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Not so vanilla- Peter Parker x reader
Warnings: 18+smut, rough sex, cock warming, slight voyer, Bucky’s dirty mouth, dirty talk. Peter is aged up all characters 18+
“I don’t know Wanda it’s just so... vanilla.”
“Maybe bring it up to Peter?”
“Yeah you’re right.”
Peter frowned catching the end of their conversation from outside the kitchen. Bucky who was sitting with Steve let out a small snort. “Buck.” Steve warned shaking his head. “That’s rough.” Bucky chuckled getting up from the couch. “Vanilla what’s vanilla?” One of the youngest Avengers asked.
Bucky struggled not to laugh to hard at the poor boy’s innocence. “Sex Parker, it means you’re boring in the sack.” Bucky chuckled. Peter frowned a slight blush on his cheeks. His eyebrows furrowed as the word vanilla swirled around his mind. (Y/n) really thought he was so boring in bed that he needed to talk about it to Wanda?
“Mr Barnes you know a lot about this stuff can you help me out please?” He asked trying not to sound as desperate as he felt. “I don’t know if that’s appropriate guys we are technically at work.” Steve sighed not wanting to hear the discussion. “Nonsense Stevie the kid wants the help of a professional besides who’s gonna fire the Avengers?” Bucky said with his usual confidence. Steve shook his head but put up his hands in surrender. Peter and Bucky sat on the couch in the common room.
“Alright first of all you gotta drop the nervous thing. Women find confidence sexy.” Bucky started. Peter nodded along listening intently. “And take charge, (y/n) seems like the kind who likes a man to really take control.” Bucky continued. Peter mentally took notes not wanting to embarrass himself with actual notes.
Bucky looked around the room leaning a bit closer. Peter copied his actions leaning in desperate for help. There were two people in this tower that you could count on having advise on sex. The first one was obviously playboy genius Tony Stark who Peter saw as a father figure so that was a no. Bucky Barnes was the second having been quite good at this sort of thing back in the 30’s.
“You can’t tell anyone I told you this kid I need you to swear.”
“Okay Mr Barnes I swear.”
“Okay so you know how the girls have those sleepovers sometimes? Well last time they were talking about kinks and they all agreed that some sort of voyeurism is hot. (Y/n) specifically said that she was turned on by the threat of being caught, struggling to be quiet so no one hears.”
“Wh-what? (Y/n) likes that? My (y/n)?”
“Yes kid she thinks it’s hot when someone’s so desperate for it that have to take them no matter who’s listening so maybe tonight once everyone is asleep take her on the common room couch or on the kitchen counter or in the gym.”
“B-but the camera’s what if someone sees?”
“Stark doesn’t check the cameras unless he has a reason to. Besides who gives a shit just keep going.”
“Oh shit tonight’s game night I have to play with the guys I’ve been putting them off all week already I promised.”
“Even better you’ll be talking to your friends while you play right?”
“Yeah of course.”
“Okay then make her sit on your dick while you play. Make her wear that gaming coms device and fuck her if the game gets hard or something.”
“My headset? But what if they hear?”
“Make her keep quiet otherwise you’ll stop or you’ll make sure they hear everything.”
“Buck why are you putting thoughts like that in his head?”
“Trust me works with men and women.”
Peter blinks a few times taking in the information. It would be something completely new for them could he really do it? Peter wanted to ask more questions but before he could (Y/n) and Wanda walk in. Bucky slides away from Peter smiling towards the to. “Hello ladies what can we do tor you today?” He beamed.
(Y/n) smiled while Wanda rolled her eyes. “We were looking for Peter I thought he was upstairs but Bruce sent us here.” (Y/n) said kissing her boyfriend on the cheek. Peter blushed more smiling back. “Yep I’ve been down here talking to Bucky about um about how um-” Peter stutters trying to come up with a line. “Dancing, the kid wants to take you dancing and was askin advice and my opinion.” Bucky quickly said.
“Y-yeah I was looking for tips and I know he’s the best dancer here so.” Peter chuckled awkwardly. (Y/n) smiled brightly her eyes lighting up. “Aww Peter that’s so sweet!” She exclaimed hugging him tight. Peter looked towards Bucky smiling gratefully. Bucky nodded sending him a wink.
“Hey kid don’t you have that Xbot thing to get to?” Bucky asked. “Uh it’s Xbox but yeah wanna join me for a bit (y/n)?” Peter asked looking towards his girlfriend. (Y/n) nodded grabbing his hand to follow him to their room. On their way out Bucky shot Peter a thumbs up. Peter gulped nodding nervously.
“How about you come sit on my lap till I’m finished?” Peter suggested now dressed in some basketball shorts and going without a shirt. (Y/n) eyed him confused but sat down anyways. She was wearing one of Peter’s shirts and a pair of underwear her usual lounging wear. Peter leaned back adjusting her body to be exactly where he wanted it. He tried swallowing his nervous down he didn’t want to disappoint her.
After a bit of him playing the game (Y/n) was occupied looking at her phone. Taking a deep breath Peter removed his headset setting it on her neck aiming the mic close to her mouth but to where he can also reach it. (Y/n) eyed him confused to which Peter smiles with fake innocence. He purposely dies letting out a frustrated growl grinding his hips into hers in frustration. (Y/n) gasped shocked but feeling pleasure from him grinding against her.
“Take your panties off and you better keep quiet.” Peter roughly whispers in her ear. (Y/n) looks confused but feeling turned on she gets up sliding her panties to the floor. Before she can retake her seat Peter has her straddle his thigh. “Do I need to gag you with these or will you keep quiet?” He almost growled in her ear. (Y/n) shook her head confused by what was going on.
He went on playing a particularly frustrating game of Cod making sure to relay call outs to Ned. After Peter was sniped by someone he couldn’t even see he let out a fuck knowing his team didn’t have the money to revive him yet. Instead he took his fingers and pushed them against (Y/n)’s clit rubbing against it. (Y/n) bit back a moan looking at him pleadingly. Peter moved two of his fingers into her tight hole to spread the wetness around her clit.
Once he could feel her clenching around his fingers and she was grabbing his shoulders he pulled his fingers away licking them clean before grabbing the controller again. “P-Pete what?” She tries to question not finishing her sentence. “It’s my thigh or nothing, I’m not helping you get off till you’re done.” He whispered huskily into her ear. (Y/n) blinked her mouth agape. “What if they hear?” She whispered.
“If you let them hear you, you won’t get to cum and they’ll listen to me fuck you like my little whore begging for me to make you cum.” He explained squeezing her thighs. (Y/n) nodded moving her hips. Her bare cunt began grinding against Peter’s muscled thigh. She bit into her bottom lip trying to bite back a moan of his name. Peter smiled and began slightly bouncing his leg.
(Y/n) gasped letting out a small moan from the added friction. Distracted Peter died again making his friends tease him. This time he reached his hands up (y/n)’s shirt his fingers playing with her sensitive nipples. The combined friction of his bouncing leg against her clit with his calloused fingers pinching her hardened nipples caused her to let out a much louder moan. The chat suddenly went silent and (Y/n)’s hand clasped over her mouth mortified.
“What did I tell you?” Peter asked not just to her. (Y/n) went to say something but before she could Peter had her pinned against the couch. “Now I have to teach you a lesson.” He said a smirk on his face. Peter lowered his face down to her sex. “But Peter-” (y/n) starts. Peter doesn’t respond diving in to eat her out.
His tongue lapped against her clit as he shoved two fingers in and out of her. (Y/n) struggles not to moan or make any noise of pleasure. “Don’t be quiet now you clearly wanted my friends to hear how much of a slut you are.” Peter said huskily against her clit. (Y/n) was chewing on her bottom lip so hard that she could taste the blood against her tongue. Peter sucked her clit into his mouth applying the perfect amount of pressure.
“Beg for it love beg me to cum.” Peter commanded curling his fingers inside her so they thrusted right into her g-spot. (Y/n)’s eyes shifted from the mic near her mouth to her boyfriend who’s mouth was glistening with her juices as he sucked on and bit at her clit. It should be humiliating for the guys to hear her begging him for orgasm but for some reason it thrilled her and she desperately wanted to cum. “Peter please let me cum please.” She pleaded out desperately. “Good girl.” Peter smiled adding another finger before continuing to suck harder and faster.
(Y/n) didn’t stop the pornographic moans that were leaving her mouth as she felt her orgasm nearing. The boys were silent long dead in their game as they listened to their friends girlfriend moan like a whore. She clenched around Peter’s fingers screaming out his name as her juices flooded over his tongue. Peter smiled wiping his mouth as he leaned over his girlfriend. Grabbing the mic he said a quick bye before turning off the console and tossing it aside.
“Go get me one of my ties from the bedroom.” Peter commanded. (Y/n) quirked an eyebrow standing up on wobbling legs. While she disappeared into the bedroom Peter rid himself of his remaining clothing. His cock was hard the tip red and leaking a bit of precum. He stroked it while she was gone groaning at how hard he was. (Y/n) came back in handing him the tie.
He hastily grabbed it using it to tie her wrists together tightly. “Safe word baby girl?” Peter asked kissing her collar bone up to her face peppering it with kisses. “Guava.” She answered kissing him back. Peter smiled before roughly pulling her to the couch. He had her on all fours face down heads up ass on display for him.
“Count or I start over.” Peter said sliding his hands up and down her thighs. (Y/n) couldn’t think to do anything but nod. After a few playful squeezed Peter’s hand came down hard against her right ass cheek making her help out the number. While his one hand went back on forth smacking both her ass cheeks his other hand played with her already puffy soaked pussy. By the time he reached ten her thighs were shaking as she writhed against him.
“Look at this pussy all wet for me. Does my poor little whore want my cock now?” Peter teased almost mockingly. “Please Peter fuck me please.” (Y/n) pleaded again. Never before had Peter had her so desperate for him, he felt proud of himself. He flipped (Y/n) around so she was lying on her back under him.
Her legs rested on his shoulders as he positioned himself at her entrance. “I’m gonna fuck your pussy so hard you won’t be able to walk tomorrow.” Peter smirked thrusting fully into her with one hard thrust. “Oh god Peter.” She moaned out scratching her fingers down his bag leaving a red trail. Peter set a rough and rapid pace ducking into her mercilessly. It was pure animalistic fucking.
“Gonna use this pussy, gonna fill it up with so much cum.” He groaned feeling his orgasm near. Peter brought his thumb to her already overstimulated clit in hopes to make her cum before he did. “You want my cum sweet heart? You want me to fill up this slutty pussy?” He asked his thrusts getting sloppy.” “P-please Pet-Peter please.” (Y/n) gasped out.
Peter felt her pussy clench around him her gasps coming out quicker as she came around his cock. She came hard covering his cock in her juices. That was all Peter needed as he used the last of his strength to thrust into her a few more times before his cum shot into her pussy covering her walls in thick ropes of cum. The two laid pinned together as they caught their breath. Peter was the first to move pulling out of her as gently as possible.
(Y/n) let out a small hiss of pain moving her legs down. “I’m gonna get you cleaned up love sit still.” Peter whispered kissing her head. When Peter returned he had a warm washcloth and a pair of his pajama pants. He was gentle and sweet as he cleaned off her skin. When he cleaned off a section of her skin he would giver her a sweet kiss.
“Thanks Pete.” (Y/n) beamed now that she was changed. “I love you Princess.” Peter smiled. “I love you too handsome.” She replied kissing his cheek. She sat on his lap resting close to his chest as he played with her hair. He smiled thinking about what they had just done knowing it was far from vanilla.
“How’s that for vanilla?”
“Vanilla? What do you mean babe?”
“Sex with me can be exciting and not vanilla.”
“I didn’t think we were vanilla love where’d you get a silly idea like that?”
“I heard you and Wanda in the kitchen today you said it was vanilla and Wanda said you should just tell me.”
Peter frowned looking at his hands in his lap. (Y/n) snickered before bursting into full on laughter. “Oh baby I wasn’t talking about you, I bought an iced coffee today and they gave me some vanilla flavor instead of the chocolate I ordered.” She explained. Peter’s eyebrows furrowed as he thought back to the conversation. “But Wanda said you should bring it up to me.” He continued confused.
“I thought you were upstairs with Bruce and Tony so I was gonna bring it upstairs to bring to you. When I couldn’t find you up there they told me where you were and Tony asked for the coffee.” (Y/n) smiled wrapping her arms around her boyfriend. Peter was blushing now feeling embarrassed about the whole situation. “I’m not complaining because that was really hot but Peter I love when you and I are in bed.” She finished while giving him a kiss. Peter smiled kissing her back.
“I’m glad you enjoyed it, I’ll be sure to spice it up from time to time.” Peter chuckled. “Where’d you learn all that stuff anyways?” She questioned. “Bucky told me, apparently he overheard things at the last sleepover.” Peter shrugged. (Y/n)’s eyes became as wide as saucers and she frowned. “Barnes you are so dead!” She yelled taking off out the door and down the hall.
“Uh oh.” Peter said with a gulp realizing his error. Suddenly he could hear Wanda, Nat and (Y/n) yelling at Bucky who had been sleeping. Tony and Steve met Peter in the hallway. “What’s that about?” Tony asked. “Buck gave the kid sex advice.” Steve explained.
Tony nodded suddenly understanding the fight. “Oh okay he gave the kid- wait what kid my kid? He gave you sex advice Peter? You went to him over me?” Tony asked turning towards Peter. Peter gulped smiling nervously as he shrugged making cap burst into laughter.
Tumblr media
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Seriously looking for mutuals. Especially those who write so I can get some advice on some pieces Im having writers block on
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This is not me asking it’s a threat marvel
Tumblr media
Fuck the sacred timeline. Make a new one where my boi Loki is happy and thriving
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Okay but like short idea I had that I might turn into a short fic. So Loki agrees to help Mobius. One day he has to confront the other variant of himself head on alone. He asks this variant why he does it. The variant gives him one of the film wheel files. He reveals it’s their real file, the unedited version and it will tell him everything he needs to know. Loki is once again skeptical but decided to check the tape thing and watches his memory’s again except this time spots a familiar face, (Y/n). It turns out that they develop quite the romance over the years following the battle of New York. He falls completely in love with her as she does him. They were engaged when Thanos kills him and she mourns his loss heavily. She’s destroyed without him and wants to let herself blowup with his body which of course Thor prevents. “I don’t understand why would they keep this from me.” Loki whispers tears covering his face. “Watch this.” The alternate Loki commands tossing him a file with her name on it. He does and fast forward till after the explosion to see her finding out she was pregnant with his baby. A broken sob wracks through his body. “They kept this from you because it would turn you into me. They knew you would chose her and your child over helping them thus they altered the files and left out the details that I knew.” The alternate would explain. Loki stares at the paused image of his lover holding their baby as she cries. “Okay I’ll help you.”
