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This is how all rape trials should go. Especially those of people who work in the sex industry because, unfortunately, some people take their profession as consent.  
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do you ever just write a single, beautiful line and feel really proud of yourself. then you look five paragraphs down, and there’s a sentence like, “I walked and my legs were walking” and wonder what in the goddamn heck happened
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send me a prompt and a character and i'll write something!
Prompt List #1
A/N: phew finally finished my first prompt list. a vast majority of these are my own but there are a few that I found online/was inspired by.
Prompt List #2
“Is that my shirt?” “You mean our shirt?”
“It’s you, it always has been.”
“You’re everything I could’ve wanted and more.”
“Kiss me.”
“Home stopped being a place when you entered my life.” 
“You should probably go home.” “But I’m already home.”
“You’re an idiot.” “But you love me.”
“I’d do anything for you.” 
“You took all the pillows so I’m using you as one.”
“Stop moving and let me braid your hair.”
“I’m so proud of you.” 
“Could you say that again?” “Were you not listening?” “No I was, I just like hearing your voice.”
“I didn’t think it was possible to love someone this much.”
“You are my family.”
“I’m right here.”
“Can you just please hold me?” 
“I’m pretty sure (you’re/she’s/he’s/they’re) my soulmate”
“You come here often?” “Well considering I work here, yes.”
“You know, I think my (mother/father/parents) would be proud if I brought (you/her/him/them) home.” 
“I just want to see you happy.”
“I haven’t seen (her/him/them) smile like that in ages.” 
“You made me a better person. Thank you.” 
“I’d rather live in the woods with you than in a mansion with some (girl/boy/person) I barely know.”
“This reminded me of you.” 
“Your hair is really soft.”
“You’re really warm.”
“Are you blushing?”
“Can I stay here tonight?”
“Because I love you.”
“I’ve been in-love with you since we were kids.”
“I’m never going to leave you. I promise.”
“Make a wish!”
“I love seeing you smile.”
“Why are you wearing my sweater?” “Because it smells like you.”
“I just want to be there for you.”
“I couldn’t get you out of my mind.”
“You’re just a softie.”
“You owe me.” “Fine, whatever you like.”
“You’re safe now, I’m here.”
“Why are you scared of loving?”
“You are crushing me right now.”
“Darling I love you and all, but please step out of the kitchen.”
“I love you.”
“You’re an idiot.” “But I am your idiot.”
“Take my hand. Just trust me.”
“You’re hurt. Please just let heal it.”
“At least let me clean it.”
“I told you to take care of yourself.”
“You’re the only thing that matters.”
“I’m leaving.” “Of course you are, that’s all you know how to do.”
“You started drinking again, didn’t you?” 
“You promised you’d stop drinking.” “And you promised you wouldn’t hurt me!″
“But it’s my fault right?”
“I don’t want to feel this. I want to be numb again.”
“You’re lying to me again. Why can’t you just tell me the truth for once?” 
“I love you.” “No you don’t” 
“I can’t lose you.” “You already did.”
“Did it mean anything to you? Did I mean anything to you?”
“How was I such an idiot, to believe that you, out of all people, could ever love me?”  
“I loved you.” “Then why did you let (her/him/them) get in between us?”
“Maybe they were right, you never did change.” 
“This is all in my head. It’s all happening in my head.”
“Don’t you dare walk away from this!” 
“What gives you the right to just waltz back into my life after all the pain you’ve caused.”
“You’ve changed.”
“You win, happy?”
“Any other lies left to tell me?”
“Why did you wait until I moved on?”
“Don’t look at me like that.” “Like what?” “Like you still love me.”
“Its (her/him/them), isn’t it?”
“It’s always been (her/him/them).”
“When did you stop loving me?”
“Let me go.”
“You’re not you.”
“I miss the old you.”
“What happened to their happily ever after?” “Not all love stories get a happily ever after, sometimes it’s just once upon a time.” 
“Move out of my way before I make you.”
“You deserve better.”
“I risked my life for you.”
“I never would’ve thought (she/he/they)’d end up with someone else.”
“They were perfect for each other.”
“I was happier with you.”
“I would’ve done anything for you.”
“I loved you. I loved you so so much but you hurt me.” 
“They warned me about this.” “About what?” “You.” 
“Lie to me. I don’t care what you say, just lie to me. Make me feel okay again.” 
“You broke me.”
“You just threw four years of friendship out the window.”
“Hasn’t this addiction done enough damage already?”
“Sorry doesn’t fix everything.”
“You promised.”
“I don’t need help! I need an end to this pain.”
“What am I in your life? Because as of lately I feel as though I’ve been nothing to you.”
“I can’t keep playing pretend.”
“You deserve so much better.”
“Give me one reason why I shouldn’t leave.”
“I wish we never met.”
“I’m sorry I’m not enough for you.”
“I love you.” “Tell me that when you’re sober.” 
“It’s pouring rain why are you here?”
“I love you.” “You shouldn’t.”
“Where are you?”
“What happened?”
“Have you been taking care of yourself?”
“Is that blood?” “Yes but that doesn’t matter right now, what does matter is-” “You are literally bleeding.”
“Is that my book?”
“Are they dead?”
“You want to play pretend? Well two can play at that game.”
“Did you know that you talk in your sleep?”
“Come back to bed. Please.” 
“You’re who they warned me about.” 
“Come back.”
“You should’ve listened to me.”
“I haven’t seen you in days.” 
“Are you jealous?”
“Cheers, I’ll drink to that.” “You drink to everything.” “Cheers!”
“Why is there a deer in the room?” 
“Is that vodka? At 7 in the morning?”
“It’s not my choice.”
“Can we take this home?”
“Hey, look at me. Focus on me alright?” 
“I haven’t seen (her/him/them) smile in months.”
“(She/he/they) don’t belong with (her/him/them)!” “Than who do(es) (she/he/they) belong with?” “…..with me.”
“Come home.”
“I hope you’re happy.”
“They don’t need to know.”
“I made this for you.”
“Why is arson always your first answer?”
“Is this really the time for jokes?” 
“You always do this.” 
“Wake me up when it’s over.” 
“You look happy.” 
“I’m sorry, do I know you?” 
“Why can’t I get you out of my head?”
“Do you want that?”
“Don’t let go.” 
“Just let me stay.”
“Can I at least tell my side of the story?” 
“Do you trust me?” 
“Are you flirting with me?”
“Is the weight of your sins too heavy?”
“Just let me see (her/him/them) one last time. Please.”
“Are you afraid to die?”
“Are they really ‘just a friend’?”
“I wasn’t lying when i told you that I loved you.”
“I won’t hurt you.”
“Have you been sleeping?”
“I didn’t know where else to go.”
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
He can’t talk right now he’s doing rich boy shit😎😎
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dancing with your ghost | p. parker
pairing: peter parker x maximoff!reader
word count: 2.4k
warnings: attempted suicide, character death. please don't read this if it may trigger you. this is really sad, and it may be confusing at first idk. wandavision reference because the show may be over but i'll never get over it.
a/n: heavily inspired by 'dancing with your ghost' by sasha sloan, so please consider listening to it when you read this. as always, english isn't my first language so i'm sorry for any spelling/grammar mistakes.
lmk what you think. my askbox is always open!
