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mitsususu · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
“Land Ho” (E, 2k)
The merman grinned and rubbed his cheek against Steve’s. “You’re very friendly.” Steve noted, as Bucky slid his hands up to Steve’s waist. “Very, very friendly,” Steve choked out, as Bucky dipped his fingers underneath the elastic and started to tug his shorts down. Steve let him. If the gorgeous merman wanted Steve naked, Steve was absolutely on board.
+ Modern AU. Steve encounters a merman on vacation and rolls with it. Courtship rituals, silliness, and orgasms. 
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mitsususu · 3 days ago
Any medieval AUs? :3
You bet!! It’ll be up after the Proposal/Wedding list, so here are some previously posted medieval(ish) fics to tide you over:
“The Claiming Ceremony” from Royalty AU 
“A Noble Steed” from Royalty AU
“Blossom like sunshine, nectar sweet as sin, the devil's drink has me pulled in” from A/B/O: Alpha Bucky
“This Enchanted Place” from Fairytale AU
“A-mage-ing Grace” from Magic AU 
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mitsususu · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
Yeah, we danced on table tops and we took too many shots. Think we kissed, but I forgot. Sometimes, romance happens under the influence. Below are my Top 5 Favorite stories:
“in the morning i'll be sober and you'll still be mine” (T, 2k) by mcwho
Steve always marveled at how people lost all their inhibitions after they got a little alcohol in them.
And then Thor gets him drunk on Asgardian liquor. Events unfold.
+ Post WS. Steve gets drunk and can’t contain his pining anymore. Bucky doesn’t mind at all.
“Let's Fall in Love” (T, 3k) by Desdemon
“I really am sorry, dollface,” Bucky said, his eyes huge and stupid. “I’m just flapping my gums, you know what a chucklehead I am.”
+ Post WS. Steve and Bucky go to a themed bar, and get really into roleplaying.
“the place where you were in my heart is not closed” (T, 3k) by shestepsintotheriver
Steve and Bucky used to spend every summer together, but when Bucky didn’t turn up for his last year at summer camp, Steve had no way to contact him.
Seven years later, a semi-drunken toast brings them back together.
+ Modern AU. Steve’s made friends at college, but still pines after his long lost childhood crush. Turns out his crush is right down the street.
“Save a Horse, Ride a Captain” (T, 2k) by galwednesday
Bucky tapped him on the shoulder, swaying back and forth a little as he waited for the man to turn around. “Hello,” he said, and then promptly forgot what else he was going to say, because this guy was fucking beautiful. “Wow. Good face.”
Two of the guy’s friends, a man wearing a suit that fit so well it had to be bespoke and a man with a cute little gap between his front teeth, started cracking up. The petite redhead sitting next to them cocked her head to the side and pulled her phone out of her handbag. Beautiful Face just looked kind of pained, so Bucky redirected. He was a gentleman. He could take a hint. No hitting on beautiful guys who were uncomfortable with that sort of thing, no matter how lickable their jawlines were.
“Hello,” he repeated, doing his best to mind his manners. “I’m very sorry to bother you. Can I have a piggy-back ride?”
+ Shrunkyclunks. Captain America carries drunk Bucky back home and makes him coffee in the morning. The Howling Commandos are thrilled
“Bubbling up” (T, 4k) by Niitza
"And that's the story of how Captain America drove safely to the French zone libre, with the rest of his team three sheets to the wind, while being fearfully saluted by Nazis."
+ Post CW. Bucky is slowly recovering his memories, and finds out drinking champagne brings back a nice one 
-☆- And a freebie when they’re sober!! -☆-
“When You're Drunk” (M, 3k) by Kellyscams
Seventy years ago, Bucky Barnes was in love with Steve Rogers and could only express his love for him under the misguided courage of drunken nights.
Seventy years ago, Steve Rogers was in love with Bucky Barnes, and could only have Bucky's love under the misguided courage of drunken nights.
Seventy years later, what happens when a drunken night is nearly impossible?
+ Post WS. Bucky has a hard time telling Steve how he feels, so he tries for a little liquid courage. Turns out Steve has enough courage for both of them (the angsty prequel is here)
+ More Alcohol fics in College AU and Seasonal Sampler lists
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mitsususu · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
Everybody wants to rule the world. In fic, Loki can always be counted on to help Steve and Bucky get together or stay together. Below are my Top 5 Favorite stories:
“Space Oddity” (M, 147k) by crinklefries, cyclamental art (cyclamental), nalonzoo
After the world ends, things happen to Bucky in this specific order: he helps defeat Thanos, he rejects Steve’s attempt to address Feelings, he watches Steve volunteer to put the Infinity Stones back in time, he waits for Steve to come back, he is sad when Steve does not come back, he realizes that everyone thinks Steve disappeared in 2012 (???), he gets taken to space by Carol Danvers (!!!), he meets up with a depressed literal alien Norse God, he and the depressed literal alien Norse God travel through space, he and the depressed literal alien Norse God hit a wormhole and fall into the--Multiverse.
What the fuck.
This is the story of how Bucky and Thor pick up the pieces of their lives, find their own worth, find their own person, and find their way out of a multiverse of 100 realities stitched together with 100 tropes. There’s love, there’s friendship, there’s an extreme amount of Tesseract fuckery, but most importantly there are sexy vampires. Bon Appetit.
+ Endgame Fix-It. Loki and Steve shatter the tesseract in 2012; Bucky and Thor go on a multiverse road trip to find them. Found family, self-acceptance, and the happiest ending.
“Shake It Up” (T, 13k) by aurilly
Steve knows he shouldn't try to change anything while returning the Stones, but he can't help himself. A certain God of Chaos is willing to help.
Loki's in for a wild ride.
+ Endgame Fix-It. Steve and Bucky return the stones together. Along the way, they each end up enlisting Loki to help their 2012 versions
“Not Another Alien Green Card Marriage” (T, 14k) by crinklefries
“Dearly beloved,” the tired-looking court magistrate said. “We are gathered here today to join this man and this, uh, Norse God in holy...matrimony.” * The bifrost is broken and Thor is stranded on Earth, working for SHIELD without any authorized documents. Loki gets way too drunk and regrettably horny one night and offers to marry the big, dumb superhero for a green card.
This turns out to be a mistake, because even though Thor is smoking hot, the Avengers keep breaking Manhattan, Loki’s apartment suffers an unfortunate setback, and the U.S. government requires way too much paperwork. Also, Loki hates his job and his best friend is in love with Captain America.
