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jasonslildemon · a day ago
Bucky barnes x reader
Part 2
Link to part 1
Early the next morning, a single scream was heard through the apartment, interrupting my dreams. 
I immediately bolted up, my eyes scanning the room as I heard another scream coming from outside my room. 
I got out of bed, grabbing a knife from the little nightstand before creeping out to the hall. 
My eyes took a second to adjust to the light, seeing no damage done to the rest of the apartment, this time another blood-curdling scream came from Bucky's room. 
My eyes widened and I slowly opened the door, another scream burst out.
The room was dark, but no one was in it other than Bucky's withering body. 
I could make out Bucky's body, him wearing a tank top that showed his metal arm on full display. 
Creeping closer, another scream came out of Bucky's mouth, sweat coating his face, he must’ve been having a nightmare. 
I hesitantly put my hand on Bucky's cheek, sending a warm feeling through his body, trying to calm him. 
I could feel his body start to shake less, and was about to send another wave through his body before his eyes shot open and his metal arm grasped my wrist, a small squeak coming from my lips. 
His eyes were hard, tightening till they widened and he let go,” I’m sorry “, he said pulling away from me and rolling into a ball, his head hiding into his knees. 
“Bucky are you ok, you were having a nightmare”, I asked and he shook his head, a small sniffle coming from his ball formation, his body horrible shaking,” please...please go”. 
I pulled back, knowing how hard nightmares were to come out of, waking back out of the room,” good night bucky I hope you can get some sleep”, then I closed the door. 
I wasn’t going to sleep easily, slowly moving to the kitchen to make some tea. 
My elderly neighbor was into witchy things and would give me random bags of teas for different remedies, this time I selected a random one that gave off a randomly pleasant smell.
Boiling some water, I was careful as I poured it into a cup, letting the tea settle down. 
I went to the couch drinking my tea, laying my head on the couch, and then passing out.
The next morning, I woke up to the sound of Sizzling and the smell of bacon, yawning I opened my eyes, the sun blinding me as I let out a soft groan and buried my head into the couch. 
Another round of sizzling started and I bolted up remembering that I didn’t live here alone anymore, turning to the kitchen I saw bucky cooking bacon. 
He had another long-sleeved shirt on, but this time he wore no glove, his metal hand on full display.  
I sat up, going to sit criss-cross, noticing that my teacup was gone, had he taken it? 
I watched Bucky cook for a bit, noticing how he wouldn't go by the knife box, and how he would stare at the stove for a few minutes before flipping the bacon. 
I slowly got up not wanting to disturb him and wanting to change out of these clothes. 
Getting up, the couch made a slight creak sound, alerting bucky that I was awake. 
He turned to look at me, dressed in a long-sleeved shirt and a pair of PJ pants, his dark hair cascading around his face. 
He smiled looking down at a plate of bacon then back up to me," I'm sorry about last night so I made you apology bacon". 
He looked hopeful, like a lost puppy trying to make up for something it did. 
"You don't gotta apologize for having a nightmare, we all get them, some worse than others", I told him, walking across the room till I was in front of him looking at the plate of bacon. 
He held it out to me with his metal hand, not wanting to make him uncomfortable, I grabbed the other side of the plate, taking it over to the small table. 
Settling in my chair, I watched bucky fidget in the kitchen before sighing and coming to sit in the chair in front of me. 
"I'm sorry if I make you uncomfortable", I said, taking a bite of bacon. 
His blue eyes widened, before looking up into mine as he quickly shook his head, "no, no you don't make me uncomfortable, more I make myself uncomfortable". 
I stayed silent but raised an eyebrow, silently asking him to continue. 
He stared to the side of me, his brain probably trying to figure out what to say before he opened his mouth, "It's just…", he sighed, folding his arms then laying his head on them, his eyes still trained to the side of me. 
I felt bad for making him talk so I reached over and touched his flesh hand, "you don't have to tell me", I sent a slight warm sensation through his body and his eyes drifted to mine. 
His body eased a bit, his head turning to the side as he began speaking," I should be used to change, going from winter soldier, to regular bucky, with hardly any memories of who I actually was, running to Bucharest, the whole avengers vs avengers, to being frozen, then Wakanda, at least I felt some calm there", a smile broke across his face, before returning to his plain face," then the whole Thanos thing happened and now I'm here and steve, the only family I have left, is leaving". 
He spoke with a heavy heart and I felt terrible for him as I pulled up my legs to my chest, wrapping my arms around my legs,”  I’m sorry”. 
Bucky shrugged his shoulders, his eyes distant as he responded,” ill just have to deal with it, besides”, he said sending me a small smile,” I’ve only known you a day but I like it here, its… homie”, he said causing a smile to grow on my face. 
I looked down, smiling into my ball form. 
He took a piece of bacon and ate it, reminding me that I had to go shopping.
I bounced up and went to the kitchen counter grabbing a notepad I had and then grabbed a pen that had a fuzzy top, going back to sit at the table, I pushed them to bucky. 
He eyed them and I gave him a small smile,” I’m gonna go get groceries and I want to know what types of food you like”. 
He picked up the pen with his right hand, twirling it between his fingers touching the fuzzball top,” you don’t have to buy me anything”, he said and I rolled my eyes, nodding,” well I want to, I have all this extra money and nothing to do with it”. 
He looked around the apartment then back to me,” I don’t pay for the apartment, I did a favor for tony stark and this is him paying me back”, I explained,” not that I wanted him to but he insisted”, I sighed, running a hand through my hair. 
Bucky chuckled, a sound that I liked and wouldn’t mind hearing more often from him, as he slowly wrote a few words on the paper. Plums, chicken, and a few other things that I would consider new on my list,.
.I don’t know if some of these things will still be here, just things I liked in the 1940’s”, he said as my eyes swept over the list a few times, making sure that I memorized some of it. 
“I’ll make sure to look for them, do you know when steve will swing by”, I said, folding the note on the table, and taking the plate that had been emptied of bacon to the kitchen. 
“No I think we’re gonna go for a run through”, he said and I nodded, going past him, down the hall, and into my room, kicking the door shut. 
I changed out of my shorts into a pair of jeans and switched my tank top out for a black and white shirt, sliding on a pair of converse. 
I walked back out, seeing bucky on the couch holding onto one of the throw pillows, looking out the window. 
"There's a balcony out there if you want to go out", I said as he looked back to me, "I'll be back in a while, have fun with Steve". 
He smiled, doing a slight wave, he waved me off as I grabbed the key chain off the rack and walked out of the apartment. 
I'll post link to part 3 when I get that done
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jasonslildemon · 4 days ago
(Bucky barnes x reader)
Part 1
Summary: steve needs someone to look after bucky after he leaves so he asks a certain reader to look after bucky.
