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mads-weasley · 6 days ago
My heart🥺❤️
To Keep The Darkness At Bay (Joseph Liebgott x Reader)
Just a short piece that came to mind at 2am. hurt/comfort with a bit of fluff (because i love this boy, ok don’t judge me)
Warnings: one swear word. brief mentions of fighting
Words: 1300
Tag List: @happyveday​ @evelynshelby​ @sydney-m​ @saritanotserena​
Tumblr media
Hands grabbed me, yanking me back into the snowy trench. Their rough voices grated against my ears. I swung and struggled, fought with every fiber of my being. With all the strength I could give. There were two of them though, both bigger and stronger than me. The truth was inevitable. Yet I refused to comply. One elbowed me in the gut, knocking the frozen breath from my lungs. A filthy hand covered my mouth, trembling either from the cold or adrenaline. The other hand pulled me back against a solid chest, trapping me there. The sharp edge of a knife against my throat stilled my thrashing. How had it all come to this? It was then my attacker recognized I was not a male soldier. The hand that had covered my mouth traveled downward. Touching. A grating chuckle next to my ear. I flinched at the sound. I had survived so much. Was this my doom? A shot rang out. Warm, sticky liquid splattered across my face and hair. The sudden, heavy weight dragged me down into the dark trench. Down into the snow. Down into terror. Down into oblivion. Drowning me. Escape, no longer an option.
I gasped as my eyes shot open, heart racing in my chest. The bunk squeaked underneath as I rolled onto my side and placed my feet on the cold, hard floor. The others in the room were still sleeping soundly; which meant I had not started crying out in my sleep yet. Small mercies. 
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mads-weasley · 8 days ago
This is just too adorable not to reblog!!!🥺🥰
the benefits of a (pathetic) gunshot ~ ronald speirs (band of brothers)
my masterlist  |  my hbo war masterlist
pairing: ronald speirs (band of brothers) x nurse (female) reader
summary: this is the story of how lieutenant speirs and a nurse girl meet, have an immediate connection, cross paths again, are there for each other through all the freezing hell of bastogne and stick to each other till the end of war.
words: 9.69K
a/n: i had a dream. i wrote down the idea half asleep in the middle of the night. in the morning i opened the note and there was the base idea of this here. i knew i had to write it, and so i did. my first ever BoB / hbo war fic - of course it had to be with the love of my life, a.k.a ronald speirs. it turned out to be a little long - much, much longer than my one-part imagines usually turn out to be but i couldn’t help it.
i did little to no research on this, so i’m sorry if i wrote anything that’s not realistic in some way. also i had to change a couple things to the original series, i hope you don’t mind. let me know what you think xx
i mean absolutely no disrespect for the real soldiers and heroes of the war, this is only based on the portrayal of them in the hbo war series band of brothers.
tagging: @liebgotttme​ because i love you and you’re one of the most talented people i ever came across on this site (everyone, go check her stuff out!!) and i’m the happiest that we started talking, thank you for being the sweetest person ever.  🥰💕
Tumblr media
He wakes up in a bed, with sheets on his body and a strange tingling feeling in his side. As his eyes open and focus on his surroundings, they catch curtains on each side of him, hiding him from an otherwise probably quite large room - based on the loud noise and chatter that comes muffled in his ears.
Thinking back he vaguely remembers getting shot in the side of his torso, and as his fingers reach under the sheets, he can tap the gauze covering him. The feeling of disappointment rises in his chest. He got shot. Pathetic. And with a swing of his legs down from the bed towards the ground, he pushes himself into a sitting position.
A loud groan immediately leaves his lips as pain shoots through his whole body, but he tries to put the feeling aside. He has to get back out to the field. Just as he takes a deep breath to continue his actions, the curtain by the end of the bed moves in small ripples, and a nurse walks through the created opening. Her arms are both pressed against her chest and torso to keep the multiple packs of gauze and different materials from falling, eyes immediately finding his own.
“Lieutenant Speirs! What are you doing?” She asks with a reprimanding tone, but still her voice seems so calm and so gentle that for a moment it takes his breath away. He’s used to the deep voices of men, to commands being shouted in slight frustration.
Before he can open his lips to try and tell her how he must get back immediately, she has already placed the things she carried down on the small bedside table and within no time she’s grabbed his legs, gently pushing him back into a lying position.
“You have to take bed-rest seriously, if you wanna get back out there soon,” she glances into his eyes for a moment before looking back down to the gauze going around his torso, her words making Speirs think that she can read minds. “I can’t help you if you ruin my work - and your chances - trying to get up.”
He follows her eyes to see a growing deep red stain on the otherwise off-white material, right above the spot in his side where it hurts the most. He probably ripped the stitched wound open when he was trying to sit up.
The nurse rummages through the items on the small desk before she finds the scissors she’s looking for, then gently starts cutting the bloody gauze off of him, moving the cold tool against the skin of his stomach - making him hiss in the process, to which she shoots an apologetic glance up towards his face.
He hisses once more when the cool air of the room they’re in hits his now completely naked torso when the nurse gently pulls the split gauze out from under his body.
“I’m sorry we couldn’t get you a better place to stay at, Lieutenant, but we’re quite full at the moment,” she speaks as her hands do quick work of cleaning the wound again - trying hard to not look at his toned stomach - before wrapping him up in a clean piece of bandage.
“It’s okay, Nurse -”, he answers, voice raspy from not speaking out loud for who knows how long, tone going up at the end of the sentence in question.
“(y/l/n),” she smiles at him, trying to fight the goosebumps that are threatening to appear on her skin just because of his voice. Finishing up her work she softly pats the freshly wrapped gauze and she straightens up, turning to gather her things from the table. Her name is on repeat inside his mind as he watches her disappear behind the curtain just as fast as she has initially appeared only a few minutes prior.
