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jeserani · 4 hours ago
On me.
I wanna blame you for making me happy when I see ur massage. making me anxious while waiting ur text and feel needed when you tell ur day. I wanna blame you for making me confident in myself when I tell you I’m not okay I wanna blame you for making me tell you everything. I wanna blame you for everything that feel. But it’s all on me. I let myself feel it, when we both agree to stopped have feeling for each other long time ago. I know I’m move on I know I’m capable to feel from other But i like the way we used to I like what it makes me feel when we were together I like us and our own atmosphere for our own small world And it’s on me to blame for never forget
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jeserani · 9 hours ago
things change, can’t put hands on it, but feel it strongly. we change and i don’t know if it’s to be better or worst
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jeserani · 14 hours ago
An open book doesn’t really open, it disguise things behind authors word and readers feelings
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jeserani · 18 hours ago
It’s okay to have skeleton in your closet, in fact everyone are
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jeserani · 3 days ago
She: I'm exhausted
He: go to sleep
He pulled me close. My back to his front, his right hand bellows my neck and the other wrapped around my stomach. Our legs tangled and his breath started to even out on my neck. Sometimes in the middle of the night, he nuzzles my hair or rubs light touch on my stomach. Hours pass by and I'm still there, listening to his soft snore, blanketed with his warmth, and surrounded by his clean, fresh, citrus scent.
He: you can't sleep
He mumbled on my neck, but I kept silent. He turned me to my back and started kissing my neck. Going up to my jaw and the back of my ears. I whimper, shiver around my body, while he put a couple of fingers in me. I moan.
He: you're dry
She: ehem
That never stopped him though. I never get wet easily. He got down and bit my tits, while giving more pressure on side of me. I was slick and he started to pull out his fingers. In, out, in, out. He made sure to add pressure every time he got in and sucked and bitten my tits, hard. I was so close when he stopped and thrust hard into me. So hard it hurt. It's not my first time, still, he's able to stretch me so much. With not much wetness, it hurts and burns so much more. He takes speed when I'm slicker, that's and ready to come. But he stopped, balls deep in me.
She: No.
I whimper and tremble. He didn't move. Instead, he poured light kisses around my face, his thumb makes a circular motion to my clit. I cry out loud.
She: Please
He's torturing me. Held my orgasm and stop every time I reach my highest peak.
He: Please what Cher?
He pulled out and in at high speed and full force, then stopped. I sigh. Need him to finish me.
She: Please make me come
He: Why do you think you deserve that?
He put another light touch around my clit and moved so slowly. I'm getting wetter every second and he is still holding back.
She: I'm sorry, I really tried to sleep.
He: ehemm.
He knows I lie. I think too much it made me hard to sleep and he hates that. He hates that I argue in my head instead of talking to him. I keep silent. Holding my thoughts, while he holds my orgasm. He moves so slow, so sweet, so good and stops every time I reach my peak. Pour light kisses on my face. I close my eyes and plead. Over and over again. He won't give up. He can hold back so long it hurts my lower abdomen after stretching too long and cannot have my release. He will torture me until I talk to him. I groan when he starts wetting his hand and rubs my backdoor. He put a finger inside, and I reached my peak, again. But he pulled out.
He: mon amour.
And I cry. Tears spilled down my cheeks. He kissed them away.
She: I wonder when you will realize I'm not worth your time and leave me. I'm a mess.
He: we are all children.
He put his fingers in my anal and started to move. Slow and sweet. Light kisses pouring from my face as tears stream down. He picks up speed and gives more pressure.
He: come for me
I explode. His trust getting faster and harder and in my second orgasm, he came.
Sated. I sleep like a baby afterward.
He: I cannot promise you to not leave, but I can promise you to fight for both of us as long as I can.
He whispers when I drift to sleep. I thought that was just a dream. A good one.
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jeserani · 3 days ago
she can’t let him go cause he’s been holding big precious part of her and she scared to let either go. she just need to realize after she let him go, she can build those big precious part of her and become a better person she’d mean to be
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