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literature-and-rants · 11 hours ago
De Humani Corporis Fabrica
Chapter II: Experience
Word count: 6.9K
Summary: Pjo dancer AU! Drama, drama and more drama. Old relationships and new ones continue to bear the weight of the upcoming auditions all while a special person makes a guest appearance.
A/N: I didn’t mention it before but they are aged up in this series! I picture them to be in their pretty early 20s but I like to think that they’ve known each other for a long time and other characters joined during their teen years. Make sure you enjoy, comment, like, share, reblog- yall know the drill. <3 from moi!
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Read Chapter One here!
Tumblr media
Le Studio Royal Jupiter was becoming competitive again. The members were still getting used to hearing that. To Nico, it was like a miracle; he had trained since the petit age of 2, waiting for this moment and now he was finally getting it. He wished his sister was here to celebrate such a moment but he knew that if she was here, the studio would have never stopped competing in the first place. The tragic incident had occured at the studio years ago and it had forced them to temporarily stop competing.
Everything seemed better- the sky (which was always a depressing sight) seemed brighter, the studio mirrors were cleaner and Dionysus was less lazy and more salsa-y. Studio 2 was empty on a Monday afternoon- as always because Dionysus would never schedule his lessons on a Monday as he saw it to be ’too drab’. Hazel and Leo however, who were dedicated to the studio, were almost always in on a Monday.
Hazel- in her De Luca heels- was practising a spin that she hadn’t been able to get down for ages while Leo was practising his ballet technique. While he was normally a salsa dancer, every dancer in LSRJ, including himself, was relatively well versed in ballet; Leo knew that working with Calypso would mean a lot of technical work. He was trying to get at least 3 turns in a row without feeling like he was going to fall- one more thing, Leo hated pointe shoes.
“Leo, what on earth are you doing?” Hazel's voice cut through Leo’s thoughts.
“I’m working with Satan, take a wild guess.”
“Yikes,” Hazel cringed. “How’s that going for you?”
“She walks out at the beginning of rehearsal, refuses to talk or work cooperatively and insults me as well as Salsa itself at every chance she gets- so Hazel, you tell me. How do you think it’s going?”
“Leo I’m sor-”
“-And it’s not even the fact that she insults me, it’s the way she treats me and salsa. Like all of a sudden, I’m inferior because salsa has no ‘proper technique’. Like wow, ballet is so sophisticated and you’re so cool. Congratulations, you and your pretty arms and pretty legs and fancy, snazzy vocabulary!” Leo ranted. Hazel, who was more used to the more creative and funnier side of her partner, frowned; she was slightly worried about him.
“Maybe consider dropping out on her?” Hazel offered.
“What will I do though? We both know that I can’t get on the team with a solo. Salsa works best with a partner. Besides, sure Calypso is the devil spawn, but that does not mean I don’t appreciate good technique.”
Hazel raised her eyebrow. “Didn’t you say that Luke, Annabeth and Nico all had better technique than she did?”
Leo, who was smiling smugly and had both his eyes closed, cracked one open and let his smile grow across his face.
“A small lie never hurt her nor anybody else.”
Hazel, who seemed quite unconvinced, nodded as Leo continued.
“What about you?” Leo asked. “How’s things coming up with the B-boy?”
Immediately, Hazel lit up. “It’s pretty good actually. I think Frank and I actually have a good chance of making the team!”
Leo noticed how Hazel had seemed so keen to talk about Frank and took this as an opportunity to tease her.
“So does that mean you won’t need me to fake being your boyfriend again?”
“What?” Hazel took a glance at Leo’s smirk. “No! No, we’re just friends. Friends, yes, yes. Just friends. He’s just a friend.”
“Sounds like you’re trying to convince yourself more than me.”
“I’m. Not. Crushing. On. Frank,” She gritted out with her fists clenched.
“Okay,” Leo said in a sing-song sort of tune.
“I’m not!” She shouted before lowering her voice to a small whisper. “ Not after Sammy.”
Leo’s features immediately softened at the mention of his older brother. Hazel talking about Sammy had opened up old wounds that Leo thought had healed- he thought he was over this!
“After all this time Hazel? Still Sammy?”
Leo half expected her to say ‘always’ as if they were re-enacting Harry Potter. Secretly, he hoped that she didn’t. What had happened with Sammy was long ago and Leo never wanted to see Hazel in such pain again. They weren’t just dancer partners like himself and Calypso, they were friends. Hazel, to Leo’s avail did not respond; they remained silent the entire rehearsal.
In Studio A... Nico had never wanted to punch someone in the face as much as he wanted to punch Jason in this very moment. Afterall, it was Jason’s fault that Nico was partnering with Will. It wasn’t that Nico didn’t like Will, it was just that working with someone who was annoyingly attractive (Nico’s exact words were a hot piece of ass) often resulted in not working as well as one should.
It also meant Nico had to wear his tap shoes.
“Will, do I have to wear these?” Nico complained.
“We’re testing out ideas. We start with tap and then we’ll do ballet.”
“So that means I will see you in pointe shoes then?” Nico inquired, his voice suspiciously innocent and his eyes battering too fast. Will, in response, grimaced and nodded reluctantly.
“Perfect!” Nico hummed happily. The pain of tap shoes was nothing compared to pointe shoes. As Will laughed slightly at Nico’s taunting, they began going over the basics. Nico watched as naturally the corners of Will’s lips twitched upwards as he danced and taught. His smile was perfect, his moves in sync with the music blaring in the background- practically flawless.
Nico however, struggled a bit with certain parts that Will taught- not that he was surprised; he expected tap to be overly energetic. While they both took their break, Nico began spinning round and round on his tap shoes. He couldn’t really help it- they were so easy to spin on- it was like they were just begging him to turn.
“Nico, stop spinning like that, you’ll fall and get hurt,” Will warned as he sat in a corner, sipping at his water bottle. Nico ignored him and continued mucking about- only stopping to stick his tongue out at Will who on countless occasions, continued to attempt to warn Nico. Will could feel his own heart fluttering at the thought of an injury.
Will’s head snapped in towards Nico who lay on his butt, clutching his ankle. The ballet dancer was hunched over his foot, cradling his ankle with both hands.
“Shit! Nico I warned you! Where does it hurt?” Will asked with a thick layer of concern in his voice as he ran over. Slowly, Nico began shuddering, his body almost shivering as he made whimper-like noises. He refused to meet Will’s eyes as he continued shaking.
‘Shit, he probably injured himself really badly if he’s crying’ was the first thought to cross Will’s mind.
“Oh my God,” Nico said shakily. Will gently rested his hand on Nico’s shoulder comfortingly.
“Nico, it’s going to be okay. It’s probably a minor fracture at the most. You will be fine.”
Unexpectedly and out of nowhere, Nico threw his head back and began laughing.
“Holy moly, I can’t believe you actually fell for it!” Nico wheezed as he clutched his stomach. “And your face!”
Will in utter disbelief, took about 30 seconds to fully understand the situation and yet these were the first 5 words.
“You were lying to me?”
“It was a joke! I was just trying to prove that Ballet dancer’s aren’t as uptight as everyone thinks we are!” Nico laughed. Will could not believe this. He should have never partnered with Nico especially considering he was friends with Percy and Jason of all people. He started packing up, aggressively shoving his stuff into his sports bag. Nico’s laughter died down as he turned to Will, confusion growing on his face.
“Hey, where are you going?”
Viciously, Will turned on him. “I’m going to go dance. I’m not going to hang about with an immature and undedicated dancer.”
“Surely a small prank doesn’t change anything. I mean, there’s a reason you chose me-”
“- I chose you because I wanted a hardworking and professional partner, not some bumbling idiot who walks around like they own the place and does what they want!” With that, Will left and Nico sat on the floor.
Welp, Nico was never socialising with Will again.
In Rehearsal room 4... “Turn, turn, push back and drop!” Piper yelled over the loud music. Jason and Piper had been working hard- taking turns in choreographing different parts of the routine. They held their freeze for 5 seconds before relaxing and agreeing to take a break.
“So what was that earlier with Nico, huh?” Piper started.
“What d’ya mean?” Jason innocently responded. “ He needed a partner.”
“So I was imagining the look you guys had?”
“What look?” Jason sounded shocked.
“You guys had a look.”
“Like you and Annabeth?”
Piper could feel the immediate blush rising to her cheeks. She couldn’t help the way she felt- was it her fault that he best friend had gorgeous curly blonde hair and dazzling blue eyes? She turned her head slightly away so Jason couldn’t see her face.
“Nico and I go way back- we trust each other,” Jason chose his wording very carefully.
“Well… So do Annabeth and I…”
“Good… wanna go over the Hip hip section again?” Jason offered, desperate to change the awkward tension that had suddenly appeared in the air. Piper eagerly nodded.
In the Cafe... “What do you mean she’s with Leo? Frank, they’re just dance partners, nothing more,” Annabeth re-assured. She sat in the elegant armchair opposite Frank with Percy on her left. They were in the cafe that was underneath the studio- it was custom for the dancers to meet up here during lunch.
“But… are you sure?” Frank asked for what seemed to be the hundredth time.
“I give you my word Frank- they’re just good friends.”
