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era-of-fear · 15 hours ago
Fic updated UwU
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era-of-fear · 2 days ago
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era-of-fear · 2 days ago
Daddy, Daddy!~ Dr. Strange
Tumblr media
Desc: Father headcanons for MCU Dr. Strange
~From the second his child is born, he has eyes on them, even when he isn’t there. 
~Not a single thing can happen to his child without him knowing. I mean he is ready to catch that kid anytime they fall down, anytime they start to wander too close to danger, or about to get into something they really shouldn’t be. 
~On that last note, just because he knows whats about to happen and he’s ready to catch them should something happen, he doesn’t always do that. Strange understands that sometimes accidents and mistakes are a part of growing up, and he will only interfere if these incidents are fatal. 
~You know those videos of dads explaining complex things to practical newborns and what not? He does that casually, not even for videos. Strange is telling his 2 month old about the multiverse and timelines and what not and the babies just like “wow I can’t function with my hands!”
~He teaches his kid about magic from a young age, though the child is very confused on real and fake magic (and the concept of illusions are bewildering) Strange decides to let them decide for themself. 
~This man. Will fight with his toddler. It doesn’t matter if it takes him 2 seconds or 2 hours, he will make them put on their shoes. He will sit at that table until they finish their vegetables (and he won’t move either, so its either you eat them or you sit there all night). 
~He is so snarky to his child, but gets genuinely surprised when they like dish it back. He’ll say something sarcastic, and his kid will sass him right back. Usually he finds it amusing though.
~Strange has to practically battle the Cloak of Levitation from his child, because its a whole ass magic carpet to them.
~The second Strange catches them using magic for mischief, he crushes it. Nope, your not being evil in my house kid. No, your not stealing or causing trouble. 
~I can see Strange as being a borderline helicopter parent with strict tendencies. He might always be watching, but he’s definitely not always reacting. He will slowly assemble lists in his head and reveal what he knows at crucial moments. (”No, you may not go to Kyle’s sleepover, you stole from the party store two weeks ago.”). When you can see everything, sometimes you keep it to yourself.
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era-of-fear · 2 days ago
I'm gonna try and have Daddy doctor strange out tonight, but also gonna start up an old writing project again
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era-of-fear · 8 days ago
I got food poisoning Monday, I'll be back into it all soon
Steve is gonna be the next daddy post, just gonna take a few days because I'm BUSYYYY
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era-of-fear · 11 days ago
Dr Strange is next, then Loki
Steve is gonna be the next daddy post, just gonna take a few days because I'm BUSYYYY
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era-of-fear · 11 days ago
Daddy, Daddy!~ Steve Rogers
Tumblr media
Desc: Father Headcanons for MCU Steve Rodgers
~Steve is a strict dad, I’m sorry. He tries to be lax and what not, but his kid misses curfew once and their grounded for a week, I’m sorry. 
~He claims not to understand most memes, so his kid is his only gateway to this sort of stuff. In reality, Steve absolutely understands them and instead pretends not to purely to tease his kid. “Is this breakfast burrito bussin’, champ?” and he has a sly smile on his face as his child dies of embarrassment.
~Regardless of his kids gender his basic nicknames for his kid are Champ, Sport, Kiddo, scamp, Half-pint, and (when they were younger), Peanut. He once called them Pog-Champ and his child refused to talk to him for a week.
~Steve absolutely has a 9:30 curfew until his kid graduates, asks for electronics to be put in his room at bedtime, and has parental controls on things. Lucky for the kid though they all use the same password, so once they have one they have them all for at least 5 years.
~Steve wears a baby backpack and goes out for his runs with his baby like that. When their old enough to be in a stroller this man runs with his toddler in front of him (and those dad reflexes lift up his stroller whenever it hits a bump and gets crazy), then when they’re old enough to run themselves he slows down and keeps them on a child leash (and picks them up when they’re tired). When they’re old enough to actually run he keeps them in front and lets them run.
~He absolutely makes them either play a sport or exercise weekly. When Pokemon Go came out he had to drag his kid back inside because they would be gone from dawn to dusk. However, he does like the enthusiasm. 
~On that same note, he has absolutely snatched his child from walking into the street because they were too involved in Pokemon Go. “Kids always on their phones” isn’t really his angle, but he was annoyed by it. 
~I can easily see Steve gaming with his kid from time to time. Classic games preferably, but he’s open to things like FIFA (any sport game really), Crash Bandicoot, and especially the Lego series. He isn’t too fond of games like COD and fortnite (and especially not their lobbies).
