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fluffymisha97 · a day ago
Not as expected
Tumblr media
Summary: Chris turning 40 years old…Not everything is as expected. Not at all. 
Warnings: Language. 
Word count: 4,010 
**Kinda looong, I know. I wanted to write something for that loveable meatball turning 40 years old. Maybe lame, maybe not. I had fun writing it.  Got a few others Birthday bash-ideas in the works too. Hope it’s okay. No proofreading tho.** 
Tumblr media
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fluffymisha97 · 2 days ago
Not as expected
Tumblr media
Summary: Chris turning 40 years old...Not everything is as expected. Not at all. 
Warnings: Language. 
Word count: 4,010 
**Kinda looong, I know. I wanted to write something for that loveable meatball turning 40 years old. Maybe lame, maybe not. I had fun writing it.  Got a few others Birthday bash-ideas in the works too. Hope it’s okay. No proofreading tho.** 
Tumblr media
Chris was shocked when he woke up. He hadn't expected any of this. None of this actually. He was shocked to say the least. This would very much be a memorable birthday.
He woke up nuzzling his face in the crook of your neck. Sighing softly when you leaned into his touch. Chris was very much pleased when you rolled over to face him. Naked from head to toe. His very own work from last night's activities. His last night as a 39 year old man.
“Good morning, handsome.”
Any time now. It would be a matter of time before you’d start screaming ‘happy birthday’ to him. He would wait patiently.
Chris hugged you closer to him only to receive a soft but firm nudge. He looked rather puzzled at you. You untangled yourself from him, grabbing your robe from the floor before putting it on.
“Where are you going?”
“The bathroom?”
“And then you’re coming back to bed?”
“Ehh no? It’s quite late ain’t it?”
Dumbfounded, Chris sat up against the headboard.
“I figured we’d stay in bed for a while? Like we always do on…. You know.”
His eyebrows quirked a bit at you hoping you’d get the hint. On birthdays, you’d always cuddle up in bed forever before getting up. Cuddling would always lead to a lot of great, hot and amazing birthday sex. A nice little tradition, you’d gotten over the years.
“On?? Sundays? Yeah, I know but it’s a bad habit we ought to rid ourselves off. Spending too much time in that bed will do none of us any good.”
With that, you went into the bathroom and left Chris feeling confused. He heard the shower being turned on. He looked down at Dodger who was sitting by his side of the bed. The dog only wiggled his tail and put his head on Chris’ leg.
“Buddy, you got any idea what’s going on?”
Dodger titled his head at Chris but was happy nonetheless. The two stayed like that for a bit before Chris got up from the bed and walked into the bathroom. The steam had already fogged up the entire room. You were humming in the shower paying him no mind. As Chris had brushed his teeth and went about his business, he walked over to you. You yelped feeling his large hands on your hips.
“W-w-what are you doing?”
Chris moved closer to you, his hands wrapped around your waist and chest. He leaned in to press kisses along the side of your neck.
“Kissing you.”
“I see that but what are you doing in here with me now?”
“Uh…Hoping to take a shower with-”
“Well then let me get on and out of here then. So you can get some work done.”
“Or you could stay and finish with me? Save a polar bear.”
Before you could untangle yourself, Chris held onto you just a little bit tighter. Hands moving downwards towards your core.
“Uhh no, no- We can’t now because I have to be in the kitchen.”
Chris continued his assault on your neck knowing it was your weak spot. Finding every bit of self-control, you managed to slither out from his grip. You ripped a towel from the hangers and wrapped it around yourself.
“There! The shower’s all yours- I’ll be in the kitchen. Cause that’s where you go when you’re hungry.”
A smirk appeared on his handsome face as he inched closer to you again.
“I’m hungry too but I think I can find something to eat right here.”
You felt flushed and hot all over. Chris noticed your coy eyes before looking down at the ground. Before Chris’ dirty words and irresistible eyes could do more damage, you stepped further away from him.
“Funny...But you just finish up here and I’ll be in the kitchen.”
Chris’ smirk fell right off his face hearing that.
“Are you kidding me? You’re leaving me here like...this?”
Both your eyes fell to his now hard and proud manhood. You swallowed the lump that had formed in your throat.
“...Yes, I’ll be in the kitchen. Join me when you’re done.”
You. YOU practically skipped out of the bathroom. He was about to blow his top. Still it didn’t stop the annoyed and frustrated growl that left his lips. Chris would be more enraged had it not been because he’d taken a chance to think the situation through. You were pretending. Pretending to have forgotten about his big day. The only logical explanation to your behavior.
‘Join me. The kitchen.’
You’d obviously planned something. A celebration of sorts. As he calmed down and turned on the cold water, Chris took a few deep breaths. It would be okay. It’s all a part of the plan. Once he’d gotten dressed in a pair of jeans, one of his Henley’s. He was good to go. He’d taken his time getting done wanting to give you time enough to get the preparations done. As he walked through the house, he couldn’t shake a feeling. The feeling didn’t go away once he looked around the living room and into the kitchen.
Tumblr media
This wasn’t what he’d expected at all. He carefully looked around the whole house trying to see if it was everywhere. And it was.
Nothing. Nothing was everywhere. There were no banners, no birthday decorations of any sorts. No gift-wrapped anything. Simply, there was no indication of anyone being celebrated in this house. That couldn’t be possible.
He walked into the kitchen where you were.
“Good shower?”
“Yeah, it was fine.”
“Good. Here, I made you some eggs.”
You breezed over and planted the plate in front of him, reaching over and pecking him on the cheek. You walked back to your seat by the kitchen aisle.
Eggs? Was that his 40th birthday breakfast? What happened to homemade waffles, fresh fruit, bacon, toast- the whole shebang? This was downright not at all what he’d expected. You were halfway through your bowl of cereal when Chris sighed.
“What’s wrong?”
“Nothing’s wrong, Y/N.”
You sat up straight, smiling at him.
“I know what you need.”
Chris sighed a bit in relief but that was soon over.
“Here, honey.”
You pushed the salt shaker over to him and smiled again. Pleased with your good deed, you finished up breakfast and left the room. Chris sat back feeling anything but glad. Was this really happening? Had you completely forgotten what day it was? Had you, the love of his life, really forgotten? Filled with dreadful thoughts, Chris nearly fell off the chair when your loud voice yelled.
“OMG! Oh my, God... Chris, I’m sorry”
Chris turned around in his chair watching you with guilty eyes.
“I can’t believe I almost forgot it.”
His hopeful eyes and smile gave it all away.
“Here, Chris. I’m sorry I almost left without giving it to you.”
“Y/N, You really had me worried there and-What is this? This is my car keys.”
“I know. I borrowed the car last night and forgot to give the keys back to you. Can you imagine what would’ve happened if I had forgotten it and brought it with me to Leah’s? Then you’d be without a car for the whole day.”
Never had you seen such a disappointed look on his face.
“Wait a second, you’re going over to Leah? Today? Of all days?”
“Yeah, she’s doing my nails. I booked it a few weeks ago.”
You pointed to the calendar on the wall. On the calendar was a red circle, and the letter C on it. Apparently not something you’d given much thought.
“Y/N, you’re seriously leaving to get your nails done which will take hours if I’m not mistaken cos you’ll be girl talking and gossiping…”
“Don’t know why you’re making such a big fuss about it. I usually get my nails done right about now.”
Chris slammed his keys down on the counter before getting up in harsh and hurried movements.
“Go then. Get your nails done. I guess I’ll be here doing… nothing.”
Chris sulked off with heavy steps as you walked off heading for the front door.
“Okay, then. I’ll see you later, I love you.”
The fact that he didn’t say it back made it clear just how he was feeling. You itched inside wanting to go back in but there wasn’t time. You quietly left the house.
Chris slumped down on the couch checking his phone. At least there were other people aware of his birthday. Many of his co-stars had reached out congratulating him and such. Family had done the same. He wasn’t getting why no one seemed all that hyped. Everything seemed kinda dull even. He was happy for the people that had reached out and the many fans but still. It still didn’t feel quite right. Feeling exhausted and let down, Chris laid down on the couch. Happy fucking birthday to you, Christopher. 40 years old, and so what apparently.
Tumblr media
He was later startled by Dodger’s barking and woken up. You’d breezed right through the house and into the bedroom. Chris decided on staying where he was. He looked down at his phone, almost 3 hours had gone by. Well, he was an old man now so why not take another 3 hours of napping. Nothing else was happening. Feeling grumpy, Chris got up from the bed and went to the kitchen where he grabbed himself a beer. Cap off, and he ventured through the house.
You were in the middle of folding the laundry when Chris walked into the bedroom. Your back was facing him as you folded some shirts. You laid the folded clothes on the bedspread and the bench by the bed. As you worked, Chris caught a glimpse of your hands.
“Thought you’d gone to get your nails done?”
“OH, she was out of stock at her house.”
“Isn’t her salon at her home address?”
“Well, yes and no. She was out of the gel nails that I wanted.”
You could feel his eyes in the back of your neck.
“So what have you been doing for the last couple of hours?”
“Ohm, we just talked and caught up on some stuff you know.”
“Oh...How great.”
Chris walked around you and stood by his side of the bed.
Your eyes went to the beer in his hands.
“Isn’t it a little early to drink?”
“Maybe? It’s not like I’m driving anywhere today.”
He put the remaining beer bottle on the bed side table. He fell down on the bed, arm thrown over his head.
“Oh, I thought you’d be driving over to your mom’s today.”
Chris face-palmed himself. Of course, that was the surprise. Of course, Ma wouldn’t let him down.
“We’re leaving at 6’oclock.”
The rest of the day was moving slowly. Neither one of you said much. It felt slow and dull but as the time went on and 6 o’clock came closer, he started feeling excited.
Chris got dressed for dinner at his mom’s. Dressed to kill more like it. He was checking his tie when he felt hands on his back.
“You look handsome.”
“Thank you.”
Your smaller hands replaced his hands, as you tidied up. There was still some tension in the air but nothing that either of you addressed. You leaned up and placed a kiss on his cheek before moving away. The drive over to his mom’s house felt long. Luckily radios were invented. Neither said anything but every once in a while, you glanced over at him. You could see him growing eager and excited.
As you stood in front of his childhood house, Chris beamed, feeling his mood finally lifting. Chris opened the door, wide eyes and a smile that only lasted for 10 seconds. No one was waiting for him by the door. Not even Ma was there waiting to pull him into a loving yet bone-crushing hug. Wait!
“They’re probably out in the back yard. C’mon.”
Chris dragged you along as he ran outside. No, nothing here either.
Not much to throw one's hands in the air for. It all looked the same. He walked a little around and spotted someone. His dad is talking with Scott by the grill.
“I’ll go find your mom.”
You took off before Chris could say anything.
“Chris! Hey, look at you, aren’t you a little fancy pants?”
“Well, yeah...but given the day, isn’t that expected?”
“Sunday dinners were never this fancy.”
He couldn’t believe his own ears. Even his brother seemed to have forgotten.
“Nah, I’m kidding you! Come here, you old man.”
Chris let out a laugh out of relief.
“Happy Birthday, Chris.”
“Thanks. So where’s everyone else?”
“What are you talking about? This is it.”
“What? ...What about Shanna, Carly and-”
“Chris, this is it. We’re the only people here. Like you’d said back then.”
Flashback, 1 month ago:
“Can’t believe I’m turning 40 years old. That’s old.”
The rest of the family disagreed but Chris was determined about this.
“God...When that day comes, I want nothing. No big fuss or anything like that. Just the family getting together for dinner or something.”
“Babe, are you sure about that? 40 years is something worth celebrating, I mean I would-”
“Y/N, no. I don’t need a big reminder of me growing old (older). No, just no.”
End of flashback.
“Y/N said it’d be best if we just kept it casual and easy like you’d said.”
“Well, I mean yeah but...Seriously there’s nothing else than this?”
“Sorry, bro.”
Chris tried not being disappointed by the whole thing. Still there would be a little family get-together to celebrate him and that was something. Just not what he wanted. Not really. Suddenly Chris felt angry and annoyed by the whole thing.
He left to find you. Except you were nowhere to be found. He did however find his mom in the kitchen.