At these words, Frank relaxed. That was until Leo and Hazel both walked in silently; their bodies close to each other but their faces catatonic. As they came to sit down, they both moved towards the same seat and exchanged a series of bumps, ‘ouches’ and ‘errms’ until they managed to sit down. Annabeth and Percy exchanged a wary look as the awkward silence between the two stretched out.
Nico stormed in, his face scrunched up as he ordered a coffee and plopped himself on the armrest of the chair that his ballet partner, Annabeth, was sitting in. He had a dark, raging and violent aura around him and carried on sulking until Annabeth spoke up.
“Nico, is that coffee?” Her voice had a hint of worry.
“Maybe.” He shrugged. “What’s up with you two? Lovers quarrel?” Nico pointed to Leo and Hazel who both immediately froze up. Leo, who was mid- sip, choked and began wheezing for air while Hazel gently patted him on the back. Frank, subconsciously, flinched.
“Dancers quarrel,” Hazel sighed after Leo had stopped choking before turning towards her brother.
“Wait, you’re drinking coffee? Again?” Hazel raised her eyebrows at Nico. The last time she recalled him drinking coffee… Well family tensions had been higher than ever, Nico was a literal caffeine addict and Hazel had been helping the ‘love of her life’. Nico had gotten over the caffeine addiction, well at least, she hadn’t seen him touch the substance in years so the sudden appearance of it alarmed her- What had happened to him that drove him back to coffee? Nico on the other hand, simply batted his hand signalling ‘later’.
“Does anybody want to break the awkward silence?” Percy murmured out of the corner of his mouth, looking down at his fidgeting hands.
“I heard an awkward silence needs breaking?” Jason appeared before them. “ Guess what?”
Almost immediately, the entire crowd perked up and asked ‘what?’
“Nu uh, I actually want you guys to guess.”
“Did your new pointe shoes break in?” Annabeth suggested.
“Please get to the pointe,” Leo tutted. Jason shot his roommate, a playful scowl, as he was used to the terrible jokes. Everyone else (except Percy) groaned, throwing their heads back and Hazel face palmed at the terrible jokes- sometimes she asked herself why they were friends.
“You guys are pathetic,” Jason hummed, his arms folded smugly.
“Bro, just tell us!” Percy pleaded, sick of the timely wait.
Jason took a deep breath, holding the tension out for as long as possible. “Well… Chiron’s returning!”
“Like returning returning or just visiting returning?” Annabeth immediately cut in, stopping all the whoops that had erupted from the happy news. Well mainly happy. After the incident, Chiron was left without half a leg which stopped his dance career. It had been hard for him and the dancers around him- tensions had never been worse within the studio and so for the sake of the dancers, Chiron had left to teach dance theory. He had visited every once in a while but if he was ever going to come back- since he was the owner of the studio- no one really knew.
“He didn’t really specify…”
“On the plus side, he’s probably gotten like what 14 new stories about the wheelchair?” Annabeth exclaimed. Percy, who knew about the wheelchair, threw his head back laughing as he remembered the previous stories of it. As they fell into a conversation recalling all the previous stories about the wheelchair, Leo had to clutch his stomach while laughing.
“I love that dude- he’s the only one who doesn’t take Calypso’s bullshit.”
A piercing voice came out from behind them. “Well, Calypso had been looking for you this past week. Where have you been?”
Outraged, Leo retorted, “Where have I been, where have you been?”
As the two started shouting their heads off at each other, the group of people fell silent and everyone agreed to leave them to it. Before Hazel left, she noticed the darker undertones of Calypso’s normally flawless skin as well as her red rimmed eyes.
“So, where have you been?” Leo repeated, almost drawling. Calypso ignored the question and instead told Leo to meet her in Studio A (Leo rolled his eyes at the choice of studio) in a half hour. Leo had to clench his hands to stop himself from making some sort of witty smart- alec response; he wanted to try his best to get along with Calypso because the sooner they finished the routine, the quicker he’d be able to get on the team and avoid her.
Back in Rehearsal room 4... Jason was very lucky to have Piper as a partner- mainly due to her great ability to adapt to new styles. Having a famous father who could easily (and would happily) pay for anything she asked, Piper was gifted. From her good looks, her various talents and her sparkling personality, one could say that Piper Mclean had it all.
Oh, how wrong one could be.
They had agreed to perform a musical theatre routine focusing on hip hop and tap- the styles which moulded together best. They were doing well with their choreography and had finished their routine and were now going over it- making sure everything was clean and worked.
“Hey, let's take a break here,” Piper panted lightly with her hands resting on her thighs. Jason nodded with a brief smile on his face- could you blame him? He had managed to improve his tap by miles compared to the small amount of improvement he would have made with any other person. He jogged towards their bags and pulled out both of their water bottles;he threw Piper’s bottle at her. Perfectly, she caught it .
“Our routine is great, we totally have a chance at making the team,” Piper told Jason as she took a sip of water and plopped herself on the bean bag in the corner of the room by their bags.
“Percy and Annabeth’s chemistry may blow everyone out of the water,” Jason said mindlessly as he sipped water. Piper visibly flinched at the statement- it was small but noticeable for Jason.
“What? What’s wrong? If it’s those two, trust me- they’ll be too busy fooling around to perfect their routine.”
Again, Piper seemed a tad uncomfortable. She had tried to not cringe at the mention of Annabeth but it was quite hard when Jason kept on mentioning it like it was simply nothing. Her face had momentarily scrunched up before she quickly attempted to smooth it out. Jason frowned with an expression that simply read ‘What’s wrong?’
“Well… uh, Annie,” Piper hesitantly started, trying to find an easier way to explain. “I have really short nails.”
“Okay…?” Jason, utterly confused by the random fact, frowned again. Piper sighed at his innocent persona and tried to emphasize what she was implying.
“There’s a reason I have short nails…”
“Because you don’t like long nails?”
Piper, impatient, facepalmed and decided to find a better explanation. She turned to his sister as an easier topic.
“Why does your sister have short nails?”
Jason’s face scrunched up for a few seconds, looking up towards the ceiling before his eyes bugged a bit and his lips pursed into an ‘o’ shape.
“Oh! Oh… so like lesbian or-”
Jason took a deep breath. “ Well, I'm happy you felt comfortable enough to tell me and I’m proud of you...and I hope you’re happy Pipes.”
She nodded, more confident and happy that Jason hadn’t made too much a deal of it- he was a dear friend whose opinion she cared about dearly. She felt she could truly trust him.
“Soo… Annabeth huh?” Jason wiggled his eyebrows. Piper smacked his arm before retorting back.
“I’ve seen how you look at Percy- looks like a budding bromance to me.”
Jason choked on his water, sputtering everywhere and was left absolutely speechless.
In Rehearsal room 1... “5, 6, 7, 8!” Calypso calles as they started the sectioned choreography again. Leo internally groaned as they started again with practically no enthusiasm behind his moves. While the dance wasn’t bad, Leo wasn’t afraid to call out the dance so far was bland. It was all classical ballet and no spice. It was too boring for him and if he were an audience member he would take away points for lack of creativity. After what seemed like 4 days but was actually 40 seconds, they finished.
“Make sure your turns are in time with mine,” Calypso pointed out as she paused the music. Leo had to physically hold in the urge to make a remark. He glanced at his watch and his eyes almost bugged out of his skull. It was 4pm? Already? He knew he had to leave now or else he was going to be late. He grabbed his bag and started changing his shoes ino more suitable footwear. He snacthed his jacket, slipped it on in a rush and almost walked into the door due to the rush he was in.
“Hey, where do you think you’re going?” Calypso’s voice coming from behind made Leo freeze. Shit. What was he going to say? Where were his excuses?
Breathe Leo, make a simple lie- can’t be too hard.
“Uh.. just grabbing something from the cafe. I think I left something there.” He jutted his thumb towards the door before slipping out to avoid Calypso’s questions. He had one more stop to make before he left.
In Studio B... Frank was learning a lot from working with Hazel. Other than the obvious (like her beauty being even greater up close), he also learnt more about salsa than he ever had in his entire life. Their routine was finally complete but they were trying to find the perfect place to insert a lift. The timing for it had to be perfect. Too slow and Frank gets injured. Too fast and Hazel falls.
As they rehearsed the routine and approached the final move, Hazel slipped- effectively pushing Frank on his back and Hazel falling right on top with her body pressed against him; practically straddling him. Frank’s head made a loud ‘thud’ sound on making contact with the solid floor- clearly it had won this battle between head and floor.
“Oh my goodness! Are you okay?” Hazel rushed out, still unaware of the compromising position. Frank nodded meekly, not wanting to further aggravate the pain in his head and reached his hand to rub the back of his head. It was only then did their eyes meet, Hazel’s eyes widening at the realisation of the position. Just as she was going to scramble off, Leo busted through the door. Frantically, Leo sputtered,
“Oh, sorry… er am I interrupting something?” Hazel almost flew off Frank and quickly made her way to Leo who now bore a small smile on his face,
“Just friends huh?” Leo mumbled. Hazel ignored the comment and instead asked what Leo was doing here.
