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h0ly-fire23 hours ago
It really was a sad moment
Tumblr media
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h0ly-fire2 days ago
Lol, this is how I imagine the show going based off the trailers
Tumblr media
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h0ly-fire3 days ago
Hi , this hasn鈥檛 been edited or proof read. This is also sort of like a small snipet of what the story will be so it鈥檚 in now way the first chapter 鈥 also Loki spoilers 鈥 this鈥檒l probably be a series so I鈥檒l try to update every Wednesday when a new episode comes out .. feel free to message me if you wanna add anything to it 馃檪
This wasn鈥檛 supposed to happen. He wasn鈥檛 supposed to be here. Loki was a God how could these people even think that they could lock him up?
TVA , time keepers, mobius , that minute man women whoever they were he didn鈥檛 care. He escaped the Avengers and finally got the Teseract just to be stuck here in front of a hologram. Showing what was supposed to be his life .His brother and his mother and finally you.
There you were right in-front of him yet so far away. Holding onto a version of him he had yet to become. Cold and lifeless on the ground while you cradle his body . He saw how Thanos had grabbed you by the neck and dropped your body next to his. Just as dead to the universe as he was.
You came along with Mobius back to the room were he had left 鈥 Loki鈥 before he managed to run away. The first thing you noticed looking at the so called God was how tired he looked. And then you noticed how his face turned pale as he saw you. Mobius knew why ,but he didn鈥檛 bother saying anything about it.
Loki only payed attention when Mobius asked him to catch someone. 鈥 who is it?鈥 He asked . You stepped up infront of him saying that it was him. 鈥 I beg your pardon?鈥 . You chuckled, not surprised by his reaction. 鈥 I鈥檓 sorry but I think I鈥檓 in even more shock seeing you here .鈥 He said breathlessly. He furrowed his brows at you speaking up again 鈥 what exactly are you doing here y/n?鈥 . You looked just as confused as he was 鈥 I鈥檓 sorry ,but who鈥檚 y/n ?鈥 .
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h0ly-fire3 days ago
Okay but fic idea. Reader is a 鈥 minute man 鈥 that Loki actually knows from his time on earth. Maybe reader could have been an ex avenger or shield agent? Loki try鈥檚 to get them to help him,but the thing is reader has no memory of their time on earth or the past life 鈥 idk we鈥檒l have to see how the show goes 鈥 feel free to add on to this
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h0ly-fire3 days ago
Ummm, so yeah鈥 I have once again fallen down the Loki rabbit hole
Tumblr media
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h0ly-fire9 days ago
Y/n : I love Zemo
Sam and Bucky : You what?! Why and how!?
Zemo smirking : well of course they do . I mean look at me how could you not ?
Y/n : Exactly
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h0ly-fire12 days ago
One night stand with Zemo headcanons :
You probably meet at some bar , party, or cafe.
You were hanging out by yourself and he saw you
You looked so beautiful to him and his heart sort of palpitated
You felt eyes on you and turned around and caught his stare
There was an instant connection between the two of you
He came up to you and asked if he could sit with you . Of course you said Yes and you two chatted the day away.
Come night time he takes you to one of his many houses and cooks dinner for the both of you
The food was delicious and he had pulled out a very expensive and very old wine
You both moved to the couch after an hour or so of eating and continued chatting
You鈥檒l be talking when he pulls you in for a kiss
Clothes start to come off
He鈥檚 pulling you close to him. Laying you down on the couch while he touches you
Kisses all over you
Scratches on his back
A sweet release
You鈥檙e both a panting mess on the floor by the time you鈥檙e both done
He puts a blanket over you both as you fall asleep
When you wake up he鈥檚 gone
He probably went off on another job or mission or another
There鈥檚 no note or anything
You take a shower , get dressed ,eat and then leave to go home
It certainly won鈥檛 be the last time you鈥檒l see him though
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h0ly-fire16 days ago
So this is sort of angsty toward the end. I got carried away and sort of strayed from the sugar daddy aspect ,but 馃し馃徎鈥嶁檧锔忦煠佛煆烩嶁檧锔. Enjoy!
Zemo Sugar Daddy headcanons:
Well you two meet while he was running from something
What that something was.. he鈥檒l never tell. All you know is that he did some things that he shouldn鈥檛 have and you got sucked into it.
It wasn鈥檛 until later that you both made the arrangement
Zemo felt like he owed you since he did get you stuck in his mess
He鈥檒l lavish you in gifts
Whatever you want. Doesn鈥檛 matter the cost because money is no problem for Zemo
Trips around the world
Jewelry and designer clothes
New phone or gaming systems if you want
He鈥檒l even pay for your college if you鈥檙e going or plan to go
Sooner or later feelings do start to show
It鈥檚 not til you both spend a few months together though
And when I say you feel hard I mean it
Your weren鈥檛 supposed to fall in love with your sugar daddy but you did
Zemo just had that charm
He knows it to and he鈥檒l be smug about it, but he doesn鈥檛 want to lead you on in case he has to go off the grid again
He doesn鈥檛 want you to live that kind of life
He鈥檒l give you one of his many homes
He鈥檒l also probably give you your own bank account and fund it for you
Give you new cars
He鈥檒l pay off any debt you have
Anything you desire he will give
Y鈥檃ll slept together once, but only once
The next morning you woke up with a letter next to you. Stating what鈥檚 yours and what you can keep.
