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ladyfluff · 3 hours ago
For a drabble maybe James looking after his little explorer after she fell and hurt herself
Tumblr media
At first he thought someone had hurt her, as if someone attacked her. The way she cried, it was too painful to listen to. James was quick to rush outside only to soo that Lily had simply fallen over in the driveway, now sitting on the concrete and bawling. James saw a bit of blood on the concrete, she had hurt herself. Running around right after he asked her not to, it was safer for her to run around on the grass out back but she always liked cycling out here instead. James felt bad, he should've been out here watching her.
''Oh no, Lily! What happened?''
James wasted no time, picking her up from the ground. It was almost instinct for Lily to wrap her arms and legs around him when he does, he needed to make this right. Stop the tears and make the hurt go away, that's what mother's and father's do for their children. They care for them, love them and make sure that they are okay. He carried his wailing Lily back into the house, kicking the door to close it behind him. His daughter has had falls before, he knew she'll be alright but he couldn't help but feel that sting in his heart every time.
''I fell- I fell on the- On the ground!''
Gasping in between her words, too hurt to stop crying. James kissed the top of her head, carrying her into the kitchen where they kept the plasters. Couple of those and a kiss would help her make it feel better but no doubt Lily would rather have him read to her, have a snack or something to feel better. James promised her both those things, just as long as she was getting better. He sits her down on the table but she wouldn't let go of him at first, he had to pry her arms and legs off him in order to turn around to get the plasters. James was quick to get them, making sure to get some paper towels to clean it up a bit.
Lily sniffled, trying to be strong while James cleaned up her knee. It wasn't a big scrape, just a small one. Tiny bit of blood, she was a big girl now. One day James wouldn't be around to do this for her, the thought of that scared him. He had been away from the house, away from the family so often. Almost got fully stranded on an island in the middle of nowhere, his time on Skull Island had been so difficult. James almost began to accept the fact that he might never see his daughter again, that all he would ever have was that little picture of her he carried with him. Luckily, old Marlow wouldn't let him lose hope. James was here now, he wanted to stay here and raise Lily. He wanted to see her grow up, go to school, have friends. He wanted to be there when she got hurt, he wanted to make sure that she heals.
''It's alright, it'll stop hurting soon enough. The moment you stop thinking about it, it'll all be better.''
Lily would always be his little girl.
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ladyfluff · 4 hours ago
Hope it’s not too late to send a request because I was imagining Narfi secretly helping Peter out when he’s getting picked on by Flash. Thank you!
Tumblr media
Narfi wasn't fond of him, at first he thought he was trying to be personable but during that party he turned out to be such an asshole. It was incredible what wealth and status can bring to the table, Narfi won't lie. Being a prince was quite nice, luxurious but he would never use that to hid advantage to bully his people. Especially his friends, Flash was a bully. Peter didn't like him either but he never did anything about it, Narfi was well aware that Flash wasn't all that fond of him either. Edward might've mentioned that Flash was still angry with Narfi for having held up Lucy the entire party, it wasn't Narfi's fault that he was irresistible company. His eyes were elsewhere, he waves towards Griffin who had just shut his personal storage. There was a brief smile, Narfi felt accomplished. Griffin acknowledged him today, he was trying to get to know him and it seemed to be going well. When Flash wasn't always interrupting.
''You're nothing but a big, fat loser Parker. Get used to it. There's a food chain in this school and I am right on top of it, do you want to know where you are?''
Narfi rolled his eyes, leaning up against the lockers next to Peter. When was Edward getting here? Narfi enjoyed being able to shadow his brother at his place of education, he often got to enjoy the club activities with him. It was quite fun, he did ask his mother if he could go to school with Peter if he stayed with uncle Thor. She did say maybe, how hard could it be? Narfi knew almost everything there is about the realms, the magic of science, he spoke different languages. How hard could school really be? Peter sighs.
''First, there's me and then there's everyone else, there's the janitor and then there is you and your freaky cousin.''
Freaky cousin? How dare he? It wasn't exactly a secret as to who Narfi truly was these days, everyone knew he was related to the mighty Thor of the avengers. So they didn't bother hiding it, Narfi did get a lot of attention from it but it's died down over time. Now he can walk around like he was one of them, it was fantastic. Everyone at this school still somehow believes that Narfi and Peter were actual cousins though. He didn't mind, in his mind they were brothers not cousins. Narfi had a need to correct everyone whenever they mention it, he groans.
''Piss off Eugene.''
Narfi couldn't imagine naming any of his children ''Eugene'', he could see why he chose to go by ''Flash''. He was beginning to get angry, clearly didn't like being called by his real name. Shouldn't have been a dick, Narfi had no problem pushing back. Flash stomps his foot down, poking him in the chest. Barely felt it but supposedly it wasn't supposed to feel nice, Narfi rolled his eyes again.
''Shut your pie hole Nargle.''
Narfi focused on the floor behind Flash, using his magic to coat it with a thin layer of ice. He could see it spreading across the floor just as Flash turned around to walk away. Peter couldn't help but laugh when the ice immediately sent Flash to the floor, no one picked on Narfi's brother and got away with it. No one, not now, not ever.
''Walk it off Eugene.''
Flash was quick to get up, storming away in a huff.
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ladyfluff · 6 hours ago
May I ask for romantic wedding night with Robert? Smut elements optional.
god i've completely forgot how to be romantic but have this lmao!
