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insomniumstella · 2 hours ago
fitting in
bucky x reader 
summary: an unfortunate series of events or Bucky Barnes tries to fit in at the compound 
warnings: some talk of sex, fluff, curse words, awkwardness 
word count: 1,828
Tumblr media
To say Bucky’s glad to have Steve would be an understatement. He’s delighted and overjoyed to have a best friend, a brother who never gave up on him, who saved him, who brought Bucky to the compound, a place he calls home and introduced him to his teammates, the people Steve wholeheartedly loves. Steve’s family in a way. Bucky’s happy for Steve, he really is, but sometimes he feels jealous, and sometimes, he cannot help, but wonder how would it feel like to fit in, to have the same friendships Steve has with the others. He’s drinking his morning coffee when y/n comes into the kitchen at 6:03am. She rubs her sleep painted face, and he smiles, offering to make her a cup. Grateful, she sits down, watching him try and figure out the espresso machine. He, himself, never uses it, preferring to make coffee the 1940s way, with a kettle and coffee grounds, but he remembers y/n making a disgruntled face every time Steve hands her an old-fashioned cup of coffee, and so even though he doesn’t understand how the machine works, he’s modern enough to know that pressing the ‘black coffee’ button will make her a cup she’ll actually like. He doesn’t say anything when she pours, what seems like, half a bottle of creamer, either, even if he doesn’t understand it. She smiles after taking a sip, and it brightens Bucky’s heart. Ironically, he’s always more careful around y/n, because she’s the nicest, and she made him feel welcome from day one. Bucky doesn’t want to lose her trust. He smiles to himself when she pats a chair, inviting him to sit right next to her, and he gladly accepts it, sitting down so close, their arms brush against each others. Neither speak up as they drink their coffee in comfortable silence, and watch as the rising sun paints the sky in warm orange and golden hues. He puts his mug down, studying her as she closes her eyes, relishing in the warmth coming through the window, and strangely, he feels more content than he did in the last 70 years. But then she suddenly opens her eyes, startling Bucky and he accidentally moves his arm, in turn knocking his cup down, and the boiling beverage spills down y/n’s old t-shirt. Wide-eyed, he start mumbling something along the lines of sorry and it was an accident, but she puts a hand on Bucky’s shoulder, and slightly smiles at him before disappearing from the kitchen. A sight makes its way past his lips and Bucky lets his head fall down, forehead hitting the hard marble.
Embarrassment washes over him again when he and Steve enter the gym for their 12pm training session, and he sees her. y/n’s standing in the boxing ring, having changed out of the t-shirt into a more sparring appropriate outfit of a workout bra and leggings. “Ready to get your asses kicked, boys?” She laughs, the sound of it coming teasing and sweet. Rolling his eyes, Steve puts a hand on Bucky’s shoulder when they walk up to the girl.
“I’m not fighting today, but I’m sure Bucky’s ready.” Bucky smiles timidly upon hearing Steve’s voice and straightens his shoulders. He nods his head, throwing his towel to the side, and chooses to climb up into the ring from the side instead of using the stairs. Bucky’s tall, so it’s easy, and y/n playfully rolls her eyes when they’re standing eye-to-eye.
“Show off.” y/n teases, but Bucky has no chance to reply, as she swings herself onto him just seconds later, wrapping her legs around his head, and throwing Bucky to the floor in a couple swift moves. They lock eyes for a bit, and y/n tilts her head, as if asking why he’s not moving, but Bucky quickly recollects himself, grabbing onto her ankle, and bringing her down onto the floor before she can attack him further. She swiftly gets up, Bucky following right after, and for a couple moments they just walk, both in fighting positions, and both ready to attack when the time will seem right to do so. She gets behind him, and when Bucky tries quickly turning around, he accidentally lifts his metal arm up, hitting y/n in the stomach so hard, she falls out of the ring and on the hard floor, groaning. Steve jumps up from his spot, running to check up on y/n, but thankfully, she’s uninjured, the only sign of the accident being an already forming bruise on her right shoulder. “It’s my fault, really.” She groans out, but Bucky does not seem to hear that. y/n leaves the gym shortly after that, and Bucky tells Steve about the coffee incident, stopping him before the blonde has any chances of making fun of the man.
It’s 3:12pm, when the shower in Bucky’s bathroom runs out of hot water and he’s walking up to Steve’s room. Usually, he’d knock before entering someone’s room, but it’s Steve’s, and Bucky knows Steve stayed behind for an extra cardio session. Shaking his head at the blonde’s passion for working out, he strips off his clothing, and enters the bathroom. It’s warm and a little foggy, almost as if someone was just showering, but Bucky’s not fazed, thinking it was probably Steve that came down to shower before his run, a towel still left close to the shower’s curtain. Neatly placing a clean outfit and a pair of boxers on the sink’s edge, he looks at himself in the mirror. If he thought spilling boiling coffee down his crush’s t-shirt or knocking her down was embarrassing, his ungodly thoughts seem downright shameful. A war happens inside his mind as he looks down at his hard-on, but Bucky needs this, he needs to let down some steam. Grasping the sink, Bucky palms his dick in his hand; he thinks back to her legs wrapped around him, and the way her ass, covered in lacy panties, peaked from under her shirt this morning. It’s only when an involuntary moan slips past his lips, does y/n fully understand how much trouble she’s in. Her shower had run out of hot water when she’s gotten back from the gym, so she went over to Steve’s without thinking much about it. Except now she’s soapy and wet, stuck in his shower, with only a curtain between her and Bucky, and she’s pretty sure those are moans that she’s hearing. Her mouth drops open when she realises she might be listening to Steve and Bucky having sex, and when the thought fully settles in her mind, she vows to herself to never use other people’s showers without asking. It’s both a relief and a nightmare, when a metal arm pushes the curtain open and a naked, mortified Bucky stares back at her. Her gaze drifts to his hard on for a moment, before she closes her eyes all together. Bucky tries his best to not let his eyes wonder around her body, but the image of her, seemingly perfect, curves already carved deep, deep into his brain. Closing the curtain, he hears the water start running again, before a hand reaches for a towel, and seconds later, y/n steps out, wrapped in the fluffy, white material. She tries smiling at him, but he’s still naked, as in the midst of shock he forgot to cover himself, and it’s awkward as hell, so y/n quickly scurries past Bucky, and out of Steve’s room completely. Looking down, Bucky sights. “How in the fucking hell are you still up?”
When the whole teams comes to the dining room for their usual 8pm dinner, Bucky’s too mortified and embarrassed to look y/n in the eyes. He can sense she also feels awkward, avoiding him as much as possible, setting the table up and bringing dish after dish from the kitchen. When she comes out with the final plate, the only open seat is next to Bucky, and even though she still feels weird, she reluctantly sits down, and even smiles at him slightly. Everyone’s plates are full, and people have started eating when Steve sparks a conversation.
“So, all the hot water in my room was gone when I got back.” He focuses on Bucky and y/n. “Either of you have something to say?” Shaking her head no, y/n continues eating her meal, playing innocent and smiles at their Captain. “What about you, Buck?” Sighting, he puts his fork down, and looks at his best friend.
“Alright, I took a shower in your room, because mine was broken.” He admits, hoping Steve will leave the topic alone, but strangely, he doesn’t.
“At least two people had to shower in my room to use up the hot water.” Bucky can only hope his face isn’t flaming red, but he can feel the heat rising up to his cheeks and spreading down his neck. Noticing Steve’s waiting for an answer, y/n turns to Tony.
“I can’t believe you’re a billionaire, but half of the showers at the compound are broken.”
“y/n, I also found your panties in my bathroom.” Choking on her bite, y/n takes a sip of her drink, before meeting Steve’s eyes. Everyone’s looking at y/n and Bucky, Tony’s amused face doing nothing, but fuelling y/n’s anger. “Did you and Bucky shower together?”
If Bucky could have just one wish, he’d wish for the Earth to swallow him whole in that very moment. “Steve, we were not showering.” Bucky blurts out, realising how insinuating it sounds only when half of the team’s jaws drop to the floor.
“Did you have sex instead?” Natasha asks, a teasing smile on her face.
“No!” They both blurt out at the same time, faces heated up in embarrassment. Bucky looks at y/n apologetically, and raises his eyes back to Steve.
“We didn’t-“ he starts “I didn’t-“ he tries to form a sentence, but keeps choking over his words. Knowing the team won’t believe them either way, y/n takes over for Bucky.
“Steve, Bucky and I are sorry for not leaving you any hot water. The rest of you can go back to eating.” Y/n has that overly sweet smile on her face, but when she turns to Bucky, her face softens, and she rubs his shoulder, whispering it’s not worth it. And so he drops the topic, leaving it alone, and goes back to eating his meal in quiet. But for what seemed like the worst day ever, it’s not so bad; it’s the first time Sam doesn’t make a joke where his teammates laugh at Bucky, instead laughing with him, and it’s the first time Tony smiles, genuinely smiles at him, gesturing to y/n when she isn’t looking and holding thumbs up. And when the sun has hidden all the way, and the time for sleep has come, y/n smiles at him before disappearing into her room, and, yeah, he thinks, I guess it was such a bad day after all.
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insomniumstella · a day ago
bucky x reader
summary: the compound’s rooftop has always been an escape place for y/n, but one night Bucky joins her, admitting something that absolutely breaks her heart
warnings: so angst, but not really? kind of fluffy, kind of sad
word count: 1,380
author’s note: this happened when i shifted last night, and i’m still so confused, the only way i could cope was to put it into a story
Tumblr media
It was a beautiful night. Soft moonlight illuminated glorious trees and the occasional compound employee, scurrying to get home after a long day of work. The sky’s littered with stars, each so similar, yet so different from the last. It’s peaceful too. The compound’s rooftop has always been a safe space; calm and welcoming, a spot to escape to when life becomes a little too much, a place to hide in when she tries and tries, but can’t seem to outrun the haunting thoughts of her own mind. The rooftop is a hopeful promise she’ll get to be alone, away from the others, hidden by the enormously confusing mazes of rooms and hallways she calls home. An old sofa sits by the ledge, slightly discoloured and fraying is some places, but she doesn’t care, because it’s so comfortable and soft that when she sits down, it feels as if her body has sunk right into a marshmallow. She wonders if the other Avengers have found the seemingly ordinary spot she call her personal heaven, but the question is quickly answered when the doors creek from being opened and the spot on the couch next to her dips from someone’s bodyweight slightly. From the flash of a red henley shirt in the corner of her eye and the intoxicating smell of his cologne, y/n knows it’s Bucky without even needing to turn her head to look in his direction. He doesn’t speak up, so neither does she, passing him a half-full bottle of whisky, and letting him take a couple swigs. While his body is stiff and rigid when he first sits down, after a while Bucky lets himself relax, lets himself sink into the couch with each swig of whisky he takes, the pleasurable burn of it slowly loosening his muscles. And even though the two of them are quiet, the silence is comforting and warm, with no pressure of saying something before it feels right to do so. Several moments, of what could be minutes or hours, pass, and it’s only when the bottle turns empty does Bucky finally turn his body to look in her direction, shifting his eyes to hers. His gaze is unfamiliar, different somehow, and even though y/n tries her best at reading it, she can’t quite understand it. For a split second she thinks he’ll say something, but then his slightly parted lips form a tight line and his eyes are back to studying her body. It’s strange, but welcoming, and y/n relishes in the comforting warmth of him, radiating off of Bucky in long, graceful waves, while he takes a moment to form the words he was meaning to say. It’s when she brushes a strand of Bucky’s hair behind his ear does he finally speak up, surprising both himself and the girl in front of him.
“I think I might be falling in love.” His voice sounded as if it had dropped an octave or two, coming out low and elegant, warm and dripping with smooth velvet, a voice so familiar yet so foreign, that she couldn’t help, but wonder if this is what angels must sound like. It was a voice laced with confusion and love, his eyes full of fear and hope simultaneously. She could only hope that when she, herself, spoke up, her own voice would sound at least half as beautiful as Bucky’s, but much to her dismay, it came out brittle and hoarse.
“This is good, isn’t it?” Dropping his gaze to the floor, Bucky shrugged his shoulders. He had no clue. The part of him he tried hiding, the part he loathed and often called words like monster, disgusting, worthless would convince him no. How could such a cold-hearted person, someone with dozens of deaths, with so much blood on his hands could ever love and be loved? He so brutally tried to shut The Winter Soldier out of his mind, somewhere along the way he accidentally shut out the part of him Bucky once loved. His gentleness, and kindness, and understanding, and the love he has for so many, the love so strong, he’d jump in front of a bullet for any of his teammates. That was the person Bucky truly was; a good person. Someone deserving of love. Love to give and receive, love to cherish in the dark days, Sunday kind of love that lasts a lifetime. Noticing, his frowned eyebrows, she put a warm hand on his shoulder, taking him out of the harsh world that was his head. “It is good.” To that, Bucky could only nod. If she believed it was a good thing, why shouldn’t he? Why couldn’t he? Why was it so hard to believe the words of someone who made him feel welcome, and even special sometimes, the words of someone who took care of him when he got hurt or when the nightmares just wouldn’t stop, night after night, holding his hand every step of the way, never pushing him, yet being close enough, somewhere he could always find her if he needed help.
“I’m scared.” He finally admitted after a while. Yet scared, was an understatement. He was absolutely terrified. The fear was clear in his eyes, no matter how much he tried hiding it. He looked at her expression, the expression that said keep going. “I’m scared she doesn’t feel the same way. I’m scared I’m not gentle enough, not charming enough, not kind enough. Scared I’m just not enough at all.”
Throughout her life, y/n has experienced many heartbreaks, all different kinds and struggles. The heartbreak of not finding her favourite kind of ice cream at the store or the heartbreak of being rejected or the heartbreak of a teammate she loves wholeheartedly getting hurt on a mission.
Yet the heartbreak of hearing Bucky say he wasn’t enough was the biggest and the most horrible heartbreak of them all. Shifting her body closer to Bucky’s, y/n rested her head on his shoulder. “James Buchanan Barnes.” She closed her eyes for a second. “If there could only be one thing I could ever say that you would believe in, it needs to be this.” Resting his arm on the couch’s backrest, Bucky studied her expression. Her pained, saddened expression. “Please, let it be this.” She brushed another loose strand of his hair behind his ear. “You are enough. You will always be enough.” The sight of his face under the soft, warm glow of the moonlight was the single most beautiful thing she has ever seen. No, Bucky didn’t just sound or look like an angel; he most likely was one. The most muscular and attractive yet the most gentle, loving and kind angel she’s ever met. She wouldn’t dare to break their eye contact, as he tried searching her face, again and again, for any signs she might be joking, for any signs she might be laying. You will always be enough to me, my love, she thought, when he finally gave up, and turned his head to look at the seemingly never-ending forest around them. That thought, however, she wouldn’t dare voicing. Silence fell against them once again, both too lost in their own heads to notice. y/n had no idea how much time had passed, or what happened after their conversation, but when she opened her eyes, the sun was shining on the awakening compound, Bucky’s body laying on the couch, her own pressed against him. Lifting her head from his chest, she took a good look at his face, taking in his sleep painted features and relishing in the feelings of his arms around her. She didn’t know what girl Bucky was talking about last night, what girl he was falling in love with, but this moment, the moment of having him so close, so vulnerable and open to her, holding her so close, as if the whole world was to disappear he’d still have her, yeah, that moment she was going to savour, to remember and keep in her heart forever. Bucky smiled slightly, once he finally opened his eyes, noticing their intimate position. Even if not true, in her mind this was, and always will be, only their moment.
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insomniumstella · 12 days ago
meant every word pt. 2
thor x reader
summary: literally just a part 2 to my ‘meant every word’ fic. will they kiss this time?:)
warnings: bad writing. i sat down with no intention to write this, but the words just kept spilling and spilling into my computer
word count: 1,588
Tumblr media
“Sometimes I think you like getting punched.” Natasha is looking down at her, a small smirk on her face.