“Hi, sweetheart and congratulations! Can’t believe my little boy’s 40 years old...God that makes me feel old.”
“Hey, Ma. Have you seen Y/N?”
“Yeah, she just left for a second. She forgot to bring me a recipe I’ve wanted to get my hands on for weeks.”
“Wait, she’s not here?”
“No, she just went home to get it for me. Let me take a look at my birthday boy- man, sorry.”
“Maa, please.”
“I get to boast, I made you. And trust me, the delivery was no walk in the park.”
“Ma, Stop it please.”
“I will, will. So what did you and Y/N do today? To celebrate the big 4 0.”
“Well actually nothing. This is the first celebration wise thing I've seen today.”
“Oh, well I was surprised too when I found out that this is what you wanted. But last I heard of it, you weren’t that fond of celebrating it at all. Have your sisters reached out?”
“Yeahh, but still I wished they were here.”
Just as Chris was about to say some more, you breezed into the room.
“Hey, sorry about that. Is there something I can help you with, Lisa?”
“Sure, thanks hon. just take those outside.”
You did as you were told but Chris couldn’t help but feel ‘meh’ about the whole thing. The dinner seemed to fly away. It was like people had eaten it all before even having sat down for more than 20 minutes. In which Y/N disappeared for 10 minutes. Chris began growing frustrated and restless.
“Where did she go now?”
“Home, I think. She probably left to get Ma that recipe.”
“She did that earlier.”
“Naah, I think I heard her saying she’d forgotten it. Although I’m not entirely sure.”
“Seems like her forgetting things, is super popular today.”
“Chris, you can’t be mad at her. She did what she thought you wanted.”
“I know but- Where are you going?”
“Home, Steve’s coming by briefly and I just wanna see him before he leaves for a work trip in L.A.”
“Ohh, I thought you were staying for the night like old times.”
“Another time.”
Scott hugged his brother goodbye and left just like that. Chris’ dad was the next to go saying he needed to get up early in the morning for an appointment. After having said goodbye to his dad, Chris went inside where his mom was finishing up in the kitchen.
“So that was half of my guests...I thought they would’ve stayed a little longer.”
“Aww I know...Which makes it all the more hard to say this but I think I’m going to call it a night, sweetheart. I’m so tired from work all week and tonight. I’m not as young as I used to be.”
Lisa brought his son face down to her level and kissed his cheeks. Chris was disappointed but couldn’t hold it against his own mother.
“Okay, I guess I’ll be going now. Where’s Y/N?”
“Oh, I thought she’d talked with you. She went back to Leah’s something about having forgotten something of hers over there but-”
“That’s it. I’ve had it… If you see her here again, tell her that I’ve gone home!”
Tumblr media
He didn’t listen after that. Scowling, Chris walked outside towards his car which was still parked where he left it. So, how have you been able to get to Leah’s? He was too mad trying to figure it out as he pulled out of the driveway. Shortly after, he was at home, where your car was parked in its spot. Chris swore he saw some movements inside and when he reached the front door, it was confirmed. Your head sprung out.
“Hi! Sorry about leaving earlier but there was an emergency but-”
“NO! Listen to me, I know you think you did the right thing downplaying my birthday because I said some shitty thing a while back but I didn’t mean it. Okay, maybe downplay it a bit yeah but not have people completely forget about it like it’s no big thing…. It’s my own fault for saying that but I just didn’t think that this is how you guys would’ve interpreted it.”
“Chris, I’m sorry about that but if you-”
“Y/N, I can’t. I don’t have it in me. Feeling so insignificant all day like this meant nothing is too much and quite frankly I just want to go inside, crawl under the covers and forget this whole day.”
Your lip trembled slightly as Chris spoke. A sigh left his lips as he ran a hand through his hair.
“I get why my family did what they did, but I just assumed that you knew me better.”
“I do, Chris but if you just wait-”
Chris didn’t and marched right into the house. Dodger greeted him by the door and Chris crouched down petting him.
“C’mon bubba, let’s go to bed.”
Dodger ran in the opposite direction making Chris groan. Chris followed the excited pup outside and was met with quite a sight.
The entire backyard was filled with Chris’ family and friends. All of them. Mom, dad, all of his siblings and their spouses along with his niece and nephews. He spotted several of his friends from the MCU and many more. All of the people he could’ve imagined being there on a day like this. The entire yard was covered in confetti and colors. It was everything he’d imagined.
“W-w-what’s all this?”
“Y/N’s hard work is what it is.”
Chris’ eyes went wide. Y/N. Who he’d just treated like crap and told her off. He searched for her in the crowd without spotting her. Despite everything he felt happy and crappy at the same time. Family and friends gathered around wishing him a happy birthday. Suddenly the light dimmed in the backyard and a voice rang through the place. A voice that belonged to the woman he loved the most.
Happy Birthday to You Happy Birthday to You Happy Birthday Dear Chris Happy Birthday to You
You walked out carrying a big birthday cake. The candle light lit up your beautiful face. Chris felt his eyes tear up as you planted the cake in front of him.
“Make a wish.”
Chris felt like a blubbering mess.
It was a whisper but you both heard it. You gave him a shy smile as you averted your eyes. Chris blew out the candles on the cake as people around him cheered. Chris barely managed to get a hold of you before you’d gone elsewhere. Just as your hands were about to touch, you were ripped in opposite directions.
As people ate their cake and chatted. The mood was great, laughter and happy faces all around. It had caught Chris off guard completely. He couldn’t believe any of it. How you’d managed to get this whole thing together. Clinking on a glass, got everyone’s attention. You were standing at the patio with a champagne glass in one hand and a piece of paper in the other.
“First of all, I want to thank every single one of you who came here tonight to help me and Chris’ family celebrate him. You see, it’s not every day that one turns 40 years old. 40 years old, that’s something.”
Chris cringed a bit inside feeling embarrassed.
“Something good of course. Chris is like all good things that get even better as they age. He’s a timeless man that one. I know that. Today wasn’t what you’d expected, Chris. I know but I hope it turned out quite okay.”
Chris was standing next to his mom and his nephews in front of him.
“Just before you came out here and saw this whole thing, you thought I’d forgotten your birthday...Which is impossible. I could never forget your birthday. The day that the love of my life was born. That isn’t a day that you just forget or downplay. No, not at all. One cannot and will not ever forget nor downplay a day like this…
That’s what you’re to me, the love of my life. Tonight we celebrate you turning a year older and thank God for that… I just want to say that I love you and...Happy Birthday.”
Chris smiled through his tears, happy tears but tears. As people made way for you, Chris waited no more and pulled in you for a hug. The bone-crushing good kind of hug. Your body is engulfed by his. As he pulled away from the hug, you brushed the tears away, smiling softly at him.
“I know it’s not a lot but I couldn’t think of anything else to give you.”
You handed Chris the black box and waited as he unwrapped it. Inside laid two cufflinks. A beautiful pair. Ones he’d shown you during a shopping trip. Jokingly saying how they would complete his ‘senator’ vibe when working on ASP.
“I love them...Thank you.”
“I can return them if you don’t want them. It’s not easy buying presents for a guy who rarely ever wishes for something.”
“Y/N, I love them. Thank you for everything.”
Chris closed the gap between you and captured you in a passionate kiss. A kiss you’d both been yearning for all day. Deepening the kiss, you felt him lifting you as he gave you a twirl. Chuckling at your timeless giggling. Pulling away needing air, unfortunately, he sat you down on the ground. Arms still wrapped around your waist, he stole a few pecks and kisses.
“There’s another gift. Although you won’t get it until the party’s over.”
“What is it?”
“Well let’s just say, that it has something to do with me making up for this morning and then giving you the whole Birthday boy treatment...I mean it all… Even that thing.”
“Really, the thing where we?...”
“Oh yes, my birthday boy gets whatever he wants today.”
“… You.”
Chris let out a small and playful growl at you. Smiling softly at each other. Arm wrapped around your waist, close by his side, he leaned down and nipped at your ear.
“You’re by far the greatest gift in life.”
Tumblr media
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fluffymisha97 · 5 days ago
Falling, Fallen - Part 6
Tumblr media
Summary: Things are going great with you and Chris. Spending more time together is nice but that also opens up questions about the two of you. Not to mention spending a night together - what will happen? 
Warnings: Language 
Word count: 3,007
**Looong overdue I know! But finally, here it is. The next part of Falling, Fallen.** 
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fluffymisha97 · 7 days ago
Falling, Fallen - Part 6
Tumblr media
Summary: Things are going great with you and Chris. Spending more time together is nice but that also opens up questions about the two of you. Not to mention spending a night together - what will happen? 
Warnings: Language 
Word count: 3,007
**Looong overdue I know! But finally, here it is. The next part of Falling, Fallen.** 
Tumblr media
You and Chris start to spend more and more time together. You enjoy spending time with him, it seems surreal that it’s so easy and comfortable around him. You can’t remember the last time that it had been like this. Sometimes you have to stop yourself from spiraling out of control.
Chris is lying in bed with you and Bailey when he lets out a small yawn. He leans down and kisses your lips before moving to get up. Once he’s up, he stretches his limbs. You’re still lying on your side watching him. You catch yourself staring at him several times during a day spent with him.
“I better get going. It’s getting kinda late.”
Chris reaches down for his shoes that are by the bed and starts to put them on. However before he manages to tie the shoelaces, your soft voice interrupts him.
“Or you could just...Stay the night.”
Chris turns so he can face you. You’re casually sprawled out on your side with a small smile on your lips.
“Or not if you don’t want to. No pressure. It’s not like I have a guest bedroom where you can crash...I have that, but Emmett’s currently residing there, unless you’re cool with sharing a bed with him.”
Chris still says nothing. It’s a bit of a shock hearing your suggestion but he likes it.
“Are you asking me if I want to spend the night with you?”
“Yes?...I can only offer you one side, left side here on this bed. Although you should know that the presiding of the bed is rather clingy and hogs the covers probably.”
“Hmm the left side of this bed sounds like the best offer I’ve heard in a long time...Wait that sounded wrong. Sorry-”
“It’s fine. I know what you meant.”
Chris leans down and takes off his one shoe and turns fully around to face you.
“Then it’s settled.”
You can’t stop the goofy smile appearing when he flashes you one of his dimpled smiles.
“Oh wait, I don’t have any clothes or toothbrush…”
“You could always sleep in the nude.”
You have no time to stop yourself before you blurt it out loud. Immediately feeling heated up by your blunt suggestion. Chris’ raised eyebrows lets you know how surprised he’s by your statement.
“Too soon to joke about nudity?”
“Too soon if it’s only a joke.”
Chris teases you whenever he gets the chance. He likes how flustered you get.  Your breathing picks up when the amusement wears off. You clear your throat and get up from the bed going over to your dresser.
“Well, you might be in luck then. I still have your clothes that I borrowed from you and...There’s an extra toothbrush in the right drawer by the sink.”
“If I didn’t know better, I’d say you were planning this.”
“I don’t know about that. Maybe I hoped for it and then prayed that you wouldn’t find it completely appalling.”
“Believe me, there’s nothing appalling about you.”
You dig out the clothes that you’d borrowed and put it on the dresser top. Chris gets up from the bed as well and takes the clothing from the spot next to you. Your hands brush against each other.
“Good thing I forgot to give that back to you.”
“Yeah, otherwise I’d been forced to sleep in the nude.”
“The horror.”
Chris gives you a soft kiss on the lips before he moves to go to the bathroom. Your heart’s pounding in your chest when he leaves the room. You feel super hot and not in a good way. Well, not entirely. The nervousness was starting to set in and why? He’s staying over because you asked. This is what you want. Right? Your head pounds as the thoughts and doubts hit you 100 mph. You bring Bailey with you to take him out for his night time pee. The fresh air is good. You inhale the cold air and try to clear your head. After 5 minutes, you go back upstairs with Bailey who runs into your room. You cross paths with Abby by the kitchen.
“So, is there something you want to tell me, Y/N?”
“Why is Chris Evans walking around half naked in our flat?”
“Because he’s spending the night here?”
“WHAT?! Omg, do you guys like, need me to leave so you can get it on?”
