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demonsandmischief · 2 days ago
Struggling pretty bad mentally this week 😞 hopefully I'll get something written for you guys soon
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demonsandmischief · 6 days ago
Ghost Adventures - A Zak Bagans Imagine
Zak Bagans x Female Reader, 1.2K Words
#7 - "How could you do this to me?"
Tumblr media
"Billy and I will be heading over to building three while Aaron and Jay will be off investigating the schoolhouse and the church. That leaves Y/N at the general store," Zak Bagans says into the camera, shocking you.
When had you ever investigated by yourself?
"Zak, I'm not so sure I am comfortable with this," you say quietly.
"It'll be fine. We will be close by if you need us," he brushes it off and the other guys watch you pitifully.
You weren't about to back down from a challenge, so you gathered everything you needed and ventured off. The store was closest to the church. Most importantly, it was within screaming distance if something happened.
Zak had been insufferable lately. Idiotically, you told him you liked him and he didn't even care. You only told him because you felt the feelings were mutual, but now you wished you could take it all back. You were fed up with the drama.
He had been making you do the dumbest tasks that were not in your job description. You were just photography, and you stayed behind the scenes. The last investigation, he made you go in with Jay for the first time. That's when you discovered that investigating was not your thing.
Zak was your best friend before anything and it hurt that he was treating you like this.
That's why you were shocked that he would totally ignore your request. He used to value your safety and your opinions.
And lately you were beginning to think this job was better off without you. You just had to get through tonight.
You sucked in a deep breath and turned on the night vision camera. You hated talking to a camera, and it felt especially awkward since you were alone.
Your voice is a flutter as you introduce yourself. You wonder if the camera can even hear you.
"There's been reports of footsteps and banging, but it's quiet right now." You take a seat in the middle, your ears questioning every little bump and creak the old place made.
A large bang startled you to your feet. Your heart was hammering viciously, and you shakily pointed the camera in that direction. You hated this. You hated the dark.
Nothing drastic ever happened, but after a few hours of sitting alone and hearing noises, you had had enough. You didn't sign up for this.
You dropped your camera off at the base camp, and sent Jay a text so at least one of them knew where you were.
Going back to the hotel. Not feeling good.
It felt like hours that you laid down, mulling over everything. This wouldn't have happened if you had kept your mouth shut. You knew Zak was a flirt so why would you think you were special?
You groaned into the pillow, wishing sleep would find you. You didn't want to quit your job, but you couldn't handle any more of the awkwardness.
You must have dozed off, only to be startled awake by knocking on your door. You struggled to stay awake and it took another round of louder knocks to actually get you to move.
Zak looked upset when you opened the door.
"How could you do this to me?" he asked, his voice an angry whisper. "You can't just leave during the middle of a lockdown. It's unacceptable."
You wanted to give him a piece of your mind, but the words fell short coming from your mouth.
"Do you think I'd let just anybody get away with this, just because you have feelings for me?"
His words stung, and you struggled to grasp the fact that this was Zak - the Zak you had feelings for. Nausea wound in your gut.
"You don't get to talk to me like that, after everything you've put me through," you spit the words like they burn your tongue. "I quit."
You should've taken a moment to enjoy the stunned look cross his features, but instead you force the door closed.
The anger and adrenaline are still fueling your actions as you shove your things back into your suitcase.
You were sitting in your car just about to pull out of the parking lot when your passenger side door opens, and Zak sits down.
"You should lock your doors." He turns to you, his eyes catching the glow of the early sun.
"Get out."
"No. I want to talk." He adjusts his seat, and folds his left leg over the right. "Your car is too fucking small."
The close proximity to him makes your heart flutter. You were so conflicted. "You manage to complain about everything."
"I shouldn't have been making you do things you didn't want to. I'm sorry. I really don't want to see you go."
"I accept your apology," you say. The awkward silence was tangible. You wanted to say more, but didn't know what else you could say. "But I don't think I'm going to stay. I'll submit a formal resignation."
"You haven't thought about this enough," he voice is exasperated, but you were frustrated too. Something you loved had turned into something you dreaded.
"I've thought about it since our last talk almost a month ago. I've put up with this shit for a month, Zak. I was fine with you not returning feelings for me, but this has been miserable."
"I never said I didn't have feelings for you, Y/N."
You sigh. He hadn't said anything at all, wasn't that enough? "I'm tired and I want to go home. Please get out."
"Are you going to drive three hours home after you've been up all night?" he asks. He reaches over and takes the keys out of the ignition before you can block him.
You were too slow to react, and he stops you from protesting.
"I just didn't know how to feel. I knew it was going to change things and I was scared," he finishes.
"You were my friend. You could have talked to me," the words were soft as the bitterness dissolved into a deep sadness.
"I'm sorry," Zak says again, this time meeting your eyes. "I pushed you away instead of being straight with you and accepting the fact that I do have feelings for you."
You couldn't believe what you were hearing. You were confused and torn. Why had he been playing with you all this time?
"Can I have my keys?" you hold out your hand.
"No," he shakes his head, opening the door, the cool morning air filled the car. "I understand if you don't want to talk to me, but you shouldn't be driving. I can see how exhausted you are. You should sleep for a few hours."
You were exhausted, so you gave in and got out of the car. Yet, you both didn't move back towards the entrance. It seemed like there was something more you both needed to say.
"I'm not going to stop talking to you. You're still my friend." You could tell that gave him some relief. You were tired of the petty games and weren't about to start your own.
You walked closer and he pulled you gently in a hug. You wrapped your arms around his back. Finally, it felt like things could be amended.
A/N: UGH I couldn't figure out how to end this one. I meant to post it yesterday. 🙈
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demonsandmischief · 8 days ago
Can't Sleep
Marvel - A Bucky Barnes Imagine
Bucky x Female Reader
Prompt Request #2 - "It's okay, I couldn't sleep anyway."
Prompt Request #4 - "I'm pretty sure that's my shirt."
300 Words
Tumblr media
- Can't Sleep -
You heard it immediately, sitting up in bed and squinting into the darkness, trying to make out where he was. You groaned when the lamp was turned on.
"I'm sorry. Did I wake you?"
Your eyes finally focused and adjusted. You found a shirtless Bucky standing at the end of your bed, watching you intently.
"It's okay. I couldn't sleep anyway," you mumble, dragging a hand over your face with a tired yawn. "Did you have a nightmare, Buck?"
He had deep bags under his eyes that sunk into his normally sharp features. He gives a nod, the metal dog tags around his neck shifting and catching the light.
You pat the space next to you, but he hesitates.
"I can't," he says. "Bad luck."
"We're getting married tomorrow," you roll your eyes. "You weren't supposed to see me the night before."
He sighs, "I know, I know. I really wanted to do things right, but I can't sleep without you. Did I mess things up?"
"It's just a superstition. There's nothing to worry about. Get over here so we don't look like the walking dead tomorrow," you giggle.
He gives a gentle smile, moving to lay down beside you, but he pauses. "Wait-is that my shirt?"
"I don't know," you shrug, a smile automatically tugging at your lips.
"I'm pretty sure that's mine, sweetheart."
"I can't sleep without you," you pout, laying it on thick.
"Yet, you don't see me wearing your shirt," he rolls his eyes playfully. "That one's my favorite."
"Turn off the light, James," you huff.
He gives a low rumble of a chuckle and you smile, curling against his chest. He wraps his arm around you tight and you're both finally able to sleep, dreaming of weddings and a lifetime with Bucky.
A/N oops I accidentally posted this too early because my fat fingers hit 'post' instead of the edit pencil. 😭 I'm sorry to whoever requested - but I did remember the numbers.
Tags: @nyx2021 @jerseynatural-enthusiast @bklynxbaby @alexabarnes17
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demonsandmischief · 9 days ago
3 for loki :)
Ooh this is a challenge! Thanks :) I appreciate you! Here's the prompt list if anyone else wants to participate.
Marvel - A Loki Laufeyson Imagine
Loki x Female Reader
#3 - "Look, I made it for you!"
500 Words
Tumblr media
You give the God of Mischief a gift.
The way you had met Loki had been an accident. You were scared of him - scared of what he could do, where he was from.
But, in turn, he had been fascinated by you, and learned that by consuming you with his presence, you would become more comfortable around him.
You did get more comfortable. In fact, you had quickly grown attached to the god, and you began missing him when he was gone.
You knew it wouldn't work out. He was from another world. You were of Earth, only a human. Yet, that didn't seem to stop either of you.
"Darling," Loki gave you a glimmer of a smile as he entered your house.
"Loki! What are you doing here?" you race towards him. A warm, happiness causing your heart to thud gently in your chest.
His firm hands found your waist, and his lips bent down into a more familiar frown. "Aren't you happy to see me?"
