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lavendercitizen · 21 minutes ago
Would you maybe write a Headcanon about charles finding out you’re a little 🥺
yes <3
charles always had his suspicions about your little side, but he wasn’t exactly sure what it entails. he did some research on it, getting more familiar with the topic in an effort to make you feel more comfortable when you were finally brave enough to share that side of you with him.
and your little side has been threatening to push its way out for a while, but you’ve been repressing it in fear that charles won’t accept you.
it builds up and up until you can’t control it anymore, and you wake up little one morning.
charles notices immediately, cooing gently at you and helping you get dressed and making you breakfast — all little finger foods just how you like them.
when you call him daddy, he freezes slightly, eyes widening in shock.
but you don’t even seem to acknowledge it, continuing to babble quietly to yourself as you chew messily on your breakfast.
“daddy, daddy, daddy!”
“yes, sweet pea?”
you grab at him, outstretched arms and he lifts you out of the chair, resting you on his knee.
he spends the rest of the day cuddling and playing with you, and when you wake up big the next morning you are mortified.
“oh my god, charles i’m so sorry. if you want to break up with me, i-i get it. i’m so so sorry.” you ramble and he takes your hands in his, stopping you in your tracks.
“darling, it’s okay. i don’t want to break up with you.”
“but i called you... oh my god.” you whine, hiding your face from him.
“you can call me daddy if you want, lovely. i can be your daddy, if you’re comfortable to share that side of you with me, i’d be honoured. okay?”
“of course. now come here and cuddle daddy.”
his use of the title causes you to slip right back into your little space, resting your chin on his chest and gazing up at him lovingly.
“lub you, daddy.”
“i love you too, sweet pea.”
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lavendercitizen · an hour ago
sad and sweet c!bucky where he yells at his gf, y/n, and she starts crying
i’m gonna make this one a bit different..
it’s brooklyn baby // send in asks!
Tumblr media
you never backed down. not when it came to anyone, and especially not when it came to bucky.
but you fucking cowered when he was hollering about you not trusting him and his hand came up to rub at his face.
he saw something flash through your eyes, watching as you flew back to a time that you’d tried so hard to forget.
you braced yourself for an impact, something that hadn’t happened in years, something that wouldn’t ever happen again.
bucky froze, a buzzing silence filling the room. he dropped his hands in realization when he saw a tear slide down your cheek.
you could only stare at him for a moment before you started sobbing, his arms wrapping around you when your legs gave out.
“hey, woah,” he grunted as he helped you over to the couch, “it’s okay, i got you.”
you were physically shaking in his arms, fear radiating off of you. “i’m s-sorry,” you whispered.
“no, none of that,” bucky hummed sadly, rubbing your back.
Tumblr media
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lavendercitizen · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Garter (one of a pair) French, 18th century. Silk plain weave with silk tambour work and embroidery on silk ribbon. | ↳ MFA
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lavendercitizen · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Sebastian Stan in Logan Lucky (2017)
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lavendercitizen · an hour ago
Now hold up- this activated something in me✋🏻
Tumblr media
Trying to write fluff but I can’t get a new horny thought out of my head so I know I haven’t done one of those in a long time but under the cut is a horny though of the day lol (also lowkey since I haven’t done one of these in a while this is making me feel a little shy and embarrassed lol)
NSFW under the cut
So this reminds me of either Andy or Ransom in particular but just being their shy little baby they adore and you’re laying on the bed in just his shirt trying to recover from the night before when he made you cum so many times you lost count and you’re all cuddled down into the blankets and pillows with your face half hidden away from the world. And he comes into the room and at first is like Aw my precious baby but then when he lifts the covers to come cuddle with you and you let out a little whine of protest because of the cold air he sees your pussy (ew I hate calling it that but I didn’t know what other word to use lol) still all red and puffy from him and of course wet because you’re always wet for daddy and he just can’t help himself. So he crawls completely under the covers and starts teasing you with his mouth making you whine and moan for him with little soft daddies and pleases and he just chuckles because he thinks you’re so cute all blushy and needy. And he eats you out loving how you try to hide you face more in the pillows and he teases you more by spanking you telling you not to hide from daddy and let him see you cum. And of course you do because it’s him and you’re so wrecked and tired so he decided to let you rest before he makes you choke on his cock later.
Okay that’s all lol I hope you liked this horny thought of the day because now I’m shy and already thinking about deleting this lol.
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lavendercitizen · 2 hours ago
Anon this is the best idea ever😳😳 and that gif combined with this masterpiece?😩
okay but like.. kissing seb/bucky on the chin? the lil dimple? the scruff? the bit of grey hairs? pls im so desperate 🤧
Tumblr media
You're barefoot, standing on his Italian black leather loafers. He smells so good, like afternoon rain and cedar. You rub your face across his shirt, his chest firm and warm under the soft silk.
"I'm only going to be gone a few days, princess." He says softly.
You ignore him, sliding your hands up the sides of his neck until you reach his hair. Pushing yourself up on your tiptoes, you kiss his throat, feeling his pulse under your lips.
Bucky groans under his breath, his hands squeezing your ass. "Please princess, I have to go."
Another kiss under his chin, more along his jaw, your lips brushing over his beard, you nip at the patch of grey there. He growls, low and dark when you do it again
You kiss over your tiny bite, remembering how you teased him about it last night and how he made you pay for calling him an old man. Judging by how tightly he's holding you and his growing bulge pressing into your belly, he's thinking about it too.