This would only happen to him. Loki would take a nap, if anyone would goddamn let him. Instead, he gets bangs.
+ Shrunkyclunks. Modern Bucky and Loki run into the Avengers over and over again. Madcap courting ensues
“Bop, Bop, Bop: Bop To The Top” (T, 10k) by attackofthezee (noxlunate)
When Odinson shows up it’s with half the basketball team and a lot of noise that Loki absolutely did not consent to have in his creative space.
His senses are being assaulted.
“This is a sacred space,” He says and he can practically feel Bucky rolling his eyes behind him, but there are points to be made and Bucky’s judgement is not welcome here.
“It’s an auditorium,” Thor says like he doesn’t comprehend Loki’s point, which is fair, because he is, after all, very very dumb. All those hits to the head doing jock things like football and smashing beer cans against his skull really can’t be helping. 
Aka a vaguely a High School Musical AU
+ Modern AU. Blonde jocks have been assigned to help with the spring play and theater kid Loki despairs. Bucky however, is delighted, and gets a date to the prom.
"Big in Japan” (T, 6k) by gunboots
Steve hesitantly reaches out and takes the object in Tony’s arms to survey it. 'It' being a pillow upon which was an almost frighteningly accurate illustration of Loki, their on-and-off again nemesis. "I don't--how did you even get this? Who would MAKE this?"
Clearly Steve doesn't find the attention-to-detail on Loki's costume as hilarious as Tony does, which whatever. Like he said. Killjoy.
A.K.A The one time Tony buys Thor the world's worst souvenir and it somehow worked out in the end anyway.
+ Post WS. Dakimakura! Thor starts carrying around a body pillow with fanart printed on it. Loki founds out, and Bucky keeps the Steve pillows
+ More Loki fics in the Space list
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mitsususu · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
I just wanna be by your side (if these wings could fly) for the rest of our lives. Magical Realism! Below are my Top 5 Favorite stories:
“Sunshine's Gifts” (E, 52k) by Quarra, wearing_tearing
“Who are you?” Steve asks, eyes bright with anger and cheeks flushed with heat.
Bucky laughs.
His warrior, his Steve, is as brave and as incredible as Bucky thought him to be.
“Is this how you offer me thanks for saving your life?” Bucky grins, delight making him giddy and playful. “Pinning me to the ground without even a proper courtship first?”
Or: Bucky is Horny. Steve likes his big rack.
+ Alt Avengers. Fae Bucky leads the Wild Hunt and gets a crush on Captain America. Courting, flying horses, space dogs, and everyone is happy
“The Leshy's Prey” (E, 5k) by DeamonSlayer576, exclamation
Steve is just a small woodland fairy, but when he hears that the Leshy, a powerful forest spirit, has stolen a child, he can't let this injustice stand. He takes it upon himself to confront the Leshy. The confrontation... doesn't go as planned.
When the confrontation goes in a more sexual direction than Steve had intended, he's not certain he minds, and maybe the Leshy isn't as bad as he'd first thought.
+ Fantasy AU. Fairy Steve helps the local village find lost items, and gets more than he bargained for when he looks for a lost child. 
“Runaways” (T, 4k) by crinklefries
“Do you believe in magic?” Bucky asks, sitting back on his haunches.
Bucky’s too old to believe in that kind of thing. He graduates in a year with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from the Columbia University. He believes in what he can see, in what he can touch and feel.
He can’t believe in magic.
+ Modern AU. Bucky finds interesting trinkets all around New York and falls in love with Steve along the way
“Going Through” (G, 2k) by Taste_is_Sweet
Bucky wasn't quite sure what to do with the extremely angry fairy he rescued from the group of Make Humanity Great Again! assholes who'd been trying to suffocate him in a jar.
+ Fantasy AU. Steve gets saved, nursed back to heath, and gets a crush.
“Under the Hawthorn Tree” (E, 57k) by odetteandodile
There is a faerie tale of sorts, though it’s one known only by the Fair Folk themselves and a few others who know that they can’t tell it.
It goes like this.
A young man wanders into the woods one night, and wanders until he isn't a young man anymore—but something else.
Seventy years later, another man follows him. Inside of a magic ring, they meet.
(or, Bucky is a faerie—amongst other things—and Steve Rogers, as always, is helpless but to love him from the start)
+ Modern AU. Environmental Consultant Steve gets sent to check out a forest before it gets bulldozed. He finds a mushroom circle, Bucky, and the fae court.
-☆- And a freebie where fae are involved! -☆-
“Thyme and Tide” (T, 21k) by leveragehunters (Monkeygreen), seleneheart
Bucky might be only a one-armed ex-mercenary who'd washed up, half-drowned, on the shores of Sciatha with nothing and nowhere—never mind how hard Captain Rogers, head of Sciatha's Royal Guard, was trying to change that—but even he knew better than to get involved with the fae.
Unfortunately, that wisdom had somehow bypassed Sciatha's ancient kings…and fae bargains always came due.
+ Fantasy AU. The kingdom has a deal with the fae, and they’ve taken Steve. Bucky holds faith that Steve will return. 
+ More fic recs here
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mitsususu · 15 days ago
Okay call me sappy but can we have a list for proposals? And another for them getting married?
Hi sappy, you are in good company! I do have a proposals list on the way but I can definitely add in a wedding list too. Double the matrimony! In the meantime, here are previously listed fics: 
“Political Animals” from Moms
“my love, he laughs like the flowers” from Flowers
“Howitzer” from Sports
“Food for Thot” from Vampires
“The Parent Snap” from Space
“Slide to Answer” from Wrong Number
“Left hand yellow” from Board Games
“(760): I literally cut myself out of my pants. Waste. Of. Money.” from Valentine’s Day
“Brooklyn” from Pride
“Drive It Like You Stole It: A Bodyswap” from Roadtrips
“Investigative Journalism” from Fake-Dating
“the person fifty-year-old me will be proud to have known” from Pride
“In This Last of Meeting Places” from Apocalpyse
“a marvelous gift” from Fairy Tales
Proposal + Wedding
“Let this be light work” from Video Calls
“The One Where Bucky is a Street Rat and Steve is the Prince” from Disney
“Too Long We Have Tarried” from Fake Married
“Sandwich ‘verse” from Sam Wilson
“Stop interrupting my grinding” from Wrong Number
“Easy Work for Easy Pay” from 21st Century
“@sgtbarnes1917 and @cptrogers1918″ from Avengers
“Camboy!Steve & Loyal Viewer Bucky” from Sex Work
“Blossom like sunshine, nectar sweet as sin, the devil’s drink has pulled me in” from Alpha Bucky
“That Time Steve and Bucky Got Married” from Happy Fluff
“where can i put it down?” from Mermaids
“4 Minute Window” from Starter Pack
“Hold Me Hard and Mellow” from Royalty
“No Faraway Shore” from Presidents
“just say you do” from Fake-Married
“The Bargain” from Historical AU
“Against All Odds” from 5+1
“Doll Day Afternoon” from Crossovers
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mitsususu · 18 days ago
Tumblr media
I tried to go and leave you behind, what did I find? I took a trip on a train and I thought about you. If these two break up, they’ll get back together eventually. Below are my Top 5 Favorite stories:
“Come Home to Roost” (M, 4k) by Nejinee
Seeing your ex at a party is bound to be awkward. Seeing your ex, whom you're still deeply, desperately in love with, at a party, is a whole other level of awkward.
