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fanfuckingtastic04 · 7 hours ago
Love & Other Desires - Chapter 4
Alternate Universe
You can find my other works on my Main Masterlist.
Pairing: Steve Rogers × Reader, (Future) Bucky Barnes × Reader
Warnings: Fluff, smut and angst are continuous themes in the whole series
For this chap: some fluff but mostly angst, accidents and hospitals, head trauma
The main Masterlist for this series is here
Word Count: 1353
First Love Never Die – Soko
Y/n’s POV:
I had a routine. Scratch that, the three of us had a routine. We’d get up, have breakfast, take turns to take Dom to school, go to work, come back from work, dinner and sleep. On the weekends, we’d stay at home and watch some shit movie and then at night Steve would take care of me. It sounds boring and repetitive but it was a routine. One that I liked, one that Steve liked and Dom too.
But now it’d been thrown off balance by the dreaded ex. Peggy was everywhere but maybe I was wrong. She’d been nothing but nice to me and Dom so maybe she really had changed. And if so, I’m happy we can get along for once. It had been three months since Peggy had arrived and she hadn’t found a place to stay yet or a job but she helped around the house and I was okay with that.
“Breakfast?” she asked as I stepped into the kitchen buttoning one of my cuffs. Steve and Dom were already there munching on their… wait, was that an English breakfast? How early did she get up exactly?
I smiled and shook my head no. “I have to go in early today and I’ll probably be back late so I nothing for me, thanks.” I said as I leaned down to give my boys a kiss.
“You’re working late again?” Steve asked with a pout. “I have to, this case is important, you know that.” I said as I leaned down to peck his lips.
As I started to pull away, his arm wrapped around my waist and pulled me closer again. He dove in to give me a proper kiss while Dom gagged and Peggy turned around to finish making breakfast with an indecipherable look in her eyes.
I ignored it and pushed Steve away with a laugh and turned to kiss Dom on his cheek at which he whined.
I grabbed my purse and turned to leave when Peggy said, “Wait.” I turned to look as she walked toward me with a nervous smile.
“I was wondering whether we could have some lunch today if you’re free. I know we started out on the wrong note and I want to try and make it up to you if I can.” She said as she softly smiled.
To say I was shocked was an understatement but I said ‘yes’, nonetheless. She grinned widely and said she would text me the details of the place. Steve must’ve noticed my surprise so he smiled reassuringly. I smiled in return and left for work.
Throughout the morning, I couldn’t help but obsess about lunch. When afternoon came, I received a text from Peggy about the restaurant which was actually really close to my work.
I left work, stressing about what she would want to talk about. When I got to the restaurant, I was immediately seated at the table where Peggy was already waiting. She smiled as I approached and ordered a bottle of water as soon as I sat down.
“You seemed surprised this morning when I invited you to lunch,” she said as she sipped her water with a knowing smirk on her face.
“Oh no, I was just caught off guard, I guess. We’ve never really hung out before,” I said as the waiter arrived and asked to take our orders.
Before I could reply, she was already ordering a wine off the top shelf. “You’re right. We never hung out in college huh?” she asked as her eyes skimmed the menu.
“No, not really,” I said as I awkwardly shifted around the seat.
It was a well-known fact that me and Peggy used to run in different cliques. She was always popular and me not so much. I was shy and didn’t really have a lot of friends. I guess people thought I was very weird. Steve was the only real friend I had until he started dating Peggy. After that happened, he never really had the time to hang out with me or anyone else really. He was always either partying or getting into trouble and I was alone. I’d only see him in the hallways sometimes and he’d wave at me but that was it until the breakup of course. After that, he didn’t really speak to anyone else and it was just back to being him and me.
“We always did run in different groups. You were just shy in college; we never knew how to approach you. And you didn’t really seem like the partying type so we just left you alone,” she said as the waiter filled our glasses with the wine she ordered.
“Yeah,” I said, the awkwardness building. I wasn’t sure this was a ‘thank you’ lunch anymore. It seemed like more of a ‘let’s make Y/n feel the most awkward she’s ever felt’ lunch.
“Honestly, I was surprised to hear Steve married you,” she said as she casually swallowed some wine.
My head snapped up from where I was looking at the menu and I stared at her as if she’d grown a head.
“Oh, don’t look so surprised Y/n. Everyone was shocked actually.” She said with an exasperated look on her face. “Can you blame us? Steve always did like the party girls not the shy ones so we were shocked.”
“Are you referring to yourself?” I asked as I snapped the menu closed, suddenly losing my appetite.
“As a matter of fact, yes. I was sure he would wait until I did come back. He always did follow me around like a puppy,” she said with a dreamy glint in her eyes like she was recalling a particularly good memory.
My fists tightened around the wine glass and my jaw clenched in frustration. “What the hell do you want?” I asked as all my politeness flew out the window.
She smirked in response which only made me angrier. “What do you think Y/n? I want Steve of course.”
“So, all that stuff about your ex-husband was a lie?” I asked shocked at her response.
“That part was true. I really did get a divorce but coming to your house was no cry for help, mind you. I knew Steve wouldn’t say no to the love of his life.” She said as her smirk somehow grew wider with each word.
“You are not the love of his life but you are looking at her.” I hissed as I grit my teeth in anger.
“We’ll just see about that, won’t we?” she asked and dabbed her lips off wine with the napkin on the table.
“I’ll trust you keep this conversation between us?” she asked as she asked for the check.
“And what if I don’t? What if I tell Steve everything you just said?” I asked with my hands trembling on my lap.
“Well, it’s not like he’ll believe you anyway. He let me live in your home for months which proves that he still does feel something for me.” She said as she took her card back from the waiter.
Abruptly, I stood up and strode to the exit. I knew she was following me because I heard the clack of her heels against the wooden floor. My hands flexed with the need to punch something.
When we got outside, her hand on my arm made me turn around. As I did, I could see her grinning at me with a sickening smile. Before I could say anything, she shoved me into moving traffic. A horn sounded in my ear, too close for comfort but I had no time to process.
The impact sent me flying a few away where I landed on the asphalt, hard. My vision started to blur at the edges while I heard people surround me and I felt my head throb. I raised my hand to my aching head and when I pulled away, there was red. As my eyes closed, I saw that same sickening smile and this time it reeked of victory but my last thought was them.
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fanfuckingtastic04 · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“What if you deserve to be happy and this is a thing that will make you happy? And maybe don’t worry about whether you’ll be happy later and just focus on how you’re happy right now?”
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fanfuckingtastic04 · a day ago
We demand more Loki fluff. He deserves all the love
Sorry for the late reply but I completely agree with you, so feast your eyes🤧 Hope you like it!!
You can find my other works on my Main Masterlist.
Love on the Brain
Pairing: Loki x Reader
Warnings: Loki being soft and a little jealous🤷🏽‍♀️ in the morning and just generally coz he’s a soft boi! CHANGE MY MIND!!!!!! (and yes, this is a warning on its own)
Word Count: 1114
*not my gif, credits to the owner*
The gif below is how I imagine Loki would look at Y/n😆
Tumblr media
Y/n’s POV:
Lately, I’d realised that Loki had been more touchy than usual. Not that I minded but he was stuck to me like glue. Now Loki was not exactly known to be cuddly but oh boy, was that assumption off.
Whatever I was doing, he was there. While I cooked, he’s stand beside me holding my hand or just resting his chin on my shoulder. While we watched TV, he’d lay me on top of him and card his fingers through my hair. Or if we were in bed, he’d nuzzle his head in the crook of my neck and wrap his arms around my waist.
