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julygirl67 · 11 hours ago
How much sleep do you get? You're probably saying ...not enough.... Well, you're not alone. So many people I know are losing sleep
The reasons why are endless. You need to cook or stay late at work clean pick kids up.
Sleep is so, essential and oh so critical in regards to your self-care. It affects everything... your patience, your stamina, ypur hormones moods metabolism and your ability to multi task. So, don't keep short-changing yourself of it
Let this be your reminder of how important rest is. Maybe you'll just have to leave the laundry.... order in instead of cooking... skip the gym for one day or maybe you can squeeze in a cat nap during the day. Yes, you might have to say no to some things and that's ok....because you're saying yes to YOU. Yes, to feeling recharged and replenished. Sleep heals .
Your well being is a priority. Self-care is non-negotiable, not an option and not an after thought. Its not selfish it’s nessasary . When you take good care of yourself, you are so much more capable of taking good care of others. You can’t pour from an empty cup!
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julygirl67 · 12 hours ago
Everyone battles with something. Depression, addiction, insecurity, being obsessive or feeling alone or invalid or anxiety, compulsive gambling or eating.
You go to a doctor or therapist and they want to give you sessions for 100 bucks an hour or medication. DO they ever suggest eating better, sleeping better, letting go of toxic people or staying off social media for a while? It is rare most do not. They just sit listen ask questions and send you on your way.
I am not against medication, I take Lexapro myself for GAD. However, if you are eating healthy and not excercising or meditating or getting enough sleep or dropping toxic people from your life... that medication is just covering a wound. Get to the source and go deeper. Meditation can teach us and allows us to focus on the now and reduces BP and stress and clears our mind. With meditation we find answers and ask ourselves what needs to be asked.
Eating well means not a lot of sugar, no soda, no junk ,no eating late before bed. Eating well means preparing healthy meals and taking time to make them. it means eating vegetable snad being on a low carb non processed food plan. It means drinking a lot of water staying hydrated.
Yoga is a great way to feel good, confident, relaxed, stres sfree, flexible and stronger. Yoga opens the body and calms the mind. Yoga lets us foeget what was and focus on what is, the now. Stretching is just an exuberant feeling you just get addicted to it. It makes you feel so zen and so energized and content.
 Excercising is huge for feeling well and lifting spirits. Walking everyday getting out in  nature can really do wonders. Its great for your heart , weight loss, joints and muscles and essential for over all well being. It can make a difference in your mood if you feel crabby.
Sleeping too little can make a huge impact on how you feel the next day. Lack of proper sleep can cuase your metablism to slow down, can cause diabetes can cause a low immune system and hormone imbalance. Sleep is essential for good health and healing as well. when we sleep our midnrests and our body goes into a state of unconsciousness and our momentum shuts off. how we sleep effects the days ahead. Try drinking chamomile tea or skim milk with honey warm or meditating or a warm bath right before bedtime. Magnesium can also help with sleep.
So life changes are not difficult but it will take a different routine and changes. You can do it. Make the time you are worh it and you will see it pay off emotionally mentalty and physically.
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julygirl67 · 22 hours ago
we come onto our mat to surrender to our senses to
embrace the moon the spirit, the sun and the soul
We come onto the mat to be mindful and to shine light in all the dark areas
we welcome light even though we know there are dark shadows and
rejoice in commnecting mind body and spirit
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julygirl67 · a day ago
Yoga and Anxiety
The impact of anxiety can be severe, and there are times that people feel dissatisfied with the solutions they are currently presented. While medication is often a vital part of any treatment plan, patients can sometimes be uncomfortable with side-effects or the thought of a difficult withdrawal. They can just not want to take pills. 
  Yoga has been known to reduce stress, open the bpdy in areas we hold stress and it also allows us to be in the now. and calms the brain. it releases stagnant energies and focusing on the moment is a wonderful distraction.  When we are in anxiety mode, we fobode, constantly. So applying yoga as a treatment of anxiety, yoga therapy can step into this gap and provide additional support – helping people regulate their stress response, increase their resiliency and manage their anxiety.
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julygirl67 · a day ago
How yoga makes us happy
How does yoga make us happier? Yoga calms the brain and lifts the spirit. SO in doing so it releases endorphins and Gaba waves in the brain which are the waves that cause us to feel good. These Gaba waves make us feel in love, kind, generous and exuberant.  
When we move with the breath and we focus on on present moment we find peace. We are not over thinking we are raising our vibration and simply just in a good space. Yoga poses open the body which helps us release stagnant negative emotions. We tend to hold these emotions in our hips, shoulders and our lower back. In a yoga practice we let go and in those areas where we create resistence..we are releasing stress  that may also cause sadness, aggitation, pain, fatigue. 
Yoga reduces constricting muscles and joints. So if you ever feel down or depressed or tight or just melancholy do yoga. Treat yourself to an hour of bliss
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julygirl67 · a day ago
We are only Rejected, Ignored and Unappreciatted by those not meant to be in our life.