“No, no. There will be no ‘getting it on’ tonight… Especially not while you’re home.”
“I can leave for like, 20 minutes, no, he looks like he could go 40 minutes maybe even.”
“Abby shut your hole. It’s not happening tonight. It’s too soon.”
“Hon, how long have you guys been seeing each other? Almost two months now.”
“It’ll happen when it happens...But I don’t think we’re there yet. We haven’t even slept in the same bed together yet.”
“What, haven’t you slept at his place twice now?”
“Yes, but he slept in his own bed while I was in his guest bedroom.”
“Boy, he's a strange man.”
“To be honest, I haven’t slept, slept with a man for a long time.”
Abby sees right through you.
“You mean you haven’t spent the night with someone you actually cared for?”
“Yes. God, I’m a loser, right?”
“No, you’re just into him. I don’t blame you. I think it’s good, this thing between you.”
“I like it too…”
“Y/N, don’t overthink everything. He’s great and you’re great.”
You nod your head trying to convince yourself that ‘everything’s all good, be cool as a cucumber.’
“I guess I better get back.”
“Scream if you need help or something.”
Abby grins at you as you walk towards your room. Chris is in your bedroom when you look inside. He’s wearing his sweatpants and a t-shirt. He’s on the bed rubbing Bailey’s belly. You quickly move to the bathroom where you slip into your pj’s and do your night routine. When you get back, your chest feels tight.
You sit down on the bed carefully feeling nervous. Chris catches your uneasy behavior.
“You okay? If this is too much or too soon, I can leave.”
“No, NO. It’s not that...It’s so silly.”
“You can talk to me.”
“I haven’t slept with someone, like shared a bed with someone for a while. A long time… I don’t know why I’m nervous. Like I said, I’m being silly.”
“There’s nothing to feel silly about...I appreciate your honesty. But I just want to make something clear, nothing will happen between us unless it’s something you want. I don’t want you to feel pressured or anything like that. This is a big step and we’ll just go on from here.”
Chris is probably the most understanding guy you’d ever met which only adds to you feeling silly for being nervous around him. You nod your head at him feeling a little more at ease.
You go to shut the lights off. The room falls darker. The only light is the bed lamp on your side shining a dim light on the room. You climb under the covers while Bailey moves to the foot end of the bed. Chris gets under the covers as well. You don’t know where to look or turn. Suddenly the nervousness sets in again. You let out a small groan while covering your face with both hands.
“Hey. What’s up?”
“Sorry, I’m so awkward. I don’t know what’s wrong with me.”
“Nothing’s wrong with you.”
You give him a look letting him know that you don’t believe him. Chris only smiles at you. He looks content and calm. Everything, you aren't feeling at the moment.
“… Can I hold your hand?”
You nod your head and reach your hand over to him. With both large hands, Chris grasps yours tightly. The soothing touch makes you relax a bit. Little by little, you start to relax all together. Falling at ease with Chris holding your hand.
“Can I move closer or?”
Chris scoots closer to your body so he’s on his side right next to you. He doesn’t move. It seems like he’s waiting for your move. You turn to lie on your right side, so your back is facing him. Chris remains still until you move to bring his arm around your waist. He lets out a small breath, tickling your neck. You both move a little so everyone is comfortable. It’s an unfamiliar feeling lying in bed with Chris but there’s no denying how much you’re enjoying it. It does feel very nice and comfortable. The way his body shields you. You feel secure like this. You reach over and turn off your bed lamp.
“You okay?”
“Yeah. You?”
He hums a yes. Your eyes are getting tired. Before you drift off, you feel Chris’ hands tightening around you and a kiss pressed to the back of your head. You let out a sigh of content. Chris drifts off feeling your fingertips drawing circles on his arm.
Tumblr media
The next morning:
You wake up, trying to stretch your limbs and you feel restricted by something. Someone. Chris’ arms are still wrapped around your waist. You must’ve rolled over in your sleep. Your leg is thrown over his and your arm lying across his chest. There’s a slight discomfort in your other arm, the one crammed down but looking at Chris sleeping so peacefully, you forget it so quickly. You crane your head to look closer at him. He’s breathing peacefully unaware of prying eyes. Your eyes. Unable to stop your movement, your hand brushes his cheek to his jaw. He stirs under your touch and you retract your hand as if you’d burned him. He remains still. You manage to spy the time on Chris’ wristwatch. It’s 7 in the morning. You snuggle closer to Chris and close your eyes for a moment.
Apparently when you decided to rest your eyes for a moment, it turned into 2 hours. You’re woken up by Chris talking to Bailey.
“Buddy, you have to be quiet. This one’s still sleeping. How about we go out, huh?”
Chris manages to untangle himself from you without ‘waking you’ up. You feel his soft lips on your cheek before he’s gone. As soon as the door shuts, you open your eyes. You instantly miss his presence. The room even seems colder now he’s left. You check your phone and scroll through Instagram.
About 10 minutes later, you hear the front door open and the sound of Bailey’s paws on the floor. You can vaguely hear some conversation in the living room. No doubt Abby and Chris are talking. You groan to yourself, hoping Abby wouldn’t say something inappropriate to Chris. A few seconds later, the doorknob turns and Chris tiptoes inside thinking you’re still asleep. Once he’s closed the door quietly, he turns and faces the bed.
“Good morning.”
“OH- SHIT, Jesus. You scared me… I thought you were sleeping. Sorry if we woke you up.”
Chris takes off his shoes and goes to sit on the edge of the bed. You move to sit too, bringing the covers closer. Chris scoots closer to you and leans in closing the distance between you. Automatically, your body moves without hesitation. Just before your lips meet, you’re met with a wide smile.
Chris cups the side of your face bringing your lips to his. The kiss is long and sweet. You can’t help but sigh into the kiss. Before he has a chance to pull away, you deepen the kiss. Chris chuckles against you but is more than happy to oblige. Far too soon, he pulls away. You manage to pout at him, making him roll his eyes at you before giving you a peck on the lips.
“It seems like I’ve corrupted you.”
You tilt your head to the side, not understanding completely.
“You usually brush your teeth before you go smacking lips, right? And here we are.”
Your eyes go wide as you cover your mouth with one hand.
“Oh God, I’m sorry. Let me just go and fix that-”
As you tumble out from under the covers and try to get off the bed, strong hands stop you. You let out a squeal finding yourself on your back on the bed. Chris hovers over you with a playful grin on his face.
“Don’t you dare.”
Him reciting your previous words during your first kiss, makes you weak in the knees. Chris brushes your hair away, so that he can properly kiss you. He’ll hear no complaints from you. You only tug him closer to you. Chris ends on top of you. With each step, he waits for your sign. The sign that what he’s doing is okay. Which it is. Oh, how it is. Kissing Chris feels like nothing you’d ever done. Being in Chris’ arms makes you feel things you hadn’t for so long.
You throw caution to the wind. Almost. Your legs wrapped around his waist bringing him closer. Your body certainly knows what it wants. Chris’ hands move from your waist to your hips just holding onto you. You gasp against his mouth feeling overwhelmed. He pulls back looking at you.
You’re breathless, chest heaving and staring back at him. He caresses your jaw and places a small kiss there.
“You okay?”
“Mhmm, yeah...Chris, we can’t-...”
“I know. I’m sorry, I got carried away.”
“I’m sorry-...”
“No, don’t say that… I meant what I said last night, nothing will happen unless it’s something you want.”
Chris helps you up, so that you’re sitting in front of each other. You give him a meek look.
“What about what you want?”
“I want you.”
It’s so blunt and almost crass in your ears. You feel hot again. You look down trying to avoid his intense blue eyes.
“AND...I have you… here with me. So, I can’t complain.”  
“No buts. Y/N, really.”
Chris kisses you before you have a chance to object. His large hands cupping your face in them. When he pulls away, he’s smiling.
“It’ll happen when it happens.”
You can’t help but smile at his words. The same words that you’d said to Abby earlier. Chris climbs off the bed and reaches out for you.
“C’mon, I’ll make us some breakfast.”
“You read my mind.”
You slip into your robe and follow Chris out into the kitchen.
“I think we have to go and buy some more groceries if we’re going to feed 4 people.”
You look inside the refrigerator before closing it. You turn around facing Chris who chuckles.
“Abby and Emmett left when I got back...Said something about wanting to give us ‘privacy’, if we wanted to do something that required that.”
You look down groaning both internally and externally at your friends ‘subtle hints’. Chris laughs softly but pulls you into his arms.
“I’ll kill them.”
“They’re trying to be considerate of you. That’s nice of them.”
“It’s annoying, actually.”
Chris kisses your cheek before moving around the kitchen. You start the coffee maker and boil some hot water for your tea. Afterwards you hop onto the counter sitting back while watching Chris working.
“How about some eggs and toast?”
“Sounds great.”
You sip your tea whilst Chris gracefully moves around. You shouldn’t but you do stare at him. A lot. Chris catches your eyes several times. He only smirks when you avert your eyes when caught.
“You’re just gonna sit there while I work?”
“Yeah?...I’m building up an appetite.”
Chris turns down the heat and turns around facing you. Your shy yet playful eyes cause Chris to smile coyly at you. You place the mug down as you sit up straight.
“Oh really?”
“I better get this done for the lady then.”
“I guess so.”
Chris moves closer standing between your legs. His hands grazing your knees. His eyes stare at yours before moving down to your lips.
“Unless you’re willing to have an appetizer before the meal.”
“Depends on what you’re offering.”
Chris raises his eyebrows at you but regains his cool.
“I think we’re playing with fire now, aren’t we?”
Chris’ eyes flicker for a moment before he moves his hands to your thighs.
“Maybe but they got lotion for burns...How about that appetizer? What do you have?”
His hands stills before he looks at you with an odd smile. His ears go bright red.
“Uhh...A palate cleanser?- I don’t know where we’re going with this now. Food isn’t my area of expertise.”
You both burst out laughing as he gives you an apologetic look and a goofy grin. As the laughter quiets down, you cup his face in your hands. You pull him to you, melting in his touch. The kiss was soft and sweet. Chris hands go around you holding you. Your legs wind up around his hips. Softly humming into the kiss as Chris deepens it. You could definitely get used to that. Your stomach however was hungry for something else. The sound of belly growling pulls you both from the hazy makeout.
“I better feed you.”
“I guess.”
You reluctantly let go of him so that he could plate the breakfast. You hop down from the counter and walk over to the dining table where you slump down in your seat. Chris brings you your plate and sits down in front of you.
“Why the pouty face?”
“I liked that appetizer very much.”
A little smug smile appears on his face as he grabs your hand and kisses the back of it.
“Luckily, I’m not going anywhere for the time being. Now eat your eggs before they get cold.”
You laugh at his stern voice but avert your attention to the plate in front of you. Chris and you sat at the table for 20 minutes, eating and talking. You make a mess while cleaning the kitchen mostly because you’re too busy goofing around. After a while, you end up back in bed snuggling. Yes, this you could definitely get used to.
Tumblr media
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fluffymisha97 · 13 days ago
Everyone’s an onion
Tumblr media
Summary: As said in the title. Everyone’s an onion. That’s it. 
Warnings: None. Just fluffy 
Word count: 700 
**Pic is from Pinterest.** 
Tumblr media
Chris was on the bed with your 1 year old son Braden introducing him to Disney movies and such. But not before showing him something important. Despite Brady not understanding it completely. You thought it was cute anyway.
The introduction to DreamWorks’, Shrek was apparently on for the night. You were in the middle of your nightly routine when you heard soft cooing from the bedroom. You stuck your head out from the bathroom and saw Chris with Brady in his lap pointing to the TV-screen.
“Hmm...What’s going on here? I thought a certain someone was supposed to be in his crib already?”
“Yeah, about that...Your son didn’t want to go to bed yet.”
“So it seems- How come he’s always my son when he doesn’t want to go to bed or misbehaves?”
“Honey, funny you ask. I’ve often wondered why that is, too.”
“Ha ha, you’re hilarious. Seriously, he’s not supposed to be up now.”
You see those cute little eyes becoming droopy by the second.
“I know… We’re just in the waiting game. He’s almost there.”
“Aahh, if you say so.”