“I gotta leave for work and Calypso is on my ass. Do me a favour- if she asks where I went say I had an appointment or something,” he whispered, his mood changing rapidly. Hazel nodded, loyal to her friend and ran to her sports bag. She whipped out her purse before waddling back to Leo, her fingers mindlessly rifling through the notes in her purse as if it was worth nothing more than paper.
“How much do you need for the bus fare?”
Leo’s hand immediately pushed back at Hazel’s purse, who again, ignored it. He was not about to take her money- not again at least, not until he paid her back for the previous times. It was hard though, because Hazel always insisted everything be on her and refused to allow him to pay her back in any way.
“Hazel, I’ve told you. I don’t want to take your money,” Leo pleaded, his face seemingly uncomfortable. Sure, he didn’t want Hazel’s money but he did want money.
“Ridiculous.” Hazel shook her head as if the mere idea of her caring whether he paid her back or not was utter ludicrous. She pulled out a thick wad of cash. “I don’t care. Here. Should be enough for the bus fares, lunch and other stuff.”
Leo hesitated. He needed this money. Bus fares, food expenses, new dance clothes and his share of the rent along with other things. But the idea of taking Hazel’s money always left a bitter taste afterwards- he hated feeling guilty over her money. Hazel on the other hand, was not going to let Leo refuse and shoved the cash into Leo’s pocket before pulling him in a tight and surprising hug. Her arms were wrapped around Leo’s back and in return, he closed his arms around her and rested his chin on her shoulder. She smelt like flowers- no doubt from the expensive products she could easily afford along with the fact that her step-mother, Persophone, owned a fragrance line among other things.
“Gracias,” he muttered, squeezing her shoulder in an affectionate manner.
With the short knowledge of spanish she knew from her best friend, Hazel replied, “De nada.”
Confused, Frank watched the entire interaction.
Back in Studio A... Annabeth and Percy were not practising. While every dancer, perhaps excluding Nico, were nervously practicing every beat of a move they performed, Annabeth and Percy were not really stressing. In fact, they hadn’t worked much on their routine in general. Annabeth was lying on her stomach with her face in her hands and her legs dangling back and forth. Percy sat next to her, with his arms around his legs. They were both listening to their ex-mentor who was in a wheelchair. Chiron was simply talking about something that had recently happened with his two favourite students.
“He did what!” Percy and Annabeth shouted in sync.
“I told him that if he performed, he would have been scouted, but alas- Luke refused. He came with me but it was a true shame I didn’t get to see him perform. He’s been with the studio for so long now, I do find it odd that he has yet to move to a professional career,” Chiron sighed- slumping slightly in his wheelchair.
“How’s the leg doing?” Annabeth asked, hoping the subject was no longer sore.
“Which one?” Chiron smiled mischievously as he pulled the blanket off his legs- showing both legs seemed present. Normally, the bottom half of the left leg would seem empty unlike what they were seeing now. Percy looked a bit confused for a few seconds.
“But… but Chiron, you only have one leg.”
Annabeth slapped her head before breaking into fits of laughter. Both her and Chiron were laughing their heads off until Annabeth kindly explained.
“Prosthetics Percy! Prosthetics!”
Chiron flexed his left foot, showing off his new leg. The dancers were awe-struck. As far as they had known- Chiron had refused prosthetics since the accident. They felt an insurmountable amount of pride swell inside of them- This was good right? Chiron was moving on! He wasn’t being stuck in the past anymore. It wasn’t that fact that he got a prosthetic, it was the reason he used to refuse it. Annabeth and Percy knew that he didn’t want a prosthetic at first because if he couldn’t dance using it, he’d consider himself a failure and after the accident, he did not want to face any more failure than he had to- he wanted to protect himself.
And for a while, that was okay! The studio was supportive- they truly wanted him to heal. But Chiron was stubborn. He was -what one may dare even say- traumatised. But no one could truly blame him- Nico, someone who was barely conscious during the accident, suffered. No one could blame Chiron for what had happened but there looks. People who weren’t even relatively involved whatsoever casted glances. Gave their fair share of judgemental looks- despite not even knowing the truth. However, Chiron learnt better than to acknowledge said glances.
“Woah, Chiron, when did you get it fitted?” Percy asked in awe.
“A while ago. I wanted to manage a few steps in it before showing you all.”
Annabeth and Percy looked at eachother, the same thoughts, concerns and hopes crossing their minds.
“Can you take a few steps in it?” Annabeth said tentatively. Much to the students' hopes, Chiron nodded and both dancers ran to his side to help him stand. He held both of them as he heaved himself up and momentarily wobbled. He then pushed away their arms as he slowly made a few steps across the dance floor. He made his way towards the ballet bar, his hand stretching towards it. At this moment, Nico walked in, his jaw dropping before immediately resuming to a neutral facade.
“Nice leg,” Nico commented before making his way to the bar. Percy and Annabeth, once again, made eye contact thinking ‘what's up with him?’.
“ You ask him,” Annabeth hissed.
“No you ask him,”Percy mouthed as he nodded his head towards Nico.
“No, you!”
“I’m not asking him. Besides, he’s your dance partner,” Percy whispered. At this, Annabeth knew that Percy made a valid point. If there was anybody Nico trusted, besides Hazel for some apparent reason, it was Annabeth. The two danced together their entire lives, Nico couldn’t hide anything from her- not even his crush on Percy which many other people had seen as a crush on Annabeth herself. Annabeth on the other hand, could clearly tell the difference between jealousy and having a crush. Other than Annabeth and Jason, Nico refused for anyone else to know.
Annabeth sighed, shooting daggers at Percy as she got up and walked towards Nico. For the next 5 minutes, Nico and Annabeth stretched side by side in silence while Chiron and Percy chatted on the other side of the room.
“Soo.. how are things going with your routine?” Annabeth started as she leaned over her leg at the bar. Nico grunted something incomprehensible as he tried to avoid her by doing a plié. Annabeth joined him, asking him to speak up.
“Will walked out.”
“I played a dumb prank on him about getting injured.” Annabeth had to pinch herself to prevent herself from gasping. Nico? Her lifelong dance partner made… a joke? Pranked someone? Was this actually Nico?
“Well, why did you do it?”
“I was tryin to prove that Ballet dancers aren’t so uptight.”
“What exactly did you do?” Annabeth’s tone dipped and sounded slightly suspicious but either way, Nico did not notice.
“...Pretended to get injured… but that isn’t even the problem. My problem is that my chicken of a partner called me a bumbling, incompetent, priveleged idiot and then, then… they just bailed on me!”
Later, when Annabeth, Percy and Jason were in the cafe, Annabeth retold Percy and Jason about her earlier conversation with Nico- not sparing a single detail about the clear distress the situation was causing him.
“Happy now Jason? Paired Nico up with a damned jerk,” Percy said aggressively.
“I didn’t think he was such a big a bitch as you did!” Jason argued. Annabeth could sense the tension between the two men and decided to push them apart. She stood between them with her hands resting on her hips.
“I told you two so we could help fix what happened; not just argue over it and point fingers.”
“I never liked the damned sunflower anway,” Percy huffed. Annabeth resisted a giggle from Percy’s terrible insult.
“Anyway, someone needs to talk to him- see his point of view, try and get them over the petty argument.”
“Petty? Will insulted him over nothing!” Jason almost shouted, his aggressive and protective side shining through.
“Which we can all agree was wrong. But.” She glared at the men. “We also know that Nico can and will hold grudges over anything as long as time lasts.”
In agreement, they decided to all visit Will because there was no way in hell that Annabeth was letting Percy and Jason talk to Will alone.
Somewhere in the Dance studio... Calypso was pissed. It seemed that most days, she was thinking more about Leo than she’d prefer to. Sure, he was gorgeous- naturally gifted in the looks (and don’t tell him this but also the personality department) with his lucious brown curls that framed his face perfectly and the beautiful glint he’d have in his eye when he danced and they way his teeth would glimmer when he smiled like the true definition of pearly whites. But, she was also wondering about his whereabouts, more and more frequently.
She had checked the cafe, Studio 2 and Dionysus’s office (she did not know what to think of him) with no sign of Leo whatsoever. She knew that there would be only one person who would know where Leo was- Hazel. However, it seemed that Leo and Hazel both had something in common- the inability to be found anywhere.
Finally, she found her about to head out for the day entirely.
“Hey, Hazel.” Calypso tapped her on the shoulder, pulling her away from her conversation with Frank. “Have you seen Leo anywhere?”
With no tact whatsoever, Hazel stuttered out a ‘no’ that had Calypso raising her eyebrow in suspicion at her- clearly not believing the lie. Internally, Hazel forced herself to calm down and think. What had Leo mentioned, what could she use, what could she lie about?
Think Hazel, think!
Leo had mentioned saying something about an appointment- yes! Hazel mentally prepared herself and the words came magically stumbling out of her mouth- rolling off her tongue as if she lied on a daily basis.
“Well… you can’t tell anyone okay?” Hazel whispered convincingly, drawing Calypso's attention in. “ You can’t let Leo know that I told you this but he’s at an appointment, for his knee. He injured some time ago when we attempted a lift badly and well, you know…”
Calypso immediately felt regretful. It was like she was truly the villain half of the dancers here thought her to be. No wonder he was barely putting any effort into the dance! Not only was he injured but he was injured and doing ballet- a style he wasn’t so regularly familiar with. And she had been treating him like shit about it as well! She could feel the guilt slowly creeping into her.