"I wouldn’t be asking this from you if it wasn't for the fact that I won’t be here much longer", Steve begged me as I frowned at what he asked me.
It was a nice Friday night, where if life had gone the way I wanted it, I would be hanging out with friends, getting drunk, or something along those lines. 
Instead, I was arguing with my best friend, Steve Rogers aka Captain America, about letting his oldest friend live with me. 
"Stevie you know I'm not ready for people to be around me quite just yet", I said, nervously scratching at the skin around my thumb, a nervous coping habit I had. 
I had been another hydra experiment, one that had been used for multiple things, I'd always had a knowledge of people when they were in pain and such but after they injected me with whatever they injected me with, I was able to control that pain and make it worse, biological is what they'd called it. 
After the events of Thanos, my powers had flung out of control, killing anything that touched me, we have only now gotten it to calm down. 
Steve came behind the counter, that I hesitantly leaned against, putting his hand on my hand, my body visibly tensing.
"Look see you aren’t hurting me", he said, his blue eyes softly looking into my own (e/c) ones, "you are stronger than your powers sweetheart, believe me, he needs someone to help him heal and I know you need someone as well, just try and If it doesn't work, he can move back to the compound". 
Steve always had a way to make people give in and I looked to our hands, sighing before nodding looking back up to him. 
"Fine he can stay here, but if something happens to him, that's on you", I said and a grin took over his face," that makes me a little worried". 
I softly laughed and took my hand back from Steve's grasp turning around to open the fridge, biting my lip at the small amount of food.
"Ok I'm gonna bring him over if that's ok", steve said going back to the other side of the counter, picking up his backpack that rested in one of the barstool chairs. 
Steve particularly lived here some weekends, so I didn’t feel alone I assumed, but always left stuff here. 
"Ya, you don't mind them getting your room right", I asked and steve shook his head smiling. 
The apartment, paid for none other than by stark industries, had 2 bedrooms, my own, then Stevie’s. 
"He's a super-soldier too, my clothes should fit him, just know that buckys sensitive about...things", he said and my mind wandered. 
If this bucky was James Buchanan Barnes, then I all too well known about him. 
He had been someone hydra constantly talked about when I first was trapped there, he also was the cause of the whole civil war that happened. 
I sighed, sending him a silent smile and he edged towards the door, hitching the bag to his shoulder. 
"I'm gonna make dinner for us, does spaghetti sound ok", I asked weakly and was given a small smile in return," always, I love your cooking". 
I shot him a small smile before watching him leave and being left alone in the house again. 
The house was beyond fancy, I'd saved pepper, tony starks wife, from an assassination attempt years ago and he had offered to give me a place to live off the streets.
Moving through the apartment, I picked up random clothes that were either mine or Steve's and threw them into my room. 
Directly across the hall was Steve's, now buckys, room, wandering in I saw it was in top living conditions, Steve's neatness all over the room. 
I decided it was decent enough for him to be in, so I wandered back out, making sure nothing embarrassing of mine in the bathroom before going to cook the noodles. 
The water was boiling, cooking the noodles in a style that I remembered my mother doing when I was 5, the year before she died. 
This was Stevie’s favorite meal for me to make for him, and maybe it would become buckys. 
I took the pot off the stove and was about to pour out the water when the door opened and a loud," I'm home", startled me. 
I jumped, spilling the boiling water on my arm, letting out a scream as the pain increased, making me drop to my knees.
2 pairs of heavy footsteps entered the apartment and Steve immediately darted to my side, putting his hands on my upper arms. 
I hissed in pain and clutched my arm to my chest as Steve kept trying to calm me down, "breath your gonna be ok, let the pain subsided". 
I did as he asked and took a deep breath in as the warm tingly feeling went to my arm and the skin started to resemble itself. 
"The noodles aren’t ruined are they", I asked, opening my eyes to look into Steve's baby blue ones. 
His face was full-on worried till I looked up, smiling, causing a smile to go on his face," only you would worry about noodles after being burnt".
He stood up, then took my own hands helping me up, then looking at my left arm, seeing no damage he turned to his friend.
His friend was handsome, brown hair pulled around his pale face, a ball cap holding it down, light stubble on his jaw, and these beautiful ocean blue eyes that stared back at me. 
His body was tense, worry and doubt in his eyes, as I rose, shooting a smile at him,” I’m (y/n), one of Steve's friends, sorry that you had to see that”, I apologized, my face heating up. 
Steve lightly nudged my ribs and I shot him a small glare before turning to the sink where the steaming pan of noodles was, hesitantly grabbing pot rags then grabbing the handles. 
“I hope that spaghetti is ok, it’s the only meal that I have in the house right now but I'll go shopping first thing in the morning”, I said, pouring out the rest of the water and setting the pot rags onto the table, then placing the pot down. 
“Spa...spaghetti is fine thank you”, he stumbles out. 
I could tell he was nervous and probably didn’t trust me, but the way Steve looked at him made me think that something was going on under his skin.  
Steve helped set the small table, a little antique thing I had bought one afternoon to bring character to the apartment, whilst bucky stood awkwardly against the wall. 
“I don’t bite”, I told bucky, noticing his uneasiness, "Well I mean I sometimes bite but not unless I have to”, I joked and got a little laugh from Steve while bucky forced a smile. 
He was gonna take some work. 
Dinner was awkward, to say the least, Steve mainly held the conversation and Bucky would give him a simple one-worded response.  
I took this time to study bucky, noticing how his lips would sometimes turn upward in the slightest smile at something Steve would say, or how he wore long-sleeved shirts and had gloves on. 
I knew he had a metal arm, but he must’ve been miserable, always having to hide it and probably burning up half the time. 
Halfway through dinner, Steve accidentally split some food on his shirt and went to change it leaving me alone with bucky. 
He shifted uncomfortably and I moved to take a sip of my water,” is your arm ok”, he asked and I almost spit out my drink. 
Looking over to him, I saw his eyes look from mine before going to my arm.
Turning my arm over, I saw the faint light pink tint to my skin, exactly where the water had burned me. 
"My skin healed already, good as new”, I said and his eyebrows furrowed,” how did it already heal, that would've left a decent mark”, he asked and I tilted my head, had Steve not told him. 
“Did Steve not tell you about my ability”, I repeated out loud this time and he shook his head,” er well I can sorta repair bodies at will". 
He looked pretty impressed and It made me laugh as I took another bite of my noodles, a small smile lacing Bucky's face. 
It looked good on him, but I would never say that to his face seeing as how he already was. 
Steve walked back into the room, clad in a new shirt, he seen bucky smiling, a smile of his own going across Steve's face, "what'd I miss", he asked. 
