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harrysddtittys · a day ago
😭😐🙄💀😫 LMAO-
your first column of emojis describes your personality! what’s yours?
Tumblr media
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harrysddtittys · 4 days ago
AN: Hey. I know I’ve been gone for a while. I’ve had a lot of ideas recently but writers block is keeping me from doing anything with them. I’m working on quit a few things though, but for now have some smut for you guys. I hope you like it. 🙂
Masterlist Requests
Concept: Y/N and Harry have morning sex.
Pairing: Harry x female Y/N
Warnings: Smut, fluff, swearing, prob typos.
Tumblr media
Good morning, love.
The sound of the birds chirping outside, and the cars zooming up and down the street pull you out of your deep sleep, as you lay awake resting your eyes for a moment, trying to gain the energy to open them.
When you open you’re eyes, the first thing you see is the certain swaying, from the light breeze coming from the cracked window, the light seeping in from the open blinds. You were suddenly in a good mood. One of those moods where you just know it’s going to be a good day.
You suddenly remember that Harry is in bed behind you. You look down, and see his arm is draped over your waist, his hand resting limply on your hip, and his cross tattoo prominent in your line of vision. You can hear is heavy, but steady breathing in your ear, letting you know he was still asleep. You turn your body to face him, causing him to stir in his sleep. He doesn’t wake up though, draping his arm back over your body the way it was, once you’re done moving around, and continuing his heavy slumber.
You run your fingers through his crazy hair, staring at him in complete adoration. His long eyelashes. His curly, unruly hair. His soft, pink lips that were slightly parted, letting out soft snores. The tattoos trailing up is arm like art. He’s gorgeous. He suddenly inhaled deeply and stirred again, rubbing his eyes and groaning in the process. He was waking up.
He finally opens his eyes, you being the first thing he sees, looking at him with a smile on your face, causing him to smile. Your smile was always so contagious for him. “Wha’r you smiling at?” He asks, voice groggy from not being used for so long. “You.” You say matter of factly, as if he should know. He giggles, shaking his head before yawning and stretching, letting out very loud grunts that would’ve been really obnoxious if you weren’t in such a good mood.
When he’s done he turns back to you, gazing into your eyes again. “Y’know, love, it’s a bit weird to stare at someone while they’re sleeping, in’it?” He teases with a furrow of his eyebrows, his accent thick with sleep. You blush, burying your face in his neck. He laughs at your embarrassment. “I love you.” He whisperers, kissing the top of your head.
Instead of saying it back with words, you lock your lips with his, and he doesn’t hesitate to kiss you back. The kiss was short, ending with you pulling away. Harry wanted more though, as he reconnects your lips to his faster than you pulled away.
He puts his hand on the side of your head for a bit of leverage, tugging at the roots of your beautiful hair, causing you to moan into the kiss. The kiss is deep, and passionate. Neither of you want to let go any time soon. Getting into it, he pulls away only long enough to push you onto your back, and get on top of you straddling you, but keeping himself propped up so that he doesn’t crush you.
The cover slides off of him, revealing his already naked body, which doesn’t surprise you considering he doesn’t typically sleep with anything on. He moves away from your lips to the sensitive spot on your neck underneath your ear, causing you to let out a soft moan, grabbing him by his hair. He likes that reaction as he suck harder, nibbling at the skin for sure leaving a hickey there that you’re gonna have to work at covering up.
You can feel him pushing himself against you for friction, driving you absolutely mad. He abruptly pulls away from you and grabs you by the collar of his big shirt that you weren’t wearing anything underneath, and pulling you toward him, forcing you to sit up. You look down, and see how hard he’s gotten, making you more excited than you already were.
He catches your glance and smiles. “See what you’ve done t’me petal?” He says, pulling the shirt from over your head swiftly, before taking his big hand to your chest, and pushing you back down to lay on your back. He looks down at you in awe. “Y’so fuckin’ beautiful.”
He leans back down kissing your neck again, taking one of your boobs in his hand, needing and squeezing it like his own personal stress ball. He trails tender kisses down your neck, shoulders, and chest, stopping at your nipple, lightly sucking on he sensitive area. He takes his hand, moving it down your stomach, all the way down to where he wants you most, moving his finger in between your folds and stopping just at your opening, catching you off guard and causing you to gasp.
He peppers kisses down your stomach, rubbing your thighs, taking his time with you. He wants to appreciate every inch of you.
He finally gets down to where you want him most, pressing a soft, wet kiss to your core. He takes his hands on your inner thighs, spreading them as far apart as they will go. He presses his lips to your fully exposed thighs, sucking at the fleshy skin.
He looks up at you to see you with your eyes closed, in a heaven. To pull you out of your trance, he unexpectedly pushes two fingers into you, hard.
“Harry! You almost yell. He continues to pump his fingers in and out of you, hitting the spot at the perfect angle, causing you to not even be able to think straight. “What is it baby?” He asks in mock confusion. “D’you like that?” You nod harshly, with your lower lip between your teeth, and eyes screwed shut. “Use y’words pet.”
“Yes!” You cry out, squirming beneath him. He moves his face down towards your clit, wasting no time flicking his tongue over the bundle of nerves over and over again. “Harry! Fuck!!” You yell out.
It doesn’t take long for you to feel the pressure bubbling up in the pit of your stomach. “Harry I’m gonna cum!” You warn. He keeps going for a couple more seconds, building up your excitement. Right when you were about to reach your high, he pulls his fingers out of you, and moves his tongue away from your clit.
“Harry, please.” You beg pitifully, desperate for the release he’s not letting you have. He comes up and hovers over your petite figure, looking into your pleading eyes. “What, baby? What d’you want me to do.” He asks, pretending like he doesn’t know exactly what you want.
“Fuck me.” You say impatiently. “Y’want me t’fuck you, love?” He says, rubbing his hard cock against your pussy dripping with pre cum, making you whine with desperation. “Yes.” You reply. “Please, H.” You all but beg.
He immediately positions himself at your entrance, and pushes himself into you slowly, causing you to moan in relief. “Shit.” Harry seethes at the contact. He stays still for a second, giving you a second to adjust to his size, before moving himself in and out of you. He lifts up one of his legs, and gets in a position as if he’s down on one knee, hitting the spot perfectly, causing your eyes to roll back.
“Oh fuck- shit!” You curse, wearing your legs around Harry’s torso and digging your nails into his back. “Fuckin‘ell” Harry says loudly, as his thrusts start to get sloppy, and less controlled. He puts one hand around your neck, making you scream, and holding onto the headboard of the bed with the other, throwing his head back in pleasure.
You open your eyes to look at him, wanting to see his pleasure. The golden cross chain Harry forgot to remove before he fell asleep last night dangled from his neck, yet he was so lost in such a sinful act to notice.
You soon started to feel the sensation in your lower stomach again, letting you know you were close to your release again. “Harry, I’m close.” “Me too.” He says, completely out of it, and his face contouring with pure bliss. His thrusts get even sloppier but harder, as both of your moans get louder, and more urgent.
“Harry I’m gonna cum!” You yell. He moves the hand around your neck down to your clit, working you through your orgasm. “Let it go. Cum f’me baby.” He encourages. “Oh my- holy shit!!” You yell as you feel yourself tightening around him. Harry cums at the same time, slamming into you, releasing into you, grunting in the process. “Fuck!” He says loudly.
When the both of you come down from your highs, he pulls out of you slowly, watching his load flow out of you. He looks at you, and sees that you’re eyes are closed, as your moth hangs open and your naked chest puffs up and down with you’re heavy breathing. He gets up and walks away, causing you to open your eyes, confused as to where he’s going.
