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fuckingthefictional · 12 days ago
Another bad day.
A/N: Here have a very old WIP from my drafts. It’s probably shit but oh well. Enjoy!
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Tumblr media
Your day just wasn’t going in your favour. Not one bit. You had woken up to your usually toasty apartment being stone cold- only to find out that the heating system had broken...along with the damn coffee machine.
You tried to breathe calmly but still found yourself muttering strings of angry curses to the apartment.
This only intensified when you found a letter from your landlord on the floor.
The snooty businessman from upstairs had filed a noise complaint against you for “obnoxious behaviour that is disturbing to the other residents” (even though you were the one who had to live with his heavy footfalls and booming voice every damn day.)
You decided to just leave the situation alone for the time being and let off some steam, and what better way to do that than go to the markets?
The markets never failed to bring some joy to your day- especially when you visited the sweet old lady who ran the fruit stall, Maria. Or as she insisted Bunicuţă Maria.
It was no secret that her plums were the best in the city. Hands down.
So when you finally arrived at the market (after an eventful journey which included being drenched by a passing car that sped through a dirty puddle and having your umbrella practically tear in two) you were about ready to burst into tears at the sight of the desolate section that usually held the juicy fruit.
You held in the angry tears that threatened to spill and instead made your way back across the city square, where it was now pouring it down with buckets of icy water. You were about to start the treck back to your apartment, but decided against it when you caught your reflection in the window of a coffee shop.
That’s just what you needed. A hot cup of coffee and some warmth in your bones.
You walked through the entrance, a small bell rang announcing your arrival.
It was a small cafe and it was for the most part empty of customers.
The only other person besides from the barista and yourself was a young man.
The man in question was strongly build, his shoulders were broad and his face was covered by a baseball cap, although you could see the stubble that worked its way his jaw.
The guy could obviously feel you stare and turned to meet your eyes, his lips parted slightly and his eyebrow rose in question. You decided to look away as quick as you could and instead walked up to the counter and ordered yourself a coffee.
“That’ll be €2.79.”
You reached into your wallet and pushed the coins around until you found two euros and 50 cents. And then you were out of cash. Shit.
Now you were embarrassed at you lack of money to cover the drink.
“Um. I don’t have enough so I’ll just- be on my way.” You began to make your way to the door, until the same broad shouldered man from the corner table walked up, coins in hand and placed then onto the cool counter.
“This should cover the dame’s coffee and an extra slice of plum pie- my treat. “
You were stuck in shock nobody had done anything like that in a long time.
“I-it’s okay, really!” You stuttered
The man instantly replied, “I insist. Anything from a pretty gal like you.” He held out a gloved hand, “I’m James, but people call me Bucky.”
I small smile sneaked it’s way on to your lips, “There must be a way I can repay you... Bucky.”
He pretended to be deep in thought, “Well maybe I could take you out for dinner or coffee.”
“I thought it was meant to be me repaying you.”
Bucky chuckled to himself, “Being with you is more than enough of a payment doll.”
“Y/N, My name’s Y/N.”
“Well in that case I’ll meet you here at 6 tomorrow evening Y/N.”
“It’s a date.”
Maybe today wasn’t looking too bad after all.
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fuckingthefictional · 12 days ago
Hi! I would like a request about Derek from teen wolf, please. The reader is trying to approach him, taking care of him "because Derek is too busy taking care of the others", BUT IT'S BEING SO HARD because of all of his past. Derek and the reader argue one night because of the overprotective nature of the reader about him, and when she tries to leave the loft, completely upset with Derek, he tries to fix things between them. Could you do this with a lot of angst and, then, tons of fluff? Thanks!
Pairing: Derek Hale x Reader
Warnings: Angst bbyyyy, and some fluffy goodness at the end, not checked over (so probably a crap ton of spelling errors)
A/N: hello hope you enjoy, sorry it took forever! I’m so busy with work, college and personal issues that writing has been put on the back-burner.
Tumblr media
When the name Derek Hale was mentioned- one immediately thought of the broody, salty, sarcastic young man who lived by himself after the tragic Hale house fire.
Nobody would ever associate the name Derek Hale and caring. It just wasn’t in his nature. Because under no circumstances could Derek be remotely kind, caring or soft in any way possible.
That’s what people thought of Derek. But not you- or the majority of the pack for that matter.