You giggled, reaching up to cup his cheeks, "Of course I am, silly. I always miss you."
He turned his head so his lips catch your palm, his features still solemn. "I miss you always," he repeats.
"Something happened," you whispered, reading the sadness in his eyes.
"Nothing happened, my love. I just hate being away from you. You're the only person to care."
You wrap your arms around his lower back, and he lets you pull him close. "That's not true. What about Thor?"
Loki doesn't answer. Instead, he pulls away and begins wondering through your small place.
"This is new," he said. He was standing in the room that held your couch, his hands finding the softest, greenest throw that was laying over the arm. "If I remember, this is not the blanket that's always here."
"No, it's not," you bite your lip, watching as he picks it up, his hands stroking the fabric.
"I don't understand how people of earth make things so soft."
"So you like it?" You move closer, his emerald eyes finding your own. He tilts his head curiously. "Because it's yours."
He gives you a gentle smile, bending his head to brush his lips over your head. "You're too kind. Just because I like something doesn't mean I have to have it."
"No, really," you insist, taking it from his hands. "Look. I made it for you."
You weren't sure how his observant eyes missed it, but you show him the gold scroll you had embroidered on the corner. It read Loki.
"You made this, for me?" he asked, stunned.
You nodded, beginning to feel a bit unsure about your gift. "I thought you could have a piece of me wherever you go."
"This is truly special," he admits, his fingers tracing his name. "Just like you are."
Tags: @nyx2021 @jerseynatural-enthusiast @bklynxbaby
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demonsandmischief · 15 days ago
If You're By My Side
Marvel - A Captain America Imagine
Steve Rogers x Insecure! Female Reader
500 Words
Tumblr media
- If You're By My Side-
Anxieties and Insecurities live within all of us, even the man who was once the face of his country, but that's okay because Steve knows exactly how to care for you.
Being with a man who was very public, who fought for the greater good even when it meant being on the losing team, who saved the world, was very difficult for you.
You would do anything for Steve Rogers though, even endure every single moment of anxious overthinking for the rest of your life. You loved him. He was your rock.
But that didn't mean there were not bad days. People were harsh - the world a dark place.
Steve taught you how to be strong, to be your own person, but sometimes the words of others destroyed any walls you had worked hard to build.
Not to mention the fact that your boyfriend was very handsome, and there were others who would agree.
"You're lost in your head," Steve said one evening. You were curled under a plush blanket on the couch.
It was true, so much so that you only caught the end of his words.
"What?" you asked, pulling your eyes from the television to find his watching you deeply.
"What's going on tonight?" he asked the words softly, his voice rich and warm with concern. His arm that was stretched across the sofa moved down over your shoulders. He pulled you close and you were relieved to feel his touch.
"It was a long day," you admitted quietly, tucking your face into his side. He rubbed your back soothingly.
"Did someone say something, baby?"
"Steve Rogers is a lot of man for someone like you," the lady at work giggled like it wasn't an insult, her friends all agreeing.
"Nothing in particular," you lied, but you knew he already knew. He could read you like a book.
"I can't believe he would choose to be with someone like her." another lady from the same group whispers, but you're close enough to hear.
He pulled away and you frowned, reaching out for him.
"Y/N," his deep baritone voice came as a gentle warning. He cupped your cheeks. "You don't have to lie to me."
"Come back," you whispered, still holding out your arms. His cheeks lift into a small smile, and this time he lifts you onto his lap. "It was the same old stuff, Stevie. Just gets in my head."
"You shouldn't let it. Do you think I listen to every single voice out there?"
You shake your head, relaxing and resting it on his shoulder.
"Sometimes, I have to figure out what is best for me."
He takes his large hand to cradle your head and you sigh with contentment.
"You're what's best for me. I know that, I really do. I just can't help it."
"I know. I know, sweetheart," he kisses your head. "The world is a mean place. It shouldn't be, but it is. But we can get through it."
"Only if you're by my side."
Tags: @nyx2021 @jerseynatural-enthusiast @bklynxbaby @sohosteve
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demonsandmischief · 17 days ago
Cold Feet (Request)
A Sebastian Stan Imagine
Sebastian Stan x Female Reader
500 Words - Masterlist
Tumblr media
Imagine it's your wedding day and you get a little nervous.
You should have been excited, and a part of you was, but it was buried deep beneath a bundle of nerves.
There were many reasons for this nervousness. The first was the intimidation of walking down the aisle, and the second was your soon-to-be-husband Sebastian Stan. Ridiculously, you were worried that this wasn't what he wanted. That you weren't what he wanted.
You should have been at the altar by now. You knew the (person walking you down the aisle) was waiting, yet the panic was strong and you struggled to swallow it down.
This was what you wanted - absolutely, with no doubt. You loved Sebastian with every fiber of your being, so then what was the problem?
Sebastian waited impatiently, watching the aisle earnestly. Where were you? A part of him panicked that maybe you had backed out, but he knew how much you loved him.
The person who was walking you down the aisle rushed forward, the chatter in the room disrupted as everyone anticipated their words.
"Seb, she's pretty nervous. We can't get her to come out," they whisper, very much aware of the eyes and ears.
Sebastian felt for you. He knew you hated attention of any kind, and he thought it was a reasonable reaction. He also knew that he had become your rock when it came to any kind of anxiety, and he wasn't about to let you down. Screw tradition. They had already done their first look for the photographers anyway.
You had barely seen each other all day. He hated being so close yet so far. He couldn't wait to marry you though, and he couldn't wait to celebrate with you.
Sebastian knocked on the door of the room you were sitting in.
"I'm sorry," you said immediately, standing up. He looked so handsome.
"It's okay, love," his face lit up as he soaked you in. "Just got some nerves, yeah?"
You nodded, and he gathered you into his arms. You were relieved he was so understanding.
"I'm nervous, too," he admitted. "It's a big moment, but it's ours, for our future." He pulled away, his hands sliding down your arms. For the first time, nerves gave way to warm butterflies as his touch calmed you. "And you have no damn reason to second guess yourself. You're stunning, my beautiful wife."
Your cheeks heated at his sweet words and you chuckled softly, "I'm not your wife yet."
"Alright, baby, then let's make it official." He brushed his lips with yours. "Next one is at the altar."
A/N: Hope you enjoyed. Weddings terrify me (seems very embarrassing I guess), but I've also never been to one. It was a good challenge.
Tags: @nyx2021 @bklynxbaby @missroro @maximeevansblog
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demonsandmischief · 18 days ago
Wrong Place, Wrong Time
Marvel - A Bucky Barnes Imagine
Bucky x Female Reader, 1.7k Words
TW: Cursing, Guns, Violent-ish
Tumblr media
-Wrong Place, Wrong Time-
You managed to get right in the middle of a fight and meet the sarcastic Bucky Barnes.
You didn't know how you got roped into this mess. One minute you were jogging on a trail, opting to take the shortcut between a few old buildings when it began to rain, and the next minute you were in a stand-off with the winter soldier.
You were such an idiot. How were you supposed to know there were people battling it off inside when you walked by the open window, right in their line of site?
A tattooed, greasy monster of a man had spotted you at the window. You tried to run, but was tackled and dragged inside, dropped at the feet of Captain America's buddy.
"Well, well soldier," the tattooed man spit. "You thought you could have this weak girl spy on us?" You were getting the sense he was the bad guy.
"Who the hell are you?" Bucky whisper yells at you. His name came to you after you saw his face fully. "Why are you here?"
"I run this path everyday. I didn't realize I was interrupting," you whisper back sarcastically, staggering to your feet. Your shoulder ached from the harsh toss, your hands tied behind your back.
Bucky gave a scoff, looking heavily annoyed. You had no idea what was going on or why he was standing around, letting this man do whatever.
"Are you two lovebirds finished?" The man cocked his gun, giving an obnoxious high-pitched whistle. More men flooded the room, all looking vicious and scary. It would seem you were in a very bad situation.
"You messed up our plan," Bucky grunts at you. "You're a distraction."
"I'm flattered," you mumble back dryly. "Can you just untie my hands please?"
"Not so fast," the bad guy interjects. "He and his Captain stole something from me, and I want it back. To do that, I'm going to need you." He points a dirty fingernail at you and you were grabbed by your arms, dragged away from the slight safety of Bucky.
Your heart was thumping painfully against your chest as your struggled uselessly in the new man's grasp. He kept one arm around your front, his hand too busy holding a gun. His other hand gripped your arm tightly.
"I told you. I don't know him or any of this," you protested.
"It doesn't matter. He's weak. He'd never let an innocent die."
"I'm standing right here." Bucky didn't even seem fazed and that scared you more than anything. Was he really going to let these people do whatever to you? Then again, could you expect a stranger to risk his life for your own?
The grimy hand slid across your arm towards your chest, and you squirmed.
