed (even more and) new restrictions in my country - throwing us back again to the very place we've been in last march. i'm at a point where it scares the living shit out of me.
i already have anxiety attacks nightly, sometimes during the daytime. i am stressed about not only where my life is headed, not only about my general hatred towards my own body, not only about all the people who might lose their jobs, but about the 'life' that might await us after this.
economically. politically. socially. artistically. personally.
i can't even really go on. i hope you are all well. 💖
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neptunesquaresun · 2 months ago
shopping for a puppy is so stressful
like, what type of wet food am i supposed to get for him? is there toothpaste to go along with that toothbrush? how long of a leash i should get him? is the bed machine-washable?
what toy would i be chewing on if i were a dog?
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neptunesquaresun · 2 months ago
you are uninterested in the things i say
you are just whining about the things that suck in life
you did not like the facebook page of my film i invited you to
you did not ask anything about the art i do even though we work in the same field
it’s bold of you to assume that i’d like to meet
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neptunesquaresun · 3 months ago
♓︎🌸 Dare to love 🌸♓︎
✨ My tips for this upcoming Pisces New Moon coming on March 13th 2021 10:21 (GMT) ✨
♓︎ Imagine yourself being loved and loving people
♓︎ Be creative. Allow your feelings to fall into the page or canvas!- let it be.
♓︎ Write down your dreams- they may be super intense and realistic.
♓︎ Charge your crystals. Pisces crystals can include: Aquamarine, Amethyst, Bloodstone, Clear Quartz, and Fluorite. These will help you to connect with your higher self.
♓︎ A fruitful time for spiritual practices and divination. Tarot, Meditation, Runes...anything that helps you to connect with your soul.
♓︎ You will easily connect with others and feel more at peace during this New Moon in Pisces.
♓︎ Group meditation will be even more powerful now. Try meditating with the people around you if you can.
♓︎ Relax.
♓︎ New Moon Pisces affirmations: ♓︎ I trust that the Universe is protecting me. ♓︎ I love and respect the world around me. ♓︎ I am at peace. ♓︎ I easily connect to my higher self.
♓︎ Begin some new intentions.
♓︎ Listen to calming music.
♓︎ Your emotional sensitivity will be at an all time high. Don’t judge yourself for feeling these emotions during this heavy time.
♓︎ Venus will be conjunct Neptune so everything will feel softer. Open yourself up to receiving love from others and yourself. Know that you are beautiful on a soul level. Daydream about love.
♓︎ Revel in that feeling of pure joy.
♓︎ Make a list of what you love. It can be anything from appreciating how the clouds look to watching your favourite TV show. Think about why you love it so much. For me, I create Pinterest boards of images that I love. You can do this too. Feel this love. This feeling will be amplified during the New Moon and have a ripple effect of blessings during the coming month.
♓︎ 🌸 What will you be doing? Let me know in the comments!
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neptunesquaresun · 3 months ago
i’ve been feeling this
Tumblr media
the best news
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neptunesquaresun · 3 months ago
Astro observations👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨
❤️Relationship edition❤️
I was gonna hold off this post until Valentine’s day but I said f*ck it, just post it. 🤷🏽‍♀️Also thank you very much for the love on my last observation post! Hope you enjoy these.💕
****NOTE: when I say “couples” in this post I mean two people that have a relationship. Any sort of relationship: romantic, friendship, etc. 
Credit: Tumblr blog @astrobydalia
❤️ Honestly 7th house & 8th house overlays in synastry should not be taken lightly in my opinion. For better or for worse. It could make for a strong bond, but it also has a lot of potential to become a very unhealthy relationship. If there’s only 7th house overlay then the relationship could be very needy and dependent. If there’s only 8th house overlay there could be constant lingering magnetism and tensions of all kinds for better or for worse. So when you have the best of both worlds in a synastry….. well….. You’d have to look at the rest of the synastry and the composite of course but I’d say to try to handle this energy with care
❤️ When someone’s planet is aspecting your mars in a tense aspect that person may know exactly how to push your buttons and may even do it intentionally (synastry can go either way too)
❤️ I’ve noticed that mars in synastry can have something to do with how you got to know that person or were you met them
❤️ The people you had a deep crush on likely had their moon land in your 4th house. If not a crush you could have a tender spot for that person.