Surf Curse - Disco
Tumblr media
Both dodging and weaving people left and right as they sprinted down the hall, fresh and new. Married at a quick chapel wedding, Robert would've taken the time to plan it but it was so much more fun this way. The memories would stick to the back of his brain, engraved on the walls of his skull. The tequila still in the back of his throat, he had to choke back the love for a moment. Robert had wanted to cry in the chapel, seeing her in front of him. Mr. and Mrs. Laing, appropriate and fitting titles now that he thought about it. Robert made a beeline for the empty pool, most of the residents too occupied to spend time in the waters, more concerned with their images and their interpersonal relationships with their neighbours to have any freedom left in them. The building made them smile in the most sardonic way, every pair of eyes watching. Not here, Robert practically ripped the door off its hinges as he opened it. Rushing inside with his now wife, only married for twenty minutes and it already felt like a week. This was the right decision, it felt good. Mrs. Laing laughed as she lunged into the pool, shoes and all. Perhaps he should at least untie his tie, Robert was quick to tear it off.
''Don't bother, just jump in!''
He didn't need to be told twice, cannonballing into the blue water. Robert didn't dare open his eyes, fearing that the euphoria would immediately dissipate. The water seemed almost carbonated, the little beads of air rolling over the curvature of his face, slipping between his fingers. He could feel Mrs. Laing pulling him up by the collar of his shirt, worried that he might've hurt himself. Sweet girl. Robert came up for air, his hair in his eyes. Perhaps he should've had it cut this morning, Mrs. Laing slicks it back with a smile. How could have been so lucky to find someone this wonderful, this being so full of laughter. Loved to dance, Robert was sure he couldn't find anyone like her ever again if he had messed up the night he met her. He chuckles, wrapping his arms around her. So light in the water.
''Ever fucked in a pool before?''
Mrs. Laing threw her head back and laughed, bringing back some old memories. The first time he saw her, he didn't hesitate. Why hesitate? If Robert hadn't acted right there and then he would've gone home by himself that night, he wouldn't have gotten the chance to spend the night with this wonderful human being. What if he hadn't managed to make her laugh? He wouldn't be here, with her.
“To think that I married the man that thought asking me if I've ever fucked in a pool before was the perfect way to start a conversation.''
Her arms rest on his shoulders, now wrapped around him. Robert so focused on pushing her up against the side of the pool, trapping her.
''I had to make sure you were the one for me darling.''
She was absolutely the one for him and he wouldn't let her forget it.
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ladyfluff · a day ago
Wait Narfi has a boyfriend? That’s awesome! Good for him 😃😆🥰
Secrets out! Narfi has a big crush on Griffin Winters and hopefully we'll get to see more of that on this blog!
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ladyfluff · a day ago
Okay not a request but funny idea! What if Narfi was in a “Back to the Future” scenario where he accidentally screws up his parents meeting/falling in love and has to fix it before the TVA founds out and he gets erased from existence?
Honestly, couldn't help but laugh at this request cause I couldn't stop imagining this as a full on series lmao whoknowsmaybe so lets do a small scenario
Tumblr media
It was a mistake, honestly. Narfi wasn't sure as to how he even got here but it was clear that he shouldn't be here. He had somehow travelled back in time? As to how that works was beyond him, one moment he was at the compound spending time with Griffin and then he was here somehow. Narfi was sure he screwed up his parents relationship the moment he got here, he remembered watching those films with Peter. Sadly, now that Narfi was this far back in time, this would mean that Peter didn't exist yet. He had to find a way home, he couldn't take the younger version of his father any longer. It was excruciating to see him trying to woo Narfi's mother, Narfi had no idea that his father used to be this awkward.
''Would you- Uh- You don't have to but-''
Narfi groans as he watched young Loki pace back in forth in the gardens, practicing his ''lines''. It was unbelievable really, his father hadn't told him this part of the story where he was left a bumbling fool whenever Narfi's mother was in his field of vision. Even just seeing her standing on the other side of a field will have Loki sweating, Narfi refused to believe that this was what his father was like at his age. All the stories he got to hear, granted he is known to embellish the truth a little bit at times but Narfi didn't think he'd do it to something so special like how he met his mother.
''That's not going to work, you have to talk to her! It's easy!''
Narfi had shown up at the wrong time, he suspected that the particular training session he had interrupted might've been the moment where his mother begun falling in love with his father. Loki would've defeated Thor in a quick sparring session and Y/N would've started paying more attention to him. Instead of that happening, Narfi suddenly appearing distracted Loki from the fight and Thor in turn won the spar. Now, Narfi's mother seems to be falling in love with his uncle. The thought of it was enough to make him feel uneasy, he had to fix this and he had to do it quickly. If he wasted any more time, Narfi might as well just not exist.
''Not as easy as you think, whenever I see her I just-''
Narfi groans, he had heard this from Thor so many times. Narfi's uncle had no problem divulging the fact that his brother had been so in love that it made him sick. Some might find it sweet but Narfi thought it was a bit weird, now that he thought about it.
''You get really nauseous, yeah I know.''
Young Loki's eyes widened.
''How would you know that? I've never told anyone that...''
Not exactly true, Loki must've told Thor at some point who then relayed it onto Narfi years later. He wasn't exactly all that subtle about it either, there was some resentment afterwards.
''I uh- I get that way too, around Griffin.''
One thing that Narfi sadly inherited from his father, was this exact awkwardness that he found to be so annoying. Every time he saw Griffin working at the compound labs down on Midgard, Narfi's stomach would tighten up. He'd feel so sick, it was getting better now that they were talking but it was still a bit intense. Narfi stopped word-vomiting all over Griffin, they could actually hold a conversation. Which was very nice, Narfi liked that. He smiled.
