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luvitypark-net · 6 days ago
Taking Whisks- Woobin (Cravity) x Female!Youtuber!Reader
Tumblr media
(🅱️ls if you don’t love this man I will come for your kneecaps 😤⚔️ the same goes for if you somehow don’t like Indian food…anyhoo enjoy this high lowkey crack)
   “Now listen, I have never so much as attempted making omurice.  Not once.  But am I going to let that stop me?  No- I have too much caffeine in my system for that.  Now, let’s crack some frickin eggs!”
   Chuckling, Woobin sat back for a mini-binge of his favorite youtube channel, Taking Whisks by self-proclaimed ‘culinary comedian’ (y/n) (l/n). A perfect activity on a day off to just sit back and relax.
   Such things never last long, however. “Are you watching your girlfriend again?” Wonjin.
   Woobin didn’t even bother looking up from (y/n) on the screen. “I don’t have a girlfriend and you know it.”
   The younger guy persisted, however. “Oh, sorry, let me rephrase that- the only youtuber you watch religiously and the sole reason you bought tickets to Con-Con, the big content creator festival you’ve never cared about before.”
   “Her recipes are solid and she’s funny,” Ignoring the slight warmth rising to his face, Woobin shrugged, holding his phone out where they could both see (y/n).
   “After making another batch of my grandma’s amazing shortbread recipe the other day, I got inspired. Inspired to filch an inferior but still amazing recipe for black pepper shortbread from one of my favorite cookbooks- with credit, of course, Whisk Takers.” At this, one of those weird camera zoom filters enveloped her face, distorting her proportions as well as her whispered voice. “Because y’all know what I say- only very special people get to so much as taste a Grandma Bar.  If you want the recipe you gotta either kill me or marry me.”
   “Well, there we go, you get to go live your dream and have free shortbread.”
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luvitypark-net · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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luvitypark-net · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
St. Patrick’s Day is here and April Fools is right around the corner! LSN has planned something to make the month worth your wild. The Lucky - Unlucky is the name of the event planned for this month! The content can vary from:
video edits
fan edits
they should all be based on being Lucky - Unlucky.
Tumblr media
The event will go from March 18, 2021, to April 18, 2021. On these days you’ll write anything based on the event. You can submit as many entries as you’d like to! At the end of the event works submitted will be placed in an ‘Events Masterlist’ and posted on April 19, 2021.
WRITERS: Any fics are acceptable. write how your feeling and share it with us! Make sure you’re having fun while doing it. The minimum word count is 100 and the max is 10,000. It all should sum up to the theme of being lucky or unlucky, all the same, formatting rules still apply.
For Video Edits, Fan Edits & GFX: Any Edits should be appropriate and fit the description for this event! Tag any warning such as flashes and loud sounds, etc.
Tumblr media
Written Works: Min 100 words Max 10k words.
Video Edits: Max 60 seconds.
Fan Edits: Max 4 Boards.
GFX: Max 4 Boards.
Tumblr media
Tag all your works with & lsn: lucky or unlucky! If you have any questions or concerns message!
GFX : @ethereal-eirene
admin: @isowon @fluffi @/ethereal-eirene @hoonsiceprincess
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luvitypark-net · 3 months ago
Cravity Hogwarts Houses/As Hogwarts Students
Y’all I’m so hype JUST LOOK AT THESE CONCEPT PHOTOOOOOSSSSSS ahem anyway enjoy this Content™
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
☆ Our leader being a Gryffindor probably isn’t a huge shock, but that’s just because he rings true to his house! He’s a quiet but strong leader who sees the value in working hard and simply doing good. Serim also has a bit of a mischievous streak sometimes too 😉🦁
☆ He’s a Half-Blood, so he’s competent in his understanding of magic, but not at all entitled.  Serim earns all his accolades rather than expecting them or having them handed to him- which he wouldn’t have wanted anyway.
☆ As far as grades go, Serim isn’t the type to pressure himself to be the best in every class, but he wants to set a good example for younger students, so he makes a point to study well in conspicuous places even if he isn’t the top scorer.
☆ He’s a pretty simple, nice guy at first, so making friends happens naturally.  That mischievous, playful side of Serim’s is a big draw that comes out more and more, pulling people in to join his antics.  Fun and athletic is of course a charming combo in school!
☆ Serim is basically Gryffindor’s official First Year dad.  He’ll go over rules with them and tell them to please come to him with any questions.  At first they think he’s stiff, just another over-the-top rule-follower, but as they come to him more, they’ll see how much he likes playing with them, pulling pranks, and calling them cute and realize he really is like a goofy dad!
☆ Only a handful of students really enjoy Herbology because it’s known to be quite exhausting, but Serim actually likes taking up the challenge and being able to show and train his strength by wrestling with the most difficult plants!  His efforts are very helpful and much appreciated, so Herbology is an enjoyable, gratifying time for him.  Being a strong, protective type lends to Defense Against the Dark Arts as well, not to mention it’s another active class, so that’s another favorite of Serim’s.
☆ Given he enjoys those more active subjects, Serim takes Arithmancy, but doesn’t go N.E.W.T.-level because frankly, no thanks.  Besides, he doesn’t really need to so why torture himself?  What a Gryffindor mentality~
☆ Speaking of his house, Serim is a Gryffindor Keeper, quick pretend to be shocked!  But really, he’s seen as their not-so-secret secret weapon because he’s one of the strongest players out there!  He’s quite proud of his prowess on the Quidditch pitch and for good reason.  Of course he takes his job protecting the goalposts seriously and holds up the heavy armor well!
☆ He’s an absolute star at taking care of the other students, but can goof off a bit in class, so professors have to shush him occasionally.  He really wants to be a good example, though, so he does his best to listen to all his elders and they appreciate it.  Most of them find him to be a very charming young man, though the stricter ones wish he’d cut the antics out or focus a bit more.
☆ Serim plays a lot of little jokes on his friends, but nothing harmful or major.  He doesn’t have a troublemaker reputation, but other students may come to him for hype or assistance surprising or scaring their classmate!
☆ On winter Hogsmeade trips, he’ll always start a snowball fight and maybe even shove snow down his friends’ jackets- it’s probably his favorite part, even over Zonko’s or the Three Broomsticks!  He also takes the occasional trip to Dogweed and Deathcap, being a good Herbology student and all.
☆ Serim definitely becomes a Prefect, and he thinks it’s a great honor; even though he feels a bit bad punishing other students sometimes, he takes the role seriously.  That’s what earns him Head Boy.
☆ His Patronus takes the form of a wolf!  Even he’s amazed at the beautiful animal, but everyone agrees it suits him.
☆ Best Gryffindor Dad~
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
☆ Galaxy brain BB goes in Ravenclaw for sure! Allen has a really witty and unique mind. He also is the type to work quietly and humbly rather than having to be the center of attention all the time or flaunting his skills. He’s a pretty neat and organized person (he says he likes things neat anyway) as well as (wbk) being really well-rounded and a true artist 🦅
☆ As a Muggleborn and the only wizard in his family, he’s surprised to learn that magic is real, but once he does he wants to learn as much as possible so he can be prepared.  The more he learns, the more fascinated and excited about attending Hogwarts he gets!
