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lxncelot · 11 hours ago
go follow ashley!!!!
hi everyone! so for those of you who don’t know me, my name is ashley and my previous blog was renjunsuwus (main blog ashhspam).
sooo this morning i kind of made a huge mistake and accidentally deleted my whole blog thinking i was just deleting a side blog i never used, and now i’m here because i kind of need to start over now lmaoooo
so if you still want to follow my writing please do follow this account! i won’t be able to bring back any of my old fics other than than runaway (the sokka x reader series) bc i didn’t have any drafts saved because i didn’t realise i was this stupid (dw lesson learned :’))
but yeah uhhh thanks for all the support and i’ll be rebuilding my blog piece by piece
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lxncelot · 11 hours ago
hi olive this is ashley aka renjunsuwus ! so mini rant/story time I woke up this morning and tried to delete an unused side blog and then I deleted my whole main account with everything kfhbskdjfhlsdfkjbf this is so depressing but i'm also so incredibly amused so yeah fresh start on Tumblr I guess :')
ASHLEY, noooooo. this is so sad, alexa play despacito. deleting my account is honestly such a big fear of mine - especially since i don’t save my fics rip. i hope you can build up your follower count again! i’ll totally give you shoutouts if you ever want them.
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lxncelot · 13 hours ago
here’s your daily reminder that ilysm, and to take care of yourself today! have a great day olive! 💕
Cass! You are too sweet! I hope you take care of yourself, too. Drink some water and have a great day!
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lxncelot · 13 hours ago
The envious girls of ESO really are tryna "roast" me saying that i'm an attention seeker. I laughed at told them with dead eyes: Honey, I don't seek attention. I'm given the attention and without even trying. It is you however who tries to seek attention playing baddie towards everybody. With that you only set yourself up and sabotage your own future. Find a new roasting phrase
Not me having zero idea what ESO is but supporting you anyway.
Honestly, go off! I hate it when people do stuff like that - they’re just trying to call attention to themselves by calling you out and it’s not productive? It’s the reason why people don’t give them attention? Anyway, go off on them and steal all the attention without even trying. You command our attention because you’re likeable, Noe. And amazing, tbh.
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lxncelot · 14 hours ago
i just wrote 1,000 words for an ej caswell fic i started today this man has me simping so hard omg-
Ohmygod,,,, when your finished you have to tag me in it. I love HSMTMTS so much, and E.J. deserves a better arc this season - I said what I said.
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lxncelot · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
requested hogwarts!au peter kavinsky from the to all the boys series
→ “let’s go all in. no more contract. no more safety net. you can break my heart. do whatever you want with it.“
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lxncelot · 16 hours ago
digging | f.h.
requested The Umbrella Academy - Five Hargreeves x Platonic!Reader, angst
tw: death, mentions of suicide, asphyxiation imagery, burning imagery
word count: 951
song: boulevard of broken dreams |  ✒️
A/N: I got really into this concept, actually. So if anyone wants me to continue, hmu. I cut my idea short for word count purposes, so if you guys want me to go off, I can.
Summary: In the first days of the apocalypse, someone stumbles upon Five.
Tumblr media
In his first few days in hell, Five hadn't noticed the suffocating feeling of complete and utter silence.
His mind was reeling, then, his senses scrambling for purchase as he tried, again and again, to send himself backward in time - to wake up from this sick dream where the universe was tilted sideways, and the world was on fire. 
Perhaps he hadn't noticed the stillness because the bleeding skies were full of his boyish pleas, anguished cries, and resentful swears. This reality of hellfire didn't yet feel deserted because it wasn't - Five was here, and he filled it with his panicked desperation.
It was at the end of those last days that he met you. 
Five was exhausted and despondent, having used up all of his drastic measures and sensical hypotheses. He was sitting on his knees, his hands pulsing weak, blue light, his mouth moving, hoarse words forcing their way out. He was heaving, his chest cavity aching for some kind of release. But he had spent it all, and now there was nothing but ash.
He heard your soft and distant approach from farther off than he should have been able, and he even picked up on your exclamation of surprise and increased pace as you stumbled over the rubble. You must have realized he was alive and not just another rotting corpse. Your voice asked questions he couldn't seem to understand. You grabbed Five by the shoulder, and he felt surprisingly woozy. The world tilted once more before everything went black.
He woke, shivering; night had descended, and its freezing chill was vengeful - bitter recompense for having let them burn. A fire popped in front of him, its orange flames offering light without warmth. Five was still wild, and his eyes searched for you in the half-light, his teeth bared. You were to his left, a stranger covered in soot and earth, regret clinging to you like a disease. Five could practically smell it. You made no effort to move, just looked at him, blinking, and a thousand questions attempted to tear from Five's throat - a thousand accusations, a thousand tears. 