Suddenly you hear running water, but only for a second before he comes back to you with a wet rag. “Le’me clean you up, lovie.” He says sweetly. He takes the warm damp rag in between your legs, wiping you down carefully.
You wince slightly at the sensitivity. “I’m sorry, petal.” He says sincerely, trying to finish up as fast as he could. when he was finally done, he walked away again to get rid of the towel, before coming back and laying beside you.
You cuddle up against him, pressing a kiss to his collarbone. “I love you.” You whispered. He gives you a soft kiss on the lips. “I love you so much more.”
You guys lay in each other’s arms, enjoying each other’s company before Harry breaks the silence. “What d’you wanna do today?”
Sorry. I didn’t know how to end it. I’m a virgin so I don’t know what you’re supposed to say after LMAO
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harrysddtittys · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
WATERMELON SUGAR Grammy Awards 2021
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harrysddtittys · 18 days ago
Tumblr media
Bye I would’ve just deleted my whole twitter. 😭😭
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harrysddtittys · 19 days ago
proving her wrong* (h.s.)
You didn’t mean it.
When you told him that he gave the worst head you’ve ever received, you were just angry. When you told him that you faked your orgasms every single time he went down on you, you were just trying to get underneath his skin. When you told him that your fingers did a better job than his tongue did, you didn’t think that it would lead you here.
You weren’t expecting for him to scoff at you, whisper a sincere “safe word and I stop,” and then tie you to the bed with his ties and dive his face into your dripping pussy without a second thought. You weren’t expecting it, but that’s exactly the position that you’re in. He’s got your thighs spread apart with his hands as his tongue licks into your cunt. His nose brushes against your clit with every swipe and it brings you closer and closer to your fourth orgasm of the night.
“I’m gonna cum, H!” you moan in warning. You’re panting as he slides one hand from your thigh to your clit and takes his mouth from your core.
“Want you to,” he drawls. “Want you to cum so fucking hard that there’s no way it’s fake.”
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harrysddtittys · 20 days ago
All of my own writings.
Fluff = ♡︎ Angst = ☹︎ Smut = •
I know this is short right now... I’m kinda new to writing. I update as much as possible. I hope that isn’t too annoying.
Vacation from my mind ♡︎ •
The one where Harry is stressed and Y/N helps him out. ;)
Because I have you ♡︎
The one where Harry goes for a night out with some friends and comes back all drunk and cuddly, but has to deal with the consequences in the morning, and really just want to cuddle and do nothing all day.
I brought food. ☹︎♡︎
The one where you’re guilty after starting an argument but food fixes everything, right?
Me too ☹︎
The one where you’re sick, and Harry just want you to let him make sure you’re okay.
Good morning, love. ♡︎ •
The one where you and Harry have morning sex.
Last updated: 5/3/21
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harrysddtittys · 20 days ago
I’m backkk
Concept: You’re sick, and Harry just want you to let him make sure you’re okay.
Pairing: Harry x female Y/N
Warnings: Angst, swearing, mentions of cancer, typos as usual.
Inspired by this post by @hotmessharry
And this one by @theselittlethingsmatter
I hope y’all like this one 🙂
Me too
Harry comes downstairs, from you and his shared bedroom to see you sitting at the kitchen table, staring into space. You looked emotionless, and that wasn’t you at all. He stops and realizes, you haven’t eaten since this morning. And all you ate was a scrambled egg. He checked the watch on his wrist. 5:56. You need to eat.
“You hungry, lovie? You haven’t eaten all day.” Harry asks, concern laced in his voice. “No.” You say dryly. You haven’t been yourself since you found out you had cancer. You’ve been down, and irritable. You snapped at Harry a lot. You didn’t mean too, sometimes you just wanted to be to yourself. Harry understands. He just wants you to be okay again. But he tried his best not to nag you, or sound like a broken record. “You know you’ve been being sick a lot from your treatment. I just don’t want you to get dehydrated or anything.” He reminds you timidly.
“Harry, I know i’ve been sick. I don’t need you to remind me. I’ll eat when I want to.” You immediately snap. Exactly what he was trying to avoid. Except this time, it didn’t make him feel defeated. It didn’t make him want to walk away. It made him angry. He wants to help you, and he’s honestly tired of you being unappreciative, and pushing him away. He’s tired of you talking to him this way, as if this was his fault.
“Y/N I’m just trying to help you. You don’t need to get defensive.” He says, concealing his annoyance, but his tone having a very obvious edge to it.
That’s when you started yelling. “I’m not getting defensive! I’m just telling you that I know I have cancer. I don’t need you to remind me every five fucking seconds!”
“Y/N.” He warns, clenching his jaw, and letting his eyes fall shut, pinching the bridge of his nose. He’s trying to tell you that he’s getting angry without actually saying it, hoping you’ll read his body language and calm down. But you either don’t realize or don’t care as you continued to utter your harsh words, in an unreasonably loud voice, getting under his skin more and more.
“You know, maybe you have to be reminded of this shit constantly, but I don’t. I don’t just fucking forget. You don’t know what it’s like to constantly have to think about thi-“
That’s the sentence that sent Harry over the edge. Because you were so wrong. That wasn’t true in the slightest. He didn’t even let you finish your thought before he started yelling even louder that you.
“Yes the fuck I do, Y/N! This is hard for me too. I love you more than anything in the entire world. Do you think it’s easy watching you, the person I love go through something like this, knowing there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it but be there for you, and I can’t even do that without you snapping me up? Because it’s not.” His voice boomed.”
That made you go quiet. You didn’t even know what to say to that. There wasn’t just anger laced in his voice. There was hurt, and fear. You knew this was something that’s been on his heart for a while. He doesn’t stop there though. He continues on lowering his voice, just a bit.
“You know I don’t want this for you. And I completely understand how hard this is for you. But this is not my fucking fault. And I’ve had it up to here with you acting like you’re in this alone. You know damn well I hate this just as much as you do.”
The guilt was hitting you all at once. How could you invalidate his feelings. Of course this is hard on him too. You couldn’t believe you’d been so inconsiderate. You could look at him and tell this was much more than him being fed up with your attitude. He’s petrified. And you’re not even making an effort to be there for him, because you’re too caught up in yourself. He’s the one that feels alone.
“I’m tired.” You say, tears desperate to fall, but you hold them back and hope Harry doesn’t notice. Because the fact that you’re crying after everything you put him through without even realizing is embarrassing.
You hurry upstairs to your bedroom, and shut the door. You try to shut it softly so that he doesn’t think you’re angry. You flop down face first on Harry’s side of the bed, immediately letting the tears flow, sobbing into the pillow. You didn’t even care if he heard you anymore.
In the mean time Harry was standing in the same spot you left him, staring at the spot you were sitting before you left. Out of pure anger, he swipes the vase off the table with all his force, causing it to hit the wall and shatter, the shards scattering across the floor, yelling a “fuck” in the process. He wanders over to the couch, walking as if he had no real intention on going to the couch.
He sits down and rubs his thumb and forefinger over his eyes, letting his emotions get the best of him. He just doesn’t understand why you don’t think this hurts him too. Does he not show you enough? There’s no way. He just hates this for you. He hates that you have to go through this.
He made it a point to show you he cared but he never wanted to show you how much this was actually affecting him. He never cried around you. He always waited until you weren’t around. Sometimes he would be physically sick to his stomach, because he was so genuinely upset and scared that it made him nauseous. But he never told you that. He didn’t want to worry you. But he also didn’t want you to act like you think he’s enjoying this.