He wouldn’t even let me shower alone. He begged me to leave the door unlocked when I did go to take a shower and he’d come in almost every time. He’d sneak up behind me in the tiny shower room, take the shampoo and soap from me and wash me himself. His soapy hands would slide over my body deliberately slow, pulling squeals out of me.
And when we’re lounging just before going to sleep, he’d beg for me to read to him while he laid his head in my lap and draped his arm over my thighs.
I knew something was off with how touchy he’d been but he insisted that there was nothing wrong.
Today, I’d decided to finally get the truth out of him. Softly, I padded down to the kitchen where he was tossing an egg in one pan and bacon in the other.
For a minute, I stood in the entryway to the kitchen and stared at his bare back. The muscles in his back shifted and flexed as he moved the pan. His pants were slung low on his hips as if on purpose.
I smiled when he cursed at some of the oil that splashed from the sizzling bacon. I chuckled and he turned around to see me standing there and staring at him like a creep.
He smirked at me and beckoned me closer with the curl of his finger. I walked to him and immediately wrapped my arms around his waist. His deep laugh sounded in my ear as his one of his arms wrapped around my waist while one of them still moved the bacon around eventually.
He extricated himself from me and took everything of the stove while I moved past him and poured some coffee for the both of us. As he set everything on the plate, I rounded the kitchen island and settled into one of the chairs. He did the same and settled down nest to me after softly placing a kiss on my hair.
We quietly dug into breakfast and didn’t say a word at all. That was one of the things I loved about being with Loki. I didn’t need to constantly talk to him; just spending time together was enough for me.
“I’ll do the dishes.” I said as I picked up both of our plates and our mugs. He was about to protest before I cut him off with a kiss.
“You made breakfast so it’s only fair that I do the dishes. Now get your butt in bed, I’ll be right there.” I said as I sent him off with a slap to his butt. He giggled and rushed up the stairs.
I always wondered how Loki, The God of Mischief, thousands of years old got giggly over the silliest things. I shook my head in wonder as I kept scrubbing the dishes.
Once I finished, I made my way up to the bedroom where he sat in one of the lounge chairs near the window with a book in his. After flicking a page or two, he noticed me standing at the door staring at him with a similar expression to that of the morning.  
I made my way to him as he smiled at me with a look of content across his face. I perched myself on his lap and leaned back to rest against his chest.
“Read to me?” I asked while cuddling into his chest. He chuckled and brushed my hair out of my face with his cold hand.
He opened the book again and continued to read where he left off. Eventually I felt my eyelids beginning to close while I fought to stay awake. I felt him lift me into his arms and softly lay me on the bed.
As he turned to go, my hand wrapped around his wrist and tugged him back into bed. Without protest, he slipped into the covers beside me and pulled me closer to lay on his chest.
My head lay on his chest, just above his heart while his arms wrapped around my waist. He placed a kiss on my forehead while my eyes closed in satisfaction and my lips pulled up into a smile.
“What’s up with you bub?” I asked as a yawn escaped my lips, involuntarily. His arms around me tensed for a brief moment before he relaxed again and whispered a ‘nothing’ before proceeding to shower my cheek in indulgent kisses.
I hummed, pleased with the attention he was giving me before I realised that he was just trying to distract me. I pulled away from him and wrapped my hands around his neck to pull his extremely close to my face so I could look right into his eyes. I placed a soft kiss on his scrunched-up nose and pulled back to look into his eyes again.
“Please?” I begged with a childlike pout and what I could only hope was a glimmer in my eyes.
He sighed knowing he couldn’t win against me. “It’s all because of that stupid agent anyway,” he said which made my brow furrow.
“What are you talking about?” I asked, confusion etched on my face.
“That agent that kept flirting with you. He was really getting to me but I guess you didn’t really notice that he was flirting with you which just makes all of this pointless,” he answered with a sigh.
I giggled at his angry expression and started to smother him with kisses. I started with his eyelids and worked my way down to his nose, his cheeks, his chin and finally his lips when he began to whine.
“You have nothing to worry about coz I love you. Is that why you were cuddly this whole time?” I said as a light blush coated his cheeks in red.
He sighed in response with a small nod and cuddled right back into me to hide his flaming cheeks. I laughed and wrapped my arms around him anyway, happy to have in my arms.  
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fanfuckingtastic04 · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
David explaining his pansexuality to Stevie
The reveal of David’s pansexuality is scripted to challenge viewers’ assumptions of the character. According to Levy, David’s initial relationship with a woman, Stevie, is meant to dispel the notion that the character is gay due to his effeminate nature and push the boundaries of what it means to be traditionally masculine or feminine.
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fanfuckingtastic04 · 4 days ago
So, I’m not gonna be able to post the next chapter of Love & Other Desires tomorrow coz I have a test that I’ve barely prepared for and am stressed about. I will be posting it in the first half of next week tho and hopefully I can get back on track.
You can find my main Masterlist here and my Masterlist for Love & Other Desires here.
See ya lovelies!!
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fanfuckingtastic04 · 4 days ago
touch - s. stan
Tumblr media
pairing - sebastian stan x female reader
synopsis - in which you mess around with sebastian due to boredom
see also - in which seb is a little confused and a bit hurt as to why you are avoiding his touch
warnings - none just pouty seb
notes - this one shot is based off a tiktok i saw where the girlfriend would move away from her boyfriend every time he came close causing him to be confused until he finally caught her
Tumblr media
You were lounging in the kitchen, situated by the island as you scrolled through your phone mindlessly looking for something to occupy your time until your boyfriend came home.
After liking a few posts and fan comments on instagram you migrated to tiktok hoping to catch a few funny videos and maybe a few edits of seb made by some talented fans.
You paused on a video captioned 'moving away from my boyfriend whenever he gets close prank' intrigued and waiting to see how it would play out.
Grinning you watched as a man entered the screen, who you assumed was the boyfriend going to move by his girlfriend who was leaning on the center island, much like you were. Just as he was nearing her side she moved further away from him her gaze staying glued to her phone.
Confusion was practically written on the man's face as he blinked once and then followed her, pausing as once again she moved, this time on the opposite end of the counter.
"Baby, what's wrong?" He questioned with further brows, no doubt thinking he had upset her.
"Huh? Nothing." His girlfriend replied as she looked up at him with a shrug before returning her attention back to her screen.
He made to move towards her again when the same thing was repeated and once again she moved away from him. The pattern continuing until he caught her with a smirk and twirled her around causing the couple to laugh together gleefully.
Thinking quickly you ran to get your camera from your shared bedroom with seb, and set it up near the kitchen counter in a spot he wouldn't see. Just as you finished setting it up the front door opened as your boyfriend called for you.
"I'm home, baby!" He called.
"In the kitchen, seb!" You shouted back as you resumed your position against the kitchen counter, phone in hand as you pretended to be invested in whatever was on your screen.
"Hey baby, i missed you." Sebastian greeted you with a smile as he went to go and stand by you. Hiding a smile you set your plan in motion and nonchalantly scooted away from him, acting as if you were making room for him.
You noticed the raised eyebrow he sent you from your peripheral vision but you ignored it as you liked a few memes on twitter.
"How was your day baby?" Sebastian asked raising his arm to touch your arm softly. You moved away before he could, moving to the side of the island.
"Good, you?" You responded with a smile at him as he stared at you in confusion.
"Baby what's wrong?" He asked with concern shining in his cerulean eyes.
"What do you mean?" You asked innocently.
He motioned between the two of you a pout forming on his soft pink lips.
"You keep moving away from me, did i make you mad? I'm sorry." You bit your lip to prevent a coo from escaping at the cute behavior of your love. Of course he would be worried he made you upset, he was so sweet like that.
"What? I am, I'm sorry I didn't notice, baby. I'm not mad." You blow him a kiss and go back to your phone and wait a little longer to see what he would do.