☆ Allen is successful as a student for a variety of reasons: of course being naturally intelligent helps, but learning about the Wizarding World is legitimately fascinating to him, so studying isn’t usually a burden unless it’s a huge amount or an especially difficult subject.
☆ Some people are intimidated by Allen at first, so fellow students don’t necessarily flock to him, but those who stay away are missing out on all the effortlessly witty and funny things he says!  He may not look it at first, but Allen is really a big sweetheart who can bring up others’ mood and cheer them up really well.  All of his friends are so grateful to know someone as amazing as him, so he forms a good, close group.
☆ He doesn’t go running right up to the First Years immediately, but they quickly see him as someone very willing to help out, especially fellow Muggleborns who don’t know how certain things work yet.  He starts really chill conversations with the younger kids, treating them like equals and just getting to know their interests.  When everyone’s comfortable that’s when they’ll start seeing Allen’s cute and funny jokes a lot more!
☆ Allen likes Astronomy; it’s just a fascinating reminder to him how many beautiful things are out there, not to mention stargazing for homework can be quite relaxing at the end of the day.  Also, despite being a Muggeleborn, adaptable Allen is a pro at Transfiguration, shocking everyone with his skills.  It comes pretty naturally to him, so he enjoys it a lot.
☆ He doesn’t really have any classes he struggles a lot in or hates with a passion, but Divination seems less useful and is harder to get results, so it’s certainly not Allen’s favorite.
☆ His athleticism comes in the form of being nimble, agile, and creative with his motions, so Allen joins Ravenclaw’s Quidditch team as their Seeker.  His size and fluid motions provide him with a big advantage that has won his team plenty of games!  In addition to playing Quidditch, though, Allen is also a part of the Astronomy Club.
☆ Professors have nothing to complain about with this one! He works really well with others and doesn’t talk in class unless it’s one for group work. Since he’s such a good student, they all admire Allen’s commitment and skill. There’s definitely some students they wish took a page from his book!
☆ He isn’t one for pulling pranks, but he’s a great secret-keeper so he’s often complicit in them, sitting back to watch the chaos unfold.
☆ When he goes on Hogsmeade trips, Allen’s favorite activity is simply getting to run around and play with his friends!  They play a lot of games, have snowball fights, and grab food and drinks, so he really cherishes those moments.  During said snowball fights, everyone wants Allen on their team because he builds really good walls of protection.  While on the trips, he also enjoys grabbing a new book at Tomes and Scrolls.
☆ Being such a good student, Allen, too, is invited to become a Prefect.  It warms his heart that he’s trusted for the role, and he’s excellent at cheering up the students he caught and listening fairly!
☆ Allen casts an otter Patronus, a sleek, intelligent animal that still draws choruses of awwws from the rest of the room, as well as a sheepish, but proud, smile from Allen himself.
☆ A great student and friend~
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
☆ Jungmo has a lot of different house traits, but as well as being intelligent he’s confident, innocent, and has a playful side too! We’ve seen him join Serim in pranks and mischief before after all.  He can be a lil gullible, too, but that’s just his sweet pure soul amiright?  In addition, I mean come on that one show champion interview where he said he got good grades as a kid so his mom would buy him toys? That’s very Gryffindor to me 😂🦁
☆ A lot of Pure-Blood families feel entitled or at least live a very cushy life, but Jungmo’s family definitely works to keep him humbled and are in no way elitists; in fact, they would be dubbed ‘blood traitors’ by those with such prejudice.  Having a hardworking and polite son is moe important to Jungmo’s parents than raising someone powerful, and they are lucky to have the good boy that they do.
☆ As far as academia goes, balancing work and play is definitely important to Jungmo and (as I mentioned abut having incentives is helpful!) his parents always check up on him in their letters, so the last thing he wants to do is disappoint them! Plus the no-Hogsmeade-trips-unless-your-grades-are-good is convincing. All this to say, it’s not like it’s even too hard a feat for this smart boy to get good grades!
☆ Jungmo is an appealing friend.  Not only is he smart, Pure-Blood, and good-looking, but once people actually see beyond the superficials they’ll meet a very trusting, innocent person.  He certainly doesn’t take his friendships for granted.  Being friends with Jungmo means getting close to someone outgoing and protective, even if he pranks them a bit too!  It’s affectionate pranking every time.
☆ He’s the type to ask First Years a bunch of ridiculous icebreaker questions, but also politely show them around.  He’ll explain rules set forth and make sure to get a good rapport going between him, the new Gryffindors, and the Fat Lady.  They’re glad he talked to them because they probably wouldn’t have gone up to him first!
☆ Jungmo takes Muggle Studies to help ground himself and at urging of his family, who want him to have a balanced view of the world.  It’s a bit of a surprise to see him there, but the class is really fun and fascinating to him!  Learning about other ways of life is interesting and gives him a perspective on what people without magic do to get by.  All the things Muggles make really fill him with wonder!  He also likes Defense Against the Dark Arts because it’s useful, but has a bit of a flashy nature too.  It’s exciting to see all the spells that fly and it’s one of few classes he can actually do some playing with his friends in!  Plus it helps him feel like he’s more prepared to either protect or mess with his friends.
☆ Another member of the Divination-lukewarm group, it’s just not really a subject he buys into, making it the hardest and least relevant to get deeply invested in.  It’s that one class he gets through more than really “takes”, per se.
☆ Jungmo tries out for Quidditch as a Beater, but in the end gets taken on as one of the Chasers and it works out well for him.  Sure, it wasn’t what he wanted at first, but it gives him something to work harder for and ends up really being a strength for him.  He’s a good thrower, but also the team member who’s often used to create diversions for the opponents.
☆ Hogwarts professors appreciate Jungmo because he’s mostly pretty laid-back and outgoing.  He saves mischief for outside of the classroom, so he has a good reputation with professors as someone polite who mostly gets his work done well and timely.  Coming from a well-known background, they expect good work and manners from him and they aren’t disappointed!
☆ Serim’s prank partner, Jungmo is the other brains of all their ridiculous operations.  His and his Gryffindor fellow’s loud laughter ringing through the halls isn’t uncommon in the slightest.  As mentioned above, it’s out of affection of course, more good-natured than wild Weasley twin stuff.
☆ That being said, Jungmo will never refuse a visit to Zonko’s upon being released into Hogsmeade!  He loves to walk through the sea of sounds and colors just to see what sort of ridiculous things he finds to play around with.  Asks the others for reviews of said crazy objects, using them or pretending to to make them laugh.  He also pays a lot of visits to Dominic Maestro’s Music Shop, trying his hand at different instruments and eventually picking up a guitar of his own!  When Serim starts snowball fights, Jungmo runs right into the fray, his Chaser skills popping back out.
☆ He doesn’t make Head Boy, but does serve as a Prefect for doing well in school.  He’s not the most enthusiastic about it, but that just makes him more popular since he’s soft on those he catches!
☆ When his Patronus takes shape, out bursts a lanky striped cat.  He kneels down to pet it, looking shocked at how the energy feels, yet pleased by its cuteness and positive charm.
