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most of my works will be FLUFF but some will be 18+ (minors dni)! much love <3
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ii-barn3s · 14 hours ago
i love him.
Sebastian Stan Mood Board
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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ii-barn3s · 14 hours ago
mean!bucky is 🤤
Devil’s Mark
Pairing: Rockstar!Bucky x Fem!Reader
Summary: You accept a temp job as a runner for a rockstar’s concert.
Word Count: 2.6k
Warnings: TW! Dubcon if you squint, toxic shit, filthy smut, mean!Bucky, rough oral (M receiving), rimming (M receiving), rough sex, slapping, overstimulation, Bucky marking you with a cigarette burn, MINORS DNI I BEG OF YOU
A/N: So this happened lmfao again, this is not to romanticize T*mmy L*e! I don’t care for him tbh, Seb’s tats and piercings were merely inspos for Rockstar!Bucky. Also, this piece sucks because it’s just idk, rushed and filthy and all over the place but I needed to get this out of my system so I can go back to my other WIPs lmfao
Also Rockstar!Bucky’s theme is Nine Inch Nails’ Closer sjcnkjsnakcs and please, he doesn’t have a goatee in this lmfao that fucking goatee ain’t working for me
Tumblr media
When you accepted the temp job as a runner for a certain rockstar’s concert, you’d expected to follow the orders of the staff— bring some equipment to the other side of the venue, fix the lights over there, clean the microphones, buy them coffee— you know, the usual.
You did end up following orders, except that it involved taking the star of the show’s cock down your throat.
Bucky Barnes was the epitome of a rockstar with his kohl-rimmed eyes, tattooed skin and piercings in unimaginable parts of his body. He smelled like smoke and leather, tasted like sex, sin and regret.
This was something you weren’t supposed to do, hell, you’d never done something like this. At least, not with someone whom you just met a couple of minutes ago. But good god, there was something so irresistible about Bucky that made you say yes to him almost immediately.
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ii-barn3s · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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ii-barn3s · 19 hours ago
my heart🥺
hii! i was wondering if i could request a fic or blurb or literally anything with bucky? i was thinkin maybe something with the outline of lazy sunday mornings with soft kisses and just laying in bed as the sun rises? you can add on anything if you’d like obviously but yeah! thank you <3
i don’t care (bucky barnes x reader)
Tumblr media
word count: 0.8k
warnings: fluff, kissing, language
edited: sorry this took a while! it’s been in my drafts and i added on lil by lil
a/n: bucky has been making me so soft lately, so i love this request! thank YOU
bucky barnes masterlist
Tumblr media
You wake up slowly and comfortably, gradually remembering the warm body you’re pressed up against. His arms are wrapped around you loosely and his cheek is gently lying against the top of your head. You smile tiredly and snuggle up to him, tilting your head to press a kiss against his jaw. He lets out a soft noise that causes you to giggle. You admire him for a moment, observing how peaceful and calm he looks while resting. Noticing he still has his dog tags around his neck, you carefully take a hold of them and feel the cool material in between your fingers. Your eyes softening at the names on the tags. Steven G. Rogers. James B. Barnes. You peck his skin repeatedly until his eyelids flutter open. He glances down at you through droopy eyes and returns you a lazy smile, “Morning.”
“Good morning, Sleepyhead,” your yawn interrupts your greeting. He chuckles and leans down, placing a kiss on your lips. You reach out for his cheek and hold him still, deepening the kiss. “Ew,” you mutter jokingly and move away from his lips.
“Ew?” he whispers and props himself up with his elbow, glancing down at you. 
You look up at him and nod, poking his nose. “Your breath stinks,” you whisper back.
He smiles at you and stifles a laugh, pushing you aside. “Yours does too.”
“I know,” you shrug and roll over, sitting up. You stretch yourself out and fall back onto the bed to lay your head on his lap.
“Why do you wear a bra to sleep?” he mutters and plays with your hair, his fingers then trailing down to the straps of your bra. You look at him confused, your expression a question itself. “I’m shirtless, you should be too,” he teases with a soft playful tone.
You burst out into a fit of giggles and sit back up, rolling your eyes. “Oh, Barnes.” You walk over to the bathroom. He smirks and watches as you place a hand on your hip. “I’m shoawing yoo whaht you should beh dohing,” you mimic him, your words muffled as you brush your teeth.
“I’m tired,” he excuses himself and leans against the headboard.
“I will shove a toothbrush into your mouth and make you,” you spit out the excess and swish water inside of your mouth. After finishing up, you grab his toothbrush and point it at him threateningly, “Don’t test me.”
He stares back at you with a bored yet amused expression. “Kinky.”
“Bucky!” you whine and toss him his toothbrush.
“Fine, fine,” he catches it and laughs quietly, making his way over to you. “But we go back to bed after this,” he mumbles in your ear and kisses your earlobe.
“Okay,” you reply slightly flustered, and slip back into bed, admiring him from afar. 
He brushes his teeth and turns towards you to wink. “I loohk hoat daon’t I?” he retorts while brushing his teeth.
“Yeah, you do,” you chuckle and lean back against the headboard, hugging your knees close to your chest.
After he finishes up doing his thing, he walks over to you and admires you briefly before flopping onto the bed in front of you. He looks up at you and smiles. “Hi.”
“Hey,” you reach out and cup his cheek, brushing your thumb against his stubble. He kisses the inside of your palm and cautiously opens up your legs to crawl in between them. You blush and glance down at him, feeling yourself melt as he wraps his arms around your waist. His touch is gentle, comforting and soon he lies his head against your chest. 
You pull him closer and run your hands through his short hair, smiling tiredly. He tilts his head and leaves soft kisses against your chest, sighing happily. He finds himself dozing off until you poke his cheek, “Baby?” He barely hums in response as your hands massage his scalp and help him melt to sleep. “Can you hold me instead? You’re kinda crushing me,” you admit sheepishly and cup his face.
He then instantly wakes up and nods, “Oh yeah, of course, sweetheart. Should’ve told me sooner.” He presses a short kiss against your lips and moves to the side, sliding into the cool sheets while opening up his arms. Before you fall into his arms, you slightly open the blinds and then succumb to his embrace. 
“I have work soon,” you whisper gently, another smile dancing onto your lips as both his arms wrap around you. Your tone alludes to wanting to get ready but he ignores your words and grumbles tiredly, in an almost childish way. “Buck,” you whine.
He kisses your neck sluggishly and drapes his leg over you, almost trapping you against him. “I don’t care.”
“Don’t you have something to do with Sam today?” you murmur softly and enjoy his warmth, for the time being, feeling tingly sensations as he continues to peck at your skin.
“I don’t care.”
Tumblr media
inbox link under the cut! thanks for reading ツ
leave a comment, give me some feedback pls! it’s greatly appreciated mwah
tagging some mutuals! @sunsetholland @marvelouspeterparker @spideyspeaches @ptersmj @asonofpeter @hermayone @emmastarz @supremethunda @creme-bruhlee @evermoreholland @parkerpeter24 @felicityparkers @hollandcrush @bi-lmg
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ii-barn3s · a day ago
i’m becoming a slut for mickey... i’m cool with that
Peter Pan Part 2 -- Mickey x Reader (Monday)
Warning: 18+/smut
Part 1
Mickey walked you to the door of your building, and you stared up at him. He stepped closer to you, and your heart felt like it would fall to the floor. “I had a good time tonight. Thank you for the ride.” Mickey smiled down at you, “Anytime.” The air felt heavy with tension, and he leaned closer to you.
Slowly reaching out, he took your head in his hand and brushed his thumb against your lips. You stayed frozen, your breathing becoming shallow. He cupped the side of your face and captured your lips in a soft kiss. A soft sigh escaped your lips, and you melted into his arms. Mickey’s hands found the backs of your thighs and lifted you, wrapping your legs around his waist and pressing your back against the wall. You pulled away as you felt your back hit the hard wall and took a deep breath. “My keys, back pocket.” He pressed his lips to yours again as he grabbed your keys. He put you back on your feet as he unlocked the building door, and you pulled him up the stairs to your apartment. You stumbled through the door, barely making it through before Mickey began pulling your clothes from your body. His lips travelled from your lips and down your neck. A soft moan left your lips as he lifted you and carried you to your bedroom. As he laid you on the bed, his lips moved from your neck, down to your breasts, and then lower to the top of your pants. He slowly pulled them off, following them with a trail of kisses. Mickey bent down between your legs, leaving a trail of soft kisses up your thighs, getting closer to your dripping core. He softly kissed along your hipbones, making his way down, right above your clit. He grasped the back of your thighs, bringing you closer to him. Gently, he took your already sensitive bud into his mouth, sucking gently. A soft moan came from you as your back arched. You felt Mickey smile against you as he began flicking you with his tongue, never releasing the suction he had around your clit. When he felt your hips begin to buck, he pulled away, and began kissing your thighs again. “Mickey please don’t stooppp!” Smirking, Mickey hovered over your body as he leaned down to kiss you. Your eyes closed and you let out a soft sigh as his lips found their way back to the sweet spot on your neck. Lost in the pleasure, you reached up and wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling his lips back to yours for a breath taking kiss. When his lips where locked with yours, he slowly reached down and traced over your entrance lightly with his fingers. You moaned at the warm touch of his hands, and he gently pressed in, curving his fingers upwards, taking his time feeling every velvety ridge inside you. It felt like all the air was being taken from the room as he continued to slowly drag his fingers in and out, over and over. All of a sudden he stopped, and you finally felt like you could breathe again. But, just as quickly as the air came back, it was gone again as Mickey took your clit into his mouth again, still slowly pumping his fingers. Your moans became louder, and you felt him grin against you. “Good girl..You look so beautiful moaning for me.” You felt a tight warmth building up as you moaned his name louder, “Mick—Oh god Mickey! I’m going to cum!” As soon as the words left your lips, you felt empty. You opened your eyes in disappointment as Mickey stood over you, pulling his clothes from his body hurriedly. As he kicked his bottoms from his legs, he reached down and pulled you up to him, your chest pressing against his. “If you want me to stop, all you have to do is say so,” Looking deep into your y/e/c eyes, he looked for confirmation that you wanted to continue. You leaned up to press a kiss against his soft lips while reaching down to wrap your hand around his hard member. “Fuuuckkkkkk.” Mickey groaned against your lips, slowly moving his hips forward. Sliding your hands down his body, you dropped to your knees, and looked up at him through your eyelashes. Mickey pulled your hair away from your face in a tight fist as you gently began stroking him. “Fuck Y/n,” You smiled at the way he had already began to moan. He slowly pulled his foreskin back, and you gently took the tip into your mouth. Slowly you swirled it in your mouth, and took more in. He moaned as you began to suck and stroke him at the same time. As you sucked, you gently rubbed your tongue over his head, and you felt his grip on your hair
tighten. He pulled you away from him and pushed you backwards onto the bed. You gasped as you felt his weight hovering above you. Carefully, and agonizingly slowly, he lined himself up with your still dripping cunt, and then wrapped your legs around his waist. As he pressed into you, you let out a deep moan,”Yes Mickey! Oh god yessss…..” Your hands found his hair, and you grabbed it in two handfuls, pulling his face closer to yours. Cupping your face roughy, his lips crashed onto yours as he began to thrust into you faster. He gently bit your bottom lip, scraping his teeth across as you gasped. He took this opportunity to slip his tongue in to meet yours, feeling his way around your mouth. The air around the two of you became thick as he continued to roll his hips into yours. The moans became louder, almost turning into screams of pleasure, and Mickey flipped you over onto your belly. He pressed his hard member into your dripping pussy again, and pulled your body up so that it was flush with his. You leaned back against his chest, your head buried in the crook of his neck. One of his hands was pressed into your hip, helping you slowly bounce on him, the other was massaging your breast. Your breathing became shallow, and again you felt the tight warmth deep in your belly again. Mickey felt you begin to tighten and knew that you would be close. He gently began twisting, pulling, and pinching at your nipples, and took pleasure in hearing your soft “Mickey don’t stop” whimpers. You began moving faster, and he felt your walls begin to tighten around him. “That’s right sweetheart, come for me.” The soft, smooth voice was all you needed to come undone, and you felt your release finally come. As your walls tightened around him, you felt Mickey stiffen behind you and dig into your hips harder. “Y/n, fuck, fuck!” You heard his soft moans behind you as his movements became short and sharp. Wrapping his arms tight around you, you felt his warmth on the outside, and soon after felt the warmth of his cum inside you. The two of you sat, unmoving, trying to catch your breath. When you were finally able to breathe, he picked you up and carried you to the bathroom.