Accepting your answer seb goes to press a kiss to your forehead when you once again, move.
Before you can blink, sebastian jumps over the side of the counter and you squeak as you attempt to run away from him, you don't even make it past the doorway when two strong arms wrap around your waist and lift you causing you to laugh in shock and joy.
"Why are you running away from me, pretty girl hmm." Sebastian asks as he presses kisses to your neck and jawline.
"I'm sorry, baby! It was just for a tiktok." You break off into giggles as you pull away from him to grab your camera and stop the recording.
"Don't do that to me, god, i thought i was stinky or something because you didn't want to touch me." Seb confessed with a pout causing you to frown as you kissed him on his lips, smiling against him.
"I'm sorry baby, I just wanted to see your reaction. You know I love you and your touch." You tell him.
Moving to the couch, sebastian sits down and makes grabby hande at you, his tussled hair and soft sweater making him adorable beyond belief.
"I'm going to need a little more convincing."
With a smile you sit down in his lap and kiss him softly moving your hands through his hair.
"Anything for you my love."
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fanfuckingtastic04 · 4 days ago
Hiiii!! Can I get a love letter from bucky please! My name is Anna!! And just the sweetest love letter that will give me cavities please❣️
thanks for requesting! someone dropped this by earlier, i think it’s for you!
My Anna,
I’m sorry I haven’t written to you in so long, doll. This mission has been tough, and it’s even tougher without you here. Lots of long, sleepless nights where all I can do is look up at the stars and hope I’ll find your face there. Sometimes I think I see the angle of your jaw, or the shape of your eyes. Most of the time though, I’m just imagining it because I miss you so much. Lord, I miss you out here.
Can’t stop thinkin’ about how much I just want to wrap you up in my arms and sleep like that. Y’know, the only time I ever sleep anymore is with you. You’re always so warm and so comfortable. So pretty when your lips are open and you’re droolin’ just a little—I don’t mind it, baby. I think it’s cute. I always want to know where you go when you dream like that. Do you dream of me? I think if I dream anymore, it’s of you, ‘cause I can’t do anything anymore without thinkin’ about you, doll. All I do is wish I had your hand to hold.
You wearin’ my shirt while I’m gone, doll? I hope you are. When I get home, I wanna see you in nothing else. I gotta go, but I’ll see ya soon. Hang in there.
thank you for 1k! join my sleepover and request a love letter from me!
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fanfuckingtastic04 · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
a sam study✨
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fanfuckingtastic04 · 6 days ago
Heyy could you do one where Steve and bucky get sick and the reader has to take care of them? And they actually act like big babies and try to convince reader they're fine and don't need the help. ( If you've watched friends, kinda like the one episode where Monica is sick and trying to initiate sex)
Maybe the reader even says " I'm dating two 100 year old babies."
I’ve been waiting for someone to request a Stucky fic coz they’re honestly my favourite ship from the MCU. Hope you like it!!!🌺
You can find my other works on my Main Masterlist.
Getting sick makes me horny
Pairings: Stucky x Reader
Warnings: fluffffff, talks about sex but no actual smut, Stucky being super cute!!! (as usual)
Word Count:
Y/n’s POV:
“Babe, we’re fine.” Steve said for the seventh time in 2 minutes while Bucky sneezed. Steve turned to glare at Bucky with betrayal written on his face while Bucky shrugged helplessly.
I chuckled at them and pulled the blanket tighter across our shoulders where we were all huddled on the bed. Bucky cuddled further into Steve and for a second I thought Steve would finally give in with how he melted against us. I spoke too soon because Steve immediately shoved Bucky off him while the latter squawked in protest. He scoffed in annoyance and shoved Steve off the bed while cuddling into my side.
“Steve’s right though, we’re fine. We’re super soldiers so we can’t get sick.” Steve nodded in agreement and lifted the laundry basket in rebellion.
“What the fuck are you doing Steve? Put that down!” I squealed as I rolled away from Bucky and toward Steve.
“Language doll.” He said as he held the laundry basket far out of my reach, in the air. “Steve, put that down. I honestly don’t understand why you two are being so stubborn.”
My gaze shifted between them while Bucky knelt on the bed with a smirk on his face. He started to take his shirt off and Steve choked.
“Bub, what are you doing?” I asked as I hid my smile behind my palm. “I’m seducing you of course. I’m horny babe.” He whined and scooted to the edge of the bed while flinging his shirt off to one corner of the bedroom.
He was interrupted by Steve sneezing real big. He winced and apologised before quickly sporting a similar expression to that of Bucky as he started to take his clothes off as well.
I laughed and crossed my hands in front of my chest as they started to inch closer to me. When Bucky realised that this wasn’t working, he grabbed Steve’s chin and started to make out with him. Steve gasped when Bucky’s hand came down to palm at his ass and he slipped his tongue into Steve’s shocked mouth. Bucky pulled away from Steve abruptly and sneezed.
I immediately shifted forward and nudged them into bed. They both whined and pleaded with me to ‘be reasonable’ and ‘sex fixes everything’. I only chuckled and tucked them into bed again.
Bucky turned his annoyed gaze on Steve and said, “This is all your fault. If you hadn’t sneezed in the middle of our make out sesh, we’d be having sex right now, not lying down in bed.”
Steve gasped in offence and turned his equally challenging on Bucky. “If you hadn’t convinced me to go out in that rain, we wouldn’t be sick in the first place.”
“Aha, so you do admit you’re sick?” I said with a smirk while Steve flicked Bucky’s ear. Bucky was about to retaliate when I grasped his hand in mine.
“Now, children. No more fighting. I’ll go make you some soup.” I said as I placed a kiss on each of their warm foreheads while they sighed and snuggled into each other without complaint.
“How’re the drama queens?” Sam asked as I stepped into the kitchen. I chuckled and responded with a quiet ‘horny’. He choked on his coffee and burst out laughing. I shook my head at his reaction and went back to the soup. “Well, all the best with them.” He said as he waved goodbye with a sympathetic smile. I responded in kind and lifted the tray of soup and started to make my way to our bedroom.
I walked into the both of them making out with no care in the world with Bucky’s hands down Steve’s sweats, fondling his ass and Steve starting to inch his hand down the front of Bucky’s boxers. I had the sudden urge to join them but I couldn’t risk getting sick too. I coughed to get their attention and with a blush on their cheeks, they turned to look at me.
“Can’t you two keep your paws off each other for a whole of 5 minutes?” I asked between a chuckle as I set down the tray on the bedside table and pushed Bucky’s hair out of his face.
Steve, now feeling left out, cuddled into Bucky’s back and pushed his head against my hand.
I laughed and instructed them both to sit up. They followed suit and sat up against the headboard with Steve’s head nestled in the crook of Bucky’s neck and his eyes almost shut. Bucky giggled at his state of Steve and nudged him awake. He whined in protest but sat up nonetheless.
I handed a bowl to Steve who immediately moaned at the warmth from the soup while Bucky begged with a “Feed me!” and a pout. I was about to say no when he jut his bottom lip out and his eyes started to miraculously glisten like in cartoons.
I sighed in defeat and spooned up some soup and lifted it to his lips. He stuck his tongue out at Steve in some sort of victory before lapping up the soup. For a while, it was quiet except for the occasional slurp from either boys which made them both laugh and me, smile.
“Babe, I’m sleepy now.” Steve said after setting down his bowl and tucking himself under Bucky’s arm.
Bucky wrapped his arm around Steve, pulled his face close and planted a kiss on his puckered lips. I nudged them to rest their head on the pillows and pulled the blankets over them. As I got up to go, Bucky’s arm wrapped around my hand and pulled.