Might even do this without the baby portion so trans women or any other non cis gendered women can be comfortable reading it
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How about Peter/Stark!reader, and #7? ily
Combined this request with the one commented by @alysssasos for 2,7, and 14. Ooh my first Stark! Reader I’m so excited. Thank you for the request love ily2 🖤🌹 it takes a bit to get to the smut in this one but I was really into this prompt for some reason😅
Warnings: 18+, Minors DNI, toxic boyfriend.
(Y/n) Stark had the definition of a picture perfect life. She was the oldest daughter of Tony Stark and the step daughter to Pepper Potts the most powerful couple since the Kennedy’s. Her life was one of luxury filled with a nice private school, the best car with a driver, the most expensive wardrobe, and the picture boyfriend to match the set. Harold ‘Harry’ Osborn was from the second most notorious family in all of New York his father Norman Osborn close business partners with Tony Stark. They were the perfect couple to the whole world.
Peter stared at the magazine in his hand brows furrowed at the picture. (Y/n) was in a breath taking marvelous red gown that hugged every curve and flowed down to her ankles. Harry was stood next to her dressed in a suit that was probably worth triple the apartment Peter lived in with May. The article was talking about how they were the most talked about couple in all of New York if not all of the world. Peter couldn’t help but tear the pages off tossing them to streets below.
He knew he shouldn’t be littering but the face of that slimy rich playboy made his skin crawl. (Y/n) and Harry may have seemed like they were the perfect couple to those with a blind eye but Peter knew better. Peter knew just how artificial their happiness was and he hated that no one else could see it. He was the one she called on the tear-filled sleepless nights and the one to pick her up on date nights that ended poorly. Peter knew her better than anyone else.
He had met (Y/n) on his first of many trips to the Avengers Tower and they had become quick best friends. Stark had been happy at the time his daughter finding such a true friend never knowing what would divulge from the relationship. Peter had wanted to confess many times but unfortunately their junior year Harry best him to it. But he was fine just settling on being her best friend, or at least that’s what he told himself. Peter’s suit alerted him of a phone call that he quickly accepted with a deep breath.
“Hey, Pete are you busy? I could really use your help before dad’s party.”
“Harold’s too busy I assume?”
“Something like that, can you help Peter please?”
“Of course I’ll be right there.”
He didn’t miss the happy squeal she let out when she said thank you or the hurt in her voice when she mentioned that Harry had been too busy for her. He hadn’t meant to come off as so cold but the rich boy got under Peter’s skin. Sure it could be written off as jealousy except Peter was a good enough person to let go of his feelings if they had been right for each other but he was sure that Harry didn’t treat her the way he deserved. He knew better than anyone of the sleepless nights spent crying and the loud fights.
He arrived at the Stark mansion dropping down to show himself to the guards before heading straight to her room. She was dressed in yet another beautiful red gown her hair and makeup was done as if for the red carpet. No matter how she was dressed (Y/n) Stark always managed to make Peter Parker quite breathless but tonight was something different all together. She was sat at her vanity looking into the mirror sadly. “That is an amazing gown except you seem to have lost the perfect smile that goes with it.” He smiled warmly.
Tumblr media
(Whether you all are dressed to nines or wearing sweatpants you’re absolutely stunning and immaculate and in case no one else has told you today you have the best smile!)
(Y/n) turned towards him her frown melting into the gorgeous smile he had fallen so in love with. “Peter I’m so glad you’re here your company is the best thing about these parties.” She beamed getting up to hug him. It took everything Peter had not to revel in how perfect her body felt against hers. While he was trying not to think of how soft her breasts were against him he spotted some black lace peaking out the back her dress. “Here turn around I’ll zip you up.” He chucked.
(Y/n) smiled gratefully turning around so he could help her. “You know you have about a hundred different staff members who could do this.” He pointed out. “I know but I’d prefer my best friend silly.” She giggled back. When the zipper was all the way up she took her seat again fixing up the dark shade of red that painted her lips. The lipstick that made them even more desirable.
“Oh crap Peter can you grab my necklace? I left it on my bathroom counter.” Her words pulled his attention away from her lips. He silently thanked her forgetfulness and made his way into the bathroom. Peter couldn’t help the smile that made its way to his lips seeing which necklace she was wanting to wear. It wasn’t one of Tony’s expensive gifts or Harry’s worthless apologies.
No this necklace was much more meaningful. It had been a Christmas gift from Peter on their first Christmas as friends. It wasn’t flashy or expensive like the others in her jewelry box but it was the one she wore most often. It was almost funny to Peter looking back now at how nervous he had been to give it to her due to its small price tag. He had saved up for weeks to buy it and it still didn’t compare to the ones he thought she deserved. Peter could never forget the bright smile on her face when she opened the box.
“Blue and red huh? See you’re sporting my colors Stark.” He said amused. “Always gotta support my friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.” She giggled. He smiled blushing as he helped her put the necklace on. “Perfect!” She grinned looking at him in the mirror.
“Yeah perfect.” He agreed smiling back at their reflections. They looked happy and almost like they belonged just like that together. “Where’s Harry tonight?” He asked clearing his throat. “He’s probably with Gwen but he’ll be here later.” She explained staring at her hands. Peter nodded understanding.
Tumblr media
Peter adjusted his tie again sipping from the small glass of scotch Tony had handed him an hour ago. He wasn’t one for drinking much but he needed something to distract him from the way Harry’s hands rested on (Y/n)’s hips as they danced to the current song. The sight of his fingers gripping her skin made Peter’s chest feel tight.
Tony was suddenly interrupting the song to thank everyone for coming boasting about himself and joking with the guests. After a few words about his family, he exited the stage and the music began again. Peter’s eyes scanned the floor looking for where (Y/n) and Harry had gone. They were nowhere to be seen in the crowd of people. Peter was just going to ignore it except his spidey sense was going off like crazy.
He sat his scotch down and wandered out of the room. It was too cold and rainy for them to be outside, they hadn’t snuck away to the kitchen or the halls for air, that left only one place. Pressing his ear to her door confirmed they were in fact in there. He turned to go away give them privacy since it was the right thing to do. Just as he began to pull away from the door he heard something distressing enough to keep him glued to his spot.
“Harry let me go you’re hurting me.” There was venom in her words but Peter could hear the small shake to them. He bit his lip his hand hovering over the doorknob. “Not until you stop acting like bitch!” Was spat back followed by a loud slapping sound. The sound echoed in Peter's head as he swung the door open slightly denting the metal knob. Harry still ad his hand squeezing (Y/n)'s arm tightly while the other hung at his side.
(Y/n)'s cheek was stained red from the imprint of Harry's hand a thin cut right at the cheekbone from his expensive ring. Her mascara-covered eyelashes were beaded with tears and she stared at her boyfriend shocked. Harry let go of her arm turning his glare to Peter who was stood in the doorway seething with rage. Any logical thought about the responsibilities that accompanied his powers was gone from his mind as he stared down Harry Osborne. The boy he had been when he met (Y/n) Stark wouldn't have been able to hurt him but the man he had become since definitely could.
"Get away from her Harold." He said practically growling his words. "Fuck off Parker this is between us." Harry responded with a smug roll of his eyes. "Don't talk to him like that, and get the fuck out we're done!" (Y/n) spat. Harry scowled towards the young stark stepping closer to her but she stood her ground bravely. Before either could speak again Peter quickly tackled Harry to the ground.
Harry chuckled annoyed thinking he would easily be able to overpower the smaller nerdier man but was taken off guard when Peter began punching him hard. (Y/n) was yelling out for Peter to stop but all he could hear was the sound of his fist connecting to Harry's face. Harry had a black eye that was swollen shut and blood had splattered across both his face and Peter’s knuckles. Peter’s breathing was harsh and rapid accompanied by grunts and growls.
“Peter, Peter stop!” (Y/n) yelled wrapping her arms around his waist and pulling him towards her. The two fell backwards Peter sitting between her legs still wrapped in her arms. “Get out Harry now.” (Y/n) commanded. Harry glared at the two spitting out some blood before taking off leaving the two alone. They were quiet for some time before Peter spoke up.
“Has he done that before?” He asked trying to steady his harsh breaths. “No no he hasn’t.” Her response came out much quieter just barely above a whisper. Peter nodded taking in a shaky breath before releasing it. “Go sit down in my bathroom I’ll get a first aid kit.” (Y/n) said before disappearing out the door. Peter sat down on the lid of the toilet listening to the sound of the music coming from down stairs.
He stared down at his cracked and bleeding knuckles. The flesh hidden beneath the blood was already turning black and blue. Sure he had hit bad guys before but always as Spider-Man. There was always the distinction of the mask separating him from his supposedly weak nerdy self. Since getting his powers Peter Parker hadn’t hurt anyone as himself no matter what the case.
“I hope you understand Uncle Ben.” He sighed closing his eyes for a moment. He knew he should feel worse about what had happened but no matter how hard he tried he just couldn’t do it. It was to protect (Y/n) something he swore to himself he’d do no matter what. (Y/n) clearing her throat from the doorway caught Peter’s attention snapping his eyes open. “Passing out on me Parker?” She questioned smiling.
Peter matched her smiled leaning his head back against the wall. “Not this time (Y/n).” He answered. (Y/n) took a seat on the tiled floor in front of Peter letting the first aid kit sit open next to her. The two were silent as she patched up his hands carefully. They barely looked each other in the eye unsure what to say.
Peter moved his eyes from a random spot on the wall to peak at her. The sight in front of him held his vision much longer than he wanted it to. (Y/n) was down on her knees giving him the perfect view of her beautifully round chest sticking up from the red fabric. He had often pictured her like this in the dead of night while he jerked himself off. The image of her down on her knees taking his hard cock down her throat practically made Peter feral.
It was too late to stop the images now running through his mind. The dark shade of her red lipstick staining his skin his hand tangled in her beautiful (y/h/c) hair using it to guide her pace. Her drool mixing with his cum spilling down her chin. Peter had very quickly become hard as a rock under his nice pants. (Y/n) noticed and couldn’t help but look.
She wasn’t overly sure what compelled her to to do it but she reached out her hand softly running her palm against his hard member. Peter let out a groan letting his head fall back but keeping his eyes focused on her. The rational part of his mind that was telling him to stop because they would ruin their friendship but the hormonal 19 year old man side was telling him to go for it. Right now rationality was out the window. He wanted her, no he needed her in this moment.
“Come here.” He whispered carefully grabbing her arm. She sat on his lap almost timidly which was a new look for (Y/n) Stark. Peter had never moved quicker in his life than he did connect their lips together. There was no hesitation he was met back with her kissing him back just as hungrily. (Y/n) brought her hands to his shoulders while Peter brought one of his to the back of her head and the other to cup her face.
Her lips were soft and plump feeling like a heaven Peter never could have imagined in his wettest dreams. (Y/n)’s tongue hesitantly licked across his bottom lip giving him the last bit of permission he needed. Peter pushed his tongue into her mouth feeling the leftover flavor of her fruity drink from the party. If it was even possible Peter pulled her even closer wanting to savor every bit of the kiss. Her hands were gripping his shirt in tight fists.
Peter moved his hands to below her poofy red dress to feel the soft skin of her thighs. He pushed his hands from her knees slowly up the outer part of her thighs squeezing them. The gasp (Y/n) let out was enough to pull them apart from the kiss leaving a trail of saliva between their swollen lips. “Wrap your arms around me.” Peter commanded in a confident tone (y/n) had never heard him use even in his suit. She wrapped her arms around his neck securely like he had said.
Peter hooked her legs around his waist standing up carrying her with him. He wasted no time in kicking the bathroom door open and making long strides to the foot of her bed. Peter gently placed her on the bed’s soft material as if she was the most important thing in the universe that required the upmost caution. He couldn’t help but stare down at the goddess spread out across the covers. Her hair was no longer neatly brushed now all splayed across the sheets, her lips swollen the red color spread across her skin much like it was on Peter’s lips, and she was trembling, it was subtle but it was there.
“Tell me to stop and we stop, tell me if you don’t want this.” He whispered looking into her equally lust filled eyes. “Please don’t stop Peter, wanted this for so long.” She said almost pleading. Peter was sure his heart had stopped beating at that phrase. She had wanted him this whole time too? (Y/n) Stark wanted him Peter Parker?
He smiled tearing his shirt above his head tossing it to the floor. Her eyes trailed up every inch of his muscled torso. She was taking in very ab, every scar, every piece of him that he’d give her access to. “Sit up.” He breathed out much harder now from her desire. She sat up and Peter made quick work pulling the red gown from her head.
It was tossed to the hardwood along with his best button up no longer needed. His eyes did the same wondering over every inch of her perfectly beautiful flesh. The dress hadn’t needed a bra so her breasts were on full display for him. The breasts he had admired through her gym tank tops for so long, the ones that filled his head when he rubbed at his swollen cock. His eyes traveled further seeing the black thong adorning her hips.
“Peter do something please.” She begged squeezing her thighs together for some friction. Peter quickly got rid of his pants socks and shoes leaving him in just his underwear. He wasted no time in crawling on top of her. His hands found their way to her breasts squeezing them and playing with the hardened nipples. While he worked on her tits he attached his mouth to her neck licking and sucking across her flesh.
"Wait Peter, don't leave any marks he'll see." (Y/n) panted out breathlessly. Peter pulled away from her neck to look up at her smiling confidently. "If he didn't want another man marking you, then he should have treated you better." He responded before continuing his assault on her neck. "Besides I'm gonna fuck you so hard that you forget you ever met that asshole." he said lightly biting at her sensitive skin.
(Y/n) let out a gasp combined with a loud moan. She wanted to tell him that it wasn’t Harry she was concerned with, that she didn’t give a shit about him it was Peter she wanted, that she only worried about her father seeing proof of their affair. The feeling of Peter’s tongue on her hot skin pulled any thoughts that didn’t involve him straight from her head. His hands combined with his tongue felt like pure heaven. This was the kind of foreplay she often longed for from Harry.
Peter’s hands suddenly moved to the mattress as he began trailing kisses down her neck to her collar bone to her chest and all the way down her stomach till he reached her underwear. A small nervousness suddenly hit (Y/n) having not been used to that sort of thing happening. Before she could vocalize such a thing Peter was kissing and biting the flesh on her thighs. “God you’re so perfect, love this body.” He muttered looking up at her with a face full of adoration. Who was she to deny this man so clearly looking at her as if she was the world?