~He stays on top of schoolwork and what not, but also respects mental health and gives them two Mental Health days a school year (semester in high school)
~You know Bucky is the honorary uncle and routinely helps the kid mess with Steve. As they get older, Bucky helps them sneak out occasionally and offers his home as a sanctuary when Steve and his kid need some time apart.
~Honestly Steve can be a bit protective, and as a result he can be a bit of a helicopter parent at times. As a result as his kid matures and starts seeking independence, they’ll start fighting more and they usually end in someone leaving and 
Tumblr media
~Can have a kid asleep in less that 5 minutes, try him. 
~Loves drawing with his child, and he keeps every single drawing of theirs in his office. Could be a kindergarten art project or a sketch they did of a frog from middle school, he keeps them all. 
~Reads to his kid as much as possible when they’re young. When they’re older its not unusual to find them laying on the couch together with him reading to him. Could be the newspaper, could be one of his own books, doesn’t matter to him.
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era-of-fear · 12 days ago
__about to watch endgame. wish me luck
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era-of-fear · 13 days ago
Steve is gonna be the next daddy post, just gonna take a few days because I'm BUSYYYY
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era-of-fear · 14 days ago
Daddy, Daddy! ~Thor
Tumblr media
Desc: Father headcanons for MCU Thor
~This man is a himbo, lets say that from the get go. He’s a himbo with kid now and that energy stays. He holds his baby like a damn football.
~Always seems to be carrying his kid, their cousin, and at least one of their friends at all times at any age. Literally, the kid could be 16 and Thor has them on his back and is just, “ONWARD MY CHILD!”
~Threw his child in the pool (lake/pond/river) to teach them to swim, and pushed them down a hill to show them how to ride a bike. He was right behind them most of the way and wound up pulling them out the pond.
~This man does not understand homework, but he will call Stark or Banner to help, because he wants to see his child succeed. 
~On that same note, Thor is heavily involved in any activity his kids into and he’ll even help them hone their skills! “You want to do ballet my child? Well then, we will Parry-A together then!” (And you know like 80% of the parents hit on him but he’s just like “No thank you?? Look my child made a basket :D”)
~Look me in the eyes and tell me Thor isn’t a grill dad.
~He loves to tell stories of Asgard and its rich history as bedtime stories. He always gets far too into it, and has a look in his eyes as he goes into the most intricate details about his home. Whenever his child asks to see it, he gets the saddest of smiles on his face and shakes his head. “I wish you could see it...”
~Not the type of dad to set a curfew, but if he’s up at 3 am and his kids just getting home he’s so confused. He’s fine with it, but at the same time what were you doing until 3 am that required you to come home and not stay there? 
~Wrestles with his kids lovingly, but also casually whips out a WWE move over the remote.
~Thor can sleep with his kid no problem. Thor sleeps like a sack of bricks, but if his kid so much as whimpers he jerks up and begins poking their face, “Your making little noises, are you okay? Did Loki do something? Loki?” 
~Lets his kid take little sips of anything he drinks, including coffee and beers. Thor doesn’t care that their a baby! If they reach for his cup of beer and get upset when he moves it away, he’ll let them try just a dot of it then get genuinely offended when they spit it out. Still repeats this until their like 13 or someone catches them. If they try to do more than a sip he takes it away and just. “NO.” very firmly like you would a dog.
~Speaking of Dogs he’d absolutely give into the “Can We Have A Dog?” question after like 3 times and he’d get a rescue dog. 
~God of Thunder comforts his child during thunder storms with the most, “That's just me saying I love you in the sky” way possible
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era-of-fear · 14 days ago
Daddy, Daddy!~ Yondu
Tumblr media
Desc: Father Headcanons for MCU Yondu Udonta
~If you expect to be given Quill treatment, your heavily misguided.
~Or maybe not, it honestly depends on if the kids biologically his or not. Depending on their age and what not, he might heavily deny (read as insist) that he’s not the father. Once that fails he winds up the reluctant father.
~You know how parents are like “I don’t want this new pet” and then get attached to it? That's what happens. He doesn’t like this feeling or that its happening, but it does. 
~If its another Quill situation its similar, but not quite the same. He might leave them somewhere else and visit on rare occasions, but other than that contacts flimsy. He sends money though, and little trinkets so at least they know he somewhat cares.