He doesn’t take long to get himself together. He didn’t fully let himself cry it out. He just needed to take a couple of seconds to think.
Then, he remembered that you ran upstairs. The tears that threatened to spill from your eyes didn’t go unnoticed as much as you’d hoped, so he knew you were upset, and he knew you were probably crying. He wanted to go check on you. He didn’t want you to cry. He just wanted you to understand.
Your sobs got louder and louder, as he got closer to to the top of the stairs. The sound was breaking his heart. He slowly opened the door and saw you laying face down on his side of the bed, sobbing your heart out. He didn’t hesitate to lay next to you and pull you into his arms.
“Shhhh I’m sorry baby. I’m so sorry.” He soothed. And he was. He was sorry for everything. He didn’t say anything else. He just let you cry until you were ready to talk. After a good 10 minutes, you sat up. Harry stared at you waiting for you to say something. Yet all he got was silence. He sat up next to you and placed his hand on your lower back. “Talk to me love.” He encourages.
You take a second to gather your thoughts before you speak. “I- I’m so sorry.” You say sounding absolutely distraught. “I was being so selfish. I was so worried about how I was feeling that I forgot to think about your feelings. I’m so sorry.” You started getting worked up again.
“It’s not just your fault.” Harry started. “I was bottling up my feelings. I wasn’t letting you in.” He admits.
“You don’t have to tell me specifically what you were feeling, Harry. I implied that you didn’t care. That I was the only one going through this. That was so wrong.”
“But I should have told you how I was feeling anyways. I shouldn’t be acting like I don’t cry when you’re not around. I shouldn’t be acting like I haven’t had countless sleepless nights, because I was staying up thinking about this. I’m behaving like I don’t think about this 24/7. So I’m sorry.”
After a couple seconds he starts talking again. “It’s just that-“ He trails off. He puts his face in his hands, finally just breaking down completely. Now it’s your turn to pull him into your arms, somewhat glad he’s just letting himself cry. You know that he’s hurting with you, and you’re glad he’s taking this time to let himself feel without hiding.
“I’m trying so hard to say strong for you.” He sobs through tears. “I just want you to get better.”
“I will baby. For you.”
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harrysddtittys · 26 days ago
Every Little Thing
pairing: actress!y/n x harry
word count: 948
warnings: insecurities, the fluffiest of fluff
im in a mood lol. i wanna make like a bunch of blurbs and stuff about actress!y/n and harry so send me requests if you want another thing with them. im hoping to make it like a kind of series.
Tumblr media
She stared in the mirror, observing the unknown figure that reflected. Her hands ran along the side of her hips, feeling the ridges that were left behind after she carried a baby inside of her for 9 months.
A tear trickled down her face. She barely recognized the person in the mirror, and she knew that the world wouldn’t take kindly to her new body, regardless of the fact that she gave birth only a few months prior. Being an actress, Y/N knew how to deal with trolls and hater better than many people. But she could never protect herself from the body-shaming comments and messages that flooded her social media from the start of her fame. Being in the public eye is awful, and it's gotten even worse since she began dating, and then married Harry Styles.
But Y/N would never give up the pure love that the two of them shared because of some pesky paparazzi.
Y/N hadn’t really inspected her own body since she gave birth. Partially because she was so busy with their daughter Bea, short for Beatrice. (Or as Harry calls her - Honeybea) But she also purposefully avoided getting a good look at herself in the mirror, scared of what she would see looking back at her.
But while Harry was putting their 3-month-old angel to bed, she had decided to take a shower, a long one where she could shave and whatnot, which is something she hadn’t been able to do in way too long. After she undressed, she turned to the mirror without thinking. And there she was.
Stretch marks lining the bottom of her abdomen, marking the place where her skin stretched to accommodate her pregnancy belly. The pouch of fat on her stomach created rolls, and the skin was looser and flabby. Her arms and thighs were bigger now too because of the ridiculous amount of sugary foods that she had craved during her pregnancy.
“Hey bub, are you get-”
She spun around to see Harry in the doorway, staring at her with wide eyes. If she wasn’t in such a fragile state, she would have recognized the look on Harry’s face as lust, suddenly turned on by his love standing naked before him. But Y/N wasn’t thinking straight, and she misread the look on his face as one of shock and confusion, rather than attraction.
Another hot tear slipped down her cheek. And another. And another.
She thought Harry was disgusted with her, shocked that she looked like this instead of what she looked like throughout their relationship. Her heart hurt as she stared back at the love of her life, thinking that he didn’t like the way she looked anymore.
“Darling what happened?” He took a step forward, embracing her in his strong arms. Instinctively, she accepted the hug, burying her face into his chest as more tears spilled from her red eyes. Harry picked his head up and she did the same, looking into those green eyes that she loved so much. “Please tell me what’ happened lovie, y’know I hate seein’ y’cry.”
“I-I’m just-” She didn’t really know what to say to him, because she wanted to talk to him about it, but also she thought that he hated the way she looks now, and she knew that him confirming her suspicions would break her heart. “I’m sorry.”
“For what bub? What’re yeh sorry for?”
“I’m sorry I look like this now. I hate it too, and I’m gonna try to get back to what I used to look like.”
“Woah woah woah, hold on a minute.” Y/N stepped back from his embrace, slightly raising an eyebrow at her husband in confusion. “What’s wrong with what y’look like? Cause I personally think y’look incredibly sexy righ’ now.”
Y/N shook her head in disbelief, looking down at the ground briefly before bringing her gaze to his again. “I’ve got all this fat,” she pulled on her stomach fat, “all these stretch marks,” she pointed to them, “and I just look so different. You don’t have to lie and say I look good.”
Harry chuckled a bit and looked back at his still naked wife. “Are you serious?” She nodded her head, biting her lip in curious anticipation for what he was about to say. “Darlin’, m’not lying. Y’look gorgeous right now and always. Y’are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing, and it make me sad that y’don’t see yourself like that.” He stepped forward again, gripping onto her shoulders and turning her to face the mirror. He stood behind her, moving his hands down and placing them on her waist. “See this?” He moved his hand onto the rolls on her stomach, placing soft pressure on the supple flesh. “This is so y’have enough room f’when we make more babies together.” Finally, a smile made its way onto Y/Ns face, eliciting a smile from Harry as well. His hands traveled down to grip the front of her thighs, and she looked down to see. “All of this,” he gave her thighs a soft squeeze, “s’just more area f’me to suck on darlin”. This time she laughed, looking back up in the mirror to see the gleeful expression that was plastered on Harry’s face. “And these,” he ran his fingers over her stretch marks, “these are m’favorite. These are y’tiger stripes Y/N. They match m’tattoo!” He used his other hand to point to his upper thigh, the material of his sweatpants covering the ink.
“Thank you, Harry. I love you,” she sighed, resting back against Harry’s chest.
“I love you more, my beautiful girl.”
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harrysddtittys · 26 days ago
Tumblr media
My name is Gabby, I’m 12 years old, and I’m pregnant as FUCK.
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harrysddtittys · 27 days ago
Concept: You’re guilty after starting an argument, but food fixes everything.
Pairing: Harry x Female Y/N
Warnings: Swearing, mild angst, most likely some typos
I think this is cute... I hope you do too. 🙂
Tumblr media
I brought food.