He hooked his fingers into the black fabric pulling it from her legs. When his eyes met her core that was dripping with arousal he felt his mouth go dry. He suddenly felt like he had been stranded in a dessert and that her pussy was his salvation. Peter leaned his face closer swiping his tongue between her lips. They both let out desperate moans (y/n) shoving her head into her pillow.
Peter took that as a sign to continue so he did exactly that working his tongue in and out of her savoring in every taste. His calloused thumb found its way to her swollen clit and began circling it desperately wanting to feel her cum on his tongue. When the rough skin collided with her sensitive bundle of nerves she let out a much louder moan of Peter’s name. Peter smiled proudly pausing his work. “As much as I love hearing you say that you need to keep it down love.” He said in a cocky tone as he pushed two fingers into her replacing his thumb with his tongue.
“Can’t Peter you feel to good.” She gasped out through another moan. Peter smiled against her skin pushing his tongue against her clit expertly flicking it to cause her the most pleasure. His two fingers were pushing against her g-spot while stretching her tight pussy in preparation for his cock. “Please Peter need to feel you please.” She begged unconsciously thrusting her hips to meet his tongue. Peter shook his head quickening his fingers that were currently fucking her. “Not till you cum.” He said lightly biting her clit.
She was quickly writing and moaning underneath him. His name left her lips in a moan as she covered his fingers in her cum. “Good girl.” He whispered pulling his fingers out of her clenching hole. Peter pulled away cleaning off his two fingers before tossing his boxers to the side revealing his large rock hard cock to (Y/n). Her thighs were still shaking as he wrapped her legs around his waist lining himself up with her entrance.
“Gonna fuck you so hard, gonna fuck you cause you’re mine.” Peter whispered kissing her gently and lovingly. As (y/n) savored in the kiss she felt him push into her completely in a deep thrust. She moaned against his lips still tasting herself in his mouth. “Keep quiet darling if someone comes in here I’m not stopping.” He practically growled into her ear as he moved his cock out of her enough to shove it all the way back in. She bit into the soft flesh of her lips trying to contain the unholy noises he was causing her to make.
Peter thrusted into her again much harder hitting exactly where he needed to causing her mouth to fall agape so he repeated hitting that spot. He was true to his word any thoughts of Harry were long gone just as any other thought from her head. Peter reveled in the look on her face, the look of pure ecstasy that he was causing her. He suddenly needed to feel more of her, wanted to see what exactly he could do to her. While leaving his cock buried in her balls deep he shifted her legs so they were on his shoulders on either side of his head.
This new position allowed him to hit much deeper which is exactly what he did. Peter used one hand to press her forehead against his own while the other found its place at her clit again. The pleasure was too much for (y/n) her silent moans turned to pitiful screams of pleasure. “Cum on my cock I know you want to.” Peter panted staring deep into her eyes. He thrusted harder keeping his fingers circling her clit.
Her wet pussy clenched against the 8 inch cock that was fucking her into oblivion as she came hard for the second time that night. Peter didn’t stop only quickening his hard thrusts into her. (Y/n)’s mascara had dripped down to her cheeks as her eyes watered with pleasure. “Gonna shape this pussy to my cock. Gonna make sure I’m the only one who can make you feel so good.” Peter panted.
(Y/n) felt overwhelmed by pleasure his fingers still rubbing harsh circles on her clit as he fucked into her. She was shaking and tears were coming down her face as she cried out Peter’s name again and again not caring who heard. Her body shocked herself when she felt another orgasm coming much to quickly. She wasn’t sure if she could handle another but Peter clearly sensed it too. "Cum one more time for me baby, I know you got it in you." He smiled.
(Y/n) tried to shake her head but it didn’t cooperate and soon she felt herself clenching around him as she came even harder than the last time. Peter was quick to silence her scream by kissing her sloppily. His thrusts didn’t stop as he got close to his own orgasm. “Gonna cum in you love, need to mark this pussy as mine.” He growled into her shoulder. With another sloppy thrust he was filling her pussy with white ropes of cum.
They were both breathing out harshly trying to come down from the high. Peter gently peppered kisses across her forehead and slightly sweaty face. “Gonna go get a towel don’t move.” He said much less commanding as he carefully pulled out of her sensitive body. He disappeared into the bathroom coming back with a towel. He was careful and gentle as he cleaned her up something Harry never would have done.
The towel was even warm as he had waited for the water to heat up for her comfort. “Thank you.” She whispered when he was done cleaning them both off. “I’ve always liked taking care of you (Y/n/n) you know that.” He said with his warm smile. (Y/n) moved from the bed to her dresser pulling out some of Peter’s sweat pants handing them over. For her own pajamas she decided on some clean underwear and one of Peter’s nerdy shirts he had also left there.
Once dressed the two laid down in the bed Peter laid on his back with (Y/n) cuddled up to his chest. “Wanna talk about all that tomorrow?” Peter asked kissing her on the forehead again. (Y/n) nodded leaning up to kiss him softly. “Yeah tomorrow we’ll talk, you know give you the chance to ask me out properly.” She teased with a yawn. Peter chuckled closing his eyes “love I’ve been planning that date since we met just never thought I’d get the chance to ask.”
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A better man CH:1
Little bit of an au where Peggy and Steve are both still alive and old but not death bed old.
“Take care of my girls till I get back.” Steve said with a nod towards his childhood best friend. “Of course I will.” Bucky promised. (Y/n) handed their daughter to the brunette before throwing her arms around her husband. “You come home to me.” She whispered letting the tears spill down her cheeks. “I will, but first I need to go fix things.” He sighed kissing her goodbye.
In a flash he was gone back in time in order to return the stones. The silence that followed over the next few minutes was deafening to the young wife. “Bruce where is he?” She asked with worry covering her features. Bucky and Sam shared a look before Bucky ran over to Wanda to hand over the small baby. “I don’t understand he should be back?” Bruce answered just as confused as (Y/n).
“Get him the hell back.” A confused Sam ordered to Bruce who was fumbling with the machine. “Doll.” Bucky whispered approaching her. “He’s gonna come back right Bucky? He’s gotta come back he has to.” She said as her voice began to break and the tears fell much harder than before. Bucky wrapped his arms around (y/n) as Bruce struggled to figure out what was wrong.
Sam’s frustration and (Y/n)’s hurt grew as the platform remained empty. “Sam, (Y/n).” Bucky whispered looking off towards the lake. Sam and (Y/n) turned their attention to where an old man was sitting. The three moved over to where he was a shocked gasp leaving (Y/n)’s lips as she saw him. “Steve?” She whispered in disbelief.
“I’m sorry.” He said with a guilty frown. “What happened?” Sam asked. “I returned the stones but when I got back and saw Peggy, saw home I just couldn’t come back here. I’ve never belonged here.” He sighed. “You can’t be serious.” (Y/n) choked out with a sob.
“(Y/n) I know that it sounds selfish and I’m so sorry but I was never meant to be here. I was supposed to be there, in the 40’s where I belong.” He tried to explain. The worry and confusion on (y/n)’s face had quickly morphed into anger as her eyes landed in his left ring finger. “Supposed to be with her you mean.” She spat. “(Y/n) you know I-” he tried to explain but was quickly cut off by his wife removing her own rings and tossing them at him.
“You had a fucking family! We have a daughter you selfish asshole!” She yelled. “I know and I missed her so much but once I got back there I couldn’t come home, I’m so sorry.” He whispered. “You think sorry is gonna fix this seriously? How the fuck am I supposed to explain this to her?” (Y/n) asked still yelling.
Bucky tried to reach out to comfort her but she stepped closer to Steve. “Seriously how am I supposed to explain to OUR daughter that you chose to be with another woman rather than see her grow up?” She questioned angrily. “I can still be in her life (y/n) I just” Steve began trying to justify his choice but he was cut off by Bucky this time. “You don’t deserve to be in either of their lives anymore!” “Tony was right about you, I should have listened.” (Y/n) spat before taking off towards the cabin.
“What the hell did you do?” Bucky practically growled towards his old best friend. “I did what I thought would be best.” Steve sighed. “Best for you not best for your daughter, or your wife, or your best friend.” Bucky said shaking his head. Steve ran a hand through his gray hair before speaking “Buck listen I didn’t do this to hurt anyone I just-”. “But you did Steve you hurt them”. Bucky sighed taking off towards the house.
He tracked her down to the guest bedroom where Wanda had put Natasha down for a nap in her playpen. Wanda was sat next to (Y/n) on the bed rubbing a comforting hand across her back. When she noticed Bucky standing in the doorway she politely excused herself promising to say goodbye before she left. “Hey doll.” He said in a quiet gentle tone she had her knees pulled to her chest and he could see the way her shoulders shook with each quiet sob.
He carefully sat next to her wrapping his arm around her back. “I don’t get it.” She suddenly whispered. “I don’t either, before we left for the war Steve and I used to talk about this all the time. Having a wife and a kid or two to come home to, having a real family and home is all we both ever wanted.” He reminisced. “Apparently he only wanted that with her.” She said bitterly.
“Yeah well he’s just as big of an idiot now than he was back then. He had it all and threw it away just for Peggy Carter? Take it from me doll I knew her back then too but she’s got nothin on you and that girl of yours.” He promised glancing as the sleeping baby. “Oh god, what am I supposed to tell her?” (Y/n) groaned resting her head on his shoulder. “You’ve got time to figure that out.” He said smoothing her hair back.
“It’s bad enough she has to grow up without a dad now but how am I supposed to explain that he chose some other woman over his family?” She sighed. “Well she’s got a whole family of heroes here for her just like her mom, but I’m here for you both too. I know I can’t replace him but I’ll be here for both of you for anything. I’m still healing and have a lot to work to do but I can do that and be in your lives.” He suggested. (Y/n)’s soft (y/e/c) eyes looked up to meet his icy blue ones.
“Bucky that’s way too kind you just got your life back, you shouldn’t be stuck looking after us.” She said shaking her head. “I wouldn’t be stuck. You’d be doing me a favor by giving me some normalcy. I mean I’m living in the same apartment anyways.” He said with a smile. (Y/n smiled back wrapping her arms around the super soldier.
“You are a crazy good man Bucky Barnes.” She giggled with a small sniffle. “Crazy for sure.” He joked making her laugh harder. Natasha began fussing waking from her nap. “Can I grab her?” Bucky asked cautiously. “Sure, I’m gonna get cleaned up real quick.” She smiled stepping into the bathroom.
Bucky carefully lifted the fussing baby into his arms cradling her in his normal arm. “Shh it’s okay printsessa.” He hushed slightly rocking her. “I’ve got you.” He continued smiling down at the now calm child. “You have gotten quite good with her since you moved in.” (Y/n) smiled from the doorway. “Who woulda thought the winter soldier would be good with kids.” He laughed.
After the blip needing to feel something besides just grief and guilt Steve and (Y/n) started what originally was going to be two friends hooking up to let off some steam. Eventually that lead to semi real dating and a while later a proposal. The planning didn’t take long as they settled for having a court house wedding. Nat, Tony, and Pepper were their only two guests as well as the first to know about the pregnancy a little while later. Once everyone was back Bucky moved into the apartment with Steve and (Y/n) after they both insisted.
“Not the winter soldier Buck, you James Buchanan Barnes.” She smiled up at the brunette who smiled right back. A soft knock at the door caused both their attention to snap towards Pepper. “We’re all gonna go grab burgers, you’re both welcome to come.” She smiled sadly. “Sounds perfect.” (Y/n) grinned carefully grabbing her daughter from Bucky. “I’ll grab her diaper bag.” Bucky said exiting the bedroom.
Over the next 6 months Steve seemed to stay away from the apartment with the exception of picking up most of his stuff. He called countless times claiming to want to be in his daughter’s life still. Each voicemail and call being left unanswered. Bucky and (y/n) continued to get even closer even though neither of them would admit it. The began to form quite the normal schedule in their new life, it wasn’t till they were having a picnic that they would see Steve again.
“Baby girl how about we eat some of the Cheerios and not just throw them all over.” (Y/n) giggled at her amused daughter. “Ducks momma!” She exclaimed excitedly flailing her small arms. “I think she wants to feed the ducks her lunch.” (Y/n) laughed towards Bucky who was grinning happily. “Well lucky for her I brought some birdseed to feed em this time.” Bucky beamed holding out the ziplock bag full of seed. “Nat you wanna go feed the ducks with Bucky?” (Y/n) asked her daughter who was hopping up and down now on her wobbly legs.
Bucky swooped her up in his arms carrying her carefully over to the lake. (Y/n) smiled as she began to pack up the picnic stuff. “So you’re just gonna raise her like he’s her dad huh?” Steve asked causing (Y/n) to jump as she spun around to face him. “Well at least he’s here.” (Y/n) spat back with an eye roll. “I’ve been trying to be there you won’t let me.” Steve argued.
“No! You left and chose to be with Peggy. You got what you’ve always wanted you don’t to get to blame him for stepping up to fix what you broke!” (Y/n) shouted. Bucky made his way over with Nat in his arms. “Steve there are kids around let’s keep this civil.” Bucky warned glaring at the old man.
“Bucky you were my best friend you’re seriously okay raising my child?” Steve questioned only making Bucky glare harder. “You shouldn’t have left Steve!” He said through gritted teeth. “Dadda?” Nat said in a questioning tone. (Y/n)’s heart ached at the name until she realized who her little girl was staring up at. Bucky was looking right back at the little girl suddenly blinking away subtle tears.
Before anyone could acknowledge what happened a little boy came rerunning over grabbing Steve’s leg. “Grandpa! Grandma says we can stop for ice cream!” He cheered. (Y/n)’s glare returned to her ex husband. “Oh you’ve got to be fucking kidding me.” She chuckled darkly.
“You had kids with her?” Bucky asked his anger growing. “(Y/n) I’m-” he started to respond but (y/n) ignored him. She grabbed Bucky’s hand and the picnic basket storming off to the car. Everything was quiet as she strapped her daughter into her seat and took her own in the driver seat. “Doll I’m so sorry.” He whispered carefully grabbing her hand.
“It’s alright we’re both better off, and you know what so are you.” She whispered wiping away a stray tear. “Let’s go home.” He smiled gently. The drive started off mostly silent everyone’s nerves still settling down. “She called me dadda earlier.” Bucky suddenly spoke up. As guilty as he felt for it he couldn’t wipe the proud grin off his face when he said it.
“Yeah, listen Bucky if this gets to be too much for you I understand. You didn’t ask for any of this it kind of got pushed on you.” She sighed guiltily. Bucky grabbed her free hand giving it a comforting squeeze. “You’re right I didn’t ask for it but I’m here and I’m gonna stick around for both of you always. You know Steve and I always had this saying when we were growing up but I think you deserve it more than he does now.” Bucky said.