Tumblr media
she turns off all the lights, only the faint moonlight illuminates the empty bedroom. she places the candles on the floor, each one separated by a few inches, forming a big circle around the entire perimeter of the room. she grabs the matchbox, taking one out and starts lighting up the black candles. once the red flames appear she steps and sits in the middle of the circle. she crosses her legs beneath her, and reaches for the small leather bound journal. she searches through the yellowing pages until she finds the one she's looking for.
the book had been passed down through generations, a relic where her ancestors wrote the secrets for the most intricate spells, sorcery and witchcraft.
her thumb rubs small circles on the pages as she read the directions, memorizing the words she’s to recite. setting the book on her legs, she reaches to the side, grabbing a worn out wristwatch. she places it in front of her on the floor. next to it, she lays a blue sweater with a yellow school logo. it still held his familiar scent. then, a red mask. black lines decorated the entire thing and went around the white space left for the eyes.
it has been months now since new york lost one of its heroes. the world lost spiderman. (y/n) lost her soulmate.
after years of fighting criminals, aliens and occasional titans, peter parker met his demise doing what he always wanted to do.
norman osborn had poisoned his son's heart with hatred, envy and jealousy disguised as efforts to toughen him up. it eventually consumed harry completely which led him to distance himself away from the only friends he had, and when peter and (y/n) tried to talk some sense into him, hell broke loose. all the demons that were trapped inside harry took control over him, and in an uncontrollable fit of rage, he grabbed his late father's weapons. the ones he had built to destroy spiderman, and as he tried to put an end to his misery, peter stopped him. ending his own life instead. sacrificing himself for those he loved, like he always did.
that night the world suffered two great losses. but when the world mourned their beloved hero, (y/n) cried for her lover. that night, harry osborn, whilst unknowingly, had fulfilled his father's desires.
now, with the clock nearing twelve a.m. of the thirty-first day of the month of october, (y/n) maximoff gets ready to perform the most complicated spell she's ever encountered.
as she placed the mask on the floor next to the other objects, she takes off the ring on her finger. not a wedding ring, not an engagement ring. a promise ring, that one day, they'd form a family, a future, together. she feels something heavy set in her chest, squeezing her heart.
she closes her eyes, and touches the wristwatch first. a gift from peter’s uncle, ben. she recites the words once, then moves on to the sweater. the one (y/n) always stole because it kept her warm when he was away. she says the words, feeling a goosebump traveling down her spine. as she grabs the mask and continues, she feels the room go cold, it is almost november, but she’d made sure all the windows were closed before she began, knowing any unwanted noise could disrupt the incantation. she closes her fist around the ring, feeling the metal against her skin, the small red ruby pinching her skin.
there is a shift in the air. she’s scared to move, fearful of what she’s about to encounter.
she is afraid to look up and, if this succeeds, see him again, knowing it’s only temporary.
she is terrified to look up and, if this fails, see nothing more than the empty home peter left behind.
she clenches her fists close to her chest, still with her eyes closed, she inhales slowly, straining her ears to catch any shift, movement. she exhales, feeling the air leaving her lungs. she gasps, she thinks she felt something touching her shoulder. she lifts one hand, fingers meeting her own skin.
her heart sinks in her stomach, she opens her eyes as tears start to fill them. it takes her a moment to realize that she is now sitting in pure darkness. the tears escape, her whole body shaking with violent sobs. all the rage, sadness, love, despair, misery that has lived inside her since peter died demanded being felt. it was too much, she felt too much at the same time.
it hurts to breathe, there is a hole in her chest, one that cannot be filled. one that appeared the moment life left peter’s body. she struggles to recompose herself, a part of her doesn’t want to, a part of her knows that it didn’t work.
if it had, all the candles would still be lit, all the candles would now be white, instead of black.
still, the room feels even colder with each second that passes. something touches her shoulder again, this time it’s more solid. not just a faint whisper of pressure.
she raises her head, and in front of her, one white candle. flame shining brightly. her gaze jumps to the next candle, sees as it turns from black, to gray, to white. and this one, too, lights up. she sits on her knees, her head following each candle as it changes colors and the fire illuminates the room again.
her breathing stops, she doesn’t want to make a sound in case she misses any sign that he’s there.
her body feels it first, then her mind.
just like before, her body knew he was there before she was even aware of it. the hairs on the back of her neck stand, she almost doesn’t want to turn. but then…
“(y/n)?” she swears her soul leaves her body at that moment. the tears that had stopped momentarily burned in her eyes once more.
an icy-cool hand meets her bare arm, making goosebumps erupt on her skin. she lifts her head, eyes puffy and red as she meets his familiar brown orbs.
it takes her a second to jump to his arms, pulling him so impossibly close to her. her face is hidden in his neck, legs are behind his back, hands grasping his soft curls.
they hold each other all through the night and the early hours of the morning. sleep is the least of her concerns at that moment.
she knows now that it’s true. that once a year, on all hallow’s eve, the breach between the worlds of the living and the dead blurries. she knows that she cannot bring someone back to life, but she can conjure their soul and essence for an entire day as long as she stays inside the circle of candles and they allow it.
they sit with her back against his chest, fingers playing together as he places soft kisses to her neck. the sun is gone by now, they only have two hours left until they see each other again next year, and she already misses him.
the moonlight reflects on the ruby that adorns her ring, still resting next to some of his most prized possessions.
“why those objects?” he asks, his voice barely a whisper.
“it said in the book that it had to be a gift someone gave you, that’s the watch. something you loved, the sweater you wore when we first met. something that meant the world to you, that’s your mask. and something you gave to me. that’s-”
“the ring,” he cuts her off and she hums, turning so she’s face to face with him. she cups his face with her hands, thumbs caressing his soft cheeks. it wasn’t fair. someone so young, bright and loving deserved to live a long happy life. she knew it wasn’t enough, but she promised him and herself that she would bring him back every year for the rest of her life.
he kisses her on the lips, soft and cold. he sets her down on the floor next to him, and stands as he walks, reaching until the ring is between his fingers. he realizes then, that he is still wearing the same clothes as the day he died. with her back still towards her curious gaze, he pats the front left pocket of his jeans. when he feels the velvet box there, there’s only one thing on his mind. and it breaks his heart.
“i was going to ask you to marry me,” he begins, and her breath gets caught in her throat. he turns, slowly, as he pulls out the box. “i had been carrying the ring for over a month, every single day, waiting for the right moment,” he shook his head. he didn’t know ghosts could cry until he felt something wet running down his cheeks. “so stupid. should’ve done it any day, wasted so much time,” he falls to his knees. she approaches him quickly, cupping his cheek with her hand. she wipes the tears with her thumb, feeling him melt under her touch.
“don’t say that. i’m yours, forever. you know that. i’ve been yours since the moment i first saw you.” she kisses him softly.
“(y/n), i need you to hear me. you deserve to spend the rest of your days with someone who can be there every day when you need them. who can give you the happiness you deserve, who knows all your quirks and your pet peeves and loves you unconditionally and above anything else. someone whose heart beats only for you,” his gaze drops, and so does her hand, he joins their fingers together, gripping them tightly.
“i don’t want anyone else, you’re the only one for me, peter.” two pairs of teary eyes meet each other, so much pain and love and unspoken words swimming behind them. “my heart, my mind, my body and my love belong to you. i will wait for you, until we see each other again. i’ll be here, every year, to see you again. i don’t want another love, i only want you. however i can have you.” she runs her fingers through his hair.
“marry me. right here, right now.” he whispers, and she leans in to kiss him. he wraps his arms around her, pulling her close to him, before standing up with her still between his arms. “what do you say, (y/n)?” he knows what her answer is, but he needs to hear her say it.