The next couple days Speirs spends lying in his hospital bed, waiting impatiently for Nurse (y/l/n) to come back. The more he sees her, the more details he notices. And since there’s nothing better he could do, he spends his waking moments thinking about her, analyzing her inside his head.
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mads-weasley · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
Awwww Luna!! Thank you so much!!💛🥺
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mads-weasley · 10 days ago
Of Course It’s You
Joe Liebgott x Reader
A/N: If you can’t tell, I’m obsessed with Band of Brothers right now! I highly recommend this show! It is so amazing and will make you thankful for the sacrifices our soldiers made during WWII. This isn’t my best work, but here it goes! Anyways, sadly, I do not own any of these amazing characters other than (y/n). Enjoy! Please leave me feedback!
Summary: You and Joe Liebgott’s feelings towards the other have developed a lot over the past few years, so when something happens to you, how will he react?
Warnings: blood, war, gunshots, angst, fluff
(y/n) your name
(y/l/n) - your last name
(y/n/n) - your nickname
(y/h/c) - your hair color
Italics - flashbacks
Tumblr media
When Joe met you in Toccoa, he was surprised and somewhat annoyed that a woman would be joining easy company. You were training to be a field medic like Eugene Roe so you had to split your time between the medic station and Sobel’s training. Liebgott would often make snarky comments like, “Thanks for showing up, princess,” or, “What’s wrong, sweetheart? Is this all too much for you?”
Although he was annoying, you realized his anger and hostility was just a defense mechanism. Everyone was scared of what could happen to them in Europe over the next few years, including you. Every comment from Leibgott frustrated you, and most of the time, you came back with a comeback of your own.
You’d quip, “Wow, Joe. Did you really miss me that much?” or “Don’t worry, Leib, I’ll hold your hand.”
As much as you wanted to hate him for the way he talked to and about you, you just couldn’t. He was the only person who could get under your skin and it ate you up. There was something about the man that pulled you towards him. Was it his cavalier attitude? The hair? The smile? You didn’t know, but you did know you were in trouble.
There were times he’d doubt your ability, but others that he would be shut up by your dedication and hardheadedness. One time, while running Currahee, he had fallen and gotten a nasty cut on his knee that was bleeding steadily....
Two years ago:
By the time he got back to the barracks, Joe couldn’t take a step without wincing. He tried to hide his obvious pain when people like Bull and Lip came to check on him. He’d just dismiss them with an “I’m fine,” or “It’s just a scratch.” They all believed him and went on with their nightly routine, but one person saw through his facade; you. As you cleaned the mud off of your boots, you saw him wince with every movement. Trying to conceal a limp, he made his way to the outhouse. After a few seconds, you grabbed your medic bag and got up, silently following him.
When you reached the outhouse, you heard a sharp hiss of pain followed by some curses. Taking a deep breath, you walk into the room to see Joe with his foot on the sink. He’s using a washcloth to try and scrub the blood off of his shin. He hears the door open but doesn’t turn around.
Letting out a huff of air, he keeps his back turned towards the sink, deciding not to turn around and face you. “I told you I’m fine, Lip. Just leave me the fu-“
“You’re a terrible liar, Leibgott.”
Spinning around, he has a look of confusion that soon changes to annoyance as he turns his back to you once again. “Of course it’s you, (y/l/n). If you’re here to make fun of me, do it and get out.”
Joe thought you came to give him crap about his fall, but in all actuality, you were worried about him. When he fell, you wanted to immediately run over and help him up, but Sobel barked at the company to keep moving. It hurt you to see him in pain, no matter how demeaning and downright mean he could be at times. Taking a risk, you slowly walk towards him. Although he hears you, he keeps his back turned. Reaching him, you tap his shoulder.
“First off, I’m not here to make fun of you, and second off, I’m a medic remember, so I can tell when someone’s hurting or hiding the pain. Let me help you.”
“It’s just a scratch. I don’t need your help.”
“Joseph!” His eyes widened as he turned around to face you, “Stop being so damn stubborn for once!”
At the use of his full name, he knew he would have to let you help him. There was something about the way his name rolled off your tongue that sent chills through his body.
After rolling his eyes, he hops up on the counter. “Fine, woman. Ya’ happy now?”
Opening your bag, you get a alcohol wipe and start to clean the blood off of his shin. As you worked silently, Joe couldn’t pry his gaze off of you, and he didn’t know why. Maybe it was the side of you he’d never seen before, or maybe it was just your natural beauty. Whatever it was, it caused a shift in his feelings toward you.
“This is gonna hurt, Joe. I have to clean it or it could get infected.”
“Alright,” he tilts his head back, taking a deep breath, “Go ahead.”
You take the wipe and clean out the rather large gash, making Leibgott groan quietly with his eyes clenched shut. It hurt you to hear his almost silent whimpers that he was trying to suppress. You acted like you didn’t hear them, of course.
“I’m so sorry, Joe, but this is going to need stitches.”
“It’s-“ he takes a breath, “It’s okay.”
Once you got all the dirt out of the wound, you began stitching him up. With each stitch, he let out a curse and tightened his grip on the counter he was sitting on, knuckles white. When you finished, you wrapped a bandage around the stitches and start to pack up your things.
“All right. You might want to take it easy the next few days. The last thing you need is to tear your stitches, so I’ll tell Winters to get something worked out with Sobel. Roe should have more bandages is you need them.”
As you turn and start to walk away, a warm hand grasps your wrist. You look over your shoulder to see Joe with an expression he’d never seen before.
“Thank you, (y/n).” He lets go and just stares at you.
Not breaking eye contact, you respond, “It’s nothi-“
His voice lowers to almost a whisper and his expression changes to serious, “I mean it. Thank you.”
