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loliwrites · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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loliwrites · 23 hours ago
Okay so you’ve read the *chefs kiss* incredible thing Lei wrote about bill and tiger getting interrupted by Papa S on the couch, and he thought bill was Alex. What do you think Alex did on that couch before bill? I’m intrigued and wondered if you wanted to write a lil something about it? 🥰 - 🌶
If you haven't seen, this Non's referring to this Tiger & Bill post.
TsiliNon 🌶 I think the better question is what hasn't Alex done on that couch? I also want to live in the world where Tiger & Addi are part of the same universe. So maybe Alex isn't even the one who clues her in to the nefarious things he's done on that couch.
Maybe the kids are crowded around the living room one night. She and Alex are on the couch, and Addi can't help but notice that Bill's had a goofy grin plastered to his face ever since they took a seat. He's got his arm slung around Tiger but she doesn't look as amused as he does. She has more of the appearance like, "I know too much." And maybe it's a little too much for Addi -- she doesn't know how to process that because I hc that (given they're part of the same universe) Addi looks up to her and wishes she were a little more fiery like Tiger is. So she doesn't know where to put this anxious energy but she knows she has to put it somewhere.
It comes out in the form of an inquiry of what's up or what's going on. And as soon as Addi hears what happened to Tiger and Bill while on the couch, she stands from said piece of furniture and 1. demands to know what Alex has done on it, and 2. why he wouldn't have the decency to clean it up afterwards?
Alex isn't one to be embarrassed about past sexual escapades, but he doesn't know what to say, so he just giggles, and that just sets her off a little more. She swats at his arm and says something like, "what sort of ill-mannered plebeian doesn't clean up after a hook up". It becomes painfully clear that Addi's not upset by whatever sexual act he took part in on the couch. She could give a rat's ass. She's only horrified he didn't wash up afterwards.
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loliwrites · 23 hours ago
how and when does Alex propose to addi?
I wrote a little something something about that here. And within that post is a link for another post where I talk a little bit about it 😌
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loliwrites · a day ago
How did Alex and Addi decide to move in together? Did any of them have a difficult time adjusting to this big change?
Anonymous said: In honour of your new place, how do Addi and Alex decide to move in together?
Well Nons, you'd think because they're a bi-coastal couple that the moving in process would be a kind of easy one. When they're in LA, they live at her apartment, and when they're in New York, they live at his.
When the conversation came up that they should make the living in thing a more permanent situation -- not just like mini stay-cations on different coasts, but to make the apartments a home for both of them, it sort of sent our girl Addi into a headspin. She couldn't feasibly just "move in" to his existing apartment. And he couldn't move in to hers. That wouldn't ever work in her eyes. If they were going to make their living situations more permanent (i.e. splitting the year even in New York and LA), she felt they needed entirely new spaces that were theirs collectively from the get-go. Not their's individually to start and then suddenly shared.
To the point that when she brought this idea up to Alex -- that they should get two entirely new apartments that are actually theirs together, Alex pouted and said "but sweetheart, I'm rent controlled." And she went on about how she felt their relationship was worth a potentially non-rent controlled apartment and a change of scenery. He eventually relented because he agreed. Their relationship was worth that.
Other than that, the whole process went pretty seamlessly. They had essentially been living together before; the only thing that changed was they bought homes instead of rented, and maybe the most difficult part... blending two aesthetics -- one very minimalistic and one very rustic.
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loliwrites · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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loliwrites · 2 days ago
Alright, you’ve reeled me in with the yesterday’s “don’t break my heart, slugger” angst. What about Alex & Addi having “the fight”? You know every relationship has that one, explosive heart wrenching moment that almost brings it to its knees? One of those. How would that go? How would they fix it?
Dead. I'm dead. I have a couple fics similar to this and I may just default to those right now. It hurts my heart to have to write these things because I'm soff and just want to root for them (most of the time).
Here's a fight where Alex loses his cool.
And one where Addi loses hers.
Hope these sorta tide you over pending another fight fic 🥲
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loliwrites · 2 days ago
It's Fri-yay, and although I should definitely be wrapping my last job, slide into my ask box for fit reqs, random q's, or just to pop in.
Let's chat it up! 🤗
Tumblr media
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loliwrites · 3 days ago
Did Alex and Addi ever come close to ending their relationship or thought about ending it because of their crazy schedules? Of course they're both very considerate of each other's job, but there always comes a point when you feel like you don't have anything more to give. The angst is giving me chills 😫
Oh Non. Just go ahead and slap me in the face next time... that'll hurt less. But we're gonna do this because we all need a little dose of angst here and there. And here it goes...
