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Wanda, holding a python: Guys I impulsively bought a snake, what do I name him
Agatha: You did WHAT–
y/n: William Snakepeare
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Yelena: y/n and I don’t use pet names.
Natasha: I see. Hey, what do bees make?
Yelena: Honey?
y/n: Yes, dear?
Natasha: Don't ever lie to my face again.
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y/n: Here’s a fun Christmas idea. We hang mistletoe, but instead of kissing, you have to FIGHT whoever else is under it.
Wanda: y/n no.
Natasha: Mistlefoe.
Wanda: Please stop encouraging them.
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Can you do a really long story with Hope Van Dyne? Maybe about them having to pose as a couple for a mission and really falling for each other and maybe a sequel about maybe then getting married or having kids. Hope Van Dyne x reader
This wasn't supposed to happen... but it did - Hope Van Dyne x Fem!Reader
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Song recommendation:
A/n: Before I go into more for this part, I wanted to say how excited I was when I saw this request. It seems interesting and I am so excited to try to bring it to life. It will definitely be my intention to write a sequel. but if I forget about it (like if I haven't written it in about a week after posting this), please don't hesitate to ask for a sequel. I wasn't sure what gender (or gender neutral) you wanted the reader to be, but I went with female because that's what I'm better with writing about at the moment, but if you want something different, I will change it. Also in this Hope is bisexual and the reader is pansexual. It just made it easier for me to make this work. As always if you have a request please send it in. My masterpost which is at the top of my profile has all the info you need when you request something. Anyways happy reading!
》* 。 • ˚ ˚ ˛ ˚ ˛ • 。* 。° 。* 。 • ˚* 。 • ˚ ˚ ˛《
This day started off crazy. First thing after I woke up, I got dragged into training with Wanda and Nat. They both wanted me there because one, I am really good at sparring and two, I am able to train with Wanda pretty well as I have telekinesis, so we both can keep up with one another most times.
After a few hours of that I went down to the main living area where I noticed that Hope was there. I looked over at Tony with a confused look, alongside a look of asking him to explain why she was here all the way from California. I mean it’s not all that rare for her to be at the compound. She spends two weeks out of each month here, but she already had been here the two weeks this month, so I wasn’t expecting her to be back this quickly. Tony finally notices my confused look and speaks up. “I know you left a week ago Hope, and I’m sorry you had to come back here, but you and Y/n have a mission. You have to go undercover for a few months, live in this neighborhood in Maine.” He pauses for a second to show us on the map the exact location that we were going to be. “And you both have to act like a couple for this.” Hope and I looked at Tony like he was insane. First of all we had been on 3 different missions together, but unlike this one, it took us a couple days max. Secondly, we have to act like a couple for this one.
“No offence Stark,” Hope starts off. “The times Y/n and I have gone on missions it was nothing like this. Why can’t you send Natasha or someone else?” She asks. I nod in agreement. I was usually the last person they chose for undercover missions. “Well, the couple you have to be on the lookout for are two female partners, Y/n is pansexual and Hope, you’re bisexual. You two are the most likely to fit in as a couple than anyone else.” Tony tells us. “Tony, Wanda is pan as well, why couldn’t she have been on this mission?” I ask him. “She has her own mission with Nat and Steve tomorrow. Anyways, here are the folders with everything you should need for this mission. You both can discuss this tonight and you leave first thing in the morning. And when I say first morning, I mean 4, so be prepared.” He says as he waves and walks off. 
Hope and I look at each other and sigh. “Well we better look at the folders that Tony gave us so we can see what we’ve got.” Hope tells me. I look at my folder. “What did you end up with? I got Chloe Foster, 25, who is a barista. Tony gave me where I will be “working” at. I say. She looks at me and smiles. “I got Luna Page, 26, who is a stay at home freelance worker. So nothing too exciting.” She says. “Looks like the backstory is we moved from Pennsylvania, after living there our whole lives. We met at Hershey Park and hit it off from there. We’ve been in a relationship for 5 years and just now decided to move out of the state and start fresh somewhere else.” I basically sum up. “This should be fun.” Hope looks at the time. “We should probably head to bed, I’ll see you in the morning.” She waves and heads to her room. I go upstairs to mine.
About 5 hours later I was woken up by my alarm. I get out of bed and change into a tee shirt and a pair of shorts with a pair of boots. I grab my bag that I packed and head downstairs to the main living area. I see Hope standing there waiting for me. “Are you ready for this mission?” She asks me. “As ready as I’ll ever be to be honest.” I replied back. We get in the car Happy is driving and he takes us to the airport. When we get there we thank him head to the terminal where our flight is. After a few hours of getting on the plane we arrived in Maine. About an hour drive later we arrived at the house where we would be staying in for the next few months. We went to put our stuff down but I noticed that there is only one bedroom. “Damn it Tony.” I mutter under my breath. He knew about my slow growing crush on Hope and did this on purpose. “I can take the couch, if you want to take the bed.” I told her. “Don’t be ridiculous, we can share the bed. Plus we are supposed to be acting like a couple, so this will only improve the image of that.” She replies back while smiling at me. I sigh a little bit knowing that this wasn’t going to help my ever growing feelings towards her. I nod in agreement to what she says and start putting my stuff away. I head into the kitchen, while Hope puts her stuff away, when I hear a knock on the door. “I got it!” I yell so she can hear me. 