You are sitting in the Mcdonald’s drive through. You and Harry had fought... and it was your fault. Truth is, you had a really shitty day at work. You couldn’t exactly put your finger in what was so shitty about it. It was just one of those days. Everything was wrong. And you were frustrated, and you took it out on Harry. You didn’t mean to. It just... happened.
It started with you coming home, mumbling swear words under your breath, and slamming the door shut unnecessarily hard. All he did was ask you what was wrong. Usually you vented to him about any and everything that’s been bothering you for a good hour. Today you really just didn’t feel like talking.
It came out harsher than you intended. You felt guilty but the mixture of your frustration, and your pride made it impossible to care.
He went quiet and looked at you with a blank, almost confused expression before speaking again.
“Well something has to be wrong. You’re obviously angry about something.”
His tone was calm, patient, almost cautious, afraid you’d snap any minute.
“Harry, I said it’s nothing.”
You had said it just as harshly as before.
He raised his hands in surrender. “Okay.” And walked away.
With a sigh, you headed, to you and Harry’s shared bedroom to find some close to change into for the evening. You opened the drawers and looked for one of Harry’s old shirts that you like to wear, and a pair of your shorts. While you were changing, you looked to the corner of the room and see the basket full of you and Harry’s dirty clothes. Harry didn’t do the laundry. For some reason this just set you off, and that’s how the argument started.
You immediately stomped out of your bedroom, screaming your boyfriends name.
“Why are the dirty clothes still in there!?”
Harry already sounded exasperated, already knowing that you were going to start something.
“You didn’t do the laundry, Harry! I need clean fucking clothes!”
Then Harry got irritated.
“Then do the laundry, Y/N. You have plenty of time it’s only 3:17”
He looked at his watch mid sentence to give you the time.
“Harry I’m tired. I don’t feel like doing that. I was just at work for 8 hours, you could have at least cleaned the clothes.” You all but yelled that time.
“Y/N I had shit to do today too. There aren’t even that many clothes in the basket, you can’t find something else to wear tomorrow?”
He really wasn’t understanding why you were making such a big deal out of this. You really didn’t either but you were already on a roll.
“Jesus, Harry! You’re so fucking lazy! Why do you expect me to do everything around here?”
That’s when he yelled.
“I’m not a fucking mind reader. If you wanted me to do the damn laundry you should have said something. It’s not my fault I didn’t expect you to come him in such a fucking mood.”
At that point you were so done with everything. Maybe you just needed to get out of the house for a little.
You turned away from the island in the kitchen where Harry was leaning, and put your shoes on, heading towards the front door, where this whole thing started.
“Where are you going?”
He questioned, frustration still very evident in his voice, but his volume much lower.
You quickly slammed the door, wasting no time getting in the car, and pulling off. You had no idea where you were going, or if you were going anywhere at all. You were just... driving.
You let your mind wander, while you mindlessly turned corners. It dawned on you that you had just started a fight with Harry for no reason at all. Your anger was soon replaced with guilt. You hadn’t even meant to lash out. You were just mad. At nothing in particular. Nothing was going your way. It had nothing to do with Harry but you took it out on him, and yelled at him over something as stupid as laundry. Now he’s probably mad at you. How are you even going to go home? There’s no way you can face him after all that.
You were pulled out of your thoughts when you realized you were right next to a mcdonald’s, which caused you to realize you were absolutely starving. You didn’t hesitate to turn into the drive through line.
So now you’re here. Waiting in a Mcdonald’s drive through. When you finally got up to the speaker, you just ordered the same thing you always got here. You figured Harry was probably hungry too, so you got his usual order too. Maybe this would help make up for being an annoying brat.
Once the give you your food, you offer a polite, “thank you”, and drive off, heading back home. Hopefully you didn’t ruin his mood too, too much.
The drive home was short. You pulled into the driveway after about 15 minutes. You didn’t want to sit in the car and overthink how you were going to approach him. You were just going to do it. What’s the worst that could happen?
You grab your bags and hop out of the car, slamming the car door once you’re out. You walk up to the front door, getting a queasy feeling in your stomach. You don’t know why you’re so nervous. It’s not like you and Harry haven’t had arguments much worse than this one.
You open the front door, and head straight to the kitchen. You place the bag in the island, not failing to notice that Harry isn’t there anymore. You turn around, facing the living room to see him sitting in the couch, scrolling through is phone, ignoring your presents. You can’t tell if he doing it in purpose or if he’s just waiting for you to say something first.
You decide to say something. “Harry?” You say quietly, hoping he heard you.
You were thankful when he looks up at you, still not saying anything but acknowledging you. His expression is impossible to read. You can’t tell if it’s angry, or just blank. But you try not to think about it.
“I-I brought food.”
He just looks back down at his phone like you didn’t say anything. That kinda hurt your feelings. You just turn around and start getting your food out of the bag, leaving Harry’s there for whenever he wants it. You soon after hear him getting up from the couch and coming over near where you were. Maybe he wasn’t ignoring you.
You put your food on the kitchen table, not sitting down, but resting your knee on the chair, watching Harry in silence, thinking about how you’re going to apologize to him. You don’t know what to say to you walk up to him and throw your arms around his torso.
He tenses up for a second, but relaxes when he realizes that you were only hugging him, hugging you back. He knows you. He knows you were feeling guilty. He knows your anger wasn’t exactly towards him.
“I’m sorry for being mean to you.” You almost mumble into his chest. He responds by lowering his head, planting a quick kiss to the top of your head. After standing silently in each other’s arms, he breaks the silence. “I shouldn’t have yelled.” He admits.
You don’t feel like he has a reason to a apologize, though. “I shouldn’t have made you yell.” You pout. Harry chuckles at that. “I forgive you, darling. I’m not mad at you.” He breaks the hug so that he can look you straight in the eyes. “What’s the matter, though? What got you so worked up?”
You look at the floor sheepishly, shrugging your shoulders. He uses his forefinger to raise your chin, bringing your eyes back to his. “Hey, it’s okay. Talk to me, angel.” He reassures you. You take a deep breath before going into your rant.
“I honestly don’t even know. Today just wasn’t a good day. I don’t know what was bad about it, there was just nothing good about it. Lately, I’ve been feeling like the universe is against me. I don’t know how to explain it... I just feel like I’m on the edge all the time. There’s a lot going on. My boss is loading a bunch of shit on me. My coworker are always giving me a hard time, I have to balance that with my at home life... it had nothing to do with you and i shouldn’t ha-“ You were cut off by Harry hooking his lips with yours, giving you a soft, passionate kiss.
“I understand, love. You need to eat.” He says with a caring tone. You nod, knowing he’s right. You sit down, as he sits across from you, wasting no time digging into his fries, eating about 4 at a time. He’s such a fast, yet graceful eater.
You copy his actions though, practically devouring your nuggets. You were so glad he wasn’t mad at you, and that you could just move on from this.
There’s nothing food can’t fix.
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harrysddtittys · 2 months ago
I never meant to make you cry.
Tumblr media
This is a blurb inspired by this post by @secret-rendezvous1d, thank you so much or letting my write this! 
A blurb about a dinner where you flip out at Anne and are left to deal with the consequences. 