~Kid learns how to steal, fly a ship, use a yakka arrow, and quite a few other little tricks from their father. He feels a little bit of pride as he smacks them on the back of the head for stealing something out his coat pocket without getting immediately caught.
~However, Yondu can’t teach them everything. He can’t teach them how to beat every enemy they come across, or how to be a better person than he is (IS). As much as this life is okay for him, he doesn’t want it for his kid. 
~Eventually, he might leave them with someone (or somewhere) he deems safe, someone to protect them until he feels ready to step back into their life in a more stable place. He knows his presence attracts the wrong kind of people, lets have his kid be spared at least. 
~If he does keep his kid, their essentially a member of the crew with a little more privilege past the age of 13. He tries not to play favorites past that, but, if Yondu happens to see any other member of his crew roughing them up a bit more than he likes, he’ll see to it their dealt with. Its also common to see his kid beside the captains chair fiddling with some item he picked up for them.
~If his kid leaves (runsaway, decides to do their own thing, ETC.) he demands they stay in touch at the very least. He wants to know where their headed, jobs their doing, if they have a bounty, anything newsworthy. Also he at one point tells them, “Be better than your brother Quill, I made the mistake of not eating him and now he’s the guardian of somethin’” “The galaxy, dad.” “Don’t you go mouthin’ off now!”
~RUFFLES HIS KIDS HAIR AT ANY CHANCE. They could be asleep beside him and he’ll mess it up with a ruffle. They could have just been caught by the ravagers stealing something from one and he’ll ruffle their hair tauntingly before having them locked in a cell for the night.
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era-of-fear · 14 days ago
Ask box is now open, just read my pinned post
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era-of-fear · 14 days ago
Guidelines of Fear
1. Call me Ghost or Dakota. I prefer having a set name to be called besides my URL, but it's whatever. Please don’t call me Bestie, Poney, ETC. as it makes me uncomfortable. I’m Nonbinary and allow any pronouns.
2. I am 21, but this blog doesn’t accept or produce NSFW content. Please don’t send it in or ask for it. I want this blog to be minor friendly.
3. If I have blocked you, it's for a reason and I don’t have to explain myself. 
4. I do have a job and other obligations, so posts may be slow and take time. I do try my best though.
5. I quite dislike spiders and bugs in general, so please don’t submit images of them.
6. Please don’t take my banners and edits without Permission AND credit. I put time in these.
7. Please do not spam like and not reblog anything. I have had problems with this on two different blogs now, and I don’t give a shit if y’all think this rule is rude because it genuinely bothers me when someone goes and likes every single one of my posts and reblogs nothing. Please know that this has happened at least 6 times on a blog with over 300 posts.
8. I don’t allow requests that involve triggering topics such as r/pe, self h/rm, su/cide, etc. These requests will be deleted.
9. No spoilers in the ask box, I’m begging you.
10. Please refer to the list of what I write for, and also I’m probably gonna make a carrd.
11. I do yandere at my own leisure, so please don’t request it. I’m not too fond of it and don’t enjoy writing it too much.
I currently write for
~OPM (Check out @Hero--for--fun for more of my OPM content)
~MCU (Mainly Avengers and a few others)
~BNHA (I have not seen season 5 yet)
~Cars (Pixar)
~Space Dancy (Might be rusty, but I finished it)
~Crash Bandicoot
~Penguins of Madagascar
~Sonic (The Hedgehog)
~Monster Prom
~My own OC’s (They’ll be introduced randomly, I’m sure of it)
~Hetalia (Rusty, but Nostalgia)
~Hunter x Hunter (Just started, but willing)
~Black Butler 
~Supernatural (Preferably just Cas, Dean, and Sam)
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era-of-fear · 15 days ago
Ask box will likely be opening tomorrow and I'll have a "What I write for" page set up
I made edits for Loki, Thor, Yondu, Bucky, and Tony so far.
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era-of-fear · 15 days ago
I made edits for Loki, Thor, Yondu, Bucky, and Tony so far.
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era-of-fear · 15 days ago
Daddy, Daddy~Bucky Barnes
Tumblr media
Desc: Father Headcanons for MCU James “Bucky” Barnes
~From the first second Bucky ever held his child, he was completely and utterly enchanted. Every second of every day was dedicated to them, and the way they made him feel. For a moment, he felt fully at peace with the world and every stress lifted for just a second.
~It doesn’t matter if their biological baby or an 11 year old he saved off the street, the first time he holds them that's how he feels for at least five minutes.