☆ A quintessential Lion~
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
☆ Our Ruby is a Hufflepuff! His patience and caring lend well to this house, as do his calmer and more go-with-the-flow ways.  All the other members would agree that Woobin is a very kind and funny person; they have described him as someone they always laugh around and we have seen his willingness to help out the boys and of course cook for them!  He’s modest despite being so talented and overall is just such a goofy sweet boi 🦡
☆ Woobin is a Half-Blood, someone who has grown up around magic all his life but has a very down-to-earth mentality about things like supposed status.  He isn’t the type to get up in arms about it, seeing people for their worth and hearing others out rather than judging them by something invisible.
☆ Grades aren’t the be-all-end-all, but he does well and tries not to stress too much, just do his best.  After all, it’s all he can do.  Basically, he’s the guy that doesn’t really like it that much, but still studies and does well.  As a Hufflepuff, putting your all into what you do is very important, and good grades are still gratifying.  Even if he doesn’t admit it, it would kill Woobin to know he wasn’t at least trying to do his best.
☆ Given his personality, Woobin is a very caring and comforting student, but also someone who can help his peers take their mind off their worries and laugh a bit!  He isn’t crazily popular or anything, but lots of people like him.  They simultaneously seek his presence for warmth and support and invite him to parties.  He’s a versatile guy!
☆ First Years may be slightly intimidated in the very beginning, but the moment they see Woobin interacting with anyone else they know they have nothing to worry about.  In addition, he tries to make it a habit to approach them to welcome them to Hufflepuff, so a lot of them don’t even have a chance to be intimidated.  He cracks a lot of jokes, whether they’re at Hogwarts’ expense or just little comments to ease the tension for new students, and has fun showing them what happens if they get their combination wrong!  With a volunteer friend who lost a bet, of course, because he’s not going to get doused with vinegar if he can help it.
☆ Potions star right here!  As someone with culinary skills and interest in preparing recipes, Woobin is a natural at working with the ingredients to craft all kinds of magical elixirs.  It’s a fun class for him, so he doesn’t understand why it’s such a hit-and-miss class in other students’ eyes.  Everyone wants to be his Potions partner or get tutoring from him.  In addition to Potions, though, he really loves Care of Magical Creatures due to being an animal lover and a warm person.  The creatures can sense how gentle he is with them and aren’t afraid to approach him.
☆ Woobin is more of a fan of extracurricular- or activity-oriented classes, so Arithmancy is like torture, just sitting there crunching numbers and applying their meanings for an hour or two at a time is painful; there are so many other things he could be doing or people he could be spending time with.
☆ Rather than join the Hufflepuff Quidditch team, Woobin is happy to be in the stands.  The activity he chose instead was joining the Frog Choir, which he eventually becomes the leader of.  For this status and his Potions prowess, Woobin also joins the Slug Club, a place for top students and social events where he often volunteers to help prepare food!  That club only meets so often, though, so he has time to join the Gobstones Club and play some games too!
☆ In class, he makes other students laugh, but very quietly, so professors mostly see his warm, caring, and quiet sides.  He doesn’t talk out loud in non-social classes, so they generally get the impression he’s always using the time to work.  Being that he’s polite to them, they really appreciate having him in their classes, especially in the subjects he’s excellent in!
☆ Honeydukes is a must-visit during school outings!  Woobin always picks up some extra sweets and snacks to share with his friends, even buying their favorites that he may not want just to give them later.  Going to the Three Broomsticks with his group is another must, just a nice way to unwind, laugh out loud, air what they’re thinking, and share each other’s company in general.  Even if the trips are mostly for healing and relaxing for him, don’t even think of having the trip-ly snowball fight without him.  He does his best to fight back while protecting his teammates, even if he gets knocked over in the process!
☆ Woobin is another soft prefect, though he’s more on-it than Jungmo.  He just really likes to hear the other students out and gives them a lot of chances.  They come to him for advice, too, since he offers it to those he catches a lot.  Such behavior definitely warrants a Head Boy promotion!
☆ He can’t help but smile at his bear Patronus as it tilts its head at him, big and steady but not at all fierce.  It’s a perfect fit, everyone agrees.
☆ One of the sweetest classmates anyone could have!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
☆ wbk this man was a Slytherin 👀 he was even born in the year of the Snake! But in all seriousness, Wonjin is confident and ambitious, someone who wants recognition and will get it!  Rather than one of the stereotypical dominant or mean Slytherins, though, Wonjin is very playful and caring, he just can be competitive and isn’t afraid to put himself out there and do whatever for attention 🐍
☆ Wonjin comes from a Pure-Blood family, so he has grown up to have some confidence that people will listen to what he says…and maybe expects them to a little.  However, he hangs out with whoever he darn well pleases and bullies and bigots had better stay away from him if they know what’s good for them!  It’s not like he’s better than anyone else, he just knows being seen as high-status may give him some leverage.
☆ Obviously he’s naturally clever, but Wonjin’s biggest struggle in terms of academics is focusing on the subjects he, frankly, doesn’t really care about.  Sometimes this resuts in him trying to charm professors into giving him extensions or convincing them that they lost his homework, not that he didn’t turn it in.  They ask him to give him a copy, then he turns it in like it’s the second time and whammo.  Believe me, though, if it’s one of Wonjin’s favorite subjects watch out!  He will be the best at it or at least make a name for himself in that class.
☆ Lots of people seek the friendship of a confident, carefree, and cool guy, especially one who’s high-status.  Wonjin gets along with a lot of people and is much more loyal than they expect, so they gain an advocate, not just ties with a charming guy.  Spending time with Wonjin, they can expect to be teased and messed around with a lot, but also to laugh like crazy!  He’s a popular student for ridiculous dares because he almost always does them.
☆ When First Years come to him, he may mess with them a little bit by giving them harmless false information, whether it’s a small detour on the way to a restroom or playing on Muggleborns’ myths and assumptions about magic or their school.  If they’re truly scared about something, though, he’ll do everything in his power to show them it’s safe, especially since the Slytherin common room is basically under the lake!
☆ Wonjin enjoys Charms because such spells are really versatile, things he can use towards many of his ends, and of course he jokes that he does well in that class “because I have a lot of charms”.  He also really likes Care of Magical Creatures because he loves animals and looks forward to meeting something new each day or week!  Despite his enthusiastic nature, he’s very soft with them and they often like him.
☆ Self-aware “not the greatest at Potions” guy.  It’s just a really careful art, so it’s hard to master for him.  Getting the right amount of each ingredient and not making a mess just doesn’t come naturally!  He tries his best, though.
☆ Oh yeah, he signs up for a position on the Slytherin Quidditch team!  Even if he isn’t the broadest, strongest-seeming student, Wonjin’s heart earns him a Beater role, and boy is he not afraid to use it.  Some of the other players are lowkey scared because he’ll send the balls flying back their way, but if anyone gets hurt he’s one of the first ones to reach their side.
☆ Wonjin is seen as a bit of a troublemaker because he doesn’t always focus and will talk to his neighbors in any class.  As mentioned, sometimes he’ll do something crazy on a dare, causing them to sigh and shake their heads, but it’s never anything harmful or directly pranking the teachers, either!  Generally he’s seen as well-adjusted…a little too well-adjusted.  But a very friendly handful at least.
☆ Oh, boy.  This boy right here is the one who gets in the most trouble.  He just can’t say no to a little fun, and conspicuity isn’t his strong suit- after all, why do something crazy for no notice?  Once again, he draws the line at anything damaging, but if he’s dared to dungbomb another house’s common room why wouldn’t he?  Everyone’s reactions are so funny to him…even the professors’ sometimes!  Oh, Wonjin.