"Don't touch me, you ass," you said, throwing your head back with as much force as possible. The man's nose gave a sickening crunch as he staggered backward. You used his moment of weakness to kick the gun out of his hand.
You seemed to forget you were in a room full of people watching you.
"I will admit, your girl has guts," the tattooed man shrugged, addressing Bucky. "Too bad you guys are out numbered."
"You would think that, wouldn't you?" Bucky asked.
You were not certain what happened next. The room broke out into a frenzy and you backed yourself into the wall. Your hands were still tied, so there wasn't much you could do. The exits were blocked by the fighting. There was no way you could get away without getting mixed in.
Captain America entered the room then. You had only seen Sam Wilson on TV so that was pretty cool.
This wouldn't have happened if you weren't at the wrong place at the wrong time. You should've stuck to the trail.
You were shaking with adrenaline. All of your senses seemed to be on high alert and you noticed the tattooed man coming straight towards you. You bolted towards the exit until you felt a searing pain in your lower leg. You crumpled to the ground with a yell.
It felt like your leg had been set on fire, and you couldn't reach for it or anything. Had you just been shot?
"The next one goes through her head," the man shouts. You feel him press the cool metal of the gun against the back of your hair.
Tears fell onto your cheeks. The pain was so gruesome that your vision was doubling. There was a persistent ringing in your ears.
You must have blacked out slightly because you were startled by cool metal on your cheek. You flinched, thinking it was the gun, but you forced yourself to focus and realized it was Bucky's hand.
His voice was like a flutter, background noise even. "You're going to be okay. We're going to get you help."
The next time you wake up, the ringing is coming from the outside of your head.
You blink rapidly to adjust to the bright light, taking in the sterile smell and blinding sights.
What stands out the most is the man watching you from the chair beside your bed.
"Hey," Bucky's lips turn up slightly. You take in his unruly brown hair and piercing blue eyes. He was really handsome.
Your head throbbed as the events rushed forward. You began to panic when you couldn't feel your leg and you scrambled to pull back the blankets to make sure it was still there. Your whole body felt like lead and your movement felt sluggish.
"Easy," Bucky said softly. "The doctor just gave you some medicine for the pain." He hesitantly reached to adjust the blankets back around you. "I'm Bucky Barnes by the way."
"Y/N." It was all you could manage to get out as you swallowed thickly. "Are you okay?" You glanced over his body, seeing nothing apart from a slight bruise on his right cheek.
"I'm fine. I'm sorry Sam and I couldn't get to you faster."
You shrugged slightly, relaxing against the pillow. At least you weren't dead. "I shouldn't have taken that shortcut, but it was raining."
He gave a slight laugh of disbelief. "You'd rather run through some dilapidated buildings then get rained on? Wouldn't the trees cover you?"
"I don't like getting wet," you huffed, unable to control the small smile. "I didn't realize you would be battling bad guys in there."
He watched you for a moment before he stood up. "I'm going to get a nurse."
The nurse told you that the bullet fractured the bone just below your knee. Recovery would be long and tedious, but you accepted it. You were lucky you didn't get any more injuries.
Bucky didn't come back after the nurse did her thing, so you were left alone to your thoughts. You dozed slightly, and when you woke up for the second time, you could feel the pain in your leg.
How were you supposed to get around with this kind of injury? You couldn't even manage to lift it off the bed. Stars raced across your vision as your leg burned with the effort.
You managed to swing your legs around the side, pushing through the pain. You hated sitting still.
The nurse rushed in, "Ma'am, I don't think it's a good idea to get up. Is there something I can help you with? You need to keep your leg elevated."
"How long until I can get up?" you asked, ignoring her persistent motion to get you laying back down.
"We want to monitor the wound for a few days since it's really high risk for infection. After that, we can get a therapist to start building your strength up slowly. Is there someone we can call for you?"
You shook your head and eased yourself back. It looked like you were stuck.
You startled awake with a gasp, pushing your hair out of your face. For the last week or so, nightmares plagued you from getting any real sleep. You felt more dead than alive.
"Can't sleep?" Bucky asked, making you jump.
"Bucky? Why are you sitting here in the dark?" you whisper, making out his figure using the dim light from the hall. You hadn't seen him since that first day.
He said nothing, and you reached to turn on the light.
"It's so late. Why are you here?" you ask again, pushing back against the pillows.
"I wanted to see how you were doing," he said, tilting his head almost like a puppy.
You blew out some air. "I finally got up to walk today. The wound has healed enough that I could get this cast." You pulled your blanket back to reveal the bulky, ugly thing.
"That's good," he nodded. "Means you'll be getting out of here soon, right?"
"The nurse said I made great progress, and will be able to leave in the next day." That was great and all but you had no idea how you were going to get around.
"Do you have someone who can help you when you leave?" he asked curiously.
"Not right now," the reply was meek and you watched Bucky furrow his brows.
"No one has visited you?"
You shook your head and he muttered a curse under his breath. You were confused by his reaction.
"I'm sorry. I didn't want to be in your way or bother you in some way," Bucky said sincerely. He reached for your hand. His touch was soothing. You felt safe in his presence.
"It's okay," you tell him softly.
"I hate that you've been all alone." The cool metal of his thumb glides over the back of your hand.
"I'm not alone now." The words are mumbled as you feel yourself getting sleepy again.
"No, you're not." You see a faint smile as he reaches to turn off the light.
A/N: This was almost deleted because it isn't good lol but enjoy anyway.
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demonsandmischief · 23 days ago
Paint & Sun
Marvel - A Captain America Imagine
Steve Rogers x Female Reader, 700 Words
Tumblr media
-Paint & Sun-
You and Steve bond over painting.
You met him when the world was falling apart. You could see right through the armor he put up. He was hurting - it was visible in his stormy blue eyes. There was a part of you that wanted to tell him everything was going to be okay.
You watched him every morning as you painted the sun rising from the horizon. It was the one thing that gave you calm.
He ran as the world slept. He ran like he was trying to escape the horrors he faced.
You would never be brave enough to talk to him even though you desperately wanted to.
The paint brush stroked across the canvas. The pink color mixing with the orange and for a moment you felt peace.
"I've always wondered what you were painting," he said, startling a small gasp from you. "I didn't mean to scare you," he gave a ghost of a smile, chest heaving from the run. "This is incredible," he whispered, those eyes you would soon grow to love finding yours.
That was how you met Steve Rogers. Your relationship only blossomed from there.
It became routine. You would paint while he ran and then you would go to one of your places for breakfast.
"I've never met anyone who enjoyed getting up as early as me," he said, his arm stretched across the back of your chair as you both ate.
"I don't think I could ever miss a sunrise or a sunset," you admit softly. There was something beautiful in the things people took for granted.
"I loved the one this morning. I might need that painting," that same faint smile appeared, lightening his solemn features.
"Stevie, you own like ten now. What are you going to do with that many?" you asked, but you couldn't help the giddy feeling that built in your chest.
"Honey, I've got plenty of walls," his smile deepened. "I want the rooms to light up like they do when you're around."
Your cheeks heated at his sweet words and he leaned over to kiss your cheek, his face nuzzling yours.
"You're my sunshine, you know that? Everything could be wrong in the world, but here, with you, it's perfect." His hand reached to tuck the haair behind your ear. He looked at you like you were his everything.
"You're sweet," you whisper, scooting close enough that you could wrap you arms around his frame.
He rested his head on yours, rubbing your back.
"We should paint together," you tell him when you pull away.
"Yeah? I'm not sure I'd be good at that," he furrowed his brows, an unsure man at the core of his brave, courageous front.
"That's okay," you smiled, reaching to cup his stubbly face. He leaned into your touch. "It would be fun. I've seen you draw, I think you'd be better than you expect."
After you cleaned up from breakfast, you and Steve pile all of your paints and set up two easels.
"What are we painting? Is this a competition? Because I will probably win."
You giggled as his competitive, playfully side made its self known. "Paint whatever you want. Winner gets a kiss."
"Definitely going to win," he mumbled under his breath making you laugh fully.
The strokes of the brush are familiar to you, like an old home you know all the ins and outs of. They have a mind of their own - you don't even have to know what you are painting because the brush is the one in charge.
You ended up taking longer than Steve at finishing. He cleans up as you put the finishing touches.
"Okay, sunshine, are we ready for the big reveal?" He counts to three and you both flip them over.
You laugh with disbelief as you take in the painting. The lines and colors all creating one bright visualization of you. Was that how he saw you?
Funny enough, you had painted him, with a smile lighting his features just like you loved.
"It's me," he said awestruck, reaching for it.
"You outdid yourself," you said, but he shakes his head.
"I think it's a tie," he pulls you into his embrace. "We both get a kiss."
Steve leans down to brush his lips with yours, much like you had done while painting moments ago.
