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myhiddenspot · 4 days ago
Intoxication- Unspecified Series (Pt. 1)
Tumblr media
Title: Intoxication
Pairing: Unspecified!Male X Female!Reader
Requested: No
Word Count: 847 words
Warning(s): fingering, multiple orgasms, no plot, smut
Summary: It's a moment of bliss. The moment before being shoved off the deep end. And (Y/n) was happy to jump... as long as it was for him.
Author's Note: Masterlist here! The fandoms I write for here! Information for requests here!
Tumblr media
I wish that I knew what exactly led me here... but I don't think there'd be an ounce of regret even if I remembered.
My naked back pressed against his clothed chest, both of us leaning against the wall behind the bed. The tension could've been cut by a blade.
I was covered by a thin sheen of sweat. Every time he let out a breath, I felt it. It made me shiver. My thighs were spread, resting on his. His hands ran across my body. He would reach down and circle my clit with his finger.
I was intoxicated by him. Every part of him. His touch, the breath that swept over my neck and breasts, the small chuckles and dirty comments in my ear. Everything had overwhelmed me to the point where I was willing to surrender everything to him.
I think that he enjoyed it. He enjoyed watching me react. He enjoyed breaking me down to my barriers, seeing me in my purest and weakest form.
I whined as he moved his finger away from my clit. It felt like he had been pushing to the edge a thousand times and had just pulled me back. He chuckled and started to kiss and nibble at the skin on my neck.
"So needy," he said into my ear. "Do you want to know what's about to happen?"
I moaned quietly as he continued running his hands over every part of my body. I gasped when he grabbed and pulled on my nipples. I nodded at him.
"Speak to me," he mumbled.
"Please," I begged. "Tell me what you're going to do."
"I'm going to make you unravel so many times that you can't think of anything other than my name."
I bit my lip as he spoke. I couldn't tell if this sounded like heaven or hell. After another tug on my nipples, he started gliding his hands down my body.
One of his hands rested on my thigh as the other moved in between my legs. I let out a sound that was somewhere between a moan and a gasp as his fingers glided over my clit. My back arched slightly against his chest.
I bit my lip and looked down so I could watch his hand move. His finger rubbed circles on my clit. He sucked on my neck, making as many marks as he could.
"Look at you," he spoke directly into my ear. "You're just so needy for me."
I nodded, moaning again as I saw his fingers starting to glisten from my arousal. He started rubbing faster. I rolled my hips up into his hand.
"My pretty girl," he mumbled. I leaned my head back on his shoulder, letting out a small, distracted chuckle.
My moans were getting more dramatic as he continued to kiss my neck and rub my clit. I bit my lip.
"Are you gonna cum?"
I tried to nod but I was more focused on rolling my hips into his hand. I licked my lips. I stammered out what may have been nonsense before my back arched against him. I continued whining and panting into his ear as I came. My muscles felt tight and I almost felt my breath getting knocked out of me.
He didn't let me rest. His hand continued the circles on my clit. I whimpered. My arms moved wildly. I wasn't sure if I wanted to push his arm away or pull him closer.
I gasped when I felt him using his other hand near my entrance.
"Do you want it," he asked. "Want me to finger you so you can cum again?"
"Yes," I said.
He slid two fingers into me. He moved his fingers slowly, trying to tease me. I moved to grab his legs. My nails dug into his pant leg and hissed at the feeling.
"F-faster," I begged, rolling my hips to his hand again.
"As you wish."
It was a difference between night and day. His fingers moved in and out as fast as possible. I looked down to watch how wet I was. The sounds were pornographic. I would've been embarrassed if I wasn't so caught up in my pleasure.
"Fuck," I moaned, squeezing my eyes shut.
"Play with your tits," he almost grunted into my ear before sucking harshly on my neck again.
I reached up, tugging on my nipples. I rolled them between my fingertips. I could tell he was watching closely because of how he was moaning in response to me.
"God, I need you to cum," he growled. "Do it. Fucking cum. Now."