“yes,” she says through the tears that fall from her eyes. “yes, i will. i’ll marry you, peter parker.”
his fingers fish the box out of his pocket quickly, trembling as he grabs her left hand in his. she stretches her fingers, gasping as he slides the ring to its right home. next, the ruby red promise ring finds its place on top of the other. it crosses her mind that she doesn’t have a ring for him.
she takes her right hand out of his grip, moving her fingers as she conjures up her magic. it’s her turn now to take his left hand in hers. contrary to her sister, wanda, (y/n)’s magic is a bright blue, and soon enough, an elegant wedding band rests on peter’s finger.
“i love you so much,” he whispers, pressing his hands on the sides of her face, she lifts her head and meets him halfway for their first kiss as a married couple.
“i love you, too.” she says, wrapping her arms around him.
wrapped up in each other's embrace they start to sway, the moon the only witness of their love. he starts humming a song she discovered recently, and she's surprised she knows it at all.
"how do you know that song?" she asks, resting her chin on his chest, looking up at him.
"i see you when you listen to it, hear you singing it when you're feeling lonely. it pains me that you feel that way, but I feel better knowing you feel like someone understands you."
she's left speechless. she moves her wrist, bending her fingers as she summons her magic. faintly, from the living room, the song peter had been humming starts to play from the record player.
they continue to sway, the song playing five times before they feel something pulling them away from each other.
"(y/n)?" peter asks, holding his chest. she feels it too, it's like a string that ties them together, and it's tearing them away.
"it's okay, i'm here. it's almost midnight…" she whispers.
"i don't want to leave you, not now. not ever." he hugs her again, and her heart breaks.
"we'll see each other again, my love. we've said goodbye before," she tries to remain calm for him, she didn't know he'd feel pain.
"so we'll say hello again." with a tight lip smile, he stares into her eyes, the tears making them twinkle underneath the moonlight.
with her fingers tangled up in his hair, the other cupping his chin, she feels him getting colder. with each second, the skin that for the last twenty four hours had warmed up was growing cold again. she payed it no mind as he pulled her close to him, bodies flush together.
ten seconds.
nine seconds.
i love you.
i'll wait for you.
one last kiss.
i'm yours forever.
so long, my love.
she stands there, the hands that were holding her disappear. her arms fall to her sides. the candles that were lit for the last twenty four hours all went out at the same time, leaving her in a darkness that only the moonlight breaks.
she wipes the tears off her face, flinching when she feels the cold metal that now rests on her finger. she stretches her fingers in front of her, the beautiful gemstones that sit on her finger glimmering, making shiny dots to reflect on the walls and ceiling.
she wraps her arms around herself, running her hands up and down to fight the chilly air that invaded the room once the clock struck midnight. unconsciously, she starts to move, side to side, swaying to the soft music that's been playing for the past twenty minutes.
with the last words of the song lulling her to sleep, she lays on the hardwood floor, counting the days until she can see him again.
every night i'm dancing with your ghost.
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new peter parker fic coming tomorrow (6/11) at 6:00 am pacific time!!!!!!!
it's really sad but i'm really proud of how it turned out. get your tissues ready.
EDIT: it's up! click here to read 'dancing with your ghost'
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If you’re reading this: this is your sign that your WIP is worth writing, is worth the effort, and that you are doing great. Keep going, take breaks, reflect. But do not lose sight of how far you’ve come on this project! You can do it!
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Your work has been a gift to mankind. You’ve shaped the century. I need you to do it one more time. CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER (2014) Directed by Joe & Anthony Russo
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Reblog and put in the tags when the last time you went to the movies was.
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i really wanna write something but my brain is dry
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Tumblr media
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close friends | t. holland
pairing: tom holland x fem!reader word count: 3.1k warnings: some language, some angst if u squint. otherwise it's just fluff and tom being tom. didn't proofread this. a/n: so tumblr decided to be a little bitch and deleted this t w i c e. so i had to write this t h r e e times. this came up in my head after i got like three notifications that tom posted something on his ig story, and then it turned out he deleted them. as always, english isn't my first language so i'm sorry if this gets confusing bye. also, i was listening to cardigan by taylor swift as i wrote this.
my masterlist
Tumblr media
so we all know tom sucks at instagram. that's a surprise to literally no one. no matter how many times you tried to teach him he still doesn't get it, and it was only a matter of time before he finally posted something he shouldn't have.
it was just one of those days, you missed him like hell. he was away filming the third spiderman, and you had to stay behind because of work.
naturally, you relied on face time and texts to survive and fill the void he left behind. you loved talking to him, listening as he rambled on and on about his adventures on set. a love-struck look on your face as you tried your hardest to stay awake despite the urge to close your eyes.
eventually, sleep took over you, and you drifted off with the sound of his voice lulling you to sleep. he stopped talking abruptly when he didn't hear your soft chuckling in reply to the story he was telling.
instead, he saw your sleeping figure, long steady breaths moving your chest up and down. and he cursed himself for making you stay up so late for him. he took one last look at you, taking a screenshot of your sleeping form.
he quickly hung up the video call and opened instagram instead, uploading the screenshot to his story,
'missing my favorite girl, thank you so much for everything you do for me. x @yourusername'
the next morning you woke up to the sound of your phone buzzing. at first, thought someone had died as one notification after another filled your screen. most of them came from instagram, so you opened that app first.
thousands upon thousands of mentions, tags and new followers. you frowned, and suddenly a text from your friend popped up at the top of your screen.
'omg just saw his story. so happy for u both'
who's story? what was going on?
you refreshed your timeline, and tom's icon appeared, a colorful circle around it. an odd feeling sank in your stomach. you tapped his icon and suddenly your screen was full of... you.
a picture of you, sleeping. tom's smiling form in a small rectangle on the bottom right corner.
oh god. you read the words he wrote, over and over again. your heart pounding in your chest, and a sudden wave of fear ran through your body. but then you read his words once more, and all you could feel was love. pure, unconditional affection.
sure, your families and closest friends knew about you, but you hadn't talked about making your relationship public yet, but there was nothing you could do now.
you sighed, leaning back on your pillows. a small chuckle left your throat.
you grabbed your phone once again, quickly facetiming tom. you knew he had an early call today, and you hoped you could catch him while he was still in his hotel.
it ran once, twice, and then you saw him, hair all over the place, bare chest. hands rubbing sleep off of his face.
"mornin', darling." he said, his raspy morning voice making you smile.
"hi, baby. did i wake you?" you asked, sitting up and crossing your legs.
"yeah but it's fine, princess. i did keep you up last night so it's only fair."
"i'm sorry about falling asleep on you, that was a really nice picture you took last night," you lifted one eyebrow, and watched as he smiled at you sheepishly.
"i thought you looked really pretty, you always look pretty," he said, grabbing the water bottle on his nightstand and taking a swing.
"thanks, i hope the whole world thinks so, too," you declared. leaning your chin on your fist, watching him expectantly.
he did not react like you had expected him to.
his breath hitched as he sipped his water, and suddenly all you could see was the cream-colored ceiling, as you heard him spitting out and coughing.
"tom! oh, my god! are you okay?" you asked, getting on your knees and holding your phone up to your face, "tommy?" you repeated when he finally stopped coughing, you could now hear his heavy breaths.
at last, you saw his curls appear from the bottom of the screen.
"wh-what did you just say?" his voice was rough, his chest heaving.
"are you okay?" you asked again.
"ye-yeah i'm fine. babe, what did you mean by 'the whole world'? did something happen?" he asked, frowning. you echoed his expression, watching him for a second.