I don't think it's the sort of thing that comes out of a huge argument. Arguments and fights are bad, but the thing that I think is worse is when you just don't care enough to fight anymore. When you don't want to try and work things out; when there's nothing more to say. That's the worst. And sometimes things like that come from distance. They say that distance makes the heart grow fonder. But distance also makes the heart grow colder. And resilient. And independent.
And in a situation like Alex and Addi's, their work has them off in random countries at the drop of a hat. Even if they manage to be in the same city for an extended period of time, works hours are long and enduring. The first thing to always go, whether they're in proximity or not, is the intimacy. It's the precursor to tragedy. From there, the communication drops off, and if it drops off to the point that they don't even want to have the conversation about why it's gone, then they're really doomed.
Alex saw the intimacy fizzle out. He figured she was just getting burnt out with phone sex. It happens. Sometimes words fail you when it's all you've had for a couple months. But then he saw the communication start to fail. It started by their phone calls getting shorter and shorter. Until eventually she didn't pick up one night. She blamed it on working late and he accepted that excuse. He'd be home in a couple days anyway.
But those couple days turned out to be a little more detrimental. It gave both of them time to think and overthink. So by the time Alex walked through the door that night and saw Addi sitting at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee in front of her, totally zoned out, they both knew what was coming.
He dropped his bag by the door and came up behind her to place a kiss to the top of her head. "Hey, sweetheart,"
She lifted her head back and forced a grin. A small, little thing that wasn't convincing at all. "Hi,"
"You're still working?"
She shook her head and focused back on her coffee. He came around and sat across from her, with a cup for himself. She could feel his eyes on her as he lifted the French Press for some coffee for himself. For the life of him, he didn't know what to say. She offered him no information to clue him in as to how she was feeling. He only saw the symptoms.
She placed her head in her hand and sighed, "I don't know how much more of this I can do."
"How much more of what?"
"This," she let her hand flop down on the table. "Jet-setting all over creation. Communicating through a telephone. Not being in the same place for months at a time. Us," she peeked up at Alex and only found him nodding his head absently.
He took a deep breath and followed it up with a long sip of coffee. And all the while, kept his gaze on the table while he tried to figure out what to say. "You want to call it quits?"
She scrubbed her hand over her face and finally gained the nerve to look Alex in the eye, "I don't want to lose my best friend because we held on to something broken for too long."
He raised his eyebrows and met her gaze, "I hate to break it to you, kid, but I don't think I'll be able to be friends with you if we break up." Noting her expression of mild surprise, he placed his hand on top of hers and squeezed her fingers gently. "You're all the good parts of my life. Every single one. And I'm afraid I'm not as strong as you... to be friends if this were to end. See kid," he released her hand and got a good grip on one of the legs of her chair. Like he had done so many times before, he dragged her chair a little closer to his, "I love you a lot. And I know this hasn't been all rainbows and unicorns, and you've had to put up with a lot for me. But I want to make this work. And I want to do whatever I have to, to make it work. I don't want to give up on us, kid. And I don't want you to give up on us either,"
"It's not that easy, Alex."
"Do you love me?"
She shot him a glance. "You know I do, but--"
"Then it is that easy."
She exhaled deeply to rid herself of as much tension as possible. And somehow, the only thing that actually dissolved her uneasiness was to look at Alex in those gentle blue eyes of his... that disarming, charming smile. As her face softened, he lifted his hand to her cheek and brushed his thumb against her skin. With a calculated risk, he leaned in and pecked her lips, and felt reassured by the choice when she reciprocated.
He pressed his forehead against hers with his hand still cradling her head, "don't break my heart, slugger."
She cocked her head to the side, "Alex,"
"No breaking hearts in this house. Deal?" He tried to smile as wide as possible hoping it'd help put on a smile on her face. When it didn't, he sagged his shoulders a little bit. "Unless of course it becomes completely unhealthy for us to stay together and we're absolutely miserable." To that she nodded and although that made his heart break a little, he ducked his head to make more solid eye contact with her. "Is this completely unhealthy? Are you miserable?"
She shook her head and leaned into him until her face was nestled in the crook of his neck. After a moment of contemplation on her end, she pursed her lips and pressed them to his skin, lingering there as she took a few deep breaths.