I gave up trying to speak as my back arched. My head lolled back, my eyes rolling backward. I started letting out a string of curses and his name as I started shaking with pleasure. I let out one more shout as I started coming down from my high.
His hands stopped touching me. I let myself relax into his arms with a tired smile.
"Don't get too comfortable... I'm not anywhere near done with you yet."
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myhiddenspot · 8 days ago
The Unspecified Series
Hello! I'm currently working on new pieces for you to read but I have a quick question:
Should I start an unspecified series?
This wouldn't use the names of the opposite person. It's like "anyone you want x reader" kind of thing.
Is that something you'd be into? Let me know! Thank you!
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myhiddenspot · 21 days ago
I'm sorry that I've been gone for so long. Things got a little hectic on my end. I hope to get back into writing on this account again!
If you have a request, feel free to send it my way!
You can find a list of what I write for here and you can find the information for requesting here!
Thank you all for being understanding!
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myhiddenspot · 3 months ago
In the Bed- Will Graham Smut (Hannibal)
Tumblr media
Title: In the Bed
Pairing: Will Graham X F!Reader
Requested: No
Word Count: 1,684 words 
Warning(s): Unhealthy coping mechanism, unprotected sex, fingering, handjob
Summary: (Season 1) To say that Will was going through a rough patch was an understatement. When he called (Y/n) for help one night, she didn’t know what to expect. Now she wasn’t sure what to do.
Author’s Note: Inspired by “In the Bed” by dodie... I can’t tell you how much of a early season 1 Will vibe I got from this song.
Masterlist here! The fandoms I write for here! Information for requests here!
Tumblr media
I rubbed my eyes when I heard my phone ring. It wasn’t incredibly late but I had a long day so I was ready to go to bed. I checked the caller ID and immediately answered it.
“Will,” I said, checking the time on my bedside table. “Are you alright?”
“Were you sleeping,” he asked. 
“Doesn’t matter, what’s wrong,” I shook my head. 
“It was just a nightmare. You don’t need to worry about it.”
“Do you need help,” I asked, already standing up and grabbing a pair of shoes and my jacket. “You obviously didn’t just call me to tell me that you had a nightmare.”
“I... will you come over,” he sounded guilty for asking. 
“I’ll be there soon,” I promised before hanging up.
 I pulled on my jacket and shoes before grabbing my keys. I was shocked that it didn’t take very long for my car to defrost. I tried to drive quickly without putting myself in danger. 
I noticed the dogs barking as I pulled into the driveway. It made me smile as I tried to pet all of them on my way through the front door.
“Will,” I called out as I shut the front door. Will gave me a spare key because it was safer with me than it was just sitting outside his house.
“In here,” I heard from his room.
I grinned as I walked to the doorway. The dogs all went back to their beds and I shut the door behind me. He was sitting with his back against the wall, covers shoved all the way to the edge of the bed. 
“Hey,” I said softly, sliding my shoes off and going to sit next to him. “How are you feeling?”
“Anxious, not tired yet completely exhausted,” Will rubbed his face and sighed. “Oh, and I’m sweaty.”
“Do you need anything,” I asked. 
“I guess I just wanted someone next to me,” he shrugged, slowly going to lean his head on my shoulder. He didn’t want to make me uncomfortable. He never did.
“Well, I’m here,” I replied, leaning my cheek against the top of his head. “Do you want to talk about it... or anything really?”
“Are you turning into my therapist,” he joked.
“Might be better for you,” I mumbled. 
Will ignored my comment, “I just need something to focus on other than my nightmares right now.”
I didn’t know what to suggest. It was late and there wasn’t a murder to solve. I felt Will shifting around next to me. I moved my head when he sat up again. He watched my face closely as he placed his hand on my cheek. 
“Will,” I mumbled, not really knowing what to do. I didn’t want to push him away but I didn’t want to do something that could hurt him.