“Mickey, what are you doing?” He carefully sat you down on the edge of the tub as he began to run the water. “I figured you may like a little soak before bed? It’s also pretty late, I need to be getting my things together.” He knelt by the edge of the tub as you slowly lowered yourself into the warm water. “And just why do you need to get things together? Do you have a hot date or something?” He smirked as he rocked back onto his heels, preparing to stand. “No, I’ve already had a hot date. But I probably need to go home.” He stood for a while, staring into your eyes as you raised an eyebrow at him. “After all that? Bullshit. You’ll be lucky if I ever let you go. I’ll be out in a minute, get ready for bed.” You watched his face as a grin spread across his face and he sprinted towards the bedroom. After a good long soak in the tub, you wrapped yourself in a towel and met Mickey in the bedroom. He watched as you quickly got dressed and slid under the covers, curling up next to your side. Your eyes quickly closed, and he lay there staring at you. “Goodnight,” he quietly whispered.
When you woke the next morning, you reached across the bed, expecting to find Mickey. You were slightly disappointed to find that the opposite side of the bed was empty. One night stand Y/n. No big deal, happens all the time. You shrugged to yourself, not letting yourself become upset, and got ready for the day. Deciding to spend some time on the beach, you grabbed your phone and keys on your way out the door. Just as you had started down the stairs, your phone rang. Argyris loudly greeted you as you answered the phone, “Korítsi! Y/n! You had fun last night?!” You could picture the loud smile and eyebrow wiggle the Greek man would be giving you. You continued down the stairs and onto the street as you answered, “It was fine Argyris. We had fun.” “Ah not just fun!” You paused before continuing walking, “What have you heard Argyris?” “Oh nothing,” A smirk was surely on this man’s face. “Just that a couple of love birds stayed together last night.” “We are not love birds Argyris. A one night stand was all it was, nothing more. SO I think YOU owe ME a drink.” You smiled as you neared the white sand of the beach, feeling victorious, hoping that he would leave you alone about finding someone. “That’s not what I’ve heard!” The sing song voice from this thirty something year old man made you laugh. “Is that so? Well I woke up to an empty bed this morning, and since I am the queen of one night stands I think I know a few things. And an empty bed in the morning, with no trace of the person, is a one hundred percent one night stand.” Smiling, you again thought you had won the argument. “You’re at the beach, yes?” “How—Argyris how do you know that?” Laughter spilled from the other line, “I have my ways korítsi.” Before you could say anything, he hung up. The fuck was that about?! Shaking your head, you made your way down to your favorite spot, and dropped your things, heading out to the water. Standing waist deep in the water, you closed your eyes and tilted your head back, listening to the waves and feeling the soft salty breeze. Your eyes popped open when you felt something brush against your leg, and you immediately looked down, expecting to see some sort of large fish or shark. However, all you saw were a pair of feet. You looked up and came face to face with the beautiful sea blue eyes that only one person could have been blessed with.
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ii-barn3s · a day ago
THE BUTTERFLIES I GOT!!! in love with this😩
better than revenge ✧ bucky barnes
taglist | masterlist
inspired by: this tiktok that @rebelemilu​ sent me
pairing: ex’s dad!bucky x fem!reader
summary: your boyfriend cheats on you, so you fuck his dad.
word count: 1,540
warnings?: 18+ MINORS DNI, mention of cheating, incest (but not between the reader and bucky), age difference but the reader is 18+, fingering, slight praise kink, daddy kink, possessiveness
Tumblr media
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ii-barn3s · 2 days ago
this is hot for no reason 🙈
Okay but imagine telling Bucky about an old men who cat called u 😳 what would he do???😳
imagine him overhearing it like “ugh this gross man cat called me on the way over to your house.” and he’s like “oh what street was this on?” as he’s putting his shoes on and your best friend is like “dad you promised you’d be good.” and he’s like “this is good,” and he sends you a wink before whispering “no one cat calls my girl.”🥴
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ii-barn3s · 2 days ago
*chefs kiss*
I'll never let anyone hurt you || B.B One Shot
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader
Summary: You have important news to tell Bucky and you're not sure how he'll take it.
Featured Characters: Just Bucky in this one, folks.
Word Count: 3k
Warnings: Established relationship. Pure smut, 18+ Only minors DNI – heavy breeding and daddy kink, passionate steamy sex, fluff, angst, talk of pregnancy, creampie.
A/N: This has been reposted as it got 30 notes in with comparison to my other1.5k, tumblr wasn't showing it in the tags so I apologise if you receive a fic notification you've already read. I'd appreciate reblogs on this one bc I'm concerned as to why it did so poorly. :(
so, i haven't slept in 2 days and it's 8 am right now so i thought fuck it and randomly made some shit up that came into my head this morning, i have no idea if its good bc like i say I'm sleep deprived and I wrote it in an hour and haven't checked it for mistakes bc fuck insomnia, anyway i hope yall still like it
Gif and divider found on google, credit to the original owners
Tumblr media
"Oh, God" you sighed, nausea building up in your stomach again, but this time for a different reason. Nerves rattled throughout your whole body, you began shaking all over, tears brimming in your eyes as you stared at the now positive pregnancy stick.
Holding it in your trembling hands you began to think of what to tell Bucky, of all things he might say and do. How would he react? Would be happy? Would he be angry? Oh god, what if he leaves you? With that terrifying all-encompassing thought, another wave of nausea crashed over you and you rushed back to kneeling beside the toilet bowl as you emptied the contents of your stomach once more.
The dreaded disgusting aftertaste of sick lingered on your tongue, as you heard the familiar clink of keys outside your apartment door.
Oh fuck, he's home, you thought. Pushing yourself up on shaky legs, walking to the bathroom door like a fragile newborn calf, you twisted the handle as you heard Bucky shout out "Hey doll, I'm back early".
When Bucky received no reply he called out again, slightly panicked "Doll?"
"I'm in the bedroom, Buck" you replied, doing your best not to let the shakiness of your voice show.
Bucky's footsteps echoed across the linoleum floor of the living room as you heard him approach the bedroom, he leaned against the doorframe momentarily as he spoke. Your back was turned away from him as you pretended to make yourself busy cleaning the surface of the dresser from your makeup.
"How was your day, doll?" He said as he watched you, adoration in his eyes as he followed your figure around the room.
"It was okay" you sighed subconsciously you hoped bucky wouldn't notice your cracking demeanor as you struggled to hold back tears, overwhelmed with emotions "how was your day?"
Bucky pushed himself from the door frame and unfolded his thick veiny arms that were protruding through his black t-shirt, "baby, what's wrong?" he whispered gently as he took slow measured, and unsure steps towards your shaking frame. You hadn't even noticed that your shoulders were trembling and you were quietly sniffling to yourself.
Bucky finally approached you, wrapping his arms around your stomach, the small gesture from him meaning more to you now made you cry more, he settled his chin on your shoulder as he gently grabbed your chin angling it towards him, lifting up his face to look at your tear-stained cheeks.
"Baby, why are you crying?"
"I'm sorry, Bucky."
Anxiety shot through him as he wondered what you could possibly be sorry for. Had someone hurt you? The thought only served to diminish his worries and cause a surge of newfound anger to rock through him as his jaw clenched.
And as if you read his mind, you stroked his jaw and said "no one hurt me, Buck"
Bucky let out a sigh of relief "how is it that you're crying but you're the one comforting me?"
That caused you to chuckle sadly as you sniffled
"Are you going to tell me what's wrong, doll? Why are you apologising for being upset?"
"Do you ever think about having kids one day?" the question felt like ice had coursed through his veins as his grip on you relaxed and he stepped back from you suddenly as if you were contagious and he wanted to avoid your touch.