“Shut it.” Y/n replies and in a couple swift seconds she’s back on her feet again. Noticing Natasha’s about to swing at her, she quickly moves out of her way and starts heading to the lockers.
“So you’re just going to walk out of here without saying what’s wrong?” The redhead shouts after her, confused at what has just happened.
“Yes.” Y/n shouts back, hearing some mumbled sentences Natasha keeps saying, but paying it no mind, she collects her belongings and disappears out of the gym completely.
The next time Natasha asks her what’s wrong it’s 2 days later and they’re getting ready for one of Tony’s parties. Wanda observes them from a distance, but doesn’t say anything, too interested at the scene that’s about to play out. Shoes and dresses are scattered all throughout y/n’s room, but neither of the girls bother picking anything up, as y/n rummages through her closet and pulls out more options. Handing Wanda a dress she thinks the witch would look good in, y/n takes off the previous dress she tried on and slips into a new one.
“I know you kissed Steve.” She says, observing herself in the mirror and holds up a pair of earrings to check if they match her look for the night. Natasha’s calm exterior doesn’t falter, as she keeps her cool under the stares of the two girls in front of her. Zipping Wanda’s dress, she grabs a lipstick and walks up to Natasha “I think this would look good on you.”
“Thank you. So do I.” y/n nods, leaning against her vanity table and examines Natasha’s expression; it’s static, calm, except for a very slight twitch in her mouth most wouldn’t notice. The spy is good at covering up her emotions.
Coming up from behind her, she inches near her ear “Don’t bother coming up with an excuse.” Pushing Natasha’s hair to the side, she grabs a necklace from one of the trays and starts putting it on for her “I know you broke the deal.” She whispers.
“That deal is stupid anyways.” Natasha turns around so they’re face to face.
“It wasn’t when I told you about Vis and I going on a date.”
Scoffing, Natasha breaks their eye contact to look at Wanda.
“Yes, because he’s a robot and I don’t like him.” Turning her head, Wanda examines Natasha’s reddened face and comes up to them, taking y/n’s hand and leading her out of the room.
“See you at the party.” Once they’re in the hallways, y/n can hear Wanda raging about Natasha and her opinions, but she doesn’t listen, thinking about her and Thor at the beach a few weeks ago. She wonders if he’ll be here tonight, but doesn’t get her expectations up as Thor left to Asgard as soon as they got back from the Bahamas.
“Ladies.” Steve nods at them once they enter the party. “Fashionably late as always.”
“Oh, Steve.” Y/n orders a drink from the bar and places a hand on his left shoulder “Try picking the perfect dress yourself.” She looks him up and down and smiles slightly “You wear the same outfit to every party.”
“That I do.” Steve laughs, taking a sip of his own drink. “Want to say hi to our beloved blonde?” He suggest.
“No one except for you likes Sharon.” She rolls her eyes, noticing Steve’s disappointed expression and pats him on the shoulder “Kidding, of course.” That part she says so low, it sounds like she’d be embarrassed if someone heard it.
“First of all, Sharon’s a great friend.” Steve sticks out his arm for y/n to wrap her hand around. “Second, I was talking about Thor.” Turning her head to the side, she notices the blonde, the one she actually likes anyways, and her breath stops for a moment. He looks rich and elegant, and for some weird reason y/n thinks he’d taste like the finest wine. He probably would, but that strange thought she pushes out her head as soon as it comes in. She holds tightly onto Steve as they walk up the god, hoping she doesn’t fall because of the high heels she’s wearing. Smiling at y/n’s slight wobble, Thor greets them.
“Hi.” He face looks so pure, so innocent, his body clad in a beautiful designer suit, Tony probably bought him for Christmas. Thor is in fact a god, but tonight he looks the part more than ever. “I can take it from there.” Thor laughs, putting his hand on the small of her back when she removes her hold on Steve. The three avengers chat for a while, but all y/n can focus on is how great the warmth of Thor’s hand feels against her body, how amazingly intoxicating his cologne smells and how he keeps pulling her closer to his own body, leaving little to no space between the two of them. “Would you mind going for a walk?” He blurts out when Steve leaves them to greet some important guests. She doesn’t say anything, nodding instead, and letting Thor lead her through the crowd into a large balcony. He closes the doors, when they step out into fresh air, and walk up to where y/n’s standing near the railings.
“The view from up here is fucking amazing.” She blurts out and turns her body to face Thor.
“Steve told me about his and Natasha’s kiss.”
“Must’ve been heartbreaking to hear they broke our team’s promise.” She laughs, but it comes out bitter and cold, almost as if she hopes Natasha’s listening. Thor ignores her reaction and leans against the railing. He doesn’t say anything for a while, switching his gaze from the city to his feet every few minutes. Once he does finally speak up, his voice is as loud and clear as thunder.
“It wasn’t. Actually, I felt relieved.”
She doesn’t know what has gotten into her, but before she can think over her words, y/n replies with “I wouldn’t feel relieved if someone broke my trust.” Thor catches her tactless words, and sights.
“You knew about this when we were in the Bahamas, didn’t you?”
“Before that, but yes.” Stepping closer to y/n, Thor’s face looks a mixture of emotions she couldn’t identify.
“Why didn’t you say something?” To that, she doesn’t have an answer.
She knows he expects her to say something, and the only thing she can come up with in the moment is “Didn’t think you’d care.” When she notices his little head tilt, she sighs, fixing Thor’s shirt slightly and turns her body back away from him. “I know you’re a man who sticks to his promises.”
He laughs softly. “That I am.” Placing his hand on her waist, he turns her body to face his. “But for you I’d be willing to break it.”
It’s both everything she’s wanted for a long time and everything she despises. “You know” she starts “the words break it leave a lot of room for interpretation.”
Pursing his lips together, he studies her face. Thor knows y/n is playing with him; he knows the closeness of their bodies is both reassuring and uncomfortable. Wrapping his other hand around her waist, he brings her closer. If she can toy with the man so can he. “Break Steve’s nose for betraying me, or” He sounds unsure of his words “leave the Captain alone, and break the deal instead.”
She smiles slightly. “It would be a sight to see you break his nose.” She says, which causes Thor to frown in confusion. “Kidding, of course.” Y/n trails off, but the next words to come out of her mouth are loud and clear. “Break the deal instead.” She repeats his own phrase back to him.
And even though Thor is always a man of his words, he doesn’t feel guilty for breaking the deal. He moves one of his hands to her neck, leans down, stopping once their faces are almost touching, and when he sees that y/n doesn’t pull back, he slowly kisses her. It seems as if time has stopped. This was their and only their moment. Y/n wasn’t the best person to know how dreams feel as she almost never experienced them, but if someone asked her what dreams feel like, she’d probably say they feel like Thor’s lips on hers. He didn’t taste of the finest wine, like she first thought he would; he tasted better. A taste of cherries of his tongue, his lips heavenly soft. Every breath Thor took smelled like y/n’s perfume, and for the first time since he’d known himself, he felt happy about breaking his promise. If the world around them would disappear that very second, neither would notice, too lost in each other, only separating to come back for air. Y/n’s hands tangled in his hair, both of Thor’s hands on her waist, bringing her closer and closer, till no space is left between. Thor was a good kisser too as she found out when their tongues danced together in perfect rhythm. If it wasn’t for the knock on the balcony’s door, they would’ve kept kissing, eventually disappearing from the party all together.
“It appears mister Stark wants us back at the party.” Thor chuckled once they finally pulled apart.
“It appears so.” Smiling for ear to ear, she offered Thor her hand. “Ready for Tony’s lecture about the importance of keeping your promises?”
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insomniumstella · 13 days ago
What series are you currently working on? :)
right now i’m working on a request, but it’s not a series. watch out for some Bucky angst though, haha. after that i want to write either a 3rd part to “too soon” which could be read as a stand-alone story or update my steve x reader “tinder” series or break the deal between y/n and Thor in my thor x reader “meant every word” so i’m not sure, love. just can’t decide whether i wanna write a really rough smut fic with Bucky or would i rather write some angsty Steve fluff or a heartwarming Thor story, lmao.
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insomniumstella · 16 days ago
at this point, i’m on the line of either writing a 30 part, slow burn, enemies to hook ups to “we’re not dating, but no one else can have you, because i’m too egoistic and stupid to admit i’m in love with you” to lovers fan fiction or actually shifting realities just to see this man again, because look at him.
Tumblr media
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insomniumstella · 2 months ago
one of a kind
steve rogers x reader 
summary: a “masterpiece” I wrote while drunk. this is what too many glasses of wine does to you. no plot, a bit of smut. gotta love Steve, am I right? 
warnings: a bit of smut I guess?, no plot really
word count: 1,010
author’s note: probably contains a lot of mistakes, so pardon me I’m as still drunk as I type this
Tumblr media
“This is not what I expected.”
“And what did you expect?” Steve was leaning back into the couch, a half empty bottle of beer in his hand. It was weird for y/n to see him like this, but she didn’t mind. In fact, she might have enjoyed the sight a little too much. Steve, fresh out of the shower, hair still wet, and that too tight t-shirt that showcases his muscles too well? What a view.
“Something along the lines of a gentleman” The only thing Steve could do was laugh. He was, in fact a gentleman, because after all, the man was raised during the 40’s. It’s just sometimes, he liked to indulge in things, people from his past would have never dared to speak about. But who wouldn’t? That was the wonderful thing about waking up in the future, as Steve liked to say.
“Who made you think I wasn’t?” It was y/n’s turn to laugh. Shrugging, she moved closer to Steve. She had to admit, it was nice to be in the living room with just Steve alone; when the whole team hanged out in there together, sometimes it could get somewhat chaotic.
“You pinning me down during sparring?”
“Oh c’mon.” He moved his arm to rest it on the couch’s backrest. “It’s a part of your training.” Raising her brows she leaned against him.
“Is it?”
“Of course. “ The smirk plastered on his face told her anything she need to know. Steve never pinned or touched Natasha the way he did y/n; she knew he was messing with her. Days like this she almost believed Bucky’s “he fucking likes you” words. “Well to be honest, I don’t mind this kind of training.”
“Good.” He was honest tonight, maybe even a little too straight forward if you will. But life is about taking risks, that was the motto y/n has always lived by. She’s been taking questionable choices since she could remember, yet somehow they have worked out every time. With his hand on the backrest he’s basically hugging her, and his stupid, big hand on her upper thigh is making y/n feel all types of way she really shouldn’t be feeling. “You’re a good girl.” The little shit knew about her praise kink and tonight he was using it to the fullest. “My good girl.”
“Don’t start things you can’t finish.”
“Who said I couldn’t, baby?” That little shit. Her little shit. She’d never admit it, but he was everything y/n wanted in a man. He pushed her as much as she pushed him, and y/n really enjoyed it. He was the perfect balance of sweet yet spicy, keeping her interested and on her toes at all times; Whoever said that old-fashioned is boring, if anyone ever did anyways, they were wrong, that much y/n was sure of. She lost count after her fifth glass of wine, for the worse or for the better y/n couldn’t decide yet, it sure gave her confidence. Drunk words are sober thoughts, right?
“We should have sex.”
“No.” Steve caressed her face. “I don’t want this to turn into another hookup.” This was all she needed. Perhaps her actions would speak louder than words? Taking the lead, y/n moved on top of Steve, straddling him, and leaning in close.
“Neither do I.” And so they kissed. Passionate and heated, hands all over each other, with Steve sneaking guilty peaks of y/n every time they came back for air. Y/n could only focus on how good his lips felt against hers, and how the feel of his growing bulge against her core felt even better. She was glad she was sitting down, because her knees felt like jello.
“I think I like my t-shirt better on you.” Steve smiled. “But you look even better without it.” He said taking it off. Returning the gesture, she took his t-shirt off too. He looked like heaven and hell, and y/n was ready to sin. Pushing his shorts down, she moved her panties to the side. It might be a little vulgar, but y/n didn’t want to wait; she waited enough. Months spent pining after this man. She might have her fun while she can. Taking the entirety of his length, she lined it up with her opening, shifting her weight to sit down on it. The noises that came out of Steve’s mouth were borderline pornographic. “Good girl.” Steve managed to get out, dick fully seated inside her. “Keep going, baby.”
Moments like these made y/n think whether Steve was actually from the 1940’s. She kept on going though, riding Steve like her life depended on it. He fit her like a puzzle, a perfect missing piece she never knew she needed. Steve felt the same; she fit him better than anyone ever could, both physically and emotionally. Grabbing her hips, Steve shifted them both so he could be on top, because as much as the man tried to suppress it, he was a dominant at heart. Moving her legs so they could rest on his shoulders, he picked up the pace, roughly slamming into y/n at a pace she could only dream of. No ex lovers of hers could ever compare to Steve. He was a dream worth sinning for, a man who could take care of all her needs. He brought his fingers up to her lips, watching as she sucked on them, and moved them to her clit once she was done, rubbing the sensitive area in perfect circles. This was y/n’s breaking point. She couldn’t hide her moans if she tried; Steve was that good. Hitting her sweet spot over and over, getting her to the edge and bringing her over. She was a moaning mess and he was too, spilling inside her, just seconds after she came.
“With all the temporary things in my life, I want you to be my forever.” Usually, she would have laughed or snickered at the words, but Steve was special, Steve was worth fighting for.
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insomniumstella · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
bucky barnes x reader 
been a while summary: y/n has grown affectionate towards Bucky when she’d visit him in Bucharest, but civil war happens and some are forced into hiding. y/n goes to meet up with Cap and the rest after months go by, knowing he will be there
too soon summary/author’s note: hate sex fic, and a smudge of feelings. i’m in love with the idea of the gang being on the run after civil war, Bucky’s arm still on his body. this is a rewrite of my very old fic, that I found recently and actually kind of liked
too soon pt. 2
bucky x roommate!reader An angsty prompt of roommate!bucky? Like just imagine you’re two idiots who are mutual pinning after each other, but obviously y’all don’t know that you’re in love. I might need some angst there....🥺👉👈
surveillance summary: a ghost, able to beat The Winter Soldier at their every encounter is exactly that; a ghost. yet Bucky can’t shake the feeling he’s met one of his teammates before, and the footage of an old surveillance cam confirms it
the last goodbye summary: y/n has to leave Bucky, so as a way of saying goodbye, she writes a letter
rooftop summary: the rooftop has always been an escape place for y/n, but one night Bucky joins her, admitting something that absolutely breaks her heart
fitting in summary: an unfortunate series of events or Bucky Barnes tries to fit in at the compound
Tumblr media
steve rogers x reader
the proposal summary/author’s note: this is based on the movie The Proposal, but if you haven’t watched it (you should, it’s great), the two main characters have to get married, as the woman is about to be kicked out of the country, because of an expired visa
tinder summary: searching for the right man on tinder is becoming boring until y/n accidentally stumbles upon Steve’s profile
tinder pt. 2
one of a kind summary: a “masterpiece” I wrote while drunk, this is what too many glasses of wine does to you. no plot, a bit of smut. gotta love Steve am I right?
Tumblr media
thor x reader 
meant every word summary: the team is on a vacation in the Bahamas, and Thor can’t sleep one night. the reader and Thor have a crush on each other, but have never acted on it btw
meant every word pt.2 summary: literally just pt.2 to the ‘meant every word’ fic. will they kiss?:)
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insomniumstella · 3 months ago
the last goodbye 
bucky barnes x reader
summary: y/n has to leave Bucky, so as a way of saying goodbye, she writes a letter. btw this can be interpreted in two ways, so let me know how you’d interpret it!
warnings: angst!! (at least I tried)
word count: 1,033
Tumblr media
She liked to write letter sometimes as it was an easy way to get her mind off of things. She liked to see her emotions fall into words, too.
Dear, Bucky,
Before I leave, here’s a list of all the things I wanted to say, but couldn’t.
She’s always had a fascination with the smell of paper, and the way old pens felt against it. Bucky knew it too, gifting her a quill and ink that one Christmas. It was hard to to write with it at first, but from the moment she learned to use it properly, she could only write with that.