"Did you not tell him about my magic powers", I asked, dramatically waving my fingers at him, his eyes widening going to bucky. 
Bucky put up both his hands, shrugging his shoulders before shooting a smile my way. 
Steve rolled his eyes, smiling before rounding up the plates and gesturing to the rooms. 
"Oh yeah I'll give you the tour", I said hoping up and bouncing towards the hallway.
I didn't look behind me, his soft tap of boots enough for me to know he was trailing behind me slowly. 
Opening the door, I stepped to the side, letting bucky walk by.
He was way taller than me, something I just now noticed.
Bucky walked to the bed, sat down his duffle bag, and went around the room picking up some of the knick-knacks Steve collected.
I was about to leave when bucky spoke up, "Thank you for letting me stay here", I turned to look at him, softly smiling, "it's not a problem, it's nice to have company". 
He shot me another graceful look and watched as I left, going back down the hall to talk with steve, who was now on the couch, the dishes done.
"He isn't that bad", I told Steve, going to sit beside him on the couch. 
Steve was aimlessly flipping through random channels, but when he heard me he turned to look at me," See I told you, you both need someone to help each other heal, maybe that'll help".
I frowned as I sat beside Steve, pulling my feet to my chest, fighting back memories," Steve I told you, I'm better now", I lied convincingly. 
I told this lie so many times, it was too believable now. 
Steve turned to me, a knowing look on his face that almost caused me to pale, thinking he had seen through my lie before a smile broke across his face. 
"That's my girl, I'm proud of you", he said and I breathed out a laugh.  
Bucky's footsteps neared the living room and we turned to look at him. 
He had finally taken off the ball cap, his brown locks brushed back into a ponytail, as he went to sit in the love seat. 
He looked uncomfortable, watching some tv show Steve had left on the tv, as I yawned, rubbing my eyes. 
Steve took notice of this and slowly rose, standing above the couch," it's late I should probably get going, will you be ok here alone for the night with her", he asked Bucky. 
Bucky's eyes flickered to me then back to Steve before nodding, "I'll be back in the morning to check in on you". 
I yawned again and Steve ruffled my hair, earning a slight punch to the stomach.  
He chuckled, rolling his eyes before going to bucky putting a hand on his shoulder, and nodding. 
Steve silently said good-bye and Bucky went back to watching the tv, an awkward silence falling over the room. 
I didn't want to fall asleep in the living room so I slowly untangled myself and stood up, a woozy feeling in my head before it subsided. 
"I'm gonna head to bed, do you know how to turn off the tv", I asked, holding out the remote to him. 
He reached out with his left hand before exchanging it for his right, taking the remote from my hand. 
"I...I think I can manage", he stuttered and I nodded going to the hallway before turning to look at him again, "don't be scared to wake me either", I said and then went to my room, leaving the door halfway open. 
The faint light of the tv crept into my room, as I put on a pair of shorts and tank top before cuddling into the bed falling asleep.
Thanks for reading
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jasonslildemon · 18 days ago
Lose my breath
Jason todd x reader
I wanna feel you close
come lie with my bones
don't look away
just look at me the same
"Hey jason, lifes stills hard and I still miss you, I'm sorry i havent been able to visit more often, trying to balance my time between working and practicing my magic y'know", I laughed, resting my head back against the tomb stone.
The sky had noticeably darkened and the air was starting to get thick, snow was sure to start falling.
My body wanted me to go home, to leave the flowers and get warm, but my heart didnt have the urge to leave.
It had been 6 years since my childhood sweetheart, jason todd, had died and tonight was the anniversary.
As soon as I'd gotten off work, locking up the coffee shop and etc, I'd went to the last open flower shop, bought his favorite flowers, Daisy's, and came straight to the Gotham cemetery.
I traced the outlines of the writing on the stone, sniffling.
"I miss you so much JayJay", I said, trying to hold back a sob.
The wind wiped at my hair making it blow in my face, as I put my hand to my cheek wiping a stray tear that had trailed down my face.
Jason had died in a car explosion, strictly closed coffin, at Bruce's, Jason's adopted dad's, request.
The cold finnaly made me shiver and I decided to was finnaly time to get going.
Placing a kiss to my fingers, I touched the tomb and turned on my heel walking away.
Gotham at night was risky, something that Jason would've hated me doing alond since there were multiple muggers out here.
My magic, umbrakinesis, came in use during these situations but they always made me weak after I'd used it.
My boot heals clicked agaist the side walk, the bare part of my legs that my work dress didnt cover being hit by the puffy white bits of fluff.
I wished at this moment that I'd had a car, as 3 guys came out of a alleyway.
They all were big and buff, wearing a thick over coat and blue Jean's where there hands rested in their pocket.
I didn't directly look at them, already feeling their eyes on my body.
"Hey sweetheart whatcha doin out so late", one called.
I ignored his voice, picking up speed, before I felt one of their hands touch my shoulder turning me around.
"Let go of me", I said, holding back the urge to go full on shadow on him.
"Baby cmon why dont we just have a little fun, it's cold and I can warm you up a whole lot", he said, his voice dripping with lust.
His two buddy's had came around to circle us, trapping me between these 3 and another alleyway.
I didnt think as I bolted backwards down the alleyway, hearing their foot steps follow me.
I ran to the end of the alleyway, it being a dead end, as I pounded my hand agaist the thick wall.
Their footsteps neared and I turned around, balling my hands into fists as I glared at them.
"Sweetcheeks just let us have a little fun and we'll leave you unharmed", the smaller of the 3 said, a cigarette between his teeth.
Slowing my breathing, my body seemed to burn as I let the magic flow through my veins holding my hands open, palms forward.
The first guy who had talked to me laughed,"we got a fighter boys, shes weak and cold, ronnie show her some manners", he said and the biggest of the 3 cracked his knuckles.
Ronnie licked his lips and stepped forward, his eyes having a fire inside of them.
Time seemed to speed up as ronnie charged at me and my body's instincts acted.
I threw my hand out, latching onto his soul ripping him to the side where he banged agaist the wall.
A growl came from his mouth, as the other 2 men paced to the opposite wall.
"Your interesting ain'tcha princess", the leader said, tilting his head to ronnie, who held his head agaist the wall.
My eyes didnt leave his body as he flicked out a switchblade holding it out infront of him.
"TJ", he said to the smaller man,"go help ronnie I'll deal with sweetcheeks here".
"I don't want to hurt you but I can and will", I shakily told him, hardening my gaze.
He took a step forward, my fists loosening before a gunshot echoed along the alley and a shrill scream was heard from TJ.
Both me and the leaders eyes shot over to where he and ronnie were and my eyes widened.
In the middle of Ronnie's head, there was a small bullet whole as blood started to seep from the wound.
There was another gunshot, this time lodging in TJs head.