“What’s that?” She questioned turning to look at him as the car pulled into the driveway. “I’m with you til the end of the line. I want that saying to belong to the three of us now.” He explained a hint of nervousness in his voice. “I like it.” She smiled brightly at him. They both turned to the back seat where Nat was sleeping soundly.
They both let out a small content laugh towards the baby. “It is her nap time.” (Y/n) giggled resting her head on the back of the seat. “You get her inside I’ll grab all the bags.” Bucky said getting out of the car. When the two were waiting for the elevator (y/n) turned towards Bucky smiling at him before placing a kiss on his stubble covered cheek. “Thanks for being a better man than her father.” She whispered making him blush.
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Finally decided to theme my iPhone like everyone was doing a while back. Honestly I’m pretty proud of it. Also my writing will be back soon I’m in the process of moving thanks for the patience loves ❤️
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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Tw: brief mentions of toxic abusive relationship but nothing explicitly described.
I’m gonna tell you my favorite Marvel hero and why they’re my hero. I have no real reason to say it other than I felt like it. When I was around eight years old I saw the original Spider-Man movie for the first time on dvd. And right from the start I was in love with the character. Yes I mean this Spider-Man.
Tumblr media
I loved the original Spider-Man trilogy watching them countless times admiring Peter Parker. I was just fascinated with the fact that a normal bullied nerd in high school could be such a powerful hero. I would borrow my younger brothers Spider-Man costume and pretend that I was him swinging through New York. It didn’t matter to that little eight year old that super heroes were a “boy thing”. I just wanted to be my favorite super hero.
Fast forward six years and I began dating someone who would eventually began to verbally abuse me and just all around treat me really badly. We were going through a particularly bad rough patch (ie he was cheating) and he decided to surprise me with tickets to Amazing Spider-Man 2. I was ecstatic about going to see a Spider-Man movie in the theaters and was practically bouncing up and down the hole time. Cut to that night and I was left unimpressed by the movie, disappointed in my favorite super hero (sorry Andrew Garfield) and hurt by the fact that my boyfriend had spent the afternoon texting his other girl how much he would have preferred being with her. I was crushed and in fact it was the last marvel movie I have gone to go see in theaters.
About two and half years later I had finally left that scum bag Sebastian behind (cries in Sebastian Stan fan) and wasn’t quite sure what to do with myself. I was single for the first time in a long time and struggling with a lot of body issues, depression, confidence issues and anxiety. One Sumer evening while crying on my sofa I found the movie Spider-Man Homecoming available on demand. Taking a deep breath I decided to flip the movie on not knowing I was about to change my life for good. I was so nervous about the movie and I hadn’t watched any other MCU movies at this point except for Avengers.
Then this dork swung into my life and made me feel like a kid again. Tom Holland as Spider-Man gave me back a piece of my childhood that o was desperately missing. My favorite super hero was back and better than ever. He was kicking ass and fighting along side Iron Man. I was overwhelmed and spent so much of that movie crying into my bowl of microwave popcorn.
Tumblr media
Once the movie was over I was desperate for more craving that feeling of being hole again. Through online movie sites and friends and rentals I watched a majority of MCU films. When I got to Civil War I was blown away. Not only was my favorite super hero back but he just beat up two super soldiers including Captain America! For the first time in a long time I felt like me again fangirling over Spider-Man.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Thanks to those wonderful beautiful human beings I felt more like myself than I had in a long time. So Peter Parker may not be the strongest Avenger, or the most powerful, or the coolest but to me he will always be the best. He will always be my favorite super hero. Whenever someone wishes to debate super heroes I know exactly who’s side I’ll always be on. That is why Spider-Man is my favorite hero.
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When you all read fan fictions and one shots and stuff where authors chose to include pictures to describe a scene or to illustrate what kind of photo is being talked about does that help you visualize the story or does it take you out of it? I ask because I was looking for pictures of couples for a piece I’m currently writing and I noticed that all these girls look the same and I certainly don’t look that way. If the couple in the photo don’t resemble you at all are you able to ignore that and visualize yourself with your favorite character just in that pose or do you just see a photo? You can respond here or in my asks but responses would be appreciated. I’m not looking to make anyone uncomfortable, self conscious, or take them out of what their reading
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I would just like to take a minute to personally think whoever sent this in it’s absolutely perfect and beautiful and I can’t wait to write it lol. For the other three that requested these prompts for Wanda you all are in for a treat when this fic comes out. Thank you you beautiful human being.
Tumblr media
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How about Bucky and #6?
Thanks so much! 😘❤️💐
Absolutely and thanks for reading love 😘❤️ in my 8 years of writing fan fiction this is my first actual smut I hope you like it. I got so suddenly inspired by this hence the early posting lol.
Warnings: smut so 18 plus but besides the obvious not much it’s very gentle smut lol. I guess the main warning is Hydra agents being their asshole selves.
Neither of them were really sure how this thing between them began just that it happened on a sleepless emotional night. They had both been finding comfort in the other for so long it just kind of happened naturally when they were both just so full of emotion that it was the only way to get it out. When she woke up in his bed the next morning she was actually the first to make the friends with benefits suggestion. She did her best to mask the hurt she felt at the obvious relief that covered his features when he agreed. Thus it had become the first of many of their nights together.
Most of their meetups were rough and fast following particularly bloody missions or in the dead of night after a bad nightmare. They weren’t romantic or loving or anything of the sort but rather animalistic and desperate. The longer their rendezvous continued the deeper (Y/n) fell for her friend. While he seemed to be going to bed satisfied she seemed to fall asleep with a noticeably sized hole in her heart. She did her best to shove past the pain in move on, it was at least something with him.
(Y/n) woke that morning to find her bed empty yet again and all signs of the super soldier gone. With a deep disappointed breath she pulled herself from bed and hopped into the shower. Her hands scrubbed at the bruises and hickeys as of that would magically make them disappear. Her heart was heavy as she looked at all the hidden marks of what has happened the night before. The hot water seemed to help with how unclean she was feeling so she basked in it for far too long before heading downstairs.
“Ah there she is finally”. Nat smiled sipping her coffee. “Morning sleeping beauty.” Tony greeted sarcastically. (Y/n) rolled her eyes pouring herself a cup of coffee. Bucky’s eyes didn’t move from his newspaper nor did he utter any kind of greeting. (Y/n) struggled to fake a smile but focused her attention on blowing the steam away from the hot mug.
“So (Y/n) you will be joining Barnes, capsicle, and Wilson on a mission after breakfast.” Tony informed her. She nodded trying to settle her heart beat. “Sounds great.” She sighed taking a sip from her mug. “Why such a large group?” Sam asked curiously. “Ask the super soldiers.” Tony shrugged before making his usual dramatic exit.
Tumblr media
She really wasn’t sure how she ended up in this position she was usually so careful and calculated on mission. Her and Black Widow were an unstoppable duo together and an unmatched force even when separate. Yet here she stood pinned to a wall by a Hydra agent with a gun pointed at her temple. He was sneering at her blood running from his broken nose. “You’re so going to regret that bitch.” He growled with a German accent.
Before she was able to move or respond the others bust through the door. Bucky’s heart dropped out of his chest at the site in front of him. The agent grabbed (y/n) by the hair forcing her to her knees in front of him as he pressed the cocked gun against her head. “Drop your weapons.” He ordered. The group hesitated but were forced to comply when the man shoved the gun into (y/n)’s head harder.
She winced watching the others set their guns and weapons. “Ah soldier I see you’ve returned to your old home.” The man chuckled. Bucky glared at the guy his fists clenched in anger. “Let her go.” He practically growled. “Not till I’ve made it safely outside with the soldier here as my guide then she’ll be let go.” The agent responded.
The three men shared a look but Bucky didn’t wait for their approval before agreeing. (Y/n) was anxious as hell whether anyone else could see it or not. Her heart was pounding like a drum in her chest. These men were dangerous and she was at his mercy. He lifted her to her feet roughly.
The man’s arm wrapped around her neck as the three made their way to the stair well. In the hallway they were met with two more Hydra agents with guns. The long walk to the roof was tense and uncomfortable. Bucky was practically seething while (Y/n) was trying her best not to show her fear. When they arrived there was a helicopter already waiting.
“We got you here now let her the fuck go.” Bucky commanded over the noise from the helicopter. The man holding (y/n) hostage was last to get in shoving her roughly into Bucky’s arms. The helicopter took off quickly disappearing into the sky. Bucky was quick to begin examining (Y/n) searching for any sign of injury. “Are you okay did he hurt you?” He asked frantically his fingertips lifting her chin.
(Y/n) shook her head quickly latching onto him finally letting her emotions take over. Soon the group had met up with them on the roof. Bucky gave a quick explanation to the others before lifting (Y/n) into his arms. “We’re gonna get on the quinjet doll we’ll be home soon.” He explained quietly. (Y/n) nodded but kept her face buried in his shoulder.
She stayed like that the whole flight unmoving. She knew deep down she shouldn’t be clinging to Bucky this way but she couldn’t help it. Breathing in the smell of his cologne and light sweat was the only thing keeping her calm. She could hear the others making light conversation but she couldn’t focus enough to make sense of the words. “We’re almost home doll.” He whispered kissing her head lightly.
She almost thought in her anxiety that she had imagined it. Soon they were home and everyone dispersed Cap going to explain the situation so you would have a little time to yourself. “I’ll take her to her room.” Bucky nodded towards Steve. (Y/n) was on her feet now being lead through the hallway by Bucky. They ended up in Bucky’s room which shouldn’t have surprised her as much as it did.
The second the door was locked behind them he wasted no time pressing her to the door. He began kissing her. This kiss was not like their past ones it was slow and tender. The desperation behind it was different from usual. There was no rushing or obligation behind it.
His tongue slid across her lip asking for entrance as his hands cupped her face gently. Her lips parted in an invitation that he gladly accepted. Bucky’s tongue found hers and moved slowly there was no fighting for dominance. When he pulled away to allow them both some air he didn’t move far at all. His hands slowly slid down her body to her legs.
“Wrap your legs around me doll.” He whispered kissing from her ear to her cheek. She nodded wordlessly jumping up. Her legs wrapped around his waist and his hands lifted her body. He stared up at her his eyes filled with a feeling she couldn’t quite pinpoint except that it wasn’t lust. He slowly moved her over to his bed carefully setting her onto the mattress almost like he was worried she’d break.
Bucky kissed her swollen lips softly before moving to her chin and down her throat. “Sit up a bit please.” He pleaded continuing to pepper kisses and licks across her neck. While she sat up letting him lift her shirt off her head was spinning. She wasn’t use to their encounters being so intimate. This was different than anything else she had experienced with him.
When he got her bra off he lightly pressed her back to the bed. His mouth found his way to her nipple his tongue circling the it delicately. Bucky’s other hand moved to her other breast his calloused fingers lightly pinching and squeezing her flesh. Her breathing was coming out much harsher now as he sent her mind into a frenzy. His mouth switched with his hand and he paid the same attention to her other sensitive nipple.
When he was satisfied he began leaving wet kissed down her abdomen. It wasn’t until he got to the waistband of her pants that she stopped him. “Bucky wait stop.” She whispered out lightly grabbing his shoulder. Bucky crawled back up to her face worry covering his features. His long brown hair had fallen in front of his face.
“What’s wrong? Did I hurt you or push to far I’m sorry I-” he began to explain but was cut off by (Y/n). “Why are you being so gentle tonight?” She asked voicing her concerns. Bucky smiled nervously underneath his hair. “Because tonight I just want to make love to you darling.” He replied making her heart race more than it already was.
“You want to what?” She gasped breathlessly. “Let me make love to you (Y/n). I know we’ve got this casual thing going on but fuck I can’t take it anymore! I’m in love with you and seeing you with a gun to your head today made me realize I needed to man up and tell you before it was too late.” He admitted a nervous blush on his cheeks. (Y/n) was taken back by his sudden admission she never expected him to feel the same.
Her smile grew as she brushed his hair behind his ear before pressing a gentle kiss to his lips. He was quick to reciprocate smiling into the kiss. When he pulled away she was smiling right back joy overtaking her. “I love you too Bucky.” She beamed. He went back to work moving her pants off.
They quickly found their home on his floor along with her underwear. He had lowered himself down his strong hands moving her thighs onto his shoulders. Bucky’s lips made their way up her thigh leaving soft kisses just barley letting his tongue trace her skin. He let himself get right near her sex before switching to her other thigh giving it the same treatment. She was practically quivering in anticipation of his touch.
“Bucky please.” She pleaded moving her hips up. He smiled moving his mouth right in front of her dripping cunt. “Say you love me again.” He said circling his thumb around her sensitive clit. She let out a desperate moan at the feeling. “I love you Bucky Barnes I love you so much.” She gasped out.
He smiled proudly before dipping his tongue into her sopping hole. (Y/n) was already clenching around his tongue as his thumb continued to work on the ball of nerves above. His tongue moved in circles curling up and down thrusting into her. She was moaning her hips thrusting up to match up with his movements. Her hands found their way to his messy brown hair clutching it for dear life.
He pulled his mouth away moving it to her clit while he stuck two of his metal fingers into her cunt. She moaned much louder as he sucked and lightly bit the bundle of nerves. “Bucky oh god.” She groaned. “I want you to cum for me doll and tell me how much you love me as you do it.” He commanded thrusting his fingers into her hard and steady. Tonight was not about orgasm denial or testing to see how long she could take it he was truly just making love to her.
With a hard thrust of his metal fingers she was coming undone with a loud scream. “Fuck I love you Bucky I love you.” She repeated hoarsely. Bucky was smiling proudly as he licked his fingers clean. He sat up lifting his shirt off using it to wipe his mouth clean for tossing it to the floor. He made quick work of getting his jeans off throwing them to side.
“You ready for me my love?” He asked whispering into her ear. She nodded still breathless pulling him to her in a needy kiss. While their lips connected in sloppy kisses his hand guided his cock to her entrance. He carefully guided it up and down her slit gathering her wetness before pushing into her in an easy thrust. He let out a throaty moan against her lips pressing their foreheads together.
He took his time pressing his large length into her. She moaned at the feeling of him bottoming out inside her. “Fuck you feel amazing doll, it took everything in me not to tell you how much I loved you whenever we did this.” He whispered slowly beginning to move his hips into hers. His movements were slow but hard enough to send a shockwave of pleasure through her. “Bucky move please.” She begged bringing her hips up to meet his.
He began thrusting in much faster causing her to moan his name loudly. “Fuck doll you make the prettiest noises, squeezing me so tight.” He groaned with a sharp thrust. “Oh god Bucky I’m gonna cum.” She moaned out. “Cum for me love cum all over my cock.” He said bring his thumb to her clit again. His circles were sloppy but pressing into just the right places.