❤️ When someone’s sun lands on the same house your natal sun is this can create a “you are like me” type of vibe once you get to know that person, even if the suns aren’t making a conjunction.
❤️ Virgo rising in the composite could mean that the couple met as coworkers
❤️ Libra rising in the composite:
very common in couples where people always asume they are dating even when they’re not or people always say they’d look cute together. This is the type of couple that you see is always together
This rising also means that the couple could have met through somebody else or they met by being formally introduced by another party. They could get together because they have a common friend or something and their relationship is a polite formality.
Also, Libra rising in the composite is said to be very favorable for romantic couples (duh) and I don’t disagree, but this can be a lot of times a very superficial placement (unless the rest of the chart says otherwise). This rising either makes two people inseparable or a lot of times the people stay as mere acquaintances or have a, again, a “polite” relationship or a casual friendship, etc.
Lastly, I’ve noticed that whatever type of relationship the two people might have, with this rising in the composite, ending the relationship comes easy, without any hard feelings or drama  
❤️ Aquarius rising in the composite could mean that the couple met online, in some sort of community like a fandom and/or they bonded over a very specific common interest. Also very common in people that share the same group of friends
❤️ Having someone’s mars landing on your 8th house could mean that you low-key hate or resent that person for no particular reason. Actually, there IS a reason but it’s usually something the person doesn’t want to admit, since the 8th house represents what we deliberately keep under lock & key.
❤️ On the other hand, if you have someone’s personal planets falling in your 4th or your 12th house, that person could give you millions of reasons to hate them but you always forgive them. In the case of the 4th house, this could be bc you have a soft spot for them, but in the case of the 12th house it could mean you idolize them or there could be some naiveness bc you see the “best” in them.
❤️ With Pisces rising in the composite I’ve noticed there’s like this constant dynamic of distance or separation and then being reunited. The couple may feel like their connection is so deep and genuine that it transcends distance and time.
❤️ I don’t exactly know why this is but I’ve noticed a lot of married couples that have their rising in neighboring signs
❤️ I’ve noticed that Saturn in the 7th in the natal chart experience rejection from lovers, like partners suddenly freezing them out, blocking or ghosting them. They could also be the ones doing this as well. These natives either find it hard to find a partner and stay single for a very long time or they’re the type to desperately hold on to someone for YEARS out of the belief that that’s all they have or all they’ve known. These natives could really be prone to just settling for less. Another scenario is that people with this placement are attracted to lovers that restrict them in some way, like partners that constantly tell them what they should or shouldn’t do and stuff like that
❤️ Scorpio rising in the composite could mean that the couple spilled their guts to each other the second they met lol. Could have a dynamic where you are each other’s therapists.
❤️ The house where Venus is in the composite indicates how and what area of life you guys usually get together (Check: Venus in the composite houses)
❤️ Personal planets in tight conjunction to the nodes in synastry could mean that you guys dream about each other
❤️ Air or Leo rising in the composite is common in couples that have a lot of inside jokes
Credit: Tumblr blog @astrobydalia
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neptunesquaresun · 3 months ago
Blessed Conjunctions for Compatibility
↪︎ these are also reversible 
your SUN conjunct their JUPITER: they believe in you. it’s like they found their religion for life. they give you a new sense of purpose. shared confidence. 
your MOON conjunct their VENUS: your dreaminess makes them fall in love. whatever mood you’re in, they lift you up and soothe any emotional wound.
your MERCURY conjunct their JUPITER: even if you are still hesitant, they amplify your voice and intellect. they act as a protector to your stance.
your MERCURY conjunct their MERCURY: a conversation in complete sync. the mutual understanding is so strong. an author couple in the making.
your VENUS conjunct their SUN: your appeal fits into their way of life. they see you as an instant crush. you’ll be widely known to be their sweetheart.
your VENUS conjunct their VENUS: two people, one specific taste. essentially, your playlists and favorite places on the body to kiss each other are the same.
your VENUS conjunct their MERCURY: by your mere presence, they start saying beautiful words and compliment you. you’re a love like they imagined.
your MARS conjunct their SUN: you get things moving in their life. you are their physical ideal type. this is an energetic couple combination.
your JUPITER conjunct their VENUS: this is love that will keep on increasing instead of dwindling. you naturally elicit shy confessions from them.
your JUPITER conjunct their MOON: you infuse their life with optimism and faith. both in themselves and the world alike. you’re a feel-good person to them.
your SATURN conjunct their SUN: you help them keep their feet on the ground and will stick around in their life for long. you give them pragmatic advice.