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Ghost Adventures - A Zak Bagans Imagine
Zak Bagans x Female Reader, 645 Words
Prompt #4: “Whoa. Easy, easy. I’ve got you.”
Tumblr media
The thing was, you weren't even part of the Ghost Adventures crew. You never investigated, filmed, or anything like that. You were simply Zak Bagans girlfriend, and you did your best to support his peculiar lifestyle.
When Zak asked you to join him last minute for interviews for an episode being filmed at home, there was no reason to say no to him. It wasn't your scene, but your boyfriend was your everything.
It was chaos when you pulled up to the house. The group (Zak, Aaron, Billy and Jay) was scattered doing different things.
"Hey, babe," Zak rushed to the carside. He gave you a sweet kiss and let out a tired sigh. "I'm glad you're here. We could use some help, if you're in for it."
"You know I'm always happy to help," you smiled, giving him a big hug before he went back to business mode.
"We're a few cameramen short," he said, reaching for your hand. "I know you don't have any camera experience, but there's a pre-investigation I'd like to do. We can film it on my phone so it's easier."
"What about interviews?" you asked curiously.
"All done. Billy and Jay are getting things set up for lockdown and Aaron is probably filming filler footage of the building." He gave you a smile, "Are you okay doing this?"
You looked up at the looming beast of a house. It was something right out of a horror movie, and you had the worst imagination. All you could do was hope for the best.
Walking through the front door, it was dark and musty. It felt like your feet were made of bricks as you trailed behind Zak. There was vise-like grip squeezing your chest painfully, and a persistent, throbbing ache on your forehead.
Zak watched you with concern, "Are you sure you feel alright, babe? You look really pale, even in the low light."
"I'm fine, really," you insisted strongly, but the words came out soft and weak.
Blood rushed through ears and you gripped Zak's phone with all of your strength.
"This is Zak. I'm filming on my phone. I wanted to do an EVP burst session where the lady we interviewed said she got sick after hearing a disembodied voice."
It was like listening to him speak underwater. Your heart thudded rapidly in your chest and your vision darkened around the edges.
You lost control of your body as you crumpled limply to the floor. Zak managed to catch your head just before it struck the ground.
"Whoa. Easy, easy. I’ve got you," he said as some of the pressure lifted from your chest. "Take a deep breath."
You struggled for a moment to suck in a good breath, certain you were going to pass out fully.
He cradled you on the floor, patiently helping you work your breathing back down to something normal, and calming you down.
Finally, your hearing returned fully, and you were left drained and exhausted.
"There. I've got you," he soothed, smoothing your hair around your face. "Ready to try to stand up?"
You nodded, even though your legs were like Jell-O.
"You scared the fuck out of me," he mumbled. "Let's get some air, yeah?"
Leaving the house was like losing a dense, fog. Other than feeling utterly exhausted, you were totally fine.
"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have made you go in there." Zak kissed your head from where you were sitting in a chair. A cool breeze eased your heated skin
"You didn't know," you whispered. "What was that, Zak?"
"Something in there affected you." He scrubbed his hand down his face. "I don't know what I would do if something happened to you because of me."
"It's okay. You didn't know," you said again, holding your arms out. He wrapped you up in a tight embrace.
"I love you."
A/N: affected or effected??? If anyone knows help me out lol.
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Tumblr media
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Ghost Adventures - A Zak Bagans Imagine
Zak Bagans x Female Reader
1K Words
Tumblr media
In which you get hurt filming an episode of Ghost Adventures.
You normally wouldn't participate in the actual investigation. Your boyfriend Zak Bagans (lead investigator and executive producer of Ghost Adventures) was a worry wart.
But, this location was massive and abandoned. He needed everybody in with a camera, and although he was reluctant about you joining, you convinced him otherwise.
Zak, Billy, Aaron, Jay and you all leaned over to look at the map.
"Splitting up is the best idea. There's three main areas I want to cover, so one person will have to go on their own," Zak said. "Y/N is absolutely not going alone. It's going to be one of us."
"I don't care to go alone," Jay smiled slightly, as he fiddled with equipment in his hands.
"Dude, you're always taking one for the team," Aaron chuckled.
"If Y/N is not going alone, she's not going with you, Zak. You'll be distracted the whole night," Billy mentions, as the group pulls away and gathers gear.
"He's right. You would be too worried about me to get anything done," you contribute softly, smiling up at the serious man that you loved.
Zak rolled his eyes and crossed his arms over chest, "Fine. You go with Aaron, and no goofing off."
Aaron cheers.
You lean up to give your boyfriend a kiss, "Good luck. Be safe."
You hadn't been in any of the buildings during the day which was probably a mistake because you struggled to navigate. You weren't as used to the dark as the others were. You were happy being with Aaron who was good at taking the lead. All you really had to do was film him.
"This is the room that Zak caught the EVP of someone screaming for help. I think I am going to turn on the spirit box."
Chills ran down your spine. It was the first off feeling of the night, and something in the air shifted.
The spirit box picked up some words that the both of you couldn't make out, and you guys continued on throughout the building.
It was an odd considering the circumstances, but you didn't enjoy being in camera. You liked being apart of the action occasionally, but you wouldn't be able to do it consistently like the guys do.
"Aaron, it's freezing in here," you tell him as you walk into a smaller room, feeling goosebumps on your arms.
"Freezing? Y/N it's like 80 degrees in here," he replied, stepping closer to you. "Woah, it's like a freezer all around you."
An ear piercing series of screams ring out in the distance, scaring the hell out of you both.
You stumble back and the floor gives way under your left foot.
"Shit, Aaron, I'm stuck," you yelled, not knowing where he was. Panic squeezes your chest. "My foot went through the floor."
"What?" he calls back, alarmed. There's a blinding light on your face as he shines the flashlight.
"Fuck," he cursed. "You can't pull it out? I'm calling Zak."
You could feel the splinters of the wood digging into your ankle and you couldn't feel or wiggle your foot. It was the worst pain you had ever felt in your life.
Aaron used the walkie talkie to radio Zak and then turned to you.
"It's going to hurt like a bitch, but I'm going to lift you up, okay?"
"No, no. I want Zak to do it," you squeezed your eyes shut as your chest constricted. You were going to throw up or pass out, you were certain of that.
"Where the hell are you guys?" Zak yelled and Aaron yelled back.
"They're going to have to cut my foot off," you mumbled. "I'm going to have to walk with a cane."
"Don't be dramatic," Aaron couldn't help but laugh.
"What's going on?" Zak rushed in with Billy trailing behind.
"Her foot went through the floor."
"Through the floor?" Billy exclaimed. "Isn't there supposed to be concrete or something underneath?"
"Why don't you take it up with the construction workers?" you mumbled. "Z, I can't feel my foot."
"It's going to be fine, baby. Want me to lift you up?"
He reaches under your arms, and lifts you up.
The splintered wood digs into your injury and you let out a sob, putting your head onto Zak's shoulder. The hole is too narrow for your foot, so it takes some maneuvering. The pain was white, hot and intense.
"I've got you," he soothes.
Your leg is a bloody mess when Zak looks you over. Your shoe is torn up and he reaches to pull it off to assess the damage, but the pain is too unbearable.
"I'm sorry," he whispers, pushing your hair out of your face. "Let's get that looked at, yeah? I think Billy and Aaron and Jay can wrap this up for once." He turns to them. "Maybe just focus on the other buildings so we don't get anymore injuries."
Zak picks you up, and you tuck your face into his neck.
One fractured foot and a hideous cast later, you were almost all better.
"I'm sorry you had to leave the investigation early," you tell him sleepily as you're laying together in the hotel room.
"I'm sorry you got hurt," he replied, leaning down to give you a kiss. "This is why I don't like you investigating."
You can't help but giggle, "It could've happened to any one of you."
"I know that, but you're my girl. I don't want anything happening to you."
"You'd bubble wrap me if you could," you rolled your eyes and he gave a low chuckle, kissing your forehead.
Pounding at the door startled you both.
"Let us in. We want to see Y/N. We brought pancakes," Aaron yelled.
Zak groaned and went to the door to find the three goofballs standing there.
"We thought you might be hungry. We won't stay long," Jay grinned.
"It's like 5am in the middle of nowhere. The only thing here is this motel. Where did you find pancakes?" Zak asked indecrelousy.
Tags: @nyx2021 (general) @purple-liciouss (Zak - Idk why it wouldn't let me tag you!)
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A Chris Evans Imagine
Chris Evans x Female Reader, 1.1K Words
Angst Alert
Tumblr media
A female actress mentions having a relationship with your boyfriend, Chris Evans, and doubts begin to form.
"I'm here with Lindsey Jordan and Chris Evans who are the lead roles of this upcoming movie," the talk show host says into the camera.