He sat there for a moment in silence. I still hadn’t pulled away, curious about what he was going to do. There was a growing tension in the room. I couldn’t help from flirting with 
“I just... please,” he whispered before closing the gap between us, kissing me softly. I kissed him back for a moment before pulling back, trying to give myself a reality check. “Please. I need something else to focus on... let me focus on you.”
“Will, I don’t think that’d be good for you,” I said. 
“One night,” he moved to hide his face in my neck. “You can push me away every night after this. I just need this right now.”
I knew better. I knew that if I did this once, I would never be able to push him away later. Still, I threw my common sense out of the window. I moved back enough to pull Will into another kiss. He hummed against my lips. 
Will placed his hands on the mattress on either side of me and moving so he could kneel in between my legs. I started playing with hair as I pulled away, moving to kiss his neck. I lightly sucked on his skin, running my tongue over the area when he let out a quiet groan. 
I shivered when his cold hands started pushing my shirt up my sides. I pulled away, letting him pull my shirt off. I followed him quickly, pushing his shirt up and over his head. 
“You’re beautiful,” I mumbled, kissing him again. Will smiled against my lips. 
“So are you,” he said, moving to kiss down my neck and to my chest. 
I felt the tension growing even more. My skin felt like fire and every second felt intoxicating. My thoughts felt foggy. All forms of common sense disappeared in place of this feeling.
“I’ve imagined this before,” Will pushed my sports bra off a little so I could pull it off completely. “This is so much better than I thought it would be.”
The idea of him imagining this made me bit my lip and tense my muscles. I thought of him lying in bed or standing in the shower, a look of pure pleasure on his face. 
I took a sharp inhale through my nose as Will traced a circle around my nipple with his tongue. It turned into a moan as the licking turned into sucking on my breast. My back arched and his hands went under my back, carefully scooting me down so I was actually laying down before he kissed my lips again
With slightly shaky hands, I reached down and pushed down Will’s pajama pants and boxers. He chuckled as I tried to push his pants down farther than I was able to. He shoved them down the rest of the way before pulling down my pants and underwear. 
“Do you really want this,” he asked, leaning over me. “We can stop right now if you-”
I leaned up and kissed him again, “I’m sure, Will. Do you want this?”
“God, yes,” he said. I chuckled at him. He shifted slightly, now straddling one of my thighs instead of being in between them.
I let out a small whine when I felt his hand graze the inside of my thigh. My body tried to move closer to his hand as he kissed my neck. I shuddered as his hand continued to slowly move closer to the apex of my thighs.
His finger slowly traced the lips of my pussy, making me moan softly. I bit my lip instinctively as he pushed a finger into me, pumping it in and out carefully. I moved his head so I could kiss him once again. His kiss was the closest thing to a drug that I had ever experienced. 
I slowly slid my hand down Will’s chest, only stopping for a moment when Will pushed another finger into me. I continued moving, gently wrapping my hand around his cock. I moved my hand in rhythm with his fingers.
“Fuck,” he pulled back and moan. He was still close enough that I could feel his breath and almost felt the vibrations from when he moaned. “God.”
“Will,” I whined, bucking towards his hand and speeding up my own hand.
I rolled my head back as if I was coming up for air. The heat in the room. The darkness. The sounds of both of our pleasure. It was too good to be true. I was scared that I was going to wake up and this was going to be fake.
“Will... w-wait,” I said, slowly pulling my hand away from him. I still whimpered when he pulled his fingers out of me. “I want you...”
I trailed off. Even with all that we had already done, I was nervous and awkward.
“What,” he asked.
“Jesus, Will, I want you inside me,” I cupped the sides of his face. “Please.”
“Okay,” he nodded. Once again, he moved in between my thighs. 
I picked myself up on my elbows to watch him line himself up and slowly push into me. My jaw fell open, moaning shamelessly as he continued pushing into me. 
He stopped for a moment, allowing me to adjust. I locked my legs around his waist and pulled him closer to me. We both groaned as he started moving slowly in and out.
“Waited too long for this,” he moaned in my ear, finding a steady rhythm.
