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merelypassingtime · an hour ago
Tumblr media
I heard there was a new meme
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merelypassingtime · 9 hours ago
Okay, but, while you could use the idea of Bucky having a clone as an emotion examination of Bucky’s past and the things that make him a man instead of an asset, you also could make it a PWP where they end up having sex, just so you could call it:
Two Bucks (Having Sex)
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merelypassingtime · 21 hours ago
94: Tender
(Full disclosure: I wrote this years ago, but I was never gonna tell a story for this prompt I liked better, so...)
Also on AO3 here!
When Eddie sat down tenderly, wincing as he did, Anne raised her eyebrows.
“That looked painful,” she said as casually as she could. “Did you pull a muscle or something?”
Eddie turned bright red. Quickly, he grabbed the cloth napkin off the table, using it as an excuse to look down at his lap rather than meeting her eyes as he replied, “Um, no. Nothing like that. I actually tipped off a curb and bruised my tailbone.”
“Is that so?”
“Yeah, should heal up in a couple of days.”
Pretending to study her menu, she commented, “I’m surprised your buddy didn’t heal it for you right away. Is he not taking good care of you again? We could have Dan check to make sure he’s not snacking on your organs again...”
Before Eddie could answer, Venom peeked a tiny head out from the collar of his shirt, looking indignant. Eddie covered his eyes with a hand and whispered, “God, please don’t.”
Venom ignored him. I take very good care of Eddie! He is just lying because he doesn’t want me to tell you how good of care I took of him last night.
“That’s because she doesn’t want to know that Vee,” Eddie said, clearly mortified.
But she thinks I am neglecting you! Besides, you were quite vocal in your approval when it happened. I don’t understand why you are lying now.
Eddie squeezed his eyes shut tighter, but couldn’t seem to find his voice.
Anne cleared her throat and tried valiantly to keep a straight face. “Well, that still doesn’t explain why you didn’t heal him afterwards, Venom.”
Tilting his head in the symbiote equivalent of a shrug, he answered, It is my understanding that amongst humans, naughty boys don’t get healed until they have learned their-
Here Venom was cut off as Eddie buried his head in his arms against the table.
Anne couldn’t help it anymore, she burst out laughing.
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merelypassingtime · a day ago
When Stephen was growing up, it was less that his father showed him how to fix stuff around the farm and more that Stephen followed him around, watching wide eyed as his dad worked, cursing and complaining the whole time.
Still, Stephen learned enough to get by and he kept the few things he owned during his college and residency days running well enough. But he was still happy enough to turn that sort of maintenance over to others as soon as he could afford to do so.
Then the accident left him too broken to do the repairs himself and too broke to pay for them.
In fact, the only repair people he can afford is a tiny outfit called Stark Construction.
Meanwhile, Tony, having been disgraced and bankrupted when the appalling labor and safety violations Stane was allowing came to light, is now trying to start over.
Stark Construction might only have three employees now and might be teetering on the edge of going out of business, but at least it’s finally really Tony’s company and not his father’s.
And if fixing things for people who needed it was less challenging than the huge project he used to oversee, well, getting to actually help people made up for it.
Besides, there was the occasional surprise bonus, like the tired, shaggy, but still smoking hot guy who just answered the door at Tony’s latest job…
...and it could be called, A Few Small Repairs.
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merelypassingtime · a day ago
You know what by far is the greatest thing about getting back into Venom is?
💚 Disney has no control over my canon. 💚
Can't ask for more than that...
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merelypassingtime · a day ago
95: Uncle
Venom didn’t like hospitals, not one bit.
Even if they hadn’t housed the horrible MRI torture devices, they still reminded them too strongly of the miserible time they’d spend in Drake’s lab before they found their Eddie.
Still, Eddie didn’t like hospitals anymore than they did, and soothing his nervous fidgeting did a lot to soothe Venom as well.
Still, it felt like a million years before Dan popped his head into the waiting room, and said simply, “They’re ready for you.”
Venom let a bit of themself trickle out to join the many bracelets around Eddie’s wrist, squeezing it gently in the closest thing they manage to holding his hand.
Eddie took a deep breath, and stood to follow Dan.
The room he led them to was a nice cheerful yellow, but they barely noticed. Their attention, like Eddie’s, was riveted on the bed where Anne lay holding a small, pink-face human, wrapped in a blanket as yellow as the walls.
She was just so tiny and so fragile, and Venom was suddenly overwhelmed with a need to protect her so strong that it was second only to their need to protect their Eddie.
“Chloe,” Anne said, gently jostling the baby she held, “you want to meet your new uncles?”