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neptunesquaresun · 3 months ago
Mars in the Composite Chart Houses
1st House: This is a powerful placement. In the first house, Mars shows that together you two are adventurous, energetic, and perhaps somewhat bossy. Combined you are active and assertive, leading you two to be able to start many projects (though maybe not finishing them) and your self expression is genuine.
2nd House: Values and possessions are important. Your energies are put towards physical items. Compromising may be difficult, especially when it comes to finances as Mars wants to serve itself. A very spur of the moment spending couple, likes to live luxuriously together.
3rd House: Communication is key! You two feel the need to communicate, which is good. However, it can be very blunt or harsh. Disagreements may be more explosive since it’s more of a say now, think later placement. You two like to socialize with others.
4th House: Mars brings out the deeper feelings and makes it easier to communicate those to each other. Since it likes to bring up more sensitive topics, it can easily create tension in the relationship. There may be confrontations regarding the home and the family.
5th House: A very fun and active couple. Nothing is taken too seriously, and a lot of energy may be spent on a more shallow level. However, with this placement, it’s easy for the other person to see the other flirting or having a sexual aura around others. This can also be a more selfish placement.
6th House: Very productive. You like to spend your time on chores and work together, or exercise together. You can both be bossy over each other regarding these areas. Since Mars is impatient, it causes couples to want to tackle tasks immediately, and projects started can be easily abandoned.
7th House: With this placement, it may be hard for you two to sacrifice yourselves for each other/the relationship. Mars is selfish, so compromising may be difficult, as negotiating is tougher than expected. A mature expression of this placement will make the two in the relationship very appealing to each other.
8th House: This is a very passionate placement. There is a lot of sexual tension and energies devoted to intimacy. Secrets run high, but may or may not be communicated. However, things just seem to happen with this placement- heavy subjects such as death, or large financial gains/losses.
9th House: You two don’t hide your opinions from each other. Your egos are filled by voicing your thoughts to each other/the world. You may seek out to travel together, and fit together better when exploring culture/language/philosophy.
10th House: You push your way to the top together, and accomplish many ordeals. Outside careers and status fulfill your egos. Your persona comes off hard-working, brave, and bold. Watch your public behavior, Mars may make you act in front of others in a way that can not be later undone. 
11th House: You constantly stand in the crowd. Giving and sharing with the community is an integral part of your relationship. You’re friendly and outgoing and like to do things with your friends together as well. You’re daring and leaders in front of strangers and are not shy about it.
12th House: The need to bicker over nothing may be common in this relationship. Aggressive feelings keep you two from sharing what you really want or need, and feelings seem to just kind of float around. Be aware and considerate of each other, and be honest. 
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neptunesquaresun · 3 months ago
Just disclaimer, if you don’t have any of these it does not mean you’re dumb. Intelligence is subjective. I will be talking about logical + emotional intelligence placements that can make an influence. 
Moon Conjuct, Trine, Sextile Mercury- Emotional & Creative intelligence. Can picture beautiful images and words. Good at poetry.. Their words are just so trusting.
Mercury in 10th-  Albert Einstein had this! This is a placement for a quick mind and a career where your intellect will be at play. Most people will think you’re very intellectual & logical too.
Mercury/ Jupiter aspects- Such person can think of the bigger picture. Can see bunch of different outcomes. Such person is realistic but thinks positively. 
Mercury/ Mars aspects- Talks about what is needed to talk about. People may think you’re intense but you’re really passionate about what you talk about you act quick it’s hard for something vile to happen in-front of you. Emotional intelligence.