Yes, you saw where others came from with their ideas and judgement (Derek’s lack of colour in his wardrobe obviously didn’t help either).
But to you when you heard the name Derek Hale, you immediately thought of the kind hearted man who would give up anything for the safety of his friends and family (as much as he claimed otherwise).
You knew him differently, you knew him like the back of your hand. You knew that his favourite food was Spagetti Carbonara without the mushrooms, that he didn’t like Coca Cola, that he secretly loved watching trashy tv shows like keeping up with the kardashians, and most importantly that he was running himself ragged.
He had bitten off more than he could chew when it came to helping everyone out. He was the one giving lifts and helping with homework and hosting pack nights, and handling Isaac’s nightmares, all of this happening at the same time as some supposed lizard creature being on the loose.
You had been ignored by Derek Hale for approximately 72 hours. Now this wouldn’t be bad if it weren’t for two things.
1. He wasn’t aware that he was actively ignoring you.
2. The idiot wasn’t your husband of 2 years.
Over 68 hours ago you hadn’t minded, you had even brushed the silence and distance off- knowing that Derek liked to have a little time to himself.
But when it hit the 5 hour mark of the 4th day, frustration and disappointment had begun to set in.
There was one more thing that made the whole situation worse. He was blatantly ignoring you- and only you.
It hurt. You could admit that to yourself easily without any qualms at all. It hurt.
Whether that was to do with the whole ‘mate’ side of things you didn’t know- all that you did know was that Derek Hale was drowning and he wasn’t going to swim until everyone else was okay.
Thud, thud, thud, creaak
“Der please sit down”
“I can’t. I gotta figure this shit out before the school finishes for the day.” Derek grunted from his spot in the middle of the room. His head firmly stuck in the thick, dusty book that he had been pouring through for the majority of the afternoon.
“Der please, take a break.” You pleaded with him, begging him to just stop for a second and relax.
“I can’t,” Derek murmured again, before he pivoted in his heel and walked away up the staircase.
His heavy footfalls retreated upstairs, the musty book still clutched in his grasp.
Swallowing the lump in your throat, you willed the tears in your eyes to stay put and to not roll down your cheeks in fat drops.
Why couldn’t you be enough for him?
The next plea came around 2 hours later, when you brought a bowl of homemade pasta and garlic bread up to Derek. Hoping that just maybe it would strike up a conversation, that maybe he would utter more than two short sentences to you.
“Babe- I made you lunch.” You elbowed your way into the room, balancing the bowl and plate in your hands.
“Just leave it on the desk.” He motioned to an empty slot on the overcrowded surface.
“I just thought that maybe we could have lunch together, have some time with each-other.”
“Y/N/N’s I would- but I have so much to do. Stiles and Scott are already on my ass about the damn lizard freak in town.”
“Der, you need to take a break.” You placed your hands on his shoulders. Instead of feeling them relax you could feel his muscles tense up.
Shrugging your hands off, he pushed the fresh plate of food away, “I can’t.” He spoke simply.
“But-“ you tried to object in protest, trying to plead with the broad shouldered man in front of you- hoping that maybe, just maybe he would come to his senses.
He did not.
“I said no Y/N.” Derek ground out, “I’m busy. Please for the love of God stop bothering me.”
The words stung you, causing you to stumble back in shock. Derek had a hard exterior, everybody knew that. But he had never spoken like that to you.
He had promised on your wedding day that he would always be kind, that he would be your biggest supporter and largest source of love.
But all those words felt like lies now. You felt alone, like an empty shell of yourself. Why couldn’t you just be enough?
Hours flew by, the watch on Derek’s wrist occasionally beeping to signify the new hour. If he were being honest- he had lost track of what the time was.
The only signifier was that Stiles, Scott and the others were in his presence- meaning it was at least 4pm
And judging by the sky outside of his office window, it was late evening, as the sky itself had melted from cool blues into a fantastic array of oranges and purples.
But besides the low chatters and bickering coming from Isaac and Stiles, the house felt almost too quiet.
There was no tv hum coming from the living room, no occasional flush or running of water from the restroom, no sizzle from food coming on the oventop, no sound of a page in a book turning. Nothing. Just silence.
“Hey Derek,” He looked up to see Scott staring at him, “Where’s Y/N?”
“Yeah, I haven’t seen her yet today.” Isaac chimed in.