"Why the fuck would you ask me that, Y/N?" his harsh blunt tone and the use of your name and not one of his pet names for you that you adored caused you to flinch.
"Please answer the question, Bucky"
Bucky sighed running his hand through his short brown locks.
"At one point, I did yes. But now? No. I'm too damaged, Y/N. I could hurt them, they wouldn't want a murderer for a father. Besides, I'm pretty sure with all the stuff Hydra pumped in me and all the trauma they caused my shit doesn't work" he gestured to his crotch.
"So, we'll never have kids?" you sobbed to yourself.
"No, Y/N. Did you not fucking hear me?! We'll never have kids, if that's not something you can deal with, then fucking leave and go find someone else who isn't as broken who can go fucking knock you up if you want it that bad!" Bucky screamed at you causing you to visibly flinch and hug yourself, this time Bucky noticed and his eyes immediately softened at your trembling form.
You turned around, pulling one of the emergency bags you both kept under the bed incase of urgent missions, Bucky watched you curiously as you began packing pulling random clothes from your drawers and throwing them into the bag.
"What are you doing?"
"What does it look like? I'm leaving, if you don't want us, then why should I stay just to get my heartbroken" you cried
"Us? What do you mean us?" he eyed you curiously
"Don't you get it?! I'm pregnant, you idiot!"
"You're what?" he stepped back from you again.
You trailed off into the bathroom as he followed you, you picked up the stick you carelessly left on the counter and shoved it into his hands, he stared at it unbelieved by what he was seeing and hearing, he looked back up at you with his mouth agape.
"Is it mine?" he asked in a soft whisper, he sounded on the verge of tears himself
"Of course it's yours! Who's else would it be?!" you shouted at him.
"But - w-how?" Bucky stuttered over his words "I-but - hydra? They told me I'd never be able to have kids - the chemicals it" he trailed off, tears stinging his eyes.
"Bucky...baby" you cooed stroking his jaw tenderly where the stubble prickled his skin, causing him to look up at you with soft vulnerable eyes "they lied to you, or maybe the chemicals didn't affect you as much as you thought they did, apparently super soldier sperm is too strong for normal birth control" you chuckled and smiled at him through your watery eyes.
he chuckled in return, then his face turned stoic as he suddenly thought of him possibly hurting you or the baby.
"We can't, Y/N."
"What do you mean we can't?" you asked in trepidation as your heart began to thump faster
"I don't want to hurt you" he looked down to your stomach "or them" he whispered and looked back into your eyes
"Bucky, this" you motioned between you both " that we're doing right now? This is hurting me. I'm carrying your baby and you're telling me you don't want them. That you don't want us. You could never hurt me, the programming is gone, our baby won't care what hydra brainwashed you to do because they'll see you as their dad, they'll love you unconditionally no matter what. But, James, this is hurting me, you're breaking my heart, please don't leave me...please don't leave us." your legs began trembling again recked with nerves as you slowly sat on the edge of the bed, putting your head in your hands and sobbing.
Bucky immediately broke out of his trance, and rushed to your side, kneeling before you, prying your hands from your face and holding them in his.
"I'm sorry doll, I'm so sorry I hurt you. I'll never let anyone hurt you, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry " he began to babble through his tears, chanting nonsense as he held your face in his hands, pushing his lips against yours in an all-consuming passionate kiss, breathing into each other's mouths as you let out breathy moans clawing at each other.
Bucky lifted you up with his vibrainium arm, crawling up the bed with you as he gently placing you so you were lying down on your back, staring up at him with lust-blown eyes.
Bucky crawled over you, staring at you intently as the chains of his dogtags clinked and trailed over your heaving chest.
"I love you" he whispered lovingly and before you could respond his lips met yours for another heated kiss, your hands tangled in his locks as he groaned rutting against your clothed core.
coming up for air whilst he panted against your wet parted lips "I want this. I want a family with you, I'm sorry I hurt you, baby"
you smiled weakly at him, your eyes still watering "are you sure, Bucky? We can always do this on our own"
"No!" he pleaded as he gripped your face with both hands so you were forced to stare into his tear filled eyes "don't leave me" he sobbed as he buried his face into your neck, kissing your sweet spot, trailing his hot wet mouth across your clavicle "don't leave me, don't leave me" he whimpered sucking at the top of your breasts as they bounced with his movements "never leave me"
"I want a family with you doll" he said as he pulled your shirt over your head in one swift movement, unclapsing your bra, tossing it across the room and immediately attaching his lips to your pebbeled nipples as you moaned and gripped his hair tighter "I just never thought it was possible, and now that I know it's real, I don't ever want to let you go. I want this, please baby, let me show you how sorry I am"
before you could respond his fingers trailed down your panties, fingers gathering slick by your entrance as he pushed his two digits into you "fuck, baby you're so wet" he groaned against your open mouth
"pregnancy hormones" you said breathlessly as you felt his fingers curl inside you hitting that delightful sweet spot he just always knew how to find
Bucky groaned at your response, pulling out his fingers to rip your panties from your body. He immediately forced your legs open, pushing them up to your chest as he dived in face first into your soaking wet core eating like a man starved
"Fuck, Bucky, oh my GOD" your whole body jerked forward but was pushed back down as he lifted your legs higher so your ass raised from the beg, he removed his mouth from your cunt and licked a depraved flat tongued trail from your puckered hole to your clit, causing you to squeak and lunge for his hair
"that's it baby, let me hear how good I make you feel" he sucked harshly on your swollen clit as he drew circles with his tongue as he sucked "you always taste so fucking good baby I -" he groaned against you as he felt a new flush of wetness gather by his chin. He instantly dropped his face down your core slurping up your nectar, obscene noises filled the room as he finished drinking you of every last drop and resumed his abuse on your bundle of nerves.
"Oh god - I " you began to feel the warm pleasurable feeling tingle all over your body, sending shivers through your spine and a tight coil forming in your abdomen "Bucky, I - 'm gonna cum" you cried as you looked down at him to be met with his intense gaze as your pubic mound covered the lower half of his face, he groaned against your cunt the vibrations further adding to the pleasure you were experiencing, he furiously shook his head side to side rubbing against you adding more pleasure as he began sucking harder
"oh god oh god oh god oh god" you chanted as he continued, suddenly the coil snapped and your eyes rolled back, your chest heaved off the bed as you threw your head back shaking and trembling "I'm cumming FUCK-" you screamed as you began to see stars, vision turning white as Bucky released his hold on your clit, slurping your sweet nectar once more, not daring to let a drop go to waste.
You were both breathless as Bucky pushed up from his place between your thighs, slowly crawling up your body as he kept his intense gaze on your thoroughly fucked out face.
"I need to be inside you, doll" he whined as he began to quickly undo his belt and buttons, pushing his boxers down in a heated rush, not wasting time taking them off, he instead left them situated on his thighs as he spat into his hand, stroked his shaft all whilst still gazing at you.
Before you could utter a word, the tip of his engorged and lengthy member pushed into you, breaking the seal and delightfully stretching you open, he hissed at the feeling of your soaking wet cunt, clenching his eyes as he tried his best not to cum already like a horny teenager after he composed himself momentarily, he fully seethed himself inside you with one powerful thrust, holding himself up by the forearms secured either side of your face.
"baby" he moaned breathlessly "you feel so fucking good"
"Bucky, please, faster please please I need you" you cried pulling him by the chain of his dog tags to meet your lips as your tongues fought for dominance.
"your pussy is always so FUCKING tight," he said with a particularly hard thrust as he began to pump in and out of you with increased speed and fervor.
"whose fucking pussy is this?" he demanded through clenched teeth as he snarled at you
"it's your pussy, daddy it's yours" you babbled, not even noticing that the new name for him passed your swollen lips
"fuck" he grunted rutting against you like an animal in heat, he pushed up to lean on his vibrainium arm and gripped the headboard above you with his right, holding it as tight as he could in his vice like grip forcing into crack under the pressure, he lunged his face close to yours as his dog tags hit your chin "say it again" he whispered darkly
"daddy, daddy, daddy, daddy" you began to chant utter nonsense as the feeling of his huge cock began to your sweet spot
"yeah that's right baby, I'm your fucking daddy" he grunted as the bouncing of your bodies caused the head board to bang against the wall in a dirty rhythm, his grip on it doing nothing to silence the noise
with his vibrainium hand he grpped the back of your neck and forced you to look down where your bodies met, the depraved squelching noises of your sopping wet core and the sight of his large cock disappearing inside of you caused you to cry out "daddy you're so fucking deep, fuck It feels so good"
"yeah baby? look how fucking deep I am, can see myself bulging out of your stomach" you looked back down and moaned louder as you saw the evidence of his huge cock in your tight wet cunt
"god if you weren't fucking pregnant now, I'd fucking make sure you were by the end of the night" he panted against you
"oh fuck" you screamed as he picked up the pace, going impossibly faster
"you like that, babydoll? Like the thought of me breeding you, filling you with so much cum, claiming your womb and letting everyone know you're mine forever?"
"fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck - oh god fuck daddy I-"
"you gonna cum baby? you gonna be a good lil mama for daddy and cum all over his big thick cock? come on baby, cum, cum. fucking CUM"
you screamed at his words and new nickname for you, your whole body shaking once again as you came for the second time tonight, feeling wetness drip down to your puckered hole
"oh fuck baby, you fucking squirted all over me, can fucking feel you drenching my balls, baby, baby, fuck, that's it, that's it , take this fucking cock" bucky began to chant as his hips forcefully smacked against yours.
"I can't wait to see you all round with my child, I can wait to see your tits get even bigger, I can't wait to fucking bend you over see your big fat ass as I hold your stomach whilst I pound into you making you take every fucking ounce of my cum, and when the baby is here, best believe as soon as your body is ready I'm fucking cumming in you again every night until you'tr pregnant again, I'm gonna keep you swollen with my seed forever baby FUCK "
"Oh god, Daddy, fuck -" you screamed at his words, who knew your bucky had a breeding kink? Jesus christ, you've awoken a monster, your womb will never be the same again now that he's taken claim against it
his large hand spread against your stomach as he approached his climax
"daddy, please, please" you pleaded
"what is it baby" he said as his thrusts began to stumble "what do you need from daddy, doll?"
