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just a collection of harry styles fic recs ☞︎ xcerise3 is my main (don’t use it anymore tho)
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harryedwardstylesfics · 21 hours ago
do you know anymore fics with squirting other than the ones on your list? xx
not currently but I’ll make a note to find some more and then add them to the list xx
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harryedwardstylesfics · 21 hours ago
heyy do you maybe know any fluffy fics of harry admiring the readers body??
here’s a link to some like this - I’ll look for more x
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harryedwardstylesfics · 21 hours ago
@jawllines has a fic ab yn being harrys art model!!!!
thank you xx
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harryedwardstylesfics · 21 hours ago
hiiii do you know any dry humping fics?
here’s a link to some x
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harryedwardstylesfics · 21 hours ago
Celebrity Crush
Summary: Every time an interviewer asks (Y/n) who her celebrity crush is, Harry Styles is her inevitable answer. But it’s not like they’d ever meet right? Right?!
Notes: Hi!! She’s sentient!! I tried third person pov for this one instead of second person like I usually do, so let me know which one you like more! Musician reader x Harry is one of my recurring daydreams, so I hope you like this concept!!
Warnings: smut!! 18+ only!! cursing (if that needs a warning), oral sex (m and f receiving), it’s 69ing hours, also there’s some fluff
WC: 2.6k
Tumblr media
“Harry Styles.”
That was her answer every time (Y/n) was asked about her celebrity crush. She understood why interviewers asked the question: the more juicy gossip they could cram into their TV shows or YouTube videos, the better. But her answer was never going to change, so why bother asking? She had a crush on the man since One Direction was together, and that was six years ago. He was talented, charming, sweet, and of course, quite handsome.
Her bandmates answered the question as well, of course. Remy, the guitarist, said Natalie Portman, Clark, the drummer, selected Megan Thee Stallion, Spencer, the pianist, answered Chris Hemsworth, and Aliza, the bassist, went with Dev Patel. All solid answers, of course. But as the lead singer, people tended to elevate (Y/n)’s thoughts, opinions, and feelings just a little bit more. And of course, the next morning, there were Buzzfeed articles about how she was madly in love with Harry Styles. Whatever. There was always things like that circulating the Internet. And it’s not like they were ever going to meet.
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I currently have 100 + requests in my inbox!
I’ve turned off asks again as I literally cannot manage getting through them (as more come in too) whilst also doing uni work and attending classes.
Sorry guys xx
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hii can you write something (fluff/angst) about harry finding out about the readers abusive ex? love your work💗💗
hey, I don’t write myself but I collect fics from other writers so here’s some fics like you requested x
@4everinsane - here
@inkslingerharry - here
@tokyoharry - here
@bestieverharry - here
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hii! have you got any singer!y/n fics?💕💕
here’s a link to a variety of famous!y/n fics! a lot of them include singer!y/n xx
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hello!! do you know any high school reunion or highschool sweetheart fics?? thanks xx
here’s a list of childhood friends fics that isn’t exactly what you’re looking for but it’s still cute! and here’s a couple others. I’ll keep looking xx
@gucciwins - here
@alexandragramz - here
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Do you know of a one shot where it starts off at the party where Harry does the dirty dancing loft with y/n and then they end up together? I swear it exists but I cannot find it. I think it had smut too....
I’ll reblog it when it’s found - I had a search but couldn’t find it, sorry ❤️
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heyyy any fics where reader has nipple piercing? :) thanks <3
here’s a few x ❤️
@kissme-hs - here
@adonisstyles - here
@potatoedirectioner - here
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heyyy i was wondering if there’s any good fics about art student!harry and y/n being his model?? :)
I’ll keep looking for more xx
@harryforvogue - here
@harrysmaraschino - here
@gucciharrywritings - here (you paint him)
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can you suggest some about being friends with benefits w harry?
here’s a masterlist of friends with benefits fics x
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Can you find some fics where the reader is in sub space???
here’s a link to a list of those fics ❤️❤️
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i was going through your requested fic recs list and i love it so much!! so much good stuff to read :) thanks you for all the work you do i appreciate it very much! also here's another one with coming out as bi !!!
Thank you so much ❤️❤️
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Hey your probably tired of me but do you know any fics where Harry is y/n step brother or a brothers best friend
here’s a link to step bro harry and here’s a link to best friends brother x
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do you have any more bodyguard fics?
Not at the moment. I had originally planned to do a masterlist of them but couldn’t find enough. I’m presuming you’ve found this link so if I do find anymore, I’ll add them there xx
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Tumblr media
A/N: ok WOW first off, i’m so sorry i literally haven’t posted since december. these past few months have been so wild what with new classes and my mental health declining. i can’t promise the last few parts of this lil series will come at a timely manner just because my mental state can be very unpredictable, but i will try my best to get them out as fast as i can, especially when summer is right around the corner. i wanna thank @thestyleswritings and @friendlyneighborhood-mendes​ for being my lovely beta readers. as i’ve said before, my writing is nothing without betas so thank u for taking the time to review my piece and give me honest feedback. anyways, i made this part extra long for you guys and i really really hope you love it. <3
Warnings: explicit language, panic attack, anxiety, deidre being a megacunt (as always), smut 
Word count: 9.3k+
previous part . fic masterlist . fic playlist . taglist
It’s been a few days since your first date with Harry, the two weeks you’ve planned to spend at the beach feeling far too short as each day passes like a whirlwind. And over these days, you’ve found that getting comfortable with him is an easier feat than you’d initially imagined. Moments with him are hardly fleeting. You find yourself spending most of your time with him, whether it be going for a swim on the beach or sneaking off somewhere in the house to make out. If this were anyone else, you’d feel suffocated spending so much time with them, but with Harry it’s so much different. You can’t keep yourself away from him, even if you try, and you’re beginning to think that the feeling is quite mutual for Harry as well.
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Tumblr media
✧・゚: *✧・゚:* ALREADY GONE *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ ❝ To love them, you have to set them free.❞
xxiii. twenty one - wattpad link
full story page
December was over in the blink of an eye and it was already mid-January.
Christmas was hectic as always. I somehow managed to leave all my Christmas shopping to the last minute but like I always tell myself, diamonds are made under pressure. Truthfully, I was the worst at gift-giving and was trying to put it off for as long as possible.
Despite that, I always love giving people gifts so this year I went all out — considering I probably won’t be here for Christmas next year. I can see it all now — barbequing on the beach on Christmas day in a bikini. That makes a change from being in the house wrapped up in Christmas jumpers.
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hi! this by @haaarry might be the two doms fic an anon was looking for!🤍
You’re a star ⭐️
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