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loliwrites · 4 days ago
Okay I’m laying in bed supposed to be sleeping because I have an early class tomorrow but I can’t stop thinking about this one Alex/Addi idea!! Idk if we have talked about when or how their relationship goes fully public but what if like Addis movie with Alex is nominated for a massive award and they win it and in the heat of the moment instead of being a cast member Alex is such a happy and proud boyfriend he accidentally kisses her on live television💛😭
OhkAY ANONY. We’ve not talked about how their relationship goes public, but I’ve a sneaky suspicion we are about to 🥴
Now... is it important for us to dictate which awards ceremony it is...? I mean, not to knock the Critic’s Choice Awards, but I’d be willing to bet my life’s savings that more of the population watches the Oscars, Golden Globes, & Emmys over the CCAs. So obviously this little “happy accident” would have more added weight to it depending on the awards show. But aside from the general public finding out... Maybe it doesn’t even matter how many viewers an awards show gets, because at the end of the day, the tabloids are going to get ahold of the juicy information and just go to town.
And I love that you said he’s nominated for her movie. Because one, that means our girl’s first huge foray into the industry was a massive success. And two, that adds insane amounts of depth to this scenario. Alex’s nomination is not only an achievement for him, but as the writer, for her too. Maybe it’s for best actor in a leading role and Addi knows how difficult the role was because she wrote it. When everyone was brainstorming ideas for the lead, Addi’s first and only choice was Alex because she felt he was a fearless actor that didn’t shy away from complex roles. And this could really take the cake as one of the hardest roles of his career. So even being nominated was an accomplishment for him, but also indicated a job well done on her end. 
When his name was read from the envelope -- Alex heard Addi whisper a tiny “holy shit”. In the same moment they were rising to their feet and without a millisecond of hesitation, Alex turned towards her, cupped his hands around her neck and kissed her. Laid a good, old fashioned smooch right on her lips. She clung to his wrists and squeezed tighter when they rested their foreheads against each other’s for the briefest of moments before he made way for the stage to accept the award.
Addi didn’t hear a word of his acceptance speech. Didn’t process a goddamn thing. The moment she noticed a camera with a red light on top of it, following him to the stage, she realized the gravity of their mistake. Her heart jumped up into her throat and her body sunk back to her seat in the theater. They’d just kissed. In a theater full of people. At a nationally televised awards show. With hundreds of cameras in the room. And millions of viewers. And millions more who would read the articles about their faux pas.
Alex is pretty much on cloud nine. He’s thrilled that he won because the role was honestly so trying on him physically and emotionally. But he’s even more thrilled because of what it means to Addi. To know that the words she committed to paper gave him the foundation of the character. He was simply the vehicle to get her words out into the world. And the world was awarding him. But as he walked back to his seat, trophy in hand, his heart sank because Addi looked petrified. And in that moment, he realized why and his own anguish took over.
He placed his hand on her knee, keenly aware of the shocked glances from the other people in their row; made up of castmates, producers, etc. who had worked on the film with them. 
“Guess we’re public,” he whispered and handed his award to her.
She nodded, afraid to make any sudden movements lest it get the attention of one of the cameras.
“You alright there, slugger?”
Another nod. This time with a squeeze around the gold-plated statue. That in-and-of-itself grounded her. Brought her back to the present; here with Alex to witness this massive accomplishment. She looked up at him, wide-eyed. “Promise to still love me when the tabloids call me a gold-digger?”
He grinned and pressed another quick kiss to her temple, “only if you promise to still love me when they call me a cradle robber.”
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loliwrites · 5 days ago
Creature Comforts | Part 5
Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4
Notes: So sorry it’s been forever since the last chapter! I finally got a moment to wrap things up. Thank you to everyone who’s been reading this story – it’s definitely been a bit of a *pet project* (haaa) and I’ve appreciated every single like and comment. Here’s to many more fics about Alex’s more obscure characters.
Warnings: angst, smut, unprotected sex. (You already know, but. Wrap it before you tap it, and if you’re going to talk about not wrapping it, maybe have that conversation *before* things are getting hot and heavy.)
Tumblr media
* * *
She had to admit he’d been respectful. Two weeks had gone by without any meaningful contact between them, and Lincoln hadn’t pushed it. Helpfully, she had also been largely working afternoon shifts, while he continued to work most nights. At the same time, she began to wonder whether the statute of limitations had expired and the window for a conversation had officially closed. How long could she reasonably expect him to wait for her to open back up?
“Not to be insensitive, but you were never officially together, right?” Sarah asked. Lou had followed her out on her smoke break, where she leaned against the dumpster, arms crossed, a lit cigarette dangling from her fingers. “I would say neither of you owe each other anything.”
Lou sighed. “Yeah, maybe. It just feels like I do. And I don’t know if he’s waiting for an invitation, or if he thinks it’s too much trouble… and part of me feels like, why should I be the one who reaches out? He’s really the one who owes me an apology, isn’t he?”
“I don’t know about that.” Sarah shook her head slightly. “It sounded to me like he was being honest with you. You were the one who told him to leave.”