"I need you to cum inside me, I want you to fill me up, please daddy, cum in me, make me take it please make me take it "
Bucky let out a sinful loud moan against your ear as his head fell into the crook of your neck
you wrapped your sore aching legs around his torso, grabbing handfuls of his ass as you began to ryhtmically push him harder into you
"fuck fuck, baby, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna fill you up so fucking good baby I - "
"cum inside me daddy"
Bucky couldn't take it anymore, he cried out with a hoarse "FUUUUCCCKKKKK" as he stilled inside you, sticky white hot ropes of cum fell out of his tip over and over again as he continued to cum, the super soldier serum making it so that not only did he have a small recovery time when it came to sex, but also a huge fucking load that sometimes seemed to never end.
when he had finished, you felt full, he pulled himself out of you with a wince, his cum immediately gushing out of you like sinful waterfalls "I love you" he whispered against your lips
"I love you too...daddy" you smirked, but your face dropped as soon as you felt his thick member instantly enlarge and stand to attention, without warning he pushed back into you, slipping in and out of you with so much easy due to the combined fluids of your love making
"oh god" you rolled your eyes back into your head as you felt him push into you further, pushing more of his cum out as he fucked you harder and faster, holding your hands above your head.
"I'll never let anyone hurt you... the both of you, I promise" he whispered
Tumblr media
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ii-barn3s · 2 days ago
a HC or blurb about how he feels when he's spanking you for this first time something like he's slow in the start but your response gets him going harder with Seb
spanking, s.s
A/N: i'm sorry this is on the shorter than normal, but i hope you still enjoy love! thank you for the request!
reblogs & likes are greatly appreciated and highly encouraged However, do NOT steal or repost ANY of my fics!
Warnings: 18+, language, spanking, smutty thoughts
Tumblr media
i think it is one of those stumble upon kinks, it starts with his constant need to smack your ass.
the two of you would be lounging around the house and he would come up behind you and swat your ass- really hard- but instead of a yelp of pain, you'd let an unexpected moan leave your lips, surprising the both of you.
you were taken back by your sounds and the two of you would just look at each other for a moment and ignore it. you realize you liked it more than you thought,
your core aching for another, creating a small pool of arousal in your panties
it wouldn't be brought up again till you're straddling him while making out. you would be grinding your hips into his and his hands would be moving all over you- up your shirt, down your pants, etc. sebastian would slide his hands over you ass gripping the meaty flesh and jiggling it, but ending it with the harsh smack
the action would surprise him as another yelp of pleasure left your mouth. your eyes would light up and your hips would grind a little harder and he would become giddy,
the two of you would rid yourself of each other clothes
sebastian's back is against the headboard and you're straddling him, this time with his cock stuffed inside you. your grip would be on the headboard behind him, caging his head in. you're bouncing on his cock, feeling him fill you.
his hands roam to your hips, helping control the pace of the pleasure when his hand finds the flesh again- this time he quickens the pace of the grinding- assisting with thrusting.
another harsh palm to your ass, you whined and whimpered into his ear, head falling back in pleasure- you didn't realize how good the stinging felt paired with the pleasure of his cock inside you.
the smacks are spaced out, but when the two of you get used the practice, they become a frequent thing.
when your ass is up and your head is against the mattress, he goes to town, using your ass as a stress toy- smacking until each side is bright red and raw- he'd grin at the sight of his handy work
the pornographic sounds that leave your mouth the moment his hand finds your ass, titties, or even your cunt would make him go feral, thrusting deeper and faster than before
especially with punishments, but he won't just smack your ass, he'd swat your titties when you weren't staying quiet when bouncing on his cock
when you were told to squirm while his mouth is on your sopping cunt, you begin to whimper at the intense isolated pleasure, you best know that Sebastian is swatting your clit- making it even harder to stay quiet.
he loves the whimpers and moans that flow from your lips and how much you squirm from the stinging, he loves the prints that are left on your ass from the rings
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her own galaxy
Pairings: Sebastian Stan x little!reader
Word Count: 2320
Warnings: ddlg, implied smut at the very end, other than that it's just fluff.
Summary: Sebastian's babygirl is an artist and he's her canvas.
A/N: just me torturing myself with moments I'm not currently having with Sebastian Stan xx . Also, spent hours on end staring at Sebastian's body for this, heaven bless his beautiful Romanian ass, can't say I'm regretful.
Tumblr media
“Like what you see, babygirl?” Sebastian chuckled, teasing the angelic girl ogling him.
He has just gotten out of the bathroom in nothing but a white towel covering his lower region. Water drops fell from his soft, still messy and wet hair, deliciously trickling down his toned chest. He looked mouthwateringly hot.
“Yes, daddy.” She nodded, a blush creeping up on her cheeks while she continued to stare because she did in fact like what she was seeing. She liked it very much.
“Staring is rude, ya know.” He put his hands on his towel-adorned waist, watching more blood rush to her cheeks as she lowered her gaze at once.
“Sorry, dada,” she mumbled, now staring at her shifting feet instead.
Sebastian took a moment to admire her on his turn. Her tiny PJ shorts did nothing to hide her smooth legs; her hands were clasped behind her back nervously. Her hair tied up in a cute bun he’d styled her hair into previously that morning. She looked so good, good enough to eat. She was, however, all caught up in her own thoughts and Sebastian was curious and slightly worried. He didn’t like it when his baby got lost inside her head.
“I was just messing with you, baby.” Sebastian smiled at her innocence, wanting to hold her tight and hide her from the world.
“What are you so focused on though?” he wondered, fetching a towel to rub his hair dry.
“Daddy, no! Don’t rub, pat!” She told him, arms reaching up to the towel in his hands.
She’d heard it on TV before; rubbing your hair dry increases your chances of losing it. And she loved her daddy’s hair so much; she could never let that happen.
“I think I forgot how to do it, pup. Why don’t you help, daddy?” Sebastian lied, smirking at her worried expression. She was so pure and sweet.
“Yes, daddy.” She gladly complied, placing her hands on the towel covering his head and patting it down on the wet hairs.
“Tell daddy what’s on your mind, babygirl.” He demanded, big hands surrounding her waist.
Her hands stopped at his question, and her expression became hesitant. She silently looked up at him, not sure if she should share what’s on her mind with him. Sebastian took her hands and the towel off his head, his hair still slightly damp.
“It’s okay, babygirl. Tell daddy what you’re thinking about,” Sebastian encouraged, watching her shift on her feet again. Such a cute little puppy.
When she remained silent, Sebastian sighed, sitting down on the end of the bed, patting his lap, “come’ere, pup.”
She obediently walked over to him after discarding the towel on the chair by the dressing table, taking a seat on one of her daddy’s towel-covered thighs. Her feet dangled between his thighs and his arm protectively wrapped around her back.
She could feel the heat radiating off of his body. Her eyes lingered on his chest again for a second before looking up to meet his gentle gaze, giving a shy smile.
“Talk to me, sweetness.” Sebastian patiently told her, putting a strand of hair behind her ear, grinning kindly.
“I- I was thinking about daddy’s body,” she stuttered shyly, her face hot at the admission.
“What about daddy’s body, baby?” Sebastian started slowly bouncing the leg she was seated on up and down, rocking her in a grounding manner, wanting to calm her nerves. It was just the two of them and he didn’t want her to be nervous about telling him anything, no matter how adorable she looked with flushed cheeks.
“I wanna draw on daddy’s chest,” she finally told him, voice low and coy.
“Oh, is that so?” Sebastian beamed at her in surprise, his forefinger under her chin, holding her face up.
She nodded, smiling big when she saw he wasn’t mad at her for wanting to dirty him with drawings right after he’d finished taking a shower.
“What do you wanna draw on daddy’s chest, babygirl?” He asked, his calloused thumb tenderly stroking her cheek.
“Lines,” she mumbled, her softer fingers tracing his chest as she lowered her eyes again.
“Lines?!” She was usually more artistic than that. Most of her drawings if not all of them ended up on the fridge. Sebastian certainly expected more than just lines.
“Mhm, lines to join the dots on daddy’s chest.” She hummed, her finger still tracing the small moles on his torso, sketching invisible triangles and quadrilaterals.
“Why?” He raised a confused but interested eyebrow.
“So that daddy can have his own li’l constellations, like the one’s from the book we read together last week,” she explained, timidly smiling up at him.
Sebastian nearly melted into a puddle right then and there at his sweet girl’s words.
She’d insisted on him bringing her books about space and the night sky when she saw the number of space-related books he possessed. She wanted to become smart like daddy. So Sebastian got her a few space books of her own for the little ones, and last week they sat on the kitchen island and spent hours together learning all about the different constellations in the Milky Way.
Sebastian’s heart swelled with love as he kissed her soft lips. She knew how much he loved space and she wanted to give him his own constellations, how adorable! Little did she know, she was the only star he ever needed and would ever need to light up any darkness.
“Yeah? You wanna give daddy constellations?” Sebastian asked, smiling from ear to ear against her lips.
“Yes, daddy. Can I, please?” She asked him politely, pecking his lips again to urge him to say yes.
“I don’t know, pup. Can you?” He teased.
“Please, daddy. Will eat all my veggies at dinner, even my broccolis,” she begged so beautifully with her hands on his chest and her wide eyes pleading with his. Sebastian’s heart was just exploding with fondness.
Sebastian would’ve agreed to her little art project anyways, but he wasn’t going to say no to her offering to eat her veggies without a fuss.
“Sounds like a pretty good deal to me,” he told her with a big smile, kissing her forehead.
“Really, daddy?” She squealed in joy, making him laugh.
“Yes, pup. Whatcha gonna use to draw on daddy’s chest?”
“Can I please use my big girl eyeliner pen?” She suggested.
God, he cherished her and her precious, bright little brain.
“Look at you being all smart for daddy!” Sebastian nuzzled the side of her neck, long fingers tickling her sides, making her laugh and squirm over his leg.
“Daddy!” She squeaked out between giggles.