“I’m not actually too sure.”
Derek was met with a sea of blank stares.
“I’m sorry- there’s a kanima out there roaming Beacon Hills, the very same kanima that is killing more people by the day. And you don’t know where your wife is?” Stiles asked incredulously, “Are you kidding me.”
“Well I’ve been so caught up on this research that I haven’t been spending as much time with her.” Derek attempted to defend himself.
“Derek, please tell me that you haven’t been ignoring your wife.”
Everybody had there eyes on him again.
There was an uproar of protests, all of which were yelling at Derek for ignoring and deserting his wife.
“You better find her Derek, before something happens and you regret it for the rest of your life.”
You really didn’t know how long you had been out here for. All you knew was that the night was closing in and the chill was setting in your bones.
But you didn’t want to go back to the loft, you honestly didn’t think you could handle seeing Derek after his outburst earlier.
The cold, damp ground soaked into your body- sucking all the warmth out of your body at a creeping pace.
The spot you sat in, hadn’t changed much since your first date with Derek. It was still isolated and it gave off the best views in Beacon Hills. Nobody knew about it but you and Derek.
Sighing deeply, you looked out over the viewing point- watching the tiny specks of light flicker in the distance. Every single light showed a different life that was being lived, each one with their own struggles. Beacon Hills was something else to say the least.
“I knew I could find you here.” A familiar voice broke your train of thought.
You kept silent, staring straight ahead, willing that your bottom lip wouldn’t start trembling and the flood gate wouldn’t open in your eyes.
“Look I’m sorry.”
You sniffed, still unable to look your husband in the eyes, “Are you though?” You briefly shut your eyes to stop any tears from breaking through, “or are you just saying that to get on my good side.”
You could feel Derek’s presence settle down besides your own. His breath creating little puffs of mist under the dark sky.
“I didn’t realise you were trying to help me, until it was too late and you’d left the apartment” He muttered, “It’s my fault, I should’ve taken your advice, I should’ve listened to you.”
You listened intently, knowing his words were sincere and heartfelt, “Why didn’t you listen to me then Der?” You responded bitterly.
“Because accepting help means showing weakness, and showing weakness is something I haven’t done since before the fire.” Derek’s voice was small now, “Before I met you, accepting help was off the table- I was a lone wolf, with no pack or family. And now I’ve found you and I’m desperate to not lose that again, I can’t lose you to this new threat in town- I can’t be alone again.”
Silence hung heavy in the air as your husband’s words set in. It made sense to you; why he was studying non-stop, why he had barely slept or ate.
It was apparent that while he was trying to protect his loved ones, he was also pushing them away in the process. That needed to change.
“You won’t be alone Der,” You lay your head down on his shoulder, “I promise that much- it’s you and me forever.”
“Through every supernatural event that happens in this town?”
You giggled softly, “Yes, and every single thing in between.”
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fuckingthefictional · 4 months ago
Colin Creevey’s camera roll.
A/N- I studied Colin Creevey’s handwriting from the DA list for so long and attempted to mimick his handwriting.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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fuckingthefictional · 4 months ago
Red Stained Dress
Request: “I hope you’re having a wonderful day/evening/afternoon/night! May I request Reader being a cousin to the Shelby’s (mother’s side) and being very very like lady-like, clean, expensive clothes. And one of the boys gets blood on her dress? If that’s alright? Thanks in advance.”
A/N: I made this entirely too angsty for my own good, either way hope you enjoy!
Warning: Graphic descriptions of violence, swearing, blood.
Tumblr media
“Mummy what is falling in love like?”
“My darling, it is one of the best things in life. It is special and sacred. It makes life worth living, it makes the world that little bit brighter.”
“When will that happen to me?”
“Time will tell my sweet girl, but be patient- love is always lurking around corner, where you least expect it.”
Your mother was right. It did lurk around the corner and it caught your heart in its grasp and lead you to love. To your husband.
At the age of 20 you went from Y/N Strong to Y/N Massey. Wife of James Massey. You were happy, at peace.
But your mother had failed to explain the complexities of love. That it didn’t come easy. There was darkness and rockiness. And love didn’t always last.
For you it broke in front of you. When your husband was taken on the battlefield- somewhere in France.
And suddenly you were a widow, you were alone.
Your mother and husband had passed. The only person left was your father (if you could even call him that)- Charlie Strong.