Your smile could light up my day, even on the darkest of times.
Her soft spot for love letters Bucky learned about early on. It was her love language, or so she liked to say. Maybe she’d never admit it, but writing was easier, much easier. Writing was effortless, heartfelt, something she was never scared of doing.
You, I could only compare to the brightest star. That smile I’ll never forget, I promise. It’s bright, and affectionate, and reassuring; it’s everything good in the world.
That she meant in the most true, sincere way. Whether he got hurt on the mission, or stayed up all night, because the horrors that were his dreams wouldn’t let him sleep, at the end of the day, he was always smiling. How could she ever forget the beautiful sight that was Bucky’s smile.
You are everything that’s good in the world. I know you’d say James Buchanan Barnes is a terrifying, horrible monster kids want to run away from, but to me you’re just Bucky. My Bucky. A man who cares so deeply, he forgets about himself sometimes.
“What are you writing this time, doll?” With an aching heart, she turned her head away from the letter, and smiled at Bucky.
“A letter to someone I have to say goodbye to.”
“Hopefully, it isn’t me.” He laughed, looking at her. “Will you let me read it?”
“Yeah.” She responded, watching as he closed her doors, and sighted sadly. Y/n had to take a moment before she started writing again.
My Bucky. I love you, all of you. Your metal arm, and the scars you try hiding. I’m so painfully, deeply in love with you, I’d jump in front a bullet, if that meant you’d get to live. You still care for Steve the same way you cared for him, when he was nothing, but a skinny, helpless boy. You bring Tony his favorite candy, day after day, even when he doesn’t say thank you, because you still feel that terrible guilt at the bottom of your heart. Bucky, Tony forgave you a long time ago, because he knows it wasn’t your fault.
Hearing his footsteps get quieter, she leaned back in her chair. Looking at the packed suitcase in her closet, she wondered if leaving was for the best.
No one hates you anymore. How could one hate a selfless, most caring man they’ve ever met? We all have our demons, honey. I need you to remember how proud I am of you to work through yours, okey? Bucky Barnes, you’re stronger than the mean things you think of yourself. You’re stronger than me, for sure. Braver too.
If only y/n had listened to her own words, and fought her own demons, she’d be in the living room with everyone else, eating dinner, and sharing the company of the wonderful people she called her family. Sharing the company of the wonderful man she called her lover.
Thank you for the memories, Buck. Thank you for our dates, when we’d go for walks in New York City at midnight. You’ve always said New York at night is a sight to be seen. I’d have to agree. Thank you for bringing me coffee in the early mornings, and for listening when no one else did. Thank you letting me stay in your room when you had nightmares, and letting me hold you on the rare days you wanted to shut the world out. I’ll cherish every moment of us together.
Please don’t hate me for leaving. I had to. You might not see it or understand, but I’m weak. I’m weak enough to leave you all behind, and I’m weak enough to not say goodbye in person. Please, if anyone asks why I left, tell them I wanted to. Tell them, I didn’t like being part of the team, and that I don’t want to see them ever again. Tell them something so bad, they’ll hate me. Promise me. It’s for the best. We both know it’s not the truth, but sometimes truth hurts more than a lie. I’d tell you the truth of why I’m leaving, but I know it’d hurt you more than I’m hurting you now. I need you to promise me, Buck. Please?
I’m sorry for the way I’ve said goodbye. You deserve the best, but the truth is, for a coward like myself, this is all I can give you. My only regret is never telling you I’ve loved you in person. So I’ll say it on paper, I’ll say it again, write it again, I love you. I’m sorry for loving you so much, I didn’t know how to live with myself and had to leave. My love for you is bigger than anything I could ever measure. Bigger than the cosmos for sure. Maybe we’ll meet in our next life, where I’m everything you could ever deserve. I’d like to think we will.
If you can, don’t hate me for leaving. I say this again, because my biggest fear is you hating me. See this as a new beginning, as a good thing, because it is good. I’ll hold you in my heart forever. It’s so full of you, I’m not sure if I can love another man again; I’m fine with the idea. Not sure if another man could ever compare to you anyways. You’re my best man. Again, I’m sorry I couldn’t be yours truly. If you’ll ever miss me, just look up at the stars; I’ll be in there somewhere.
All my love,
Even the stars could not portray your beauty, y/n, Bucky thought, putting the letter down. His best friend was leaning on the door frame.
“She really left me, Steve.”
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insomniumstella · 3 months ago
meant every word
thor x reader
summary: the team is on a vacation in the Bahamas, and Thor can’t sleep one night. the reader and Thor have a crush on each other, but have never acted on it btw.
warnings: swearing, a bit of angst, fluff
word count: 1,311
Tumblr media
“What are you doing here?”
“I couldn’t sleep.” His voice is loud and booming in the empty hallway. Glancing at the clock, she opens the door wider to let him in. 3am. He’s still wearing the same clothes he wore to dinner, but y/n notices the top buttons of his shirt are undone now. Sighting, she lets Thor lay on her bed, while she rummages through her suitcase to find some kind of pants to cover her bare legs.
“It’s fine, really.” He says unbothered, sitting up and looking at her through tired eyes. Mumbling something underneath her breath, she disappears into the bathroom. “I don’t mind.” He teases, but y/n ignores him, coming out dressed in shorts and a hoodie.
“Care for a walk?” She suggests, raising an eyebrow, and Thor just shrugs.
“If it’s on the beach.”
“Of course it’s on the beach, we’re in the Bahamas.” Content, he nods his head, and follows y/n out of the room, waiting for her to lock the door. It’s a comfortable silence between them as they fall into a slow pace. She’s not sure if he’s silent because of the lack of sleep, or if he just doesn’t know what to say, but y/n doesn’t mind, as her mind has not fully woken up yet.
“You forgot to put on shoes.” Thor notes once they pass the lobby and get to the beach, to which she smiles.
“Didn’t notice.” She jokes.
“I can lend you mine.” He replies, mouth forming a small grin, and she nudges him, before running into the water. It’s cold and bitter against her skin, but y/n pays it no mind, walking until the water’s up to her knees. As Thor gets in the water too, she sticks her hand in the ocean to splash some on him.
“You just made a grave mistake.”
“I make grave mistakes all the time.” She mocks him, running away from the man, who just started chasing her. It’s unnatural and hard to run through water, but y/n tries to push through, because she’s almost fully certain the God of Thunder wants to submerge her in the ocean fully. It takes him little effort to catch up and grab her in his grasp. He starts lifting his hand and for a moment she thinks Thor is going to caress her face, but then he’s moving his hands to her hips and trying to throw her into the water. Wrapping her arms around his neck, y/n tries holding on to him, using one of her legs Thor accidentally let go, to wrap herself around him tighter. Laughing, he wraps her other leg around his waist too, and walks out of the water.
“Let’s make a deal. We go swimming together.” He’s looking deep into her eyes, and even though y/n wants to get off of the man, Thor’s hands are keeping her tightly pressed against him.
“If I say yes, will you let me down?”
“Depends.” He adjusts his grip. “Will you run?” She knows running from him won’t last long, but it’s fun to tease him.
“Maybe.” She smiles, but Thor knows that smile, the kind of smile she gives the people she’s about to prank. He puts her down, and just like he predicted, she’s trying to run off again, so he swiftly grabs her arm, turning the girl around.
“We had a deal, no?” He’s smiling.
“Oh we did?” Nodding his head, Thor tugs on the bottom of her hoodie, as if asking if he can take it off. Raising her arms above her head, she returns his smile. He wants to take her hoodie off right away, but something in his mind tells him to do it slowly, to take in the sight, the beautiful sight that is y/n. Once the hoodie is off, one by one y/n unbuttons Thor’s shirt’s buttons, taking it off and runs her hands across his upper body. It’s muscular and toned, and y/n wonders if he was sculpted by the All Fathers themselves from the finest marble. Once they’re both in their underwear, he picks her up, putting y/n on his shoulder, and runs into the water. She’s not sure how far he ran, but when he lets her go, she has to swim upwards to break from underneath the water’s surface. She notices how Thor seems to stand in the water perfectly fine, yet she has to move her legs just to stay afloat; wrapping her arms around Thor’s shoulders, and legs around his waist, she looks up at him.
“Struggling aren’t we?” Thor teases, placing his hands underneath her ass for support.
“Only because some HIMBO ran too far into the water.” The man doesn’t question what’s a HIMBO, because he’s not sure if he wants to find out, instead opting to make eye contact with the girl. He’s sporting his signature grin when he meets her eyes, and before she can hit him or scream, he’s ducking into the water, and taking her down too. Y/n hits his shoulder when the two of them resurface, and Thor laughs. Moving her legs to stay afloat, she closes her eyes, because the sound of his laugh is something perfect. It’s deep, and weirdly elegant, and in the dark days they seem to have usually, she’d do anything to hear him laugh. “You’re staring.”
“The view from up here is fucking incredible.” Y/n can feel her cheeks heating up. Thor’s putting his hands on her ass for support again, and she quickly wraps her legs around him. “Truly is.” That part he says so quietly, you’d think he was talking to himself.
“Kiss me.” Thor’s the epitome of wanting to follow your heart, but listening to your brain this very moment; he’s looking at her as if she was the weirdest person in the universe, while his hand caresses her face.
“We made a deal.” And what a stupid deal in y/n’s opinion it was. Strictly teammates; no kissing, no dating. But the heart wants what it wants, right? How badly she wanted to tell Thor about Steve and Natasha’s kiss, y/n couldn’t measure. Worthless it was anyways, as Thor always kept to his word, and the word he gave to Stark, he wouldn’t dare to break. If it wasn’t for that one party years ago, when the whole team decided upon the deal, we would be kissing right now, she thought. Placing her thumb on his lower lip, she leaned in closer.
“That’s a fucking shame, because you’re the only man I want.” She let go of Thor as quickly as she said those words, swimming back to the shore and putting her clothes on once out of the water. He was still in the same spot when she was done, y/n barely making out his moon illuminated expression. “You’re coming or what?” She sat down on the sand to watch Thor as he swam back to the shore.
“You don’t mean that.” It sounded painful, and confused, and when Thor tried putting his pants back on, his hands were shaking. Good thing we wore black tonight, she thought, as he put on his shirt too.
“Do you want help with that?” She gestured to his unbuttoned shirt.
“I want to know if you mean that.” Sighting, y/n fell against the sand, letting her body lay on the cold ground for a while.
“Meant every word.” It was a tense silence as they laid together, on the wet, uncomfortable sand. Sometimes, Thor’s breathing would stop for a second, and y/n would hope he’d say something, but then it’d pick up again, and they were back to square zero. Reaching out to grab his hand, she closed her eyes. This moment she was going to steal for herself. Y/n squeezed his hand tighter, letting the words fall from upon her lips “meant every word.”
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insomniumstella · 4 months ago
Tinder pt. 2
steve rogers x reader
summary: searching for the right man on tinder is becoming boring until y/n accidentally stumbles upon Steve’s profile
warnings: fluff, swearing, pretending to be someone else (is that a warning?), drinking (is drinking a warning too?)
word count: 2,199
author’s note: sorry if I tagged you, and you didn’t want to be tagged, but yeah, some people asked to tag them if I did a part 2! @marvel-kpop-twilight @woodworthti666 @evansgirl7 @chrisevanscardigan @autumnrose40 @denisemarieangelina
Tumblr media
“So I have a date this evening.”
“Are you sure she’s real?”
“She’s more real than you’ll ever be.” Y/n laughed, ducking to avoid Steve’s punch.
“That doesn’t even make sense.” Getting back up, she outstretched her leg to kick him, but Steve was quicker, catching her foot, and throwing Y/n on the mat in a couple swift moves. Noticing Steve’s smirk, she quickly rolls to the side to avoid being pinned to the ground. “This isn’t over.” It was Steve’s turn to laugh.
“Good thing you have powers, because your fighting sucks.” Sparring was not Y/n’s favorite activity as Steve always found a way to win. Giving it one last shot, she threw herself at Steve, who was kneeling on the training mat, and used the advantage of him falling down on his back to get on top of him, and lightly push her knee into his neck. She was about to smile, but Steve grabbed her waist with one hand and her legs with the other, turning both of them around.
“If you wanted to have sex you should of said so.” He looked down at position they were in; her legs spread open with Steve’s knees on either one of her thighs. He released her arms from above her head and smiled innocently.
“I win.” Mumbling something under her breath, Y/n pushed Steve away from her and got up, heading straight for the showers.
“This isn’t over.” She yelled on her way, hearing Steve’s laughter. Getting her phone and a towel out of one of many lockers, she checked for any new notifications, replying to Sam that she’ll come to the kitchen in a few minutes.
“So what’s up?” Sam‘s eating a bowl of cereal at the counter.
“I can’t believe you did that.” Pouring a cup of coffee, she sat down next to him.
“Did what?” Looking up from his computer, he gestured to her phone.
“Agreed to go on a date with Steve.” Quickly grabbing her phone to open the Tinder app, she read through the messages as her mouth fell open in shock. She turned to look at Sam who shrugged, and smiled, continuing to eat his cereal.
“It wasn’t me.”
“You’re welcome.” It was Natasha coming into the kitchen, Bucky appearing right after her. They were both sweaty and in their workout clothing, coming from the gym straight to the kitchen. Sam pushed Bucky as he was about to sit down next to him, and he grumpily took a seat across from Sam.
“At least some of us had the decency to shower before.” Sam rolled his eyes. Natasha brought over two cups of coffee, giving one to Bucky and sat down herself.
“I’m going to kill you.” Y/n plunged herself at Natasha across the counter, but didn’t manage to touch her as Sam pulled her down by her hips. Giving her phone to Sam, she let him read through the messages, before he let her go.
“Yeah, you can attack her.” Plunging herself again, she reached for Natasha, whose chair fell backwards and they both hit the ground in a painful, loud slump. Groaning, Y/n wrapped her arms around Natasha’s throat and started choking her.
“You devil, you shall burn in hell.” Leaning from his chair, Bucky managed to get a hold of Y/n’s waist and pull her away from Natasha. It took a lot of strength for Y/n to not smack that stupid smile off of her face.
“What is going on?” Steve walked into the kitchen with fresh clothes on, grabbing a banana and sitting down at the end of the counter. Natasha wore Y/n’s dress without asking, Sam whispered to him, earning a smack across his head from Y/n who had walked back to her seat.
“You’re going to fix this.” She threatened, taking the bowl of cereal from Sam, and angrily taking a bite. Natasha gave her an overly fake smile, and shrugged.
“There’s nothing I can do, baby.”
“Whatever it is, sort it out.” Steve spoke up. “I’ll meet you at the conference room in 10 minutes. We still have to go over next week’s mission plans.”
Can’t wait for our date, Captain. Want to climb that body like a tree already;)
I’ll pick you up at 7, sexy:)
“I didn’t know you liked to send those kind of messages, Y/n.” Bucky laughed as he read through her Tinder. Sighting, she hang her head down, accidentally banging it against the counter.
“It wasn’t ME.” Making a fake throw up sound, Sam finished the cereal, putting the bowl in the dishwasher and looked at Natasha.
“Remember that favor you promised me? Never meddle in my dating life, Romanoff.”
“What?” She teased. “Aren’t I the greatest?” Y/n was ready to plunge herself at her again.
Getting her phone from out of her bag, she checked her notifications. Bucky had texted you got this! to the group chat, to which Natasha replied with rock his world:). Sighting, she put her phone back and looked at herself in the mirror for the final time.
“Don’t mess this up, Y/n.” She spoke to herself, fixing her hair. I look ridiculous, she thought. Initially, she hit Bucky when he suggested she shift into the person from her Tinder profile, but the more they spoke, the more perfect it seemed. Steve would spend a date with the girl he thought he was messaging, and Y/n, well, she’d spend a date with her captain. The captain you have a massive crush on, Bucky teased when she mentioned how weird this idea is. She could only hope she would be able to keep her nerves in check. I won’t shift back, she assured herself in the mirror, you’re more than capable, Bucky’s words played in her head. Sometimes, she wished her powers were more like Wanda’s, so she could put an end to the weird situations her teammates kept pushing her in.