Sebastian stopped after a minute of peppering kisses all over her neck and face, letting her catch her breath, “go get your big girl eyeliner.” He tapped her butt gently.
“Yes, daddy.” She kissed his cheek and ran to the dresser, opening the first drawer and searching inside.
Her jaw was hurting from smiling too much, but she smiled even wider when she looked up to the mirror and saw Sebastian watching her with a loving grin. His eyes held nothing but tenderness and passion for her. She quickly snatched the make-up remover and cotton pads too, just in case she made any mistakes, before going back to him.
“Okay, daddy, rest your back on the bed please,” she instructed while setting her tools on the bedside table. Sebastian shifted himself back to lean against the bedpost, enjoying seeing her take matters into her little hands.
“Thank you.” She got on the bed and kissed his other cheek sweetly before straddling his thighs.
“Anything for you, pup.” Sebastian chuckled, watching her open the cap of the liquid eyeliner pen as he rested his hands on her hips.
She took another look on his chest, deciding she was going to start with the three moles right below Sebastian’s right collarbone. Cautiously walking the thin tip of the pen over his skin, she managed to draw a black line joining the two moles next to each other.
It was a little ticklish but that wasn’t going to stop Sebastian from letting her turn him into her very own galaxy full of constellations.
She then drew two lines coming from each end of the first line, making them meet at the last mole, creating a triangle pointing downwards.
Sebastian was staring at her in untainted enchantment, admiring her concentration and the way she bit down on her lower lip as she carefully connected his moles. His hands mindlessly rubbed circles on her sides. She looked endearing.
“Look, daddy! Drew you a winter triangle!” She happily exclaimed, putting her hand on Sebastian’s cheek to guide his gaze down to his chest.
“Oh my god! Babygirl, that’s beautiful!” Sebastian praised, already adoring the little asterism on his skin. He was so pleased she remembered things from the book, too.
The lines were a little shaky due to her nervousness, but it looked perfect to Sebastian. It was art and his baby was the Picasso in the room.
“Do you remember the names of the stars that make up the winter triangle, babygirl?”
“Not all of them,” she admitted, slightly ashamed of herself and fearing disappointing her daddy, “’m sorry, dada.”
“That’s okay, puppy. Here, let daddy remind you.” Sebastian took her hand in his bigger one, kissing her knuckles before using her finger to point while he spoke.
“This is Betelgeuse from the constellation Orion,” he told her, pointing to the first mole.
“And this is Procyon from Canis Minor.” He motioned to the mole on the other end of the black line, the one closest to his shoulder.
“And the one on the bottom is-”
“Sirius!” She cut him off, excited that she’d remembered the luminous star’s name on her own.
“That’s right, pup! Good girl.” Sebastian held her hand to his chest and kissed her forehead, nose and lips. She was buzzing with joy, basking in his affection.
“And what constellation does Sirius belong to?” Sebastian quizzed playfully.
“Canis Major?” She asked, slightly unsure of her answer.
“That’s right, baby. Ah you make me so proud!” Sebastian sighed, rubbing his hands up and down her back before catching her lips in a fond kiss, “such a good girl.”
“Thank you, daddy,” she whispered, blushing madly.
After a couple of constellations on his chest, she became insatiable, wanting to draw on daddy’s sides and back too.
More minutes passed and she was determined to cover her daddy’s body in the most beautiful constellations, and Sebastian couldn’t think of a better way to spend his day. He was having the best time being her canvas.
She was also very proud of the rhombus shaped constellation she made up on his side, inches below his armpit, claiming it resembled the great diamond of Virgo. Sebastian had to check that one out in the mirror as well as the ones she drew on his back and they were the loveliest.
She gave him a kite-like constellation that resembled Lyra under his left collarbone and a summer triangle under his left pec, as well as one that appeared similar to Cassiopeia on his left shoulder.
She was so enthusiastic about her work, cupping daddy’s cheek each time she finished a constellation to help him look at what she’d drawn all by herself. She was reveling in Sebastian’s cooing and praise.
She created a few open quadrangles and triangles here and there, naming them herself when Sebastian told her they didn’t look like any constellations he knew of. She may or may have not used her own name to give a bunch of moles in the middle of his chest, where his heart stayed, a name. She might have also called herself an exploring astronaut who just discovered new stars all over daddy’s body, making Sebastian toss his head back with laughter.
And only when Sebastian thought he couldn’t love her any more than he did at that very moment, she bowed forward and peppered little, feather-light kisses inside each constellation/asterism she’d shaped.
“Daddy, you look so pretty,” she told him, eyes gawking at the figures littering Sebastian’s naked chest.
“Not prettier than you, pup.” Sebastian pecked her nose, making her scrunch it up and giggle.
“Do you like them?” She wondered shyly after she was done, waiting for and needing his validation.
“I love them, babygirl. Thank you for working so hard to make daddy beautiful.” He held her hands up, lips pecking the inside of her fingers one by one before deeply kissing her palms.
“Daddy was already beautiful,” she whispered to him, kissing his cheek and wrapping her arms around his neck, burying her face between his neck and shoulder.
She loved Sebastian more than life itself and she was so happy she did something for him that he liked.
“I love you, daddy.” Her voice was muffled in his shoulder, “thank you. I love you so much.”
“I love you too, pup.” Sebastian pulled her back and put his lips on hers, starting off slow and sweet before deepening the kiss, slipping his tongue between her sighing lips.
She involuntarily started grinding her hips down on him as his skillful tongue tasted hers, making her moan into his mouth.
Sebastian could instantly feel her body shiver against him when she felt the growing hard-on barely covered by his towel rub on her clothed core. She was so needy; always so easy to work up, becoming all hot and bothered for him in the span of seconds and daddy loved her a little bit more for it.
“What do you say daddy paints on you next, hmm?” Sebastian hotly whispered in her ear, pressing a kiss below it, “cover you in daddy’s special white ink? Would you like that, babygirl?”
Turns out that liquid eyeliner pen was, in actual fact, waterproof.
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ways to say i love you – b. b.
Tumblr media
pairing: bucky barnes x f!reader
summary: you and bucky are just friends, right? …right? or; a progression of your relationship with bucky
word count: 838 (a short one!)
warnings: swearing
a/n: honestly idk where this came from, but enjoy! don’t ask when this takes places bc i have no idea jshkshjsdhj. also the gif (made by @/crypticavengers) doesn’t really have anything to do w the fic but he looks so pretty 🥺 
Keep reading
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Tumblr media
*gif not mine*
y/n : i love you.
bucky : i love you too.
y/n : prove it, scream it to the world.
bucky : *whispers in y/n’s ear* i love you.
y/n : why’d you whisper it to me?
bucky : because you are my world.
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ii-barn3s · 3 days ago
imagine you and bfd!bucky at a wedding and your father is asking bucky why he doesn’t have a date and then have you and bucky waltz together and then you two are just awkwardly avoiding to look at each other until some aunt of yours try to set you up at the wedding and bucky just loses it and take you to the bathroom and it’s like “i think I need to remind you that your mine” and youre like “then make me yours”
— 🦩(is this emoji taken?)
your dad being like “go on and dance with buck, sweetie.” and you’re just like well he’s been balls deep in me so might as well before your aunt is dragging you off and bucky doesn’t like that one bit.
you’re in the bathroom with him as he’s like “wish i could show everyone who you belong too. but for now, guess i’ll just have to mark you with my cum.” 😩
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ii-barn3s · 3 days ago
awwww 😭🥺
; i'm coming home
Tumblr media
© gif credits to the author, i found it on google. if you own it, send me a message with your @.
bucky barnes x reader ⎢ masterlist.
bucky and you met six years ago in romania, but he disappeared. now, he's back.
word count: 1.8k.
warnings/tags: none.
author notes: none of my stories contain reader’s body descriptions to be inclusive.
Join the tag list here.
requests are open.
Tumblr media
Six years had passed since the last time he was with you, before disappearing overnight. He didn't give you any explanation, he didn't even leave a note. He needed to protect you, but he also knew how stubborn you were and that you wouldn't let him take that decision for both. So Bucky simply left, breaking your heart in one thousand pieces. You wanted to understand his reasons, but you couldn't. He promised you eternal love, a life together, moving out of New York —maybe to a remote place where anyone could recognize him and have peaceful days, without having to be worried about someone coming after him. About someone trying to hurt you.
Since the very first moment you met in Romania, Bucky fell in love with you. Sometimes you still remembered how he started talking to you in Romanian, guessing you were from there until you laughed and replied in English. The next few weeks were like a daydream. Walks, romantic dates, nights of stargazing. Then, you came back to New York and kept in touch by letters, as in the forties or fifties. Until one day. Your friends invited you to a museum and what you discovered there was unbelievable. James, your James, was Captain America's best friend. And he was supposed to be dead.
You wrote to him. You told him you knew it. You told him you didn't care, that you could figure out how to escape from that situation. Together. But he never sent you a letter back. You weren't able to forget him after all that time, still sleeping every night with his red shirt, stupidly fantasizing about the idea of Bucky coming back to you. And your hopes increased when you watched him on TV. The Avengers found him and, even if you tried to contact them somehow to defend your James, you never got it. Nobody believed you, not even when you showed them the letters, not the only picture you conservated of both of you in Bucharest. You prayed to God to help him. You begged God to the world seeing him as you did.
But when Bucky was released on parole, he never tried to look for you. He did know you lived in New York and, with his resources, he'd have known in less than five minutes. One year had passed, and you ended up losing the most minimal hope wrapping your heart. All those things he told you once, were just lies. Lies to inventing a parallel life until you left Romania. Only replying to your letters to have something to lean on for his own good. That's what he demonstrated to you.
bucky's pov
Like every night since he earned part of his freedom, Bucky stared at the windows of your apartment, from the opposite sidewalk hidden behind a tree. Like a ghost. Like he was trained to see but not be seeing. Every night, he wanted to cross the road, call to your door, kiss you, hug you, feel your touch and your love —hold you, and never let you go again. But he knew it was risky, he knew he had to wait for the right time. And it came. Tonight it came. His year of therapy had ended and he was free. Bucky was free to come back home.