“you posted a picture to your story,” you repeated, and he nodded.
“yeah, i posted it to my close friends, i-” he stopped mid-sentence, eyes growing comically wide. “oh shit, did i-” he caught himself off as he threw the phone to one side, you heard him fumbling around for his laptop and you snorted. “shit, baby, don’t tell me i posted it… fuck!” you couldn’t keep it in any longer, you broke out laughing.
“of course this is how the world finds out about us!” you continued giggling until your stomach hurt.
“fuck, princess i’m so sorry, i didn’t mean to, i swear i- why are you laughing!?”
“tommy, tommy! it’s okay, baby, don’t worry. i’m not mad,” you stopped once you noticed his pouting. “it’s fine, my love, i don’t mind. sure it’s unexpected, and a little sudden but i wouldn’t have it any other way. i knew what i was getting into when we started dating,” you told him honestly, wishing you were there to give him a hug and kiss him all over.
“darling, i’m really, really sorry. i swear i thought i tapped the green button like you told me to” he continued his sulking, nervous eyes glancing back and forth from his laptop screen to you.
“i know, baby, i know this is not your forte, and i really appreciate the sweet gesture, honestly. i love you so much,” you told him as you bit your lip. folding your legs to your chest, wrapping one around them.
“god, i love you. i swear i’ll make it up to you,” he ran his hand through his hair, giving you a quick peek of his bare chest.
“i’ll hold you to it,” you chuckled, you glanced to the clock on your nightstand, sighing when you saw the time. “i’ve gotta go,” you said as you stood up and stretched. a wicked idea ran through you head. “i’ve got like five meetings today, so i’ll probably be busy most of the day. just in case i don’t reply or something,” you made up you lie quickly. grabbing your laptop and opening a new tab.
“oh, okay. i’ll be on set until like 1 am, so we’ll talk tomorrow?” he asked, eyes bright. you nodded, biting your lip.
“definitely. i love you,” you blew him a kiss. he smiled, and you felt your heart swelling.
“i love you, too. good luck today!” he said as you reluctantly hung up the call.
you immediately got to work, calling your assistant and telling her you were taking a few personal weeks, and to email you in case of emergencies. next, you texted harry, asking him to call you once tom was busy on set.
you waited for the page to load, and once you had bought your one-way ticket to atlanta you hurriedly threw some pre-planned outfits into two suitcases, just in case. your phone rang and harry’s face popped up on your screen. you quickly answered the call, and let him know of your out-of-the-blue plan. he agreed to meet you at the airport and drive you to set. and because of your recent and sudden rise to fame, he suggested you wear all black and a cap. you followed his advice, throwing on some sunglasses as well, as you had seen tom do many times before.
once you reached the airport and checked-in, you bought some coffee and breakfast, as well as some food for the flight. you opened instagram, seeing all the messages and comments. you had seen how the fans reacted when their favorite celebrities announced a relationship, and you knew to expect the meanest comments, and even death threats. for your own sake and peace of mind, you allowed yourself to scroll until you read three of those, and closed the app.
once the plane took off, you tried to catch some sleep, preparing for the inevitable jet lag, but your mind kept buzzing from one scenario to another. so you took out your book and tried to read some chapters, putting in your earbuds, music playing quietly.
when you finally, finally landed, you stretched your legs and grabbed your bags, putting on the cap and sunglasses again, you spotted a familiar head of wild curls. you quickly approached harry.
“what happened to all black and a cap to go unnoticed?” you asked as he took one of your bags in his hands.
“think about it, two kids wearing black, a cap and sunglasses? people would think we’re up to no good.” he gave you a tight hug, you’d missed him almost as much as you’d missed tom.
he caught you up on everything he and tom had been doing these past months, you shifted in your seat in excitement, the sleep that was slowly taking over you on the plane had now disappeared from your body.
in what was probably a 15 -but to you felt like five- minute drive, you got to the hotel to leave your bags and take a quick shower. harry left you alone in tom’s room, making his way to his own room next door. he said he’d order something for you to eat whilst you got ready to see tom.
you took the quickest shower ever known to humankind, and when you walked out of the bathroom after using tom’s shampoo and conditioner, -you’d missed his smell all over you. the few forgotten hoodies and shirts that were once drenched in the smell of his soap and cologne, were now very faint.- you wrapped a bathrobe around your body, rummaging through tom’s clothes until you found one of his shirts.
you pulled it close to your face, sighing at the familiar scent you’d missed so much. you got dressed quickly, grabbing your now fully-charged phone and the key to tom’s room that harry had left on a coffee table. you knocked on harry’s door and he let you in.
“i just texted tom, he says they’ve got like three hours left.” you sat next to him on the couch, the table in front of you filled with food waiting to be devoured.
“my poor baby, they overwork him,” you pouted, reaching for one of the plates.
“it was his idea, said he’ll do anything that helps finish filming sooner.” you stopped chewing your food.
“wait, really?” you asked in disbelief, you knew tom loved his job, and you found it odd that he wanted to cut his time on set short.
“yeah, it’s been rough for him. not having you around, i mean, after he spent months with you. he’s been pretty distracted lately. messing up lines, he’s been waking up late and missing early calls...” your heart sank at the words. you ate the rest of your food with a knot in your stomach, cursing yourself for not getting there sooner. soon enough, you were back in the car, your leg bouncing up and down. you fell asleep on your way to set, waking up when harry parked the car and nudged your shoulder.
you stepped out carefully, your head turning back every few steps you took, in fear that tom might catch you. once you reached the stage where tom was filming, you flashed the visitor badge harry had given you to the guard and he let you both in. you walked in as you leaned down, your forehead against harry’s back, shielding you from the curious stares. harry told you to hide behind a giant box where they kept some lights whilst he spoke to the director.
although the box was big and tall enough to cover you completely, you crouched down, straining your ears for nearing footsteps. you heard two sets of feet approaching, your heartbeat racing.
you were met with your accomplice, a friendly-looking man behind him. you stood up as they approached you.
“this the girl?” the man asked, and harry nodded, “nice to meetcha, i’m jon.” you shook his hand, “okay, so we’ve cleared tom’s schedule for one week, we’ll need him back fully recharged and ready to work like it’s his first day on set, you’re welcome to stay as long as you like, if it means he’ll work better if you’re here you can stay until we're done. i really don’t mind, i just need my guy back.” you blinked at his words, nodding slowly. “we’ve got a couple hours left tonight, i’m all up for some cheesy reunion, but it’ll have to be when we’re finished, i can barely keep him focused as it is.”
with that he left, and harry led you to tom’s trailer, where you caught some sleep while you waited. like that morning, you woke up to your phone buzzing. you reached for it, sleep leaving your body as you read the text.
‘just finished filming for the night, i’m exhausted. miss u, love you. x.’
all rational thoughts left your head, you opened the door to tom’s trailer and sprinted out of there until you reached the set. your eyes finally, finally met his figure, and tears filled your eyes.
your legs moved on their own accord, you mumbled apologies as you crashed into people, but you didn’t care. tom had his back to you, and even though he wasn’t wearing the spiderman costume, you’d recognize that ass anywhere.
“tom!” you called out, stopping a few feet away from him. you saw him whipping his head around, eyes scanning the sea of people. you made your way up to him, “tommy!” you repeated, and he finally turned around.
his mouth wide opened in disbelief, arms twitching, feet running towards you as you did the same. you crashed into each other, your legs wrapping around him, arms around his neck, fingers curling on his soft hair. his hands running all over your back, your hair. pulling you as close as humanly possible.
whispers of ‘i love you’, ‘god, i missed you’, ‘never leave me again’, and ‘i promise’ were exchanged. you tightened your hold on his hair, pulling back to look at him.