Bucky cups your head in his large hands, bringing it back. "I guess I can stay one more day." He drops his lips to yours, hovering over your open mouth. "You make me so weak princess."
His lips crash into yours, a deep passionate kiss, you moan into his mouth, grabbing fistfuls of his hair pulling even closer. Buckys hands grip your thighs and pull you up to his waist. You wrap your legs around him, giggling when he pushes you into a wall.
His lips moving down your neck, mumbling that you're too spoiled and he can't let you get away with tempting him like this.
And i-
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lavendercitizen · 2 hours ago
This is the kind of support Bucky needs😤 How you manage to make these blurbs feel like 5k fics is beyond me✋🏻🥺
Hi, can I request “I’m a mess.” and “You make me feel safe.” with post-CATWS Bucky please? Have a great day! And happy pride month!!
hi thank you!! happy pride to you !
trin’s sleepover
Tumblr media
bucky felt like an egg that had been dropped onto the floor. broken and scrambled, falling apart at the seams and unfixable.
but you made it bearable. you showed him that he was none of those things.
you’d gone with him to romania, promising him that you’d never leave his side. so you didn’t.
you didn’t mind much, though. it was nice, being away from everything, not having to be afraid on a daily basis, not having to answer to anyone but each other and even then, you never asked much.
your daily routine was pretty much the same, you’d both wake up and take a shower, then you’d work on recovering parts of his memory to jot down inside of one of the many journals you’d collected. then, you’d head to the nearby farmer’s market to get a few things.
some nights bucky had nightmares, other nights he slept soundly. the bad nights, though, those nights were hell. but you wouldn’t give it up for the world.
tonight was one of the bad nights. bucky’d had a different kind of nightmare tonight, one where he’d hurt you instead of a stranger.
he woke up in fear, which woke you up. “bucky?”
he couldn’t respond, the words coming out as a quiet sob as he sat up. you felt your own throat tighten as you moved to comfort him. “hey, hey, it’s okay. it was just a dream.”
“why are you still here, y/n?” bucky turned to look at you, his eyes glassy, “i’m a mess and i could hurt you one day.”
“i don’t care that you’re a mess, bucky,” you sighed quietly, “you could never hurt me. you make me feel safe.”
he let out a sour laugh and shook his head, “if i hurt you i’ll never be able to live with myself. i’m a monster, y/n.”
you cupped his cheek gently, “you aren’t a monster, bucky. you’re my hero, okay? you’ve saved my life a million times. it’s an instinct at this point, you couldn’t hurt me.”
“how do you know that for sure?”
“i don’t,” you shrugged, “but i know you. and i can’t even imagine you doing something like that.”
he looked like he wanted to argue, but he was far too tired. so instead he nodded and leaned over to rest his head on your lap.
Tumblr media
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lavendercitizen · 2 hours ago
Wait your Chris is so good😭 Spare Chris? I'm begging for crumbs✋🏻✋🏻
Tumblr media
Ok because we clearly both adore Destroyer!Chris who deserves a happy ending and you asked for prompts...
“Are you flirting with me?” “You finally noticed?
(if you don't want to write for Chris, you could do another Biker!Bucky . Ooo or mob!Bucky!)
Tumblr media
ofc i’m doing chris 😭😭.
trin’s sleepover
Tumblr media
you snickered quietly at his poor attempt at a joke, rolling your eyes in the process. “you suck at this, y’know.”
“hey!” chris furrowed his brows in fake offense. “that’s not nice.”
“neither are those shitty ass pick-up lines.”
“aw, c’mon don’t be like that!” he called after you when you moved into the kitchen to get another beer.
you laughed again, shaking your head as you dug through the fridge. “damnit, we’re outta beer.”
“aw, seriously?”
you hummed in response and walked over to him, sitting back on the couch. you smiled slightly to yourself as you looked up at him, “you got somethin’ on your face.”
chris’s hands immediately shot up to wipe it away, his brows raising, “did i get it?”
“no, here- lemme do it,” you bit down on your lip to hide your grin as you leaned forward, practically on his lap. “annnd, there you go.” you pressed a soft kiss to his cheek, his eyes going wide for a second.
“are you flirting with me?” he grinned.
“you finally noticed,” you laughed, “i’ve been doing it all night.”
“you call that flirting?!”
Tumblr media
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lavendercitizen · 2 hours ago
Shdhsjsjw stop this would be so cuteee🥲😭 Bucky=touch starved + you=touch starved definitely a dream team🙇🏼‍♀️
hii would do you think daddy buckys reaction would be to he’s little being clingy? like they won’t stop hugging he’s arm following him everywhere and sits on he lap any chance they get
oh he’d be adorable and more than happy to put up with your clingy nature, being touch starved himself he’d probably appreciate it once he’s really comfortable with you.
he’d chuckle every time he feels your body wrap around him — any part of him, whether that be an arm, a leg or his middle — and let you attach yourself to him, kissing the top of your head and carrying on with whatever he was doing quite happily with you
when you follow him around, he’d hold his hand out for you to take so you can hold onto him, and you’d giggle in glee, taking it gratefully and bounding behind him.
every time he sits down, you seize the opportunity to climb into his lap, wrapping your legs around his waist like a little koala and resting your cheek against his shoulder, your face scrunching adorably as you gaze up at him in absolute infatuation.
“i lub you, daddy.”
“i love you too, peanut.”
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