Keep reading
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loliwrites · 6 days ago
FIRST OF ALL, release[s]. Bold of you to assume he had just one--he didn't. You know he had multiple.
SECOND OF ALL--please baby, allow me to indulge in another thought slightly off the mark? Because I can't stop thinking about it.
Third of all, what a delicious thought in general. Because look, tiger is all filled up right? And Bill is still out of his goddamn mind with possessive vibes, with knowing he's the only one who has ever gotten this privilege, and tiger is feeling like she's damn fine with being owned.
And she's so sensitive, so overstimulated, but he just can't help it--knowing that she's lying there, still squeezing her thighs around a plug, so full of his come. It's enough to get him going all over again but instead he just reaches a hand between her legs, runs a gentle finger up her slit. She presses her thighs shut and squirms, lets out a low whimper--but he hushes her, sliding his thumb into her mouth and wedging his hand between her closed legs.
"One more," he says, stroking his finger gently over her clit, "One more for me, sweet girl."
He has to be so gentle, barely touching her, his finger just hovering over her nub as he draws gentle circles on it. She bites down, writhes a little as the pleasure-pain courses through her, squeezes her legs together and just lets out this guttural, drawn out moan as she spasms again.
And like, Bill is fucking obsessed. He's obsessed. Knowing that he's the only one who has ever spilled inside of her, knowing that she's full of his come--god he didn't think it was possible again tonight, but suddenly he's hard as a rock.
He moans into her neck, reaching down and tapping the plug softly.
"Can you take me again sweet girl?" he murmurs, "Just one more time?"
He twists it gently and tiger moans, but then she whines. She doesn't want him to move it, doesn't want him to touch it, doesn't want him to pull it out even if it means she gets to be filled up with him again. She's floating too blissfully, feeling owned and possessed by him, filled by him, she's too full in all the ways she loves and he doesn't want to pull her out of that head space in any way.
But then tiger pushes at him a little--clumsily--but she manages to get enough space to turn over onto her stomach, whining a bit as she balances on her knees and pushes her ass up. Bill could fucking die. He could fucking explode on the spot, and instead he lets out a loud, uncontrollable groan thats deep in his throat.
"Here sweet girl?" He runs a finger over her lower back, down over her hole, "Can I fill you up here too?"
She whimpers, pushing back against his finger. It's the biggest exercise in self-restraint Bill thinks he has ever had to show, not to fist her hair and push her head into the pillow, and slam into her while she's on her knees with her ass up like that for him.
They don't fall asleep that night so much as they just...eventually pass out. But tiger wakes up the next morning to his gentle hands roaming all over her body, his velvety voice in her ear. It takes a lot of convincing to get her into the bath, to take the plug out and finally get her clean, and I'll bet she gets real small and real grumpy on him because she just feels so empty after.
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loliwrites · 7 days ago
Thank you for doing my request! It totally made my day.🐝
You are so welcome, sweet Bumblebebe 🥰 Thank you for sending it in 😌
Tumblr media
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loliwrites · 7 days ago
I had a thought. Alex and Addi (maybe in Swden or somewhere else cold) in the middle of winter, under the covers with a fire going, sharing body heat to stay warm. Alex is just so big and I bet he's like a furnace🐝. Thank you for all your hard work as always.
Bumblebebe🐝 Alex is the ultimate furnace. He's big and warm and cozy and the perfect antidote to chilliness.
Y'know, our girl Addi's a southern California girl born and raised so her extent of chilly weather is when Santa Monica pier dips into the mid 60s. The average person is maybe in a t-shirt and a pair of jeans. Addi's beneath layers more likely seen at a ski chalet. Hell, she hadn't ever seen snow fall until Alex took her to Sweden during the winter. She could hardly believe beauty like that existed outside of film sets where the snow is soap bubbles or shredded paper.
But as such, her body isn't built for inclement weather. It's not built for insulating body heat and preserving calories. It's built for bare feet and sun-kissed skin. Sunny and 75º. Just when she thought New York winters were harsh, she got thrown into a Swedish winter. Alex's Stockholm apartment was no match for the the flurry outside. The furnace couldn't keep up with the dropping temperature. Addi bundled up in layers upon layers until she could hardly feel a touch of the hand, and yet she still shivered. Her teeth chattered. She endured sporadic jolts of chills that sent her whole body into a fit of spasms.
At first Alex laughed. It was funny to see her so ill-adapted to the weather he'd grown up with and was practically unphased by. But around hour four of constant shivers despite the down parkas and ski pants she had pulled on, he was no longer laughing. It was actually quite pitiful to see this poor, little thing in a constant state of discomfort and distress.