“Sorry that took so long, there was a line.” Y/n looked around the restaurant, before giving Steve a nervous smile and sitting down. She took notice of her voice, making a mental note to speak in a lower tone.
“It’s fine. I ordered us wine.” Steve had cleaned up nicely for the date, looking far better than she had ever seen him before. Y/n was so nervous in the car, she didn’t notice his strong cologne or his slicked back hair. “You’re one of the most beautiful girls, truly.” Raising her eyebrows, Y/n finished her glass in a couple of big gulps, letting their waiter refill it. “Do I make you nervous?” Steve smirked, placing his elbows on the table and leaning in a bit more.
“I’m not sure.” It’s not like you’re Steve Rogers, she murmured, and looked up. “You’re just not what I expected.”
Nodding his head and taking a sip of his wine, Steve made eye contact with her cleavage, before he slowly raised his eyes to meet hers. “And what did you expect?”
Adjusting her deep cut, too deep, dress, Y/n pretended to think for a moment. “A courageous, all-American gentleman. Maybe a bit shy.”
“I am all that.” Thanking the waiter for bringing them over a wine bottle, Steve offered to refill her glass. “But I’d replace shy with confident.” Y/n felt her cheeks heat up at her captain’s words.
“I can see that.” Moving in her seat, she looked at Steve’s face, noticing his eyes moving around her body. She wondered if the real Y/n, he’d find just as attractive. “How’s life as an avenger?”
“Good, yes, stressful, yes, but my team makes it better.” He was spreading butter on a piece of bread, which he gave to Y/n and picked up another piece of bread for himself. “They’re the best.”
Deciding to mess with him a little, she took a bite right after saying “Y/n’s my favorite.” Leaning back in her seat as she slowly chewed.
“Oh yeah? Why so?” He smiled at her, one corner of his mouth slightly higher, forming a smirk. “Given it should be me.”
“What are your powers, Cap?” Y/n smiled innocently. He chuckled emptying his wine glass.
“Fair enough. I’ll admit she’s great. Worked her out this morning actually.” Y/n started laughing at Steve’s cheeks turning red, after he noticed what had come out of his mouth. “Not like that!”
“Hey Cap, it’s fine. Y/n’s hot.” She shrugged. She noticed Steve lowered his gaze to avoid her eyes and mumbled yeah. It didn’t last long, but Y/n was ready to freak out. He thinks i’m hot?!
“Maybe we should come back to me later. Tell me about yourself.” And so she did. She told him about the town she grew up in, and about her hobbies, even going as far as sharing memories she never shared. Some things Y/n had to lie about, which turned out to be harder than she thought, because when Steve asked her what does a geologist do, she herself, had no idea.
“I feel like I’ve known you for years.” Steve spoke up after they both finished dinner. She was swirling the wine in her glass, waiting for the waiter to bring the check.
“Maybe we’ve met in our past lives.” Breaking their eye contact, to pay for their meal,
“Maybe.” Steve answered. He was true to his words of being a gentleman too; giving her a hand to help Y/n stand up, and holding her coat so she could put it on easier. “This was the most fun I’ve had on a date.” Steve admitted as they walked through the streets of New York. I just wished it was real, she thought, and smiled when she saw Steve looking at her.
“Me too. I’m glad my friends forced me to join Tinder.” Y/n answered laughing. She could sense Steve wanted to kiss her; or what he thought to be the girl he met on the app. Thinking of the ways to distract him from the fact Y/n wasn’t able to stop toying with her rings since they left the restaurant, she asked Steve to tell his favorite story of being an Avenger. He told many. Steve spoke about bringing Bucky home, and being able to enjoy pieces of normal life, like ordering pizza and watching a movie after a long day. He talked so much, by the time he was about done, they’ve reached Central Park and sat down on one of the many benches.
“I’m boring you, aren’t I?” He chuckled.
“Not at all.” She could listen to Steve all night. “Tell me more.”
“I promise it’s the last one.” Steve laughed, looking at her as if asking if it’s fine to put his arm around her shoulders. Nodding, Y/n scooted closer. “Since you betrayed me by saying Y/n is your favorite Avenger, it’s only fair I’ll tell you a story with her.” Interest piqued, the girl raised her eyebrows at him, slightly smiling and giving him a tap on his lower thigh.
“Go on.”
“I truly love Y/n. She makes me soup if I’m sick, and brings over a box of medicine. Somehow, she can even sense if I’m lonely, always coming to my room with ice cream and trashy TV recommendations. When I’m sad, that girl is waiting for me with a bottle of tequila.” Smiling, Y/n nudged Steve.
“That doesn’t sound like a healthy coping mechanism.”
“It’s not.” Steve’s laughing and turning his body to face her. “You’d be friends. Actually, I think everyone would love you.” Oh you have no idea, Steve, Y/n thinks and runs her fingers through his hair.
“That’s a lot of gel.” Grabbing her hand and placing a kiss on it, Steve asks,
“What? You don’t like it?” It’s Y/n’s turn to laugh.
“No, no, I do. It’s much less messy than yesterday.”
“What do you mean?” But Y/n doesn’t have a good answer to this question, and besides, the only thing her mind can think of is to grab Steve’s face with her hands and kiss him. He doesn’t mind. Placing one hand on her waist and the other on her cheek, Steve deepens the kiss. He’s the perfect amount of rough and soft, she notes, as their lips move together. Breaking the kiss for just a moment, he lifts Y/n up to place her on his lap, and kisses her again. This time is even sweeter, he tastes like chocolate cake they shared for dessert, and Y/n can’t get enough. It’s much longer too, but to Steve and Y/n it seems like seconds; they’re both intoxicated. This is wrong, but if it’s so wrong, why does it feel so good? Feeling the guilt settling in the pit of her stomach, the girl pulls away. Bucky was not right, this is not right, Steve should know who he’s actually kissing.
“Y/n?” Confused, she smiles at him.
“What? Do I remind you of my favorite Avenger?” She teases, but with the way Steve’s staring at her, surely something must be wrong. Looking down at her hands, Y/n notices her hands look like her hands; she’s not the girl from Tinder anymore. Slowly looking up to meet Steve’s eyes, she smiles innocently. “Hi?”
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insomniumstella · 5 months ago
Hi!! Would it be okay if I send in a Steve Rogers request?
yes!!!! absolutely!!!
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insomniumstella · 6 months ago
steve rogers x reader
summary: searching for the right man on tinder is becoming boring until y/n accidentally stumbles upon Steve’s profile. part 2 is up already
warnings: fluff, swearing(is that a warning), drinking(is drinking a warning too?)
word count: 1,622
Tumblr media
Ah, Tinder, one of modern life’s greatest, but dumbest creations. Natasha peers over y/n’s shoulder as she swipes right on yet another guy, and makes a displeased sound, curling up on a different couch. “At this rate, you’re never finding a date. That guy was cute, should’ve swiped left on him.” She says and tops off her wine glass. “You’re not looking for a boyfriend, just a fun night out.”
“Maybe I am.”
“I agree with Natasha. You should give more guys a chance.” Sam points out from his place in the kitchen, interest piqued. He takes out two burritos from the microwave, handing one to Bucky, and walks over to couch Natasha’s sitting on. “Hey metal man, grab a few beers before coming over.” Bucky rolls his eyes, taking out two bottles of beer from the fridge, and walks over to the couch, sitting down too.
“I’m with y/n on this one. Keep swiping right, doll, it’s better to have standards.”
“Thank you, Bucky.” She answers, leaning over to take a bite out of his burrito, and, with a full mouth, adds “There’s gotta be nice men on here, just have to find them.” She swipes right on another one, sighing, and puts the phone on the table face down. Finishing her wine in a couple big gulps, she refills her glass. “There’s gotta be, right?” Natasha stretches her legs over the couch, kicking Sam lightly and shrugs, as if I have no idea. He places her legs over his, and takes a mouthful of his burrito, grabbing a bottle of beer to hit it against the edge of the table, taking a swig of it once it’s open.
“Why are you guys even here? The boys are upstairs playing poker.” Natasha looks at the two men invading their girls night.
“Yeah, well, try to play poker with Steve, he’s as slow as with cards as he is with women.”
Bucky laughs but comes to his best friend’s defense. “He’s shy. Women nowadays are much different. Dating’s much different too.” He picks up y/n’s phone, opening it, and looks at her as if she’s crazy “This is not you.” She takes the phone from him.
“Of course not.” Clicking on her profile, she swipes through the photos, showing them to Bucky. “I’m a famous avenger. I want people to know me as y/n first, before knowing me as a superhero.” Not that famous, Sam murmurs finishing his beer.
“But your name isn’t even y/n on here.” Bucky points out. Natasha giggles, returning from the kitchen with a bottle of tequila and some limes.
“So what?” Y/n reasons “It’s not like I won’t tell them the truth once we meet each other.”
“If you’ll meet.” Natasha teases. Taking a shot, she passes the bottle to Sam, who gladly takes it, and does the same. Bucky seems to ease up on y/n, leaning into the couch after placing his burrito wrapper on the table. She puts her head on his shoulder, and starts swiping again, seemingly mindless, until one profile in particular catches her eyes.
“Guys, I found Steve on here.” She passes the phone to Natasha who looks over his profile. “This is a fake account, right?” Sam starts cackling, moving Natasha’s legs so he can scoot over and take a look himself. Steve Rogers, 0.1 miles away. Natasha reads his bio out loud; I like to paint, hang out with my friends, and save the world.
“Yup, it’s him. This bio is bad, even for Steve.” Sam takes another shot before Natasha snatches the bottle out of his hands. “Why do you think he’s on here?”
“Casual sex, maybe?” She suggests, sucking on a lime, and wiggles her eyebrows. Bucky snickers, because his best friend is not the one for casual sex. Taking the phone, he likes Steve’s profile and gives the device to y/n.
“At least you have a match now.” Groaning, she stares at the words on the little screen; it’s a match. If only her captain knew who was behind the profile, maybe he wouldn’t have swiped left, but this is not the worst thing to happen, she thinks, remembering her not-so-subtle crush on the man. Bucky looks at her, eyebrows raised, and a teasing smile on his face. “Text him.”
“Yeah.” Sam chimes in. “Something dirty.” Natasha laughs, knowing very well her friend will not be texting something dirty to her crush, even if he doesn’t know it’s her behind the profile. Y/n takes the leftover burrito wrapper and throws it at Sam, opening up the message window.
So, Steve, I just asked Siri what I should say to a man with a cute smile on Tinder.....
Bucky grabs the bottle of tequila after reading the message out loud, and takes a swig. “I don’t think he’ll respond to that.” Natasha nods in agreement.
What did she say?
“Or he will.”
“Hell yeah. I knew my man was ready for some action.” Sam’s reaching for a bag of chips, and laughing. “My man.” He opens it up, managing to get a handful as Natasha grabs it from him, and throws her a dirty look. She smiles innocently, what? Y/n doesn’t notice her friends fighting as she types another message.
She said tell Steve...
You auto-complete me;)
She looks at Bucky, and he shrugs, because, at this point, he doesn’t know what Steve will say next. He offers her the tequila bottle, which she gladly accepts, and takes a couple of big gulps, reaching for a lime immediately after. She gives Bucky the phone after that, and he coughs.
“What the fuck?”
Is your name Bluetooth?
Because I’m really feeling a connection:)
“When did he learn about pick up lines?” Y/n smiles at Bucky, who’s gaping at her with an open mouth.
“When did you?” She teases. He lightly pushes her, and she falls onto the sofa, laying there as her friends read the conversation; Natasha types in a reply for her.
I like my man like I like my coffee, strong.
“I like lattes, Natasha.” Y/n responds, getting her phone back. “We’ve had fun, let’s un-match him now.”
Then you just met the perfect guy;)
“Un-match who?” Steve asks, walking into the living room. He heads for the fridge, phone in his hand, getting a beer, and walks over to them.
“Just a guy I met on tinder.” Y/n smiles, lying. Mhh, Natasha nods teasingly.
“Do you use tinder?” She offers him a seat, scooting closer to Sam, which Steve accepts. He toys with the beer bottle, until the cap falls off, eyes still fixated on y/n.
“No. What is it?” She notices his cheeks turn pink, but the liar could easily guilt the heavy warmth in the room for it. He smiles at her when he notices her stare, eyeing Bucky, who’s arm is on the back of the couch, almost as if he’s hugging y/n.
“Just a dating app.” Sprawling out even more Bucky answers. “Y/n started using it recently. You swipe left if you like the person, and right if you don’t.” Oh, Steve mumbles, grabbing some chips, and unlocking his phone to check for any new notifications. Noticing him open the tinder app, y/n decides to play with Steve a little bit more before un-matching him, and leaning back to hide her screen, she types a message.
I like your outfits, but there’s one thing that’d look even better on you...
Me :)
Taking her eyes off the phone, she notices the small smile that plays on Steve’s lips as he types back.
“Whatcha doing there captain?” Y/n calls him out, getting up from the couch to get more limes.
“It’s nothing. Tony wants to know when I’ll be back.” Placing the limes on the table, she walks to stand behind Steve, and leans down to whisper do you always message Tony through tinder? In his ear, before moving back into her spot besides Bucky. Bucky catches the whole act and chuckles, looking at her as if to tell her to stop messing with Steve, but backs off once he reads the message his friend replied with.
I never thought about my ideal body weight, but now I think it’s yours on mine.
“That doesn’t even make sense” Bucky whispers in her ear, and y/n shrugs, her phone lighting up with another notification.
Wanna go out tomorrow?;)
Putting her phone on mute, she takes a screenshot, and sends it to Natasha along with the words what do I do. Noticing her phone vibrate in her pocket, Natasha pulls it out, reading the message, and chuckles, before responding with meet up with him. Y/n looks at her as if she’s crazy, he doesn’t know it’s me, and Natasha rolls her eyes, so what?
“Why the hell are all of you on your phones?” Sam suddenly asks, when the only remaining sound in the room becomes the TV. He huffs, grabbing the bottle of tequila and taking a shot, giving the bottle to Steve “Take a shot, and leave, because you’re interrupting girls night.” Steve looks at Sam as if he’s the weirdest person on the planet. “What? Don’t assume that just because Barnes and I are men we can’t be a part of girls night.” Steve raises his eyebrows, but takes the shot anyways, reaching for the lime and couching a bit. Weak ass, Sam murmurs. Once Steve’s finished, Sam’s pushing him off the couch, waving his hand to get the man out of the room quicker. “The boys are waiting.” He smiles innocently.
“I thought you two were my boys.” Steve shakes his head, and Bucky imitates Sam’s innocent smile. Y/n only replies to Steve once he’s out of the room.
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insomniumstella · 6 months ago
the proposal
steve rogers x reader
summary/author’s note: this is based on the movie The Proposal, but if you haven’t watched it (you should, it’s great), the two main characters have to get married, as the woman is about to be kicked out of the country, because of an expired visa. 
warnings: mainly fluff, with a little bit on angst, no others, i’m pretty sure
word count: 5,573
Tumblr media
“They’re not going to find out.”
“Yes, they will.” Steve was pacing around the room, grabbing handfuls of his hair every now and then, from the panic setting deep inside his body. This is a bad idea, but what idea of y/n is ever good.
“Bucky is never going to believe it. Oh my god, Bucky. How will he feel when he finds out?” He was chewing on his lip now, but at least he was in his seat again. Steve liked y/n when she was first introduced as a new member of The Avengers, and who wouldn’t, she was a funny girl with a gorgeous smile, but upon getting to know her better, he quickly realized what a burden they were cursed with. Y/n did her job well, and helped them endlessly, but she was also loud, reckless, and, according to Bucky, the most annoying person he’s ever met. Steve agreed with him on that one. She came with many problems, the biggest one currently, being an immigrant.