On her deathbed your mother had begged you to go and make amends with him. Even going as far to write down his address on a piece of paper for you to keep.
But you hadn’t plucked the courage to do that yet. To you your father was just a man who ran from his wife and child at the first moment he could.
There was only one trait that you shared with that man. And that was your love of horses. You had always had a connection with animals. Horses and dogs in particular would just flock to you- who knew maybe it was in your blood.
“Ms Massey?” A quiet voice interrupted your heavy stream of thought, looking up you saw one of the many maids that worked at the house standing in the entry way to the library.
“Is everything alright Mary?” You asked.
“Ms Carleton has just arrived for you ma’am, she’s waiting for you by the car.”
You nodded, rising from your armchair and taking one last glance at his armchair before you left for the day.
May and yourself were going to a horse auction, you’d been looking forward to it for weeks.
You were both looking for some new horses to take on and train, as well as some new potential clients.
“Stop dallying Y/N!” Your friend’s familiar voice rang out, “The auction starts soon, we’ll miss out at this rate!”
You rolled your eyes towards May, silently dismissing her joking jabs at you.
“We won’t be late May,” You reprimanded, “stop fretting.”
“The clock says otherwise.”
“Ladies like us are never late,” You waves your hands to prove your point, “everyone else is simply early.”
May giggles in response, “if you say so Y/N/N.”
You swatted at your close friend jokingly, you were hoping for a successful, calm day- but trouble always did seem to follow you every place you went.
“Ladies and Gents we will start our bidding at 50 pounds.”
The horse auction was surprisingly crowded, it seemed that quite a few people had come to see what breeds could be found at the auction house that afternoon.
It was dwindling down to the last few stallions and the occasional mare. All in all you had been successful in purchasing two stallions and a mare of your own.
The last horse on auction in question was beautiful, it was a stallion- dark and shiny in colour, its legs were long but muscled. A perfect contender for you to train for the races.
You raised your hand in interest.
“50 pounds here,” the auctioneer spoke, looking around at everyone else, “Going once, twice-“
“150 pounds.”
Your head whipped round, looking for the man who was trying to outbid you.
“300” you spoke again.
“500” A murmur rippled through the crowd.
You weighed up your options, it was a lot of money for a single horse- you didn’t want to blow through every single penny you had to your name.
“Going once, going twice-“
“1500 pounds.” A new voice had cut out, there were shocked murmurs erupting throughout the stands of people.
The gavel banged on the table, signifying the final action of the day, as people began to disperse from the auction house- you could finally see the man that had snatched the last horse up.
You knew who it in an instant- it was Thomas Shelby. Your cousin Thomas.
Swallowing a lump in your throat, you began to make your way down the stairs with May. Silently you found yourself praying that he hadn’t taken any notice of your presence.
God didn’t listen of course.
You took a deep inhale, as you rushed down the stairs to try and escape.
Fuck, there was no chance of outrunning them.
You quickly murmered that you would catch up to your friend, before you slipped through the doors arena like stage.
The doors itself open and closed behind you, before it was repeated again.
Here goes nothing I suppose.
You breathed in a shuddering breath as you turned to face your estranged family members.
They were all there. Thomas, John, Arthur, as well as another two men that you didn’t recognise. Not to mention the man that you had long since called your father.
You put on a polite smile, which probably looked far too forced, “Good Afternoon Thomas.”
“What are you-“
“What are you doing ‘ere ‘ey?” Your father cut Tommy off, questioning your motives as his piercing eyes stared into your similar ones.
The action only caused a swell of anger to swirl in her belly.
“I assume the same reason that you are- business.” You spoke simply, biting down on your tongue to keep any more words at bay.
“And what ‘business’ do you have here Hmm?” Tommy’s gruff voice asked.
“Jesus I’m just here to purchase any horses that look good enough to ride professionally- what is your probl-“
“Mr Shelby.”
Everything that happened next, happened all too quickly. Because before you could even register what was happening there was a yell coming from one of your cousins.
“Get down!” John’s voice had cut of your own with a loud yell, as you were suddenly tackled to the floor.
A loud crack rippled through the air as the wooden banister above you splintered into two, a bullet lodging itself in the wall behind it.
You peeled up behind the curtain of hair that had fallen in front of your eyes, “What the fuck?” You screamed in fear, shock melting into every nerve and muscle in your body.