You had never been someone to yell at others or start pointless arguments, you could let most things go easily and move on, you knew this and everyone at your house sitting at the table celebrating Harrys tour selling out in Europe knew this too. You were all sitting around the table, yourself and Harry, Gemma and her partner and Anne and the conversation had shifted to grandchildren, you inwardly groaned and tried to avoid the conversation allowing Gemma to talk about their plans to have a few kids now they were married. Your eyes avoided that of those at the table, busying yourself with trying to clean some of the plates at the table, your heart sunk when Anne had said your name and asked you when you were going to give her grandchildren. You looked up and smiled slightly as she started talking about what your children would look like, if they would have Harrys eyes or yours, wether they would be tall like him or short like you. She had looked over to you and asked if you had thought about it and said if you hadn’t you should, “ you wont be able to have children forever my dear” she had said before launching back into various details about your hypothetical children lives, their appearances, their features and accents, things you had thought about continuously, things you and Harry had spoken about as you waited for pregnancy tests and being disappointed when they were negative. You hadn’t meant to scream at her to shut up, you hadn’t meant to slam down the bowl of peas you were holding or to yell at her to mind her own business and that you knew you wouldn’t be young forever and you knew she’d love to have grandchildren because she told you all the time. You hadn’t mean to slam the door to your bedroom so hard you could hear the photo frames on the walls rattle or sit against the door and sob into your arms. Truth be told you and Harry had been trying for the better half of a year to give Anne a grandchild, to have a baby that looked like you and Harry to love and care for, you’d spent the year trying for a baby unsuccessfully in and out of fancy specialists, getting blood drawn, crying over pregnancy tests, seeing fertility doctors and all they could tell you that you were physically fine, and yet a year on and you and Harry had nothing to show for. You had decided not to tell anyone you were trying for a baby, you didn’t want the added pressure onto of what you were putting on yourself, you had been more strict on keeping it a secret after two phantom pregnancies and a miscarriage at the beginning of the year that broke you so much you didn’t known if you could continue to try. So you knew you were out of line for yelling at Anne especially when you could hear her crying downstairs as Harry comforted her, he would be furious at you for the way you spoke to Anne. Despite being married for almost 4 years you’d never seen Harry be more protective over anyone as much as his mother, he never let anyone mistreat her or speak to her rudely, especially when it was his wife, but you wanted nothing more than to have a baby that you just lost it because you couldn’t stand hearing all those things out loud, couldn’t stand the questions of when you were having a baby, because you were trying so damn hard.
You had stayed in your room or the rest of the night, you couldn’t face anyone yet especially not Anne and Harry, despite knowing everyone was staying overnight to wait to hear if the US tour had sold too and that you would see them in the morning right not you just couldn’t do it. You had heard everyone head off to bed as you stayed in the same place in the corner of your room the whole time, next to a box of things you’d both brought for your future child, you had been stupid you thought to buy toys for a child who hadn’t existed yet and despite the sobs that rippled through your body as you held them hope was still present in your heart for a child of your own.  The door had opened letting light into the dark room that was only lit by a small lamp next to your bed, you knew it was Harry by the heavy footsteps that had come up the stairs and especially when he had slammed the door causing you to jump slightly. “ Yeh owe my mother an apology” he spoke standing at the end of your bed a few meters from you even in the poorly lit bedroom you could see he was angry you didn’t speak to him just nodded scared for the fight that was inevitable at this point. “Got nothing to say now huh? After you screamed at my mother to shut up and to mind her own business” Harry hardly ever yelled at you but the tone of his voice was filled with enough venom that you could feel the tears welling up again. 
“ What was I suppose to say Harry! Tell her I have been trying to give her grandchildren, that-that I’m filling my body with hormones and getting poked and jabbed at the doctors, that having sex with you is almost a daily chore and that I can hardly look at you with children because it hurts so much and that everyday I loose hope to ever having a baby with you and it hurts so much that having someone tell me that I wont be able to have children forever is enough to make me scream”  you were standing now and couldn’t help the tears that poured down your face or the fact you were shaking almost uncontrollably. “ You were suppose to tell her that we were trying, not have so little respect for the woman who raised me and ruin everyones night by being a fucking brat” You were sure the hole house could hear your yelling now, you were practically screaming over each other at this point. “ You will be lucky if she speaks to you again, what happened out there wasn’t right! You weren’t my wife there, you were unfair and harsh to her cruel even! My mother is a strong woman and it takes a lot to make her cry and you did” His words felt like a punch to the gut, you had always looked up to Anne as a strong woman and you felt terrible for what you had done to the woman who had taken you in with open arms, who had held you as you broke when your own mother had died and always kept you sane when Harry was on tour on the other side of the world and now you’d gone and treated her so terribly. “ I cant even look at you, get out” he spoke walking towards the door before opening it and throwing a pillow and a blanket from the bed to the hallway, you felt like an animal who’d been sent outside after being naughty. “ Harry please” you cried walking towards him grabbing his hand only for him to yank it away from yours almost in what looks like disgust. “ I said get out!”
You had stood in the hallway your bedroom door locked closed you were trying to hold your cries in but your sobbing was probably loud enough now that there was no way anyone in the house could not hear you. You had grabbed your blanket and pillow and headed to the lounge room, your cries not slowing at all as you walked through the pitch black house, you couldn’t even work up the energy to place the bedding onto the couch and instead you curled up into a ball on the soft material on the floor and let out the cries you’d been holding in. You weren’t sure how long you had laid there with your eyes closed shut before a light above you was turned on and Annes all too familiar perfume filled the air as she sat next to you on the floor. “ Come here my darling, it’s okay” her arms brought you into her chest where you wrapped your arms around her like a small child crying as she patted your hair shushing you. “ I-I’m s-sorry Anne, I was so rude” you could hardly get words out you were so hysterical. “ I know your sorry my dear, If id known I would’ve never pushed you like that” You didn’t understand how she could be so lovely to you despite you reaction to her earlier. “ I never meant to make you cry”  You laid there for a while in silence, your sobs and cries becoming less frequent while she continued to rub your back in a soothing motion. “ Harrys hates me” you spoke quietly a while later you had sat up on the couch now the two of you still sitting close together. “ I know my son love, he’s upset and angry, but he could never hate you” Something about her words reassured you a bit, but you knew it wouldn’t be that simple.
You and Anne had spoken for about an hour after that you apologised a dozen of times and she assured you continuously she forgave you. You walked silently back to your room and opened the door to see Harry laying facing away from you on his phone the light illuminating the otherwise dark room. You didn’t know what to say to him, you wanted nothing more than to curl up in his arms and for him to hold you and kiss your head goodnight, but you weren’t stupid enough to realise it wasn’t that easy. Your head reeled with thoughts that you’d go near him and he’d tell you to get out, that he hated you and that he didn’t love you, and although you knew they were in your head, it didn’t stop the fear from creeping up, You pulled your clothes off replacing it with one of his shirts from the floor and placed the pillow he’d thrown out for you on the bed softy not wanting to disturb your husband too much. “ I said I didn’t want to see you” his words weren’t laced with anger this time but he still stayed facing away from you as you pulled back the blankets and slipped in facing your back to his. “ Do you still love me?” your words were softer than you thought they’d come out, your voice had cracked at the end and you were almost scared to hear his answer. He turned around in the bed to face your back you couldn’t see him but his brows were furrowed at why you would ask such a question. “ I will always love you, you drive me crazy y/n, and sometimes you make so mad that I say harsh things but I love you” his arms snaked around your waist and pulled you in close and he placed a kiss on your head. “ I hope our babies are like your mum, strong and forgiving” You wrapped your hands in his kissing his knuckles softy, you would never have thought that night would result to anything good, but in a few months time you laid in that same position and said the same sentence this time 5 months pregnant.