Oh, Steve, it’s not like I’m an immigrant at all, I’m from Canada, for god’s sake, she said to him when he found out what was all of Fury’s yelling about. As much as Fury avoided her, which was a lot, he was also the first to speak up when he found out the U.S government was trying to get y/n out of the country. Well, speak up as in suggesting y/n marry the Captain. Steve has never felt like he ended up at the wrong place, at the wrong time more than he did in that office. You’ll get married, she’ll get a visa, and after the required time, you’ll get a quickie divorce, Fury was not ready to let go of the woman with powers like hers, What’s the problem? You’re saving yourself for someone special? she said then, floating the water from her glass all around the room, Steve glaring at her, before swatting her hand, making the water fall on the floor, I’d like to think so, he tried reasoning, Secretary Ross is already watching you like a hawk, don’t give me a reason to make you a wanted man again, Fury’s word was final. Steve was almost settling with the idea of marrying y/n, and then divorcing after the required time, when the mentioned secretary started suspecting what this wedding was about, which is how they ended up in yet another office, this time his.
“I’ve worked hard to make amends y/n. When Ross finds out, and he will, not only will you be banished from the country, but I’ll be put in jail.”
“Potential jail time didn’t stop you when Bucky’s life was on the line.” she shrugged, looking at the door to see if secretary Ross and one his officers are coming back into the room already.
“I actually care about Bucky.” Steve snapped. ouch. That one hurt, but she swallowed it down, turning in her chair to look at Steve, and placed a hand on his shoulder.
“The secret of our engagement is, and will always stay, just between you, me, and Fury. No one else will know.” she didn’t have time to say anything else, because Thaddeus Ross walked in through the door.
“So, you two are engaged?”
“Yes, sir. We are very much in love, and very much engaged.” she rubbed Steve’s shoulder, smiling at him, then the secretary, but Ross didn’t look very convinced.
“When did this happen? How?”
“Oh you know, all those late nights at the office, all the missions we went on together. Me and the Captain fell in love, I mean wouldn’t be the first time two co-workers did.” she smiled sweetly at him, moving her eyes to Steve, his cheeks flushed red. Ross turned to him too, moving his hand in a manner that said you can talk to me, but Steve nodded his head no. He did it a few more time, until Steve finally spoke up.
“The truth is, Mister Ross, y/n and I are just a couple of people who weren’t supposed to fall in love, yet we did.” he said quickly. “But we weren’t able to tell the people we work with, because we both felt like it would be inappropriate.” y/n nodded yes. “And both of our parents or relatives are dead.”
“Are we good?” she was ready to get out of the room, and end this nonsense, because she wasn’t really a hazard, yes she had powers, but everyone just kind of assumed that someone, able to control water isn’t much of a threat anyways. The secretary of State was tormenting them purely out of despise for Steve.
“Nick Fury informed me of the little get together The Avengers are having this weekend at Mister Stark’s lake house, so I’m scheduling an interview on Monday, and your answers better match up on every account.”
“Thank you sir, have a nice day.” y/n was pulling Steve out of the chair, and out of the room in the midst of talking, the fact no one invited her to Tony’s party digging knives into her chest already.
The view from the car windows was stellar. The once bright green leaves have started falling, their bold colours of orange and red creating a bleeding landscape. No wonder Tony liked this place, even the drive was gorgeous; a narrow road in the middle of nowhere, just forest all around. As they both sat in a tense silence, soft radio sounds provided some comfort. Y/n didn’t dare to look at Steve, who was driving, lost in her own head; she thought about acting different, calmer or quieter perhaps, and the reason for neither of them mentioning the get-away weekend.
“We’ll tell them when I’m comfortable, not when you are.” Steve’s voice was stern, so it came as a surprise to him when she spoke back rather softly.
“Okay.” she was messing with the countless rings on her fingers, eyes still fixated on the view around them.
“They won’t get angry I brought you along if that’s what you’re worried about.”
“It’s not.”
“Okay.” he paused for a moment, before speaking in that stern tone of his again. “You should start studying or else we’re never passing the interview.” she chuckled.
“Could say the same to you.” it was Steve’s turn to chuckle. She finally turned to look at him. “You’re saying you know the answers to all of those questions about me?” Steve nodded yes. Unzipping the bag laying next to her feet, y/n took out a binder, opening it, and read the first question. “What am I allergic to?”
“Almonds. That is why Bucky never buys regular milk, just almond.” asshole, she muttered underneath her breath, reading the next question.
“What is your spouse’s ex’s name?”
“Not surprisingly, you don’t have an ex boyfriend.” she hit him in the arm, causing a soft ouch.
“Oh, there’s a good one. Does your spouse has any relatives in the US?”
“No.” she chuckled dryly at his confidence.
“I do actually. My grandma lives in New Orleans, but we don’t talk much these days.” the hint of sadness in her eyes didn’t last long, but Steve noticed. “How do you know so much about me, anyways?”
“I’m the captain, I know many things about each one of our teammates.” she nodded, letting the conversation die.
“Good for you two to finally show up.” Tony greeted them when they were bringing their bags inside. Everyone else were already settled, drinking and talking, some people in the kitchen, some sprawled out on the couches. “We thought Steve was going to come alone, so you’ll have to sleep in the same room. Sorry y/n, I don’t have a separate bedroom for you.” She ignored the part of them having to sleep together and smiled at Tony. She ignored the way the rest of the Avengers quieted down too; they were confused as to why Steve didn’t protest against it. In the sea of confused faces, she was grateful for Natasha’s friendly smile when she got up to greet them, hugging y/n. She would’ve hugged her back if not for the shock of the words coming out of Steve’s mouth.
“Y/n and I are getting married.” Sam spit out the beer he was drinking and Bucky got off the couch.
“What?!” it was a stream of endless yells and questions after that, so she was even more grateful for Natasha ushering her out of the living room, to lead her into the bedroom,  where Steve and y/n will be staying. She let Wanda, that quickly followed after them, in, and locked the doors.
“Spill it” she said joining y/n on the bed. “Is Rogers serious about you guys getting engaged?”
“Are you serious Rogers? Engaged?! To y/n?!” Sam and Bucky took him upstairs into an empty bedroom, because both of their heads felt like they were going to explode. This couldn’t be the same man, who spent hours trash-talking about y/n to them; they refused to believe it. “You show up her with her, after I asked Tony to specifically not invite her, and tell us you’re getting married? To a woman you don’t even like? A woman I don’t like?” Steve flinched at the way his best friend was talking, but looking at Sam didn’t help either, because his eyes held deep confusion.
“You don’t have to like her. I’m the one getting married.”
“Are you out of your mind?”
“Buck, it’s final, I love y/n, we dated in secret, and then I proposed. Can we please get back to the party?” James was pacing around the room, both mad and concerned, at what could’ve caused this ridiculous thing to happen.
“I guess congratulations are in order.” Tony was the first to break the silence, after everyone came down into the living room. “You could have told us you were dating first, but hey, it is how it is, right?” he opened a couple bottles of champagne, filling everyone’s glasses. At least Pepper looked happy, for her it was a relief to know the two frenemies were not going to annoy her with their stupid arguments, yes, there was still Bucky left, who often picked at y/n, but one annoyed man is better than two. Y/n caught Wanda’s gaze; she could feel her inside her head, rummaging through her thoughts and memories, but she expected this to happen, only letting her see partially, things they experienced together or things everyone knew. She sensed Wanda has moved on to Steve, but he didn’t let her in either, opting to sweetly smile at her.
“It’s real, Wanda.” she gave up after a while.
“How did you propose?”
“Well-“ y/n was the the first to start. “At first I thought Steve was cheating on me,” he looked at her questioningly. “because he booked a hotel room, and didn’t say anything, but even expecting the worst, I went there, ready to see him with Sharon.” Steve rolled his eyes. “However, I was not prepared to walk into a room full of rose petals everywhere, and a box with my name on it.”
“She opened it, inside was a ring, I got down on one knee, and asked her to marry me.” Steve was done listening to the fake story.
“No, darling, he’s just being shy, everyone. Steve wasn’t in the room at all when I got there. I, of course, opened the box, only to see hand-cut confetti, and a piece of paper with an address inside.”
“Didn’t know our Captain was so sentimental.” Tony joked, taking a swig of his drink. Steve caught the look of his best friend, who wasn’t happy.
“Anyways, I went to the address, and turns out, it was the restaurant we had our first date at!” if y/n was allowed to have fun with this, so was Steve.
“Yes, it was the same restaurant she picked out for our first date months ago; hot wings and strippers” everyone’s faces seemed to turn either amused or confused. A strip club for a first date? Placing the cold champagne glass against her burning cheeks, y/n stepped in.
“Yes, yes, I picked that restaurant for our first date. It’s cheap, so I thought Steve could afford it, but apparently not, because I still had to pay.”
“Honey, let me finish our beautiful story. So after she came to the restaurant, we watched our favourite dancer’s show, had a great dinner of, might I add incredible, hot wings, which I paid for this time, and after that, I took her up on the stage, got down on one knee, and proposed.” y/n was so embarrassed, the champagne in her glass started bubbling, and not because of its fizz either.
“Didn’t know you were such a romantic, Steve.” Bucky’s words were sharp and teasing. He, like most people in the room, was still settling with the idea of them getting married. “Certainly a beautiful story.”
“Give her a kiss.” Thor was oblivious to the tension in the room, and, quite frankly, enjoyed the story; he was also y/n’s favourite, because he’d remember small things she liked, and bring them with him to their every meeting. Thor was easily amused by her water-controlling abilities, often asking to help him prank others with it.
“No, that’s not needed.” Steve tried protesting, but deep down he knew, they would never let this go.
“Oh, but it is.” Steve was going to kill Sam one day. “She’s your fiancé, isn’t she?”
“I’m sh-“ he was cut off by y/n taking his head into her hands, and pressing a long peck against his lips.
“We’re all friends, kiss her like a man.” Thor laughed, throwing a popcorn in their direction. Steve was about to protest again when her lips connected with his own, in a hungry, passionate manner, his hand moving to her waist, both of hers on the back of Steve’s neck. He was surprised to learn she tasted the way she smelt; heavenly. Almost like a drug she was, getting him high, fast, but all of the sudden, y/n abruptly stopped, pulling away, and smiled at their teammates politely, avoiding Steve’s gaze. She avoided Bucky’s too.
The next evening, y/n was glad to finally be alone again, after the girls dragged her to a near by town, and threw her an impromptu bachelorette party. The one thing she craved most was to wash off the creepy stripper’s body oil, because she could only smell that; a pungent, gut-wrenching musk smell is not something she admired. Getting her toiletry bag, she moved into the bathroom, placing both the shampoo and conditioner in the shower, before getting out of her clothes, and stepping in it. She thought about last night, as the warm water relaxed her muscles; how others reacted to the news, and how Steve volunteered to sleep on the floor. The part of herself she usually ignored, somewhat wished he’d sleep in the bed, but that thought she shook off, because this part of her brain is ignored for a reason. She wondered why he was aggressively chopping up wood when they came back from the party too. Who was he angry at seemed like a daunting thing to know. She stepped out of the shower, clean, ready to put everything behind, wrap herself in a fluffy towel, and go to bed. The second thing was not an option, however, because, fuck, she thought, I forgot a towel.
Steve loved a lot of modern age technologies, but he especially enjoyed headphones. Bucky got underneath his skin this morning with a million questions, a ton of yelling, and a bunch of other things he tried to forget by chopping up wood. What has gotten into you? he scolded Steve like a child, not even a week ago you were telling me how awful it was to go on a mission with her, and now you’re happily engaged?! Steve didn’t like lying to Bucky, but what choice did he have, it was just a cover up, he’d answered, but Bucky was mad, you can’t marry the witch, real mad. Steve thought about Bucky, hands in his hair, pacing around the room, thinking his best friend was about to make the worst mistake of his life. He had said it to Steve out loud multiple times. You can’t tell me what to do James, it’s my life, Steve reasoned, and you’re about to ruin it, Bucky yelled. Getting rid of his clothes, Steve started to walk from their room’s balcony to the direction of the bathroom; all he wanted to do was wash off and sleep.
Opening the bathroom door slightly, y/n peaked her head through. The coast is clear. She spotted an open cabinet with a bunch of towels, and made a run for it. Either the cabinet was closer than she thought or she just ran into a very naked Steve; it was the latter. Caught off balance, he fell backwards, bringing y/n down with him, hands protectively wrapped around her body, until they both hit the ground, hard, and their minds registered what has just happened.
“Why are you naked?!” she yelled, slightly thrashing in his arms, his toned, muscular, yet very naked body tightly pressed against her.
“Why are you?!” he let go of her waist, pushing her off lightly, and standing up, before helping her stand up too. Grabbing one of the many decorative pillows off the bed, he moved it in front of himself to cover up, mostly his nakedness, but also the growing boner. She moved through the room swiftly, grabbing a towel, and covering herself up too.
“Why didn’t you say you were back?”
Steve pointed at the headphones, only one left in his ear. “I didn’t hear you were in here.” whatever, she mumbled, fumbling with her bag to find a pair of pyjamas. Deciding it’s not worth it, Steve let it go, and disappeared into the bathroom.  
“So, so naked.” Steve whispered, more to himself than her, once they were both laying down, ready for sleep.
“Can we please not talk about that?” y/n looked at the crinkling fire. It set a comfortable atmosphere in the room. “Why does Bucky hate me?” Steve moved in his spot on the floor, seemingly getting more comfortable.
“That question in not in the binder.” he answered.
“But we both know, you know.”
“Not in the binder, y/n.” this time he was stern. “Goodnight.”
A good while passed until she spoke again. “I have the word angel on my ass.”
“Remember when on the drive here, you asked me if I had any tattoos, and I answered no? Well I do.” Steve snickered, happy to have his theory confirmed.
“And what could be the meaning behind that?” he laughed, thinking she’d say something like ‘I was young’ or ‘nothing, really’.
“My mom and I got hammered on my 16th birthday, and she let me get it. I’ve always regretted it, because she was never a good mom, but then she passed away a few years later, and I couldn’t get it removed, because that night is somewhat special.” this time she was the one laughing, but Steve could hear y/n swallowing down tears. “I prefer to workout with you over anyone else, because I secretly enjoy the 1940s music you listen to.” she continued, even if Steve didn’t answer the first time. “Every time you guys act like one big family, leaving me out, I cry in the recruit bathrooms.” Steve didn’t respond to that either. Instead, he got up, climbing into the bed, and pushing the covers halfway, so his upper body was uncovered. He turned his head to look at her, eyes a bit glossy, fingers messing with her rings again. He nodded his head at them, as if to encourage her to open up more. “One ring for one person saved.” she had two or three on most of her fingers, some small and intricate, some bigger “this is how I remind myself of why I should stay.” she took off a ring from one of her fingers, passing it to Steve. He felt the weight of it, inspecting it in his hand; a small, silver ring, covered in rhinestones sat on his palm. “I like wearing my rings to remind myself I am an important part of this team. This one I got after our first mission, two years ago. Remember, when I took a bullet for you and almost died, because it injured many of my vital organs?” y/n teased. It broke Steve’s heart, remembering himself shouting at the injured girl for what seemed like hours, yelling nasty names, belittling her in front of others. If he didn’t feel guilty then, he was sure feeling guilty now. “Goodnight, Steve.” she smiled, turning on her side to face him fully, and closed her eyes.  
“Bucky doesn’t hate you.” Steve spoke. “He’d never admit it, but you’re different, and sometimes different is scary.
Pepper suggested they get married here, in the barn, tonight, saying the world of superheroes is constantly changing, guilting them she or Tony or others, might not be alive tomorrow to attend the wedding at all, which is how they ended up at the local town’s bridal shop. It didn’t have much of a selection, but this wasn’t a real wedding, y/n reminded herself, letting the girls pick what they thought looked best, even if it meant she’d hate it. Natasha knocked on the dressing room’s door, before letting herself in.