“I know,” I turned my head to kiss his jaw and neck.
I pulled back to let out a shuddering moan. My hands started clinging to his shoulders. Will moved one down and start rubbing tight circles on my clit. I let out a loud moan that almost sounded like a yell. My hips bucked up to meet his, desperate to tumble over the edge with Will. He buried his face in my neck. I moved one hand into his hair. 
“I’m...,” I trailed off for a moment. “I’m gonna cum... Will!”
“Me too,” he groaned. I turned to kiss the side of his head, mumbling sweet nothings into his ear. “Shit!”
My nails dug into Will’s skin harder as my body tensed and my mouth fell open. I heard Will’s groaning and panting in my ear. We were both going headfirst into the edge. 
“Oh god,” I mumbled as Will slowly thrust, trying to bring us down slowly. I whined when the pleasure turned into an ache. 
I whimpered one last time as Will pulled out, laying next to me and pulling the comforter up. I held it to my chest but I watched Will get comfortable. We were just looking at each other.
“That was great,” I said quietly. 
“I agree,” Will was back to himself, no more distraction. He was left with his thoughts. “I know you said this would be unhealthy but... please. Can we please try this for real? I don’t want to let go of this. You’ve been the most stable thing in my life.”
“Just try... please.”
“I... I’ll try,” I agreed quietly, nodding. Will leaned in, kissing me softly. I smiled into his kiss as my heart started beating faster. 
Maybe this wasn’t as unhealthy as I originally thought.
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myhiddenspot · 3 months ago
You’re Home - Spencer Reid Smut (Criminal Minds)
Tumblr media
Title: You’re Home
Pairing: Spencer Reid X Reader
Requested: No
Word Count: 1,506 words
Warning(s): 18+ content (please don’t read if you aren’t over 18), smut, unprotected sex, soft with some giggling
Summary: (Season 13) After watching the love of her life spend months in prison, (Y/n) was more than excited to have him back... and definitely more than excited to finally spend a night alone together.
Author’s Note: Did I disappear right after posting my first smut? Yes. Will I try to not do that again? Yes. Can I promise that I’ll stick to that? No.
Masterlist here! The fandoms I write for here! Information for requests here!
Tumblr media
“Something is very comforting about seeing you back at the round table,” I said, ruffling Spencer’s hair as I sat next to him. He looked over at me with a soft smile before grabbing my hand.
“It’s nice to be back,” he replied. 
We didn’t speak for a while after that. We were being debriefed on the case that we were heading out to work on. I rubbed my thumb along his knuckles as I stared at the tablet in front of me. He pulled his chair a little closer to mine slowly.
“Hey,” Spencer stopped me as everyone else left the room. After they were all gone, he grabbed both of my hands, pulling me into his arms. “I was thinking about it and... umm... I was going to call my mom’s new night nurse and ask her to stay an extra night when we got back.”
“Okay,” I said slowly. I knew where this was going but I wanted him to say it. 
“I was wondering if I could spend the night at your place,” he asked. “We haven’t had a proper night together in a long time.”
“Clearly,” I chuckled before nodding. “That sounds amazing. I’d love that.”
He smiled widely before nodding at me and letting go of me. Spencer walked out of the room, chuckling a little to himself. I closed my eyes for a moment before following him out. This case could last a day and it would still feel too long.
--Time Skip--
I don’t think I’ve ever finished up a case report as fast as I did tonight. Spencer and I made a deal. Since neither one of us loved the idea of leaving our car at work, we decided to finish up our reports and then meet at my place. 
I had a little more time than Spencer because he had to pick up some clothes but I was still buzzing with excitement. This was the first night we were spending alone together since before he ended up in jail. It was a happy occasion.
Once I got home, I quickly changed into some much comfier clothes; shorts and a red and yellow sweater that I may or may not have grabbed from Spencer’s closet when I found out he was going to be in prison. It was pretty old... I guess I just assumed he wouldn’t really miss it. 