Mercury Conjuct Pluto- Can easily deceive others. This is a good lawyer aspect. This gives deep intelligence. Such person may just know when disaster may happen. (Only the conjuct, as the opposition gives more issues mentally and emotionally) But trine and sextile can resonate but the intensity is not as strong. 
Virgo Ascendant- Such person is logical and has it in them to succeed in anything regarding logic and order. Reliable person. May be the type a lot of people asked math answers for. Just also looks smart. I feel this way for any virgo placement but especially virgo ascendant.
Virgo Mercury- I’ve seen this in very good at academic people’s chart with a very logical mind. These people will find logic in everything. It’s very hard to find a Virgo Mercury who sounds like they have no idea what they’re talking about. I love this placement personally. Y’all are so trustworthy with your word. 
Scorpio Mercury- These little detectives… Such high emotional intelligence with such sharp intuition that is almost scary! Messages come through to them through words communication and vivid imagination. It’s so hard to fool them. If you fool them they may know but are too deep in emotions. It is a water sign. 
Mercury Square Uranus- You have such ideas that are so eccentric that can throw people off. You have good ways of communicating your ideas. I think these are the type to have the best project in class that no one else thought of. It has it challenges, but your guys minds are incredible.
Mercury in Gemini-  These people are gifted with communications and will talk out problems when it’s needed. Constantly likes to learn more knowledge and it’s open to. Fast learners & quick thinkers. Loves being stimulated. Reliable in crisis when most people are stuck.
Venus in Gemini- Able to adapt to environments quick, will not complain about the temporary, social, likeable.
Air moon- Such person constantly finds logic “But if that happened then why___” good communication & bright ideas. Such people are good at school without too many effort.
Sagittarius Moons- So many sagittarius moons I’ve met are so hardworking and passionate?? Where is the love for y’all! I swear. They’re so passionate and loving with their work. These people put their all to their work and they master it. 
Leo Moons- Most Leo moons I’ve met always go to top schools? Not that this has such big indicator on intelligence but I also notice how hard working they are and don’t let anything go in the way with their goals. They are SMART AND DEDICATED.
Aries Suns- A lot of Aries suns NEVER let anything bothering their goal and passion. These people will make it to the top with no bother in the world. Love y’all but don’t forget abt us!! 
Mercury in 8th- Highest level of intuition intelligence, you should never let any important imagery the passes through your mind just go by intution communicates through the power of the mind. This is more of emotional intelligence. Almost Psychic dare I say.
Mercury in 3rd- Mental Abillity is astronomical. Person is persuasive and intellectual with their words and communication. You see this in people who speak with a lot of evidence and wit to back it up.
Mercury in 9th- Such person may go abroad for higher studies, person will succeed in anything they put their mind to. This is good academically these people are curious and skeptical. There is reasons for everything they do. 
Taurus Moons- Good emotional intelligence & you know when to walk away from bad situations and when it no longer servers you. You have a good opinionated mind. If you were to be stuck on something you will get to the point you want nothing to do with it anymore and there is no going back. Good common sense.
Sun in Virgo/ Sun in Aquarius/ Sun in Capricorn- Analytical minds, Usually more on the introverted side because they tend to like to observe most things. 
 Saturn in 2nd- Serious about practical manners in life. Also very reliable people. Knows how to survive.
Capricorn Moon/ Capricorn Mercury intelligence= Very good practical intelligence, rational, good with deals and with people, speaks little but when they do are taken very seriously. Love y’all. 
Scorpio Mars- Very good at arguements. Knows when someone is up to something bad and knows how to take them down. It’s good to have them as someone on your side to argue. It’s almost guaranteed you’ll win. They always have FACTS to pull up with.
Mercury direct, general but most people with Mercury in retrograde tend to struggle with communication not that they’re not smart but mercury in direct is preffered for a better processing mind. (Not that Mercury in retrogade is too common anyway) 
Mars in Gemini- Sharp Mind ready to attack, knows what to say fast to get out of a tricky situation. You can count on them to get you out of some mess. Very good at communication.
Moon in any water sign will bring greatly impacted intution that will come easy for you. This is good because you can bring logic to it and stuff that your intution tells you.