Another gunshot pierced out, as it shattered the large window close by into thousands of shards.
A part of you didn’t want to believe that this was happening- surely it was just a dream? A terrible, horrific nightmare?
Another crack of a bullet being launched sounded close to you, peeping up from behind your quivering hands you saw that it was Thomas who had fired it.
Thomas who had fired a fatal shot into another man’s head. Thomas who had caused the death of a man, who may have had a wife, or a child or a family.
But nothing could’ve prepared you for the sight that was to come next. The sight of your eldest cousin brutally throwing punch after punch after punch at another man’s face.
The sickening sounds of flesh hitting flesh and bones shifting and cracking under the weight of Arthur’s meaty fists continued to echo around the room.
The man’s face slowly becoming mangled into mush, the sand below him becoming stained with crimson blood - you knew you couldn’t take it for a moment longer.
Swallowing your fear, you jumped off of the ground, screaming desperately for Arthur to stop.
You tried to pull him off, only to be knocked backwards onto your back. You felt the air leave your body as you collided with the ground.
You shifted back onto your feet, ignoring the pain surging through your spine. Watching as your father, Tommy and another man ripped Arthur away from the scene.
Crawling over you to the motionless body, you lifted two fingers to his neck. Frantically searching for a pulse. After a few seconds you found one, “He’s still alive- but his pulse is weak, he needs-“
Once again you were cut off by your father, “John take Y/N to the car.”
“What? No!” You protested, “did you not hear me- that man is dying he needs a doctor now.”
Within seconds you felt your body lift off the ground and over someone’s shoulder.
“Stop! You can’t do this!” You were screaming desperately, you voice becoming hoarse “What is wrong with you?”
The feeling of tears running down your face, alerted you to just how upset you felt. You just watched your family kill- like they were predators.
A few short minutes later, you felt your feet finally hit the floor. Looking around you grasped onto the nearest solid object that you could find.
The car was cool to touch and it calmed your raging thoughts for a second before a swell of nausea hit. You wanted to be sick, to cleanse the memories of what you had just witnessed away.
“Y/N...” John’s voice held care, like he was tiptoeing around what had just happened, “About what you just saw.”
“You didn’t see anything.”
You’re head shot up angrily, Tommy stood in front of you, with the rest of the group of men behind him.
“Really because the blood on my fucking dress says otherwise,” you fined, lYou’re fucking insane- you just killed two men, two men who may have had families that will never see them again.” Tears welled up in your eyes, “You should feel ashamed.”
Tommy rolled his eyes, “If we didn’t kill them, they would have killed us.”
“We all have a part to play in this world Tommy- you don’t get to decide who lives, who dies and who tells the story. You’re just a selfish coward who shoots first and asks questions later.”
“Y/N you can’t say that- he’s your family.”
Your head whipped around, quick enough that you swore you could’ve gotten whiplash. It was your father who had spoken those words.
“You don’t get to say anything to me- you do not have that right anymore, you lost that a long time ago,” You jabbed a finger into his scrawny chest, “Family Hm? You lot stopped being my family years ago. None of you came to my wedding, none of your cared when my husband was killed, and you ‘dad’ disowned me before I could walk- so don’t you dare lecture me about family.”
“You’re still apart of this family Y/N.”
You rolled your eyes, “Well if that,” you pointed back over to the auction center, “is what being apart of this family is then I have no fucking interest in being apart of it.”
Family isn’t always to do with fucking blood- it is what you make it.
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fuckingthefictional · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Diego Hargreeves
Imagine your first date with Diego
I think we’re alone now (social media au)
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fuckingthefictional · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Imagine your first date with Diego Hargreeves.
So you met Diego while he was still at the police academy
You were working in a diner as a part time job
And Diego and his cadet buddies would frequent the place after training
He’ll never forget the first words you said to him
“Can I get you something sugar?”
He tried, emphasis on tried to respond with something witty
“Just a coffee, bacon sandwich and your number sweets.”
At least that was what it sounded like in his head. It came out with about 50x more stuttering instead.