☆ The third member who lives for Zonko’s visits each Hogsmeade trip, he picks up tons of goodies to be his (in Hyeongjun’s words) irritating self.  Being annoying is just his love language.  Wonjin also heads into Spintwitches Sporting Needs a lot before the typical Three Broomsticks meetup to see if there’s anything that helps his Qudditch game any.  If Serim is too slow at starting the infamous snowball fights, it’s no surprise that Wonjin does.  He’ll even enchant snowballs to repeatedly pelt his opponents, who protest that he’s cheating.  “All’s fair in love and war!”
☆ Wonjin doesn’t make Prefect, but it wasn’t like he was trying to, either.  He’s the one they catch most often!
☆ Bursts out laughing in shock and slight embarrasment when a duck Patronus bursts from his wand, but after watching it slide around in the air as if paddling on a pond, he can’t help but grin and reach out a beckoning hand.
☆ Hogwarts is fun with Ham Wonjin around!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
☆ A tol eagle~ While Minhee strikes me as an ambitious person, he’s also a thinker and I feel like he isn’t the most competitive of the bunch as far as doing whatever it takes to get to the top. Gaining confidence as an individual is really important to him as well as showing love to and lifting up his friends. He just has a unique brain, perfect for Ravenclaw!  That intelligence also just extends to great sense in general, like the way he can almost always tell when something’s up 🦅
☆ Minhee is also a Pure-Blood, but it sort of confuses him that people care so much about that.  He lived a cushy enough life, but sort of took it for granted in that he just felt like he came from a magical family and didn’t know any different.  When everyone is surprised to see another member of the Kang family it’s just big question marks from him until it clicks.  His usual response is just to be extra nice so they love him and don’t treat him like he’s scary or a spoiled kid.
☆ Ok so this boy is a top student. Studying doesn’t freak him out at all.  It’s just something he’s always practiced and that came naturally.  This results in some envy from other students at first because hello, this guy is good-looking, talented, and gets good grades, but he’s always offering to help anyone who wants it so it’s not like people can stay mad unless they really want to.
☆ Being that Minhee is tall and from a Pure-Blood family, that intimidates some people, but anyone who gets to know him will see they have nothing to fear!  He’s just a big puppy who loves his friends and attention.  Though he comes across as being quiet, he’s actually very funny, so he attracts a lot of friends the longer he goes on in Hogwarts.
☆ He tends to approach First Years, making some jokes about not getting a welcome wagon when he first arrived.  He’s happy to welcome the new students and crack jokes, so the Pure- and Half-Bloods are surprised when he introduces himself as Kang Minhee; they were picturing someone much more serious and stuck-up than this friendly guide who’s been taking care of them!
☆ Minhee is among a handful who actually really succeeds in Arithmancy, too.  Usually that’s a very difficult subject that bogs people down, but not our top student!  The same goes for History of Magic, but our Ravenclaw has a knack for remembering human details and a general sense of situations, so studying history comes more easily for him.
☆ As far as all the subjects go, it’s not like there’s any he sucks at. Similarly to Allen, it’s more like which class is least important, which ironically is Astronomy for him. It’s just a less high-pressure class to complete so it can go on the backburner a little.
☆ Yes, there is canonical evidence of a knitting club existing in the Harry Potter universe.  Yes, I am saying that Minhee is a part of it.  He’s the student who rocks it on the Quidditch pitch as a Chaser then makes a sweater when the game is over.  He also sings in the Frog Choir, too.
☆ Professors love him, of course, and use Minhee’s work as examples sometimes.  He gets a lot of praise that makes his heart swell, but he is also appreciated as a member of the class community, too.  He brings a subtle brightness where he goes and though he may laugh out loud sometimes, won’t be caught getting very disruptive.
☆ Good boy Minhee prefers just joking with his friends to pulling practical jokes on others.  He likes to just goof around with impressions or inside jokes more than causing a ruckus, since grabbing his buddies for attention usually yields desired results without earning a record stain or detention.
☆ Tomes and Scrolls is a favorite of Minhee’s, too, but he surprises lots of people by following the Zonko’s crew in.  Even if he doesn’t buy anything, messing around with the merchandise on the shelves, or just teasing his goofy pals, is a hoot.  He also checks out the music shop with Jungmo.  Ok, so also Minhee may not throw hard, but he throws far, so he is the official Snowbal Fight Sniper™.  Everyone knows, too, that if he gets involved, he’s out to win.
☆ Absolute shoe-in for Prefect and Head Boy.  Minhee knows the lines of when to let things slide and when to step in, and like Allen and Woobin he’s good at making anyone he catches or has to give a talking-to feel much better.  People assume having the top student serve as Prefect might go to his head, but they should know better by now.
☆ Everyone calls it before it happens: a silvery maltese bursting from Minhee’s wand!  All he can do is laugh and call it over excitedly, knowing his companion was meant to be.
☆ Can I hear a ‘best boy’?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
☆ Ok I know it seems like a copout to Hufflepuff him and say he babie, but hear me out… amidst the wild crackheads this boy is just vibing. He’s so soft and precious and he wants to be known as someone with a lot of heart!  The members have pointed out how kind and adorable Hyeongjun is for good reason.  He can be a bit sensitive, as is wont for Hufflepuffs, and of course he is our hardworking main dancer- loyal and unafraid of toil 🦡
☆ He’s a Muggleborn, so entering the Wizarding World is intimidating- until, that is, he goes to get his wand and finds ‘the one’, creating a beautiful shower of dancing sparks that has him grinning, eagerly anticipating casting more spells.  It saddens him a bit to learn that Muggleborns are sometimes treated badly, but he never lies about his status and hopes to prove that concept wrong to everyone.
☆ Which means he works hard in all his classes!  He knows he won’t be perfect, but as long as he’s doing his best and giving his all Hyeongjun is satisfied.  Everyone can look at him and see that heart, not blood, is what helps you to become a good wizard and student!
☆ Making friends is easy for him because he’s naturally charming and sweet, and that also means he has no enemies.  Hyeongjun is nice to everyone and people are just drawn to his cute energy!  He looks very innocent and approachable, so students aren’t intimidated by starting a conversation or replying if he starts one.  Hyeongjun is definitely the type to have friends in every house!
☆ First Years sometimes think he’s younger than he is, but that helps them feel even more comfortable around this sweet boy.  Even if they’re suprised that he’s a bit older, they still go to him because he treated them like people, not like inferiors or new prey to mess with.  If he knows the answers to their questions, he’ll definitely help as much as possible- and try to lighten the mood if they’re nervous!
☆ Hyeongjun really likes Divination, actually, because he didn’t know that telling the future was possible and finds it amazing.  Not everyone believes in it, but he thinks it’s very useful and warns his friends if he sees situations they should avoid.  Basically he likes that he can use it to help others, the kind soul.  As a skilled calligrapher, he does really well in Ancient Runes; it’s actually one of his best classes and he enjoys writing all sorts of new symbols too.