+ Modern AU. Two years after they break up, Bucky gets high and waxes rhapsodic about Steve’s dick to anyone that’ll listen. 
“Runaways” (T, 4k) by crinklefries
He is inconsolably, terribly, horribly hung up over his ex.
It doesn’t help that his ex is his co-worker.
It doesn’t help that his ex is Captain Fucking America.
+ Shrunkyclunks. Shield Agent Bucky runs into his exes at a midnight grocery run. Hilarious, with an assist from the bodega man
“Keep it together” (T, 4k) by Nejinee
"Is this the Bucky who stomped all over your precious star-spangled heart and left it for dead by the side of the highway?”
What do you do when your (clearly traitorous) friend invites your ex to dinner? You fake it, that's what. You pretend to totally have your shit together. You pretend to not stare, to not notice how your ex hasn't gotten decrepit and gross with age. No, you instead focus on how mature and cool you are now without them. You also realize you haven't gotten over them, not even a little and that seeing Bucky Barnes again is probably the sickest joke the universe has ever played on you. Your life, Steve Rogers, is a shitshow.
+ Modern AU. Another one by Nejinee!! A double date with Sam and Nat goes off track. Protective friends, fancy food, alley sex, and getting back together.
“For the Summer” (E, 44k) by CoraRochester, fadefilter, steebadore
Fifteen years ago, Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes had been two teenagers in love, spending sweltering summers in Eagle Inlet, Steve's sleepy lakeside hometown way up in the Adirondacks. Sure, Bucky's rich family only came up in summertime, but they were off to college soon and they'd be together forever, right?
Not quite.
These days, Bucky's back in town for the summer and it turns out, some hurts—and firsts—are hard to get over.
There was something venomous and fiery chasing itself through Steve’s veins, choking the life out of his common sense. He put a hand on Bucky’s waist, small and tight, shifting with Bucky’s quick breathing and he squeezed, trying to ground himself. It didn’t work.
There was hardly any space left between them. Bucky’s hair brushed the tip of his nose. It was citrus and sweat and like a gut punch of memory. “We could see if I’m any better now,” Steve said. “I’ve had a little more practice since then.”
+ Modern AU. Bucky is on track to take over the family business when he runs into his ex from 15 years ago. Steve and Bucky still yearn for each other and want to make it work this time around.
“Exes and Doughs” (T, 11k) by maximoffs
Captain America could have decided to walk into any donut shop on that Tuesday afternoon, but he had to walk into Bucky’s. 
“Your life isn’t Casablanca,” Bucky said to himself, out loud, counting out the drawer in the back.
OR (to the tune of Taylor Swift's "You Belong With Me"): He's a donut-maker and Steve's on the Avengers ♬
OR: Bucky Barnes, ex-assassin-turned-donut-chef, gets a visit from his ex-boyfriend-turned-protector-of-the-People, Captain America.
+ Canon divergence. Childhood lovers before the war, but Shield took Steve and the CIA took Bucky and used them in and out of cryo. Steve still loves him even after they went their separate ways. 
+ More Exes to Lovers in the High School Reunions, Apocalypse, Fake Dating, and Doctors lists
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mitsususu · 26 days ago
Tumblr media
I’ll put a spell on you, you’ll fall asleep. I’ll be the first thing you see and you’ll realize that you love me. Witch-Specific fics! Below are my Top 5 Favorite stories:
“If You Ever Did Believe” (M, 33k) by wearing_tearing
Bucky Barnes will never die of a broken heart. The spell he cast at thirteen, in between white petals and whispered words of magic, makes sure of that.
But then Bucky murders someone, conspires with his sister to hide the body, and meets Steve Rogers.
+ Modern AU. A Practical Magic AU. Steve investigates a small town when Rumlow goes missing, falls in love with the main suspect, and participates in an exorcism
“60 Beans and a Cup of Magic” (T, 28k) by crinklefries
In a little corner of Brooklyn, Bucky Barnes is a baker, Steve Rogers is a witch, and over the course of a year, they bake some goods, drink a lot of coffee, and discover, between them, a little magic.
steve rogers--once a disaster bi always a disaster bi; and now a disaster bi with magic
+ Modern AU. A hilarious and adorable fic where Bucky doesn’t realize Steve is magic and falls in love with him. Featuring an incredible amount of desserts and Steve’s sweet tooth
“A Soft Place To Land” (E, 10k) by anoneknewmoose, Livelylute, mwestbelle
Plant witch Steve spends his days with his tight-knit coven, gardening and loving on plants of all kinds. Bucky has a gloved hand and dark energy he can't quite hide. This is the low-fi magical realism story of their love.
+ Magic AU. Bucky breaks away from his coven and moves into Steve’s apartment building. He wants to do good and be better, and Steve loves and accepts him
“Northern Sky” (M, 50k) by littleblackfox, WarlockInTraining
Bucky casts around the field, the light rapidly fading as the storm clouds grow denser, swallowing up the weak winter sun. The spirits are here, he can feel them, their amorphous thoughts, panicked and trembling. They can feel his own fear, rising in the back of his throat, fuelling their own terror.
Bucky reaches for the chain around his neck, fumbling for his amulets. His fingers close around the two pieces of silver, fine and bright as the scars on his arm.
Please. Please keep me safe.
+ Fantasy AU. Bucky is the village witch with an affinity for spirits, and Steve is an artist that can’t stay away. Mutual pining, a lot of rain, and Studio Ghibli feels
“Something So Familiar” (G, 6k) by leveragehunters (Monkeygreen)
When Bucky was seven the Training Masters told him he had no magic, no potential, that he'd never be a witch. It wasn't a surprise. Witches came from certain families and a certain class, just like magic was sterile and ordered and familiars were obedient and servile. That was simply the way the world worked.