This was the first time you’d ever seen a sliver of tenderness in the man, and it left you craving for more of it. With a nod and a slight smile, you make your way to the barracks. That night, your reoccurring thoughts of the night wouldn’t let you escape into a world of sleep, a world that would soon be filled with dreams of a certain Californian.
*end flashback*
From then on, he began to deeply admire you. Your spunky attitude with him but cool demeanor with everyone else drew him to you, along with the way you cared for others. Soon, admiration turned into something else that he never would have expected; a crush.
Before he even knew it, he dialed back his sassy remarks aimed at you and began to complement you on the smallest things. His sudden change of heart really confused you. Part of you thought he was trying to get under your skin you and another thought he was being genuine and actually cared.
3rd person pov:
Present Day: December, 1944
“(Y/n/n), are you awake?” A voice whispers.
A second voice groans softly. “Now I am. Thanks a lot, Joe.”
“Sorry. Are you warm enough? I mean, do you want my coat?”
“That’s yours, Leib. You need it. Make sure you’re moving your feet around, okay? I don’t want you to get trench-foot.”
“Don’t worry about me. You’re shivering, doll. Look at your hands.”
The girl glances at the blue ice sickles she once called fingers. Letting out a pitiful sigh, she puts her hands under her armpits, trying to warm them up. Quietly scoffing, Joe gently pulls her wrists to him before wrapping her hands in his.
The temperature in Bastogne was beyond frigid. It felt like needles were constantly pricking any exposed skin that the air could touch. The Allies’ lack of supplies was devastating, especially for the troops on the line, Easy Company.
Since Toccoa, (y/n) and Joe Liebgott became best friends. Some people say “opposites attract” but everyone knew why they became so close, except them. Now in Belgium, (y/n) was in her foxhole with Liebgott, snuggled close for warmth. The action exhilarated both of the young people but also enveloped them into a slight feeling of safety, even when kraut bullets whizzed above their heads. Unbeknownst to the other, both of them had feeling for their foxhole partner.
They made it through D-Day and the battle of Carentan, but their current objective was to hold the line overlooking a town called Foy. It was German occupied and crucial to getting into Germany to end the war.
Gently taking her hand out of his, she cleared her throat, “All right. I’m gonna go see if Gene ever found those scissors he was looking for.”
“Okay. Keep your head down.”
She smiles and clumsily salutes, making Leibgott’s heart skip a beat. “Yes, sir!”
He laughs and hits her lightly on the shoulder. “Really though, (y/n/n). Please be careful. They’re not above shooting medics.”
With a nod, she starts to opens the cover of the foxhole but stops at the sound of his concerned voice.
“I’m coming with you.”
Rolling her eyes, she scoffs, “I’m not helpless, Joe. I can go by myself.”
The Californian furrows his brows, “I never said you were helpless. I would just feel better if I was with you.”
“Fine. Let’s go.”
He hurries to get his gun and exits the foxhole with her. As they went from hole to hole looking for Gene, (y/n) couldn’t stop thinking about how protective Liebgott had become over the last few weeks. She wasn’t complaining, especially after the way he treated her when they first met, but she was curious. What could make him change his attitude all of a sudden?
The pair walked silently through the snowy forest as the fear of being shot loomed over them. Joe was looking around, making sure no krauts were hiding in the trees or shrubs that were littered throughout the line. He kept (y/n) at an arms reach at all times, and this was no exception.
She turned around suddenly, scaring the young man, “What’s your dea-“ BANG! A gunshot hung in the air as (y/n) yelped and fell onto Joe.
“(Y/l/n)! Everybody stay down! Shifty! Get on the sniper!” Lipton yelled from his nearby foxhole while Shifty started to scan Foy for the sniper. Lip started to get out and come towards the pair but someone pulled him back into it, warning him of the still present sniper.
Liebgott quickly lowered him and (y/n) to the ground where she was crying out in pain. It took him a few seconds to register what had just happened, but be soon snapped out of it and yelled, “MEDIC!” With every one of her cries, his heart broke.
“(Y/n)! Where are you hit!” Joe frantically spurts, looking her over with his hands hovering over her. He about gagged at the sudden wave of nausea that washed over him when he realized she was shot. He couldn’t lose her; not without telling her how he feels.
“My leg, Joe! Aagh! My leg!” She grunted through the pain, throwing her head back against the frozen, snowy ground.
“Okay, okay.” He scans her legs until he sees it; a bullet hole in her thigh. The surrounding material of her pants was already soaked with the sticky, crimson substance. Putting pressure on the wound with shaky hands, he quickly notices the absence of the company’s other medic.
“Damn it! Where’s Gene! MEDIC!”
(Y/n) takes a sharp breath. “Joe. I’m okay, it just.....hurts.”
The Cajun finally appears and slides down next to the pair, replacing Joe’s hands on the wounded medic’s leg. “I’m here. We gotta move, we’re out in the open! Help me, Liebgott!”
Joe was frozen, shifting his gaze from his now shaking and bloodied hands to (y/n)’s paling face. Roe quickly picked up on this, slightly shoving him to get his attention.
“Joe! Come on! We gotta move!”
Glossy eyes snap to Doc. “Yeah, yeah. Let’s go!”
They each pick one of her legs up and hoist her into the air, moving behind some trees. She bites back a scream, coming out as a broken groan. Putting her down, Eugene began working on her leg. He feels around the wound and (y/n) clenches her teeth and hisses through them. When Doc felt the bump in the injury, he knew he would have to dig the bullet out.
“You’re gonna be okay, (y/n/n). I’m here.” Joe soothes, gently brushing the (y/h/c) off of her now sweaty forehead.
“Alrigh’, sweetheart, the bullet is still in there, so I’m gunna have to dig it out. I’m so sorry. I have morphine though, so it shou-“
(Y/n) interrupts him mid-sentence. “No. Save it. I can stand it.”