“Cuddle us doll.” He said while the both of them sported a pout. “I’ll get rid of these dishes and be right back bub.” I said while turning to leave again.
“Do them later. Please?” he said while Steve whined some more. I sighed and nodded while getting into bed.
“In the middle doll.” Steve said and lifted me off Bucky and in the middle of the both of them.
While I lay on my back, Bucky nestled his face in between my breasts and wrapped his arms around me. Steve laid his bead just below Bucky’s; on my stomach and wrapped his arm around my thigh and the other around both me and Bucky. One of my hands rested in Bucky’s hair and across Steve’s shoulders. I pulled them closer into me if that was even possible. Both of them sighed and Bucky started to place kisses on the top of my breasts.
“Thanks for taking care of us doll. We know we can be a handful.” Steve said as he stroked the inside of my thighs.
“I'm dating two 100-year-old babies but I love you both and I love taking care of you. Now get some sleep and maybe when we wake up, I’ll think about following through on your earlier proposition.” I said with a smirk.
Bucky’s head shot up along with Steve’s and with a hopeful voice, he asked “Sex?” I laughed and nodded.
Bucky lightly nudged Steve’s head to rest in it’s previous place while begging him to sleep. Steve was about to protest when I shut him up with a kiss. Without saying a word, he drifted. Bucky smiled and kissed my cheek with a giddy grin. I wouldn’t change this for the world.
@spookyparadisesheep​, @julyvegan​
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fanfuckingtastic04 · 7 days ago
Hi, this is my request, the reader * me ) is the girlfriend of sebastian stan, and she is a upcoming actress and she has her first movie role in a avengers movie ( age of ultron) as a avenger, she sits in the make up chair, and he sits next to her and he notes it and he tell her that everything is gonna be allright, and at the end the reader en sebastian going on a date night. And a lott of fluff and cuteness, thanks and if its ready you tag me right thanks
I would absolutely love to write this. Honestly, even I have lots of anxiety when I start new things so this would be great!!!💖
You can find my other works on my Main Masterlist.
Why Worry?
Pairings: Sebastian Stan × Reader
Warnings: Anxious! Reader, lots of fluff and some making out.
Word Count: 1285
Y/n’s POV:
Oh my god, this is happening. Like right now! I’m totally going to have a breakdown right now if I don’t sit down. Sebastian’s hand tightened where it was clasped around mine. I looked up to see him throwing an encouraging smile at me while I nervously chuckled.
“Sebastian, Y/n finally!” Chris Evans yelled as he walked toward us with a wide grin stretched across his face.
I knew from him before because he and Sebastian got along famously well. I smiled in relief at seeing a familiar face while he swept me in a big hug. I giggled and begged for him to put me down.
“I swear it’s like you get prettier every time I see you.” He said while smirking at the scowl on Sebastian’s face. “Don’t worry, man. I’m not going to steal your girl from you.” He said with a smirk. “Unless she wants me too of course.”
I laughed and punched his arm as Sebastian scoffed in disbelief. “Chris, we need you in wardrobe.” Someone yelled from behind us.
Chris smiled at us one last time before waving goodbye and wishing me all the best to which I forced a smile.
“Come one, bub. Let’s get you to makeup.” Sebastian said as he nudged me forward with a hand on my lower back.
As soon as we entered the trailer, the makeup artist, Toby was dragging me to my seat and started right away with my face makeup. Sebastian laughed at Toby’s admiration of my well-kept hair while his hand worked in effortless strokes across my skin and was about to leave when I grasped his hand.
He turned to look at me in the mirror and I gave him a pleading smile. ‘Stay’ my eyes said and he understood. He sat back in the chair next to me and didn’t let my hand go for even a moment. Even when my hands started to get clammy.
Toby noticed my tense demeanour and left the trailer with an reassuring smile saying he’d be back in 10. Sebastian muttered a ‘thanks’ on my behalf and as soon as Toby left he turned my chair around to face him.
“You’re going to be great.” He said as he massaged the back of my hands. “You don’t know that.” I whispered as my voice started to crack with all the nervousness building up in my head.
“Of course I do know. You’re an amazing actor and that’s why you’re here. Everyone out there knows you’re really good at your job. And if you need to stop for a bit, just say so. Everyone’s nervous on their first day. But I know you’re going to make a great addition to the Avengers and they’re going to love you because I do. Now, get your butt to wardrobe and kick some ass.” He said as he knelt in front of me.
I wanted to cry but I knew Toby would be upset about the makeup so I took a deep, shuddering breath and leaned down to kiss Sebastian. He hummed in appreciation and smiled against my lips.
I pulled away from him, smoothed my hair down, kissed him one last time and kicked some butt. Metaphorically, of course.
 At around 6, we were all done for the day and as I exit the trailer, Sebastian grabbed me around the waist and spun me around with pride and soft crinkle in his eye as I squealed in surprise.
I blushed as he put me down and kissed the hell out of me while everyone around us whooped and some shouted ‘get some’. Sebastian laughed at everyone and wrapped his arm around my hips.
He led me out to his car and just as I was about to get in, he spun me around to face him. “Baby, you did so good. Didn’t I say that you’d be awesome.” He said as his fingers caressed my waist.
“You did bub. I’m just so glad you were there with me today. I couldn’t have done it without you.” I said as my hands draped across his shoulders.
“Of course you could’ve done it without me. You’re an amazing actor and you don’t need anyone. But I’m here if you’ll have me.” He said as he nuzzled his head the side of my face.
I whispered a bashful ‘ok’ and turned my head to catch his lips in a grateful kiss. My hands around his neck tightened their hold and pulled him further into my body and he didn’t resist. My tongue slipped out to sweep his bottom lip and as he gasped, I slipped into his mouth. Repeatedly, my tongue twined with his and I nipped his lower lip as we pulled away.
Now, it was his turn to blush and I laughed at eliciting a response from him. His hand dug into my waist and I laughed and pulled away from him.
I got into the passenger seat of the car and as we drove away, I realised we weren’t heading home anymore.
“Bub, where are we going? This isn’t the way home.” I said as I turned to look at a smiling Sebastian.
“I know babe. I thought I’d treat you to dinner to commend your first day,” he said as he slipped his hand into mine while still keeping his eyes on the road.
I smiled gratefully and said, “It’s not necessary you know. We could go home and order some takeout and that’d be fine too.”
“Of course this is necessary. My girl killed it today and I want to treat her to dinner.” He said as his grin somehow widened and a hint of pride laced his features.
I blushed and turned my gaze to the window as we arrived at the restaurant. Sebastian handed the keys to the valet and we walked into the restaurant hand-in-hand. We were made to sit at a table that was way in the back and had candles lit along with lavenders at the centre. My hand flew up to cover my mouth and I turned to look at an already smirking Sebastian. His hand slid up from my hand to my back and he nudged me to my seat.
I slid into my seat still surprised at Sebastian and his sweetness. “You surprised?” he asked as he slipped his hand into mine across the table.
“Definitely surprised bub. When did you arrange this?” I asked as I played with his fingers and sipped water.
“When you were shooting. I know today’s an important day for you and you were nervous so I thought a nice dinner might help you unwind. Plus we haven’t spent much time together recently so I wanted to do something nice” He said like it was the easiest thing in the world.
“Thank you for this. You’re right, I totally needed a night with just you to relax.” I said as I beamed at him from across the table. He smiled in return and we ordered dinner and some wine.
It felt like we had been sitting there for hours, just catching up and laughing and I realised I really missed him when he was gone. He always knew how to make me smile and even today, he helped me with my anxiety on set. This man was honest-to-god, the best.
After dinner, we walked out of the restaurant with my arm wrapped around his and as we stood there waiting for the car, I nuzzled my head in the crook of his neck while he chuckled. I knew in that moment that it was time for me to finally give him the ring that sat nestled in my sock drawer.  