☆ Perhaps it’s because he’s a Muggleborn, but Defense Against the Dark Arts is seems more like a reminder of what could go wrong than a fun, daring class.  Hyeongjun isn’t the type to start fights or rush into danger, so he hopes he never has to use what he’s learning.  Sometimes he’ll comment that wow, the Wizarding World is kind of scary, isn’t it?
☆ Another member of the Choir, but Hyeongjun is also a Hufflepuff Chaser and a part of the Ancient Runes Club.  It’s a busy life, but getting to experience so much of the magical world he’s entered is a pleasure for Hyeongjun!  And that’s how he ends up getting roped into the Gobstones Club too.  Busy boy!
☆ Quote-unquote “a joy to have in class”, Hyeongjun isn’t disruptive and is very sweet.  Professors usually comment more about what he needs to work on academically or needing to be more assertive in class rather than any discplinary issues.  Being so sweet and eager to learn, he’s a very engaged student, asking questions and checking his understanding.  Plus, his reactions to what the teachers say are great- he looks so surprised or excited to learn interesting facts!
☆ Often privy to the above members’ pranks, poor innocent Hyeongjun usually just lets it go because he loves his friends rather than getting revenge or starting the dares and wars people like Wonjin get involved in.  He hardly ever gets in trouble and is just seen as one of Hogwarts’ angels.
☆ He accompanies Woobin to Honeyduke’s on Hogsmeade trips, hardly able to contain his excitement at the prospect of shopping for magical sweets!  Come on, those ones over there actually even make you float!  He also likes to look at Gladrags for fun wizard clothes as well and may buy a pair of the funny socks for a friend as a gag gift to see how long it takes for him to catch on that they scream when they need to be washed!  He usually hides out during snowball fights, trying to support with trick shots and often getting hit by lots of snow.
☆ Hyeongjun, being a Hogwarts angel, is voted to become a Prefect, but he’s really nervous about it and has a hard time being super firm with anyone that he isn’t that close to.  When he’s parading the halls, it becomes a challenge to enact the most mischief then, but once he sees it becomes personal, that’s when he starts calling them out and going after them!  So in the end he finds his courage like a true Hufflepuff.
☆ Hyeongjun’s awww is the loudest when he casts his fluffy white seal Patronus!  It looks up at him with doe eyes quite similar to his own, melting his heart as they both clap…well, like seals.
☆ His Hogwarts years are some of the most rewarding and fun ones yet- Hyeongjun is so grateful to have been invited into the Wizarding World!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
☆ An energetic Gryffindor right here!  This is probably another wbk moment, but that just shows Taeyoung fits his house well.  Our self-proclaimed funniest member is outgoing, charming, and confident!  He also really cares deeply for those around him and isn’t afraid to share this even if it takes honesty and daring.  The people around him aren’t hindrances, they’re blessings, which is a very Gryffindor attitude-not to mention his motto: “If you can’t avoid it, you might as well try to enjoy it” 🦁
☆ He’s a Half-Blood, so magic isn’t a huge shock for him, but he’s waited all his life to be able to cast it like his older sister!  Hogwarts is an exciting adventure for him and he can’t wait to make friends.
☆ Extracurriculars are where it’s at! Not that studies fall on the backburner or anything, but Taeyoung gets involved in a lot of activities, so it’s not like his grades define him.  Enough of the classes are fun for him that studying isn’t like pulling teeth, though some are more of a drag than others.  He spends a lot of time on other practice, too.
☆ This cheerful guy doesn’t struggle to make his wish of forming friendships come true!  He’ll approach people or start conversations with ease, and he’s just a really sweet guy with lots of charm.  Being so genuine really comes through, and Taeyoung’s friends really feel loved and appreciated, not to mention all the laughs and fun games they’ll share!  He isn’t afraid to tell them or show them how much they mean to him, and honestly he’ll give them the shirt off his back if they need it.  And we all know what a bad liar he is, so it’s all for real.
☆ Taeyoung’s right in there with the First Years, asking them all their names and inviting them to hang out with him.  He’s the kind of student that helps them feel relieved that Gryffindor won’t be that bad!  Seeing someone so happy and welcoming at Hogwarts is especially important to the Muggleborns.  Taeyoung is just the kindest he can be to everyone he meets.
☆ He really loves Defense Against the Dark Arts because it’s an exciting, heroic way to cast spells and just a fairly active class in general.  Duelling is so much fun, especially against friends.  Taeyoung likes to hit them with funny spells, like Tarantallegra to make their legs go off in a jerking quick-step or Anaticula to make ducks shoot out of their wands instead of spells!  Duelling is work and play in one.  He enjoys Transfiguration for similar reasons; it’s practicing spells and a laugh all in one!
☆ Taeyoung isn’t as much of a fan of sit-down-and-shut-up classes, so History of Magic is probably his least favorite.  It’s nearly all book-reading and question-answering, where he prefers hands-on lessons and working with others.  It’s the hardest class to pay attention in for sure.
☆ Gryffindor Chaser Taeyoung is a valued member of his team who genuinely loves to play!  It’s very common to find him on the pitch practicing or just flying around for fun.  He’s not afraid to go after the other players or the balls, and daring maneuvers are his specialty!
☆ You know that one student the teacher clearly loves because they are either always picking on them, talking to them outside of class, or commenting on their work?  Yeah, that’s Taeyoung.  He almost always has a smile on his face when the professors talk, and it is very uplifting.  May whisper a bit or laugh with his friends, but not enough to get caught…or else his charm just helps him get away with murder!
☆ Too pure to get in too much trouble, but too fun-loving to stay too far away from the action!  Taeyoung is usually an ‘audience member’ like Allen. 
☆ Will always spend a lot of Hogsmeade time in Spintwitches, but Honeyduke’s is practically a mandatory stop too.  Like Minhee, he doesn’t shop much at Zonko’s but it’s a fun time still.  Taeyoung is another highly-sought-after snowball fight partner because if he’s on a team, he’ll be playing to win just like Minhee and Wonjin.
☆ Taeyoung doesn’t become a Prefect, but that’s mostly because he’s really involved in his school in other ways.  It doesn’t bother him and he’s glad to give someone else the shot!  He would have had to abandon his ‘audience member’ ways and probably thrown his friends under the bus anyway.
☆ Most Patronuses are fairly small, so when a huge tiger jumps from his wand, Taeyoung shouts in alarm and wonder!  He was expecting a puppy or a fox, not something like that, so he can’t help but be proud and amazed at the huge, glittering cat before him.
☆ Sports star and friend extraordinaire~
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
☆ Now I’m not sure if this is a Hot Take™ or not, but here we go.  I see baby as a Slytherin partially because he isn’t afraid to call the others on their BS, but also because he has a surprisingly tough attitude about things.  For example, his motto is “let’s live happily and with confidence” and he has toughed it out through a lot of emotions over the years.  While Seongmin has made jokes about being lazy in the past, he’s obviously not actually a lazy person, he just doesn’t waste time on trivial things and will do what he wants or needs without hesitation (ex that one clip of him saying he’ll just go out and buy his own dang snacks if the other members eat the one he wants lol).  Being soft and adorable and highkey a secondary Hufflepuff does NOT exclude you from being a strong Slytherin 🐍
☆ Another Pure-Blood Slytherin, Seongmin definitely had a lot growing up, but he also came from a loving family.  He’s much more than one of those spoiled rich kid Slytherins. Even if he’s a stinker about it, this boy has so much love and affection in his heart.