~Years of trauma aren’t magically lifted due to his child though, and at times he fully distances himself from them with no explanation or warning. He’ll pull away and just isolate himself from them emotionally and physically. He can’t help it, its just like he feels every single thing crushing on him and he doesn’t want it affecting his kid so he just...Goes.
~When he bounces back, Bucky tries to act like nothing happened, but its obvious he’s not the same for at least a week. Its like walking on eggshells as the child wonders if Daddy is gonna ice them out again. 
Okay lets lighten up a bit because we just ran in with angst after one wholesome headcanon.
~This middle aged grandpa literally falls asleep holding his kid constantly, but don’t let their almost synchronized snoring fool you. One weird noise and his eyes are open and he’s ready to swing with his free hand. If even his partner tries to take his baby in his sleep he’s glaring daggers. He won’t stop his partner most of the time, but he “We were comfortable.”
~Bucky isn’t a PTA dad, but he’ll go to the meetings and call out any parents of bullies at the school. Just, “Your kids like to yell at mine, maybe its because you talk so much they have to yell over you. How about you lower your voice and let someone else speak, or we can talk after the meeting.” 
~Bucky is so careful with his child, doing everything he can not to hurt them to his knowledge. What that means is he cradles them as firmly gentle as possible while jogging inside the house, but he isolates himself out of nowhere as I mentioned above.
~He hates when his kid chews on his arm (”That's dirty, no!), but if it helps with teething he’ll reluctantly let it happen for tiny amounts of time. As the child matures. he notices they always seem to lay against it, press their face to it, and hold onto it. However, they always hold his right hand.
~Midnight. Snacks. Every Thursday night at 10:18 like clockwork Bucky sits in the kitchen leaning against the stove waiting for his kid to have a night snack with him. He has an apple peeled and sliced, grapes, or sometimes a little something waiting down there for them. If it’s been a long week, he has a slice of apple pie with a scoop of vanilla and some soft words of comfort. If he’s in one of his shut downs, he leaves the snack in a bowl with a note. 
~If he’s ever home late, and his kid tried to stay up waiting for him but fell asleep, he ALWAYS carries them to their bed and tucks them in. If he ever finds them asleep somewhere like on the couch, he carries them to bed. If they fall asleep on him, he puts his arm around them and pulls whatever he has on hand over them like a blanket. 
~Nobodies good enough for his kid. Friends, dates, sitter, teachers, nobodies good enough. He tries to accept what he can get, but at the same time one screw up and he’ll say something.
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era-of-fear · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
Breath of the Wild
S/O being a dumb ass with all the Champions.
Reader (gender neutral) being oblivious about the Zora Culture with Sidon.
Revali having a crush on (Y/N) (who is also Link's sister)
Sidon fluff with F! Hylian reader (yeah that's all, it's cute though)
Revali dealing with a smol jealous Sidon
Revali angst (also with Sidon)
Revali in a cute date with Hylian (Y/N) (and a monster ambush, but that just make more fluff)
Revali fluff (you never expected that one, didn't you?)
Link and (Y/N) being a pair of dumb but dangerous siblings (with a little of Revali trying to not die on the hands of Link)
Revali being a tsundere birb with reader (male/neutral)
(Y/N) dealing with amnesia and trauma, with Sidon and Revali (he's already dead and he was your ex)
Revali being mean to (Y/N) but now they're obligated to be dance partners I don't know
Revali with a Shy but Passionate S/O
Sidon with a Gremlin S/O
I think that's all.
This is just for not getting lost.
Rules for Requests
That's the link for the requests, it might change but some rules are going to stay.
Also, I already started school and the hcs are going to take even more time, blame my teachers, not me. But I'll still try my best to make them. Please be aware that sometimes I don't feel like writing or can't come up with any ideas, or I'm just busy.
Don't be afraid to request anything, but I warned you that's going to take time, please don't get angry 💕
I have no idea how to name this headcanons.
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era-of-fear · 20 days ago
Hello! I saw you were taking Botw Headcanon requests, so I hope it's alright if I send one in. How about Sidon with a very short and kinda chaotic or excitable s/o? I'm talking around 4 feet, 11 inches tall kinda short, but they're just so excitable and honestly the cutest thing ever. Also, I hope this is okay to ask, but would you consider doing Botw Matchups/Ships? Not many blogs do them, and I am starved for that kinda content, but I completely understand if you don't want to. I hope you have a good day, best wishes hun!!