You couldn't help the small smile that automatically formed on your face as you caught a glimpse of your handsome boyfriend. He had been so busy lately, so you took any chance you got to see him, even if it was through a TV.
Lindsey Jordan was a beautiful brown haired, blue eyed actress who could honestly be a super model. Chris had briefly mentioned that she was pretty nice to work with.
You continued washing your dishes, not fully giving the interview your attention.
"Now Lindsey, what was it like working alongside Chris?"
"It was amazing. Chris is such a sweet guy, and I think we really formed a connection," she had a perfect smile plastered on her perfect face.
"You know, I think a good friendship is what makes the on-screen relationship so realistic," Chris said, easing the doubt that was winding in your gut.
Lindsey gave a beautiful laugh, placing a manicured hand on Chris's shoulder. "He's downplaying. But yeah, we really hit it off."
The interviewer smiled, "I have some pictures here. I have to say you guys are the cutest couple."
The plate you were holding dropped into the sink with a loud clatter.
Pictures appeared behind them on the stage. It was Lindsey and Chris kissing on set. It looked more for the movie.
Another was one that looked like a paparazzi photo of them walking hand in hand in LA.
Your heart plummeted to your feet.
"That's all the time we have. Catch their movie in theaters-" you shut it off.
You knew your relationship was too good to be true. How long had this been going on for?
The talk show was filmed in New York City, and Chris should already be on his way back home to Boston. He would probably want to see you. What were you going to do? What were you going to say?
Even if he weren't in a relationship with Lindsey, you were holding him back. You were just a nobody.
You brushed away the first set of tears and swallowed the sob that threatened to break free.
Your phone buzzed with a text message, waking the screen so the lock screen photo of you and Chris being all cuddly was visible.
You loved him with all your heart. He was such a sweet, down to earth guy, and you trusted him.
There was something different about this though. It was putting your worst fear into light. Did Chris even think about how you would feel when you saw it? He knew you liked to watch his interviews. He could have given you a heads up.
He always texted or called you when he was traveling. The radio silence only added to the fear that was digging its claws into your chest.
You decided finally after some more years that you just wanted to be left alone. You silenced your phone and made your way to your bedroom.
The sounds of the TV playing old reruns of your favorite show comforted your fragmented mind. You wished you could just turn your thoughts off and sleep the rest of the day.
You were startled from your light dozing to knocking on your front door.
You groaned, tempted to ignore it, but decided to get up. You had been ignoring your phone after all. What if it was an emergency? Except, you knew full well who it was.
Chris Evans stood on your doorstep, looking casual and handsome as usual. His blonde hair was ruffled and his eyes were hidden behind sunglasses that he pulled off.
"There's my girl," he smiled a sweet smile that melted and broke your heart. "I tried to call but you didn't answer." He reached for you but you took a step back.
"What's the matter? Are you sick?" His smile dropped to concern as he took you in. "Have you been crying?"
He reached for you again and this time you let him as the sobs you had been holding in finally released into one big breakdown.
His warm arms pulled you to his chest as he rubbed your back. "What happened, baby?" he whisper, shushing and rocking you gently. "Shh, it's gonna be okay."
The sobs lessened to hiccups and Chris wiped away the tears with the pads of his thumb. "I've never seen you cry like this, Y/N. Please tell me what's going on."
"I saw that interview with Lindsey," you tried to pull away from his embrace but he held on.
"Then you saw how I was trying to deflect her advances, right?"
"But the pictures," you protested. "You were holding her hand." It sounded stupid and insecure, even to your own ears. You wanted to curl up under the blankets and hide away.
"Come on now, she saw the paparazzi and grabbed my hand. It was a publicity stunt, that's all. That's why I can't stand LA."
You pulled away again and this time he let you. "I thought you said she was nice?" you mumbled, wiping the tears with your palm and you gave a sniffle.
"Doesn't mean she didn't have other motives," he shrugged. He moved towards your couch and you trailed behind him.
"I missed you so damn much. Come here," he demanded, giving a yawn as he stretched out.
You moved closer and he didn't hesitate to tug you to his chest.
"I wouldn't be mad if you wanted to be with her though," you whispered, not able to meet his eyes.
Chris sighed, "Nobody even compares to you. You're my everything."
He played with your hair as he continued to speak, "Don't doubt my feelings for you, baby. You know I wouldn't cheat."
"I know that, but you're on, like, the top ten hottest men list. It makes me doubt."
He chuckled, kissing your cheek with an affectionate nuzzle.
"You don't need to worry. All you have to do is talk to me, you know that? I love you."
"I love you," you said back as he brushed his lips with yours.
You settled on his chest, your eyes drooping as your body lagged from the stress of the day. Why were you even worried in the first place?
"You shouldn't ignore your boyfriend. It isn't very nice," he pouted after a moment.
"I'm sorry," you craned your neck to kiss his jaw.
"Why are you looking at the top ten hottest men?"
You giggled slightly, meeting his loving and shining blue eyes. "Who's having doubts now?"
Tags: @nyx2021 (general) @bklynxbaby (marvel) @missroro (marvel actors)
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Promises (A Series) 18+
Marvel - Bucky Barnes, Sam Wilson Imagine
Bucky x Sam x Female Reader
600 Words
As Sam and Bucky cope with the changes brought on by the events of The Falcon and Winter Soldier, their path crosses with yours.
Tumblr media
Disclaimer: I'm going to mark this story 18+ because of the polyamorous relationship and innuendos/suggestiveness.
-Chapter 1-
Sam and Bucky become more then co-workers.
(Taking place at the end of TFATWS)
"Did I hear you say to Sarah that you wanna be my roommate?" Sam grinned as Bucky joined him on the dock.
"I mean, we're co-workers, maybe partners at this point-" Bucky was trying to brush it off. He didn't know Sam had been listening. Besides he had kids hanging off his arm like he was a swingset, he wasn't sure what exactly what he was saying.
"Come on man, are you still pulling that shit?"
Bucky eased himself down, setting his beer bottle next to Sam's. "Suppose not. I did say partner this time."
"Yeah, you really slid that in all sneaky like," Sam chuckled. "Partners in what way?" The question came out softer, more intimate as Bucky slid his hand along his back.
"There doesn't have to be a title to it, Sam. I care about you." Bucky furrowed his brows. What was Sam implying?
"Care about me in what way?" Sam asked again.
"I-" Bucky frowned, hesitating. He had never given thought to his sexuality before. Obviously, it was girls before Hydra, and now that his mind was clear, he seemed to be simply lost. There was so much of life he was trying to navigate at once - especially since fighting aliens and the world ending had been priority for a while.
And through it all, it had been Sam. He had been with him through everything. Sam had spent years looking for him after the events in Washington DC. Steve was looking too, but apparently there was some Ultron mess so it was primarily the man next to him. Then there was the Sokovia Accords, Sam had lost his entire reputation because of him.
Most recently, with the events of the Flag-Smashers, Bucky had formed a protectiveness for him along with some new feelings that caused turmoil in his heart and in his brain.
"Wow, I can't believe it. You're actually speechless," Sam teased.
For Sam, Bucky was annoying, but there was something there that drew him in. Bucky was so opposite of him, and as he tried to figure things out, Sam had only ever wanted to be there to help. Things just got complicated along the way.
"Sam, I don't know how to say this," Bucky sighed, fiddling with his fingers in his lap.
Sam reached over to grab his metal hand, lacing their fingers.
"I have feelings for you," Bucky said so lowly that Sam wasn't sure he heard right.
"I have been waiting for you to say something." Sam never lost his goofy, almost giddy, smile.
"You're an ass. Why didn't you say something first?" he grumbled. "I've been struggling to figure out what to say."
"I know how you are, Buck. I wanted you to think it through. I know you've been through a lot."
"So have you." Bucky took his flesh hand to gently move Sam's face towards his. "You're a good man, Sam."
Sam leaned forward, his breath hitting Bucky's lips as they both hesitated. Bucky took the initive to push his mouth onto his.
There was a relief to it. Finally. And some awkwardness as they both figured out what was comfortable.
Sam could tell Buck was getting frustrated as he kept pulling away.
"What is your problem? I'm trying to kiss you," the stoic man frowned, chasing his lips.
Sam laughed, "It was funny to see you get all worked up."
Bucky rolled his eyes, pulling Sam close enough that their legs tangled and he was practically sitting his lap.
"One day you'll regret teasing me," he mumbled, taking a hand to Sam's head, forcing him forward, as he stole another kiss from the still smiling man.
"Is that a promise?"
A/N: This was just a short little kick off. :) I love the SamBucky ship.
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Marvel - A Bucky Barnes Imagine
Bucky Barnes x Female Reader
500 Words
Tumblr media
One protective asshole and one clumsy flower. A collection of incidents.
"I told you that you were going to get hurt," Bucky Barnes grumbled, reaching for your injured hand.