You knew very well that all Brady had to do was babble incoherently words at Chris and Chris was a mess. The greatest strength and weakness was Brady. Which goes for you both. That little boy was everything.
You finished getting done in the bathroom before joining your boys. Chris was telling Brady about Shrek apparently.
“Honey, what are you doing?”
“Teaching our son some valuable lessons in life.”
“Starting early too, I see.”
Chris beamed at you.
“Don’t see why not.”
You giggled at your son's grabby hands at Chris, pulling and grasping at his beard.
“You do realize that he’s too young to understand both the movie and a life-lesson?”
“Nonsense… One can never start too soon when it comes to valuable lessons. Our son needs this.”
You grinned before leaving to go get some water. As you got back, you stopped in the middle of the doorway listening to Chris’ soft words to his son. Your son. Brady softly cooed at his dad holding him.
“You’re probably- … no certainly- not old enough for this like your mom says...She’s always right by the way. Remember that. Always.”
You chuckled to yourself but remained where you were leaning against the door watching the interaction between the two most important people in your world. The two greatest pressures in your house.
“But despite you being too young, I’m gonna say it anyway… This movie franchise is gold because it has several life worthy messages. One important being, ‘you shouldn’t conform to what you think others want you to be. Just, do you.’”
Brady let out a small yawn while still tugging on Chris’ beard making his dad chuckle.
“Buddy, your mom and I want you to remember never to judge someone before you actually know them. Everyone has a story of how they came to be who they are now.”
Chris blew raspberries on Brady’s little belly causing the boy to giggle with flailing arms. You loved watching Chris with Brady. You could watch them all the time. Your heart fills with love and more love every day.
“The thing is, that these movies are about self-love, self-acceptance and learning to tolerate and accept other people for who they are. You remember that…
Everyone has layers. Everyone’s an onion, bubba. And you… you’re my little perfect onion.”
You stepped into the bedroom and walked over to Chris and Brady. You sat down your glass of water, and gestured to take Brady. Chris gently placed the almost sleeping boy in your arms. He fussed a little bit but settled down once safely nestled in your arms. Chris leaned down pressing a kiss to your soft lips. He then pressed a kiss to Brady’s head before making his way to the bathroom. You hummed a soft tune as you went to put Brady down in his crib. Brady clutched your index finger in his small hand. You leaned down and placed a kiss on his cheek, breathing in his scent.
“Wanna hear something? Your daddy’s an onion too. The greatest onion there is apart from you of course.”
Tumblr media
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fluffymisha97 · 18 days ago
Having such a rubbish at work but reading your stories in between breaks is getting me through.
Hi, sorry to hear about that with work. I hope it gets better and thanks so much for reading my stories. 🙏😊
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fluffymisha97 · 19 days ago
You do this a lot?
Tumblr media
Summary: Your man loves looking at you every hour of the day even when you sleep. (Sucky summary, I know.) 
Warnings: Language. Implied smutty content. Fluffy otherwise.
Word count: 825 
**No proofreading! -- Idk about this one. Might be Meeehh.**
Tumblr media
Unbeknownst to you, Chris is a lurker. He likes to look at you all day, every day. Which includes nights too. Sometimes he wakes up before you do and he just lies there watching you. The way your chest moves up and down whilst sleeping ever so peacefully. He likes the way your face scrunches up presumably while dreaming. 
When he’s really gone and drawn in by you, he traces the outline of your body. The way your hip dips, the curve of your bottom, your back. Anything he can get his hands on. He certainly enjoys the feeling of your naked skin on his fingertips. He smirks to himself when he catches the way your body shudders when his fingers moves closer to the more tender area. Your body always responds to him. It amazes him often, how easily he’s distracted by you when in your sleep. Your breathing sooths him. Most days he sticks to casually watching you but there are days where looking ain't enough and he has to touch. You.
This morning is no different. Chris wakes up 30 minutes before you do. He goes to take Dodger out for a quick walk before he slips back into bed with you. Before he does that, he slips out of his clothes. Seconds later, he’s in bed with you. You’re in the same position as he left you in. Tangled up in the cover.  He snuggles closer to you, spooning you from behind. ‘I’ll give her 20 minutes’. He closes his eyes falling into a light slumber. 
He wakes up not even 10 minutes later. Chris leans back and props himself up on one elbow. He looks down at your still sleeping form. He brushes a loose hair out of your face, making you stir. He remains still and waits to see if he has woken you up. After a while you start to open your eyes, groaning softly by the bright light in the bedroom. You stretch your body and roll over a bit where you come face to face with a wide awake Chris staring down at you. 
“Good morning.”
Chris smiles at you as he pretends pick some lint from his non-existing pants. 
“Were you just watching me?” 
“Whaaat? Noo.” 
You give him ‘the look’ that tells him you ain't believing his BS one bit. You tug the covers a little closer to your body trying to shield yourself from his prying eyes. 
“Staring at someone while they're sleeping is kinda creepy. FYI.”
"Nah, it's romantic and dreamy."
"If you're into creeps then yes"
"I'll show you creep."
Chris is on you in a flash before you have a chance to say or do something. He growls playfully as he places kisses along your jaw and collarbone. Grinning when he hears you’re giggling. With smooth movements, he manages to remove the covers from you wanting to get close to you despite your protests. You let out small moans feeling his lips on you only stroking his ego. 
You reach up and rubs his bearded chin. 
“Tell me something...Do you do this all the time? Like every morning?” 
“Creep around like this...Staring at me while I’m sleeping.” 
“I’m gazing at your beauty. Gazing not staring, honey. There’s a difference. ” 
You reach down and pinch his one nipple making him roll over. You’re halfway hovering over his body. His hands wandering across your back down to your hips trying to bring you closer. 
“So, you’re gazing?” 
“Yeah...How can I not when you’re this...Good as hell looking.” 
You feel his chest vibrating, growling with pride. You look down well aware of another thing that’s growing with pride. You lean down and smash your lips against his. Chris moans feeling your tongue invade his mouth. Just when it’s getting good, you pull away making Chris pout. His lips pink-ish from the kiss. You’re both out of breath. 
“Where are you going exactly?” 
“I’m going to take a shower. Bye now.” 
“What! You can’t leave me like this?” 
“Oh honey, you already had your fill... You can look but you can’t touch.” 
You rise from the bed standing in your naked glory as Chris would say. You walk towards the bathroom slowly enjoying the frustrated look on his face. You make sure to give it all. Swaying your hips knowing how it gets him going. 
“Here’s to you babe, gazing at my ass walking away.” 
You throw him a coy smile before wandering off. 
“Get ya ass back in here now, woman.” 
Chris hears you humming to yourself. Damn woman. 
“Don’t make me come and get you.”
Your head appears in the doorway looking ever so innocent. 
“Or what?” 
“Or I’ll do much more than just gaze at your ass.” 
“Hmmm...I’m thinking no.” 
That's all it takes before Chris is on his feet storming into the bathroom making you squeal as he lifts you up off your feet. 
Tumblr media
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fluffymisha97 · 26 days ago
Like always?
Tumblr media
Summary: Chris has to change his hairstyle for a movie part. It requires a buzz cut. It’s a sexy look on him but you rather like the floofy hair.  However, your man is more than happy to show you the perks of the buzz cut.
Warnings: SMUT, language. 
Word count: 1,847
**Don’t know if this sucks, the plot and all. LOL but I had fun writing it** 
Tumblr media
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fluffymisha97 · 27 days ago
Like always?
Tumblr media
Summary: Chris has to change his hairstyle for a movie part. It requires a buzz cut. It’s a sexy look on him but you rather like the floofy hair.  However, your man is more than happy to show you the perks of the buzz cut.
Warnings: SMUT, language. 
Word count: 1,847
**Don’t know if this sucks, the plot and all. LOL but I had fun writing it** 
Tumblr media
Chris sits on a stool in the middle of the bathroom where you’re still circling around him giving him the last ‘one over’ look. Checking if you did the job right. Once you’re done, you brush his shoulders to remove the loose hair. He leans forward and plants a big fat kiss on your lips making you gasp not having seen it coming. He playfully growls at you before releasing you from his hold. You’re packing away the shaver while he’s checking out his new do.
“Nicely done. Couldn’t have done it better myself.”
“No problem, honey. Although I wish you wouldn’t ask me next time. It’s like having to cut off my own flesh.”
“Why don’t you get out your violin, babes?”
Chris chuckles at you as you run your hands over his head. Already reminiscing about the missing locks.
“What? I can’t help it. You know how I feel about your hair… Besides it’s not only me who loves having something to tug onto when doing certain things.”
You bump your hip into his- well thigh seeing as you were inches shorter and therefore couldn’t reach his hip. You reach down to sweep up the ‘sad remains’ of Chris Evans’ hair. RIP, RIP guys. While you’re down there, the image of you kneeling to the floor got the better of Chris. Suddenly feeling pretty aroused by his girlfriend.
You walk over to the trash bin where you toss the hair in and quietly pray. Before you have the chance to turn around, big strong arms circle your waist bringing you closer to the brick building of a man behind you.
“Ohhh Honey, have you forgotten that this hairstyle is also kind of fun?”
“Oh yeah, how? There’s nothing to grab onto except your ears.”
“You’re looking at this completely wrong. Newly cut hair is kind of prickly and that in itself can bring some…Imagine this…You and I on the bed or wherever in the house really.”
You turn your head so you can give him ‘the look’.
“If this is your way of talking dirty to me, you’re not doing such a swell job.”
“I was getting to the good stuff. Now shut up and listen.”
His commanding voice sent shivers down your spine and you clammed down shut.
“As I was saying, imagine us: You’re on the bed minding your own business when I enter the room. Poof there goes your clothing and I’m between your legs about to have me the best goddamn feast in the world. As always you’re a writhing mess beneath me. Using your lovely thighs trying to trap me in, which is cute that you think you can do that, but still.”
As Chris keeps talking, you get very aware of the dampening happening in your panties. And he hasn’t even touched you yet. His hands are still holding you close to him but staying still on your waist.
“You’re twisting and turning so I’m forced to hold you down while I take what’s mine in every way. Every possible way. Like always.  Always eating you out like you’re the last meal on earth. Knuckles deep inside you, having you trash around. God…I can even taste you now.”
You let out a moan feeling his hands wandering down to the front of your pants. By now you’re panting like a dog in heat- like the horny bitch in heat you truly are. You clear your throat not entirely trusting your voice.
“W-what happens then?”
“No more imagining. Best I show you.”
Before you have any humanly chance to say anything you’re twirled around coming face to face with Chris whose eyes are lust filled to the rim. He crashes your lips together swallowing your moans. You wrap your arms around his neck tugging him closer, needing to get even closer. You’re on your tiptoes but not for long before his hands are by the back of your thighs lifting you off the ground. Like always your legs automatically wrap themselves around his waist. He props you up on the edge of the counter still clinging onto him like a koala bear. Chris moves with a speed and smoothness that you barely can keep up. First your shirt is gone, then his. You marvel at his tattooed and chiseled body. You want to eat him up. You kiss him before moving down along his jaw to his collarbone and to his chest.
Chris leans his head back feeling your lips and hands on him but only for a brief moment before he pounces. He moves to rid you of your pants and underwear. The pants go down easily but he drags it out with the panties. Chris kneels down and looks at your drenched panties. Your hips bucks the second his fingertip grazes the soaked fabric. Chris tugs you a little further out on the counter so your desperate and dick-hungry cunt is right in front of him. You let out a small hiss when he blows some air on your tender skin. Chris grabs hold of your panties and you go to raise your hips to help him remove them but he only plants a hand on your lower abdomen letting you know not to move. So you don’t. You lean back a bit as you watch his hungry eyes before you feel the panties being moved to the side making room for him.
Chris wastes no time and dives right in. His mouth was on your soaked folds. Long and slow strokes up and down your folds as he with each stroke would thrust his tongue deeper and deeper. Your clit was the victim for the night. The way his tongue swirls and twirls makes you see stars. At first your hands dig into his shoulders before moving to his head trying to keep him in place. Your back arches feeling his hands on you. You’re almost sure that you’re seconds away from falling down due to the way he’s making you squirm with very little space on the edge of the counter. Chris seems to sense your distress and swings your legs over his shoulders. Sensing where you’re at, he dips a finger into your heat.