“Come on, (y/n/n). Let him help you!” Joe tries to reason with the stubborn girl.
“No! Get the bullet out, Gene.”
With a nod and a slight cringe, he digs into the wound for the small piece of metal. (Y/n) clenches her teeth so hard she thinks they might crack as Joe holds her against him, trying to comfort her. With each movement inside her thigh, the searing heat of pain runs down her leg to the point it clouds her vision. The darkness seemed so inviting, but she knew that if she fell into that hole, she might not come out.
Eugene was trying to find the bullet as fast he could, hurting his fellow medic the least he could. Her refusal of the morphine was such a (y/n) thing to do; so selfless. She always put others’ needs before her own, which made her a good medic for the company.
When his fingers felt the hard metal inside the wound he knew he had to hurry and patch her up, fearing she had already lost too much blood. His worries increased as he saw her eyes start to flutter shut.
“Joe! Keep her awake! She can’t go ta’ sleep!”
“Shit.” He softly taps her cheeks, continuing, “(Y/n), doll, stay awake. I know it hurts but you have to stay awake. Please.”
Scared to death, he grabs her hand and squeezes it, trying to make her more alert. His plan is successful when she squeezes back, mumbling something.
“Attagirl. You have to keep fighting.” The young Jew’s tear stained face morphs into one of confusion when she continues to mumble under her breath. “What’s that? I can’t hear you.”
Before she can answer, Roe finds the bullet and yanks it out. The searing pain causes her to cry out and squeeze Joe’s hand with bone crushing force but he doesn’t complain.
White spots dance around her vision and she starts to give in to the pain.
“Joe. I’m sor-“ she quietly trails off, eyes slowly closing.
He grabs her face in his hands. “Hey! No, no. (Y/n)! Wake up!”
When she doesn’t respond, he yells at Roe, “Gene! Help her, damn it!” His face falls mid-sentence and tears trickle down the young man’s face. “I’m sorry, I just...I can’t lose her, doc.”
Roe smiles softly while quickly bandaging the wound. “I know, Joe. She’s alright. Probly’ passed out from the pain. She does need to come off the line until it heals, though.”
At Doc’s reassuring words, Leibgott physically relaxed; his shoulders slumped and he let out a shaky huff of air, still holding her in his arms.
“You love her.”
The comment catches Joe completely off guard. He tenses up again, face heating up,“She’s my best friend. Of course I love her.”
Combining a scoff and a eye roll, Eugene responds, “You know what I mean. Your secrets safe with me, but make sure you tell er’.”
Sighing, he gives in. “After this, I definitely will.”
“Ya’ know, she was lucky. Two inches over and it would have hit her femoral artery.”
Joseph Liebgott hadn’t even had the chance to think about what had just transpired. His best friend and love was been shot and could’ve died with it knowing how he felt about her. The spunky medic was two inches from being ripped from life and the man she loved back. Thoughts of what could have happened swirled his mind until a familiar voice of Lipton yanked him from overthinking.
“Doc! We got the sniper! Take (y/l/n) to the field hospital! We’ll cover you!!”
As Easy Company opened fire in the town of Foy, Joe gathered the young woman into his arms and quickly carried her bridal style to the Jeep that had pulled up to take her to safety. Reaching it, another medic hopped off and helped Liebgott put her on a stretcher.
The jeep roared to life and as much as he wanted to go with her back to the hospital, he knew he was needed on the line. Realizing his inner conflict, Roe places a hand on his shoulder, “I’ll keep an eye on er’ for you, Joe.”
The driver calls out to the pair, “You coming or not? We gotta go!”
In a split second decision, Joe yells back, “One second!” Leaning down, he places a sweet kiss to (y/n)’s sweaty forehead before whispering, “I love you. I’ll be waiting when you come back to me, doll.”
Pulling away, he sees her eyes slightly open and her lips quirked up into a small smile. His heart drops at the fact that she’d heard his confession. Out of the million ways he had thought about telling her how he felt, this was not one of the preferable ones. He could feel his heart begin to race as she whispered where only he could hear, “I love you, too. Don’t be too mean while I’m gone, Joseph.”
Right after the last word left her mouth, he leaned down and planted his chapped lips on hers in a soft but desperate kiss that conveyed all the other feelings they had left unsaid. Seconds after they parted, the car began to start down the road. Roe’s smiling face and nod was the last thing Joe saw before carefully making his way back to his foxhole, mind spinning from their kiss and confessions.
Plopping down into his hole, he’s surprised when he sees Lipton in there waiting on him.
“Is (y/n) alright?”
“Yeah. A kraut got her in her leg, but Doc patched her up. She’s gotta go to the hospital a little bit though.”
“Good. We all know how much you care about her.” His expression changed to an amused one. “She’ll be back before we know it, so please be careful because if you get hurt, she’s gonna beat my ass.”
“Yeah, she’d beat my ass too.”
Both men let out a some much needed laughs before turning their attention back to the line. In that moment, Joeseph Liebgott vowed that he was going to make it through the snowy hell that was Bastogne for the young medic to whom his heart belonged.
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mads-weasley · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
77th anniversary of D-Day
“Good luck! And let us beseech the blessing of Almighty God upon this great and noble undertaking.”
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mads-weasley · 11 days ago
So thankful for the heroes that protected our country in WWII!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
D-Day: #OnThisDay in 1944, Allies stormed Normandy’s coast #WWII #DDay
Supreme Allied Commander General Dwight D. Eisenhower gave the go-ahead for the largest amphibious military operation in history
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mads-weasley · 13 days ago
I love this <3
for writers
i see a lot of posts aimed at artists, and i don’t have pretty pictures to make it stand out, but words for writers is pretty apt, i think.
this is a post for writers, from a writer.
it doesn’t have to be perfect. it doesn’t have to be long. it doesn’t have to be fast. you are not a machine, capable of putting out product without effort. your worth is not measured by your ability to create, or your ability to create fast.
if you haven’t written in months, it’s okay. if it’s been years, it’s okay. if you struggle, that’s okay. if you write in your second language, that’s okay. you can still call yourselves writers, don’t let anyone take that from you.
your writing, or lack of it, does not change your worth as a person.
just take a moment. breathe. you’ll be okay.