''Oh thank Valhalla someone understands what it feels like!''
Loki finally had someone to vent to but he had to make it quick, Y/N won't wait around forever and Narfi really needed to get back home.
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ladyfluff · a day ago
For a fluffy piece, can I request one where it’s story time for the Sharpes and Ernest decides to read to the family instead?
Kind of like this?!
Tumblr media
It was raining buckets outside, the mud would be a nightmare to walk through in the morning. Hopefully it won't last long, Thomas sat up in bed. His back resting against the headboard, waiting for his wife to join him. Little Ernest has come to sleep with them tonight, he didn't like the dark when it's stormy outside. Thomas could understand, he to found it all a bit frightening. Especially living in this house, though he found individual corners of it to be quite charming, he could never get over how terrifying it could be at night. He learned to close his eyes whenever things get uncomfortable, it helped make things better. Y/N got into bed, wrapping her arm around their son who sat between them. Thomas knew that they shouldn't encourage this sort of behaviour, sleeping with their child between them but Thomas was confident that Ernest would in the end learn to find comfort in thunderstorms. Thomas saw this as an act of parental love, protecting his son from the menacing shadows and the rumbling clouds above. This was the type of love he never received as a child.
''Oscar fox didn't like to be mo- Didn't like to be- Uhm...''
Thomas was beginning to enjoy this role reversal, normally it would be him sat at the edge of his son's bed telling him a story but Ernest was eager to read to both Thomas and Y/N, it was good practice. He was doing really good but he still gets stuck on some words, pronunciation could use a bit more work but he'll get there. Ernest has always been such a smart boy, Thomas leans over to look at the text, observing his son tracing the individual words. He smiles.
Ernest looks up at him, his eyes loaded with questions. Of course he had to know what it meant, this was the exact attitude a smart student needs to do good work. Thomas wasn't sure if he wanted to send him off to school, being away from him could be so painful.
''Daddy, what is mocked?''
One might mock someone's laugh or behaviour, the way they talk and the way they moved. Some exaggerate for a bit of harmless fun but in most contexts, it's not all that nice to be mocked. Thomas felt that way about his father, thankfully he was in the dirt now. He wouldn't have to endure that anymore, he pushed his son's hair back. To have this sort of life for himself, to be a father. He couldn't ask for more.
''To mock someone is to make fun of them, it can be rather rude sometimes.''
Y/N gave Ernest a soft squeeze, hoping that he would continue reading. The boy wanted to read one chapter a day but sometimes Thomas caught him sneaking an extra chapter, he couldn't blame him. Oscar The Flying Fox was quite the read, he remembered reading it over and over again as a child. He was glad to have passed it on to Ernest, perhaps he'll pass it down to his own children.
''Oscar the fox didn't like to be mocked by the birds.''
No one would like it if they were being mocked by birds, filthy things.
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ladyfluff · a day ago
can i get my request now? 🥺 the loki and young adult narfi arguing about loki failing to protect his wife from thanos in the ship 👉🏻👈🏻
I haven't actually watched the infinity war so I had to watch the scene to figure what ship you were talking about lmao, I came up with a little something, do hope this is good!
Tumblr media
The pain in her eyes as it happened, Loki hadn't felt anything like it. Losing someone who had been the closest to him, he knew her for hundreds of years. Slept beside her, they were married, they had children together and now she was gone. Just like that, Loki had stopped taking his anger and self-loathing out on the walls of the rescue ship that was currently being operated by the valkyrie. She had managed to find them to bring the leftovers of what was once a great realm. The people who had been spared, Thanos took half as he always did. Why did he insist on taking her, Loki stared at the bent out of shape metal. The valkyrie warned him that if he punched a hole through the body of the ship, she'd have no problem throwing him off the ship. Loki wouldn't object, he'd willingly jump out at this point. His wife was gone, he wasn't quick enough and even though he begged and pleaded for the titan to let go of her, he should've tried harder. Thanos wouldn't offer the trade, he wouldn't take Loki instead and that will haunt him for the rest of his life. The titan knew it would, all he cared about was to inflict as much suffering as he could. Loki felt as if he were dead, so heavy, almost rotting on the inside. Not knowing whether to cry, scream or both kept him up.
''This is all your fault...''
His son hated him for failing to save her, Loki would go back over and over again until he could save her but he didn't know how. He turned to look at him, seeing Narfi standing there with his little sister in his arms. Still just a toddler, it hurt. To see his own son, his only son stand in front of him. Talking this way to him, Loki felt like he deserved it. He bit the inside of his cheek, wincing as he drew blood. What could he possibly do now? Loki was besides himself, having spent the majority of his time cursing himself, hurting his hands on every surface on the ship. His knuckles still red and raw from demonstrating his anger, in truth he should've been hitting himself. He should be out there, finding a way to bring her back. But how?
Narfi's eyes watered, Loki shook his head. He shouldn't be dealing with a loss of this size, not like Loki did. Y/N should be here, Eira wriggles around in her brother's grip. Agitated from the confrontation, Loki hadn't seen Narfi since he took his sister and boarded the valkyrie's ship. He hadn't showed his face to Loki, understandably so. Taking care of his baby sister, Loki should be doing it. He should be the one to look in Eira's eyes and see the things that she'd miss out on, the pain that Loki's lack of strength brought to this family. He had broken his own family, torn them apart.
''Mother's dead because of you.''