☆ Having high expectations placed on him means that Seongmin works hard in classes to live up to the reputation and make his family proud!
☆ People want to get on his good side, which isn’t as hard to do as they think since Seongmin likes to have friends to support him.  As long as he can feel they’re genuine, that is.  He’s very trusting, so that can hurt him sometimes, but it also means that those he sticks to get a very close friend!  Underneath any whining and teasing he does is a huge heart who doesn’t hold grudges easily.  He may not constantly tell his friends how much they mean to him, but when he does it’s very emotional and sincere; it makes Seongmin’s friends grateful they chose each other.
☆ Seongmin is another student that may be mistaken for being younger than he is by new students.  He’ll tease them about the mix-up and pretend to give them a hard time, but then helps them get their bearings and offers any Special Insider Tips™ to help them feel as cool as he wanted to feel when he got to Hogwarts!
☆ Another member of the Ancient Runes squad, Seongmin’s nice handwriting and drawing skills lend perfectly to the subject.  It makes him feel proud that he’s one of the top students in that subject, and decoding messages can be kind of fun!  He thinks of the class as a way to write secret messages to his friends as well.  Charms is another class he likes because it allows him to pratice quick useful spells…or retaliatory ones to use on his brothers or friends!
☆ To be frank, Herbology straight-up scares him.  He knows they aren’t doing as much work with potentially poisonous plants, but dealing with anything that fights back or having to wear earmuffs so as to, you know, not get killed by a Mandrake, freaks Seongmin the heck out.  He’s very cautious around the plants and usually asks for help pulling them up.  His startled reactions and screams in Herbology are things of legend honestly.
☆ Speaking of legendary reactions, savage baby makes a super funny Quidditch commentator, not to mention all the excitement he just can’t contain!  Sometimes he gets in a little bit of trouble for showing bias towards Slytherin, making comments toward the other team or whining when they don’t get the point, but it’s so apparent that Seongmin is having the time of his life up on the stand.  Because he’s usually more introverted, this is his time to shine!  As well as serving as commentator, he’s also a member of the Ancient Runes club and the Slug Club due to his status and high-class image.
☆ Occasionally he gets in a bit of trouble for chatting in class when he gets restless. Overall Seongmin’s teachers like him; though he makes his displeasure with assignments or activities clear, he’s so cute and usually nice that it makes up for it.
☆ Yet another hapless prank victim, his legendary reactions are to blame.  Whines a lot about it and refuses to get involved, but never holds it against anyone and usually ends up laughing along.  Doesn’t really get in trouble even when he does little savage tricks, so he’s seen as more of an angel than he actually is!
☆ Honeydukes squad final member.  Seongmin lights up like a literal kid in a candy store every time, loading up on snacks and gummies galore.  He also enjoys shopping for books, too.  Every Hogsmeade trip yields a big bounty for Seongmin.  And a lot of snow.  Poor baby gets it down his coat a lot before the official fights start, but man will he fight dirty in return.  Snowy fields are nothing like Hogwarts halls.
☆ Seongmin kind of expects to become a Prefect, so he’s not surprised when the request and the badge come in.  Wearing the badge is a huge sense of pride for him, though some people are amused at first- Seongmin isn’t exactly intimidating.  He doesn’t have to be, though, because he has a loud mouth and isn’t afraid to use it, frankly.  Everyone straightens up around the adorable boy.
☆ “Yay!”  He cheers as a rabbit burts out of his wand.  “Cute!”  Everyone jokes it was either going to be a rabbit or a snake, and Seongmin kept insisting it would be a bunny, so he is very happy to be correct!
☆ Angel and devil all in one, a good buddy through and through~
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How Cravity Acts Around Their Crush
FGGVDSCHVGSHCVSHD YES I’VE BEEN IN A HEADCANON-Y MOOD WHAT ABOUT IT 😂 but cheers to joining the Luvity Park Network & hello fellow Luvitys 🥳🥰
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Now, without further ado…
Tumblr media
♡ You know the stereotypical cartoonish goofy-in-love act? That’s what you’re gonna see out of Serim
♡ He manages to trip over something on his way over to you (completely ruining the super cool walk he had going)
♡ & when you manage to run over & catch him, he looks at you with the dopiest smile but that first time you just assume he’s just feeling simultaneously a bit abashed & grateful
♡ All you did was catch him, but the warmth of you holding his arm stays in his muscle memory, leaving him on a brief high
♡ No matter what you say, expect lots of smiling, nodding, & (if appropriate) laughter from Serim
♡ He wants to stand out among some of his members, other handsome guys your age, so to do that it becomes showing off hours
♡ Including but not limited to flexing his fastest rap or finding an excuse to literally flex his muscles when you can see
♡ As counterintuitive as it seems, if you get flustered he gets flustered because you look so adorable
♡ The rest of the boys have to laugh, but they’re grateful for you because their leader & older brother is much softer when you’re there. Serim’s giddy enough not to notice their mistakes nearly as much, & he wants to show his sweet, fatherly side off to you 👀
♡ The boys’ teasing about their eldest being kinder with you around, not to mention the heart eyes Serim is always giving you, clue you in that maybe they’re hoping to set their ‘dad’ up with another ‘parent’
♡ & suddenly you’re blushing even more the next time you hang out, but you give some more positive signs. Some of the younger guys giggle at their leader’s reaction & it’s kind of a mess but a joyous mess at least 😅
♡ One of them mentions you being their other parent & how surely Serim wouldn’t mind, at which their leader nudges them, demanding they stop.
♡ You’ve never seen a brighter smile than Serim’s when you say you wouldn’t either 🥰
Tumblr media
♡ Super chill about it tbh
♡ Like don’t get me wrong, his heart is racing on the inside, but it doesn’t really show or isn’t crystal clear like some of the guys would be
♡ He will be extra sweet and caring around you, showing his soft side by doing things such as offering to pay for your drinks/food, giving you his jacket if it gets cold or windy, or just remembering details about things you’re doing or things you like
♡ The other possible “tell” is how Allen does a lot more to make you laugh
♡ Normally he’s happy just watching the other members’ chaos & enjoying their funny antics, but when you’re around? 👀
♡ He figures out whatever it is that makes you laugh, whether you’re more into slapstick or like a certain kind of joke, & joins in whenever the others do it or comes up with ways to show you
♡ Allen will give you compliments, but not usually visual ones, more like how good you did at something or things like that- more personal things
♡ He also insists on walking you out each time and telling you how much he enjoyed spending time together like a true gentleman
♡ If you’re comfortable with it, he’ll probably give you a hug or a side-hug each time!
♡ Overall, if you’re smiling, Allen is smiling!
♡ He’ll happily help you with anything you need & would be absolutely giddy if you asked him to teach you any of Cravity’s dances, watching you with respectful awe & amazement as you practice to which the other members tease him & he has to shush them
♡ When one of the other members ‘slips up’ & tells you that Allen likes you, he doesn’t run away or deny but just sort of freezes, looking sheepish
♡ Until, that is, you tell him that you like him back, at which he grins, asking “really?” and pulling you into a hug when you nod 🥰
Tumblr media
♡ He’s big brain honestly
♡ Pretty normal as far as being interested in you & showing that interest
♡ Like, he’s not very shy, seeing being into you as motivation to talk to you & even going for more opportunities to hang out one-on-one!