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mads-weasley · 19 days ago
Why do you reblog your own fics so much?
Because someone might as well!? And look at this. Look. At. This.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Does this look right to you??
These are just the last three fics I wrote. I appreciate the likes, believe me I do, but you have to understand. Likes do nothing for content creators. It’s the reblogs. Because that’s how you find shit on your dashboard. Through reblogs. Not likes. This isn’t twitter or tiktok or instagram. This is a website that’s run by the reblog system.
Reblogging helps content creators put their stuff out there. Why do you think so many people stopped writing fanfic and creating beautiful fanart and edits? It’s because they put in hours of work and don’t get nearly enough notes for their masterpieces. Yes we do this because we enjoy it but like...some validation won’t hurt. A boost of confidence here and there might be all someone needs to finish whatever thing they started and left.
Anyway, I’m still going to reblog my shit...
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mads-weasley · 28 days ago
hey! your writing is amazing! and i was wondering when the new part of tfatws!bucky barnes x reader will be out
Hi! Thank you so much!! This week, I have exams for school, so it should be sometime next week! Thanks!!💛
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mads-weasley · 29 days ago
Love & War Update
Hey everyone! I hope you’re having a great week! I hate to be that writer who has to take a break mid-series, but I have too much on my plate right now to write two series at once. Because I started my Legacy series first, I am going to finish that one before continuing Love & War. I am so sorry, but with exams and stress from that, I can only handle one at a time. This is not me canceling the series but just postponing it for a little bit. I love you all and hope you understand.
@confusednerd09 @ahahafudge @bluemoon-icecream @lunamadhatter99 @thatfangirl42 @fionanovasleftnut @friendly-letters @youcanstandundermyamberella @caritobbg @marvel-ous-miss-maisie @fitzfiles @skyewardolicitycloisdelena91 @jo-ha-nna @pastel-boy-sungjae @ginger-swag-rapunzel @simp-for-bucky @ceo-of-daichi @tylard-blog1 @quinnmaddie @cxddlyash
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mads-weasley · a month ago
Who else lives like this too?💀
there’s literally never time to do anything. like you do something and finish it and then it’s time to do another thing. how do we live like this
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mads-weasley · a month ago
That means I finally have a hufflebuddy!!!🥰💕🥺 who isn't dead or my little cousin
YESSSS! I’m such a hufflepuff!! I’d be honored to be your hufflebuddy!!🥺
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mads-weasley · a month ago
Tumblr media
Words can’t describe how thankful I am to have people like y’all encouraging me to write! I appreciate each and every one of you! It’s crazy to think I started this blog just a few months ago! Time flies when you enjoy what you do. Throughout the past months, writing has been a escape from school stress and everything else in my life. Thank you so much! I love you all!! As always, have a great week!🥺❤️
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mads-weasley · a month ago
At Last
Eugene Roe x Reader
A/N: I watched Band of Brothers and fell in love with this character!! He was so selfless and amazing!! Sadly, I do not own any of these amazing characters other than (y/n). Enjoy!!
Summary: Eugene Roe surprises you before he ships out with a lifelong promise. Your heart doesn’t beat until he returns to keep it.
Warnings: fluff, fluff, fluff!!
(y/n) - your name
(y/m/n) - your middle name
(y/l/n) - your last name
Tumblr media
“Please, Gene. Please be careful. I don’t know what I’d do if something happened to you.” You pleaded with tear stained cheeks.
Eugene gently takes your hand in his, “(Y/n), chérie, you know I’ll be careful. I couldn’t live with myself if I ever made you cry again.”
Your eyes glisten with tears once again. “I’m being serious, Eugene. Come back to me.”
Pulling you into a tight hug, his voice cracks as he mutters, “You know I love you right?”
“Then know that I’ll come back so I can marry you.” Confused at his words, you look up at him as he fishes for something in his pocket. He pulls out a small diamond ring and gets down on one knee before you.
“I knew you were the one from the our very first date when you made Gumbo with mama and tried to understand her French. I love you so much, mon amour. (Y/n) (y/m/n) (y/l/n), will you make me the luckiest soldier in the world and marry me?”
Sad tears turned to tears of joy as you exclaimed happily. “Yes!” Smiling from ear to ear, you jump into his arms and pepper his face with kisses as he lifts you from the ground. After a few seconds, the train horn blows, shattering the moment. He sets you down and cups your cheeks with his soft hands.
“Je vous aime.”
“I love you, too.” You wrap your arms around his neck as your lips collide in a short but passionate kiss that is interrupted by the train whistle, signaling the last chance to board. With your foreheads against each other, hot breaths on each other’s face, you try and memorize the feeling before it had the chance to end.
Suddenly, the warmth was gone, but you couldn’t will yourself to open your eyes. After a few seconds, you were finally able to widen them. All you saw was his ebony hair before he vanished into the train. With a deep breath and some tears, you turned around and started praying the war would end quickly.
After VE Day, Eugene shared his concerns about possibly being sent to the Pacific with you over letters. His suspicions had broken your heart that yearned to hold him in your arms again. A week ago, it was VJ Day, and the moment you heard it on the radio, you cried tears of joy, knowing Gene was coming home. Two days later, you got his last letter.