Loki wept, showing his son the pain and inconsolable state of him. He couldn't keep it together anymore, Narfi shook his head at him. Disapproval written all over his face, the hurt in his eyes. It was only the three of them left, what was Loki going to do without her?
''I didn't- I tried, I-''
Narfi stomps his foot down, startling his own sister.
''She's dead and its all your fault.''
Loki couldn't find the words to counter his son's, Narfi was right.
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ladyfluff · a day ago
Do you have a masterlist for your drabbles?
Not for drabbles no, the list would be NEVER ENDING even with the "Keep reading" thing lol but I should use a specific tag for them or something. No idea what tag to use though.
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ladyfluff · a day ago
For Charlie Sisters, maybe a drabble where Reader sees him without his hand after he comes back. His daughter can be included in this too if you want.
Tumblr media
He could see the house, Charlie wished I could've said that he built it with both bare hands but that wasn't the case. One, he bought this place and two he only had the one hand now. Was it normal to feel nervous coming home without the other hand? Charlie never felt this way at coming home, normally she'd be there waiting for him. She'll jump him right there in the front porch, Charlie hoped this would be the case this time but knowing Y/N, she'll freak out.
He smiled as she emerged out of the house, he had been looking forward to this. As much as Charlie loved being on the road and working, he liked being home. Here, with her. It was an odd thing to experience, Charlie hadn't really been the type of man to settle down but once he met this wildfire of a lady, how could he resist? He held his arms out for her, this was the part where she would jump him. Right?
"Hey sweetheart, been a while."
Her smile quickly faded as she spotted the missing limb he had somehow hoped she wouldn't notice, how could she not notice? Fairly obvious that Charlie was missing his hand.
"Oh my god..."
Charlie hadn't really seen Y/N cry, maybe once or twice but that was so many years ago. He always made sure to come home in one piece, he was just missing a small chunk.
"Listen, I know it looks bad-"
She frowns, she was angry now.
"Bad? You're missing a fucking hand!"
Sure he was missing a hand but he could learn how to rely on just the one he has left, Charlie's seen men missing whole arms and legs and they seem to be doing just fine. Charlie didn't want Y/N to baby him, she wouldn't have to. He'll show her, he couldn't help but laugh. It really wasn't that funny
"I can still make you scream with only one."
He loved seeing Y/N get all flustered, her face now darkening at the thought of what he could possibly do with only five fingers instead of the usual ten. Charlie was good at more than just killing, he winks.
"This isn't funny!"
Hilarious more like, what was he so nervous about?
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ladyfluff · 2 days ago
Oh what about a Drabble where Loki sees his daughter playing alone but she says that she’s playing with Her grandmother, Frigga.
Tumblr media
''I like them best, they're so pretty!''
Loki had been searching for her, looking all over the place for her. Little Eira currently sat in the little patch of flowers, braiding daisy chains. She was alone however, Loki was a bit confused. He had just heard her talking, suppose she might've been talking to herself. Children tend to be rather imaginative, Eira didn't exactly have friends just yet. No other children around her age but Loki and Y/N kept on trying to find her some playmates, soon enough. He promised, no child of his will ever be lonely. Loki would play with her all she wanted, he smiled as he approached her. Watching her put her little daisy chain on her head, what was she up to?
''Sweet blizzard, who were you talking to just now?''
Eira smiled, anyone could tell who her mother was. She had her smile, so beautiful. Loki doesn't remember the last time he sat down and just watched his daughter play, he enjoyed doing that. There was something so pure, so calming about it. He thought back to when she was born, how he refused to put her down. So mesmerised, just as he had been with her older brother when he was born. Eira's birth had been the first time he ever held a frost giant infant, he got to see her true skin that night. Loki never found himself to be beautiful in blue but Eira and Narfi were a different story, their skin and the way the light made them glitter like fresh snow. Loki was beginning to accept that part of himself, by loving and accepting his children first. There was no way he could ever turn his back on them.
''Nana, we were braiding flower crowns! See?''
His smile dropped, she was talking to her grandmother? Loki's mother never got the chance to meet Eira, he would've loved to see it. The way she got to hold Narfi, Loki's mother loved them. No doubt she'd adore little Eira, having another girl to bond with in the castle. Loki had already told his daughter about her grandmother's passing, that she was in Valhalla now. Watching over her, he wasn't sure what was happening. Did she forget?
''Eira, your nana-''
''Nana says you shouldn't feel bad about telling them where to go, you didn't know she was there.''
His eyes widened, how could Eira possibly know anything about that? Had someone told her? A new thought emerged in his head, did Eira possess some sort of ability to communicate with the dead? The thought of it terrified and yet somehow comforted him, why her? His eyes watered, he hadn't meant to lead them right to her. Loki made a choice and it was the wrong one, he didn't mean to. Eira looks over and smiles at the empty spot next to her, Loki crouched down in front of her. Staring at the empty patch of grass, he wasn't sure how to feel but he felt this warmth enveloping him. He felt so light.
''Is nana saying anything else?''
His mother was always there with him, watching over him.
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ladyfluff · 2 days ago
For a Drabble could I request something where Narfi gets in trouble and Loki struggles with a discipline speaking as it would be pretty hypocritical of the God of Mischief haha
Tumblr media
''What do you have to say for yourself?''