I go over and open the door, when I notice that two women are standing there at the door. I notice them as the people we need to keep an eye on. “Hi!” The one with the long red hair starts. “My name is Shelby Lawrence and this is my wife Faith Lawrence.” She introduces her and her wife. “We saw you guys and didn’t recognize you and thought well that you were new here and wanted to introduce ourselves. “Babe? Who’s at the door?” I hear behind me. “Well love, these are some of our neighbors, Shelby and Faith.” I tell her. “Well hi there! My name is Luna and this is my girlfriend Chloe. It’s a pleasure to meet you both.” Hope tells them both. “Well we just wanted to stop by and introduce ourselves. Say, why don’t you guys come over in two months for dinner? We are busy for the next 6 weeks but we would love to have you guys over and get to know you both.” Shelby asks us. “Sure, it would be wonderful, just tell us a date and time and we will be there.” I say. After they told us the date and time they left. 
After almost 2 months we had found a little bit of information on Shelby and Faith but there was nothing much. We had decided that when we went over later today for dinner that I would ask to use the bathroom and then look around to see if I could find anything more. We got ready and I was wearing a nice frilly top with a pair of navy blue jeans while Hope was wearing a nice tee shirt and a pair of black jeans. We head over to their house and knock on the door. The door opens and we see Faith standing there. “Oh come in, come in! Shelby is just finishing up getting the food out.” She tells us. We walk into the house and follow Faith into the kitchen where we are passed wine glasses. “Hi you two! I just finished getting everything out so we can sit down and eat.” Shelby says. After a while of sitting down, eating and asking questions to each other, I speak up. “Sorry to interrupt, but I was wondering where your bathroom is.” Faith looks at me and smiles. “It’s fine, it’s upstairs, third door on the right.” I look at Hope and nod. I head upstairs and start looking around. I go into the room right across from where the bathroom is and stumble upon an office. I go in and see there is a flash drive in the computer and one in a drawer. I switch out the flash drive in the drawer with the one I came to this with. Then I quietly shut the door, and head to the bathroom and flush the toilet. I head back downstairs. “Sorry that took me a bit, I have some stomach issues today.” I say with a sad smile. “It’s okay! We all have bad stomach days. Maybe you both should head home and relax.” Shelby tells us. “Well thanks for having me and Chloe over, I’ll take her home now.” Hope says. Shelby gives me a hug quickly and Faith gives one to Hope. They switch and after Shelby gives Hope one, Faith is still hugging me. Hope looks kind of mad? No. Why would she be? Faith finally lets go and I grab Hope’s hand to go home. “Bye guys.” I say. 
We head back to the house and Hope is still holding my hand when we walk in. “What’s wrong? Why did you seem mad when Faith was hugging me for a while?” I ask her. “I just didn’t like her hugging you for a while.” She says. “Why? It’s not like we are actually dating.” I snap back. “Maybe I want us to be!” She snaps at me. “W-what?” I say. I was shocked that she actually felt the same. “I like you okay. And maybe I got a little jealous when Faith was hugging you for a while.” She says. I step forward and kiss her. She kisses me back and after a few moments we pull away. After the initial shock we both have, she asks, “Be my girlfriend?” I nod my head and hug her. She hugs back. After we separate, I show her the flash drive. “You got it.” Hope says happily. “Yep, now we can go home.” 
After we called Tony, and he got Faith and Shelby arrested and taken into SHIELD custody, we headed home on the quinjet. After that we scheduled a date for the next time Hope visited. I went to my room and fell asleep. 
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Oh my gosh!! Thank you for 200 followers, this is insane. It's really crazy to think you guys like my stories and incorrect quotes.
Anyways, as always if you want to request a story make sure to check my masterlist (which is pinned to the top of my profile) and check it out. It has prompts and the characters I write for (the characters I write for are also in the tags of this post).
Once again thank you for 200 followers!!
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Pietro, at a restaurant: You guys should get the orange soda, it's amazing.
y/n: Okay
Waiter: Can I get you guys anything to drink?
Pietro: Orange soda, please!
y/n: I'll have the strawberry soda.
Wanda: Me too, strawberry soda.
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*y/n is cooking*
Pietro: Any chance that’s for me?
y/n: It’s for Tony. I’m planning on making some bad choices tonight, and I need them on my side.
Wanda: I never realized the forethought that went into being a disappointment.
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I think... everyone deserves a chance to prove themselves- Natahsa Romanoff x Fem!Teen!Reader, Wanda Maximoff x Fem!Teen!Reader (Platonic/Familial)
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Summary: Natasha runs into someone from the Red Room, Natasha gets defensive, Y/n just wants to be good but doubts she can be.