I was sitting on my couch, pretending to watch some kind of movie on TV, when I heard a knock on my door. I jumped up and tried to keep myself from running to my door. I opened the door and let Spencer walk in.
“I thought I gave you a spare key,” I asked.
“You did but it’s been a while and I didn’t want to walk in and scare you,” he shrugged as I shut the door. 
“Have I mentioned how much I missed you,” I asked, wrapping my arms around his neck. His hands touched my waist as he glanced down at my choice of fashion.
“Enough to raid my closet?”
“You and I both know how old this sweater is.”
“You also look much better in it than I did,” he leaned down, kissing me softly. 
I chuckled against his lips before pulling back completely, “I love you.”
“I love you too,” Spencer whispered. 
With a smile, I grabbed his hand, pulling him over to my room. He laughed at me, stopping me in the doorway, kissing me again. I kept stepping backward, grabbing onto the front of his blazer so he’d follow me. At the last moment, I turned us around so he’d stumble backward onto the mattress. 
Spencer pulled away slowly. He started to scoot up the mattress and I followed him. He was sitting in the middle of the mattress and I straddled his lap. I felt the goosebumps rise on my skin as his hands pushed up under my shirt and his lips moved to my neck. 
“It’s been so long,” he mumbled against me. “Way too long.”
“I know,” I replied, my breathing getting a little heavier as he started to leave hickeys on my neck. 
“Oh, what did you do without me,” he asked before pulling back so he could pull the sweater off of my body. 
I smirked, moving back just enough to undo my bra. Spencer leaned up to kiss me again as I pushed his blazer off his shoulders. I sank down and started rolling my hips against Spencer. He moved down and kissed my chest before sucking one of my nipples into his mouth. I gasped, back arching slightly as I tried to focus on the movement of my hips.
I let out a shocked squeak when I was suddenly picked up and placed next to Spencer. He stood up as he yanked off his tie. I sat on my knees on the bed, just kind of watching.
“I’m sorry, I’m just feeling a little impatient tonight,” Spencer said. “I’ve waited for so long. I don’t want to delay anymore-”
I cut off his rambling by sitting properly on the mattress. After a little wiggling, I pulled my shorts and underwear down my legs, blushing as I felt Spencer’s gaze follow my hands. 
Biting my lip, I got back to my previous position; sitting on my knees and watching. 
“I’m waiting for you,” I said.
You have never seen a guy throw off his clothes so fast. He got back on the bed and guided me back into his lap. I licked my lips as I stared at him. Eyes clouded in lust and a slight blush on his cheeks. 
“Are you ready?”
“I have been for months,” Spencer mumbled.
I sent him an amused smile as I picked myself up a little. I slowly lowered myself, biting my lip and squeezing my eyes shut. Spencer’s hand rested on my hips but he didn’t push me down any faster. 
Once I was fully down, I felt Spencer pick his hips up a little but I squeezed his shoulder, “Wait.”
I let out a breathy laugh as I adjusted, making Spencer chuckle back at me and lean up to kiss me. 
I only pulled away when I felt like I was ready to start moving. I slowly rolled my hips, wanting to enjoy every second of this. I down to see Spencer starring at where our bodies met.
“It’s been so long,” he said, voice a little weaker as his breathing got heavier. “You’re more amazing than I remember.”
“So are you, Spencer,” I moaned softly.
My hips moved a little faster, starting to go from rolling to something closer to bouncing. Spencer leaned down and started leaving love bites on my chest, taking his sweet time to suck on my nipples.
“I’m never letting anyone separate us ever again,” he groaned, his hips moving with mine. “I can’t go that long without you again.”
I moaned through a bitten lip as I gripped his hair. It had been so long since we were like this. Together. Alone. In our own little world where everything outside of this moment didn’t matter.
I let out a gasp when Spencer suddenly started rubbing my clit quickly.
“God,” he panted, kissing my neck again. “So, so good.”
“I love you, Spencer,” I rolled my head back. 