You’re a moan mess feeling both his tongue and finger working you. Gradually he adds another finger stretching you out. Your hands eventually move to the back of his neck and up to his short and very prickly hair. It tickles the palm of your hands sending small waves of pleasure through you mixed with what the man between your legs is doing. Your fingertip revels at the strange feeling. Hands gripping and threading the buzz cut. You can feel Chris smirking against you as you feel the coil tightening in your belly. You only push his face further into your sweet lady smirking yourself. You lean back breathless against the mirror behind you as Chris pushes you over the edge rubbing your clit in smooth circular movements. You barely have time to catch your breath before he’s on you again. You can taste yourself on him as his tongue invades your mouth. Chris manages to pull his pants and boxers down just enough so that his proud member springs free. Leaking with precum and seeking attention. Before you can grab hold of him, he wraps one arm around your waist bringing you to the very last edge of the sink. The other hand is wrapped around his cock waiting to make his grand entrance. You hiss feeling him slap his hard cock against your swollen lips. He teases you before sliding right into home in one slow stroke. You both groan feeling each other. Chris briefly lifts you off the counter as he bottoms out sending a spasm through your body as you desperately clung to him. One arm tightly wrapped around your waist and the other holding onto one of your thighs. He thrust into you groaning, feeling your snug channel swallowing his throbbing cock.
Slow and lazy strokes while still holding you in the air. You’re out of breath as he plunges into you. Your arms are secure around his neck, fingers in his hair. Chris’ knees buckle as he delivers three more thrusts and sets you back on the sink with your ass hanging on the edge. One hand at the back of his neck and one hand on the sink holding on as Chris picks up his speed. Now going at a ferocious speed. You look down at where you’re both joined feeling shamelessly turned on by how you swallow his cock. You’re well aware of the noises in the bathroom. The sound of your ridiculous wet pussy making sloshing noises. The way he’s grunting into your ear. The sound of his balls slapping against your rear. It only spurs you on even more. You bury yourself in the crook of his neck as you feel the high coming. Chris feels your walls clench him knowing you’re close, he reaches down and rubs your clit. His thrust gets more uncoordinated as he chases his own high and pinch down on your nub sending you into a frenzy. Your pussy clamps down and Chris lets out a strangled groan feeling you milking him dry.
You both moan as Chris captures your lips in a kiss. You stay like this for a while enjoying the closeness. His back is slightly sweaty as his chest heaves. Your hands move to the back of his neck and to the front where your hands stay on either side of his face. He kisses your neck before he moves back to look at you. You’re looking decently and well-fucked. He grows proud. Your sex hair, the small sweat beads that coat your skin and the fact that he’s still inside you. You jump feeling him twitch inside you. You hum as you run your hands over his head.
“Well, I suppose I could get used to this haircut.”
Chris smiles before kissing you again. He mumbles something against your lips. Something catches you off guard and you ‘yank’ his head back so you can look at him.
“What did you say?”
“Be glad that they didn’t ask me to go bald.”
“You ever do that I’ll-…”
Chris smirks, liking how possessive and ‘scary’ you try to be. He likes his girl getting her claws out even if it’s the least bit scary kitten ever existed.
“You’ll what?”
You narrow your eye at him and wrap your legs around him before clenching down hard on his semi softening cock making him hiss.
“Ahh! I won’t, fucking hell.”
“Aww, where did my hardcore man go?”
“Never left, you mad woman. - Now, like always?”
“Yes, please.”
Chris picks you up again and walks over to the shower still connected. Like always meaning him taking you in the shower before cleaning you both. Like always, the sex with Chris never leaves you disappointed nor neglected. However, like always, you always yearn for more and more. Chris gladly gives it to you all day, every day. 
Tumblr media
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fluffymisha97 · 27 days ago
Stop it that last fluff fic killed me. It was so good 😭😭
🙏😊 Thanks for reading!
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fluffymisha97 · 29 days ago
Didn’t I tell you that?
Tumblr media
Summary: Sometimes important information can slip through the cracks. Even a big information like this one. 
Warnings: Fluff! 
Word count: 670 (Shorty, yas) 
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fluffymisha97 · a month ago
Didn’t I tell you that?
Tumblr media
Summary: Sometimes important information can slip through the cracks. Even a big information like this one. 
Warnings: Fluff! 
Word count: 670 (Shorty, yas) 
Tumblr media
You combed through the cupboards looking for that one glass jar. Yes, there it was. You drained the water and grabbed a fork on the way out of the kitchen. Chris was already in bed with Dodger at the foot end. You went into the bathroom where you quickly finished your night routine. Dressed in one of Chris’ shirts, you were ready to go to bed with your snack. 
Chris seemed so engrossed in what was playing on the tv that he didn’t see what you were eating at first, not until your fork clanged against the glass. Chris turned his head and looked at you and then back at the screen but seconds later he quickly turned his head looking baffled. 
“What in the world are you doing?” 
“Uhhh, eating?” 
“White asparagus.” 
“I know what white asparagus looks like. What I mean is why are you eating stuff from a jar?” 
“I felt like it.” 
“Let me rephrase that. You’re eating white asparagus straight from the jar in our bed because you felt like it. Why?”
“I don’t know. I wanted to. My taste buds have been off since I was sick.” 
Chris scrunched his face at you watching you gulp down several pieces. He did like them too but not eating them like that. They worked well in several dishes where they were incorporated with other great stuff. But eating them ‘raw’ or without anything else just seemed... odd. 
 “Maybe it’s the flu that has been messing with my taste buds or the fact that I’m pregnant. What do you think?” 
“Well, it’s not unusual that the flu messes with one’s sense of smell and taste but- What did you just say? You’re pregnant?” 
As you popped the last piece of asparagus into your mouth and turned to face Chris, who looked to be in shock. 
“Yeah, didn’t I tell you that?” 
“You sure? I thought I did. Hmmm.” 
Chris looked at you as if you’d grown two heads suddenly. 
“I think I’d remember you telling me that you were pregnant.” 
You shrugged your shoulders and tried fishing out the smaller pieces in the bottom of the glass. Two large hands stole your fork and jar before you had the chance to object. You made grabby hands as Chris placed them on the nightstand. 
“Hey! I wasn’t done with that.” 
“Oh no, you’re done with that.” 
Before you knew it Chris had propelled you on top of him so that you were straddling his thighs. You giggled as he wrapped his arms around your torso.
“I can’t believe it. You’re pregnant...” 
“It’s not that hard to believe, Chris. Considering how often and how much sex we have.” 
“Excuse you? We make love, honey.” 
You raised your eyebrows at him. 
“What do you call that thing we did on the hood of the car? Or in the bathroom at that party? That was rough, hard, dirty-...” 
“Lovemaking! Lovemaking that led to this little fella in here.” 
Chris caressed your stomach imagining how you would look as it would grow. Your fingers stroked his jaw and raised his chin to look at you. 
“You know, it could be a girl, right?” 
“Or one of each? I’d be happy with that too and then we could get them matching outfits and-...” 
“Slow your roll, babe. Let’s just focus on this one for now.” 
“He’s gonna be a handsome bubba, I can feel it.” 
“Or!...Or she’ll be the cutest little mini-you. Your blue eyes and cute nose.” 
Chris tightened his hold on you and brought you closer to him. 
“I hope whoever is in there... That they’ll look just like their mother. The most beautiful and amazing woman in my life.” 
You snorted out loud and pressed a kiss to his cheek. 
“You might want to remember when I’m all big and pregnant.” 
Chris caressed your cheeks while looking you in the eyes. His eyes held nothing but love and adoration. 
“I can’t wait...  This is the greatest thing ever.”
Tumblr media
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Your writing is always so beautiful, and this new one is no different. I love all the stories you've written, you're amazing
😍🙏 Thanks so much. 🤭
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One day, some day
Tumblr media
Summary : How much heart ache and pain can one person endure and if so how? Loving someone never hurt this bad. 
Warnings! : Story contains mentioning of stillbirth and stillborn child. Read with caution! If this topic makes you uncomfortable or triggers you in any way, then I suggest you not to continue reading this. Please be aware of the warning given.
Word count : 1,966 
Tumblr media
Chris is taken back, puzzled even when he sees you at his niece's soccer game. Your back is turned facing him but there's no way that he could ever mistake you for someone else. He knows you.
You're talking to his sister Carly whilst laughing and joking around. The two of you seem oblivious to his presence. Before Chris can greet his sister, she runs off towards a cry that is heard across the field. One of the other girls has tackled Stella. Your face shines with concern as you watch your former 'sister in law' comfort her child.
"Y/N. Hey?"
"Chris, hi."
There's a brief moment where you don't know whether or not to go for the hug or the awkward handshake. You go for the halfway-sided hug. Your heart clenches as he lets go of you. Your scent fills his nostrils. That sweet smell of home that now no longer was his home.
"Not to sound rude but what are you doing here?"
"Oh, well Carly invited me to come and see Miss Ronaldo over there. You know how much I loved coming to these sorts of things. "
"Ohh... That's nice."
Chris was a bit surprised to say the least.
"I didn't know that you two still hung out"
"Well, she texts me whenever I'm in town ish. It's nice."
As you stand watching the girls running around the field, you both share a laugh when Carly the Soccer mom-Evans hops around screaming in joy when her daughter scores a goal. Chris follows quickly yelling out his cheer for the sweetheart on the field.
"She's amazing."
"Yeah, that she is."
There’s a comfortable silence between the two of you as you watch the game.
Your eyes dart over to a mom on the sideline with a stroller. On her body was a tiny human strapped tightly in a wrap. You would make out the tiny little head. Once again, your heart clenches uncomfortably in your chest. It’s almost too much.
Chris' eyes follow yours watching the mom on the sideline. Chris wants nothing more than to reach out for you and hold you. How he wishes that you suddenly would scream at him 'hold me, love me' alas you don’t. You haven’t for years. The two of you share a common thought at that exact same moment.
Your eyes are still focused on the baby.
'That could've been us.’
Chris' eyes darted to yours.
‘That should've been us.’
A loud voice break you both out of your thoughts.
"Aunt Y/N, Aunt Y/N! Did you see me? I made my first ever goal!"
Stella barely waits for you to prepare yourself before she launches herself into your somehow waiting arms. You manage to hoist the girl up in your arms beaming down at her.
"Of course, I saw! You were amazing, sweetie. You're going to do well."
"I know!"
Stella giggles loudly as you tickle her sides before setting her down on the ground. Her hand is still holding onto yours. Chris soaring seeing the interaction between the two. You had always been great with his niece and nephews. It was seeing you with them that convinced him that you would make an amazing mother one day. Some day.
Once Stella notices her uncle, she immediately jumps on him explaining how she trained for the game. Chris grins as she enthusiastically and animatedly tells him everything that has happened during the time he was away.
"Y/N, I hope you're coming back home with us. We're gonna get the grill going. Everyone is back home waiting."
"Sure. I'd love to if it's okay with Chris?"
Before Chris could say anything, Stella interrupts the grown-ups.
"Of course! Uncle Chris talks about you all the time and we all love you so. You can come too and-..."
"That's enough, young lady."
You’re still waiting for Chris’ acceptance and sighs a bit in relief when he softly nods his head to you.
"Okay, great then! We'll see you at home then. And Stella maybe you and I can talk about when it's best to say nothing."
The girl grabbed her mother's hand as they walked off the field.
"Mooom, you've said it too that you think they should get their heads outta their but-..."
"And we're walking this way, little miss."
Chris lets out a small yet nervous chuckle as you get eye contact.
“She still calls you aunt, huh?”
“I guess it kind of stuck...I can’t bring myself to tell her otherwise.”
“It would be a shame.”
You and Chris look at one another for a few moments before he looks around.
"You want to ride with me or did you drive yourself?"
"I got my own wheels but thanks. I'll just meet you there."
Chris nods his head and begins to walk off. Just as he gets into his car, his phone goes off. It's Carly calling him.
"Hey, what's up?"
"Chris, are you still at the school?"
"Yeah, just about to take off."