A/n: Did I just decide to write one of my prompts on my own free will. Yeah I did. If you want to request any story, check my masterlist post that is linked above. As always italicized words mean flashbacks. Bold words are a different language (Russian in this case). Also we are just gonna pretend Wanda is in her 30s right before Civil War happens just for this story.
Warnings: Langauge, mentions of guns
》* 。 • ˚ ˚ ˛ ˚ ˛ • 。* 。° 。* 。 • ˚* 。 • ˚ ˚ ˛ ˚ ˛ •《
I've got to run. That's all I need to do at the moment. If I stop running, they are going to get me again. I keep telling myself this. If I don't, I'm going to stop. All of the sudden I fall down. Damn it, I ran into someone. I look around frantically making sure no ones found me. After looking around I see a hand offering to help me up. I hesitantly take the hand, and stand up. "I-I'm sorry, I didn't realize there was someone in front of me. Please forgive me." I say quickly, and with a Russian accent. The woman in front of me looks shocked. "I knew I should've went the other way. Now I look crazy from running like crazy." I mumble. "What's your name and why are you running." The woman in front of me asks sternly. "I promise I mean no harm. I'm just trying to get away from my past." I say. "That doesn't answer my question, kid." She says, once again seeming stern. "I-I am Y/n Y/ln and I'm running away from the people who took me when I was younger..." I pause for a moment, before continuing what I was going to say. "The Red Room." She looks at my shocked. "I can help you but you need to trust me real quick." The mysterious woman tells me. "That's fine, just please help.
Not even 20 minutes later we arrive at a tall looking building. "Woah, this building is so tall!" I exclaim in Russian. "Isn't it? It's fancier on the inside." She repeats back to me in Russian. I look at her confused. She nods for me to follow her. When we get in, I see 3 other people in what I guess is the main room. "Nat, who did you bring with you?" The guy with his bow and arrow out asks. "Yeah, dear. Who did you bring?" The brunette with an accent asks her. The guy with really long blonde hair just looks at me. I try to hide behind "Nat" but she just starts talking. "Her name is Y/n Y/ln and she was running when she bumped into me. She said she was running from the Red Room."
They all look at me with sadness in their eyes. I look at them because I still don't know who they are. "I don't know who any of you guys are." I say quietly. The woman who brought me here speaks up first. She also takes the brunette's hand and brings her to be right next to her. "I'm Natasha Romanoff, and this is my girlfriend, Wanda Maximoff." Natasha tells me. "I'm Thor!" The man with the long blonde hair announced. "I'm Clint Barton. You'll probably meet the rest of us later." He says. "There's more of you?" I ask slightly nervous. "Yes but don't worry, you'll be fine." Wanda assures me.
That was 3 months ago. I seemed to have blended into this crazy family. Wanda and Natasha are like the mom's I've never had. And I'm glad about it. Everyone's been nothing but kind and understanding to me. Tony likes to teach me about engineering, Clint teaches me how to shoot a bow and arrow (as he put it so I learned something other than using a gun), Bruce teaches me science. Pietro helps me train. They all do something to help me out.
Today is Wanda and Natasha's anniversary and I wanted to get them something. I know that's not what you normally do, but I wanted to do this sooner than later. I look down at my lap where the bag is with adoption papers. I want to ask them if the want to adopt me. They come into the kitchen and see that I made them breakfast. "Oh sweetheart, you didn't have to do this for us." Natasha tells me. "Well I wanted to and I also wanted to give you both something." I hand the bag over to Wanda and Natasha gives me a look. Wanda opens the bag and looks at the papers. She starts to cry. "Oh Y/n. Are you sure?" She asks me through the tears. That makes Natasha silently ask me what I did. "You guys have basically been like my mother's since I arrived here. I wanted to make that a little more offical. I don't know of I proved myself of love but if you guys wanted to, there are the papers to adopt me." I say with a smile. Both of them are now in tears. Natasha comes over to me and gives me a kiss on my head. "I think... everyone deserves a chance to prove themselves. And you definitely have done that." She tells me. "Y/n, we would be happy to adopt you." She says with a smile. My life has finally started going up hill.
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Get ready cause I'm currently writing a story and it gonna be a long one. It will probably come out tonight (well tonight for my time) or tomorrow!!
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Loki: Don’t worry, I have a few knives up my sleeve.
y/n: I think you mean cards.
Loki, pulling knives out of their sleeves: No, I do not.
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Loki: If I accidentally sat on a voodoo doll of myself, would I be trapped forever in that position, doomed to starve to death?
Wanda: How am I supposed to know?
y/n: You say, as if we don’t use you as a source of knowledge of the occult.
Wanda: *sighs*
Wanda: You wouldn't be trapped.
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Loki: I think Wanda was right.
Thor: I'm surprised they haven't marched in here to say 'I told you so.'
y/n: They wouldn't do that.
Wanda: You're right, y/n. For once in your life, you're 100% right. I would never say that.
Wanda: *turns around, the shirt they're wearing says 'Wanda Told You So' on the back*
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