“Fuck Bucky!” She screamed feeling her body shake as she came. Her cunt was clenching around him squeezing his throbbing cock tight. “Shit doll love you so much.” He muttered again and again into her shoulder while he rutted into her through his own orgasm. He didn’t stop till he was completely done. They were both trying to catch their breath foreheads rested against each other.
After a few minutes Bucky pulled out gently trying not to hurt her. For a brief moment she worried she had imagined all the things they said that he was ready for her to leave. Those doubts were quickly shut down when he returned sitting next to her with a towel. Bucky gently took the warm towel carefully wiping the mess away from between her thighs. He made sure she was completely clean before cleaning himself off.
Once he was done the towel was discarded near their clothes. He laid on his back pulling her to his side. (Y/n)’s head came to rest on his chest as they both caught their breath. “Thank you.” She said with a blush referring to the aftercare. “It’s how I should have been doing things from the beginning.” He admitted moving her hair from her face kissing the top of her head.
“I’m grateful it’s happening now.” She promised making him feel less guilty. “I’m sorry it took a death threat for me to tell you.” He said taking his hand in hers. “So um does this make us a couple?” She asked embarrassed by her own words. Bucky chuckled lightly bring her hand to his lips to kiss her fingers. “Oh yeah doll you’re all mine.” He assured her.
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Okay so I wasn’t gonna do this but since I only have two requests left to work on I wanted to try something new. This a smut only prompt list. All smut one shots are unfortunately female reader only I’m sorry for the restriction but I’m trash at writing gender neutral and male smut. But anyways just send the number and character. All requests are 18+obviously.
Characters: Bucky Barnes, Loki, Peter Parker (aged up), and Wanda.
“We’re really going to fuck here? What if someone sees us?”
“Come one more time for me, I know you’ve got one more in you.”
“Can you use your other hand?” (Bucky specific obviously lol)
“Keep it up or I’ll fuck you right here bent over the kitchen counter”
“It’s my thigh or nothing, I’m not helping you get off till you’re done.”
“Why are you being so gentle tonight?” “Because tonight I just want to make love to you darling.”
“Don’t leave any marks he’ll see.” “If he didn’t want another man marking you he should have treated you better.”
“Oh don’t stop fucking yourself on my account, in fact I think I’ll sit down and watch.”
“If you can’t sleep wanna have sex instead?” (Bucky specific)
“How about you come sit on my lip till I’m finished?”
“Say my name,” “Louder,” (Loki specific)
“You better be quiet if you don’t want anyone to come over and see us.”
“I’m trying to work on my dirty talk I was wondering if you would help me?”
“I’m gonna fuck you so hard that you forget you ever even met that asshole.”
“Oh god how long was I-“ “dry humping me? Not long but please don’t stop.”
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The life of James Bucky Barnes
Plot: the life of Bucky Barnes told through snippets of his memories.
Warnings: Pregnancy and birth
As he hung onto the train for dear life it wasn’t Bucky’s past that ran through his mind but his future. All of the what could have beens, all the maybes, all the what ifs. Most importantly though his girl was on his mind. If he fell, if he in fact died today he would never get to fulfill all the things he promised her. They would never get their fairy tale life they had talked about.
Bucky didn’t regret the decision to jump in front of Steve with the shield just what that decision would do to (y/n). In his last desperate effort, Buck had snagged the jagged edge left from the wall. The trooper’s weapon is momentarily spent by the blast. As it starts to power back up Steve wastes to time lunging grabbing Bucky’s slipping hand. Steve starts pulling him back in.
The blonde manages to get ahold of Bucky’s right arm as the metal bar his left hand was clinging to began to bend. “Steve look out!” Bucky called. Steve whipped around grabbing the shield and tossed it into the trooper. The collision knocked him into the next car and the blast separated the two parts of the train. The metal bar currently acting as Bucky’s life line sunk down farther as their part of the train began to slow.
Steve threw his arm out again and Bucky just managed to catch it as the metal bar gave away falling down into the abyss below. It was a struggle but they managed to get Bucky back up into the train. They both fell to their backs onto the train floor. Bucky’s breathing came out in pants as it seemed impossible to fill his lungs with air out of fear. His mind was still racing at thoughts of what could of happened.
“Let’s go get him so we can go home.” Steve said finally standing. Bucky said nothing as his friend offered out his hand. He nodded keeping his eyes on the sky peaking through a hole in the ceiling. Steve pulled him up from the ground with a careful pat on the back. “Let’s go home.” Bucky replied finally looking at his best friend.
Tumblr media
The train station was swarmed with crowds of people looking for their loved ones returning from war. Reporters were sprinkled in looking for any member of the Howling Commandos hoping for their stories of war and working with the Captain America. Bucky paid no attention to the ones who found him hounding him for information. His eyes were scanning the crowd looking for the two people that were truly there for him. The two girls that came to find James Bucky Barnes the dancing, milkshake drinking, roller coaster riding boy he had been when he left so long ago.
He chewed on his bottom lip looking around at all the men reuniting with their loving wives and girlfriends and even some had their children there. As he looked for his girl he knew in heart more than ever what he had to do. Finally he saw a young woman anxiously searching the faces of the soldiers looking for hers. His younger sister was stood next to her standing on her toes looking over the crowd herself. Bucky began making his way through the horde of people mumbling apologies to those he bumped into.
As he got closer her eyes met his and her beautiful face lit up like the Fourth of July. He watched her inform his sister of his arrival joy written all over her features. Finally after what felt like ages he was in front of her his heart beating like a drum. Wordlessly he pulled her into his strong arms sweeping her off her feet and into the air as he spun her around in a tight embrace. “Welcome home Sergeant Barnes.” She giggled love filling her words.
He sat her back down immediately pulling her into a desperate kiss. Steve had made his way over at this point hugging Rebecca and exchanging a small conversation. When Bucky and (Y/n) separated from the kiss she was smiling beautifully. Bucky took a needed deep breath before kneeling down on one knee in front of his girl. (Y/n) gasped her eyes wide staring down at him.
“Bucky what are you doing?” She asked clearly surprised but not upset. He reached up pulling the dog tags from his neck. The cold metal contrasting his sweating palms. “What I’ve wanted to do for a long time now doll.” He answered with a confident smile. A small crowd had stopped to watch the happy exchange after the hardships of the war.
“(Y/f/n) (y/m/n) (y/l/n) I knew from the second I saw you at Coney Island that I wanted to be with you. I spent two hours and five dollars trying to win you that stuffed bear to get you to go on a date with me. Then when the restaurant closed and we didn’t want to go home yet so you suggested we dance in the street I knew then and there that I was gonna marry you some day. I promised you when I got back that we would start our life together. Now I know I don’t have a the ring I promised but I couldn’t wait another second to ask you this so I hope my tags will do till I get that ring but will you marry me doll?” He asked taking her hand in his free hand.
(Y/n) nodded tears welling in her eyes. “Yes Bucky yes I’ll marry you!” She cried. Bucky stood up lifting her into his arms once again. “Thank you doll. Thank you so much.” He whispered into her hair.
He sat her down placing the dog tags around her neck. The small crowd cheered and applauded before going off on their own ways. Bucky stepped over to hug his sister finally while (y/n) greeted Steve. “Wow Steve Bucky wrote to me about how much you’ve changed but I can hardly believe it looking at you.” She said taking in his now much larger form. “I know it’s been a bit of an adjustment.” He laughed hugging his good friend.
Tumblr media
Bucky swept his new bride off her feet picking her up bridal style. She laughed grabbing his uniform hat from his head placing it on her own just as crooked as he used to wear it. Her arms draped around his shoulders and he looked at her with love covering his features. “Welcome home Mrs. Barnes.” He beamed lightly nudging the door open carrying her over the threshold. “Welcome home Mr. Barnes.” She giggled kissing him softly.
Bucky sat down on the couch setting (y/n) on his lap. The couple left their arms wrapped around each other. “I love you so much.” Bucky whispered softly caressing her cheek. “I love you too Buck always.” She responded happily. “So what shall we do now my bride.” He asked.
“Isn’t it obvious Barnes? We dance.” She laughed pulling him from the couch. She flipped on their record player to one of their favorite albums before spinning around to face her new husband. “Then let’s dance.” Bucky smirked pulling her to his chest quickly. The two began to move along to the sound of the music.
They stayed like that for hours long after the record had stopped. “I dreamt of this for so long out there.” He whispered. “Me too, dancing alone in just one of your tee shirts lost it’s appeal after a while.” She giggled in response. “Oh is that how you occupied yourself?” He chuckled. “Mhm I may have borrowed that white shirt you left in my room.” She laughed.
Bucky once again swept her into his arms smiling brightly at her. “What do you say doll should we continue this in our bed?” He asked already moving down the hall. “Wow Barnes not even gonna buy me dinner first, what kinda gal do you take me for?” She fake gasped. “Hey in my defense I bought you a house.” He laughed raising his eyebrows at her amused. “That you did Sarge.” She smiled softly kissing his cheek.
“I don’t have to go back to the garage till Wednesday.” He announced setting her gently on the bed. He began placing gentle kisses on her skin. “So I have you all to myself for five whole days huh?” she asked in a happy sigh. He hummed in response kissing her lovingly. “Guess we better make the most of it Sarge.” She mused against his lips making him smile knowingly.
Tumblr media
Bucky made his way into the house signing in content of being home. It been a rather long day and he was feeling exhausted. When he sat his keys in the dish by the door he couldn’t help but notice the delicious smell. “Welcome home honey, I’m in the kitchen go sit in the dining room.” His wife called from the kitchen. Bucky quirked an eyebrow but made his way into the dining room like she asked.
The table was beautifully set with their nicest dishes a candle lit in the middle. “I made meatloaf with sweet-sour carrots and a baked potato on the side and later for dessert gold nugget cake.” (Y/n) said with a smile setting his plate down in front of him. She kissed him on the cheek before taking her own seat. “What’s the occasion doll?” He asked keeping his eyes on her. “No occasion just wanted to treat my husband now eat.” She giggled.
The meal was delicious and the conversation was pleasant but Bucky could tell that his wife had something on her mind. As he took his last bite he let out a small satisfied sigh. “Darling that was fantastic.” He smiled. She was smiling back with a glint of something else in her eyes. “Okay I’ll get dessert.” She cheered disappearing with the plates.
“Doll what is going on? I know it’s not our anniversary, it’s definitely neither of our birthdays so what’s up?” Bucky asked amused. (Y/n) just kept smiling setting down his plate and taking her seat again. “Spill doll you’re makin me anxious.” He said making her roll her eyes. “Fine I’ll be right back, you stay put you spoilsport.” (Y/n) sighed getting up from the table again.
(Y/n) scurried out of the room and returned with a newspaper bundle. “I didn’t have time to properly wrap it or anything.” She said setting the bundle in front of her husband. “What’s this for doll?” He asked still confused. “A gift open it.” She urged chewing on her fingernail. He ripped the newspaper open pulling out a long white baby gown.
“What’s this?” He asked eyeing the fabric curiously. “It’s a baby gown, technically one of your old ones.” She informed him. He looked at it still confused unsure of why it was a gift. It was about five minutes of silence before he caught on. His eyes snapped up to look at her again.
“Doll do you mean what I think you mean?” He asked. “Well you know how I’ve been feeling ill these last couple days, well I saw the doctor this morning and he said I was pregnant.” She answered looking at him unsure of how he was feeling. “(Y/n) are you serious we’re gonna have a baby?” He asked smiling. She nodded letting out a deep breath in relief. “Yes the test with positive.” She beamed.
He quickly rose from his chair letting it scrape against the floor. Bucky gently pulled her up into his arms holding her. “That’s so amazing love! Holy shit I’m gonna be a dad! We’re gonna be parents!” He cheered holding his wife like his life depended on it.
“I know! I’m so glad you’re happy love.” She cheered excitedly. “Of course I’m happy I’m gonna be a dad!” He chuckled cupping her face in his hands. He peppered kisses all over her face smiling more than she had ever seen. “Thank you doll thank you so much!” He exclaimed.
(Y/n) couldn’t help but giggle at her husband’s excitement. He was so happy and over joyed showing nothing but love. He suddenly knelt down on both knees slightly lifting her shirt just above her bellybutton. “What are you doing Buck?” She asked amused. He paid her no mind and began talking anyways.
“Hey there kiddo it’s me your dad, I know I don’t a have lot of experience on the whole being a dad thing but I’m so ready to learn for you. You are gonna be so loved, hell you are already are. And you’re so lucky cause your mom is the best, she’s a great cook, she’s smart, and funny, and god I hope you get her looks. So take it easy on her okay? Don’t kick her too much or keep her up to late, just between you and me she gets cranky without enough sleep.”
(Y/n) lightly shoved his shoulder smiling down at him despite the small tears she was blinking away. He stood up wrapping his arms around her waist holding her close. “Thank you for giving me everything.” He whispered resting their foreheads together. “Thank you for coming home so we could have this together.” She responded cupping his cheek with her face. Bucky smiled before softly pressing their lips together.
Tumblr media
“I don’t think that goes there.”
“Where else would it go what the hell even is that piece?”
“I don’t know Buck this is why we should follow the instructions!”
“Well if you had listened to me from the beginning Steve we would be done with this by now!”
“Oh yeah and then (Y/n) would be putting your kid to bed in a death trap.”
“It’s just a stupid crib how hard can it be!”
“Having fun I see boys?” (Y/n) giggled from where she was leaned against the doorway. She handed them both a cold beer giving her husband a kiss on the cheek. “I’m sorry doll this is proving to be more difficult than your soldiers anticipated.” Bucky chuckled scratching the back of his neck. “But we’ll get it don’t worry (Y/n)” Steve promised. Both men stood up to stretch and take a break.
Bucky wrapped his arms around (Y/n) resting one of his hands on her large belly. “Oh Steve you and Peggy will both be joining us on Friday for dinner right?”(y/n) asked. Steve nodded in agreement. “Yes Peggy is very excited, says she needs some girl time after the work week she’s had.” He answered smiling. Bucky couldn’t help but look at his very pregnant wife and his best friend standing in his future kids nursery and revel in his life.
He had not only made it home safely like many others didn’t but came home to live out the American dream. He had a home, a wife, a stable job, and soon a baby. This all he ever wanted on those nights he fought to fall asleep on the ground his gun close by. It was the only thought that kept him sane most days. It was what made him hold on so tightly that day on the train.