This is one of my favourite pieces Ive written so I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did. Please reblog if you liked it, it helps my little blog out a lot. Feel free to request things it makes me super happy! x ohsweetkiwi 
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harrysddtittys · 2 months ago
h bein all grumpy and ur sad and wanna cuddle and he tells u to go away and this makes you cry and he finds you and apologizes for being a dick with lots of soft pet names plz
Harry’s really, truly, a gentleman. Everyone knows that. But sometimes he gets drained out from work. And how couldn’t he? Poor man is flying around the globe, performing multiple nights in a row, and simultaneously working in the studio.
He has hard days just like you, and today’s one of those hard days. He’s been consistently making phone calls. Think it was something to do with another role in a movie he wanted, but you weren’t sure. He hasn’t talked to you the whole day, except for a brief question, “do you want some coffee?”
You could distinguish easily the fact that he was grumpy. It was clearly illustrated by the fact he’d shrug your touch away every time you passed by him and gave his shoulders a squeeze. Unbeknownst to him, you were feeling a little clingy and down. You craved him in even the most innocent ways; petting your hair, feathering kisses along your jawline.
When he finally gets off the phone with his agent, you automatically curl your arms around his broad chest. “Harryyy….” you pout and whine, head burrowing into his side. He’s so delightfully soft, and the hint of his cologne lingers in your nose.
“Jesus fuckin’ Christ! Can’t you see? ’M not in the mood. ’M so close to getting this part. Can’t deal with you clinging to me today. It’s fuckin’ annoying.” He snaps. This time, he doesn’t have to push your greedy hands away. No, this time you pull back on your own. His words hurt, probably far more than he’s anticipated. He’s just stressed, but it’s no excuse to take it out on you.
You recoil back, a soft pout detailing your face. Before he says anything more, his phone is ringing again and he’s leaping for it. You let him and slink to the bedroom.
He doesn’t fully mean the words he’s just uttered to you, or at least that’s what you tell yourself. But it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t stop you from slipping under the covers and burying your head into the pillows. It doesn’t stop the tears leaking from your eyes and staining the pillows. It fucking sucks being so fragile, but you are today. And all you wanted was for Harry to scoop you up and hold you in his arms. On top of that, you were slipping into subspace. Which meant one thing: that you wanted daddy.
You think it’s a solid half hour where you’ve been sobbing into the pillows, but you’re unsure. Somehow you lost track of time between crying and feeling guilty for bothering Harry. It’s not until the door creaks open that you finally release your face from the comfort of the pillow.
“I did it, got the part!” Harry exclaims with a widespread grin on his face. His countenance transforms into nothing but a concerned frown as he sees you’ve been crying.
“Wha’s a matter?” He cocks his head to the side, taking a seat on the side of the bed.
“Oh, don’t give me that,” You frown and look away. You wipe at the tears that are clinging against the skin of your rosy cheeks. “As if you weren’t just being a dick.”
Normally he doesn’t tolerate such crude words or such a surly attitude, but he’s genuinely concerned as to what’s gotten you so upset.
“’S because of me? Because of what I said? ’M sorry, angel. I was just stressed.” He sighs and reaches out to grab you, but you roll out of his line of reach and to the other side of the bed.
“You were being mean. Made me feel awful. You don’t just get to say sorry and have me be over it.” You shake your head, and the tears start flooding all over again. Your vision gets a bit blurry, and you jolt forward from the force of a hiccup.
“Petal—” Harry starts, but you cut him off. You’re not quite finished just yet.
“All I wanted was for you to kiss and cuddle me, Harry! And each time I tried, you shoved me away. And then you snapped, and made me feel like I was the one doing something wrong! I was just feeling small and little, just wanted to cuddle is all.” You manage to tremble out between the cries that spill from your mouth. And suddenly it dawns on him, why you’re so upset, why you were being so clingy earlier.
“You’re feeling little? Oh, m’ little bunny. I didn’t know.” He confesses and stretches out his arms, dragging you into his lap. You try to squirm out his grip, but it’s impossible. All you want to do is stay mad at the bastard for being so mean. But he’s making it nearly impossible.
“’M so so so sorry, my little angel. My sweet girl. My honey drop.” He lowers his voice, and now he’s borderline using babytalk on you. His hand reaches up and brushes away your messy hair from your forehead. His sweet lips press against every inch of your face.
“Stop it, H. I’m trying to be mad at you.” You whine and push at his chest, but he’s relentless of course. He is Harry after all.
“Don’t be mad at me, dollface. Know it drives me crazy when yeh are,” he murmurs as his lips dance from the soft skin of your cheeks to the tip of your nose.
You stay quiet, crossing your arms over your chest.
“My peach, light of my life, fire of my loins, please forgive me. Don’t think I can live if yeh don’t.” He pouts (a tactic he’s picked up from you). You give him a swift eye roll before reluctantly agreeing to forgive him.
“Fine. I guess I forgive you,” You huff out, and the response triggers him to hug you tighter in his arms. “But you have to make it up to me.” You tease.
“Thank you, my dove. I just love you so much. Adore you with all of m’ heart,” He hums and grins. “I promise t’ make it up t’ you.” And honestly, Harry’s just content with you being in his arms. He promises himself he’ll let you be as clingy as you want, because he’d rather have you held onto him than crying in bed because of him.
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harrysddtittys · 2 months ago
Concept: He goes for a night out with some friends and comes back all drunk and cuddly, but has to deal with the consequences in the morning, and really just want to cuddle and do nothing all day.
Pairing: Harry x female Y/N
Warnings: Soooo fluffy it’s almost gross•drunk Harry
This one’s been sitting in the drafts forever so I thought I’d just post it. I kinda really like this. I hope whoever reads this enjoys it. :)
Because I have you
You’re lounging on the couch, watching “90 Day Fiancé”, in booty shorts, and one of Harry’s T-shirts, which is naturally oversized on you considering you and Harry’s difference in size.
You look up when you hear your boyfriends heavy footsteps gradually getting louder as he gets further down the stairs.
When he’s finally down the stairs, where Y/N can fully see him, you see him dressed in jeans, and a button up shirt, his gorgeous curls falling onto his forehead.
He walks over to where you’re sitting on the couch, the musky, but beautiful scent of his cologne almost emediatly filling your nostrils.
“Hi darling.” He says quietly as he sits down next to you.
“Hello.” You responds sweetly.
“Where are you going?”
“Just out with some friends to the club downtown. The one we went to at your friends birthday party.” He enlightens you, nonchalantly.
You just hum in response.
Harry leans in for a peck on the lips, which you gladly except. But harry obviously wants a bit more, as he leans in again for a more passionate kiss that turns into a mini make out session.
He pulls away hesitantly when you guys hear a car horn honk outside, not wanting break away from your kiss, but also not wanting to keep his ride waiting.
“I have to go baby. I probably won’t be back until pretty late so I don’t want you waiting up for me.” He whispers in his deep, raspy voice that drives you absolutely insane.
“Okay.” you say in a similar tone after pressing your lips to harry’s one last time.
Harry gets up and heads towards the door.
“Bye petal, I love you. I’ll be back around 11” He says walking out of the door and shutting it behind him after he hears he yell back an “Okay, babe. I love you too.”
It was 1:47am, and Harry wasn’t back yet. You knew he wasn’t actually going to get back by 11:00 pm. You weren’t mad though. You know he tends to lose track of time. And he’s aloud to have fun after all.
But you do usually go to bed around the time Harry was planning on being back, and not only did Harry don’t want you staying up waiting, but you were also exhausted.
you decide to go up to bed, laying down on Harry’s side of the bed, as you do whenever he’s not there, liking the idea of laying where he usually lays.