Mon Bien-Aimé,
Today, the War is officially over both here and in the Pacific. I’m finally coming home to you. Our time to wait is done, mon ange. Over these past two years in hell, you were the only thing keeping me going. Every day, when I woke up in some foxhole or trench, I looked at your picture and remembered why I was fighting; to protect you. I would never want you to see the horrors I have seen in Europe, (y/n). I have missed you so much and I can’t wait to have you in my arms again. I love you with everything I am. Words can’t describe how ready I am to marry you, amour.
Forever yours,
Eugene Roe
When you got the letter, you could barely hold back the tears that formed in your eyes. He was coming home. Your Eugene was coming home after two long years of fighting in the war. The two of you wrote to each other as much as you could during the time he was gone, but words can only convey so much. They could not offer a hug or kiss, only kind sonnets of love and affection that were just that; poems on a page.
Now, standing in the train yard waiting on him to arrive, your heart was racing in anticipation of seeing the man you loved and were going to marry. There were so many families there to reunite with their solders that you couldn’t see the train.
All of a sudden, everyone around you began cheering. To your dismay, you were yet to see anything but the backs of the people in front of you. Pushing through, you manage to make it to the front of the crowd. Many soldiers had already gotten off the train and were with their families.
There was only one thing on your mind; Eugene. You went around asking some of the people you knew if they’d seen him, but no one had. When you heard a familiar Cajun drawl speak behind you, you froze.
“You lookin’ for me, sweetheart?” The biggest smile was painted on his face, but you couldn’t turn around. Sensing something wasn’t right, he quickly made his way over to face you. What he saw was not what he’d expected.
Your eyes were clenched shut and tears were slowly leaking out of them. He gently placed his now calloused hands on your cheeks.
“Sweetheart, please look at me.” He cooed. Met with nothing but shaky breaths from you, he repeats himself. “(Y/n), look at me.” You slowly pry your eyes open as the shock wears off.
“Gene.” You shoot into his arms and hold onto his uniform so tightly he thought it might tear.
“I’m home, mon amour. I’m home.” Tears were now leaking from his eyes as well as he buried his head into the crook of your neck. You pull away slightly and he lifts his head.
Placing your hands on his face, you sigh, “You’re home.” He slowly raises his hands and gently wipes your tears away with his thumbs.
Both of you lean against the other’s forehead. “I told you I couldn’t handle making you cry again, doll.”
“I love you so much, Eugene.” You feel his warm breaths on your face, reminding you how much you missed the warmth he brought to your life. Without him, life was cold, dark and without color.
Gene felt a warmth he had missed as well; a warmth that could have melted the snow in Bastogne. He couldn’t wait to feel your lips on his once again.
Drawing in a large breath and looking you in the eyes, he softly inquires, “May I?”
You subtly nod, heart pounding in your chest. With a soft smile, he leans in and connects his soft and delicate lips to yours. The pure kiss became more passionate as you molded into his body with your arms around his neck. Hands on your face, Eugene feels all the stress behind him in this moment, for it was just you and him in your own love filled world. Neither of you had been lost in a kiss before, but in that moment, all you could feel was him. All you could see, hear, taste, touch, and smell was the man you loved.
You pull away, out of breath, and rest your foreheads together once again. Panting softly, you dare not open your eyes in fear that your life was a dream.
“I love you more than life itself, (y/n). I can’t wait to spend forever with you.” You open your eyes and are met by your grinning fiancé. In that moment, everything was perfect. At last.
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Safe Masterlist
Newt x Reader
Tumblr media
@tmrmoodboards for the awesome aesthetic!!
Summary: After escaping the maze and the WCKD compound, the Gladers, including you, are left to fend for yourselves against the scorch and the cranks who inhabit it. Following this, you make it to the Right Arm and eventually to the Safe Haven. The question is, who else will make it?
Together: You escape the WCKD compound into the abandoned mall but what you find there will haunt you forever.
With You: After making it through the scorch and to the Right Arm camp, you have a moment of peace before trouble, also called WCKD, finds you once again.
Nightmare: After making it through the scorch and to the Right Arm, you are attempting to save one of your best friends.
Reunion: Making it to the Last City, you run into a familiar face and learn something that threatens to destroy your world.
The Plan: The plan goes into motion as you are attempting to save one of your best friends and the love of your life in one final mission to destroy WCKD.
Saved: In the years after the war on WCKD, you look towards the bright future ahead of you and your family.
Tag List:
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Hello! Can I please be added to your taglist for Love & War?? I'm super stoked to read more! 🥰🖤
Awwww! Sure! Thanks for reading it!!🥺💛
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Love & War
Pt. 3: Moonlight
40s!Bucky Barnes x Medic!Reader
Series Masterlist
A/N: These are so much fun to write! I’m such a sucker for 40s Bucky so I love this as much as y’all do! Sadly, I do not own any of these amazing characters other than (y/n). Enjoy!
Summary: The day after (y/n) joins the team, they are given a mission integral to the Allied victory, giving her the opportunity to become closer to the other Commandos.
Warnings: mentions of blood, angst, war, typical cannon violence, some fluff
A/N #2: When Bucky says “Cher,” it’s pronounced like the beginning of Cherry!!
(y/n) - your name
(y/l/n) - your last name
(y/n/n) - your nickname
(y/h /c) - your hair color
(y/e/c) - your eye color
Tumblr media
“Everyone wake up, we’ve got a mission.”
Steve’s deep voice wakes (y/n) up almost instantly. Slowly rising, she yawns and starts to quickly get ready for the day. The other Commandos are starting to do so as well. It’s 6:30 in the morning and they went to sleep well past 12 the night before.
“We leave at 0800.” Colones Phillips struts in the room, while everyone else drop what they’re doing and salutes. “At ease, soldiers.”
“Colonel, I thought this was just a routine mission, so with all due respect, sir, why are you here?” Philips ushered Steve into a neighboring room to get some privacy. Soon, everyone else went back to packing.