Mercury in Pisces- Most Mercury in Pisces I’ve met are soo good at writing! They pick up on little things which is useful later on. Also most I’ve met usually want to be a doctor or nurse. Somewhere were they help people with their gifts. There isn’t much LOGIC, but there is a bunch of other gifts mercury in pisces has that are so helpful! Messages may come through dreams. Helpful messages to help with the future. 
Gemini Sun- Logic and not too much emotion is involved with their judgments most of the time. This makes them great debaters. Such person is usually in a high rank it a lot of bunch of stuff. Such person is communicative and straight to the point. 
Mercury Trine, Sextile, Conjuct Saturn- Good memory, knows how to handle stress even if it might get to them they know they’ll get through it. Good serious communication can talk about serious manners. Practical reasonings.
Let me know how it resonates for y’all! Give feedback! ;) Remember it’s up to you how these energies manifest in your chart!
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neptunesquaresun · 3 months ago
💘Astro Notes💘
(All about Partners, Love, Marriage and Children, plus some Sex)
(These may or may not apply to you, please keep an open mind and take it as entertainment rather than life changing facts)
Tumblr media
(This was highly requested so I took my time with it to gather as much information on romantic partners, children and possibly marriage)
A post by @4thouse to check the signs of your degrees
💘The degrees of Venus, the house our Venus resides in and the 7th house tells us alot about our perfect match or the “love of our life” if you will. (Ex. I have Gemini Venus in 25 degrees, so I am very attracted to Aries like people. My Venus is in the 5th house at 13 degrees, another Aries degree, which means I’ll meet this person in a social setting like a party, a club, a hangout, a show, a bar or a gathering. Finally, my 7th house at 3 degrees means I am very likely to be with another Gemini Venus.)
💘Moon Square Venus leaves a strain or a distance between the parent and their children.
💘Uranus in the 8th is very likely to be super chill about sex and might have no standards at all. They’re attracted to non conforming people.
💘The 4th and 10th house can give us an insight into how we act differently in a relationship. The 4th house is us in private, while the 10th in public. (Ex. Virgo 4th and Pisces 10th is like an “angel in streets and a devil in the sheets”.)
💘When it comes to sex, our 9th house tells us about our hookups and our stance on them. Having a Water or a Fire sign, Sun, Mars or Jupiter makes it easier for the person to “hit it and quit it”. While on the other hand, having an Earth or Air sign, Moon, Venus, or Saturn in the 9th makes it harder for the person to be fully open about one night stands. However, they’re very likely to have friends with benefits or a regular hookup buddy.
💘Although the 1st, 2nd, 7th and 8th have to do with the physical aspects of attraction and relationships but the 3rd and 6th is what people ultimately love us for. Our way of talking, interests, topics of discussion, humor, odd behaviors, and imperfections. They’re the things we try to hide or monitor to appear more appealing to people.
💘Chiron and the house it resides in is our baggage. The emotional landfill that comes with being in a relationship with you. The sign of the Chiron is what are we harboring and the house it resides in is about what. (Ex. I have Sagittarius Chiron in 10th house Scorpio. So my baggage is all about freedom, attachment, trust, communication and, thanks to the 10th, daddy issues. Yay!!)
💘Don’t hold too hard onto someone that has your Sun in their 12th. Their purpose is to teach you a karmic lesson.
💘Our Water houses tell us what will our kids inherit from us. 4th house is how we raise them, 8th our mental issues, habits and problems, 12th is what they will ultimately make out of it themselves and how will they end growing up to be.
💘Our first crushes and instant attractions have the sign of our Venus in their 1st, 2nd or 7th
💘People with Water in the 2nd would love a big wedding.
💘The degree of the Moon and Saturn, along with the houses they reside in give us insight to us as parents. (Ex. I have Moon in 0 degrees so I may never physically have a child of my own or if I do have a biological child, then I won’t have an emotional connection with them. It’s in 11th house at 13th degrees, which means being a parental figure or an inspiration rather than a conventional parent. Saturn in 7 degrees makes me diplomatic, fair and understanding when disciplining. I have Saturn in 3rd house at 18 degrees, making me either too tough or too easy on them.)