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merelypassingtime · 2 days ago
I was talking to the lovely @trashkingtater and we came up with this:
Imagine, if you will, the Avengers all sitting around the common room, when Tony bursts in, pours himself a drink, and asks the room at large, "So, would you guys fuck your own clone?" 
Sighing, Steve rubs his eyes before demanding, "Tony, what have you done?"
Turns out Tony did sorta accidentally, sorta on purpose clone every one of the Avengers.
PWP shenanigans ensue...
...and I’d call it, Avengers: The Clone Whores.
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merelypassingtime · 2 days ago
AU wherein instead of a struggling journalist, Eddie is a struggling artist and, after bonding with Venom, he finds great success with his new installation, Pile of Bodies: Pile of Heads.
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merelypassingtime · 2 days ago
96: Tyranny
I come from a race that knows no freewill, whose every thought is a part small part of a greater hive mind, and whose every action is dictated by what is in the best interest of the species as a whole, including the imprisonment and destruction of unworthy, and yet I still have never known such repression! 
“Wow,” Eddie replied, unimpressed. “Calm down there edgelord. You can have your chocolate ice cream after we eat dinner.”
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merelypassingtime · 3 days ago
97: Mainstream
“Oh, wow! It is you!” 
Eddie blinked in surprise at the teenage boy who had stopped him. 
“What?” he asked with his trademark wit.
“You!” the guy repeated unhelpfully. “You’re the guy from the internet! I’ve seen your video a bunch of times.”
“Oh,” Eddie said, blinking some more.
While The Brock Report had never really been mainstream, he’d still gotten recognized a few times while it  was going on. Still, that had been almost a year ago and nobody had recognized him since that guy at the bar.
It was surprising to run across a fan, but the boy was so clearly starstruck that Eddie couldn’t help but feel flattered.
Before he could thank him for watching, the boy was talking again. “Can I get a picture with you? Please!”
The teen had his phone out and was leaning close for a selfie before Eddie could even get out his uncertain, “Sure?”
He caught a brief glimpse of his own face on the phone screen, looking confused and a little worried, before the boy snatched it back to look down at the picture himself.
“Oh my god, you’re even doing the look!” he almost squealed. “Thanks so much!” 
Turning away he added seemingly to himself, “I can’t believe I got a pic with the lobster tank guy!”
By the time Eddie’s bemused brain processed that last statement, Venom was already laughing loudly in his head.
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merelypassingtime · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Who. Did. This?
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merelypassingtime · 4 days ago
98: Wednesday
Eddie was reaching for the prepackaged sandwich when suddenly his hand jerked itself back hard enough that he stumbled into the shelf behind him knocking over several boxes and cans. Mrs Chen glanced up disapprovingly from her paper and a dozen black tentacles immediately shot out of Eddie's back to straighten them further upsetting Eddie's balance. 
He grabbed at the side of the cooler in front of him and demanded, "What the hell?"
It's Wednesday, Eddie! Venom replied. That means I get to pick dinner and I want hotdogs. 
"It's not Wednesday, it's Thursday and I want a sandwich."
From behind the counter Mrs Chen muttered something in Mandarin that made Venom squawk in indignation then said, "No, it's Friday."
Really? Venom asked loud and excited in his head.
With less enthusiasm, Eddie repeated, "Really?"
"Yes," Mrs Chen said. "Why? Who gets to pick on Fridays?"
Tell her on Fridays we eat bad people!
"Er, I don't think that's a good idea," Eddie replied. Then to Mrs Chen he said, "Fridays mean we get fast food."
Not too fast, or we wouldn't catch them, Venom corrected. 
Eddie ignored them, walking back toward the exit empty handed. "Guess we'll see you later Mrs Chen."
"Bye Eddie, bye Venom," she said with a wave.
Venom waved back as Eddie pushed the door open. Together they stepped out into the night. 
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merelypassingtime · 4 days ago
You know what?!
Since Mrs Chen is back for the new movie, I still can pretend that I'm gonna get to writing a story about Eddie getting kidnapped in front of her store so she and Venom have to team up to save him. 😁
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merelypassingtime · 5 days ago
It's moth season.
That means my house is beset by winged dumbasses who delight in banging themselves in to anything bright.
And, at three am, do you know what the brightest thing in my house is?
The phone screen I'm reading fanfic on.
And I swear by all the gods if one more dusty flying menace bashes into my phone, only to rebound directly into my face, I'm going to once again shriek like a little girl and cry.
Because that's what heroes do.
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merelypassingtime · 5 days ago
So I had a bit of a thought and thought this little WinterFalcon prompt may be up your alley. I thought of your writing style immediately for this.
So Shuri was so focused on removing the activation trigger words that she didn't realise there was a deactivation word (Sputnik).This hasn't actually been a problem so far living in the states until COVID times and the Russian Vaccine came into play.