"Stella thinks she forgot her backpack at the gym hall. Would you please go and grab it? It's a Frozen bag with Anna and Elsa on it."
"Well that narrows it down for sure… Don't all girls have a backpack like that?”
“Please, Chris?”
“Okay, sure. I'll get right on it."
The backpack was nowhere to be found. He ends up spending 10-15 minutes searching for that damn bag. Until a woman he had seen earlier at the game, calls him out asking if he were looking for a backpack. Chris sighs in relief. Things would not have gone down that well had he not been able to track down that bag.
On his way back to the car, he walks across the field. Out of the corner of his eye, he spots someone sitting down by the bleachers. When squinting his eyes, he realizes that it’s you. He walks over quietly and sits down next to you.
"I thought you were gonna join us back at Carly's?"
"I am. I just needed to sit down for a while."
Chris let out a small hum as you both watch the skies turning another shade. Some time passes and Chris isn’t even sure how long it’s been since you guys had sat down together like this. Chris' hands feel sweaty and he releases a shaky breath.
"What do you think he would've been like?"
You close your eyes for a moment before a sad smile appears on your face. Tears fall from your eyes now.
"He would've been.... Amazing."
Chris looks down at his hands. They're shaking a little bit. He tries to blink the tears away. Before he can say or do anything, a small hand grips one of his tightly. As if afraid to let go. Chris' heart is pounding in his chest. He looks down at your now intertwined hands. A sob leaves his body as he lets go for once in so long. His teary eyes meet yours.
"Yeah?... You think so?"
"I can't imagine it any differently."
It's like a faucet had been turned on and left running. Chris can't get a hold of himself as he lets go of his feelings. Several sobs echo across the field. Chris hides his face in his and your hands trying to quiet down with no luck. You let him cry. No one knows the pain you feel other than Chris. Only the two of you know what it's like having to say goodbye to your newborn baby boy. Watching that tiny little casket being lowered into the ground.
Time passes as you both sit there on the bleachers finding a somewhat comfort in each other for the first time in a long time. Chris raises up and wipes his face before facing away from you trying to regain some control. As he breathes out heavily, he looks back at you. You take his face in your hands and ever so gentle, you trace his jaw, cheekbones and small wrinkles by his forehead and eyes. You caused some of those frowns.
Several of those frowns began forming when the doctors had rushed off with you fearing that there were some complications regarding the birth of Theodore Y/L/N- Evans. Chris remembers hearing certain words like pre-eclampsia, high blood pressure, placental abruption and problems with the placenta. He recalls watching your scared face as they rolled you out of your room as Chris helplessly watched them take off with the two most important people in the world. The world shattered once your doctor came back with the news that Theodore Y/L/N - Evans was stillborn. Chris had never felt such pain in his life when the doctors induced your labor. The nurses and doctors were wonderful to you and Chris. As you'd delivered your baby. Both you and Chris are crying. There was only one cry, you both wanted to hear but never would be able to hear. His. Little baby Theo’s cry.
Chris' breathing has slowed down and he seems more controlled as he feels your soft hands on his face. You still have that effect on him.
“He turns 3 this year...Would have.”
Chris’ breathing is still shaky as you trace the smile wrinkles.
“3 years…”
He leans into your touch as you caress his soft cheek. You let out a sad sigh and can only offer an equally sad but soft smile.
"He would've looked just like you. This nose, that's just too much and your cheeks, very squeeze-able... These soft features that would’ve made it hard for anyone to stay mad at him for long."
Chris' lips start quivering as you softly speak while caressing his skin.
"He would've grown up to be a spitting image of his father."
Chris relishes in feeling your hands. Hands, he hasn’t felt in years. The two of you sit like that for a while. Chris’ heart starts to clench as he feels you pulling back knowing what it means.
“I should go… Would you mind talking to Carly for me?”
“Of course.”
You raise to stand up with every intention of leaving. However, before you can, you reach down cupping his chin in your hand before you slowly lean in and press a kiss to his lips. Chris kisses you back with all the passion in the world wanting to show you how much he still loved and loves you.
Tears are flowing from both your eyes. As you finally part, you look one last time into those blue eyes.
“I have to go.”
“I know.”
You wipe your tears away as you turn to leave, Chris’ hand stops you when grabbing your wrist. Your eyes fill up with tears as you find the last bit of strength inside you to say one last thing to him.
“I love you.”
Your voice cracks at the end and you blink away the tears.
“I know.”
His own voice unsteady and shaky as he finds the words. Chris lets go of your hand eventually as he watches you walk away from him again. His heart breaking once more but knowing you, he knows your heart is breaking too. He knows that you love him, which makes it all the more painful. He watches you walking across the field arms wrapped tightly around yourself probably trying to withhold yourself from turning back around.
You gasp as you hurriedly walk off. As much as you love him, you can’t stay. Being around him only makes you think of what you have both lost. No matter how much you love him, staying seems impossible for the time being. A glimmer of hope is somewhere in you. Hope that there could still be a time for you and Chris. A hope that maybe… one day. Some day.
Tumblr media
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Falling, Fallen - Part 5
Tumblr media
Summary: Now that you and Chris had shared that very first moment - kiss- what will happen next? Does it stop at kissing or will more happen between you two?? 
Warnings: Language. 
Word count: 4,410 -ish 
Tumblr media
“So, now that the ‘kids’ are washed and taken care of, what do you suppose we do now?”
Chris gave you a rather suggestive smile before inching closer to you.
“Well, I think I can think of a few things that we can do.”
“Oh, really?”
“And what might that be?”
“I think I’d rather show you.”
You raised an eyebrow at him but decided to go with the flow.
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fluffymisha97 · a month ago
Falling, Fallen - Part 5
Tumblr media
Summary: Now that you and Chris had shared that very first moment - kiss- what will happen next? Does it stop at kissing or will more happen between you two?? 
Warnings: Language. 
Word count: 4,410 -ish 
Tumblr media
“So, now that the ‘kids’ are washed and taken care of, what do you suppose we do now?”
Chris gave you a rather suggestive smile before inching closer to you.
“Well, I think I can think of a few things that we can do.”
“Oh, really?”
“And what might that be?”
“I think I’d rather show you.”
You raised an eyebrow at him but decided to go with the flow.
“This is what you had in mind?”
“Yes absolutely.”
Chris caught you off guard once again. You’d been positive that what he’d meant was for you two to keep sucking faces but apparently you were the one with your head in the gutter. Chris had prepared for a movie night in the living room. He had thought of everything. You could spot every kind of movie snack and different kinds of beverages too.
“You look surprised that this is what I meant.”
“What no, it’s nice and all… I just thought you were going to suggest something else.”
Chris smirked at you as he threw more pillows on the big lavish couch.
“You do really have a dirty mind.”
“Shut up.”
“Although I could try to feel you up during the movie if you want to.”
Chris wiggled his eyes at you with mischief written all over his face.
“Eye’s on the screen Mr.Evans.”
He grinned at you but looked at the giant tv screen. He was surfing through Disney+ trying to find a movie.
“What’s your flavor?”
“Anything- Well no, something that doesn’t make you cry. It’s too soon for you to see me cry.”
“So, I guess all the Disney movies are no-go?”
“No, no we can still watch Disney...Just not The Lion King, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Tarzan, Dumbo, Bambi and-...”
“So basically none that are actually good?”
“Pftt no? There’s other movies than the ones I mentioned.”
“Beauty and the Beast? Lilo and Stitch and all those other princess movies- Wait, I think I usually cry when the beast is shot. So, that one is out too.”
Chris chuckled at you but ended up finding Lilo and Stitch. You sat down on the huge couch with a small amount of space between you and Chris. You waited for his move not wanting to overstep or do something stupid. Chris saw your hesitation and reached out for you with one arm gesturing for you to come closer. You scooted closer and ended up curled in by Chris’ side. Chris leans down and presses a small kiss on the top of your head. His face remains close for a few seconds. He inhales for a second altering you.
“What’s wrong?”
“You smell like me.”
You shot up feeling embarrassed.
“Oh God, sorry. I should’ve asked if it was okay for me to use your stuff-”
“Y/N, it’s okay. Don’t worry.”
You leaned back in your seat feeling at ease.
“I like it...It’s a nice smell on you.”
The pups were quietly playing on the ground or lying by your feet. Chris grabbed the big bowl of popcorn and placed it in his lap so you could both reach. You were highly engrossed in the movie. Halfway through the movie you were starting to feel stiff in the neck from sitting, you stretched your limps and Chris moved so that you could lay your head on a pillow in his lap. You laid down on your side propped up on the pillow. Chris loved how caught up in the movie you were. He stole a few glances every now and again. He smiled whenever your muffled laugh or giggles filled the living room. As the movie progressed, Chris looked down at you when he heard some sniffles. Never had he seen someone so cute trying to hide their tears like you did.
You thought you were being all stealthy and discrete but no...Your head shaking from the rumbling caused by Chris trying to keep himself from laughing was proof enough that he knew. You immediately sat up and flicked his shoulder for laughing at you. He only raised his hands in ‘surrender’ when he saw your moist cheeks and pointed finger. You looked like a cute angry kitten.
“Shut up… I forgot about this part.”
“I didn’t say anything.”
“You didn’t have to. Your body shaking from laughing at me kinda gave it away.”
You couldn't be mad at him when he had such a sweet and goofy smile on his face. You let out a breathy chuckle as you wiped the tears away from your cheek. Chris reached out and brushed a tear away from your other cheek.
“I think it’s cute.”
“This is not cute...This is me trying not to ugly cry in front of you. That kind of stuff shouldn’t happen until at least several months in maybe even a year.”
Chris smirked at you and reached out for your hand bringing you closer.
“So, you’re saying that you’re gonna stick around for several months or more?”
“Who knows?...”
Despite the teasing and flirty tension, Chris smiled at you like a kid on Christmas.
“I like the sound of that.”
You ended up with your back against Chris front sitting kinda sideways with your head leaning back on his shoulder. It felt nice sitting like that with him. What felt better and really good were the few small pecks and kisses you ended up sharing. It didn’t feel forced or wrong. It felt good. When the movie was done, he had the next one lined up. You briefly went to the bathroom and returned shortly after where Chris sat waiting for you. The dogs had climbed up on the couch and laid a little further away from you guys all snuggled up. You quickly snapped a picture of the dogs as you looked at the photos, Chris sneaked up behind you.
“Can you send that to me?”
A small peck on your lips and he had gone to sit down patting the space next to him. You sat down and with a small sigh you fell into a comfortable little bubble. It seemed like Chris had gotten a little more bold after you’d kissed. He held your hand, or a very light hand lingering on either your shoulder or by your knee. Everytime he was no doubt about to ask you if you were okay, you only placed your own hand on top of his or leaned closer to him to reaffirm his actions were okay. Each time you heard him breathe out and relax. You let out a sigh of contentment. You could easily get used to this. Halfway through the movie, you let out a small yawn.
Tumblr media
The next morning:
You woke up in a bed, a king size bed. You shot up looking around. The daylight seeped through the windows, making your eyes hurt. You looked for your phone but it was nowhere to be found. You went to the bathroom to do your business, where you saw your own reflection. Damn girl. Whoa. You splashed a little cold water in your face to wake up and went to find Chris. You found him humming along to the radio in the kitchen. Both Bailey and Dodger laid on the floor close by in case something fell from the sky, meaning food.
You let out a small cough and Chris immediately turned around greeting you with a smile wider than ever.
“Good morning. I hope you slept well.”
“Morning? Are you sure it’s still morning?”
You looked at the clock on the wall and it was past 10:30.
“So, speaking of sleeping… I slept here. In your house. In a bed.”
Chris looked unsure about what you were saying and continued making his way around the kitchen.
“The thing is I don’t remember actually leaving the couch to go to bed...The bed that I woke up in, or was it your bed?”
You sat on one of the bar stools and leaned forward on your elbows. Chris stood on the other side of the kitchen aisle with a rag draped over his shoulder.
“Okay. One, you slept in my guest bedroom alone. I carried you to bed because you’d fallen asleep on the couch.”
You cringed hearing that he’d carried you. Embarrassment fills you to the very core.