But you still thought it was kinda sweet- because he wasn’t over confident or cocky
And you took great joy after you guys started dating in teasing him over how nervous he was to talk to you at first
That’s how you guys first met
And then he started coming back more (even if it was just by himself) to see you
Bless his heart- he began to have a real soft spot for the elderly owners (and vice versa)
It literally made your heart melt
Nicknames became so common between the pair of you
“Morning Handsome”
“Morning Beautiful”
And Diego began to make a tradition out of writing lil messages and notes on the napkins at his table for you to read
Eventually Diego picked up enough courage (after a huge amount of persuasion from the diner owners) to ask you out on a date.
He had planned out a really fancy date. But everything kept not going as planned.
His car got a flat tire meaning he was late picking you up.
The expensive resteraunt Diego had booked in a table for had cancelled the reservation at the last minute.
Your nicest pair of heels snapped leaving you shoeless and you had to be carried by Diego back to his car.
And to top it all off, the weather took a turn for the worse and it started terrestrially raining.
But Y’know, you have to make the most out of a bad situation.
So you told Diego to park his car near a small park on the outskirts of the city
You got out of the car dragging him with you and just began to dance in the rain
It wasn’t long before both of you were drenched and laughing hysterically
I can just imagine Diego chuckling slightly and then having a smile just break out as he looks at you
Anyway you take Diego to the diner (since you have a spare pair of the keys) and you just sit and talk for the next few hours.
You ordered a pizza
Because despite it being a place that sells food, the next delivery of fresh stock arrived the morning after.
Also Diego ✨can’t cook for shit✨
But like the whole environment around the pair of you just felt super comfortable
And domestic af
So after your little date Diego walked you home
Because Grace taught him to be a gentleman
When you got to your apartment, that’s when you had your first kiss
As cliché as it sounds
Then shit escalated from there
It got sTeaMy
You just sort of dragged him by the collar into your apartment.
Both sharing the type of kiss that made you back against the wall and trip and tumble because you’re just so caught up in the moment.
Finally making it to the bedroom
Dont be silly wrap your willy
The next morning waking up in Diego’s arms.
Ugh my heartttt
And honestly you half expected him to sneak out after you had done the deed
But no. He stayed.
“What you starting at Princess.”
“Just an extremely handsome face and incredible six pack
He just chuckled and pulled you closer to him
And you just thought I could get used to this
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fuckingthefictional · 7 months ago
Dressings- Chapter 10
A/N- sorry this chapter is long overdue, I’ve been struggling with my mental health for the past few weeks. Either way hope you’re all well, let me know if you enjoy this chapter-and stay safe friends.
Pairing: John Laurens x Reader
Warnings: idk?¿ none??
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Dressings Taglist: @fanfic-addict-98 @teenag1jealousy @popbubblegumpop @flick24 @alievans007 @atanoissapa @pettyjayy @angelicl-y @la-fryette @eyeliveinabook @i-honestly-dont-know-anymore @notebookgirl30 @multifandom-loser @dovesgrangers @notebookgirl30 @valleryhyde @moondustmemories @i-know-i-can @hanster1998 @rosesinmars
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fuckingthefictional · 7 months ago
Yo how do you make your fake snap chat and social media aus? They bring me joy!
Hiya hun! Glad to hear that you like my aus, it makes me so happy.
So for the text messages I use a website called iFaketextmessage.com, For Snapchat’s I use my actual Snapchat account with pictures that I’ve found online, Instagram posts- I make via an Instagram account I have, Twitter posts are made via tweetgen.com. Lastly, all general edits are made with Paint 3D!
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fuckingthefictional · 7 months ago
Dressings - part 9
Pairing: John Laurens x Reader
Warnings: swearing ?¿
AN: sorry this chapter has been a long time coming- I’ve been working all week, struggling with mental health and college work. I’ll try to get more out soon but please bare with me ☺️
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Dressings Taglist: @fanfic-addict-98 @teenag1jealousy @popbubblegumpop @flick24 @alievans007 @atanoissapa @pettyjayy @angelicl-y @la-fryette @eyeliveinabook @i-honestly-dont-know-anymore @notebookgirl30 @multifandom-loser @dovesgrangers @notebookgirl30 @valleryhyde @moondustmemories @i-know-i-can @hanster1998
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fuckingthefictional · 8 months ago
One more hour
Pairing: Philip Hamilton x Reader
AN: yoooo I highly recommend listening to Anthony Ramos- ‘One more hour’ while reading this. I gave up half way through but enjoy anyway!
Tumblr media
Philip, what happened to you last night?”