I let out a small scream and the leader let out a enraged roar, opening his knife about to throw it at me.
There was a silver flash and something caught my eye as it lodged itself in the mans hand, making him drop the knife and scream, holding his hand.
I didnt waste time as I grabbed his souls throwing it agaist his side, physically lifting him and making him hit the wall.
There was a soft thud from infront of me and I quickly spun on my heel to look st the new figure.
I don't wanna be your friend, I wanna kiss your lips
I wanna kiss you until I lose my breath
I don't wanna be your friend, I wanna kiss your lips
I wanna kiss you until I lose my breath
This was a tall, muscular man, from the body shape, who wore a red hood thing with a body suit.
I let out a small shriek and grabbed his soul, forcing his body to the ground.
"No no no please I wont hurt you", the figure said, his voice altered from the mask.
I was beyond scared as I accidentally tightened my grip on his soul, making him cough,"who are you then", I asked.
"I..I cant anwse..answer that", he gasped out.
My grip on him tightened,"give me a good reason I shouldnt kill you since i dont know you, you could be with them".
"But...but you do...do know....me..me", he gasped out, as I furrowed my eyes brow loosening him,"its me...jay...jay".
My grip on him completely fell as I started to shake, steeping backwards.
"What do you mean...how do you know that name", I asked frantically and watched as he got up, holding out his hand.
"Please just let me exsplain...", he said before another gunshot echoed though the alleyway and then a spreading pain severed though my stomch.
The person in the red hood growled screamed no, as I looked down, seeing blood seeping though the middle of the dress.
I fell to my knees, holding my stomch as something hard caught me, before slipping into oblivion.
tell me something nice
Like flowers and blue skies
I will follow you home
Although my lips are blue and I'm cold
"Despite the fact that we are in a cemetery and it is freezing cold, this is very pretty", Jason's voice said.
I recognized the place I was in almsot immediately.
Jason's young 15 year old self smiled at me from the bench in Gotham's graveyard.
The city's lights didnt seem to touch the sky here, so we had a beautiful veiw of most of the stars scattered across the sky.
"What if when we die we go into the sky and that's why we can see them so clearly in some places more than others", I asked him, laying my head back against his shoulder.
He leaned his head back, his blue eyes going to the stars, making them sparkle,"I think your the reason their so bright with your witchy magic stuff".
I gasped and punched his side, causing him to laugh at my weak attempt to hurt him.
"Its not witchy magic stuff", I said, pouting and shivered as the cool air brushed my face.
Jason chuckled, his arm, that hung round my shoulder, tightened, bringing me closer to his warmth.
I wrapped both my arms around his waist, resting my chin on his chest smiling up at him.
"Your lips are blue", he joked,"why dont you let me warm them", he asked, causing a small smile to break out across my face.
He brought my face closer to his, pressing his warm lips against my ice cold ones, before I shot up from the dream.
I don't wanna be your friend, I wanna kiss your lips
I wanna kiss you until I lose my breath
I don't wanna be your friend, I wanna kiss your lips
I wanna kiss you until I lose my breath
Two pairs of hands quickly went to touch my shoulders as my eyes darted around the familiar room.
Everything was in the same place but there was a new addition.
A tall man, with black hair that had a white streak running through it, looked back at me with the same blue eyes I had fell in love with.
I quickly scrambled back, reaching under my pillow to grab the knife I usually left there.
A pained expression crossed his face, as I scrambled till my back hit the wall.
"This, this is a dream, just another stupid dream", I stuttered out, holding the knife out.
"No no this isnt a dream", he said, his eyes were pained as he stood up, taking a step around to the side of the bed.
"Your dead", I said, trying my best to not cry infront of him.
"Baby I'm not dead, please I'll exsplain everything later, just drop the knife", the Jason's look alike said, putting his knee on the bed edge.
I looked down to the knife, the blade glistening from the small lamplight, he must of turned on.
I wrapped both my arms around the knifes handle raising it slightly,"I'll just stab myself and wake up, that or I am dead, those guys probably killed me".
My mind tumbles with possibilities as Jason's eyes widened in horror.
I breathed out and was about to stab myself, as jason lept ontop of me, knocking the knife out of my grip as my mind realized this was an actually person.
I let out a sob and kicked away from Jason, his arms trying to pull me to his body.
"Your dead your dead, how are you alive, I must be dead", I sobbed wrapping my arms around my legs, rocking back and forth.
Jason's hands touched my arms.
"Your not dead baby, I'm alive and breathing see", he said taking my hand and putting it to his chest, right over the heart.
His heart beat a little quicker than a normal one, but the heat that radiated off him was a sure sign he was alive.
"H...how are..you here", I hiccuped out, lifting my head from my knees to look at his blue eyes.
He gave me a soft smile, reaching to grab my smaller hand, lacing his fingers through them.
"I was brought back to life", he exsplained and I felt my throat tighten.
I hadnt went on a full crying jab in more than a few months and the tears felt good as the slid down my cheeks.
"So..so you actually died", I asked about to sob again.
His hand, still the rough skin texture that I remembered from when I was 15, gently touched my cheek.
"Dont cry baby dont cry please", he pleaded, wiping the tears the found their way down my face.
"I actually died and this is my after life", I wispeared out watching Jason's eyes widen.
I could always read what he couldnt say through his eyes, something that helped us both open up.
"What can I do to make you realize this is real", he asked, causing me to find his blue eyes.
There were many emotions running through his eyes, heartbreak, a soft edge, longing and most of all love.
Before I knew what I was doing I bent forward, hesitantly putting my lips to his.
Burning hot tears rose and trailed down my cheeks at the familiar feel of Jason's lips on mine.
I usually did a good job at blocking painful memories of jason from my mind, to deal with the pain, and I finally let my mind break.
I could feel his familiar shadow dancing around in his body.
"Jay jay it...it is you", I said, when he pulled away, resting our foreheads against each others.
I felt Jason's body start to shake and I opened my eyes, feeling my heart pound at the tears that were streaming down Jason's face.
I hesitantly put my hands against his face, wiping away the tears,"Jay jay what's wrong".
A smile broke out across his face and then opened his eyes,"I missed you so so much and I'm happy to be back", he said shaking some more.
I pulled him into a hug, letting him sniff and come loose on my shoulder.
"Does Bruce know", I asked softly, running my hand up and down his spine, feeling a few new and old dents in his skin.
Jason shook his head, lifting it to look back into my eyes.
His eyes were red rimmed, his hand going to wip his eyes, as I found my hand running through his thick black hair.
My hand came to the new white streak and I brushed it between my fingers.
It felt like the rest of his hair, fluffy and thick, but jason wouldnt dye his hair willingly.