Zemos鈥 misdoings we鈥檙e finally catching up to him
You were upset ,but thankful that he gave you the opportunity of a good life, but you鈥檒l always wait for him
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h0ly-fire17 days ago
Please, Dad bod Zemo is all I need in life 馃槶
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h0ly-fire19 days ago
Mornings with Zemo Headcanons:
I feel like Zemo is a light sleeper . He鈥檇 most likely wake up before you
He鈥檒l wake up in the early morning watching you sleep
Not in a creepy way though, In an adoring manner
He鈥檇 lay next to you running his fingers through your hair. Staring at your peaceful state.
He鈥檒l pull you closer if you roll to far away from him. Holding you close to his chest.
When you do wake up you鈥檒l be greeted with a kind smile and a light kiss to your forehead
He鈥檒l always make you tea and breakfast
You help him with it but he always ushers you out the kitchen and tells you to sit and relax
The man needs to relax sometimes too. when you鈥檙e able to you try to wake before him and make him breakfast in bed
鈥 ah, y/n you spoil me 鈥 鈥 oh sush Zemo you deserve it.鈥 He鈥檒l have a permanent smile on his face as you set the breakfast tray on his lap.
Sometimes you鈥檒l have mornings showers together . They鈥檙e really relaxing as well. The both of you washing the others hair.
Mornings are easier with him by your side
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h0ly-fire20 days ago
So since these two request I had were some what similar I decided to combine the two . I hope you like it!!
Tags: @alekssmorozova @rainydaydream-gal18
Zemo as a Dad Headcanons:
I believe Zemo would be one of the best dads a child could ever ask for.
He鈥檇 spoil that kid rotten
If you both have a kid of your own or adopt he鈥檒l love them unconditionally.
If the child鈥檚 adopted and not your own it wouldn鈥檛 matter.
You鈥檇 both love them any way. Doing almost everything together.
The three of you look like a picture perfect family
Going on long car rides together or traveling the world together .
He鈥檒l definitely teach the kid some combat skills when they鈥檙e older. You help out too,but you get sort of upset when Zemo wants to teach them how to shoot a gun.
He鈥檚 extremely over protective of them though. After losing his first child and s/o he鈥檒l do anything in his power to protect the both of you.
He鈥檒l sneak your child candy 鈥 now don鈥檛 tell your mother I gave you this. Especially since it鈥檚 past your bed time little one.鈥 鈥 Don鈥檛 worry daddy my lips are sealed !鈥 Cue you standing in the door way shaking your head
You鈥檒l probably see Helmut giving your child piggyback rides everywhere. 鈥 Helmut please be careful with them!鈥 鈥 Don鈥檛 worry y/n we鈥檙e always careful.鈥 He鈥檒l give you a cheeky smile before running off with your child laughing
Your heart flutters every time you see the two interact. You never thought you鈥檇 end up with such a perfect family.
Your child loves their father . They鈥檒l probably cry a lot if Zemo goes away for a long time. Considering Helmut spends all his time at home with the kid it鈥檚 understandable.
They have an un breakable bond and if anything were to happen to your child or you. All hell breaks loose.
All in all Helmut as a dad would be absolutely perfect. There鈥檚 trauma to get through,but you both get through it together.
Also play dates to the park happen a lot . Your child loves to play fight with Zemo as well.
As mentioned before Zemo is a perfect dad and he couldn鈥檛 have asked for a better family .
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h0ly-fire20 days ago
Hello!!! I recently discovered within the last week that I'm in love with Zemo, and I dig your headcanons!! Could I request headcanons of Zemo spending time with an SO who's raising a child that isn't her own? 馃挅馃槶馃ズ
Of course!! I鈥檒l add it to my list of things to write when I鈥檓 done with work! :)
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h0ly-fire20 days ago
Thank you sweetie !!! 馃ズ鉂わ笍
You鈥檙e welcome !馃挆
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h0ly-fire20 days ago
Hi ! Helmut Zemo + being a dad headcanon please ? 鉂わ笍
Absolutely! I鈥檒l make sure to work on it when I get off of work ! I鈥檒l make sure to tag you ! :)
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h0ly-fire20 days ago
Your memes are so frickin' funny, thank you!
Lol, this is so old! Why did it take me so long to respond ?! I鈥檓 so sorry for my Rudeness! Anyway, you鈥檙e most welcome! And thank you as well :) !