“hi,” you whispered, your nose brushing his.
“hey,” he replied, burying his face on your neck again, pressing small kisses anywhere he could reach. his hands settled on the back of your thighs as he spun you two. you giggled, sniffling as a few tears escaped your eyes.
you could not care less about the people around you, all you could think about was the boy wrapped all over you, your favorite boy. tom led you back to his trailer, where you finally untangled yourself from him. he settled you down and you immediately wrapped your arms around his waist, pulling him close to you again.
you had been starved of his touch for so long, there was no way you were letting him go anytime soon.
after many kisses, touches, tears, promises and more kisses, you left for the hotel. harry had already left, getting a ride from another cast member to leave you two alone. at that moment you swore you’d make him godfather of your firstborn child.
as you waited for tom to step out of the shower -you would’ve joined him, but three showers in a day seemed kind of excessive-, you laid down on the bed, throwing the covers over your body, tom's scent engulfing you. you breathed in happily. you tapped on your phone, replying to some work emails when you received a text from harry.
‘i believe the ball is in your court. you’re welcome.’
next, you received a picture of you and tom. harry must’ve taken the picture when you and tom were too lost in each other to even notice anyone around you. in the picture, your legs are around tom, bodies pressed closed together, your noses touching as you stare lovingly into each other’s eyes. it was a beautiful picture. and the black and white filter harry had applied to it made it seem like one of those old pictures of wives reuniting with their spouses after the war.
you smiled, heart swelling with emotion as you contemplated your options. you hummed quietly, tapping the instagram logo and waiting for the app to load.
you quickly uploaded the picture harry sent you tagging both him and tom and adding a quick caption before you shut down your phone. you were drifting off to sleep when you felt familiar arms around you.
you leaned into tom’s touch, your back resting against his chest, legs tangling with his as he interlocked his fingers with your own.
“thank you so much for being here, my love. i love you,” tom whispered into your ear, pressing a kiss to your cheek.
“i’ll be here whenever you need me. i’ll always come back to you.” you turned around, facing him. you kissed the corner of his lips, and he cupped your cheek, his lips meeting yours in a slow kiss, filled with emotion. your fingers played with his fingers as you moved to straddle his waist. “i love you,” you broke the kiss reluctantly. as much as you both wanted to make love that night, you’d made it your top priority that tom took his time off to rest as much as he could, and that included that first night.
you gave him one last kiss, going back to your previous position. the familiar and comfortable weight of his arms around you, the feeling of his lips on your neck, his chest rising and falling against your back, you couldn’t ask for anything better.
the peaceful environment you had created suddenly burst like a bubble as tom’s phone pinged over and over again. you heard him grunting, arms reluctantly leaving you.
tom chuckled, putting his phone on do-not-disturb and throwing it somewhere on the bed.
“you’re perfect for me, my favorite girl.” you smiled, leaning into his touch as he kissed you all over. sleep quickly taking over both of you.
tom swore his heart stopped when he’d seen the picture you posted. you’d never looked more beautiful than when you were staring up at him, your bottom lip between your teeth. the words you wrote as a caption were the last thing on his brain as he finally succumbed to sleep.
‘i said, “i bet you can’t keep this a secret for five months.” he said, “darling, i won’t make it past three.” @ tomholland2013 it’s been 10 months, who won?’
edit: i just saw henry cavill's ig post and omg what is my life. pls respect celebrities' privacy and relationships.
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i literally hate tumblr so much wtf
i tried posting a fic t w i c e and this stupid thing deleted it t w i c e
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cherry | b. barnes
pairing: quarterback!bucky barnes x cheerleader!fem!reader word count: 1.2k words warnings: sorta-smuttish??? like not full-on sex but like, making out?, dry-humping??, language, bucky's a horny little shit. don't know how to explain this but, forbidden love?? sorta??? idk author's note: i wrote this in like an hour, kinda short but i really like how this turned out. did not proof-read, though! as always, english is not my first language, so please be nice and sorry for any mistakes.
My Masterlist
(gif not mine, creds to owner!)
Tumblr media
the loud cheering was now just background noise, all your focus was on the lips that kept assaulting your neck, sucking lightly.
"baby, no marks." you muttered, soft sighs escaping your lips as you threw your head back.
you heard him grunting in response, his grip on your waist tightening, pulling you closer. his other hand went to the back of your thigh, and you wrapped it around his waist, leaning against the brick wall for support, rolling your hips.
"fuck, cherry. you're gonna be the death of me," he moaned into your ear, hot breath that made goosebumps erupt on your skin, your nipples hardening against your top from the chilly night air. you shivered, throwing your arms around his neck, fingers threading through his soft hair.
he pulled his head out of your neck to take a good look at you. your neck a bright red color. cheeks flushed. loose strands of hair that fell from your ponytail framing your face. and your his favorite cherry red lipstick, completely untouched.
that was the rule whenever you and bucky made out before a football match. he could not ruin your red lipstick. it matched perfectly with your cheer uniform. but it looked even better on his neck, the stain of the trail of kisses you left on his neck clashing with his blue and gold football jersey.
bucky was the quarterback and captain of the west high wolves, meanwhile, you were captain of the cheerleader team of the east high eagles. it was basically common knowledge that your high schools were rivals, so imagine the scandal that would break loose if someone found the picture-perfect head cheerleader making out with the bad-boy quarterback of the rival team... it was risky, you both knew it, it would ruin both your reputations. but it was a risk you were willing to take, the thrill of the forbidden made your mind dizzy, your heart beat faster.
you had been careful up until that night. but you hadn't seen him in weeks, which was why you were a little too caught up to hear someone shouting bucky's name in the distance.
too lost in the feeling of bucky's lips back on you, small kisses on your cheek, your jaw, behind your ear, before finally settling back on your neck. he tapped your other thigh, and you wrapped both your legs around him, rolling your hips when you felt his hands settling on your naked skin. the red skirt you wore was now scrunched up around your waist, your red spandex shorts underneath the only thing protecting your heat from making contact with his tight jeans.
he grunted when he felt you around him, head snapping back to look you in the eyes.
"are you..?" he started, lifting one eyebrow, eyes darting to where your front met his. you bit your lip, nodding. a smirk threatening to break on your face. your heart stopped at the look he gave you, eyes dark, his grip on you tightening. "one kiss. please. i just need to taste you," he whispered, his lips on top of yours. you opened your mouth, tongue sliding out, licking his top lip.
"no, you know the rules." you muttered, rolling your hips again.
"such a fucking tease," he spat and the smirk you wore made him want to go to church to confess the thoughts that invaded his head, all the sinful things he wanted to do to you at that moment.
"you love me," you said, cocking your head to one side. with his hands on your ass, he lifted you up, making you hiss at the harsh friction.
"fuck yeah i do, cherry." he admitted, burying his face on your neck once again. "missed you so much, missed your tight little body all over me. missed my cherry," he chanted, lips traveling to kiss your breasts on top of your full shell top. in bucky's mind, you had never more beautiful on that cheer uniform. even if you were rooting for the wrong team.
"missed you too, buck. fuck." you whimpered, your senses taking control, seeking the friction you desperately needed. your soft sighs and his low moans were like music to your ears, each sound sending tingles down your body. "love you, buck. you're gonna win this game for me, baby?" you sighed, feeling adrenaline running through your veins.