"Ouch. That hurts, Buck," you whispered, trying to pull away.
He sighed, "You shouldn't have been running in those shitty shoes."
"Don't be mean," you pouted. "I was trying to keep up with you."
"If you want me to run with you, all you had to do was ask and I would have slowed down. You should have put on those trainers like I told you last time." Bucky softened his stern features with a tender smile he reserved just for you. "It's just a sprain, buttercup. Want me to get you some ice?"
You shook your head, "Maybe a kiss to make it better."
He straightened his spine, bending his head to brush his lips with yours. "There."
He lifted you off the counter by your hips and placed you on the ground.
You pushed the stool against the counter. You didn't know why your boyfriend felt the need to put the extra bag of flour all the way on the top shelf.
You climbed up the stool, struggling to reach the bag that was pushed behind a bunch of other junk.
"Hey now, what do you think you're doing?" Bucky growled. "You should ask me for help. You're going to get hurt, buttercup."
He effortlessly lifted you off the counter making you giggle and squeal.
"Just needed the flour, Buck. No big deal."
"I can get it," he said, reaching up for it.
"You should put it on the bottom shelf," you told him.
"There's no room," he said. Although, the reality was he liked when you needed him.
"Don't be grouchy," you teased, reaching up for a kiss. "I'm making cookies."
"Where's your jacket?" Bucky asked, already shrugging out of his hoodie. You were at a Christmas tree farm.
He pulled it over your head, muffling any words that were trying to leave your mouth.
"Left at home, on purpose. I wanted yours," you smiled, successfully snuggling into it.
"You're lucky you're cute," he said, crossing his arms, the metal one reflecting the light rain. "Let's find a tree and get out of here, alright?"
You pulled up the hood, "Where'd your sense of holiday adventure, Mr. Bahumbug?"
The large hood slipped over your eyes and of course, you tripped on a tree stump.
You were caught by the large arms you were just admiring.
"I just saved your ass from faceplanting in the mud," he knocked the hood out of your face. "Can you even make it through a day without getting yourself into trouble?"
"Probably not," you bit back a smile. "You're my hero."
"And you're my clumsy buttercup," he rolled his eyes, leaning down to brush his lips with yours.
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Marvel - A Loki Laufeyson Imagine
Loki x Female Reader
700 Words
Tumblr media
In which you and a certain god become close.
You would have never imagined that your stars would align with the God of Mischief, the notorious brother of Thor. And you would have never imagined he would have taken a liking to you.
"Oddly, I don't find you the least bit annoying like I do others," he told you.
You gave an uncertain smile, a nervous reaction when you didn't know how to respond. You weren't even sure how he had found your very small book store. It was outside of the city.
"You're rather quiet," he watched you curiously before shrugging, picking a book up from the shelf. "Midgardians do have better books. Although, there are so many to choose from." He gave you a look and you hesitantly moved closer, your steps small and nervous.
"What do you enjoy reading?" you asked, your voice just a flutter. He had the greenest eyes, and they calculated your every move.
"Do you have a favorite?" His voice softened, losing the sharp, snarky edge. Something changed in the way he looked at you.
And from that day forward, he surrounded you in his presence. He came nearly everyday, and you became comfortable with his company.
"There are never any people in your library," he noted, his accent heavy on the word library. He was sitting in a chair close to you, a book open in his lap.
"Book store." you corrected him. "You do come quite early in the day. It picks up when people get off work, and weekends."
Loki hummed, "I see."
It was quiet for a little while. You fixed some displays, and swept the floors. You definitely needed something to pick business up, and you were thinking a coffee bar. You could take out a loan for the machines.
You hadn't realized Loki had walked up behind you until he spoke.
"What are you looking at?"
You startled with a gasp, spinning around to find him so close you were practically touching.
"Apologies," he flashed a faint smile that disappeared almost immediately. "I thought you heard me walk up."
"I was just-I was," you swallowed. You didn't know why the words were being stubborn, but the strange man and his close proximity effected you. "I was thinking of options for that empty corner."
"I see," he nodded his voice now soft and breathy. He seemed to want to touch you but was holding back, his hands clenched by his side.
"Loki?" you asked, looking up and finding his beautiful eyes.
"Can I have a hug?"
He paused a moment, like he was stunned by the question. When had been the last time someone had desired his affection? Probably never.
He pulled you close, his touch very faint and unsure. You wrapped your arms around his back. He was really tall, and cool to the touch, but it was comforting all the same.
"Will you read to me?" he asked when you both finally pulled away. "I know your busy with shop duties, but I only want a moment, please."
You seemed to have unlocked a gentler side to the man, and there was no reason to deny him.
This time when you sat together, your chair was pulled close to his so your legs were touching.
You rested your head on his shoulder, continuing where he had left off. It was an indescribable bliss.
"I hate that I must go," he whispered when the early day turned into early evening.
"You don't have to," you whispered back. You didn't know where he disappeared to, but you enjoyed his company way too much.
He ran a hand along your cheek, "You know I'll be back."
"I know," you nodded.
"Good. Don't finish the story without me," he smiled, a full one this time, crinkling his sharp features.
And then he was gone.
Tags: @nyx2021 (general) @yahwistsamruby (marvel) @bklynxbaby (marvel)
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Come Home To Me Part 5
Marvel - A Sam Wilson Imagine
Sam Wilson x Female Reader 1.4k Words
Here's Part 4 and my Masterlist for additional parts
Tumblr media
-Part 5-
The ending.
You liked Washington DC. You liked Sam's house and being able to see the things he enjoyed.
It was also nice that you had the opportunity to be able to walk or ride the subway to wherever you needed. Even though there was a car for you to use, you couldn't drive. Sam had promised to teach you when he got back.
The only downfall was when he had to work. Sometimes he was gone for days. Two weeks had been the latest so far. It did give you a chance to find yourself beyond your sweet soulmate, but you always missed him terribly.
For this mission, it had been five days since you had last seen him.
You took boxing classes once a week to give you something to do. You considered getting a job, but you still were very uncomfortable and wary around other people.
It was also really difficult to sleep without him. The nightmares return full force. You didn't mean to be so attached to Sam, but how could you not, given everything that you went through?
You hum to the music as you eat some cereal for breakfast. Sam's place was full of old records, CDs, speakers. It was comforting to listen to the things he liked.
Sam: Miss you.
You grinned when you read the text. He had managed to call last night, and it had been so good to hear his voice.
You: Miss you more.
You could just push the messages right to his head, but you promised yourself you wouldn't when you learned they gave him serious migraines. Not to mention you had no idea what he was up to and you didn't want to be a distraction.
The TV program you had on in the background cut off to an emergency news broadcast, and even though it was muted, it still caught your attention. You turned up the volume.
It was definitely an adjustment to be without him, but you were learning lots of new things. How to cook and clean, different kinds of movies and TV shows. It was nice to feel like a normal person doing normal things.
Everything had been good recently, but that never lasts long.
"We interupt your scheduled program to inform you of the reports of a plane hijack containing US officials, including the Vice President. The plane has since crashed over Pennsylvania and is believed to be an act of terrorism. Captain America is believed to have been helping get the plane under control, but has not emerged from the crash site. Emergency personnel are on the scene."
You watched with horror as the cellphone video played, capturing your glimmering man falling from the sky before disappearing into the dust and flames.
You turned it off as a quick reaction, your heart pounding viscously in your chest. Your stomach threatened to turn, and your spoon hit the table with a clatter.
Oh god. Please let Sam be okay.
He had just texted you. He had to be okay. You cringed as the video replayed over and over in your head.
He had to be okay because you loved him.
Your phone ringing broke through your sluggish mind and you scrambled to get to it in time. It was an unknown number, but you answered.
"Hello?" you whispered.
"It's Bucky. Sam's been hurt."
A sob left your mouth but you muffled it with a shaking hand, "Is he okay?"
Bucky didn't say anything, only adding to your worry. You didn't even know Bucky was with him, or any of the details
"He's going to be fine, Y/N," he gave a tired sigh. "I'll come pick you up and take you to the hospital to see him. Is that okay?"
You nodded, before realizing he couldn't see. "Okay."
Sam was pretty banged up when you got there, but he was alive and you had never been so relieved in your life.
You sat impatiently by his bedside. The doctor told you his suit had taken the brunt of the impact, but he still hit his head pretty hard. Some of his ribs were fractured, along with his right wrist. He had been very lucky.
You dried your tears for the billionth time. Where would you be without him? Sam saved your life. He was your soulmate, your home.
You had dozed off in the stiff plastic seat when he woke.
He hissed as he shifted and stretched.
"Sam," you cried, reaching for his hand. "Don't move too much. Let me get the nurse."
"It's okay," he said hoarsely. "I'm fine. It's just a headache."