"Will you exsplain everything, how your", I choked," back and why your hair has this streak".
"Ofcourse baby, but you need to get some sleep, your bullet wound needs more time to heal", he said and my hands instantly shot back to my belly.
Lifting the white tank top jason must of put me in while I was out, i seen the faint white circle where the bullet had entered.
My magic must've took its toll and begun to heal the wound.
"If I... we sleep you wont disappear when I wake right", I asked him and watched him nodd.
I happily sighed and went to hug him again, this time he let me lay my head on his shoulder as he fell back against my bed.
I smiled and closed my eyes, only before feeling the feeling of lips against my forehead and Jason's voice sing through the room,"I'm sorry that I left but I promise you baby I'll never leave again".
I wanna kiss you until I lose my breath
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jasonslildemon · 19 days ago
Roy: Are you the big spoon or the little spoon?
Jason: I'm a knife
(Y/n) from across the room: he's the little spoon
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jasonslildemon · 22 days ago
Like kids
(Roy Harper x reader)
Prompt: Roy leaves in YJ, (y/n) follows
Today was the day, I happily thought as I fled through the darkness of the portal.
The great justice leauge had finally decided that me and my 4 other freinds were finally ready to become full fledged leauge members.
My body flew out of the portal, accidentally knocking me to the ground.
Someone helped me up, as I lifted me head sending them a smile.
I wrapped my arms around roy Harper, aka speedy, as he picked me up spinning me around.
"Todays the day", he quietly sung in my ear causing a grin to reach my ears.
We all were fairly excited about this.
Roy's eyes scanned my figure a smile glazing his lips,"even in heels you still are shorter than me", he joked.
I lightly punched his shoulder turning to the rest of the group.
The group was fairly small, just the leauge members and robin and aqualad.
Our 5th member, wally or kid flash, and his mentor,the flash, still weren't here.
"So the speedsters late", I joked to robin who was Wally's best freind.
Robin sent me a smirk and nodded,"arent they always late though".
I laughed as I leaned against Roy's arm, turning to face batman.
"Did canary come for our little coronation", I asked and he shook his head.
Black canary had been my mentor, sorta, but we hardly worked together anymore.
A wind rushed around my body, before KF appeared infront of me smiling wide.
"Why are you always late to these things", I asked him and he face palmed.
He was about to respond before batman spoke up,"today you 5 will become full members of the justice league".
Roy's arm slid around my shoulders, pulling me to his side as they spoke.
I didnt listen to what they said as uneasyness crept in at all the cameras flashing and clicking away.
They finished their speech and started to walk torwards the hall of justices doors.
I let out a shaky laugh, walking with roy as he silently breathed out," you ready".
"As I'll ever be", I wispeared back and we continued on the tour.
The hall of justice hadnt been as fancy or cool as I had hoped it would be.
We came to a room where the 3 guys went to sit on couches.
I followed roy to stand between all of them.
"So Is this it", I wispeared to roy and heard him grumble back.
Roy had been excited for the day that he'd get to join the justice leauge, that that was all he had talked about for the last few days where we patrolled.
The other justice leauge members gathered around batman,"Quick debrief to discuss the coincidence of four Ice Villains attacking on the same day."
A green beam shot out of the wall scanning them calling put there names as they all talked in hushed tones.
It was clear there weren't going to involve us in their mission.
Roy pulled his arm back causing me to look at him as he stepped in front of us,"That’s it? You promised us a real look inside, not a glorified backstage pass".
We all stared in shock as roy fires off.
Aquaman was the first to respond,"It’s a first step. You’ve been granted access few others get".
I looked over to the glass as did roy,"Oh, really? Who cares which side of the glass we’re on?"
"Roy c'mon just let it go", I tried to tell him as green arrow tried to put his arm on Roy's shoulder.
Roy shook him off as green arrow spoke," Roy, you just need to be patient".
"What I need is respect", roy said turning to the other 3 who were looking at roy wide eyed,"They're treating us like kids. Worse--like sidekicks! We deserve better than this".
I slowly nodded putting my hand on Roy's bicep as he glared at the other 3,"You're kidding, right? You’re playing their game? Why? Today was supposed to be the day, step one in becoming full-fledged members of the league".
"Roy stop, just let it go", I tried but he shook his head.
Wally was the first one to speak,"Well, sure, but I thought step one was the tour of the HQ".
I could feel the angry bubbling under Roy's skin.
"Except the Hall isn't the League's real HQ. I bet they never told you it's just a false front for tourists and a pit stop for catching Zeta-beam teleporter tubes to the real thing, an orbiting satellite called the watchtower", roy said and the other 3's eyes widened.
Roy had already told me this so when the others eyes drifted to me and I nodded they all furrowed their eyebrows.
"Roy please c'mon just drop it", I gently urged him, but he shook his head turning to me.
"I'm done being treated like a kid (y/n/n)", he softly said, he inability to get mad at me showing.
"You're not helping your cause here, son. Stand down or--", aquaman tried to tell him and Roy's temper flared.
"Or what? You'll send me to my room? And I'm not your son! I'm not even his. I thought I was his partner, but not anymore..", he shouted and I stomped on Roy's foot.
"Roy stop", I said and he looked to the ground before taking off his hat throwing it do the ground.
"I'm done, if I was you all, I'd follow my lead", roy said before storming off the other way.
We all watched him go as I bent to pick up his speedy hat.
"I'm gonna go after him", I softly said, dashing after roy.
My heels clicked after him as he went down hall after hall.
"Roy please slow down", I shouted after his receiding figure.
I watched him stop,his back to me, as I came to a stop.
"If your going to get me to go back, I'm not going to", roy harshly muttered causing me to sigh.
I tried to touch his shoulder but he flinched away making my heart clench.
"I wasnt going to tell you to go back", I softly said and roy turned around, his mask gone.
"Then why dont you go back there with them", he harshly said causing me to flinch.
"RoyJoy everything you said back there is true, they do treat us like kids", I said, watching as Roy's eyes met mine.
"You won't have to worry about me anymore", he said,"I'm gonna fly solo".
My heart strings tightened and I boldly reached out to grab his hand.
"Do you got room for a tag-along partner", I asked and watched as his eyes lit up.
"A partner, but what about the justice leauge", he asked causing me to smile.
"Theres no roy harper in the justice leauge, so theres no (y/n) (l/n)", I said earning a smile from roy as he quickly wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me into a hug.
I wrapped my arms around his neck, hugging him back, as my heels lifted off the ground.
His bare fingers softly touched my waist causing me to shiver as he put me down, lacing are fingers together.
"So Roy and (y/n) off to face the world", he said looking down to me.
I nodded holding up my hand, making a portal,"to the apartment", I asked and he nodded.
We stepped through the portal ready to face the world together.