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h0ly-fire20 days ago
It鈥檚 come to my attention that I enjoy writing headcanons for Zemo. So if any of you have any headcanon requests feel free to send them my way :) !
( I will not write anything smut related )
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h0ly-fire20 days ago
Y/n: Hey Zemo can you sign this form?
Zemo: what it for ?
Y/n: oh , umm Just a permission slip..
Zemo : um ..okay
Y/n: Ha!! You just signed this form agreeing to be my sugar Daddy!
Zemo: I thought I already was?!?
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h0ly-fire20 days ago
Zemo Kissing Headcanons:
I feel like Zemo would be a very gentle kisser,but become more aggressive as it goes on.
It鈥檒l start out all sweet and innocent but as soon as you grab his hair he鈥檚 on you and biting your lip and just getting really into it.
He鈥檇 also pepper your face with a bunch of smooches , but he likes it better when you do that to him.
I think his favorite place to kiss you would be your hands . Just a simple little peck on your hand has him feeling all giddy inside.
You鈥檒l probably blush a lot with all the little kisses he gives you through out the day, but you don鈥檛 mind cause you do the same thing to him.
If you see him reading or working on something you鈥檒l probably just come up behind him and peck his cheek
鈥 y/n I think you missed鈥 鈥 no I didn鈥檛.鈥 He then proceeds to get up and kiss your lips.
Expect long make out sessions that leave you breathless.
Also expect quick kisses when you鈥檙e both in a hurry
Goodbye kisses will always hurt the most but always feel the best.
Don鈥檛 worry though because he always makes sure to come back to you.
Will sweep you off your feet if he鈥檚 been away for a long while . Kissing you till your lungs give out.
Sometimes they can lead to more , but I think Zemo just likes the simplicity of kissing you
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h0ly-fire22 days ago
Picnic Date with Zemo headcanons:
First of all... this picnic is gonna be bougie
I鈥檓 talking fancy wine glasses and expensive wine
A silk sheet to lay on because why not
A cute little picnic basket that Zemo paid way to much for
He had his chefs cook all the food
I鈥檓 talking fine dining
You thought it would be a cute simple picnic,but let鈥檚 get real. Nothing is simple with this man ( except his love for you 馃挆)
He will feed you your food . Although you told him not to he still does it anyway.
It鈥檚 okay though cause you feed him his food as well
He will definitely lay in your lap while you play with his hair.
He鈥檒l also read to you one of his favorite books.
Cuddle session will definitely happen
You鈥檒l both do cloud watching and point out all the shapes and animals you see.
鈥 Look Zemo! It鈥檚 a Turtle!鈥 鈥 That鈥檚 not a Turtle y/n , that鈥檚 a Bunny. 鈥
You鈥檒l probably argue about what the clouds look like.
Will not help you if a bee comes by and starts flying around you
He find it amusing how you freak out about such a small insect
Sometimes he鈥檒l just stare at you while you鈥檙e relaxing. Wondering how he got so lucky to be with you.
You鈥檒l do the same but you鈥檙e not as discreet as he is so he鈥檒l definitely catch you doing it and tease you about it.
Saying 鈥 I love you鈥 for just about the millionth time,but it still feeling like the first.
Picnics with Zemo are simply Perfect
Also don鈥檛 be surprised if there鈥檚 like a pretty present for you
This man loves to lavish you in gifts
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h0ly-fire23 days ago
Here鈥檚 some Zemo cuddling headcanons that no one asked for .
Cuddling with Zemo Headcanons:
I feel like Zemo鈥檚 the type to just lay there and let you just do whatever to him
You want to lay on top of him ? Go ahead.
You wanna spoon him ? Go ahead.
You wanna leave little love bites or run your hands through his hair? Go ahead
He loves being the little spoon ( he鈥檇 never admit that though )
No matter what he鈥檒l hold your hand the entire time.
Even if y鈥檃ll fall asleep he鈥檒l keep that hold
You could probably suffocate him and he wouldn鈥檛 complain
He鈥檇 lay there with the biggest smile on his face knowing that you feel so comfortable to be so close with him.
He also loves being the big spoon
He gets some sort of rush knowing that he has you in his arms
Sometimes cuddles could lead to more,but about 95% of the time they鈥檙e just pure cuddles.
He really loves when you draw circles on him
Especially on his sides and back
He just really loves when you touch him
He鈥檒l leave light kisses all over you
Loves kissing your neck
Sometimes you鈥檒l end up with hickeys, but that okay it鈥檚 definitely worth it.
You both try cuddle about 2 times a day ,but Zemo鈥檚 a busy man so it鈥檚 hard to get those cuddle sessions in.
It鈥檚 a huge stress reliever for the both of you though
Overall cuddles with Zemo are very loving and you鈥檒l both be happier by the end of the day
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