It was almost like clockwork when the knot in my stomach started to form. I pulled Spencer’s head back by his hair, leaning down to peck his lips before I start nipping and kissing his neck. 
It was clear. The desperation could be seen on our faces, blushing faces and glazed over eyes. Our hips moving at a more frenzied pace as we chased the end. 
“God, I’m-”
“Me too, baby,” I promised, still his neck. 
There were more sloppy thrusts after that, both of us clinging to each other. His nails dug into my hips while mine latched onto his back. I felt myself tightening around him more and more. The knot in my stomach was ready to untie itself.
“Spencer,” I moaned. “Oh god-”
My words died on my tongue as my moans took a louder turn. My back arching and my falling back once again. Spencer’s hands went to my back and pulled me closer.
I could feel everything. His shuddering breath against my neck. His nails on my back. The slight twitch of him under me as he let go. I was overwhelmed by my love for him as we both shook, trying to come back to Earth.
“I love you so much,” I whispered, placing my forehead on his. He grinned at me.
“I love you too,” he mumbled back, kissing me softly. “I’m just warning you... I don’t think I’ll be able to be that gentle next time we do this.”
“Was that a warning or a promise,” I asked, chuckling as we basked in the beautiful afterglow. 
To say that I was happy that he was home would be the understatement of the century. 
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myhiddenspot · 3 months ago
Stay Still- Harley Quinn Smut (Birds of Prey)
Tumblr media
Title: Stay Still
Pairing: Harley Quinn X F!Reader
Requested: Nope
Word Count: 764 words
Warning(s): 18+ Only! Please don’t read if you’re not of age!, thigh riding, dirty talk, orgasm denial, handcuffs, PWP
Summary: When (Y/n) started working at the GCPD, she didn’t expect to end up falling for one of the most notorious villains in the city... and she definitely didn’t expect to find herself in the situation she was in now.
Author’s Note: You can find information for requests by clicking here and a masterlist by clicking here! Also... this is my first smut so please don’t be a dick. Thank you!
Tumblr media
I bit my lip as my leg started bouncing up and down. I knew I was safe. I was just on edge. The room was too quiet for what situation I was currently in. I could only imagine what Harley was planning.
My hands were locked behind me by my own handcuffs. My hair was in all different directions after being pulled on. My shirt had been unbuttoned and pulled out from my pants, both sides hanging slightly off my shoulders. My bra was secure.
My lower half was still intact. My pants were unbuttoned and unzipped but were still on. The only thing the was off was the fact that I felt like I was dripping through both my pants and my underwear.
I hadn’t planned on falling for a criminal when I started working in Gotham. I didn’t expect to fall for Harley Quinn. But now... to say I worshiped her would be an understatement. 
We stayed secret from everyone else. This made every time we saw each other so intense and desperate. Harley loved it. She had me wrapped around her finger and she knew it.
The night had started like many others. I walked into my apartment to find Harley there. She kissed me fiercely, pulling my hair and doing everything in her power to make me make noise for her. 
I was caught off guard when she pushed me onto the chair. My thoughts melted a moment later when she kissed me again, undoing my shirt. She had just finished undoing my pants before taking my handcuffs and locking me to the chair. 
Without a word, she left the room, hiding away in my bathroom. 
Just as I was about to call to her, she walked out. She was naked, smirking as she walked over. I watched her closely, admiring her as she straddled my right thigh.
“Here’s what’s gonna happen,” she said, laying her hands on my shoulders. “I’m going to ride your thigh... and you’re going to watch and not cum.”
“Because it’s much more fun to watch your tormented expression,” she replied. 
I would’ve said something more but she moaned before I could. She moved on my thigh. The sounds she made, made me weak. I couldn’t pull my eyes away from where her core met my leg. There was a growing wet patch on my leg.
“God, you look gorgeous,” I said through gritted teeth. Harley giggled, her head rolling back for a moment.
I was so focused on her that I was caught off guard by her hand sliding into the front of my pants and underwear. I gasped, tugging on my handcuffs. 