(Y/n) could easily tell Rogers was the leader of the squad. His natural courage and good heart made him perfect for the role of Captain America. (Y/n) thought that he was the type of man her friend, Allie, would like; tall, blond, strong, polite. Normally, she would think the same thing about herself, but it was a certain brunet who couldn’t evade their thoughts, no matter how hard she tried.
She didn’t know this, but Bucky kept stealing glances of (y/n) when she was gathering her things. Most of the girls he had went out with in the past would just melt right into his hands. (Y/n), though, is different. She’s independent and wasn’t going to give in as easily as the other girls, and he liked that.
As he was looking at her, he couldn’t help but admire her natural beauty; her wavy (y/h/c) hair, delicate skin, and her eyes......whew, they sure had him entranced from the first moment he looked at em’. Her (y/e/c) irises were like stars he wanted to explore and oceans he would love to drown in. She began putting on some bright red lipstick and Bucky found himself biting his lip unconsciously.
Laughing, Dum Dum caught him staring with a small smile, “I thought you had renounced your old ways, Bucky? She hasn’t even been here a day and you’re already in trouble.”
The younger man just laughs and nods slightly, still looking at (y/n). “Yeah, I’m in trouble.”
*at mission briefing: 7:30 am”
“This is a highly classified mission. It can’t leave this room.” Everyone nods in agreement before Cap continues. “Were going to have to make our way through enemy lines to Trouy, a small town outside of Bourges, which we are having trouble reaching. Colonel Philips believes that if we take the town quietly, we can make the way to Bourges easier for the rest of the Allied troops. Stealth is key on this one, guys. Also, it’s going to take a few hours to walk there through the wilderness, so Dugan, you might want to bring a snack.” Cap chuckles before continuing, “We leave in 20 minutes. Dismissed.”
(Y/n) was excited and nervous to go on her first mission. She’d heard stories of the dangerous missions the Commandos took part in, but instead of scaring her, it thrilled her. Thankfully, she had attended basic training, so she knew how to use a gun and defend herself. She didn’t realize everyone else was up and about until a voice broke her from her thoughts.
“Nervous, Cherry?”
Her eyes snap to his; those baby browns she’d been lost in the night before. “Cherry? Where’d you get that from?”
Licking his lips, a smirk appeared on his face.“Well, your lipstick is bright red, like a cherry.”
“How observant you are, James.” The comment dripped in sarcasm as she looked up at him.
“Just doing what I do best, doll.” His brows furrow slightly. “Really though, are you nervous?”
“I’m nervous and excited if that makes sense. I’m not excited for people to die or anything like that, I’m just excited to feel important; like I’m a first pick for once.”
The slightly hurt look behind her eyes tells him there’s a story behind the comment, but he doesn’t push it. Nodding his head, he agrees. “I actually know exactly what you mean. You’re gonna do great, (y/n). Dugan told us how good you are in the field.....repeatedly.”
Finishing his sentence, he ran his hand through his hair before smiling and walking away. This made (y/n) heart start racing and she shifted her weight from foot to foot with a grin plastered on her face. After a few moments, Steve approaches her with some clothes in his hands.
“Here. Since you’re a part of the squad, you have to have a uniform that looks somewhat like ours. The only major difference is that you have the medic patch on your arm.”
With a nod from her, he hands (y/n) the clothes. (Peggy’s uniform, and sorry it’s the only full body pic I could find!) Once she gets changed into her new outfit, the group meets at the camp’s makeshift garage. They load a truck to try and get as close as they could to the line of demarcation that separates Nazi occupied France and liberated France.
The ride to the line wasn’t long, but it was bumpy. When they arrived, it was nightfall, so they could sneak in under the cover of darkness. The young North Carolinian had her medic bag on her back along with a Colt 1911 in her thigh holster as a last resort. Rogers had told them earlier that the truck wasn’t going to stop because it might raise suspicion. Due to this, they had to jump from the moving truck and make their way through the woods to the town.
Steve motioned it was time to jump and one by one, each of them bounded out the back and ran into the woods. Once everyone was there, they started quietly making their way to Trouy. Although she told Bucky that she wasn’t really nervous, her hands were slightly shaking in result of being in German territory in almost complete darkness. Looking ahead of her, she saw something that instantly calmed her down; James. He was looking up at the moon through a break in the foliage above them. A single ray of moonlight illuminated his face, showing off his razor sharp jawline and the awestruck smile that painted his face.
(Y/n) couldn’t help but smile and stare at the sweet, boy-like action. To her dismay, this didn’t go unnoticed by Dum Dum.
“Like what you see?” He asks quietly, walking beside her.
Gasping softly, she quickly averts her gaze. “ I wasn’t...uh...looking at him. There was something....something behind him I was looking at.”
He chuckles at her embarrassed stutter. “Sure, sweetheart.”
Dugan could already see what was happening. Bucky and (y/n) were looking at each other the same way, but he promised himself he wouldn’t intervene. For once, he was gonna let it play out naturally. Steve had Peggy, unofficially of course, so it was only right for Bucky to have someone too. Dum Dum’s only fear was that they would soon become each other’s weakness; and weakness can be catastrophic during wartime.
Once the squad had been walking for about 3 hours, they heard the rumble of an engine and voices from the road merely feet from the tree-line. After a few seconds, (y/n)’s eyes widened when she realized who the voices belonged to; the Nazis. She knew when she enlisted that she’d come in contact with them, but seeing them up close was different; it was terrifying.
The Commandos quickly ducked and drew their weapons, and (y/n) soon followed suit. Everyone froze in place as the fear of being discovered increased by the second. From her crouched position, she could see the men on the road picking up crates and placing them on the truck. Once the pile of boxes dwindled to nothing, they got in the truck and drove away. The group started to slowly move again.