“Oh my, Hazel.... I’m so, so sorry,” she managed to say. Hazel, also overwhelmed with guilt, wanted to take back the lie and just say the truth. Leo was at work to pay for his dance fees- why was he so ashamed of it! Hazel offered to pay for him but he would refuse everytime. She wished that he’d let her pay for him- her father had more money than he cared for and oftentimes, Nico and Hazel found themselves paying for everything they and their friends could truly desire- not that they minded. This was the one thing she could do for Sammy but not Leo and for it, her thoughts taunted her.
At least Sammy accepted her money, her help. Gods, don’t think like that Hazel. Money can’t save everyone, you know that Hazel.
Hazel glanced back up to see Frank waving at her and could only manage a small sullen smile.
On the way to Studio A... Calypso needed to get back to Studio A and perhaps find some edits for their routine- maybe lighten the ballet on Leo. Maybe Leo preferred Salsa because it was easier on his knee? It didn’t make sense to Calypso but despite not wanting to admit it, she had seen how happy it had made him. She’d have to ask Hazel or Dionysus about the technique of it but she had taken a few classes in it before and so she tried a few steps she’d seen Leo do before.
She soon realised that he made it look a lot easier than it actually was- she remembered how she had insulted salsa and it’s supposed ‘lack of technique’. But then, she also remembered how he’d insulted her by saying she wasn’t the ‘best ballet dancer’. What did that even mean? Her- not the best? Impossible. She had worked too hard her entire life for that to be possible.
For the sake of Leo and his knee (and reliving some of her guilt), Calypso persevered and tried to teach herself some basic salsa moves. The basics weren’t too hard, it was simply that trying to com[pletely abandon her ballet technique wasn’t very easy and subsequently, she found herself looking very stiff.
“What are you… doing?” a seemingly alarmed voice, that belonged to none other than her rival, called out. Flawless teeth, truffles of soft hair and glass like eyes- Luke Castellan walked in, his lips pulled into a smug smile that truly tempted Calypso to smack him.
“None of your business, Castellan,” Calypso quickly snapped.
“Castellan?” He turned towards her with an innocent look that quickly turned malicious. “That’s not what you were moaning under me whe-”
“-Shut up. That’s over, we’re over. We were over ages ago. It’s not happening again. Not after you lied to me.”
Luke frowned, his features seemingly cute but Calypso knew better than to trust what he portrayed on his face. When it came to Luke, the quote ‘there is no art to find the mind's construction in face’ should really be taken seriously. He moved himself so that he was working at the bar that was in front of the very mirror that Calypso was using. Calypso ignored him, going over the routine over and over again. However, Luke seemed determined to get in her way so he continued to stretch in front of the mirror until Calypso completely snapped.
“What?” Her hands were on her hips in a threating manner and face looked like she was ready to commit murder.
“Oh nothing.” Luke shrugged before quickly speaking again. “It’s just, I’d never imagine you’d actually partner with such… scum I guess.”
“A, why do you care who I partner with? B, Leo isn’t that bad,” Calypso reluctantly defended him. Leo to her definitely was that bad, but she sure as hell was not letting Luke know that.
“It’s a bit sad how you really downgraded after me… and I doubt that your nachos boy will be able to guarantee you a spot on the team…” Luke trailed.
Calypso had to admit that the name ‘nachos boy’ was hilarious and she definitely intended on calling Leo that some time.
“Are you okay?” Calypso’s concerned voice immediately threw off Luke. “Or have you just not seen a mirror in a while? Because anything could be considered an upgrade after you. Leo? That’s like what? A Triple upgrade in the least- Let it be known, when it comes to how good looking people at this studio are, you are like basically the last person.”
“And yet, you dated me. No, you pursued me even,” Luke teased, his voice with undertones of malice like a poison laced apple- sweet talking with a bitter aftertaste.
“People make mistakes.”Calypso shrugged casually as she grabbed her bag and left the room.
In the musical theatre office... “We just… wanted to make sure you and Nico were doing well with your routine,” Annabeth urged Will who refused to talk to Percy or Jason.
“So Nico sends other dancers to talk for him now?” Will frowned, relatively upset that Nico didn’t come to him. Sure, he had been really harsh and Nico did deserve an apology from him but he was hoping that Nico would come to him, not his three older and more experienced friends who seemed very threatening.
“He um, well Nico didn’t send us..” Jason said, slowly realising their mistake.
“So you decided to come and talk to me about our problem on his behalf without his permission or his acknowledgement? Did he even directly tell any of you what happened?”
“He told Annabeth!” Percy defended.
“And you wonder why we don’t get along,” Will sighed and facepalmed. “ Well, if it makes you feel any better, me and Nico are perfectly fine.”
“You guys… have talked?” Annabeth asked warily.
“We will.” And with that, Will waved them off.
9PM- Rehearsal room A Nico’s turns were consistent and his warm breath was forced out of his chest and he heavily breathed. The lights of the studio were all turned off except for the rehearsal room he was occupying. He could feel his leg muscles burning, telling him to stop but he ignored it, forcing his body into a state of pure divinity- his arms spread like a black swan, ethereal and elegant. His olive skin was shiny, a thin layer of sweat across his body and beads of perspiration forming on his forehead as he carried on moving. His feet pranced, hopped, turned, kicked, swept and jumped. In the lighting he looked like a god with his onyx eyes, framed by his dark eyelashes and messy hair that moved with his every step.
Click clack. Click Clack.
Immediately, Nico stopped, recognising the sound. He turned down the classical music and took a few bows, the sarcasm in his movement clear.
“Thank you, thank you,” Nico drawled, clearly slightly pissed.
“I didn’t even get to clap.” Will pouted. “Did my shoes give a good reminder?”
Nico nodded but refused to continue speaking to him. He refused to speak to Will until he felt like talking to him again- he wanted a decent apology which should include Mcdonalds and wine. Speaking of wine, Nico definitely wanted some after the day he’d had. He knew Hazel always had something delicious but she lived near their parents and that always presented the possibility of his father popping in- not that he really hated his father, it was his wife, Persephone (who had given Nico a perfume that had a flower that he was allergic to).
“Are you not gonna talk to me?” Will asked, his hands in his pocket and with a slightly disappointed tone.
“Okay. I’m sorry. I’m really, really sorry. I overreacted to something that was seemingly innocent and I shouldn’t have been such a…”
“Bitch?” Nico filled in.
Will let out a whole hearted laugh. “ Yeah, I guess bitch is the right word. Anyway, I’m really sorry that I called you that…I shouldn’t have judged you based on your friends.”
“Being forgiven will not be so easy.”
“Do you need a Happy meal?” Will teased until Nico’s silence filled the room. “Wait, seriously, just a happy meal? Deal.”
“Well, now that you mention it, some wine would be nice. Maybe a day away from the studio,” Nico mused as he stuffed his stuff into his bag carelessly. He’d hate himslef when he had to organise it at home but it was really late and Nico was hungry as fuck.
“I hear that Chiron is taking out some students to the beach this week. I’m pretty sure Calypso is coming, she’ll let me tag along and I’m sure Annabeth will drag you there anyway. We can have our… reunion then,” Will decided as they walked out of the studio. Nico stopped as he fished out the studio keys and locked up the font doors. Nico wasn’t truly fond of the beach but it was free food and a chance to hang around his friends.
“Sure.” Nico nodded. “It’s a date.”
Will watched as Nico got into his car. For some reason, Will felt himself blush at those very words- It’s a date.
Those words ended up replaying in Will’s head until they met again on Saturday.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
One of the things I love the most about Potterless Podcast is how great their Twitter is. Mike, the podcast’s host, really has the best way of writing what we all are feeling about JK Rowling now a days and I’m all here for it.
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This is inspiring
Tumblr media
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Y'all I just had the best idea
Color blind Will Solace
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Seeeeee, he didn’t even wait to meet those kids doing the duke of Edinburgh award. Gosh, selfish much
why couldn't Philip have waited another week or so, he died during the holidays I ain't even gonna get time off school now
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5 times Leo hit on Calypso as her Barista and one time it worked
Word Count: 3.8K
Summary: Coffee Shop AU! Calypso is running late one day so she ends up going to a coffee shop- what she doesn’t expect is for her barista to be Bad boy supreme
Later on in this fic, they sing this song.
Warnings?: Not much, terrible pick up lines, mainly fluff, making out.
A/N:  This took me so long but alas, here it is! This is kinda my first official fluff and I tried okay. Anyway, enjoy, comment, share, like- you know the drill. <3 from moi!
Tumblr media
The 1st Thursday
Calypso was not happy with the line she was waiting in. She was running late and thus was at a coffee shop- somewhere she preferred not to go. The weather was terrible, grey skies as well as heavy rain that had Calypso drenched. The stupid forecast hadn’t predicted the rain and thus she had left her apartment without an umbrella nor raincoat. 