“i think Wanda is trying to sabotage you.” she handed her a beautiful, fitted dress, rhinestones on the bodice, and all. A soft hey of protesting was heard from the back of the store. “Her taste, is, how would one say, outdated?” Pepper laughed, dragging Natasha out of the dressing room to give y/n a little privacy. When she walked out, the girls were sitting on the couch in the middle of the store, and audibly gasped when they saw her. y/n felt like this was her dress too; she liked it more than she’d admit. One of the employees walked over with a veil, pushing it into her bun, when y/n nodded her head yes.
“There’s one final touch left.” Natasha walked towards her, hands carrying something y/n couldn’t make out. Only when she put it on, did y/n notice the tiny, diamond covered necklace sitting delicately around her neck. “Steve bought it this morning, waking up early to pick it out.” It felt good to be appreciated by the man she called her Captain, at last.
it’s beautiful, thank you. she texted him after dress shopping, getting a reply almost immediately, a pretty necklace for a pretty girl. They walked around town for a while more, helping Pepper run last-minute errands, and picking up brunch, before driving back. Multiple cars were parked near the lake house, some employees swarming in and out of the barn, some setting up tables outside, and hanging fairy lights everywhere.
“I’ll go for a quick walk, is that alright?” Natasha was supposed to do her hair and makeup for the evening. She waved her hand go.
“I know it’s your wedding, but please come back less stressed or I’ll have to murder you.” y/n laughed, moving in the direction of the woods. Her feet seemed to take her further, and further, until she ended up in a cozy spot between two trees, unorganized chatter of people back at the house long gone. A real wedding, a fake wedding; it was a beautiful day to get married nonetheless. Closing her eyes she listened to the sounds around her, noticing deep breathing and whimpers. Cautiously she walked in its direction, discovering a hunched over Steve; he looked as if he was having a panic attack.
“Steve?” he didn’t answer, looking at her over his shoulder, before his face was in his hands again. Kneeling down in front of him, she hesitantly wrapped her arms around him, and started rubbing his back. “it’s okay.” she said, bringing him closer, his face buried in her neck. “you’re okay.” she reassured. “I’m here if you need me.” y/n kissed his head, and when he didn’t pull away, his forehead. “I always will be.”
The barn looked nothing short of a fairytale, decorated with flowers, and string lights. She looked at Steve; he was standing at the altar, a friendly smile on his face, no signs of him having a panic attack just a few hours prior. When Tony appeared at her side, offering his hand, she gladly took it, unsure if she can walk down the aisle without falling down. She took her first step when the music started, and looked over the guests, surprised to see secretary Ross sitting front row, his assistant right next to him. Paying his crooked smile no mind, she thanked Tony at the end of the aisle, who smiled in return, and moved next to Bucky and Sam, Steve’s groomsmen. Steve took her hand in his when she joined him. The priest smiled at both of them, and when the music stopped, began the ceremony. Y/n could not concentrate through the whole thing, until the very end, when Steve squeezed her hand, then let go, reminding her this is it, soon they will be husband and wife, allowing y/n to stay in the country.
“I, Steve Rogers, take you y/n l/n, to be my lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part.” Steve said, eyes fixated on hers with an expecting look.
“I, y/n l/n, take Steve rogers to be my lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part.” the priest joined their hands together.
“Do you take y/n as your lawful wife, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and cherish until death do you part?"
“I do.” Steve’s voice was firm, yet soft.
“Do you take Steve as your lawful husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and cherish until death do you part?" as much as she tried saying the simple words of I do y/n couldn’t do it. She was forcing a good man, a kind man, to marry her, because the government wouldn’t let her stay. Smiling at him sadly, she let go of his hands, and turned to look at guests.
“I have an announcement to make, about the wedding.“ she glanced over at Steve, who had a confused look painting his face “Many of you here know Steve Rogers as the kind colleague, a loyal friend, someone always willing to offer a helping hand. As a Canadian, with an expired visa, and crazy dreams of being an Avenger, a superhero-“ she chuckled “I took advantage of Steve’s kindness by forcing him to marry me. All this just so the U.S. government wouldn’t deport me.” she looked at the disappointed faces of her teammates. “But the truth is, Steve Rogers deserves better, someone he actually loves, not to marry his, probably most annoying, teammate.” she locked eyes with Ross, who had a smug smile, I won, it said. “I blackmailed him, that if he didn’t do what I asked, secretary Ross would put him in jail, locking an innocent man away. Steve, you held up your end of the deal, but now the deal is off.” Ross was standing up, ready to usher her out of the barn “Before I had the chance to be a part of this wonderful team, I lied to myself that they need me. Now I know, they never needed me” she looked at everyone, one-by-one, for the final time, staring at Bucky longer than others “I needed them.” walking to secretary’s side, she walked with him near the exit, turning around to smile at Steve one last time. She could’ve sworn, it was the sound of her heart breaking, she heard, when they locked eyes; he looked like a beat up puppy. y/n tried mouthing I’m sorry to him, but secretary Ross was already pulling her out the door.
Some Sundays the compound felt calmer than others, however this time it was dead entirely. Secretary wanted her gone that night, but Fury managed to make a deal of letting her stay until tomorrow’s afternoon, allowing for more time to pack bags, and say goodbyes. She’d wake up tomorrow, and leave the life she desperately wanted behind, only to start from nothing again. As frustrating as that was, nothing could be done anymore. Pushing the door of Steve’s room open, y/n walked in, looking around. He’d let her come in there, occasionally, when he forgot one to two things before their workout, but never let her wonder around. Taking an empty piece of paper and a pen, she started thinking; what are the words you say to someone you love, but will never see again? It wasn’t good, but it was something. Dear Steve, I’m sorry for all those times I annoyed you. I’m sorry for forcing you into something you were against doing, too. Admittedly, sometimes I’d act reckless or be overly loud, and maybe you can forgive me for that too. Thank you for going along and taking me to your guy’s get together, which allowed me to see you as the wonderful man the rest of our team knows you as. With love, y/n. P.S. sorry, for spilling the pasta sauce on you that one time, you weren’t acting crazy, since it was a liquid, I could move that too, haha.
Steve slept the whole thing off, only to wake up realising it wasn’t sleeping he needed to do. I’m doing this for, us, he said to Bucky Monday morning, throwing his bags in the car, no, he answered, you’re doing this for you, he sighed, but I won’t be the one to stop you.
Her room has returned to it’s original state, all signs of her ever staying there, gone. The bags, surprisingly not that many, were packed, and put downstairs, near the door, for when the car arrives to pick her up. Walking to the kitchen, she opened the fridge, taking out, however many cartons of almond milk left, and dumping them all in the sink, because fuck, you, Bucky. If he was allowed to mess with her favourite milk, just to see her disgusted face, when she tries her morning coffee, she was too. Filling them up with water, and adding sour cream to make it white, she shook the cartons, before putting them back, fuck, you, Barnes. Sadly, his disgusted face she won’t be able too see.
“Steve?” She was caught red-handed, final carton of the milk still in her hands.
“What were you doing?” He could sense something was off, cautiously eyeing her.
“Nothing.” y/n put the milk in and closed the door, turning to Steve. “What are you doing here?”
“I need to talk to you.”
“I have no time to talk.” She tried to move past him, but he caught her arm.
“This will just take a second. Three days ago, I loathed you.” She raised her eyebrows when he spoke. “Then we had our little adventure up at the lake house, and things started to change.” Steve looked her deep in the eyes, unsure if she felt guilty or mad. “They changed when we kissed, and when you told me about your tattoo.” He gulped. “Even when you checked me out when we were naked.” y/n rolled her eyes, but didn’t deny the allegation. “But I didn’t realise any to this, until I was standing alone, in a barn, wifeless.” He emphasised. y/n looked around, scared to admit she felt it too, and stood in front of Steve. “So imagine my disappointment, when it suddenly dawned on me, that the woman I love, is about to be kicked out of the country.” The woman he loves? “So, y/n, marry me, because I’d like to date you.” Steve smiled lightly, finishing his speech, eyes watching her like an eagle. Shaking her head, as if in deep thought, she spoke.
“It would be a lot easier, if you’d just let me go.”
“That would be easier.” The Captain didn’t deny; he felt scared, but like he said, sometimes different is scary. She bit her lip. Any of this, Steve couldn’t stand any more, dropping the jacket he was holding, he took her face in his hands, and pressed his lips against hers. They moved slow, cautiously, his hands coming down to wrap around her body, then coming up again. y/n gave in, wrapping hers around his neck, kissing him back harder, it still felt like a weird dream. “Is that a yes?” Steve asked when they pulled away, holding her close to him by the waist. You don’t have to ask twice. She hoped he understood what she meant to say, when instead of answering, y/n kissed him again.
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insomniumstella · 6 months ago
bucky x reader 
summary/author’s note: this is an example of the weird shit I dream about. a ghost, able to beat The Winter Soldier at their every encounter is exactly that; a ghost. yet Bucky can’t shake the feeling he’s met one of his teammates before, and the footage of an old surveillance cam confirms it.
warnings: oral (m receiving), Steve and Sam watch (not really, but also yes, because the act is taped on video), knife play (again, not really a play, but skin is cut), Bucky being The Winter Soldier in the smut part of the story if that’s a trigger
word count: 1,411
Tumblr media
There’s something James can’t quite put a finger on every time he looks at her. If there’s a slightest chance they could be alone, James leaves the room, because her presence is too intense, and somehow too scary for him too handle. It is starting to drive the man insane, keeping him awake at night; that, and the constant dreams he gets, during the rare occasions James can sleep. In hopes of trying to make everything make sense, he writes them down, but it usually confuses him even further, because the words that lay down in the tiny notebook seem more like memories than dreams anyways. The trauma of being The Winter Soldier is not something he can get over easily, but the thought of her, possibly knowing him as the mindless assassin before knowing him as Bucky, is even scarier. 3:57 pm. He should be heading to the conference room, where Steve, and Sam will be waiting. James hopes they didn’t invite y/n, but that’s a possibility, as she knows a bunch of valuable information about Hydra; he wonders how she’ll react watching old footage of him. She’s spinning in the chair when he enters, and James wants to end the meeting before in even begun.
“We have to know everything, no matter how small, you can remember. If something triggers your memories, tell us, because we need to find this girl.” Y/n shifts uncomfortably in her seat at Steve’s words, and Bucky wonders what’s that about. The girl. James thinks she’s a ghost, who’s too good at hiding, to find her anyways, but Steve insists they have to, because someone, able to survive The Winter Soldier as many times as she has, is worth searching for. For once, he agrees with y/n when she says it’s useless.
“The girl’s probably long gone by now.” She states, looking around the room, but to her dismay, Sam’s already pulling up the footage on his computer, and clicking airplay to play it on the TV. They sit there for hours, finding small, but important details, and when F.R.I.D.A.Y. comes up with a sketch of how she, potentially, looks like, Bucky spits out the water he’s drinking, because that’s the girl from his dreams, and she’s a spitting image of y/n.
“You okay?” She’s putting a hand on his shoulder, eyes concerned. James nods his head yes, and a moment passes before Steve speaks up.
“Y/n?” He doesn’t want to jump into conclusions, hoping his eyes are deceiving him, but the image is right there.
“Are you seriously considering her to be me?” Her tone is playful, but she’s careful with the words, all eyes on her. Steve doesn’t back down.
“It would make sense as to why we couldn’t find her; she’s been under our noses the whole time.”
“Not only our hair differs” she starts “but every time you got those messages about her whereabouts from Fury” eyes staring straight into Steve’s “I was with you. Also, her lips are much smaller, which is a shame, really, she’d look great with a couple ml.” That Steve doesn’t get, but he reluctantly sits down, hands still firmly pressed against the table.
“I’m sorry.” Steve apologises, feeling guilty for doubting someone, who’s been besides him from the day they met.
“This is the last video I was able to find.” Sam breaks the tension, tying something on his keyboard to pull it up. “It’s footage from an old surveillance cam, a bit blurry and dark, but I thought we could use it.” Steve’s looking over at Bucky, as if to confirm he’s fine with watching it, scared to push his friend further than they’ve originally agreed to.
“What’s one more, right?” He answers and Sam presses play.
“It’s good to see you again.” The Winter Soldier doesn’t move, when she appears in the basement. He’s sitting on the bed, one leg up, the other resting on the dirty floor. She looks around, as if to take the room in; a bunch of empty boxes, no windows for light to get in, just a semi-broken lamp illuminating their bodies. “Better luck next time.” She smirks, moving towards him. He doesn’t reach for his gun when she gets close. 
“Everyone dies, one way or another.”
Outstretching her arm, the girl caresses The Winter Soldier’s cheek, moving her hand down his body, stopping at his injured leg, and pressing a finger into his bullet wound. “You’re right.” she chuckles. Hissing, he grabs her by the waist, flipping the girl on her back onto the bed, and straddles her. There’s a war happening inside him. Somewhere, in the deep parts of his brain, where the remains of James Buchanan Barnes live, he can’t find the will to kill her; The Winter Soldier is different. She brings out a mix of them both, and it never fails to confuse him. The girl’s unarmed, wearing just jeans and a black, zip up hoodie, it would be so easy to end her right here. A weighted silence lingers in the air, before one of Soldat’s hands wrap around her throat, the other holding her own arms above her head, faces just inches away. It drives him mad that, even with his tight grip on her throat and air leaving her body, she’s smugly smiling. “Too scared?” She teases, when he drops his hand to the side. Using the moment for her benefit, she hooks her legs underneath James’s, and flips them over “Or too weak?”
But he doesn’t get to finish, because the girl’s shutting him up with a kiss. It’s rough, and unexpectedly needy, almost as if she’s been thinking about it for a while. She was his mission, until she wasn’t. A game of mouse and cat neither can win. Taking the knife out of the holder attached to his pants, she hands it to James. “Here’s your chance to complete the mission.”. He takes it, bringing it up to her collarbone, and pushes deep enough to cut skin, drops of fresh blood falling on his undershirt. “Sergeant.” But just like that, the knife doesn’t make it to her neck, as James lets it fall on the ground. Somehow she knows more about him than he does about himself, pushing every button of The Winter Soldier, and then calling for James. She manages to bury herself so deep into his head, he still remembers about her after every wiping of his mind. “I know we got off to a rough start” she starts, purposely underestimating the fact he was sent to kill her “but I want to be on good terms with a man like you.” Unbuttoning his pants, she pushes them down to his ankles. “Maybe one day we could be friends.” And pushes his boxers down too. The Winter Soldier has forgotten about pleasure, until a primal need inside him arouses; a need strong enough to forget about the mission. The mission’s on top of him, wrapping her pretty lips around him. Pushing her head by the back of her neck, he forces the entirety of his length in, until his dick is comfortably seated inside her mouth. Looking up at him through her eyelashes, she releases him with a pop, before wrapping her lips around him again, sucking The Winter Soldier’s dick in the dirty, old basement. They both know he’ll last a minute or two at most. “Having fun, sergeant?” She teases, releasing him again; it’s annoying how a word meaning so little to him, affects him so much. He forces her head down, again, and she bobs it up and down faster, feeling James spill inside her mouth moments later.
“That’s enough.” Steve’s shutting the laptop, mortified. “We’re done for the day. How about dinner?”
“I’m not sure I can eat.” Sam’s making throw up noises, and getting his things as fast as he can, before exiting the conference room.
“Y/n, Bucky.” Steve nods at them, standing up. “I’ll order a pizza.” And then he’s out of the room too.
Bucky doesn’t dare to look at y/n yet. Somehow he just knows for a fact it was the two of them in the video; she can sense he isn’t falling for the ‘I’m not her’ bullshit too. He only turns around to look at her once they’re out of the conference room. She smiles in the exact way she did in the video, and it’s chilling.
“Care for a round two?”
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insomniumstella · 7 months ago
An angsty prompt of roommate!bucky? Like just imagine you’re two idiots who are mutual pinning after each other, but obviously y’all don’t know that you’re in love. I might need some angst there....🥺👉👈
bucky x reader
warnings: some adult themes, a bit of angst, can’t think of any others
word count: 3,279
Tumblr media
Their usually empty apartment is scattered with people tonight, soft sounds of music and chatter in the background.