"You scared me," you whispered, feeling new tears. "I don't know what I'd do without you."
"Shh," he soothed, running his thumb over your knuckles and closing his eyes again. "I hate to see you cry."
The hospital monitored Sam's head injury for about a day before they cleared him to go home.
Bucky had stuck around and he drove you and made sure Sam was settled.
"Thank you for everything," you told him. "Are you sure you don't want something to eat before you go?"
He shook his head, "My girl is waiting for me at home. Let me know if there's anything he needs. You have my number now."
Sam was out cold. He was taking some medicine for the pain, and you felt beside yourself, not knowing what to do or how to help.
You had fallen asleep on the couch when you were startled awake by Sam standing over you.
"Jeez," you gasped, pushing yourself upright. "You scared the hell out of me. Why are you standing over me? Why did you get out of bed?"
Sam chuckled, "I'm sorry. You should have seen your face."
He nudged you over and sat down beside you, pulling the blanket onto his lap.
"Hey," you protested. "I was using that."
"Too bad. You have to scoot closer if you're cold. Why didn't you come to bed?"
"I don't want to hurt you, Sam," you protested. The cool air caused bumps to form on your arms.
"C'mon. You can't hurt me. Get over here before you freeze."
You hesitated. "I'll just get another blanket." You stood up, but he reached for you.
"Please, baby. I just need to hold you. I promise to tell you if you hurt me, okay?" He said it so soft and sweetly that you couldn't do anything but comply. Besides, all you wanted was for him to hold you.
You sat as close as possible without leaning too much on his ribs, resting your head on his shoulder as he wrapped his left arm around you.
He reclined the couch, and you adjusted the blanket so it covered the both of you.
It was pretty quiet, and you could feel yourself starting to go to sleep when he spoke.
"All I could think of was you."
"What's that?" you mumbled.
"When I fell, all I wanted was to come home, to be with you."
You hummed, reaching for his hand. He kissed your head.
"When I accepted Captain America, I accepted my fate. I told myself that I would be okay with dying, but now I have so much to live for."
You smiled, turning slightly to see his shining eyes. He leaned down for a sweet kiss.
"I was terrified when I saw that video, and then Bucky called me. Like I told you before, I don't want to be anywhere you're not."
He sighed, "There's always a risk. It comes with the territory."
"I know," you whispered. "And I know it'll never get easier for me, but we can handle it."
Sam nodded, leaning back and closing his eyes.
"I'm surprised your sister hasn't personally come up here to beat your ass."
He laughed, wincing at the jostle it gave him. "That's only because you were around to tell her what's going on."
You smiled, "That laugh was payback for nearly giving me a heart attack."
Sam peeked down at you with another chuckle "You're a brat, but you're my brat."
You shuffled a bit so the blanket was pulled to your chin, a warm contentment settled over the two of you. He reached over to turn off the lamp.
"I do love you, Sam," you whispered very quietly into the darkness.
He groaned playfully, "You just had to wait until it was dark. How am I supposed to kiss you now?"
You giggled, a light happiness swirling in your stomach.
"I love you, too," he said back. "So much."
Tag List: @superwholockruleztheworld @imiiimargo @hiuahoe @idunnomayn @cable-kenobi @nialeesato @bklynxbaby @wolflover384  @mytbel0st @burnalley @heyarely16 @lilithknight1111  @loveyou5everr  @yougottalovefandoms @lets-love-little-me @cxlpxrnia @daddyissuesmademe @queentorresstuff @spookycereal-s
Thank you guys for loving this series. I've been in such a mental slump and struggled with this, so I hope it ended okay. I appreciate each and everyone of you.
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demonsandmischief · a month ago
106 (Part 2)
Marvel - A Captain America Imagine
Steve Rogers x Female Reader
800 Words
Here's Part 1
Tumblr media
-Part 2-
The future becomes more certain.
"I am in need of some calm," Steve said, taking a bite of his sandwich. "Space, time travel, losing people I loved, it was all a lot to handle at once."
You sympathized with his confession. "My mom died a few weeks before I blipped, but my dad supposedly got sick while I was gone."
"I'm sorry," he said genuinely. "I can't imagine how that feels."
"I can't imagine what you've seen, what you've gone through," you shook your head. The last few years seemed to be nothing but pain for the world. It was a heavy burden to carry.
"And yet, right now, makes it all seem worth it," he said with a soft whisper, the same slight smile brightening his solemn features.
You could feel your face heat at his sweet words. His deep drawl healing away all of today's problems.
"You said you had a place outside of the city?" Steve asked.
"Just a small apartment. Where do you live?"
He gave a deep sigh, a crooked smile on his face as he soaked you in, "I don't know that I have a place. I crash everywhere. I was on the run after the Sokovia accords, and then I was so busy after."
You knew what he was getting at and you smiled. "You could always stay with me, if you'd like?"
"I'd never want to put you out."
"You wouldn't be. I would enjoy having someone around."
He reached out to run his rough, calloused hand down your face. It was almost like he couldn't believe you were real.
It had been a few weeks. Steve stayed at your place with you. Even for what little work he did have, he didn't stray far.
You still couldn't find a job, and you were quickly eating through your savings and the money your parent's had left you.
The two of you were eating a quiet dinner when Steve spoke up, "If you could live anywhere, where would it be?"
You hummed, swirling your spoon around, "I'd like to have some land, have some animals and a garden or something."
"Sounds like a quiet life," he whispered, and you looked up, wondering where he was getting at. "I thought the guy who wanted all of that went in the ice, but then..."
"Where are you going with this, Steve?" you asked him.
"The government has offered me a pardon for what happened all those years ago, and they're also offering to pay for my retirement."
You reached for his hand across the table and he laced your fingers. "But you don't want to retire, do you?"
"Retirement wouldn't mean I stopped working. I could accept this money, and still do my own thing privately."
You stacked your dishes and carried them to the sink. "That would probably mean giving up the Captain America mantle though."
He shrugged, and you could tell what he was thinking. He had already parted ways with it.
"I want to be more than Captain America," he said it so softly that the clanging of dishes nearly covered it.
He held out his arms and you tucked yourself into his chest.
"You are more than that," you mumbled, rubbing his back. "Especially to me."
He kissed the crown of your head. "We would be set with this money though. It's a very generous amount. We could get that little farm you want."
You pulled away, finding his haunted blue eyes. "Steve..." you whispered.
"I want to buy a home with you."
You reached up to cup his face, "You're so sweet, you know that? But I don't want you accepting the offer because of me. We can figure something else out."
He leaned down to brush his lips with yours, "I don't want to figure anything else out. You're all I want, honey. I mean maybe, later on, I'd like a kid or two." He grinned cheekily.
"Or three," you smiled.
Steve kissed you fiercely, "Or four."
"I'm going to stop you there," you chuckled, kissing his cheek and nuzzling his neck.
Your thoughts started to run with dreams, dreams with Steve and dreams of family. The future had always been uncertain for you, but maybe things could look up.
He gave a wistful sigh, "Besides, I know the perfect man for taking up the mantle. I think I deserve this, the simple life, with you."
"You know I'll support you no matter what. Whatever you choose, it doesn't make you any less of a person."
He rested his head on top of yours, a soft I love you floating from his lips and swelling your heart.
The End
Tags: @bklynxbaby @sammyirwin24
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Zak Bagans
Bucky Barnes
Sebastian Stan
Tom Holland
Chris Evans
Steve Rogers
All (General)
All (Marvel - Including Actors/Actresses)
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106 (Soulmate AU)
Marvel - A Captain America Imagine
Steve Rogers x Female Reader
1K Words
Soulmate, Endgame AU
Tumblr media
In which your soulmate's age shows on your wrist.
It was the number written faintly on your wrist.
The number was beautiful to you, but people made fun of you for it. When you were born, the number was 81. How could a newborn baby possibly be mates with an old man?
"Probably a pedophile."
"He has to be dead by now. I do feel sorry for the poor girl."
Everyone thought it had to be a mistake. It wasn't a mistake to you, you loved them already. You understood you would probably never get to meet them, and that was painful, but it was still a gift to be treasured.
The world was a mess. You had just woken up from being dusted. Your life was in shambles. Your job had since replaced you, and you struggled to find a new normal.
You volunteered at nursing homes a lot. Just once did you want to see your wrist glow. You didn't have to be with them romantically, but any indication of who they were and their story would give you peace to finally move on.
One thing you knew for sure was that they were still alive. The number would fade completely if they were dead. Oddly, it was still a strong color compared to those you have seen.
You had heard stories of people meeting their soulmates. Your mother told you she knew immediately - that her soul called out your father's without having to see the glow of her wrist. You envisioned a magical moment as a child, but maturity dulled the fantasy, especially with such a strange number.
Others said that their wrist brightened as soon as the distance with their mate shortened, and continued to brighten right up to meeting.