“My man, It's crazy”
“Bro, you disappeared, did you leave with Y/N?”
“Yeah man, we were just hanging out man, and then we just kept goin' from one spot to another and-“
“What time did y'all get in?”
“like five or six or something like that, the sun was definitely coming up”
“Are you serious?”
“Yeah, let me tell you about it”
Here's how it happened- Downtown Manhattan, Chillin' with everybody in the cast and Pregame of swiftin' After work sippin'
Before moving to a big city, Y/N could never have possibly anticipated the sound of traffic being even remotely calming.
However, the longer she lived in a busy city, the more she learned to appreciate the sound of people in their cars.
It was oddly calming, the idea of hundreds of thousands of different people going about their lives.
The idea never ceased to get her creativity flowing, she could just listen for hours to the soft hum of engines for hours on end.
“Hey Y/N.”
Y/N felt her body jump in surprise as she heard someone speak in front of her, looking up from her work , she turned to find Philip Hamilton stood by her.
They’d both worked together at the New York Post for a couple of years now- ever since the pair had both been interns, fresh out of college.
It was fair to say that Y/N had a crush on Philip since the first time they met
“A bunch of us are going to Montero’s after work, d’you fancy coming with?”
Y/N swore she could feel her heart stop in her chest.
“M-me?” The woman stuttered in shock, her eyes wide and brows high.
Philip chuckled nervously, as he rubbed the back of his neck, “I mean yeah, I’d really like it if you came- o-only if you want to, of course”
Y/N found herself giggling at the curly haired boys nervousness, “I’d love to,” she smiled in response,” what time are we all leaving?”
“Planning on leaving at around 6, and then staying out for however long we feel like.” He flashed his pearly whites in her direction, making Y/N’s heart flutter once again.
“Okay,” looking down at her outfit she sighed in frustration. It was very... professional, “I wish I’d brought something to change into now.”
“You really don’t need a change of clothes Y/N,” Philip skimmed his eyes up and down her outfit, before clearing his throat, “You look good in everything...”
You could feel your face turn pink, as you became flustered.
“...Especially when you blush like that.”
One drink to two 'til we on the train trippin'. Four four and A, Let's take the A. We gettin' lit 'cause we had a long day- Spot ain't too far, Big crew to start. But now we alone talkin' shit at the bar
Y/N found herself sipping a last gulp of her glass of wine, she savouring the taste in her mouth as she listened to her coworker, Theo chatter on about her engagement.
It was hard to keep focused on the other woman though, as Y/N kept catching Philip’s gaze from across the bar.
It wasn’t long at all before Philip strolled over with a few more of Y/N’s coworkers in tow. In his hands he held an additional glass of wine in his hands, which he slid towards her as he sat down in the both beside her.
“Is this for me?” Y/N questioned the curly haired boy.
“Only if you want it,” Philip shrugged, “Just thought you deserved another round, especially after the day we’ve had.”
Y/N giggled softly as she bumped his shoulder against hers, “thank you, I really appreciate it.”
Hours ticked by as fellow Coworkers began to pack up their things and say their farewells.
And it wasn’t long until it was just Philip and herself sat alone talking at the bar together.
It was strange, how comfortable Y/N felt with Philip. Obviously they knew each Other well, but around him it felt like time moved quickly without her knowledge.
“Holy crap, do you remember George Eaker?” Y/N laughed into her wine glass, as she remembered what a stupid situation she had been placed into.
“Oh God- he was an asshole.” Philip grumbled.
“He wasn’t that bad!”
“He flirted with you non-stop for a month- it was horrible.”
The young woman smiled cheekily at the guy in front of her, “Aw is lil Pip jealous?” She ruffled his soft head of hair, watching as he flushed red in response.
Then we held eyes way too long, started feeling something more- always been just friends before. Now I don't really wanna go!
“Well maybe I was.” He muttered under a bated breath.
Y/N swore she felt her body freeze up, since when did Philip like her like this? I mean she wasn’t complaining but- they’d always been “just friends”.
They held eye contact for a few moments, something that had to be too long to be considered a normal friend thing.
As she looked into Philip’s eyes, she noticed a gnawing feeling in her stomach, one that told her: ‘she didn’t want to be just friends with Pip- she wanted something more.’