It's not that Loki liked scolding him, little Narfi had gotten himself into trouble by scaring the scholar in the royal library by conjuring a few rats. Which if Loki remembered correctly, the scholar absolutely detests rats and finds them to be horrifying. For some reason, it wasn't until this moment that Loki remembered that he was in fact the one to pass this information down to his son and now he was scolding him for putting said information to use. He looked at him, Narfi on the verge of phasing through the ground in shame. Loki felt conflicted about this, he didn't want to reprimand him but he did try to get out of his daily readings. Which he shouldn't be doing but who was Loki to tell him off for something that Loki himself did at this age? A hypocrite really, Narfi's face reddened.
''I'm sorry...''
Please don't cry, Loki couldn't handle it when he cried. It hurt too much, children were supposed to laugh. Small but harmless pranks were fine right? Loki would've looked the other way if it wasn't for Y/N standing right next to him, watching Loki scold little Narfi. She knew that if she wasn't present, the point wouldn't get across. Loki couldn't resist however, he just had to know.
''Out of curiosity, how did he react?''
Narfi couldn't help but smile a little bit, this ought to be good.
''He screeched, kind of like a girl.''
Loki laughed, the scholar really didn't change. Always the rats, the old man would jump onto the tables in order to avoid them. He was a peculiar man, suppose everyone had a fear or something. Whether it be butterflies or rats, some might even be afraid of sunlight. Loki wheezed, he thought back to when he first conjured rats in the library in order to get out of his reading that day. The scholar was much younger then but just as frightened, something about the rats being harbingers of death and that they would eat all the books. Loki had no idea what he was on about really, rats could be so sweet. He flinched as his wife suddenly hit him in the shoulder.
''Sorry darling...''
Why couldn't the boy have a bit of fun?
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ladyfluff · 2 days ago
Thought of more Narfi! Maybe him having dinner with his family, but making the food he doesn’t like disappear lol
Tumblr media
Dinner time, possibly one of the quietest events of his evening. One of his most intimate ones as well, outside of sharing a bed with his wife. Loki was here to share a moment with his family, his wife and son. Eating together had been such a delight at times, Loki would get to talk to his son about his day and prod him as to what he has learned. Narfi had already started the conversation, telling both of his parents about what he had learned today and how fun it was. Loki was proud, of course he was. His only child was achieving great feats, surely to reach even greater ones by the weeks end. Loki caught a small flash coming from across the table, his eyes gravitated towards Narfi's plate. Not exactly subtle about it but he'll learn.
''This is absolutely delicious.''
Loki leaned over and pressed a quick kiss to his wife's cheek much to Narfi's embarrassment, he didn't like to be subjected to that sort of display but sometimes it couldn't be helped. This was family time after all, where was he going to go? All the way to Vanaheim?
''Thank you, I enjoyed being let into the kitchens today.''
He chuckles as he noticed another golden flash, Narfi was making his vegetables disappear. He knew he hadn't fully mastered the spell so those vegetables were still there, only hidden. What a shame, a boy his age still not eating his vegetables? Loki thought that Narfi had grown out of that, eating only one thing every day but sometimes he seems to still do that. Suppose it is a mood thing, luckily no more mashed potatoes and berries. He still eats those things but not every single day and for every single meal, Loki arched his back, stretching it out a bit. Today had been quite long, for everyone. Especially Y/N, still had that urge to do everything herself even though they literally had staff to do those things. Y/N still made their bed herself and on occasion cooked for everyone. Loki had tried to have the cooks keep his wife out of the kitchens while she was pregnant with Narfi as he didn't want her to overexert herself but she still found a way in.
''You normally fight your way in there darling, they're not going to say no. What do you think Narfi? Everything taste alright?''
Narfi suddenly seemed so aware of his surroundings, Loki could see the blanket of illusion that his son had draped over his vegetables flickering. Losing concentration in front of his mother wouldn't bode well, Y/N wouldn't be very happy to see Narfi trying to get out of eating his vegetables. Perhaps this could serve as a quick lesson. Narfi sputters, looking down at his plate and then back up.
''I- Uhm, tastes great!''
His mother reaches over and softly cupped Narfi's cheek, thanking him for the compliment. True, their son did love venison so he was right on complimenting her for that but the vegetables were still neglected, Loki grins. Staring at Narfi's plate for a moment in mock contemplation, just a little bit of fun.
''It's practically disappearing, you must be hungry.''
Panic slowly spread across Narfi's face, he knew that Loki was onto him now. Fooling his mother he could do but fooling his father, the god of mischief and master illusionist? Nice try, Loki knew him and he knew all the tricks in the book. Its not like Loki himself didn't try this with his mother when he was a child, he turned his attention back to his food. Shoving a forkful of broccoli into his mouth. Y/N coos at their son, she didn't like the idea of Narfi starving. Often enough plating up too much at a time, she had a feeling that he was a bit too thin for a boy at his age but Loki knew he'd grow into his leathers. As long as he eats good and trains up, he'll be fine.
''Would you like some more? I can't have you going to bed hungry!''
''No thank you! I'm quite full.''
Loki winks at him, he wasn't going to tell on him.
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ladyfluff · 2 days ago
Anon that asked earlier: can I officially request for Narfi and Peter spending time with the cousins? Thank you and take care ☺️
Tumblr media
It's not that Narfi hasn't tried to be nice to his cousin, it was more the fact that he absolutely did not like him. He used to be alright, many years ago. Things were different now that they weren't children, one had to grow up and sometimes one might grow up a bit funky. Narfi likes that word, quite funny to say. Einar was more or less just like uncle Thor only a bit malicious, uncle Thor wouldn't treat anyone this way but for some reason Einar does. Narfi's tried time and time again to poke and prod him as to why but Einar just shuts down and pushes him around, he was a big bully. Looked a bit like a bull too.