Bucky grew up and got on with living his mundane life, knowing he was one hundred percent magic free. Which meant it came as something of a shock when the familiar appeared in his living room, claiming Bucky was his witch. It meant the Masters had been wrong. It meant Bucky had magic.
It meant, just maybe, that wasn't the way the world had to work after all.
+ Fantasy AU. Witch Bucky finds out he has magic, gets trained by his familiar, and starts a quiet revolution
+ More Witch fics in Magic, Neighbors, and compiled Here  
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mitsususu · a month ago
Tumblr media
Spiderman, Spiderman, does whatever a spider can! The Greatest Generation and Gen Z get along better than you think. Below are my Top 5 Favorite stories: 
“Astronomy In Reverse” (T, 184k) by pansley
A year after the Winter Soldier failed his mission in DC, Bucky Barnes is doing his best to stay under the radar from both Hydra and Steve Rogers. His hope for a peaceful day-to-day life in limbo goes awry, however, when he meets Queens’ newest hero; a pure-hearted kid with a death wish and a ridiculous pair of red and blue pajamas.
The last thing Steve expects when he finally tracks Bucky down is that, not only has the man been living in Queens all this time, right under his nose, but also that, in the two years since they last saw each other, Bucky somehow acquired a kid.
Alternatively: How Peter Parker effectively fucks over Bucky Barnes, and also totally saves him.
+ Post WS. Found family.Bucky changes his lifestyle to be the best dad Peter Parker could ask for. 
“got guns in my head (and they won’t go)” (G, 9k) by bysine
By comparison, being roommates with James Buchanan Barnes, formerly the Winter Soldier, has been a vast improvement. Notwithstanding the part where people openly take pictures of Barnes (and consequently Peter) on campus. Or random people poking Peter in the back during lectures to hiss, are you really the Winter Soldier’s roommate at him. Or remnant HYDRA operatives kidnapping Peter in order to lure the Winter Soldier out (which, really, is too many levels of stupid for Peter to handle).
"You know you're not supposed to call him the Winter Soldier any more, right?" Peter says, while they handcuff him to a pipe. A pipe. "Also this whole thing is kind of messing up my schedule. My two overdue papers won't exactly write themselves."
+ Alt endgame/everyone lives. Bucky and Peter are now college roommates. Peter fights crime, writes essays, and tries to keep trauma from messing with his powers.
“Make It Till You Fake It” (E, 4k) by AggressiveWhenStartled
“Ned,” Peter said, like a drowning man sighting land. “Ned. Captain America and the Winter Soldier are fake dating right now and it is the most painfully awkward and obvious thing I have ever seen, all of us want to die, Ned.”
+ Post WS. The Avengers try to catch Steve and Bucky lying about dating, and Ned is a Stucky enthusiast
“The Five Times Peter Got Help With Schoolwork and The One Time It Was Done For Him” (G, 19k) by DJ_unicornsrgr8
Peter needs more sleep. And time. But he definitely doesn't need help, or at least that's what he tells himself.
Aka Peter isn't a good self-advocate.
Aka the title is pretty self-explanatory.
+ Post WS. It’s hard to be in school and fight crime at the same time. The Avengers love Peter and make sure he’s fed, rested, and cared for.
“The Trials and Tribulations of the Watermelon Werewolf” (E, TBD) by BlueSimplicity
It’s not easy being a werewolf, but Steve Rogers knows he’s lucky. Lehigh's doing well under his care, the humans and werewolves thriving. He doesn't have a mate, but a bonding like that is rare, and with all the members of his Pack already mated, he knows it’s not going to happen for him.
Until the day it does, the realization literally knocking him on his ass.
That’s fine; he can deal. He’s an alpha after all, and while there are rules to courting when one’s mate is human, he knows he can prove his worth. Except no one told him how hard it would be. And Steve is really bad at this. Really, REALLY bad.
After a couple of rough years, Bucky Barnes is back on his feet and ready to start a new phase of his life. He’s been given a second chance and while Lehigh might not be as big as NYC, he loves his apartment, chonk of a cat, new job and crazy neighbors.
Except things have started to get weird. Maybe it’s because of all the werewolves in town, although he’s never had a problem before. Yet he can’t help but notice things have changed, with people staring at him wherever he goes, asking him strange questions, and stealing his lunch.
And it all started when a watermelon was left on his doorstep.
+ Fantasy AU. Werewolf Steve finds his mate when human Bucky moves into town. Idiots in love, featuring found family/pack and adorable Peter Parker. Fully written, updating twice a week. 
*More Peter Parker stories in the Road Trips (x2 fics) and Teachers AU lists
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mitsususu · a month ago
Tumblr media
Cha cha slides, cake slices, and the bouquet toss! If Steve or Bucky is at a wedding, the other is not far away. Below are my Top 5 Favorite stories:
“Welcome to Oblivious, Population: Two” (T, 11k) by leveragehunters (Monkeygreen)
Steve is a wedding photographer in need of an assistant. Bucky is unemployed and in need of a job. Sam and Natasha, in what turns out to be a successful attempt to solve both problems, arrange an introduction.
In a moment of frustrated brilliance, Bucky sets Steve on the path to incredible popularity and the two of them--and their relationship--on the path to complete obliviousness.
+ Modern AU. Steve and Bucky’s personal space rapidly dwindles. They share chairs, share beds, share food, and don’t know they’re already dating
“A Fishy Deal” (E, 31k) by esaael, QueenoftheRandomWord42
James Buchanan Barnes was a man of many talents. He was a fantastic shot, could speak several languages, was skilled in a few martial arts, really passionate about space and science museums, Fuck Buddy of Steve Rogers, and was a proud owner of a few betta fish.
Things changed when Bucky's sister charged in to talk to her brother and wound up inviting Steve to the wedding as his plus one.
But Weddings bring out the best and the worst in people, will their relationship survive?
“What just happened?” Steve asked as he ducked back into the bathroom.
“I think you just got invited to my sister’s wedding in my ex-boyfriend’s stead…” Bucky said blinking.
+ Shrunkyclunks. Friendship with benefits, mutual pining, and developing relationships. Betta fish and Great Uncle Arnie Roth
“You can't hurry love” (E, 8k) by obsessivereader
“Jesus!” Steve hurries forward. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you.” Before he’s even halfway into the room, the man’s already on his feet and turning around. He has a face as perfect as his ass. High forehead, square jaw, pink lips with a hint of a natural pout. Short, wavy, dark brown hair. His wide, deep-set eyes are a clear and luminous gray. Those eyes widen as the man takes in the sight of Steve staring at him.