I have actually consider doing botw ships but I never know were to start.
I might as well update the rules for requesting, I'll probably do it until I feel more comfortable with others ships then Zelink, because that's like the only ship I like lmao
Sorry for taking so long, I almost finish all my homework, it's been a while since I did a fully Sidon x reader
I hope you like it ✨
Sidon having a gremlin S/O
Tumblr media
What is Sidon's height????
I'm gonna check...
Thanks reddit post
Okay, first of all, for you, he's like Everest's mountain, he is SO BIG
And for him, you're like a tiny puppy
I'll be fucking scared of him, holy shit
He could crush you and won't even notice for how tiny you are
And you know how to prevent it????
Or just carrying you around in any way
He might tease you a little bit with lifting you and carrying you in bridal style
And you can't do anything about it
Because tiny legs
You don't mind though
He'll treat you with so much care like you're some kind of doll or the most important thing in the universe
Sidon be like: *holds gently*
I imagine you following him all the time and just popping from behind his legs like, peekaboo!
Sidon finds you adorable and more then that
He gets so anxious and worried when you just disappear of his sight.
He looks for you everywhere and finds you just killed all the nearby monster camps with a random trident you found laying around in less then two hours
None the less, all the guards were scared of you
You're a menace to society ← someone said it, I'll take no criticism and you can bet your ass that Sidon scold them
Sidon was really surprised, he saw there was no need to be so overprotective
But please stop doing that
Sometimes you two are just walking around the Zora region and some lizalfos appear
Before he can do something, you exterminated them in a blink
“Sidon! What if we raid that Lynel?”
“Haha.... Please don't”
And- oop too late, your sprinting towards it
Sidon got you and stopped you to do that, he told to all the guards to not let you by any means, go to that Lynel o nearby monster camps
He skipped a beat that day
Please stop doing it, you're gonna make him have a heart attack
You have energy 24/7, so Sidon tried to reduce it with practice
You already knew and if you fight with a guard
That guard never existed, it was thrown to another plane of existence
You're such a gremlin, but Sidon loves you more then anything
He just asks you to be careful with what you do
If you're ever hurt.... He'll throw hands, no doubt
It's just, you're so precious to him and he'll not let anyone or anything hurt you
He just loves you that much...
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era-of-fear · 29 days ago
How the BNHA boys sleep with their s/o!
This has probably been done before more than once but here's some little headcanons because it's been a long time since I've made content, and I can't stop thinking about this.
Characters: Izuku, Bakugou, Shouto, and Mirio
-sleeps facing his s/o with his arms wrapped around them tightly and their head tucked under his chin
-this boy is a protecter, even in his sleep. If anyone tries to break in or threaten either of you while you're sleeping, he wants to be able to shield you from it and protect you. He's gonna take the first hit no matter what (if they even manage to get one in, that is)
-completely envelops his s/o in himself and tries to make you feel surrounded and safe.
-nuzzles his nose against yours right before falling asleep. It's like a comfort thing for him and it's endearing. Also strokes your cheek or your sides with his thumb lovingly.
-an absolute furnace. Tosses the covers off halfway through the night or sleeps like a rock and sweats through them, there's no in between. He'll keep you warm either way though, so no worries!
-Snores. 100% snores but refuses to admit it. You have to kick him to get him to stop sometimes. Will literally roll over and breathe normally for a minute before going right back to snoring (just not as bad this time thankfully).
-Will cuddle you if you ask but rarely falls asleep like that. Doesn't need to be touching his s/o, but prefers it, so he opts for handholding. It's a sweet gesture you wouldn't think he'd be into but he honestly craves the touch and can't sleep without it.
-drapes an arm over his s/o's midriff or side when asleep. It makes him feel more secure knowing you're there and by his side. Similar to Izuku, Katsuki will protect his s/o down to his last breath, so he wants to know you're within his reach to do so.
-if at any point he wakes up for any reason during the night, he checks on you first thing. Makes sure you're okay, still sleeping soundly, and safe.
-He spoons his s/o to get back to sleep and to take his mind off whatever woke him up. Cradles their head with one hand and drapes the other over their side from behind. Out like a light in no time.
-cuddler in his sleep. Doesn't matter what position you fell asleep in; you both always wake up with limbs tangled together and his arms wrapped around you.
-somehow always knows when something is wrong with you whether it's nightmares, restlessness, or bad thoughts. Will wake up on the dot when you need him most and check on you.