''You're associating with mortals now, interesting. Weak aren't they?''
One more thing, Einar wasn't all that fond of Midgard. Not due to it being the home to Midgardians but it was the fact that the Midgardians were all mortal. Short lives, weak constitutions and whatnot. Einar was quite nasty about it but Narfi was willing to bet that he was simply jealous that his father was so loved by them all. Einar, only son for now and well loved by his father. Loved by most in Asgard and yet it just wasn't enough for him, it saddened Narfi.
''We're here to see mother, that's it. She loves Peter, he is more than welcome here.''
Of course Narfi's mother loves Peter, they had become so close ever since Narfi ran away from Asgard. He still felt guilty for doing so, having caused this realm-wide search for him. Good things came from it all, Narfi gained a best friend and a brother. Reconnected with his father and got to come back home to his mother, so it wasn't all bad. Narfi did hope that he could change Einar's mind, let him know that it was okay to be curious about the Midgardians. He'd like them, all their food and their films. Narfi knew he did, he watched so many with Peter. It was so great, Peter shifts awkwardly from one foot to another. It was clear that he might not be all to comfortable around Einar, not a surprise thought. Now that Narfi thought about it, Einar sort of reminded him of Flash. Just taller and meatier, a bull.
''Don't come crying to me once he makes off with our gold.''
Narfi cringed at Einar's statement, what would Peter do with gold anyway? If Narfi's brother needed any, he would be happy to give him some. No fuss about it, Peter laughs as Einar begins walking away.
''The entire palace is made of gold though.''
Upon this realisation, Narfi couldn't help but laugh along. What was Peter going to do? Put the palace in his pocket?
''Einar isn't exactly the brightest.''
He could be sometimes thought.
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ladyfluff · 2 days ago
Would you be okay with doing a Drabble with Robert Liang helping his wife in labor. It could be pre or post high rise fall whatever you would want. Hope this is okay!💗💗💗💗
This is giving me flashbacks to Mia's homebirth in Highly Infectious lmfao
Tumblr media
''You have no idea how hard it is for me to just sit here.''
Robert had been very tempted to simply take over, he had experienced in this field as well. Now that he thought back, he must've delivered at least four babies. One caesarean and three natural births, not that he was one to boast about it but it was one of those details that made his wife that much more confident about this pregnancy. Knowing that she had a capable medical professional in close range at all times should anything happen, Robert winces as Mrs. Laing gave his hand another sharp squeeze. Any more and she'll break his hand, he won't be able to teach then.
''I'm well aware Mr. Laing, I have three children myself.''
Not exactly fond of being referred to as Mr. Laing, he preferred his medical title instead. Clean, sounded better. Mr. Laing made him feel older than he actually was, even if he was only in his mid thirties. According to some people this was the best age to be at for this sort of stuff, having a family and whatnot. Robert was better established right now than he was some years ago, financially stable, owned his own home, married. It was a good age to start, hopefully this baby won't age him as rapidly as some would. He had taken note of some residents in his high-rise who had multiple children, some of them looked older than fifty even though their children aren't any older than ten. It might be all the stress, Robert knew that he could handle one at a time. Should be manageable, he sighs.
''Dr. Laing! I am a doctor.''
Mrs. Laing began crushing his hand, she clearly didn't like hearing him go on about his profession. Robert wanted to take over, this was a very special moment. Why shouldn't he take over? Hospital staff aren't allowed to treat and care for family members due to bias and other things, he was well aware but this was his wife. Should count for something, he whimpers as he heard a light crunch coming from his hand as his wife continued to squeeze.
''Hand- Darling, my hand!''
This pregnancy hadn't been the kindest to Mrs. Laing, too many emotions, the cravings. Gods, the amount of sweets she ate. Robert did try to keep her from eating nothing but chocolate and teacakes but it was hard to argue with her. Robert didn't like arguing, Mrs. Laing growls at him. The pain was clearly building up as they were almost ready to start going, they had been here for ages now.
''I'm going to kill you!''
Robert managed to pull his hand away, gently massaging the back of it. Hopefully she hadn't broken anything, it would be a shame if she did. His hands were worth a lot of money, break them and she'll break the bank. He'd have to get a normal job, an office job. He shudders.
''You'll have time for that later...''
The look she gave him, potent enough to kill an elephant.
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ladyfluff · 3 days ago
May I request a Drabble - Jon picking up Adam from school when Adam wasn’t expecting it. He’s having a tough day and needed his dad. Maybe rose can make a cheerful rosy appearance. Thank you so much !
Tumblr media
It was a bit sudden but it couldn't be helped, Jonathan had responsibilities. He got to get off work early for this, didn't have any other engagements for today other than dry cleaning which he could easily pick up with the kids in the car. He pulled into the pickup line and rolled down the winter, still a bit chilly but Rose was dressed appropriately. Jonathan briefly turned in his seat, holding his hand out to his daughter who just squealed at the sight of his wiggling fingers. His partner had to step out and so Jonathan had to take both his daughter and his stepson, who he saw was emerging from his school. Jonathan stopped socialising with the baby and leaned over to the window with a smile
''Adam, over here!''
There was something wrong with him today, he seemed to have woken up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Jonathan noticed that he barely ate anything and he seemed rather disinterested in going to school, his mum had to make sure he entered the building. Jonathan knew he had to have a bit of a talk with him but he didn't want to force the issue, Adam's eyes were red. Was that a bruise the right side of his face? Jonathan's jaw clenched.