The coffee shop was small but cute, she had to admit. The staff seemed small but efficient and within a few minutes, Calypso found herself at the front of the line, face to face with a boy with rich dark tan skin and the most dazzling smile she had ever seen. He had long dimples and his dark curly hair would flop over his face in a cute manner.
“Hi, Welcome to Steamy Beans Coffee. I’m Super sized Mcshizzle and I will be taking your order today, do you have your order ready?” He looked up at the girl in front of him and immediately, his lips stretched into a lazy and goofy smile. She frowned at the nickname but internally she wanted to laugh, even his name badge read Super Sized Mcshizzle- Who called themselves that?
“Can I get a cappuccino with 2 espresso shots, please.” She reached into her bag to pull out her purse while the boy at the counter hummed and tapped at the machine in front of him.
“What kind of milk?” He looked up again, cheekily smiling as if he had something planned.
“Uh, almond is fine.”
“And your name?” He asked, pulling out a marker. Before she could answer, he cut in.
“Does your name start with a C-”
“-Actually it doe-” 
 “-Because I can C us together.” 
Calypso resisted the urge to smile and instead raised an eyebrow at the horribly cheesy pick up line. Despite this, she was a bit impressed- Her name did technically start with a C.
“Calypso. That’s my name,” She told him as she walked away from the counter and sat at one of the stalls, waiting for her name to be called out. 
The 2nd Thursday
Somehow, Calypso found herself queuing outside the same coffee shop the next Thursday. Whilst she told herself it was because the coffee was perfect, it was truly to see the brown haired grinning boy who had served her last week. Pick up lines weren’t really her poison, but he wasn’t creepy and even she had to admit it- He was cute. 
As the queue grew shorter, she grabbed her purse ready to pay. She had subconsciously chosen to wear better clothes and style her hair today. Was it a stupid decision to wear white when drinking coffee? Absolutely. But Calypso was 100% willing to take the risk. 
“Hi, welcome to Steamy Beans Coffee. I’m Bad Boy Supreme and I will be taking your order today, do you have an order ready?” The boy looked up, with his hair flopping about. He had rolled his sleeves up and Calypso, who wasn’t about to get caught, quickly averted her eyes elsewhere. She noticed that his name had changed- so had his badge. Did he have a collection of these names? She’d have to ask him next time.
Oh, so there will be a next time, huh? She asked herself. 
Shut up. 
“Oh. Calypso, right? Same as last time?” He asked as he hovered his finger over the machine.
“Oh, yeah. Cappuccino please.” 
As she waited for her name to be called out, she pulled out her sketchbook and started sketching the cute barista. From his elf like ears to his slanted chocolate eyes and the funny curl that went in the complete opposite direction of his hair earning him a messy hair look. It was only a basic sketch but it had outlined him. 
“Cappuccino for Calypso?” a familiar voice called out. She was slightly surprised to find her Barista also handing off her coffee but she also quite flattered. Or maybe she was just overthinking this. He could easily just have switched around for a friend- it can’t have been just for her.
“Thanks,” she murmured as she reached into her purse, trying to find the appropriate change in her purse. 
“You and I are like nachos with jalapeños. I'm super cheesy, you're super hot, and we belong together.” The pick up line rolled off his tongue as he leant over the counter separating them. He had a smirk that made Calypso immediately lose her strong front and spill her change all over the counter.
“What?!” she sputtered as her eyes darted to the change. She managed to scoop most of it into her arms without looking too much like a fool. She quickly grabbed her coffee and made her way out of the shop as fast as she possibly could, hoping she didn’t look as ridiculous as she thought she did. 
The 3rd Thursday
“You don’t understand, last time the pick up line was creepy. She probably thinks I’m a weirdo now!” Leo groaned as he slammed his head on the counter beside his friend Will who always worked the same shift as him. Unfortunately, Will did not get to witness what Leo kept on describing as ‘a catastrophe’. 
“She won’t come in today, I bet. Ugh, I really screwed up.” 
“It really can’t have been that bad!” Will argued, dragging Leo by the arm to the front counter. 
“I said You and I are like nachos with Jalapenos. I’m super cheesy, you’re super hot and we belong together.”
Will cringed. “Okay, that is bad.”
Calypso could not believe she was coming back to the coffee shop. The previous pick up line was terrible, in fact it was almost as bad as the ‘I’m here, what are your other two wishes’ pick up line that a creepy person had used on her earlier but in all honesty it wasn’t the barista that was the problem. It was the fact that she could not crush over someone with pickup lines as bad as those. This time, she had decided to use her card to pay so she wouldn’t have to deal with spilt change everywhere. 
“Hi, welcome to Steamy Beans Coffee. I’m Commander tool Belt- that’s because my major is engineering and I fixed the old coffee machine- how can I help you?” The curly haired boy in front of her said miserably while slumped behind the counter with his face practically leaning on the machine.  
“I was hoping for the usual?” Her meek voice came out questioning. Leo’s head shot off the counter, almost slamming into the machine. 
“Wow… uh cappuccino again?” 
“Yep…” she searched for something to say. “So engineering major huh?” 
“Mhmm. I like making things I guess. What about you?” 
“Natural sciences. I was going to do art but I guess plants and animals are more of my poison.” She shrugged. 
“You can draw?” he asked, his voice peaking interest and turning around slightly. 
“Yes, why do you sound so surprised at that?” 
He batted his hand. “Oh nothing, just something we have in common.” He then winked and Calypso had to do everything she could to not react. She stood in front of the counter, waiting for her coffee but saw that her barista was screwing his eyes up and writing something on a cup. She wanted to pull out her sketchbook and draw the cute face he was pulling, leaning back and holding the cup in front of him as if it were an invention he had never seen. 
“Cappuccino for Calypso!” A sing-song voice that could only be her barista called out. She had to admit, his voice was not bad. In fact, it was quite impressive and it had a nice harmonious tune to it. 
“Thank you…” she said in a suspicious tone, as she swiped her card over the contactless payment machine. Her barista was suspiciously silent and she had yet to hear a terrible pick up line. He had a mischievous smile as if he had set something on fire and not told anyone anything about it. As she picked up her coffee, she noticed a lot more black marker on the cup and held it away from her face to read it.
Are you made of Copper and tellurium? Because you are CuTe.
She wanted to face palm at such a classic science pun but she was also impressed that he knew elements of the periodic table so easily. She let out a small laugh to let him know that she had noticed the pick up line before she took a small sip and smiled. 
The 4th Thursday
“I’m telling you, she actually laughed at the line! That’s a good thing right?” Leo asked as he put on his apron. 
“And I’m telling you, if you want her to go out with you, hit her with a star wars pun,” Will ugred while tying his apron behind his back.
“You’re obsessed with star wars.”
“Hey, it worked for me and Nico!” Will pointed out as they made their way to the counter.
“Sun boy, we all know you and Mr Debbie Downer did not get together over Star Wars pick up lines,” Leo argued. 
Calypso was running late. She hated being late. It was like slowly ticking off the boxes for panic 101. She was wearing mismatched socks, had the wrong books for class and the laces of her shoes were untied. At least the line was significantly shorter than usual and while normally that would have made Calypso question the occasion, she was too much in a rush to truly care.
As she ran in, she tripped over her laces and almost fell had it not been for the arms of the person in front of her. As she looked up to find her saviour, she found herself face to face with the curly brown haired boy who today wore the badge of ‘Admiral Leo’.  She thought Leo was a nice name and it suited him very well- much better than any other name would have.
“Hey, tie your shoes!” he scolded her and she was surprised by his concern over her safety. Alas, she had spoken too soon, 
“I don’t want you falling for anyone else.” he murmured, his lips right by her ear and his hot breath making goosebumps form all across her neck. He then reached down onto his knees, and did her laces. However, she noticed the manner he did them were different to how she would normally do them. 
“You know that’s how children do their laces, right?” Her hands rested on her hips as he gasped dramatically and held his hand over his heart. 
“Are you calling me a child?” 
Before she could say yes, he cut her off.
“The answer is I totally am a child because that means I can eat off the child menu,” He grinned foolishly. “Life hacks with Admiral Leo!” 
The 5th Thursday
“I’m telling you Leo- Make the Star Wars pun. Please! For me, do it for me!” Will begged as he tied Leo’s apron for him. Leo was reluctant to go with a Star Wars pun. He didn’t know if Calypso would get it or if she was into nerdy stuff like that but he was running out of ideas. He hadn’t gotten any terrible sparks of inspiration and the Star Wars inspired pun that Will had told him couldt go too badly?
Nervously, Leo waited behind the counter, his hands tapping as if he had just slapped on a nicotine patch and then glugged 6 espresso’s. In other words, Leo was anxious. If he just made the drinks without thinking about it, he could get his mind off it but when he started remembering that she may walk in at any moment, he could feel his hands shake and his stomach begin to churn. 
Calypso was very happy. She had no classes today, no research studies to deal with and she had even managed her time well enough to hang out with a friend before heading towards her newly found and now favourite coffee shop. She knew it was it because of a certain curly haired and cheekily grinning boy. 
“Hello, welcome to Steamy Beans Coffee, I’m Flaming Valdez- don’t ask please- how can I assist you today?” He once again looked up and when seeing Calypso, he recited her order before the words could come out of her mouth. 