“Bucky you alright we lost you there for a second?” (Y/n) asked snapping him out of his bubble. “Oh yeah I was just thinking about how grateful I am for all this doll.” He smiled back making his wife smile and slightly roll her eyes. “It’s thanks to you that any of this is possible.” He said turning his attention back to Steve. Steve nodded smiling at his best friend. “Yes thank you Steve for pulling him up that day.” (Y/n) said truly.
Steve and Bucky clinked their beer bottled together before they looked down at the mess that was supposed to be a crib. “I’ll let you get back to it.” (Y/n) giggled giving them both a kiss on the cheek before waddling out of the nursery. The two men took a seat staring at the instructions in front of them. “How is it that a bed meant for babies is more complicated than a car?” Bucky huffed. “I don’t know Buck, I don’t know.” Steve chuckled.
Tumblr media
“And then I said that if he wanted the job right he could call me otherwise he’d be cleaning up the mess himself.” Peggy said proudly. “Peggy that’s amazing! Honestly I’ve been missing my office this week.” (Y/n) signed stirring the pot of stew. “You’re due any day now right?” Peggy asked pouring them both a cup of tea. “Yeah on Tuesday, it’s coming up fast.” She sighed.
Steve and Peggy had come over early for dinner hoping they could help with anything and keep you company till Bucky got off. “Alright carrots are chopped (Y/n).” Steve smiled handing her the bowl of veggies. “Thank you Stevie.” She smiled grabbing the bowl. As she went to dump them into the pot she felt a sharp pain in her stomach causing her to grip the counter. Steve rushed to her side putting a hand on her back.
“Are you all right?” Peggy asked worriedly looking at Steve. “Yeah just been having some cramps since this morning, I’ll be fine.” (Y/n) said in slight pain. They went back to work on the stew but the couple we’re keeping a much closer eye on her now. After awhile another sharp pain ripped through her causing (Y/n) to let out a small yell. “I think the baby’s coming.” She groaned anxiety and pain filling her.
“Should we call the garage?” Peggy asked leading her to the sofa. Steve turned off the stove before rushing off to grab the hospital bag from their bedroom. “Their behind working on two cars it would take too long to get Bucky on the phone.” (Y/n) groaned. Peggy offered her hand for her friend to squeeze. (Y/n)‘s water broke causing small panic between the two women.
“Steve we gotta get her to the hospital now.” Peggy said. “Take my car you two drive there I’ll take Bucky’s bike and go grab him.” Steve ordered. Peggy nodded helping (y/n) off the couch and grabbing the bag. The two got to Steve’s car and Peggy threw the bag in the back while (y/n) hopped into the passenger seat. “It’s alright (y/n) we got this just breathe .” Peggy assured her friend confidently as they took off.
Steve hopped on Bucky’s bike revving the engine and speeding down the dirt road. He drove more recklessly than he had in his entire life. He sped down the middle of the road in between cars and taking sharp turns till he was pulling into the parking lot of the garage. Jumping off the bike he hurried inside. Steve passed several men working on a red car till he spotted a familiar brown head of hair under the vehicle.
“Buck, (Y/n)‘s in labor! You have to come with me to the hospital!” He shouted over the loud noises around them. Bucky sat up so fast he hit his head into the bottom of the car. “Ow fuck she’s in labor? But she’s not due till Tuesday!” He panicked sliding out from the car.
“I know but her water broke and Peggy’s driving her to the hospital right now we’ve got to meet them there.” Steve explained. “Go on son we’ve got things here go be with your wife.” Bucky’s boss assured him. Bucky nodding grabbing his keys. “Come on we’ll take my truck leave the bike here.” He said as they ran out of the building. Steve insisted on driving knowing Bucky was in no state of mind.
“Holy shit this is happening I’m gonna be a dad we’re gonna have a kid.” Bucky said running his hand through his dark hair. “Take a deep breath Buck it’ll be fine. You two can handle this.” He promised his friend. Bucky nodded taking a deep breath. “How was she doing when you left?” He asked hoping to take his mind off of it.
“She was fine handling it like a champ she’s a strong woman.” Steve assured him. “Yeah she is, she’s perfect sometimes I still can’t believe I get to call her mine.” Bucky admitted a small smile resting on his face. “It’s funny how different you are now. When you met her I figured she was just another dance partner for the night. But you told me over an over again that she was the one.” Steve chuckled.
“Do you remember what I said when I came over after our date?” Bucky asked laughing too. “This is it Steve, she’s the one I know it she’s gonna be the future Mrs Barnes.” Steve answered amused. “She’s all I could think about that day on the train. If that metal bar had given out earlier I wouldn’t be here and none of this would be happening.” Bucky spoke quietly. “Well it didn’t you’re here and we’re pulling into the parking lot.” Steve pointed out.
Bucky’s attention snapped up to the hospital building ahead. Before Steve could even turn the truck off Bucky was out the door running into the hospital. The receptionist gave him the room number and he bolted into the room relieved to have made it on time. “Bucky you made it.” (Y/n) groaned with a weak smile. “Of course I’m here doll, I’m here now.” He assured her grabbing her hand.
A couple hours later their beautiful baby girl Elizabeth Winnie Barnes was born. “She’s absolutely perfect.” (Y/n) whispered holding the baby in her arms. “You did great love.” Bucky whispered kissing her head. (Y/n) made room for Bucky to sit next to her and they both held their daughter. “I love you, both of you so much.” Bucky choked out wrapping an arm around his wife.
Tumblr media
“Daddy can Sarah and I go pick flowers by the lake?” Pleaded a seven year old Elizabeth. “Yeah please uncle Bucky can we please?” Pleaded the six year old. Bucky and Steve both chuckled at their daughters. “Go on girls.” Bucky smiled. Off the two went to go pick flowers.
“So how’s the house coming along?” (Y/n) asked Peggy. “Oh it’s great so far, Steve’s gotten a lot fixed up. I’ll have to show you my office when you come over for the Fourth it looks wonderful.” Peggy told her friend excitedly. “Sounds great.” (Y/n) smiled setting the plates onto the picnic blanket. “The girls have gotten so big.” Steve mused getting out the burgers that he had made.
“I know I can’t believe how old they are already.” Bucky sighed happily. “Feels like just yesterday we were hanging out drinking milkshakes.” (Y/n) giggled. “Girls lunch is ready.” Peggy called. The two girls came scurrying up happily their hands full of small flowers. “Good haul girls.” Steve smiled ruffing the girls hairs.
The lunch was eaten happily with conversation sprinkled through. It was the perfect way to spend a summer afternoon. By the time they were done eating and cleaned up the sun had begun to set. A man with a guitar had come to the same park was playing soft music while he leaned against a tree. “What do you say Steve should we take our girls dancing?” Bucky asked.
Steve nodded in agreement with his friend. Bucky swooped his daughter into his arms and lead his wife to the guitarist. He sat down some money nodding to the man. The three began to gently sway to the music. Bucky held his family a little closer that day for no reason in particular. “I love you both so much, this is everything a man could ask for.” He whispered giving them both a kiss on the head.
Tumblr media
Bucky shot up sweat covering his skin his breathing coming out in harsh pants. His eyes scanned the room, dark concrete walls closed in by a metal door. With his right hand trembling he brought his fingertips to his left shoulder and was met with the sharp feeling of metal. Bucky felt his heart drop into his stomach at the coldness.
It had truly all been just a dream. A painful reminder of all the things that Hydra had taken from him. The life that he was supposed to have gone in a flash. He had fallen from the train that day and lost everything. He would never be a husband or a father just their weapon. That wasn’t his life.
His life was guns, fights, pain, and stolen memories. He had left that life behind in the 40’s. (Y/n) was long gone and had assumed he was dead like everyone else. He’d broken his promise of a future for them together. He would never come back to her.
The metal door creaked open and in stepped two armed agents and Pierce. “It’s time to go asset.” He said emotionless. From what they told him yesterday he would be going after some ambassador in Washington DC. He nodded standing up. This was the life of James Bucky Barnes.
AN: I’m so sorry loves for that ending 😅
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I need opinions, I’ve got a draft of a Bucky x Steve’s ex wife reader set after he goes back to Peggy. But I can’t decide to make it a long one shot or a multiple part mini series
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Could you write something with the prompt 24 (the second image) with loki and fem!reader pleaseee?😊
Thank you for the request love ❤️
Tumblr media
That day (Y/n) had accompanied Sif and the Warriors Three to New Mexico to warn Thor. Her motives for the trip were not quite the same being as the threat was her boyfriend. She had planned to plead to Thor and convince him to exile them so they could have somewhat of a normal life. She anxiously waited along side Jane Foster that day.
Over the next couple months they dealt with their heart break together while (y/n) made plans of making a home on this planet. Shield offered her a position and even though she didn’t know it she was added to the Avengers protocol. She made quick work of saving up for her own apartment and moving to New York City. No matter how hard she tried she wasn’t able to throw herself far enough into her work that she forgot of her Asgardian prince. There weren’t many nights that he didn’t fill her dreams.
“I know Darcy I’m just not ready for that kind of thing yet.” (Y/n) said into her phone. “I know this thing with losing Loki and the bifrost seemingly being destroyed sucks but if you’re gonna love here now you should at least be happy.” Her best friend responded. “I am happy here Darcy, I have you and Jane and work.” (Y/n) smiled pressing some buttons on her microwave. “Microwave popcorn again? “ Darcy asked amused. “Yeah your planets form of magic is just so fascinating.” (Y/n) told her.
Once the popcorn was done (Y/n) made her way into the living room and resting on her couch. “Okay I’ve got to go but we’re still on for tomorrow night yeah?” Darcy asked. “Yep I’ll he ready to go out tomorrow at six.” (Y/n) responded with a sigh. Darcy said a happy goodbye before the two ended their call. (Y/n) began to flip through the channels looking for something entertaining.
Before she could find anything interesting her phone began to ring again except this time it was Phil Coulson’s number. (Y/n) stared at the screen confused, sure they spoke at work but he hadn’t called her since he recruited her for Shield. This could be about the Avengers initiative he spoke of but everyone said that was shot down. Although the call could mean there was a terrible threat. Taking a deep breath she decided just to answer the call.
“Hello Coulson.”
“(Y/n) hello I was calling to talk to you about that Avengers initiative we talked about. We’re gonna need it here coming up.”
“What’s wrong?”
“I’m afraid that Thor’s brother is on earth and he’s planning on taking over the world. You’re my first call because I know you shared some sort of connection to Loki we’re hoping that could be useful right now.
“Loki is here on Earth?”
“Yes he’s got some sort of scepter and he’s controlling Selvig and Barton with it. They’re in danger and we need your help.”
(Y/n) blood ran cold and her heart was racing. Loki was here on earth and he was planing on taking it over? “I’m sorry I can’t help you on this one Coulson I’m so sorry.” She apologized hanging up the phone and tossing it aside. She brought her knees up to her chest biting on one of her nails. She had been dreaming of Loki showing up here safely but not like this.
Tumblr media
(Y/n)’s phone began to ring pulling her attention away from the kettle on the stove. Since Coulson had filled her in on Loki’s imprisonment her heart dropped whenever she heard the sound. She let out a breath of relief seeing Darcy’s picture. “Are you watching the news?” She asked the second (Y/n) accepted the FaceTime. “No why?” She asked her heart suddenly racing again.
“Go turn it on you wanna see this.” Her best friend responded. (Y/n) turned off her stove and took a seat on her couch flipping on the local news network. The second the screen showed a familiar face off in the distance her remote crashed to the floor. “Is that really Loki? Thor’s brother the one you were dating?” Darcy asked confused.
(Y/n) nodded unable to form words as her eyes filled with tears. "You should call Jane to see if she's okay, looks like Thor is there too." she whispered out. "You sure if you'll be okay?" Darcy asked worry lacing her voice. "Yeah, love I'll be fine I'll call later." (Y/n) whispered hanging up the phone after Darcy's goodbye. She focused her attention back on the battle that was happening in New York.
The only actual words she picked up on from the reporter were the awful adjectives she was using to describe her old boyfriend. She referred to him as a villain, evil, a monster. This was the same man that (Y/n) had been dating not that long ago. That 'monster' was the man that she had spent many evenings cuddling in bed as he read to her, the man who brought her breakfast in bed, the man whom she had loved. Her Loki was attacking New York, trying to take over this world.
The anxiety was weighing on her chest like a ton of bricks, she just wasn't sure if it was anxiety for the chance of him winning the fight or losing it. The people that Thor was fighting with seemed to be winning against Loki's army. After a few minutes, it seemed that the Avengers as they were called had beaten Loki, and people along with the reporters were cheering for them. (Y/n) waiting anxiously praying to see them taking Loki away in some kind of handcuff. She silently begged for him to be okay.
A man appearing to work for Shield stepped in to answer the reporter's questions as to not give away too much information. (Y/n) didn't listen too attentively to the man's words still scanning the background for any sign of Loki's fate. "It's not to worry we know Thor will be able to track down Loki, he's heavily injured so he won't be able to get far." she heard the man utter. "He's alive." She whispered letting a few tears fall down her face. He was alive but must've used his magic to get away.
A sudden knock on her door caused her to flinch in fear not expecting the noise. Her eyes stared at the door in fear as she made her way over. As she got closer there was another much weaker knock. Her heart was racing and she didn't quite know how to feel if he truly was there. Looking through her peephole she couldn't make out anyone to be standing there meaning they were standing out of view.
With a deep breath, she opened the door causing the man who was leaned against it almost to fall forward. "Loki." She couldn't help but gasp out. "I-I'm sorry darling I didn't know where else to go." He said with pain weighing heavy in his voice. The usually confident god had barely gotten out the words before he collapsed. (Y/n) made quick work of catching his body struggling to move him to her couch.
Her eyes stared at the man laid across her couch, almost not believing what she saw in front of her. Loki was badly beaten and covered in some bad wounds from the fight but he showed other signs of pain. His eyes were red and tired when they were open minutes ago, he had heavy eye bags, it was as if he was a fraction of the powerful god that he left her as. Forcing herself to move she made quick work of grabbing her first aid kit and cleaning him up. Thankfully his external wounds were minor and easy to get patched up.
Her eyes never left him, she stayed sat on her carpeted floor watching him as if he'd disappear the moment she looked away. Surely Thor would find out where he was but (Y/n) hoped that it would take him enough time so she could get some answers. "No, no please not her." He suddenly mumbled in his semi-unconscious state. (Y/n)'s eyes focused on his face curious as to what he was talking about in his dream. "Please don’t hurt her!" he said before screaming and sitting up suddenly awake.
"Hey it's okay you're safe here." She whispered gently placing her hand on his shoulder. He tried steadying his breathing looking around the room for any sign of threat. When he couldn't see any he calmed down resting against the back of the couch. "You should have become a nurse on this planet." Loki said weakly. (Y/n) didn't have to force the small smile she got hearing him.