''Where's mum?''
Adam was used to seeing her everyday, she always picked him up at this time but today was Jonathan's day. She keeps telling him that she is happy picking Adam up but Jonathan wanted to alternate days, perhaps Adam would like to be picked up by Jonathan sometimes. He'd make a point to ask him about that tomorrow.
''Mum was called into a meeting, left me with you and your sister.''
Jonathan gestured towards the backseats of the Mini Cooper, Adam leaned in and gave his sister a little wave. He loved his little sister, he helped out with her when his mother needed a break. Jonathan wasn't sure if he should have his stepson take care of the baby that often, Adam was still a child himself. He needed his own time to grow and to enjoy his life the way it is now, as long as he doesn't mind doing a few quick favours here and there. Jonathan smiled as Adam got into the front seat, throwing his back on the floor in the back.
The silence was deafening, Jonathan took off. Taking the next right in order to turn around, they lived fairly close. Sometimes Adam prefers to take the bus or simply walk but he would have to walk very fast to get there on time, Jonathan liked that he was self sufficient. He could get himself to school if the adults were late, that was very good. He briefly looks over, examining the bruise on his face. It had been happening quite often lately, Adam was getting into fights quite often now but the school doesn't seem to notice. Jonathan has only been called in to get Adam once, luckily he wasn't suspended or expelled for it. He didn't throw the first punch that time.
''That's one hell of a bruise.''
Adam scoffed.
''You said hell.''
There was a hard ban on swear words in this family, courtesy of mum. Not the type of woman to swear, too sweet for that. Jonathan didn't know how to get used to or how to condition himself to not swear. Adam was already swearing, swore quite often when it was just the two of them. Jonathan would take him out on bike rides ever so often. It was good bonding time, he loved spending time with him.
''You just said it back.''
Adam laughs and shakes his head, already twelve and still not allowed to say ''hell'' at home. Jonathan has caught Adam's mother swearing but it's very rare, fun to witness however. He reached over and ruffled the boy's hair, if he was needed, Jonathan would be there.
''You know that you can always talk to me, right?''
No one would hurt this boy on his watch, not now, not ever.
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ladyfluff · 3 days ago
Is it okay to request a sweet drabble where it’s movie night and the little one needs a good snuggle after watching a sad movie?
Tumblr media
Rosalind didn't waste time, immediately climbing into his lap and settling down. Curled up, she never liked this part of the film. She thought it was quite sad, at times it would make her cry. Adam didn't like that but she insisted on watching, saying that she'll be okay this time. It always got to her though, she didn't understand why Edward went back to the house on the hill. She thought he was a bit sad but not in any way pathetic, Rosalind loved Edward Scissorhands. Found him to be very funny to watch but the end always made her sad, Adam wrapped his arms around her. Hugging her tightly as the credits began rolling. The lovely music played quietly in the background, Adam quite liked the sound of it. Sounded exactly like a calm but beautiful winter would, Adam never really gave this film its credit. Aventurous, heartfelt, there was clearly something to learn.
''Why doesn't Kim stay?''
Edward Scissorhands did kill someone for a reason but it was more than enough to doom him. It was the best decision for him and for Kim that she left him up there, according to what Adam had seen of the film. Being half asleep during the first half of it all, he softly strokes his daughter's back in hopes to soothe her. If only a little, the tiniest movement can bring great comfort. He kissed the top of her head.
''I don't know sweetheart...''
He did know but he didn't want to upset her further by telling her why, Rosalind has done enough crying for one night. Adam reached for the remove and turned the film off, not willing to sit through the entirety of the credits. He'll rewind the tape in the evening, it was a bit of a struggle to get up while holding Rosalind but he's had practice over the years. Adam managed to get up by sitting his daughter on his hip, some might say that she was a bit old to be carried in such a manner but they weren't exactly an ordinary family. The sun was coming up, appropriate timing. He was surprised that she managed to stay up this long, Adam carried her through the entryway and down the hall. Her room was still nicely lit up by those little Christmas lights he found but no doubt they'll only remind her of the film.
''Would you like to sleep in my room?''
Rosalind managed a nod, her face buried in his shirt.
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ladyfluff · 3 days ago
miss minutes theory
miss minutes has that particular accent cause of the so called southern hospitality, because of that she sounds harmless, friendly and inviting as to not freak new variants out when they get arrested and brought into the tva for judgement
i mean, i’d immediately feel comforted hearing a woman who sounded like miss minutes talking to me and welcoming me into this strange space
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ladyfluff · 3 days ago
tva Loki seeing his family again?! please tell me he'll see them again?!
i am very glad i received this cause after seeing episode two i literally went on to start writing a brand new oneshot instead of continuing the one i aleady have in progress, so this drabble will replace that oneshot so i can continue the WIP i already have, this will contain some spoilers so i'm going to put a spoiler warning!
TVA Theme: Sad Version
Tumblr media
He wasn't expecting them to be forgiving nor generous, the great lords of time. Manufacturers of existence, time, life and all of what Loki had been given over the course of his existence but this is what he's been working up to, this audience with the timekeepers, minders, babysitters? At this point it was a bit tiring to think about what they were, seeing as no one really knew. Aside from judge Renslayer, there were a lot of things that Loki could ask of them. All the questions that he had burning in the back of his mind but knowing the answer to those questions might do more harm than good. The lords towered over him, these so called masters of time, gods, lords. Whatever titles used to describe them, Loki's chest heaved.