Only one made it to the surface.
"How did you find me?" His voice was like sooty gravel, and you offered him a dusty, dented canteen. He made no effort to move. You sighed and set it on the ground.
"I heard you. We're the only ones making sound here."
And then it hit him. The silence settled over his entire being and pressed downward like he was in a shallow grave. It squeezed the air out of his lungs and smothered every thought. Five was buried alive, and there was no moon or stars to tell him otherwise. Just a blanket of ash. Just the smell of decay. Just the utter silence Five knew would plague him for the rest of eternity.
You breathed deeply, and it was the sound of a ghost. Five turned to find you staring. "Do you know how you got here?"
And your question had plagued him ever since.
Five hadn't deigned to answer, then, just picked up the canteen you had offered and callously drank it dry. It tasted gritty - you must have tried to filter it yourself.
"I was saved by a miracle, I think." You flexed your hand before you and curled them into gentle fists. "I used to have this gift of summoning force-fields - shields that could protect me from anything. They saved me, but now they're gone." And there was mourning in your voice, like a part of your heart had been ripped out and crushed - the very essence of who you were dashed upon the ashen ground. You were bleeding, still. "Such power was made for this moment, I think. Do you wonder if we were destined to survive this?"
Where he had come from, powers were no miracle. Where he had come from, saving the world was the goal - surviving afterward was never discussed.
"If we were, our destiny is shit."
And you scoffed, but once again, it was a ghost. Silence clawed at Five's edges. He wanted to speak - to fill the void - but he didn't know what to say.
You saved him, once again. "Should we bury them?" 
Your words sent a shiver down his spine, but Five bristled against it. You were looking behind your shoulder, and Five turned.
Allison. Klaus. Luther. Diego. Only Vanya was missing. 
And him.
Five turned back to the fire. It spat at him - embers flying. "They're already halfway in the ground."
"Digging graves is easy," you countered. And your haunted silence spoke loudly, speaking in anguished tones you had yet to use, lamenting this living hell like a drowning siren.
"How many times have you done it?"
More silence. Five could feel the itch at the back of his mind. He needed something to fill this oblivion - even if it was the scrape of earth. Even if, by burying them all, he was proving this was real - that he couldn't escape. If he buried them, should he lie in the grave with them? Would you allow him to do it? You had already dug eight graves. What was one more?
Five shook himself. The insanity was talking; the ash was churning in his mind. 
He stood, and you followed in suit. You pulled a shovel out of a red wagon you had waiting nearby. There had to be some soft ground somewhere. Five looked at the bodies beneath the piles of rubble, and he grimaced at the way his hands shook. He swallowed dry. "If digging is easy, we'll make quick work."
-- taglist: @fives-cup-of-coffee, @theletterhart​, @brokenandheadoverheels, @writerdream22, @lotsoffandomimagines, @neelia-thedaughtherof-athena, @coffees-and-creams, @cooloaflandhero, @swanimagines, @multifandomfix, @amortensie // message me if you want to be added!
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lxncelot · 19 hours ago
must one do schoolwork? is it not enough to simply sign up for classes? to absorb knowledge like an amoeba?
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lxncelot · a day ago
today i was met with the appalling realization that i have seen  z e r o  mal oretsev gifs on my dash.... so i’m fixing that.
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lxncelot · a day ago
in the end | k.b.
Six of Crows - Kaz Brekker and Reader, platonic, dark, angst requested
tw: rats, mentions of graphic violence, graphic imagery, blood, death, mentions and allusions to torture, drowning imagery, no happy ending
word count: 1.2k
prompt: “do it again.”
A/N: i got really into the vibes for this one, so if you guys like the reader character, maybe i’ll write a second part? also, those trigger warnings are a lot, but i just wanted you all to have fair warning. this is pretty dark, and there’s no comfort. also, i’m channeling big dirtyhands energy in this piece.
summary: “Ketterdam is sin, and if you want to survive, you will become her servant.”
Tumblr media
Once, when you were younger and innocent, still, you had spotted a rat behind your house. You had chased it through the grass, and someone - perhaps a parent or a sibling, long gone and consigned to oblivion - told you not to go too close. Things were always more formidable, up close - more horrifying. You hadn’t listened.
Instead, you laid down flat on the ground, peering into the slight hollow between house and foundation, where little things liked to hide.
The rat stared unblinkingly back at you, with entirely black eyes; it was as though the pupils were blown wide in anticipation, and all the world hovered on the edge of its seat, unsure of what would come next. 
In this reality, you were to swallow the rat whole.
“Show me,” the shadow behind you demanded.
You flinched.