My shitty writing,
Would anyone read a book of this?
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jasonslildemon · 24 days ago
Cuddle buddy's
(Jason todd x reader) ft. Roy harper
Prompt: roy coming to cuddle with you and jason.
Just a quick little drabble
The crash from the kitchen woke me up.
It must've been early in the morning, as i raised my head to look up at my boyfriend Jason's face.
His blue eyes were half hooded as he looked down to me, giving me his small smile.
"What time is It", i softly asked, snuggling up to his neck, closing my eyes.
Jasom moved his arms to wrap around my waist holding me to his side as he looked to the clock on our bedside table.
"Its 2:28 in the morning", Jason sleepily rasped, rolled his head back against the soft pillow.
"Do you think its roy", I hummed out.
Roy was our partner in crime, helping us clean up the city's from their criminal scum.
We had given him a key and told him if he needed to come over that our door was open.
"Oh it's most definitely roy", he said leaning his head down to press gentle kisses to my cheek.
I yawned, listening to Roy's footsteps as they got closer.
I sat up a little, letting Jason rest his head on my neck as he drifted off into a slight slumber.
Roy's ginger hair appeared in the doorway before he stepped completely into our room.
"Are we cuddling, I want to cuddle with you guys, well mainly (y/n)", roy said, kicking off his boots.
I let out a small laugh, roy would sometimes get nightmares and being around people helped, jason knew how hard nightmares were so he didnt mind roy cuddling up to you.
Jason sleepily opened his eyes, eyeing roy before pulling me closer to his body.
I watched roy sleepily stumble on his feet before, jumping onto the bed between us.
He rested his head on my thighs, as I took off his hat, laying it on the bedside table.
I ran my hand through his hair, listening to roy sigh.
"I have no clue why I let you cuddle with us", jason joked and roy let out a laugh, wrapping his arms around my thighs.
"Cause she may be your girlfriend but shes also like half my girlfreind", roy said and yawned, cuddling his head into my leg.
Jason let out a small growl his arms tightening around my body.
"Dont worry jay", I softly said kissing his cheek, earning a smile from him,"I only love you, I love roy here like a brother".
Roy chuckled, and Jason smiled before laying his head back letting me snuggle up to him.
Both roy and Jason's soft snores filled the room and I smiled as I kissed Jason's neck, drifting off to sleep with them.
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jasonslildemon · 25 days ago
Broken ribs
Jason Todd x reader
Prompt: (y/n) works with jason and Roy, there hunting a mob boss and shes spoused to draw him out. While she tempts him(drug lord), jason gets jealous.
I didnt really edit this little drabble and I think its cute but idk how I did so ya.
The music blared through the loud speakers, making the ground vibrate through my heels.
Taking a sip of the special beach drink, I scanned my surroundings before brushing my hand against my hair, hitting my ear peice.
"Guys I swear if I'm wearing this dress for nothing both your asses are getting kicked", I said into the com looking around the room again.
This was, in my opinion, a mediocre mission, hook him then sink him.
This drug lord had been rumored to be at this little party, so I'd dressed in the 'sexiest' dress I had and was radioing the boys who were waiting on the roof.
"Sorry sweetheart but it's just one less asshole on this planet, beside you look pretty, he'll eat you up", roy commed back and I felt a smile glaze my face.
This was normal roy behavior, even though he knew I wasnt really available.
I heard jason growl through the coms and held back a laugh.
Me and jason were in a kinda relrelationship, we never talked about it, just kinda did the relationship stuff.
My eyes slid over the room, taking in a bunch of different people, girls in pretty dress, men with glitter in their hair, before I spotted our guy.
He had his black hair slicked back and a fancy tux opened to show his chest hairs off.
"Found em boys", I said and started to sasha over to him.
He was laughing at something a girl had said, moving his hand over her leg.
I put on a smile and slowly slid into the booth beside him.
He turned to me, a glare fixated on his face before his eyes raced down my body, certainly eyeing my breasts for a bit longer than necessary.
"Why hello there gorgeous, what will a girl like you be doing over here with me", he said.
I held back the urge to puke at how bad his breath smelled, a mixture of beer and what I could only assume was drugs, as I responded,"I couldnt help but notice you across the room and wanted to get a closed peak".
His gaze darkened in lust and I made an effort to move my body a little more to help his imagination.
"A hot babe like you was alone", he asked, his greasy hand went to rest on my knee.
"I'm all alone, but we can change that and have some fun", I said seductively.
He growled approvingly and I grinned before getting up, sending him one last glance, then leaving.
I looked behind me once, seeing him following me, before I slipped into the exit door into a alleyway.
"Guys I've tagged him, I'm in the alleyway get ready to bag him", I quickly said leaning against the side of the rail.
The door opened and the guy came out, a smile laced on his face,"well princess are you ready to rumble".
I slowly pulled up the side of my dress reaching for the knife, "Ya know I'm not really In the mood for it now".
As I said that, I had pulled out the knife and flung it at him.
The knife lodged in his shoulder and he looked at it for a second before turning back to me.
His eyes noticeably darkened as he let out a roar, starting to charge at me.
"Oh shit", I said and tried to jump away from him but he caught my foot, flinging me to the wall.
My body slammed against the wall, the only sound I could hear was the cracking coming from my ribs, then the pain began to spread.
I lifted my head, panting my arm going to wrap around my torso, watching the guy.
He smiled before pulling out the knife from his shoulder, letting it fall to the ground.
"I knew they might send someone out to get me one day, so I made sure to do extra drugs tonight, gotta be strong little girl", he said.
"So what it's a strength drug", I asked, trying to look around for the guys, where the hell were they?
He took a step closer, making me push against the side wall a little.
"This is a strong little toxin, when it's in your system its equal to bane venom", he said, spit flying out of his mouth.
Roy's red arrow caught my eye, and I turned back to him and smiled despite the pain.
The drug lords eyebrows furrowed together and I watched as Roy's arrow fly between us and land on his face, exploding.
Both roy and jason jumped down from the building, both kicking the drug lords shoulders.
Jason drew a gun shooting his left shoulder, before quickly running over to me.
I was shakily trying to stand up, holding my ribs.
"Shit I'm so sorry, those fuckers were on the roof to, did he hurt you, are you ok", jason asked slowly putting his hands on my arms.
I flinched and shot him a hard smile," only my ribs hurt, I think they may be broke".
I stepped forward into Jason's arms, resting my head against his shoulder as roy pulled out the arrow, turning to us.
"Shit babe you ok", roy asked, causing jason to growl lightly, putting his arms around my body.
The pet name had been what roy always called me and I knew that Jason was sorta jealous.
I wimpeared as a rush of pain ran through my ribs.