You were in New York City for a job interview. The city was still hustling, maybe a bit more chaotically after the global extinction/alien invasion issue.
"I'm sorry. You're underqualified. Additionally, my company does not tolerate the lack of professionalism in which you left your last job."
"I was blipped," you said softly, desperately wanting to scream with frustration. "My position was filled while I was gone."
"Half of the world blipped. It is no excuse," the lady folded her hands on her desk, not looking the least bit sympathetic. "I just can't hire you."
You thanked her and left the building. This seemed to be the pattern for the past month, interview after interview. It wasn't like you dropped off the face of earth by choice.
It was moments like these that you truly longed for another person to confide in.
You took in a deep breath, choosing to walk down the street. The disappointment was just as suffocating as the city and you were thankful for the little park that appeared.
It was pretty busy despite it being early afternoon, but your eyes immediately went to the bench tucked further in the trees away from the winding paved paths.
As you sat, you noticed a tingling in your wrist. It was the same static that happened when your hand fell asleep.
You drew back your sleeve to rub away the sensation, only to notice the number resting there was slightly brighter, and it continued to brighten.
The hope that bloomed in your chest was inevitable. You looked up, expecting to see a very old man, but you didn't see that.
Instead, you saw honey blonde hair and bright blue eyes. Captain America.
Your heart thudded gently in your chest as his large frame moved closer.
"I see you've found my spot," he smiled a soft smile that showed his pearly teeth.
You noticed his eyes going to your glowing wrist, but his was facing away from you. You moved over and he sat beside you.
"I'm Steve Rogers," he said, finally holding out his hand so you could see the glowing 25. You bit your lip to contain a giddy smile.
"Y/N," you whispered, clasping his hand with yours.
Instead of giving it a shake, he held onto it.
"What a beautiful name," he turned his attention to the people walking on the path. "You know, everytime I visit Brooklyn, I have to stop here. It puts things in perspective. This is where everything good in my life started." His lips turned upward, and he glanced back at you.
"I thought you would be an old man," you blurted. "I was looking for canes and walkers. Hundred and six is no joke."
Steve chuckled, "I am a bit of an old man. Before I went into the ice, I didn't even have a number. I can understand what you went through."
That was comforting, and a warm silence settled over the two of you.
"Imagine my surprise when I wake up with the number twelve on my wrist," he shook his head.
You took in his appearance. He was wearing a dark leather jacket that highlighted his fair skin tones and bright features.
"Do you want to maybe grab a coffee or lunch or something?" you asked hesitantly.
"I'd love to," Steve said. "And I know just the place, if you don't care?"
He still had his large hand holding yours as he helped you up. He was gentle with his movements, handling you like you were the most precious thing.
"I don't mind at all," you watched your hands in wonder. A feeling of contentment you had never felt before covered you like a warm blanket. "I'm not from around here."
"Oh really? Where are you from?" he asked curiously.
The conversation was effortless. You both had so much to say. It was like you had known each other your whole lives. You hadn't been more grateful to not get a job, because maybe you wouldn't have wondered down the street, and maybe you wouldn't have met a certain Captain.
Part 2
A/N: I can start a taglist if you guys like. I'd love to know your thoughts.
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Marvel - A Bucky Barnes Imagine
Bucky Barnes x Female Reader, 1.1K Words
Tumblr media
A misunderstanding causes a rift in your relationship.
Six hours.
It had been six hours since you had last seen Bucky Barnes. Considering you had lived together for the past few months, it felt like a long time.
He had walked right out the front door without looking back, and you were not sure he was ever going to come home.
You didn't even know what you did. That was the worst part. Somehow, it was all your fault that he was gone, but you didn't even know why. You had created every imaginable situation in your head, stressed yourself to several breakdowns, and yet, you were still clueless.
The thing about Bucky was he was not a man of many words, so when he came storming through the house, it had shocked you more than anything. To your surprise, he had blamed you for the cause of his reaction.
He never answered his stupid old phone.
The house was eerily quiet. It was like your world had shifted from full color to black and white.
You wiped away the tears with the back of your hand, probably for the millionth time. Was it even worth it to cry over?
Yes, absolutely. You loved Bucky with all your heart. All you wanted was him. You wanted to walk through the front door and explain what happened. If he wanted to break up after that, it would be easier to handle then this. What could you have possibly done to cause such a brash reaction from a relatively collected man?
It had to be close to midnight. You had been drifting in and out of a terrible sleep. It felt like you hadn't slept in days.
Bucky's t-shirt was the only thing that brought you comfort.
The opening of the front door had you jolting awake in a panic. You hated being alone in the house.
You clutched the blanket tightly as you heard the sound of boots on the hard wood. You were still half-asleep, but just as terrified.
When your bedroom door opened, you screamed. The lights flicked on and Bucky stood there looking very annoyed.
"Bucky, you scared the shit out of me," you groaned, clutching your head that throbbed from the harsh light.
"I can tell," he grumbled. He looked awful, but you imagined you looked the same. You were so very relieved to see him.
"What are you doing here?" you asked. It was obvious he wasn't there for you.
"I live here," he said, walking to the closet. "I just came to get some stuff."
You could feel your wounded heart shrivel painfully in your chest. Tears blurred your vision.
"Can you please tell me what I did?" you whispered, praying he heard you because you knew you wouldn't have the strength to say it again.
It was quiet except for the sound of clothes getting pulled off hangers and the sound of the dresser drawers opening.
Tears spilled onto your cheeks and you did not bother to brush them away this time.
He emerged finally, a duffle on his shoulder. "I overheard you talking."
"You what?" your voice cracked, and you sniffled.
"On the phone, with your friend."
You furrowed your brows, thinking back.
"Yeah, when he says 'what if I'm a bad guy not a hero' or whatever. So stupid," you giggled, trying to pull the silly movie quotes from your head.
"There's one in the in other movies where Bella says something about hurting Edward. I don't know, but I need Edward quotes," your friend whined on the phone. "Who would have thought a psychology class would make me analyze Twilight?"
"Stand-offish and possessive equals awkward and cringe-y. I have so many words to describe," you said, remembering the way you barely made it through the first movie. "There's the one about the 'I'm designed to kill' you know what I'm talking about?"
"That's a good one. Thanks for the help. We should totally rewatch these movies after this."
"James Buchanan Barnes," you groaned. You didn't even know he had been listening to your conversation. You definitely understood how it sounded like you were talking about him. "Did you really think I would talk about you like that? You should have asked me for an explanation before you stormed off."
Bucky dropped his bag, and moved to the bed.
"I was talking about a movie, Bucky. A stupid movie, that was all. I can't believe-" you shook your head. All of this time. What did that say about his trust in you?
"I'm sorry," Bucky said slowly. "I guess I was looking for a reason for it to be too good to be true."
"I was just - I was doing everything I could to show you how much I loved and cared about you. I can't believe you would think I would talk about you like that. I thought you knew how much I adored you." You rubbed your eyes that burned from crying so much.
"I shouldn't have assumed," he said, finally looking at you. You caught a glimpse of his sad, stormy eyes, full of insecurities and vulnerabilities.
"Mistakes happen," you whispered. "I would never, ever talk badly about you. I love you."
You scooted closer to him, and he wrapped his arms around you. He put his face in your neck, releasing a shaky breath. This had really taken a toll on him.
You threaded your fingers through his hair.
"I understand if you hate me," he said, pulling back, and tugging you between his thighs.
"I could never. I love you," you repeated.
"I love you," he said back finally. "I missed you. I won't leave without talking to you again." He tightened his grip, squishing you to his chest.
"Good," you smiled slightly. You were glad to get this cleared up, but it was still so ridiculous.
"Go ahead and laugh," Bucky huffed, a crooked smile of his own just barely breaking through.
You released the giggle you had been holding in. "I'm going to make you watch the movie so you can see how ridiculous this was."
"I do feel like an idiot. I've wasted the day I could have spent with you," he admitted, running a hand along your face.
"Everybody has insecurities and doubts. These things happen." You nuzzled his hand.
You thought you'd be more hurt, but you were so relieved to have him hear you out, to have him here with you.
"So understanding and sweet," he mumbled, bending his head and brushing his lips with yours. "I'm so lucky to have you in my life. I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for your love."
Your heart swelled with his sweet confession. "You're my everything, Bucky. I was so scared of being without you."
He rubbed your back, kissing your forehead with a content sigh, "You'll never be without me. I promise to do better."
A/N: I was listening to a sad playlist and then this happened. Soft insecure Bucky 🥺 no but figuring out where you stand in a relationship is hard work and things happened. It was hard to find something that could cause a serious issue and I think this worked out pretty well. Poor Buck doesn't know twilight - but I bet Sam Wilson does 😭
What did you think? I'd love to know.
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