She giggled again, pulling me into a rough kiss, rubbing my clit as fast as she could. I moaned against her lips, trying to move my core toward her hand. It made my thigh move against her core, causing gasps and moans to fall from her lips. 
She pulled away, smiling at my desperate face. My face was bright red, sweat on my forehead, panting as I watched her face.
“God, I wonder what your team would think of this,” she said through a moan. “Moaning and whimpering for someone they consider a villain. You worship me. Imagine what they’d say.”
“Oh god, please,” I begged, feeling the knot in my stomach starting to tighten.
“Maybe I’m not the crazy one,” Harley moved on my leg faster. 
“Harley, please,” I rolled my head back. 
I felt myself getting closer. I continued begging, asking to be allowed to just let go. My stomach tightened. I was about to let go when she pulled her hand away from me. I whined, feeling the knot dissipate as Harley grabbed my shoulder again, her back arching.
There were a few moments of silence. Her forehead touched mine and she smiled at me. 
“That was mean,” I mumbled. 
She hummed with a shrug before taking the fingers she had used on me and placed them in her mouth. I whimpered as she sucked her fingers clean.
“Harley,” I said, moaning. “Please.”
“Not tonight,” she smirked, kissing me gently so I could taste myself on her lips. She stood up and started walking away.
After putting her clothes back on, she walked over and undid the handcuffs. I couldn’t help but smile at her, “I love you.”
“Aww, I love you, sweetheart,” she replied, kissing my forehead. “I can’t wait until you see what I have planned for you tomorrow.”
“Tomorrow,” I asked. She giggled at me, leaving in confusion and a little bit of fear.
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myhiddenspot · 3 months ago
Fandoms I Write For
Tumblr media
This blog is for smut. All content will be for 18+ only. Please don’t send in requests or interact with my work if you are under 18.
Want to see what I’ve written? Click here! Want to send in a request? Click here!
I’m selectively of the actors/celebrities that I’m comfortable writing for so please be understanding!
Movies (This list is short but I’m working on expanding it):
DC Films (Justice League, Batman, Birds of Prey, etc.)
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Franchise
Ibiza: Love Drunk
Kingsmen Franchise
Knives Out
Marvel Films (X-Men, Avengers, etc.)
Moulin Rouge
Ready or Not
The Devil All The Time
The Gentleman
American Horror Story
Castle Rock
Criminal Minds
The Flash
Game of Thrones
Haunting of Hill House/ Bly Manor
House M.D
Legends of Tomorrow
Mr. Robot
Peaky Blinders
Penny Dreadful
Prodigal Son
The Resident
The Rookie
The Smoke
Supernatural (including most actors)
Teen Wolf
The Umbrella Academy
Taron Egerton (includes most characters)
Richard Madden (includes most characters)
Henry Cavill (includes most characters)
Most Actors Connected to Marvel (includes most characters)
Most Actors Connected to DC (includes most characters)
Rami Malek (includes most characters)
Ben Hardy (includes most characters)
Shawn Mendes
This will be updated regularly!
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myhiddenspot · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
This blog is for smut. All content will be for 18+ only. Please don’t send in requests or interact with my work if you are under 18.
I will try to keep this updated as much as I can. Make sure to check back for more content!
Want to send in a request? Click here! Want to know which fanbases I write about most (or at least am most comfortable writing about)? Click this link here!
DC Film Universe (Justice League, Superman, Birds of Prey):
Harley Quinn-
Stay Still
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myhiddenspot · 3 months ago
Request Instructions
Tumblr media
This blog is for smut. All content will be for 18+ only. Please don’t send in requests or interact with my work if you are under 18.
What’s already been written? Click here to see! Want to see what I write for? Click here!
If you want to send in a request, please send in:
Requests can be for imagines, drabbles, preferences, or headcanons. Please clarify if you can!
Person You Want (all pieces will be X Readers):
Plot Idea:
You can send in some rambling thoughts and we can have a safe space for our strange thoughts.
This will be updated if I put together a prompt list of some form! Thank you!
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