Sighing, (y/n) looks over to Bucky with raised eyebrows. The young man mirrors her actions and walks over to her. “Was that your first time seeing a Nazi?”
“What makes you say that?” Her shoulders lift into a small shrug.
“Oh, I don’t know, Cherry. Maybe it’s the way you look like someone just killed your cat.”
She scoffs, walking away from the soldier. Naturally, he follows after her, walking to her right. “Listen, doll, that wasn’t me trying to be insensitive or pigheaded. I just...I’m nervous, and when I’m nervous, I say dumb stuff like that.”
“Why are you nervous, Barnes? Haven’t you done this a million times?”
His smile fades as he looks in the direction they are walking. “I uh.. I was ca-“
Bucky was cut off by Cap’s hushed, deep voice. “We’re here. Okay, Gabe, Jacques, and Jim; you go to the communications building and disable their transponders. Falsworth, Dugan, (y/l/n), and I, will be taking the town one building at a time. Hopefully, at least. Buck, you know what to do. All right, let’s move out.”
The first thing that (y/n) thought was ‘What does he mean James knows what to do?’ While the men were doing one last checklist of what they needed, she walks over to Bucky. “Hey. What did Steve mean when he said ‘You know what to do’?”
“Don’t worry, Cher. I’m a sniper.”
She lets out a breath she didn’t know she was holding. “Oh. Okay. careful, James.”
“Yes ma’am. You too.”
Turning to walk away, she smirks, “I will be, and if I’m not, you’ve got me right?”
With that, he was off to find a good vantage point in the hills of the small town, leaving (y/n) with her thoughts about the upcoming battle.
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Hii could u add me to the live and war tag list
Sure! Thanks for reading it!!🥰
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Love & War
Pt. 2: Introductions
40s!Bucky Barnes x Medic!Reader
Series Masterlist
A/N: Wow! I’ve gotten such an overwhelming positive review on the first chapter so I’m so excited! Thank you to everyone who read it! Sadly, I do not own any of these wonderful characters except (y/n). This chapter is super short because I wanted to establish their relationship before we got into anything else! As always, hope you enjoy!
Summary: When she volunteered as a combat nurse in the war, (y/n) (y/l/n) did not think that she’d end up working alongside the Howling Commandos. Most of all, she definitely didn’t think she would fall as hard as she did for a sweet brunette from Brooklyn.
Warnings: extreme fluff! <3
(y/n) - your name
(y/l/n) - your last name
(y/n/n) - your nickname
(y/h/c) - your hair color
Tumblr media
The young nurse couldn’t believe she was being recruited to be a part of the Howling Commandos!
“So, are you interested?”
“Yes, sir! Thank you so much.”
Wiping her tear stained face, she gets up with the help of Dugan. He leads her through the school to a room with a makeshift bar. Immediately, a young brunette catches her eye.
Dum Dum clears his throat to get their attention. “Men, this is (y/n) (y/l/n). She’s going to be our new, much needed, medic.”
Standing at the front of the room, she can feel their eyes on her. Glancing to the boy, more like man, who caught her eye, she sees his mouth slightly agape.
She awkwardly waves and says, “Hi, y’all. Thanks for thinking of me,” with a thick southern accent. They all start to smile and snicker at her drawl. A young blonde, who she recognizes as Steve Rogers: AKA Captain America, is the first to break the silence.
“Welcome to the Howling Commandos, (y/n). We’re glad to have you.” The other men join in and welcome her into the squad. She was introduced to Jim Morita, Monty, Gabe, and Jacques. The only person that didn’t introduce himself was the handsome soldier who was still sitting on a bench, cleaning his sniper rifle.
Fighting her insecurities, she walks up to him, reaching out her hand. “Hi, I’m (y/n).”
He looks up and shakes her hand, his mouth quirked up in a tiny smirk. “Sergeant James Barnes, but you can call me Bucky, doll. Love the accent. Where ya from?”
The nickname rolling off his tongue sends goosebumps across her skin and she tries to hide the blush that follows.
“I like James, actually.”
“You do, huh? My mom does too. She’s the only one who called me that, but I like it when you say it.” He smiles, biting his lip slightly.
“Alright, James. It’s nice to meet you.”
“You never told me where your from.” He states doe eyed.
“Try and figure it out, Sarge.”
The pair hadn’t broken eye contact the whole duration of their conversation. They both realize this and that their hands were still in the other’s, so they awkwardly pull them away. At this, each of the young Americans chuckled. She smiles sweetly before walking towards the door.
Steve calls out to her. “(Y/n)? Where ya going?”
“Don’t worry, y’all didn’t scare me away. I need to get my stuff and tell my friends bye.”
With that, she went off and gathered the small amount of personal items she had. It consisted of a Bible, jewelry, and some pictures of her family and friends back home. Finding Betty, she tells the older girl about her new squad and that she’d have to leave. With a hug and encouraging words, the friends part and (y/n) returns to the Howling Commandos’ room.
The rest of the group had already fallen asleep in the small amount of time she was gone, so she took the opportunity to get ready for bed. Finding a corner, she laid out her sleeping bag. Sighing, she took down her (y/h/c) hair from the tight bun it had been in all day and wiped off the little makeup she hadn’t cried off earlier.
As she did every night before bed, she prayed, looked through her photos, and thought of her family and Allie. This time though, there was someone else on her mind. It was none other than James “Bucky” Barnes she had met merely hours ago. Something about his kind smile and flirtatious personality drew her to him. Laying down on her sleeping bag, she had no idea that less than 10 feet away, he was having the same problem.
Back in Brooklyn, Bucky was what you call a ladies man. He always had a date or a girl on his arm, but the war had changed him into a more respectful and mature man. Even though he had only met her for a few minutes, he realized there was something very special about (y/n), other than her beauty. They both finally drifted to sleep thinking of the other.
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