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based of this anon. I decided to make this a/b/o dynamic, I’ve been binge reading other stucky fanfics and dear lord i’m in love with the whole concept.
For: @spookyparadisesheep
Paring: alpha!stucky x omega!reader
Rating: a little angst, lot’s of fluff :)
Summary: Bucky and Steve are having a rough day, but you’re always there to make it better.
Everytime you made your rounds around the compound, Steve and Bucky were either sulking in the corning, hitting the punching bags, or locking themselves in their rooms. As one of the only omegas in the compiund, you always felt the responsibility of making everyone feel better. Escpecially if it was your favorite pair of alphas.
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Love & Other Desires - Chapter 3
Alternate Universe
You can find my other works on my Main Masterlist.
Pairing: Steve Rogers × Reader, (Future) Bucky Barnes × Reader
Warnings: Fluff, smut and angst are continuous themes in the whole series
For this chap: angst, jealous! Reader, some fluff and smut at the end, Oral (f receiving)
Author’s Note: I’ve made Peggy particularly bitchy for this series for the sake of the story. And the reader’s a lawyer because I just wanted to draw from my own ambitions, I guess! 😅 Y/S/N stands for your school’s name.
The main Masterlist for this series is here
Word Count: 2083
Nothing’s gonna hurt you baby – Cigarettes after Sex
Y/n’s POV:
I knew today was going to be a particularly hard day as soon as I arrived home, worn out. After I cut the call on Steve in the morning, he never called back. Nor did he leave a text.
She’s going to be there when I walk through that door that I was currently glaring at from my car because Steve’s car was already in the driveway.
I walked closer to one of the windows that looked directly into the kitchen and saw her laughing with Steve and our son.
A beautiful couple with their beautiful son and a beautiful home. It was the perfect family basically.
My heart constricted in my chest and for a second, I couldn’t breathe. Seeing them together again bought all those feelings of hate and jealousy and all my insecurities bubbling back up.
I stepped away from the window and walked to the front door. My hand raised to ring the bell but I hesitated. What if he’s still upset about the fight?
Maybe, he doesn’t want me here or wh- No. This was my beautiful home, my beautiful husband, my beautiful son and my perfect life. Not hers. And she’s not going to have it anytime soon either.
I rang the bell swiftly with determination swarming my mind and she opened the door still wiping tears from her eyes probably because of all the laughing.
She straightened up and smirked as soon as she saw me and I knew she was still the same woman I knew back in college.
She stepped with back with a “Hey Y/n, it’s been way too long since I’ve seen you,” she said and leaned into hug me and air kissed both of my cheeks.
My fists clenched and my jaw tightened in response. “Yeah Peggy, too long. You look the same.” I said as I walked further into my home and into the kitchen.
I saw Dom sitting at the counter with Steve at the stove making dinner. He turned around as soon as he heard my voice and greet me with a soft smile. I looked away, not meeting his gaze and walked straight to my son.
“Hey bub. How was school today huh?” I asked as I kissed Dom on the head and ruffled his hair at which he squealed.
I smiled at him and moved away to take off my coat and placed my bag on the kitchen island.
“It was good mama and then Papa and Aunty Peggy picked me up from school.” He said and I froze. I turned to look at Peggy and she smirked in my direction before I could say anything.
“That’s great bub. Why don’t we go get ready for dinner huh? Your t-shirt is covered with glitter.” I said as I picked him up and kissed his cheek. He smiled at me and nodded.
As I was changing into something more comfortable., I wondered why Steve hadn’t said a word. Maybe it was because I ignored him as soon as I walked through that door.
I don’t even know why I did that but just seeing them together made jealousy swirl in my chest because they looked so happy.
“Mama, did you hear? Papa said dinner was ready.” Dom said as he knocked on my bedroom door.
I snapped out of my contemplation and opened the door to an excited Dom.
I smiled at him and we both went down the stairs. “Dom, what have I told you about running on the staircase? You’re going to fall and break something bub.” I said as he raced into the dining room.
And there I saw Steve finishing the last of dinner and Peggy setting up the table. When she saw Dom settling into his chair, she said, “You should listen to your mum, love.” Dom smiled widely at her and nodded enthusiastically.
I looked away from them and went around to sit at my seat. But before I could even get there, Peggy had already settled down next to Steve while he started handing out dinner and seemingly didn’t notice Peggy’s wide smirk.
I frowned and sat opposite her. “How was work babe?” Steve asked with a nervous smile like my answer would determine whether he was forgiven or not.
“Busy, I guess. People have been hell bent on committing crimes the past few weeks.” I said and laid my hand over Steve’s and squeezed.
His tense shoulders sagged in relief at my response as he chuckled while Peggy joined him. “Oh yeah, I forgot you wanted to be a lawyer. Where did you go to law school again?” she asked with a smile that was suddenly strained seeing our PDA. “Y/S/N,” I stiffly responded.
“Ah, how… quaint.” She said as she nibbled another bite of food.
My hand around Steve tightened briefly and I forced out a smile in spite of my brain telling me to lean across the table and punch her pretty teeth out.
After that, dinner passed by fairly silent while nobody made eye contact. Even Dom, our 5-year-old, could read the room and didn’t fuss about dinner at all and it was the best part.
Later, when everyone had finished the most awkward dinner in the history of awkward dinners, I went to tuck Dom in when he asked, “Mama, is papa’s friend going to stay with us?”
I winced and sat down next to him. I brushed the hair from his face and said, “Just for a while bub. She needs Papa’s help right now.” He smiled and yawned an ‘ok’.
I chuckled and placed a soft kiss on his forehead and tucked the sheets around him tight.
I got up off the bed, turned the lights off and just looked at him peacefully sleeping. A shadow fell over me as I closed the door. I turned to look and Peggy was there. It looked like she was going to be everywhere in this house for a while.
“Should I show you your room?” I asked with my lips turned up in a sickeningly sweet smile.
“Oh, don’t worry. Steve already did,” she said as we both descended the stair.
Suddenly, her hand stuck out to wrap around my arm. I turned around to look at her and she had the most pitiful look on her face but there was a certain glint in her eye that made me feel like it was all a façade.
“Do you think he’s happy to see me?” she asked as her grip around my hand tightened and her head cocked to the side with.
“Steve’s always happy to see old friends,” I said. We stared at each other for what felt like an eternity while her cocksure smirk faded replaced by something chilling.
She always looked this way in college too, when no one was looking. She scared me then and I’m ashamed to admit, she still does.
Just for different reasons. Back then, she scared me because of all the trouble she used to get Steve into. He almost got expelled but she somehow managed to talk the Dean out of it.
But now, I’m worried that Steve will get roped into this again. I trust him but Peggy has her ways of digging her claws into someone. And she doesn’t let go until she’s had her fun. Or till she gets bored.
With Steve, she never got both.
“You ready for bed babe?” Steve asked as he stepped into our view. Peggy’s grip slackened around mine and with a confident smile she said, “I was just admiring your choice of wedding ring. You always did have impeccable taste.” I stared for a beat too long and turned my smile on Steve.
“Yeah, and I was just agreeing because you really do have good taste. In things and everything else.” I said as I joined Steve at the bottom of the staircase and kissed the corner of his lips.
Steve nuzzled my head with a smile while Peggy quietly seethed.
“I’m going to catch some sleep and leave you two lovebirds alone.” She said as she descended the rest of the stairs and smiled at us.
She grasped Steve’s arm in passing and said, “Thank you for everything; for dinner and letting me stay.” “Of course, Peggy. You can stay as long as you like. Our home is your home, ok? Don’t worry about anything.” Steve said with a soft smile on his face.