“You didn’t tell me Barnes’s new girlfriend would be here.” Wanda and y/n are preparing drinks in the kitchen, because who wants to only drink straight vodka or beer. Other duties, such as setting up food in the living room were left to the remaining Avengers, and y/n sincerely hopes they can handle it because last time Sam tried opening a bag of chips he spilled them everywhere.
“She’s not his girlfriend.” She raises an eyebrow, finishing each Mojito with a sprig of mint “Besides, he forgot to tell me.” I do not have feelings for Bucky Barnes, she thinks after noticing Wanda’s apologetic look.
“Of course you don’t” She replies sarcastically, almost singing ‘of course’ for emphasis. Surprisingly the living room looks neat and peaceful when they come back, people sitting on every free space they were able to find, floor including.
“Might have to get you and Barnes a bigger apartment because this shoebox isn’t cutting it.” y/n dismisses Tony’s comment because this apartment is often empty anyways due to frequent missions. Still, it’s cozy; when Bucky suggested they live together, because it’s totally normal for two friends to do so, even if they can get separate places, y/n took up the decorating. While it was not necessarily fancy, multiple fairy lights, and about a million photos made the place feel inviting and safe. Bucky would agree too, having spent hours on the worn out couches, whether it was drinking with the boys or reading, something he recently took up. Steve removes his hand from the couch’s arm rest and nods his head as if saying come sit here, which y/n does, cozying up half on the arm rest, half against Steve’s body. He’s nursing a beer, and smiles at her when she finally settles.
“Truth or drink?” Natasha suggests, taking a shot of vodka straight from the bottle, using her Mojito as a chaser. Y/n turns her head to look at Bucky, whose eyes are burning holes in the side of her head, snickering when she turns her gaze to his new girl and notices her disgusted expression. Yeah, it’ll take her a while to get used to us. Sam’s up first to ask questions. He snatches the bottle out of Natasha’s hands, passing it to Tony, and thinks for a minute before asking  “Have you ever been in an orgy?”
“That’s one way to start the game.” Tony laughs before taking a shot. He doesn’t have to answer for others to know. “My sweet Natasha, who here do you think is packing the most?”
Somehow she has managed to find and open a bottle of tequila; it’s been a rough week for her. Taking a shot “Steve.” She answers. “Steve, when was the last time you had sex?”
“Do all of these have to be sexual?” He’s blushing hard; talking about things of this nature is still weird and uncomfortable for him, but so’s drinking hard liquor. “Two days ago.” There’s oohs and ahh’s filling the room, and y/n takes notice of how Steve leans into her, almost as if to escape people’s eyes on him.
“C’mon guys, Steve’s right, at least let’s ease into the sexual questions. Hey Bucky, who do you think is the sexiest person here?” That’s a good way for him to include his new girl more, y/n thinks, but to her surprise, Bucky’s taking the bottle of vodka from Tony and taking a shot. The teasing stares from Wanda, y/n tries ignoring for the rest of the game.
“Who do you think is it?” Natasha is still wandering about last night when Bucky decided to take a shot instead of answering who’s the sexiest. For a spy, she’s surprisingly unaware. It’s just the girls at the apartment, because y/n invited them over after James announced he’s going a date. It worked out kind of perfectly; girls nights are very important, yet neither of them can remember when was the last time it happened. Thanking the delivery guy and coming back into the living room with a pizza, y/n turns to Natasha.
“I think the real question is what made you think Steve’s packing the most, when our team has a literal God?” A deep crimson colour paints Natasha’s cheeks. She’s hangover from last night, so it’s one of the rare times anyone ever sees her blushing. y/n knows she’s got her; two days ago, after a mission gone wrong, she decided to sleep at the compound, and guess who was sneaking out of Steve’s room in the middle of the night? As the sun sets, the conversations get more open, and wine bottles, one by one, disappear from the fridge. It’s about 1am when Bucky comes home to find a messy apartment and his girl sleeping on the couch; Natasha and Wanda somehow managed to drunkenly call a taxi back to the compound. Not my girl, he corrects himself after the thought accidentally crosses his mind, I have a different girl, he thinks.
“You’re home.” y/n slurs, reaching her arms out to hug him.
“I’m home.” He chuckles, leaning down to pick her up, bridal style.
“Did you have fun?”
“Not as much as you, apparently.” He answers, walking up to her bedroom door, opening it, and gently places her on the bed. “You’ll have a lot to clean up tomorrow.” This is not true. Bucky Barnes will clean it up himself, the way y/n does after he has one too many. “Goodnight sleeping beauty.” And with a kiss on her forehead she’s out. Not my girl.
Winding down after a long day is one of life’s most simple pleasures, and with Halloween right around the corner, a spooky movie marathon was bound to happen.
“Beetlejuice or Hocus Pocus?”
“Neither of these names mean something to me?” Bucky’s answer sounds more like a question. Of course he wouldn’t know the names of the two classics, yes, life really has been rough on him, y/n thinks. She’s sitting on the couch with a bag of popcorn, legs comfortably placed on the coffee table, when Bucky comes out of the kitchen and puts their drinks down. “Also, you drink too much.” He points out her wine obsession.
Leaning her head on his shoulder after he sits down “You talk too much.” She answers. It feels weird to sit so close when he’s seeing someone, but hey, this is Bucky, the guy, she’s been living with and crushing on for months, she might as well enjoy this while she can. Besides he’s acting casual about it. Not, he’s not casual about it. From the inside at least, because yes, Bucky looks completely calm, reaching down to her lap to grab some popcorn from time to time, but his heart is skipping beats a little too much for his liking.
Maybe next time Steve’s staring at her with those love-filled eyes, I should just tell them to get a room? Bucky considers, this is too hard and at least that way, I won’t see her as much. He’s so still she wonders if he fell asleep, but the turning of his head assures he didn’t. His lips form a smile and she smiles back. I wish Bucky liked me back, like how Steve likes Natasha, y/n thinks to herself, they’re so cute together.
“I don’t like this Beetlejuice guy or whatever he is.”
“I think he’s charming in a way.” y/n lifts her legs from the table and places them over Bucky’s, so she’s sideways and looks up at him.
“You’re charming in a way.”
“Oh sergeant, thank you.”
“Said no one, ever.” Y/n laughs and playfully hits him with one of the many decorative pillows they have placed on the couch.
“You love me, Bucky Barnes.”
Oh you have no idea. That he doesn’t say.
Knife, gun, extra ammo; yes, pretty much everything she’d need she has on her. 
“Don’t die out there, pretty lady.”
“Okay, Birdman, shut it.” y/n teases as they both walk up to where Bucky’s standing. “This mission is like a piece of cake, right Buck?” But he doesn’t answer, lost somewhere in his own thoughts, face painted in worry. “You alright?” She asks when Sam goes to check on Cap, placing her hand on his shoulder. “This is an easy task.”
“It’s not the mission I’m thinking about.” He shrugs, but there’s no time for her to answer, because Steve is already opening the quinjet door, shouting at them to prepare for jumping.
“You’ve been quiet all day. If there’s anything, no matter how small, you know you can talk to me.” They’ve been hiding in some random bushes, the apparently quick and easy mission turning into something no one expected.
“Do you like Steve?” Bucky’s face is completely serious, no teasing eyes, no toothy grin he usually has when talking about guys with her.
“Of course I like Steve.” Like a brother or a friend. “This is what’s been bothering you?” y/n laughs, because it’s funny, surely he must know she likes Steve, otherwise why would they spend so much time together.
Yes, that’s what’s been bothering me. “No, just something that I thought of right now.” He manages to smile, but it’s the fakest smile y/n has seen on him yet. “Did you ask him?”
“Yeah.” y/n scrambles to get her phone out of her suit pocket. Of course she texted Steve, asking if they can pack up and go home already as the suspect they were after has not shown up all day.
“Cool.” It’s cool she asked him if he liked her back, James thinks, it’s for the better, “What’d he say?”
Unlocking it, y/n opens up the text messages app “He said yes, we should head back to the jet.”
Looks like they might be going on a first date tonight, Bucky takes a deep breath, that’s good, right?
Whatever has been bothering Bucky all day yesterday, y/n’s glad is gone. He walks into the meeting holding two trays of coffee, passing them out to those attending.
“Good morning.” He smiles at her, after sitting down and turns his head to look at Steve, who’s standing at the end of the table, ready to start the meeting. His hair is messy and he looks peaceful, a little too peaceful, considering last night’s failed mission. y/n laughs.
“Something you can say to all of us?” She shakes her head and they both share a look which makes Steve’s cheeks turn pink.
“Nothing, Captain.” They both know y/n is mocking him and Natasha, after overhearing her scream the word over and over in the gym’s locker room; the screams clearly cause by pleasure of them going at it.
Bucky shifts in his seat uncomfortably and speaks up “I think we should start, as me and Sam don’t have all day, right Sam?” Whatever Sam’s caught in the middle of, he’s not a fan.
“Actually, I’m not that busy to-“ He’s cut off by James.
“Well, I have a date so start talking lover boy.” He says casually, his words filling the room with an awkward silence, before Steve goes over the plan for their next mission.
“Are you sure you don’t mind if a couple of my old college friend come over today?”
Every free Saturday they like to go grocery shopping together. Bucky’s attitude is much better than it was in the meeting yesterday, which is good, except y/n keeps sourly wondering if the reason for that is the date he had.
He picks up a carton of eggs “I’m eggcited!” And places them in the cart. “Butter than ever.” Bucky says putting butter in there too. They’re at a different aisle when y/n notices him reaching for a jar of jelly.
“Don’t you dare-“
“Just don’t be jelly if they’ll give me more attention than they’ll give you.” He laughs.
“I should have never used a single pun in the grocery store around you. Hey, mango annoy someone else.” y/n laughs back, pointing at the fruit. She drags him away before he can grab the olives and say you know olive you.
There’s not much time left to set everything up when they get back, but as Bucky once called them, they’re a super duo. Y/n’s reaching for the wine glasses when the doorbell rings, and before she can make her way to the door, Bucky’s already answering. If he wasn’t into y/n so much, and if he didn’t have a girlfriend, he’d definitely go for her friends, he thinks and scolds himself right after.
“So you must the boyfriend y/n has been telling us so much about?” Wait, this is confusing.
“I’m n-“ Y/n quickly interrupts him.
“Yes! Guys, meet James, a man who is very much real, and very much my boyfriend, right?” Her hand wraps around his waist and she’s looking up at him with the act along or I’ll kill you kind of eyes. This is going to be fun.
“Yes ladies, please come in, it’s nice to meet you.” He gives them his signature smile, and as they pile into the living room, y/n pulls him aside to whisper “They can’t know I’m single.” Maybe if he wasn’t so excited about pretending to be her boyfriend, he would have heard the fact, y/n is not dating Steve.
The evening is hard to describe, because yes, the girls somewhat miss each other, however y/n can’t help, but notice the jabs they take at her for being an Avenger, and their wondering eyes at Bucky. He, on the other hand, is doing a great, too great, of a job at being her boyfriend. Anything she needs, he get up to get her, his arm tightly wrapped around her waist, before he’s pulling her onto his lap completely and to top it all, the language he’s been using is driving y/n crazy. She knows he’s enjoying this very much, but the phrases like would you like some more wine, darling? or is my baby comfortable on my lap? are affecting her more than she’d admit.
“So tell us, y/n, how did you score a man like this? I mean the constant fighting you’re doing can’t be good for that body. Does it look like a cutting board underneath the clothes?” Okay, maybe Natasha was right about them being bitches the first and the only time she met them.
“Believe me, everything is smooth and tight there.” Bucky winks, hands resting on top of her thighs; that evening he tries to say the most provocative words to keep her busy from noticing the thick bulge forming in his pants. She’s so busy at enjoying their jealous faces, it works.
It was the most beautiful morning October in New York had to offer yet. Last night was a lot; maybe it’s time y/n reconsiders finding new friends, because to say that was exhausting is underestimating. It’s almost like y/n is on autopilot, letting her feet take her wherever they want. For better or worse, she ends up at Bucky’s favourite breakfast spot, noticing him and his girlfriend through the window. She’s mad, stuffing her things into her purse, and storming out of here, yet James is weirdly unbothered, slowly sipping his coffee; he waves his hand at her to join him when he notices y/n outside. A big plate of waffles is bound to make anyone’s morning better; they don’t talk while they eat. It’s only when the waitress refills both of their coffee mugs that y/n speaks up. “So what happened?”
“Told her this was never going to work out.”
“I’m sorry.” She’s really not. This is one of the best thing to happen all week, and besides Bucky doesn’t look sad, so it’s not bad to feel happy about it, right? He doesn’t answer her. When the waitress comes up with their check, he quickly snatches it, so y/n doesn’t have an opportunity to pay, and they both put on their jackets before leaving.
“Would you mind if we go to the Central Park for a bit? I know we have to get to the compound by 12pm, but-“
“Yes, why not, I’m sure Steve won’t get mad.” Bucky forces a smile, he won’t because you’re dating? He thinks. This is y/n he’s thinking about, so why is it so hard to just straight up ask if she’s dating Steve or not. Could it be the fact, he’s too scared to heard the words, I am? Bucky doesn’t recognise where they’re going; y/n moves through many parts of Central Park before arriving at an area he’s never seen or been in before. It’s very secluded, but how has he never been there before still blows his mind. “I love the view here.”
“Me too.” Bucky isn’t talking about the park.
“Look, I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable last night, I should have told you, that they thought you were my boyfriend. I shouldn’t have been so scared to admit, that yes, I’m single, so what?” Wait what?
“What do you mean single?”
“Single, as in no boyfriend? Bucky, do you not know what single means?” y/n laughed. Oh, Bucky knew very well what that meant.
“So you’re not dating Steve?” He wanted to punch himself so hard at this very moment. What other parts of this has he missed, in fact, it totally wouldn’t of made sense for her to pretend Bucky was her boyfriend if she was dating Steve.
“No, I mean he is very attractive, but I don’t li-“ y/n turned her head to look at Bucky “why would you think I was dating Steve?” This was very confusing, however she couldn’t get excited just yet, so what that he thought she was dating Steve? It does not mean that’s the reason he never made a move on her; perhaps he didn’t even like her.
“The way you’re always touching, the looks you exchange. He’s practically undressing you with his eyes.”
“James, Steve is dating Natasha. Why else would she say she thought he was packing the most? Surely, she’s seen it.” They sat down on the only bench near by, y/n bringing her knee up to her chest out of nervousness. “Who do you think was the sexiest person in the room that night?” Bucky was avoiding her eyes.
“You.” Be a man James Barnes. “You’ve been the sexiest person in the room ever since we met.” He thought for a moment “That sounded better in my head, but you know what I mean.” Standing up, y/n pulls Bucky up with her; nerves always make her fidgety.
“Bucky, I like you.” He looks like he’s about to say something but y/n continues “I liked you being my fake boyfriend more than I should have.”
“To be honest, I was doing more than a fake boyfriend should have.” He chuckles. Taking his phone out of his jean pocket, Bucky dismisses Steve’s call, because whatever it is, can wait. “I like you too.” A comfortable silence falls between them, Bucky’s hands resting on y/n’s waist. In truth, the whole moment lasts about a couple seconds, but it feels like a lifetime to them both. Brushing the hair behind her ear, Bucky leans down and connects their lips together. It’s something worth waiting for; passionate, intense, and y/n cannot wait to run her hands through Bucky’s hair to bring him closer. “Perhaps next time they come visit, I’ll be your real boyfriend?” She does; lightly grabbing his hair she brings him closer.
“Perhaps you will.”