He had been watching you since it started, making sure you were safe and sound. He also was aware that you never rebuilt your life with another man, that you tried to find him. That you slept every night with his shirt. Bucky was also aware of all the times you cried for him, that you always walked the same way from your job to your apartment expecting to meet him in some street close to it. He knew you better than you knew yourself.
Taking a deep, deep breath, keeping his hands inside the pockets of his coat, the soldier put a step on the road. The first step to happiness. And then, no one could stop him. He continued to the front door of the building, not needing more than a push to open it. Third floor, fifth door at the right of the corridor. Bucky licked his bottom lip nervously, swallowing as he took a master key from one of his pockets and a small metallic stick to force the lock of your house. He needed to be fast and stealthy, ringing the bell wasn't an option for very obvious reasons. Breaking into the apartment, he closed the door quietly behind his back.
The lights were all turned off a couple of hours ago when you went to sleep, after sitting on the window of your living room waiting for someone who wasn't going to show up, as every night for the last six years. The whole place smelled sweet like you used to. Bucky never forgot your scent, using it as the encouragement he needed to continue fighting for his freedom, for a life together. Now, his heart was racing so quickly that the whole city could hear his beats.
Slowly, he toured the entrance, the living room, the hallway straight to your dorm. The door was half-closed. Not a single noise coming from the inside. Bucky walked towards it, pushing it in slow motion, trying to not wake you up. And if he knew before that could be that easy to watch you sleep —for creepy that it sounded— he would have watched you every night since he landed in New York.
Bucky wasn't sure about what to do. If he should wake you up, if he should let you sleep and come the next day after you finished your work. When he wanted to realize, he was running the nail of his index finger on your soft cheek. Your skin was still warm, which meant you fell asleep crying again. And that broke his heart, his soul. Being conscious of all the pain and the suffering he made you being through all that time was killing him from inside. And he wished he could have handled your relationship in another way. But there wasn't another way without you being collateral damage of his past.
Bucky was about to leave when he suddenly felt a hit to his collarbone, stumbling to the bed. He didn't have time to react when your right leg was beneath his cold arm and pinning down his neck, as your left leg was laced around it. Your hand gripping his wrist, immobilizing him, pointing at him with a loaded gun between your free fingers. Your breathing became erratic, your pulse was beating faster than ever, but you were ready to shoot if the occasion required it.
In the middle of the gloom you glimpsed at those deep oceanic blue eyes you had been craving to look at for years. The same eyes on the picture on your nightstand. It has to be another dream. Another nightmare where Bucky came to tell you that everything was going to be okay. But his touch felt so real that it hurt like a million flames burning down your body to ashes. You were paralyzed. Your brain collapsed. In a very slow motion, James —your James— raised his right hand from the mattress to above his chest, bringing it to the gun aimed at his head. You couldn't stop him. You tried with all your strength. But the commands sent by your neurons never reached the finger supported against the trigger.
His flesh digits made their way to your trembling hand, as the tears started to sprout out from your eyes. Bucky took the weapon, not needing to ask you to release it, to put it away from the two of you.
“It's okay, draga mea, it's me…” He whispered with such an angelical and melodic voice, over your dolorous sobs. “May I, uh… get my arm back?”
Bit by bit, you obeyed as if it was some kind of polite order, loosening the grip around his arm and over his neck. Stepping back till your body collided with the headboard, you curled up your knees to your furious chest rising and falling, hiding your face between the gap of both. Your cry became louder, agonic, painful, ripping your throat.
“No— Not again… Not again, please… I c— can't”. You implored sorely.
Bucky didn't need to be a genius to understand you firmly believed it was just part of another of your dreams. Another of your nightmares. He sat upon your bed, coming closer to you and landing his cold metallic hand on the back of your head, urging you to raise it. You did. You did raise your burning face because of the tears falling, running down your cheeks. Your blurry gaze focused on his pale blue eyes, begging you silently to forgive him.
“I'm here… I'm back”. Bucky murmured, gently touring your skin until reaching a side of your neck, caressing your throat by using his thumb. “This is not a dream, draga mea. This is real”.
His intentions weren't to scare you, speaking to you with such a honeyed tone of voice as he shortened the distance between his body and your legs yet curled. You pouted unconsciously, watching him leaning above your legs to press his lips on the bridge of your nose. Slowly, fondly. Wanting to transmit to you that the flame of his love for you never went out. Resting his forehead against yours, your right hand flew straight to the back of his neck. You had never needed more than you needed him at that precise instant, trying to believe that that wasn't a trick of your subconscious.
“'M so, so sorry… I had to protect you… I had to protect you”. Bucky explained while closing his eyes, lacing his free fingers with yours. “But, uh… I know you still drink black coffee with mocha and a stick of cinnamon every Thursday. I know you… rent a book from the library and sit on the stairs in your free evenings… I know you sleep with this same shirt every night”.
Discovering he had been watching you all this time provoked your lips to shiver, as your cry became lower and your breathing was calmer. He guarded your days, in the shadows, till the right moment. And it came. Tonight was the right moment.
“I'm free. I'm not an enemy anymore… I'm not a target”. Bucky couldn't help but chuckle to hold back his own tears. “I'm so sorry”.
“Will you…? Will you stay now? With me?” At first, you doubted asking, being afraid of his response for a second.
“No one will ever set us apart again. No one”. He promised you, his heart speaking, telling the absolute truth. “Everything I told you in Bucharest; everything was true. And I… I want it”.
Bucky leaned forward enough inches to make disappear the less distance between both of you, pressing his lips in yours, tenderly caressing your jawline with his thumb as his tears met yours in the corner of your lips. Neither of you could believe that you were reunited after all these years, after all the pain, the loneliness. And like James, your James, said so: no one would ever set you apart again.
Tumblr media
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so, imagine this is set in TFATWS episode 4 where they are all in Riga and it’s the part where Zemo says he wants to keep his leverage and Bucky says wanna see what someone can do with leverage etc. BUT in this scenario the reader replaces Zemo and she has the information and stuff like that and wants to get under Buckys skin so she says she prefers to keep her leverage, then Bucky gets up walks over to her and like basically towers over her and she gets turned on and he gets real close in front of her face and says “you wanna see what someone can do with leverage” and he then fucks her into oblivion. anywaysss if that makes sense.... oh and Sam is in a whole different room talking to Sharon when they fuck so yeah.
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ii-barn3s · 3 days ago
warnings: mentions of explosions, mentions of death.
pairing: Steve Rogers x reader , Natasha Romanoff x Reader, Bucky x Reader
summary: The blip happen, you lost Bucky. Your experience with Endgame.
A/N: I'm a music addict. Every time I write a fic I'm usually listening to a song on a loop that helps feed the aesthetic. I will be adding each song to my fics <3
Listen with: Experience- Ludovico Einaudi
Tumblr media
After the blip, everyone lost someone. You lost Bucky. Before Tony left he invited you to stay at the compound. He wasn't one for sentiments but he cared enough. How could you possibly go home? How could you possibly walk through the house and not see him? Having Alpine was sweet torture. You could tell Alpine missed him as much as you did. Alpine wasn't the same and being around each other was one big crying session. You let Alpine wander the compound grounds. It's the only way that cat felt some type of ease.
"You guys really think it is going to work?" you question as you place your hand on your mouth.
Nat and Steve look at each other,
"We owe it to the people that aren't in this room anymore," Steve replies.
As you get up out of your seat you say to Steve, "I hope you guys know what you're doing. I can't afford to lose anyone else." the room fell silent.
They had their trials with Bruce. You never stayed around long enough to watch them. You froze your expectations. If you don't expect, your heart won't continue to break. The thought of having Bucky back always crossed your mind. You would often pace your room late at night thinking about it. You lost sleep over it.
Standing at your window you see Tony pull into the compound. You understand why Tony never came around. He had everything to lose. You know how he felt. You wouldn't risk losing what you got so lucky to have either.
There is a knock at your door.
"Hey Nat." you look at her in this full white gear.
"Tony figured it out. We are leaving in a few, I just wanted to see how you are doing," she says as she sits on your unmade bed.
"I'm afraid, but I'm also anxious. I want to see Bucky again. I want you all to be safe. I don't know what..." Nat interrupts you
"We have to try, no matter what happens Y/N I need you to understand. We have a chance and it would be wrong not to take it," she stands and reaches for your hand.
"Yeah, I know. Remind me why do I have a bunch of heroes as friends? I should've just worked at a mall." your terrible attempt to lighten the mood always made her smile. She reaches for a hug. She walks out of your room.
" ALPINE!" you shout.
"Alpine, please! It's gonna get dark soon and I really don't wanna look for you in the dark." you search for Alpine on the grounds.
You find yourself in the trees right off the compound. Pajamas and boots searching for the dang cat. An hour has gone by, you finally spot Alpine.
After all the time you spent searching for Alpine you finally glance around. You have no idea how far you have wandered.
"Great! Let's hope we can find our way ba...."
A sudden explosion shoots you and Alpine back onto the damp dirt floor. Ringing in your ears, you struggle to sit up. Alpine still in your arms.
"What the hell was that?" you say as you stumble off the floor.
You finally make it to the edge of the woods. The compound destroyed. You stand in shock. You see a giant ship in the sky. Alpine hops out of your hands and back into the woods. You wish you could too. It's clear there is something happening on the other side of the building. You begin to dig through the nearby rubble. You hear someone calling out for help.
"I'm here! Try not to panic, I'll find a way to get you out!" you shout back.
You begin to lift what you can. You prop yourself between a slab of cement and the last piece that's holding others down.
"On the count of 3 you push with me!" you shout down into the rubble.
"1, 2, 3 PUSH!" you struggle to push with your feet and your back pressed against what used to be a wall.
"We have to stay down and look for others, I don't know what's going on," you whisper to the agents.
"I have an earpiece, here" one of the agents hands it to you.
You hesitate, as you're about to place the piece in your ear you hear a growl. You turn to look and see outriders staring you all down.
"RUN!" an agent shouts.
You all begin to run into the woods. An injured agent falls. You turn back to help. An outrider nearing you. Snarling as it runs closer.
"Come on stand, I can't help you if you don't stand! COME ON!" you cry out.