💘Aries in 7th house might be over it before it even starts.
💘Houses with Mutable signs tells you about your fetish and/or odd turn on’s. (Ex. Having a Mutable AS, 4th, 7th, 10th is very into daddy/mommy and boy/girl fantasy, Power dynamics, role play, rags to riches stories, boss and employee etc)
💘Adding on the previous point. That’s why people with reoccurring Mutable signs over the houses, having 6 at most, can be perceived as sexually adventurous and comfortable with their sexuality.
💘The degree of the 5th house can tell you about the sign of the person you’ll have your first child with.
💘Moon Trine MC is very likely to have children early on or yern for kids from a young age. (I am talking 18+ people, not kids)
💘Pluto and/or Uranus in 4th/5th/7th will despise the idea of marriage and having children. Uranus might look at it as a trap that will take away their freedom. They will likely agree to do it organically and naturally as they find someone they love and feel ready to settle. Pluto, however, that’ll be like turning the Earth upside down. Even when they get married and have children, they will always be their own priority. Pluto in this house requires them to transform and become content with themselves on the inside to be happy with the outside.
💘Venus conjunct Uranus and/or Neptune, as well as those who have it in th 9th, 11th or 12th are good with long distance relationships.
💘Venus Trine/Conjunct Jupiter are attractive to people. No matter how they look, act, talk, they could shit on your bed and people would still worship them.
💘Having your Sun in someone’s Moon and the other way around is complementary but not strong enough to form a true bond.
💘The degree of your 1st house will let you know how you should act to attract desired partners.
💘The degree of a Mother’s Saturn and Moon predicts their children’s Sun sign or dominant sign.
💘Lilith in the 5th may dreaded having kids or is not going to be happy with how they turned out.
💘Mutable Lilith in the 4th indicates losing family or leaving them behind. I find this to be also relevant to Mutable sign in the 4th but the presence of Lilith suggests it will happen negatively or out of need not want.
💘Gemini in the 7th is actually very picky about their partners.
💘Having an Earth sign over the 8th or the 8th in an Earth degree indicates marrying a rich person, because of the 8th house association with inheritance. (Or you could be the rich person in question.)
💘Because the 2nd house is the family life and home we were brought into, the 10th is the one we ultimately ended up creating. The sign over the 10th along with planets residing there (if there were) give us an insight of our future home life.
💘People with planets residing in the same houses have a longstanding relationship.
💘You’re very likely to date people with your Mars being their Sun and vice versa.
💘North Node in the 2nd, 5th, 7th or/and in Taurus, Leo or Libra will have a successful long lasting relationship. This will only come true if they work on turning from their South Node (past self) to the North Node (present self)
💘Libra and Cancer MC idea of success involves a romantic love story
💘Saturn and/or Neptune in 7th might stay in a relationship regardless of how horrible it gets. With Saturn, these relationships have a sense of familiarity and predictability, which gives them comfort. For Neptune, it’s the fear of never finding love, so they decide to stay with a bad certainty than a good maybe.
💘Pisces and Taurus Moons are prone to stick out a bad relationship. They will do everything until there’s nothing more to do.
💘Having opposing North Nodes could mean this person is your soulmate. (This doesn’t have to necessarily be romantic though)
💘It is stated that people with Uranus in 5th or the 7th will never truly settle.
(I hope enjoyed the post. I wanted to add what the 4th and 5th can tell us about marriage, kids and us as parents but because they’re 24 individual points then I’ll post them separately. Love you 💕)
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neptunesquaresun · 3 months ago
Sweet Leo Ascendant with Scorpio stellium 😂
2/17/21 Biggest Astrological Aspect of the Year ‼️💥⭐️
Saturn in Aquarius is squaring Uranus in Taurus at 7 degrees. For the first time of the three that will occur for this year. This is the BIGGEST astrological transit of 2021. Pay attention to what placements and houses in your chart these planets are affecting. That is where you will see SUDDEN changes, growth, karma, results, maturation, random energy, etc. Conflicts and chaos are possible. More than just in your personal life, you may feel the whole collective/society shift aswell. We may see some things happen politically. There may possibly even be some geographical events like earthquakes.