"fuck, yes, cherry. gonna-"
"bucky? what the hell are you doing?"
you both froze, your eyes widening as you felt bucky setting you down on the floor, hiding you from whoever interrupted you two. he turned to face a blonde guy, bright blue eyes trying to get a glimpse of you. he wore a blue jersey that matched bucky's.
"nothing. i'll be there in a minute," bucky motioned for his friend to leave, his hand wrapping around yours protectively. the guy rolled his eyes, and instead walked up to you both.
"hi, i'm steve. you must be cherry, this idiot can't stop talking about you." he greeted you, offering you his hand.
with flushed cheeks, -the guy had caught you humping his teammate, for pete's sake.- you looked at bucky, and he sighed in surrender.
"cherry, this is steve. my best friend, he's an ass and everything he says is probably a lie. steve, this is my cherry. you know enough about her. there. now, go." he said, leaving you stunned for a second. your eyes met bucky's, you interlocked his fingers with yours. with your other hand, you took steve's.
"hi, my name's y/n. nice to meet you, steve." you smiled, shaking his hand.
"okay, enough," bucky separated your hand from steve's. taking it in his instead, which made steve laugh.
"geez, chill, man. i'm leaving. pleasure to meet you, y/n. good luck out there," he pointed to your uniform, which made bucky grunt.
"steven, i swear to god," bucky started, but was cut off by your laughter.
bucky finally relaxed his shoulders when steve turned to leave, you removed your hands from his, tracing your fingertips up his arms, locking them around his neck, fingers playing with his hair.
"your cherry?" you asked, biting your lip. and bucky wanted nothing more than to drown in the taste and feel of your lips on his.
"hell yes, cherry. mine. all mine. i'm yours, too." he wrapped his arms around your waist again, leaning your back against the brick wall, your hips flush against his.
"you're mine, bucky. and i'm all yours." you whispered, lips touching.
and right then and there, you broke the rules.
you lifted your mouth to meet his, lips crashing in a sensual, needy kiss. he didn't respond for one second, too stunned that you were actually kissing him, right before a game, ruining your his favorite cherry red lipstick. you couldn't care less. the only thing that mattered was kissing your lover like your life depended on it.
at that moment, you decided you didn't care if anyone found you. high school drama and rivalries meant nothing compared to what you felt right then. and, if the entire town decided to cast you out for being traitors, you could live with that.
all you needed was bucky.
and all he needed was his cherry.
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y'all wth i just hit 1.1k followers i'm crying
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afterglow | t. holland
pairing: tom holland x fem!reader
warnings: language, making out. jealous!tom.
word count: 2.1k
a/n: not super proud about this one, but at least i've written two things this week!
gif ain’t mine, creds to the owner!
my masterlist
Tumblr media
dating is hard. you'd been on countless blind dates set up by friends that resulted in you coming home with a tub of ice cream instead of a new man. you really didn't know why you kept accepting being set up, but your friend promised you that you'd have a nice time, she'd put in a good word for the guy, and you gave in. in reality, your heart belonged to someone you could never have. so all you could do was suck it up and try to move on.
which was why you were currently trying to zip up your black dress, makeup already done and hair in a halfway up-do.
you grunted as you tried to reach your back.
"tommy! can you help me with something?" you yelled loud enough so your roomate tom could come to your rescue.
"what's up?" he asked, leaning against the doorframe as he opened your bedroom door. his eyes took in all your beauty.
"can you help me zip up?" you turned away from him, meeting his gaze on the mirror you were now facing. he stepped closer to you, hands resting on your shoulders. his eyes traveled down your naked back, his stomach churning when he saw you weren't wearing a bra. reluctantly, his fingers moved your zipper all the way up to your neck.
"there," he said patting your shoulder, keeping his hand there. "are you sure this is a good idea?" he asked, warm, gentle eyes meeting yours on your mirror.
"this is the last one, if this doesn't work out i'll be moving out and joining a convent." you tried to joke, but were met with complete silence from your friend.
"i'm serious, y/n. i don't like seeing you get hurt."
"i'll be fine," you said, turning, so you were now face to face with tom. "katie said he's a nice guy, perfect for me." tom scoffed and rolled his eyes, walking out of your room. You frowned, following him.
"that's what she said about the last five guys." he kept walking until he reached the living room, sitting down and turning on the tv on some random show. "i think you should stop going on these dates" he said, eyes meeting yours briefly before going back to the tv.
"what's that supposed to mean? where is this coming from?" you said as you grabbed your bag. an uneasy feeling settling in your stomach.
"it means i'm tired of cleaning up the mess they leave behind. i don't-" he stopped, eyes widening when he saw yours filling with tears. "wait, no. that came out wrong. y/n wait!" he called out for you, but you were already gone by the time he reached the door. unshed tears burning your eyes, you quickly found a cab and got in.
tom ran his hand through his hair, pulling at the roots. god, he was such an ass. he didn't mean it to sound like you were the problem. shit. he knew he had to make it up to you, and he couldn't wait a second longer. so, he grabbed a jacket and left the flat in a hurry.
meanwhile, you wiped the tears away with the back of your hand. back pressed against the seat of the cab and your head resting on the window. you arrived at the restaurant earlier than you hoped for, and had to stand outside in the cold waiting for the guy. you could feel a headache starting to form in your head, you raised your hand to your temple and rubbed small circles hoping it'd go away.
"hey, you y/n?" you heard a voice asking. you lifted your eyes, meeting blue ones. you nodded, he gave you a small smile.
"cool, i'm jack," he offered you his hand and you took it, giving it a small shake. "shall we go in?" he kept your hand in his, and you couldn't help but notice how wrong it felt.
"yeah, sure," you said, your voice small. he walked in, and soon enough you were sitting with a menu on your hands. your mind, however, traveled back to your flat, to the hurt expression on tom's face. what in the hell was that?
"hey, are you okay?" a tapping on your hand pulled you out of your thoughts. you looked up and gave jack a small smile.
"sorry, just... it's been a rough day," you plastered a fake smile on your face, "but i'm here now. tell me about yourself, katie said you were an architect?" he nodded, "that's cool, i'm a-"
"y/n! thank god i found you!" a very familiar voice interrupted you, your eyes widened as you turned and saw tom speeding towards you.
"what are you doing here?" you asked, eyes darting between the two boys. what the hell?
"it's the cat! poor millicent will not stop puking, i've got her in the car, but we should hurry to the vet!" you did not, in fact, have a cat.
"uhh, who's this?" jack asked, pure confusion on his face. you shook your head, looking back at tom and standing up.
"hey, mate, i'm tom. sorry 'bout this, but we've gotta get going. y/n/n, we should hurry or the poor cat's gon' die" he said, you'd visited tom whilst he was on set filming and by now you could definitely tell when he was acting. he stepped closer and grabbed your arm, you felt a tingling sensation where he was touching you.
"what the fuck, tom?" you whispered, turning your back on poor old jack. "this guy's actually decent, and if it turns out he's not don't worry, i'll be crashing at my parents'. you won't have a mess to clean up tonight." you whispered back the words that he'd said earlier. you saw his eyes drifting down to the floor.
"i didn't mean it like that, just let me take you home and i'll expl-"
"no!" you interrupted, a little louder than you intended.
"hey, y/n, it's okay, we can reschedule. i actually know a very nice vet who could take a look at your cat," jack, bless his soul, gave you a friendly smile.