Jason bent down, putting his hands under my legs before raising me in his arms.
I let out a small shriek as he accidentally hit my ribs.
"I'm taking her back to the apartment, round them up, you know the drill", jason said.
I peeled my eyes open and looked to roy as he nodded,"hey roy joy can you pick up food for us all".
"Ya I'll stop by the Chinese place, just go get wrapped up", roy said, turning back to the bleeding man.
I rested my head against Jason's shoulder as he kept whispering things to me.
"Keep your eyes open doll were almost there", he said somewhere among the vast clouds.
I could've swore we were flying, as the pain the my ribs started to go numb.
All of a sudden Jason landed into the living room apartment, quickly going to his room.
It was still its clean/messiness that he'd left it that morning whilst we were getting ready.
He moved straight to the bathroom where he awkwardly had to set me down on the sink.
I leaned my back against the mirror, slowly pulling the dress off my shoulders, leaving me in my bra and panties.
Jason had fished out some wrapping, his eyes flashing to me, before widening and then picking up a pair of his sweatpants handing them to me.
I grimaced as I pulled them on, attempting to sit up straight, but groaning at the pain.
Jason had averted his eyes looking to the ceiling, before they slowly fell to meet mine.
"Ok doll I'm gonna need you to sit up straight, this will hurt but I need to know if their broken", he breathed out and I nodded.
He handed me a peice of leather off his gun strap and I put it between my teeth.
He nodded to me, before pressing his hand to my left ribs.
I screamed and bite down onto the strap, hurting my teeth.
"I'm sorry baby I'm sorry", Jason quickly apologized, pulling his hand before pulling out some wrap.
"Good news I think their just cracked not broke, just a small fracture maybe, if we took you to a hospital this would be so much easier", he told me, his blue eyes came to meet mine.
I was panting as I spit out the leather, sending a smile to him,"i wont let you take me in, todd".
He rolled his eyes but smiled,"pfft I'll be able to take you in".
"Nah roy wont let you", I shot back, but my joking manner quickly fell as Jason's face sorta fell and he picked up the wrap again.
"Let's get your ribs wrapped", he coldly said and I lifted my head to his face.
He tensed up, before softening slighty, letting me run my hand through his black hair.
"Jason you know that roy dosent mean anything by those names he calls me, right", I asked, floofying his hair.
His face hardened as he focused on the wrap,"feels like it".
My hands went to cup his cheek, making him look up to me,"Jay are you jealous of roy".
He shook his head out of my grasp, going back to wrapping may ribs before he sealed it off.
Setting the wrap down, he wrapped his arms around my body, locking them by my lower waist, before closing his eyes and resting his head in the area between my breats and neck.
My arms wrapped around his shoulders, rubbing his back, as he began to talk.
"I get this feeling in my chest, like this deep pit of darkness, but I know you and him are close and I dont want to break that even though we arent a thing yet atleast", he softly causing that warm feeling in my chest to blossom.
"Did you just ask me out", I softly mummered and felt Jason's breathing hitch.
I ran my hands up to his hair letting then run through It before jason responding.
"Fuck I dont know how to y'know ask you that and I cant lose you, your my light in this dark world", he said, my breathe caught in my throat.
I lightly pulled his head up looking into his eyes before closing mine and pressing a kiss to his lips.
Our lips molded perfectly toghter and I let out a soft moan as we pulled away.
"So does that mean that were ya know a couple", jason asked and I nodded a smile lacing my lips.
I pulled him into another kiss before we heard Roy's voice shout through the apartment,"guys I brought food".
Would people mind me doing a few Roy Harper x readers, or a few head cannons with him and jason.
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jasonslildemon · 25 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
inspiration hath plagued me again
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jasonslildemon · 28 days ago
I'll drink to that
(Jason todd x demon-mechanic reader)
Show: DC batfamily
Prompt: dick needs you to hide his brother
The setting sun casted shadows over the garage as low rider played on the speakers.
It was a nice sunny day, the kind of day where you wore a nice crop top, letting your body soak up the sun.
I was tweaking with the motor of a motorcycle as my best freind, dick grayson, shouted through the garage.
"Hey (y/n/n) you here", he called.
A smile decorated my face as I slid out from under the bike, bouncing over to the stereo.
I turned it down and called out,"Dickie is that you".
Their was a rustle before dicks familiar black hair peeked up from a old truck that was propped up.
I happily ran and jumped into dicks arms, as his familiar aura fueled the room.
He spun me around for a bit before sitting me back down, wiping some of the grease on his arm off.
"I hope you've come to visit me, your always busy with your superhero work nowadays ", I joked lightly punching his arm.
He shook his head smiling,"I was just here like a week ago".
"Ya that was like 7 days ago", I said wiping my hands on my shorts,"so how are you and kori, still dating or broke up".
"Well I dont really know", dick said and I patted his shoulder, softly smiling.
"Damn I'm sorry, so whatcha doing here", I asked, resting my hands on my hips.
He bite his lip, looking to the side, a nervous habit he seemed to have,"I need you to watch one of my brothers".
I clapped my hands together,"oh is it Damian, it's always fun when hes around".
I had been introduced to all his siblings and was pretty familiar with them.
"Ok sword fighting with little D is not fun, but dangerous", dick scowled me and I laughed.
Damian was dicks youngest brother and on one occasion, requiring my magic, me and him got in a little play fight with katanas.
"To you it isnt fun but he still owes me another rematch since you interrupted ours", I said and he grinned.
"I'll remember that", he said then looked back out the garage doors,"oh yea jason, remember Jason".
I furrowed my eyebrows at the name,"yea is he the brother I have to watch".
Dick had a guilty look on his face as he scratched the back of his neck,"he kinda is wanted by these bad magic people and I need to hide him somewhere they cant find him" .
I nodded along with him as he spoke,"dont worry I'll watch em, just bring him back here, I'll be by the bike then we can all go in".
Dick looked relieved as he went out to get his brother and I went back through the garage to my bike.
Falling to my knees, I started to tighten some bolts, listening as 2 pairs of boots echoed across the floor.
Another aura, more dark and twisted than almost anyone invaded my senses.
"Dick please tell me this isn't someone you've slept with, if so I'm booting it and taking my chances with alpha", the voice of dicks brother said causing my to snicker.
I turned around and sure enough dicks face was red,"we havent....she isnt.....I'm in", dick stuttered out causing me to laugh more.
"There is nothing going on between me and Dickie here", I said causing both boys to look my way.
I noticed the other boy, who was built not like dick was but more muscular, turn to look at me his eyes widened.
"Dickie, that's a good one, I'm not gonna let you live that one down", Jason said looking to dick who had face palmed.
"Jason this is (y/n)", dick introduced us,"she is a really powerful magic user, so I think you'll be safe".