♡ He doesn’t want to be obvious about it & either make things weird or ruin his Master Plan™, so things are chill
♡ Y’all mostly just proceed as friends barring the occasional showing off or playing around Jungmo does
♡ If he does something cool, of course he wants you to see it & he may wink or dedicate it to you, but nothing more over-the-top
♡ When Jungmo gets excited about something, you’re the first person he comes to about it
♡ If you’re a touchy-feely person, he’d for sure lean into that. Like if you rest your head on his shoulder, he’ll stroke your hair gently.
♡ One hundred percent the type to want to watch a scary movie or so a scary game/activity so he can protect you, offering his arms immediately
♡ If you take his hand he’ll squeeze it so tight!
♡ But he also has no mercy if you’re on opposing teams for something- he will act like you’re lifelong rivals & tease you, good luck!
♡ Honestly everything has been leading up to a point of getting closer, so Jungmo sets up a time where you both are alone, maybe sitting or walking outside, & confesses there. It’s simple but earnest & sweet as he tells you how much he enjoyed getting to know you & be together, so of course you say yes!
♡ You’re both so happy & comfortable with each other & the moment is just perfect for you both to lean in for your first kiss together 🥰
Tumblr media
♡ Get ready to be wooed (visual pun not intended but accepted)
♡ He’s not going to rush out to flirt with you, instead taking a more respectful approach of just talking to you a lot more.
♡ Woobin is so sweet with you, always checking in on how you’re doing & taking note of any preferences you state.
♡ This shall be used at a later date, whether it’s suggesting you & the members do an activity you mentioned loving or wanting to try or simply buying or making one of your favorite foods for you!
♡ Thanking him earns you the biggest, softest smile ever 🥺
♡ He’s not always the most confident or certainly not cocky, so if you support him or say you want him on your team for something expect heart eyes & being on the same team a lot more!
♡ You’re cold? Woobin will get you a blanket. Thirsty? He’ll get you a water- unless you’d rather have coffee? Or tea?
♡ If any of the others tease you, he’ll tell them to back off. “Only I get to tease you, right (y/n)?”
♡ You best believe our Ruby will learn your favorite song “as practice” & you’ll be the one to hear it “first”
♡ Speaking of Ruby, you once offhand ask him “If you’re Ruby, can I be Sapphire?” & I swear all the other members are snickering as the man in question refrains from, like…proposing on the spot you’re so cute
♡ Tbh it’s somehow not obvious that he likes you though, you just think you’ve stumbled upon a tragically untapped well of natural boyfriend material 🤷🏻‍♀️
♡ We stan an accidental confession 👀 basically Woobin knew he wanted the moment to be romantic if he were to confess, but he didn’t know that he was creating the perfect moment when he asked if you’d listen to the song he was practicing. It was a love song, & he sung so beautifully that by the end you sighed, saying you wished someone would sing something like that for you. You opened the door, so Woobin walked through it, telling you it was for you… if you’d have him, of course.
♡ When you say yes, absolutely, expect a hug or-if you initiate- a kiss 💕
Tumblr media
♡ Shame? Ham Wonjin has none
♡ Teasing is on the table, showing off is on the table, always inviting you onto his team/into his conversations is never not on the hecking table
♡ Asks you questions like “Who’s the best-looking?” or straight-up “I’m the handsomest member of Cravity, right?” & if you get embarrassed or hesitate there goes that smirk
♡ It does leave you a bit confused, like does he like you or is he just…Like That™? But such behavior keeps Wonjin on your radar as you’re reading into what he does
♡ & you may notice that despite all the clownery, if anyone messes with you or makes you feel bad oh boy. Your biggest clown is also your lil defender ⚔️
♡ He’s also always encouraging you & telling you you’re doing great at whatever you try.
♡ Get ready to be schooled at anything Wonjin sets his mind to, whether it’s Japanese lessons, a new video game, or even becoming a tenth member during choreo practice so that your ‘teacher’ can put his arms around you & ‘adjust your position’.
♡ Frankly, it becomes very obvious that something is up, but it takes watching said boy around anyone else to see if the flirting is just his youth talking.
♡ But, if the cute girl at the cafe or the handsome bookstore guy are any indication, it would turn out that Mr. Flirt is not a show for anyone remotely attractive, but all for you.
♡ Expect, strangely, your approval to be sought, even if it’s just in the middle of some dumb argument like “right (y/n)?” Happy boi if you take his side 😄
♡ The confession just happens one day. “You know I like you, right?”
♡ When you accept his confession, Wonjin wastes no time pulling you into his arms & probably grabbing you for a kiss right away~
Tumblr media
Minhee (🅱️ls he looked so cute in this behind photo 🥺)
♡ He’s a bit quiet & inquisitive at first, but his playful puppy side comes out quickly!
♡ At first he has you wondering just what he thinks of you because you keep noticing side-eyes on you
♡ But then you catch him smiling as he looks away & it’s honestly so cute
♡ Eventually he’ll approach you, asking you questions to get to know you better
♡ When playtime comes, Minhee will try to put you in the spotlight unless it seems to make you uncomfortable, asking you to try & encouraging every attempt!
♡ He’ll pick up random objects & use them to make you laugh, whether that’s by messing with another guy with them, using them for an impression, or just starting a play-fight with you
♡ You’ll soon see he likes attention more than he comes across at first, so you’ll hear your name called a lot, diverting your attention over to something silly Minhee is doing.
♡ Being around you gives him energy, so if you do something funny he’ll keep repeating it, laughing merrily all the while
♡ Having running jokes together is sort of your thing, & it warms his heart whenever you bring them up or call for him to join in on the joke
♡ Minhee is the type to randomly ask you to dance with him, grinning & offering his hands the moment you say yes
♡ Heck, you might not always get asked, he may just start dancing by you to see what you do!
♡ Confessing, though, wasn’t really on the table in his shy brain until you accidentally walked in on a conversation between Minhee & another member encouraging him to go for it. Heart rocketing, you contemplated apologizing & running off, but instead you decided to be the one to go for it. His eyes grew wide as you told him that yes, he should, & yes, you would say yes.
♡ So he runs forward, immediately telling you he really likes you~
Tumblr media
Hyeongjun (yes your honor I AM his mother)
♡ He’s so thrown for a loop please help him 😭
♡ When you come around he just 👁👄👁
♡ BUT unquestionably, absolutely laughs at every joke you make no ifs ands or buts
♡ It’s just that you either have to start talking to him or have some sort of game or activity as your icebreaker bc shy bb
♡ At first you just think Hyeongjun is a naturally shy person because of it, so you try to help him out of his shell…oh boy poor guy he’s so happy but so nervous, just smiling through the pain & probably tripping on his words a lot
♡ This pattern continues until he gets more comfortable, at which point…unleash the simping
♡ Anything you want, even something Hyeongjun would have clowned the others for, you get. His reward is your smile.