You had been asleep for about an hour when you wake up to the sound of harry coming into the house.
You sit up and wait for him to come upstairs.
He soon enters him and his girlfriend shared bedroom, his eyes visibly lighting up when he sees her, making her heart swell.
“Hi lovieee.” He slurs.
Yup, he’s definently drunk.
You take in his appearance. His flushed face, and glazed over eyes. His lips a deeper shade of pink than normal. And hair a bit messier than it was before he left, as if he’s been sweating. But he somehow looked just as amazing as he did earlier.
“Hi baby.” you laugh lightly, slightly amused by his drunken state.
“Did you have fun?”
“Yeah. They dared me to take 5 shots or go makeout with some random girl on the dance floor. I swear I wasn’t planning on getting this drunk.” He says defensively. It warms your hear a little that even when he’s drunk, he is still completely faithful, although it doesn’t surprise and your wouldn’t expect anything less.
He gets into bed and cuddles up against you, burrying his face into the pillow against your neck.
“Your hair tickles my neck.” He giggles adorably.
You laugh again, staring at your adorable boyfriend in awe.
You love him so much.
Harry looks up at you and stares at you for a moment, before burying his face back into the crook of her neck, casually mumbling “Your so pretty.”
“Thank you. Your pretty too.” You giggle again. That’s what you love about him. Even when he’s drunk and doesn’t even know what he’s doing, he still manages to make you laugh, and fall more in love with him.
After a couple minutes of comfortable silence, when you are sure Harry’s asleep, you realize your incorrect as he speaks up again, so quietly it’s almost inaudible.
“Yes, baby.” You whispers back, running you fingers through his beautiful hair.
“I’m going to marry you.” He says.
You don’t say anything. You just let’s his words sink in, getting intense butterflies.
That’s the effect he has in you, even when he piss drunk.
After about ten minutes, laying in bed, staring at your sleeping boyfriend in complet adoration, you reach over to the lamp on the nightstand, turning it off, and soon after, falling into a deep, dreamless sleep.
You wake up at about 9am, to see Harry next to you in bed still asleep.
Harry usually wakes up pretty early. Early as in 7am.
You lays there for a few more moments, scrolling through your phone, before getting up and heading to the kitchen.
You open the kitchen cabinet, and grab a bottle of painkillers, and open the fridge, getting out a cold bottle of water, before heading back to the bedroom and putting the two items on the nightstand for Harry when he wakes up.
He wasn’t too, too wasted when he came home last night but he was definitely pretty drunk. He wasn’t a lightweight but he often got bad hangovers the next morning. So you just want to be prepared.
You then continue with your morning routine, showering, brushing her teeth, and washing your face, before putting on your usual lounging clothes, which is some booty shorts, and one of Harry’s T-shirts.
When you’re done getting ready for a lazy day around the house, you start up breakfast, which is eggs, bacon, sausage, and waffles. You and Harry both prefer waffles over pancakes.
You’re standing at the stove, scrolling through your phone, waiting for the food to finish. It’s just about done when you hear Harry walking a little faster than usual, on the floor above you, and hearing the bathroom door shut soon after.
Knowing what’s happening, you turn the food off, because it’s pretty much done anyways, and head upstairs, not surprised to hear Harry being sick in the bathroom.
You lightly knock on the door. “You good in there?”
After a few seconds of silence, him probably trying to regain himself, you hear him mumble quietly, but loud enough for you to hear him “I honestly don’t know why I fucking do this to myself.”
You laugh at the misery he’s caused himself earning a blunt “shut up.” from Harry, causing you to try to stifle you laughter a little, realizing that you probably shouldn’t just laugh at him like that.
But you don’t care enough to stop picking on him. “I have a very big breakfast for you downstairs when your done.” you mock, laughing again when you hear Harry gag at the idea of food, considering he wasn’t feeling the greatest in that very moment.
You decides to try and be a little less obnoxious by telling him about the painkillers and water on the nightstand in their bedroom.
He gives you a simple “Okay.” You decide you actually going to stop giving him such a hard time, and you just went back to the kitchen.
You pour two classes of orange juice, one for you and one for Harry, and sit at the table and eat, waiting for Harry to come down.
He finally comes down and sits at the table across from you, and eats his food.
You guys sit in comfortable silence, practically inhaling your food. “Thanks, petal.” He says casually, in between bites. “Your welcome.” You hum back, more focused on the food than anything else.
You finish your plate before Harry does, too busy scrolling through your socials to get up and put your plate in the sink just yet.
Harry finishes his food, a couple minutes after you, immediately getting up to put his plate away, grabbing yours too, just from force of habit.
“Thank you.” You say gratefully.
“mhm.” He says in response.
You love how even when he’s the one sick, and not feeling well, he’s always so charming.
You go into the living room to sit on the couch, Harry following close behind. You sit on the couch as Harry does the same, cuddling up against you. You wrap the both of you in the blanket you guys keep on the couch.
You absentmindedly massage his head. “How do you feel?” You ask, referring to his hangover.
“A bit better. M’head is still pounding though.”
You lean down and place a kiss on top of his head, and continue massaging his head, not only because you love the feeling of his messy, but silky hair against your fingertips, but it could potentially soothe his sickeningly painful migraine.
You hand him the TV remote, and let him pick something to watch, which is unsurprisingly The Notebook.
You guys are about 40 minutes into the movie when you look down to see Harry, still resting his head on your lap, but now sleeping peacefully.
You stare down at him, completely in love.
Sometimes you feel like you don’t tell him enough how much you love him, but then you realize you can’t. You love him with everything you’ve got and more, and there’s no way to put it all into words.
You were so caught up in your thoughts that you didn’t even realize you fell asleep until you woke up in the same spot you fell asleep in.
You grab your phone and looked at the time. The clock reads 2:17. Damn. We slept that long? you think to yourself.
You suddenly realize the Harry is no longer laying on your lap anymore, but feel a sense of relief when you look up and see that he’s sitting next to you on the couch, scrolling away through his phone, with some random show on the TV.
He feels your stirring and looks over at you, smiling when he sees your awake. “Hi, darling.” He says affectionately.
“Hello.” You smile back. “How long have you been awake?”
“I dunno. I think I woke up about 30 minutes ago.” He says.
You guys just sit in silence, you watching whatever the hell this is on TV, while Harry mindlessly scrolls through twitter. You guys just enjoying each other’s company.
You look over at him and see that his eyes have their natural glow back, and his skin as gained it’s color back.
“You look like you feel a lot better, babe.” You say matter of factly.
“Yeah, I’m perfectly fine now.”
After being silent again for a few seconds, he speaks again.
“M’starving though.” He almost mumbles. You giggle at him. “Yeah me too. Should I cook something up really quick? I could go pick something up.” You rattle off options.
He shakes his head. “Honestly that all sounds like too much work. I just want to stay here and cuddle with you.” He says lazily, causing you to laugh, which makes him laugh as well.
“Should we just order takeout?” You suggest.
He nods in response.
He nods again.
You emediatly call the Chinise food place that you and Harry eat at. You have the number saved in your phone since you guys eat there pretty often.
The phone rings only twice, before you hear a familiar voice saying the all to familiar phrase “Hello, how may I help you?”
You tell her the same thing you tell her everytime.
“Can I get an orange chicken with a side of white rice, and a small shrimp lo mein please?”
The phone call is over in an extremely short amount of time.
While you guys wait for the food to arrive, you guys search around netflix, trying to find something to watch. You guys come across a random comedy, and decide to give that a shot, hoping and praying it’s actually funny.