“Oh God...You didn’t? You actually carried me...You should’ve left me there.”
“Please, I have a nice couch but it’s not that nice. Besides, you weigh like nothing.”
You hid your face in your hands feeling utterly embaressed and stupid.
“Please don’t, Chris.”
A warm hand grasping your right one snapped you from your thoughts.
“Hey, it’s fine, Y/N. Don’t think bad about yourself… You’d be uncomfortable there and I couldn't bring myself to wake you. You looked so peaceful. I hope I didn't overstep or anything like that.”
You found some reassurance and comfort in his soothing voice and touch so you chose to let it go which was the right thing to do. You gave his big hand a small squeeze and smiled at him as he went to turn off the stove.
“So, now that I know that I didn’t fly to bed and I slept alone… Where did you sleep then?”
“I slept in my own bed alone- well not alone. Those two fellas joined me.”
Your eyes nearly went out of your head.
“Bailey slept with you- you guys?”
“Yeah. Hope it’s okay.”
“No, no it’s all good. It just surprised me. That’s all.”
“Are there any other questions that you need answered?”
You looked down feeling stupid again.
“No, I’m sorry.”
“Don’t say that. You have nothing to be sorry for.”
You finally looked around and saw what Chris had been doing.
“You made breakfast?”
“Yup. Can’t let you go home on an empty stomach.”
“That’s sweet of you but I should probably get going...I probably overstayed my welcome and Abby’s probably waiting for me- OH GOD, Abby! I have to call her and let her know that I’m okay.”
Chris nodded his head and gestured to the counter. You went over and grabbed your phone.
“I plugged in your phone when I woke up. It was about to die.”
He was right. It had barely reached 25 % power. Oddly enough there were no messages or calls from Abby. There was only a text from last night with a winky face. You were in the middle of writing Abby when Chris rounded the aisle and stood next to you.
“How about this? You stay and have a late breakfast with me and I take you home afterwards properly fed.”
“Chris, I don’t know if-...”
“Please. It’d be rude to have me eat all of this alone.”
He gave you the best puppy eyes you’d ever seen on a grown man. The last straw was him kissing the back of your hand whilst giving you the puppy eyes.
“Okay, then. I’ll stay. Let me just text Abby and tell her I’ll be home later.”
Chris did a small victory dance and waited for you by the kitchen table. You typed in the message for Abby saying you were coming home later and that you were fine. You put the phone on vibrate and went over to Chris who pulled out your chair for you.
“Wow, this is like a feast for 12? Do you have any other guests coming to join us or?”
“Just us. I figured go big or go home.”
“That you did.”
He had made scrambled eggs, toast, gotten fresh fruit and more. More than you could ever eat. You ate some strawberries and relished in the sweet taste. You caught Chris staring at you.
“What? Do I have something on my face?”
“No, no. You just look cute.”
The heat rushed to your cheeks and like many times when feeling flushed, you looked elsewhere. Chris took a deep breath before looking at you.
“So last night, we had the moment.”
You cleared your throat and looked at him again.
“Yeah, a few of those moments happened.”
“Yes, that was-...”
“Good...Very good. So good that I was hoping there would be more.”
You give him a cheeky smile as you prop another strawberry into your mouth. After swallowing, you look at him again.
“You’ve gotten a bit bold since last night where we had those moments, huh?”
“Maybe. Can’t hurt to try?”
“Suppose not- wait, what?”
Chris began leaning in to kiss you and your hand shot up and created a barrier between his lips and your own. Chris looks taken back before he leans back in his chair.
“Or not?… Sorry if that was over the line I just assumed-...”
“It’s not that, at all, Chris . I just haven’t brushed my teeth and it’s kind of gross?”
“You think I care about that?”
“You don’t?”
“Oh! Well, you should.”
“So, it seems...But I don’t. So?”
Chris tried once more but you leaned further away with an awkward look on your face.
“Okay, now you’re going to hurt my feelings.”
You go to swat his shoulder only to have your hand grasped in a tight hold in his larger one.
“Look, I have a morning routine and mouth-hygiene is a big part of that which means brushing my teeth before smacking lips with someone. You got up a lot earlier than me and you have no doubt brushed your teeth, right?”
“Riiight...So let’s say that you’d gone through your ‘morning hygiene routine’, then would I get a kiss?”
“Well, yeah?”
“Okay then.”
He brings your hand to his lips and presses a small kiss to your knuckles.
“In the meantime, you can kiss this.”
You lean closer to Chris, his eyes going wide thinking you were going in for a kiss after all. Chris smiles widely and leans in too. Just as the distance between you is getting smaller and smaller and your lips are about to meet. You reach for a big strawberry on your plate and pressed it to his waiting lips. Chris let out a small groan as he opens his eyes to see your adorable grinning face as he realizes he’s kissing a fruit instead of you.
“You’re so lucky that I find you cute.”
“I know.”
You giggle and watch him chew and swallow the fruit. You eat and talk for the next 25 minutes or so before clearing out the table and cleaning up in the kitchen. Chris disappears for a moment while you finish up in the kitchen. A few seconds later, he appears in front of you holding a toothbrush. The toothbrush was still packed in its original case. All shiny and new.
“Is that for me?”
“Yeah. I figured I couldn’t let the lady not go through her normal morning-hygiene-routine. What kind of host would I be then?”
You smile at him before grabbing the toothbrush from his hand.
“Thank you.”
“No problem. Now go and brush those teeth like you’ve never brushed them before.”
You laughed with him and gave him a small pat on the chest before moving around him in the direction of the bathroom. You were met with quite a sight. Several of the drawers were opened and ransacked through. No doubt trying to locate the very object you were holding. You gently close the drawers and brush your teeth. You don’t really know where to put the toothbrush so you just put it back in its case and left it on the sink countertop.
As you find your way back to Chris, you lovingly watch the dogs jump around playing with each other. Chris sits on one of the bar stools while seemingly reading what looked like a book. You looked at the cover, ‘Stillness speaks’ by Eckhart Tolle.
“Is it any good?”
“Huh? What?”
“The book?”
“Oh. Yeah, it’s pretty good if one likes to read.”
“I do like to read.”
“Another thing we have in common.”
You grinned at him and watched him put in a bookmark and set it aside.
“Thanks for the toothbrush again.”
“Really, it’s no problem.”
“I hope you didn’t go through too much trouble finding an extra one.”
“Naaah. I had one lying around.”
You raised your eyebrows at him but his sheepishly smile melted any snarky- alike remarks you had lined up and ready to go.
“Lucky for me.”
“Lucky indeed.”
Chris motions for you to join him by the kitchen isle. You quietly walk over to him where you find yourself planted in front of him. With searching eyes and caution, Chris wraps his arms around your middle and pulls you closer. Your hands go to his chest where he is still, worried that your hands would stop him but they stayed right where they were.
“So now, that we’re all brushed and washed, I think there’s something we discussed doing?”
“Hmm, what’s that now?”
“I think you called it ‘smacking lips’.”
“Ohh right. Yeah, that.”
Chris grinned at you sporting a goofy smile as you grew more and more comfortable in his arms. You were both liking how easy and natural it felt.
“So, do I get to-...”
You placed a finger to his lips, silencing him.
“You’re going to ruin the moment by asking if you-...”
Your finger was brushed off and his lips were on yours before you could say anymore. You silently hummed feeling his soft lips. Your hands found their way around his neck as his larger hands went around your waist keeping you in place. Kissing shouldn’t be this good. But it was with Chris. You’d kissed some guys but Chris was far from any of those. You moved synchronously. You let out a small gasp as his tongue swept across your lips asking for permission which was gladly granted.  
Chris' hands never wandered to the ‘no-zones’ which was greatly appreciated. If they went anywhere else it was because you’d given him the ‘go’ otherwise he remained to be a gentleman. Kissing Chris turned out to be rather intoxicating. It left you breathless and wanting more. Chris pulled away and pressed a few kisses to your cheek and jaw. Your mind felt a little foggy and you hung onto his biceps for support. Chris couldn’t help but look at you in awe and mischief as he looked at your now slightly swollen and extra plump lips.
“Woah, that was…”
“Yeah, we can repeat the success again? I’m good either way.”
You hid your face in his chest as you felt hot all over. He wrapped his arms around you once again bringing you even closer.
“I’m sorry, just teasing you- Do you want to go and sit down?”
“I’m good here. Unless you’re not? Kinda leaning on you quite a lot aren’t I?”
Chris grabs your chin making you look at him, his blue eyes making you dizzy.
“I’m perfectly fine right here.”
He closes the distance between you capturing you in a kiss once again. You giggle into the kiss as he unintentionally tickles you.
“You’re all pepperminty.”
“I know, brushing one’s teeth can do that.”
“I should try it…”
“I didn’t know if I should’ve tossed it out or where to put it. I just left it in the bathroom.”
“It’d be a waste throwing it away, right… Maybe I could keep it here for you? If we should ever find ourselves in a similar situation… That way you have one to use...here.”
You found yourself at a loss for words. Part of you was shocked by his suggestion but another part got all giddy inside. Chris wanted to keep your toothbrush. Here at his house. Your silence made Chris uneasy and started doubting if he’d gone and misread things.
“Or...Or not? Forget it, it was a lot and probably too much.”
“It’s cool...I guess, it’d be a waste throwing it out. Not the worst idea.”
Chris’ face lights up hearing your words. You share a smile before ‘casually’ moving on to another subject. 
Tumblr media
You small talk and kiss for quite a while until a buzzing noise interrupted your bubble.
“That your phone?”
Chris shakes his head but checks his phone anyway. He nods over to your phone where it still was plugged in.
“I think it’s yours.”
Excusing yourself, you check your phone. It lights up with messages from Emmett, Abby and most surprisingly your Grandma checking in. You call Abby trying to figure what’s going on.
“What’s wrong, Abby? I checked in with you-…”
“Have you forgotten all about your plans with your grandparents? You invited them over for a big brunch? There’s no brunch and no you for them to greet in less than 20 minutes.”
“Shit. I’ll be right there.”
You ran to find your bag and coat. Chris returned from the kitchen watching your hurried movements.
“Y/N? What’s going on?”
“I need you to take me home now. Like now. I-I should’ve been home now.”
Chris taken back by your words looks down.
“I’m sorry if I offended you or anything I didn’t mean to and maybe it was presumptuous to act like I did just now but-…”
In the middle of wrapping your coat around yourself, you look up at Chris.
“What? What are you talking about?”
“I scared you off, right? isn’t that why you’re running off now?”
“Wha- No, no, no… Not what’s happening right now. Sorry, Chris it’s not that. I just need to get home now. My grandparents are coming over in less than.- now 15 minutes and it takes 10 minutes to drive home.”
Chris looks a bit uneasy and unconvinced by your explanation. You’re putting on your shoes when Bailey joins you by the door.
“Chris, I forgot I had plans with them and that’s all. Nothing else is wrong. I promise.”
Chris nods and grabs his jacket and shoes. Bailey and Dodger barks at one another presumably saying bye before you leave the house.
Chris marches to his car and you do the same. Chris quickly lets Bailey into the dog ‘cage’ in the car making the pup whine.
“I know, honey you hate it but we’ll be home in no time.”
Chris drives within the limit and you anxiously bounce your leg up and down. His hand leans over and gives your knee a light squeeze. A short while later, you’re parked in front of your apartment. You let out a groan as you spot not only your parents car and grandparent’s car.
“What’s wrong?”
“My mom and dad are here too. Didn’t really expect that.”
Chris gets out of the car and goes to let Bailey out. Chris shuffles over to you as you dig through your bag trying to locate your keys.
“Aah! There they are.”
You practically jump to the building as you unlock the door letting Bailey in and turning around to face Chris.
“Chris, I-I…uhhh.”
“It’s okay, go.”
You smile nervously and quickly press a kiss to his lips.
“I’ll call you.”
“Looking forward to it.”
As you get to your apartment, you smell food cooking. You go inside where you can hear your parents' laughter and Emmett’s voice booming through the room.
“There’s the woman of the hour.”
Emmett goes over and takes your bag for you before whispering in your ear.
“You’re welcome. I did my best with what I had.”