Something about that wide-eyed, slightly nervous look catches at Steve’s memory. “Bucky?”
Steve remembers a shy, sweet teenager, with soft round cheeks, eyes too big for his face, and a wild head of hair. If this really is Bucky, some time in the last few years, he grew into his face and is now so gorgeous that Steve’s having a little trouble breathing. The lean, toned body beautifully displayed by a black shirt and gray pants don’t help the breathing situation either.
“You… have a beard now,” Bucky says faintly.
or, Bucky finally gets to do something about his decades-long crush on his best friend's older brother...
+ Modern AU. Bucky’s childhood dream (crush) comes true! Grinding on the dance floor and intercrural. 
“The Wedding Planner('s Assistant)” (T, 40k) by crinklefries
Bucky Barnes is in a bit of a conundrum. 
For example, on the one hand, he’s the former extremely polished, brutally efficient, and impressively ruthless brainwashed weapon of mass murder for the secret Nazi arm of the United States government. 
On the other hand, he has an uncontrollable crush on the cute blond wedding planner who lives next door. 
What do you do when HYDRA agents keep climbing through your window and the Avengers can’t seem to leave you the fuck alone? Volunteer to help with wedding planning, he guesses. 
This won’t be difficult to balance at all.
+ Shrinkyclinks. Winter Soldier Bucky throws himself into wedding planning hell because it makes modern Steve’s life easier. Featuring a very amused Cap Sam and the Avengers team
“if only you could see me (for the pie that i am)” (M, 35k) by bitelikefire (theoleo)
In which Steve is the proud owner of Frost; a semi famous local bakery in D.C. And despite the overwhelming insistence that it’s about time he start dating, Steve swears up and down he isn’t ready for that.
Or as of recently, just doesn’t have the time because of Mr. Barnes. The highly demanding wedding planner on the phone who keeps asking for nearly impossible deliveries and maybe Steve would like to personally strangle him. Maybe.
(There is pie. And misunderstandings. But a lot more desserts and eye rolls.)
+ Modern AU. Enemies to lovers with hidden identity. Steve is a stubborn baker who falls in love with Bucky, someone with an equally busy schedule.  
*More other people’s weddings in the Seasonal Sampler, Singer AU, Sex Work (others), Life Drawing, Rebecca Barnes, and President lists
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mitsususu · a month ago
Tumblr media
Sister, don’t cry anymore; lay your weary head here with me. Rebecca Proctor née Barnes, beloved younger sister to Bucky (and sometimes Steve too). Below are my Top 5 Favorite Stories:
“Roll On” (M, 89k) by jaxington
In 1938, there's a bar in Brooklyn called Sully’s where people are safe to be themselves. Behind the bar, a girl pours drinks. She's always got a big smile for Steve and she says queer like it's a good thing. On a regular basis, she takes his shoulders in her hands and tries to shake sense into him, saying, "When will you do something about that best friend of yours?"
In 2012, Bucky’s gone, but Steve’s not, and the girl’s hands are too old to shake him. She does her best to make him see sense anyway.
Steve had people who loved him before the war, and it turns out a few of them are still around when he finally comes home.
+ Pre-War to Alt CW. A stunning three part series spanning 300k words. Part 1 focuses on Becca, Part 2 on Becca’s wife, and Part 3 is Post WS to Alt CW from Bucky’s perspective. Bucky Barnes recovers, Found Family, and love true love. It’s not marked as complete, but can be read as such
“My Brother, The Hero” (G, 16k) by Odsbodkins
Becca Barnes is eight years old, and her big brother can do no wrong.
The events of the two Captain America movies, from the perspective of one of the sisters Bucky leaves behind.
+ Pre-War to Post WS. Becca adores Steve and Bucky, and is heartbroken after the Valkyrie. Decades later, she reunites with them both
“Now! That’s What I Call 90’s Slow Jams” (M, 10k) by deadonarrival
Steve goes home for the wedding of Becca Barnes and while he’s there he runs into his old crush. Her brother. Except now they are both hot as shit. Oh no whatever will happen.
+ Modern AU. Childhood friends reunited, mutual pining, fake (and not so fake) dating!
“Geriatric Road Trip, 2015″ (NR, 4k) by what_alchemy
Bucky was the eldest of four.
+ Post WS. Outside POV. Becca’s grandson takes his grandma, granduncle, and grandaunt to see Steve in DC.
“There Are Worse Ways to Make Friends” (T, 4k) by Alexicon
Becca Barnes breaks into her brother's apartment through his window. She finds out later that it is not her brother's apartment.
+ Modern AU. Steve bonds with an unexpected guest and meets her hot older sibling
-☆- And a freebie! -☆-
“cascades.” (M, 152k) by orange_crushed
“Holy shit,” Howard says, crackling through the speakers. “You alive in there?” Lying is a sin, of course, but Steve’s not sure what else he can do. He’s already lied to the government and Bucky and God Almighty; and himself, himself most of all. He ought to tell the truth. That he’s not quite what they hoped for. That perhaps they should put him back into the ocean.
“Probably,” he says, instead, listening to Howard’s tinny laughter; and waits for the blast doors to unlock.
+ Post Valkyrie. Steve absorbs the tesseract, comes back with teleporting powers, saves Bucky, saves the world. Reposted from All Time Favorites. 
++“I know it’s crazy. But this is crazy,” he says, and raises his metal hand. “What Steve can do—that's crazy. It’s all crazy. Our whole fucking lives. I have to,” he says, and whips them around a turn. “I have to believe, he’s—I have to.” Rebecca considers it: considers what she’d do, how far she’d go, if she thought there was a chance—even an inkling. A feeling. A sign. She knows that she would drive to San Diego, to Mongolia, to the moon. She’d leave right now, without a bag, without a dollar in her pocket or a forwarding address. Without anything at all but a fool’s hope; without anything at all but deathless, unkillable love.
*More Becca Barnes in the Space, Food Competitions, Alpha Steve, Fake Married, and Christmas Lists
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mitsususu · a month ago
Hi! I know you have a category for magic but can you add witches to the list? Thanks:)
I can! There's a few requested categories ahead of yours, so here are some previously posted witch-specific stories:
"Basic Witch" from the Magic List
"where the dread fern grows" from the Season Sampler list
"Probably Not What They Meant By A Game of Cat and Mouse" from the Leveragehunters list
"that old familiar feeling" from the Neighbors list
"It's a Kind of Magic" from the Vampires list
Update: Here it is!