“Cappuccino with 2 espresso shots and almond milk?” 
Calypso, a bit shocked, nodded. She could feel small butterflies forming in her stomach thinking about how Leo had memorised her order. 
Stop being silly. He probably memorises every regular’s order. 
 “Soo… Flaming Valdez… what’s the story behind that?” She asked, despite his warning. Leo tipped his head back and let out a throaty laugh that had Calypso tingling all over- How can a person have such a gorgeous laugh? How can someone look so good while laughing? 
“Oh, that’s a good story. Every year, we celebrate the owners birthday by having the shop to ourselves. No customers, just the staff chilling. Anyway, so it’s like 9pm and we’re all meant to be out because it was sunset an hour ago but instead we’re still in the shop. Everyone’s gathered right out there because your boy, Flaming Valdez, brought in Roman candles!” Leo pointed to the chairs and tables outside the shop.
“Roman candles?” Calypso asked, a tad confused. Her face scrunched up a bit and Leo almost died from how cute her face looked.
“They’re like fireworks. There’s a slight difference with how the shell explodes compared to fireworks and they are a much more traditional version of fireworks but…” He trailed off when he noticed Calypso’s confused face- he just managed to remember that she wasn’t a nerd like him and didn’t study fireworks in her freetime. 
“Anyway, Will has the red ones and I have the green ones and so we literally start shooting them at each other like we’re re-enacting Harry Potter or something!”
“What! Can’t someone get set on fire from that?”
“Well yeah actually, they can. Will shoots one at me, sparks at my hair and sets it on fire. I’m running around trying to stop my burning hair while everyone is laughing. The crowd started cheering ‘Flaming Valdez’ and since then, they’ve adopted me that name. I’ve tried to get them to change it but it seems to stick,” he laughed while making her coffee. 
“Yeah, I think I’ve seemed to notice. Super sized Mcshizzle, Bad boy supreme, Commander tool belt, Admiral Leo and today- Flaming Valdez.” She listed all the names he would wear on his badges off her fingers. However, that may have been a mistake because when she looked up, she saw Leo shooting her a sly grin that made the butterflies start going crazy in her stomach again.
“So you remember my names, huh?” 
“It’s the nice thing to do,” she defended, a blush rising on her cheeks as she reached for some napkins.
Leo took a deep breath- he couldn’t believe that he was going to use Will’s Star Wars pick up line. 
“Do you like Star Wars? Cause Yoda only one for me.” The words practically rolled off his tongue and Calypso froze before breaking in laughter. She couldn't hold it in anymore- this was by far the funniest of all the pick up lines he had used. She pulled out a pen and scribbled something down on her sketchpad before ripping it out.
Leo, distraught, watched as she laughed at the pick up line. He should have listened to his gut and never made the pick up line. Oh gosh, he looked like an absolute loser now. Who makes Star Wars puns other than nerds? He handed Calypso the coffee and watched as she quickly left.
 He noticed the sketch she had left behind, it looked oddly familiar. In fact, he could have sworn it looked just like him. She had been sketching him everytime she waited for her coffee. He traced finger gently over the outline of his face, smiling. She had drawn everything in such detail, he felt like he was looking in the mirror but at the same time he felt she had facetuned him and made him look.. Well, perfect. Did she think he needed all these faults fixed? Or was this just how she saw him? She somehow made every flaw seem gorgeous and beautiful and he didn’t know how to feel as he looked at the bottom of the sketch. 
His eyes widened as he read the note left at the bottom of the sketch. 
Hey Leonidas (your co-worker told me that). Here’s my number - 07669833256. 
P.S- Star Wars puns ALWAYS work.
Yours truly, Calypso
“Leo? Are you good?” Will stopped to ask him. 
“Star Wars puns always work- you were right,” he said starstruck. 
The Next Friday
“Mamacita, get off those tables, I need to clean them,” Leo huffed, holding a spray bottle threateningly and a cloth in his other hand. Calypso, giggling and giddy hopped off the table. She watched as Leo quickly sprayed it down before wiping it. 
“Are you checking me out?” Leo’s smug voice cut through Calypso’s thoughts, snapping her out of mind. Her initial reaction was to stutter and wildly deny it however today at 7pm, she felt more bold than usual and decided to tease him a bit.
“So what if I was?” 
Leo almost froze at the bold response, not expecting the reaction from her. They’d been officially going out for one week and so far, Calypso had been quite shy. A kiss on the cheek here and there, a bit of innocent flirting but no one had really openly confessed their feelings. It was obvious to everyone around them that they liked each other but they seemed determined to have the other say it first. 
“Well if you were… " He turned around to see her smirking with both hands on her hips. He was not losing to Calypso- he would make her confess her feelings first if it was the last thing he did. She sat herself on the counter behind her and beckoned Leo forward with her finger. He raised an eyebrow at the bold move but obliged. 
Leo stood between Calypso’s thighs, his hands slipping around her waist. Their faces were close enough that if Calypso and Leo both moved their head slightly forward, they’d be kissing. Funnily enough, they both had started eating mints and chewing gum whenever they’d be with each other as if they were planning the moment. 
“I still can’t believe those pick up lines worked,” Calypso sighed, her hands moving onto Leo’s shoulders, comfortably rubbing them back and forth. 
“Bad Boy supreme is very much offended by those comments.”
“Nu uh. Ever since that blond co-worker of yours told me that your full name is Leonidas...” She paused to unsuccessfully hold in a small laugh. “...That your name is Leonidas, it’s been Leonidas and it will always be Leonidas to me.”
“Not even Leo?” He asked, his eyes entering puppy eyes mode. Calypso remained unimpressed and shook her head. Their eyes locked and they could feel each other's thoughts. Just as their heads were leaning in,the radio behind the counter bugged out and static started blaring everywhere. Calypso wanted to curse god- of coure something just had  to ruin the moment. Immediately, the two students shoved their hands over their ears and Leo jumped over the counter to quickly fix the horrendous noise. A few minutes later, About Love  by Marina started softly playing through the cafe’s speakers. 
The moment seemed like it was manufactured for a movie. The beautiful sunset on the horizon, the romantic music and most of all, Leo’s playful smile as he held his hand out asking Calypso to dance. She, of course, accepted and the two twirled about in each other's arms. They weren’t very good and they kept on stepping on each other's toes but eventually they got into a position where Leo’s hands were wrapped around her waist and Calypso’s arms were thrown around Leo’s neck. 
Leo watched as Calypso closed eyes and softly sang the words to the song under her breath. 
“Started in the strangest way, didn’t see it coming.”
Leo started singing with her, “My head gets messy when I try to hide.”
“The things I love about you in my mind” Their voices were harmonious and in sync. 
“I don’t really know a lot about love, a lot about love, a lot about love but you’re in my head, you’re my blood and it feels so good, it hurts so much.” Calypso had her head leaning on Leo’’s chest and she could hear the steady thumping of his heart quicken.
“Shall I take this as your confession of love to me?” He murmured into her hair. Calypso shot her head up so fast that she almost butted Leo in the chin. 
“Hell no, Leonidas.” 
Yet, as she said those words, her face leaned upwards towards Leo with her intense gaze falling to his lips. They looked soft, supple even and she felt so tempted to reach out and brush them. In fact, she felt so tempted to touch them that she didn’t even notice her actual hand reaching out to brush against his bottom lip. 
Leo had to physically restrain himself from shivering when he felt Calypso’s finger brush over his bottom lip, dragging it back slightly before slowly setting her hand at the side of his face. Slowly, like they were two magnets slowly attracting each other, they leaned in. When they were practically breathing in each other's face, Leo decided to spring one more pick up line on Calypso. 
“Did you know that my lips are skittles?” Leo cut in quickly. Calypso quickly frowned, not catching on. Leo continued, “ And you’re about to taste the rainbow.”
Calypso groaned, throwing her head back while Leo giggled to himself. Sick of chasing each other, Calypso grabbed Leo’s face with both her hands and smashed her lips into his, abruptly shutting him up. To say Leo was surprised would be the understatement of the year. He was in a true state of panic, thinking what he should do with his hands, his lips, his entire being. Her lips moved against his, encouraging him. He wrapped his hands around her waist, both of them moving up her back, pulling her into the kiss. 
They pulled away for a brief second, looking each other in the eye before slamming their lips back together. Had anyone walked in on them, it would have only been appropriate to say that they were devouring each other- their lips pushed and their hands pulled. Their lips moved in sync and Calypso weaved her hands into Leo’s curls. It was demonically passionate as their tongues slipped across each other's lips. The heat of the kiss spread across Calypso’s face- the blush was so obvious, she felt like her lips were on fire. Nothing could have stopped them, not even if the entire world was on fire. 
As they pulled away, Calypso had one more trick up her sleeve. 
“As far I’m concerned, the rainbow tasted pretty damned good,” She remarked, referencing to Leo’s previous pick up line. 
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Reblog if you write fan fiction
Doesn’t matter if you write in a frequent basis, or once in a blue moon, just how many of us are there?