However, the moment Addi realized she had the perfect solution right in front of her eyes, it became impossible for Alex to create any sort of pace between them. She knew Alex was built different -- his body seemed to constantly permeate warmth. It had also been the reason why during LA summers she shrugged away from him in her sleep. Now, she regretted every moment she ever did that.
It didn't matter where they were or what time of day it was. Just as much as she would be glued to his side while they slept; completely tucked and enveloped by his body, she was equally glued to him during breakfast... often times sat directly in his lap while they both picked at their own plates. During any lounging times, she was curled up into him, or in the process of dragging him closer to her to share the warmth.
And the times where he could convince her to leave the apartment and brave the weather with him, she'd forego their stance on minimal PDA and practically be inside his peacoat with him.
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loliwrites · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
Happy Birthday Stellan!
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loliwrites · 8 days ago
Hi, Loli! I think this is more of a quickie (also sorry if you've answered this before): What are some other pet names that Alex calls Addi, besides kid/slugger? Is he more of a "baby/babe" guy, or "sweetheart" or "love"? Also, have you heard Alex's sleep cycle audio? 🥵 It had a completely different effect than the expected.
Hey hunni! We love a good quickie 😉
I've not yet heard his sleep cycle audio, but it's downloaded and ready to rock. Probably tonight before bed.
Kid and Slugger are an all time fave. There's such familiarity in those. But I also want to live in the world where Alex calls his partner "sweetheart". To me, there's something so endearing about that. Darling, too. But sweetheart is just next level, y'know?
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loliwrites · 9 days ago
I'm having a really hard time believing that Alex and Addi didn't at least have a make out session before they started dating 😂 their chemistry was on another level even when they were just friends. It seems like their "friendship" is very playfully romantic so maybe one night they've had a bit to drink and they have at it and then Addi is all weird because... she's Addi, but Alex is all sweet and gentle and wants to talk about it with her. I'd love to know if that's something that you also think would happen between them xx 😘
(We've been hitting' pre-relationship hard lately, haven't we friends? ☺️)
Oh man Non. Got me thinkin'.
I know it seems totally implausible that nothing would've happened because of how affectionate they are in their platonic relationship, but like... it does happen 😂 I have honest proof of it. I have a friend like that and I shit you not, he was a saving grace during the pandemic. You know the point where you just need another living human body to cuddle with that's not family? Good cuddles for movie nights (especially the back to back National Treasure viewing where we took a sip of beer every time Nic Cage was sexist towards Abigail Chase 🥲). And still just only friends. No wandering hands, glances, or lip placements.
But I could see how given a group of friends and some free-flowing alcohol, how that line might get a little blurred. Because sometimes a group of close friends can get some pretty weird ideas when left alone to their own devices... and gin. Sometimes a group of adults can devolve into younger versions of themselves, and games they would've played in middle school or high school resurface with newfound enthusiasm.
Like Spin the Bottle. Or Seven Minutes in Heaven. Maybe as fate would have it, they got lucky during Spin the Bottle. Amid the various couplings that emerged, Alex and Addi didn't get pinned for it. In fact, maybe they kissed a handful of other people and the turn of the bottle didn't transpire for them. Shit, maybe they don't even think it'd be a big thing or weird for them to kiss during the spin the bottle. They weren't actively hoping they wouldn't have to kiss. It just didn't become a thing. Until --
That beautiful and slightly traumatizing little game -- Seven Minutes in Heaven. You know the one. The one where two people go into a closet and have seven minutes to do... I dunno, whatever they're gonna do (author's note: to be honest, I was too much of a nerd to be invited to parties where this game was being played). So Addi gets chosen first and she makes her way into the closet with a blindfold. Secretly she's hoping one of their mutual friends gets chosen to go in with her. They've been vibing all night and even shared a pretty hot kiss during Spin the Bottle. So yeah, she's looking forward to someone.
The closet door creaks open and she chews on her bottom lip in anticipation. Her body perks up a little bit when she hears the door shut, waiting to be swept up in another kiss. What she doesn't know is that the person standing in front of her is Alex. And for the life of him, he's trying to sort out a game plan here because his best friend is sitting cross-legged on the floor and he has to admit she looks pretty adorable. But again... this is the girl he calls his best friend. He wants to do the right thing.
"It's me, kid," he drops to his knees and contorts himself to be cross-legged in front of her. As soon as he's comfortable, he notices Addi's already taken off the blindfold.
She twists the fabric between her fingers shrugs, "I guess that's for the best." Her shoulders deflate a little bit. The alcohol coursing through her system was giving her enough courage to throw caution to the wind with their mutual friend. Now she likely wouldn't get the chance to. She darts her eyes to Alex with a playful and disarming smirk, "it's not like we're gonna kiss, old man."