About 20 minutes into the movie, you guys can say it’s actually pretty hilarious.
You and Harry both have super contagious laughs, so the combination of the both of you laughing at each other, and the movie actually being kind funny has the both of you almost in tears.
You guy’s laughing fit is interrupted by a knock at the door.
“I’ll get it.” Harry says, still laughing a bit.
Just as expected, it’s you guy’s food being delivered. You stare at the paused TV screen as you wait for Harry to come back with the food.
You kinda hear another voice, and you can’t makeout what they’re saying, but you do hear Harry saying “Thank you. Have a nice day.” before closing the door.
He comes back to you with a bag of food, the both of you digging through the bag, taking things out making sure you each have your own stuff.
Once you both are situated, you unpause the movie and go back to watching, and laughing, sometimes missing parts of the movie because your too focused on eating.
Today, you guys were having a pretty lazy, uneventful day, that only consisted of sleeping, lounging, eating, and Harry being hungover. But there’s never a dull or boring moment when you’re with each other. You guys can entertain each other better than anything, or anyone else. It’s a good day, because you’re spending it with each other.
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harrysddtittys · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Concept: Harry is stressed and Y/N helps him out. ;)
Pairing: Harry x Female Y/N
Warnings: Smut • stressed Harry
DISCLAIMER: This may suck. (Please read anyway. Tehe.)
Vaccation from my mind
“What the fuck.” You fadely hear Harry’s voice, sounding quiet, but frustrated.
You quickly drink the milk out of the bowl of cereal you were eating in the middle of the day, partially out of hunger, and mostly out of boredom, and throw the bowl, and spoon into the sink to be washed later, before you head into where Harry was in the living room
You stop in the doorway of the living room and look at see him sitting on the couch.
He looks up from his guitar at you, before looking away, completely ignoring your presence. He had a very obvious scowl on his face.
Considering he doesn’t seem to have a problem with you coming in, you continue to enter the room, and head toward him.
You sit on the floor in front him in the cross-cross-applesauce position. Harry you out of his peripheral vision, an his heart melts a little.
He secretly loves when you sit like that, he just finds it so adorable. But he’s in too bad of a mood to actually acknowledge and admire you.
He continues to lightly strum his guitar, at this point just to be occupied, since he’s given up trying to write a song for the album he doesn’t have much time to finish.
You look on the floor, not too far across the room from where you were seated n the floor, and see a bunch of crumpled paper.
You look back to Harry and stare at him for a second, before placing your hand on his knee to get his attention.
In response to the gesture, he looks up at you, still not saying anything.
“Are you okay?” You try to ask in the least obnoxious way possible. You can tell he’s stressed out, and he tends to be pretty bitey when he’s stressed.
“Yeah, I’m fine.” He says almost as if he’s annoyed, which is what you were trying to avoid, but you try not to think anything of it.
“You don’t seem fine. You seem a little frustra-“
“Y/N, I’m fine.” He cuts you off, his voice a little louder and sharper than before.
You don’t say anything, as you just let your shoulders slump, and sit back, looking up at him with an unintentional pout that you didn’t know you had.
Harry sees your change in demeanor out of the corner of his eye, and looks up at you. He sees your sad eyes, and immediately feels bad.
He stands his guitar on the floor against the couch. “c’mere.” He says quietly.
You don’t hesitate to get up and sit next to him on the couch, cuddling into him as he wraps his long arms around you.
He nuzzled his face into the crook of your neck, rubbing his nose against your warm, soft skin before he whisperes “I’m sorry, baby. I didn’t mean to snap at you.”
You cuddle even closer to him, as if to say you forgive him.
You guys just cuddle for a while before he speaks up again.
“I’m just really anxious right now.”
You pull away to look him in the eye. “About what?” You know what he’s stressed about, you just want to talk about it, hoping it will make him feel a bit better.
“Just everything with the album. The deadline is in two months, and I’m having the hardest time writing songs that i’ve had in years. And my team is just riding my ass about it, not giving me any room to breathe. It’s just... It’s just a lot right now.”
He runs his fingers through his hair in a distressed manner.
“I wish I could do something to help you.” He almost ignores your comment, leaning in to give you a passionate, yet hungry kiss.
He pulls away, and gazes into your eyes. “I love you.”
You say it back, before he leans back in, you lips locking together perfectly like pieces of a puzzle.
You feel his hands go down to your ass, giving it a light squeeze, before his tongue graze your lip, which you respond to by deepening the kiss.
It shortly turns into a heated makeout session. You start to gently touch Harry’s crotch through his jeans, when you realize how hard he is.
He lets out a throaty moan into your mouth at the sudden contact with your hand. That drove you crazy.
You pull away, and quickly unzip his pants, pulling them down with his boxers, just enough to release his throbbing cock.
You wrap your hand around him, jerking him off. You connect your lips back with his and pump him, as you listen to him whimper against your lips.
Right as you feel him start to twitch in your hand, you let go, causing him to look up at you. “Y/N.” He almost pants. “Hm?” You say innocently. “You want me to relieve your stress baby?” You ask, gently grazing your finger over his sensitive tip, causing him to tense up a little.
You give him one more sloppy kiss, before you slide off the couch, and get on your knees. Without warning, you take Harry into your mouth, causing him to throw his head back.
You take as much of him as you can, using your hands for the rest. Harry pulls your hair when he feels the vibration of you gagging on him.
Soon, you feel him start to twitch in your mouth. “Im gonna cum. I’m gonna cum.” He stammers out, almost sounding as if he’s speaking tongues.
“fuck.” He growls as he releases into your mouth. He looks down at you. “You gonna swallow it f’me baby?” You swallow it and open your mouth to show him. “Good girl.”
“Come up here baby.” He says.
You get up on the couch, and Harry is already ripping your pants off. He rubs you over your soaking underwear. “Your always so wet for me baby.”
he gently runs your clit through your panties, causing you to let out a quiet moan. You start to slide your underwear off of yourself.
“Eager, are we?” He lightly teases, but waists no time sliding two fingers into you, pumping in and out of you at a perfect pace, hitting the perfect spot everytime.
Your a moaning mess under him. “Harry.” You whimper. “please.”
“You want m’cock baby?”
“Yes, please daddy.” That nickname that makes him absolutely insane. He can’t resist you.
He easily slides into your soaking wet pussy, stoping for a second, so that you can adjust to his size, before thrusting into you, fast and hard.
“HARRY!” You almost scream.
Still thrusting into you, he puts more of his weight on top of you, and puts his face into the crock of your neck, kissing, and sucking on that sensitive part behind your ear, causing you to zone out.
You suddenly feel that familiar sensation in the pit of your stomach, right as you feel him twitching inside you.
He’s quietly moaning into your ear as his thrusts become sloppy. “Harry, I’m gonna cum.” you whimper.
He reaches down, and starts rubbing your clit, working you through your orgasm. Your screaming at this point.
Right as you cum, Harry freezes, releasing inside of you, moaning loudly in the process, before pulling out, and collapsing on top of you.
You guys just lay there like that for a couple minutes, both of you drifting off to sleep, before he whispers a “Thank you.”
You kiss the top of his head, before you drift back off to sleep, him doing the same.
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harrysddtittys · 5 months ago
Okay I know he’s a grown man... and driving is a common skill that grown people know how to do. But the fact that he’s doing it is so hot for literally no fucking reason- 🦋🦋🦋
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harrysddtittys · 5 months ago
Can we take the time to talk about how in literally a week it will be a whole ass year since Fine Line came out?
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