This transit may cause you to feel anxious, worried, restless, the need to make big decisions you’ve been holding off on, you may feel pulled to change, the need to escape even. You may feel rebellious. Meditate, rest, breathe deeply, stay calm, connect with your inner self. You will make it through this. 🤍🤍🤍
Those with planets, or rising signs in fixed signs within early degrees will feel this the most!! (aqua, taurus, leo, scorpio)
Msg me if you have any questions! 🤍
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🏖️𝕤𝕠𝕝𝕒𝕣 𝕣𝕖𝕥𝕦𝕣𝕟 𝕠𝕓𝕤𝕖𝕣𝕧𝕒𝕥𝕚𝕠𝕟𝕤🏖️
!!Note!! For those who don’t know, a solar return chart is basically just a chart that you usually do on your birthday (but you can make one any time of the year), and it tells you how the next year of your life will go. You can make one by clicking HERE 
🐳Having Venus aspecting Neptune (or venus in the 7th) in your solar return chart can represent infidelity or having a secret relationship. In less extreme cases, it can represent having secret admirers or crushing in somebody from a distance.
🐚solar return sun in the 8th can represent going through an ego death
🐳 solar return Jupiter/Mars in the 8th/5th can sometimes represent having a lot of sex that year 👀 (emphasis on sometimes, I’m not making any guarantees here, people)
🐚solar return Pluto or Chiron in the 3rd can represent isolating yourself from your friends throughout the year
🐳 Virgo rising can represent a year that primarily focuses on your work-life. I keep seeing people try to spin it around to make it sound cool but to be honest, you probably won’t have a super exciting year if your solar return ascendant is in Virgo.
🐚solar return venus in the 10th may either mean you meet a new love interest in the workplace, or that your work life is very peaceful that year.
🐳 Uranus aspecting Mars in your solar return chart can represent being more prone to random outbursts of anger that year 
🐚Uhh, this one is super random…but I’ve noticed having Saturn or Chiron in the 5th for your solar return can represent not being able to have kids during that year, or can make it more difficult to.
🐳 Having your ascendant in Sagittarius in a solar return chart can represent a year where you are making a lot of plans for the future. You may also come off as more confident, or travel more that year.
🐚solar return moon/mars in the 4th can represent wanting to spend more time with your family, or just wanting to be more affectionate with people who are close to you in general. 
🐳 Pluto aspecting the Ascendant or Midheaven in a solar return chart can show that people either begin to take you more seriously or that your public image might change A LOT that year.
🐚Chiron conjunct/sextile/trine moon in a solar return chart shows you will probably go through a lot of emotional healing that year. 
🐳 Similarly, Chiron conjunct/sextile/trine Venus in a solar return chart can show that you get a boost in self-confidence that year, or that you do a lot of emotional healing through romantic relationships. 
🐚Jupiter positively aspecting Uranus in a solar return chart means you will have a lot more personal freedom that year.
🐳 Saturn in aspect to Mars or Pluto in a solar return chart can show that you are very driven and hardworking that year. But be careful, harsher aspects can point to overworking yourself or being more stubborn/hard-headed than usual.
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also, this did not expire :)
Tumblr media
💖 send in your fictional crushes with your placements!  💖
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Tumblr media
The third chapter of Strange Trails is up, both here, on tumblr, and here. Wanted to post it on Valentine’s day, but anyway, enjoy! :)
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dr who!
Thank you for the message and the suggestion! 💖
I have one brewing on the backburner. ;)
Tumblr media
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Astro Observations #14
Hello my incredible readers! Hope you are doing perfectly! Here are my astro observations. Remember, you don’t have to resonate, this is just entertainment. Made by a Pisces Sun, Capricorn Ascendant and Aquarius Moon perspective.
🔥Medusa opposite Mars women tend to be slut shamed.
🔥Moon conjunct Mercury is an incredible placement for writers, since they can describe feelings perfectly, and you may be able to relate and empathize with their writings.
🔥Moon in hard aspect with Neptune indicates that the individual may feel really distant towards his/her mother.