"Why not?" He flashes a quick smile at her, "that's breaking the rules of Seven Minutes in Heaven." Scooting forward a little bit, he's shocked but not displeased that she doesn't retreat, "one kiss so we don't have to lie to our friends when we get out of here. You're a terrible liar,"
"Am not. I'm a great liar," her gaze upon him alters slightly to adjust for the fact that he's advancing a bit closer to her.
"Fine, I'm a terrible liar."
"You're an actor for a living. All you do is lie,"
He lets out a quiet huff. "It's just a kiss, slugger. It means nothing. I just kissed like three dudes out there during Spin the Bottle."
As he nears, Addi feels her heart rate pick up. Her cheeks go hot. Everything is bubbling up inside her, woefully excited by the possibility of whatever this is. But that's just it. What is it? As her body shivers involuntarily, she leans away from him. "Alex, no."
He pauses, bites his bottom lip, all the while not breaking eye contact. "Is that a real no or a nervous no?"
"Does it matter?"
There's a second where he says nothing at all just to allow the anticipation fade from his veins. "No, it doesn't,"
She exhales. "I know we kiss on the cheek and head... the lips is just different,"
He nods but he knows what he can say to get this backtracking. "So when you kissed Lindsey out there, that was different for you?"
Addi cocks her head to the side with her lips pursed. Oh, leave it to him to make this difficult, "Alexander. You're you. And a kiss on the lips between us is different. You know that,"
He nods again. They've been toeing this line for awhile now. This line that they both knew was more flirtatious than any other friendship they had with the opposite sex. The line that had been the reason for late-night cuddles in Germany and random naps in LA. The line that had also been toed when they divulged intimate details about their lives and what shaped them into being. A kiss between them was different than between anyone else in the room because no one else in the room knew them as well as they knew each other.
Alex backs up a tiny bit to give her some room. Not too much so she feels like he's retreating from her, but enough to give her confidence that he's not going to sprint past the thinly drawn line. "You know you're my best friend, right kid?"
She nods affirmatively and averts her gaze to her lap. They've only got a few minutes left before the timer outside goes off and one of their friends will come knocking on the door. And she figures a few minutes more isn't too long to hold out on this. But as the seconds tick by and they sit in silence, Addi starts to think. Having too much time in her own head is never a particularly great thing for her, but on this particular night, it's got her making a list of the reasons why a kiss really means nothing. She's kissed four girls and three boys tonight. One of those boys slipped his tongue into her mouth. And surely Alex wouldn't do that. Surely their kiss wouldn't be much more than a peck --
A sturdy knocking on the closet door yanks her from her thoughts. Alex stands and holds his hand out to her so she can use it to help her stand up as well. No sooner than she's on her feet and Alex is reaching for the doorknob, she whispers, "hey old man..."
He turns back toward her as she's leaping up on tip toes to reach him. And catching her by the waist, he leans in as if on cue to meet her halfway. The kiss is just as each of them expected -- only a touch longer than a peck. And by the time they part and exit the closet, none of their friends are wiser. In fact, they all steadfastly believe the two shared a rather uneventful seven minutes in a dark utility closet. But they know the truth (regardless of how minor that truth was), and Addi knows that after the kiss, Alex was a little more hands-on with her all night. Again, their friends couldn't have discerned the difference. It was so slight. A quick touch here, a gentle brush of an arm there. At one point as they all huddled on the back porch for night caps and cigarettes, Alex kept his free hand on her mid-back. Undoubtedly given confidence by the cover of darkness.
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loliwrites · 10 days ago
Fractured pt. 2
Frans x first persona ballerina
A/N: We meet again! (Finally). I'm trying to write a little out of my comfort zone so if you enjoy this story so far I'd really love to hear from you! Thank you all for reading & for your patience.
Warnings: Language, You don't need to have seen Darling to enjoy this :) but there are some kinda vague and not-really-spoiler-spoilers.
pt. 1
Tumblr media
"He's been insufferable lately," Ida huffed, walking so perfectly in sync with me down the hall it was as if it were choreography.
"I know, but can you imagine how tough it must be? His wife hid a career ending injury from him until it was irreparable and then just left him," I countered, despite the lingering unease in my bones from the day prior's rehearsal. I kept his declaration of her shortcomings to myself, not intending to sour him even further in her mind.
"Oh of course, I can only imagine, but still that's no excuse to treat us like that. I can't believe he lectured you about running your turns full out,"
"He's just scared, I mean, I get it," I gestured limply, "could you imagine someone disobeying Kristian like that though?" nervous laughter chased the hypothetical but Ida rolled her eyes so hard my giggles persisted until there were nearly tears to be shed.