"thanks mate, we've got it covered, bye!" tom said as he quickly grabbed your bag for you and took your hand in his, nearly running out of the place with you rushing behind him.
only when you reached your flat, got out of the heels that were stabbing your feet, only then did you pull your hand out of tom's tight grip, giving him a smack on the back of his head.
"ow," his hand flew to the spot where you'd just hit him, "yeah, i deserved that" he admitted, flopping down on the couch. meanwhile, you stood frozen in your spot, eyes throwing daggers at him.
tentatively, tom turned to look at you.
"listen i-"
"what the actual fuck, thomas?" he winced, you'd been so quiet on the walk home. (yes, walk.) he should've seen it coming, though. "what in the hell is wrong with you?" you continued, walking up to him, now only the small coffee table between you two. you crossed your arms in front of your chest, your eyes on his face, you could see a small twitch in his jaw. but his eyes were glued to a random spot next to you.
"answer me! you had no right showing up like that! what were you thinking?!" you continued, all the frustration that you had bottled up was now coming out.
"say something! don't just sit there like that!" you could feel the tears welling up in your eyes again, but he would not look at you. "just tell me why you did it," you said, lower this time. and he finally looked at you, his brows furrowed. you waited for him to speak, to give you one good reason for his childish behavior, but he didn't say a word. he just sat there, fingers playing together, a sign that he was just as anxious as you were. you scoffed.
"fine, be that way," you spat, turning around, rushing to your room. suddenly, your back was pressed against the wall, a hand cupped your jaw while another gripped your waist, pulling you close.
"i did it because i'm in love with you, okay?" tom's hot breath fanned against your neck, making a shiver run down your back. you felt his grip on your waist tightening. "i'm... so in love with you it hurts. you deserve someone who can treat you and respect you and worship you like the goddess you are. but instead, you go out fooling with those stupid shits who don't even know the first thing about you. they don't know how you take your tea, that you like to shower at night, or that you cry every time you watch mamma mia because it reminds you of your relationship with your mom." he continued, fingers now running up and down your arms. you were dumbfounded, a knot forming on your throat.
"i can't keep watching you get all excited only so you can get your heart broken hours later. i've loved you for so long, and i am such a dick for not telling you sooner. i'd made peace with just being your friend long ago, but it hurts every fucking time i see you coming home with that sad look on your face. do you know how many times i've had to bite my tongue, stop myself from confessing what's been eating me alive for so long?" he placed a small kiss on your pulse point, your breath shaking.
"tom i don't..." he kissed your throat again, making you stop.
"please just... listen." he whispered, you nodded slightly, breathing deep. "i understand if you don't feel the same. i get it if you're mad, i was an ass and had no right dragging out of there like that. hell, i'll set up another date with the guy if you want. but i just had to tell you." he moved his face away from your neck, and you saw his red cheeks, deep brown eyes, and you melted.
"tom..." you closed your eyes, sighing.
"it's okay. i'm sorry, i'll let you go and we can talk in the morning," he removed his hands from you, letting them hang at his sides as he curled them into fists.
you opened your eyes, a silent tear escaping, and his heart broke when he realized that this time, he was the one that hurt you. he was the one responsible for the tears that made your eyes glisten.
"fuck, i'm sorry, y/n. i'm sor-"
you interrupted him by grabbing his face, bringing his lips down towards yours, and connecting them in a mess of a kiss.
it was all lips, teeth, loud smacking sounds every time one of you opened your mouth to breathe.
he broke the kiss first, breathing fast. eyes wide open, looking at you with an astounded look on his face.
"do you know how long i've waited to do that?"
"wh- i... what?" he asked. you pulled him to you biting his lower lip. hard.
"i've wanted you since the moment i met you."
"y/n..." his hands found your waist, pressing you close to him
"it's the truth. all those other boys" kiss, "i was trying to get you outta my mind," kiss, "jus' knew there was no way you could ever see me as something other than jus' your friend," kiss. at this point, you knew nothing other than the intoxicating feeling of his lips on yours. his scent invading your nose, hands burning up wherever he touched you.
"fuck." he grunted, grabbing the back of your head, before pressing you against the wall. you grabbed his shoulders, jumping up. locked your legs behind his back, his hands went to the back of your thighs to keep you in place.
"we are so dense," you tried to joke, a soft moan escaping your lips when he moved his lips to your neck. soft kisses, bites, and kitten licks sending shots of electricity through your body.
"we are," he kissed your lips again, your hands on his hair. "we should... should... fuck, baby" he tried to speak, but you were too busy returning the favor, marking your favorite boy. sucking and biting down on his neck, then licking to help ease the pain. "god, you feel like heaven", you arched your back, rolling your hips. "fuck, y/n, we should stop... should talk, fuck, that feels really nice." sanity was leaving your mind with each kiss, each touch.
"don't wanna stop. i'm all yours if you want me," you kissed his cheek, lifting your eyes to meet his. "do you want me?" you asked, a sudden fear invading you. but before all your doubts had time to bring you out of such a blissful state, he kissed you, hard. tongue dancing with yours, hands gripping tight at each other.
"i will always want you."
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boys have cooties │ t. holland
pairing: middle school teacher!tom holland x middle school teacher!fem!reader warnings: like two or three curse words, kids, overall it's pretty much fluff. maybe some spelling mistakes. word count: 2k a/n: hi, hello. english isn't my first language, so please be kind. this is the first thing i've written in so long so i'm sorry if this sucks. gif ain't mine, creds to the owner!
Tumblr media
"mr holland?" "yes, my friend?" he said, crouching so he could be eye level with little natalie. "do you have a girlfriend?" she asked, her pretty green eyes shining brightly. his mind immediately went to the gorgeous (y/e/c)-eyed girl who owned his heart.
"why do you ask that, friend?" he pulled a chair from the table next to him and sat in front of her. he watched as an adorable frown set on her face, cheeks flushing.
"yesterday i was playing in my room and my sissy was watching a movie with a boy. i wanted to watch tangled so i went to the living room and she was kissing him!" she said, banging her hands on the table as if it was the most scandalous thing she'd ever seen.
"really? and what did you do?" he asked, biting his lips and trying his hardest not to grin at the wholesomeness of it all.
"i screamed, and she was really mean, she told me to go to my room and leave her and her boyfriend alone. do boyfriends and girlfriends make you mean?"
"well, no. a boyfriend or girlfriend is supposed to bring out the best of you. i believe what happened was that maybe she was maybe a bit embarrassed about you seeing them together," he explained as carefully as he could to the six-year-old. he loved teaching little kids, but there were times like this when he had to try to put into simple words something as abstract as the concept of love and relationships. he wouldn't change it for the world, though. there was nothing like seeing the mesmerized expressions on each of their faces when they discovered something new together.
"okay. but i don't think i will ever have a boyfriend. because boys have cooties and germs." she said confidently. he couldn't help the chuckle that escaped from his lips. little natalie pressed her hand against her mouth, giggling as if she'd just said the funniest thing in the world.
"natalie! boys don't have cooties." he tried to stop her from laughing, but her giggles only got louder.
"yes they do!" she continued laughing, only stopped when they heard a knock on the door. you walked in, in all your beautiful glory.
"hey ba-buuuddy," you played it cool when you noticed the small child sitting in front of Tom.
"hi, miss y/l/n!" natalie greeted you cheerfully. you gave them both a bright smile, "can you tell mr. holland that i'm right?"
"she's right," you said immediately, winking at her.