🔥If the Ruler of your 7th house is Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Pluto or Saturn you may attract dominant partners.
🔥People with Mars opposite Saturn have an incredible work ethic.
🔥Libra Suns with Scorpio mix are fantastic kissers.
🔥Earth and Air Moons have a tenebrous death stare when they are mad.
🔥Leo stelliums tend to have heart diseases.
🔥Stelliums in the 2nd and in the 7th house have unique and fashionable way of dressing.
🔥Cardinal Moons tend to fall for strong people that have been through a lot of bad experiences.
🔥Cancerians born in the 3rd decan (July 13th-July 22nd) are the most sassy of the cancer decans.
🔥People with Sun in the 1st house are really similar to their dads (it could be either physical or in their personality)
🔥Here are two asteroids that may point to a photography talent: Photographica (443) and Daguerre (3256).
🔥Saturn in hard aspects with Neptune makes the person to have faith issues constantly.
🔥Moon in the 6th or the 4th can be awesome chefs.
🔥Jupiter Aries/Jupiter in the 1st/Jupiter in aspect with Mars are amazing at encouraging people to follow their goals.
🔥Aquarius Mars have way more fetishes than anyone.
🔥People with the ruler of the 4th in a hard aspect to Saturn may find their families to be a burden. Also, they may repress their feelings and avoid talking about their families.
🔥Ceres conjunct Saturn either hate the idea of having kids or they totally love it.
🔥Aries Suns are way more stubborn than Taurus Suns.
🔥The Ruler of the 7th in the 9th may indicate meeting your future spouse while travelling/ in an airport.
🔥Mars in Cancer has a bad reputation for being bad at sex, but the reality is that they are not. They are very good at sex if they really love the person.
🔥Gemini Stelliums and Virgo stelliums are really prone to anxiety.
🔥Leo in the 8th house indicates a fear of expressing who you really are.
🔥If the Ruler of the 11th makes a hard aspect with the Sun, you may find it hard to relate to your friends, or even having the same interests or hobbies.
🔥Cancer in the 6th house usually has a lot of chest pains.
🔥People with Saturn-Venus aspects are really fantastic lovers. They can be really tender and caring, but most important, they are really constant with their affections.
🔥People with T-Squares tend to have depression.
🔥A little message for Leo Venus people… guys, love yourselves please! You are really awesome! You are really loyal and loving in your relationships, not to mention how attractive you are!
🔥Gemini Mars are hilariously sarcastic.
🔥Vesta in Capricorn/10th house are really passionate towards their work.
🔥Aspects between Pluto and Mercury/Moon make the person fascinated towards psychology, and they can be very good at reading people’s body language.
🔥Aries and Scorpio Moons/Moon in aspect with Mars like to be chasers in love, they LOVE challenges.
🔥Chiron in Capricorn people have issues with both parents, not only their dads.
🔥Sagittarius placements are also ambitious individuals, especially stelliums and Mars.
🔥Ruler of the 5th in the 11th may become famous on the internet, or at least well known.
🔥Leo Mercuries are really talented in any type of interpretation, not only in the acting field, but also in musical interpretation. Such a talented voice.
🔥Venus Dominants try to make everyone happy so hard that sometimes they forget about making themselves happy.
🔥Earth signs tend to go shopping more often than any other people.
🔥Fire Moons are really sexy and seductive. They look really good with red lipstick though.
🔥Opposite Mars that work really well together are Taurus and Scorpio (also in sex).
🔥Fixed Mercuries have a deep and seducting voice. 
🔥Scorpio with a mix of Aries woman are the real definition femme-fatales.
🔥Mars in Leo really know how to make their partner feel special.
🔥No matter which is the Ascendant, Leo Suns are easy to locate.
🔥Ceres in Scorpio had a overprotective mother.
🔥Many Capricorn Ascendants that I have known tend to have cold hands almost every time.
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I can’t decide if I would like to write a story for Doctor Who or Harry Potter. Is there one you’d prefer to read? :)
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Thank you very much, it’s lovely! :)
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ENFP / 4w5 / Libra Sun / Libra Moon / Leo Rising
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