The agent lets out a shriek and braces themselves. As you turn to look at the oncoming herd of outriders. You see one in mid-air about to strike, you turn to cover yourself and suddenly you are hit with a cloud of dust on your back.
You run over to the other side of the compound. Standing in shock you see the Dora Milaje, you begin to see others standing around, you see Hope, Agent Hill, Wanda. Your eyes begin racing. Searching for more familiar faces. More faces of the disappeared. Your heart about to leap out of your chest. You can't catch your breath, you continue scanning. You continue to search, Peter, Dr.Strange, Thor, and then you freeze. Your eyes land on Steve. He has tears in his eyes, you follow his gaze. Pepper leaning on Tony. Tony is gone. You crumble to your knees. The entire world seemed to fall silent. You watch as Steve helps lift Tony's body. Pepper, Rhodey, and Peter followed. You're still frozen on the floor. You press your eyes shut. Tears stream down your face. You begin to raise your head to the sky and suddenly there he is. Bucky looking right at you. His eyes begin to flood with tears. Your shoulders drop and you finally let out a breath.
He staggers over to you. You watch him. You don’t take your eyes off of him. He drops to his knees. His eyes meet yours. You both stare at each other in disbelief.
"Y/N?" you can hear the severe unrest in his voice.
"Bucky?" you let out.
He grabs you and you bury your head in his chest. You let out an uncontrollable sob. You are in his arms, this couldn't be real.
"I'm so sorry, I'm here now," he says into your hair.
He gently pulls away from you, his hands on your face. He wipes away your tears. You have nothing to say.
“I’m here doll.” He reassures you.
This couldn’t be some sick twisted fever dream, this has to be real. His voice reeling you back to Earth.
“Doll, breathe please.” Worry in his voice.
“I love you” he says.
Your eyes shoot up to meet his. It’s the first time you’ve heard him say it.
“I love you more.” You say as you collapse back into his arms.
“Impossible.” He whispers as he cradles you in his arms.
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OK OK OK!! SO I SAW THIS IN MY REELS!! how about a tom holland or peter Parker x reader (u choose) where they both are arguing over something that tom/peter did by mistake (not cheating tho) and tom/peter just doesn’t know what to say so he just screams out her name and continues to ramble his mistake and her how sorry he is.......BUT WHEN HE SCREAM HER NAME HE ACTUALLY SAID Y/N Y/M/N HOLLAND (or Parker)
and reader is just like all shocked and blushing and she just kisses him to shut up his rambling and it’s all cute fluffy with apologies and cute overall heart melting! I hope you write this I love your work❤️❤️❤️
His Last Name Next To Mine
Pairing: Tom Holland x reader
Warnings: Arguing, controlling family issues, angst, some cute fluff.
Word count: 1.4k
A/N: I think Tom is someone who will definitely have that slip up lol. I wrote this at 3am and i haven’t proof-read it so yeah, I hope you still like it though<3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“I can’t believe you did that, Tom” you snarled as you walked through the apartment door, almost shutting the door on Tom’s face in the process.
You were so angry, you were livid. You’ve just come back from a dinner party at your parents and your lovely boyfriend has blurted out something he shouldn’t have.
“I said I am sorry!” Tom said sharply as he locked the door behind him, kicking off his shoes near the shoe rack.
“No, sorry doesn’t cut it! I told you to not tell them and then you just slip up like that?” you yelled from across the living room with your hands up with your hair from frustration as you looked at your boyfriend with wide eyes.
“Yes I made a mistake,” he yelled back, now getting a little angry with all the fuss,”I told them that we’re moving away to New York and you’re taking that new job because I slipped! It wasn’t intentional!” he loosened up his tie and started walking towards you.
“Don’t come near me Tom, I’m really mad at you” you whispered angrily as you tried to calm yourself down. You pulled a chair out and sat on it, keeping your palms flat on the cold table.
Tom stopped right in his tracks, “I don’t know why you’re so angry, you were gonna tell them anyway right, baby?”
You scoffed as you looked up at him, “yes, that’s correct, I was going to tell them myself which you ruined!”
You pushed the chair back as you stood up, your heels clicking on the hard floor as you made your way to the bedroom. Tom followed you with a stony look on his face.
“Y/N, don’t you walk out on me when we’re talking- hey!”
You banged the bedroom door as you walked into the bedroom, almost breaking the thin necklace as you removed it from your neck. You heard the bedroom door slowly opening.
“Don’t bang doors in my face, Y/N” he said with his eyebrows raised, nose flaring with anger.
You took a sharp turn, facing him, you said, “you know what’s your problem, Tom-“
“Yeah, tell me what’s my problem” he cut you off this time as he stood close to you, trapping you between his hard chest and the wall behind you.
“Oh, I will tell you what your problem is,” you narrowed your eyes at him, pushing his chest away and stepping aside. Tom didn’t stop you, he always respected your boundaries, even when you both were arguing.
“I’m angry because you told them we’re moving away when I was planning to tell them that when we have already shifted! You know how controlling they can be; how they get in my head and now they will try to do it again. I don’t want them to control me anymore, Tom!” You snapped as your eyes started to get wet.
It was true, you parents were always a little too involved in your life and as a 26 year old, you hated it. You kept things from them and only told them when it was done with, you felt that it was the only way to have some privacy.
Tom knew it all too well. He knew how controlling they were and how they tried to get in your head. Hearing you express this as you looked at him with teary eyes broke his heart as he tasted guilt on his tongue.
“Baby, I’m sorry. Listen, come here-“
“And I hate how you’re making it look like I’m making a big deal out of this by yelling at me!” You stomped your feet and shook your fists like a little kid but you were so frustrated, it didn’t matter.
You slowly stepped away from him as you clutched your head, you felt a headache coming.
“Baby,” Tom huffed, “you know I hate it when you walk away from me during an argument-“
You turned on your heels as you reached for the bathroom door, twisting it open as you quickly walked inside and oh boy, Tom decided that he has had enough of you walking away in the middle of his sentences.
You heard the door shut behind you as you stood cold in your tracks, your fists opening up in shock. In a daze, you turned around and slowly unlocked the door and peeked outside. Tom stood there cold in his tracks with his mouth slightly open in shock as his forehead glistened because of the thin layer of sweat. You both looked at each other with wide eyes.
“What did you s-say?” You whispered as you blinked slowly, waiting for him to answer.
Tom opened his mouth and then closed it, no words coming out as he waved his hands around in panic, “I said Y/N Y/M/N Y/L/N” he said quickly.
“My last name sounds nothing like whatever you said but it did sound a lot like your last name. . .” You said cautiously as you took small steps towards him.
“I- okay fine, I said Holland. Please don’t be mad” he whimpered as he bit his bottom lip, clasping his hands together.
“Why would I be mad?” you said softly, you hated seeing him scared and right now, he looked terrified.
“I don’t know, I don’t know,” he blabbered as he closed the distance between you two, wrapping his arms around your body, “you know when you think about something a lot in your head and that thing kinda slips out of your mouth? Yeah that is what happened again and I know I pissed you off before and I don’t want to do it again, I’m so sor-“
You softly pressed your lips to his, he got the hang of it pretty quickly as his lips started to move against yours in an instant. You felt his tongue making its way to yours as you pulled back, your face still close to his. Tom frowned as he pouted his lips, asking for more.
“Do you think about it often?” you asked gently as you brushed his hair away from his forehead, “like-like my name with your um last name?” You felt shy, your cheeks turned rosy as you looked down briefly.
“I think about it all the time” he said rather quickly, resting his forehead to yours.
He bumped his nose against yours playfully, your bodies clinging to each other. In that moment you and Tom were one.
“I know we’ve been together for just 2 years and we’re so young but I can’t help it” he mumbled against your lips as your eyes fluttered, “can’t help it if you look like an angel, can’t help it if I wanna kiss you the moment I wake up, just can’t help myself”
You embraced him in your hold, lips roughly meeting his in a passionate kiss. Butterflies bursting in your stomach from his little speech. His tongue successfully made its way to yours this time, gently picking you up to place you on the bed as he gripped your body.
Tom felt you gasp as he kissed you again, you moved your body away from his hold gently as he loosened his grip. Tears streamed down your face.
“Y/N, what’s wrong? Was it something I said?” he panicked as he cupped your face. You sat up as Tom supported his body on his knees, you shook your head.
“No no. I’m just- I’m so overwhelmed, I love you” you said as you laughed softly, feeling a little embarrassed now as you worried him for no reason at all.
“Oh baby” he signed as he kissed your cheeks, “I feel awful about tonight though, I should have been more careful” he frowned his brows as he looked at you.
“I’m sorry I yelled at you” you sniffled as you choked on your words.
He admired you as you dried your wet eyes, how gorgeous you looked even when you were crying tears of joy.
“I have a crazy idea” he whispered, brushing your hair out of your face, he spoke up again before you could say anything, “maybe we should get married”
To Tom’s surprise, you hadn’t freaked out, rather quickly nodded your head. Tom almost pulled a nerve when you told him that you were thinking the same thing. The next morning, you picked out a pretty white dress and he fixed his tie, you both walked out of the court with his last name next to your first name and you realised that you’ve never been this happy before.
Tumblr media
A/N: so. . . yeah? Don’t know how I feel about this, I also have absolutely no idea how court marriages work.
Leave some feedback below if you liked this, would appreciate it if you can like/reblog! Thank you!!
© loveaffaire
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You're Mine || B.B One Shot
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x avenger!reader
Summary: The reader has had enough of Bucky’s behaviour and puts him in his place.
Featured Characters: Natasha Romanoff, Bucky Barnes
Word Count: 2.1k
Warnings: Cursing, slight angst, aggression, SMUT 18+ ONLY - slapping, choking, just all-around angry sex. Whoops.
A/N: This fic was posted to my old account before it got shadowbanned so I'm posting it here for you all to enjoy Please bear in mind this was the first ever smut fic I wrote and was not proof read
Divider and gif found on google, credit to original owners.