"That's why this place has magic rolling off it in waves", Jason exclaimed and I raised an eyebrow.
Only supernatural beings could feel the waves of this place.
"This place has a very very powerful protection spell over it, whoever these people that are looking for you wont be able to find you", I said, standing up.
"Here c'mon inside, gotta get you settled in", I said and led them through the machinery to a door that opened into the rest of the apartment.
We climbed the stairs and then entered the apartment.
"So your a mechanic", jason asked from behind me, as I went to plop down on the couch, watching dick go to one of the barstool.
Jason stood with his hands in his jean pockets, awkwardly.
"Yea I'm a mechanic, you want a beer or something, you look like the beer kinda person", I stated.
Jason's looked to me, and I noticed his blue-green eyes.
"I could go for a beer i guess", jason said.
"Ok their in the fridge, the ones in the door are the magically ones, dont drink those", I told him then sent dick a smirk, thinking of a horrible story I could tell.
He shook his head, causing me to laugh, as jason held up a normal beer bottle.
"So your a witch or something", he asked and I slowly nodded.
"I'm part demon actually", I exsplained, pulling my legs up to my chest.
"A demon", jason asked taking a sip of his beer.
I glanced to dick and nodded my head, signaling what I was gonna do, before closing my eyes and chanting.
I opened my eyes and felt the 2 black one appear, looking over to Jason, I smiled at his wide eyes before gasping as my father shouted in my head.
"You wretched girl, I'll find you one day", he screamed in my head, causing me to drop my head to my hands clutching them close.
I felt dick put his hands on my head, helping sooth the pains.
I placed one of my hands on his head, letting my fathers voice flow through the room,"you stupid girl, one day I'll find you, you cant run from your destiny".
I groaned and felt my father pull away from my mind before looking back up.
Dicks blue eyes looked back into mine, seeping with worry,"he still bothers you like that, I thought you said he stopped".
"I dont use my demon side that often", I told dick and then turned to smile at jason,"whoops sorry about that".
He didnt look as scared as I would except and he just shrugged," I knew a guy who had demon parents, used to go through that kinda shit all day".
I looked to dick and raised an eyebrow," hes interesting".
Dick lightly chuckled,"tell me about It, you sure you'll be ok with him tho", dick asked, turning around to face jason.
I put my hands on his, taking them off my face, and nodded,"yea go do whatever you need to do, I'll watch him".
Dicks eyes softened and he nodded getting up Turning to jason,"ok Jason dont be an asshole, (y/n) permission to kick his ass".
I laughed and saluted him off as he shook his head laughing.
I stood up, watching as he left and then sighed, holding my head,"me and dicks rooms are down that hallway, theirs 2 rooms that way", I gestured pointing in the direction.
I walked opposite of him into my room as he yelled,"so dick stays here often".
"He says it helps him being away from his family sometimes", I called back.
I heard jason laugh and respond,"god I felt that one, our family's hectic".
I pulled down an amulet and candle, slowly bringing them out to the living room, shooting jason a quick glance.
He was taking a swig of his beer looking at some of the artifacts on the wall, not looking to me.
I set the candle down on the coffee table, laying the amulet down to before saying," so I told you about my demon past why dont you tell me your past, why you stink of death and such".
The candles burst into a flame, and I felt Jason's mood shift to a more nervous one.
"You dont have to tell me", I softly said and felt him move to sit on the arm chair.
"Your helping protect me for some reason, so I might as well", jason said, taking another sip of his beer.
"I was working with batman, I assume you know me and dicks whole superhero facade and stuff", jason exsplained and I nodded.
"Well I was captured by joker and beaten brutally, he blew up the building I was in, killing me. My body was found by ra'al ghuel he brought me back from the dead with this larzar pit", jason told me.
"Damians grandfather", I said causing jason to nodd.
"Ya he brought me back and trained me, 5 years later I came back and just wanted revenge on joker, hell tried to kill him, went against batman's rules of no killing", he said.
I felt guilt rise through his body and opened my eyes, sinking back to the couch.
"Its not your fault", I told him,"batman shouldnt let joker live, hes killed so many people, never tell dick I said that".
Jason's eyes drifted to mine, a hint of mischief in his eyes.
"Dicks just as bad as batman when it comes to killing", jason joked and I laughed hoping off the couch going to the fridge.
"Ok I say we get drunk and forget about our pasts for the night", I said pulling out a bunch of beers, sending him a smile.
"I'll drink to that", he said chugging the rest of his beer.
We talked and laughed, downing alot of beers before we both feel asleep ontop of one another, where dick found us the next morning.
Please leave requests
Thank chu for reading 🧡
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jasonslildemon · a month ago
Jason Todd x reader headcanons
Who is the most affectionate?
He can be very affectionate, like if he went on a mission with his brothers and they all did things that pissed him off, he will want cuddles when he comes home to you.
Big spoon/Little spoon?
He likes being big spoon, but when he gets nightmares he likes being held/lil spoon
Most common argument?
What's for dinner
Favorite non-sexual activity?
Who is most likely to carry the other?
He will randomly pick you up and spin you around
What is their favorite feature of their partner’s?
He loves your stomch, pressing gently kisses here and there, and tickling you.
Baby, baby doll, sweetheart,
He loves calling you baby, like he'll be half asleep and you'll be wiggling around and he'll just go "baby shhhh"
Who worries the most?
You'll worry about him if he goes after some big drug lord
He worries about you constantly also
Who remembers what the other one always orders at a restaurant?
Who tops?
Definitely him
But sometimes he let's you have a little fun
Who reaches for the other’s hand first?
He makes you feel safe, so if your ever afraid you'll reach and grab his hand
Who kisses the hardest?
Oh mah god definitely him
Who wakes up first?
Depends on how the night went(who went to sleep first, if yall did the sex)
Who wants to stay in bed just a little longer?
He will pull you back into bed
Who says I love you first?
You had a nightmare and he comforted you.
Who leaves little notes for the other?
Who tells their family/friends about their relationship first?
Your family isnt in good terms with you
His family isnt told they just find out
What do their family/friends think of their relationship?
Oh my dick loves you
Tim thinks your chill
Damians love sparring with you
And bruce thinks your the best thing to happen to jason
Who is more likely to start dancing with the other?
You will pull jason into the kitchen to old time dance
Who cooks more/who is better at cooking?
Gonna be honest both
Who comes up with cheesy pick up lines?
Who whispers inappropriate things in the other’s ear during inappropriate times?
You'll be sitting with his family and he will wispear so many little things.
Who needs more assurance?
Him, he may be strong boi but he does need some assurance every now and then.
What do they do when they’re away from each other?
Sleep would be harder for both of you, being away from each other
Non stop worrying
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