♡ Gets embarrassed because he’ll just accidentally blurt out compliments to you that come to his mind, but obviously that has a positive effect so it ends up being a win 👍🏻
♡ You start complimenting him too so it doesn’t feel one-sided, but Hyeongjun.exe stops working every time
♡ You guys are so cute around each other that you start wondering if maybe there’s something between you two…not to mention the others seem to put you two together a lot, like no subtlety here
♡ You start being a little more forward, maybe a little more touchy, & when you see his reaction, the way he jumps back, flustered but pleased, that’s when you know
♡ You’re both too shy to confess & it ends up that Wonjin one of the others just makes waaay too obvious a joke about Hyeongjun wanting to be by you & the latter acting super upset by it that you pull him aside
♡ He freaks out, fearing the worst, but you guys emerge back from around the corner hand-in-hand, Hyeongjun’s expression looking like he’d just slayed a dragon 😼
Tumblr media
♡ This boy gets even more energetic around you!
♡ He can’t help it, being around you just makes Taeyoung so happy & the more comfortable he gets, the more he shows his crazy self around you
♡ Totally unafraid to come up & start a conversation, but once he’s there & you turn around the oh shoot kicks in & he hopes he can keep it going (spoiler alert: he can)
♡ It’s not necessarily super obvious that he likes you because he’s friendly, chatty, energetic with all his friends, but if you or others pay attention there are signs
♡ Like how Taeyoung is making much more of a point to talk to you or just be around you in general
♡ Like he strategically places himself somewhere where he can see you or gets distracted in conversations with others because it’s you he can’t stop thinking about
♡ Absolutely the warmest & sweetest about inviting you to join activities & making you feel like your presence is desired because it very much is
♡ If you do anything cool or smart you’ll hear such right away: “Wow, (y/n), that was so cool!” “Whoa, impressive!”
♡ Pulls the “can you show me how” move to get to listen to you more
♡ So you guys just become good friends; he starts texting you more with lots of cute emojis & funny memes, so gravitating towards each other during gatherings becomes second nature. In basically any game you guys team up against the others!
♡ Since he gets called Youngtae a lot, Taeyoung comes up with a nickname for you & starts using it, getting pleased to no end upon seeing your smile when he does
♡ A member of the “just confesses” squad because you’ve been spending so much time together, it’s only natural to see if you feel the same. Once he gets to you, though, that old nervousness returns until you remind him he can tell you anything, so that’s when he says he likes you, but hopes you can still be friends.
♡ & that’s your cue to hit him with the no, we can be more than friends bomb! He actually shouts for joy, grabbing you in his arms & leaping ecstatically!
Tumblr media
♡ This baby…doesn’t know what to do
♡ He wants to run, but if he runs then he won’t get to be around you, but when he’s around you he doesn’t know what to say &-
♡ Wait a minute.  Seongmin watches you interacting with the other members & they’re just…talking to you like it’s fine?  Making you laugh?  Oh heck no that should be him
♡ So he goes from completely terrified around you to marching over to assert his claim on you, so to speak
♡ It’s not too hard for passersby to guess that Seongmin likes you, I mean he starts acting all cute & trying really hard to be appealing
♡ & if you giggle at him his smile grows so huge, eyes lighting up at the sight & sound
♡ Seongmin doesn’t know how to flirt so he starts teasing you a bit too or just messing with you during antics time, but luckily for him you give it right back to him
♡ So he takes that as encouragement & soon you guys are chasing each other around, the other members rolling their eyes at the young love
♡ Having a regular conversation is still a bit harder than playing, though, so if you start talking heart-to-heart he gets a bit awkward & it hurts to sit through sometimes, but it’s also so sweet.
♡ If you give him a compliment, he’ll turn away & act fake-mad that you’re being so embarrassing, but in reality his heart just can’t take it
♡ You always catch Seongmin looking at you when you look back his way, only for him to act like he wasn’t
♡ Finally, one of the other members decides to end his misery, exposing his feelings for you & causing Seongmin to get mad, but you stop him & calm him down before admitting his feelings are reciprocated
♡ He ends up taking your hands in his, saying that he wanted to make it more romantic, but also that he would probably have been more scared to express himself without the push as he tells you why he fell for you.
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luvitypark-net · 3 months ago
congratulations to....
➭ @kpoppinandlockin 💜
welcome to the family!
Tumblr media
please reblog this post in order to reserve your spot as a official member and remember to...
use the #luvityparknet in cravity related works
link the network anywhere on your blog
be on a look out for a message from us
Tumblr media
if you’re considering in joining the network, you’re more than welcome to as applications are always open! just be sure to read over the faq & welcome page before joining
once again, congratulations 🎉 — admins
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
⤷ lovesick-net applications are open! they will be open from february 5th, 2021- february 18th, 2021! we hope you can join us, make sure you read the rules, read and reblog the welcome post & apply for admin or member! if you would like to become an affiliate make sure you go to the website ad submit a form! (desktop)!
see you all soon!
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
welcome to lovesick network. this network has been created to spread the works of many writers and creators to other readers/writers and have the chance to meet new people. make sure to reblog this post! we track the tag the works reblogged will be:
Tumblr media
written works
gifs + fan art
videos edits
Tumblr media
links for anything needed will be in the description box and/or below!
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Tumblr media
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luvitypark-net · 4 months ago
*bold are staff members
last updated: February 27th, 2021
Tumblr media
@kpoppinandlockin | writer
@choiwrld | writer/founder
@spookybias | writer/manager
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luvitypark-net · 4 months ago
## FAQ
Tumblr media
a network for those who publish cravity related content!
What content gets reblogged?
fanfiction (imagines, headcannons, smau, etc)
lock/home screen wallpapers
incorrect quotes
What DOESNT get reblogged?
fics that doesn’t have the correct format (no pairing, genre, etc)
nsfw posts for ANY member
stolen/uncredited content
Do I have to be a cravity blog to apply?
multi fandom blogs are welcomed but you MUST post cravity content in order for it to be reblogged
How do I get my work reblogged?
by using our official hashtag #luvityparknet (if you are a member)
What if my work doesn’t get reblogged?
if your work doesn’t get reblogged within a week, contact either the founder @choiwrld​ or manager @spookybias with a link of your desire post and we’ll reblog it as soon as possible. keep in mind that either admins could be inactive with this network at any given moment.
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this is LUVITY PARK NET. we are a network created to help luvity content creators get more exposure and meeting others within the fandom.
applications are currently: OPEN
Tumblr media
your blog must be an active account. if you decid to go on hiatus or make any recent changes to your blog, please inform an admin.
only members can use our tag #luvityparknet ; please include it within the first five tags
we reblog fics, moodboards, grfx, and incorrect quotes. we do not not reblog nsfw content, but creators who make nsfw cravity content along with sfw content are still welcome.
for cravity writers: you must have a pairing, genre, rating, word count, and a read more if the fic exceeds 500 words.
we do not tolerate ANY kind of hate. if there's an altercation between parties, please inform an admin immediately. members represent the network so please avoid participating in drama.
if we catch you breaking any of the rules or being disrespectful to anyone, you’ll be left off with a warning. three warnings total and you’ll be banned from the network.
follow the network (will be checked)
reblog this post (will be checked)
fill out this short application
optional: follow our admins @choiwrld​ & @spookybias
must be an active network
dm the network informing that you want to become affiliates and submit your information.
reblog the acceptance post once it comes out (this will be checked).
add a visible link or tag the network on your bio, masterlist or navigation page (this will be checked).
include #luvityparknet in the first five tags of your post.
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