''What will you ask of us? A kingdom? Control of the TVA?''
He couldn't help but chuckle, both of those offers were generous and rather delicious. Tempting but not exactly what he came here for, Loki wouldn't know what to do with the TVA's power or if he could even get his head around it all. This was the greatest power there ever was, there was a reason all life didn't know of them. The second lord on the left seemed to quirk his eyebrow, was it a he? An it? A phantom? Who knows, they could be merely a vision and he wouldn't know it. All of the things he's seen inside the TVA, he had his fill.
''How boring, don't you three have any imagination?''
The lords didn't seem as amused as he hoped they would be but not everyone could have a good sense of humour, some needed to be complete sticks in the mud. A bit disappointing really, all this hype and this glory surrounding these creatures and yet they weren't all that impressive. Their power? Yes, their lack of emotions? No. Loki wasn't surprised to find them to lack empathy, this was their purpose. Control and care, this is what they were here for. Bias would only ruin the flow of time, create more branches in the tree. Too many to prune in time, Loki bit the inside of his cheek. He had no real reason to ask anything of them but he felt a bit entitled as most would, he did help them prevent a the extinction of reality after all.
''Seeing as I helped- A great deal mind you!''
Mobius having held this potential meeting in front of him had only motivated him to reach it, Loki did all he could to help just so he could get this chance to see the timelords face to face. He hadn't expected to learn so much about his own life, the flow of time and how it all worked. The depth of this entire place, the lies and the ultimate joke it all ended up being. Despite having met such a terrible end on his earth, he found himself wanting to return. This place drained him, he was beginning to forget. Loki didn't want to rely on timeline footage to remember their faces, he didn't want it to fade away. Time was infinite in the TVA, the passage of it nonsensical. No one knew anything of anyone, remembered nothing of everything.
''You control it all, you are the definition of existence so only you can grant me this. I have no right to ask or make demands but who would I be if I didn't at least try? Breaker of rules, a variant, villain? I am Loki after all!''
They wouldn't be here if it weren't for him, at least that's what Loki liked to think. Why try so hard to cage him in if they weren't threatened by what he could do? Take it as a compliment, sort of. Kind of flattering now that he thought about it, the lords of time itself afraid of Loki's mere existence that they brought on themselves. All he wanted at this point was to go back, to go home to Y/N and Narfi. To see them, if only one more time. Being blessed with so many good things in comparison to all the bad he brought, it hurt to know how it all ended but suppose if he were to go back, he wouldn't really know would he? No doubt they'll erase all memory and knowledge of the TVA, unless he somehow managed to retain it. Perhaps they'll simply put him back in his own timeline, let him carry on from where he left off. Just as long as he got to see them again, that he got to make sure that they survived Ragnarok. He wanted to go home.
''I want to go back to my family...''
The timelords looked at one another, seemingly discussing this request. Loki refused to believe that no one has ever asked something like this of them, plenty of mortals and gods alike have affinity for things. Such as their family, Loki had a wife and child and if he was sent back he would soon enough have two children. Loki wanted to experience it all in full, he wanted to go home. He wanted to see his mother, Thor, Odin even. There were so many things he wanted to see, no doubt his memory would be erased. He would only be repeating any and all events that take place in his timeline, even if it meant going through all of it again it would be worth getting to spend all of his allotted time with them. To die in the arms of his brother after having saved him, a worthy sacrifice to be sure. Hopefully Thor wouldn't mess up his second chance, Loki would know. He would make it a mission to rise from beyond the grave whether the timelords want him to or not if Thor messed up his second chance at life. Loki did love him, he had always loved him.
''You would be reborn, you would endure every event that has and will happen. You-''
Loki flapped his hand about, he had heard it all before. Infinite loop of time, repeating events, all that stuff. He watched the videos, most of them anyway. Just like Mobius asked, Loki knew this already.
''I know, over and over again. No matter what path you chose for me in the sacred timeline, regardless of all of the horrors I've endured and caused. I still got to experience the love and joy of my home, my family and friends.''
His life might've ended, his life might've been filled with anguish and suffering but that didn't take away from the fact that he found love. He was loved, he was happy for a long while, he got to experience the plethora of emotions that complex beings possess. Loki had a mother, a father and a brother whom he loved. He got married, he had a child and raised said child. Abundance of glory, excitement. Loki was willing to go through all of his suffering just to be able to be near them again, so he could love them again. To sacrifice the offer of the universes greatest power was a big feat, Loki knew that this was the right choice. He could take over and somehow harness this power, make whatever he wants happen but he had to acknowledge that the universe had to be balanced somehow. It had to be watched over, events had to unfold so that Loki could grow as a person. One must devolve before they evolve, go through the scum to find the pearls of life. He was willing to do that, he wanted to go home.
''You'd go back though knowing you will eventually perish?''
Death was only the beginning of other things, his death would be the start of many great things. His wife's strength, his son's future and the future people of Asgard. He would get to experience the birth of his son, his daughter, he would get to feel the love and joy he experienced on his wedding day. His brother's stupid jokes, his mother's wisdom and his father's harsh judgements. Loki flinched at the sight of a gateway opening up, it hummed and glowed bit more vibrantly than the others he had ventured through. The timelords were granting him this wish. He smiled, just one more time.
''I would...''
He would be reborn, he would find love, peace and war.
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ladyfluff · 3 days ago
just finished my entire ‘’i hate the TVA and here is exactly why now that i’ve realised what it all means’’ rant to my partner and he just sat there, i’m having an existential crisis and he just sat there aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
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