-pretty sound sleeper otherwise. Sleeps in total darkness and quiet but will absolutely accommodate for his s/o if you need it!
-sleepytime is such an intimate thing for him. He loves giving small meaningful touches and sharing his space with you. It's the little things like brushing teeth together, gently touching your arm while he moves around you, sliding into bed together, just being near you is so important to him.
-Shouto has the best pillow talk. Things he won't talk about during the day? He might bring them up right before bed. Tell him your secrets, let him share his, and don't be surprised if he brings up really abstract concepts like existence or things about the universe. Sleepy talk sessions also include a lot of "I love you's" and appreciation for you and all that you do. He gets sentimental before bed.
-hikes a leg up over his s/o and sleeps in crazy positions that don't look the least bit comfortable. But sleeps like the dead anyways and is super hard to wake.
-mumbles the most incoherent nonsense ever and then something about loving you to the moon and back. He once had a full conversation with you while asleep but it quickly derailed into him babbling about food or going to the beach while it was snowing or smth. It's a hit or miss.
-the type to wait for his s/o to fall asleep before he does so he can make sure you're sleeping soundly. It puts his mind at ease and he likes to admire the way your features slowly relax and how your expression softens up as you drift off. You just look so cute with that dreamy far away look on your face.
-Definitely traces the curves of your lips and your jawline as you're falling asleep. He's enamored by you; he can't help himself from wanting to map out every inch of you. Will also rub your back if you want to help you get to sleep.
-it's not uncommon for him to let you nap on his lap while he runs a hand over your cheek or through your hair, maybe even over your shoulder and arm. He'll eventually fall asleep too slouched against the wall or bedframe, hand still resting on you for comfort. There's no place he'd rather be than with you.
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era-of-fear · a month ago
Can we get uhhh, makeout headcanons for Damien, Liam, and Brian with a nervous/shy s/o? Thanks bb
-Doesn’t give you a chance to be hesitant because the second he has you in his arms he’s on you. One hand in you hair, one at your lower back pressing you impossibly close to each other. It takes all you can to keep up at first but before long your hands are gripping at his collar.
-Damien doles out some of the most intensely passionate kisses, theres a lot of tongue. If you aren’t super experienced or nervous Damien will just affectionately grab you face and turn it to the best angle for him to explore your mouth.
-As previously established, Damien’s a handsy man so if you don’t express what you’re comfortable with at some point, things might progress father than you intended. 
-Also the boy is a low key exhibitionist so be prepared for him to want to make out anywhere and everywhere. If you’re shy he search endlessly for a comfortable spot for the two of you. If you get more comfortable being with him in public, when he’s in the mood Damien will just grab you and tug you against him. It’s a lot honestly.
-Liam unlike Damien, will go slow. He’ll make things comfortable and sensual. He’ll probably bring you to his home and making out would evolve out of cuddling and criticizing 1960′s French cinema. “Brigitte Bardot has the emotional range of a baguette.” Liam probably.
-You just get so comfortable with him that you can’t help but nuzzle into his chest or cozy up to him. You looking up at him, him staring down at you…its a slow burning passion from there. Everyone of Liam’s kisses is meaningful and deep. 
-Good at respecting boundaries, his hands stay above the belt. He likes one on the join of your neck and the other on your lower back. If you want him to do more you’ll have to guide his hands where you want them. Liam will gladly take the next step if you want him to.
-Great partner if you’re shy, has no problem taking his time. Liam’s immortal so he’s more likely to take things at a slow pace. 
-Brian’s so chill it can honestly be annoying. Despite being shy you probably had to ask him if he wanted to make out with you and to which he responded with a casual sure and tried to make out with you right on the spot. To which you blushed and pushed him away like “Not here, not now!” “So later then?” Brian probably. 
-Kind of a huge tease. He’s a bit playful, he likes to go in for a peck after a long stretch of kissing. It never fails to make you grin. He’s so casual its hard not to be comfortable with him. His chill and casual nature takes away any nervousness you might have.
-Not too handsy. He’s honestly so content with just making out. Likes it when you two just lay down with you on top. You guys could spend hours just feeling each others lips. Once again Brian isn’t super handsy but he can’t resist placing at least one hand on the booty in this position. 
-Y’all snuggle after. Like just spend a little bit of time embracing each other. Brian is good at making things feel intimate and close. He’ll place a few neck kisses here and there. You can’t help but melt into him. 
~Mod May
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