Keep reading
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lxncelot · a day ago
Tumblr media
requested colin bridgerton x bookworm!reader from bridgerton
→ and together we unraveled, the binding of a book coming loose, our story spilling across the floors.
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lxncelot · a day ago
Tumblr media
Sith Ahsoka, the dark apprentice ✨
Hope you guys like this outfit I whipped up for her!
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lxncelot · 2 days ago
rorygilmorre → johnskeating
yes, i'm well aware that i change my url too many times, but i really don't think i'll change it for a while after this just because i've never grown out of dps (it's been 4 years since i first saw it, and it's undoubtedly my favorite film, and is sort of a piece of me.) anyways, if you guys could give this a signal boost, that would be great!
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lxncelot · 2 days ago
I’m gonna be blocking hsmtmts spoilers until I can get to rewatching all of s1 and catch up in the latest episodes but I’m super excited to read any works you make for s2 and reading what you think of it! ^v^
thank you! that is so sweet? i hope you enjoy rewatching! i haven’t rewatched since my first viewing (and rewatching a few scenes for fics, lol) but i bet it will be a lot of fun for you!
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lxncelot · 2 days ago
yeah, definitely not all of the thoughts are... good. but. the whole segment where red's being insecure and telling ricky he's not like him, made me think he's a contender for the beast? also the whole thing where gina is heartbroken over ricky is. just. why can't they be friends? the whole bet on it scene? iconic. the whole ricky moving thing is too sad, let ricky be happy this season. please. also mr. mazzara an miss jenn should be together. i said it. zach's probably not a nice guy, and it would just be too awkward? for miss jenn to be with ricky's dad? maybe i'm being biased because i liked their duet in the christmas special. (also sidenote, i'm pretty sure every main character will be in a relationship this season? i dunno, it seems a little unrealistic but i'm still kind of here for it asjkdf.) what were your thoughts? (that was a LOT i'm vv sorry)
That whole big red as beast concept is cool! I think there could be definite parallels with his and Ashlynn's relationship and Belle and the Beast. What if they get the main roles or they get to be understudies? That could be cool. I definitely think they should get to sing some of the beauty and the beast songs.
As someone who leans more towards being a Gina x Ricky shipper, I really like their dynamic, but I think just friends is good for now - I really don't want things to develop between them while Nini and Ricky are trying long distance because it would just feel icky to me. So friends! I agree. At least for now...
Yes - the bet on it scene was SO funny. I loved how he literally mimics the choreography. We have all done it at least once and to see it on screen... iconic.
Yes, Ricky is going through some hard times and honestly... that's part of why I just want him and Nini to call it quits for now. He's going through so much, and adding in relationship drama is just a lot. I just want him to find a friend to bond with in these trying times and big red is doing his part, but Gina is the best to bond with since she understands what he's going through. And honestly? Nini has so much on her plate... she deserves to take a back seat and live for herself for a second. As a character, she really deserves a minute to be herself, without that being attached to boys.
And yes! Mr. Mazzara and Miss Jenn should get together! They have the spice. Rivals to begrudging allies to lovers. Amazing. Idk what they're going to do with Zach. On one hand, if they want to negate the Mr. Mazzara x Miss Jenn plot line so she can instead be with Ricky's dad, Zach could be like a cautionary tale? Like, a glimpse into the future? Because Zach and Mr. Mazzara both have a rivalry and they both have a will they won't they thing going on.... idk how to word it. Badically, I think Miss Jenn is going to like Mr. Mazzara and then go "wait - I've seen this before..." and that could act as a plot device for Miss Jenn to not choose Mr. Mazzara. ALTERNATIVELY, it could work as an opportunity for Mrm Mazzara to state his intentions when he sees Miss Jenn start to freak. I like the latter.
I just think... Miss Jenn and Ricky's dad should be friends. They're the weaker ship.
I also think everyone being in a relationship is kind of weird, but I'm hoping things will progress fine and it won't get weird. I just.... really want them to explore platonic relationships just as much as ships and idk if they'll have the screentike to do so with so many romantic ships.
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lxncelot · 2 days ago
olive! have you seen hsmtmts s.2 episode 1 yet? i have so, so, so many thoughts, ohmygosh asjkdf
I have seen it! Info dump on me please!
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lxncelot · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Noe's Alluring LIs 1/?? ▷ Sabina from ACOR
I am a woman with her future in her hands
Reminder That: I do this because i'm bored and like to mess around with my cheap picsart acc, just that. Thank you and get your hateful ass elsewhere :)
tagging: @marlcasters @hellospunkiebrewster @amomentofsinclairity @mrsnazariowalker @lorirwritesfanfic @missameliep @princess-geek @eleanorwaverleys
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