“I love you.”
“I know. Now go and change. I laid out an outfit for you. I’ll keep your family entertained in the meantime.”
You briefly wave to your family before disappearing into your bedroom. As you take off your coat, you realize that you’re still wearing Chris’ clothes. You groan before mentally face-palming yourself for being dumb.
“Y/N, I’ll always be there to help out but I think you’re pushing it a bit close today and- OMG, you had sex?!”
Abby shrieks and you quickly cover her mouth and tugs her inside your room.
“Could you yell any louder? I don’t need my family to think that I’m some slut.”
“Even if it’s true?”
You flip her off as you find some underwear.
“Okay, I found that short film I did last month but you should probably get out- Y/F/N Y/L/N, be still my beating penis…you got some dicking last night. Go girl.”
“Shut the door and shut up. NO, I did get any dick-ing. I simply laid on a bed and slept. ONLY slept. I fell asleep.”
They both shared a look before looking at you with disbelief written all over their faces.
“Sure... You’re wearing his clothes?”
“Because mine got wet!”
“AAhh! I knew it.”
“Because I fell into the tub!...Argh, enough of this. Get out there both of you before I throw you out.”
“Fine. We want all the details later then.”
You grumpily nod your head and let out a sigh before changing. As you finish up in the bathroom, your phone chimes.
Chris : ‘So, funny thing. You forgot your clothes at my place.’
You : ‘I figured that as much. And I have your clothes here.’
Chris : ‘Interesting. ;-) -- Well, we can talk later. Go be with your people.’
You go out and properly greet your parents and grandparents.
“We were worried that you’d forgotten about today.”
“What? No, I just had some plans yesterday that ran longer than I thought.”
Emmett explains ‘your menu’ and people begin to dig into the small feast.
There’s plenty of small talk going around the table. You love how both your parents and grandparents include Abby and Emmett whom you’ve known forever. It’s like extended family. You talk about work and what’s going on in your life. Well, you tell them almost everything. Your mom and dad announce their next place of traveling. They’d always been free spirited and gone where the wind blew them. Emmett and Abby are engrossed in conversation with your parents while your grams and granddad close in on you.
Your granddad hugs you again.
“You should’ve invited him to come with. He looked like a decent and nice fella.”
You freeze and look at your granddad who only caress your cheek with a grin on his face.
“Oh, uhh…He’s just a guy that…It’s not like there’s a label or anything. It’s just-…”
“I wouldn’t care about labels, honey. All I care about is if he’s making you happy and from the looks of it he does. Especially if you forget plans with your old folks here... then he sounds like some guy.”
You can’t help but smile at your grandad.
“Now tell me about him.”
And you do. You tell him all about Chris. You and your grandad always had a tight and special relationship. But more of yours and your granddad’s relationship later, for now you couldn’t stop yourself as you gushed about Chris.
Tumblr media
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fluffymisha97 · a month ago
Crappy cramping and Chris
Tumblr media
Summary: As said in the title.
Tumblr media
Warnings: Language. 
Word count: 1,431
** I HAD to go with that GIF. How could I not? I wrote this today while feeling the joyous time of being a woman myself. Lol (probably TMI). Sadly, I don’t have a Chris around to help me. So, I came up with this. Read it or don’t. Hope it can bring a smile to someone’s face :) No proofreading tho. ** 
Tumblr media
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fluffymisha97 · a month ago
Crappy cramping and Chris
Tumblr media
Summary: As said in the title.
Tumblr media
Warnings: Language. 
Word count: 1,431
** I HAD to go with that GIF. How could I not? I wrote this today while feeling the joyous time of being a woman myself. Lol (probably TMI). Sadly, I don’t have a Chris around to help me. So, I came up with this. Read it or don’t. Hope it can bring a smile to someone’s face :) No proofreading tho. ** 
Tumblr media
You and Chris are making lunch in the kitchen when a surge of pain rushes through you. You double over in pain as you realize just what kind of pain you’re in right now. Screw you too, uterus, you thought to yourself. Ohhh, the joys of being a woman. Truly magical! 
“Babe, you okay?” 
You feel Chris big hand on your back rubbing small circles. 
“Yeah- no, my body just hates me.” 
“Can I do something?” 
“No, it’s fine. Excuse me.” 
You retreat into the bathroom where you go directly for the stash of Ibuprofen you usually got loads of but today wasn’t one of those days. You then remember Chris and how he had a tooth pulled out and was heavily medicated from your supply. Damn him. No, it’s okay. Men are weaker than women because they don’t know true pain and yet they still overcompensate their pain with your goddamn medication. You close your eyes feeling another wave of cramps coming in hard and strong. How you sometimes wished to be a man. Well, not completely then you would be kind of a wuss regarding anything that involved pain or sickness. 
You try to comb through the medicine cabinet for anything, something that could ease your pain but you were simply out of anything that resembled pain killers. It wasn’t new that you always experienced a lot of cramping and pain when your period was starting. The cramps and uncomfortable pain spread like wildfire. There was only one thing to do now. You went to bed where you curled into a ball hugging a pillow close to your body. 
In the kitchen, Chris was starting to get worried about you. He went to find you and he did. Right in the middle of the bed curled up in a somewhat fetal position. 
“Y/N, are you okay?” 
“Do I look like I’m okay?” 
“Well, no but-” 
“Then obviously I’m not okay.” 
“Is there anything that I can do?” 
“Stop asking and talking.” 
Chris knew this wasn’t you. This was your cramps and pain talking still it always caught him off guard how hostile you could be during the first and second day of your cycle. But he knew better. 
“Might regret this... But, Can I get you anything?” 
“Well...I would’ve looooved some pain relievers BUT apparently someone used all of them and now there’s none left for those who could really use them. So, thanks a lot. And goodbye.” 
Chris felt bad immediately well aware that he had in fact forgotten to restock the medicine cabinet. One job, and you blew it, he thought. Dodger climbed onto the bed and rested his head on your thigh. You groaned in pain as you shifted on the bed but soon cuddled with the loveable pup. Chris tiptoed out of the bedroom and grabbed a pair of sunglasses and his wallet before exciting the house. 
Tumblr media
He went to the closest supermarket where he filled his chart with several pain killers. He bought Ibuprofen, Aspirin, and Advil. He then went to the food aisle. He grabbed your favorite cookies, chips and popcorn, dark chocolate, some salty for late night cravings should you experience those. Those things were most likely also the ‘don’t’ during a woman’s period. He grew up around a lot of women so he did know a thing or two like what food is most nutritious and more. So, of course he got that down and filled the cart with the right things.  He then found a probably dreaded aisle for some men. An aisle filled with products for woman during the monthly time. He grabbed the brand you normally used and preferred. Both tampons and pads. 
About 40 minutes later he was done. When he got home and went to the bedroom you were lying in the same position like he’d left you in. Dodger’s ears perked up but the dog remained by your side. You’d miraculously managed to fall asleep. Chris unpacked his groceries and placed your pads and tampons in the bathroom in their usual place. The medicine cabinet now restocked. Chris grabbed a bottle of water and a glass of juice along two Ibuprofen on your bedside table. He leaned down and pressed a kiss to your forehead before ducking out. 
About 30 minutes later, Chris heard you shuffling around in the bedroom. He went to get your heating pad ready for you. A little while later, with slow feet you appeared in the doorway wrapped in a fluffy blanket, one that Chris had draped over your sleeping body. 
You were exactly proud of yourself after the way you acted towards Chris who had gone above and beyond for you. You shuffled down to the couch where you sat down. 
“How bad is it?” 
“It’s getting better, thanks to those Ibuprofen...” 
Chris didn’t say more and only smile knowing that you were in less pain and discomfort. You notice the heating pad in his hands as he stood across the room. 
“That meant for me?” 
“Yeah, I know it helps relieve some of the back pain.” 
You can feel the tears in the corner of your eyes. 
Chris walks over to you and as you reach out for the pad he gestures for you to let him do it. He sits behind you and helps you sit sideways. You let out a small moan feeling the pad on your lower back. Chris urges you to lean back so that your head’s on his chest. Slowly and with caution, Chris moves his hands so they’re resting on top of your abdomen. He starts rubbing your lower belly gently and slowly. He feels your entire body melt into his own as you relax in his hands. 
“How’s that?” 
Chris’ voice is low and hoarse even. His hands treading ever so carefully. 
“It’s great.” 
You sit like that for a while. Chris closed his eyes at some point just sitting back and relaxing in the now with you. However the sound of sniffling causes him to open his eyes. With one hand still on your belly, the other goes up and gently turns your chin so he could look at you. Your eyes glisten with unshed tears. 
Your lower lips trembles at your nickname, only causing you to feel worse about your attitude. 
“Sorry, I’m such a bitch.” 
Chris leans closer to you, kissing away the few escaped tears rolling down your cheek. 
“Honey, look at me.” 
You do as you’re told despite wanting to look elsewhere due to the guilt swallowing you whole. 
“Y/N, Honey... You’re not a bitch.” 
“Well... Maybe you’re a little bit bitchy but ONLY when you’re having your period.” 
Your small hopeful eyes fills up with tears again and both lips starts quivering at his words. 
“Oh... No, no, honey. I didn’t mean it like that.” 
“Yes, you did!” 
“You asked.” 
You hide your face in your hands as Chris tries to comfort you. 
“Hey...Hey! I love you all day and every day. No matter what. Little bit of PMS can’t bring my love for you down. Despite how mean you can be. ” 
You look at him again watching his goofy smile but sincerity in his eyes. 
“You really suck at making me feel better!” 
Chris chuckled and hugs you closer to his body. He leans in and presses kisses to your cheek and jawbone. 
“Do you know what might make you feel better?” 
“Staying like this all night while eating dark chocolate? Unfortunately we’re out of chocolate. I used the last pack when I baked cupcakes last weekend.” 
“Aaahh, fear not, my lady of my heart.” 
Chris reaches behind the couch and pulls out the recently purchased chocolate.
“For you, darling.” 
Chris watches how your face lit up only to drop seconds later. 
“How can you be this sweet when I’m a bitch to you? I don’t deserve this.” 
Your cries soon mixed with some hiccups as you tried calming yourself. Chris softly chuckled and wrapped his arms around your body. Feeling his body close to yours, you start to calm down. A while later, Chris finds your favorite Disney movie on the TV. Only to see you cry yet again, because well, it’s Disney so of course there would be tears. Yes having your period sucks for both of you, mostly you because men don’t know real pain like that. But Chris would happily-ish sit with you through it for these moments. Some crappy cramping wasn’t going to bring him or you down if he had a say. 
Tumblr media
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fluffymisha97 · 2 months ago
This ought to be reblogged as much as possible. 😶😤Thank you @nekoannie-chan for letting me know that someone translated my work. It’s just.... Got no words. Going through the post here trying to see if there's more than one of my stories.
Tumblr media
So everyone of my fellow writers need to listen up. I have recently been informed of someone on Wattpad stealing Tumblr writers works and compiling them into a book titled ‘Imagines & One Shots Chris Evans and the wattpad user is Mor_deahor5993
A follower of mine found a piece that i wrote called Tell Me You Love Me which was a Ransom Drysdale fic and i’m currently searching through the rest and translating it back to english to see if i recognise any other fics of mine or my friends on Tumblr. Please go and check it out too if you post work on here. 
I have made it very clear time and time again that no one else is to post my work whether that be to translate or otherwise. It’s my writing that i work very hard on and i don’t appreciate people stealing it. This person hasn’t given credit to me either. So i urge everyone to check for their own work. 
I’ll just tag some of my writer friends to spread this around…
@chrissquares @cloudystevie @stxvercgersslut @mychemicalimagines @afriendlyblackhottie @punani @a-little-counter-esperanto @avintagekiss24 @stargazingfangirl18 @navybrat817 @fallinforevans 
Thank you 
- Gee
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fluffymisha97 · 2 months ago
Control yourself
Tumblr media
Summary: How can anyone control themselves when being around such a fine specimen? 
Warnings: Language? Implied smut. 
Word count: 869 (Short) 
** Wrote this 10 minutes ago on a whim. No proofreading. Take it or leave it ;) ** 
Tumblr media
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