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insomniumstella · 7 months ago
topic: requests or ideas
hi! if anyone has a prompt, an idea, a request, whatever you want to see written about please send it to me, because i’m seriously stuck on what to write next haha. i mainly write for Bucky, but also open to suggestions for other marvel characters
Tumblr media
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insomniumstella · 7 months ago
too soon (part 2)
bucky x reader 
summary: hate sex fic. part 2 to my other bucky x reader called too soon. the gang goes out to a club to relieve stress and runs into y/n after months of last seeing her. do Bucky and y/n realise their feelings? who knows 
warnings: unprotected and public sex, otherwise none?
word count: 2,291
author’s note: hopefully this isn’t terrible, opinions are greatly appreciated xx
Tumblr media
She didn’t own him anything. In fact, he had no right to be mad because she wasn’t his. James and her were fuck buddies, using each other for their own pleasure. It was wrong of him to be going crazy over the sight of her grinding her pretty little ass against someone else’s dick. To be honest, James didn’t know why his body reacted in such a way. It had already been a couple of months after he woke up alone, the only trace of her ever even staying there being a cheap bracelet he remembered getting her from a gas station, when Sam dared to propose to, what he thought was, Bucky’s biggest enemy, y/n. Sometimes he’d see messages lighting up Sam’s phone and somehow knew who sent them, but he never dared to ask what they said. He never chipped in Steve’s and Natasha’s conversations about her either; the first and only time he spoke her name was when they asked him if he knew where she went. Probably to some godforsaken place, he answered then. A pang of jealously shot through his body. He felt uneasy when Sam suggested they go clubbing, let off some steam before driving someplace else, but he couldn’t tell why. The reason was standing just feet away, her scantily clad body moving in rhythm with strangers; what are the chances they would run into each other again? Bucky was frowning as the realisation settled. He craved her; her soft skin, hypnotising curves, hell, he even missed the scent of the shampoo she uses, which James often made fun of, because it made her smell like bubblegum.
It was pathetic, she’d admit, but desperate times call for desperate measures. The ache in her core has been there for weeks and with James not around to help out anymore, it didn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. She was good at lying, to others and herself alike. It came so naturally it scared her. Pretending it was James’s arms fondling her hips, she closed her eyes. Whoever was behind y/n was willing to take care of her and and this point, she was willing to take it.
“You want to go over there, don’t you?”
“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Bucky gripped his glass tighter, turning around to face Natasha. She smiled, knowing she was right. He hated the fact that she was right.
“Those thin motel walls do a terrible job at disguising the sounds of pure pleasure.”
She turned around, pulling the stranger into a sloppy kiss. Sloppy on his part, as his mouth was too wet and the way he shoved his tongue into her mouth with too much pressure was a little nauseating. Rough hands were already grabbing handfuls of her ass, kneading it like dough. This was in no way the luxury she was accustomed to with Bucky, but she was willing to take the risk.
The sky was especially starry that night, big, full moon hanging in the middle. It dimly illuminated her messy appearance; in a way she looked kind of attractive. The ground was cold beneath her.
“James?” Surprise and confusion painted her face. He was pulling her away from the stranger by her waist.
“This is my bitch, go find your own.” The words seemed to fuel Bucky’s anger further. Grabbing the man by this shoulder, he threw him onto the ground, pushing a knee into his chest, and punching him straight in the face.
“She isn’t yours.” Bucky was ready to punch him again, and again, until he regretted ever touching y/n, but before he could do more damage, Steve was pulling him up by his arm.
She quickly glanced at the club’s entrance but James hadn’t come out of there yet. Maybe someone pulled him back, or he was struggling to get through the sea of sweaty bodies, a thought she smiled at, because no guy his size would ever struggle at such thing. Maybe he realised y/n wasn’t worth his trouble or time? Weirdly, she wished it wasn’t the latter.
“What the fuck was that?” y/n spat out, kneeling down to take a closer look at the stranger’s face. His nose, possibly broken, was bleeding, a huge, quickly spreading bruise was on his cheek. He seemed to be out cold. She didn’t want to think about the amount of anger behind Bucky’s punch. She felt bad for the man laying on the floor, but not bad enough to stay. People around them have taken notice and started to help, so she headed towards the bathrooms.
“I reacted out of impulse.” It was Bucky. She slipped into the bathroom she saw him walking in after the incident. 
“No one gave you a right to go around knocking people out, asshole.” She shook her head. James didn’t know which one he couldn’t stand more; the disappointment painting her face or the piercing eyes staring at him. He didn’t say anything for a while, taking notice of the fact that she locked the doors after entering. It was strange. At the same time he craved both getting out of there and fucking her bent over the dirty sink. As he moved closer, she took steps back, until her back hit the door and the space between them was gone, Bucky’s chest firmly pressed against her own. 
“Why did you leave?”
Why did she leave? The answer has been in her heart all along, but admitting it was too scary. 
Her breath faltered and she closed her eyes for a moment. “I don’t know.”
“Yes.” Bucky’s hand was gripping her face. He turned it to the side to expose her neck. “Yes you do.” he said, kissing it. 
What was she supposed to say? We’re better off without each? I might be starting to fall in love? It wasn’t easy to think about what words to say, when her mind kept wandering to the thick bulge pressing against her leg. He pushed his leg in between hers, her dress riding up, his knee lightly grazing her clit through her panties.
“I thought you liked the way I fucked you.” Yeah, Bucky couldn’t believe what had come out of his mouth either. “Do you really think that stranger could ever be better than I was?” Y/n wasn’t going to answer, with her anger rising, Bucky might be the next person to get punched. She did, she liked the way he fucked her, a little too much, the problem was, the annoying, arrogant person that came with the dick, she started liking too. Bucky has realised that as well, after days of sleeping alone started turning into weeks, and the only person left to fight with was Sam. Fighting without the sex and, sometimes even actual conversations, after is not fun, but Bucky couldn’t take Sam to bed, he even threw up his dinner once, when the thought accidentally slipped his mind.
“There’s always Natasha, if you’re so desperate to get laid.” The words were filled with spite. Y/n liked Natasha, she really did, but some days she wondered if Bucky had feelings for her because they often talked in Russian, away from the others, and if he seemed down, Natasha was able to lighten his mood.
“It’s not Natasha’s lips I wish to see wrapped around me at night, sweetheart.”
Looking back, she should have turned around and walked out of there. Y/n gazed at the sky. Why is his touch impossible to resist? This ended months ago, it can’t start again. The idea of being civil around other people seemed far away, because the one thing they can’t do around each other is that; be civil. Fuck you Bucky Barnes, all of your muscles and that goddamn face, she thought, fuck you, and the fact I still imagine your face when I’m sleeping with other people.
“Just like that. Now, didn’t that feel good?” Bucky teased. Somehow, she managed to find herself bent over the sink, hands gripping either sides of it, Bucky’s fingers sliding out of her. She was about to leave when he started kissing her neck, then bent her over the sink and fingered an orgasm out of y/n. He was standing behind her, hands quickly fumbling with the belt, and pushing his pants, along with boxers down to his ankles. Their eyes met in the mirror; he had his signature smirk, when he reached down to her pussy, wet his hand with her juices and palmed his dick a couple of times before wasting no time slamming in her. If this is what hell feels like, then y/n would gladly burn in it. “You’re going to come on my cock this time, like the good slut you are, aren’t you?” He said it so casually, yet his movements were so rough. Placing his metal hand just bellow her belly for support, he pushed the top of her dress aside to expose y/n’s breasts, twisting one, then the other nipple. If not for the loud music in the club, the people in there would have absolutely heard her moans. This might be the result of the alcohol she consumed that night, but taking his fingers away from her nipples, y/n placed them in her mouth, not breaking eye contact with James in the mirror, and started sucking. Two can play this game. Bending his knees a bit, James quickened his movements, hitting that sweet spot over and over until she was a dripping mess, and choking on his fingers. “A sweet, little mess you are, all for me to enjoy.”
Bucky was still in the club, somewhere. The sound of cars, the smell of smoke, it all started blending together; it was too much to handle. So this is it, she thought, I can finally put the end to our story. Bittersweet it was. She didn’t notice Steve have come up to her until he placed his hand on her shoulder. “How are you? You didn’t look so good when you came out of the bathroom.”
“You can run y/n, but we both know, no one else makes you feel like I do.” He slammed into her.  Bucky has turned her around, ass balancing on the edge of the sink, holding one of her legs up to drive into her deeper.
“It looked like you were crying in there.”
She was crying. “C’mon, baby, come for daddy.” Oh, how she hated when he talked like this, as if her body belonged to Bucky, and Bucky only. No matter how much anger her eyes held, her body was only responding to his words, walls squeezing around his dick. Entangling her fingers in his hair, she pulled forcefully; she wanted to give him a little pain. Yet the asshole just grinned. “It’s unfortunate the music’s drowning out your needy moans.” Oh fuck this. Closing her eyes, she leaned her head back, enjoying everything James was willing to offer; she was about to cum anyways.
Steve sat down next to her on the sidewalk and she leaned her head on his shoulder. “There’s always room in the car for one more, if you’ll get lonely.”
“I do get lonely.” Just not in the way Steve had in mind. Y/n spotted Natasha and Sam in the distance. “It’s just that it would be weird to join you guys again.” Steve put his arm around her shoulder, and they sat like this for a while before he finally spoke up.
“All of us miss you.”
Bucky’s thrust got sloppier; he was close. The phone, sitting in the pocket of his jeans, started ringing but he didn’t care, spilling inside of her, and pulling out. Lifting y/n from the sink, he pushed her by her shoulders on the ground, knees against the dirty floor. “Clean me up,”.
“The sink’s right th-“ y/n didn’t get to finish, because he was already thrusting his dick in her mouth.
“You look so pretty like this.” Bucky pushed her hair out the way. “Lips wrapped around my cock, sucking the cum off for daddy.”
“We’ll be waiting in the car if you change your mind.” Steve stated standing up. His eyes noticed something behind her back, which he apologetically smiled about before walking away.
It took some time before he was satisfied, removing his semi-hard from y/n’s mouth and pulling his pants up. “My pretty little girl.” He said, thumb caressing her lips. “I love the way I ruin you.” 
“If you think I’m an asshole, I’ll understand.” Knowing who was behind her was no question; that cologne she’d recognise anywhere.
“No. You make assholes look good.” Bucky grimaced. This was going to be harder than he thought.
“Look, I don’t like you.” What a great way to start the conversation. “But I can’t stop thinking about you when the sun sets or when I remember something worth sharing, because you’re the one I want to share it with.” He reached out his hand to help her stand up. “Putting the pieces of my mind together like a puzzle is not easy, but for what it’s worth I miss you for who you are and how you make me feel.”
“Look around, there are girls who’d fuck you everywhere.”
“That’s not what I meant.” Taking his hand, she stood up in front of him. The tension was so thick someone could’ve cut it with a knife, but this was something she could get used to. Bucky saying words not meant to insult her? A remarkable day in history. Fuck you Bucky Barnes and the way you make me feel she thought.
“Don’t make me regret this.”
“We’re going to have so much fun.” Bucky grinned on their way to the car.
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insomniumstella · 7 months ago
too soon
bucky x reader 
summary/author’s note: hate sex fic, and a smudge of feelings. i’m in love with the idea of the gang being on the run after civil war, Bucky’s arm still on his body. this is a rewrite of my very old fic, that I found recently and actually kind of liked. 
warnings: smut (not very detailed, but kind of, mentions of blowjobs, both male and female receiving, a bit of knife play), otherwise none I think
author’s note: part 2 is already up
word count: 1,090
Tumblr media
“I’ll make you forget your own name” James murmurs, lips attached to the base of her neck, slowly making their way up. He’s careful but bold, biting the area and then caressing it with a kiss. She doesn’t know how it all started but, frankly, in that moment she doesn’t care. It feels too good to just forget and give in. Of course she tried resisting at first, she always does, but it was soon over once his heavy hands started squeezing her ass and his lips, oh god his plump, delicious connected with her own. In a way she didn’t feel like herself anymore because James’s animalistic behaviour, how he was dominating her body, eyes set on only one goal, brought out a different side of y/n, she, more times than not, felt embarrassed of.
Familiar feeling of shame settled in the pit of her stomach, making her mind and body feel tense.
She hated James Barnes. The man could get underneath her skin like no one else did. She hated the real feelings she was developing for him even more. It was clear he had no idea that somewhere in the midst of all the fighting, anger, the sexual tension that would usually linger in the air after they got particularly heated, she was starting to actually like him. And not in the way she liked Sam and Steve either. Whatever she was to him, a way to relieve stress of constant running, or an affair that went on for too long perhaps, hurt. Just another girl. But his skin was too soft, his scent too intoxicating to let go of. A trail of bruising kisses on her thighs, his hot breath against her skin as he ripped off her underwear left her wanting more. He liked to tease her sometimes, drawing circles with his tongue around her clit with not nearly enough pressure. After a while, he would move up so they’re face-to-face, wrap his flesh hand around her throat, while sliding a couple of the metal digits inside her, the tip of them brushing against her g-spot. They’ve done this so many times, yet every time she would surprise herself at how quickly he managed to shut her up. Pressing her down into the mattress, James pumped his fingers in and out at a quick pace, while his thumb slowly rubbed her clit. Supporting his body weight on his bent leg, he leaned down to leave slight marks across her collarbones and breasts. She wanted nothing more but to wipe down the smug smirk he had off of his face, because she knew, he knew, solely his fingers, buried deep inside her cunt, could draw out an orgasm. “We’re not done yet, baby.”
Memories played in her mind like a broken record. Bucky was quietly snoring next to her, one arm sprawled across her waist. He looked so peaceful and innocent she almost believed that what they have is real. This needed to stop, that much y/n knew. But it’s hard to let go of things we get attached to, isn’t it? Sometimes an image of false reality is better than reality itself, she thought, turning around so her back would be pressed against his chest and closed her eyes. Even if it was just for a moment, everything felt alright.
Between the sheets James was anything but shy. He was so much different than that guy. His hands would roam everywhere, animalistic growls and dirty remarks would make their way past his lips as he’d look down at her with those lust-blown eyes. Most days he would stretch her out with his fingers first so when it came to his dick, he’d waste no time, quickly bottoming-out inside her. Throwing y/n around like a rag doll, he’d place her in at least a couple different positions per night. His favourite thing was to bend her over, face smushed against the pillows, ass high up in the air, and fuck her, listening to her helpless moans. He’d grab a tight hold of her hips, spank her ass, do whatever to draw out as many pleads and whimpers as he can, because that voice was like music to his ears. And even though he never truly meant it, sometimes he’d tell her how big of a slut she is, for always ending up in bed with him, mostly when she’d suck him off, especially in public. When she’d piss him off more than usual, James would take his knife, lightly drawing random shapes with it across her thighs, fingers hitting her g-spot over and over, her screams mixing with pain and pleasure, reminding y/n whose actually in charge. It wasn’t only her moans filling the room, not entirely. As she found out, James loved when she rode his face, pussy pressed up against it, thighs on either sides of his head. He’d moan when she was giving him head too and when she’d pull his hair back, giving him that slight sensation of pain. They were both guilty.
Plenty of air got in through the open window, but no matter how many deep breaths y/n took, she couldn’t fall asleep or get her heart to stop pounding. It was aching and it was something she couldn’t ignore.
Every night spent together quenched their thirst less and less. Minutes turned into hours they spent together in bed, but to their defence, being on the constant run was stressful and boring. As James was pounding in-and-out of her, this time on top, her legs on his shoulders, she scratched everywhere she was able to reach; his biceps, chest were covered in tiny marks. Her nails dug into his back, as both go their orgasms hit at once and he sloppily fell on top of her, her own legs falling onto the mattress. In this moment nothing seem to matter, and even the sticky liquid, already dripping out of her, she didn’t mind. They were both drunk off this feeling. Drunk off each other. Moonlight seemed to illuminate their bodies as they fell asleep next to each other after washing up.
Crawling from underneath the covers y/n quickly slipped on her clothes. After arguing with herself for a while, she took one of his few t-shirts and discarded herself from the room. The next morning, for the first time in months, Bucky woke up alone, her usual side of the bed cold and untouched. He knew sooner or later this was bound to happen, but he didn’t expect it so soon. Too soon.
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