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mitsususu · a month ago
Tumblr media
Lend me some sugar; I am your neighbor! Whether it’s modern AU or Shrunkyclunks, below are my Top 5 Favorite stories. 
“Nine Lifetimes” (E, 7k) by otter
So maybe trying to please his accidental cat and impress his hot neighbor aren't the best reasons for Bucky Barnes to get his shit together. The end result's the same, right?
+ Modern AU. Bucky has PTSD and a crush on his new neighbor. Soy Sauce the cat helps
“The Safer Course” (M, 7k) by seapigeon
When Steve moves to the suburbs in 2033, he intends to retire from superhero life. He does not intend to fall in love with his pain-in-the-ass neighbor.
+ Shrunkyclunks. Enemies to friends to lovers, with penis shaped hedges
“Some Shape of Beauty” (T, 8k) by heartsandmuses
The first time Steve notices him, he immediately thinks, I'm fucked. Well, okay, that’s not entirely true. The first time Steve notices him, he thinks he recognizes the guy from somewhere, that maybe he’s an actor or a model or something else that screams Manhattan instead of rickety bus in the asscrack of Brooklyn, until he realizes, no, that’s not it at all. Simply enough, the man is just The Most Handsome Guy Steve Has Ever Seen. And then he promptly and succinctly thinks, I'm fucked.
+ Modern AU. The most beautiful man in the world!! Steve feels like a disaster every time he runs into Bucky; Bucky doesn’t mind it at all
“boom boom into my heart” (T, 2k) by wearing_tearing
Bucky’s singing becomes a staple of Steve’s morning routine.
+ Modern AU. Bucky’s new apartment has really thin walls. Accidental love confessions and no one wastes food
“that old familiar feeling” (T, 10k) by Deisderium
Like his mother before him, Steve Rogers is a witch. Unlike Sarah, Steve is not a terribly good witch. Sarah had told him to lean into his strengths, and not long for something that he didn't have, but he can't help trying. She's gone—lost to a cancer she couldn't heal—and Steve sometimes feels like the only way he'll fill the ache in his chest is by trying to live up to her legacy. So he's gone and gotten himself a familiar. In which Steve's familiar seems to like his hot neighbor a lot better than she likes him.
+ Fantasy AU. Steve is a magical cook and has a matchmaking cat
*More neighbor stories in the Alpha Bucky, Asexuality, Doctor AU, Kid Fic, Magic, Other People’s Weddings, and Teachers and Professors lists
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mitsususu · a month ago
You should add a category for fics that heavily feature Buckys sister Becca Barnes :)
Sure thing; I’ll add it to the queue!
Update: here it is!
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mitsususu · a month ago
Based on the last ask you answered, you hinted that you also have f/m (or maybe f/f?) monsterfucker original work recs? Can I maybe have a few please? I’m a different anon btw
AH!!! I see you are an anon of culture as well!! I do indeed have f/m and f/f monsterfucker recs, but I’ll be keeping this blog focused on Steve and Bucky fics until I clear out more of the remaining categories. If you don’t want to wait that long, feel free to slide into my dms! 
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mitsususu · a month ago
Tumblr media
Happy birthday! Whether it’s before the war or after the Winter Soldier, Bucky deserves to have a Good Day. Below are my Top 5 Favorite stories:
“The Best Day Ever” (T, 1k) Dira Sudis (dsudis)
The only thing Bucky hated these days more than surprises was knowing that the people around him knew more than he did about something that concerned him. Steve understood exactly why he had those aversions, but it made it hard to plan for Bucky's birthday.
+ Post WS. Steve figures out how to give Bucky the best birthday celebration
“Renascence” (M, 10k) hitlikehammers
When they tell him, he freezes. Steve feels his bones seize and his blood go cold and slow and snag on spears of ice that catch, that flay him alive.
We’re in the final phases, Captain. He'll wake within the month if we’re lucky. 
And it's silly, it’s childish, it’s horrible of him to even think but—
Even a month from just now, will miss it entirely. And Bucky will pass a hundred years on earth, of or against his own will, with his eyes closed in the cold.
+ Post CW. In Wakanda, Steve dedicates his waking moments to being at Bucky’s bedside until he comes out of cryo. Deeply emotional with a gentle ending. “Numbers have never owned us, Stevie.” 
“if it's from you” (G, 1k) biblionerd07
Steve gets two opportunities to give Bucky a first-ever birthday present, and he ruins it both times. (Bucky doesn't agree.)
+ Pre-War to Post WS. Steve frets about his gifts not being good enough, but Bucky loves them all the same. 
“Impossible Odds and Untold Hardship” (G, 1k) Taste_is_Sweet
"I understand," Steve says, sadly. "Really, I do. It's your birthday, of course you should be able to do what you want, even if that's nothing." He sighs even more gustily. "You have every right to lie there like a big lump and sleep the day away. And completely ignore your boyfriend, who loves you more than anything—"
"Not enough to let me sleep in, apparently," Bucky says.
+ Post WS. Steve wheedles Bucky awake at dawn for a birthday surprise 
“Together Forever and Ever” (E, 7k) by Nejinee
It's Bucky's birthday and if Steve can just get over his own paranoid shenanigans he might be able to celebrate with him.
+ Post WS. If your boyfriend is late coming home, don’t panic. Birthday blowjobs and sex checklists
*More Stucky Recs here
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mitsususu · a month ago
Tumblr media
In a cabin by a meadow where the wild bees swarm, I'm gonna love you. Cabins in the middle of nowhere are the perfect place to be in love. Below are my Top 5 Favorite stories:
"How To Embrace A Swamp Creature" (E, 27k) by littleblackfox
Steve washes his hands with the sliver of soap left by the sink, and takes a long hard look at himself in the mirror. The cut on his brow has scabbed over, and the bruises around his eye are blotchy red and sore to the touch. Stupid. His hands are no better, and he grips the edge of the sink to keep them from shaking. The scabs on his knuckles open up again, blood welling up starkly against his bone white fists. He holds them under the running faucet and watches the water circle the drain before pulling himself together. Just a little bit further, a little bit longer
+ Modern AU. Steve escapes an abusive relationship, moves into a fixer upper, and falls in love with tentacle monster Bucky
"the cabin" (E, 40k) by natalie_nebula
It felt like he… It felt like they were always so close. Everything seemed like it was under control. He remembers hearing Wanda’s voice, seeing a flash of red out of the corner of his eye. He remembers yelling something back at her, telling her to stop, to not come any closer. He remembers a bright flash, then a boom, and ringing in his ears. He remembers a black blur, and hands on his back, around his waist, then—darkness… After the explosion in Lagos, Steve wakes up in a cabin in the middle of nowhere, and all he knows is that Bucky's the one who brought him there. While Sam, Nat, and the other Avengers try to figure out what happened to their friend, Steve takes the time away to heal—both his relationship with Bucky, and with himself. My cozy, romantic, and introspective Civil War rewrite.