Look Ahead in Gratitude and let go In Peace
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julygirl67 · a day ago
Yoga Poses For Hormone Imbalance
Try to incorporate a daily practice or frequency appropriate for you of yoga.  Half an hour every day will nourish your body, and most find gives excellent results for strength, flexibility and mindset.  Ideally, try to practice for an hour a day.  Focus on continually deepening your breath and channelling your inner ‘om’ right to your inner core.  You will be fit, flexible and be supporting your hormones in no time.  Yoga is a journey of self-improvement, not judgement.  Appreciate where your body is at and allow your breath to move your body and deepen your poses.  Find a qualified yoga teacher to guide you or indulge in Yogaglo.  An online app we have loved for years.  Yogaglo offers over three thousand yoga classes of various styles, for all different levels and eight classes specifically on hormone balancing.  Here are a few of our favorite yoga poses for balancing your hormones.
Butterfly – Titali Asana
Releases stress from the hips and useful for strengthening the pelvic floor and adrenals.
Camel – Ustrasana
According to yogi teachings, this pose nourishes the thyroid and parathyroid glands.  These glands are major players of your endocrine system.
Cat – Marjariasana
Aimed for balancing your ovaries.   Creates space in the area of the lower spine and pelvic area.
Cobra – Bhujangasana
Supports and massages your two adrenal glands helping you cope with stress and release tension.
Cow Face – Gomukhasana
B.K.S. Iyengar says Gomukhasana “makes the leg muscles elastic.”  Gomukhasana is often practiced as in this photo and also sitting upright with the arm version of this pose.  The arm version of this pose will additionally open your shoulders and expand your chest.  This pose still challenges us.  Although we have practiced yoga for years, you will often hear us sigh with frustration in this pose.  With some deep, intense yoga breathing, we move through the challenges this pose gives us.  Acknowledging, accepting, managing and releasing tightness and frustration with our breath is one of the wonders of yoga.  A life lesson to be taken off the mat, don’t you think?
As busy working people, coping with daily stresses of life and some of us sitting at our desk all day, we could all benefit from practicing this pose.  Gomukhasana stretches the armpits and backs of the upper arms and opens the chest, excellent for anyone at their desk all day.  Also a fantastic pose for stretching your outer hips and thighs, which often become tight from our day to day living, working out, sitting for long periods of time, or running.
Eagle – Garudasana
Strengthens and tones the muscles and nerves of your legs, loosens your joints in the legs, relieves sciatica in the legs, stretches the shoulders and teaches balance and focus.
Easy pose – Sukhasana
Opens the hips and stimulates your beloved adrenal glands.
Hero Pose – Virasana I, II
Strengthens your pelvic muscles, knees and ankle joints, and stimulates blood flow to the reproductive organs.  Virasana is said to help with the symptoms of menopause.
try to incorporate these everyday and you may see a different. Treat yourself you have nothing to lose except imbalancing of hormones ;)
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julygirl67 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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julygirl67 · 2 days ago
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julygirl67 · 2 days ago
Self Care is Not Selfish
We need to practice self care to feel calmer more aware of your needs and being fullfilled you can be stronger and empowered therefore be ok with others. If you dont take care of you, you can not give to anyone else. We can not run on empty or pour from an empty cup.
So are you getting sleep? If not here are some things you can do to helpwith insomnia or counting sheep.
1.Have tea a warm bath
2.Take magnesium before bed. 
3.No meals 2 hours before bedtime 
4. No social media either.
Your body. We often dont hold ourselves a priority becasue we always blow it off to care for everyone else. You need to make your needs a high priority.
1. Get a physical
2. Prepare your meals
3. Drink lots of water
4. Walk everyday
5. Meditate
get your finances in order. having money, knowing you can afford meals for family and just paying the rent or mortgage is important. Living beyond your means is not a good idea for a life of calmness and less stress. 
Access your money. If you stick to your buget you should be a lot better than not being aware of how or where you spend. its sorta like being on a diet. We dont just eat what ever we want all the time, we have to focus on what we are chosing to eat and what we prepare to eat for all meals.
prepare each meal. prepaing a meal saves money. Also left overs are a great way to save money.
Pay bills on time. if you dont pay bills on time interests rates build up and you never ever catch up. I know that if you have 10,000 in credit card debt or more, with the interest rate, if you pay only 100 a month you will be paying double.
I know it isnt easyo to pay 500 a month in this economy. DO NOT USE CREDIT CARDS. CASH IS KING.
Building the right relationships. A close knit community with family first having boundries compasion empathy  is important. Building healthy stable uplifting relationships is important so if you are stressed sad down, you can think about spending time with people who make you laugh. Connect with your freinds and family. Pick up the phone send a letter or a card if you can not see them. Send time tlaking laughing sharing.
Self care is a choice so is Joy. Chose it! You are so worth it!
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julygirl67 · 3 days ago
Daily affirmations. All is well
I am bold
I trust the process of life
I am guided
I have all that I need and more
I am creative and wise
All my relationships are harmonious and healthy
I am grateful for all opportunities
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