With his eyes open once again she could see the pain behind his confident features. She cautiously took a seat next to him trying to focus her eyes anywhere but his face. "I'm sorry about all this my love." he whispered taking her hand into his own. (Y/n) opened her mouth trying to find the words to say but before they came Loki spoke up again. “I’m so sorry I let you down, I became the monster everyone saw in me.
(Y/n) knew she should be upset she truly did but hearing the heart ache in his voice kept her anger at bay. "I was worried you were dead, I’m so glad you’re okay.” She whispered honestly. Loki started at her in disbelief of how much she truly loved him. “Not for much longer now that I’ve failed.” Loki said quietly. “Thor wouldn’t kill you, he’ll take us both to Asgard and you’ll be imprisoned.” She said confused. Loki let out a small scoff.
“I’m afraid it’s not him I’m worried about.” Loki said sadly. “You were yelling in your sleep is that who you’re talking about?” She asked looking up at him again. Loki nodded closing his eyes trying to keep his composure. “You’ll be safe on Asgard though won’t you?” She asked getting more worried. Loki opened his eyes looking at the fearful expression on her face.
“I’m afraid not love the one who’s after me will get me eventually it’s just a matter of when and how.” He sighed while being his hand hand to her face. His thumb rested on her cheek as he looked into her beautiful eyes. “I’m glad I got to see you one last time before I go.” He whispered. “Don’t be stupid Loki I’ll come with you both to Asgard, Thor and I can protect you.” (Y/n) said smiling at him. “Not from him love but I appreciate your bravery, may I be so bold as to ask to hold you before Thor arrives?” He asked.
(Y/n) nodded trying to blink away her tears as she crawled into his lap holding him carefully. “I’ve missed you my prince.” She whispered into his neck. “I’ve missed you too my love.” He smiled kissing the top of her head. “How did you know where I was?” (Y/n) asked suddenly curious. “They had me held at Shield for a while I took a peak at your file before I left.” He responded hoping to spare her of the other details around that day at least for now.
She sat up some allowing them to be face to face. “Thor will be here soon I imagine.” He whispered. Before she could change her own mind she quickly pressed her lips against his. The kiss was long as they both reveled in a feeling they thought was long gone. When they pulled apart there were tears on both their cheeks.
Neither of them were sure how long they sat there staring at each other but they were only interrupted by a heavy knock. “Let’s go home my prince.” (Y/n) smiled. Except Loki frowned back at her shaking his head. “I’m afraid for your own safety you need to stay here love. You have a life here and friends and you’ll be safer than if you’re by my side.” He answered.
(Y/n ) moved off his lap to where she was standing on her floor. “What Loki Asgard is my home, I belong there with both of you.” She protested. Loki stood up shakily in front of her. “Please my love I need you to be here where you’re safe.” He begged. (Y/n) stared at him tears in her eyes as she shook her head.
“I want to go with you Loki please.” She whispered. Loki pressed another loving kiss against her lips before resting their foreheads together. “Forgive me for this.” He whispered before making his way to the door. (Y/n) went to follow him but her feet wouldn’t move. He had used his magic to force her to stay where she was.
She pulled and pulled trying to get her feet to move but she was stuck glued in her spot. She could hear Loki and Thor exchange some words before they were gone and the enchantment was up. (Y/n) quickly scrambled to the door seeing no sight of them anywhere. Her silent tears fell from her face hitting the pavement as she sat on her own doorstep. She saw a car pull into the driveway but didn’t have the energy or desire to care at all.
“Hey (y/n) figured you could use some company.” Darcy said softly as she took a seat next to her. “He’s gone.” (Y/n) choked out through a broken sob. Darcy gently wrapped her arm around her trying to bring any comfort. “At least you got some closure finally.” Her best friend said trying to offer up support. (Y/n) nodded setting her head on Darcy’s shoulder.
“Jane’s pretty pissed at Thor if it helps.” Darcy joked making (y/n) laugh a little. “Let’s go have some drinks at her place and be pissed at men together.” (Y/n) laughed getting up from the ground. Darcy nodded linking their arms as they walked to the car. Loki had been right about one thing Earth was her new home. She just hoped she could move on from the loss of him eventually.
Besides at least he would be home safe. At least he was alive... For now.
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Bucky Barnes Dividers
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Dividers List
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Hey! I’m currently taking requests! Requests are currently open for Spider-Man/ Peter Parker, Bucky, Wanda, Nat and Loki. I might eventually branch out and do the other characters but for now I’d like to stick to those 3.
Important: if you want anything specific please put it in the request with the prompt. Example if you want the reader to be related to be related to another character, a certain aspect to the character, or certain race and gender. So please put the pronouns you want in your request and if you have any other details those too.
“Just calm down, things will be fine.”“My wife is being held at gunpoint and you think now is a suitable time to tell me to calm down.”
“Please don’t let me fall.” - “Never.”
“You take me instead, do you hear me? Give her/him/them back and you take me instead.”
* “Don’t tell me you’re fine, I can see the blood!”
“If you’re watching this then that means I didn’t make it.”
“No you can’t braid my hair.” “Come on please? Pretty please? For me?”
“Maybe if you actually stop staring at her and talk to her, you might have a chance.”
“You can sleep now. I’ll fight the bad dreams off if they come to get you.”
“You can’t have her and it’s killing you inside.”
“How many did you take? Open your mouth, I need to see.” (TW)
“The way he watches you. like he’s ready to take a bullet for you.” “Is that a bad thing?”
“Take my gun and go with Sam, please I don’t want to hurt you. I can’t hurt you” - “You won’t hurt me.” - “Please. Just do it.” (Bucky specific)
“Keep your hands over your ears, do you hear me? Even when the noises stop. Don’t listen.”
“It was working until you showed up, you Damn (nickname)! I mean, this isn’t fair. You had your chance with her! You had your chance and you blew it! And this is my chance and I am not going to blow it because we are meant for each other! And this is all just been one stupid mistake! I was gonna propose tonight.
“My mom told me to Never trust a man that can dance.”
“You’re absolutely beautiful.” He sighed into my hair. “And your ex-boyfriend is an absolute moron for letting a girl like you go.” “Yeah you are you dope now let’s go get some dinner.”
"I hate seeing you two be all coupley in public when I'M the one you're fucking."
"Hey! Wait for me my prince!". Loki stopped dead in his tracks, his breath shallow and wondering why that voice still made them feel this way. (Loki specific)
you obviously can't be trusted to take care of yourself, so let me do it for you.
“(She/he/they) don’t belong with (her/him/them)!” “Than who do(es) (she/he/they) belong with?” “…..with me.”
“You can cut me, bruise me and skin me alive, but you won’t take her from me.”
“You broke her heart and came back for more, you bastard.”
The pictures below are also prompts ( 23 and 24) you can request!
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Tumblr media
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Send me a name and I’ll pick a letter from the unsent project under that name and turn it into a fanfic. Also if you have a specific character you want put it in the request. I mainly wrote for Loki, Peter, and Bucky but would be willing to try most of the other characters. Results may vary lol. And all fics will use (Y/n) the name is only to find a prompt. If you have specific pronouns you want used please specify
Also just in case that didn’t make sense I meant first name. Example: Sara, Alexis, Michelle Etc.
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I’ve never been more tempted to follow anyone in my entire life
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Bucky’s birthday
Plot: Not many people in the compound are aware it’s a certain new members birthday. If they knew he wasn’t sure they’d care. But (y/n) knows and she plans on making it a night he won’t forget.
Bucky had woken up that night with a yell covered in sweat much like he had most nights. He sat up from the wood floor letting out a shaky breath. According to the clock on his bedside table it was only 11:45. He shook his head running his hand through his messy brown hair. Deciding to throw on some sweat pants and one of his hoodies he made his way downstairs.
This was a common habit of his on particularly bad nightmare nights heading down to the common area to read or find something to occupy his sleepless nights. Sometimes (Y/n) would join him claiming to have problems of her own with sleeping. Since he had moved to the compound she had become a close friend of his. They were both quieter and had darker back stories from what he’d heard but their biggest difference was how positive she was. She was like a ray of sunshine always smiling and beaming brightly.
When he made his way into the living room he noticed the kitchen light on and her back turned messing with something on the counter. She was dressed in pajama shorts and a familiar red henley shirt with the sleeves rolled up. “Getting into our ice cream stash without me doll?” He asked crossing his arms and leaving his back against the wall. The nickname was a usual for him to use when they spoke during these encounters. Other nights when it was needed she was just silent company who sat by his side.
He remembered the night he began letting her borrow random shirts and jackets from his closet. He was awake and heading to the gym late one night to occupy his time when he heard what sounded like distressed yells and sobs coming from her door. He lingered on the other side his heart racing. “She’s having a nightmare, not sure about what but she gets them all the time.” Steve explained with a sigh coming up beside him. “I got her, I usually just give her one of my hoodies and sit with her till she calms down.” Steve continued to his best friend.
Bucky lingered staring at the door ahead of him, the sweet cheerful girl he had come to know was having that bad of a nightmare? “Why your hoodie?” Bucky asked curiously. Steve shrugged “Not sure but it calms her down, I think the feeling like someone else is there is kind of grounding to her?” Bucky chewed on his lip slightly mentally debating what he was about to say as he looked down at his bag that held a change of his clothes. “I got her this time.” He spoke earning a knowing nod from cap.
When he entered the room she was sitting up in bed with her knees pulled tightly to her chest. “Steve I don’t want to talk about it tonight I’m sorry.” She said barely above a whisper. “It’s not Steve doll.” He admitted lingering just on her side of the door. She turned to see Bucky confusion lacing her weary features. “Well then you can tell him I’m fine I don’t need him to send in a spy.” She huffed moving from her bed to her bay window seat that over looked the city below.
Bucky took a deep breath cautiously moving forward by a couple steps. “I’m not his spy, I heard you crying and couldn’t just walk by.” He responded. She nodded her slowly as if accepting that Bucky truly had entered her room by his own wishes. “Go ahead and sit then.” She sighed gesturing to the seat to welcome him next to her. He didn’t hesitate any longer setting his stuff on the floor and sitting next to her.
“When Tony asked me of my dream room a bay window is all that came to mind. I’ve wanted one since I was a child.” She explained for no particular reason other than to say what was on her mind. There was a pause between them as they watched the city down below. “Mine are about Hydra. About what they made me do, about how they made me do it, about the chance they could make me forget again.” Bucky suddenly admitted.
(Y/n) turned her face from the streets to the super soldier. She reached her hand out grabbing his metal one. “Before you got here we battled Thor’s brother Loki in New York. And um he used Barton and I to hurt a lot of people even kill some.” She admitted keeping her gaze on his black and gold fingers. It was then the two realized just how similar they were.
Bucky surprised her by standing up from the seat and grabbing his bag. He pulled the navy blue Henley out handing it to her. “Steve said that he gives you one of his hoodies, that it helps.” He said with a warm smile. (Y/n) smiled back accepting it gratefully. “How about a movie till we can both sleep?” She suggested.
His words caused her to jump spinning around to face him. She had obvious signs of flour and baking ingredients littering her arms but she hid whatever she was making. “B-Bucky! You’re not supposed to be here yet!” She gasped a small frown on her face. He frowned at her words wondering if his company wasn’t wanted on this particular night. She saw the change and smiled immediately shaking her head. “You’re about 15 minutes too early I mean.” She corrected.
“15 minutes?” He asked looking at the clock and wondering what the importance of that time was. “Yes your cake isn’t done.” She giggled standing aside showing a cake with an array of ingredients and birthday decorations splayed on the counter. His eyes scanned items and his eyebrows furrowed. He knew the date of tomorrow very well after getting his memories back but he hadn’t celebrated it in over 70 years so why start now? He certainly didn’t think anyone here would know or care about the Winter Soldier’s birthday.
“Surprise.” She whispered pulling her sleeves down over her hands a nervous habit he had noticed quite a few times. He was made speechless by her and her kind gestures for what felt like the millionth time. “How’d you know?” He asked trying to cover up the slight crack in his voice. “Before you came here Tony had me check into your files and stuff, I stopped as soon as I realized who the files belonged to but your birthday was on the file.” She explained with a nervous chuckle. Bucky smiled at her coming fully into the kitchen.
“Oh! You don’t have to worry I didn’t tell anybody, Steve and I know you wouldn’t want one of Tony’s party’s or everyone making a fuss.” She continued easing a thought he didn’t even know worried him. She understood him even without an explanation. “Thank you.” He smirked coming up next to her. “Have a seat Barnes while I finish this.” She instructed pulling a chair over. He did as told and watched her frost the cake extra gently, she put so much care into anything she did for him. 
While he watched her intently he took notice of a little golden gift bag that sat on the back of the counter. Had she even gone through the trouble of getting him a gift? His heart practically melted at the sight, she put so much effort into this and he couldn’t even find it in him to ask her on a date. “Hey doll how come you’re doing all this?” He asked using a cough to steady his voice. “Because I care about you Bucky, and you weren’t allowed to celebrate for so long I just figured I should help make today special.” She explained.
Bucky smiled ducking his head to cover up the small blush that now rested on his stubbled face. “And done!” (Y/n) exclaimed with a small clap of her hands. “Now close your eyes.” She commanded messing with what sounded like a lighter. “Yes ma’am.” Bucky smirked doing what he was told. (Y/n) moved so she was in front of him now and began singing happy birthday signaling for him to open his eyes.
She wasn’t a singer so of course it was a bit off key but to Bucky nothing had warmed his heart more. He pulled his eyes away from her to look at the cake and the site nearly made his heart stop beating. It was a Lazy Daisy cake one his mom had made for him countless times before the war. His eyes were full of tears by the time she instructed him to blow out the candles which he did so quickly trying to blink away his tears. “You’re lucky I didn’t stick 106 candles on there sarge.” She giggled setting the cake down on the counter.
Tumblr media
The second the cake was safely set down he pulled her into a tight hug hiding his face against her shoulder mumbling out a mess of thank you so much and broken sobs. “Oh Buck it’s okay.” She whispered holding him tighter. They stayed like that for a few minutes before he pulled away and wiped his eyes. “Thank you doll really this is all so nice.” He smiled weakly. She smiled back brightly before grabbing him a plate and fork.
“Please have a piece with me.” He said hopefully. She nodded grabbing an extra plate and cutting them both a slice before they settled on eating on the couch. “How’d you know this was my favorite?” Bucky asked taking a big bite of his cake. “I asked Steve probably a million questions on what to do for your birthday he told me chocolate would be fine but I said fine wasn’t good enough so he told me about this recipe your mom used to make.” She explained. Bucky nodded savoring every bite of the dessert.