+ Alt Civil War. The Winter Soldier kidnaps Steve and Steve never wants to leave. Bed sharing, hair washing, (naked) modeling, and everything domestic 
“don't threaten me with a good time” (T, 10k) by canistakahari
Steve's taken him on vacation to a cabin in Canada in the middle of winter, so it's obviously the perfect time for his body to go haywire. Bucky is determined to stick it out, though, partly because he's a stubborn bastard, but mostly because he feels some kinda way about Steve.
+ Post WS. canistakahari’s internal monologues are a delight. Bucky gets sick on their honeymoon, and recovers in time to see the northern lights. Featuring a bright yellow cabin with motivational pillows
“A Goddamn Winter Wonderland” (T, 11k) by PR Zed (przed)
Steve really shouldn't have even attempted the drive. Not with a major snowstorm on the way. Not when his thirteen-year-old car had broken down three times this month and his snow tires should have been replaced two years ago. But when he'd moved to Buffalo, he'd promised his mom he'd make it back to New York for Christmas at least. Driving home for the holidays, Steve runs into a blizzard and another stranded traveller. But what starts off as a good deed could end up being so much more.
+ Modern AU. Strangers Bucky and Steve take shelter at an unoccupied cabin during a blizzard. There’s only one bed but plenty of spooning
“Anywhere the Wind Blows” (M, 8k) by paperstorm
After a catastrophic fire that shakes him to his core, Steve Rogers quits his job as a Brooklyn firefighter and relocates to a cabin in the remote Canadian wilderness, wanting quiet and solitude and to maybe never have to speak to another human being ever again. He gets his wish, more or less, until a recently injured Bucky Barnes is discharged from the Army and rents the cabin next door.
+ Modern AU. Two recluses have a meet ugly, watch dvds together, and fall in love.
-☆- And a Cottage freebie! -☆-
“Freshwater Memories” (E, 50k) by superheroresin
Steve hasn’t been back to his family’s cottage for years, ever since the car accident took both his parents and his childhood memories. His therapist seems to think it’s a good idea for him to get out of the city for a while, so Steve decides it's time to fix it up. He remembers a lot of things when he’s finally arrives, smells the fresh grass, hears the whisper of the trees, and the familiar warmth of a home away from home. The river outside is familiar too, only Steve can’t quite remember the imaginary friend he invented from it, when he needed one the most. The river remembers him though, and will be damned if it watches his old friend sulk in loneliness instead of play with him, like he used to.
+ Modern AU. River god Bucky! Reunited childhood playmates with mutual pining. Tony is the East River and Sam is Harlem. 
*More cabin stories in the Apocalypse AU, Cuddling for Warmth, Only One Bed, Video Games, Wing Fic, A/B/O Alpha Steve, and Werewolf Steve lists 
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mitsususu · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
All we can do is try and live like we're still alive. Life is not meant to be wasted; we can always be chasing the sun. Below are my Top 5 Favorite stories:
"Show Me Your Teeth" (T, 23k) by leveragehunters (Monkeygreen)
Things you're supposed to be if you're a vampire: a terrifying, mysterious creature of the night. Things you're not supposed to be: leading a tiny, stubborn child home because you found him all alone in a park and you can't just leave him there. Things that aren't supposed to happen if you're a vampire: running into the same child—except the years are passing and he's growing up—over and over again. Other things that aren't supposed to happen: Steve Rogers remembering who you are even after you've fogged his mind so he forgets. But Bucky should have known from the moment he met Steve that he wouldn’t be able to make Steve do anything he didn't want to—including making Steve forget him. Now Bucky just had to figure out how Steve had remembered him...and why he was so happy about it.
+ Modern AU. Steve gets to be with his Bucky and he is incandescently happy. Fake-enthralled to keep safe from the vampire council.
"food for thot" (E, 46k) by Deisderium
"You look like shit," Steve says, and that breaks the spell a little because fuck you, Steve, he looks good. Steve's nostrils flare. "Is that—is that blood on your mouth?" Oh, fuck. Bucky needs to work on not being a sloppy eater. He wipes his mouth hastily, and without thinking, licks his hand clean. Steve stares. * In which Bucky is a baby vampire, a disaster, out to have a good time, and hopelessly in love with his roomate; and in which Steve has a few secrets of his own.
+ Modern AU. A hilarious series of childhood friends dragon steve and newly turned vampire bucky.
"It's A Kind Of Magic" (T, 6k) by attackofthezee (noxlunate)
Steve's a witch in need of a roommate, Bucky's the vampire who moves in... and starts giving him things? Featuring plants, gifts, and one (possibly demonic) cat. Aka supernatural roommates, aka magical realism is my kink, aka magic is like a somewhat decently behaved house cat.
+ Modern AU. Bucky gives Steve courting presents and Steve reciprocates. The story with a magic sunlight room
"Bittersweet in the Sunlight" (E, 65k) by 2bestfriends
200 years is a long time to be lonely, but much like everything Bucky puts his mind to, he has perfected it. He has a string of dedicated human suitors and a well-curated existence of luxury and excess with no motivation to see a shift in his status quo. Then he meets Steve Rogers. Steve's life has been long and full of pack, family, and love. These days, he lives comfortably and loves at his leisure, content to be part of a well-established pack that has flourished for centuries, both in his homeland of Ireland and in New York. Meeting James Barnes provides an unexpected amusement that he's more than happy to indulge in.
+ Modern AU. Vampire Bucky meets Werewolf Steve and finds himself wanting a deeper connection for the first time. Sincere Steve, bratty Bucky, biting, knotting, and finding your person.
"it flickers" (T, 12k) by mambo
Bucky Barnes is a vampire mistaken for a guardian angel.