She smiled one last smile in our direction before she turned to leave. I didn’t wait for Steve to say anything and started to make my way to the bedroom.
I went to the bathroom directly and started to wipe off my makeup while Steve stripped down right next to me.
Once he was clad in his boxers, his arms wrapped around my waist and his chin rested on my shoulder while he kissed my neck.
“Are you still mad baby?” he asked as he continued to shower kisses all over my neck. I turned around in his arms and whispered a ‘no’ against his chest.
His shoulders sagged in relief as he pulled away from me and he started to take my clothes off.
Once I was completely naked, he got rid of his boxers and we both stepped under the shower. The loofah now lathered up in lavender body wash started to roam the expanse of my back while his hand rested at the base of my spine.
I hummed in content and turned around so he could do the same for my chest. He ran the loofah across my collarbones and he started to make his way downward to my chest.
He stopped and turned the shower on before he got to my legs. He started to rub his hands all over me and the ache between my legs pulsed.
As if he could read my mind, he was on his knees as he looked up at me through his lashes. He kissed each of my knees and started to travel upward.
He sucked on the skin of my thighs before my hands wrapped in his hair and pulled. He groaned and looked at me with his hungry, blackened eyes.
He dove into my pussy like his life depended on it. He worked a finger in while his tongue sucked savagely on my clit.
“Steve fuck, don’t stop, please!” I begged as I tugged on his hair yet again which made him growl and add another finger.
I gasped in shock and my back arched which pushed my clit further into his warm mouth.
Unexpectedly, he threw one of my legs around his shoulder, rested my back against the corner wall of the shower and palmed my ass so he could reach the deepest part of me.
Involuntarily, my hips started to grind against his face which seemed to excite him further.
I could see his soft cock now hardening against his thighs. He added a third finger and my grip around his hair tightened.
“Please Steve, right there, right there make me cum. Please make me cum. I’m so close, right fucking there,” I began to chant mindlessly as my hips rocked faster on his lips.
He snarled and pulled me into his face tighter and sucked on my clit harder.
Suddenly, my legs felt weak as I climaxed in his mouth and he lapped it all up. My clit started to ache because of the overstimulation from Steve’s tongue and I pulled him away with a gentle tug on his hair. He stood up and licked his fingers cleaned while looking into my eyes.
A shiver ran through my spine and a blush spread across my face. I turned around to avoid eye contact while he laughed.
An idea popped in my head and so I turned around and backed him into a corner. I ran my fingers down his chest while his breath hitched and rested them against his hardening cock.
He pulled my fingers away from him and raised them to his lips where he kissed the fingertips. “Today was about you, ok?” he said while I nodded and hugged him.
He wrapped his hand around my waist and his head immediately rested on the top of my head. He placed a kiss on my head and swayed us softly under the steady drip of the shower.
Maybe, everything would be fine. And even if it isn’t, I wasn’t letting Steve go that easily.
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Updated Tag list
If you wanna be tagged in any of my works, ongoing or future; lemme know here.
You can find the characters I write for here.
I’ve also added Brian May and Roger Taylor to my request list.
You can request for anything from fics to headcannons or we could just talk. I love hearing from y’all and I love all of you❤️✨
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Tumblr media
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hey lol just saw ur loki X reader X bucky fic n one thing!!
dont make them bi "cause its hot" that's fetishizing bi ppl n super fuckin gross lol
Hey, I didn’t mean to offend anyone and I phrased it the wrong way. My intention was never to fetishize anyone nor hurt feelings. Thanks for pointing out my mistake and I’m sorry!!
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fanfuckingtastic04 · 12 days ago
So I’ve hit 95 followers in the past two weeks which has been so fun and I’ve run out of requests to write. I beg you to send me some ideas so I can keep writing🤧🤞🏽✨. You can find the characters I write for here.
If you want to join my tag list, send me an ask along with your Tumblr url and what you want to be tagged in and I’ll do the same.
Love y’all and stay tuned for the next chapter of Love & Other Desires...❤️💋
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idk if u do +18 stuff, but I'd love to see some Loki x fem!reader x Bucky smut/lemon🥺 thank youu❤
This will be my first time writing smut so bear with me🥺✨Also, I made Loki and Bucky bisexual for this fic coz I think they’d make a great couple🤷🏽‍♀️🔥 Since you didn’t mention any specs on the sex, I just added my favourites (P.S I didn’t mean for that sentence to rhyme). Enjoy lovie!!!
You can find my other works on my Main Masterlist.
Sex is always your best bet
Pairings: Bi! Bucky Barnes × Reader × Bi! Loki
Warnings: Lots of lemons😳 –  MFM, rough sex, begging, degradation, choking, oral (M & F receiving), lingerie, Dom/Sub, penetrative sex, mentions of thigh riding, hair pulling, Daddy kink, spitting, spanking, vibranium arm kink, slight cum play and of course fluff.
Word Count: 3263
Y/n’s POV:
The day was finally here where I finally get fucked by my two boyfriends. I know it sounds weird but we have been dating for months but sex just never came up which is weird given Bucky and Loki’s sex drive.
Whenever we hung out together on dates, both of them always had their hands on each other and me. While Bucky was more subtle, Loki was the exact opposite.
When it came to Loki, he was always the more aggressive one. He’d grab me by the neck to kiss. One of his hands would dig into my waist and one would be around my neck while his tongue slipped into my mouth.
But Bucky was gentler; he’d always look for my permission before he kissed me. Both of his hands would be on my waist while mine would wrap softly around his neck. He’d always blush when either of us touched him and it was the cutest thing ever.
The contrast between the two of them never failed to make me wet. The farthest we got was that time when I Loki made me ride his thigh and made Bucky only watch. It was so hot to see Loki telling Bucky what to do and Bucky obeying without a second thought. We never really spoke about it after it happened but today, everything was going to change.
I went out and bought lingerie that I knew would blow their minds. It was a barely-there lace piece. It scarcely covered by breasts and I knew they’d both love it. For Bucky especially, I bought some garters and stockings. I knew he had a thing for them coz that one time I did wear stockings, he couldn’t keep his hands off me which made Loki unbelievably happy.
All dressed up, I waited in bed for both of them to come home from their boy’s night out. I could hear voices approaching my door and I shifted nervously on the bed. All the confidence that I previously possessed went flying out the window when the door opened and in walked Bucky and Loki.
They hadn’t noticed me yet but suddenly Bucky seemed to notice the candles I lit before and then slowly turned his head to look at me on the bed. His jaw dropped and he nudged Loki to look at me too.
When Loki turned to look at me, he smirked at my little outfit and he started to stalk toward me. I shifted to my knees when Loki approached the bed deliberately slow. “Well, well. What’s all this love?” he asked, his smirk growing wider by the second.
I blushed and started to fiddle with the sheets that were already crumpled next to my hands. “Buck, are you just going to stand there? Come here and take a look at our little girl.” Loki said as he pulled my hands into his own and stroked the back of my hands.
Bucky started to walk toward us while he gulped visibly at the sight of my stockings. He sat on the bed next to me and slipped his vibranium hand to the garter belts on my thighs which sent a shiver down my spine.
He immediately pulled away with a frown on his face, thinking he hurt me. I grasped his hand before he could pull away completely and tugged it to my thigh again and then slipped my hand around his neck to pull him to me but before I could do so, Loki pulled me to his chest. “I didn’t say any of you could touch each other, did I?” he sneered right into my ear and I immediately knew who was in charge tonight.
My legs clenched together on their own and Loki immediately noticed because he signalled for Bucky to hold my legs apart.