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Leo: I put the ‘fun’ in funeral
Nico: Dude, you’ve just crashed your own funeral
*Leo running away as the rest of the demigods chase him in a rage*
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Hi hi ! I just want to say that I loveeee the dancer au fic you're working on!! I'm looking forward to the next chapter! <3
Ahhhhh, oh my god! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Chapter 2 is almost ready so expect it by Sunday/Monday but in the mean time, there’s a Caleo oneshot coming out this week so look out for that!
I’m going to call you <3 Anon.
Also people, please send me more of these
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 Leo Valdez and I feel personally attacked by this.
girls be like *he is my comfort character* and then bam its the most emotionally traumatised ficitonal man you’ve ever seen
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De Humani Corporis Fabrica
Chapter I: Le Studio Royal Jupiter
Word count: 3.4K
Summary: Pjo Dancer AU! When Le Studio Royal Jupiter starts competing, friendships and budding romances are ignited but enemies are also re-united.
Taglist (send me a message if you want to be added): @showtunesandsolangelo​
Tumblr media
A competition. An actual competition. Nico and Percy couldn’t believe it! They had spent all their lives training and now, their studio was finally going to a dance competition! Nico wasn’t about to admit it, but he practically did a pirouette in joy when he found out. Him and Percy couldn’t be more excited- their studio was becoming competitive! 
But of course, they weren’t the only excited dancers. 
Annabeth, Nico's ballet partner, was over the moon when she heard the news from Nico himself when they were warming up at the bar. Jason, one of the few students who took a fusion of ballet and street dance, had done a flip that the ballet dancers could not describe with any word other than awesome. The tap kids had come in singing musical theatre songs like ‘the story on tonight’ from Hamilton in honour of the news and Will Solace, the captain of the Tap dance crew, had given a terrible haiku as a celebration- something that he got from his father. 
The salsa kids were literally tangoing their way into the studio and the best salsa duo -Hazel Levesque and Leo Valdez- had walked in with roses in their mouths as to also celebrate. However, Percy’s street dance partner, a talented breaker and popper- Frank Zhang, was more nervous and cautious towards this news. 
Normally, the dancer’s all danced in the section of the studio where their style was taught. Studio A had the Ballet dancers, Studio B had the Street dancers, Studio 1 had the tap dancers and Studio 2 had the Salsa dancers and so on. The spare studio spaces were just rehearsal spaces and normally classes weren’t taught there. However, today, all of the top dancers from each style were gathered in Studio A. 
Annabeth, Nico and Jason were all whispering as they sat down, doing butterflies. Behind them, they could hear Hazel and Leo- also known as fire and ice- because while Leo brought the fire (quite literally in that one routine they had performed involving the alcohol and matches), Hazel would always bring the coolest of moves that oftentimes, everybody had forgotten about. They were both talking about a funny incident with their lazy teacher, Dionysus, who spent his time drinking way too much.
Will and Piper, the musical theatre tap duo were probably considered the most talented duo. They could sing, dance and act- practically triple threats. With them on the dance team, there was no way they could lose. 
“Has anyone considered that because we are now a competitive studio, we will have to audition to get on the teams?” Frank's concerned voice rang out, making everyone fall silent. Everyone expected to just be on the team- no one had remembered that there was no way every single one of them would be able to compete. 
“Good morning dancers, thank you for being here early on a Saturday nonetheless- we know most classes do not start until 10, so we thank you for being so dedicated to this studio,” a firm voice rang out. Reyna, the ballet teacher, had walked in with her prize pupil- Calypso.
“I bet you Calypso will be competing- that's what happens when you practically live in this studio,” Annabeth whispered to Hazel, who was behind her. Despite being in different classes- they were good friends who hung out during their breaks.
“Doesn’t mean she deserves this any more than we do,” Leo, who despised Calypso, added. 
“As you know.” Reyna glared at the group of people talking before starting again. “We have recently decided to become a competitive studio again.” 
Reyna was suddenly cut off by a series of whoops, claps and whistles from throughout the crowd. 
“This means that we will need a team. Many of you seem to have forgotten that when we weren’t a competitive studio, we still held auditions for teams. The competitive team who will represent Le Studio Royal Jupiter will be determined through auditions.
“She can just say The Royal Jupiter Studio, it’s not like you get extra brownie points if you say it in french,” Leo snorted slightly, causing Calypso who also despised Leo, to glare at him. 
“It is tradition for our studio to make sure the best of the best is chosen to represent. Many of the students who have been with us for almost their entire lives,” Reyna turned her eyes to Nico, “Know of the times when this Studio was competitive. The trophies in the corridor show our successful history that was closed down to a tragic incident and it was decided for a period of time that LSRJ would stop being competitive.”
“But now, we’re going to regionals so let's talk business- or in dance, we like to say auditions,” The street dance teacher, Thalia Grace ,who was also the brother of the best fusion dancer - Jason Grace- walked in. Her abrupt statement caused the room to start buzzing with whispers and excitement. She had baggy tracksuits with a skull t-shirt as well as a black patterned bandana around her cropped black hair.
“For the auditions, there will be solos and duets. You can choose whether you want to do either however, doing a duet will be seen a better as in proves your ability to work with others. Solo auditions for regionals itself will be decided once the team is in,” Reyna added the last sentence when she saw Annabeth about to open her mouth. 
“For ya duets, we highly recommend you don’t partner with someone of the same style, So Annabeth and Nico- big no no, sorry guys. We want to see what you can do when you are put outside your comfort zone. Hazel and Leo, stop pouting unless you’re willing to pout at the floor while you do push ups,” Thalia grinned wickedly. 
“As for the 2 other sections of the auditions- there will be improv which you all are familiar with. There will also be a choreographed audition- you will be sectioned into groups and taught choreo in a sectioned amount of time. You will be given an hour to learn this choreo and perfect it before presenting it to the judges,” Calypso added, standing at the front. 
“We hope to see many faces at the auditions and good luck!” Reyna called out as she pinned the sign up sheet to the notice board. Dancers practically ran to the sheets, scribbling their names under the solo column, despite the warnings given. 
“So… you’re Annabeth, right? You do ballet with Nico- wanna team up?” Percy grinned all too knowingly making Annabeth sigh. 
“We’re dating, you dumbass.” She facepalmed before quickly answering. “ Yes, yes I will be your partner.” 
Unfortunately, the rest of the dancers who did not sign up for solo’s did not find their partners so easily. Hazel and Leo were so tempted to be partners- they were almost definite that they could choreograph a salsa routine that would be so good, the judges would forget the whole ‘different style’ partner.
Percy had already gotten his partner but he knew that Frank needed one. He had seen how Frank had always been shy to approach Hazel and he couldn’t blame him too much. Hazel was a super talented dancer and her smile was guaranteed to light up any room. However, Percy wasn’t definite that Hazel and Leo weren’t dating. They would always be seen together and while they were called fire and ice, they got along very well. 
“Hey Hazel!” Percy beckoned her over. “Since you can’t pair up with Leo, how about you try pairing up with a hip hop guy….Oh Frank, you’re free- surely you wouldn’t mind pairing up with Hazel?” 
Frank who was shoved into the spotlight could feel the blood rushing to his cheeks as he managed to successfully not stutter his words.
“Uh, well I’m down if you are,” he mumbled slightly, looking towards his feet. 
“Sure!” Hazel agreed happily which earned herself a light nudge from Leo.
“Who do I go with if you’re off with B-boy?” 
“Leo, stop being codependent on me. Ask Jason, he does fusion,” Hazel recommended. 
“I can’t lift Jason though!”  
“Jason just paired up with Piper,” Jason added as he walked over, throwing his arm over Percy’s shoulder.
“Jason, you did what?” Nico asked, horrified. “Jay, I wanted to pair with you!”
“There’s still Leo, Will and… Calypso,” Annabeth offered. Nico shot her a look saying Do I look like I’m about to deal with Calypso?  On cue, Will walked over, humming as he did so. 
“Any of you free? I need a partner, I really don’t have it in me to bother for a solo,” he confessed. Jason, who wore the smile of the devil's advocate at this very moment, decided to speak for Nico. 
“Hey Nico, weren’t you just complaining about not having a partner. Oh and would you look at that, your styles are completely different!” 
Nico whipped his head around and glared daggers at Jason who was smiling uncontrollably.
“Nico, is that good with you? I know how uptight Ballet dancers are.”
“We aren’t that uptight!” Nico snapped which earned him a look from Leo that read are you sure about that? 
“Is that a yes?” 
Nico sighed, knowing he had lost this battle. “Yeah, it’s fine.”
“No! No it’s not fine! I still don’t have a partner!” Leo cried. Calypso, with a plan forming in her head, literally walked up to Leo and attempted to drag him by the arm, only to be stopped by him pulling his hand away.
“¿Qué te pasa?” Leo immediately broke into Spanish.
“Us. Partners.”
“Partners? Are you out of your mind? Go do a duet with Castellan!”
“Our styles are too similar- we both do Ballet,” Calypso shot back. 
“You know Callie, considering you are one of the studio's best Ballet dancers, I would have thought you would be going with a solo... '' Will mused, teasing her over the crush he knew she used to have on Leo. Well that’s what Calypso would claim everytime it was brought up. Calypso could feel her cheeks heating up and curled her toes to stop it.