Tumblr media
“Y/N you need to calm down” Natasha soothed as she followed your sizzling gaze tracing your line of site as it board holes into the back of Bucky’s head, as she noticed where your anger was emanating from she continued “we don’t need a repeat of last month”
Last month Bucky had made you so infuriatingly angry during training that you had lost control of your abilities and had unceremoniously set fire to most of the equipment, and literally had to be put out with a fire extinguisher courtesy of a very smug Tony Stark.
“You need to tell him how you feel, you can’t keep hurting like this” Natasha was right, but you knew Bucky could never return your feelings. He hated you and you hated him. It wasn’t until recently you realised that your hate was just deep buried lust and passion for the brooding former assassin.
“I can’t, Natasha, he doesn’t feel the same way” Natasha sighed in annoyance, she had had this conversation a million times by now since you opened up to her about your crush a couple of months ago when she had found you practically drooling at the sight of a sleepy Bucky entering the shared kitchen during breakfast, instead of your usual foreboding and ominous death glare.
“Y/N, he does. We both know you’re the better fighter, but I am the best out of the two of us at reading people. I’m telling you, as your best friend, the man fucking likes you.”
You continued your glare at the woman flirtingly stroking Bucky’s forearm as she not so subtly sucked on her straw by the bar, making direct eye contact with him. Bucky seemed to be enjoying the attention, resting his head on his metal hand as he stared at her with a smirk on his face.
“He’s just doing it to make you jealous” she continued.
“Well it’s fucking working” you deadpanned as your nostrils flared.
Bucky saw you from across the bar locking eyes with you and winked turning back to his new ‘friend’.
This fucker had the audacity to wink and smirk at you with his perfect kissable plump lips. He thought this shit was funny.
Natasha let out a huff of air at his reaction knowing this would not end well.
“That’s it!” You shouted as you slammed your palms down on the table, rising from the booth.
“What are you doing?” she asked, momentarily shocked at your outburst.
You turned to her and smiled sweetly, a worryingly calm contrast to your previous anger “I’m just going to have a nice friendly talk with him” and with that you stepped out of the booth, your heels clacking as you strode across the room to the pair with a look of utter death strewn across your face.
Bucky was too caught up in his conversation with the young woman to notice your death strut to wards him, putting his to shame. 'Is it working?’ he thought.
“Excuse me” you said coldly as you approached them, standing in between their two stools at the bar. Bucky did a double take as he realised that you were now right next to him with the most scariest look on your face he’s ever seen and gulped slightly. Had he gone too far?
“We’re having a conversation here”
This bitch, you thought.
“Yeah and if you don’t move right now this’ll be the last conversation you ever have” you said with zero emotion as you continued to look at Bucky without even sparing the poor girl a second glance.
The girl immediately stiffened up and stammered a weak “s-s-s-sorry” as she shot up and practically ran from her seat and left.
Before Bucky could speak you interrupted him by grabbing his forearm and yanking him out of his seat causing him to stumble slightly in his shocked attempt to regain balance. He looked at you with a concoction of confusion and horniness as you began to pull him across the room and out of the doors, Natasha smirking as she watched you go. He was not so subtly tilting his head to the side ogling your ass in your tight dress as he continued to trail behind you, your grip on his arm tightening.
You dragged him down the hall and practically pushed him into the elevators.
“ Doll, I-”
You quickly shot him down with a menacing glare and he immediately shut his mouth. His pants were constricting and getting tighter. He had never seen you this angry before and honestly, it was the sexiest thing he had ever seen.
The elevator door dinged and swung open , you grabbed him again and dragged him down the hall to his room. You unlocked his door and pushed him inside slamming the door behind you with your hips.
“Do you think that was funny?” you asked surprisingly calm.
“If it gets you all worked up like this the ye-” You slapped him across the face interrupting him once again.
“Shut up and take your pants off” Bucky’s eyes nearly bulged out of his head at the command. Out of all possible scenarios he wasn’t thinking this could be an outcome. Had he died and gone to heaven? Surely you had killed him at the bar because there was no way this was actually real.
He didn’t need to be told twice, he practically ripped his pants off down to his boxers and stood there, his hard dick pressing against his underwear
Y/N looked down at his dick and smirked
You strutted over to him, he walked backwards till his legs met the couch and you pushed him hard causing him to fall into the seat with a groan of pleasure. His hands reached for your hips as soon as your sat down to straddle him, your knees either side of his large frame.
He looked up at you in awe, his eyes filled with lust and his delicious soft lips slightly parted.
You grinded your hips against his clothed member aching to be free “I’m going to fuck you right here right into this couch. Every time you sit here, you’ll remember this as the day I fucking ruined you”
“Jesus FUCK” he moaned, his head lulled back against the couch as his death like grip on your hips tightened pushing your to grind faster and harder. He could not believe what he was hearing.
“Do you want that, baby?” you cooed, stroking his jaw and cheek where you had slapped him, now surprisingly tender. Bucky moaned quietly at the pet name “do you want me to ride your big thick cock like I own you?”
Bucky whimpered. He fucking whimpered at your words. He surprised himself as much as you, being submissive wasn’t in his nature, but damn did this turn him on.
“Yes — god yes — fuck me like you own me. Please, doll, please” he begged.
You palmed at his painfully hard member, pulling the waist of his boxers down to free him “good boy” you purred as you whispered in his ear and bit the lobe gently. Bucky moaned loudly at the praise, his eyes rolled back as his head fell back once again
Bucky wanted to do this properly. He wanted to date you, woo you, take you to bed and show you what you’ve been missing out on all this time. His plan was to make you jealous so you would admit your feelings and then ask you out on a date and confess his in return. He wanted to taste you, make you cum so many times on his tongue, with his fingers before he made you take his impressive length. But there was something so hot and slightly naughty about the both of you being so worked up that there was no time for foreplay. You had to have each other right. Now.
You didn’t want to waste any time warming up, you sat down painfully slowly at first onto his large cock as you moaned welcoming the painful sting “god, you’re so fucking big” you moaned loudly as he returned the moan in unison.
“God doll, you feel amazing. You’re so tight - so fucking wet ” you whined loudly at his praise and began to grind harder.
“You’re mine” you shouted as you gripped locks of his wavy brown hair and tugged to have him meet your eye line. The sight was to die for. His blue eyes blown black with lust as his deliciously plump lips we’re parted in shock at your confession, you leaned into kiss him angrily, your tongues fighting together for dominance, invading his mouth and capturing his sweet groans.
You parted mouths panting as you continued to bounce up and down on his thick member with fervour.
“God yes doll I’m yours all yours whatever you want me to be I’ll be - fuck fuck - shit! You’re like heaven “ He slowly slipped his thick calloused hands between your two bodies and began stroking hard fast circles on your swollen clit.
"Fuck fuck- god just like that” your hands trailed your own curves your right hand running through your locks of hair as your left gripped his shoulder
“I’m yours I’m yours” he continues to pant nonsense “are you mine babydoll? Huh? Are you mine too?” he echoed into the room as he watched your breasts bounce up and down in unison with your rhythms.
“Yes James yes fuck I’m yours” Bucky moaned at the use of his given name rolling sweetly off your tongue.
“Are you gonna come for me? Cum all over my cock? Drench me with this tight little pussy that was FUCK - j j just made for me” You practically screamed at his words, lurching forward and gripping both shoulders, his other hand guiding you up and down on his length with ease like you weighed nothing
“Oh god yes  - - fuck fuck I’m g- I- I’m — g g onna ccum”
“That’s it baby, cum for me show me that my dick belongs to you and you only, come on take it — fuCK”
His words catapulted you over the edge as you saw white, your eyes rolling back in your head as you nearly fell backwards shaking Bucky caught you in his steel like grip behind your back pushing you forwards to his chest
“Doll - fuck - you’re like a fucking Angel when you come - but sHIT - I I’m not gonna last much longer, I I wanted to have you writhing under me for hours but SHIT - W wh where do you want it, where do you want my cum babygirl”
“Inside. Inside me James please I need you to make me yours. Please please fill me up please”
Bucky groaned at your words “fuck -fuck I I I’m cumming ” he moaned loudly as his grip left crescent shaped bruises in their wake “shit fuck you’re so fucking good, such a good girl ” he moaned as you felt his member engorge slightly and then release hot thick white ropes of come into your welcoming hole, he looked down between your bodies leaning you back slightly to see his cum dripping out of you bit by bit cascading back down onto his still hard member. “Look at that” he moaned “I could live in this pussy forever” he sighed heavily and you sagged on top of him resting your head in the crook of his neck.
“God, I love you” he whispered as he stroked your head gently soothing you back down from your respective highs.
You both stilled for a moment at his words, he felt you tense and knew he had fucked up.
“Shit doll I’m sorry I’ve ruined it haven’t I I’m s -”
“Did you mean it” you said with wide loving eyes as you cupped his stubbled cheeks with both hands.
“Y-Yeah. I should have told you sooner. I’ve loved you since the moment I laid eyes on you”
I- I love you too, James” you sighed happily.
You felt Bucky immediately relax under you “thank god” he sighed as you both chuckled.
“I’m sorry for slapping you” you said amongst the comfortable silence.
“That was the single hottest thing that’s ever happened to me. The slapping turned me on, don’t ever apologise for getting my dick hard” he laughed at your embarrassment
“Duly noted” you said in return.
“But, Doll” he said as he started to stand up, gripping you so you were still wrapped around him “I’m gonna have to punish you for that little display” he continued as he walked to your bedroom and threw you on to your bed.
an “oomph” fell from your lips as you stared at him wide eyed.
“I let you feel like you were in charge” he began to descend onto the bed as he crawled over your form “but let’s get something straight” suddenly his had flew to your throat, wrapping around and squeezing hard “I’m the boss here, and you and me are gonna spend all night in this room until you get that into your perfect little head, are we clear?”
“oh fuck” you moaned as you stared up at him
“I said” suddenly a palm came across your cheek, you welcomed the warm sting as you moaned even louder.
“Are. We. Fucking. Clear”
“F-Fuck, yes, Daddy, I’m sorry!” your eyes bulged out of your head as you realised your mistake. Bucky looked equally as shocked before that same stupid smirk appeared on his face once again.
“Oh, Doll, me and you have a lot of catching up to do”.
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