"so you agree that boys have cooties?" tom asked, lifting his eyebrows. you grabbed a chair and sat next to him, and grabbed his hand under the table. he interlocked his fingers with yours, squeezing them.
"duh! obviously!" you nodded, which only made the six-year-old to laugh even louder.
"i told you!" she said, pointing a finger at tom. you looked at him, scrunching your nose as you smiled.
"so does that mean i have cooties?" tom asked, his eyes darting between his young student and you.
"yes!" you and natalie said at the same time. while the young girl denied it, you played along and accused your perfect boyfriend of having the childish disease.
tom stared at you with his mouth in a perfect o. the six-year-old's laugh could now be heard from outside of the room.
"i'm offended," tom said as he placed a hand on his chest, you chuckled and winked at him.
you were about to make another snarky comment when the loud bell rang, signaling the end of recess.
"saved by the bell," you said dropping his hand and standing up. tom's students began rushing into the room, surprised to see you there.
"miss y/l/n!" the kids cheered.
while tom preferred the joy of teaching new things to the littlest, you enjoyed the challenge of the eldest. your young age was definitely an advantage you had when it came to teaching. you knew the stress and anxiety that school could cause some of the kids and were always flexible with your assignments and your way of teaching. now on your third year as a teacher, you'd heard kids saying they could not wait until they reached fifth grade so they could have you as their teacher. it was safe to say everyone at school loved you. always kind, always giving the best advice, always having the best snacks.
"oh, my goodness! i am never leaving this classroom, you are the cutest little things in the entire world!" you said as they ran to you and hugged your legs.
"go away y/n, they're my kids," tom said faking hurt when he saw the lovestruck expression on the little ones' faces, but his heart fluttered when he saw how they loved you as much as he did.
"i think they love me more than they love you, tommy-boy," you said, a cheeky grin on your lips. he wanted nothing more than to kiss you senseless. but instead, he gasped, eyes widening as he looked around at the kids, some laughing, some ran to tom and hugged his legs as well, meanwhile the others stayed by your side and held you tighter.
"i've been betrayed, and by my own younglings." he dramatically fell to his knees and all the kids rushed to his side, saying how they loved him as much as they loved you.
"we love you too, mr. holland!"
"i like miss y/n better."
"you two are my favorite teachers!" loud screeching filled the room, making you laugh.
"okay, kids. go show mr. holland your love, i've gotta go deal with my own munchkins. it was lovely to see you today, remember to drink water, make good choices and listen to tommy-boy here," you ruffled some heads and high-fived hands as you walked backward toward the door.
"alright everybody, let's thank miss y/l/n for stopping by. say goodbye and settle down," tom switched into teacher mode, and you felt the familiar butterflies fluttering in your stomach when you saw him rolling the sleeves of his shirt up to his elbows. biting your lip, you sent him a small wink as a new wave of voices filled the room.
"bye, miss y/l/n!"
"i love you!"
"come back soon!"
"can i go with you?"
"have a nice day!" you smiled and waved at them. giving tom a small nod and a knowing look, you rushed to your classroom at the end of the hall.
you loved your kids, messy and loud and moody.
when you walked into your room you saw most of them sitting and chatting with their own small cliques, but when they heard the sound of your shoes approaching some of them turned their heads to see you.
immediately, the loud voices filled the room.
"where were you?"
"can we watch a movie?"
"i need to use the restroom!"
"you're late!"
"yes, you can go to the restroom. no, we're not waching a movie today. yes, i know i'm late. i was in mr. holland's classroom visiting my favorite kids in the entire school" you answered, lifting an eyebrow and laughing when you saw their reactions.
"not cool!"
"i like him better anyways"
you continued to laugh as you moved your hands, finally getting them to quiet down.
"that, ladies and gents, was a joke. i was kidding. i wouldn't trade my babies for anything in the world" you said as you sat on your desk, folding your legs underneath you.
"miss y/l/n?" a girl raised her arm, you looked up
"yes, alice?"
"i saw you and mr. holland in the morning, you were holding hands." she said, cheeky grin on her face.
"oooooohhhh, miss y/l/n has a boyfriend!" shouting began again. you tried your hardest to suppress the smile that was threatening to settle on your face. instead you bit your lip hard.
"you woke up and chose violence today, alice," you admitted, making them all laugh. "mr. holland and i are just friends, my babies." you said, knowing how they hated when you called them that. "now, we've already lost too much time, let's get to work. everybody take out your books and-"
at the end of the school day, you stayed behind sorting through papers and planning your classes for next week. when you finished, you put your things away, grabbing some papers you needed to grade and putting them in your bag. a knock on the door grabbed your attention.
"hey, baby," you greeted tom. he walked to you, threw his arm around your neck and pressed a kiss on the side of your temple.
"you ready, darling?" he asked, taking your bag from you with his right hand and grabbing your own with his left one. you nodded, lifting your joined hands and kissing his knuckles. you noticed the way his cheeks flushed pink. and it warmed your heart knowing even the simple gestures still made sparks fly between you two after years of being together.
"yes, mr. holland," you teased, locking the door behind you, interlocking your fingers with his again.
"took me a while to quiet them down after your visit, wouldn't stop talking about you," he squeezed your hand, making you grin.
"oh, you should've heard my kids. alice saw us holding hands in the morning. they think you're my boyfriend." you lifted an eyebrow. letting go of his hand when you reached his range rover. the parking lot was now empty. he opened the door for you, you climbed in the passenger seat as he put your handbag and his own backpack in the backseat.
"really?" he asked, you hummed in response. you moved so you were facing him standing outside. he placed his hands on your thighs, your hands immediately finding his. "if they only knew..." he said, letting go of one of your hands, his fingers traveled to your neck, under the collar of your shirt, and toyed with the delicate gold chain around your skin. he lifted the chain, a sparkly diamond ring sitting there like a charm.
"if they only knew..." you repeated his words, hands traveling to his face, cupping his cheeks. your thumb played with lips and he moved his head to kiss it.
"when do you think we should tell them?" he asked, leaning down, resting his forehead against yours, noses brushing together.
"i don't know. they're gonna lose their shit when they find out," you chuckled, earning one from him as well. "we'll have to tell them before the wedding, though. otherwise, my kids will feel betrayed. they're already mad because i told them i'll be gone for a month."
"but it'll be during the summer holidays," he frowned, a beautiful smile forming on his lips.
"i know, that's what i said. apparently, they still think i live in the school." you shook your head, laughing.
"i can't wait until we have our own little ones," he admitted, hiding his face on your neck, fingers still playing with the ring that he gave you almost a year ago on your two-year anniversary. you smiled, your arms around his waist, pulling him closer.
"me neither, then they'll really lose their shit. can you imagine?" you giggled as you felt his warm breath hit your sensitive skin behind your ear.
"i love you so much." he said, pressing small kisses on your neck, traveling up to your jaw, your cheek, and finally your lips. your thumbs tracing invisible circles on his cheek as his lips met yours.
"i love you, too. so, so much." your hands moved to his hair, fingers running through soft curls. "now, take me home, mr. holland. your fiance is getting hungry." you both chuckled, hands finally letting of eachother, you settled in your seat as he gave your lips a small peck before closing your door.
"how's mcdonald's sound?" he asked when he climbed in the driver's seat, starting the car. like magnets, your hands met halfway and you rested your arms on the console between you two.
"with you, everything sounds perfect." you admitted, meeting his bright brown eyes that seemed to sparkle when he heard the words you spoke. he lifted your joined hands and kissed your knuckles, once, twice. all the way until forever.
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