Now this place is closin', they callin' last round, I got another spot around the corner if you down. Tomorrow we ain't workin', so maybe one more? But homie, no pressure, we can call it if you want
“It’s probably time we go,” Y/N spoke softly, “they’re calling last rounds.” She downed the rest of the wine in her glass as she started working on gathering up her things.
The bar was slowly becoming more and more desolate, as the customers began to filter out of the exit and into the streets.
A select few of the patrons were working on getting a last order in, before the bar shut for the night.
Philip cleared his throat, “Y’know, I know another place around the corner if you’re down to go?” He took a few seconds to rethink his words, as a moment later he added on a panicked, “But no pressure, we can call it a night if you want?”
She said, "Nah, let's make a move, and I'ma trust you. But if this place is wack you gon' be callin’ my- Ooh
Y/N mulled over the decision in her mind for a minute. She really wanted to.
“Oh what the hell!” The young woman declared, “we’re not working tomorrow, but I swear to God Pip if this place is whack you’ll be the one having to call my parents”
Philip chuckled in response, as he hopped off of the bar stool and held his hand out for her to take.
Without even a second thought, she took his larger hand in hers.
Philip’s palms were warm (but not sweaty or clammy) Which played a huge contrast in comparison to Y/N’s own freezing cold hands, And whenever he squeezed her hand in excitement- Y/N could feel the butterflies erupt in her belly.
It was small things like this, that never failed to make Y/N fall more in love with Philip Hamilton.
5 minutes of walking later, Philip finally halted in front of a rather rustic looking bar- that maybe was beginning to border i on scrappy looking.
The neon sign above the entrance read ‘Valentinos’ in a glowing red font.
Y/N would be lying if she said that she wasn’t nervous about entering the building.
“My dad and his friends used to frequent here back in college,” Philip explained, before continuing on “it’s usually quite quiet and it stays open late.”
Y/N could feel her heart hammering inside her chest- she didn’t know what to make of this place.
Her anxiety was obviously noticed by the young man holding her hand, as seconds later he took her face in his hands.
Philip gently caressed her cheeks as he spoke softly in a soothing manner, “I don’t want to force you into anything that you’re not comfortable with- But I promise it’ll be safe inside.”
Y/N found herself listening to his words.
Philip wouldn’t put her in any immediate danger- she could feel it.
Inside the bar was better than Y/N had expected, it was clean and there were plenty of spare tables to sit at.
So they sat, sipping their new sounds of drinks, at the back of the bar.
Slowly letting time slip in between their fingertips.
Never mind, never mind, ‘cause soon as we arrive, got a spot up in the back, back to losing track of time.
Hours later, both Philip and Y/N stumbled out of Valentino’s- slightly tipsy and high on life.
Outside was dark, and it was obvious how late the night had gotten.
Y/N wasn’t even overly surprised when she looked at her phone, And found that the time was half past 3 in the morning.
the dim glow of the street lights lit up the strips of sidewalk, And the bustle had for the most part stopped.
But she could still hear the sound of the trains below their feet, as the transport continued to set off and arrive to and from the subway platform.
And other than that, the only thing Y/N could hear was the steady breathing coming from Philip.
“It's been a good night, I mean, I hope we can do this again for real,” he pulled Y/N closer, wrapping his arms around her waist. But Y/N didn’t mind one bit, “but We should probably head out ‘Cause, you know- There's nowhere else to go, ‘should probably head on home.”
Y/N watched Philip take his phone out of his pocket, as he pressed on the Uber app. Ready to call Y/N a cab back home.
“Stop!” Y/N didn’t know what urged her to take Philip’s face into her hands, but she followed through as she followed on, “Let's go one more hour! Usually I'm gone now- I'm not ready, I don't really wanna go.”
A split second later Philip’s mouth was on hers, as the pair met in a hot, passionate kiss.
It was everything that Y/N could’ve imagined, as the young man tugged at her Y/H/C locks on her head.
She let out a pleasured groan at the sensation, and she could feel Philip’s smile pressing up against her lips.
“One more hour huh?” Philip mumbled, “Does that include being at my apartment?”
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Dressings- Part 8
Pairing: John Laurens x Reader
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Dressings- Part 7
Pairing: John Laurens x reader
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Dressings- part 6
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Dressings- Part 5
Pairing: John Laurens x reader
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Dressings- part 4
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Part 3- Dressings
Pairing: John Laurens x Nurse!Reader
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Dressings- Part 2
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