+ Modern AU. Bucky sits with teenaged Steve outside a hospital and then becomes his anonymous benefactor. Timeskips, friendships, reunions, and being together
-☆- And one where neither of them are vampires -☆-
"If the Apocalypse comes, text me" (M, 26k) by relenafanel
AKA Bucky the Vampire Slayer Captain America squinted against the sun, raising his arm to shield his eyes. He looked uncomfortable and angry as the camera zoomed in on his face. "I don't have anything further to say," he snapped at the reporter. Bucky's feet fell off his coffee table in shock. "Holy shit," he said to the room at large. "Captain America is a vampire."
+ Shrunkyclunks. Meet ugly and then outrageous flirting. Steve is not a vampire but Bucky has eyes on him anyway
*More Vampire stories in the Werewolf Bucky, Detective AU lists
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mitsususu · 2 months ago
So.... If one were interested in other fandom and monsterfucking, what would you recommend? 👀
Asking for a friend of course
Darling. I saw this in my inbox and have been itching to reply all week. (Yay electricity is back!) I don’t know if you’re okay with f/m stories, so they’re all m/m.
Tumblr media
These stories fall under AO3′s Original Work fandom with original characters. Each are standalone and require no background information. Below are my Top 5 Favorite stories:
“Animal Mutualism” (E, 84k) by ChessDark
On the run from the law, Andy goes into hiding in the one place he knows his pursuers will never go - naga territory. Now he's still on the run from the law, and additionally is stuck in the coils of someone very irritated about the rude awakening from his hibernation. Maybe they can come to an arrangement.
+ Human male/Male naga. Double penetration, oviposition/mpreg, aphrodisiacs, size difference. A 5 part series and still ongoing.
“This Male has Overslept” (E, 11k) by BurnerAccount
This male naga has overslept. Now, the season is almost over.
Luckily, there's a brave adventurer nearby! Ready and willing to wake him with Love's First Annoyance.
+ Human male/Male naga. Double penetration, rut/mating season. The series is cute, but only Part 1 is explicit.
“The Bull’s Eye” (E, 7k) by plothound
An indifferent government worker is sent to inspect a minotaur farm, where he finds himself unexpectedly affected.
+ Human Male thirsting over Male Minotaurs. Voyeurism, prostate milking, fucking machines, pheromones, coming untouched.
“Dragon Rider” (E, 36k) by BiffElderberry
“Fuck you, you don’t get it, do you?” Brandret scoffed. “How many clutches have you taken? Five? Seven? Do you know how many the average rider ever takes? One.”
“So you’re proving my whore point?”
“No, I’m saying that most quit, die, or go insane. There’s a reason it’s a law because most riders would run as fast as they could in the other direction. But you do it. You took two clutches in one day. Besides, do you know how you look?" Brandret asked, stepping closer to Isenris. "when you're full of a dragons clutch?"
+ Human male/Various. Dragon fucking, size difference, oviposition, egg laying, gangbangs. Part 5 is tentacles and Part 8 is centaurs
"Sweetly Stinging” (E, 5k) by Megan
A thief thinks he's made the discovery of a lifetime. He has-- just not the lifetime he'd imagined for himself.
+ Human male/tentacle monster. Non-con, first time, multiple penetration, oviposition, forced orgasms, aphrodisiacs, mind break, masturbation
-☆-And bonus statue-fucking!-☆-
“Le génie du mal” (E, 9k) by hornedqueen
A young priest, Mathieu only wishes to spread the beauty of the Church. When he discovers an impossibly sublime sculpture of the devil in an old storeroom, he is entranced. But beauty and evil are not opposites, as he discovers, and each can be equally seductive...
+ Human Male/Male demon. Statue fucking, non-con, mind break, public sex.
*Back to Stucky Fic lists
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mitsususu · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Is it me you’re looking for? Tell me how to win your heart, for I haven’t got a clue. Whether it’s pulp noir or modern sleuthing, below are my Top 5 Favorite stories:
“REVE STOGERS, P.I., STARRING IN: The Mystery of the Rotund Pussy” (T, 1k) by alcibiades
Reve Stogers, Private Investigator, helps a dame find her lost pussy.
+ Post WS. Steve takes role playing Very Seriously, Bucky just wants to fuck, and the Avengers wish they could unhear and unsee
“The Naked City” (M, 11k) by romanticalgirl
There are a lot of crimes in the city of Los Angeles. One of them is the death of a man most likely connected to the Russian mob, a man accused of the murder, and the woman who hires Steve Rogers, Private Eye to solve the case.
Surprises, lies, and danger wait in the dark. But Steve was hired to do a job, and that's what he's going to do. Even if the people he's working for get in his way.
+ Historical AU. Steve is well networked and is smarter than people give him credit for. Solving mysteries with a side of sexual tension
“Private Eyes” (T, 18k) by HanukoYoukai
James "Bucky" Barnes is a Private Investigator, and he loves his job. It's interesting, pays the bills, and there's rarely a dull moment. It's no exception when Tony Stark calls him up to offer a job under the guise of a wedding invitation. The only stipulation is that Bucky has to bring a date.
Good thing former quarterback Steve Rogers owes him a favor.
But when they meet with Tony and discover a priceless (and dangerous) item of Tony's has been stolen that day right out of Tony's Ready Room, Bucky and Steve have their work cut out for them to find the thief.
Will Bucky be able to track down the criminal before Tony's device falls into the wrong hands?
+ Modern AU. Fake engaged!! An interesting Who-dun-it type of story with investigating leads and growing crushes
“Bucky Barnes, PI” (T, 40k) by MyLadyDay
“You’re staying put and if you so much as think of jumping me, I will run this stake through your chest,” the elf said with a stony face and an honest-to-god stake in his paw of a hand. Bucky noticed there was no sign of the mystery person Sitwell was meeting, meaning they probably slid out the back door or something, but that train of thought was interrupted when the words finally sank in.
In which Bucky is a bored, yet content private investigator and Steve just doesn't know when to let go.
+ Fantasy AU. Elf Steve was cap, vampire Bucky was a sniper in WW2, and they meet for the first time for the events of Winter Soldier. Bucky doesn’t want to get involved in a case, so Steve hires him to Get Involved. Sam friendships, sassy Steve, and happy endings
“Where Danger Lives” (T, 4k) by Milady deWinter (ShadowRese)
1920s noir!MCU - Steve's is a gumshoe detective, and Bucky's getting into something he shouldn't.
I was goddamn stupid for Bucky Barnes, and that was a problem. Show me a guy who has feelings, and I'll show you a sucker. It was starting to look more and more everyday like that sucker was me.
+ Historical AU. Old fashioned hardboiled pulp noir. Bucky is framed for murder and hires Steve to set the record straight
*More Stucky Recs here
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