“Oh!” (Y/n) gasped like she had forgotten something running back out to the kitchen. “Not trying to set the place on fire again are you?” Bucky chuckled. “Hey it was one time! And no I forgot your present you smart ass.” (Y/n) giggled reappearing with the golden bag. “Present?” He asked not wanting to cry in front of her again.
“Yeah I knew you were old but not that old Buck, on birthdays it’s tradition to give the birthday person a gift. She joked handing him the gift bag. He looked at it then back to her not knowing where to begin. “Open it sarge!” She cheered sitting cross legged next to him. He pulled the tissue paper out followed by a black velvet box. When he opened the box he nearly dropped it in his lap he was so shocked at its contents.
There sitting in his hands was his own name inscribed on two rusted dog tags. These were his original dog tags that hydra had ripped from him so long ago. He picked them up staring at the lettering as if it were from a foreign planet. “H-how?” He asked his shock completely evident in his voice. “Nat and I were sent to a Hydra base looking for intel and it turned out that it was the base that held most of their files on the winter soldiers, those were hidden in a box full of your information. I took them and your files which of course you have now.” She explained.
Bucky couldn’t tear his eyes away from the metal in his palm without tearing up. “Thank you.” He whispered slipping the chain around his neck. (Y/n) moved wrapping her arms around him and he pulled her into his lap. They stayed like that for a while just holding each other close. Bucky was the first to pull away only to kiss her forehead.
“So Buck what do you feel like doing today? It can be whatever you want!” She exclaimed giving him the warmest smile. Bucky thought for a moment before taking a deep breath. “How about you let me take you out tonight?” He suggested chewing on his lip. (Y/n)’s eyes widened and her smile grew.
“Out like with a sniper or on a date Barnes?” She asked hopefully. “Keep it up with the jokes it’ll be the first, but I was hoping dinner and dancing.” He laughed giving her a playful shove. “I would love to!” She cheered with a warm blush gracing her beautiful face. “Perfect I’ll swing by your room at six to pick you up doll.” He said with a wink. The two smiled at each other in a way only soul mates could drowning out everything else.
“I should go get the kitchen cleaned up before Tony wakes up and throws a fit.” She sighed standing up from the couch and collecting the dishes. “Let me help darlin.” He smiled getting up himself. “James Bucky Barnes it’s your birthday that exempts you from cleanup duty.” (Y/n) pouted. He shook his head following her into the kitchen. “I’d rather help you.” He said with a wink.
(Y/n) shook her head rolling her eyes as she collected her dishes into the sink. “I’m glad you liked the cake I was worried I wouldn’t get it right.” (Y/n) admitted. “Oh no darlin it was perfect, tasted just like the ones my mom would make whenever we had a birthday or a party. Actually she was supposed to make one for me and Steve when we returned home.” He said with a hint of a sad smile resting on his face. (Y/n) thought for a moment and spoke before she could stop herself “Why don’t you tell me about her?”
Bucky looked at her for a moment debating about exactly what to say to that request. “If you want obviously you have no obligation to.” (Y/n) quickly blurted out worried. “No, it’s okay I should talk about her, about them. My mom was kind always taking care of us and our stray friends we brought home. One amazing cook, even taught me a few of her recipes when I was bored.” He started off a nostalgic smile growing his face.
“I was the oldest so she taught me to take care of my little sister, of course that ended up carrying over to Steve since he’s my family too. She was pretty stubborn and strong headed for a woman of the 40’s, always letting me know she disagreed with my choices in women. ‘They may be good dance partners James but you should be looking for a wife’ she’d always tell me. I always hoped when I came home I’d meet someone she’d approve of and fall and love. That was always the plan for when I came back to start a family.” He explained his watering a bit at the last part but he quickly blinked it away.
“She sounds lovely Buck.” (Y/n) whispered wiping away a stray tear. “You know you would have been the kind of person she’d love. I’d bring you home for dinner and she would fall in love with you on the spot. She’d be asking you your favorite meals, telling you how lovely you are. Oh and Rebecca don’t get me started on how she would have reacted.” Bucky said with a chuckle.
“How would Rebecca have reacted?” (Y/n) giggled curiously. “Oh man she didn’t like very many of the girls I dated, but you? Oh she would have made sure I asked you on a date a lot sooner than I did. She’d invite you over for sleep overs and girl talk while I was away so you wouldn’t be lonely or find some other guy to sweep you off your feet. She also would’ve made sure I never heard the end of it if I didn’t take care of you.” Bucky continued with a laugh.
“She sounds wonderful Bucky they both do.” (Y/n) smiled warmly shutting off the water. “I hope you know that I’m different now. Besides the obvious Winter Soldier reasons I’m also not just looking for a dancing partner for the night. I care about you (y/n) a lot.” He admitted lightly grabbing her hands. “I care about you too Bucky, past present and future you.” She responded kissing his cheek.
“I’m gonna go take this to my room, you wanna hang in the common room till we can sleep doll?” Bucky asked picking up the cake from the counter. “Sounds great sarge I’ll finish up here.” She answered smiling. Bucky took off back to his room and was soon replaced by another presence in the kitchen. “Well if it isn’t my second favorite super soldier.” (Y/n) joked. “I’ll pretend not to be offended by that.” Cap laughed while pouring himself some water.
“Came down to make sure everything went alright, from what I heard it went better than alright.” He continued with a smirk eyeing the woman in front of him. “He asked me out Stevie!” (Y/n) exclaimed smiling happily. “That’s great, took him long enough.” Steve joked. (Y/n) gave him a playful shove. “He’s right you are a punk.” She teased.
“Okay okay! I heard him telling you about his mom and Becca?” Steve questioned. “Yeah I didn’t expect him to say so much but I’m glad he did.” (Y/n) confessed. “I’m glad he has you, you’ve been really good for him.” Steve said thankfully. “I’m glad I have him too Steve, he’s been hurt for so long I just don’t want him to be anymore.” (Y/n) said with a small crack to her voice.
“Me neither but we’ve got him now so don’t worry.” Steve assured her with a comforting hand on her shoulder. “I threw my blanket out on the couch doll, what do you- oh hey Steve.” Bucky said coming back to the kitchen. “Hey Buck happy birthday.” Steve said hugging his best friend. “Thanks man.” He smiled when they released from the hug. “Wanna grab a drink before your date?” Steve asked grabbing his water to leave.
“Yeah sure gotta go out and pick up a couple things before hand anyways.” Buck agreed. Steve nodded followed by a quick goodnight before making his exit. “You have errands on your birthday?” (Y/n) asked as the two made their way to the common room. “Sorta just a couple things to pick up before our plans.” He smiled taking a seat. (Y/n) joined him crossing her legs over his lap and curling up against his chest.
It didn’t take very long into the random movie they flipped on for (y/n) to begin drifting off. Bucky smiled down at her sleeping form admiring just how beautiful she truly was. He lightly traced his thumb across her cheek almost laughing at the small nose scrunch that subliminally followed. “Night doll.” He beamed kissing her forehead before closing his own eyes. Soon enough they were both fast asleep wrapped in each other’s embrace.
When morning came (y/n) was the first to begin opening her eyes hearing people talking in the kitchen. “There’s a hundred different rooms in this place can’t they pick one?” Tony asked. “It’s not like that they’re just sleeping.” Nat responded with an eye roll. “Yeah let them be Tony they look happy.” Wanda said backing up Nat. “I do believe they’re down here because it’s Mr. Barnes birthday, I think I heard her making him a cake.” Vision informed the group.
(Y/n) very carefully pulled herself up from the couch to avoid waking Bucky before joining her team. “It is but don’t say anything he doesn’t want a whole big thing made out of all this.” (Y/n) said gratefully accepting a coffee cup Wanda poured her. “Oh yes because I was right on my way to throw a gala. A gala in honor of the Winter Soldier’s 106 birthday sounds like a real fun time.” Tony said sarcastically. “Tony, Sam if I do your paperwork for a week will you please not bother him today?” (Y/n) pleaded bargaining with the two.
Sam and Tony shared a look before Sam spoke up “Make it two weeks and you’ve got yourself a deal.” (Y/n) rolled her eyes but agreed causing the two to find somewhere else to be. “Can you two help me get ready later? Apparently he’s taking me out for a date.” (Y/n) asked turning towards Wanda and Nat. Both girls perked up giving her a knowing look.
“Jesus, it’s about time Barnes.” Nat laughed. “Of course we’ll help you love.” Wanda smiled pulling (y/n) into a hug. “You gonna wear that dress we picked out on our shopping trip?” Nat asked. (Y/n) nodded her head getting ready to speak before she was interrupted by Bucky making his way into the kitchen sleepily. “Haven’t even taken her out yet and you’re already stealing her from me Wanda?” He asked taking a seat on a kitchen stool.
Wanda and (y/n) both laughed letting go of the hug. “Technically you’re stealing my girl but I guess it’s alright.” Wanda joked right back. (Y/n) handed Bucky a cup of coffee pressing a gentle kiss on his cheek. “I’m gonna get ready to head out after my coffee, six still work for you?” Bucky asked. (Y/n) nodded in confirmation smiling brightly at her date for the evening.
┍━━━━━━━━ ★━━━━━━━━━ ┑
In the last hour (y/n)’s room had been covered in an array of different shoes, makeups, and hair products. She was currently sat in a chair while Nat did her makeup and Wanda did her hair. “Oh god why am I suddenly so nervous?” She asked taking a shaky breath. “Because it’s not just a first date it’s a first date with Bucky.” Wanda answered giving (Y/n) a gentle squeeze on the shoulder. “Yes it’s Bucky we’re best friends and now we’re going on a date and it feels like my stomach is doing a free fall from a fucking plane.” (Y/n) huffed.
“(Y/n) listen we’ve all seen how you two are together, you’re practically the definition of soul mates and trust me when I say you don’t want to lose someone who you care about that much.” Nat insisted. “You’re right Nat I’m sorry.” (Y/n) sighed fidgeting with her hands. “Trust us gorgeous this date is going to be everything you’ve been waited for.” Wanda promised both girls sending their friend a reassuring smile. “He said he’s taking me to dinner and dancing.” (Y/n) informed her friends. They both have her a happy smile confining their work.
“Okay your (curls/waves/ hair) are in place and look perfect.” Wanda said with a clap. “Makeup is done too.” Nat beamed setting the brushes down. “Okay dress time!” (Y/n) cheered moving into her bathroom with the dress and shoes. Nat and Wanda sat on the bed giving each other a knowing glance. “It’s finally happened.” Wanda whispered making Nat nod with a proud smile on her face.
“What time is it?” (Y/n) called from behind the bathroom door. “About 5:53 he should be here any minute.” Nat called. Sure enough in a few minutes there came a knock at the door. “Speak of the devil.” Wanda giggled answering the door. It opened to reveal Bucky dressed up in a suit and a bouquet of flowers in his hands.
“Hello Bucky, she’ll be right out.” Wanda greeted welcoming him inside. “Thanks.” Bucky smiled. “Oh happy birthday.” Nat said causing Wanda to do the same. He nodded smiling as gently as he was able trying not to be too awkward. “She’s really excited about this, don’t let her down Barnes.” Nat warned in a quiet voice.
“I wouldn’t dream of it.” He said looking towards the bathroom door. “Don’t take this the wrong way but the team would most definitely take her side.” Wanda added with an amused tone. “Oh yeah I wouldn’t blame em.” Bucky chuckled knowing just how much everyone adored (y/n). The bathroom door opened and out stepped (Y/n). The second Bucky’s eyes met her form his jaw dropped.
“We’ll leave you to it, have a nice night.” Nat said as the two girls exited sending winks and thumbs up to their friend. “Doll you look amazing.” Bucky stuttered out. She did a small twirl showing off the vintage 40’s dress that was hugging the right curves and still hanging loosely right above her knees. It wasn’t her normal smile but she wanted to make today all about him. “What do you think sarge just like you remember?” She asked giggling as she stepped closer to him.
“Even better, dames back then got nothin on you.” He chuckled still blushing. (Y/n) smiled ducking her head slightly. “Oh um I got you these. All though I guess giving flowers on a date isn’t really a thing anymore, but I didn’t know till the cashier asked me what i as done wrong. I debated even bringing them but it’s what I used to do and I know you wouldn’t want them to be wasted.” He blurted out nervously moving the flowers towards her.
(Y/n)’s eyes shifted from the floor to the bouquet letting out a small gasp. It was a beautiful arrangement in various shades of (y/f/c) mixed with white flowers to balance it out. “I wasn’t sure if you had a favorite but I remembered that (y/f/c) was your favorite color.” He explained suddenly self conscious of the flowers. “It’s been a very long time since anyone has given me flowers.” (Y/n) whispered taking them gently. “They’re beautiful, I love them thank you.” She said giving him a kiss on the cheek.
Bucky’s blush darkened slightly as he smiled down at her. “You’re very welcome doll.” He smiled proudly. “I’ll grab a vase for these in the kitchen then we can head out.” She said grabbing her small clutch. Bucky gently placed his hand on the lower of her back as they made their way downstairs. She began filling up a vase from the faucet as Steve wondered into the kitchen area.
“You two look great.” He smiled patting Bucky’s shoulder firmly. “Thanks Stevie.” (Y/n) beamed admiring her flowers. “It’s nice to see you like this punk. Just like the old days you running off with a beautiful girl to go dance the night away.” Steve chuckled. “Yeah except she’s different than all those broads from back then.” Bucky responded.
“Want me to take those to your room for you?” Steve offered. “Yes please. He has the best taste in flowers.” She smiled handing him the vase. “Oh yeah he does.” Steve chuckled carrying the vase out of the room. “Alright doll this way.” Bucky said leading her out of the tower.
“I didn’t figure you’d wanna mess up your hair with a helmet so I just called a cab.” He explained helping her into the taxi. “Fine but I want a ride on that Harley of yours next time sarge.” She teased making him blush. “Already think there will be a next time?” He asked nervously. “I’d hope so.” She smiled grabbing his hand. He carefully brought hers to his lips placing a gentle kiss on her knuckles.
“You two look wonderful tonight.” The old cab driver spoke smiling in the rear view mirror. “Thank you.” (Y/n) blushed leaning her head on Bucky’s shoulder. The drive didn’t take long but (Y/n) was shocked by the nice place Bucky had chosen. “Only the best for my best girl.” He smiled with a wink. They made their way inside thanking the driver.
Bucky pulled out her chair helping her have a seat before taking his own. “I’ve wanted to ask you out for a while doll.” He smiled. “I’ve wanted you to for just as long.” She giggled. They shared a loving smile as the first of their many dates began.
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