Sam was a bit surprised when Bucky passed out cold waiting in line at the coffee place until he realised what the people in front of him were talking about....
OMG, the glorious possibilities…
There are two ways I can immediately see the story going:
First, as soon as Bucky comes around, Sam tells him what happened and they do some tests and confirm it was the word спутник (sorry, I love how cyrillic looks). 
Bucky, who’s not exactly in Wakanda’s good books these days, ultimately decides to live with it, knowing it’s not likely to come up.
He doesn’t factor in that, deep down, Sam is a little shit: one who lives to tease Bucky by almost saying the word all the time.
“Hey Bucky, do you think that Youtube guy you like who makes knives out of weird shit could make a knife out of a potato?
“Actually, he has already!”
“And if you were to cut someone with that knife, would you be giving them a spud-ni-”
Bucky, cutting him off, “You bastard!”
You could go more dramatic with it, where Bucky doesn’t wake back up from the deactivation naturally: He needs the activation word.
Sam looks for it for months but to no avail, and after every failed mission he stops by the hospital where Bucky’s laying still as death and talks to him. Confessing things to him, too.
Then, when there are no more bases to search, no more threads to pull, Sam goes to Bucky’s room to apologize and as he’s leaving he can’t stop himself from kissing Bucky’s cheek.
It’s enough for Bucky, who’s been listening the whole time of course, to defeat his programming and finally wake up...
Thanks so much for sharing this lovely idea with me!
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merelypassingtime · 5 days ago
99: Suspicious
Yes, darling?
Where are we going?
Why would we go nowhere?
No reason.
Eddie, are you lying to me?
No! Why would I do that?
Why would you take me to nowhere, Eddie? And why are you trying to keep your mind blank? Is nowhere bad? Do they have fire and loud noises?!
Calm down love! Nowhere isn’t bad.
And it doesn’t have fire and loud noises?
It’s not what you think! We’re going over to Anne and Dan’s. It was a year ago today that the Life ship crashed here, so we sorta figured that means today’s like your birthday.
And to celebrate you’re going to light me on fire and bombard me with noise.
No! Well, a bit. There’s gonna be a tiny, tiny flame on a huge chocolate cake that you have to blow out and we are gonna sing a song while you do it.
Human customs are so strange.
Yeah, but today we are gonna be strange with chocolate cake, so it’s a good thing, right.
This once.
Oh, and it’s supposed to be a surprise party, so pretend I didn’t tell you and try to act surprised when they bring out the cake.
Does that mean I can pretend to panic at the fire and attack Dan again.
You know what, yes. Yes, please do that. It’ll be hilarious.
I think I will like this human custom, Eddie...
Still taking short (one-five word) prompts if you’d like! I have a lot of days to go, alas...
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merelypassingtime · 6 days ago
2000+ followers art giveaway
Tumblr media
Wooow! Thanks so much for following and supporting me! As a little thanks, I figured I could do a lil art give away. :3c
A fully coloured piece of artwork by yours truly. Max. 2 people and digital. No backgrounds.
* You must be following me on Tumblr.
* To enter, reblog this post. Likes don’t count.
* I will randomly select a winner on July 1st. After that you will have 3 days to respond and send references (preferably over Twitter or the Submit button on Tumblr) before I pick a new winner.
* No furry, mecha, gory or offensive stuff. No real people either. I’m the most comfortable with fanart or OCs. :,)
* No minors.
* Giveaway prizes are for personal use only and not for profit.
* You cannot make any changes on the artwork, or remove/edit my signature.
* If you have any questions, ask away.
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merelypassingtime · 6 days ago
100: Sensation of our beloved (suggested by @sincerely-mrstranger)
If Eddie had really thought about it, he would have assumed that the dark substance that somehow held the being he’d so quickly come to care for would be cool to the touch and smooth, maybe even a bit slimy. 
He hadn’t thought about it though, so the first time he reached out to run a hand over the small head they sometimes formed to talk to him, he was surprised to find them warm to the touch, as soft and elastic as well mixed bread dough.
In retrospect, that probably should not have surprised him, considering how much Eddie already kneaded them.
Still taking short (one-five word) prompts if you’d like! I have a lot of days to go, alas...
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merelypassingtime · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
So, Venom has a long tongue, and this cutesy form is like, so smily and squishy and then my mind went: “Venom does the gecko tongue thing where they slap it onto their eyes to lubricate it.”
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merelypassingtime · 7 days ago
Thanks so much to everyone for their help!
It maybe a while until you get to see a result from your kindness, but rest assured, I appreciate all the ideas so much!
Wanna send me short prompts?
I know I usually work the other way around, but I'm in the market for a bunch of very short (one-five word) prompts for a Symbrock project.
Help me out?
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