“But I guess you going with a duet would make you look more like a team player.” Will stopped for a second to place his fingers on his chin as if he were stroking a beard. “Although, I never thought you’d go for Valdez since Clarrise hasn’t got a partner yet.” 
“Clarrise and I had an argument, it would be unethical to work with her.”
“More unethical than it is to work with me? Also, I love the passive aggressive undertone- it doesn’t suit you though,” Leo gave a genuine smile. Calypso did not respond to the intense sarcasm and instead told Leo to make sure he checks his messages which resulted in Leo wondering how he ever got her number.
“Hey Nico, I've gotta skadoodle but text me a good rehearsal time, kay?” Will grabbed Nico’s wrist before he left. Nico responded with a gentle nod- slightly shocked that someone had just touched his wrist without his permission.
“Wait, wait- how do you do that?” Hazel asked as Frank showed her a piece of choreography. 
“Okay, well you push your left foot out and then you bend both knees and your arms come down like you’re about to crouch. Then just kick out your left foot before pulling it back and set your right foot in front,” Frank instructed, holding Hazel's arm for her as she struggled to get the move down pat. 
“Wait, I think I’ve got it,” She performed the move perfectly. “ Ooh, hey we can add on a salsa part to this!”
Hazel shuffled her hips, rolling her body and hips forwards before bringing them back her arms both in the air elegantly. 
“Okay, put your right hand on my hip with my hand and then put your other hand in my free hand.” Hazel waved her free hand in the air which Frank then took. 
“Now, just move with me,” Hazel finished. Frank, who was terribly nervous and could feel his hands shaking, somehow managed to perform the move adequately- which even led him to another idea for their dance. 
“Hey, how do you feel about adding a lift?”
“Percyy, put me down!” Annabeth shrieked as Percy held her on his back and refused to put her back to the safe ground.
“Not until you say that you secretly despise pointe shoes!”
“But I like performing on pointe! I was even hoping it would be part of our routine!”
This made Percy set her down. Annabeth’s cries of mercy died down as Percy let her feet touch the floor. They were occupying studio A which had the best mirrors- something that every dancer knew was necessary. 
“You did?” 
“What, did you think we were going to abandon Ballet entirely? We need to incorporate both styles, not just completely ignore the other,” Annabeth reminded him, her hands resting on her hips.
“I kinda thought we’d lean in the hip hop direction considering how technical the studio is.” Percy rubbed the back of his head.
“The studio isn’t that technical…. Okay maybe it is but we don’t need to abandon Ballet completely for this routine to stand out.”
“Do you have any ideas?” 
“Of course,” Annabeth scoffed slightly before looking back at Percy, who rolled his eyes at her brash statement.
Leo and Calypso were working on opposite sides of the room. They were in Studio 2, the salsa room- which they had for the rest of the day. Most dancers avoided Studio 2 because Dionysus was one of the weirdest dance teachers there were. He’d sit in a chair and tell the students stories and somehow, their dances blew people out the water. Some students believe that Leo and Hazel actually taught the class but others thought that Dionysus would just copy dances from the internet.
The truth was, Dionysus was the kind of person who would get a bit tipsy at work every once in a while- normally it would just result in him mis- shuffling his steps when teaching but every so once in a while, he would create some extraordinary move from scratch. The rest was just his natural ability to dance- Dionysus told stories through his dance and he told the stories first. Always first.
Calypso was on the side of the room with the bar, stretching and warming up while Leo was on the other side with his headphones on and practising. 
“Hey! Hello Leo! Take your headphones off!” Calypso called from the other side of the room. Leo, oblivious as ever, continued marking moves, in a manner where he was basically just shuffling his hips. Calypso marched over towards him and snatched his headphones off his head.
“Oi! What was that for?”
“I’ve been trying to talk to you if you haven’t noticed,” she pointed out.  Leo rolled his eyes passive aggressively which only got onto Calypso’s nerves even more. 
“What do you want?” Leo asked bluntly, eager to finish the conversation. 
“I know what we should do for the routine, so come on.” She tried grabbing Leo’s wrist again. 
“Of course you do. There you go again. Always Calypso, the everlasting angel who bosses everyone about and sucks up to every teacher in sight,” Leo mumbled under his breath. Unfortunately for him, Calypso caught his words.
“Oh look, it’s Leo- the immature and idiotic salsa dancer who set his dance partner on fire and is only known because of his partner and his ridiculous crush he has on her!” Calypso threw her hands out. 
“First of all, setting her on fire was part of the routine and we planned and rehearsed it several times. Second of all, I do not have a crush on Hazel!”
“Do to!”
“How would you even know! You’re always in Studio A or one the rehearsal rooms. You never come down to Studio 2- not that we want you down here,” Leo retorted. 
“I have no desire to come down here with your loud and improper techniques and not to forget your funky, weird teacher. Everyone knows Hazel practically teaches the salsa classes.”
“Salsa isn't improper. It’s not our fault you’re the only ballet dancer with a stick so far up your ass, you’re practically a mannequin doll! And you’re just jealous that you have Reyna who is terrifying as a teacher- Dionysus is super chill and you know it!”
“Reyna is 10 times the teacher Dionysus will ever be. Besides, you aren’t even the best dancer in your class, you can’t be one to talk,” Calypso boasted. 
“You aren’t the best in your class either,” Leo pointed out, as if the fact was obvious. Calypso, who thought otherwise, stopped, dead still. 
He did not just go there.
She had always seen herself as a passionate, ambitious and successful dancer- a lot of the time, the best even.  When she spoke again, her voice seemed softer, vulnerable even.
“What do you mean I’m not the best? Who else is there?”
“Well there’s Castellan- everyone knows he’s being scouted. Besides, Nico and Annabeth blow you out of the water when it comes to technique, so you really can’t come and attack us salsa dancers.”
Calypso was at a loss for words. Did people actually see Luke as the better dancer? Was she just his backup all this time? Di Angelo and Chase blow her out of the water in technique? Since when? She had been at this studio her entire life and it seemed like since forever, she had always seen herself and assumed herself to be the best. Quickly, she packed her stuff away and scurried out of Studio 2- leaving Leo all by himself. 
It was 8 at night. Almost every dancer had left the studio by now. By now, almost every light was turned off. Almost every part of studio A was covered in darkness. Except for the spot where Nico was dancing. His black pointe shoes were elegant, just like his turns, his leaps and his jumps. It was like watching a swan- graceful, smooth and completely unaware of its surroundings. Swans also gawked the second something unexpected happened- so when Will walked through the doors of Studio A and started clapping at the end of Nico’s routine, Nico freaked out, slipping his foot (which may I remind you was on pointe) and landing on his butt. 
“Ah shit! Are you okay?” Will asked, his tone worried as he rushed towards Nico who was clutching his ankle, with his eyes screwed up.
“Why the hell were you there? Why the hell are you still here?” 
“I could ask you the same question,” Will challenged. 
“I lock up the studio normally. Reyna gives me the keys before she leaves.” Nico flexed his ankle, making sure it was able to move in all directions. He started ripping his pointe shoes off, eager to get his feet out of the pretty torture devices. 
“Sorry about the ankle, I probably should have made it clear I was coming.” Will rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly.
“Yeah, normally I rely on your tap shoes. Those things click clack like a bloody cow bell,” Nico remarked as he walked over to his cubby to put on his trainers.
“Harty har, if it means you don’t go leaping into an injury then I will consider it.”
“Wow,” Nico drawled. “Good to see that you care so much about my health.”
“Well if you got injured, who would I audition with?” Will smirked cheekily, hiding his eyes under his voluminous amount of blond locks. 
“Now I feel even better,” Nico laughed slightly, pulling his sports bag over his shoulder. 
As they walked out of the building, Nico stopped to make sure everything was all locked up. They passed the silver plaque, which had the studio's motto on it. While the studio had a french name- Le Studio Royal Jupiter- it’s motto was Latin. Nico had always loved the studio’s motto, seeing as it was cryptic but meaningful. In fact, he had found out that the motto was actually named after the anatomical book of Andreas Vesalius who was a 16th century anatomist. 
De Humani Corporis Fabrica
On the fabric of the Human Body- Nico thought it was perfectly fitting for Le Studio Royal Jupiter.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
happy ace day everyone!!!!
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If he doesn’t write it, the fandom 100% will.
Rick's probably never gonna write the Nico solo book. That's it, he was just messing with us this entire time.
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I feel like every person on tumblr just got obliterated
damn she just eviscerated everyone on this website
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Things me and my friends have said as pjo quotes-pt 2
Situation 1
Leo: I think I used the wrong toothpaste.
Piper: how do you use the wrong toothpaste?
Leo: it tasted less spicy than usual.
Situation 2
Nico: The way it's 4am, I need so much sleep, the right side of my face is numb, my right eye is swollen shut and was seeing totally different things to my left eye a while ago and I've been hallucinating like crazy today- I'm pretty sure I’ve seen a bear where a bear shouldn't be like three times.
Jason: ...
Jason: You are not ok
Situation 3
*people talking about Furries*
Percy: Oh god, I hated furries as a kid, why did McDonalds think they were fun to put in happy meals -I don’t know. 
Nico: Dude those were furbies
Annabeth: *cue face palm and uncontrollable laughter*
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