"Yeah but are you kidding? He'd insist on seeing it full out every single time and then expect you to stick around after rehearsal to perfect it even further,"
She wasn't wrong.
"And then still demand a flawless performance after you strained something," I added, fighting my own eye roll.
Simultaneously we groaned and swung the double doors to the theatre open, passing through them in step towards rehearsal. Inside, company members were peeling off their outerwear and finding space to warm up on the stage, tending to their aches and muscles that needed some extra love.
Frans was already looking a bit frayed when we dropped our bags into empty theatre seats and before I even had a moment to shake off the last remaining dregs of animosity he approached me.
"I'd like to speak with you before we get started today. Come with me, please," he asked, polite enough that I nodded and followed without protest.
He led me back into the hallway from where I'd just entered and craned his neck, peering down either direction to make certain no one was lurking within earshot before speaking.
"I wanted to apologize for yesterday," he atoned, soft in a way that lowered my defensiveness. "It was uncalled for, the way I spoke to you after rehearsal. My nerves over this premiere are not an excuse to be condescending,"
His eyes were honest and his remorse was genuine, equal measure surprising and validating and I bared a quick smile in response.
"Thank you, I appreciate you taking the time to say that. I wasn't just intentionally disobeying, I.."
But when I began explaining myself again, he stopped me.
"You don't need to justify your actions. I was in the wrong. Let's just put this behind us,"
I chewed my lip and nodded, mildly stunned, but appreciative no less. It was a glimpse at who he was before and it leant me the compassion necessary to actually let it go.
But our earnest moment would be forgotten by the end of the night, lost to flared tempers and exhaustion as we cleaned one of my solos. Fatigue was settling into my joints and an unsavory bite had returned to spouted corrections.
"Tighter fifth, zip it up," he spat as I landed a pirouette and bounded straight into a traveling sequence.
"SHARPER, you must be sharper!"
Frans paced the stage apron, tracking my path and snapping his fingers to punctuate the petit allegro my feet fluttered through. I poured everything I could manage into the run, the sweat that once glistened on my skin now beaded into heavy droplets and the sounds of my shoes skittering across the floor gained volume.
"Project! The fucking balcony should feel your anger!"
I rounded the stage, skirting along the curtain to prepare for a leaping sequence but his next words pushed me to a breaking point.
"We open in four days, this needs to be buttoned up!"
I stuttered to a stop, red-faced with frustration. I'd been working my ass off, leaving everything I had in me out on the stage to bring his vision to life and he dared speak to me like that. My arms dropped defeatedly to my sides and I shouted back with little restraint.
"Don't you think I fucking know that?" my hands flew to my hips, all professionalism out the window.
I'd stunned him momentarily and it allowed my fury to push further, air all the frustration and pent up bullshit I'd been carrying these last few weeks.
"Why don't you do it then! Show me how it's done, since I'm clearly not giving you what you want," I gestured animatedly towards the stage, watching anger cloud his eyes as he contemplated my outburst.
Immediately I regretted my words, but I let my chest remain metaphorically puffed out, figuring better to hang onto some shred of dignity than backpedal now.
Without another syllable uttered he stopped the music, holding my stare and toeing off his shoes. Frans padded in socks towards centre, folding the hem of his joggers up and rolling through his feet. I was floored, dead silent and motionless aside from the rise and fall of breath in my chest from exertion. I couldn't believe I hadn't been fired on the spot, even more incredulous that he bit at my challenge. The stark silence in the theatre amplified the popping in his joints and I watched cautiously as he warmed up his ankles and peeled off his socks to toss into the wings.
"Is he actually about to fucking dance this?"
Frans restarted the music from his phone and with a less than gentle toss, slid his phone out of his path. Following a few brisk sautés in first, he arranged himself into B plus with his right foot in back until the track caught up to the phrase we were finessing.
Just before the count in, he tossed a glance over his shoulder at me again and spoke flatly, with an air of annoyance. "Pay close attention, I will only do this once,"
Before I could even nod in response he corrected his posture and swept his body into movement. I'd never seen him dance before, less the occasional demonstration to correct épaulement but it surprised me how much control he managed over such lengthy limbs. His turnout had aged and he lacked the extension of a dancer actively training but even rusty, his technique was strong. There was sharpness in the rapid fire sequences he'd strung together and his bare feet squeaked and groaned against the marley as they cut across the stage.
Glissade, assemble, royale land coupé back, pas de bourrée back to the left.