“Is our little girl wet?” he whispered while sneaking his hand down to my panties. “Bucky, do you want to find out?” he asked as he fingered the lip of my panties with his cold fingers which made
Bucky nod enthusiastically and drag his hands up my thighs. The difference between the temperatures of his hands made me shift further back into Loki.
When his hands reached the end of my panties, he looked to me for permission and with a nod, he started to move them down my legs. His eyes remained on the crux of my legs and with the flick of a wrist, my panties were on the other side of the room.
He spread my legs wider which made Loki chuckle. To help Bucky, Loki pulled my knees apart all the while Bucky laid on his stomach in right in front of me. He blew gently on my pussy while using his fingers to pull my inner lips apart. My head rolled back into Loki’s neck when Bucky’s lip attached to my clit.
While he sucked on my clit, His fingers slipped down to prod against my opening. I moaned loudly in Loki’s ears and he immediately smirked in satisfaction.
As soon as Bucky heard my moan, he went to fucking town on my pussy; his lips sucked harshly on my clit while his fingers scissored back and forth inside me.
My hands instantly flew to his hair and pulled which made Bucky whin into my pussy. “He’s so needy, isn’t he? Look at him. Just dying to taste you warm, tight, little pussy,” Loki said while he shifted away from behind me. I nodded through a moan as Bucky started to lick broad stripes up my pussy and I pulled on his hair.
“Open your mouth, slut.” Loki said while looking straight into my eyes. It was hard to comply while Bucky sucked the life out of me with his glorious mouth but I obeyed anyway.
Loki spat in my mouth and groaned when I swallowed and showed him my now bare tongue. “What’s your safe word, little girl?” he asked as he unfastened his jeans hastily. “Apricots” I managed to say and Loki instantaneously shoved his long, hard cock down my throat. He didn’t stop until my nose brushed against his pelvic hair.
“Fuck, that’s it. If I knew you were going to be such a slut, I would’ve fucked you long ago,” he said as I choked on his cock.
Suddenly a white-hot feeling ran through me. I pulled off Loki’s cock to see Bucky looking up at me through his lashes as he now tongue fucked my pussy.
Seeing the expression on my face, knowing I was close; he moved up to my clit and sucked on it as his fingers moved in and out of me. “Are you going to cum, little slut?” Loki asked as he pulled my face up to his. I nodded through the moans building up in my throat.
“Beg Bucky to make you cum then.” I looked at Bucky from underneath my lashes and begged, “Please Bucky, I’m so close. Please, please let me cum sarge!” Bucky’s eyes widened a fraction, hearing his rank and he pulled away from me to look at Loki for permission and Loki must’ve nodded coz immediately Bucky rubbed harsh circles on my slit as his vibranium fingers moved in and out of me at a rapid pace.
“That’s my little cum slut, cum for him” Loki said and my ack arched as I came in Bucky’s mouth as he lapped everything and slapped my pussy as he moved up to kiss Loki.
I watched them kissing as I tried to catch my breath. Loki wrapped his hand around Bucky’s neck and slipped his tongue into his mouth and moaned when he got the lingering taste of my orgasm on Bucky’s tongue.
They kissed like that for a while; sloppy and Loki doing most of the work while Bucky’s arms wrapped around Loki’s neck. “Now you’re going to suck our cocks, aren’t you little girl?” Loki asked as he pulled away from Bucky’s swollen, red lips to stroke my chin gently.
I nodded my head shyly and crawled to the end of the bed on my knees where Bucky was halfway through getting out of his pants and Loki already stood naked, impatiently.
“First Bucky, love.” He said and nudged me toward him. I moved toward Bucky and helped him with the rest of the stripping. Bucky’s cock strained against his boxers and he blushed when I nuzzled my face against his clothed cock.
I pulled his boxers completely off and gasped when his thick, hard cock slapped up against his stomach. I threw his boxers in the corner and licked the precum off the slit of his cock. He moaned lightly and placed his hand on my head. I lifted my head off completely while smirking and looking into his eyes.
“Don’t tease him slut. Get to work.” Loki said impatiently. I whispered a soft ‘sorry’ and leaned down to lick a broad stripe all the way from his balls to the tip of his cock which made him groan. Then, I sucked most of his cock into my mouth and fisted the rest in my hand.
I bobbed my hand in tandem with my mouth; up and down his cock while my other hand looked for Loki’s cock. Loki walked closer and wrapped my hand around his cock too.
I jerked both of them as they moaned but I started to get impatient. My eyes shifted up because of Bucky’s drawn-out groans and I saw Loki’s fingers scissoring in his tight hole. Bucky leaned forward which made me gag and he immediately pulled out of my mouth.
I must’ve looked completely debauched with my hair all over my face and drool running down my gaping mouth and pussy dripping wet. Loki turned to look at me and suddenly his eyes turned red.
“Did I tell you to stop sucking him off? He was going to cum baby and you didn’t let him so I think you should be punished. What do you think Bucky?” he asked as he smirked and turned to look at Bucky. Bucky once again went along with Loki not wanting to discover the repercussions of saying ‘no’. Loki slapped Bucky’s ass in encouragement which made him grunt and me, giggle.
Loki turned to glare at me and I shut up immediately. “Don’t worry baby, you’re up and Bucky will use your favourite arm of his especially for your punishment,” he said which made me swallow and stare at Bucky who seemed suddenly nervous.
I got off the bed, walked to Bucky and wrapped my hands around his waist while staring up at him through my lashes. “You won’t hurt me, baby. I want it so bad. You’ll give it to me, won’t you sarge?” I begged with a slight pout to my lips which made Bucky growl.
He picked me up and threw me on the bed on my stomach and I squealed in surprise. He grasped my calves and pulled me to the edge so that my legs hung off the bed. Without warning, his hand came down on my ass, hard.
I gasped and arched my back in pleasure.  Loki settled down next to me and slipped my bra off and attached his lips to my nipples and sucked while Bucky continued his assault on my ass.
His hand started raining down slaps harder and faster with every moment which made me cry out every time. Loki continued to suck my nipples into his mouth and then moved to my breasts and started to imbibe hickeys into my skin while looking into my eyes with a smirk gracing his features.
Breathing hard, Bucky laid down on the other side of me and his hand ran softly across my ass in contrast to his previous activities, soothing the pain which made me whimper. Everything was so sensitive, my pussy dribbling onto the sheets below, my ass raw with Bucky’s hand marks all over it and my nipples hard and aching against Loki’s constant assault.
Loki gently shushed me and turned me sideways so I faced his and my back was to Bucky’s chest. “You did so well darling but we haven’t come yet and we want to cum inside our little girl, don’t we?” he asked Bucky who smiled in return and wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me flush against him.
I nodded in a haze and could feel their cocks grinding against my back and pelvis. Bucky spit on his fingers and moved his fingers down to asshole and rubbed around my tight hole. I moaned in response and grinded against his fingers. Loki slipped his hands to my sopping wet pussy and slipped his fingers in.
Their fingers worked in perfect harmony; when Bucky’s fingers were in, Loki’s slipped out and then the other way around. Loki’s lips started to suck marks onto the skin of my neck and my head lolled forward into his chest.
Suddenly, I felt Loki’s cock rub all over the lips of my pussy which made me moan loudly. “Daddy please, I need you inside me!” I whined loudly and Loki paused immediately.
His cock twitched at the name and his hand wrapped around my throat. “Say that again,” he said as he leaned close enough for me to see the lust clouding in his eyes.
My aching pussy clamped down on the emptiness and I begged again; “Please daddy! My pussy needs your cock daddy!” Loki didn’t waste any time; in a single thrust he was inside me. My hand shifted behind me and grasped Bucky’s shuddering cock in my hand.