The choreography on his own bones maintained the precision and weightlessness of a much smaller man. I shook the awe from my expression, trying to refocus my attention to his demonstration, study carefully to catch whatever subtleties he believed to be missing from my performance. There wasn't a vast difference, I thought initially, maybe the emphasis landing on the wrong half count in one place but my feet were just as nimble and my arms were just as sharp. Frustrated, I folded my arms and dropped the analytics, resigning myself to the fact that we'd be rehearsing all night unless he could more clearly articulate what it was I seemed to lack. But as I watched him through less critical eyes, it became clearer that there was a difference in our quality of movement.
As the intensity rose, what he projected into the theatre was not a shade of red, it was inky black agony. This piece was about rage, he would tell you, but the man dancing in front of me was embodying his pain. One could guess there was a well of hurt beneath the story of wrath and revenge but watching him move, it became obvious how much had seeped into his choreography,
I doubt he was even aware himself, the way he demanded explosiveness but it became crystal clear to me in that moment. Of course it would never be enough, we'd been dialing up the wrong emotion. Of course it didn't look right to him.
Frans stopped just before a turn sequence began, falling out of the last few steps and lumbering over to where his phone had landed to stop the music. I stood frozen as he caught his breath and stretched his calves, sending a foot out behind him to soothe the cranky muscle before switching sides. I was hoping he would speak first, afraid I would blurt out something less than tactful about my realization, but when we finally made eye contact his face had softened. He even nearly cracked into a smile.
"Been a while since I've danced on a stage," he aired, grabbing the hem of his t-shirt to wipe the sweat from his forehead.
"Pretty impressive," I quipped, dryly but earnest as he closed some distance between us.
" helpful, thank you," I stuttered out quickly, suddenly nervous for the fallout of my outburst. Frans laughed under his breath, reaching me quickly with his long strides to speak frankly.
"It's okay, I'm not going to yell," he assured, "Actually think I needed that,"
"How long has it been since you stopped dancing?" I wasn't sure how deep would be appropriate to dive in this conversation but seeing how much even that little phrase reset his energy the curiosity was too strong to resist.
"I started choreographing around when D first made principal," Frans explained, "it was our dream to dance together but I was always passed up for roles and it just..."
I fidgeted nervously as he trailed off, letting him dictate how far our conversation would go.
" was just the right decision,"
It was made obvious he didn't want to explain further so I changed the subject, attempting to wake up my feet again and pressing into the box of my shoes one at a time.
"So, run through a couple more times?"
He scratched the back of his neck and his gaze fell down to his feet, my own following as he flexed his toes and then righted his posture. Something resembling defeat befell his expression when our eyes met again and it stilled me in my spot.
"No, let's get out of here and get some rest. We'll revisit tomorrow with a fresh set of eyes,"
The airiness that had followed his impromptu performance was fleeting and a pang of guilt wrenched my stomach for bringing it up. I nodded in reply and distanced myself instantly from the potential awkwardness brewing between us to gather my things. Whatever nerve had just been touched was clearly still tender.
Frans powered down the sound system and I slunk into a seat in the front row to free my tired toes from my pointe shoes, all in a slightly less than comfortable silence. He flipped the speakers off one by one as I piled on outerwear to face the brisk walk back to my apartment and I looked up to the stage just as he winced, folding forward to snatch his discarded socks and shoes.
"I will definitely be feeling that tomorrow," he attempted to cut the tension with the half-hearted jab, catching my glance his direction.
I offered him a smile, not knowing what else to say as he ambled to the edge of the stage, draping his lengthy legs over it to face me.
"I know I've been a bit unruly, but you are doing a great job," he spoke with sincerity, crossing a leg over his knee to slip his socks and shoes back on.
"Truly," he finished, pausing to look me in the eyes.
"Thank you, I really appreciate that," I responded quickly, breaking away from the intensity of his deep blue stare to zip up my bag in an attempt to avoid any more emotional messiness.
There was little more said as we closed up for the night, less the polite but brief niceties of our goodbyes. We walked together to the street exit and as the door swung open to the bitter chill of night, I thanked him with a quick wave and we took off in opposite directions down the city street.
I glanced once over my shoulder, to see if he was still within earshot and when I didn't spot his lanky figure behind me I let an audible exhale discharge some of the nervous energy from my system. My head was inundated with thoughts, processing the evening and bearing witness to far more hurt than I could have guessed he carried, though most prominently it was his impromptu performance that ran on an endless loop in my head. Not just the power of his towering body but how quickly his mood seemed to shift from airy to wistful, like watching joy go dormant. I wondered if he would ever let me that close again, spill more of his story, but most of all I wondered what the fuck had just happened to us and how the next four days would go.
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I just listened to a podcast about how dogs may have actually domesticated themselves and of course they did because they're GOOD BOIS.
Tumblr media
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Somehow on every shoot I’m on, I become onscreen talent or a stand in 🥴
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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