I rubbed it against the tight ring in my ass and he started to enter me slowly. I sobbed at the intrusion and Bucky wrapped an arm around my breasts. He started to roll one of my nipples between his fingers while Loki and Bucky alternated their thrusts.
The squelching sounds of their cocks moving in and out of my soaking heat would’ve been enough to make me blush under normal circumstances.
But right now, it made everything 10 times hotter. Abruptly, Bucky started to thrust harder indicating his fast-approaching release. He grunted in my ear and moved his fingers from my breasts to my clit and started to rub together.
Loki catching on started to thrust into me faster too and I was surprised at how long I had managed to last. My eyes started to roll back in my head with the intensity of their thrusts and the impending climax.
Almost immediately, I felt warm liquid shoot into my holes and grunts from both of them as Bucky’s onslaught on my pussy got severer and wilder. I moaned and there were actual fireworks behind my eyelids as I orgasmed.
Hearing both of them gasp, I opened my eyes to see that I had just squirted all over Loki’s cock, thighs and the sheets. A blush took over my cheeks as I covered my face in a mixture of mostly embarrassment some pride. Loki chuckled and placed kissed all over my face while Bucky sucked a nipple into his mouth.
I whimpered and pulled Bucky away by tugging on his hair. He grunted and picked me up off the bed and walked to the bathroom with Loki in tow.
Bucky sat me down on the counter as he turned the tap on in the bath. He walked back to me and nuzzled his face into my neck. “Bucky, that tickles!” I squealed as I tried to pull away from him. “Behave children.” Loki said as he smiled at us and moved closer.
He also nuzzled his face in the valley of my breasts and placed soft kisses there. In the post sex haze, no words were needed. I understood what he was trying to say; ‘I love you’.
Bucky moved away from me to close the tap, came back, picked me up and deposited me gently in the tub as he and Loki went to the shower. They started to wash each other off but soon Bucky started to get hard and he turned to look at me with hungry eyes.
Like it had a mind of its own, my hand slipped down to my still sore clit and rubbed tight circles. Loki started to kiss Bucky’s neck and eventually started to drift downward as he got on his knees in front of him.
Bucky’s fist wrapped in Loki’s hair and tugged his face closer to his cock. I slipped two of my fingers into my pussy and started to finger myself as I watched Loki suck Bucky’s cock and Bucky throw his head back and his moans echo off the walls of the bathroom. Loki’s rhythm gradually increased along with Bucky’s moans and my fingers.
 Quickly, Bucky pulled out of Loki’s mouth and came all over his face and chest while Loki stuck his tongue out to catch some of his essence.
I moaned at the display and came all over my fingers again and slumped in the tub. Loki came out of the shower and stooped down next to me with Bucky’s cum all over his face. I knelt in the tub and leaned outside to get a better look at his face.
I propped my hand on his shoulders and started to lick the cum off his face as Loki moaned and Bucky watched, entranced. “You both are gonna make me hard again,” he said, annoyed at the show we were putting on as he tugged on his hard cock. I pouted and Loki laughed as he cleaned the rest of his face and chest off.
He lifted me out of the tub while Bucky dried me off and we were all headed back to bed again. Loki held me in his arms as Bucky quickly ran around to change the now cum stained sheets.
When he finished, Loki laid me on the bed gently so that this time, I faced Bucky and my back was against his. Both of their arms wrapped around me and each other as we settled into the fluffed pillows. I nuzzled my head in Bucky’s chest as I listened to the steady beat of his heart.
Loki cuddled into my back and pulled the both of us closer to him. “I love you both.” He said which made Bucky and me stare at each other in shock. Somewhere deep inside, we knew he loved us but he’d never said it out loud and hearing it from him, the God of Mischief, was suffice it to say; shocking.
“There’s no need to be this surprised. I’m sure I’ve said it at least once before.” He said as the shock on our face annoyed him. Me and Bucky shook our head simultaneously and now it was Loki’s turn to pout.
Bucky giggled and leaned closer to Loki on top of me and whispered, “I love you too.” Loki blushed and moved up to kiss Bucky’s upturned lips.
“I love you both too,” I said as they turned their attention to me and Loki sighed, satisfied with knowing that we loved him. “Round two in the morning?” Bucky asked and Loki smirked but I cut him off; “Not everyone in this room is a super soldier or a God. Good night.”
They both laughed at my response and bid each other a ‘good night’ as they cuddled closer to me. But in reality, they knew no matter what I said, I’d be up for Round 2 in the morning…. I can’t wait.
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Tumblr media
jean paul gaultier ss ‘94
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fanfuckingtastic04 · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Finished this drawing of Apollo and his golden arrows.
He’s my favorite of the Greek mythos.
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fanfuckingtastic04 · 15 days ago
Omg you’re writing is so good! Can you do a fix where Sebastian is sick and his girlfriend takes care of him? Like maybe he has the stomach flu or is just nauseous and says something along the lines of “my tummy hurts” or “dinner just isn’t sitting well” and it’s super fluffy? Thanks:)
THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! ASDFGHJKDSJKHADFVK and also, I’d LOVE to!!! Like I can just imagine Sick! Seb so fucking cute! 🥰
You can find my other works on my Main Masterlist.
Rub it Out
Pairing: Sebastian Stan × Reader
Warnings: Ungodly amounts of fluff!!!🤭
Word Count: 532 (sorry its smol🥺)
Y/n’s POV:
I can’t believe my dinner made my him sick. It’s never ever happened before. I refuse to believe it was my dinner that made him sick. He must’ve eaten something outside. Yeah, that’s it. It’s not my fucking dinner that made him sick.
All these thoughts swirled in my head as I made some tea. Tea always helped with my stomach aches. Hopefully, it’ll work for him too. I poured the tea into his favourite mug and started to make my way up to our bedroom.
I set the tea down on my bedside table, climbed into bed and gently kissed Sebastian awake. He groaned and cuddled further into the pillows and I noticed him clutching his stomach.
“Bub” I whispered. There was no response. “Seb, I bought you some tea,” I said while wrapping my arms around his middle. “My tummy hurts,” he whined and turned to face me. I leaned forward and placed a kiss on his nose while encouraging him to sit up.
“Wanna sit in your lap,” he said and crawled between my legs. I chuckled and spread my legs wider to make space for him. After he settled down, I grabbed the tea from the table and placed it between his hands.
“Will you rub my tummy?” he asked in between sips, with a blush rising in his cheeks. “Bub, I didn’t hear you.” I said with a smirk as I sat up straighter. “Yes, you did. You just want me to say it again,” he complained with his bottom lip jutted out.
I laughed out loud and slipped my hand under his t-shirt and started to rub soft circles on his stomach. After a while, he placed the now empty cup on the table and sighed as he leaned back further on my chest. I chuckled and continued rubbing circles.
I know he got bored with just sitting still coz the next thing I knew; he straddled my waist and was dotting kisses all over my neck and face. I moaned and started to run my fingers through his locks.
He must’ve loved it coz he then started to move downward. “Woah there! You’re still sick, bub. We don’t want a repeat of yesterday,” I said which made him groan in embarrassment. “I will never ever gag while having sex with you again. It was only coz I was sick and I threw up immediately after.” He said as he moved off me and onto his pillow.
“I know bub. I’m just messing with you,” I said as I slid down to law on my pillow. He turned to me and kissed me while wrapping his arms around me and pulling me impossibly closer. “Thanks for taking care of me honey. I know today’s your off day an-.” “I love taking care of you so there’s no need to say thank you,” I said while placing a kiss on his shoulder.
“Also, you’re extremely cute when you’re sick.” I said and laughed at his pout. “Good to know you find my sickness amusing.” I giggled and cuddled into his arms while running my hand down his back. Maybe later when he’s better, I can think of something he can rub.
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